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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 12, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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people signed a petition for the harvard crimson to apologize. >> sean: we will never be the hate rang media psychotic mob. laura ingraham in new york city and you don't come say hello. >> laura: the circus is in d.c. so i had to get out of town to come to this circus. in new york city. fantastic show. we will pick it up where you left off. >> sean: the biggest boomerang will blow up in their face. >> laura: thanks. i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle." after weeks of schiff and company keeping you the american people in the dark, we are just 12 hours out from the first public impeachment proceedings. tonight we will take you through the many reasons to understand what is going on.
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why this entire inquiry is a sham. we will be joined by congressman doug collins and steve scalise and the president's relative will be in. the democrat's roster front runners are weak. raymond arroyo breaking news joe biden's performance and what it means to the 2020 race. first the house of lies. that's the focus of tonight's "angle." the democrats insist the case for impeaching the president is getting stronger and stronger. their media stooges are haply
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hyping. >> it's impossible to exaggerate the gravity of what we are about to undertake. people minds will be changed. there is a mountain of evidence. >> that's what the american people need to see. the parade of patriots. >> laura: if you resist trump from inside the government, you are a patriot. if you support him, if you applaud him you are an enabler. the democrat's impeachment fiction is built on 5 falsehoods. number 1 the claim this inquiry is about getting at the facts. if that was the case why did a majority of house democrats support impeachment before the ukraine whistleblower's
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complaint go public. they never needed facts. >> the time has come for the house of representatives to begin an impeachment injury to president trump. >> do you think the president should be impeached? >> weer that road and we got closer after the mueller report. >> laura: that was back in july. now the second lie. the inquisitors take no glee from this solemn undertaking. according to federalist papers it's easy. what democrats really want to do is produce an emmy award wing show. >> this could be dramatized so our diplomats feel like soldiers in a battlefield and their commander abandoned them. -- winning. >> they want marie yovanovitch there because she cried in her
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testimony. they want somebody to be emotional saying i was a victim of the president. >> laura: a woman being emotional? i thought the democrats recoiled as the idea of women portrayed as damcells in disstress. we saw this play out with ford in the ridiculous attempt to force brett kavanaugh to withdraw his name. they hope marie yovanovitch is a better version of ford. the third lie is the hearing will be fair and even handed. absolutely if you think trials in china are fair. >> adam schiff is trying to claim this is a fair process saying republicans are allowed to ask questions. he gets to choose all of the witnesses.
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>> laura: that's just scratching the scurvs. -- surface. we have known for weeks the outcome was predetermined. why do i say that? because republicans could not even cross-examine impeachment witnesses behind closed doors. >> we tried to ask the witness certain questions and mr. schiff would not let him answer. >> laura: what does schiff have to hide? we have to ask the same question about the democrat's tactic of shielding the identity of the whistleblower. lie number 4 the whistleblower has a right to anonymity. this doesn't prohibit anyone
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else from revealing the identity of the whistleblower, congress and the bless included. -- press included. the biggest lead, the democrats have been telling this over and over again. the president's conversation with the ukraine presidentthis. listen closely. not only did the president say nothing improper during that july 25th phone call, he made important points about the fact that other nations in the region are not pitching in enough to support ukraine. it's about time we have a president who stands up for u.s. tax dollars. we have the transcript too. we read it two dozen times. we can see the favor trump requested was about investigating corruption and really what happened during the 2016 election. i think what happened is when trump released the ukraine transcript, it caught the democrats off guard. the left's first reaction was to
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invent a bizarre conspiracy theory about the fake transcript and hid the plot. >> two staff members read it aloud. it took 2 minutes and 40 seconds. >> what was behind them? >> the parallel to nixon? >> yeah. >> that gap in the tape. >> laura: lucky for us the testimony of an army official put that question to bed. here's what he told the house intel committee. back to the transcript here. question, you don't think there was malicious intent to not add those edits? i don't think so. this record is complete? you used the term very accurate?
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yes. of course, it is. this was a call listened in on by a dozen other officials including people trump knew were listening and not fans of his policy. now this gets to the heart what have is really going on behind all of the democrat theatrics. this will play out over the next couple of days. what americans should take away from from phone call is not that this guy should be impeached but thank god someone is out there looking out for america's interest where we have all of these other diplomats and experts wanting to shovel taxpayer money out of the door, no question asked. no concern about corruption. it doesn't matter what you did before tomorrow or next year. the money will keep coming. no questions asked. thank god we are not thinking that way. we need more elected officials to do what trump did on that call. question the use of military aid
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and other aid we are giving countries across the globe and focus on america first. if you are our friend, we will help but, but we will ask questions. that means merkel could do more. americans have to understand that. the democrats are spinning. leaking and trying to dramatize this impeachment farce for everybody to see. they are keeping any other evidence from seeing the light of day. that's what adam schiff rules will rule over the next few days. i give you a little primmer so you will understand this better when this wraps at the end of the week. that's the "angle." joining me is doug collins. i know you are very busy. we have seen the democrats lie, spin and block gop
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cross-examination. what other stunts do you expect at the public hearing tomorrow? >> well, you said what are they hiding? they are hiding the fact they have nothing on the president. they are fighting the fact that the evidence has shown nothing improper was on the call. both ends said there was no pressure. did he ask proper question? we are called on as a government to make sure corruption doesn't exist in a country we give aid to even if it's a former vice-president and his son. this is something the president was doing right. tomorrow they will try -- i call it putting flowers on the show. they will say here are the worst parts. they will put the witnesses together. you can't even take time to dwelve into each of them individually. you go under adam schiff's rules saying here's the way we are going to do it. all they want you to see is the
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show. what is appalling is how the media said this is the most in . the drama is here. >> laura: it's ridiculous. >> it is crazy. >> laura: i kind of half want congress to turn its back and start reading old issues of "vanity fair" or something. this is so ridiculous on so many levels. i am treating this for humor's sake. what one. your colleagues said today on cnn. >> i don't think the american people want to hear from members of congress or our spin or interpretation. the facts are powerful. let them hear what happened. >> laura: the man in charge pulled this stunt. >> i will say this only seven times so listen good. i want you to makeup dirt on my
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political opponent. understand? lots of it. >> laura: do you expect anything like this in tomorrow's public hearing? >> you will see a lot of theatrics from adam schiff. adam schiff he has trouble spelling truth much less telling it. to say the american people want to hear from them. this is someone who joined the others on the intel committee who wanted to impeach this president before they ever heard of ukraine or could find it on a map. the president is doing what he promised. looking after taxpayer dollars. one of the most appalling segment was when they said this president is undercutting our decrements. he is -- diplomats. he is making them strong. >> laura: how did we get to this
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point. state department employees who are great people, they didn't get elected. they didn't canvass the country or hold rallies or do town halls. they are supposed to serve the interest of the policies of this president. now it's the opposite. they can call themselves whistleblowers when they are not to subvert executive authority and policy. that's what is happening on the ukraine. people want money going to ukraine including former bush administration officials. they want no questions asked, period. because trump was asking questions, they wanted him out. it's as simple as that. >> i think it is. when i got to washington, d.c., we talk about the swamp and the bureaucrats. a lot of people try to do good work. this president is a disrupter and said i will ask question
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that nobody else has asked is. i will get to the truth for the american people. here's the directives of the pr. this democratic party, they will use anything they can. even in my committee which was sidelined because they were ine inept. they brought in bring your daughter to work day. -- bring your donor to work day. >> laura: why not? a good segue. adam schiff put a former u.s. attorney and an msnbc contributor daniel goldman in charge of questioning impeachment witnesses. here's just one of his small utterances as a cable news talking head. >> legally we already now know that the president has committed a felony in order to obtain the office of the presidency. >> laura: that was his first
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bite of the apple in january 2018. that was all about mueller. this is the kind of guy who is getting to the facts that have already been concluded. >> wow! what is concerning is the american people ought to get concerned. the democrats are willing to put up people who already made up their mind in positions where they present themselves as arbiters of truth and fairness and the facts. he already made up his mind. the democrats know where they want to be. they just need to get there. when you get to this point, the founding fathers warned us about this. a political impeachment was imperilling our country. they want the executive fearful of a congress that would take political moves to remove him from office. >> laura: nancy pelosi and adam
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schiff are literally sleeping with copies of the federalist papers at night. congressman, i really appreciate it. i know you are very busy. thanks for coming on. for years democrats in the media dismissed the notion of the deep state. it's a figment of our imagination. it's another pipe dream on the part of the right. >> the president part of the deep state bureaucracy popularized by right wing conspiracy theoryist. >> there is no deep state. >> true or false? >> false. >> they believe there is this deep state working. >> laura: now they are openly praising the deep state. against the president.
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watch. >> by deep state if you mean professionals, then god bless the deep state. >> trump considers the deep state anybody who is not personally loyal to him. but i think most persons feel that's not a bad thing. that's a good thing. >> thank god for the deep state! >> laura: reactions of the president's son and executive vice-president of the president's organization. deep state. >> this is not an impeachment. it's a coup. it's embarrassing. this is the deep state because we are less than one year away from another election where you could have 130 million memo go out to the polls and vote for the person they think is doing the best job. the democrats know it's going to be donald trump because -- they don't have anybody on the other side. the country is doing so well. economy, unemployment, wages
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going up. the military is back. they know they can't beat him. the cast of characters on the left. >> laura: are you afraid of bloomberg? >> yes. he has zero chance. he has less than a zero chance. and elizabeth warren has less than a zero chance and mayor pete. and biden. biden can't go through a sentence without fumbling. he is in iowa and saying he is in ohio. >> laura: is that underneath this impeachment push they are worried about losing next year? >> no question about it. it is a coup. you start with this russian nonsense. then you go to the kavanaugh nonsense. they put their star witness on the stand. bob mueller comes out and never
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read the report. >> laura: what is your dad's mind set tonight going into tomorrow's public hearing? >> people are bored of this. >> laura: yes. >> i was with him yesterday at the veterans day parade. there was a world war ii veteran. battle of the bulge. he saluted my father and thank you for what you doing for this country. on the flip side you see the parallel. pencil neck adam schiff up there with his crazy eyes. so disconnected from real america. my father is doing an unbelievable job. >> laura: do you think it would be better for your dad just to focus on his accomplishments. today incredible speech about the economy. and let his team fight the impeachment. >> you need to fight this lunacy. that's what america got. they have a fighter.
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anybody else would have been steam rolled by this nonsense. >> laura: the "wall street journal" said it's not the economy anymore, stupid. the economy may have little bearing on how americans vote next year. is that the case? >> it's absolutely the economy. >> laura: they think it's emotion that will sway the vote. >> when people have the largest wage increases in the history of the nation and lowest unemployment and lowest african-american unemployment and hispanic unemployment and people are taking vacations. they have great jobs and options and people are entering the work force and 6 million people off food stamps. that will win the day. >> laura: how do you get the women to turnout for your dad in pennsylvania, ohio and virginia. >> everywhere i go, i can't tell
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you how many women come up: we are with your father. don't believe the fake news. i saw it in 2016. they said the same thing back then about hispanics. you have record turnout for the republican party. these are the narratives they task. they want to catch doubt with fake polls. they will get it wrong. >> laura: will he travel the whole country and not be afraid to go to blue state america, colorado and california? >> the man doesn't have any fearful bones in his body. he was in new york and in mid town. >> laura: i was in alabama. he got an unbelievable reception. eric, thanks for being here. next a few complaint points to the whistleblower engaging in
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>> ♪ >> when the time comes for impeachment, it will have to be something that is bipartisan. >> impeachment becomes a partisan exercise doomed for failure. >> laura: schiff was not just lying but conducting this impeachment inquiry in the post damaging way possible. the house intel chair issued a set of guidelines say anyone who talks about the whistleblower might hear from the ethices committee. today it dropped on fox
7:27 pm igcomplaint alleges the trump whistleblower they be soliciting illicit donations and some coming from overseas. joining me is an author and robert ray the former whitewater independent counsel. we are getting an idea of why schiff are hiding the whistleblower. >> absolutely. they are hiding the whistleblower so that schiff can conceal his own collusion to impeach the president. they are also hiding the leaking of classified information by someone to the foe whistleblower which last time i checked is a crime. they are also hiding the fact that this guy is a hyper-partisan, the whistleblower. not a whistleblower under the law. this guy has connections to john
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brennan and joe biden and susan rice. >> laura: there are photos of the whistleblower with every democratic impeachment player on the internet. a new argument they are making is that the whistleblower, the identity and motivation, it's irrelevant. >> i think the whistleblower's identity is irrelevant. >> don't follow red herrings like the president demanding to out the whistleblower. >> they pulled the fire alarm. pull this person alone. >> laura: leave this person alone. [laughing]. i don't take any of these people seriously. they all look like cartoon characters. this is like a bad soap opera but the acting in soap opera is better. >> we are going 360 degrees. >> laura: why did the whistleblower matter and the identity matter? >> because if it's an orchestrated matter to do a hit
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to engineer an impeachment, one that one supports is an impeachment in search of a crime, that's directly relevant to the outcome in the house of representatives or should be. >> laura: does it become the fruit of the poisonous tree? it was a set up? we are listening in. we don't like your policy. we will leak it out to the "new york times." >> i think it does because it raises really questions about the deep state. the motivations of the people involved who didn't like going outside of the usual chance. it suggests that the state department was ganging up to do pay back. it suggests also within the white house there were even people who were not on team trump. >> laura: they are still at the white house. >> they are not carrying out the president's policies. to do something like this really does get back to the one thing
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you have to be concerned about. if it was an orchestrated hit to have a preview of what was coming, to line up all of the ducks and to proceed down a road in a partisan fashion. this is so hopelessly far away from what was done with the nixon impeachment. this is not even close to being anything approaching something that would be bipartisan. >> laura: we have schiff now adding a new crime to the basket of nonimpeachables. watch. >> as the founder understood bribery it was not as we understand it in law today. it was much broader. >> bribery requires that you solicit something of value. it doesn't have to be cash. >> laura: this just popped up
7:31 pm
this week. >> the major part is they are suggesting that the framers didn't understand what bribery was. >> laura: they are making this up as they go along. >> just look at the conversation. soliciting is a payment of something. there is no evidence of that. this bears no resemblence to due process. this is a clown show. the head clown is adam schiff. think bozo and not pennywise. the two witnesses are speculating tomorrow based on hearsay from a single individual who is on record saying i presumed there was a quid pro quo even though the president told him there was no quid pro quo. >> laura: this is impeachment by
7:32 pm
emotion and 3rd hand accounts. is this a clown wedding. he is the maid of honor. >> if the president has evidence of his innocence, evidence that would exonerate him, now is the time to stop blocking witnesses from coming forward. if he had those witnesses, he would allow them to come forward. >> laura: it's prove your innocence. >> and that's not the president's burden. we didn't have to do anything. it's the house impeachment managers. i expect this group people to be and it will be their obligation to prove that there are high crimes and misdemeanors and abuse of office that constitute removal from office. the president doesn't have to do a thing. it's their obligation to prove that the facts are sufficient to overturn the results of the election. >> they are trying to do what mueller tried to do in volume 2
7:33 pm
of his silly report. >> we spent 2 months on quid pro quo and now they don't want to talk quid pro quo anymore. they want to talk bribely and extortion. quid pro quo is required to prove either. >> laura: i think there will be a lot of eggs in the face of adam schiff. thank you very much. a lot of drama because some people inside the white house are blowing the whistle. how does one get this coveted role? why are they chosen? can the president turn them away. with me is brian dean wright a former cia officer and targeter. how did the process start? >> well, there are two different groups of people. one is the working levels of the policy coordinators. they are mid-level, middle aged folks with expertise on a
7:34 pm
particular country. they have to apply. this is a call to take a 2 plus year rotation. there is a senior panel that decides whether or not you are fit based on your knowledge of the topic or the country. there is a second set of people. you don't apply for that. you are tapped on the shoulder and say we believe, we think you will be good at this. we will nominate you to go do you want do you want. downtown. -- can that be politicizeed? absolutely. the mid level the people who are picked have the support of their seniors because they moved up. the other side of the house much the same. these focus, they are not only
7:35 pm
providing that expertise. they are involved in the degree of the political ramifications of the things they are wreck mendi -- recommending to the president. >> laura: the whistleblower's attorney tweeted at you saying leave the whistleblower alone. you are entitled to nothing. on the other hand the whistleblower is entitled to anonymity. >> absurd. >> laura: if you have a policy problem with something the president is doing all you need to do is call yourself a whistleblower and hire a lawyer and you are golden. no one can bother you. no one can question your
7:36 pm
motives. >> we have an anonymous cia officer who kicked up an impeachment inquiry into the president of the united states. if people are not alarmed by that on either side of the aisle, someone with powerful relationships, send forward this allegation. we as a country don't have the right to say who is this whistleblower? tell me about this political bias. that's a demonstrated fact. that's fair game. to say it's not is absurd. >> laura: it's a name calling game. thank you very much. coming up, a new poll only proves what we said weeks ago: nancy pelosi's most faithful decision was putting adam schiff in charge of impeachment. congressman steve scalise and doug schoen will be next to tell us why. w sooner or later every chip will crack.
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>> the democrats in washington would rather pursue outrageous hoaxes and delusion witch hunts that are going nowhere. don't worry about it. >> laura: i said the worst mistake pelosi made was putting adam schiff in charge of impeachment. it's showing now. 52% of americans think democrats are doing a bad job handling the impeachment inquiry. joining me is doug schoen and house minority whip steve scalise. congressmenu are seeing this unfold on capitol hill. do your democratic colleagues have any tiny signs of buyer's remorse? >> there is a lot of buyer's remorse. a lot of the members of congress go back home and they for the majority and people say how did you improve my life? lowering the cost of prescription drugs could be law
7:42 pm
but they are obsessed with impeachment. pelosi is obsessed with impeachment and our border is not secure because of this. that's the kind of stuff they are hearing about. people are going wait a minute, the president didn't do anything wrong. zelensky said there was no pressure and he got the money. democrats still move forward because they made this unholy pact with their far left socialist base. >> laura: we will get to hillary clinton in a second. she is talking about getting in. the latest poll, doug, on the issue of impeachment that cbs just did. another interesting metric. how much you have heard or read about the phone call of the president's to the ukraine?
7:43 pm
they have not read much into it. i travel a lot. literally no one talks about the substance of this impeachment. everyone is talking about football or their kids or what is going on in school. i just think it misses the mark. i go back to what tom brokaw said. it's not business. -- business. -- obvious. it's not connecting with a lot of people. >> the democrats initially thought they could do it with closed door hearings. there was an outcry and tomorrow they have will public hearings. this is an attempt to turn those numbers around. and congressman scalise is right. i say this as a democrat. you win on the issue. they won the mid-terms on climate, gun and healthcare.
7:44 pm
they won't win on impeachment. that's why this is so problematic for the democratic party and why so many swing members are privately nervous. >> laura: congressman scalise, i was at a dinner in alabama on friday night. >> go tigers. >> laura: i was at dinner. sitting not too far to my right was senator doug jones. and joe manchin. i thought doug jones will probably be in a senate fight against session. they will talk about we tried to impeach trump in alabama. are these red state democrats, what are they going to tell their people? even the "new york times" wrote
7:45 pm
about this today saying they will have trouble. >> it's not just the red states. it's all the swing states where people carry about their pocketbooks and like the fact that president got the economy going again. they are seeing higher wages and democrats are talking about impeaching the president over a whistleblower they are hiding from the public who heard something 3rd hand about something that didn't happen. it was about with held money that was not withhold. the facts are on the president's side. >> laura: doug, the 2020 field is looking weak. we are hearing more and more of this from a familiar voice. >> are you going to run again? >> no. >> in a few days i won't open my newspaper? >> i never say never. i am under enormous pressure from many, many people to think about it p. that's not in my
7:46 pm
plans. >> laura: what is your advice to your former boss? >> my advice would be go home -- close the door. shut your mouth. be quiet and just forget about this. i mean she lost when she should not have lost. >> laura: we have to go. >> everything she has said recently has been nuts. >> laura: i thought you were going to say have a glass of wine. we have to go. cnn held a town hall for biden and did it not request well. -- did not go well. raymond arroyo will break it down in moments.
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>> laura: joe biden performance at the cnn town hall was scintillating. joining me now with the details raymond arroyo. biden has been going after elizabeth warren over the cost of her healthcare plan. last night he was challenged for calling her an elitist. >> i know more than you. let me tell you what to do. >> the attitude is elitist. imagine if i said to her, well, you should be in a republican or socialist primary. biden is being -- you don't say that. you know it. >> you know what we are seeing here? attitude. this is an attitude of a candidacy losing altitude. the reason michael bloomberg
7:52 pm
jumped is because the moderate voice is nose diving. biden looked like an endangered species last night. there were moments when he was very unsure of where to go or even who the moderator was. >> you are a really talented reporter. hmmm, i think that the fact that, hmmm, facebook, for example, would take down -- the politics has gotten so out of whack. it will come back in whack. this guy. >> the poor man. this is a man and a candidacy adrift. there is a reason your ratings doubled that cnn town hall last night. it tanked last night. there is no enthusiasm there. that's a problem. we have to show you joe biden's wife jill on msnbc was asked
7:53 pm
about how she felt about republicans on capitol hill. she stumbled through the answer and had a special message for president trump. >> this, i think -- donald trump, this plays right into his hands. this for him, he is trying to distract the voters. stop it! my husband will beat you. >> laura: they both like doing the hand motions. >> it's an attitude. >> laura: stop it. >> the problem with this, you have seen a candidacy recoiling. he is dying in iowa and in new hampshire. he cut his staff by half and pulled back tv and radio ads. >> laura: still up in new hampshire. >> his only salvation is south carolina. he has a big black support in south carolina. that's his greatest hope. if he loses iowa and new hampshire it will be hard. >> laura: that's his waterloo.
7:54 pm
>> that could will be it. >> laura: waterloo, iowa. >> he tried this 6 times. >> laura: i don't think sending your wife out ever works. >> the visiting angel has to be more articulate than the senior he is helping. >> laura: up next. i have mail. last night i gave you my email address and tonight i am reading the clean emails when we return. i recommend applying topical relievers first. salonpas lidocaine patch blocks pain receptors for effective, non-addictive relief. salonpas lidocaine. patch, roll-on or cream. hisamitsu.
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>> laura: last night i asked you to email me at englanclose webican'tspeakforanyoneelsebuti' dlovetosee closewebinstituteadebaterule. ifanyoneinterrupt i have been asked that before. my problem does it apply to me as well?
7:59 pm
to be annoying. we do my best. we got this email from robert grayson. my wife and i are worried that someone forced you to quit wearing your cross on your show. i hope that's not the case. this is a night where i don't have the cross on but it's dictated by the type of top or dress eyewear appeared but no. i sleep with it. i wear it all the time. i will be buried in that cross but my hope not too soon. now that's an residual has gone totally socialist and trying to protect the homeless and criminals, why don't they go to the policy to camp. maybe she'll even invite them in for a snack. we hope that nancy pelosi will open her commodious abode to the needy and dress them with that mellifluous voice of hers.
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we might feature your email for that all the time we have tonight. shannon bream, the "fox news @ night" team at the supreme court's today for the big, big hearing and they take it all from here. >> shannon: inside scoop, thank you, laura. >> laura: have a good show. >> shannon: the hunter by the defense ramping up as his father takes a hit in the new plugo pulpit are the ukraine service taking their toll? a brand-new report that the doj watchdog reporting fbi abuse of conduct is about ready for release. coming at the same time, are we going we talk about how the two stories collide in real time. plus digging into instan


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