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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 25, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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in the context between russia and ukraine. of course i'm joking. i'm only rooting for america. mocking the obsession with russia so many on the left have. back tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. sean hannity is now. >> tucker: russia. >> hannity: you said it. headline, have fun with it. welcome to "hannity." busy night. we're tracking several big stories including information on the fisa abuse report. fallout surrounding another massive lie from the president calls it pocahontas elizabeth warren and almost as bad as lying as the corrupt media mob and the corrupt compromised adam schiff. i'll tell you about a new investigation into creepy, sleepy, quid pro quo joe. first, we start with a closer
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look at the mainstream media mob and they are a mob and they're allies in the democratic party. because over the past week, we have witnessed more of the same. madness now consumes pretty much 99% of media in this country. now, to be a democrat or part of the mob, there's no objective truth in your rage trump every day war. to be a member you have to have selective moral outrage and breathtaking hypocrisy. the non-stop coverage of the impeachment charade wasn't just maddening, it was full of lies and outright propaganda and misinformation. they spent a week digging for evidence that doesn't just exist and predictably, breathlessly,
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hyping up testimony almost all on hearsay conjecture and what's people's interpretation of a transcript and we can read it and decide for ourselves. none of it would be admissible or court in a real court of law. here's how ugly, sick and twisted and despicable they really are. take a look. >> trump allegedly abused his power for private gain by pressuring ukraine. >> abuse of office for trump's personal gain at the expense of us. >> he used the security and international relationships we're required to have for the security of our country as a bargaining chip for his own personal gain. >> president trump exhorts a partner who's under duress for
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his personal benefit. >> we're talking about a bribery extortion extreme. whether you're a republican or democrat, extortion is extortion. >> hannity: they're talking about joe. the same people at the same time bifurcated, cut in half their brain. they literally shut off one ham of their brain and downplayed video evidence of the real corruption they're acting so outraged about that in this case has incontrovertible overwhelming evidence. in other words, there really was a quid pro quo but with joe shake down the country of ukraine and bragging about it. now, they're not getting $1 billion unless you fire the prosecutor who is investigating my zero experienced son. wow, you're not getting a billion unless you fire that guy because you're investigating
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him, there's no experience and he's making millions and millions of dollars. now, stop for a second. how can the same people all last week and the mob and media, how can the same people in the news industry, they're journalists. be so outraged at president trump for doing nothing, zip. yet, totally, completely ignore the biggest slam dunk case of what they say they are so outraged about? you have to ignore the indisputable fact that hunter biden was making millions and millions of dollars serving on the board of a corrupt ukrainian oil and gas company. you have to ignore the fact that hunter had zero experience in gas, energy or ukraine and ignore the fact that hunter biden was hired weeks after his father was appointed to lead white house policy in ukraine. you have to ignore the fact that vice president joe biden leveraged $1 billion tax dollars
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and bragging about it to force out a ukrainian prosecutor, the same one investigating his son. none of that is in dispute but the mob and media said it's only a conspiracy theory. no one has ever proven it or investigated it. we are, and we're getting to the bottom of it. take a look. >> mr. vice president, president trump has accused your son of serve ong a board in the ukraine. >> there's no proof that joe biden or hunter biden did anything wrong. >> president trump's claims are unspan -- unsubstantiated claim. >> there's no evidence of any wrongdoing. in reality, joe biden was the one working to purge corruption from the ukraine. >> an utterless baseless theory.
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>> there's no evidence nor has there been evidence that he was doing anything other than getting ukraine to crackdown on corruption. >> leave him alone. >> the burisma biden is a bunch of b.s. >> hannity: that's how despicable and corrupt the media and the mob are. there's no evidence. we all looked. if you look and hear joe bragging, you're not getting the billion. he's leveraging the money. if you look closer, watch hunter biden on gma, what did he do? well, i have no experience. well, once i was on board at amtrak. oh, there's a ton of experience. this level of group think is not only despicable, what you just watched is dangerous. they're losing it. now, i say mob and the media for a reason. they are a mob with the mob
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mentality and a mob mind spent they don't care about their breathtaking hypocrisy and their hatred of trump and the propaganda they're spreading and the conspiracy their spreading and the hoax they continue to perpetrate one after another after another in their bubble, their echo chamber. there's the rest of the country that didn't live in d.c., new york, l.a. and san francisco and their bubble is filled with every second of every day, trump rage. psychosis. venom. it's resulted in this endless stream of fake hysteria, lying, propaganda, misinformation, smearing, slander, distorsion and everything in between and they've been crying wolf for three years and have not done anything for you. we, the american people. not one thing have these people
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done except bring us to the brink of impeachment. wow, take a look. >> i haven't seen this since october 20, 1973 when president nixon fired archibald cox. >> echos of watergate. >> a giant step towards impeachment. >> impeachment implications are in the air. >> the president will be removed from office. >> bombshell. >> bombshell. >> bombshell. >> bombshell. >> bombshell story dropping seemingly every day. >> he will resign the presidency. >> warming to the idea of his resignation. >> the wall's closing in and he's lashing out. >> he feels the walls closing in. >> you can feel the thread being pulled. you can feel the close starting to come off the clothes starting to come off the emperor. >> donald trump is done. no question. >> selective moral outrage and
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that's what the mob looks like. it's sad. it's sick. it's dangerous. when the facts don't fit their narrative. they lie. they lied about the russia hoax and the injustice against justi justi justice cavanaugh. every day they lie when they say they're journalists. they're not journalists. yet, they always want to criticize us. look at fake news cnn and all their phony reporting. well, this guy wouldn't have a job he's so bad at tv. the low-rated sten ographer he doesn't have a million viewers
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on his show and he's critiquing of our coverage of the impeachment charade calling it a conspiracy theory and maybe you want to look at what politico said on january 11, 2017 and read about alexander talupa and how successful they were in trying to hurt and then they had a guest suggesting president trump is using mind control on his supporters and humpty is taking orders from their fake news chief, fall zucker. the -- paul zucker. the news network channel is like attack the channel are successful. if it wasn't so sick it's
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actually funny and entertaining to me. to deflect from their own constant lying and conspiracies and own hoaxes, and of course their anti-trump bias every second of the day, they just lie and more and more they claim others are guilty of what they do every day, all day. we have a real crisis of information in the country, make no mistake. fake news cnn, area 51, yes, roswell, rachel maddow's conspiracy and the whole channel who tries to duplicate what she does they have zero fidelity to truth and zero fidelity to the truth and application of the law and equal application of standards, joe and hunter. that's why it's up to us, i guess. fine, leave it to us. the number one show on cable news, thanks to you.
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we'll remind them ukrainian interference in the 2016 elections actually happened and will vet quid pro quo joe and hunter and the rest of the democratic field. they'll never do it. it will be up to us to called the corrupt, congenital guyer, schiff and the -- liar schiff and the schiff show and trying to smear an elected president and kick it off with hearsay and opinion and a non-whistleblower, whistleblower communicating with schiff's office early on. the washington times this individual may have benefit from one of president obama's final directives. doing to the next president that which you didn't want in your administration. giving whistleblowers new protections against the executive branch and this came in the final minutes of the
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presidency and in stark contrast to when he entered office in 2009 and obama waged a war against this community and his administration prosecuted nine whistleblowers under the 1971 espionage act more than all other previous administrations combined. but the mob, president trump is bad and well, obama's a saint. again, it's crystal clear. they have an agenda. zero fidelity to true and unwavering allegiance to their socialist left wing agenda and as a columnist taking cnn to court, ranking member, devin nunes. i have to be honest, i know more about this than maybe you want my to reveal so i'll let you say it in your own words. i saw the report about you. i happen to know a lot of it is outright lies. now, what do you planning to do?
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>> well, sean, like we've seen so many times over the last three years, every time house republicans on the intelligence committee come up with real information and put it out there, what do they do? they smear the messenger. and the problem that cnn has this time and the daily beast, look, i understand the last week and a half was a disaster for them. it was a train wreck for them. so what do they have to do? they had to come out and say, devin nunes was the one meeting with this ukrainians. sorry, cnn, it's totally false. so we put out a very clear statement after the story came out friday night saying it's demonstrably false, total fake news. i'll tell you, sean, for all of the last three years including the russia hoax to the ukraine hoax, this is the mother of all fake news stories. there is not one bigger than this.
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so next week we are going to take them to court. they will have an opportunity to come to court so we can subpoena each other and get discovery and sit people down for depositions. i have a bet, sean, cnn and daily beast will run for cover and fight this and not going to show up in court or accept service. at the end of the day i'll track them down and hold them accountable because this is gone on for too long and this is the only way we're going to be able to get retribution and be able to seek fairness and transparency in the media is by holding them accountable. >> hannity: an applaud what you're doing. i really do. actually, i'm pretty close to doing the same thing in some ways myself which i won't talk about tonight, but, as a public figure our standard is high.
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absence of malice. i would say the odds this kid is going to be high because they lied about that kid even when the facts came out they kept lying and i suspect they'll want to settle and have non-disclosure agreements at the end. it's getting harder. we're getting to a point where they have to be held accountable. how spectacular is the lie on a scale of 1-100 on the lies they told about you? >> well, your scale of 1 to 100 would blow your scale apart because it's near 1,000. i made a statement friday night, demonstrably false and scandalous fake news. there were five other media agencies that had the same fake news story that decided not to run it. two months before.
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we have others that have the same story. look, i think it's also a little bit fake news, sean, that these fake news media companies have a story so often it becomes true, oh, you're a public figure. but if you have reckless disregard for the truth and malice, are you kidding me? have you been watching cnn or reading the daily beast the last three years. if they have malice towards anyone, obviously the president they have the most malice for but clearly myself and the house republicans. >> hannity: they don't like you. i consider lind woody represented nicholas sandman and i liked to see these guys get a lot of work and i think they might. congressman, thank you for sharing. we're going to watch very closely what happens with the suit. and also tonight, support for impeachment is falling and
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democrats on the fill are starting to get cold feet about the impeachment vote. told you last week was a disaster. while support for the president have solidified. democrats are running scared. here's house minority leader mccarthy. your support was weak on repeal or replace, congressman. last week was a week i said, wow, they did amazing. you should be proud as their leader. >> hannity: i'm very proud of the whole team. >> i'm proud of devin standing up because what cnn is doing to him is an outright lie and they're trying to repeat it and devin will stand up. and the intel committee did an excellent job and what you're finding is what you said, the polls are dropping with independents but now they're
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dropping with democrats themselves. schiff is losing because america knows he's lying. that's what the hearings brought forward. >> hannity: so do you think, these 31 house democrats in trump won districts in 2016, are they going to jump over the cliff with a guy that lied to us for three years and a nancy pelosi speaker in name only that doesn't want to lose that title? >> before we left there was a very interesting article in politico those democrats were going to their leadership complaining because there's ads running in their district about impeachment and feeling they are get nothing cover and can't defend themselves. i've watched democrat after democrat going back to their district saying they didn't come to washington to impeachment the president because their town hall meetings aren't going right. schiff came forward with a letter saying he'll send a report to judiciary when we get
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back next year. the republicans and the minority will have a report going forward. it will be interesting if the democrats can hold enough votes for it but i know nancy pelosi she can hold them tight together but come next november i think they'll have an awakening not just from independents but democrats and all americans alike to throw them out of office. >> hannity: we'll watch this very closely. i think they all jumped out of the airplane and it's going to be later -- a little bit hard to get back with gravity and you fall. thank you, leaderer mccarthy. december 9 we know the fisa report will be released by inspector horowitz and now we're seeing anonymous sources playing down the report in the new york times and washington post and evidence is clear. warnings were given to the doj and fbi.
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hilary paid for the phony dossier and if the report doesn't find what is obvious, premeditated fraud against the fisa court i'd say we're screwed as a country for a lot of reasons. contribut contributor carter page and you lost your constitutional rights. you said you served your country. every time you went abroad, did you or did you not come back and talk to our intelligence people and give them everything they wanted and did they not at times ask to you do things for them? >> i served my country over a 25 years and did the best i could and when i was asked to help my country i always did. >> hannity: after a year of surveilling you, you're not under arrest. do you think you were used to get to trump? >> no question. it's on the face of it it's clear. you were talking with
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congressman nunes about knowledge of falsity and reckless disregard with the truth that's what they did with the fake dossier and the fraud including with the fbi and doj. it's out of control. >> hannity: so what is your next step? >> i'm planning a serious battle plan. with regard to this i.g. report we'll have a lot of. >> hannity: we're at the point in the process where people mentioning it are being told that's where some of the leaks are coming from. have you been given opportunity? >> no opportunity whatsoever and thinking of ways of fighting back potentially a court injunction. >> hannity: don't tell me you're going delay it? >> i'm not going to delay it, i promise, but i'm also talking with senate judiciary. i haven't gotten a final answer. it's across the board and at would also at the december 11
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hearing -- >> hannity: do you feel you were smeared and slandered for the purpose of getting to donald trump? >> that's who they were looking to get. >> hannity: or you'd be in jail after a year of surveillance. we know the fbi later said 90% is proven false but they used it anyway and were warned repeatedly. how could they ever come out with anything less than fraud and spying on the team and a candidate. >> inspector horowitz will have more where he can subpoena witnesses an empanel a grand jury and john durham has expanded into the pentagon which
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a paid fbi informant for his work. he was the same person as carter page told you many times before befriended him. and we know in the horowitz report on the record or on background, the horowitz report is significant because of kevin kli kline. >> hannity: he signed it and verified it as true and can get off scot free? >> i don't think so. this is what they're concerned about now and i've been talking with sources a number of people within the bureau, particularly within the fbi involved in approving those fisa warrants on carter page are really worried right now. they're worried about the fact that those documents were altered and those three renewals were altered. we'll find out december 9 for
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sure. >> hannity: thank you sarah carter. carter page. i wish you the best of luck. it shunt -- shouldn't happen to any american. and we look into the shady ukrainian dealings. senator graham joins us next.
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>> hannity: former vice president joe biden is cling doing the narrative he's above any investigation even if he runs for president of the united states. imagine if his name was donald j. trump. >> they're asking lindsay graham. they know he knows if he comes out against trump he has a tough road for re-election, number one. i'm disappointed and quite frankly i'm angered by the fact he knows me and knows my son and knows there's nothing to this. trump is holding power over him even the ukrainians wouldn't yield to. ukrainians would not yield to quote, investigate biden. there's nothing investigate about biden and his son. >> hannity: there's a report out they're now investigating the whole burisma thing.
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senator lindsey graham. joe's on tape you're not getting the billion unless you fire the prosecutor who was investigating his son getting paid millions and millions of dollars for zero experience. maybe i'm making this too complicated. isn't what they're accusing trump of and why's he get a pass. >> i've known him for a long time and for those who say the ukrainian connection has been thoroughly looked nothing is further from the truth. when they stopped from asking question the biden connection they're shut them down in the house. they wouldn't shut me down in the senate. i like joe biden but here's the question need to be asked. did hunter biden use his
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political influence to stop the investigation he was serving as a board member on run by one of the most corrupt people in the ukraine. and why did biden called the president of the ukraine. when he went to the ukraine in march the prosecutor was fired and the case was stopped. hunter biden reached out to the state department after the investigation was announced and his business partner met with john kerry. we're not going ignore all this. i hope there's no there, there but i want the transcripts of the phone calls between joe bide ven and the president of the ukraine after the investigation was announced business -- against burisma. >> hannity: you said you hope there's no there, there. joe biden admitted it. you don't get the billion. he admitted it on gma.
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i have no experience. and went to the representatives of the burisma holdings to lobby the obama administration and said hunter is on our board and everything. >> well, before that you had people in the ground in the ukraine concerned about the conflict of interest with hunter biden after he was fired $150,000 a month for what? for political influence? here's what's disturbing about this. the day they announced the raid on the president's home, the investigation of the gas company, hunter biden reaches out to people in the state department who used to work for biden within a 10-day period joe biden calls the president of the ukraine three times and goes to the ukraine in march and the prosecutor is fired a week later. it's one thing to say you're going to withhold money because the ukraine is corrupt.
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it's another thing to with hold money unless they fire the prosecutor investigating the company where your son works. that's different and that's what i want to know. i hope there's no there, there. let's look at the transcripts and see what happened. >> hannity: well, hearsay or opinion witnesses be allowed in the senate should the democrats, which assume they will in the house? because i like what the president said, let's have a trial. i agree. i think it's a good idea. this way people don't say , oh, you're covering it up. >> well if you have a trial, what the rules? here's a good rule. the trial in the senate should mirror trials all over america. hearsay is not admitted in any trial in america. so let's apply the federal rules of evidence to the trials in the senate and let the chief justice of the united states decide whether evidence is admissible. my belief is 90% of the
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testimony is violates the hearsay rule. >> hannity: rules of evidence are what they are. let me ask a final question, december 9 we get the inspector general report and a lot of leaks say it's low level. we know multiple warnings went to the doj and fbi. christopher steel hates donald trump and hilary paid for it. multiple warnings but they used it to get the fisa warrant to go after carter page and back door to trump campaign and transition and presidency. how is it anything other than pre m premeditated fraud on a court? >> well, we'll soon hear from horowitz as to what he found but here's what i know for sure, the dossier to this day is
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unverified. it was paid for by a political party. the person who came hated trump. it was unverifiable but the person still hated trump. here's the question for horowitz and the fbi and the department of justice, why did you start verifying it or trying to verify it after you used it three times? why didn't you try to verify it before you gave it to the court. i hope you understand what they did was use a document unverified to this day to get a warrant against an american excellent and didn't try to verify it until after they used it. >> hannity: senator, thanks for what you're doing. two weeks from tonight it's out. elizabeth warren's relationship with the truth as the president calls her pocahontas gets more complicated and she said her kids went to public schools. let's look at the tape. >> we don't have the opportunities --
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>> my children went to public school. >> hannity: her own campaign said it's not exactly true, her daughter and son went to public school until fifth grade. warren sent her son to two private schools in texas and pennsylvania and her hometown paper is taking a look saying it's a pattern of lying and lying about the socialist plan a and middle class taxes and her heritage. i thought they didn't like lying? same person promising you everything is free has been caught peddling lies and misinformation time and time again is probably one of the reasons the democrats are in desperation mode with candidates like joe biden flailing and the socialists like elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. because of a piece in the new
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york times even biden supporters are claim lack of enthusiasm. that's why michael bloomberg has a last-ditch bid with an ad blitz and the media empire is acting as his campaign arm with the bloomberg news and the editor-in-chief announced not only will they suspend their editorial board they're vowing not to investigate bloomberg. wow, great dig if you can get it or the other 2020 candidates but they'll continue to investigate donald trump. 000,000 if -- imagine if the names were reversed. bloomberg is already on an apology tour for the stop and frisk policy and apologizing for pretty sexist remarks according to some but i guess bloomberg news won't be covering any of that. extraordinary. joining us we have the one and
6:38 pm
only, the architect cra -- karl rove and ari fleischer. karl, a lot of lying going on between quid pro quo joe, elizabeth warren's lies. i'm thinking the media is pretty corrupt in the country right now. maybe the worse they've ever been. >> they may not be the worse they've ever been but pretty darn bad and the segment earlier when you quoted the members of the media saying there was no wrongdoing on the part of the bidens is extraordinary. we used to have newspapers in the early part of our country that were partisan pulpits. they basically were federalists or democratic republican, whether they were republican or democratic or wig papers and we seem to return to that where the major media is now a partisan
6:39 pm
vice for the democratic party and can be counted upon to go to the party line whether it's true or not. and i thought the footage you had of uses the same phrases in response to the same stimuli, making the same assertions, being dismiss it of what hunter and joe biden participated in is a sign of how the media returned to the previous in carn nation of a voice -- incarnation of a political voice for the united states and for the removal of office of president trump. >> hannity: ari, you dealt with the media. you, sarah sanders, sean spicer did it, i don't know how you did it without a lot of four-letter words coming out at some point. >> let's take a look at the presidents here. donald trump says things the president doesn't like but think of what about what just
6:40 pm
happened. mike bloomberg did something the press hates, he muzzled his own news organization. they will not longer cover democratic presidential candidates. donald trump never made anybody stop covering anyone and they'll still cover donald trump. what's it tell you about the media and mike bloomberg's organization. they won't cover democrats, they'll cover trump and the build that represent the -- guild that represents bloomberg's journalistic employees object to being muzzled. that's what they say. >> hannity: what do you make of the hunter biden, joe biden, when you look at hunter and joe, zero experience, you don't get a billion unless you fire the guy investigating my son. if that was donald trump i think
6:41 pm
we all know we'd have very different coverage in this country. >> i think joe biden stepped in it deeper today saying there's nothing to investigate with hunter biden and after what was said about the corruption in ukraine and burisma, he said there's nothing to investigate in burisma despite the burisma founder was one of the most corrupt individuals in the ukraine. the conflict of interest continues to the very day the way joe biden talks about it. >> hannity: david axelrod is supporting deffal patrick and his entry and the remarks of obama saying you don't want to go too far hard left here. it seems like team obama, i'm reading the tea leaves, has
6:42 pm
given up on elizabeth warren and mr. sanders and mayor pete and i think they'll do one last push to get deval patrick to capture the infrastructure of team obama to help him? what do you say? >> i don't think his camp was in from the beginning and they were not particularly enthusiastic about his entrance into the contest and rather than strongly behind him, they were sitting on the side lines. you've seen the mored to rat forces in the -- more moderate forces in the democratic party and some were enthusiastic about pete . >> i think it's splintered in largely inactive.
6:43 pm
where's jim macina and members of the cabinet? most the voices we heard have supported bide jon but it strikes we heard only some of the obama world the rest is mute, sitting on the sidelines or fracturing. >> hannity: this is going on behind the scenes. it will be revealed. thank you both. when we come back, this is getting weirder and weird. two guards charged with failing of checking on epstein and some are calling be scapegoated and we have pictures from orgy island. take a look. it's scary. it's powerful, fda-approved to relieve moderate pain, yet non-addictive and gentle on the body. salonpas. it's good medicine. hisamitsu.
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>> jeffery epstein's death remains shrouded in mistery. i saw the pictures. every girl in the picture is young. >> his girlfriend said she's ready to come out of hiding and speak to the fbi. maxwell wants to defend herself and prince andrew who is accused of repeatedly having sex with an underage girl and they looking to interview the prince on british soil. during his interview on the bbc he was non-committal about talking to authorities but he said he would cooperate and answer questions about joanna shoberg and was recruited as part of the jeffery epstein sex ring and a hearing is set for the guards that were on duty and
6:50 pm
they claim they're are scapegoat for the bureau of prisons. they said they'll use hundreds of hours of surveillance video to prove their case. >> hannity: joining us fox news contributor dan bonngino. and fox news legal analyst scott jared. i don't know what happens here but when i look at the pictures and i look at prince andrew, it was almost as bad an interview as hunter biden. >> it was a disaster. he didn't do himself any favors. >> hannity: he actually got caught in lies one after another. >> they want to talk about
6:51 pm
prince andrew not baz they want to pros -- because they want to prosecute him, statute of limb takes would be huge but i think they want to gain information from him because they are going after anybody who was aiding and abetting jeffery epstein in the sex trafficking ring. >> hannity: the way he characterized and he was a convicted pedophile. by the way, how did he get that deal? >> he had it because he had the best lawyers money can buy. it makes it different. the scales of justice are not rebalanced and lady justice doesn't have a blindfold when you're wealthy, just ask o.j. simpson. >> hannity: i know more and more people tell me they believe it's too suspicious what happened in jail. i agree it's suspicious. i know nobody confirmed the
6:52 pm
body's been cremated but suggesting this breaks in the neck is not what you see with this type of hanging but with strangulation. >> after 17 years and running around law enforcement and there's no explanation except the one that requires the least amount of assumption. keep it simple. if the video in the indictment, they're talking about a video of the actual jail cell says what the indictment says it says, there's no reason to believe they'd put it in the legal document otherwise and it shows no one going in the cell, obviously by definition, it would have to be a suicide. having said that, the doctor is a respected guy.
6:53 pm
>> hannity: no one else did it. >> unless you believe in casper the friendly ghost -- >> hannity: he's not real. >> no, sorry, sean. sorry to burst your bubble. i don't see why they'd put it in legal documents and lie about it. somebody would refute it. >> during the critical eight-hour period from 10:30 to 6:30 a.m. no one enters the tier where the cell is located. nobody killed jeffery epstein except jeffery ep stein. >> hannity: interesting. i think they need to find every person who was involved. thank you both. when we come back, president trump and the hero dog that help take out the leader of isis,
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baghdadi. one cnn wrote this. if he cured cancer they'd try to impeach him. that's how sick they've gotten. zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment.
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>> sean: at the white house today president trump honored conan. remember the dog that played an integral role in the raid that played killed isis leader al baghdadi? president trump can't even honor conan, the hero dog, without getting attacked from the mob and the media. there you go, fake news. cnn contributor john walsh had to find something to complain about calling it "terrifying" and saying melania trump exuded
7:00 pm
fear towards the dog. well that's how people are. they lied to you. in 344 days to get to fix all that. we will never be that media mob and will always pursue the truth. let not your heart be troubled, and don't forget to set your dvr for the show because laura ingraham is up next. >> laura: hannity it is not surprising in the slightest that they took a sweet little story about this amazing canine and turned it into an attack on trump. these are the most unhappy bitter people on the face of the planet. the rest of the country is doing really well. liberals are on a really negative trade train ride right now. >> laura: i would actually give the dog a metal but maybe unjust old-fashioned. >> or a milk-bone. >> do you have a fluff ball dog? >> sean: no mind weighs 116 pounds. >> laura: at the other dog you had was really