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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 2, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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december 2nd, now that congress is back from vacation democrats are ready for phase 2 of impeachment. rob: white house is making it clear they won't be participating in the so-called circus they are calling it, live in washington with what comes next. also deadly winter storm on the northeast and ready to wreak havoc for thousands of people. >> janice dean on what you need to know before you hit the skies, as winter weather sweep it is country, one city says snow more fun allowed. rob: "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ rob: that'll wake you up in
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the morning. >> good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first" this monday morning, i'm rob schmitt. carley: i'm carley shimkus, thank you for starting your day with us. right now a deadly winter storm hammering the northeast, snow, sleet and rain moving up the coast after pummeling several states leading to 7 people dead. >> yeah, rough time for people trying to get back, hundreds of flights canceled, there have been thousands delayed. carley: slick roads causing this car to slide under tractor trailer, that happening in niagara falls, no word of injuries there. rob: scary, 60 cars to pile up
2:03 am
in 29 separate crashes in maryland. carley: janice dean joins us live with more on the severe weather, janice. janice: here we go, this was a storm system that started in the west and moved across the country and now transitioning into a coastal low, that will bring us some of the blockbuster snow totals overnight tonight and new england. we have another storm system in the west, by the way that will bring heavy rain along coastal california and this is the mess that will cause all sorts of delays and cancellations and problems over millions of people here for the northeast part of the appalachia and as we get overnight, that's when things turn over to snow for some of the coastal areas, there's the forecast temperatures and the radar as we go across time, the worst of it coming into the
2:04 am
overnight and into the morning hours, here is the additional prescription, here is one of our computer models, north and west of new york, that's where we will get the bigger snow totals especially for northern new england, additional snow as we get into the overnight, so 2-inches, that's pretty god agreement for new york city, look at boston, big spread where could be little bit of snow to a whole lot of snow, we will have to watch this over the next couple of hours. rob: is that line, gets near the warm water. janice: snowfall is one of the hardest things to forecast. we will keep you up to date. rob: happy monday. president trump will not participate in house judiciary committee first impeachment hearing this week, fiery response coming as the intel panel prepares to vote on the impeachment report for their part tomorrow. carley: griff jenkins live in washington to preview the packed week on capitol hill, good
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morning, griff. >> big week as impeachment process moves from house intelligence committee through judiciary committee where articles of impeachment would be written, today intel committee members to view a draft of the impeachment report, tomorrow they're expect today vote on it and send it onto judiciary commit you where on wednesday they will hold their first public hearings, but don't expect the president's team to participate, white house counsel pat denouncing hearings this in a letter, we cannot fairly be expected to participate while witnesses are yet to be named, meanwhile democrats are pressing forward despite any support from republicans thus far. >> it's clear there's none of the bipartisan support that speaker pelosi said was essential to impeachment. >> our job is to follow the
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facts, apply the law, be guided by the u.s. constitution and present the truth to the american people no matter where it leads because no one is above the law. >> now, republicans on the judiciary committee are calling for intel committee chairman adam schiff to appear. >> it's easy to hide behind a report, it's easy to hide behind a gavel, intelligence committee and closed-door hearings but another thing to get up and answer questions what about his staff knew and what he knew about the whistle plower report. >> as for scheduled witnesses on witness that we expect, four legal experts discussing whether this case rises to the level of impeachment, rob, carley. >> griff, thank you so much. in the meantime indiana democrat evan served in the senate during the clinton impeachment. rob: predictions for what moderate democrats are thinking about impeachment and how a senate trial could impact some of the 2020 candidates.
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>> i think the right-wing of the democratic party will vote for impeachment -- what we really want the government to do is focus on things that matter in their daily lives like keeping the economy growing, the cost of health care, educating their children, those sorts of things, so my guess is there are a fair number of moderates out there that if you put truths, let's try and reach a deal here, logistically some advantage because folks in iowa expected to be there, same thing with folks in new hampshire, it'll help with the margins, those candidates who are currently in the united states senate, but i don't think it's a decisive advantage because there's political add we aretizing, i think the folks in both of the states are sophisticated enough to know why the senators can't be there.
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>> ahead of the caucuses in the event of a senate trial. rob: victims killed in london bridge attacked now identified, jack merit and jones cambridge university graduates and rehabilitation program for exinmates, suspect, convicted terrorist released early from prison was reportedly attending a gathering for that program on friday when he stabbed 5 people before he was shot dead by police. right now manhunt intensifying for a group of teenager who is broke out of jail, two accused of murder, supervisor left them alone to respond to a fight, they used what called staff protocols to walk right out the door of the juvenile detention center, police were not notified for 35 minutes, big head start, all fourteens considered to be dangerous. >> in a few hours president trump will leave the white house for london, he's participating
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in a two-day summit celebrating the 70th anniversary of the nato alliance, the president is expected to meet with several alloys -- allyies including french president emmanuel macron and angela merkel. rick perry says good-bye on his final day as energy secretary. >> i want to tell everyone what a wonderful fabulous trip it's been for me and my family and hopefully for the american people as we become the number 1 oil and gas producing county the world, god bless you and may god continue to bless this great country. >> the former texas governor announced his resignation in october, he was an original member of the trump administration and recently faced scrutiny over the president's dealings with ukraine, deputy energy secretary dan briat has been nominated to replace perry.
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>> all right, christmas on full display at the white house, take a look at this. ♪ ♪ carley: that looks like a hallmark christmas movie. rob: really does. carley: she looks amazing and everything looks amazing, first lady showing off decorations on social media, the spirit of america is shining in the white house, it certainly is, how cool is that? rob: beautiful job, yeah. carley: it's the gift that keeps on giving, president trump's economy chattering records over the holiday shopping weekend, peter morici weighs on that next. >> if you want my voice and my message which is regular nateing, then i need help. >> all right, struggling stay afloat, how cory booker needs your help to stay yet again
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>> welcome back, fox business alert, americans shelling out billions of dollars and more expected today since it is cybermonday. carley: joining us live to weigh in former chief economist for u.s. international trade commission and university of maryland professor pete morici. peter, if you look at the numbers, thanksgiving and black friday sales are up over a -- around a billion dollars each, little bit less for thanksgiving sales, so what does it say about the economy and why are people spending so much now? >> they have confidence in the trump economy and it's that simple, the consumer confidence numbers, they don't just say are they confident, what's the job's outlook, how do you feel about
2:15 am
inflation, how do you feel about the future, very important indicater and they are indicating positively, investors, the stock market has changed, more and more investors and a lot of us ordinary folks are investors moving to what are called cyclal stocks and outlook is 10% gain and finally, there's been a shift in the polls, mr. trump was lagging behind the principal democratic candidates until about a month ago. rob: yeah. >> now he's running about even, depends on which one you pick, one ahead by a point and the other behind by a point, he wins the electorate college big, the shift in voting behavior at this point in the cycle generally indicates improving confidence and satisfaction with the
2:16 am
economy. these are good numbers about how people feel when you listen to an economist from new york tell you the world is coming to an end because of his tariffs ask them where the inflation is and whether or not he voted for hillary. rob: it is interesting to see the poll numbers change. yeah, it was before, any generic democrat was going to beat the president by 8 or 10 points and that has really changed. >> not just generic, if you ask them joe biden versus donald trump. rob: yeah, he has a good chance or better chance than he did. i talked to wall street guys in new york they say that it's a cycle, every time we get a big-booming economy, it's a cycle, at some point the cycle does end doesn't matter how good he's for the economy, this thing has been running since 2008, 2009, how long does this go? >> the world changed around 1990 when it came to business cycles, before that, if the world war ii
2:17 am
through 1990 there's a natural clock inside the economy, eventually recoveries ran themselves to ground, now big policy mistake to break a recovery or regulatory incompetence with what happens, for example, the financial crisis, that was regulatory incompetence and the reason is that we no longer reliant on agriculture and manufacturing for most of the economy which have nature. it's kind of lethargic, everybody that needs a car has got 3, they cannot raise car sales no matter what they, do toyota, had to give them away for you to plant another one in your driveway. but we don't depend on that so much anymore, so it really takes somebody to do do something stupid, the people that say what you just said are reading from textbook around 1985.
2:18 am
rob: okay. >> remember a lot of the people that you consider on wall street went to school around then and have been trading stocks, they don't study economics. carley: that's my favorite book, i can't believe you just mentioned it. >> oh, really? carley: president trump in london for nato meetings, he will ask other countries to increase defense spending like in years past, do you think he has a point there and will he even mutually get germany in particular to pony up the money? >> the more it looks like trump will be reelected the more it sinks in, the thing that you have to understand about europe, it's not just that they don't like mr. trump and back and forth and all that business, but macron and merkel don't get along, macron see it is handwriting on the long he realizes europe has to rearm, he understand what the russian bears looks like, but merkel, she's antitrump, antiamerican
2:19 am
president, she's been saying no to 3 to 4 american presidents, she's been there 13 years, she's going in the next year or two, at that point we might get some real progress because honestly, without france and germany, you know, it doesn't mean a lot. rob: team up on china as well, another big issue that we will talk about another time. take care. carley: 19 minutes after the hour, nearly two dozen dead including officers as bullets fly at the border between cartel members and police and there's an update on that american mormon family that was massacred just last month, a live report next. >> and paving the president, the exfbi lawyer known for her antitrump texts with her lover, remember peter strzok, she breaks her silence for the first time, coming up - [spokeswoman] meet the ninja foodi pressure cooker,
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cash car welcome back 3, people deneighborhood connection to the massacre of an american mormon family. rob: méxico announcing the arrests hours after 21 people including police officers were killed in a cartel shootout. carley: aishah with the latest on the border. >> that's right, we do know at least 3 people are in custody suspected of playing some kind of role in november massacre, 3 women and 6 children were slaughtered on november 4th, they were part of mormon community living in méxico, authorities there say they were caught in the cross fires of a feud going on between two drug
2:24 am
cartels, family members reacting to the news about the arrest, listen. [speaking in spanish] >> so the violence continues in méxico just hours before that arrest, 4 police officers and at least 17 others were killed in an hour-long gun battle with mexican drug cartel near border, cartel stormed the small town of villanueva, governor of coahuila stated, they tried to get in
2:25 am
coahuila, today they got in by force and nothing what we have seen in a long time, as méxico's murder rate reaches historic highs doubts growing whether president obrador can control cartels there, on friday he thanked president trump for support and promised méxico will fulfill its responsibility to get justice, carley, rob. carley: horrific story there, thank you. >> but if you want neglect this race, if you want my voice and my message which is resinating, then i need help, i'm running on individual contributions and that what's we need to keep doing. >> andrew yang raised $750,000 in 24 hours which is a little less than 2 weeks to go until the december primary debate, 6 candidates have qualified so far, you see their faces right there. rob: that includes senator amy
2:26 am
klobuchar, ready to make her case to the american people and billionaire mike al bloomberg doesn't have a chance after entering the race late. >> i don't buy this argument that you get in because you say everyone else sucks, i just don't, i think we have strong candidates, i don't think that any of the polling or the numbers show that people are dissatisfied with all the candidates, they are trying to pick the right one. rob: everybody insecure after bloomberg entering race. all right, fox news alert now, the convicted terrorist who carried out the deadly attack on the london bridge was released from jail early and there are dozens more that britain is about to let go, ryan marro weighs in on that coming up next. carley: also licensed, locked and unloaded, the supreme court hearing a major gun right's case that could actually expand rights, the second amendment showdown kicking off today
2:27 am
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carley: fox news alert, british prime minister boris johnson confirming there are dozens of terrorists set to be released in uk as we learn more about the london bridge terror attack. >> it was because of automatic early release this individual was out on the streets that allowed him to be released automatically have been served only 8 years. he was probably about 74. >> wow, isis claiming responsibility for friday's attack reportedly as payback for the death of abu bakr al-baghdadi, so what happens if more are released? automatic early release. the families of the two victims
2:31 am
them to thank for they their loved victims are dead now, ryan, can you hear us? >> i'm sorry, there's a little bit of a delay. rob: no problem. >> you have isis declaring responsibility for the attack and the obvious analysis is that well, that means isis is still alive and gives them momentum for a much bigger reason, makes the west look stupid because if you're a member of isis or someone just teetering on the edge of deciding whether isis is the team that you want to join, you are going to say the caliphate has been destroyed in terms of territorial control, the west might be overwhelming powerful in terms of military but look at how stupid they are, they release convicted terrorists early in order to come back and carry out another attack. so if you're a sporter of you haddist cause how can we possibly lose against the system that's so stupid and has that much of a weakness built into
2:32 am
it. >> we know that the isis caliphate has been destroyed but then isis announces that they claim responsibility for this terror attack through their news agency so there has to be some sort of headquarters for them for lack of a better term, how much of the threat is this terrorist organization now and how organized are they. >> they are mobilizing out because a lot of the prisoners broke out in prisons in syria, as long as they have a website or a telegram channel going they can argue that they can still exist, the bigger more dangerous shift that you could see are people who support the jihadist cause, isis lost, maybe they went too far in what they were doing, what's the other group i'm going to join, and so you have alternatives to isis like al-qaeda's branch in syria that's building an army and as soon as they have a little bit of success, we are back to
2:33 am
square one, just a little bit of success results in a huge wave of recruits because it's interpreted as allah's blessing, we are only one defeat on the battlefield away from going right back to where we were when we panicked on oh rise of isis. rob: let the turks come in, worried about isis regaining territory, what was going to happen with the kurds, the u.s. and the kurds are still fighting isis to this day in a report that came out a few days ago, do you think that's the right move for the president to backtrack on the decision and keep our guys in there fighting? >> quite frankly the united states has to have strategy against erdogan, turkey, yes, i know turkey is a member of nato, but if you look at the rhetoric of turkish officials they are talking as if they are at war
2:34 am
with the united states, not only the kurds that they're fighting against, they attacking christians and christians are left out of media coverage and it's really infuriating. carley: ryan, thank you so much, complicated issue, thanks for breaking it down. >> thank you. rob: all right, manhunt intensifies for a gunfire that opened fire in new orleans leaving 10 people hurt, 2 in critical condition, witnesses say the city was overwhelmingly crowded as hundreds of thousands of people gathered in the french quarter for the bayou game. >> today supreme court will hear arguments in case that could have major implications on second amendment, new york city ordinance which forced residents to keep handguns within city limits, residents challenged the ruling arguing they want to take outside of the city, the supreme court has not heard a gun
2:35 am
right's case in nearly a decade. rob: exfbi lawyer who sent antitrump messages to special agent boyfriend is speaking out, lisa page tells the daily beast in part when the president accuses you of treason by name despite the fact that i know there's no fathomable that i have committed any crime at all let alone treason, he's still somebody in the position to do something about that to try and further destroy my life. page exchanged those antitrump text messages with former fbi counterintelligence agent peter strzok, she served on the former special counsel bob mueller's team before resigning in 2018. remember the talk about a backup plan? rob: sure do. now to fox business alert, cybermonday is underway, today's online shopping frenzy is expected to be the biggest ever, likely to reach more than $10 billion, this comes after a record-breaking black friday,
2:36 am
shoppers spent $7.4 billion online, black friday brick and mortar sales were up about 4%. good numbers across the board. rob: certainly is, 35 minutes after the hour, phase 2 of impeachment is about to begin. >> their refusal to hold this president accountable is troubling to me and i believe it's troubling to the american people. >> he's been accused of something that has not been proven in the least that only occurs when you this type of circus. rob: we will break down what will happen this week and what you can expect on what the president is calling a circus, that debate coming up in the case. carley: he really swept her off her feet, the romantic moment gone way wrong. i'm finding it hard to stay on top of things a faster laptop could help. plus, tech support to stay worry free. worry free...boom
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carley: deadly winter storm hammering the northeast, snow, sleet moving up the coast after pummeling the states, the weather is complicating travel, robert, it's going to be a sticky one out there. >> carley, good morning, yes, the conditions have worsen here in orange county, we are on freeway, light snow is falling, we are under winter storm in orange county, 6 to 12-inches before all of this is said and done, no mart how you try to get around this holiday weekend, it's been a rough -- hundreds of flights canceled all around the country, thousands more delayed, so air travel has been bad, also getting around on the roads has not been much more fun, this awful accident in niagara falls
2:41 am
in new york has semi toppled on top of a car and also we saw this 58-car pileup in maryland, we are told that at least 10 people were hospitalized and as this storm moves east ward into new york city, the city is at the ready, 700 plus salt spreaders have been deployed, also 1500 plows will hit the roads if 2 or more inches of snowfalls later today, back to you. carley: stay safe out there, looks like you're still in transit. rob: later today house intelligence members will review adam schiff's explosive ukraine report with vote on it scheduled for tomorrow, so what should we expect in phase 2 of the impeachment hearings, here to debate that democratic strategist kevin and republican strategist holly turner. kind of confusing how this stuff
2:42 am
works to the layman, the house intel members expected to view a draft of the impeachment report, they will get their eyes on this final report after we heard all of that testimony, then tuesday that same committee will vote on that report and then they will send everything to the house judiciary committee which is going to hold their hearing on wednesday which is constitutional lawyers talking about whatever impeachment is in their eyes, let me start with you, holly, the president says this process has been unfair to him, do you agree? >> of course, it has been unfair, we have the democrats in the house working, operating outside of the president, completely outside of precedent and there's been no due process, i agree with the president not participating in this part, come in and be heard, it's too late
2:43 am
at this point, so the president is right to stay out of this and i think we will see even lower ratings for the hearings than we saw for the last round of hearings, the american people just don't care anymore. rob: big one on wednesday, interesting to see if they can make that more interesting for people. kevin, i suspect that you disagree with holly? >> i do. the president requested from the the get-go, democrats passed that, he has every right to defend himself with the white house attorney by the house democrats, he has chosen not to do that, right, because i think as many americans believe what he did is indefensible, so when you can't defend your actions, you to attack the process which is what the president and his administration is doing. rob: the white house is denying, well, has denied nadler has given the invitation for them to come to this week's hearing, we
2:44 am
cannot fairly to be expected in hearing while witnesses are yet to be named and unclear whether the judiciary committee will afford the president a fair process through additional hearings, holly, democrats say that the president have obstructed the process by keeping people like mulvaney and john bolton from testifying, that's their side, what do you think? >> they are not using obstruction in the legal sense just to be clear, he's not violated the law by doing this, this is well within executive privilege to exercise this right and i would argue that the democrats are the ones that have been obstructing this process by not allowing him, look, it's important for the president to not just be heard but his -- his attorneys should have the opportunity to question the witnesses themselves, i mean, we are asking for nothing more than what every other american has the right to have in any sort of proceeding in this country, criminal or civil. rob: kevin, we have the nato conference this week, the
2:45 am
president will be in england, this is having to move so fast and having to do that while he's overseas, a lot of people say it's not appropriate, what do you say? >> i think the process needs to play out, he's given every opportunity to holly's point to defend himself with white house attorney present representing him, agrees actually with congressman, the republican on the house judiciary committee, rob, to your point, that has said, let's hear from the acting chief of staff mick mulvaney and let's hear from rudy giuliani, and the folks can exonerate the president, no quid pro quo, let's have the people come forward and testify in an open setting. rob: okay, interesting to hear from both sides, kevin, holly, appreciate your time. >> thanks, rob. carley: time now 45 minutes after the hour, is the left dominating pop culture? alex thinks so, the turning point spokesperson said it's time for conservatives to take back the seat at the table, she
2:46 am
explains how next. rob: first we will check in with brian kilmeade to see what's coming up on "fox & friends", nice tease of the program. >> somewhere it'll fit in between and be acceptable, carley accept everything i do, rob does not, we will talk about that in the break and interoffice memo, let me tell you what's on tap, we are bragging, secretary mike pompeo live, how does he feel about developments in iran, how does he feel about developments in iraq as well as the president of the united states going over to nato with the wind at his back internationally. then impeachment, the sequel, ranking member of house judiciary committee will be front in center, doug collins, within man who talks faster than me will be here live and stuart varney will be here, he claims to know a lot about business, i think he's right, you will make the final judgment at home. plus retired u.s. marine and former nfl player and he turning now to candidate for congress in california. jeremy is here and taking on
2:47 am
colin kaepernick who took on thanksgiving over the weekend. we will talk about all of that, the only thing i ask from you until now, you have 14 minutes now so please get dressed, back in a moment, then a pillow commercial awaits. when you move homes, you move more than just yourself.
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>> does the left dominate pop culture? a new op-ed says there's an uneven political balance in all of media today and conservatives must engage to not fall behind. >> it's interesting when trump, sit, stay and roll over, every republican congress started doing it. [laughter] >> ukraine, russia. that's enough, that's enough, they'll do anything for this man. >> does he ever do any actual president work, seems or is it all rallies and tweets now?
2:51 am
carley: joining us the author of this op-op ed, turning point usa alex clark, you say that the left has hijacked pop culture and you want conservatives to take a seat back at the table, please explain. >> i do, so if you think about it, the left has dominated over the years, they own everything, they own hollywood, they own tv, movies, music, they even own sports now, we are seeing political messages in sports and i like most people, why can't we have entertainment without pop culture, i'm sorry, our entertainment without politics infused but unfortunately the left has really decided that that's not going to be the case so conservatives are to blame here, we wanted to be the nice guy for far too long and we've let them kind of take over, now more than ever with a pop culture president in office, this is really our time to take a seat back at the pop culture table. carley: how do you think conservatives can achieve that, though, all celebrities are
2:52 am
either liberal or if they're conservative they're sort of afraid to say anything about it, about their politics? >> you hit the nail in the head, there are actually way more celebrities who are conservative than they want you to think, i have been personally messaged by different celebrities via twitter or instagram saying, hey, i love what you are doing and i can't be public about it. we have seen kanye west and try to cancel him, he wore a maga hat and talked about being christian, prime for cancel culture, they couldn't cancel him because he was confident and he didn't back down, what it's going to take is more voices and people not being scared to back down, if they can keep doing that, we will see more people brave to speak up as well. carley: you used to host a morning radio show and you left that, why was that, was it because you didn't like the stories that you were covering, explain why you decided to make
2:53 am
a bit of a career change there? >> yeah, i was in pop radio hosting morning show for 7 years, i started when i was 18, i'm 26 years now, it's not that i didn't like the stories that i was covering but i felt like a chain around my neck trying to reel me in when i wanted to give a conservative take, over the summer we had the jussie smollett case, the story in chicago, an blaming maga supporters, i knew that that was bogus and talk about trump supporters are not like this when you work for mainstream media, i felt like the slap on the wrist when i wanted to speak up, turning point usa, charlie kirk reached out to me, look, would you ever consider leaving pop radio to come to conservatism and talk to college students ant pop culture from a conservative perspective and i said absolutely, that's something that i would love to do and that's what i did, we
2:54 am
created polatics, show on instagram. carley: i noticed they have gotten less political because it wasn't working for them, maybe less politics or more even politics in pop culture going forward, alex, thank thank you o much. >> thank you, carley. rob: 54 minutes after the hour, as the winter weather sweeps the country, one more city is saying no more snowball fights. how lame is this? a snowball ban that could cost violaters 100 bucks? carley: why this guy may be regretting his choice, oh, my gosh, are you kidding me. ♪
2:55 am
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carley: good morning, throwing a snowball could cost you big bucks against the law in wausau, wisconsin. violators could face $114 fine. when a local reporter asked police about it, they couldn't remember a citation ever being issued. the ordinance was brought up a year ago about a response to a problem with people throwing things. rob: that's funny. all right. amazon under fire for
2:59 am
offering auschwitz christmas ormts. auschwitz memorial demanding the site take down listings for several decorations which they found feature the nazi concentration camp, more than 1 million were killed. most of them jews. amazon says all products taken down. sellers who offer them could be removed as well. carley: puppy love on the sidelines of the houston texas games. service dog the late president george w. bush giving kisses to injured defensive end j.j. watt. sully was at the game to surprise army veteran with a new service dog. rob: next the bad. he might regret that, too. indiana police looking for this man with crime pays inked on his forehead. leading political science on a high speed chase not too smart. carley: finally the ugly, love can sweep you off your feet and so can this.
3:00 am
[squeals] carley: monster wave wiping out at dominican republic. guy was still holding his beer when he got up. priorities are in order for that man. rob: we got to go. "fox & friends" starts now. steve: 6:00 in new york city. we start this hour with an extreme weather alert. deadly winter storm hammering the northeast right now. snow, sleet, ice, rain will be up the coast and throughout the northeast and the midwest after pummeling several states, leaving seven people dead at this hour. brian: the storm causing chaos for thanksgiving travelers. remember, hundreds of flights can 1e8d because people had to get home and thousands delays. ainsley: delays and deaths. slick roads causing this car to slide underneath that tractor-trailer. that happened in niagara falls no. word on the driver of that car. heavy fog causing 60 cars to


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