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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  December 5, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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because that stocks tanked. i can't just be one ad. they can go ahead and make another. tom dupree gets a much. >> i'm gonna go out and have a great bike ride. >> we are going to be back on the couch tomorrow at noon eastern. now it is "outnumbered overtime." ♪ >> not bake showdown looming as nancy pelosi announced the house democrats will move ahead with the impeachment. this is "outnumbered overtime," i'm melissa francis in for harris faulkner, who you may have heard is a little under the weather. feel better, harris. speaker pelosi during a dramatic press conference today accused president trump of abusing his power for political gain and violating the u.s. constitution. pelosi said she asked committee chairs to draft articles of impeachment. she said the decision has absolutely nothing to do with
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politics and she rebuked reporters, watch this. >> do you hate the president, madame speaker? >> i don't hate anybody. >> the reason i ask -- >> i don't hate anybody. this is about the constitution of the united states and the fact that leads to the president's violation of oath of office. as a catholic, i resent the use of your word hate that addresses me. i don't hate anyone, i still pray for the president. i pray for the president all the time. don't mess with me when it comes to words like that. >> president trump tweeted in response, nancy pelosi just had a nervous fit. she says she prays for the president, i don't believe her. not even close. the latest in the impeachment hearings, the house judiciary committee will hold another one on monday. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live in capitol hill capitol hill.
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>> all eyes were on the house speaker who gave the signal this morning to move forward. >> with confidence and humility, with allegiance to our founders and a heart full of love for america, today i am asking our chairman to proceed with articles of impeachment. >> the house republican leader countered that democrats and the house of representatives has been focused on impeachment since day one. the sad part about this timeline is they've always had it written, they've never had a case or proof so they had to bring professors in. speaker pelosi spent at least 48 hours and waited until the transcript came forth, america would not have had to go through this nightmare. >> the pelosi announcement coming about 15 hours after the first impeachment hearing and house judiciary wrapped, featuring for legal scholars,
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three arguing the conduct is in peach bowl, one morning rushing impeachment is not wise. the next hearing will be in judiciary were relevant committees will present their findings, today a michigan democrat urged caution. >> as the committee moves forward it needs to be very concise and people need to understand what the issues are and i think that's the most important challenge of the next few days. speak on the senate floor mitch mcconnell blasted house democrats, saying they are obsessed with impeachment. >> there is no legislation, no matter how crucial, that democrats will not obstruct in order to pick fights with his president. our democrat colleagues must understand the national security comes before the resistance. the country cannot afford this new tactic become obsessed over impeachment and obstruct everything else.
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>> clearly frustration building in capitol hill has some issues like national defense authorization, new trade deal with mexico and canada all seem to be in the back burner with impeachment drowning out everything else. melissa. >> usmca. mike emanuel thank you so much, let's bring in fort o'connell former advisor to the mccain palin presidential campaign. and former deputy national press secretary for the national committee. jose, let me start with you. a lot of people are making much about the number of democrats were sitting in districts that were won by president trump, who are going to be on the ballot again and are going to have to vote yea or nay on impeachment. there districts voted for the president, they have to vote to take away that vote or overturn that vote, do you think they are nervous about that? does that make sense to do it? what advice would you give to them. >> my advice would be focused on
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the country. this is about protecting our democracy. this is about defending constitution. i believe that the impeachment inquiry and the issues that the american people are looking to solve, the problems they are looking to solve our separate things. i think we are able to do both. i think candidates, democratic candidates and some of this trump districts that were won by trump come i think they have to be very good and explain and say i care about you, we are going to take care of health care, integration, the economy but we have to make sure this impeachment inquiry continues. it is our responsibility t to do so. >> fort come i think the rebuttal to that might be well, if you've been in office and you said you were going to take care of health care, usmca has been sitting on the docket waiting for a signature and instead you've spent all of your time on impeachment. how can you say that you're going to go out and take care of me and how these other things when i lived on this impeachment?
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>> that's exactly right. the democrats took 31 seats in trump districts because they swore they would do their business. instead we've been investigating trump. jose's point, jonathan turley put a fast yesterday when he says there's been no established crime. this is an impeachment based on rage, not reason. when we look at the polls, no matter what the facts are we know the aide was released and there was no investigation of biden's. we look over the 70 days of this impeachment shame, what we find out his independence by a 15-point margin don't want the president impeached. before this impeachment champ began trump was losing wisconsin, now he's winning wisconsin. this has worked out perfectly for president trump because it is quite clear the american public that nancy pelosi is playing a political game and putting the best interests of the country forward. >> eight do you worry about the political fallout of this for the larger party? i think that opposed to what fortis saying they are, there are people who very much believe the president deserves to be
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impeached and there are people who very much believe that he does not. do you worry about what happens with the national politics? if impeachment is tried and failed he continues as president the next election comes up, how does this work for democrats? pick a look, the american people will decide that next no vendor. i'm not worried. unlike ford i am not worried about the political outcome of this because this is not a political issue. this is about protecting the constitution. this is about protecting our country. maybe for things that bribery is not a crime, it is a crime. some republicans are going to allow and they're going to pardon the president and let him get away with everything. it is absorbed, i think anyone would let me finish. anyone with a fifth grade education and beyond would look at the transcripts with the conversation with president trump and the president of ukraine and they could see there was a crime. i understand that the military aide was released, yes i
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understand that the bidens were not officially investigated because you guys got caught. because this whole thing started. the way that the president has handled this since day one, is truly not surprising. >> it got a onto the second topic, one of the democrats legal experts coming under fire after making a joke by involving the president's 13-year-old's son bear in trump here is the bite. >> the constitution says there can be no titles of nobility so while the president can name his son barron, he can't make him a barren. >> first lady millenia trumpeting back to eating "a minor child deserves privacy and should be kept out of politics. pamela karlan you should be very ashamed of your biased public pandering and using a child to do it up." she did apologize for her remark but those that speak to you how tone -- people can be. she got an applause in front of
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that but would you not think it had about embarrassing the child is not going to go over well in the long run? >> democrats lecture republicans every single day about civility and proper norms for the problem is the rules don't apply to themselves and they dragged a 13-year-old boy into this. solely because they hate donald donald trump. imagine for example a republican witness had said this about the obama children, they would be thrown in jail. it's unbelievable. the democrats basically say because they don't like trump, they hate trump come of the rules don't a plane they do anything they can to get trumpets aside in america. >> here's the apology and i will let jose respond afterwards. >> i want to apologize for what i said earlier, i doubt the presidents son. it was wrong of me to do that, i wish the president would apologize for the things that he's done that is wrong but i do regret having said that. >> jose?
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>> that was wrong, that should not be tolerated. any children, the president's family should be kept away from insults and made fun of. i don't tolerate that for any second. >> thanks to any of you, lots to talk about and i'm sure you will both be back soon. hillary clinton is back in the headlines and what she said on howard stern that is fueling even more speculative asian of a third presidential run. plus the white house prepping for a possible impeachment trial in the senate, where the president is challenging house democrats to pick up the pace. speak of the democrats are foolish enough to actually pass these frivolous articles of impeachment for which they have no evidence and factual basis, we want a trial of the senate, we are ready for a trial in the senate. ♪ as a struggling actor,
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>> melissa: with articles of impeachment looming the white house is looking ahead to a possible trial in the republican-led senate. this morning president trump morning president trump send a message to wells democrats tweeting in part, if you're going to impeach me do it now, fast, so we can have a fair trial in the senate and so that our country can get back to business. we will have schiff, the bidens, and many more testify and we will reveal for the first time how corrupt our system really is. rich edson is live for the white house with more. >> the white house says house democrats are abusing their power, they say they are making a mockery of the law. this is shortly after house speaker nancy pelosi announced house democrats are drafting articles of impeachment against the president. the white house statement goes to say democrats sham impeachment is a plate and purely partisan attempt to overturn the results of a free and fair election.
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by their own admission, democrats say they have to impeach the president because they cannot defeat him at the ballot box. house speaker nancy pelosi maintains that those issues come in little political ones, voters will address those in november. this is a separate process on the separate issue to address on that issue she says is the president by letting his oath of office. >> the president has engaged in abuse of power undermining our national security and jeopardizing the integrity of our elections. sadly, but with confidence and keep humility, with allegiance to our founders and a heart full of love for america, today i am asking our chairman to proceed with articles of impeachment. >> white house officials say they are ready for a trial in the senate, that they want a trial in the senate because they can present their case and what does impeachment process should be about and that is an investigation into the bidens conduct in ukraine.
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>> is joe biden insulated semibecause their fathers running for president kush mckay would think if you're running for president the scrutiny should be higher, not last. if they have nothing to hide then they should be happy to come and testify. >> the former vice president says he refuses to testify voluntarily as part of all of those. he says this is simply a white house ploy to distract from what the issue should be about and that is what he says the president is withholding security assistance from ukraine to get an investigation into his top political opponent, the bidens. >> rich edson, thank you. for more in this let's bring in robert reich, former federal prosecutor. you heard the wish list there, do republicans get that wish list you think? >> the baker signal is because this is a partisan effort in the house of representatives and the president now has clearly signaled that he does not intend
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to participate, his participation will be in the senate where there is going to be a trial if articles of impeachment are favorably reported out of the house judiciary committee and onto the full floor of the house before presumably the end of the year, it is a wish list but what it suggests is that an equal and opposite reaction is going to meet the democrats in the united states senate. if the democrats want to play politics with this regarding impeachment in the house, then what you can expect in the senate is there will be an equal rejoinder there. >> there were other lawmakers on the air earlier that's at the same thing, if you want to go ahead and get over to the senate and get embarrassed you are welcome to. is that what is really going to happen? >> i think the american people have already weighed in and made a judgment that they understand that this is about the election in 2,020. i think they get that. i think what you are going to see is basically in the senate something akin to a not to much
10:19 am
evidence but a campaign event. look, i'm not suggesting that this is not a serious event, it is a serious event. it serious in the house to impeach a president and it will be a serious trial in the senate. anybody that thinks this is not entirely about politics hasn't been paying attention for the last two months. >> melissa: this is the president's defense. in a tweet he said when i sat on my phone call to the president of the ukraine i would like you to do us a favor, though because our country has been through a lot in ukraine knows a lot about it, the word honest is referring to the united states, our country, and then went out the site i would like to have the attorney general call your people, that was based on what i have seen is there big point. it is no point at all except for a big win for me. he goes on. basically, he's saying the word honest, a lot of people have made this point. i would like you to do us a
10:20 am
favor. >> it's i request on behalf of the united states. the president is the president, you don't like it? a look. i think he also makes the point that it's proof that it's about 2016 and the meddling of the past as opposed i would like you to do a favor, help us in 2020 by investigating my opponent. >> is nothing inherently improper about the conduct of an investigation about whether or not there was any illegality by the ukrainians or by the united states by the justice de. the suggestion that the collateral consequence depth that might have some impact on joe biden's campaign is just the way, that's why we have investigations is to find out whether there was anything wrong. kellyanne conway signaled since when does running for president to provide you immunity from investigation or collateral impact with regard to your
10:21 am
campaign question like the short answer is it doesn't. i'm not suggesting that either he or his son did anything wrong but that's what you have investigations to determine. regarding the call, if the president makes a request that as well short of a demand that would be one that the law would recognize as an illegal quid pro quo to a foreign government. >> melissa: we certainly saw three lawyers that disagreed yesterday, we will see. thank you. speak i guess that's what happens when you put a bunch of lawyers in a room. >> melissa: it's pretty much their job. young's getting heated between joe biden end and i love voter, this just in attic campaign event biden ended up calling that a vote or a liar. were going to show you this exchange and we are turning it around, it just happened. plus hillary clinton once again fueling rumors of a 2020 bed. what a recent big interview of hers could mean. ♪
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10:27 am
>> you're a liar man, that's not true. nobody's ever said that. you saw it on the tv, i know you do. by the way i'm not sedentary. let him go. if you want to check my shape, let's do push-ups. that's do whatever you want to do. >> melissa: that same and also telling biden he's too old to be president, at which point biden challenged him to a push-up contest. i think that's what the last part was. fort o'connell and jose aristimuno back. what did you think of that? >> joe biden is frustrated. is in danger of losing the nomination. his fourth and i one is not doing very well in new hampshire. i hate to break it to joe biden, when it comes to hunter biden it's not just money from china and ukraine profiting off his office as vp, under bidens a tire adult life since he was 26 has been bought and paid for going back to his thinking career in delaware.
10:28 am
guess what, there's a lot more there than in china and ukraine. joe biden if he does become the nominee is going to have to defend him. basically it's enriching yourself off your public office. >> there was that exchange come at the same time three former high-ranking obama officials came out and have endorsed pete buttigieg, has that been a tough day for joe biden? >> he just got endorsed by john kerry. good for vice president joe biden for defending himself. good for him. i'm sure he would win on a push-up challenge probably to me and ford and anybody else. the guy's tough guy. look, so what ford was saying about joe biden being afraid of losing the nomination come if you look at the national polls he is ahead it is favorable. he is probably one of the most electable candidates against
10:29 am
donald trump. i think the republicans are the ones who are afraid. the republicans are like i wish i didn't have a candidate so problematic like president tru president trump. >> jose just mentioned this so i want to show it to everybody, john kerry endorsing biden today tweeting proud head back to i want tomorrow to campaign with my friend joe biden. i'm not endorsing joe because i've known them for so long but because i know him so well. he is ready on day one to put back together for the country and the world that donald trump has broken apart. ford, how do you respond to that and what jose said about, the matter what happens joe biden continues to lead in the polls. >> he's leading in the national polls, he's not leading in the first two nominating contests. if he has a poor showing there it might carry over to south carolina. we know how momentum works and it's a long time from iowa to south carolina. the fact that john kerry, who by the way lost the presidency come indoors joe biden just meant
10:30 am
that once news fast is joining another. joe biden has a real chance at the nomination but right now it's is to lose and he's finding great ways to blow it. >> jose, what about that? if he doesn't win the first two states it does seem like super tuesday would be a big lay up for him but how much damage does it do if he doesn't win iowa or new hampshire? >> look, i'm very optimistic that joe biden is going to come and if not first, he might come a close second. i think it will do just fine in iowa and he will do just fine in nevada and moving on. we can't just come if we learned anything, if we learned anything in 2016, polls don't always tell you the truth. >> everybody likes to say them in a whole lot today. hillary clinton mcnair first every her appearance on the howard stern show, saying she regrets not appearing in is showing 201 2016 and better prioritizing or media appearances. a new york post columnist calling it the biggest hit yet that she is mulling is mulling 2020 run. it is hillary talking about that
10:31 am
loss. >> obviously i was crossed, i was disappointed, and i was really surprised because i couldn't figure out what had happened. i ran for president because i love the country and i wanted to serve this country. i thought i would've been. >> melissa: between the center interview with the bbc, which she really did sound i thought for the first time like she was very serious about running this time around, what is your take? >> i don't think she's going to run. i think it's too late. even michael bloomberg jumped into this thing way too late. i like hillary and i think she would've been a phenomenal president. a lot better than president trump will ever be. at the end of the day i think it's too late for her to enter this race. fort come are there enough democrats in the race? pickle obviously everyone thinks it's an open nomination and it may well be if they reach a broker convention but when it comes to hillary it's quite clear, she can't let go of the past and if that opening their she's going to take advantage. if she manages to get the nomination and brokerage convention there will be held to
10:32 am
play in the democratic party and donald trump will be reelected. >> melissa: dunham thinks think the both of you. on the growing search for answers after a deadly shooting in hawaii's pearl harbor naval yard, why authorities are saying to now. plus democrats now facing controversy over the lack of diversity at the upcoming debate after his son at her kamala harris and her campaign. we will discuss the impact. ♪ hi i'm joan lunden.
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>> i'm just going to say it plain come at the problem that we now have an overall campaign for the 2020 presidency that has more building the areas in it people. >> 2020 democrat cory booker today in iowa on the impact of senator kamala harris is exit this week from the 2020 race. fellow candidate, julian castro, also slamming the lack of diversity among candidates side to take the stage of the mask's
10:37 am
democratic debate. tweeting "the media's flawed formula for electability has pushed aside women and candidates of color. our parties diversity is our strength and it's a shame that we are headed for a december debate without a single person of color." josh kraushaar's politics editor for the national journal. what do you think about this? >> here's an uncomfortable truth for both cory booker and julio castro. photos of all races and backgrounds were not that entered them. african-americans didn't support and still didn't support cory booker's campaign according to all the national and state bowls. castro didn't build much support in the hispanic community despite being the only latino on the stage during debates. the reality of the primary is that joe biden is in the lead because he is dominating with african-american voters and bernie sanders is doing as well as he has because he is doing well with hispanic voters, especially in the early state of nevada and even in california.
10:38 am
it's the nonwhite voters were going to the white candidates in the race and it's not because of any racism or bigotry among democratic voters. >> melissa: what does it say about the preferences about democratic voters? that say maybe they would push back and say maybe they are not ready for another candidate of color. kamala harris, might say maybe they're not ready for a black woman. does it say nothing about the voters? >> here's another uncomfortable truth for a lot of democrats, african-american voters come who make up the base of the party, aren't lot more moderate than your average twitter users and a lot more african-americans like biden because of his pragmatism and because he isn't quite as liberal as kamala harris ran her campaign when she was in the race and cory booker and julian castro. they actually like candidates that are more pragmatic and more electable in a general election. there was a miscalculation by a lot of these candidates, especially kamala harris who is no longer in the race, that at
10:39 am
the base of the parties to the left. african-american voters are actually one of the more moderate constituencies in the party and they didn't like the message that she was touting. >> that's an interesting divergence and a lot of other people have made that point that while the party is far left, that's not where voters of color actually are. that could be one of the things that is possibly dividing this party here. senator harris' exit left of the possibility, if we look at it visually, of what would be an all-white debate on the stage on december 19th. these are the six democrats who have qualified so far. cory booker says it is also pushed women aside but certainly you see two women there on stage as well where this goes along with the talk about now drafting kamala harris to potentially be a vp. we heard a lot of glowing remarks from some of the candidates bringing her on board. what do you think about that?
10:40 am
does it say that it is your skin that it makes you valuable? is that insulting? >> i think the timing of kamala harris is withdrawal means that she does want to be considered and she think she is a leading candidate to be someone like joe biden's running mate and having a racial balance and a gender balance on a ticket makes political sense for whoever becomes the democratic nominee. harris may not have been a good presidential candidate but she is a prosecutor. usually that running mate role is the attack dog, the person that goes on the trail and attacks for the president. i think her skill set is well-suited for that running mate role. i don't think she was a good candidate, she misread the politics of the democratic primary. i do think she fits a lot of boxes for that role. >> ironically african-american voters didn't support her in part because of her role as a prosecutor. joe biden's constituency is made up of people who might not actually like her.
10:41 am
if you comes on as a vp come i don't know. it's an interesting question. let me ask you about joe biden tweeting out a new attack ad showcasing the video of nato allies poking fun at the president trump. the former vp is saying the world is laughing out front because they know he's "incapable of world leadership." the president firing back thing is a great relationship with america's allies. how effective do you think joe biden's new attack ad is? >> it is on. biden wants to make this a general election race and that's what that ad was trying to do. i think it's an effective ad in the primary for democrats who are looking for in electable leader, somebody who can be president trump. i think it does that job. it's also a risk that if that's the message and the general election if biden gets there, a lot of democrats want to hear about bread-and-butter issues where they want to hear but the economy, they want to hear about health care. that kind of message focuses more at the elites and hillary clinton made that the statements taken in 2016. she thought people hated trumpet
10:42 am
nobody would vote for him. it didn't enter the election. i thought after the primary biden will be much more focused on general election issues. >> melissa: josh think you so much. we want to let the audience know right now, president trump is currently attending a luncheon with the permanent representative of the u.n. security council. this is the united states assumes the presidency of the security council at the united nations, the president inside and there is a pool camera with him as well and we understand that he is making comments that he has talked about impeachment. hard to imagine that he would encounter a camera and that wouldn't come up. let's listen in now. >> thank you all very much. it's moving along very well. >> what does that mean?
10:43 am
>> president trump: we will have to see. we are having very major discussions. on december 15 something could happen but we have not discussed that you have. we are having very discussions with china however. >> are you worried about what this might do for your legacy? >> not at all. it's a hoax. >> officials are saying that you are considering sending more troops to the middle east because of a threat. >> whatever we do we will announce. there might be a threat, you know if there is is right it will be met very strongly. we will be announcing whatever we may or not be doing. >> what would you like to see the u.n. doing in regards to iran? >> the u.n. has been involved very much with us. we are already dealing with the u.n. in dealing very well with the u.n. they are very much involved with respect to iran and other things. thank you all very much.
10:44 am
>> melissa: that was the president quickly with the u.n. security council, probably the most important thing he said there was about china trade. he mentioned december 15th, that's when the next round of tariffs is supposed to go into effect on china. he said something may happen, we will see. he sounded like maybe not. markets are going to be replaying that i'm listening to the nuance in that conversation. a major new threat expecting the shipment. this is the pentagon pushes back on the report about more troops
10:45 am
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>> a new study showing americans are giving less to charity, but is not about money. that's coming up next at 2:00 p.m. on the daily briefing. >> melissa: "the new york times" reports iran is building an arsenal of short range ballistic missiles in iraq. part of a wider effort to assert its power in the region. in the meantime, "the wall street journal" reporting the white house could send additional military assets to the middle east, including up to 14,000 more troops to counter the iranian regime. a pentagon spokesperson pushing faxing the reporting is not accurate. joining me now, retired four-star general, jack keane, and fox news senior strategic analyst. we don't have a lot of time, let
10:50 am
me get your take first on the troop movement. what do you take on that? >> the pentagon does not agree and that is the full story. i expect there are some additional trips that are moving in that direction, particularly if it's accurate that there is more missiles being put into iraq, there is likely more missile defense systems that are being provided to the region and maybe some more formal deployment of naval forces as well. the iranian still have a playbook that they are exercising. they have never been in a situation like this where they have hundreds of thousands of people come out 170 cities demonstrating against them in iran where they have people demonstrating against them in iraq because they influence that government in the same thing in lebanon. they are back on their heels in a way that i have not seen before. viewing the video that we are showing next year face it is astonishing what is going on in iran. we learned today that the death toll is odd a thousand? who knows what the real number
10:51 am
is. are they losing control? >> i don't think they are losing control but most definitely in the 40 years that they have been running the regime, they have never had such wholesale disagreement with what is taking place. they are maintaining control with their guns, melissa, sadly to say. they are clearing the streets. i thousands of data estimated by the state department now. probably another thousand or so also wounded and 8-10000 in jail houses. they will do everything that they can to stay in power. if it takes using more guns than what they've already displayed, they will do it. >> melissa: what do you think about this report, u.s. warship intercepting ballistic missile parts that were heading from iran to yemen? >> this is at the heart of the objection of the people in iran, that the iranians are spending their priorities on resourcing meet their proxy wars that are being conducted throughout the
10:52 am
middle east. yemen being one of them. that is their priority. periodically we have intercepted these missiles not only to their but also to lebanon. the israelis have done much the same thing. as a result of that is, those are their priorities number one, and taking care of the people is a very distant priority but is coming home to roost. >> melissa: general jack keane, thank you for your time. a new survey showing job seekers have a much harder time getting hired if they support president trump. brian kilmeade is here with his take and a whole lot more. mortgage rates just dropped to near 50-year lows. yeah, and one call to newday usa can save you $2,000 every year. and once you refinance, the savings are automatic. thanks to your va streamline refi benefit, at newday there's no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. that's right, so activate your va benefit now. cause one call can save you $2000 every year. every year.
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@,hq ,l b#(
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>> melissa: you could have a harder time getting a job if you are a trump supporter. i bet that is not a surprise. according to a new survey showing that on one in five left-leaning bosses won't hire you if you back the president. once more, a majority of hiring managers now want to know
10:57 am
applicants political views on hot button issues like race and immigration. so now with this new book, sam houston and the alamo avengers. cohost of "fox & friends" brian kilmeade. i pause for a second. does this surprise you at all about the hiring? >> a couple of things. i know that we know and most people know that you don't walk in with a hat that says make america great again. but they do, one in five bosses will not hire somebody if they know you are a trump supporter. so how do you know? social media. if you are active or volunteer somewhere or appear somewhere, they will put two and two together. that is a 20% chance you won't get hired because of who you follow politically even though you might have the education in the background. what i thought was fascinating, 9% of right-leaning bosses will not hire you if you are a chum person. but 2-1 margin if you are a
10:58 am
right-leaning boss, you will hire a trump person. >> melissa: is that legal? can you not hire somebody because of their political beliefs? >> judge napolitano offered to come on with me, and i said i could handle it myself. but you don't say, i am not hiring you. what you say is -- i know how to get a hold of you, is this your resume, are these your numbers? that's it. >> melissa: you just keep it off social media? you don't express your views anywhere you go undercover like the people in my building who watch us and get on the elevator and whisper. i know who you are, i watch her show. and they are afraid that somebody is going to hear them. admitting that they watch fox news. >> did you tell them that you are in america, and you can have a point of view and it is okay to support a fellow american who happens to be a successful anchor down the block. >> but not a successful author like you with your fantastic book. >> you have fantastic books as well. and i can sign books in
10:59 am
new york city, but i will be up against later today if i can beat the traffic at 6:00 and get over to wake forest. >> melissa: in new jersey. to tell me about the book. >> well, sam houston is an american we don't give enough attention to, 60 years after the first revolution, we had another. he did this horrible thing to americans. they try to take freedom and liberty away, and those were fighting words, and they took him on. what happened was a period of nine months, even though i studied it for two years, i am still in awe of. it is an incredible victory that makes no sense, but in the end america would not be the same if san houston was able to marshal together tough americans including davy crockett and others and put together one of the most incredible victories in american history. because it was americans fighting. it happened in 18 minutes, finish them off in two hours and captured santa ana. if i wrote this as a novel, you would say, brian, you can do this, nobody will believe it. and if you are a texan, you know
11:00 am
it, but if you are not, the other 49 states need to know it. because they all reported for duty when it was time for texas. >> melissa: you know when the show is over, and that's why you are wrapping. your book is fantastic. america loves all of your books and history. that is there for us. thank you for watching. i am melissa francis. here is julie banderas. >> julie: think you, melissa. impeachment is on. nancy pelosi asking speakers to move forward with their impeachment or president trump. scheduling a new hearing for monday parade hello, everyone prayed i am julie banderas and for dana perino today. and this is "the daily briefin briefing." ♪ so pelosi calling on the panel to draw up articles of impeachment. the judiciary committee holding its first public hearing yesterday after receiving a 300 page report from the intelligence folks. at the judiciary committee scheduling its next hearing for monday. pelosi saying the president


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