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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  November 30, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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report" this saturday i'm jon scott we'll see you again, tomorrow. ♪ hello america i'm mark levin a big time special edition that democrat it is up shift creek, now before we start, i noticed all of the websites and even witnesses who aren't witnesses have to prove to you that they're noble courageous and about beyond reproach well let me give it a try "new york times" likes to refer to white wing radio host. you know my grandfather, my mother's father served in united states marine corps. he joined marine corps. after we were attacked pearl harbor he
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was 34 years old reached limit, and he fought at iwo jima and john mccain he joined the military the same time as his brother-in-law. my great uncle teddy he fought at the canal. my father was 17 at the time. again after we were attacked at pearl harbor, he joined the army and then later the army air corps. 17 years old. my father, well, as a young man he grew up in a very, very, very poor environment. they lived about a mile away from the cigar factory and after my dad would go to elementary school, he would go gown to the cigar factory and work until midnight since family needed money. and he would join the assembly line with his had mother my grandmother sarah. my an seis tores came from russia and ukraine so that
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either means i'm bipartisan or i'm a suspect. i don't know. i have no particular love for either country. i have a love for this country. now, i served eight years in the reagan administration. several years at the high fest level of the government including chief of staff to attorney general of the united states. my college i graduated five bay tay i graduated from law school when i was 22 years old. "new york times" likes to be refer to right wing radio host and that right wing radio host wants to unravel attack on society and attacken our constitution, this attack on our president. and i want you to understand somebody is somebody who has studied the constitution, american history, and impeachment for decades unlike any legal analyst or swrowrnlist on tv today. what democrats are doing has
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never been done to another president in american history two prior presidents actually impeached and found innocent they never had to face this. the federal judge who were impeached not all convicted only eight of them convicted were never treated like this. but let's take a look at our, at our board here and just reacquaint ourselves with western civilization. due process since the magna carta of 2015 and thereafter right to accuser and cross examine accuser and right to call witnesses the right to cross examine witnesses. the right to present evidence. the right to counsel. the right to a public trial. this is basic stuff. i hear people say it is not a criminal trial the sixth amendment doesn't apply and fourth and fifth don't apply i said due process since the magna carta and thereafter what do you think? the framers of the constitution got the idea? flesh for the fourth amendment, the fifth amendment and sixth amendment? they didn't manufacture it.
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hundreds of years of reformation of civilization of progress have been killed in the house intelligence committee by the democrats. no president, in fact, nobody facing impeachment has ever in american history been treated this way let's leak at the impeachment clause you have individuals who said anything in the house sayses is impeachment is impeachment that's a lie. the constitution says what's impeachment. the president shall be removed from office on impeachment for and conviction of treason, bribery or other high crimeses or misdemeanors keep it there. does it say jared ford said, no? does it say it is simply a political process no web and they can site federal 65 all they want hamilton doesn't say that either. the motivation may be political. the motivation may be mob-like. but it is not whatever the house of representatives says. the constitution doesn't give the house of representatives
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limitable power or branch of government any power. that's what it gives it. treason, bribery or other crimes and dispeerns. misdemeanors now all of the civil servant and never trumpers all of the democrats all of the journalist and phony legal analysts, has the president committed treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors let me tell you something else e that's interesting with all of the former prosecutor and judges commenting, when this language was written there wasn't a federal criminal code. you don't go to the federal criminal code to look up bribery. or misdemeanor they wering looking at account pratt of the parliament and borrowed language from them. this was considered a higher standard when george mason said mall administration. james madison got up and said
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no. administration that means president of the united states will be owned, owned by the house of representatives which is what house of representatives is is say today through the democrats in this committee. we subpoena you damn well better abide by it and documents you better give it to us we don't care about separation of power and check and balances we're the house of representatives and we democrats we control it. this doesn't matter. separation of power doesn't matter well it damn well does matter. now, pet of the united states is not committed high crimes misdemeanor of any sort here's the testimony from witnesses qhor really not witnesses to anything -- and one witness who is a witness with something let's take a looked a system of the pick democrat witnesses. cut to, go. i had a trip scheduled to visit president zelensky in ukraine on
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september is fifth this year an day before or couple day before i heard that president was considering was upholding military support which by the way he's provided the defensive weaponry that obama didn't and he's provided this in the past but anyway i put in a request to talk to president and he called me back on following day on august 31st. and i was trying to convince president in that phone call to give me the authority a few days later to save the support is on its way now troying to talk the president into it. once again the president was incredibly consistent said ron you know, you know how krowpt the place this is. you know, it is so e he had made that point and then he really hammered on the lack of european support. he talked about angela merkel i said why don't you fund these things and he said you know angela tells me because you guys will. we're schmucks so that was the reason he gave me -- i then brought up this rumor i
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had heard that was is there something in works is there -- does zelensky have to do in order for support to be released and that is where he made adamant angry denial who told you that? >> next we have former ambassador who was upset as obama holder that the president of the united states actually would dare to choose somebody else to replace her so she was hostile. so first we have ron johnson. no offense he said. now marie i would call her a hostile opinion witness. go. >> madam ambassador as you sit before us simply and directly do you have any information regarding the president of the united states excepting any bribes? >> no. >> do you have any information regarding any criminal activity
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that the president of the united states has been involved with at all? >> no. we have two witnesses he seived on national security counsel. their testimony on whether or not the president effectively committedded an impeachable offense go. >> i wanted to start with the july 25th call between trump and zelensky mr. morrison you were on that call and no mention of withholding on the call. >> that is correct and there was no quid pro quo? correct? >> correct. >> no bribery -- >> correct. >> no extortion? >> correct. >> and ambassador i presume you got a readout of the call is that correct? >> but yes. >> in the term from the u.s. participates was there any reference to withholding aid?
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>> no there was not. >> any reference to quid pro quo? >> no there was not. >> and you also got feed back about from ukrainian counterparts as to how the call went did they mention withholding of aid. >> no they did? >> mention quid pro quo or bribery? >> no, they did not. and, in fact, the day after the call you met with president zelensky this would be on july 26th. >> that's correct. and in that meeting, he made no mention of quid pro quo? >> no. >> he made no mention of withholding aid? >> no. >> no mention of bribery? >> no. so the fact is that ukrainians were not even aware this have hold on aid, is that correct? >> that's correct. >> and next witness is actually direct witness ambassador sunland what did he have to say? go. >> ambassador when did it happen? >> when did what happen? >> the announcement when did president zelensky announce you
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said this was there a quid pro quo opening statement as i testify previously, with regard to a requested white house call white house meeting answer is yes that they didn't need to be a public statement from president zelensky when the chairman asked you, about this security assistance you said there needed to be a public a knownsment from zelensky i'm asking when did that happen? >> never did. >> never did? they the got the call july 25th -- they the go the meeting not not white house but in new york on september 25th they got money on september 11th -- when does meeting happen again? >> never did. >> you don't know who's in meeting? >>which meeting are you referri? >> the meeting that never happened what was in it? [laughter] >> you know how -- you know how zelensky announced it did he tweet it or do a press statement or a press conference? you know how that happened? you got all three of them wrong they get the call they get meeting they get the money. it is not two plus two but 0-3.
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>> now, next, more -- from a direct witness sun land questioned by radcliffe. >> anything serious of a vanilla request to five minute call you didn't remember is significant is. but it is primary purpose was to discuss a rapper a call -- that you made where the president said i wanting nothing. i want no quid pro quo i want zelensky to do right thing and want him to do what he ran on and hinl telling you to go tell congress the truth anything sinister nefarious about any of that? >> not the way he rented that. >> that is true the way you represented that. >> why that is important is because none of that is hearsay. none of that is speculation. none of that is opinion. that is direct evidence. and ultimately that is what if this proceeds to the senate they're going care about. unlike this proceeding which has been based on largely
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speculation and presumption and opinion. this is direct testimony and direct evidence. >> every witness even the witnesses that didn't witness anything -- every single one of them has basically said no impeachable ovens. you have to read impeachment clause out of the constitution. try to impeach this president, i have a lot more. we'll be right back. we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for.
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>> welcome back america, to the special edition of life, liberty and levin that democrats upshift creek impeach m clause nothing to do with the federal criminal code, as a matter of fact, when this nation was founded there was no such crime as a misdemeanor what they meant high crime and misdemeanor a very grave offense. a very grave offense, the president of the united states is the only person he and the vice president who are elected by all of the people the whole nation. and they were well aware of the possibility that you could have a rogue house a mob like we have today. which is why they set up senate to hold the trial for the two-thirds vote for conviction. michael turner was interviewing,
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or was questioning gordon sunland again and qept to take a look at this in context of the impeachment clause. go. >> after you testifieded, german schiff ran out to give press krves said he gets to impeach because of your testimony and if you pull up to cnn today right now their banner says sunland ties trump to withholding aid. is that your testimony today a ambassador sunland that you have evidence that donald trump tied the investigation to aid because i don't think you're say that. only i said repeatedly congressman, i was presuming, i also said that president trump -- >> no one told you not just the president giuliani department mulvaney told you nobody pompeo didn't tell you nobody else on this planet told you that donald trump was tieing aid to these investigationses is that correct? >> i think i already testified? >> answer the question is it correct no one on this planet told you that donald trump was tieing this aid to the
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investigation because if your answer is yes then chairman is wrong and headline on cnn is wrong. no one on this planet told you that trump it was tieing aid to investigations. yes or no? >> yes. so -- you really have no testimony today that tie trump to scheme to withhold aid from ukraine and exchange for these investigations. >> other than my own proms. which is nothing -- i mean that's what i noticed do you know what had hearsay evidence is ambassador what i testify to someone else told me do you know what made up testimony is but when i just presume it. i mean you're just assuming all of these things and then you're giving them the evidence that they're run out of doing press conference and cn nhl is a saying that you're saying that it should be impeached because he tied aid to investigations and you don't know that. correct? >> i never said that president of the united states should be impeached. >> nope but you did you have left people with the confusing impression that you were giving testimony that will you did not.
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you do not have any evidence that the president of the united states was tied to withholding aid from ukraine exchange for investigations i yield back. >> one more. representative turner -- with ambassador, go. >> you had a meeting with the president of the united states and you believe that the policy about issues that he raised concern ukraine were valid, correct? >> yes. ivelgt did president of the united states ever say to you -- that he was not going to allow aid to the united states to go to ukraine unless there were investigations into burisma bidens or 2016 elections? >> he did not. did ukrainian tell you that they unked they would not get a meeting with the president of the united states a phone call with the military aid or foreign aid from the united states unless they undertook investigations of burisma to biden for 2016 elections is? >> no they did not. you took apart their entire case. >> uh-huh. they have no case. >> what's the point of having
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witness and they have to prove every single witness that they're not going to listen to bottom line what have witnesses have to say when it comes to impeachment let's get into actual facts we've heard the testimony from these bureaucrats who say they really care about about ukraine pep and they were really upset because donald trump he was going in the different direction with policy despite fact in 017 he gave them money they asked for in 2018 he gave them money they asked for. for offensive military armorment donald trump knows what's going on with russia and ukraine. it is donald trump who has put most severe sanctions on russia. i mean, the ukraine was invaded during obama by fiona, hill who was a witness and pretty pathetic witness and she wrote an op-ed. the united states is on a dangerous trajectory in reels with russia this was february 5, 2015. a new clear superpower that itself to be under direct threat
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former top think tank experts call on west to provide military support to ukraine. the logic of sending weapons to ukraine seems straightforward and is the same as the lodge pick for economic sanctions. that change vladimir putin opinion increasing ukrainian army fighting capacity to thinking guess allow to kill mother rebelses and russian soldiers generating a backlash in russia ultimately forcing russian president for them negotiating table she writes -- we strong isly disagree the evidence points to a different direction. if we follow the recommendations to this report, ukrainians wont be only one caught in escalating conflict with russia in putin enjoys dominance in ukraine whatever mood he can make we can match and go further she writeses long and passion op-ed in the washington post that somehow passes to notice a mr. schiff and his dmets. strongly opposing aid here we
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have brookings institution, the obama doctrine and ukraine and says in part, as regards to two-year-old conflict between ukraine and russia this is march 2016, president obama said ukraine is court interest in a way that is not for the united states he noted that since ukraine does not belong to nato, it is vulnerable to russian military domination that we have to be very clear about what our core interests are and what we're going to do to go to war quote unquote. hard to dispute these point they point out but the the president set up a straw man that presidenting being obama. united states could have done more to help resist the carell kremlin aggression with that war with russia here we have the new york times and this is dated june 2015 with the peace process stalled and violation escalating in ukraine a coalition in congress so defying obama for pressing administration to provide weapons to em balingsed nations. the push for lawmakers to arm
4:24 pm
yiewg crane arm forces, threaten to open a rip between the united states and key ally especially germany and france germany about -- ring a bell what's the president say according to ran johnson, hell germany needs to step up to help pay too at a time when obama administration is working to demonstrate unified support for extending european economic had sanctions. legislation to authorize legal military aid for ukraine is gone to the white house before. but mr. obama has not acted on it. period, they wine about 55 day delay with trump. obama blocked legislative efforts to help ukraine. obama had no interest, in fact, in 014 after russia enact crimea and in eastern ukraine with tanks armor vehicle and ukrainian president came to washington hoe pled for weapons to defend this country. and it was turned down -- all of the democrat crocodile
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slashing people friday near london bridge. five others were injured bistanders able to tackle 28-year-old before he was shot and killed by police. the things could get messy for millions of travelers head l gnome from the thanksgiving weekend. a hard hitting winter storm is makings i way east from california. it is already left up to a foot of snow in the midwest and it is heading towards northeast. the storm already has grounded flight and is making travel dangerous on the highway. >> i'm jon scott see you tomorrow for the "fox report," now back to life, liberty, and levin. >> so we have established pet has not committed anything close to impeachable offense score that later in the program. we have established that obama was choking the ukrainian government the armor they needed
4:30 pm
fighting off congress in his own administration no complaints in the state department no hearings by adam schiff and his party. no dmangdz for obama's head, and he was defy the will of congress no problem. while ukrainian were being killed remember russia innovated ukraine on his watch. now funny how the transcript of the keftion between zelensky and president trump israeli used at these hearings in addition to witnesses and so-called witnesses our president, their president -- our secretary of state, their foreign minister have all said no quid pro quo no bribery no extortion,ing nothing of this sort. and the -- document that's been released to transcript proves the point. even lieutenant colonel who says don't call me that actually we citizens can call you that even he's said well no the president didn't commit any offense as far
4:31 pm
as he can tell well that's nice. this is from the transcript. i would like you to do us a favor, though, because our country has been through a lot in the ukraine knows a lot it be. i would like you to find out what happened with this whole situation with ukraine they say crowds strike. i guess you have one of your wealthy people the server they say ukraine has it. there are a lot of things that went on the whole situation i think you're surround yourself with some of the same people. i would like to have the attorney general call you or your people and i would like you to get to the bottom of it. as you saw yesterday that whole nonsense ended with a very poor performance by a man named robert mueller inkoamp tent performance but they say a lot of it started with ukraine whatever you can do it is very important that you do it if that's possible. the media, anderson cooper all -- hey, this is a conspiracy theory don't bother with it. none of the democrats on the committee have wanted to look into this. not one of them what is the president talking about why he's
4:32 pm
so focused on 2016? stick with me. politico, about left wing written by among others kenneth left wing so-called journalist ukraine efforts to sabotage trump that's their headline. and this is from january 2017 ukrainian government officials tried to help hillary clinton and undermine trump by publicly questioning a fitness for office they also documents with a top trump aid in corruption and suggested they were investigating the matter only to back away after the election. and they help clinton ally research damaging information on trump and his advisories a politico investigation found. the yew kran operative met with officialses in ukrainian come in washington in an effort to expose ties between trump, top campaign aid in russia according to people with direct knowledge of the situation. you have this witness fiona hill who dismissed all of this, dismissed all of this.
4:33 pm
ukrainian help to advance narrative that it was deeply connected to ukraine vote to east russia that goes on if politico investigation found evidence of ukrainian government of the race that appears to strain diplomatic protocol dictating in engaging in one eat election it goes on. and on and on and they bring up a woman who republican happen as a witness and schiff said no. alexandra worked in white house office in clinton administration was a consultant to dnc she was paid 412,000 from '04 to '16 a daughter of ukraine immigrants with strong ties to u.s. embassy in ukraine she's a lawyer by training. and had goes on and on and on now why is she important? why is is she important? she should have been called as
4:34 pm
witness to figure out exactly what her role is there's a number of article about this woman and what she was doing with the dnc the hillary clinton campaign, the state department and by the way -- met several times at the white house with so-called whistle-blower. what's that all about? i don't know we're not allowed to ask about her or ask about whistle-blower we're not allowed to ask about hunt per biden or anything so we bring in bureaucrats who don't know a damn thing to begin with. another why trump want to know about 20 16 "new york times" secret ledger in ukraine list cash for donald trump campaign chief. bottom line, they have what is called this black ledger -- and people in the government were leaking it to -- news outlet it is in united states. for the purpose of embarrassing the president the president eventually let a pain manager go and digging as much dirt as they could on manafort and consulting business over there and leaking out and leaking out to "the new york times" for the associate the press and others. for example, "the new york
4:35 pm
times" piece is very long has headlines like mysterious payments, it has offshore companies there's more, and more oh yes. there is a disputed invest m as ukrainian trying to the follow-up ukraine has more payments for trump aid. paul manafort ukrainian authorities under pressure to bolster assertion that secret show cash payments from a prorussia political partyer a marked for donald trump campaign register had some for millions of dollars russians did interfere with our election, in fact, the obama administration interfered with our election. the fbi the cia -- that fisa court interfere with our elections, the media interfere with our election. but so did the ukrainian government on the side of hillary clinton. here's another one, financial time, ukraine leaders campaign against proputin quote un, quote, trump they hated trurp
4:36 pm
and take trump out. wow he's another one the nation a hard left magazine full scope of ukraine impact on 2016 election has yet to be examined and look at this folk -- we have an actual court decision out of ukraine. ukraine court rules manafort disclosure caused meddling in u.s. america election and actual court finding. that's why the president of the united states wanted to get to the bottom of 2016 and find out what happened. because, congress didn't want to look. whether it is the center of the house intelligence committee, the fbi didn't want to look and cia didn't want to look but president of the united states wants to know what the hell happened it in 2016 and we the people of the united states have every e damn right to know too. i'll be right back.
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>> welcome back what about a the hunter biden stuff that the president mention in the phone call? he say in the phone call, i heard you have a prosecutor who was very good and he was shut down and that's really unfair. a lot of people are talking about that. the way they shut your very good prosecutor down and you have some very bad people involved mr. giuliani i like him to call you and i will ask him to call you along with attorney general. rudy knows what's happening and he's very cape only guy if you can speak to him former ambassador the united states the wol was bad news and people she was dealing with in ukraine were bad news. soy just want to let you know that. other thing, there's a lot of talk about about bide opinion's son. that biden stopped the prosecution a lot of people want to find out about that. so whatever you can do with the attorney general would be great. biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it sounds horrible to me wow if he's breaking law he's reviving
4:42 pm
attorney general isn't that weird what is the president talking about there? is he just doing this because hets to interfere with an election well i dug and i dug deeply. may 13th, 2014 -- you know who else wanted interfere with potential future election of joe biden for president, apparently abc john karl here's a flashback go. >> hunter biden is not taking a position with the largest oil and gas company holding in ukraine is there any concern about appearance of a conflict there the vice president -- >> i would refer you to vice president office i saw those reports hunter biden and members of the biden family are private citizens and -- where they work is not did not reflect endorsement by administration. or by the vice president or president but i would refer you to the vice president office. >> well did they go to vice president is office?
4:43 pm
>> that the end of it? >> well the vice president well he was still focused on this and, of course, he didn't know anything about his son. i mean, abc knows it be. peter knows about it. everybody it apparent hi but joe biden slow joe biden. and here's the infamous video of joe biden subsequent sometimes subsequent to that flashback. go. one concrete example, i, i was not -- but it happened to be that was the assignment i got. i got all of the good ones. and so i got ukraine, and i remember going over convincing our team and convincing that biden -- loan guarantee ab i went over to i guess the 12th, 13 time and i was supposed to announce that there's another billion loan guarantee. and got a commitment and that
4:44 pm
they would take action against the state prosecutor and they didn't. so they said they were walking out to press saying if no i'm not going to we're not going to give you the billion dollars they said you have no authority you're not the president the president said i said call them. [laughter] i said i'm tell you you're not getting billion dollar wibs you're not getting billion i'll be leaving there and i think six hours i look and saying i'm leaving in six hours the prosecutor is not fired you're not getting money well son of a bitch. got fired and they put in place someone who was solid. >> uh-huh. >> all sleazy how biden got on that board. this fade $83,000 not 50,000 but 83,000 a month. some say millions of dollars -- we're supposed to pretend joe biden doesn't know anything joe biden knows all about it abc news about it in 2014 everybody
4:45 pm
knew about it and here we have kevin vogue leftist and cojournallist on a piece in "new york timeses" may 2nd 2019 and faces questions that are promoted by trump and ally that is a hate on trump and ally pressure campaign it shall that is the the firing of the prosecutor eventually worked the prosecutor general long a tart of criticism from other western nations international legenders was voted out months later by ukrainian parliament among those with a stake in outcome was hunter biden not me but "new york times" mr. biden young wither son but time was on board of energy company owned with by ukrainian in the sites of the fired prosecutor general. hunter biden -- the broad outline how biden role intersected in ukraine known for some time and former campaign said that always acted to carry out united states policy without regard to any activity of his son. that he had never discussed the matter with hunt per biden and that he learned about his son
4:46 pm
from news report. state department official flagged hunter biden conflict of interest in ukraine testimony this broke when they put together this appearance for reality of a conflict of interest. george kent, a career official at the state department fox news -- told house investigators that he raise concern about hunter biden on board of the gas company burisma he said in january, february 2015 -- he became aware that hunter biden on board of burisma holdings while his father joe biden was overseeing ukraine policy at vept and they sent him away, the vice president bereaving over passing of elder son they said so nobody brings it up with the vice president nonetheless the vice president intervenes. hey i have a theory that democrats like theories. they like to connect the dot you guy and journalism in legal analyst you pay attention too.
4:47 pm
maybe they put hunter biden on that bris ma board which is largest one of the largest in a corrupt country. even though he had no background for any of it. maybe they wanted to buy influence because obama administration would not give the government the military and observancive armorment necessary to defend themselves against russian. why don't they look into that? sounds like a perfectly logical point and president of the united states said you guy might want to look into it. what in the hell was wrong with that? and he also said you might want to talk to attorney general about it so he's going to commit a crime to bring attorney general into it and remember, the president of ukraine said i didn't feel pressure at all, in fact, they didn't launch an investigation against biden there was no link to military aid. there was no link to a meeting there was no link to an announcement of any kind what the hell are we doing? i'll be right back.
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[ gasps ] woo-hoo! woo! i'll be right here. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, so significant is what took place in 2016 the russian interfering with our election. the hillary clinton campaign, dnc, with the obama administration collude with them.
4:52 pm
putting spy in the trump campaign. ukrainians -- ukrainians colluding with hillary clinton campaign. and the state department and the obama administration also to sabotage politico word the trump campaign there's a criminal investigation underway now. but even more september 25, 2019 washington examiner, the justice department revealed that u.s. attorney john durham picked by william barr to along into orange of the trump russia investigation and investigating whether ukraine was involved in any 2016 election. the department of justice team led by u.s. attorney john durham they said separately exer toking to which a number of countries including ukraine played a role in counterintelligence campaign and spokeswoman said while attorney general yet to contact ukraine in connection with this investigation certain ukrainian not member of government and she's evaluating i guess they can't look into whether joe and
4:53 pm
hundredth per biden because we know committee isn't and somehow we know they're like bubble men they're not allowed to investigation them because democrats don't want you to know what's going on the democrats don't want to investigate 2016 and ukraine. really 2016 and russia, despite all of their propaganda. let's look at the board these so-called irregular diplomatic channel you've heard about them over and over again they're not irregular the presidents used private all the the time and you saw why during so-called impeachment hearing the president has long standing bureaucrats trying to get around there's an iron try ang physical you will these bureaucrats been in state department forever. cold warrior i believe i'm a cold war in many ways but not and democrats. this is the iron triangle trying to hand cap the president foreign policy. look at this list. so-called irregular diplomat channel george washington, wilson edward house was rudy
4:54 pm
giuliani and harry hopkins richard nixon, next, jimmy carter jay paul and ronald reagan bill clinton, with bill richardson, barack obama valerie jarrett donald trump rudy giuliani many, many, more, ladies and gentlemen don't forget watch me on levin tv give us a call to sign up 844-levin tv or blaze, blaze we'll be right back. [sneeze and sniffles]
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4:59 pm
them like the unknown whistle-blower. this is the greatest travesty in american history that you try to destroy president of the united states. for all of the reasonses i said -- and your main witness is not even a witness. ladies and gentlemen, don't forget most weeknight you can join me on levin tv. just give us a call at 844 levin tv. 844-levin tv or go to blaze blaze, we love to have you there. well ladies and gentlemen, that's the end of our special for tonight thank you for joining us see you next time on life, liberty, and levin. >> welcome to "watters world" i'm jesse watters. we should be used to it by now
5:00 pm
the democrats pollsters media they've been wrong about trump every day for the last three years. remember in 2016 they said billionaire from new york didn't stand a chance had at just getting nomination. >> got he's not going to be the nominee he has -- he's not. as much as we would like it he's not going to be the nominee because he's just made himself unelectable in a general election. he's not going to be the nominee although one debated at a time he took down each of the republican rivals until last man on stage. then came the general, and they said crooked hillary was going to smoke him.


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