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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  December 6, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PST

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will find a -- >> we have a yankee fan somewhere in the building. please sign derek cole. >> yankee fans want you to get somebody. great cause. >> bill: thank you, guys, good morning. everybody. breaking news now we're learning the shooter on base at the naval air station in pensacola, florida is now dead. a shelter in place order has been given as we say good morning. split broadcast today. i'm bill hemmer live in simi valley, california. sandra, good morning to you back in new york. >> sandra: good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith in new york city. we can confirm there is no longer an active shooter situation in pensacola. the shooter has been confirmed dead and one of the hospitals in the area says it received five patients. reports of as many as 10
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injured. we're still learning more. phil keating is live in florida with the latest on that. >> good morning. dramatic situation going on within the past hour in pensacola, florida. a huge military footprint for the united states pentagon. this active shooter apparently started firing this morning. we have been confirmed with the police, sheriff's department. the shooter is now dead. according to local media reports five people have been taken to a local hospital there with injuries. but the only fatality that we are aware of at this point is the shooter. at first there were wondering whether there were more than one active shooter. turns out at this point it looks like there is just one active shooter. it is a very big air station, home to the blue angels. and 16,000 navy personnel work there as well as roughly 7,000
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civilian workers. local reports are showing that the gates are still closed to the naval air station. but details now still emerging in this dramatic case here in northwest florida. back to you. >> sandra: phil keating as we learn more we'll bring it to everyone. thank you. bill. >> bill: meanwhile, sandra, fox news alert on a strong november jobs report. this was a blow-out. the u.s. economy adding 266,000 jobs, unemployment falling to a 50-year low. 3.5%. those numbers well past expectations. pointing to a strong opening of the stock market amid global optimism on the u.s./china trade battle. a lot more coming up on this with maria bartiromo coming up shortly here. in the meantime you have this news from washington the latest on capitol hill. house speaker nancy pelosi calling on the judiciary committee to proceed with
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drafting articles of impeachment against president trump. a hearing now set for monday. the same day we're expecting the i.g. report an the origins of the russia investigation. the announcement getting huge reaction from the white house and republicans. while democrats maintain this is not about politics. >> with the speaker announcement she has weakened this nation. they always had this pre-written timeline from the day they got sworn in. >> we really shouldn't be considering the political implication for the 2020 election. some people say it hurts the democrats. our first obligation is to the oath we swore to the constitution. if we can't uphold that then we aren't worthy of the offices we hold. >> that hearing was a joke. it was embarrassing. i have to be honest, this morning i thought nancy pelosi would come out and say hey, we made a mistake, let's get to work. i think there will be a lot of dems hurt here. >> this isn't about politics at all.
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it's about patriotism. it's about honoring our oath of office. >> bill: want to bring in the former house speaker newt gingrich. a response is expected by 5:00 today from the white house whether or not they'll participate next week or the week after. what do you think they'll say on that? >> well, my guess is they'll say no. the whole thing is a joke. it is frankly very, very close to what clarence thomas once described as a modern day lynch mob. i think jonathan turley, the professor who voted against trump but who nonetheless came back and testified the other day that of all the two impeachments that occurred. nixon and johnson is the weakest of the three. lowers the prestige of the house and the house is abusing
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power. turley is a democrat. as an expert i think he outlined exactly what we're up against and really on the eve of christmas it is really sad to see the dishonesty and the partisanship that the house democrats are displaying. >> bill: let me show you something from last night on cnn town hall. speaker was there nancy pelosi. you were there in 1998 with bill clinton and how she characterized his case. >> some of these same people are saying this doesn't rise to impeachment. or that right there impeaching bill clinton for being stupid in terms of something like that. i mean, i love him. i think he was a great president but being stupid in terms of that. >> bill: what do you make of that characterization? >> total dishonest lie and she knows it is a lie. we had 11 counts on which clinton was found guilty by an
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independent counsel in a report. zero counts of guilty for trump. 11 counts of guilty. one of those counts was perjury, a felony for which you can go to jail. clinton himself lost the right to practice law in arkansas. paid the woman who is suing him over $800,000. this was never about sex in the oval office. it was about the rule of law and whether or not the president could commit perjury. by the way, what's ironic, there was a sexual harassment lawsuit in which today's environment he would have been drummed out of office by the liberals. nancy pelosi last night deliberately and methodically lied to the american people. >> bill: mr. speaker, thank you for your time. more breaking news. we'll speak again very soon. >> sandra: the situation at the naval air station in pensacola. as we reported, the shooter is confirmed dead. it is no longer an active shooter situation. we're learning more on the
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injured and now one confirmed death in all this. there is a tweet from the navy that came out confirming one additional fatality has been confirmed. unknown number of injured people being transferred to local hospitals. so far we've had one hospital confirm that they have received five injured. various reports including the associated press reporting 10 people have been injured and taken to area hospitals. the latest update from the navy just now confirming the active shooter is deceased and there is one fatality. so as we learn more on this situation, we will bring that to you. bill, if you want to jump in, we learned this around 8:00 this morning the active shooter situation. we knew that the base went into lockdown. this is the naval air station in pensacola. but as we know now, one death, shooter confirmed dead and we're still waiting to see how many have been injured. >> bill: went across an hour
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ago. your heart sinks and you hope for the best. as we sort our way through the facts it was phil keating who came on a few moments ago saying how quickly it moved. we're only an hour into this. as we get more we'll bring it to you. we'll bring on a retired nypd detective in a moment to try to figure out what the base calls were at the moment and what they're doing now and hope to hear from the military to bring us up to date. >> sandra: rob o'donnell is joining us now by phone. if you could weigh in on what we've learned so far is happening at the naval air station in pensacola as one person has been confirmed kill. we await more information. >> 7:25 this morning i received a phone call from a family member who was assigned to naval station pensacola who heard the gunfire and entering the building the gunfire was taking place in. he reached out to me knowing i train nationally on what they should do at this point because i train on active shooters.
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it appears the shooting took place at the pre-flight indoctrination building. it trains its pilots in the pipeline at this location, 10 to 12,000. they do the training. this is the area of the building that this shooting took place in. >> sandra: so you've been in correspondence with someone on site this morning and you have family at the naval air station in pensacola? >> i received the phone call from my family who heard the shots. they heard a dozen shots in total and were instructed to evacuate to the parking area. at the present time they're still looking. this is a secure building. cell phones aren't allowed in the building. anyone in the building wouldn't have a cell phone. contacting anyone in the building is becoming difficult at this point. at the present time the building is still surrounded and the base is still on lockdown. they are starting to interview witnesses what they heard and saw. and looking for secondary
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threats just in case. >> sandra: three medical helicopters according to the pensacola news journal were in route a short time ago. several military ambulances have been spotted in the area. they're scanning traffic, helicopters above the scene to figure out what the situation is there. rob, if you could, what exactly was the situation described to you at that moment when you got that phone call? >> being it a family member it is concerning. what their safety was at the time and what they were trying to do. at that time they were trying to evacuate the building. people were just coming in for their workday at this point. cars were flowing into the parking area. they ran to the parking area when they heard the shots and people running out of the building to direct traffic away from the building and parking area. the navy security forces ended up on scene. unknown who the shots came from. like i said, it was a total of about a dozen shots heard
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throughout the morning. and then the local florida authorities ended up showing up surrounding the building and moving everyone to the parking area, which is probably about a half mile away at that point. >> sandra: as a retired nypd detective and looking at the situation of a naval air station in pensacola, what would be the correspondence with local officials on the ground there considering this happened at a military base? >> they train jointly for situations like this. the naval security forces are outstanding and trained precisely for these things but they try to train hand in hand with the local authorities. which you'll see on this event. there were hundreds of cops there at this point from all around that area. naval security forces, f.b.i. and other ncis are en route wherever they're based in washington at this point. the training is very standard operating procedure. training with the local authorities being it's a naval base or not.
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the fact it was a secure environment, secure base and secure building and the shooter possibly made their way into the building should concern everyone. >> sandra: update of the situation we were made aware of within the last hour to recap, the u.s. navy put out an alert that they went into lockdown tt naval air station in pensacola saying we're aware of a reports of an active shooter situation at naval air station pensacola. they said more information would follow. what we learned they put the entire base into lockdown and then within just the last few minutes an update came out the active shooter situation ended with the shooter now deceased. that the navy confirming that. also within the past few moments one additional fatality was confirmed. unknown number of injured so far. but they have been transferred to area hospitals, at least one hospital confirmed they received five injured from the naval base there.
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also and update coming into us from florida governor ron desantis we're actively monitoring the shooting at naval air base pensacola. offering our full support to law enforcement. the governor responding there as well. rob, are you getting any new information? >> at this time the building is still surrounded. they're starting to interview witnesses and still looking for secondary threats. the base is still on lockdown. again there are several people in the building, friends of my family members that were in the building at the time of the shooting they're attempting to locate at this time and hearing there are so many injured is concerning. >> sandra: keep us posted, rob. our best to you and your family. thank you. >> thank you. >> bill: just watching this here the navy just tweeting out about seven minutes ago we passed this onto the viewers, active shooter is deceased, one additional fatality being reported. the disturbing number here is the unknown number of injured people who are now being
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reported on that base. it was earlier when the atf sent out this information. the field office responding to a shooter there. search of the buildings being conducted. no confirmed word of the total number of injured. want to bring the former chief of police. we talk to you many times about these matters but share with our viewers now, sir, what's happening on that base. >> good news is that looks like they've quickly contained the threat. that still will play out for a number of hours here. i would encourage anyone watching this on tv if you're on the base, please text your relative and let them know you're safe so they can lower their anxiety level. law enforcement will go through and make sure there are no other actors in this and make sure there are no potential threats, chemical i.e.ds or other biological agents left by the individual. with the recent event at the navy facility in pearl harbor i
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assume f.b.i. is putting a team together to make sure there is no connection between these two individuals and these are two one-off events. we want to make sure there is no coordinated event that might have occurred between individuals who knew each other here. >> bill: to be clear you aren't drawing a connection between the two. how would you determine that there is no connection? >> not at all. the fact that two navy personnel have engaged of active shooter events is something we want to run down to make the sure there is no connection. to be abundantly clear. there is no connection. if they have communications on cell phones or computers together, if they belong to any groups and dispel that to make sure there isn't a bigger threat here. >> bill: two weeks ago you were with us in the shooting in the state of california. what you were describing to us
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is you've toured the country trying to get emergency officials to put out information in 15-minute intervals. why is that so important in this day today? >> it is critical to keep the tension down and we don't have mistakes made where we have blue on blue issues and people responding in crisis the way they shouldn't. if you know the shooter is down, sometimes there is a hesitancy to confirm it. we want to get that information out to the public to take a general sigh of relief. focus on the victims and getting them the services they need but getting that information out as quickly as possible helps everybody come back to normal and restore the process as quickly as possible and make sure we don't have a bigger situation there. i applaud the officials getting this -- >> bill: seems they're following your advice. the florida governor sent out a message, the u.s. navy sent out a message, atf. they're taking the advice
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you're giving them. >> it is something we've been talking in law enforcement circles and law enforcement training team to be sharing that. law enforcement first responders realize communication is key in these crises to get accurate information and get it out as quickly as possible. we don't want 4,000 family members going to the area to see if their loved ones are okay. by having people on the base that might be still locked down these usually end in 5 to 7 minutes. by them texting family members and letting them know they're okay we don't have to worry about secondary concerns where law enforcement doesn't have hoards of people and impacting the safety of the event. >> bill: if you remember two weeks ago the california shooting that let the parents know there was a meeting area here the school. how important is that for family members who are not on the base at this point? >> it's critically important. a lot of times these events unfortunately the notification to the victims' families has
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been clunky and has not been the best we could. so having a reception area and having professionals to help the family as they figure out what exactly went on. if their loved ones are involved or not is paramount to this and i'm sure officials are pulling that together as we speak. >> bill: daniel, thank you for your input there by telephone from boston, massachusetts. we can confirm the shooter is dead and it appears based on some of the reporting, sandra, an additional death has been confirmed. there are multiple people who have been injured. a firm number not sure at the moment. as oftentimes in case like these the numbers change and change rapidly. hopefully that's not the case here in pensacola. >> sandra: the navy confirmed an unknown number of people have been injured. this was an active shooter situation. that's ended. the shooter is now deceased. the navy also confirming that. those are the details we have
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>> sandra: an update on the situation happening in pensacola, florida. we want to bring in johnny joy jones. bomb technician and he was stationed at this base in pensacola. thank you for joining us, what can you tell us about what we've learned so far and what we've seen this morning. >> good morning. i went to eod school there and administrative offices in pens coal ya. i don't want people to speculate as to things like motive and things of that nature. as a wounded veteran and someone who has been active helping veterans for seven years the speculation starts pouring on social media as post traumatic stress but we have no clue why it has happened in two places in about as many days. >> sandra: absolutely. we know very little detail other than the fact the active shooter is dead. there has been one confirmed fatality by the u.s. navy. we don't know anything about those individuals yet and we know that there has been a hospital, local hospital report that they have received five
6:24 am
injured. the navy says we don't know the total number of injured yet. but what would a situation be -- what would this be like at this base, joey, knowing it so well as an active shooter situation and the entire base goes into lockdown. there is preparations for this. >> yeah, they have a big military retired community around it and so do most big bases. the thing to keep in mind there are a lot of people aboard these bases at any given time that aren't active military or their wives or dependents have i.d. cards. when something like this happens it's important to lock the base down, to have communication with those that are active duty to get them to stay where they are or get them to a secure location that you can hold accountability. the first thing that will happen across the base is accountability. head count, knowing who you have and where they are and
6:25 am
that they're safe and also that they aren't a part of the threat. that will happen actually really quickly. this base trains some of the best fighter pilots in the world. there are billions of dollars of planes and equipment there not to mention military personnel that are very important to us in the military because of what they can do. so accountability of equipment, locking down. there are installations within installations. the flight line where the airplanes, where the fighter pilots train may have a fence around that within the air station. so there will be a chain reaction of locking it down so the quick reaction force and police force can do their job and do it safely without the fear of blue on blue or green on green however you want to say it perceiving someone as a threat who is just wanting the get out of the way. i was a quick reaction force in pearl harbor. they train extensively and all the other assets on the base
6:26 am
and do a really good job. i don't know the details for this. to make an educated assumption it is a fantastic job on this and the threat got eliminated as soon as possible. >> sandra: a little bit about the base itself. it employs more than 16,000 military and 7400 civilian personnel. that's according to its own website. one of the navy's most historic and storied bases. we are talking to johnny joey jones. you were stationed there at one point and you have knowledge of what it looks and feels like around there. we are looking at an aerial image of the air station. i want to tell you right now what you immediately brought up is something that our pentagon reporter lucas tomlinson is reminding us of. no connection has been made to this. but this is coming days after the sailor fatally shot two people and injured a third before turning the gun on himself in the pearl harbor naval yard.
6:27 am
keep it in context but no connection has been made. >> not at all. that's the thing. the thing to understand our military lives by a code of honor and we're very stringent to it and have a brotherhood and sister hood we connect with. at the end of the day we're human beings. sometimes they do things that don't make sense sometimes. it's important to me that anything like this happens, the public perception isn't oh, these service members are coming from from war doing terrible things. statistically it's not the case. for me that's what's most important to point out as early as possible especially since we don't have any information on this. so that's just really important for me. >> sandra: very little information still coming from the navy on this as they're still dealing with the situation on the ground in florida. johnny joey jones, thank you very much. back to bill in california. >> bill: just looking at this naval air station here is the base for the blue angels. many of our viewers well familiar with that flying group.
6:28 am
it is considered the cradle of naval aviation. if you are interested in being are in military aviation either for the u.s. navy, marines or coast guard, if you are pursuing a career, in all likelihood the initial primary stop and training base will be here in pensacola. with regard to pearl harbor, that was two days ago. you know have two shootings on a naval base within three days of each other. at pearl harbor two civilian employees were killed. the shooter then turned the gun on himself. took his own life. age 22. the motive as of late last night still hadn't been determined there in hawaii. bill gavin by telephone. former chief executive for the f.b.i. in new york, miami, denver, extensive experience. what is happening on that base as we speak? >> bill, as most folks have said it is a complete lockdown on the base now. one of the things best to keep in mind is that it not only has
6:29 am
numerous military personnel, it also has a number of civilian personnel assigned to that base. so until they kind of figure out who the shooter was it could have been a military person or it could very well have been a civilian as well. those are the kinds of things you have to look out for. the various law enforcement agencies that will be involved, ncis, naval investigative service will be there. the personnel and military police, f.b.i., atf, everybody will be involved in trying to resolve this as rapidly as possible. the base will be locked down until such time as they can clear it and let people get back to their normal routine. until they can figure this all out it will be locked down pretty well. >> bill: dan was telling us about the communication given to the public and families. what is your feeling on that and how well are we doing? >> i think they'll do a pretty good job at it. but until they identify the
6:30 am
personnel they aren't going to make that information available publicly until they've identified the families of the people involved there. they usually do a pretty darn good job at it, at notifying the family and getting everybody brought up to speed at a very early date. >> >> bill: marco rubio, just spoke to the air station. we're closely monitoring events. please pray for everyone impacted by this horrible situation. a situation we should point out that isn't clear at the moment as to why it happened or the extent of what happened. reports of several injured. we'll get an update from the air station when we continue our coverage here on this breaking news friday of "america's newsroom."
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>> bill: 6:34 in california on the west coast. up to date on major headline. one person shot and killed. shooter is dead as well on base at the naval air station. there are reports of several injuries as we look for more facts as to what is happening in the florida panhandle. i mentioned california. we're coming to you live today from the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley. a big event today and tomorrow that will cover the weekend. the fox news channel teams up with the library and the reagan
6:35 am
defense forum to bring a series of interviews and round table discussions on the state of the world as only president reagan would want it. you see that 707 behind me? that's on loan from the u.s. air force. a beautiful piece of aircraft. we'll go inside a bit later today during our program and point out some of the remarkable history that plane has seen around the world and here at home as well. what it meant to the 40th president also. and then coming up tomorrow, sandra, we'll have the secretary of defense mark esper in an exclusive interview here on fox and fox nation. we'll have robert o'brien, the national security advisor to the president. he will conclude his remarks later on saturday. james mattis is here as well. between the channel and fox nation we'll be bringing viewers some of the big decision makers on defense and issues around the world. it will be an exciting weekend. that's the reason we're here today. given the breaking news in florida we'll get back to it in a moment. we want to let our viewers know
6:36 am
why we're on the west coast. back to you in new york, sandra. >> sandra: we look forward to hearing more from there. other big news that we're following for you as democrats move full steam ahead with impeachment. house judiciary chairman jerry nadler giving the white house a deadline of 5:00 p.m. today to reconsider cooperating with the democrats' investigation in the house. on monday the house judiciary committee will hold its second public impeachment hearing. monday the justice department's i.g. report on potential fisa abuse will be released and i.g. horowitz will testify on wednesday about the report. robert wray, former independent counsel and former federal prosecutor. just another week we anticipate. >> a very busy monday. >> sandra: it will be something. first today and the white house has a deadline, jerry nadler set 5:00 p.m. today they have to let the committee know whether or not they are going
6:37 am
to cooperate with the investigation? >> mixed signals. if i had to guess i would say that since this appears to be a foregone conclusion, my educated guess is they won't participate. the foregone conclusion that there will be -- the president will be impeached and a vote before christmas. >> sandra: well, that makes next week all the more interesting. monday morning we'll see what happens. we spoke to the white house yesterday. they indicated that there would be some sort of announcement from the white house on perhaps on the level of participation with the ongoing investigation in the house as the i.g. report is set to be released. we'll hear from horowitz. he will speak monday and testify on wednesday. so how do you anticipate this all comes into play? >> i think what -- i would be particularly looking on monday with the release of that report for information about how high up into the obama justice department it went in
6:38 am
connection with the authorization for electronic surveillance against the trump campaign. of those who knew that there were problems with the steele dossier and that it was politically motivated. and those individuals are going to be held to account at least in the court of public opinion as a result of the release of that report. it is hard to say what the contours of that exactly will look like but we've already had some information about an f.b.i. lawyer who altered a document that was used in reliance on that fisa warrant. i think there are mixed signals about whether or not michael horowitz thinks it would have made a difference one way or another whether or not the investigation was sufficiently predicated. but there is clearly some difficulties that went on within the justice department. i think just as a process matter i think, you know, which is a healthy thing, i think what you'll find for the future is a call within the justice department with regard to the future that if there is going to be an investigation of a presidential candidate or the president of the united states,
6:39 am
that would require in the future the personal approval of the attorney general of the united states. no longer will we be in a situation where the f.b.i. can run open and decide to open up an investigation without intervention by very high-level officials. >> sandra: we'll see on that. you look back to the week we've had and it was the first public hearing in the -- before the house judiciary committee. jonathan turley was the republican witness if you call him that. he was called to testify on behalf of republicans but he said i'm not a trump supporter. i've been openly critical of this president. he voted for presidents obama and clinton. he said that in his opening statement and went on to make a clear case in his own words that the president as far as he has seen has not committed any impeachable offenses. he has now taken to the hill to write a piece what his life has been like since that day. he writes democrats offering
6:40 am
passion over proof in trump impeachment. he writes my call for greater civility and dialogue may have been the least successful argument i made to the committee. before i finished my testimony my home and office were inundated with threatening messages and demands i be fired from gw, george washington university where he teaches. >> it the current environment and hyper partisan environment we're in where it seems like anything goes and anything that can be used will be used in order to not just have a reasonable disagreement with individuals but to also try to damage them personally, it's not easy. i will tell you that in connection with my own appearances on certain other networks i can guarantee you that as soon as they're done my voicemail box fills up, i get emails, and they're not fit for public consumption in the media nor do i wish to share them with my family. in large measure i read them,
6:41 am
think about them and then let it go. it's not pleasant. >> sandra: considering the state of politics i don't think anybody is shocked by this and having experienced himself jonathan turley felt compelled to write. trump will not be our last president. what we leave in the wake of the scandal will shape our democracy for generations to comes. these agitated passions will not be a substitute for proof in an impeachment. we have too much of the former and too little of the latter. >> he is not saying that as partisan. i've been trying to say it, too. many of us. we need to be clear-headed about this. we need to always recognize that we will all be judged at the end of the day about whether or not he acted in the best interests of the country. and we also have to govern after this is over. so what you do now will have an impact on the ability of both sides to come together to be able to do what we're supposed to do, which is to carry out the people's business. to the extent that these
6:42 am
moments here where they're difficult and hyper partisan, it isn't to suggest and i don't think professor turley was suggesting you don't participate but there are consequences and no one said it was easy. >> sandra: implications in the future. >> for both sides. for both sides. >> sandra: it is an important message. robert wray, thank you. >> bill: we're getting word from the white house the president has been briefed as to the shooting at the naval air station in pensacola, florida. one shot and killed. the shooter said to be dead as well. there are several injuries reported. we're getting this right now. don't know when we'll see the president. he has an event at the white house at 2:00 this afternoon to talk about a round table on small business and reducing more red tape and what his administration has done to cover that. in all likelihood we'll see him then. given the news of the economy, the jobs number blew out the
6:43 am
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>> bill: back to the breaking news in pensacola, fox news and the u.s. navy confirming a second person has died from a gunshot at the naval air station in pensacola, florida, in addition to the shooter as well. there are reports that at least 11 are being treated for their
6:47 am
injuries at a local hospital. this is the cradle of naval aviation in the panhandle of florida. it is essentially the heartbeat of this city of pensacola. johnny joey jones knows it well. former marine bomb tech and fox news contributor. you spent time there. i think it should be emphasized how much this station means to the community in that part of florida. >> yes, absolutely. with most large military bases the town is almost built around it. the town is built because of it. pensacola is very similar in that respect. this is a place that people have been going there to learn how to fly airplanes for who knows how many decades. then they leave and they go build family and then they are tied to the base as they are to the community. when they say has a base has a large community around it. the community around the base is built by retirees who have left the service. the thing about a base like this, there is a museum there,
6:48 am
places easy to access the base. so many people within the town that have access to the base. it is really a part of the community. which is a little different than some of the other installations around the world. >> bill: just remarking on that, there are thousands of people who enter the base and leave the base every day in that sense. >> there are. one thing to keep in mind. my kind of personality to tell people listen, our military is pretty amazing. a very few people handle the entrance and exits of thousands of people. they do it professionally and well. they're trained to see something that doesn't look right and to stop someone. they have the mechanisms in place to stop an entry of someone who might do harm. when something like this happens, it is going through so many checks that there is more to it than what you hear and there is always a need to be cautious and understand that if this is an active duty personnel that our military we get to the bottom of it and
6:49 am
stop these things from happening. >> bill: my feeling is you go back 10 years to fort hood in texas. i was there and could see the level of community that is brought to that base every day. it is the same in pensacola and pearl harbor from two days ago where there was a shooting there as well. how does the military manage this? how do they handle it and deal with it, joey? >> there are two sides of this. the investigation going into what actually happened. the other side is how do you handle it among the kounl tee and the base? the first thing there is to communicate. our military doesn't like to give away information to the public any more than we have to. it's part of our nature and why we're so good about what we do. but in a situation like this we have family members that are considered officers of the disbursing information. so we have family members that volunteer and create networks within the communities on base and off base so if the unit
6:50 am
deploys they can disburse information and it's one of the first places they go. it's family members that are just as involved in letting each individual family connected to the base know who is safe and that they are moving forward with opportunities or resources to help people heal and move on. >> bill: such a community. joey, thank you for your input. we'll continue to follow this again. the headline from the hour. another person reported dead after gunshots on the base in pensacola. two dead plus the shooter. sandra, reports of at least 11 now being treated for injuries at a local hospital. more updates on pensacola in a moment. >> sandra: florida governor said they're monitoring the situation. the white house also has put out a statement. the president has been briefed on the shooting at pensacola naval air station and is monitoring the situation. that from the white house. now we anticipate a press
6:51 am
conference. we're just now getting word that 40 minutes from now there will be an official update from the sheriff on the ground there in pensacola. expect that at 10:30 a.m. eastern time. we will stay on the breaking news. we have a lot more for you. stay tuned. we'll be right back. if you see wires down,
6:52 am
treat them all as if they are hot and energized.
6:53 am
stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. the amount of student loan debt i have, i'm embarrassed to even say. we just decided we didn't want debt any longer. ♪ i didn't realize how easy investing could be. i'm picking companies that i believe in. ♪ i think sofi money is amazing. ♪
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thank you sofi. sofi thank you, we love you. ♪
6:55 am
>> sandra: continuing reports coming in on the shooter situation that occurred around the 8:00 eastern time this morning at naval air station in pensacola. an active shooter situation that led to the entire military base going into lockdown. still is as far as we're concerned until the navy confirmed that the active shooter situation had come to an end once the shooter was dead. we know he is dead. he or she is dead. no information on that person yet as far as victims, 11 -- reports of as many as 11 have been taken the area hospitals. there has been one confirmed fatality but all of this just in the last two hours or so. we're going to get an update from the sheriff at 10:30 a.m. eastern time 35 minutes from now. the white house said they're monitoring the situation as well as officials in florida. that's the latest we know. we anticipate that update at 10:30. >> bill: meanwhile
6:56 am
overshadowing some of the news we got. very strong november jobs report out. the u.s. economy adding 266,000 jobs. expectation was for 187,000. it blew away the number. 3.5% unemployment. there are more jobs available now than there are people who are able to fill them in america today. an extraordinary figure. you can't find that since going back to 1969. a lot of talk about china. whether or not the president's comment in london when he said we can wait for a deal until after the election of 2020. debate back and forth as to what happens there. that's a blow-out number. stocks are reacting as well. the dow is up 270 points at the open. we're back at that story and a lot more. here in california.
6:57 am
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there's no obligation. you know medicare won't cover all your medical costs, so call now! and see why a medicare supplement plan from a company like humana, just might be the answer. >> sandra: breaking developments on the deadly shooting in florida. the navy now confirming the gunman and two other people are dead after gunfire at the naval air station pensacola. authorities say at least 11 have been taken to area hospitals. no word yet on their condition. the base still remains on lockdown at this time as law enforcement officials converge on the scene there. authorities will be giving an update bottom of the hour. we'll bring it to you live at 10:30 eastern. phil keating is following all of it for us from miami this morning and bill hemmer is there in california for us. bill, good morning. >> that news conference at
7:01 am
10:30 is scheduled by the sheriffs office. the county encompasses the city of pensacola, the home base of what is considered one of the gems of the naval aviation training, the naval air station in pensacola home to the blue angels demonstration team. it happened around 8:00 a.m. eastern time this morning with reports of an active shooter on the base. the base itself is still in relatively a state of lockdown. the gates are closed. roads are blocked off, and two local hospitals have been treating multiple people that were injured and wounded. the official report from the navy's twitter account is that the shooter is dead, two other people were shot and killed as well, presumably by the shooter. no motive at this point is even known or being speculated on by
7:02 am
the navy air station or sheriff's office. but exactly what exactly happened we're still hoping to get more information at 10:30. this base is really considered the jewel of naval aviation and it's home to 16,000 naval officers as well as about 7,000 employees. so bottom of the hour we'll get more. >> sandra: we will indeed. phil keating, thank you. democrats taking the next step as they push for impeachment paving the way for a vote by the full house before setting it for trial in the senate. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. there he is. there is bill. >> bill: now we have it. good morning to you. happy friday to you back there in new york. we're live from the ronald reagan presidential library here in simi valley, california. the sun came up 10 minutes ago. the fires we had a few weeks ago, you can see the scorched earth around the library. they saved the place but it was
7:03 am
really close. we're here as partners with the reagan defense forum. you see the giant 707 on loan from the u.s. air force and a big weekend of events and interview. look for that here and on fox nation starting saturday. that's coming up for you. meanwhile nancy pelosi has made it official calling for democrats to proceed with articles of impeachment. here we go. >> our democracy is what is at stake. the president leaves us no choice but to act because he is trying to corrupt once again the election for his own benefit. >> sandra: the decision drawing swift reaction, republicans firing right back. >> where it's going the democrats cannot beat president trump in the reelection bid. they're willing to say and do anything to remove this president. >> we have a factless impeachment that's being undertaken with no legal standards. this is a political impeachment. >> we're seeing a speaker who
7:04 am
is disconnected from reality saying we'll play warm music and drink hot cocoa. stop attacking the president. stopping have an impeachment. it is just a sham. >> sandra: the next stage at 9:00 a.m. eastern time pelosi kicks it back to jerry nadler and his committee will hear evidence from both sides as the democrats determine the exact charges. the president saying let's get it over with. the do nothing radical left democrats have just announced they'll seek to impeach me over nothing. they already gave up on the ridiculous mueller stuff so now they hang their hats on two totally appropriate perfect phone calls with the ukrainian president. let's bring in our a-team. fox news political analyst juan williams co-host of the five. david asman host of bulls and bears, david and chief national
7:05 am
correspondent ed henry anchor of america's news headquarter. love our friday a-team. >> nancy pelosi was on the diving board trying to decide there is talk let's wait, kick it to 2020. it is on. jump off the board. she is going all in. it's very risky on her part but i bet that she is thinking her base really wants to get this done. and if she had gone halfway and walked back down and not done anything to the president it would have backfired. she wants to try to force the president's hand. he has all these advisors who haven't testified. take a long time to go to court and subpoena them and all that and she is thinking let's get it on now. force this trial. frankly i think the president wants the trial as you saw in his tweet. there are not enough republicans to remove him from office. he will bring in hunter biden and adam schiff and the whistleblower and i think the
7:06 am
president thinks this is fertile political ground. >> sandra: he tweeted. that bring it on. faster the better. >> you can't avoid inconvenient facts. the first one being she is doing exactly what she has said in the past should not be done. a purely partisan impeachment. jerry nadler has the famous 1998 clip in which he was saying the same during the clinton impeachment and she opened it with a huge whopper. among other things what she said yesterday was the facts of the president's guilt are uncontested. uncontested? there are 197 republicans, every single one of them in the house saying that it is contested. the facts are contested. they're very contested. jonathan turley who was the only nonpartisan legal scholar at that table t. three scholars brought up by the democrats. each one have a long history of dislikeing trump. some saying he shouldn't be in. jonathan turley didn't vote for donald trump. he was nonpartisan when it came to the issue of donald trump
7:07 am
himself. he said the facts were contested. >> i think jonathan turley said slower. he said don't impeach. >> he said the facts are not there for impeachment. >> he said it -- >> he said it again in the hill this morning by the way. >> here is the reality. i think in the last fox poll we had it was 49% of americans say this man should not only be impeached but removed from office. 70% from the abc poll. >> the recent ones are showing a flip sglao. it was 51 before, 49 now. >> nancy pelosi said in march it has to be bipartisan. >> 70% of americans abc had the president's phone call was wrong. what you have at the moment is republicans lining up like a parade saying we're just behind the president. we aren't going to look at the evidence and that's what lindsey graham said i won't look at some of this stuff. so you have people then saying
7:08 am
because republicans are lined newspaper this manner, it's not bipartisan. it is not bipartisan because republicans aren't dealing with what i think are clear set of facts. testimony from trump's own people that there was a quid pro quo. >> you agree with speaker pelosi that the facts are uncontested? >> at this point unless -- >> jonathan turley was contesting the facts of the president's guilt. >> sandra: let's -- >> it is not presented because trump obstructs justice. >> sandra: the friday a-team. hey, bill. >> bill: i miss you guys. [laughter] do you miss me? >> not really, bill. >> bill: not hardly. here is limbaugh from earlier today. have a listen here. >> they don't have anything to run on. they literally have nothing.
7:09 am
they have sacrificed every bit of concern for the american people. they are making no bones about the fact they really don't care. >> bill: so there is some political risk in this for democrats. i don't know what your sense is. they say nancy pelosi can count noses better than anyone. well, is she at the number or not? >> i don't think she is at the number today. there will be some moderate democrats in the house concerned it is expanding. the articles may include the mueller report, obstruction of justice charges there that not only were not proven but bob mueller wouldn't even say i'm coming down on either side of it because it was so unproven. i don't know how you drag that into these articles. two, i think there is a political cost that rush limbaugh was referring to. you know where rush is coming from. he will be against nancy pelosi. his point is valid. pelosi hasn't gotten anything done as speaker. i thought they would focus on
7:10 am
the economy, jobs, healthcare when they won the mid-terms. instead they focused on investigating the president. usmca is front and center. nancy pelosi has given the signals she would get it done. right now it's not getting done. it means jobs for americans. >> another political risk for the democrats. "wall street journal" makes the case adam schiff made a solid case for bribery committed by the vice president when he was vice president when he had ukraine -- vice president biden. biden bragged about denying ukraine aid unless they fired a prosecutor that was looking at a company paying his son $50,000 a month. now, that looks like by the schiff definition of bribery, that fits. that will be front and center. >> it's a distortion. >> when the senate trial comes to pass and you will be pleased i'm sure what democrats have to
7:11 am
say in the senate trial. republicans will make the point under schiff's definition that passes his definition of bribery. >> i want to say that's such a huge distortion of facts. vice president biden as vice president of the united states was representing an international coalition of people concerned about corruption in the ukraine. so there was no -- no bribery. he was executing his duties as an american. >> by adam schiff's definition it was bribery. >> ed had news. i've never heard anybody especially after what nancy pelosi's meeting with democrats in private this week suggests that they don't have the votes. if they don't have the votes that's interesting to me because that would suggest that a fracture among the democrats. i haven't seen any evidence. >> talking to moderates democrats that said we want to see where it goes. >> i don't think they said they would vote against her. >> congressman from minnesota and new jersey said not only they didn't vote for the
7:12 am
opening of the inquiry originally. if you go forward with this and you'll reelect donald trump. >> only two have come out. others hinting about it. i don't see a big split of the 31 democrats. >> i don't, either. >> sandra: final thoughts. david. >> again it's the question of those 31 democrats. they have to -- i think the magic number is if 18 or more democrats vote against impeachment it won't pass the house. 31 democrats from red districts, it will be interesting to see how they fall out. >> nancy pelosi has never lost a vote as speaker. she is an able vote counter. among democrats the real count is whether or not you can get at least four or five republicans in the senate so that a majority of the senate votes to convict. if not, then more people than the president will say i was exonerated. >> sandra: thank you all. >> sorry we didn't bring it
7:13 am
today. >> sandra: >> sandra: -- bill, does this give you a sense of what the next few weeks will be like? >> bill: maybe the next month and a half. rnc is working the 31 democrats. we'll get to that later in the program. back to breaking news in florida. pensacola the shooting that broke an hour and 10 minutes ago. two people reported dead. gunman is reported dead as well. at least 11 people reported being treated for injuries at a local hospital. naval air station in pensacola. just on the southwest corner of the town. you may know it best as the base for the blue angels. and you will know it better in about 17 minutes when the sheriff down there in pensacola briefs us on what happened and what will happen next and also the status for those who have been injured. so we had a shooting in pearl harbor two days ago, sandra, no motive established for that and yet another one day in pensacola. we'll be back on that breaking news shortly here.
7:14 am
right now 14 minutes past. live in california. >> sandra: democrats offering passion over proof. that was what impeachment hearing witness and law professor jonathan turley is saying in his new op-ed. what do house democrats think about that headline? we'll get reaction from congressman eric swalwell. stay tuned for that. here's record-breaking news for veterans.
7:15 am
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at your local xfinity store today. >> sandra: let's get a look at other headlines. a high speed police chase turning deadly in miami. suspect hijacked a ups truck ending in a shoot-out. both robbers, ups driver and person in a car nearby were killed. the search is on for a missing 1-year-old in connecticut. her mother was found dead but
7:19 am
they think the toddler, vanessa morales, may still be alive. and a mega blaze is forming north of sydney, australia. one of nearly 100 bush fires raging in the state of new south wales. firefighters from the u.s. and canada have been sent to help. >> bill: 19 past the hour back here in california. joe biden is back in the headlines again after a testy exchange that went on for some time with a voter in iowa. want to bring back david asman and ed henry. play a little bit of the back and forth. this went on for some time. so here is joe biden and a gentleman who would not give up his name. age 83 says he is a supporter of elizabeth warren, not joe biden. here is how it went in iowa yesterday. >> look, the reason i'm running is because i've been around a
7:20 am
long time and know more than most people know and i can get things done. if you want to check my shape let's do push-ups together. >> you didn't say you were doing anything wrong. >> you said i set up my son to work in an oil company. isn't that what you said? get your words straight, jack. >> bill: you know, ed, it is rare when you see this level of shall we say hand-to-hand verbal combat with a significant candidate or politician on the stump. these guys went at it. insults exchanged. what is happening here now as we try to unpack this? >> here is what i think, which is in the short term there are some questions whether the former vice president was fat shaming this guy. said something about getting off the couch and do some push-ups. later in the exchange it sounded like he said fat. others saying he was jack a second time as you heard in the clip. putting that aside for a second. you have to be careful as a candidate to make it too
7:21 am
personal. i think what he might be doing, joe biden, is similar to what president trump did in 2016. republican voters frustrated that mitt romney didn't push back, did not fight back hard enough against barack obama in 2012 particularly that exchange in the debate over benghazi. it was there for romney and he missed it. for biden there is this sense that hillary clinton in those debates was too meek. didn't push back. was intimidated by donald trump. if joe biden will be fighting joe instead of no malarkey thing. if he is fighting joe and pushing back about his son and pushing back on republican voters maybe there is something there for him. >> bill: this voter, david, he said biden you are too old for the job. he said you've been doing this all your life and nothing has changed. then the voters say -- biden said to him you are too old to vote for me. >> exactly. there was a certain amount -- this president has been accused
7:22 am
of more arrogance than any president that's ever been accused of that before so -- but with him to square off with joe biden, this president gets away with it because he has this connection with the people out there. his base is primarily middle class and lower middle class. the interesting thing you have this billionaire who has been in business all his life from manhattan who has a better connection with the middle class than most democrats do. joe biden gets closer to that than any other of the democrats running for the nomination but when joe biden tries to go one-on-one on trump's turf of one trying to be tough and fighting back and two, trying to identify with the man in the street, i don't know how that will do. we'll see. if he does make it to the nomination it will be a fascinating debate. >> bill: here is what strikes me. an 83-year-old voter in iowa is bringing up hunter biden to joe
7:23 am
biden's face. whether it's giuliani or president trump they've been arguing get on the story, people. where have you been? this is in the bloodstream of caucus goers in iowa. >> you make a great point. giuliani has been saying it for months and mocked by some. he wanted to get it in the bloodstream. hold on, folks, there was corruption here. how did hunter biden get the board seat and all the rest. it hasn't been investigated and we don't know there was corruption but it doesn't pass the smell test why the son of a vice president who was overseeing ukraine policy for barack obama got this big pay-out. so let me finish by saying that i think you're right, bill. it is in the bloodstream and that's why the president as we said a minute ago is delighted about a senate trial where he will bring it all up. >> even "the new york times" in 2015, "the new york times" had an editorial saying that joe biden has a conflict of interest with his son being on the board of burisma and his
7:24 am
son should resign. "the new york times" now is saying there is no problem. never been any evidence of any problems. they thought it was problematic enough that hunter biden should resign from burisma board back in 2015. there is a problem. >> sandra: and then there is this new interview. >> bill: you get to a senate trial this comes up again. to put a fine point on this, the gentleman there in iowa, sandra, said you sold access to the president. biden says you are a blank liar. no one has proved that. >> sandra: he has given a new interview axios on hbo. we just got an excerpt from it and how he shaped the 2020 race but take on those -- >> you all thought the party moved extremely to the left after hillary. aoc was a new party. she is a bright, wonderful person. but where is the party? come on, man.
7:25 am
>> sandra: he is calling into question and blaming the media. >> come on, man. it's not the media. come on, man. it's the party. it is aoc and others and not just aoc, some of these candidates. bernie sanders, elizabeth warren's price tag on medicare for all $52 trillion. come on, man, that's a lot of money even in iowa and delaware where joe biden is from. in his defense we can mock some of the things he says. i think it's ridiculous to say it's the media's fault the party ising left. the party is going left. we've been saying biden is going to have a hard time. a lot of people are dropping out. joe biden is surviving and still in there. >> i would push back a little bit on the leftward movement of the party. it seemed to be going that way in the early days. you look at elizabeth warren dropping in the polls. more than that there is confusion in her campaign. yesterday she threw out this idea of going after big mega
7:26 am
mergers back 20 years and trying to break up companies that were merged 20 years ago. then she pulled that back and said it's not true. she has had to change her strategy so dramatically in the past week or so to make it seem less leftward moving, joe biden doesn't have to make that correction because he has steered his way through the moderate course from the beginning. >> sandra: one last point on the interview. when talking about the appetite for medicare for all which elizabeth warren and bernie sanders are making a top priority. he says the party is not there at all. >> she said one of the worst things for her campaign when she admitted that two million people could lose their jobs. >> sandra: that was a big turning point. thanks to our a-team again. back out to bill as we bring in our congressman. >> bill: want to bring in eric swalwell as impeachment proceedings appear to be on track. thank you for your time. i want to quote you from
7:27 am
yesterday. you said i think it's important that it's digestible for everyday americans. what does that mean? >> well, we're talking about 391 million dollars in taxpayer dollars the president used to ask a foreign government to cheat an election. i think we have to bring it home to if your local police chief told the mayor i need more cops on the beat and the mayor said i will give you the money you need if you investigate my local opponent. people get that and they get that that's wrong. so we have to make sure people understand just what's at stake here. hearts and minds and the gut check of right or wrong. >> bill: i don't get the entire point. you say everyday americans. to whom are you referring? >> well, what i mean is that people are busy, there is a lot going on in their lives. taking their kids to school, working hard at their jobs. we want them to understand what the president did whether it's a local mayor or misusing their
7:28 am
own company's funds it's wrong and people need to be held accountable when they commit wrongdoing like that. >> do you have the votes to impeach on a single article of impeachment today? >> we have the evidence coming next week and i think that my colleagues are taking this seriously. if it warrants it, it will be there. >> bill: but that wasn't the question. do you have the votes today to pass a single article of impeachment? >> we're not voting on it today. we're receiving the evidence monday. ideally a vote on the judiciary committee going to the full house. i think we have enough responsible people in the house to hold the president accountable. >> bill: uh-huh. so that answer then is yes from what i hear from you. >> the answer is one day at a time. one day at a time. >> bill: why are democrats so hesitant to go there and answer that question directly? >> the president deserves a process that's fair. the facts are powerful but the
7:29 am
process behind the facts also have to be fair. if i'm assuming how people will vote on impeachment articles that aren't on the floor yet that's unfair to the president. >> bill: they would argue conversely the opposite of that suggesting the process has been unfair. another question here quickly. why is adam schiff putting out the phone numbers of devin nunes and others, why is that happening making those phone numbers public? >> a better question is why was devin nunes talking to rudy giuliani at parnas when the smear campaign was taking place to remove the ambassador from ukraine. >> bill: don't know. that's an accusation. you're drawing a conclusion. >> it is not an accusation. the call records are clear. ranking member nunes was talking to these individuals and what is really striking is that he used all of his time during the public hearing to attack adam schiff. >> he went to at&t and verizon
7:30 am
to get the call logs and then made them public. >> no member of congress, no staff and no journalist have their call record subpoenaed. devin nunes should have disclosed that before he went after chairman schiff and chairman schiff was a fact witness but all along nunes was part of the president's conspiracy. >> bill: it makes people wonder who is next? >> if you don't talk to indicted felons you don't end up on call records. >> bill: we'll see how it plays out in court. eric swalwell. thank you. talk to you on monday of next week. >> sandra: update on that situation this morning. an active shooter situation that came to an end with the shooter dead at naval air station pensacola, florida. we're getting word from one of the area hospitals after we
7:31 am
confirmed with the navy two fatalities other than the shooter. as far as the injuries up to 11 injured we just got word from baptist hospital that they've received eight pash frents the shooting. they do not have any conditions on the patients to report at this time. the teams are treating the patients and working with navy personnel to communicate with family members. that's an update from one of the area hospitals. another area hospital took in patients from that shooting as well. we'll have an update for you. we're told to expect an update, a news conference any moment on the ground in pensacola, florida. when it begins we'll bring it to you live. stay tuned and we'll be right back. do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. creais back at red lobster.ast with new creations to choose from;
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>> bill: 10:35 on the east coast. we'll hear from the sheriff in pensacola the naval air station. a shooting took place there about 2 1/2 hours ago. at the moment we can confirm two people have been shot and killed. the shooter is dead as well. there are reports about 11 people being treated for injuries at local hospitals. we'll get the latest from the sheriff when that briefing begins so it is breaking news this morning. we'll let you know when we know it from florida. >> sandra: democrats are closer to an impeachment showdown after nancy pelosi gives the signal to move ahead. starting monday they'll present their official findings as they draft articles of impeachment.
7:37 am
let's talk to sarah sanders, good morning to you and welcome. split show today. bill and i will both talk to you. i'll take on the first one here, the 5:00 p.m. deadline today. jerry nadler inviting the white house to participate in the process. the white house declined to participate in the first hearing that happened this week. they declined last week. now they have an invitation to participate next week. what does the white house do next with all of this? >> look, i'll let the white house make that announcement when the time comes. what we've seen this week further proves that this is a huge waste of time and a major circus that has been put on by house democrats. i think it is an embarrassment to the party for them. and i think it is certainly time for them to move on and not give the go ahead. nancy pelosi is making a big mistake and it will backfire and only help further fuel the president to be reelected in
7:38 am
november. i think that's a good thing for america. >> sandra: interesting because the president in a tweet yesterday seemed to be daring democrats to just move on and go forward with this, speed it up. he said if you are going to impeach me, do it now, fast, so we can have a fair trial in the senate. do you think that's the situation that the white house is currently preparing for? >> i think they're preparing for every scenario at this point. at the end of the day i don't think it will matter. the president will be vindicated by the senate and this whole thing is going to be something in the past and we will move forward and the president will continue doing what he has done throughout the entire process and that is continuing to focus on things that actually matter and trying to get some stuff done while democrats have wasted all of their time and all of america's time on this ridiculous impeachment sham. the president and the white house and his administration are going to continue doing what they did and seeing some of those results like we did this morning with the new jobs
7:39 am
report, 266,000 new jobs, matching a 50-year unemployment low at 3.5%. i mean, no one can deny that under this president the country is doing spectacular, particularly the economy. i think the democrats are making a big mistake by wasting all of their time focusing on this ridiculous sham that is going nowhere. >> sandra: a recent tweet from the white house. the president tweeted about the great job reports and the record stock market. >> bill: sandra, i just -- sarah, i understand why the white house doesn't want to participate. they don't want to give legitimacy to the process. do you think they have missed an opportunity here to drive their point and their message home to the american people when you know so many millions have been watching for the past three weeks? have they missed that moment? >> i don't think so because i think what we saw unfold day after day of all of the testimonies and hearings was
7:40 am
that nothing happened. there was nobody that witnessed anything of consequence and we had a bunch of liberal professor come up and pontificate and insult the president's son. i think the whole thing has backfired and shown each day that they've had somebody come up has been furthering the case that nothing of wrongdoing was done by the president and the administration. >> bill: you have a 5:00 deadline today where the white house will issue a letter to give us an indication whether or not they participate. if they choose not to cooperate in any measure with the house, they will go all in on a senate trial. what are you hearing about what their strategy could be if that unfolds in january? >> i think that when it comes to the senate the president will be fully vindicated throughout that process. i think you will see a much
7:41 am
more fair, open, and transparent process take place there. nothing like what we've seen from house democrats. i expect that this hopefully will move on quickly and everybody get back to focusing on the business that actually impacts our country. >> bill: we will wait and we're on stand by for the white house when the letter comes out. sarah, thank you for your time. short today given the breaking news. we hope you come back soon. sarah sanders there. in a moment we'll get back to simi valley. back in california a look back in a moment at the ronald reagan library and the ronald reagan legacy that is so prominent for the 40th president today. more on that as our coverage continues. >> there were two great triumphs, two things i'm most proud of. one is the economic recovery in which the people of america created and filled 19 million new jobs. the other is the recovery of
7:42 am
our morale. america is respected to in the world and looked to for leadership. you can cook foods that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. the ninja foodi pressure cooker, the pressure cooker that crisps. wwithout it, i cannot write myl tremors wouldname.xtreme. i was diagnosed with parkinson's. i had to retire from law enforcement. it was devastating. one of my medications is three thousand dollars per month. prescription drugs do not work if you cannot afford them. for sixty years, aarp has been fighting for people like larry.
7:43 am
and we won't stop. join us in fighting for what's right. >> live to pensacola. several dead, several injured. that's the word, the shooter has been in their words neutralized. press conference is now underway. >> the city of pensacola. nas is an important part of our community. for 200 years it's been part of
7:44 am
the city of pensacola. our hearts are connected to those who serve us every day. this was unexpected. all of our sympathies are with the men and women out here on this base and we are currently in a support role. we'll continue to do that. we are certainly thinking about all those individuals who are still hospitalized and thoughts and prayers are with them. this is a resilient community. we'll overcome this but today is a tragic day. our thoughts and prayers are with all of them. for those of you locally if you have business in this part of warnington don't come over here. everything is closed down. we'll continue to have our police officers and sheriff's office keeping people. if you don't have business over here don't come to this side of town. thank you for the opportunity to be here and express our condolences and soros for those here at the naval air station.
7:45 am
>> i'm sheriff david morgan. at approximately 6:51 this morning the call went out to dispatch there was an active shooter on naval air station pensacola. we had two units immediately to respond. many to come behind. we would love to do a full disclosure this morning about everything we're aware of, we cannot do that. there are things that we're now in the investigative process that are required to be held back by not just the sheriff's office but our lead federal agencies which are the f.b.i. and a.t.f. and associated federal partners that we have and the u.s. attorney's office is also present. as the mayor said i want to assure our community that the threat has been negated. our community is secure at this time. we have no reason to believe or are we looking for any
7:46 am
additional shooters within the county, not just within the parameters of nas pensacola. i will tell you it strikes home particularly hard for me as a retired military member walking through the crime scene was like being on the set of a movie and as the mayor eloquently put you don't expect this to happen at home. this doesn't happen in this county or pensacola and our friends and neighbors who are members of the united states navy. but it did. and it has. so for now we're here to pick up the pieces. we have two officers at the sheriff's office in the initial response that negated the threat that are now in a local hospital. we expect them to fully recover. it was a member of the sheriff's office that did negate the threat. i will share that with you. it was one of our officers that did that. as the captain said we have as of right now we do have four deceased and approximately
7:47 am
eight total including the one that are deceased that are injured. the crime scene processing continues under the auspices of the f.b.i. and a.t.f. we are lending all local assistance that we have to this effort. everything from command buses to crime scene techs if they're so needed. we ask for the prayers of the community and the assistance of the press. please be patient. these things are ever evolving. you may hear a misstatement from one of us at this juncture. why? because we have a lot of moving parts in this machine and we are all trying to get it in sync. i would ask you not be overcritical. we have grieving families at this moment that the navy now with the grief counselors and ours are going out to handle the human side of a police action. we need your assistance with that. we need your partnership at this point. and we have enough critics in
7:48 am
our community and we ask you assist us. if we reach out to you as a member of the press and ask for that assistance i ask that you come forward with it. at this juncture i'll stop and believe the captain wants to open it for questions. we'll answer any questions we can. >> before i open for questions i want to say publicly how grateful we are of the assistance from the sheriff's department. as the sheriff said it was a couple of his deputies that neutralized the active shooter. it could have been a lot worse if we didn't have the response we did from our local partners. sir, thank you. mayor, thank you for your support and thank you for your support also. this is a community effort. any questions. >> was the shooter a military person? >> i don't want you to talk about the identity of the shooter at this time. sorry. >> can we talk about where on base it happened? >> yes. it happened in one of our
7:49 am
classroom buildings. >> which classroom? >> sandra: it was in the -- i don't want to say at this time because there is a lot of worried folks out there that don't know if it was where their people worked or not. i don't want to unnecessarily worry folks at this time. that will come out in time. >> how is the process of notifying the families right now? >> again, we're working through it. we're working through it. i appreciate the question but we're working through it as best we can to make sure the right people know at the right time and we don't do it through the media. >> do we know where the officers were shot? >> we sure do. we do. they were -- >> the two deputies that initially engaged the suspect one was shot in the arm and one was shot in the knee. the one shot in the arm is being treated at a local hospital. the one shot in the knee is currently in surgery. both expected to survive. >> what was the response time from when the shots first rang
7:50 am
out to when the deputies engaged? >> i can tell you we have a precinct nearby. we got the call as sheriff morgan mentioned about nine minutes before 7:00 and we had officers here within a couple of minutes. they quickly went to the location as the captain said. the building in which the active shooter was. and it covered a couple different floors. it is a rather large building. the deputies and those assisting agencies from the pensacola police department. ftla and all you see around here all worked in conjunction to neutralize the threat and why there wasn't more loss of life. i'm chip simmons, the chief deputy from the sheriffs office. i don't have the exact numbers of the time of engagement. it covered two tlaors from the one building. sheriff mentioned when you get into a scene like that it is a bit like a movie.
7:51 am
spent shell casing all over. you want to make sure the threat is no longer a threat. you neutralize the threat and we present aid to the injured. that's why what we have is eight individuals that were transported to a local hospital. one of those later succumbed to the injury and three others that remain at the building. it's part of the active crime scene. >> do you think it's an act of terrorism? >> i don't even want to speculate on that at this time. appreciate the question but it is nothing we want to speculate right now. we are taking care of what we need to take care of. >> at this time as the captain said it is inappropriate to discuss that issue. that would be more appropriately coming from the federal agencies. when they are prepared to give you an update on the conduct of the investigations they'll release that information. >> can we get a little clarification on the numbers here? you said there were a total of eight people affected by this? >> that's correct. >> how many victims are
7:52 am
deceased? >> four deceased. >> including the shooter? >> that's correct. four people right now deceased. eight people at the hospital, one deceased. three remain at the crime scene. a total of 11 people, four of which are deceased. one of the four is the active shooter. >> two dep -- deputies are included in the wounded. >> yes. >> they do security exercises around the year. they train for these situations? >> you bet. we work with our local law enforcement partners to do this and train on active shooter regularly. it's in the front of our minds for our security department when we train. we train regularly for it. >> we have an moa with nsa pensacola where rejoint training and part of that is we
7:53 am
are a response unit and that's what was put in place this morning. >> it was our security forces were the first responders there and then the sheriff's department came and backed us up. >> can you tell us what kind of weapon the shooter was using? >> i cannot, no. >> tell us about the sense in a classroom. >> this is a training base. almost all of our buildings are classroom building. i don't want to say which building it was due to sensitivity of releasing information. >> if i could i'll expand. the reason why folks were reluctant to give specifics, notifications haven't been completed so if i or the captain speak any more specific and you are a mother or father that has a son or daughter that is in the navy and they are assigned to the navy base and assigned to this particular training area, families know that. so now you'll create again panic within these families and that notification needs to be
7:54 am
measured. it needs to come from us and the appropriate agency at that time. we aren't trying to be evasive. there is a point to that. it is for our families. >> thanks for that, sheriff. >> the shooting was in the building or classroom. >> that's correct. >> any change in security protocols going forward? >> security is an ever-evolving. we look at lessons learned from this and if necessary we will. we aren't an organization that stays the same. we learn from events like to to insure we do it better. i will say that i'm very proud of the response of my security department and very proud of the sheriff's department what they did. so i think it could have been a lot, lot worse if we don't train the way we do to try to minimize casualties in events like this >> i know you can't say that much about the shooter. did he have business being on the base? >> i don't want to say, i'm
7:55 am
sorry. >> what was he armed with? >> we won't answer those specific questions. there will be a press conference this afternoon. as part of our protocol we have a governor, elected officials we need to also brief to insure that they're aware of what occurred at nas pensacola. a lot of moving parts. you won't get the information but not all of it right now. >> captain, speaking to the governor and maybe other federal officials up to the president have you heard from any of them? >> i sure have. i've heard from multiple officials who have called both governmental, state and local to offer their support in any way they can. it has been comforting for all levels of government raoefg out. >> what kind of support will be giving to the victims and their families? >> we have procedures in place.
7:56 am
we have things that we do to insure that it is -- i don't want to get too far into that. but we have procedures in place. we are the military and we go through this unfortunately more often than we would like for combat casualties or whatever it may be. so our casualty assistance officers will be to insure we take care of those people within the navy family and beyond. >> the mayor can update that, too. >> the governors office and white house have contacted us the city of pensacola and the county as well and said any assets that they have would be available to us. at this particular time we told them we're all assessing and supporting and we will inform them as soon as we know what those requests would be. but they have been in touch with us. i know i talked with commissioner bender and they've been in touch with the county as well. >> i have received two calls from senator scott's office this morning. trust me, the relationship runs
7:57 am
deep here and this is one of those times, anything we need we're going to get. >> for families who are split up right now there is a mother with a 3-month-old on the base trying to get -- what information do you have for people need? >> the base is secure. number of people transported have been reported to the community. i would assure everyone if you had a family member that's directly involved with this that is local you will be notified very quickly. and again i want -- that's why we want to allay most of those fears. those who suffered the deceased if you will and the victims. it will take a little bit longer. i would like -- >> i can answer that question. as i mentioned the base is shut down until further notice. the personnel on base now were working at getting them off base in an orderly manner. they are going to stay in place
7:58 am
and remain in place until we can get them off base in an orderly and safe manner and we'll be notifying those people building by building using the appropriate chain of command that we have an orderly evacuation of the base for those who need to get home to their loved ones. >> were the deputies shot? >> that is correct. >> by the active shooter? >> we aren't prepared to release that information at this time. shots were exchanged. >> how long will the -- [inaudible]? >> until further notice. i can't say. that will wrap it up. >> in relation to the question you asked about the deputies being shot as horrendous as this event has been and as much as our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims it is important to note the herroism that took place this morning from the navy police, the d.o.d. police, the sheriff's
7:59 am
deputies two of which got shot doing this response and the highway patrol. pensacola police department and state and federal partners. they got here in short order. they neutralized the threat and as i mentioned before so there is no further loss of life. let's keep that in the back of our mind as well as the thoughts to those injured and certainly to the family of those who lost their lives this morning. >> there is also another lady who had a 3-month-old and trying to get to -- >> we'll talk to you. any other questions? thank you all very much. >> bill: a tough three hours for the people of florida in the pensacola area. a lot of new information in the press conference on behalf of the local authorities in pensacola. four dead including the
8:00 am
shooter, 11 injured including two deputies who responded to the shooter. they were both shot and apparently expected to survive and they're responding to the treatment they're getting at the moment. the identity of the shooter not made public. every time a reporter asked a question about the shooter the answer was kicked to the side and authorities clearly are not willing to go there just yet. quote, we have grieving families, it could have been a lot, lot worse. quote, like a movie set. spent shell casings everywhere inside. i want to bring in phil keating following the story all morning long and live in florida. more now. what else are you picking up on this? >> a tragic morning in the florida panhandle at the naval air station, one of the u.s. military's premier naval installations where active airmen fly in from all over the country to undergo training. if you think of the movie top gun. that's what they're doing there.
8:01 am
just before 8:00 a.m. central time this morning an active shooter starts shooting people. according to investigators who just wrapped up the news conference apparently shot and killed three people, one of whom died at the hospital. the shooter was also killed. the shooter killed by responding sheriff's deputies. two of those deputies were also wounded and they have been treated or are being treated but they are not considered to be life threatening injuries. this is all after that active shooting situation. according to the navy, the shooter is dead. they aren't releasing his name. not releasing the names of any of the victims. it all happened on base in one of the classrooms. the base has a lot of classrooms. like i said, a lot of navy aifrmen from around the country fly in to get fighter jet training. it's not unusual it would take place in that. according to the sheriff who said he was a former military, he said it broke his heart to
8:02 am
walk into the crime scene and said it was like walking into a movie set. like it has been said at so many of these types of shootings around the country, local authorities just simply say this is not supposed to happen here. not supposed to happen in our county, not supposed to happen in our city. so still a lot of details going to still be discovered. the gates remain closed at the base. the base remains basically on lockdown and closed. there are 16,000 navy personnel that are there every day. there is about 7,000 civilian employees who are also there every day. pensacola is a huge military town. the military is just beloved there. the naval air station is one of the jewels of the city. and just really a shocking, shocking morning in pensacola. >> bill: indeed it is. i don't know when we get the next briefing. a lot of information that came out from those authorities.
8:03 am
we'll see when they update us again. the base for the blue angels known as the cradle of naval aviation. your point about the community is well taken. this air station is everything to that town, phil. >> yeah, it really is. and the blue angels, we've profiled the blue angels before. an incredible talented group of pilots and the fact that this all happened this morning up in pensacola, that town is really reeling. pensacola is not that big of a city so this is just overwhelming the city right now. >> bill: it is the lifeblood. phil, thank you. stand by in florida. phil keating working the story from his angle in florida. the update now four dead including the shooter, 11 including two deputies being treated at local area hospitals. we pray for them. this follows two days earlier in pearl harbor where you had
8:04 am
three civilians shot, two died before the shooter turned the gun on himself in pearl harbor. gentleman age 22. motive not determined in pearl harbor. authorities in pensacola have a lot to do. the questions about the gunman and shooter they refused to answer. let's get back to new york. >> sandra: another update this afternoon. the jobs report this morning for november, it is out and there was not just some but a lot of good news in there for the economy. employers adding 266,000 jobs last month. unemployment rate did fall. what is it, a 50-year low. 3.5% matching its lowest level in five decades. charles payne joins us now. pardon my cold this morning. it's going around the building. charles, a rocking report. no matter how you slice it i was watching maria bartiromo this morning. she had an analysts and
8:05 am
investors. if you were trying to find something negative in the report you couldn't. it was a -- it paints a picture of a robust economy. >> it is absolutely remarkable. the numbers that you had on the screen were phenomenal. as i went deeper into it, i love wages. up 3.1% year-over-year. more than anticipated. that was big because it's the lower economic rung. they continue to make more money. more money year-over-year than they've made in decades. manufacturing rebounded. some of that was the end of the gm strike. what i like, companies that are hiring went from 52% to almost 62%. manufacturing companies that are hiring were from 36% to 55%. people who have to work a part-time job because there were no other economic options, that number dropped by 116,000. i combed through the report. the one thing that maybe, you know, the only real negative you can say people working two
8:06 am
jobs continues to climb for women. that number went to 5.4% of women working from 5.4%. it's a remarkable manufacturing 54,000 jobs added. 41,000 in auto. some of that was the gm strike. the number itself was so phenomenal and so much better than anticipated. of course you can see the markets reacting to this. >> sandra: let's see the dow. it was up over 300 points. the markets couldn't have anticipated this. why? if you look at the range of analyst expectations as i know you do every morning, heading into that report there was -- analysts weren't predicting this number. not a single analyst that predicted growth would be this high. >> earlier we had a number from adp that was skewed because they have more small businesses. one of the reasons we've got this last bump in the market a few moments ago consumer sentiment came out. another amazing number. i have to tell you, sandra, it
8:07 am
could be even better. the political divide is so enormous. when obama was president there was an 18% difference between how republicans felt about the economy and democrats. it is over 40% now. imagine if people really acknowledged how great this economy was. we would be even better. >> sandra: the president took to twitter this morning said they were blow-out numbers. manufacturing numbers, a blow out. he was quoting maria and he said great jobs report and pointed to the stock market numbers. they're up. dow this year alone double digits, dow, s&p, nas dafjt you were looking at the story from ocasio-cortez. she said her family may have starved under president trump's food strafrm plan. >> president trump will make it more difficult to get food stamps if you are able bodied
8:08 am
working age. if you have children it don't apply to you. if you have an injury or sort of handicapped it don't apply to you. what she was saying her dad died when he was 48 years old and she was still in school and her family might have starved. it is irresponsible for her to say these things. in our country, i call it tough love. we want able-bodied. too many men in their 20s sitting at home eating a bowl of fruit loops because they probably feel they can make more money from the system than they could if they went out and got a job. sometimes they're right. sometimes you take a lower paying job to get in the mix because then the opportunity -- the economic ladder, you are on it now. only one place to go and it's up. >> sandra: there you have it charles payne. i think we pushed his buttons again. good to have you here this morning. >> bill: he brims with optimism. thank you, sandra.
8:09 am
another fox news alert. breaking news from the hill on the latest push from democrats on impeachment. we now know that democratic and republican counsels for both judiciary and intelligence committees will present evidence in the probe to the judiciary committee on monday. that seems to be a bit of a change. chad pergram can run it down live on the hill. chad, what do you have there? >> here is the general timeline we're looking at. all of this might hinge on whether or not the administration decides to play ball and participate. there is a deadline that jerry nadler the chair of the judiciary committee set 5:00 today. that could depend -- that could influence what the timetable is. you mentioned the hearing on monday and then after that if we get toward the end of next week would there be what we call a mark-up session where they actually go through and write the articles of impeachment and maybe -- maybe the week after that is where you could possibly put articles of impeachment on the house floor. now that said there is some skepticism about this from some
8:10 am
democrats. i'll start with a democratic freshman from new jersey. he voted against the resolution earlier this fall to start the impeachment inquiry here and he says quote president trump is going to be exonerated. and use that to his advantage. people have to be careful what they wish for. the other number you will hear batted around a lot the next couple of weeks is 31. 31 democrats in districts car -- carried by president trump. we have to look at how they vote. i would keep an eye on a couple three. ben mcadams from utah. anthony brin daoesy from new york and kendra horn who flipped a district in oklahoma city. >> bill: just to be clear we're saying that attorneys for both republicans and democrats will be at this hearing on monday. is that a change in tactics from republicans or not? >> it is not really a change. i asked one member of the house intelligence committee on the
8:11 am
republican side this morning if that's what they anticipated. they said yes. we really haven't gotten a lot of clarity as to what the hearing would look like. not a same format what we saw in the intelligence committee a couple weeks ago or last week as well. >> bill: a lot to be determined still. chad, thank you. good reporting on the hill. back to sandra for more reaction on this. >> sandra: let's bring in richard fowler and rachel campos-duffy. great to have you here. i'll let you each make the case why each party wants to see this? there has been many cases made to have this move along so swiftly. richard, to you first? >> i think this is a situation as we heard nancy pelosi say yesterday in a town hall on another network it's about america's democracy and what is at stake. will reallow presidents in the future to get away with these types of things. let's be clear and honest. if you talk to the american people they are still split
8:12 am
among americans. 50% say he has to go, impeach him. another 50% say he has to stay. when you dig deep into the polls a lot of voters still find this call with ukraine to be problematic. a problem for republicans. problem for democrats is they aren't moving republicans. >> sandra: different from impeachable. you look at what jonathan turley said in the hearing room this week. you move along at this pace potentially the fastest impeachment in u.s. history, you risk leaving behind half of the american people in that process. but rachel, the president himself said he actually wants this to move along swiftly. >> another reason why republicans want to move this quickly. they don't want to talk about impeachment but the great news. you talked about the job numbers. this is giving the media im-- impeachment is giving the media an excuse to not talk about the
8:13 am
successes. this is record breaking successes that make a huge difference in people's lives. i will say this, the impeachment process in my opinion is hurting democrats and it is unifying republicans. i speak to a lot of republicans, you no he that sandra, i have never seen them more angry. i'll tell you why. they have absolutely personalized the hatred towards donald trump. they believe that democrats actually hate them and resent them for voting for donald trump in 2016. that's why you saw nancy pelosi act the way she did when that reporter asked her if she hated donald trump. she knows it is dangerous territory. if half the country thinks you hate them the persuadeable people in the middle and anybody who would listen to what you have to say about impeachment are tuned out and they think you hate them. >> sandra: it happened during this show yesterday and grabbed a lot of headlines. nancy pelosi was asked that question and she responded and
8:14 am
said no. she said don't mess with me. she prays for the president every day and she is intending a fair process. first richard before you respond we have eric swalwell a democrat on with us last hour. he talked about the challenges that your party faces with the messaging during this impeachment process. here is congressman swalwell. >> i think we have to bring it home to if your local police chief told the mayor i need more cops on the beat and the mayor said i'll give you the money you need if you investigate my local opponent. people get that it's wrong. we have to make sure people understand just what's at stake here, hearts and minds and the gut check of right or wrong. >> sandra: i only have a minute or so left. it reminds you of the moment of jonathan turley in the hearing room this week when he told democrats you have to stick the landing. richard. >> look, what we hate is we hate the abuse of power. we hate the obstruction of
8:15 am
congress and justice. we don't hate the president of the united states. we hate the fact his chief of staff, personal attorney currently in ukraine. energy secretary refuses to abide by congressional subpoena. that's what we hate. every american should hate that because that speaks to our democracy and the power of the congress. and the power of our constitution. congress has the ability to subpoena and the fact the white house is ignoring those subpoenas is problematic and unlawful. >> sandra: deadline 5:00 p.m. jerry nadler set for the white house to respond whether or not the president and white house will have legal representation in the hearing room monday at the next hearing. final thoughts, rachel. >> this impeachment is deeply unpopular and i don't think democrats are going to win over the people they need to win over in the swing states and independents. they are digging themselves into their own electoral grave. nancy pelosi knows that and that's why she looked so frustrated and depressed yesterday during this press
8:16 am
conference. >> this is about our democracy. >> it isn't about our democracy. >> it is absolutely about our democracy. this is about the fact that -- >> it's about the constitution. >> sandra: another debate. we have to leave it there. a lot of breaking news this morning. good to see you. bill. >> bill: as congress gets ready to take the next big step in the impeachment hearings what can we expect from the left and the right? special report anchor bret baier live in california with me and he will break it down later this hour. as we come to the from the presidential library in simi valley, california. a special weekend for us at fox, fox nation and reagan defense forum as we measure the impact of the 40th president 30 years later. >> in all of that time i won a nickname. the great communicator. i never thought it was my style or the words i used that made a difference. it was the content. i wasn't a great communicator
8:17 am
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8:22 am
not that there weren't fights or cross words but it never felt it would go this far. this is as fierce as it gets as you know in washington and fortunately reagan was spared a lot of that. >> bill: do you feel lucky to be spared a lot of it because you are 2500 miles away, john? >> yeah. california is not president trump's favorite state by far but it is a nice play to be in terms of how far away it is from this whole impeachment fight and all that's happening there. >> bill: i know that ronald reagan had his own problems with your state and you have issues to work out yourself. however, we just rolled a clip
8:23 am
there, john, where he said people say i was a great communicator. i wasn't a great communicator. i communicated great ideas. >> that's right. reagan believed that. he spent a lifetime thinking about what this world should look like and freedom and his fight against communism. all the things that reagan stood for and it played out in his presidency and plays out here in his library. you walk around here for a few minutes and you get a sense of the reagan years like nothing else. >> bill: i think that he in life was as big as life and for some people he was bigger than life. for what he did and what he stood for. and i think the 707 is emblematic of him. do you feel that way? it is more than just a prop on loan from the air force here at the library. >> the plane behind us flew seven united states presidents but flew president reagan all eight years of his times in the
8:24 am
white house. millions of miles around the world. reagan was a real believer was getting things done and looking at other leaders eye-to-eye. >> bill: you came back from berlin for the demand for the wall to come down 30 years ago. how was that? >> an incredible thing. now a statue of the president reagan stands on the grounds of the u.s. embassy right on the roof overlooking the famous brandonburg gate. to have secretary pompeo unveil it and to be there with fox news and it was a big deal for us. >> bill: the first time i came to this library was on the death of ronald reagan. and i was struck by the beauty up here on the hillside above simi valley. you had a real threat a month and a half ago.
8:25 am
you look out the window and the earth has been scorched along the library and the firefighters helped save it. >> they did. in the last few weeks you hear a lot of us talk about threats to our democracy. this was an existential threat to the reagan library. the flames came right up against our complex and first responders once again saved the day and saved the reagan library. >> bill: we had you on the air that day. you had ash on your face. fox news and fox nation are partnering with the reagan defense forum to talk about the biggest issues of the day and something he would also admire, i believe. >> for sure. president reagan knew this would be an important place to study the past but he was far more interested in debating the future and that's what this weekend is all about. to have the world's national defense leadership gathered at
8:26 am
the reagan library. it would be a very big deal for him. >> bill: looking forward it to and thank you for the invitation to come back. check it out this weekend. >> sandra: speaker pelosi giving the green light to move forward in the impeachment process. the next public hearing before the judiciary committee happens monday. the same day the inspector general report is set to drop on the possible surveillance abuse by the f.b.i. bret baier will join us. he will be with bill out there in california on all of that next. ted to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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8:31 am
>> what we're seeing now is a speaker who is disconnected from reality saying we'll play warm music and drink hot cocoa and everything will be better. stop attacking the president. start doing the people's work. the impeachment is a sham. >> monday what happens? >> we have a presentation of the schiff results again. here is nadler making chicken salad out of chicken shit. >> bill: that's a line, huh? ranking member doug collins there on with laura ingraham slamming democratic leaders as they move forward with impeachment. the committee is set to hold a second public hearing monday. details not quit evident yet. bret baier joins me here live in simi valley, california at
8:32 am
the reagan library. >> did he just say chicken shit? >> bill: he did. >> a couple things here i want to play a sound bite from eric swalwell. when you ask democrats repeatedly whether they have the votes the answer seems elusive for so many. you wonder if it's intentional or whether there is a question mark on this. here is what swalwell said. >> we're not voting on it today, bill. we're receiving the evidence on monday and ideally a vote on the judiciary committee and then it would go to the full house. but i think we have enough responsible people in the house to hold the president accountable. >> bill: i guess the only people who know are nancy pelosi, adam schiff and the leaders of these committees that have been inside the caucus room talking about it. >> they have to be doing a head count internally. they are down this road now and they have to know and nancy pelosi has to know how many of
8:33 am
those moderates, 31 democrats from trump districts in 2016, that she can lose. and it is going to be more than two. two voted against the impeachment inquiry. it is likely going to be some number but they have to lay it all out and continue to say that they haven't made up their mind which as we know is all political. everybody has made up their mind at this point. >> bill: nancy pelosi did a town hall last night and she suggested bill clinton was stupid for what he did. suggesting to me the way i heard it this is a much more serious offense than what we went through in 1998 and 1999. >> listen, you look at jonathan turley and how he explained comparing the impeachments and the search for a crime. where is the crime? i think that this articles of impeachment, the drafting of them what we saw the other day in this hearing where constitutional scholars debated
8:34 am
where the line is and how you would draft it. how it's written up is really important to the vote. >> bill: mike turner, a republican from ohio on the house intel committee. viewers might him from a week and a half ago on lowering the standards on impeachment. >> if you take the hearsay, the innuendo, the conclusions that the adam schiff report provides as a basis for impeachment, you can apply it to any scenario and justify impeachment. enough to impeach trump, enough to impeach joe biden day one. i'm not advocating for that but that's the standards they're advocating for. >> bill: it goes to the point you are making about turley. a decision the white house has to make whether or not to participate. i don't know if they sit out the entire house matter and wait for the senate trial. it appears it is headed that way. >> i think that's where it is going. they've made the legal calculation that by getting involved in any of these
8:35 am
proceedings that they're giving it creedance. they'll fight their fight at the senate trial where they have more of they believe a fair shot. >> bill: john ratcliffe "washington examiner". he said this, i don't think it's a coincidence the democrats are racing the clock announcing moving forward with articles of impeachment. they will have succeeded in splitting coverage in terms of the inspector general's report. there will be a lot of news that day and i think it's intentional which brings us into a whole different level of this argument. on monday the attention goes to horowitz and he will have a press conference. >> wait second. our attention. do you think it will get covered the same way across the board? >> on monday yes and a quick turn back to the impeachment matter. my sense is on wednesday it comes back to the senate hearing and he will get oxygen for that day. your point is well taken. >> how many people listen to horowitz and what he found?
8:36 am
think about this. if you have the house judiciary committee marking up the articles of impeachment and you have the i.g. presenting in the senate judiciary committee at the same time, which networks will split screen, which networks will go all impeachment, which networks will go all i.g. i think we'll try to cover all of it. but if it is happening at the same time it is going to be interesting where the choice is. >> bill: very interesting thing to watch, too. this weekend you interviewed the secretary of defense mark esper at the reagan forum tomorrow. what i did not fully appreciate is how close these fires came to possibly burning this place down. >> it is right here. 30 yards away. i was here the night before and i was giving a speech about the book and three days at the brink which makes a great christmas gift by the way.
8:37 am
but so i left and the next day the fires were right here. i had buddies texting me saying did you smoke a cigar, what happened? john said it was really close. >> bill: have a great time this weekend and we'll talk about a lot of issues together with a great group of folks out here. see you. back the sandra in new york. >> sandra: fox news alert. information coming in on the shooting at a navy base in pensacola, florida this morning. four people confirmed dead including the shooter. breaking new details on what happened after the break. icallys that fuel five indicators of brain performance: icallys focus, accuracy, memory, learning, and concentration. neuriva.
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8:42 am
company this week than impeachment if you can believe that. let's bring in kat timpf, fox news contributor. impeachment has been highly searched. people trying to figure out the process, what it means, how it works. impeachment is ranked high. this week peloton beats it. >> yes. honestly doesn't surprise me. these impeachment hearings have been going on for some long and so many hours. but it is complicated stuff. talking about legal questions and constitutional experts. on the other hand people also see that people are tweeting opinions about this bike, all right? what is easier to form an opinion on, a couple minutes' long ad or dealing with the legal stuff you have to figure out who is saying what and what words mean. it is so easy to form on opinion someone giving a gift on christmas of an exercise
8:43 am
bike. it was because of impeachment hearings that it was searched so much. people need a break. >> sandra: they need a break. i couldn't figure out when it came to peloton were they researching it or didn't know what peloton was and never heard of the company? it is a glimpse of the ad which people are saying the company is tone deaf putting this out. husband buys the bike for his wife for christmas. she then takes the self-videos of her as she goes through the process of using this and they say a lot of people thought it was sexist. >> i don't think it is sexist. i think it is weird and strange and sad that this woman was apparently so nervous about an exercise bike. you are not going on a mountain biking trip through territory that is uncharted. you aren't leaving your living room. as long as you are in your living room you shouldn't be that nervous about anything. >> sandra: it skyrocketed and the stock was plunging.
8:44 am
lost 1 1/2 billion from its market value. >> that's not what you go for with an ad generally. >> back up today. they're up 3%. meanwhile to wausau, wisconsin, they are banning snowballs in that town. rachel campos-duffy. >> a few years ago i wrote an article about how a college campus was banning throwing snowballs and i thought it was ridiculous. now a government is doing this saying it's a public safety concern? that is absurd. people have been injured by snowballs in the past, sure. people have been injured by all kinds of things in the past. in 1974 a guy died because he drank too much carrot juice. do we ban carrot is >> no person shall throw or shoot any obect or any
8:45 am
projectile by hand or any other means at any other person or into any building street, highway or public space. important to say that they are ranking them alongside arrows and missiles. >> maybe i may a libertarian, i will give them this. the missile ban i'm okay with. people shouldn't be shooting missiles around. if you are mentioning snowball and missile in the same sentence? >> sandra: they can hurt. but here is the mayor responding to the reaction that they have received so far. >> what people do in their own private yards or property is their own interest. a lot of it is public safety. consideration and common sense. you don't throw stuff at people period. >> common sense is good. >> you're saying people don't have common sense by making this law. a couple kids walking home from
8:46 am
school, someone throws a snowball at another kid that's what childhood is all about, you know? again, i'm totally with you on the missiles thing, mr. mayor. totally with you. >> sandra: let's all make good decisions in the winter weather comes near. great to have you on a friday. >> i enjoyed myself. >> sandra: bill, back to you. >> bill: i'm getting a peloton over the weekend. look how beautiful this plane is. serving more than seven presidents including ronald reagan who flew more than 600 thousand miles on this plane. we'll go inside. back in a moment on a friday morning. wow! that's ensure max protein, with high protein and 1 gram sugar. it's a sit-up, banana! bend at the waist! i'm tryin'! keep it up. you'll get there. whoa-hoa-hoa! 30 grams of protein, and one gram of sugar.
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>> bill: this is the hallmark of the entire presidential library. the 707 displayed at the reagan library in simi valley. roger, the director of the ronald reagan institute. nice to see you again. we'll try to do something for the next three minutes. we'll walk the length of this plane and you will give us history for where it went and what it meant. first the cockpit on the left. >> absolutely. president reagan would often join the pilots here and spend time with them in the seat on the left and he would look out and see the world he was looking to engage with. >> bill: let's move down the aisle here. maybe the moment on the left here the presidential desk is something that -- >> you see the equipment, the president's cabin over here. this is a spot where he would prepare his remarks. this plane he reached out to the world and went to china and
8:52 am
told students in shanghai that in america the people rule as opposed to the communist party and went to berlin he prepared for the moments on the tear down the wall. >> bill: what this plane means to you and the symbolism you think it stands for. take it a step further. >> this plane is an opportunity for young people to come out here and see what america can achieve. the symbolic value of air force one is where america's voice is made to the world. it was strongest in reagan's administration and strong this week and this weekend. >> bill: the symbolism it represents. we started talking here about where it went and what it meant. he flew more than 650,000 miles on board this plane. think about all the places that he left a mark. >> he engaged the world. he went to london and told them that democracy is not a fragile
8:53 am
flower. we have to promote freedom and democracy. that is what allowed the united states and the west to prevail in the cold war. those were the messages he delivered around the world. this plane delivered him to the world. >> bill: you are good at this, roger. >> appreciate that. >> bill: you have done this a couple of times. >> i watched a lot of bill hemmer. this area is where the chief of staff, cabinet secretary, the president, the support staff on the military side, air force and where they would do their work. anecdote. the president would enjoy when the staff would fall asleep he would come over with a photographer, take a picture and remind the staff afterwards they were sleeping on the job. >> bill: pretty good sense of humor and history in the pictures. we'll push through here, tommy and end the tour. more than 200 trips aboard air force one. >> we get to the back, the bill
8:54 am
hemmer suite. flying on air force one. only the best in the back. >> bill: these seats aren't too bad. how strongly do you believe he felt? let me get a little further here and we'll wrap this. how strongly do you believe he felt and how comfortable was he to take his message about democracy and the forces that were at odds with each other during that time? it's democracy on one side, communism on the other. he is using this as a vehicle to reach those people. >> president reagan would say let's take it to the people. he meant it to the people of the united states and to the world. this was that vehicle. he would say listen, i'll negotiate with my enemies. two things i'll never negotiate away, our freedom and future. that's what came off this plane. >> bill: great stuff. we'll be with you all weekend on the channel and also on fox nation. terrific stuff.
8:55 am
back to sandra in new york. >> sandra: the latest on the shooting at the u.s. military base this morning. three people shot and killed in a classroom there. the suspect dead and several others hospitalized. a live report just ahead. cooking now in one pot, and with tendercrisp technology, you can cook foods that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. the ninja foodi pressure cooker, the pressure cooker that crisps. there are lots of people who are confused about which medicare plan is right for them. hey, that's me. i barely know where to start. well, start here with me, karen. i'm a licensed humana sales agent. well, it's nice to meet you, karen. i'm john smith. hi, john. at humana, we know you're unique. so you have different needs from other john smiths. yeah, i've always thought so. and together, we can find a plan that's right for you. great! i go to the doctor a couple of times a year. and i have some prescriptions. but i'm never fully sure of what's covered and what's not. with humana's all-in-one medicare
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8:59 am
>> franklin roosevelt said we are determined to do everything possible to maintain peace on this hemisphere. international communism seeks to crush and undermine and destroy the independence of the americans. we cannot let that happen here. john f. kennedy made clear that a communist domination in this hemisphere can never be negotiated. [applause] >> moment they are in congress, state of the union in 87. it's tighter there than you
9:00 am
think but it was loaded. >> it was a treat to have you walk us through there. that was nice. >> listen come over going to have a great weekend. check us out on the channel. great to be with you and have a good weekend. >> get some rest, we have a big week. thanks for watching everybody, "outnumbered" starts now. >> breaking developments right now in that shooting in florida. the navy now confirming that the gunman and three other people are dead after gunfire at the naval aviation station in pensacola, the cradle of u.s. naval. phil keating has more from miami. >> melissa, incredibly tragic morning in the florida pan handle in pensacola of all places, such a huge military town where the navy's beloved. the shooting helping at the naval air station classroom. this


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