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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 11, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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sean. >> sean: a pretty and believes it will both -- pretty unbelievable, and the rest of the country, god for for bed. the madness begins tomorrow and we will cover all the hypocrisy, never be the psychotic hate trumpet media mob. let not your heart be troubled, laura. >> laura: does not mean all the people who are swimming with god blessed them are doing worse than the fountain get there okay along with the drug pushers and all about? destination location, san francisco. >> sean: i heard everything you said but one thing i will say all these liberal cities will buy democrats for decades or a mess. all of them. >> laura: it is sad because you know why my love san francisco, love, love, love chicago and all the great american cities but they need better leadership. better democrat or republican but better common sense. fantastic show when i look forward to seeing your take tomorrow night unfolding, sean, i am lauren -- laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle," alan durso -- alan turow switched to
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stop the kgb coming here to defend that claim, plus the g.o. offering impeachment witnesses that the democrats immediately reject, lee smith a plot against the present here to explain what they have in common. also tonight harmeet dhillon tells us the shocking biography of the individual viewer we were speaking about, this new san francisco d.a. and she practices law in san francisco. she has all the details, candace owens reveals why the top 2020 dams are striking out with black voters. but first, the socialists versus the globalists that is the focus of tonight's "angle." this was the lead up today's big ap story. bloomberg's potential entry in the democratic presidential primary is heightened out about front runners joe biden and elizabeth warren. now, what have i been telling
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you for months? the 2020 democrat field is just as weak as it is wide. for many months, the media's visceral loathing of president trump has clouded their ability to see reality. >> the democratic field is obviously big, it is more diverse than other years. >> people are really excited about this field to. >> this is the most diverse field for a nomination ever. >> this is a field i think democrats can be proud of. >> laura: proud of it, but is it catching on? okay. now we have a new type of democrat thinking emerging and it is increasingly maybe not as proud, maybe a little panic. >> bloomberg taking steps to enter the race. is this playing like a distress call? nobody has emerged from the certain dragonslayer. >> democrats are so shaky right now. >> democrats have not worn completely if this field. look at the battleground states.
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it will not be an easy race. it's not. donald trump is formidable. >> laura: democrats growing self-awareness about the weakness of their field? help propel the current impeachment frenzy. peter strzok had his insurance policy against the trump win in august 2016. comey and brennan had phony dossier insurance policy, they thought. well, guess what that failed too. now pelosi and adam schiff think they have a insurance policy or a shot of knocking out trump. it will be another miss. you will see a lot of liberal posing as tv anchors this week delivering the blow-by-blow during the public impeachment hearing. they are furrowed brows and solemn delivery is supposed to convince you that this is all really serious. >> good evening, i'm ron burgundy and this is what's happening in your world tonight. clinging to life, the university
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hospital after a viciously attacked by a pack of wild dogs in an abandoned pool. >> shut the hill up, ron is on? >> laura: shut the hill up, actually that is more serious than what we will see unfold this week in many ways. and it is a pathetic attempt to divert attention from undeniable political reality. the two dominant strains in today's democratic party spell disaster for them, and for america have met for a bit if they get power back. once the action is the european-style globalism represented by biden and bloomberg, will not only does this look like but think of emmanuel macron's friends. a place with a powerful cadre of really rich people who rule over beleaguered working class. we saw this philosophy in action during bloomberg's rules of new york city as mayor. big gulp sodas and cigarette smoking anywhere, bad.
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expanded beijing liked by clans of restaurant smoking bans, good. >> as you know, we have adopted many groundbreaking and controversial public health policies from banning smoking in the workplace to requiring chain restaurants to post calorie counts to banning trans fat to posting in restaurants to prohibiting smoking in parks and on beaches. >> laura: stop breathing, people, you will live longer. the people come in other words are too dumb to know what is god for them. so what is best for the billionaires and their code of experts to decide for them. >> excellent. >> laura: well, ask for a biden, well, his party went less and he had gradually abandon his catholic roots. today he is basically far left wealthy and less confident version of bloomberg. >> a bad dude. poor kids just as talented as white kids. make sure the television, excuse
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me, make sure you have the record player on at night. >> excuse me, this is the united states of america. there is nothing we are incapable of doing. >> laura: and biden may be even more trouble tonight. former massachusetts governor patrick considering throwing his hat into the democrat primary that we are so proud of and so burgeoning the talent. according to "the new york times," patrick has pulled his democratic officials that he doesn't think any of the candidates establish political momentum. he think there is an opening for someone who can unite both liberals and moderate voters. so much for biden 2020, i guess. well, another faction though is closer to who go chavez socialism. the favorite of the parties brain trust and it provides passion on the energy. of course i'm talking about bernie and aoc and all the new radicals who think life is one come along college campus
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sit in. liz warren if only by both genealogy and etiology pretends she's not socialist or anticapitalist, but of course, her policies would seek free market and bankrupt medicare. over the weekend, we got a little taste how this party for sure will play out. it is bloomberg if he really gets him. >> i don't think billionaires should be president right now. that will take us further in the direction of wealth and political power concentrating at the very, very top of our country. >> that is the arrogance of finesse. >> laura: and remember elizabeth warren made a cottage industry out of the billionaire class herself. maybe you have heard, there were some billionaires that don't like this. >> i'm tired of freeloading billionaires. >> if billionaires chip away the crime, i may enter the race. >> laura: what about all the
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others, kamala harris, she's so desperate for any sort of relevance that she released this atrocity. >> hi, these are the moments i really wish i had taken more psychology classes. [laughter] >> laura: and, well, to say that she doesn't excite women voters is kind of a gross understatement. same with amy klobuchar unfortunately. but what about mayor pete? they love him in des moines. or was it brentwood? >> i'm so impressed with him. i think he's overwhelmingly qualified. i think he is brilliant. and i love his message of unity. >> laura: i love that. so hollywood heart, but heartland, maybe not so much. so how do you explain pete's lackluster poll numbers beyond iowa? i'm sure it's the voter's. his mayor buttigieg struggled
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with black voters in your state of south carolina because he is? >> that is a generational issue. i know a lot of people my age that feel that way. >> laura: okay, think about it this way, trumps message to black voters is support me and c economic game going. meanwhile, the democrats messages, we think some of you are homophobic, but vote for us anyway. it is just pathetic. we will have more on that later in this hour with candace owens. this democrat and her party were fair, it was bound to happen. after all, look, top trumped took down his party's establishment in 2016. as we see a lot of those guys are still working against him in the intel community and the deep state department and the media. and even in his own white house. the problem for the democrats is, whichever direction they take now, the policies underneath it all, they don't work.
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so europe is running away from socialism. america will run toward it? okay, then what? hope for better employment numbers on a higher gdp? unlikely. and by the way, the new populist party in spain just doubled its numbers in parliament over the weekend there. nations from sweden to greece are rebelling big time against the wave of middle eastern refugees that genius angela merkel punished the e.u. with four years ago. it's so leave it to america's democrats to decide what the parties losing clout in europe. the choice we have next election is between preserving our booming economy, our history, and our heritage, the good and bad of it. and reversing or reversing and repudiating all of that. on this veterans day, we honor all of those who served armed forces over the years. and i don't think they sacrificed so that the rest of us could fritter it all away on a socialist or a globalist power
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grab that delivers nothing but pain and misery. and that is the "angle." joining us now, matt schlapp the conservative union, richard goodstein, advisor to hillary, matt, it looks like patrick could enter the race. how many candidates to the democrats need to screw in a light bulb? what is going on. >> very nice angle but this is an sos come a cry for help. there is a clear division amongst democrats who think that socialist just can't get it done and within a general election. and then these kind of traditional democrats. hillary clinton type people. i think she is still looking at this race. eric holder is rumored to be looking at it. >> laura: anyone else? >> barack obama is awfully quiet in all of this. i think actually there is a lot of people for barack obama still searching is this the direction we want the elizabeth warren? >> laura: aoc was campaigning with bernie over the weekend,
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and again, she was talking about the billionaire concentration of wealth. let's watch. >> who here is ready for the revolution? we can beat him, but we have to vaccinate ourselves against something like this ever happening again. the way we inoculate ourselves from late stage hyper capitalistic concentration of wealth among the very, very few is a labor movement. >> laura: richard, what is going on here? we talked about this months ago. i said the field is weak. i think it is wide, but it didn't have the depth that the democrats need to be someone with passion and energy of trump. >> donald trump can read the poles. there is a reason he extorted ahead of ukraine to get dirt on biden. because he can read -- >> laura: here is the eye roll. focus on the question. can you focus, richard? no, no, richard, i don't mean to
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interrupt you but i want to keep you unlimited time. keep this focus. you have a democrat field that is other -- outer frothy panic right now. trump is so easy to win why do they need to jump in the race? answer that question. >> patrick looking at "the new york times" article talking about how he will win the black vote, excuse me, biden is doing well. we have cory booker and kamala harris. i would bet you that patrick will not get in or not do well. joe biden, the fox poll, as i had 12 points. he's ahead in arizona, pennsylvania, michigan and florida and all the other recent polls. so hillary -- >> laura: hillary clinton, so again, i'm going to ignore your defamatory comments about the president because that's what they are. but the idea that the idea that this is a competent field, matt, we have everyone with a
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half-brother jumping in the race at this stage, raising their money, come on. >> that is the real question, the timing. they are getting in so late, these late-breaking candidates, the sign of the early states but remember why is it interesting eric holder and patrick running? that is at the heart where joe biden strength is. african-american voters -- and african-americans. >> they were not getting any traction but look, he's not getting traction. >> excuse me, the amazing thing about the poles, joe biden notwithstanding all the incoming he's getting today in new hampshire, he is ahead. >> laura: hillary was up in doubled digits in 2016, richard. >> bernie sanders 16% against hillary four years ago is 14%. biden is up. >> laura: hold on, do you realize everybody was saying exactly what you are saying with
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all the hand motions and passion in 2016? except hillary was winning by more bidding trump by more. saying the same stuff. >> the last ten contested democratic nominations going back to '72, the person ahead the leader in december 13 times which is to say it is open. i and i agree, anything can happen, but. >> laura: i'm not saying anyone's going to win, richard i think trump is the odd favorite if i were to guess but if i do say come if you have a strong democratic field, by the time november rolls around you will not be jumping in because they will throw the money down for no reason. >> that is the point if joe biden was to be the front runner, you're not a front runner, laura, has many polls show him behind in new hampshire. >> laura: let me get this straight. you are losing to pete buttigieg, god bless him he is a smart guy. but the south bend people don't
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like pete buttigieg is far as i can tell. the fox news you have to get them straight because right now they have biden winning. >> laura: some of the polls -- >> nationwide, we don't elect. >> laura: nationwide polls. >> all the swings but dominic states with biden right now. >> laura: why does biden have to send his wife out to defend him? why? he has a big boy and why does his wife have to defend him on abc? why does milani? >> laura: this is in a heated primary to go out and stop picking on my husband? this guy has been in politics for five decades, for decades. he can handle it. >> it's called having a surrogate parents but surrogate parents but when i like biden. he is my favorite of all the candidates. but i don't think he needs his wife to go out. i don't think he needs that. >> he's not going to win because normal thinking people like joe biden, that's not what the democrats -- democrats need a
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liberal. >> laura: you tell aoc come i know you are watching. i didn't mean to snap at you but i want to keep it focused. >> i can handle it. matt and richard thank you so much. i want to do something i don't usually do which is respond directly to a critic. this one is important to me because of the implications being made. last week philip and "the washington post" took home bridge -- home bridge with my ankle and i suggested that immigration played a role in the democratic electoral sweep and f virginia. his article was titled, laura ingraham tried to blame democrats for democratic success on tuesday. it's a bad argument. well, you can clearly see the narrative he's trying to set. let's walk through a couple of points. here is part of what i said. >the undeniable fact democratic changes throughout the state, but especially in northern virginia have altered what was once a moderate to write to
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center state, virginia foreign-born policy doubled from 2000-2017. >> laura: about that figure, that is a bit of an exaggeration but the foreign-born population in the state increased by 78%. what? [laughter] 78% increase is nearly double. but he wasn't done. i also said this. >> since democrats are most likely to vote democrat, well this of course has dragged the electric to the left. that is a fact of life. >> so was i wrong? mr. bump wrote "she is right that changes in the northern part of the state of virginia or blue." hello, you agree with me. now i'm confused. this was published in "the washington post." but when in the end, he
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basically concedes my thesis. things got even worse for bump over the weekend, another bump in the road. it's too easy of a pond, come on. his competitors at "the new york times" then published this inconvenient piece. the fields of loudoun county are disappearing and the place is row upon row of cookie-cutter townhouses, cul-de-sacs. a suburban landscape for as far as the eye can see. and like three ago, though places like india and korea and when they vote, it is often for democrats. i look forward to bump telling "the new york times" white it's factual analysis is racist. ahead this week will be the most important for the impeachment inquiry except we don't want to call it that we have to. the g.o.p. has ample reason to go on offense. alan dershowitz and the impeachment manager bob barr claim how they can do it.
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plus investigative journalist lee smith the names on the g.o.p. witness list are so very important next. >> tech: don't wait for a chip like this to crack your whole windshield.
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♪ >> any impeachment in the house that doesn't allow was to know who the whistle-blower is to be invalid because without the whistle-blower complete, we would not talk about any ideas. this is not about schiff finding that truth but about schiff trying to destroy the presidency. >> laura: the g.o.p. ahead of the first impeachment. here are the public hearing on capitol hill. the republicans need to be on offense as well with their messaging. first the g.o.p. needs to ask what crime they are trying to prove? second, what are the democrats
7:25 pm
trying to hide by the ability to call their own witnesses unfettered ability? joining me alan dershowitz, law professor and author of the new book "guilty by accusation" the impeachment manager for georgia congressman, alan what other questions should the republicans be asking? the first question really is what are the impeachable offenses that you are looking into? so far four nonexistent crimes. obstruction of congress which doesn't exist, members of the executive titled with subpoenas they had legitimate privilege claims and that is why we have a system of checks and balances that get resolved by the judiciary. collusion, that was not a crime, exposing a whistle-blower, that is not a crime. having a conversation with the president of ukraine, that is not a crime. so far, we have no crimes, no misdemeanors, no treason, no bribery. when you are involved in a trial, the first thing as a defense attorney you demand the prosecution disclose what they
7:26 pm
are looking for. and the democrats have no answers. they made them all up. >> laura: the media was pretty transparent, bob, white democrats wanted to call certain witnesses to publicly testify, watch. >> the one thing that will break through, i think, if this can be traumatized so our diplomats struggling against the president feel like soldiers in a battlefield. and they were commander abandoned. >> i'm told from democratic aides they wanted taylor to be a vietnam vet and i am told she cried in her testimony. they essentially want someone who is emotional to say i'm a victim of the president trying to do this for his own political gain. >> laura: [laughter] bob, would any of that, that made for tv drama, the old tv special have any effect o on the outcome? >> it is worse than the old soap operas, you know, on tuesday afternoon. the crying and the ring of the hanscom at the suspense over
7:27 pm
whose child and so forth. and you can't even watch this much less say it with a straight face, laura. it is absolute nonsense. it would be funny except for the fact, what they are doing, they are undermining the single most important unique factor of our constitution republic and that is the ability of the citizenry to remove the elected leader of our country for good reason. >> laura: i mean, when you talk to ellen on the show a couple of weeks ago, we were talking about how dangerous this is as a historical moment in our country, when the party out of power after having a couple of opportunities they thought to keep him from winning the presidency and knocking him out with mueller, now trying again to get go around to the will of the voters. what kind of precedent does is set? >> it says that congress is above the law.
7:28 pm
and the constitution, they rejected impeachment on the ground of mallet administration. they are trying to redo that and go back and undo the debate that resulted in the constitutional criteria. it is extremely dangerous. when you allow congress to make up crimes, that means any of us can be the victim of a made up crime. in my book, guilty accusation, to make up facts and stories, but it is worse when you make up crimes and when you make them up against duly elected president. i think that every american should be concerned about the impact of the democrats and liberties and i'm speaking a asa democrat. >> laura: i got hot under the collar with a democrat, i like richard a lot but he's throwing out the president is a guilty of extortion and bribery. you cannot just throw these things around. these are damaging terms. no one's been charged within the thing and bob a transcript was released for laura cooper's testimony. she is a pentagon top official on russia. here is one revelation that is
7:29 pm
being ignored. former ukraine kurt volker sought a statement the government of ukraine would make that would disavow any interference in the u.s. elections that we commit to the prosecution of any individual involved. an election and her parents. bob, is there something bad about that? >> one would have thought, laura before this impeachment got started that that would be precisely what the democrats would be cheering, to get to the bottom of foreign interference and to make sure that foreign leaders mixed up in corruption and interfering in our election are held accountable. yet, rather than say, thank you, mr. trump, for having on your team some people who want to do this and for you, yourself, standing up for america against foreign corruption, they are now trying to impeach the guy. you can't win for trying. >> laura: gentlemen, thank you so much for being here tonight.
7:30 pm
we really appreciate it. over the week in house republican submitted a list of people they would like to testify post -- publicly at the impeachment hearing. eight names, whistle-blower and hunter biden but three others also stand out. 20 meynell, lee smith investigative journalist and author of the huge best seller "the plot against the present." i start with devon archer. >> yes, he was hunter biden's business partner. and he and mr. biden went and they joined breeze met in 2014. and so i believe that they would like to interview and ask what was going on. interestingly enough, and other partner christopher was the step son of secretary of state john kerry. he knew better and part of the reason for him stopping doing business. obviously, looking into a situation like that, the government unfortunately typically historically plagued by corruption. he knew better than to get
7:31 pm
involved with that. hunter biden did not. >> laura: the next person i want to get to his nellie ohr, the contractor at fusion gps that commissioned the steele dossier. also married to doj official and has paw prints over this, why is it important for nellie ohr to be part of this inquiry? this is getting really sick in the weeds but interesting. >> because nellie ohr has wanted -- one of two dnc contractors and she worked for fusion gps. the clinton campaign hired her through fusion gps and she testified before congress that her organization had a ukrainian source. and schinkel was providing them information regarding the trumpn against the trump campaign. >> laura: so hence the concern ukraine had a hype and we don't know exactly what involvement and rolling out this whole
7:32 pm
russia. >> they are afraid the democrats are quite concerned this would be exposed. we certainly would want to know what extent ukrainian officials extended this or they were dragged down by the democrats. >> laura: alexander chili but a contractor hired by the dash hired by the dnc 2016 election e ukrainians to investigate president trump and paul manafort. according to his rollout she visited the white house 27 times during that time. she does testify, what can republicans expect to ask? they should certainly ask her about going to the ukrainian embassy in washington, d.c., and asking the ambassador and other ukrainian officials to help the clinton campaign in 2016. so it is the same thing. both her and nellie ohr are dnc operatives who were working with different ukrainian officials to gather dirt on the trump campaign. >> laura: what i find very disturbing looking down the road
7:33 pm
is that, even though it's out in public, there is still very limited rights for the republicans. they can call witnesses, probably most of them won't be allowed to. they can question until they are shut down. and in a senate trial, we will see who does the questioning for the president, for the administration. it should be white house counsel which is a good litigator and i hope it is he, but i don't think they will get in a sense of fairness in this process. >> certainly not. what is even more bizarre, these facts are known both about nellie ohr and alexandria to lupa, a lot of this information comes from john solomon, his great reporting and a politico article we saw at the end of last week politico is basically trying to put and bury the article they have done. they are trying to make the effects disappear if. >> laura: "new york times," "washington post," politico are aggressively incurious or disavowing their own reporting
7:34 pm
that is leading somewhere. lee, your voice is important and we will have you back this week. still to come as daca heads to the supreme court tomorrow. we will expose the dirty trick democrats are using to try tipped the scales of justice. and just elected ada, intent on making crime and homelessness more prevalent. can you believe this? you have to believe this. shocking biography of the new d.a. and remember this will come to a city or town near you if election goes the other way next year.
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>> this is not amnesty. this is not immunity. this is not a path to citizenship. it is not a permanent fix. >> laura: that was president obama back in the summer of 2012 depending daca deferred action for childhood arrival. yet here we are nearing 2020 and the same framework remains in place. so that could all change tomorrow. the supreme court is going to
7:39 pm
hear a trio of cases challenging president trump's plan to phase out the program. instead of relying on the strength of their legal arguments, their liberals opposing trump are resulting to stones. they are bringing in cortez, a r-old lawyer and someone himself who is a daca recipient. joining me is arthur, wrote -- the center for immigration studies, art, cortez at the table is therefore dramatic effects, correct? cortez has been a poster boy for daca since 2017 featured in this seattle times as the dreamer lawyer. and he is actually an attorney on this case, one of dozens and dozens of lawyers as cnn puts it who is actually on the case. and yet, a man who has been a lawyer for about three years is going to be allowed to sit at the counsel table with the general of the united states.
7:40 pm
>> laura: come on. the democrats no drama. they do know how to build, the styrofoam columns during the big night when he won. they know how to produce, but it's different. that is not supposed to matter. maybe he's the most brilliant lawyer ever in three years. i wouldn't want to go to the courts for three years out of law school. but maybe he's super smart. the bottom line is, the way that this case is unfolded is very strange, is it not? elaine duke, "new york times" writing today "with the acting secretary of homeland security, she didn't want her name on the policy rationale put forth by jeff sessions, stephen miller argued the program encourage new ways for new legal immigration" her refusal to the program is now at the heart of what legal experts are saying is a major weakness in the government's case, depending the termination of the program. do you by that? 've
7:41 pm
been a judge. a judge can no more till the prosecutor that he can or cannot bring a case or she were he cannot bring a case. then the judge can tell them to fly. it is just not something with him the providence of the judiciary. i don't even think this is a closed case. >> laura: it is in a closed case. if the court doesn't taken into account politics and it shouldn't. it should be the executive authority or lack thereof. obama didn't have the authority relate to do daca, why doesn't trump have the authority to unwind it? >> it leads to the central question, there are two coquestions one without the court has judicial review. they don't. this is something completely left to the executive branch, the prosecutorial discretion. the other thing is whether they were right, whether the trump administration was right and winding it down. they absolutely were. it was a legal policy challenged by a number of states. an attorney general jeff sessions, dhs secretary
7:42 pm
elaine duke had no choice but to unwind the program. to point it down. >> laura: obama had executive authority in the court and protecting it. now trump has executive authority. how can he circumstance -- it is so transparent. they should be a slam-dunk case. that is how pathetic it is sometimes at the court. also, get ready, san francisco. there is a new radical d.a. in town, joseph bodine elected to be the next d.a. this past saturday. so who is he? the son of an underground member in prison to help murder cults. he was raised by terrorists and bernadine dorn in chicago, remember them? talk about walking down memory lane and then finally spent some time hugo chavez translator. this is like a young -- onion, this is true i kid you not. what will it look like? and what will the prosecutorial discretion doing what?
7:43 pm
prosecution of cases will not involve things like quality of life crimes come up public camping or offering or soliciting, public, blocking a sidewalk, harmeet dhillon 2020 campaign advisory board member who's based in court in san francisco, how did it get this bad? at this point in san francisco? >> laura, one of the technical reasons, choice voting to liberal jurisdiction near you. basically this guy got 35% of the boats in the first go around in the first race but the other ones more conservative votes, people picked him as the second and third choice. he ended up defeat the candidate divorced -- gavin newsom and the mainstream democratic party. so imagine if you had alexandria ocasio-cortez, intelligent with a law degree, two oxford
7:44 pm
degrees, two federal court ships and very dangerous and now the ability -- here in san francisco and is scary, lori -- laura. >> laura: so he is tweeting out about him saying i'm not going to do the boys, but i could. that -- now the race has broken criminal justice by mass incarceration. an criminalization of poverty. congratulations, boating on your story. when he says the criminalization of poverty, that means anyone can camp out anywhere and use the streets as toilets, >> absolutely. and who else is excited, shawn king and all these other leftist. so that tells you, but he's not alone. this is happening in other cities of philadelphia and queens. laura, what we will see in san francisco now is no
7:45 pm
prosecution of drug crimes, no prosecution of all the things you mention, san francisco. but behind the scenes, also they'll come a very critical role in eliminating pale in san francisco. >> laura: that is a big story. george soros has been pushing the ending cash bail all over the country, and the attorney in the state and county attorney races, putting money and the local races just on that issue alone. it's going to have horrific effects. >> it is affecting quality of life for all of us at all levels and particularly people of color and people in poor communities. this is a disaster. >> laura: specific heights and the fancy people get somewhat insulated still. harmeet, thank you so much. coming up if joe biden does not get the democratic nomination and that is a possibility with all of the people jumping in the race, could president trump make inroads with black voters? a debate of questions that
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♪ >> laura: 2020 democrat hopeful pete buttigieg to gain traction with african-american voters. it will only get worse as he emerges as most viable, nonbiotin moderate. but the question could trump win over black voters in a 2020 race against mayor pete? here to debate, candace owens, author of the new book "upcoming blackout" and the chairman of the district of columbia party. here in town, candace outside of biden's the democrats struggle with one of the biggest voting blocs. what do you make of all this? in regards to pete buttigieg come i think there is a lot of things going on mainly the
7:51 pm
democrats haven't seemed to have updated marketing strategies since 2016. they called everybody in the race and pete buttigieg sang the african-american vote is not coming to me because everybody is a homophobe. name-calling might not work so they may want to update their techniques. the other problem is a tremendous successful incoming president. they have to contend with the fact that donald trump is making black voters wake up to the fact that all of this rhetoric and though warnings 2016 were untrue. black americans are doing great under this administration. there is no reason to vote left. >> laura: i've got the bullets record low employment rate, great opportunities, that is the first step back. more calming for criminal justice reform. in a series of unemployment rate lowe's, 5.4%. that has fallen to .6% since trump selection, record 50 years. >> donald trumpht to 10% of them african-american support donald trump.
7:52 pm
if all of that is true, right? >> laura: so the department is part of conspiracy? not at all. if all of that is true and that is true, then he needs to be talking about the african-americans to vote for him. and the reason it is 8% to 10%, we don't have to get into that debate whether it will be head up because mayor pete is not going to win the democratic nomination. he can't without the black vote. >> laura: why does he have a problem? >> you have to ask him. but the reality is there is practicality to this. one, biden has a large of the african-american vote. and one of the problems, 1.22, there is not enough space weather moderate, whether far left, whether socialist. you have to create space to break out from the pact. and just not enough african-american democratic voters t to do that.
7:53 pm
>> laura: candace and ellie times put out a fire that he botched a buttigieg quote claiming he took a shot at obama. social media went crazy and the reporter apologized, but buttigieg has taken a jab at obama. watch. >> going back to obama come i don't know if we are going backo clinton, but i think the world that we have been in the american political world we have been in since the day i was born has been blown up. in blown up, but trump. by its own failures that culminated in trump. look, if the old way works, something like trump would not have been possible. >> laura: if the old way work. i think there is wisdom to that. if obama -- oh, yeah. if the old way worked -- >> it was obama, to tear the country apart but i do not remember when i was growing up having all of these race issues, okay? and suddenly towards the end of obama we've heard the rhetoric,
7:54 pm
white versus black, and i shouldn't even say this because when i was a life this was not an issue. this will become about race. laying the groundwork because they had already preselected of her to be the president of the united states. so they started using awful name-calling reference. >> what did obama do? >> the violent stuff. he backed up -- it is police brutality. >> you are wrong. >> he had a fire, castling to a fire that was simply untrue. the police brutality. the miss police brutality 16 -- >> please don't brutalize black people i'm around people. >> white americans and hispanic-americans shot here. you can research it. because to commit crimes with black americans. that is another fact. >> laura: i think it is true,
7:55 pm
i think it was a gallup poll. i believe it is gallup 2016. the country said it was more racially divided after eight years of obama, there is no comparison to obama today. >> that narrative though on those statistics, right? president obama ever talked about racism. hold on one second. he never talked about racism the way that donald trump has. >> laura: guys, thank you so much. missed you, scott. >> have me back. >> laura: i have a special announcement about something we are going to do here at the show regularly. stay with us when their windshield got chipped. so they scheduled at they didn't have to change their plans or worry about a thing. i'll see you all in a little bit. and i fixed it right away with a strong repair they can trust. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> tech: being there whenever you need us
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>> laura: i know a lot of you like to laugh. it shows what this past two years. don't worry. we will try something new. now you viewers have asked for more input. we will give it to you. so send us your reaction to six months, questions, thoughts on that show the maven video
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questions if you have to impress us, that is fine. to be like that. at the end of each show we will share them. go to ingram angles at and happy veterans day to all the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines. your sacrifice gives us the opportunity to live on the face of the earth. that is all the time we have tonight, shannon bream and "fox news @ night" take it from here, shannon. >> shannon: came into those comments and laura i will think of my own little thing to send an. >> laura: you come in and i will answer. >> shannon: i'm looking forward to it, see you soon, laura. breaking tonight, the transcripts rebelling another round of information as people speculate what it really means, the transcripts show, ukrainian military assistance


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