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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 8, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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that's it for this week's show thanks to my panel, thanks to. all of youpa for watching. we hope toop see you right here next week. ♪ >> it's investigating this shooting as an act of terrorism believed to be the work of a lone gunman. the shooter killing three and injuring eight more data naval air station in pensacola, florida friday. welcome to a brand-new americus news headquarters. >> investigators identifying the suspect officially as saudi. rachel giving an update earlier today. >> our investigation has not led us to information that indicates there's any credible threat to
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our community. however, as always, we encourage you to keep an eye out for each other. >> an attack against our country. jackie in pensacola. >> the fbi said they are operating under the assumption this would be an act of terror because it allowed additional resources to identify and eliminate any potential threat. what they would not say, they believe the shooter had any ties to a larger group or even motivated by ideology. mohammed reportedly watched videos of mass shootings with three other classmates in the days before the shooting. the associated press reported one of the videos videotaped
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from outside the building and to others watched it from a car. secretary mark said investigators don't know yet if that indicates the students knew about the shooting before it happened. >> friends of his also on the base, an eye witness told they were filming it. it was unclear, where they filming it before i cap began this war they started filming once it started unfolding? that make be a distinction with or without a difference but we need to let the investigation play out. >> the fbi said he's being held on base right now. we are told by the commander not to leave. the government is fulfilling their pledges of cooperation. american investigators are interviewing the students and report that some saturdays are unaccounted for are false. it would not confirm reports about his recent travel including a report that he left the u.s. or returned to saudi arabia prior to the program. they would also not comment on reports that he recently
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traveled to new york. investigators reportedly looking into whether that was a tourist trip or any other motives. finally, fbi refusing to discuss digital footprint including an anti- american tweet made hours before the shooting which the fbi was reportedly looking into whether may have been connected to him. the investigation is focusing on interviews today, there were 80 special agents on this case and 100 staffers around the country looking into this. they confirmed the handgun used was legal. >> the house judiciary committee has released a report outlining in the constitutional ground for the impeachment of president trump had of a hearing tomorrow morning. chairman journey jerry nadler said it's possible a vote could come as soon as this week. this missing republican claims there is not enough direct evidence.
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>> we certainly have an abundance of evidence on various things. it's virtually not contested. or that they upset him or said they oppose the process without evidence. this impeachment is exclusively supported by democrats. it is not just democrats can't persuade people like me to support the president, they can't even persuade republicans who are critical of the president. >> we have team coverage, molly is standing by. the latest from the white house. first let's go to david, live on the hill. >> good afternoon. they were here all day yesterday. they were here all day today, just a few steps from where i am. they are rehearsing today, they did the same yesterday for the hearing tomorrow, that's where counsel from the intelligence committee and judiciary
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committee laid out the constitutional reasons for impeachment. as a chance to give the american public one more shot before they move ahead with articles of impeachment. nancy pelosi said they are moving full steam ahead with impeachment. they made the announcement thursday morning before she got in front of cameras and said listen, it looks like we are going to go forward with impeachment. david spoke with chris wallace sunday. >> the committee will hear from the intelligence committee counsel who will detail the president of the u.s. attempted to coerce a foreign leader to interfere in an american presidential election to assist him in the reelection. >> tomorrow, judiciary members will hold a hearing. there are one step closer to voting for impeachment on the house floor. here's mark meadows today. >> have the judiciary team changing the guidelines and
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rules for what impeachment is all about. there's new found evidence by jerry nadler because the facts are not supporting their arguments. >> on friday, the presence white house, he said the administration would not participate in the impeachment hearings. jerry the author has invited white house official several times to participate. they're just not going to do it. however, this morning a member of the house judiciary committee said listen, the deadline may have passed but they would still allow the president and his team to appear. >> we help the president will engage after so much shouting, the unfairness of the process and lack of due process. at least two in the judiciary committee has come before us and present his case and evidence and the fact that he doesn't tells me a lot about the weakness of his defense.
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>> that hearing begins tomorrow at 9:00, expected to last all day. this is capitol hill. it depends on who you ask. it seems they are certainly moving in a certain direction. some members believe some of the articles to even come to the floor by the end of this week. definitely before christmas. >> thanks for the wrapup. >> about five minutes from jackson, it will not participate in the impeachment hearings, calling it a charade. an abuse of power by the democrats. live at the white house. >> the white house said it makes no sense to participate in the house judiciary committee impeachment hearing tomorrow. democratic lawmakers have predetermined. the white house is preparing in
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case articles of impeachment are sent over to the republicans control to the senate. >> i think another reason they might rushing is that they might lose some of their dems but if they go to the senate, he's ready for at least a fair process and he will show everything and he will show heated nothing from pre-to the president released two transcripts. that's the only evidence they have. >> has democrats believe they are standing on strong impeachment grounds. they are not convinced that senators would come to a different conclusion. >> the house members will have to decide. in the face of an abundance of uncontested evidence of the president threat to our election, he put himself, the only interest above the interest of the country. >> the oncoming press to national security is an abuse of power that needs to be dealt with. it's depressing.
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i wish the president behavior have been better. >> after another democrats have the committee put out an updated report yesterday on the constitutional ground for impeachment. in response, president trump tweeted today, less than 48 hours before the impeachment hearing on monday. the no due process, do nothing democrats are changing impeachment guidelines because the facts are not on their side. you can't win the game, change the rules. the president tweeted about the department of justice inspector general's report that welcome out tomorrow, looking at possible abuse by the fbi and investigating the top russia collision. the president tweeted, the report will be out tomorrow, that will be the big story. >> felt long time after behind sesame street big bird and oscar
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the graft died at his home in connecticut today. >> look at that. he's got letters on him. you know what it is? >> i love -- >> he worked on the beloved show for 50 years. serving as a puppeteer for both puppets since the show's premier in 1969. they praised him using enormously talented art in a press release in his passing. he's been diagnosed with dystonia, a neurological movement disorder that caused him to retire last year. carol spinney was 85 years old.
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a massive security, hundreds of thousands of protesters pour into the street with the government march since august, turns out to be the largest in months has been movement marks its sixth month anniversary. >> organizers estimate about 800,000 protesters went to the streets and did not have an immediate estimate for the entire march. what makes this rally different is that police authorized it and it was expected to be one of the most biggest rallies in months. police were out at full force were watching but they indicate this was peaceful it's like previous protest. it was not just relatively young adults protesting, there were kids out there and older people. martyrs were seen moving up five interests in blanketing five demands they want meant for the beijing hong kong government. demands include investigations and allegations of police
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brutality during the months of social oppressed and democratic elections. marshall peters called on protesters not to argue with police and found to keep his giant rally peaceful and urged police officers to show restraint. a protester put her body on the street to symbolize what demonstrators say they are going through. >> it's a long time we have to protest. we can't see it and what we want to fight against here is quite a very difficult and unreachable one. >> today smart comes just before the humans rights day which is on tuesday.
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organizers called on protesters to show support for people with humanitarian challenges across the world but again, as for hong kong, no clear insight with these protests. >> thank you, christina. >> i served in the congress 12 years and i don't think it's a conclusion. that the democrats will be able to get the votes to pass articles of impeachment. i know the american people will let their voice be heard in the next few weeks and when they compete in strikes capitol hill, anything is possible. >> an interesting view. he's being interviewed, the impeachment of president trump and his view is not all certain that the house democrats preparing a draft of formal charges against the president. it set to heart tomorrow morning. the white house made it clear it does not plan to take part in the proceedings, the impeachment
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trial, leaving the democrats in the hot seat of those sessions. david jackson, white house. david is the vice president right? any other metaphor you want to years. too late to stop this impeachment? >> i think the train has left the station but the vice president is right and that the white house is seeking to put treasure on house democrats to vote against impeachment. they will tell you 31 democrats who represent districts that president trump between the election, they are targets in the white house and the reelection campaign are threatening to pull out political ads against these folks. he tweeted out threats to these congresspeople in the election battle if they vote impeachment. deep down, i don't think the white house expected that. the house democrats will move
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forward later this month. >> they help the president? >> very much so. certainly in terms of politically and some think they make a lot of. at least two democrats vote against impeachment to house democrats voted to oppose. they meet they will get a few more and they will make more. >> they will agree, it's a sham process and that think. the judiciary chairman, jerry another on all this. >> the polling was at 70% of the america people are convinced the president has done something very wrong. >> 70% are ready. >> 70% of the american people said they understand the president has done something very wrong. there also faced with direct threats that this president put himself above the interest of
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the country and poses a threat to the integrity of the next election. >> there it is from abc news. they also say there's not widespread support for widespread impeachment on the american people and americans are thinking on that. >> it depends on who you talk to. democrats are for republicans are against. there's a lot of unsettled opinion as to whether trump is objected from office. >> it is the house democrats will impeach, don't know when. maybe next week in the white house is already making preparations for the senate trial, a much more pleasant environment. >> the swing state, largely now against impeachment. you mentioned the trial, hunter biden and adam schiff, what you expect if indeed they are called
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and get republicans on all these issues? >> they are talking about the plan at the white house right now is to turn the senate trial into the trap of the democrats of the impeachment process and joe and hunter biden. they're talking about subpoenaing adam shift and having democrats on the stand to explain how to proceed. it will depend on the judge of the case. they will find a big role on how this proceeded because he will ultimately decide how this plays out. >> ted cruz today was on programs and he will be one of the jurors accusing biden, 1000s more than a normal board member. he will see them slam under biden, even if they have an empty chair. >> it will definitely bring up hunter biden.
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adam schiff will muddy the waters and try to declare the entire entire impeachment process. it depends on john roberts, he's never been a trial judge. >> a trial judge in your first trial. impeachment of the president of the u.s. >> he did in 1998. >> i want to establish this first trial. always good to have you. thank you so much. >> florida police are asking questions about their response to ups truck hijacking the left for dead including two innocent civilians i gunfire erupted at a busy intersection. our panel will weigh in the gifts
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south florida, questioning officers tactics. nineteen police officers from at least four different departments were involved in the incident that resulted in the depths of a ups driver was taken hostage in a by standard as well as both suspects when officers exchanged heavy gunfire with the suspects. what is likely to happen? were the officers actions justified? >> that's the question, this became a shootout. now the shooter was in a crowded intersection, also please officers shot into the van where there was known to be a hostage. the question is, whether other tactics that could have been used that may have presented the deaths of these two innocent bystanders? we have to wait for the
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investigation to be thoroughly completed. this could take off long time. it could take years to get down to the bottom of what happened. what were the other options? could this have been prevented? >> what about the jewelry store when it started? is legally responsible? >> the store itsel i justified shooting. this was tragic for the ups driver who had two kids and the other document but the bottom line these were hard-core criminals being chased, they fired a shot in the jewelry store. they hijacked the ups truck and drove down the highway and were shooting out of the car. the police have no choice but to fire back. the cause of the death of those two innocent people, the two criminals who shot back at the police. it's not the police fault. even if the bullet struck the 70-year-old richard who was in his car on his way to wherever
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he was going. if they didn't do that, the police wouldn't be shooting. >> let's listen to royce, the brother of a ups driver. >> i know for one 100% sure, he had to get out but the way they handled it, it was a nightmare. >> ups driver got killed on the job, is ups responsible to pay damages to the family? >> the debt incurred while he was on the job so there is some possibility ups may, they are not legally response before the shooting but there may be benefits that the family forget as survivors but this was just truly tragic. i think more likely than not, we will see a wrongful death lawsuit against the police department.
1:30 pm
whether or it will be meritorious, again depends on the outcome of the internal investigation which is currently going on and whatever comes out during that process. the whole thing is, police how to make split second decisions but there's something else that could happen done and that will be the critical circumstances. >> that's probably how prosecutors will see it. i will defensive attorneys pursue this case? >> the government will look and see if there were other options but in this case, even with video in this case, the two perpetrators shot from the ups truck. so at that time, i don't see any other option for the escalation was there already shooting at you. the other thing, if you think of it this way, if the police did not shoot back, what clearly would have happened, the two perpetrator would have carjacked another car and would have shot
1:31 pm
more innocent people. this is just a horrible tragedy for the ups driver and other judgment were just getting ready for the holidays and this was all because of the two perpetrators who committed these crimes. >> so sickening. the ups driver, he was filling in and this was the first time he had worked there and was doing a delivery. it's tragic. >> it is so tragic and horrible. i can't imagine how the families feel. the fbi is leading an investigation, what will the fbi be looking for? >> all of the critical questions of first and foremost, they have to identify what gun, what individual, where did the boats come from? i will be a big challenge. this will be time-consuming. the othther options and whether or not internal practices and protocols were
1:32 pm
adhered to. what's the training? what is the action that's supposed to happen under those circumstances? it doesn't always emulate what you are trying to do but whether other options? was there some way these innocent victims of this tragedy could have been avoided? that's what the fbi look at. identify where the bullets came from. >> we remember the ups driver, frank, two daughters ages three and five and the 70-year-old by standard, richard. thank you. >> a very important task missile engine sites. what does it mean for the denuclearization talks with the u.s. that they say are off?
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it's been six months now since tom's historic walk against the
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demilitarized zone with kim john gunther. it's not been able to reach a successful denuclearization deal with that regime. very important task yesterday, long-range rocket is site, promising to give the world a christmas present. a christmas present unspecified what comes after a long-range missile base, what you think kim jong un is up to? >> the key to understanding it is north korea has their big end-of-the-year meeting meeting coming up. he has basically nothing to show for it. over the last three decades, north koreans essentially fact mailed the west into sanctions, relaxation and 1924, four
1:38 pm
filling dollars worth of data. every time they engaged in talking to various text, i don't have anything to show it because of the pressure campaign. kim jong un and has to shore up his political front for the meeting meeting. >> are you saying the policies are working? they basically got what they wanted. the oil deal for food, drink the administration and other issues, even the bush administration taking him off the list. >> north korea has developed a habit and it's been successful for them but democrat and for americans, it's worked for them. this time it's not working they are trying to figure why and how to deal with trump because the old tactics have at work. north korea's economy has contracted sharply since trump
1:39 pm
imposed maximum pressure against north korea. the north koreans are trying to feel the bite, not just people on the street but the leadersh leadership, enough is talked about with regard to the enormous bureaucracy and communist party. they are starting to feel the bite and pungent loan, has nothing to show for it. maybe that's the real cause for instability. >> office in charge of the goodies, christmas crumbs and what about the holiday comes in they don't get this, they are really in trouble. >> we'll see what happens but we have tools in the toolkit. if they take up different different path, it's people.
1:40 pm
kim jong un said he will the nuclear eyes. if he does not, then we will take that into account and we got plenty of tools in the toolkit. >> the president has made a personal promise for the commander-in-chief about denuclearization. what does he do now? >> he has to keep up the maximum pressure campaigns. for much the same reason. north korea's take and what difficult is but this is an economic sanctions are been devastating to north korea and may not end up being the end of undoing kim jong un in this. 25 million who were flat across the chinese quarter so the trick to watching this, let's see how the chinese like this and if the
1:41 pm
chinese want to play both sides or engage in undermining of sanctions but there's real belief, there's a real threat. >> their best friend, propping him up all these years and you are saying is a potential they can finally get serious about that? >> china wants to prop up the regime, partially delocalized and leverage with the u.s. issues that china has to deal with. the second thing is, they cannot afford a collapse of the north korean regime, nor do we want to see unification. the chinese have been sometimes relaxed and will be on the western side and helping for sanctions and other times undermine, too. >> the security in those countries-getting it now on north korea.
1:42 pm
here's the un, the north korean ambassador. they are making much trouble to play the role of pet dog in the u.s. one cannot wonder what they get in return for favor with the u.s. if these countries are truly interested in resolving the issues, they should call to the u.s. which is a hostile policy, it is an attempt to stifle it. do not need to have them right now in the denuclearization, it's already gone out of the negotiating table. they are saying this in the european countries are at a cross. >> this is about north korea internal politics. the message he has to deliver a lot of this is for domestic north korean consumption.
1:43 pm
>> we thank you, it is a barbaric regime. we always remember that and keep that in mind especially when we remember that regime did there. thank you. >> iran is in an economic crisis. the iranian president is releasing new budget to deal with u.s. sanctions imposed by president trump. >> in an effort to combat u.s. sanctions, iranians making an announcement of a new budget. if approved, it was slightly increased wages for civilians separate all of this by the president who's looking to regain public trust following a difficult month for iranians. the parliament outlines $39 billion, includes five billion-dollar loan from pressure. 50% of the budget will go to
1:44 pm
public wages in a country that has an inflation rise of 40% and increases prices. the economy has begun to crumble. the regime has violated the terms of the nuclear agreement and stockpile and enrichment limits laid out in the plan. brent decided to increase gas prices last month and demonstrations of the country. the state department leaves more than 1000 people were killed in the protests that were unable to be widely covered due to the internet and taken down. in an interview with fox news this weekend, u.s. secretary of defense discussed the ongoing protests in iran. >> what's happening in the street of iran, you see a regime under stress. it's a good thing the iranian people are seeking the prosperity, liberty, freedom that we enjoy in this country. but something's we believe in. >> sanctions between them to
1:45 pm
continue with tracks overnight on the eastern syria. one area of agreement for the past week occurs in the u.s. and iran conducted a president's top and american student in iran since the 16. >> 11:44 p.m. in jerusalem, thank you. pete is facing increasing tax. can he take off the criticism?
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one final sprint as 2020 democratic hopefuls going for position less than two months ago until i was first of the nation caucuses but elizabeth warren is in south carolina. meanwhile, pete, the criticism
1:50 pm
seems to be focused on him in the hawkeye state. the mayor feeling his fellow candidates and they are not the only want calling out. live in iowa with more on that. >> mayor pete just wrapped up here, it was one of the largest single candidate events we've seen in iowa in recent weeks. the fire marshals us there were about 2000 people here to see the mayor. we did see a couple protesters unveiled signs, zero support with black orders, climate plans, we need more pete. the crowd was big pharma, hundreds of people waited in line to try and get inside. pete is leaving polls here in iowa. it's not hard to find people in the state and say they are leaning toward mayor pier after talking about climate change, health care. most orders tommy a huge factor
1:51 pm
in who to support his who can beat trump. a lot of people think pete can potentially do it. he's under fire for not giving voters enough information about work he did for the consulting firm. tied to the top administration's efforts at the southern border. pete said he'd never worked on a project inconsistent with his values. he released a summary of his work there after a lot of public pressure but he won't meet his clients. he can't because he signed a nondisclosure agreement when he started working there in 2007. pete said mckenzie had not agreed to release him from agreement. but he says critics are asking is not good enough for immigrant rights groups, sent a letter to the campaign asking him to return $53000 worth of contributions tied to the firm. in a statement, a spokesperson told us this, pete has been frustrated and disappointed with decisions he made since he stopped working there nearly a
1:52 pm
decade ago. he called the work he did with ice, disgusting. the statement said we come through thousands of documents to ensure we had never accepted a donation from any of the employees there being involved in this project and f any or to donate, we would immediately return their donation. pete spent the weekend here in iowa visiting with photos for hanging over all of it is some of that controversy excite it's proof he's not transparent enough even though they feel he demanded transparency from other candidates. >> thank you. >> bundled up in iowa and there will be a lot more because weather is on the way in the midwest. we can expect this. that's all straight ahead.
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president of the united states. >> may god bless this ship and all who sail in her. [applause] arthel: caroline kennedy smashing a bottle against the u.s.s. john f. kennedy. it's the second of the new aircraft carriers after the gerald r. ford. miss kennedy revisiting the role she played as a 9-year-old girl in 967 after she -- in 1967. ing. eric: more' heavy snow in the
1:58 pm
middle part of the country. a. adam: a lot of the folks in the middle of the country have seen nice weather. 46 degrees in chicago. but just to the north we are beginning to see some really cold air in the upper midwest, the upper plains. i put this into motion for you. monday into tuesday and wednesday you start to see this air drop in. enough that some of these locations will see the temperatures you fall. we are look at spots, negative 4, negative 5 degrees. this begins to funnel in tuesday and wednesday. minnesota getting up into the portions of wisconsin. the dakotas, it will be cold air. when you get cold air like that you will have the opportunity to see some snow. this is only going to linker and get worse over the next couple days.
1:59 pm
we have a winter storm warning stretching from upper wisconsin back across the dakotas. we could see a foot of total snowfall. that's something we'll be paying attention to. here the system moves. if usual farther off to the east, that's too warm to turn into snow. that's by the time you are getting into monday and tuesday. he. peel be tracking a decent amount of snowfall and you will see temperatures that really settle in. and it gets really cold there at least for the next couple days, eric. waking up in the morning maybe 20 in some of these spots. eric: adam, thank you. arthel: it's that time of year. it's only natural. that will do it for us. we always appreciate you joining us on america's news head quarters. eric: i'm eric shawn. thank you for picking us and i
2:00 pm
mean it when i say thank you for choosing us for your news source. arthel: we do mean that. eric: have a great rest of the week. >> if you thought a hearing with four constitutional law experts wouldn't have any big moments, boy, were you wrong. man will be are you high. [cheers and applause] the impeachment hearing was one big who opi cushion and we both sat on it. the dems wrote the script, they took the lead role and found some experts from a looney bin. then they had us suckers in cable news act


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