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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 6, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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it is usually the saudi government that would vet their officers, than the state's department would clear these individuals. clearly this comes at a very awkward time with the u.s. sending more troops to the middle east to try to protect saudi arabia from any iranian threats. back to you. ♪ >> hello, everyone. i am one williams, along with emily compagno, jesse watters, martha maccallum, and gregory. it is 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ a lot of breaking news to get through, so let's begin. a major showdown over impeachment, the white house telling democrats it will not participate in next week's hearing. michael bloomberg calling out his 2020 arrival, and joe biden picking another fight. we will get to all of that, but first -- ♪ a fox news alert, at least three people are dead and several others wounded after a gunman
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opened fire at the naval air station in pensacola, florida. authorities say that he was a saudi aviation student, and the fbi is now taking charge of the investigation looking into whether the attack is terror related. jonathan fairey is standing by with the latest, jonathan. >> hi, one, as far as this morning's attack goes, they believe that the gunman acted alone, the immediate threat has been eliminated. but the base remains close as the active investigation continues into the circumstances that led to this morning's violence. naval air station pensacola open on lock down as reports came in and of an active shooter in one of the classrooms as deputies responded shooting and killing on men, the navy written informs that four men have died. seven others were hurt. the home to the blue angels also hosts military students from around the world and u.s. officials have identified the gunman as a saudi national. florida republican senator rick scott is calling for a full review of programs
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that train foreign nationals on u.s. soil. president trump spoke with the king today, the king said that the saudi people are angered by the barbaric actions of the shooter, and they do not reflect to the saudi people. back to you. >> juan: thank you for that report. onto the other top stories, president trump's lawyer telling government that though white house will not participate in impeachment hearings. coming as nancy pelosi is raising questions about the democrats of motives for investigating president trump. to take at this. >> the damage that this administration has done to america is something that we can sustain two terms, i don't know. civilization as we know it today is at stake in the next election. >> juan: and one of president trump's biggest critics, al green not ruling out impeaching the president multiple times.
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>> a president can be impeached more than once. we can still investigate other issues and when the president has committed additional offenses, and my suspension is that he will. we can take those before the senate. there is no limit of the number of times the senate can vote to convict or not a president. no times when the house can impeach or not a president. >> juan: does this mean this is never ending? >> martha: do you think? >> greg: you are looking at me. >> juan: you get upset any time we have to cover this. >> greg: i am. the white house cannot participate, we should do the same. what he has just said is that the dems in the media look at impeachment like an unlimited game of corn hole or beanbag. as long as they can keep throwing it, there is no reason to start. -- stop, they are no consequences. there is a blackjack table playing with our money. there are consequences saying
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that we have to look and see when it is over and done with, which it will be, we have to look at the consequences and what are the abuses of powers that they are participating in right now, we have to figure out how to remove senators and congressmen. the threat to civilization is what they are doing right now. and the best part about this is common today, massive job numbers, record low unemployment, the best economy in my lifetime, and i'm like 35. good news for the dems, and good news for the media is kryptonite to them. you look at cnn, how dreadful old it is for them to report the good news. they are clinging to impeachment like a long-lost lover, because it is the only cat that they have that keeps them afloat. >> juan: i guess green's point was if you get new information, then you can act on it. >> jesse: green predicted president trump would commit more impeachable offenses. we know that he said the same thing last year. he said that we have to impeach him, because we know that we cannot beat him. that's what this is, they hate
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him because they can't beat him. he is not a threat to civilization. look at the suit you are wearing. you know how expensive that is? do you know what got fouled spent on dinner last night? the threat to civilization. everything else is fine. that was just the appetizer. listen, trump is not a threat to civilization, he is a threat to the democrats power. that's what this is about. by pumping trump up to look like he is the biggest in the baddest man out there, he does feel like he is the biggest in the baddest man. it is almost helping him. and it is helping his supporters. and they get it wrong every time. they are like bad weatherman that say there is going to be a category 5 hurricane month after month after month, every time it is downgraded to beautiful and sunny. that's why we don't trust these people anymore, because they are constantly wrong. think about what they have done in terms of abuse of power. and you just mentioned that. they have now accessed rudy giuliani's phone records. after they rated the last lawyer
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trump had an office. and they wiretapped his presidential campaign. so if you think about the abuse of power, that's where the abuse of power is. and this is a game right now, imagine if lanny davis, cricket hillary's lawyer's office had been raided. his phone records had been seized. his phone calls were tapped, that would have been bananas. but this is just like any other day. >> juan: if lanny davis was spending time in ukraine right now, republicans would be apoplectic. >> jesse: would be like somebody not going to prom to hatch a witch hunt. >> juan: oh, because i see giuliani is in the ukraine right now. martha, let's go back to nancy pelosi. because my friends here say, hey, she is making this out to be civilization is at stake with president trump, this is ridiculous. but i notice nancy pelosi has never lost a vote, and next week you will be on the camera a lot, because it looks like she is going to call for an impeachment vote. >> martha: i find the pacing very interesting here. everybody cannot wait to get
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this over with at this point. i know the american people and greg gutfeld are included. but the definition of civilization is society, culture, and the way of life. i think that she is working very hard to convince people, and her verbiage on this has been escalating over the last several days. it is grievous. it is an insult to the constitution. now the entire civilization is beginning to crumble because of this. and i think that that is a ramp up, not to her own democrat constituency, but to the people that "the washington post" think are undecided and in the middle who you have to start to lasso so that they get it, because they are very upset that the reporting is not doing a good enough job. i think the fact that she is speaking under these terms makes it very clear that she is concerned. it is not strong enough to get it over the finish line. and just one more thing -- >> greg: your point has to be stressed. they were asking to propagandize this.
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they want to make movie trailers -- >> martha: not just for that, but she is saying why are journalist shouting into the void? you need to work harder to bring over the undecided. so i don't know, in my world, we tried to tell people what is going on on all sides of the fence. we don't shout it one side to try to convince them that the other side is right. >> jesse: if that worked, juan would be a republican. >> juan: who knows? but to pick up quickly, do you think she has the votes? >> martha: she probably does pray to the white house thinks that. i think at this point it is pretty clear that it will pass in the house, now they have to figure out if it will be taken up in the senate. >> juan: emily, i will come to you with a legal puzzler, you mention complaints. adjusting mentions that the fact that phone records were obtained by the democrats of the phone loss between giuliani and the ukrainian nationals going in, but there is no indication from schiff that he subpoenaed the
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records, so where did the phone records come in, and was at an overreach on the investigators? >> absolutely, there is a point to that that i want to talk about. did you see this morning when eric swallow came on "america's newsroom" and he said something to the effect, don't talk to indicted felons if you don't want your call log reached. that is the elitism that we are dealing with from the left. it is a luxury for him. the privilege white boy who gray grew up in california. to say i have never talked to an indicted felon, guess what, i have. i've talked to a lot. and there are a lot of americans that have that felony conviction and that record. for him to display that hubris, which i'm sure he displayed as a prosecutor. i'm sure that it was just seeking convictions, that's what we are dealing with. and that is why the democrats don't care, especially him as their poster child don't care about the fires of the abuse of power. they don't care if the
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government is surveilling the citizens as long as the citizens are the g.o.p. and the republicans on the hill. and he told the president to grow up. i want him to grow up. i want the democrats to grow up. you're wasting taxpayer dollars on pressure and foreign powers, no, you are wasting my tax dollars. all of them. >> greg: what is amazing about you, because you are from oakland, you spit out the word dublin like it is a sin. >> emily: it is a sin. >> greg: to say that he is from dublin! people in northern california are going, yeah! >> emily: go raiders. >> juan: we are going to try to keep this under control, of next, mike bloomberg, not mincing words, calling out his 2020 rivals, and former president biden picking up a fight after another dustup on the campaign trail. all next on "the five." ♪ fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely.
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♪ >> martha: we are back, 2020 democrats. i don't usually have a musical intro. michael bloomberg not holding back with his tax on his rivals. watch this. >> i watch and i said we can have another four years of their spirit and then i watched all of the candidates, and i just thought to myself, donald trumpd eat them up. i gave 100% of the money away, what's wrong with that? and i turn and they are criticizing me for it. ask them what they are doing, why did they not do that? they had a chance to make a lot of money and how much of their own money did they put into the campaign? >> martha: after the fire exchange with a man at a town hall, joe biden is picking
2:16 pm
a new fight. watch this. >> you guys got it all wrong about what happened. it is just bad judgment. you all thought that what happened was the party moved extremely to the left after hillary. aoc was the new party. she is a bright and wonderful person, but where's the party? come on, man. >> martha: come on, man, come on, jesse. this is a feisty year joe biden, fighting back at the 2020 candidates prior to saying come on, man. what did you say? get your facts straight, jack. >> jesse: only hunter had a more lively week than joe. biden tries to convince everybody when he is has come on man, like that it's going explain everything. is that it? but here's the thing that he is wrong about so many things, but he is right about this. twitter is not where regular americans are, especially where democrats, black, brown, with families, with jobs, they want
2:17 pm
to keep their health care. they want to keep their suv. they want to keep their money. these people don't understand that and they throw people like aoc, the squad, the green new deal, liz warren. they want to revolutionize america. they are not with that crowd. that is pretty obvious even to sleepy joe. >> juan: i want to say this to affirm what you just said, the fact that he is in the lead as though centrist is evidence that the left is not dominating even among the democrats. so there is a rise in the numbers who are self identifying as liberals, but it is still the case that most democrats self identify as either moderate or conservative democrats. >> martha: what about michael bloomberg, the feeling was if joe biden was in the race, there would not be room for michael bloomberg or a mr. starbucks, howard schultz, thank you. so do you think there is now? and do you think people are looking for that alternative to joe biden? >> juan: the thing is that joe biden has not faded.
2:18 pm
so the argument would be for bloomberg, i am electable, i can beat trump. and he may be a very good candidate if it is bloomberg versus trump, but he has to get through the democratic primary, he needs a lane. and at the moment the lane is occupied and successfully so by joe biden. the question for mr. bloomberg is how do you say to voters, oh, yeah, i am better for you than joe biden? >> jesse: but, juan, he is only at 19% nationally. biden is only a 19%. >> juan: that is fine. >> jesse: that is easy pickens. >> martha: and bloomberg is gaining traction, nowhere to go but up. >> greg: pretty close to traction at that age. they are the party of grumpy old men. and you have to think about this. this is not about the candidates. this is about trump pit he is not that much different in age, but it is obvious in terms of energy and spirit, there is a gulp. trump is not much younger, but
2:19 pm
he has a diner cup of coffee, a bottomless, bottomless energy. i was going to say something else, but i stop. if you compare people his age, look what he did to robert de niro. he turned him into a sputtering jackass. pretending that he is clint eastwood in "grand torino." he is scrooge meant doc and pants. i don't see how anybody will stand up and energy. >> jesse: they will just challenge him to a push-up contest. >> martha: what it is with that joke. >> martha: taken behind the barn or we will have a push-up contest. emily -- >> jesse: please don't do that. a >> martha: what about medicare for all, that may be the hill to die on for some of these candidates, because it looks like it is very problematic, and i think that's what will help michael bloomberg as he moves forward and perhaps biden. >> emily: what is interesting as a lot of the messaging that we just saw her earlier is about the democratic field, that's why they are terrible, but not quite
2:20 pm
yet why he is off. as you are pointing out. and contrast with the looming recession with obama's message hope and change, and half of the country rolled their eyes, but it resonated clearly and especially to the democrats. and i think that's why mayor pete is surging and resonating in ohio and iowa and new hampshire, because of the positive spin. but if he wins the primary, he will have to thread the needle, because obviously once we get past the primaries, the question is trump or a different direction. but they have to be a little bit more positive. >> martha: you cannot win with that, you cannot be in an incumbent with that positive message that galvanizes voters and makes them drawn to you, okay, coming up next, a liberal city under fire over a program that relocates. ♪ do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended
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♪ >> jesse: the homeless crisis in liberal city spy learning out of control, so that in some places that they are out learnig their resources to other states. bill de blasio under fire for spending millions to dump the homeless population across the country. the trump administration is calling him out. >> this is now the first harebrained idea that the mayor has had in respect to homelessness. i'm surprised that more mayors are not suing de blasio,
2:26 pm
because it is ridiculous. it helps people one time. the president does not want homelessness moved, he wants it resolved. >> jesse: situation in oakland so bad that private citizens are using giant logs to stop people from camping out on the streets. and this could be big, the supreme court is considering whether the constitution gives homeless people a right to sleep on the sidewalk. martha, you know what this reminds me of when you are blowing leaves in your yard and you blow it into your neighbors yard and then you go right inside her to that's what they are doing with homeless people. >> martha: you mean they are leaves? >> jesse: no, but you understand my analogy. it is not solving anything. a >> martha: they are pushing people across the river into my home town new jersey, also in a north carolina, where he once banned from his own travel because he was upset about the vacuum bill. bill de blasio is sort of passing the buck in a way that he loves to do. then he blames and says that they are insensitive and heartless about homeless people.
2:27 pm
if that my favorite part, looking for another chance in life, why don't you provide them that chance. the thrive program has been a huge boondoggle. if some of those things had succeeded, perhaps new york would not have such a big homeless problem. >> jesse: reviewed by the supreme court whether you can sleep on the public sidewalk. i've always said that i think people should be allowed to pass out on a sidewalk, but not sleep. there is a difference. >> emily: to be clear it is cruel and unusual to prohibit sleeping on the sidewalk if there are no shelter beds available. and i think that caveat is important here, because it basically dovetails in why the program worked in new york which was providing beds, providing that resource. but i have to point out that the bleeding heart approach, and that oversimplification is basically saying, look at, the poor soul has nowhere to go, then there is a law enforcement angle, when i go to the park i don't feel like stepping on a needle or having diarrhea thrown
2:28 pm
in my face that happen in los angeles. and we have the air garcetti and the devon newsom pluralist that say we have to throw billions ae single approach providing new housing, saying that it is a multi-concept issue, we need resources to treat drug addiction to address the domestic and international drug supply, mental health, and law enforcement. without that acknowledgment of all of those factors, we are still going to get the de blasios that are pouring money into a ridiculous part of the equation. >> jesse: juan. >> juan: what strikes me is that i know there are so many critics of bill de blasio, he was criticized on the homeless issue for not doing anything. now he does something and people say, we don't like what he is doing. i'm with you, emily, i don't like the idea that you ship homeless people off. you don't want to abuse these people in any way and treat them like that. but i will say when i watch the federal official on "fox & friends" you are doing an interview, my question is, okay,
2:29 pm
so where's the federal government? where is the federal energy? greg and i have been over this with dr. drew, and he is saying what you are saying, it is a multidimensional issue with people who are drug addicts and have mental issues, and you have to have an investment. i don't think you can ignore the need for investors, but we need real solutions and real ideas. it is not about picking on the homeless or picking on some democratic mayor or democratic idea that it is those liberals and their softy issues. it is all of us that have to deal with this in an era of high income inequality. a >> jesse: that is a good point, but the more money that you spend on combating homelessness, greg, does not reflect in the drop off. >> greg: number one, who are the homeless? they aren't illegal immigrants? apparently illegal immigrants can find housing. they are coming from somewhere else and they find a place to live, it's not about housing or economic inequality, right? there are people that have really smart solutions. i give credit to de blasio, he
2:30 pm
got part one right, relocation, but he did not have part two, which is a temporary residence where they can camp, have access to clean water and amenities and have people figure it out. >> jesse: send them to the hamptons. >> greg: there are smart people that we talked about sunrise, an organization, dr. drew talk to the people in san diego, turning homelessness into city-owned land where you can get them cleaned and then approach them. to separate the mentally ill from the nonmentally ill, the people that actually do want to get off the street, because that is a reality we are not talking about is that there are some that don't want to get off the street. some of them are mentally ill and reject the idea that they are mentally ill, which is actually a disease itself when you deny your own mental illness. there people there for drugs. their people people there just because of the lifestyle when they are young, and they are all of these different types. we have to stop. we have to stop criticizing
2:31 pm
people with ideas that aren't controlled by the government and somehow poking fun at the homeless are targeting the homeless when they are actually trying to help. if you want to get the homeless off the street, that is a good thing. >> martha: it is not an economic problem. we have seen an enormous amount of jobs growth, but not the job participation levels in this country since the 1960s. so it is a problem of drugs. it is a problem of mental illness paid on those issues need to be addressed in a compassionate way. i completely agreed and with housing which ben carson has worked on in california. by throwing money at it, as we have learned time and time again is not the solution. >> emily: quick interjection, there is a gentleman running for city council in los angeles, and his son was lost on skid row is a drug addict. he and his campaign ad is him searching for his son and trying to draw attention to that that we need a holistic compassionate approach. >> jesse: stay right there, the most compassionate television show in america will be right back.
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ask your doctor about trulicity. ♪ >> emily: welcome back, time for "the fastest 7" our tech addition isn't just stressing us, and slamming people in the hospital. there's been a surge in cell phone users tripping, falling, and hurting their heads and next. in some cases are so severe that they have resulted in facial and brain injuries. juan, i see it on your face. >> juan: especially around here in the holiday season, i like to say, people are on the cell phone in the middle of a mob trying to get down the street. and you think how selfish, how rude. if they trip, if somehow it is my responsibility, come on. they bump into people. it is willy-nilly. i don't like it. >> jesse: you sound like me, i like it. >> juan: i am a grumpy old
2:37 pm
man. >> jesse: i have a solution. you take it like this, and you wrap it up the cable, and then pole, pole, and then perfect posture like that. >> martha: you have to squeeze a pencil behind your shoulder? >> jesse: that is what i am talking about. >> martha: i have said it for a long time, even when the smartphones first came into the culture, the smartphone is smoking. they are our generation smoking. so around the same time we started to discover all these problems, people standing up and tobacco guys standing up in congress talking about what they knew. this is what is going on. so at first it was lung cancer. >> jesse: we will find out. >> martha: this will be a major realignment of your entire spine, and little kids, it is -- cell phones are poisonous to your body, your health, your psyche, everything. >> greg: the only difference between smoking -- >> jesse: go, martha!
2:38 pm
>> greg: this is what happens when new technology arrives, because you cannot adapt to something if it does not exist yet. so there are hundreds of thousands of people who died in car accidents before you had -- what do you call it? mandatory safety belts. so you cannot expect, you're going to have the problems before you solve the problems, right? you cannot prevent this if you don't have the phone first. so you have to go through all these problems if it happens with cars it happens with the atomic bomb. it happens with maroon 5. people are wondering what is going on in people's brains. >> juan: implant the phone in your head, greg. >> emily: up next, the days of calling out of work sick because you had a little bit too much to drink the night before could be over. a aaa causing controversy after the ceo says it has employees passed a wellness test with a nurse before taking a sick day. a chipotle employee said it is just a voluntary service paid greg, i feel like you feel strongly.
2:39 pm
>> greg: the irony is, how new people have called in sick because chipotle? we don't have sick days, they are called aaa days, you stop, and you turn around, and for the next three hours you are counting the bathroom tiles. yes, chipotle. >> emily: martha, what do you think? >> martha: i don't believe in sick days at all. i think if you're sick you should not come to work at, but the idea that you get a certain number of six days is really bogus. i don't believe in that. and every employer, if you are sick, you should be able to stay home. that is the compassion thing. if you're sick, don't come to work. but i think this line about you have to prove to the nurse that you are not just sleeping off last night's white clause. they give you the worst headache in the world, but it was on a saturday and did not have to go to work. >> emily: i still have not have them. >> greg: racist. why do they have to be white?
2:40 pm
>> jesse: take it up for the darkness. i like the idea of calling out other people's bluff. you really think i am hung over? test me, nurse. 102. there you go, boss. the next time the boss won't be so quick to accuse you of being hung over. he does not want to be wrong twice. >> juan: jesse is onto something here about not entrusting your employees. if some point it is bad management. they might have high term -- turnover at chipotle, but you have to have trust. >> greg: i hate to fake sick voice, they have to act it out a little bit more. >> juan: i much prefer as martha is saying people who are sick don't come in. >> greg: i would never be here, juan. >> emily: one time i had a guest who sneezed all over my phone. i was like oh, my gosh.
2:41 pm
finally a piece of art, banana duct taped to a wall has sold for a whopping 100 held -- $120,000, the artist as he claimed he spent a year workingn it. the value is how much something is willing to pay for it. what do you think? >> juan: this is pure stupidity. >> jesse: i like juan on friday. >> juan: you saw this? >> jesse: i saw a picture of a hotdog for 30 grand. that hotdog -- >> juan: that is it. >> jesse: i also saw some other things that were around 30 grand, but i can't show them on television. >> juan: did you buy anything? >> jesse: i should slap a banana to my wall in my apartment and invite my friends over and tell them that i bought this piece. really impressive. >> martha: i bet you will just put the duct tape on the banana. >> greg: i don't see the appeal. [laughs] what a great metaphor for
2:42 pm
impeachment, the american people is being sold with a duct tape banana on a wall much more for 130 grand, more like 130 million. >> juan: that is an orange. >> emily: okay, don't go anywhere, guys. "fan mail friday" is next. ♪ ♪ us lives here. where we can be surprised by others. and ourselves. for a better us, donate to your local y today. i'm happy to give you the tour, i lohey jay. it. jay? charlotte! oh hi. he helped me set up my watch lists. oh, he's terrific. excellent tennis player. bye-bye. i recognize that voice. annie? yeah! she helped me find the right bonds for my income strategy. you're very popular around here. there's a birthday going on. karl! he took care of my 401k rollover. wow, you call a lot. yeah, well it's my money we're talking about here. joining us for karaoke later? ah, i'd love to, but people get really emotional when i sing.
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♪ >> greg: got it. got it. the questions were out of order because of martha. there are rules here, martha! >> martha: i always thought that the whole show was completely ad-libbed. >> greg: first question, who or what do you think you were in a past life?
2:47 pm
juan. >> juan: i think my life is so good -- >> greg: that you where you? >> juan: i think i am at a higher point now, i think i was a poor kid in india, or a right-handed pitcher in the bullpen for the texas rangers in a losing season. i don't know. >> emily: may be some type of elf, a fairy creature. >> greg: a woodland nymph? >> jesse: a nymph? >> greg: a woodland creature would be a nymph. you're thinking of something else. >> jesse: i know for fact what i was in a past life, and he had a vision. george washington. >> greg: you will never be somebody obscure, would you, jesse? >> juan: did you have teeth? >> martha: you were george washington? >> jesse: i was. >> greg: george washington
2:48 pm
from newark, new jersey. >> martha: i don't know about a past life, but something totally different, what would it be? in my dream i would be like a singer who had an amazing voice. we were talking about whitney houston, that would be the dream. so maybe in a past life. because i can't do it in this one. >> greg: i'm going to pick something inanimate, like a plate. because everybody always picks george washington. i was probably just a shovel or stick. >> emily: like a teacup in "beauty and the beast." >> greg: "what is the one food you would never eat based on its name?" that is a pretty good question. >> juan: when i hear some of these foods especially when i was a kid, i was like, i don't want to eat foie gras, i don't want to eat escargot. what is this stuff? why don't you tell me what you are feeding me. i don't know. >> greg: all the time, i would say. jesse. >> jesse: one time i tried to impress someone on a date and order something that i did not know what it was, and it turned
2:49 pm
out to be glands. what is that? >> greg: it is in oregon? >> jesse: what is the name of that? sweetbreads. i ordered it, and i will never do that. >> emily: are those intestine intestines? >> martha: that is so funny, that's exactly what i was going to say, sweetbreads sounds like something yummy, but it is not. >> emily: i am pretty adventurous food wise. >> greg: based on the name, what would they be? >> emily: crickets. it would be something i know i would not eat. >> greg: the name eggplant it just sounds disgusting. it's about the name of something. it's like, i can't eat eggplant. >> jesse: you have thought about it before. >> greg: this purple and gross. heather asks "what is something you look forward to every day?" all right, ms. positive. >> emily: not you.
2:50 pm
[laughter] >> greg: i am just a boy from dublin. >> martha: just a white boy from dublin. >> greg: you are also doing my show tomorrow, you better look forward to that. >> emily: we are buds. >> greg: barely. martha, what do you look forward to everyday? >> martha: i look forward to "the story" at 7:00 everything all day. >> greg: there you go. >> martha: also i like getting into my bed. >> greg: there are 16 ways to go with that, and i'm going to stay away. >> juan: earlier this week dana was holding jesse's hand to keep him out of trouble. i want to hold your hand. >> jesse: on wednesdays i look forward to "wednesdays with watters on the story. and then i look forward to the
2:51 pm
limbaugh song. every day. every day. >> juan: i thought you said wednesday? >> greg: juan, save the segment. >> juan: i like food a lot, so when i wake up, i'm thinking what is for breakfast? >> martha: i love that answer. >> juan: i like a lot of eggplant. a >> greg: i look forward to doing my charity work when i am home. but i guess i am different. follow the line, i am out. "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list sales event. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing,
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♪ >> jesse: time now for the holiday addition of "one more thing." greg. >> greg: tomorrow night 10:00 p.m. i don't know who the lady is, emily, comedian joseph, and saturday december 7th, watch a period of time for greg's diet tips. at the holidays are tough if
2:56 pm
you're trying to keep from gaining weight i know i have issues. of what i suggest is to eat with friends and share like these little fellas here. they share one entree at the olive garden, one entree of apostate dish and they share it and that way they can just like enjoy the time together and not to gain weight. that's might tip, eat with friends and to eat your friends, you little guinea pig. >> emily: that's like lady and the. >> jesse: my turn, it's a christmas story for all of you, it's the adoption hearing from michael clark jr. when michael decided he did not want to do it alone he invited the entire kindergarten class, his class in east grand rapids into the courtroom to share his moment in here is michael and the new dad at the ceremony. speak of the process has been amazing, we worked with catholic charities and the work has been.
2:57 pm
>> i love my daddy! i love my daddy so much! >> big day for michael, a reminder from all of us, all of you that if you have room in your heart and you have room in your life, you can bring your own christmas miracle with foster care and adoption. >> martha: amazing story. tomorrow is december 7th, 78 anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor with 300 japanese fighters bombers swept in just 50 feet off the water in the harbor. the bombs of the u.s. fleet and completely almost out of existence. the next day, the president spoke to the american people and said this. >> no matter how long it may take us, to overcome this premeditated invasion. the american people and the righteous might will win through to absolute victory.
2:58 pm
>> martha: that moment is the starting point for something i've been working on for two and a half years which is an amazing to me to see that cover after all of that work in my journey to guam and meeting with the survivors and that's where it begins and that's the book "unkown valor" ." and more information will be coming in the year. >> juan: congratulations. >> jesse: listening to roosevelt right there. >> greg: do you ever had your cell phone to a team and they're just like, make the whole thing blow up everything is good, they're just wizards, right? they can't even open a can with the basic can opener. the 16-year-old, the struggle for about 5 minutes could not figure it out. just a can. could not do it. does that not make you feel better? when they try to set up your
2:59 pm
dvr, or whatever it's called. if you have cans in your kitche? you live in new york. >> juan: no cans at all. [laughter] >> jesse: i know how to do that. cited ninth, be the exclusive interview with a private eye who is on the of epstein and knows a lot about the details and interviewed one of the copilots to tune in for. also, on tucker, defending the crown against melissa francis in the news quiz. speed to ra, you guys, this weee milwaukee's county zoo they offered two free tickets to the winter. over the sponsor, more than 4,000 people guessing the weights, here she is on the scale and she weighs a whopping 565-point pounds. just a few pounds after me.
3:00 pm
>> greg: it would've been fun if you asked all of us, but you didn't. >> emily: i don't know, whatever. of speed what we will see her back on monday, have a great weekend everybody. >> bret: a second deadly shooting this week at a u.s. military base and was this one terrorism? on the surge in november caps on employment rates to a 50 year low it sent stocks soaring. sorry, wrong number, an apparent mistake with the democrats impeachment related release on personal phone records. this is "special report." ♪ good evening, we are coming life tonight in front of president ronald reagan's air force one. at the ronald reagan presidential library in california, it's the site of the annual reagan national defense form being


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