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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  November 22, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PST

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they do have a tendency of falling off at the most inopportune moments. send me your comments asked ingram angle, shannon bream and the fox news at night team. >> you are doing your christmas show last year, they flew across and worked just fine. >> just more christmas cheer flying all over the place. shannon: this is the fox news alert. new plans for the next phase of impeachment as it appears democrats press their case now. the next step to vote on articles of impeachment bolstered by new polling. the gop thinks the senate trial could ultimately help the president's reelection
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prospects. as america waits, the horowitz report looking at efforts to spy on members of the trump campaign. a new report tonight and fbi official was referred to prosecutors as part of a criminal investigation for allegedly altering a document, the surveillance of a trump campaign advisor in 2016. we are digging for details right now. progressives protesting the democratic front runner the day after the latest primary debate and president obama has a message tonight. i am shannon bream, we have team coverage, trace gallagher with breaking news on the horwitz report and more, jillian turner on what happens next for the impeachment inquiry. >> that is a wrap for the intelligence committee's announced public hearings on impeachment, next to the committee can hold more hearings with more witnesses or get
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straight to work on a report for the judiciary committee to begin drafting articles of impeachment. >> reporter: the white house on the tail end of the 3 of public hearings, we've got it in the bag and eager to move on to the next phase. >> one word would be jubilant. >> of the house moves forward and continue to push these illegitimate proceedings to the american people then he wants it to go to the senate and the trial. >> the key for republicans, the senate trial affords the chance to summon their wish list of witnesses. intelligence chairman adam schiff has so far ignored. including hunter biden, the whistleblower and away from cameras lindsey graham telling reporters tonight the president's attorney gives a 50/50 chance the house doesn't get the vote to impeach. if they do, he's playing down expectations republicans could muster 51 votes needed to
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dismiss the case before it goes to trial in the senate, a trial could afford the president the rights republicans say he has been denied. >> we do not have a president with the president's attorney could have a cross-examination or due process. >> the democrats a not so fast. >> congress has the right to subpoena. we will not wait for the courts to decide. it is not further obstruction of congress being an impediment to our office. >> democratic sources tell fox news the game plan is to focus on potential articles of impeachment, bribery, contempt of congress, obstruction of justice and abuse of power. republicans are walking away from this week convinced they now have the upper hand based on a handful of new polls turning in the president's favor. an exact timetable for any of this is not clear at all. too many mitigating factors still swirling around in the either but in just a couple weeks the justice department this laser release the inspector general report on alleged fisa abuses and it could be a game
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changer. that is a big factor. >> the timing of all those things together is one of these moments in history and we are covering it. democrats accuse the president of witness intimidation because of the two sent about former ukrainian ambassador marie yavanovitch. democrats argues of the same thing along with accusations that the pressure might work on the witness. trace gallagher is on the case for us. >> ambassador gordon sondland theater 14 boutiques across the country, with rave reviews until he became and missed in the ukraine saga and now one star yelp ratings are common and it is not helped by organ democratic congressman blumenauer asking the public to boycott his hotels until he testified at the impeachment inquiry but not only did he
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testify but revised his previous closed-door testimony saying donald trump and rudy giuliani sought a quid pro quo with ukraine. political investigations for white house visit which the mainstream media trumpeted even though republicans knocked it down. >> no one on this planet told you donald trump was tying into investigations, yes or no. >> yes. >> you are just assuming all these things and giving them the evidence that they are running out and doing press conferences and cnn headline saying you are saying the president of the united states should be impeached because he tied into investigations and you don't know that, correct? >> i never said he should be impeached. >> after he testified congressman blumenauer and the
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boycott and pleaded gordon sondland, welcome to the resistance. they are asking if this violates federal law against pressuring the witness to encourage testimony. >> seems we have some breaking news as well on the russia probe, at least the origins and people who may be involved, we've been waiting for months. >> as part of an inspector general report on the fbi's efforts to obtain a fisa warrant, cnn reports an unnamed fbi official is under criminal investigation and reportedly admitted altering a document related to obtaining that fisa warrant. we don't know if it was so instrumental it would not have been obtained without it but we do know prosecutor john durham has included in his criminal investigation into the origins of the fbi probe. for the president and his supporters this is certainly further accusations that trump was targeted by the fbi and as julian was saying we expect the horwitz report to drop on december 9th and he will go before congress december 11th.
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shannon: more information about the origins of the fbi investigation into the trump campaign. national security council official fiona was asked about a closed-door deposition when she talked about christopher steele, he was the source of the unverified salacious trump dossier paid for by fusion gps, the democratic national committee and others, she said the field might've been given this information by the russians to create a cloud over the trump presidency. >> it was christopher steele's dossier, a rabbit hole? >> your member the answer you gave? >> i thought it was. >> you also set a couple pages later in the a position or the transcript that i have your of your deposition that you thought he got played. is that fair? >> that is fair, yes. >> public and private estimate, democrats have to get a bipartisan vote for impeaching
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the president. they have their eye on key gop targets like the time republican congressman will heard, still appears unconvinced. >> and impeachable offense should be compelling, overwhelmingly clear and unambiguous, not something to be rushed or taken lightly. i have not heard evidence proving the president committed bribery or extortion. >> any members of the gop crossover? task vice chair mark walker, good to have you with us. i want to play something nancy pelosi said today about why they moved in this direction and why they had no other choice. >> his first order of business, taken an oath of office to protect and defend the constitution of the united states, when we see a violation of the constitution we have no choice but to act. >> we know she didn't want to go down this path at least for the last few votes on moving ahead
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with impeachment and she resisted those efforts but now she and house and tell chair adam schiff and house judiciary chair jerry nadler and others felt they had a strong enough case to proceed. do you think there will be any republicans convinced enough to move to the other side? >> not at all, the opposite, we heard about presumptions and assumptions, my first boss used to tell me, what happens when you assume? because my mom is watching i won't go into detail. this is a huge issue even if you are not one of those trump supporters, or thrilled about everything that unraveled here most fair-minded people will look at this process and say you are wanting us to get to the point you want us to tell the president or convict the president of something treasonous or high crimes, they are not buying it and we see that in the most recent poll released in the last day or so
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saying americans are against the impeachment process. 15% drop among independents. >> how do you respond to the washington post, an opinion piece, imagine defending trump after this weekend hearings, oh, wait. after this week's impeachment testimony of republicans continue to insist dear leader donald trump did absolutely nothing wrong and they might do just that, than the gop has surrendered any claim to being a political party. it would be a full-fledged cult of personality. is that how you see yourself? >> in their heading, anything trump did wrong, that's not what this is about. it is is he guilty of high crimes, estimators, treason, the democrats are setting themselves up for two major problems, number one, there are now republicans engaging this
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process. is just the other way around, nancy pelosi said she wouldn't move for the most was bipartisan. number 2, something that is very important is we are seeing the dems continuing to break promises and number 3, this is important, if this thing goes to a senate trial think about calling the whistleblower, think about calling adam schiff. it won't be the same schiff. >> my grandmother is watching too so nicely, carefully worded response. i want to play something today daniel said in testimony, one who allegedly testified he overheard the conversation with ambassador sondland and the president on the phone, a political affairs counselor at the us embassy in kiev. i don't know if we've mispronounced for the last 20 years. here's what he said about the impression he got about the president. >> my clear impression was it was intended by the president either as an expression of dissatisfaction with ukrainians who had not agreed to the investigation or as an effort to
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increase the pressure on them to do so. >> he and fiona hill testifying about how this was communicated to the ukrainians and the dangers of withholding this and so does this all amount to enough to say the president has done something impeachable? >> not at all. is the question that's going to be asked when we get back to dc over the next couple weeks. how many more democrats will cross the picket line and vote with republicans, we had two, we are anticipating more. the republicans will stay united on this because we are hearing from the american people. i've been in two guilty is already. all i hear is the same thing, make sure the democrats do not continue to carry out this sham impeachment process. >> all the members are home for 10 or 12 days and i imagine they will get a lot of feedback on a number of topics including this one.
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we will see you probably during and certainly after that break. >> wishing you and biscuits a happy thanksgiving week. >> i'm trying to keep her away from the turkey. the president is celebrating a victory in california where the state supreme court rejected as unconstitutional the state law that would have required him to release his tax returns as a condition of getting his name on the state ballot. gavin newsom signed the bill into law in july. the district of manhattan is asking the supreme court to enforce a federal appeals court decision that the president's accounting firm must hand over eight years of his tax returns for grand jury subpoena. 's lawyers are trying to shield the returns with another appeal filed last week at the supreme court, the justices have yet to decide whether or not they will take up the case. we are standing by for a decision on that anytime. the governor pennsylvania, a bill that would have been abortion based on diagnosis of
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down syndrome. tom is pro-choice and rejected the measure one day after it passed the state's republican-controlled general assembly. pennsylvania permits abortions for any reason except gender selection, up to 24 weeks into a pregnancy. impeachment witness fiona hill changes her tune but why? once arguing against lethal usaid to ukraine during the obama years expressing concern about why it was delayed under the trump administration. are panel debates and you will hear her explanation next. it's having-jerome-bettis- on-your-flag-football-team easy. go get 'em, bus! ohhhh! [laughing] c'mon bus, c'mon! hey, wait, wait, wait! hey man, i got your flag! i got your flag, man! i got your flag! it's geico easy. with licensed agents available 24/7. 49 - nothing! woo! it is nice. his haircut is "nice." this is the most-awarded minivan three years in a row. the van just talked. sales guy, give 'em the employee price, then gimme your foot. hands-free sliding doors, stow 'n go seats.
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before the house intelligence committee admit to sharp policy differences with the president. supporters of the president including the one who served on th >> most of the fact witnesses brought before the thousand committee admit to sure policy differences with the president but supporters of the president including one who served on his national security council say goes far beyond that.ti >> look like an inside job of russian.
12:19 am
getting together and think we wanted to impeach this guy for 3 years, how do we do it, i think we found a way. >> let's debate the merits of that argument with the aggressive progressive and cia officer, good to have you with us tonight, gentlemen. let's talk about fiona hill, intensifying today, making a lot of points, people claiming victory on both sides about this but pointing to a change of physician. in 2015 she offered washington post piece during the obama administration saying we shouldn't send military aid to the ukrainians saying if we plunge headlong into sending weapons we may lose our allies and never have the opportunity to get things right but not testifying about concerns of not sending a jesus there's reason for that. this is her testimony. >> when i came into government in 2017 i started record all my colleagues from the pentagon, i realized in fact there had been enough a lot of work done on
12:20 am
this and there was a clear and consistent practice to sustainability long-term of the ukraine militaries i changed my mind. >> it is worth time to look back at her 2015 position? >> i think so. we have a lot of people claiming in these different hearings to be experts on ukraine and that's one of the areas, the gravitational we listen to them and everything else when in reality this is a reminder that donald trump has been far better on ukraine, far stronger ally for the ukrainian military than obama before. during the obama administration the invasion began and this whole thing got kicked up. also the crimea referendum happened and the mh 17 flight on its way from amsterdam that killed almost 300 people killed by russian missile fire, that was when obama was in office.
12:21 am
they wouldn't give any legal aid whatsoever to an army that was under assault and now these people are saying trump is so terrible on ukraine. i guess he was right on this one thing. he has been right in ways that really matter. they are trying to make it seem like f maps puppet, the reality is he is far stronger in defense of ukraine than his predecessor. >> somebody who took notice was rush limbaugh. >> ukraine was defenseless as russia came in and annexed crimea with people like filed a hill doing the advising suggesting it would be a mistake to provide ukraine defensive aid, it would be a terrible mistake. now all of a sudden when trump has provided this assistance these people come forward to complain he put away a couple weeks on it. shannon: what about that
12:22 am
analysis? >> but that it better and have the privilege of serving his country before he said something completely ridiculous that i disagree with but let me put it this way. fiona hill's position on ukraine 8 is irrelevant. she can have that position and still believe the president should faithfully execute his office. when the congress overwhelmingly approves that aid and the president of the united states puts a condition that you investigate his political opponents before that 8 is released, that is wrong. what we have seen this week time and again is countless people confirming what the president already told us when he released the so-called the transcript a couple weeks ago that he asked the ukrainian president for a favor and one of those favors was investigating joe biden, his strongest political opponents. richard nixon on steroids, the president of the united states should resign. shannon: was there an investigation? >> with their investigation? >> was the 8 released?
12:23 am
>> was there an investigation? there is an investigation going on about the a release right now. >> was there biden, burisma russia investigation? >> just because he failed that the extortion, he still tried to commit extortion. attempted bribery is bribery. >> i want to say that is what we have been hearing a lot from democrats, they can keep repeating it and bludgeoned the american people into thinking of things that didn't happen that they can't really prove with any certainty how it would have happened if it was going to happen which it didn't is something we are all supposed to care about. the reason trump's foreign
12:24 am
policy matters of this, look like ship was going to have a fit when talking about how we left ukraine and all the fights against russia, they were talking about russia as if we haven't gone through two years of the mueller probe, that conspiracy theory by democrats - -- gentlemen -- if you tried to bribe it is bribery. >> if it were a crime -- >> they wouldn't change. >> got to wrap it up but what matters now are the 435 people who have to vote on this in a couple weeks, maybe it will be our christmas present and we will get it before then. come back soon. you are both getting -- i love you, goodbye. new tonight there seems to be some confusion whether the navy has formally stopped proceedings to determine whether eddie gallagher will remain or lose his travel. donald trump tweeted earlier today the navy will not be taking away war fighter eddie gallagher who was acquitted of
12:25 am
murdering and isis prisoner but the motive donald trump restored his rank. tonight there are reports the navy is awaiting further guidance on whether or not to proceed with consideration of whether gallagher will be expelled from the navy seal. we will keep tracking that. new tonight, nicholas standman's $275 million lawsuit against nbc universal can proceed on limited grounds, that is a ruling by a federal judge. he had a similar lawsuit pending against cnn and the washington post all stemming from that encounter with a native american activist in washington dc earlier this year which went viral. the latest democratic primary debates with the lowest ratings yet. fox news at night investigates next. not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it -
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>> shannon: most analysts say >> most analysts say the fifth presidential primary debate had no clear winner and very little fireworks in the lowest ratings
12:30 am
of any of the debate, candidates are going back to work out on the trail and would are they going to say? >> reporter: we have until thanksgiving, we saw it last night on display and on the stump today, joe biden says one of his most powerful selling points is his electability, but that left center main means many in his party are not so happy. check out this scene in a biden townhall in greensboro, south carolina. [chanting] >> no matter what happens somebody commits murder, they shouldn't be supported. someone commits murder. >> lost the end of that clip but president obama warned of such things in the san jose mercury news, biden's former boston we
12:31 am
are not going to win by increasing turnout of people who agree with us on everything which is why always suspicious of purity tests during elections. the country is complicated. biden had a simple answer for those who didn't like his track record on immigration. >> you should vote for trump. >> unclear if anybody will take his advice but it got complicated for elizabeth warren. her flip-flop on charter schools has not sat well with a group of protesters either. [chanting] >> those are school choice advocates. of all things in 2020, who would make a pantsuit in controversial politics especially democratic politics but told the garrett's pantsuit last night has the new york times fired up. her white suit, not the way suits of mrs. clinton or ms. williams in his early appearances were tied to wellness gospel ideas a renewal
12:32 am
and rebirth, rather they are the white of avenging angels in flaming swords of someone combative and righteous, also called leaders. that is written by friedman, the entire session critic and editor who appeared on one of your favorite topics this week, jim jordan's jacket or lack thereof, had a quote about that saying it is a symbol of his willingness to be the republican party after-tax art, jim jordan's jacket had a twitter account, we couldn't find one for tulsi garrett's wait pantsuit. >> bret baer asked about the jakelin special report and he said he wears it as you are required to. otherwise -- >> whether he is going to wear it for immigration. i did notice some different shirts for immigration. shannon: those are for different topics, thank you. we are less then a year from the 2020 election, social media taking steps to stop the spread
12:33 am
of fake news. christina fills us in. >> reporter: with 348 days until election day big technology companies are rushing to make changes to their political and policy. facebook's rules are the least restrictive and support free speech. a new wall street journal report reveals facebook is considering increasing the minimum number of people targeted in public lands from 100, to a few thousand. such a change would stop the spread of fake news which tends to happen with targeting smaller audiences. other social media companies are getting on board, twitter announced an all-out political advertising bend while google announced political advertisers will only be able to target users based on gender, or age, not according to political leanings, these changes come as president of candidates spend tens of millions of dollars
12:34 am
trying to reach voters in 2019 forcing the world's biggest social media company to take a stand on an issue even bigger than the political ads themselves, free-speech. shannon: thank you, digging into potential connections between the dnc and ukraine fox news at night investigates next. if you have medicare, listen up. the medicare enrollment deadline is only days away. with so many changes, do you know if your plan is still the right fit? having the wrong plan may cost you thousands of dollars out of pocket, and that's why i love healthmarkets, your insurance marketplace. with their new fitscore, they compare thousands of
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>> shannon: fox news has >> fox news has learned at least some of what has been reported about paul manafort's dealings and ukraine was apparently driven by democratic national committee operatives with connections to ukraine. republicans on the house intelligence committee are pushing to call at least one of those people as a witness in the impeachment inquiry. >> that is the democrats pitiful legacy in recent years. >> republicans calling for a hearing day featuring witnesses called by republicans including a ukrainian activist and former democratic political strategist. >> they got caught covering up
12:39 am
for democratic national committee operative who colluded with ukrainian officials to smear the trump campaign. >> reporter: gop interest stems from her breakfast democratic national committee during the 2016 presidential campaign. she had worked in the white house office of public liaison through the clinton administration and was paid $412,000 in 2004-2016 according to federal election records. in april 2016 she spoke to a gathering of 68 journalists about former trump campaign chairman paul manafort's advising of russia leading ukrainian politicians, was sponsored by us congressional agency called the open world leadership center which says it is nonpartisan. an email released by wikileaks from the communications director of the dnc said they put me on the program to speak specifically about paul manafort. there is a big trump component
12:40 am
you need to be aware of that will hit in the next few weeks. she is trying to convince of collusion between the trump campaign and moscow. according to ukraine expert from the atlantic council she was pointing where there was smoke in the middle of a campaign and indeed there was a media firestorm leading to manafort's resignation in the middle of the campaign. an important line of inquiry for republicans would likely be ukrainian politicians like one who kept a record of manafort. this was before robert mueller's report found no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia that evidence of collusion between russia and manafort is circumstantial at this point. that was in march 2017. we've got new information on potential articles of impeachment could look right when they get around to drafting them. here's the commission, bribery
12:41 am
spelled out in article 2 section 4 of the constitution, abuse of power dealing with intimidation of witnesses, contempt of congress, failure to provide documents and witnesses to cooperate with investigation and obstruction of justice. let's talk about potential charges. the next step, democratic strategists kevin walling and jenna willis. let's look at what we have. this is what eric's wall well said when i asked, he's in front of the house and diligently, here's what he said last night when i asked about the presumption part of this, yesterday he did not say anybody told him there was quid pro quo but he had a presumption. it was his response. >> if it is a reasonable presumption, yes. it was a reasonable presumption
12:42 am
because everything ambassador sondland knew about the president of ukraine was the president was condition in the white house meeting on the basis of the ukrainians investigating the bidens. >> articles are coming. >> reasonable presumption it is fine to circumvent the constitution. let's not pretend this is anything of a constitutional basis, anything of a legal basis or talk about this like it is a legal case, that there's something here on the merits, we know it is an impeachment circus like congressman jordan said clearly after the last hearing, the facts are on the president's side, no quid pro quo, nothing that is constitutional and the democrats can try to move forward on their focus groups but that doesn't mean this isn't just a partisan process and what the american people need to recognize that is all this is and so they don't have anything they can proceed on and that is not constitutional because article 1 does give jurisdiction
12:43 am
to the house for power of impeachment but it has to work intended and not in conflict with article 2 section 4 and you actually have to have substance, you have to have evidence, you have to have some legal basis in order to throw out these articles. it can just be a presumption or hearsay or wild speculation. the two people on the call, donald trump and volodymyr zelinsky said there was nothing here. >> democrats say they have the substance. here's what well-respected law professor had to say. crimes may be revealed in upcoming testimony but they need to be grounded in the clinical code rather than the imagination of members of congress. even if the house has brought license to impeachment it does not have license to redefine crimes to fit impeachment. >> here's what we know. it was a busy week, he did confirm a quid pro quo. did he specifically say the
12:44 am
president gave them in order to do so? he did not but did he say he was excellent presumption of the president asking rudy giuliani to put pressure on him and the ukrainians to do this, he did. we have a lot more questions than answers in this process. of the president wants to come clear let's release all the transcripts, call logs, let's have rudy giuliani come before the house and diligence committee and house judiciary committee. of the president think he has done nothing wrong then produce these people. we remember the benghazi hearings, president obama didn't say don't go testify before congress, go testify for 12 hours before the house oversight committee. the president has done nothing wrong he should have nothing to hear from an open transparent process. >> the president has nothing to defend, it is up to the democrats to prove their case, not for the president to have to defend himself against wild accusations. >> in an opinion piece in the new york times, trump -- for republicans there is no bottom, in a different here were both parties believed in the constitution trump's abusiveness for personal gain would have led to his removal from office long ago.
12:45 am
>> if we still believed in the constitution we wouldn't be making this a political circus and there wouldn't be focus groups and opinion polls and we would see, we go back to the constitutional convention when james madison argued against simply disagreeing with policy of a sitting president, what we have seen over the course of the 2016 election the democrats have led the resistance, they have been trying to return to undermine this president whether it was this sham impeachment or the sham of the russia collusion with the mueller report they would find something, they simply don't have it. >> there may be democrats the cross over in these articles? >> nancy pelosi said that is something she would like to see, that it be bipartisan. we see 51%, 52% of americans in polls, going back to richard nixon or impeachment during watergate or bill clinton, impeachment is inherently a political process. i would like to see if the arguments are there for republicans who come our way on
12:46 am
this issue, if they are persuaded to join us. as nancy pelosi said that is an important component, we can't just have an entire party insider president. >> that is what it looks like the vote might be. we will see what the articles are coming together. >> the ones that could have been persuaded - now for right now. >> you guys are really good, yeses in my book. five debate, no clear frontrunner. could have anything to do with a warning from former president obama? joining us live to break it down next.
12:47 am
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12:50 am
>> i wouldn't say he was a house on fire in any of change i wouldn't say he was a house of fire in the debates we have been to and yet he comes kind of bumps along, mister mcgilling his way and you keep worrying he's going to hit a wall but he is moving forward. >> former and the obama campaign advisor david axelrod envisioning a potential presidential election showdown between joe biden and donald trump, the former vice president having lost frontrunner status and he states, preaching
12:51 am
patience for the primary field saying today at a fundraiser in silicon valley everybody needs to chill out about the candidates. trump has taken a sharp turn away from a lot of the traditions and values that built this country so to clarify the state of democratic race, the host of the next revolution on fox news channel, great to have you here. i am very good. there seems to be continuing concerns what is going on with the democratic field. they say the state of democratic primary there seems to be lingering uncertainty about the field of candidates broadly and biden specifically, buttigieg's rise and massachusetts governor deval patrick and michael bloomberg are any sign. it is a huge field, most divers they ever had in primary history. a lot of folks seem unconvinced that there is a winner yet. >> and i will tell you seems most unconvinced, the guy who is saying chill out today, former
12:52 am
president obama. a while back he let it be known he would have nothing to do with the primaries, he would wait the primary out once the party selected a candidate, then he would get behind that candidate. instead he has come off the fence. in public statements and also private briefings, letting it be known in the last week he was saying people don't want revolution, they don't want big change, they want steady improvement. bernie and elizabeth warren are promising big change. that has also indicated by not endorsing biden and letting it be known he and his former right-hand man are worried about biden, he is the one that is panicking and his panic is causing everyone else to panic. shannon: someone else in the washington examiner talks about how democrats will get tough and not play nice in that is why voters are convinced they can go toe to toe with donald trump,
12:53 am
doing that would be like anything democrats have encountered, he doesn't play by the sum doesn't care about hitting below the belt. candidates need to take the gloves off and show the democratic base they are capable of fighting for them just as trump has done so well with his supporters. who among the field at this point would be the best match to go after the president in that way? seems to be that is part of voters reticence about it was on stage so far? >> it is interesting. the candidate who put that presentation on their candidacy as kamala harris. take the fight to trump, prosecute the case. i'm a former prosecutor, she has been the most bellicose and aggressive towards donald trump and her campaign has basically collapsed. i think the real truth is in terms of his record, delivered many of the promises he ran on in 2016, clearly tried to
12:54 am
deliver them and been frustrated on some and above all delivered a strong economy, is record and his policy positions on issues like immigration put donald trump in the mainstream of voters were some of these democratic candidates are to the left somewhere in that is the problem. >> looking at the -- keyboarding and particle states the president picked up for a long time, the san francisco -- >> i lost the satellite so i can't hear your question i think the real truth of this race is none of the candidates look like they can be donald trump at this point and that is why you are seeing new candidates coming into the race and why you are seeing this feeling among the democratic establishment that they still don't have anyone they can count on to do what they most want to do which is beat donald trump in 2020. >> if you can hear me let me know otherwise, we appreciate your time is always in one of
12:55 am
the things we are going to talk about was from the san francisco chronicle warning about key states, seemed to back up obama's warning, the survey of voters in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania backed obama in 2012 and donald trump four years later-month-old group they found 710 approved of trump's performance in office so some concern and democratic field and supported about who will emerge as the number one pick to go 5 to head with the president. thanks to steve even though we had some technical difficulties. some time for the midnight hero, a dramatic rescue caught on camera you can see in stafford, connecticut, burst into flames while going down the road. the man was driving home from
12:56 am
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get $4,107 below msrp plus $1,000 bonus cash plus 0% financing for 60 months on the 2020 pacifica limited >> we aren't finished yet, never know what testimony of one person might be testimony of another. >> it is friday, november 22nd. happening right now at 4:00 am democrats in the nile, as public testimony wraps up on capitol hill with evidence lacking, nancy pelosi and adam schiff charge. had towards articles of impeachment. all of this as a new report exposes potential wrongdoing by the fbi while investigating the trump campaign for russian meddling in 2016. we are live with the latest


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