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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  December 8, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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transfer his stories to the people. >> i knew it, were out of time. what a great evening we've had. thank you very much and please do come back next sunday when the next revolution will be televised. hire one welcome to fox christmas on fox square. thank you for joining us. >> we have great stories for you to fill your heart with faith like a bible study with sean hanna. while match that. we can have some fun conversations too. when is it too early to come up your christmas decorations? but check it out, cj santa claus is here.
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santa moved like i've never seen santa move. santa looks weirdly familiar. you will find out their true identity. could be somebody you know a little later in the show. plus the big event, people are gathered outside our world headquarters to see our first ever tree lighting and fox square. it's already white and blue. but first let's get right to the reason for the season, jesus christ. fox nation is full of new documentation that truly catches the christmas spirit and explores the christian face. >> here's your first look at the first fox nation original. battle in bethlehem. [inaudible]
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alright, fox and friends weekend coho went to the holy city where it all started. right now joining us right here in a very sharp looking jacket guys. so particularly around christmas we know the story of bethlehem, but what is the battle of bethlehem? >> that's an ongoing site for the holy place. it's literally the birthplace of jesus. the first christmas. and we took a chance to take cameras to places you've never been before down to the nativity scene. the entire church of that activity, but the square in the entirety of bethlehem. but people don't understand the beginning of christian faith, christians are being pushed out of bethlehem actively. the 34 years ago the town was majority. today less than 10% or maybe 54%
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of christians. there's active persecution there like there is around the world. and we try to tell that story in the battle of bethlehem. are they pushing the amount. >> it's muslim faith it's controlled by the palestinian authority. they want to push tourism to go to the church of nativity and that portion of bethlehem is safe. but christian converse the church nativity, looms the first baptist church in bethlehem. it's a thriving christian community there, but it's off the side of the road, very nondescript. the pastor there that we spoke to has been attacked dozens of times personally. and on camera he can't really speak candidly because the palestinian authority is good to see all this. so when the cameras go off you hear the real stories. there are so many holy sites in that area, people link claim to them. >> what is it actually look like, you'd call that manger square. that's what it's called for?
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where the manger was? >> you go into the church, down the back through a cave structure and there's thousands of people waiting to get in. we cut the line a little bit we took cameras down there alone with cameras. we went to see exactly where baby jesus was laid in the manger. you feel the gravity of that place when you're in there. and we got the cameras there, you'll see it exclusively on fox nation. but it so religiously special that's why the politics warm all around it. and it's jews and its christians and his muslims. the place is controlled. christians cannot worship. the palestinian authority controls it. christian slowly but surely get pushed out. and that's overseeing in bethlehem and we want to bring the story to reviewers. >> you know that's where the prince's peace was born but yet when you look at this image is you and your camera crew got, looks like an armed camp. >> it feels like it it's walls, it's wire, there's checkpoints there's sieges on that.
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and actively a lot of security to make sure people are safe. >> is it a safe place? >> it is a safe place but under the surface you can tell that there is tension. i met a tattoo artist, the only christians in bethlehem that's got a tattoo, you will see it. >> what achieved a tattoo of? >> i got attached to an hebrew this is jesus. but what he said on camera is very different than what he said off-camera. >> thanks pete great job. >> were going back again with got more specials. so that's pete we look towards the battle of bethlehem it's available right now on fox nation. should go double-click. >> so one of things i like about fox nation's were not afraid to talk about our faith. but not just at christmas, it's all year-round. and i've a show means so much to me it's called angel's bible study and we have a very christmas episode with our friend sean hannity, take a
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look. >> sean, what does christmas mean to you? christmas is special, you're not stressed out usually. christmas you know you're watching the kids, you do the presence, eae's, you take a nap, you hang out. but then something for me every christmas i get more thoughtful, i was get a low prayerful, and christmas is a reminder to me, that in spite of my busy life, or crazy life, truly nuts. there is something bigger, better, more vast, more beautiful, that i'm glad i am reminded on that day. this was god's way to show us what real love is. >> that was so nice of shanda shares faith and his family traditions, that they've experienced over the christmas season throughout these years. >> which is something we all do at this time year.
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what has been the reaction? you've had your bible study on fox nation for a while. one of the people on the out of the street or e-mailing you. >> thank you for asking. when janice is outside, i hear it she hears it. they think fox news for allowing us to talk a better faith. this air country needs more of that. other networks don't do that. i'm very grateful fox allows us to share that about christ. >> this might not be the time because it might be low angry with you, you went to my field of sports, you took it to a stadium. >> you love that segment. if you want to get brian interested in church interview some nfl players who has some stories. one of the child lost his child to sids, one lost his life after only being married to. there's all kinds of orphanages down in hades and they offered us to go with them. that amazing stories one whose daughter had cancer and he talks by getting her through that. there's phenomenal christian men making the lives difference in
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lives of so many people. if you want to watch it, bible study is a fox >> meanwhile jesus made the world great but what made a america great. thankfully that's another show on fox nation and the hostess right over there. >> that was so smooth of you you know we started about a year ago right? and we put together a lot of episodes and i try to focus on different things that happened in america's past that just makes us stand out in nations. >> it should be the season is great. we've got a brand-new season rolling out, season four. we just completed them and we have some video that you can relate to. this is only 30 minutes from your house. >> would go to this to learn about our battle we were little. >> four in sumter's first shot of the world war and we take this walk with lindsey graham. that walk also talks about the people who lost her lives those for the north and the south. they fought for their freedom
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and slavery plays a role in this. and then we went up on edge chopper. we want to see what they saw and why fort sumter was built where it was. and why this became such a battle field and why the north was so determined to take it back at the end. we have all the stories that people don't talk about because there's no opportunity to this. lester doing an ongoing series about things in our past, there's no urgency to study it. now because this series is underway on fox nation, i have a way to go in there and cover it. and most of all highlight these people who keep the stories alive on a daily basis. we put the experts on life tell the stories in the angles to life that nobody's done before. >> you've definitely sparked interest thank you so much. steve you have a couple shows on american nation. >> american build. we look at a number of iconic buildings and structures. things like the overseas highway, the golden gate bridge, the empire state building, the hoover dam as well and things like that.
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what went into figuring out first of all what do need to build right there? so how do we build it? it's a lot of inspiration and ultimately the perspiration that went behind building some of the greatest structures in america. >> i would be terrified. >> here's my thing i'm so glad that i watched your series because they did this before i was born. if they asked me to it do this i would be helpless. just to know everything's done the tunnels are fixed all we have to do is paint it. >> 's so they have all that back then. >> if you want to see how they get all this contacts it's easy. fox nation host abbey harness echo according to reports is here to break it down force. is this true abby? >> those reports are true and your true journalist. yeah why not give the gift of fox nation this holiday season. some of you might be wondering what fox nation is.
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about to begin. were going to take you through the party on fox square when we come back. but first dj sanna hit it. ♪ ♪
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welcome back to the fox nation all-american christmas on this beautiful night on fox square. here with abby harness that. but you know the best part about christmases? you get to spend time with family. and here it fox nation we are a big family and now a growing family because you know this guy, country music superstar john ranch about the officially joined fox nation and our family. thanks for being your brother! >> what he think about a christmas present. i asked santa for my own show and i've got one. i'm excited to be a part of fox nation and i love the service of what that is for everybody. so i always set our country doesn't guarantee us the right to be happy. it guarantees us the right to pursue happiness and there's a big difference between those two things. i think a lot of people think they have the right to be happy, the fact that we gets pursue it
7:19 pm
and should make you happy. so i'm in a sit down with some of the most incredible americans from all walks of life, no politics, no political leadings. just an incredible americans who've taken the right to pursue happiness in this country. were going to interview them in my house in nashville. >> and you don't have a regular house. >> no it's not a regular house. >> i hear there's a guitar shaped swimming pool. >> ice mci have a bar in my house some say i have a house in my bar. but it's can be a lot of fun that something of always wanted to do. i grew up in amarillo texas and a double wide trailer, nothing fancy. i'm a high school graduate and i just believe you dream big and you swing hard. this country is the only country that gives us the right to pursue happiness. >> in your in your own house. has that can play out for you. especially when you can talk to people that friends with for long time. >> that's a great.i've known these people for a long time, so it's not some boring interview
7:20 pm
like i just met this guy and i have to read about what is about. i know these guys i've got stories with them, i've got history with them. i've got rock starts, rappers, inventors, all kinds of people who unfortunate enough to meet. >> i don't think were invited, no were not invited. >> the name of the show is the pursuit with john rich. 2020 on fox nation. but were here right now berg going to like this thing up. >> outside this on michael try to climb this sucker before we get outta here. >> he might actually try, that's why we love him. but before we do that with got some swag. one of the great things about fox nation you don't have to just subscribe you can wear and share with your friends. david webb do have some material over there? >> haya guys if you're all loving this fox nation gear, then go to
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and get all of it plus more. check this out. >> you gotta check this out i'm wearing the original founders wash. we got great gear we've got ornaments christmas is coming. maybe we'll hang one archery. now don't forget the winters coming up here, if got your fox jacket, fox shirt, gear bag for the guys, you can use it while you're working out. make sure you get the fox nation bug, you can use that for your workout. pulled out my chrome dome is getting a little cold i think i need to wear this. >> think something for everybody. >> abby, you can come here and take your picture in front of the tree you can shop at the fox nation merge tent. make that # fox all-american christmas. back to you guys. >> will that looks great, can't wait to see you guys out there. were going to join you'll love it later on but forget politics tonight, work following christmas. how normal is it to buy yourself a christmas gift? i hope normal, they unwrapped it
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all and that story right after this. jordan ballistic work. ♪ , come on.
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hi everyone we are live for america's news headquarters i'm and equipment. the fci is now investigating friday's shootings can't rampage in pensacola under the presumption that it was an act of terrorism. the 21-year-old member of the royal saudi air force killed three people and wounded eight others. before being shot to death. u.s. officials say the gunman went on twitter before the rampage to blast u.s. support of israel and accused america of being anti- muslim. and border apprehension dropping for six consecutive months in november. according to preliminary data, law enforcement captures were turned away more than 42,000 migraines at the border last month. the trump administration is taking a series of steps to combat the border crisis. some would be migrants are sent to other countries to await hearings. i'm an appointment in baxter fox nation all-american christmas at time fox square. christmas ♪
7:28 pm
♪ sanchez got a helper. yeah they're good. welcome back to fox stations all-american christmas we are celebrating all error along with dj santos spinning some of our favorite holiday tunes. >> there is more dancing than spinning, just saying. if santa looks familiar we will reveal santa's identity shortly. in speaking of favorite tunes, this was song was voted america's favorite christmas song last year. >> were talking about polls, not the north pole or the triple dog dare pull, but tell us of her thinking like everyone else. help us out, i want to find out if america's on the same track as us and those two crazy members of our band. >> i can help with that because no one is on your track brian. but let's try this. let's talk about some other types of poles here. we are going to unwrap some of the latest christmas poles of
7:29 pm
the house the brand-new fox nation show. you can help us have a little fun with us. our new show is going to focus on political polls but tonight were talking christmas. too let's get right down to it. this one's very important, i feel to debate all the time amongst neighbors and family members and even in your household. when is it okay to put up holiday decor? and i'll tell you i'm one of those people that i put up christmas decorations before thanksgiving. [booing] >> we've got abu from the crowd. >> i do to, before things giving is aggressive but if you tell people about november they talk about it. most people say maybe not at your house, but yes to the stores. about 43% of americans say that it's okay to decorate your house before november, but six and 10 cents nine to decorate the store before halloween. >> but if you're decorating your
7:30 pm
house before thanksgiving are we talking things giving your christmas? >> so in this case were talk about holiday decorations. >> i'm very into the christmas spirit. here's another and christmas spending plan. here's the real question do people really buy gifts for themselves? >> if you're out shopping you find a really good deal maybe something on discount on black friday that you had your ion, sometimes you buy it for themselves the next year wrap it up? >> you part under the. >> you can really get under the spirit 53% say their plan to buy something for themselves. in the number one priority when shoppers are asked what matters most, the most is 34% of people want to say they want to save money whether out there shopping. >> they line up outside the stores to get that tv and save 20 bucks. that's not a tv that's a 50 and flat screen. >> do people say merry
7:31 pm
christmas, happy holidays or maybe a combo of both? >> and majority of people say go forward and say merry christmas. about 41% say happy haoles because it's a little more inclusive, and then 11% say it doesn't matter. say whatever you want. >> i say merry christmas. >> but at the end they are talking about two holidays returned my christmas and the new year. >> there's plenty to celebrate. >> thank you for helping us celebrate these poles you can see her show where the odds right now and fox nation if you sign up soon he gets the other great shows including christmas 1941. >> how can we meet and worship in a world of war, world of fighting, world of suffering and theft. how can we pause for even a day. even for christmas day. how can we? what's the world aside for a joy
7:32 pm
in the birth of christ. when we make ready our hearts for the labor and the suffering, and the ultimate victory which is ahead, then we observe christmas day. with all of its memories, all of its meaning as we should. >> become a member and you'll see shows just like that and a lot more. how much more? we have a little christmas song about it. >> not just tom but a barber core core tap. denman taken away. ♪ on the first day of christmas my true love sent to me since on the second day of christmas my true love sent to me to tell me
7:33 pm
shows anna fox nation family. ♪ >> tom, tom, tom, you're not actually in an take forever you're not actually get a go through all 12 days? >> there's a lot of shows on fox nation. >> could you just couple cut a couple verses in to the chase? ♪ on the 11th day of christmas my true love sent to me. [inaudible] ♪ on the 12th day of christmas my true love sent to me pete
7:34 pm
versus abby, dana has a book club, fast time reports, these guys go deep sincerely cast. sean daphne and lord too we are all here for you and are fox nation family. ♪ up. [applause] >> that was great tom. >> i am cheering up. >> can you breathe after that time? >> good job all of you. >> coming up the holiday by she didn't know you needed. just for you don't go anywhere because our first ever tree lighting at fox square is about to take place. the countdown is on. ♪ rocking around the christmas tree let this christmas spirit ouring ♪
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♪ ♪ the weather outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful and since with no place to go, let it snow let it snow let it snow ♪ ♪ aren't welcome back to fox nation to all-american christmas at fox square. sameer favorite personalities are out there getting ready for our first ever christmas tree lighting. now if you don't have fox nation, now's the time to get it. here's an exclusive look at some of the new shows coming this month. ♪ ♪ thing at a knock on the door by the fbi agent may be at full demo little bit. ♪ it still gives me anxiety, all my gosh.
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♪ each day we will take you back in time, telling the stories that have become a part of our holiday traditions. ♪ it was created by people and how they work and how they play. in so it's the free enterprise system that makes us great. ♪ i think the tradition of gift giving at christmas is really good. has the message spread many rejoiced at amazing child. ♪ if you don't have fox nation yet just grab your smart phone or your streaming device go to the app store, or fox and follow the instructions they are very, very simple. >> they are and if you sign up now will also see shows like
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sincerely cat with the one and only cat temp. she joins us now. hey cat. >> thank you so much details about sincerely cat is all about. i'm basically a therapist a confidant and a trusted source of advice for all. >> while i interviewed newsmakers on what they need for success. excuse me what you doing here. >> no no no it's a season of giving sorkin and give our viewers advice for you help me out? >> what he's talking about. >> the christmas spirit that's were talk about. ♪ everyone tyrus and i are here to give you the best holiday advice ever. get it going. people need us. dear kat this year is the first year i'm going to be attending
7:42 pm
my first holiday party. what are some of the dues and dotes at at a company party. from party professionally? you go. >> you have to go. >> do not blackout. >> i can break it down really good. when you go to company christmas party here's what you do. go around say hi go around say hi and then you leave. never say what you think you should say keep it still short. >> don't stay too long because the booze is free and then you might accidentally break the no blacking out real nuts how you lose your job. >> he can't leave too long because people talk about you seated to victory laps to go around say hi to everybody now to say hi to, go back the second time and then deuces i'm out. >> and complement people's festive gear even if you hate it. until with a smile. >> but don't ever say having said that, if i could be real for moment, things you never say, don't be real.
7:43 pm
don't drink too much. drink after in the comfort of your own home. dear kat i'm too busy, how important, to shop for gifts this year is it too impersonal to buy everyone gift cards? are you too busy really? are you really too busy are you like a ceo of a multinational company, then yes. >> going to the food store, kroger's and picking out the gift cards while you're shopping is too much, versus going to amazon or some online places. we live in a day and age you can do it on your phone. suffuse want to give gift cards and just give gift cards. don't try to clean it up. >> i would say by everyone one. i like it. >> i would regift it to you. >> i wouldn't be disappointed in that at all. i'm just saying it does seem impersonal, but if you don't
7:44 pm
care, then do you. >> i don't think your friends will be surprised that you're giving that. >> there probably gonna say of course, typical jessica. >> yeah 5-dollar gift cards from starbucks. thanks jessica. alright that's it. we saved christmas. thank you tyrus for joining me and for your holiday questions, back to you guys on the holiday set, i'll see what fox square for the big tree lighting. >> thanks kevin tyrus by the way you look can get brand-new episodes on sincerely kat right now. also enough said with tyrus is interviews with snoop dogg and country star john rich. >> all right when we return the ghost of christmas back will take us back to christmas past. but first we keep the celebration going dj santa take it away. bus some moves with jillian. you are so familiar looking.
7:45 pm
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[ electrical buzzing ] [ dramatic music ]
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ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott? elliott. you came back! ♪ ♪ have a holly jolly christmas and in case you didn't hear ♪ ♪ zero by golly have a holly
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jolly christmas this year ♪ ♪ it is time for the ghost of christmas past. how no do you know memorable moments over the last 50 years? >> we are about to get a quiz in honor of the new fox nation series who can forget. fox nation host have some tough questions force. >> yes married quiz mess-already with the bells. the teams are good have been assembled as brian and abby, ainsley and santa, jillian and steve. get those bells ready please be at in the bandit film franchise what is the bandit's real name? vote timothy or andrew. >> bo darr volt is she right? >> are you right?
7:51 pm
>> i'm right good job. number two during the height of fleetwood. >> 's success, which band member was rumored to be a witch? >> team santos stevie nicks. was it stevie nicks? >> answer is, yes. ding ding i do know santos. new question in 197 presidential candidate came to an end when he had an affair with? jillian donna rice is right.
7:52 pm
>> this is a big story 1987 what was a baby's real name her full name? >> a jessica. that was a long time ago. focus focus. after meeting tonya harding what did oscar-winning jenning new. >> abby? norman essay something else. give her a hug? >> is that right? true, that's right. there is a gray area. [inaudible]
7:53 pm
gives santa a high five. you're going in the naughty list because you didn't give a high five. wait there's more. there's a bonus question. >> it's a bonus question we said we would reveal the identity of our groovy santa. who's our santa? 123. >> coho hall merry christmas. >> we had no idea. >> it's been on a bucket list of mine. he is in town thank you very much. you did a great job. steve thanks for the queue. you can catch the clues show on fox nation at 7:00 o'clock. if you had fun with this, you're really going to love, who can forget coming to fox nation this month. watch. >> do i remember seeing star wars? i don't know and you remember the day that changed your life?
7:54 pm
seventy-seven at all new yorkers on edge. they were genuinely impressed. but some think it was huge. but maybe the equivalent of three e-mails. some things and about jimmy carter, he was a big smile. and that was enough for america. i'm telling you this is a black man, i love smoke in the bandit. >> you can get on an airplane and be in london in three hours. >> times were simpler back then, just saying. >> will that looks great, coming up the moment you've been waiting for. for our first ever tree lighting at fox square, and that's next. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ ♪ dingdong dingdong ♪ with the single kids jingle belling and everyone telling you to be of good cheer ♪ ♪ speaking french) are you crazy/nuts? cyclist: pip! pip! (woman speaking french) i'm here, look at me. it's completely your fault.
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♪ ♪ baby all i want for christmas is you ♪
7:59 pm
♪ i can't believe the moment is finally here. >> we've moved outside from the studio and it's a little bit cooler. there are, i would say 20,000 people within one block and they are all here for the first ever lighting of the christmas tree. >> it's never been done before and it's a very patriotic it's red, white and blue. >> that's right the only thing were missing as we should light up the tree. are you ready new york? we are going to push this button and five, four, three, two, one. cheermac. [applause] cheermac from our family to yours, merry christmas.
8:00 pm
♪ merry christmas, merry christmas, happy holiday. ♪ hello america, professor allender to wits, how are you. >> it's good to see you, nice to meet you. >> likewise. >> should president trump be impeached? >> it would be an utter abuse of the power of congress. they set out four criteria for impeaching a president. treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors. unless o


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