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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  December 7, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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job * disturbing new details on a shooter at opinions coala. associated press report that he hosted a dinner party where he and others watched videos of mass shootings. reports emerging that the gunman wrote anti-american and anti-israeli tweets before the shootings. fox news has not independently confirmed that. it's prompting the defense department to review its policy for the screening of foreign
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nationals. reporter: earlier reports indicated mohammed saeed alshamrani didn't have ties to other terror sore yaightss. but reports are that he gathered with other saudis in the days leading up to the shooting and watched videos of other shootings. he was one of a few hundred foreign pilots that train at pensacola each year. the department of defense has 5,000 students training with the military on american soil. the defense secretary says the screening process should be reviewed. >> clearly something went wrong with the vetting that goes on between the saudis, the state department and defense
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department. what i'm most interested in, was this a deliberate infelt tracing on the part of al qaeda or isis as part after the planned effort or was this a one-off radicalization. reporter: the fbi is trying to confirm if an anti-american tweet posted before the shooting came from alshamrani. he made strong anti-israeli and anti-american statements. they would not confirm if it's part of the investigation. the saudi king condemned the shooting and merged full cooperation. >> i trust this president will get to the bottom of it. i think once the investigation concludes, the president will act swiftly and he will do all he can to make sure this does not hatch again. reporter: the community is grieving the loss of three
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americans, including joshua kaleb watson, a recent graduate of the naval academy. he told first responders before dying of his injuries where the shooter was, and that may have saved many lives. jon: a new report released by the house judiciary committee lays out the historical arguments for the impeachment of the president. david spunt is live on capitol hill with the latest. reporter: a saturday work session that will turn into a sunday work session on impeachment. members of the house judiciary committee came in about 10:00 this morning. the mayorland congressman speaking behind me saying this is a rehearsal for the big hearing monday. early this morning we caught
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chairman jerry nadler and other members walking into the hearing room. he said he had no comment other than to say it would being a long time. the judiciary committee will accept intelligence pieces. think of opening arguments in a criminal trial. this will lay out a map to getting impeachment on the house floor. nancy pelosi made the announcement that she is moving forward with articles of impeachment. >> the president has engaged in abuse of power, undermining our national security and jeopardizing the integrity of our elections. reporter: this is a report challenging and looking at the constitutionality of impeachment prepared by house judiciary staff. he says the framers were not fools. they authorized impeachment for
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a reason, and that reason would have been gutted if impeachment did not ate ply to crimes. this hearing will gavel in at 9:00. this is as rapid all together opening arguments. and we could see articles of impeachment being crafted this week. jon: when the hearing gets under way, the white house is not participating, is that correct? >> that's correct. they had a deadline yesterday. white house counsel pat cipollone made it clear to chairman nadler. i want to put up this letter from pat cipollone. he wrote in part your impeachment inquiry is completely baseless and violated basic principles of due process and fundamental fairness. if president trump does get
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impeached in the house, let it go to a senate trial. the white house says they are looking forward to that. they want to bring their own witnesses. they say bring on a senate trial. members here at judiciary will be back here preparing for this big hearing monday. jon: house intelligence committee ranking member devin nunes speaking about his phone records being released in the impeachment report. he says he's taking this matter to court. >> i think that is a question between at&t, house democrats, verizon and the courts. so we are going to have to take let action here. we are definitely going to take legal action. remember, they have the phone records of many journalists, they have the phone records of
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many members of congress. jon: nunes says he didn't know who rudy giuliani's associate lev parnas was until last month and said he never spoke directly to him. listen in be a guest on "sunday morning futures" with maria bartiromo sunday at 10:00 a.m. eastern. an american graduate student held in an iranian prison for three years opposite suspicion of being a spy is heading home. he was released in switzerland in exchange for an iranian citizen being held in an atlanta jail over allegations he violated u.s. sanctions. reporter: according to a senior u.s. official, wang is doing very well after spending three years in an iranian prison.
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we asked president trump whether there were discussions with iranian officials in this process over the other americans still in prison in iran. >> i think it was a great thing for iran. it's great to show that we can do something. it might have been a precursor as to what can be done. >> negotiations twifnlt s. and iran over wang's arrest intense youified the past three or four weeks. then brian hook left for zurich to meet with iranian officials with a prisoner swap. wang is a graduates student as the princeton. he was in iran studying persian history when in 2016 he was arrested. he was charged with espionage and he was sentenced to a decade in prison. in a statement wang's wife says
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our family is completes once again. my son and i have waited three long years for this day and it's hard to express how excited we are to be reunited with xiyue. he was swapped for pane iranian doctor in chicago who was accused of violating sanctions against iran. senior american officials defended the swap saying no money was paid for wang. the president said he would like to host wang and his family at the white house. but they did not set a date. jon: wang's release is spotlighting other cases of americans held prisoner in iran. reporter: this morning a senior
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administration official said they are hopeful wang's release will give momentum to other americans held as well. they believe six americans are in iranian custody serving long sentences on false charges so they can be used as bargaining chips. they include b what quer nanazi and his son. along with karan, vafadari. and there is also new evidence suggesting former fbi agent bob levinson who went missing 12 years ago may be alive and in custody. the families of detained americans came to capitol hill to urge law makers to put more pressure on iran.
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here is bob levin son's daughter. >> we need scene outcry from americans. this is a new iranian crisis. it is not right, it is not normal prehigh year. reporter: wang's release is causing mixed emotions for other families. the son of namazi says he's devastated that second president has left my sailing father in an iranian jail. jon: defense secretary marks percent speaking -- mark esper spoke at the simi valley forum.
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reporter: defense secretary mark esper sat down with our own bret baier. he was asked about the motive of the pensacola shooter. here is what he said. >> i can't say terrorism at this time. we need to let the investigators and the fbi to do its work. and we'll move on from there. reporter: esper ruled out any large troop deployment despite reports otherwise. >> reports of troops moving to the middle east to counter iran. did that happen? >> no, those are false reports. i don't know where they came from. we deployed 14,000 troops since may of this year. but i'm not looking at any major deployments coming up in the region. >> i hosted a panel with the
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joint chiefs about how the military needs to pivot away from the middle east. >> our marine corps is built ideally or another desert shield, desert storm. it's not the force we are going need based on the vectors china and russia are going to. we need to helped weight and become a naval expeditionary force. reporter: i asked how they plan to protect u.s. from disinformation and cyber attacks. >> we are already in quon tblict the russians and others. the way we look at that competition and that conflict with those peer competitors is critically important. so the mindset thing, it's
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changing. reporter: we'll be hearing from former defense secretary jim mattis and leon panetta shortly. they have been asked what should be done about north korea, especially if it launches an intercontinental ballistic missile. he said u.s. should not respond to everything north korea does. jon: we'll have plenty more with mark esper. chris wallace takes his program to the ray gawn national forum on sunday. questions are growing about a high-speed chase near miami that ended in tragedy. a group of' suspects the
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hijacked a ups truck. it ended with the police firing into the truck, killing the suspect and 2009 sent drivers. reporter: we are at the early stage of this investigation with multiple crime scenes. the family of the ups driver says the authorities were trigger happy. the two suspects, lamar alexander and robby jerome hill are accused of injuring a jewelry store employee as they tried to rob the store in coral gables. police say they ran off and hijacked a ups truck with the
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driver still inside. according to the "miami herald," 18 officers from four different agencies exchanged gunfire with the suspect and both suspects, the ups driver and an innocent bystander sitting in his car at the stoplight were killed. police say they are not to blame for the civilian deaths. >> these officers are showing courage moving towards danger. that's what we have to be looking at here. the outcome of this is dictated by two violent felons who decided to bring this on this community. reporter: the family of the ups driver describes him as a loving father. it's unclear if this family plans to take legal action. but one of his brothers is raising money for a lawyer and
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to cover funeral costs as they mourn his loss. >> it's a nightmare i hope to wake up from. this an old wild wild west. this is a shootout that should have never happens. reporter: we are at the initial stages of this investigation and the fbi is looking into it. jon: the pensacola rampage was not the only attack on a u.s. navy facility. authorities are trying to figure out a motive for wednesday's fatal shooting at the pearl harbor' base in hawaii. he shot two people before killing himself. he was in counseling and facing
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non-jew judicial conduct. japanese planes bombed the american naval base december 7, 1941. nearly 2,400 americans died during that attack. a busy day for democrats in iowa with 60 days to go until the caucuses. pete buttigieg has captured a lot of attention in the 2020 race. what folks in south bend indiana have to say about their mayor's attempt to win the white house. woman: friction points, those obstacles that limit a company's growth. i try to find companies that turn these challenges into opportunities. it's these unique companies with creative business models that will generate value for our investors. that's why i go beyond the numbers.
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whether you're out or here on a wifi hotspot. xfinity mobile has more coverage to keep you connected to what matters most. that's because it's the only wireless network that automatically connects you to millions of secure wifi hotspots and the best lte everywhere else. and now get $250 off when you buy a new samsung phone during xfinity mobile beyond black friday. plus, you can save up to $400 a year. click, call or visit a store today. jon: many of the 2020 democratic
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presidential candidates back on the campaign trail in iowa hoping to sway voters with the state's caucus less than two months away. ellison? >> tensions, collective bargaining, what democrats see as the president's failed promises. the forum is just wrapping up right now. senator bernie sanders finished speaking to the crowd. he was the last candidate in today's forum. he got big cheers from the crowd as he came on stage. teamsters have 1.4 million members. their support is coveted. but in order for a candidate to receive the teamster endorsement, they must sign a pledge to sign legislation that protects pensions and established a new trade policy
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that protects working people. six people attended today's forum. all of them signed the pledge. former vice president joe biden was the first candidate to take the stage. change the federal law that there is no right to work in any state. if you keep unions from violating the rules of organization, then they should be held accountable. if it becomes a serious offense, we should think about criminalization. > reporter: he landed a big endorsement from the former secretary of state and one time presidential candidate john kerry. pete beaut judge picked up three endorsements from former obama
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staffers. senator cory booker talked about that today telling teamsters he's the best candidate to bring that back. he's talking about reigniting the voting bloc that brought president obama into office in 2008 and 2012. obama's endorsement is significant because in part he struggled to connect with a key part of that voting bloc. black voters. he attempted to connect with union workers who until 2016 were always a solid, under appreciated part of the democratic base. as you said, off thereby was a trade-off between a pay raise and putting inthe to the pension. which means it ought to be there
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for you. it's not about doing you a favor. it's about keeping a promise. right now the butch lewis act is designed to make sure we secure and support multi employer pensions, and i support that legislation. reporter: nor elizabeth warren signed the teamster pledge. but she is in iowa campaigning. jon: from small-town mayor to a central player in the presidential race. back in his hometown of central indiana, reviews on him are mixed. >> in the poor neighborhoods of south bend where blight has taken over, the mayor executed a plan to demolish 1,000 homes in 1,000 days. >> he takes a wrecking ball or a
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machine to remove the homes. noise plan in place to return housing back to those areas. reporter: south bend tells the tale of two cities under pete buttigieg. they suffered the same fate as many towns when auto manufacturing dried up. the young mayor pushed for $33 million in public investments on things like smart sewers and smart treats. intended among other things to get people out of their cars and into downtown shops. at the buttigieg team boasts, the return of some 12,000 jobs. the chamber of commerce said the slow recovery was already under way when buttigieg was elected.
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he came in and put his foot on the gas pedal to accelerate that to happen. someone from thedown downtown saw the investment. >> more people are coming downtown. reporter: and another where boards remain on the windows. he never comes out to the black community to find out what's going on. >> we don't see too much of him. >> the improvements have not been part of the south bend police force. they say they don't think the mayor as their backs. they have added no new officers to the force. >> we hold a memorial service every year for the officers who have fallen in the line of duty in our city and he has never attended a single one. the public statement made by the mayor was interpreted buyer cops
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of accusing them racism. jon: an investigation in florida amid new details about the shooter and his ties to saudi arabia. how it impacts our relationship with the middle eastern kingdom. at bayer, we make aspirin to help save lives during a heart attack... so it never stops the heart of a family. at bayer, this is why we science.
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>> did he target americans? >> it's a very tragic incidents. our condolences go out to the families of those who were killed and those who were injured. to answer your question, i don't know yet. it's important for the investigation to proceed and understand what's happened and why. chris: were they americans who were killed. >> my understanding is they were americans who were killed. jon: a saudi military student
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shot and killed three people before a deputy shot and killed him at a pence co-sla naval base. the motivation for the shooting is unclear though it's being investigated as a possible act of terror. the act causing the defense department to review the screening process for foreign nationals. joining us now, dave leaf leventhal. dave, thanks for being with us this evening. ever since the jamal khashoggi killing there has been an uneasy alliance between the united states government and the saudi government. this shooting is not going to help. >> it won't help at all. one could argue that the complicated relationship the united states has had with saudi arabia goes back decades. those of us who were around for
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the first gulf war, saudi arabia was a strong ally. then september 11, many of the attackers were saudi nationals. osama bin laden traces his roots back there. by virtue of the fact this was somebody who was a saudi military officer working in the united states, being trained in the united states, and look at what just happened. the fact that the king of saudi arabia made a call to president trump and none of his lower-downs underscores the seriousness that the study government is taking the situation relative to what it could be doing. jon: the saudis are supposed to be our allies. we have troops deployed there. dress bared a the defense secretary whether he has any thoughts about that. >> i think saudi arabia is a
3:36 pm
long-standing partner of ours in the region. we share a mutual interest in the security with iran. we are there to defend the national rules of order and defend from iran's malign behavior. jon: a recent graduate of the u.s. naval academy. one of the brightest young then the country, it's hard to hear that from the defense secretary. >> the defense secretary points out one reason why we are working with the saudis. we have many enemies. and saudi arabia also has made enemies. iran being the most notable. but there is an economic element to this as well. saudi arabia is waging war with
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yemen, backing the government that has traditionally been in place against rebels trying to overthrow it. they are literally buying up billions upon billions of dollars of u.s. military material, bombs, weapons, weapons systems, and that's something the united states -- they wanted to be able to sell those weapons. there are dollar signs one has to consider when you talk about the saudi-u.s. relationship. jon: anthony brown, a member of the foreign relyings committee in the house is taking a closer look at this. here is what said about the u.s.-saudi relationship. >> i can accept that this shooter does not represent all of the residents of the kingdom of saudi arabia. but having said that, i will voice my concerns with the kingdom. we have a relationship problem
3:38 pm
saudi arabia. why they are a partner, much of their conduct doesn't represent our values. jon: you mentioned iran. the saudis are a counterbalance to iran and its influence in the middle east. and the united states sees the benefit in cultivating that. >> absolutely. you could expect this situation in florida, the tragedy that it is, is not going to shake the relationship the united states has with saudi arabia. if anyone is expecting the report or the trump administration to unilaterally cut off the relationship with saudi arabia, that's not going to happen. will there be changes around the margins? perhaps. there will be a review of who's coming over to the use the to train with the military perhaps.
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but it won't be an underlying shaking of the foundation that has been built up over many decades between the united states and saudi arabia. jon: president trump arriving in florida to headline two events in one night. first the statement dinner with governor defend and is, then in a couple hours he gives the keynote address at the israeli council's international summit. reporter: president trump is widely expected to give get arousing welcome tonight as israeli hardliners have long viewed president trump's official u.s. policy since he took office as being very pro israel and good for their cause, gift that keeps on giving. he will arrive here in about an hour. but he's not too far away making
3:40 pm
remarks at the florida republican party statesman dinner it's closed to the press. the things israel and the jewish americans applaud is when president trump moved the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. he has also been a forceful ally of prime minister benjamin netanyahu. hardliners applauded the president when the secretary of state pompeo said the u.s. would ease its stance on the israeli settlements on the west bank. that led to a palestinian day of rage in multiple west bank cities. they have view it as their territory. one more thing the israeli hardliners are hopeful for is supporting the israeli idea to annex the jordan valley.
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if israel did excise the land. jon: unrest erupts in france as yellow vest demonstrators return in full force and much of the mass transit system grind to a halt. why now? that's next. steven could only imaginem 24hr to trenjoying a spicy taco.burn, now, his world explodes with flavor. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day all-night protection. can you imagine 24-hours without heartburn?
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jon: turmoil in france as the transit system brings the country to a stand still. reporter: most of these protesters want the government
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to back down from its plan to reform the national retirement system. but there are a lot of groups including the so-called yellow vests. there wear few thousand yellow vest protesters, most of them marching peacefully. but every once in a while you would get a skirmish. police would use tear gas to disperse crowds, and giving up grounds, trying to avoid confrontation with the protesters. broadly speaking, the yellow vest protesters want more protection. the government's decision to change the retirement system is their latest grievance. paris' subway and trains stations are empty, and there are a lot of truckers strike as well. the french president man well ml mmacron was here.
3:47 pm
he says higgs plan would be fairer and more sustainable. some are calling it the biggest challenge to macron's presidency so far. they got off to a violent start. despite the tear gas and a promise from the government not to raise the retirement age. the unions are planning new nationwide protests for tuesday. and i have got to tell you these are preemptive strikes because the government hasn't detailed its plan. it promises to do flat the coming weeks. so things could heat up. jon: hundreds of protesters denounced anti-government protesters who they feel impose tear youror by destroying shops
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[♪] jon: the toxic red tide that sometimes chokes the florida coast, scientists are using drug overdose that is used for humans to treat animals. reporter: a toxic algae bloom is bleeding into the panl panhandle. commonly known as red tide, it's having a devastating effect. researchers are fighting back with a new medical treatment given directly to the sea life, offering hope to the problem spreading around the world. >> they bind heavily to fat.
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reporter: doctors with the marine life center in palm beach are testing the same treatment for cocaine overdoses in humans. the first round of therapy is on sea turtles. >> the toxin causes four logical symptoms, tremors, head shake and seize ours. with most cases within two hours of giving them the treatment, those symptoms are gone. reporter: he says the solution is a huge improvement to the normal 2 to 3-month reare cover are you time. >> human medicine is a unique tie in that we are using what we know in humans to also help marine organisms. there is no saying this could
3:54 pm
not be a worldwide treatment for places that experience these blooms. reporter: the breakthrough procedure has cured 30 turtles. in juno beach, florida. jon: caroline kennedy christening an aircraft carrier named after her father. the u.s.s. john kennedy is the second in a new class of ships designed to carry more aircraft. the first was the u.s.s. gerald ford. a rare find inside a salvation army kennel. why is entire class went to court with him earlier this week. ♪for the holidays you can't beat home sweet home.♪ we go the extra mile to bring your holidays home.
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each waving cutout hearts to show their support. >> this is apsley amazing, with working with catholic charities and this is been amazing. >> i love my daddy.
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>> i love my daddy so much. >> this is just too much, this is just too much. >> michael is one of the 36 children in the area to be adopted this way, congrats to all those kids and their new parents. and that's how fox reports this saturday december 7th see her tomorrow. >> hello america i mark levan and this is life liberty and levin. it's an honor to have doctor david with us. how are you. >> i'm just fine thank you for having me. >> thank you for coming away from parikh paris to our little place. i want to talk today with you, your uniquely qualified to do this.


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