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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 3, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PST

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get a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again. change the facts, so answer doctor so-and-so who told somebody about someone else's conversation, therefore we need to impeach the president. >> it is tuesday, december 3rd. happening at 4:00 am, republicans bite back, gop lawmakers publishing their own report as house democrats prepare the impeachment report. we are live on capitol hill ahead of today's historic vote. bloomberg booted, the president banning the news outlet over its refusal to investigate its namesake and they are not the only ones, donald trump is
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calling out. >> not going to press charges. >> serving up honor to those who made the ultimate sacrifice, trouble brewing after flags are ripped and stole one but this story does have a happy ending. >> good morning, spent a couple days with my family. hopefully you all had a nice
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thanksgiving weekend. you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. thank you for starting your day with us. the house intelligence committee will release its impeachment report to the public but republicans insist there is no evidence to support it. griff jenkins is live to break down there 123 page argument. mike: democrats report compiled after 30 hours testimony, 12 witnesses, if the president committed impeachable offenses as the chairman of the committee, adam schiff weighed in. >> we are in the finishing touches of the report. at the same time that's not the end of our investigation so even while judiciary does its work we will continue investigating and also feel a sense of urgency this is a person who has sought
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for intervention us elections twice now. this is a threat to the integrity of the upcoming election. >> the report is expected to pass the judiciary committee, republicans getting in front publishing their own report on the findings writing and part, quote, the evidence presented is not proof of any of these democrat allegations and none of the witnesses testify to evidence of bribery, extortion or a high crime or misdemeanor. after having a chance to read those reports jim jordan had this to say. >> so-and-so talked to so-and-so who told somebody about someone on this conversation and therefore we need to impeach the president, that's the crux of their entire case and we saw that clearly in the deposition. >> get ready, the judiciary committee begins their first hearing tomorrow with testimony from four constitutional lawyers on the meaning of high crimes and misdemeanors, republicans
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want adam schiff - the white house said they will not participate as the president watches from the nato summit overseas. >> here we go again. we appreciate it as always with the 123 page republican report shreds the left's case for impeachment as the house until committee heads and tuesday's vote and former speaker of the house newt gingrich says it is because democrats aren't letting facts stop them from removing this president from office. >> fax matter, the gop analysis is very compelling but i think with adam schiff and the democrats facts don't matter. they've wanted to impeach trump, many of them wanted to impeach trump before he was even sworn in. adam schiff is totally dishonest, totally unreliable and i don't think anything he puts out, he lied to the country over and over again about the
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russian relationship. he's now run a totally 1-sided kangaroo court. they will issue their report. if you are left-wing democrat that reportedly terrific. if you're an independent voter you are probably going to look at it carefully. >> in response to the democrats charges, ukrainian president volodymyr zelinsky said he felt no pressure to investigate the president's political rival during the july phone call in question. donald trump is waking up in london at the nato summit. is expected to meet with world leaders on issues like trade and global threats. live for us in london with what the president hopes to accomplish. >> the sun coming up in london and donald trump starting his first full day of a visit to the city and the 70th anniversary of
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fair marketing the nato military alliance after arriving late last night north of london. on his way over he did complain about democrats holding impeachment hearings while easier and address the challenges it had in these sessions. >> fighting for the american people. it is not been a situation for us because we pay far too much. >> the president meeting just about now with nato secretary-general. we expect to hear that more nato countries regarding defense spending and sometimes friends and sometimes not so friend president macron who has his own problems with nato. security for the president and
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olmedo leaders is high after last week's deadly terror knife attack in london bridge, also beefed up around buckingham palace where the president will meet the queen and other wheels along with nato leaders and anti-trump purchase plans there and finally the president is set to meet tonight with the uk prime minister boris johnson and others at number 10 downing st.. they are good friends but could be at arms length. the president is not completely popular in the uk and there is an election boris is counting on winning next week. the form nato meeting is not until tomorrow. all sorts of things to happen, all sorts of stuff to be said. >> we will be here to follow all of it and you will be there. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. turning to a fox news alert breaking overnight, rioters are
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shot and killed in the gas price protests in iran. state run tv reporting victims in multiple cities, this is the first time the government media is admitting using force against demonstrators. human rights organization amnesty international estimates 200 people have been killed since protests began last month. to north korea new overnight sending a christmas threat over stalled denuclearization talks as the rogue regime morning the us will choose a gift if donald trump does not meet the year end deadline to work on a new deal and ease sanctions was unclear exactly what that gift could be. in 2017 north korea conducted its first icbm test on the fourth of july calling it a gift package for americans. back at home, a powerful winter storm slams the northeast with heavy snow.
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parts of new york seeing two inches of snow in an hour, several counties under a state of emergency is police report hundreds of crashes near the massachusetts board it was a packed bus slamming into a trailer, no one was seriously injured. the weather also canceling hundreds of flights and delaying thousands across the us. boston public schools are also closed today. a school resource officer shoots a teenager who pulled out a gun in a classroom. officers say they tried to talk to the student first but were forced to shoot when he pointed the gun at them. the wisconsin school immediately going into lockdown. >> it is not going to happen to me. >> something like this nobody knew. >> the 17-year-old was the only
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person injured and he is now in custody. top republicans warned not to speculate about the upcoming fisa report. the new york times reports will contradicts claims the probe was politically motivated. at the washington post the doj felt an investigation into the trump campaign was justified. congressman mike meadows said he is avoiding speculation based on leaks but has little doubt that the report will be bad for the fbi. senator lindsey graham accusing the media of trying to mislead americans. >> they have been trying to time to spin this thing to diminish its effect to downplay it. they pulled a fast one on the fisa court, misled and defrauded the fisa court.
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>> the report is expected out next week. imagine waiting until the report is released. let's talk about football. the seattle seahawks hold of the minnesota vikings into monday night football thriller. the seahawks taking 37-30 when buying a big second pass. seattle is first place in the nfc west and rival san francisco lost on sunday. the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour, republicans firing back at the democrats impeachment report with a report of their own. up next to constitutional law experts is the evidence against the president isn't nearly enough. talk about a scary ride. a terrifying moment a shark
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>> as democrats ramp up their impeachment push house republicans release an explosive 123 page report d punk in their evidence. you to weigh in on the dueling narratives, thank you for joining us. want to let everyone know at home we are monitoring london because the president is expected to walk into a one on one meeting with the secretary-general of nato shortly and we will take that live for you when that happens. we will see if the president stops to make some comments but let's talk about impeachment which is going on at the same time, some people say the timing of this, the house impeachment
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inquiry, scheduled today, tuesday, the committee is set to vote on the report at 6:00 pm and then coming up wednesday the house judiciary committee will hold -- the hearing begins and it will continue from there. >> very interesting and surreptitiously, right before an election which is very convenient. while the president is overseas in an election year but the fact of the matter is if you look at the evidence they brought so far fails to lay out what his attorneys like to call a prima fascia case meaning even, the most favorable evidence presented even if you believe that all where is the high crime and misdemeanor. >> it from the gop report, 123 pages long and part of it says the evidence presented does not prove any of these democrat allegations and none of the democrats witnesses testified to evidence of bribery, extortion and anytime crime is
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misdemeanor. >> in order to impeach there has to be a high crime and misdemeanor, can't dispute we don't like the way the president speaks, not fans of high hair or high tie collection. has to be evidence of high crime or misdemeanor. >> what one person heard from another person who heard from another person who heard from that person or someone assuming what someone meant in what they were saying, i think what they meant was, you can't impeach someone that way. >> all secondhand knowledge, all hearsay testimony and at best speculative. how do we know what they intended. heather: adam schiff responded to the report, the minority dismisses the president's outside the beltway thinking, it is more accurately outside the law and constitution in violation of his oath of office.
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>> that is a legalese strung together that would make any lawyer proud but the fact of the matter is you don't get there without the evidence. >> donald trump floating the idea of taking the case to the supreme court to stop impeachment. prior to landing in london, i read the republican report on the impeachment hoax, great job, radical left is no place, read the transcript, shouldn't even be allowed, can we go to the supreme court to stop it? >> the legislature, meaning the senate and house were to abscond from their constitutional duties whereby they can only impeach upon conviction of high crime or misdemeanor in the senate it would be appropriate for the judicial branch to use its checking powers and check the legislative branch's unconstitutional overreach. >> democrats are even talking about expanding the articles of impeachment. >> to expand the grounds on which to impeach would require a
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constitutional amendment and i don't think they have the votes to impeach in the senate, they certainly don't have the votes to amend the constitution. >> we will see what happens, the hearing is supposed to get ahead wednesday at 10 am in the vote at 6:00 pm today. we will see. thank you so much, we appreciate it. 18 minutes after the top of the hour and mark has made millions in hollywood but apparently capitalism is killing us. carly shimkus has social media reaction to his call for an economic revolution. for a cold sore,
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i don't use some waxy cover up. i use herpecín l, it penetrates deep to treat. it soothes moisturizes and creates a spf 30 barrier to protect against flare ups caused by the sun. herpecín l. it does more for a cold sore. secretary-general. let's listen in. >> this contract was extended. i was very happy about that. did a fantastic job, we appreciate it.
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the secretary-general, some work and negotiations have increased the budget of countries other than the usa because we are paying far more than anybody else, even as a percentage of gdp and increased numbers that other countries have paid by $130 billion. it was going down for close to 20 years and jumped up like a roller coaster, down and going on for a long time. you wouldn't of had a nato if you kept going that way and now we have increased it incredibly well and the secretaries wanted you to do that for a long time and he is very happy about it and generally we will have a big couple of days. we will have a tremendous couple of days, very big, very important, tremendous spirit except for one country and we will talk to that one country
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and see how it works out and what country has a couple points. we will find out about that in the next two days and with that i would like to introduce the secretary-general to say a few words. >> it is good to see you again, looking forward, all the other leaders today and tomorrow. we are making progress, most importantly on burden sharing and your leadership on spending is having an impact, canada and european allies and others added $30 billion more to their defense budgets, and increased $400 billion by 2024.
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this is making nato stronger, and responding when the world is changing and we will address a wide range of issues including terrorism, arms control, our relationship with russia, china, and we have been able to change with the world is changing and the fact is we are doing more to gather we have done for many decades. thank you for your leadership. >> i love your statement that we are able to change when the world is changing. the original message was somewhat different than it was back then but that is a profound statement that is a statement that is very boring. thank you very much, everybody.
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>> will you see prime minister johnson? >> i have no thoughts on it. it will be a very important election for this great country. i will meet with him. i have many meetings, meeting set up with lots of different countries. >> nato saying - and turkey responded that he was brain-dead. nato serves a great purpose. and president macron -- saying he is brain-dead, that is -- has a great purpose.
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nato is becoming much more flexible in terms of what was said. i was surprised about nato being brain-dead. >> nato is active and agile and adapting. it is reinforced to handle the cold war. with higher end troops, troops in the eastern part, infesting in high end capabilities and stepping off of the point by not addressing the rise of china. they have proven once again able to adapt to change and responding to a changing world. that is our success to change
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when the world is changing. >> when you make a statement like that that is a very nasty statement to 28 countries. you have a record unemployment rate in france, france is not doing well economically at all, starting to text other people drugs and therefore we are going to text him. that is taking place right now, technology and everything else. it is a very tough statement to make when you have such difficulty in france. when you look what happened with the yellow vests or people, what is going on in certain parts of this, they had a rough year and you can't go around making statements like that about nato. it is very disrespectful. >> the inspection general's report reported that the
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attorney general reached that conclusion. do you agree with the attorney general? >> i haven't seen it. we have a great attorney general, a very fair man, a great gentleman. he didn't need this job. he took this job because he wanted to do something great for the country, he is a very successful man, great company to work for before he left but is a very successful man, didn't need the job. he is doing a great job. i have not seen the report. perhaps he has written a report. i think he was quoted incorrectly. i'm hearing the report is very powerful but i'm hearing that by reading lots of different things, not inside information but outside information. i you have to do is wait for it to be released on monday or so. i think we have to read it and see it and i think there is a lot of devastating things but we
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will see what happens. we have a few days to wait. we have been waiting a long time. the big report way for is going to be the durum report, that is one people are really waiting for and he is highly respected and worked very hard and worked long hours i can tell you all over the world so we will see but the durum report is the report people are looking forward to but this is a very important report, the ig report is an important report. if what i read is correct, i read it in your newspaper, that would be a little disappointing but there was one aspect of the report, we will see what happens. it's coming out in a few days. i hear it is devastating but we will soon find out. >> bringing this together. >> the secretary-general has
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done a good job bringing nato together. it is unfair because the united states is paying 4%, 4.3% of the largest gdp there is in the world by far because it was brought to a level no one thought possible. 4.3% when jeopardy is paying 1.2%, much smaller gdp, that's not fair. it is not fair also when you have the european union, the same countries him of the european union treating the united states very -- the deficit for many years for decades, the deficit for many years has been astronomical with the united states and europe in their favor and i'm changing
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that and i'm changing it fairly rapidly but it is not right to be taken advantage of on nato and then to be taken advantage of on trade and that is what happens and we can't let that happen. we are talking to the european union in various countries but we are talking to the european union about trade and they have to shape up otherwise things are going to get very tough. >> nato is the only place north america and europe made every day and take actions together responding to a wide range of issues and challenges as we do that and have done it for many years. we need free burden sharing. allies are stepping off and responding to new challenges, we declared space the domain for nato, something we had before. it highlights there are
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differences because we are different countries, different political parties but despite these differences we are all of us protecting each other, because we are stronger and safer together. >> i would say nobody needs nato more than friends. look back at the last long period of time. nobody needs nato more than france and frankly the one that benefits the least is the united states. we benefit the least. we are helping europe and they go against a common foe that may or may not be a photo, can't tell you that but there are other foes out there also but i think nobody needs it more than france and that is why when france makes a statement like they made about nato is a dangerous statement for them to make.
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>> what would it take for you not to impose those tariffs. >> i'm not in love with those companies, facebook and google and all of them. i do pretty well with twitter on the other side but i am not in love with those companies but there are companies, they are american companies. they are not going to be taxed, france will put attacks on them. it was totally out of the blue, just had the idea, tax those companies, they are american companies. i'm not going to let people take advantage of american companies because if anyone is going to take advantage of the american companies it is going to be us, it's not going to be france. we are taxing their wine and everything else and we have a big tax to put on them. once we have a tax going on on airbus, that will be a good
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thing for boeing but we are only going to do that if it is necessary. we won in the wto, we won $7.5 billion. we never used to win before me because before me the united states was a sucker for all these different organizations and now they realize the wto realizes my attitude on them if they don't treat us fairly, tell you what will happen and we have been winning a lot of cases with the wto, we virtually very rarely did we ever win a case, took advantage of the united states and that's where it is. we won $7.5 billion and if france puts a tax on our companies these are companies that are against -- if i read the papers correctly, don't know why they were against me but they were against me, they are supposed to be powerful and yet i won so maybe they are not so
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powerful but they are american companies. i don't want france taxing american companies. if they are going to be taxed it is going to be the united states will text them. >> the british election -- >> i don't want to complicate it. i have won a lot of elections for a lot of people. look over the last few months, two elections in north carolina i won, the governor of kentucky, the press doesn't write it but supposedly 1788, 19 points, lifted them 19 points. in louisiana i got them into a runoff, picked up 14 points, they thought he was going to lose to a popular governor, john bell edwards, good guy, popular governor, lost by less than a point but with the exception of those two races we had a huge impact because i raised them up almost a victory and they had no
1:37 am
chance, with the exception of those two i've won virtually every race i participated in but this is a different country and i say often in germany they like obama. they like obama because obama gave the ship away. allowed them to take everything, gave them things i wouldn't do. i love germany. i love this country. i love a lot of countries but i'm representing the us so they may not like me because i'm representing us and i represent us strong. president obama did not represent a strong, he gave everything away and shouldn't have done that and that is why we are still paying a price for what he did. i will stay out of the election. you know that i was a fan of brexit. i called the day before, you were there. many of you were there, many of you were there. they asked whether or not brexit would happen and i said yes and
1:38 am
everybody smiled and laughed and i said yes, it is going to happen. my opinion was my opinion, the next day they had the election and i was right but i stay out of it. boris is very capable and he will do a good job. >> macro going into the meeting. >> i was had a good relationship with him. but he says things he shouldn't say and i disagree with some of his policies with respect to france but he's going to do what he has got to do. he does things that are better or counterproductive for his own country. >> the prime minister calling in, the prime minister calling in. >> i can work with anybody. i'm a very easy person to work with. look at this gentleman. when i came in i was angry at
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nato and now i raised $130 billion and you are talking annually. you are talking a tremendous amount of money. talking about numbers that are astronomical and yet still have many delinquent not paid up in full and i ask the other question when they don't pay up in fool what happens to the past year. let's say germany is at 1% and they stay at 1% and another one, does that mean it disappears the last 5 years? nobody ever asked that question. the question for you to be asking because it's not like let's start a brand-new year. a lot of countries haven't paid and you could make the case they haven't paid, really delinquent for 25, 30 years and you at all that up, nato is a very rich system, you know that. they haven't chosen to go that
1:40 am
way but when germany is at 1%, 2% and they don't pay. 2 is a very low number. it shouldn't be 2, it should be for. that is the way it is. >> the impeachment inquiry back home, congress is preparing to impeach you, it weakens your position as the president. >> i get along with them. it is a hoax, the impeachment thing is a hoax, it turned out to be a hoax. it is done for purely political gain. to see whether or not they can do something in 2020 because otherwise they are going to lose. i read something in your paper the other day it is having a reverse effect which some people thought -- i can tell you in districts where i won and they had an election in between minor they had an election and other people got in, democrats got in those districts are leaning big toward me. i wasn't in the race in 2018 so it is not the same thing.
1:41 am
a lot of my voters say they are not going to vote unless trump is in the race but it is having a tremendous impact, a lot of democrats very upset, just got back from their district and very upset. the impeachment witchhunt is just a continuation of the hoax that has been taking place for the last three years. >> you are trying to negotiate. >> i think it is very unpatriotic of the democrats to put on a performance when they do that. it is a bad thing for our country. impeachment wasn't supposed to be used that way. read the transcript and you will see there was absolutely nothing wrong. they had legal scholars look at the transcript the other day and they say these are absolutely perfect, trump is right when he uses the word, those calls the we made two of them were absolutely perfect calls and i think it is a bad thing for our
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country. does a cast a cloud? if it does then the democrats have done a very great disservice to the country which they have. they waste a lot of time, we are trying to get prescription drugs, substantially, we could do it easily. i call them the do-nothing democrats. they are hurting our country very badly. >> have you met president erdogan. >> i have a good relationship. don't know if it is on the schedule but if it isn't i one. >> in syria -- >> i have my own views but i wouldn't say. good relationship with turkey. we left there border. we've been on their border long enough and doing just fine on their border. i kept the oil. the only people we have over there, a small group fighting
1:43 am
the remnants of isis, we put them down. we have defeated the isis caliphate, nobody thought we could do that so quickly. i did very quickly. when i came in it was virtually 100% and i knocked it down to 0. i knocked it down to 0. it pops up every once in a while, a very small group there and we are doing it with others in all fairness but we kept the oil and the oil field them. that is what gave them the economic strength to do what they did and we killed abu bakr al-baghdadi and his second so that was very important because he was trying to reform isis. >> should the national health service be on the table? >> i have nothing to do with it, never thought about it. we are going to have a great healthcare system. we are doing great healthcare
1:44 am
work. we've got things really running well. if we get elected, if we take the house, keep the senate, keep the white house we will have phenomenal healthcare. right now we made it very good. we have 180 million people on plans that they absolutely love. in this country they have to work that out for themselves. i don't know where the rumor started. we have nothing to do with it. we wouldn't want to. if you handed it to us on a silver platter we want nothing to do with it. >> there is talk of lawmakers censuring you instead of impeachment. what do you think about that? >> unacceptable. i did nothing wrong. now they want to go to censure because they have no case for impeachment. they want to go to censure. i don't mind being censured if you do something wrong.
1:45 am
i did nothing wrong. i had a great conversation, very respectful conversation with the president, a good person by the way, the president of ukraine. it was flawless. people have analyzed it from different ways. it was flawless. there were many people on that line including the secretary of state and one person, two people complain did you take a look at those two people and you tell me but many people and i know there were many people on the line. there's lots of people when you speak to head of state, many people probably, i wouldn't be happy with that at all. for me it is unacceptable. i did nothing wrong. you don't censure somebody when they did nothing wrong. they are in search of a crime is what they are. what you call an investigation in search of a crime. not only wasn't there a crime, not even a word that should be used. i had a very good conversation with the head of ukraine and yesterday he came out again and
1:46 am
reaffirmed again that we had a very respectful good conversation, and donald trump did nothing wrong, he doesn't understand what is going on. they look at us like is this country crazy, the democrats have got nuts. they are crazy. and it is bad for our country. >> do you see a problem with nato? >> now with us but i see france, he needs protection more than anybody and i see him breaking off so i'm a little surprised at that. >> a member of nato, when will you bring sanctions against the? >> say it again. >> is turkey a dependable member of nato and when do you bring sanctions against them for buying russian at 400 missiles?
1:47 am
>> it is a country i have a good relationship with. we did a deal everybody was critical of and they are saying it works. i read a couple stories two days ago the deal trump did with turkey, i don't want to be police in the border that was fought over for 2000 years. i want to get them out. and now they are saying that was a great deal trump made. a lot of heat over the deal. as far as i'm concerned i like turkey and i get along very well with the president and i would hope he is a very good member of nato or will be, but we will see what it is in the future. >> if turkey is an important to nato allies, bordering iraq and syria, turkey has been enormously important in joint
1:48 am
efforts to fight isis, isis control and 8 million people under isis control and we've not done that by using bases in turkey. the fight against isis, turkey has played a key role and many allies expressed concern about migration into northeast syria but the agreement between the united states and turkey, sold military operations, we have seen significant reduction with political solution to the crisis and north america.
1:49 am
the soonest crisis for 2003, not being used as our allies used many different things. by the end the strength of nato is we have proven again and again to protect each other. that is what they are doing now in north america and europe. with some political differences, around our quarter to stay together. >> three weeks ago when we got abu bakr al-baghdadi turkey was very helpful, we flew over areas controlled by turkey and turkish military. they absolutely were very supportive. we didn't tell them what we were doing or where we were going, turkey could not have been nicer, could not have been more
1:50 am
supportive and that is important. i wanted to say in keeping the oil isis was trying to regain control of the oil and we have total control of the oil and frankly a lot of support from different people but the only soldiers we have essentially in that area are the soldiers keeping the oil so we have the oil and we can do with the oil what we want. >> how is that -- >> they tried to buy hours and the obama administration said you can't have -- the obama administration, not going to sell them to you. said that a number of times in turkey went and got the russian missile. we will see what happens. still talking about it and they tried to buy the patriots.
1:51 am
and puts him in a bind also. >> the russians systems cannot support the rest of the system and folks going on between the united states and turkey, we have deployed the turkish air and missile defense system, widening so we addressed this issue -- some problems. >> turkey -- one of the largest orders of f 35s, the greatest fighter jet in the world and another country whether it is russia or china, they want to
1:52 am
buy the best planes but making it difficult in a way themselves but also making it difficult. a very big order, billions of dollars. >> half way -- >> i'm not even thinking about it. the impeachment office, the history of the republican party. 196-0. and angry about the senators are angry about what is going on, hurting our country the other side very badly. we have tremendous support probably the most united the
1:53 am
party has ever been. 95% approval rating, highest in the history of the republican party, ronald reagan was 72nd. the party has never been this united, the republican party. the impeachment is going nowhere. it is a waste of time. they are wasting their time and it is a disgrace. >> republican senators agree your contacts with ukraine was perfect and flawless, never been critical of your conduct. >> the only people who are critical are people who haven't read the conversation i had and in some cases haven't read -- >> they got a little - the
1:54 am
republican party is more united than they have ever been. i would say read the transcript, look at what the president of ukraine said when he said numerous times including very powerful yesterday, that is it. fourth hand, secondhand, tremendous support in the republican party. never has been support. the lousy politicians, open borders, high taxes, raise your taxes. they always stuck together. the republicans i always said had better policy but historically haven't stuck together the same way. there has never been a time the republican party has been more united.
1:55 am
this is a witchhunt by the democrats, a continuation, it has been going on for three years, from before the election it has been going on. you will see that after the report is released monday or tuesday. this is just a witchhunt that is bad for our country but it has been unifying for the republicans. >> in your opening remark you are critical of one country. what country were you talking about? >> i would rather have you guess. you are very good reporter. i will probably agree with your assumption. a tremendous job, to lose that seat, a great state that i won overwhelmingly. we should lose that state. i would sit down and talk to mike. to do a better job as secretary of state.
1:56 am
i would have to talk to mike. if you look at bolton, mike would walk away with that. i would say i would sit down seriously and find out how he feels about it. >> why is china such an important subject for the nato summit. >> in the past, the united states money because our past presidents, to steal the cookie-cutter and that is okay. i don't begrudge china for that, disappointment in our past presidents and leadership. they allowed this to happen. no way it should have happened. i'm doing well on a deal with china. if i want -- they want to make it, if i want to make it.
1:57 am
we will see what happens. you will find out very soon. >> historically nato has been focused on the soviet union addressing implications by the rights -- you have to do that because china is not the second or defense spending. and the intercontinental ballistic missiles. and weapons, hundreds -- the on the treaty for china. it is not about moving nato to the south china sea.
1:58 am
and in africa investing heavily in infrastructure. there are also opportunities but also challenges, they do that together because to gather, 60% of world gdp. >> that is important because it is a different nato. this has become since i have come in we have a good relationship. used to be nato on one country and looking all over the world. the world changes, 70 years of
1:59 am
this, the world has changed a lot and before us, if nato was changing a lot, it was a different nato, covering a lot more territory, covering hotspots, that were contemplated, and even thinking about the things we are doing now. and flexible. if they weren't flexible, not so happy. they are very flexible. >> in germany -- >> lots of people. >> why does north korea continue the nuclear program. >> he likes me and we have a good relationship and we will see what happens. like sending rockets up. that is why i call him rocket
2:00 am
man. we have a good relationship. we will see what happens. in the meantime, it has been a long time. going to be a war right now, it worked for me. if i weren't president you would be in a war right now in asia and who knows what that means. that brings in a lot of other countries. >> he continues to build a nuclear program. >> you don't know that. very importantly we still have peace and speaking for myself i have a personal relationship, the only one he has that kind of relationship in the world, called the hermit kingdom.


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