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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 5, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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heather: several people online call the commercial sexist because amanda is an exercise bike to a woman. telecom said it was disappointing this was misinterpreted. an australian woman will go to jail for lying to land a job. he applied for government jobs in the making, $185,000 a year using a resume. now she is in trouble. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us. "fox and friends first" continues now. goodbye. jillian: this is a fox news alert, two people dead, another clinging to life after a navy sailor goes on a shooting rampage on the base and pearl harbor. rob: was this targeted or a random attack? that is one of many questions that we have breaking details from overnight. >> i do not wish this moment on the country. it is not a pleasant task we undertake.
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>> is this an improvisational -- you are going to accuse the president of bribery you need to make it stick. rob: house judiciary committee heated up during a high-stakes impeachment hearing. jillian: the democrats case for impeachment crumbling before america's eyes, live in washington with a different reaction from both sides of the aisle. can you for students to say the pledge of allegiance in the classroom? lawmaker wants to. rob: should they need to be forced in the first place? "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ having such a good time. having a ball. if you want to have a good time just give me a call ♪ a good time
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♪ a good time ♪ rob: freddie mercury this morning. i have no complaints. good morning. you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. jillian: we begin with a fox news alert, search for a motive after a sailor opened fire at pearl harbor killing two employees. rob: he killed himself as the base went into lockdown. aishah hasnie has everything we should know about the shooter. >> reporter: the shooter was in active duty petty officer attached to the columbia attack submarine. his name has not been released but he was found dead with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. naval officials say he shot three civilian shipyard workers, two of them are now dead, a third in the hospital in stable condition, the shooting happened at 2:30 local time wednesday in
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the shipyard's drydock 2. the base was immediately put on lockdown. witnesses described the chaos that followed. >> you are very in the dark and hope everything is going to be okay. >> reporter: no indication if this was targeted or random or even how the weapon got onto the base. all of this happening just three days before the memorial across the harbor will exert 78 years since the japanese attack that launched the us into world war ii. hawaii governor tweeting this i join in solidarity with the people of hawaii and we express our heartbreak over the tragedy and concern for those affected by the shooting. details still emerging as security forces investigate. the in cis is on the scene and the fbi has been notified and
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the president has been briefed on the shooting, the white house is closely monitoring the situation. rob: switching gears to politics democrats saying they are all in on impeachment following another marathon day of testimony on capitol hill, four law scholars, twee three for the democrats going head to head on what constitutes removing the president from the oval office. jillian: griff jenkins joins us with highlights. >> reporter: more than eight hours the committee writing articles of impeachment from three constitutional scholars for making a case to impeach the president, the fourth a warning against it. >> if we cannot impeach a president who abuses office for personal advantage we no longer live in a democracy. we live in a monarchy, we live under a dictatorship. >> if you impeach a president, if you make a high crime and
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misdemeanor out of going to the courts it is an abuse of power, it is your abuse of power, you are doing precisely what you are criticizing the president for doing. >> reporter: chairman jerry nablus is the evidence is overwhelming, findings in the house intelligence report into reports as well. >> donald trump welcomed for interference in the 2016 election. he demanded it for the 2020 election. in both cases he got caught and in both cases he did everything in his power to prevent the american people from learning the truth about his conduct. >> reporter: ranking member doug collins cautioned the chairman of being on the wrong side of history. >> the american people are watching, they will not forget, you have the votes, you may have the little but you do not have legitimacy of national consensus or a constitutional imperative lose the partisan coup d'état will go down in infamy in the
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history of the nation. >> reporter: the white house responded in a statement saying today was a good day for the president and a bad day for democrats. the only thing the liberal professors establish that chairman never's hearing was there political bias against the president. are we any closer to a vote on impeachment? the caucus meeting yesterday said she asked her members are you ready? if you have a problem now is the time to speak up. rob: they are on the heels of the hearing, nancy pelosi wants the house to be ready for impeachment vote. jillian: newt gingrich they testimony may have done more damage to democrats than it did the president. >> democrats have an extraordinarily weak hand, tried to balance budgets cheating on every possible level, absurd demands, having the intelligence committee report come out in the
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evening and the judiciary committee meet the next day. the whole thing is absurd. if i were the republicans i would take jonathan turley's devastating comment starting with his own statement that he voted against trump. he was not there is a pro trump person and he took apart the entire process that every american understood how much turley is a constitutional expert was destroying the democratic case. i think this whole thing would collapse almost overnight. rob: both parties are using this to fire up voted ahead of 2020, interesting for the 31 new house democrats representing districts carried by donald trump in 2016. jillian: william barr will meet with mexico's president and top official as the white house pushes for a crackdown. the talks come a month after 9 americans including 6 children were killed in an ambush in
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northern mexico. the drug cartel is believed to be responsible for the attacks. donald trump said the us could classify those cartels as terrorist organizations. the man facing charges in his wife's disappearance and a bizarre message. >> all i want to say is i wish jennifer and her family happy holidays. and i pray they give my kids my love and best wishes. jillian: speaking out outside a courtroom, being sued by his mother-in-law for claims he is or $2 million in loans but he claims that he was a gift, he faces separate charges in connection to jennifer's disappearance, she went missing in may and hasn't been seen since. rob: a black lives matter activist ignites a brawl at an event for pete buttigieg questioning why black leaders would participate.
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>> as a black leader, why are you talking about pete buttigieg? rob: the activist, a white guy all the most getting hit with a cane in south bend, indiana. it was an opportunity for black leaders to voice support for the candidate as he struggles to win over black support. things could be controversial in michael bloomberg's first townhall since launching his campaign. the former mayor of new york expected to unveil an aggressive national gun policy in aurora, colorado were 12 people were shot and killed in a movie theater in 2012. the townhall will include discussions with survivors and anti-gun manufacturers. >> donald trump will ring in the holiday season with the national christmas tree lighting.
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the ceremony will feature performances by jesse james decker and the united states marine band. rob: the capital christmas tree lighting was last night. jillian: we had a tree lighting here last night. 10 minutes after the hour. the sole gop witness who doesn't even support the president at the impeachment inquiry, our next guest calls it a devastating blow. he outlines what comes next. >> stop calling me names. jillian: here we go again. rob: a new battle launched in the war on christmas, this time rudolph the red nosed reindeer is blasted for bullying. stay tuned. ♪
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>> i'm concerned about lowering impeachment standards to fit a positive evidence and abundance of anger. i believe this impeachment not only fails to satisfy the standard of past impeachments but would create a dangerous precedent for future impeachments. rob: the sole republican testimony, jonathan turley shredding the democrats case for impeaching donald trump warning the left about their partisan approach. jillian: committee to defend the president chairman kevin harvey, thanks for joining us. do you think they are lowering the standards and jonathan turley had a powerful statement saying if they go forward with this it would be an abuse of power but by the democrats. what do you make of that? >> he is exactly right. this is an abuse of power by the democrats. they have nothing to impeach the president on.
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there were no laws broken. of their any laws broken it was that adam schiff violated journalists by checking into their phone records, by violating a member of congress by checking into their phone records. what democrats are doing is so abusive that i think the american people should be outraged at the press should be outraged that the democrats are looking into a member of the press's phone records to see if he has communicated with ukraine and communicated with members of congress and the white house. that is outrageous. rob: turley was interesting because he said i didn't vote for the president, you can tell he doesn't care for the president. he says the call is not perfect as the president says that goes to the other side and says you are going to impeach for this, jonathan turley was the only one of the group that could get people from both sides to listen to him, didn't seem too partisan. >> jonathan turley is ago to
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liberal the democrats always go to in committee hearings, the one they always go to on cnn and msn because he is one of them but he is also a very honest and astute constitutional scholar. when he stands up and says there was abuse of power going on it is you, members of congress, democrat numbers of congress and that was devastating to their arguments and if the american people who were watching her but i don't think they were came across with, it is the democrat attorney, law scholars that were up there were angry individuals. jillian: the question is are the standards being lowered, what does that mean going forward for future presidents for years to come? let's take a trip back in time to 1998 and listen to what jerry nadler had to say. >> we are lowering the standard of impeachment. what the president has done is not a great and dangerous
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offense to the safety of the republic. in the words of george mason it is not in impeachable offense under the constitution. >> they are full of hypocritical statements as far back as 20 years ago that they are continuing to be completed the courts and that shouldn't be surprising to the american people that this is going on in congress and washington dc today. rob: they bring in the panel, three witnesses for the democrats, two seems highly partisan including pamela carlin who has a story how she couldn't walk by a trump hotel she was so upset at the president. made it seem really partisan. do you think this will hurt the democrats more than it will hurt the president? >> what we had is the pompous, arrogant, sanctimonious left on full display yesterday, yes it is going to hurt the left, they were completely biased, she couldn't walk by the trump
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hotel, she attacks the president's 13-year-old son and that is why trump is president of the united states. the hard-working patriotic god-fearing americans across this country are sick and tired of being talked down to buy these kind of elitists in a democrat party. on the left. and they are ready to rise up. you will see a revolution in this next election cycle and i think donald trump is going to win in a landslide because of this display that the left has had, totally talking down to the american people and they are sick of it. jillian: thanks for getting up early and the joining us. fresh fallout over the starbuck cup given to a police officer with the word pig on it. a fired worker plans to sue. rob: chris pratt just can't win. the conservative actor under fire for drinking a bottle of water. carly shimkus has social media outcry over that picture.
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>> would you consider senator harris as a running mate? >> of course i would. he is solid, she could the president herself. >> would she be on your shortlist already? >> yes. she would be on any democrats shortlist. >> after dropping her 2020 presidential bid democratic front runners are calling tips on kamala harris. >> they love her now that she's not a confederate. carly shimkus is here with social media's take on this
2:23 am
strategy. carley: she may be out of the race for the top spot that is genuine interest in her for the number 2 provision. particularly interesting for joe biden, kamala harris hit him hard on his position on busing and working with segregationist senators in the past. when asked about it joe biden said he's not good at keeping hard feelings. let's see what social media has to say, like we didn't see that coming. another twitter user says kamala harris's campaign proved she wasn't up to being president. why would someone want her as vice president and a heartbeat away from potus but other twitter user says it is interesting to see if or who she endorses, it will have a very big impact. something else that is very impactful are her fundraisers, she has several affluent wall street and silicon valley folks supporting her campaign. everyone jockeying to see if they can steer them to their campaign.
2:24 am
>> disappointing that chris pratt had to apologize for this next one. jillian: look what he has, a water bottle, jason momoa criticized him for this picture he posted on instagram. he responded bro, i love you but the water bottle, no single use plastic, come on. pratt replied you are completely right. i always carry my big gallon size reusable water jug with me. i even had it that day. here comes marco rubio saying i too was caught with a single use plastic water bottle a few years ago and the media wouldn't stop talking about it, talking about the state of the union moment he had. people talk about whether momoa was right to hammer him. when twitter user says there's nothing wrong with single-use plastic bottles, not disposing of them properly is wrong according to martin.
2:25 am
somebody on instagram says chris pratt responded with humorous and classy and momoa could have sent him a private message instead of blasting him from the soapbox. he did apologize and said he is really passionate about the plastic -- >> if he sent him a private message, no one would be talking about it so they want these things talked about. rob: jumped on a private jet and went to his next movie. >> let's talk about this christmas classic, remember it? >> stop calling me names. >> rudolph the red nosed reindeer. >> we won't let rudolph join in any reindeer games. carley: we all feel bad for rudolph but several tweets going viral saying it shows a toxic work environment and a bullying culture promoted by santa. taking it a little too
2:26 am
seriously. another take. have they ever watched to the end where rudolph saves the day? that is the point. he overcomes the bullying. it is about building your self up. >> that toy shop in the north pole, pretty bad working conditions. rob: you have offended everyone, thank you so much, 26 after the hour, kamala harris and 2020 rivals coming to her defense. >> the way the media greeted senator harris has been something else. held to a different standard. a double standard. jillian: how could she handle the attack donald trump face the past three years. rob: beverly calls the rush to support a political play. she joins us live. oh! oh! oh!
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carley: a check of top headline starting with fox news alert, a search for a motive after a sailor opens fire, killing two shipyard workers endangering another. the shooter and active-duty petty officer killed himself. investigators trying to figure out how the weapon got on the base. >> william barr met with top officials, a cartel crackdown. the drug cartel is believed to be responsible for the ambush attack in mexico that left 9 americans it including 6 children. >> a voluntary evacuation order issued overnight for people living near the site of a chemical plant explosion in texas. officials say there are elevated chemical levels in the air. after last week's massacre wasn't injured three people. officials urging neighbors to leave as a precaution.
2:31 am
>> mike pompeo meets with the primacy of portugal. the meeting comes one day after pompeo held talks with benjamin netanyahu. leaders vowing to boost defense efforts against iran. >> they are trying to upstage us and the region. we are actively engaged in countering that aggression. the is really american populations keep to that effort. >> netanyahu praise donald trump for increasing pressure and putting tough sanctions on iran. the pentagon shutdown a report about doubling troops in the middle east to counter iran citing us officials, the wall street journal says donald trump is considering sending 14,000 troops overseas. a pentagon spokesman tweeting the reporting is wrong. iran is sending short range missiles to iraq, areas they could reach us troops. the navy stops a potential
2:32 am
threat from iran, the arabian states. a warship intercepting missile parts headed to rebels in human. >> the man acquitted in the killing of treyvon martin filed a lawsuit against the team's family and attorneys, he is the victim of defamation and conspiracy, the suit claims a key witness on the phone with martin before he was shot was an imposter. martin's family says there is no evidence to back his claims. the mom and says he shot and killed the unarmed teen in 2012 in self defense was a starbucks manager fired after an order receipt was labeled pig considering a lawsuit. she said she did not make the label and apologized as soon as she realized what happened which happened on thanksgiving, she thinks she's being used as a scapegoat. >> they terminated me with no cause. starbucks is looking for someone
2:33 am
to take the blame on this. >> kamala harris, the early exit from the 2020 race. one of her democratic colleagues says because the media was unfair to her campaign. >> in this campaign it has been something else. the last few days the article about the new york times, washington post, trashed her campaign. >> does julian castro have a point about holding her to a different standard? does it compare to the coverage we see of the president almost every day. i can't imagine any of the democratic candidate to seen one
2:34 am
iota of the coverage trump gets on a daily basis. >> you can't handle this type of coverage you will not be able to handle prime time for whoever the nominee is. the reality is with senator harris she didn't have a media issue, she had a fundraising issue. are attacking of the med, attacking their own base claiming it is racist, sexist and that is why the campaign didn't continue. republicans are used to identity politics being thrown at them. apparently democrats are throwing them against their own now. jillian: third quarter fundraising and you see the total receipt, you got that number there and the bird rate, 123%. you hear people making excuses for everything and wonder, she is not going to be running for president anymore and numbers speak for themselves.
2:35 am
>> running for office is a hard thing when you are on the state of trying to win a nomination and some of those reports that julian castro, politico, washington post, the new york times doing stories on the harris campaign. what they were focusing on is what people in dc and on the campaign have been hearing for a long time, there was a lot of infighting. individuals on her campaign leaked to the media of problems that were going on. the president doesn't like leaks, this was fair game and it makes me wonder why julian castro and cory booker are making these claims and i wonder if it is because they have not been cleared for the debate stage, they are trying to get a little of the spotlight themselves, get their numbers up so they can be there on december 19th with their fellow democrats. rob: people talk about how she
2:36 am
was a former prosecutor in california talking about smoking pot after she put a lot of people in jail. she was having an identity crisis where she tried to become the funny nicer candidate after people thought she wasn't that and if we look, we talk about the coverage the president has seen since the impeachment inquiry began. this is from major news networks, abc, cbs, msnbc, negative coverage, 96%-40% positive. >> it was ironic after two years a russian collusion story, and people saying it is fair to talk about the president's phone call and determine if there was bad behavior but there are plenty of stories about the president you could say are unfair and twisting the narrative and what we saw with the reporting of kamala harris is fair game.
2:37 am
the reporting is pretty favorable, pretty friendly and to pretend she is funny, laughed at herself more than other people after her trying to show she's just like one of the center didn't play well in the public saw through that. rob: thanks so much. jillian: we love her for being herself. janice dean. >> sometimes it gets me into trouble. feeling a little cool outside. not a big weather maker will make the headlines. a nuisance storm across the great lakes, temperatures in the 20s and 30s cold enough for snow across the northeast. downwind of erie and ontario, a clipper system moving across the
2:38 am
great lakes to the northeast north of new york city, we could see a few snowflakes friday but not a huge deal. future radar will take us to the northwest where they are getting a bit of rain, especially coastal areas toward seattle and the mountain snow. and the sierra. the skiing is going to be good into the weekend and we go through the next 12 hours. mostly sunny in new york city. >> always nice to see you. 38 minutes after the hour. taking aim at facebook. >> imminent threat posed by drug
2:39 am
dealers who secretly use facebook to fuel the engine of gun violence in chicago. rob: new details on aberration facebook and the secrets putting the tech giants under fire. jillian: colin kaepernick's controversial workout end pass with an nfl steel but not for who you may think. tell you about it.
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♪ ♪ ♪
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the calming scent of lavender by downy infusions calm. laundry isn't done until it's done with downy. rob: a border wall project is stopped to keep butterflies it, a judge blocking construction of a privately funded border wall being built near the national butterfly center, the judge says the project could cause irreparable harm to the habitat. the group rebuild the wall hounded by an air force veteran broke ground to support donald trump's push to secure the southern border. >> entering and leaving the us, the oversight council says there are some things that need to be
2:43 am
worked out. >> the big question for us and how the government will protect its data. it is an issue, what are we doing to make sure we decide who is coming in and why we want to coming in and how to do that. >> facial recognition is an american airports. rob: facebook is under fire, the chicago police department is the social media giant is allowing users to sell guns and drugs in hidden groups. jillian: jeff flock has calls to crackdown on illegal activity. >> facebook is harboring criminals. chicago police with tough words for facebook criticizing the social network for allowing users, guns and drugs to invitation-only groups. >> a clear and imminent threat posed by drug and gun dealers
2:44 am
who secretly used facebook to fuel the engine of gun violence in chicago. >> officers from the bureau of organized crime created fake accounts and used them to join hidden groups. the investigation began two years ago, 53 people taken into custody and charged in the latest round of arrests. >> facebook could do more to solve this problem. >> facebook says it works with police and proactively fight illegal gun brings sales. and firearm sales have no place in our platform. we move content and accounts that violate our policy. the company and law enforcement are at odds over facebook policy that removes phony accounts including one set up by undercover officers. the bottom line is offenders are emboldened by a privacy afforded by facebook. and priced high.
2:45 am
>> facebook says it captures 97% of illegal drug sale content and 93% of illegal gun sale content. i am jeff flock. jillian: it is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. beware before your next up to the hair salon. and alarming study links breast cancer to had diane straightening treatment. rob: doctor nicole safire says not to panic, what every woman should know coming up. so what did you get her?
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>> can't wait to tell you what is coming up in the next 12 minutes. i'm going to wear this in 12 minutes. coming up straight ahead we will talk about the eight hours of testimony with four college professors all of which did not vote for donald trump at one of
2:49 am
which opposed the impeachment question with any semblance of nonpartisanship. we will bring you the highlights and low lights, the president heads back to nato, what kind of trip did he have? what does it mean for the alliance? we discuss it with kellyanne conway. john ratcliff asked the question yesterday. he will give his impression of what it was like and where impeachment stands, if there were many closed-door meetings, lawrence jones will talk about how the persistent proceeds overseas, dana lash will talk about gun legislation hitting the supreme court and senator rand paul, where we go legally from here. is the senate ready to take on the trial plus this story. and ohio town, income taxes, hear from the resident who led the movement and the countdown to christmas is on. we have exclusive deals for kids in your life that ship just in time for the holidays. let me urge you as i tossed back to two fine people please get dressed. jillian: thank you.
2:50 am
beware before your next trip to the hair salon because a new study revealed coloring your hair may increase your risk of contracting the disease. radiologist and fox news medical contributor doctor nicole safire, we are talking about breast cancer. these new results that have come out, what do you make of it? >> this is my specialty, breast imaging. these questions asked to me all day long, the nih published data where they took 50,000 women and try to look for associations of environmental factors and increased risk of breast cancer and they showed those with permanent hair dye have an increased risk, 45% increased risk in african american women and those women who used it regularly every 5 to 8 weeks that risk jumped to 60% so it did look like there was an association not just from hair
2:51 am
dye but hair straightening. those chemicals increase the overall risk of 30%. before you stop buying your hair and everyone gets concerned let's pause for a second. everyone already had a family history of breast cancer. that is why does, sister study. that being said, there are 5000 chemicals used in hair products. we don't know which ones. several of them have endocrine districting factors which can lead to breast cancer but we don't know which one. it was hard to say what is happening. there is an association but we can't say what it is. jillian: a lot of studies need to be done. let's look at the numbers, it is not a 60% increased risk of breast cancer from one who used permanent die. breast cancer linked to chemical hair straighteners, 30% increased risk of breast cancer for women who use those as we are not talking about the device
2:52 am
strainer. >> a fad several years ago has formaldehyde in it. formaldehyde is known to cause cancer but these chemicals are in the product we are using and they could absorb the system. jillian: us to breast cancer statistic is one in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer. we are talking about breast cancer in women right now. a lot of men dye their hair. there are questions and there will be studies for years. >> men dye their hair and get breast cancer. we know things you can do to decrease your risk of breast cancer, maintain healthy weight, exercise, limit alcohol and don't smoke tobacco. if you are doing all that -- jillian: thank you for being here. 7 minutes until the top of the hour. can you force students to say the pledge of allegiance in the classroom? one monica wants to.
2:53 am
should students be forced in the first place? did you hear it? a viral sensation for this cat's southern charm. ♪
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. .
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rob: welcome back.
2:57 am
one of the democrats' key impeachment witnesses is apologizing for this comment. >> so while the president can name his son barron, he can't make him a bar barron. [laughter] rob: wasn't that big of a deal bringing up barron trump. melania trump said a minor child deserves privacy and kept out of politics. pamela karlan, you should be ashamed of your very angry and obviously biased public pandering and using a clild to do it. >> i want to apologize for what i said earlier about the president's son. it was wrong of me to do that. i wish the president would apologize, obviously, for the things that he has done that's wrong, but i do regret having said that. rob: there you have it. the president and the first lady were in the u.k. during wednesday's hearing. jillian: a republican lawmaker wants kids it embrace patriotism. john fill more introducing a
2:58 am
bill that would require students that recite the pledge of allegiance in schools across the state. it would amend a current state law that requires schools to set aside time for the pledge, but it does not enforce participation. governor doug ducey told reporters the new proposal is a good idea. rob: thoughts coming in on social media. yes, absolutely i'm for this 100 percent. jillian: another person tweeting if we take the recently added under god out and require a civics lesson to go along with it could be a great idea. rob: shouldn't have to be required and should be done for respect and love of our country. jillian: time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. cat going viral for the meow saying well hi in a southern accent listen closely we will play it a couple times. >> jillian: i kind of hear it. rob: i hear it.
2:59 am
jillian: that's gambino talking to his owner. the video has been viewed over a million times. that's cute. rob: next the bad. a loaded rifle is found inside of a sealed box for a baby bouncer. somebody bought this unopened package at a goodwill store in florida and gave it away as a baby shower gift. the mother and father were shocked when they opened it. they actually said they might keep the gun. i guess why not. jillian: collin kaepernick's workout works nfl deal not him. one of the wide receivers who joined kaepernick last month in georgia was just signed to the washington redskins' practice squad. jordan hats spent last of the two years with six different teams. good for him. rob: there you go. jillian: did you notice the christmas tree that's out front on fox square. rob: part of the. jillian: jill tree lighting part of a fox nation special airing sunday night it is the fox nation "fox & friends" all-american christmas special. the tree is red, white, and
3:00 am
blue very patriotic. if you are around town. make sure you stop on by and check it out. rob: very cool. merry christmas, i'm glad we don't have to watch any hearings today on capitol hill. "fox & friends" starts now. jillian: have a good day. ♪ i got that sunshine in my pocket ♪ got that god sole in my feet ♪ drop ♪ brian: justin timberlake singing. steve: live from new york city december 7th, 6:00 in the morning. emily today. elm imgood morning, guys. thanks so much for having me. brian: are you ready? emily: more than ready. steve: we are so lucky to have a lawyer on the couch because yesterday it was all about the law at the judiciary committee. our lead story this morning democrats say they are all in on impeachment of the president following another 8 and a half hours of testimony on capitol hill. brian: got four s


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