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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 11, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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come first. >> neil: will watch what happens. just incredible. the big question is how many democrats not to vote for this. seems to me they'll have the 216 votes necessary. we will see. here comes "the five." ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone, i'm dana perino along katie pavlich, jesse watters, juan williams, and greg gutfeld. in new york city, this is "the five." >> what's been described as a few irregularities has become a massive criminal conspiracy over time. to defraud the fisa court, to illegally surveilled an american city. >> dana: another blockbuster day and capitol hill with fallout over the fisa report. inspector general michael horowitz facing off the judiciary committee with his findings.
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the ig finds there is no bias on the trump campaign but there were numerous mistakes in the investigation put horwitz also asked about attorney general barr saying that the trump campaign was spied on. >> if you don't have the legal at >> absolutely. >> is that's buying? >> it's illegal survives. >> whatever illegal surveillance means, they did it. >> dana: saying that the court clears him of any wrongdoing. >> james comey said this week that your report vindicates him. is that is fair assessment of your report? >> i think the activities we found here don't vindicate anybody who touched this. >> dana: i want to play this for you before we get started, jesse, but listen to this. horwitz talking about the steele dossier and the issue of a solid
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primary source. >> in january 2017, there were significant questions about the reliability of the steele report. this is noteworthy because the fisa from the primary source sub reporting to support the allegation that paige was coordinating with the russian government on 2016. >> dana: this was important because the sub source was the source of the source -- if you are getting two sources but ended up being the same person. >> >> jesse: that's when it became an unconstitutional violation of carter page's rights. one thing, the probable cause is bogus and they continue to surveillance and lied, that's going to become illegal.
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that's why carter page so the soup. the thing is a lie. there is no trump-russia collusion and there never was. the fbi lied to the judge about it, and comey lied to congress and said everything was fine when it wasn't. if you had the guy named kleinfelder who is this fbi lawyer who doctored the documents to make carter page look dirty? >> dana: changing from was a source to not a source. >> jesse: that's like planting a gun on the suspect and telling the judge like i was armed. this wasn't just a field agent, this was an fbi lawyer. what else is the fbi doing? this is so scary. this is a handpicked team. mccabe ran that, strozk ran it. they all hated trump. we saw the text messages. they had the insurance policy? this was the insurance policy. start a counter surveillance investigation to protect the country from a foreign threat.
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but they didn't protect the country but they investigated the trump campaign. that's what this is about. a justification to investigate trump. great analogy. don't need permission, we'll make it anyway. i'm going to steal it from lindsey graham. remember dianne feinstein, they caught her with the chinese driver for years? that's like not catching feinstein and spying on feinstein to see if she's colluding with the chinese. >> dana: i do want to play this also because great sounds the day. in case you didn't catch up, we'll get you catch up. this is about the grassley comments in regards to the trump campaign and clinton campaign as candidates getting a briefing on the fbi. play that really quick. >> would you say that with respect to the defensive briefings, the trump campaign's briefings were treated
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differently than those provided to the clinton campaign? >> they were treated differently in that the agent wrote it up to the file and put the information in the file. the briefings were identical, but the net result was one was more in the skin purposes and one was purely for the intelligence briefing. >> dana: juan has got a point but i wanted to get your take on this. >> katie: the big question has always been saying there's no political bias in the investigation and saying, clearly that's not true if the process was covered for both the clinton and trump campaign, the other was simply used as a protective briefing. i think the bigger question here is what's going to be done about this. the exchange with joni ernst and michael horowitz, the fbi agents who were still working at this are still at the fbi, no consequences for them. the consequences del my question is if there was
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really no bias and no partisanse there no whistle-blower's saying we are lot of information that is garbage, fraudulent, altered in order to get the fisa court on board with this but that something that has not been answered. >> dana: juan, you sat through the hearings today. we'll give you carte blanche to talk about anything today. >> juan: carte blanche? you're getting fancy. >> dana: she's asking if it's french. >> juan: i will have to ask greg after the show. >> dana: it's the language of love. >> greg: hey... >> juan: my question is republicans turn this into a hearing on fisa and what about -- in fact, dick durbin made the point that jim comey
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came out there and was saying nasty things about hillary. we think he'd tilted the election -- are we going back over this? no. but you guys are. here's the point. what we heard from michael horowitz is there is no spying on the campaign, no entrapment, fisa didn't trigger the investigation and it -- let me point this out! >> jesse: the whole thing was a wiretapping! >> juan: sometimes you should listen. horwitz said no wiretapping. you don't even want to hear the facts. >> dana: you will find illegal surveillance as the alternative to the word. >> juan: my points to you is no deep state action which is what the president -- that's going to flood you with nonsense about biases, reports that no political bias. mack. >> dana: i'll say this with greg because it's about the media and it's talking about
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devin nunes who got really raked over the coals by the media for what he had said in the summer saying that he's owed an apolo apology. >> we all know that devin nunes is a liar. >> carter page-fisa seems irrelevant at this point. >> devin nunes who's been manufacturing scandals. speak of so-called >> devin nunes has been lying this entire time and the entire memo they put out was in bad faith. >> greg: how large must the hallmark apology card be in the media who mocked devin nunes? even people here were like, what does he know? turns out he was right. completely right. and everyone looks kind of silly. people in the media bought that dossier because they wanted to buy it. the story was absurd was on its face. but we shelved our adult sense
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of b.s. because we actually thought there were hookers in a room copying the obamas or something for it i won't even -- the media loves playing what if pluralists with trump but what if the pee tape led to trump ouf office which would lead to civil disturbances the media loves playing what if , buildings might burn. people might die, another country might see this time as a distraction to take advantage of us all because of fake story which was pushed by powermad democrats an and and embraced be media. goes back to adam schiff. he knew this wasn't true. and yet he used it to initiate a process that would cleave a country. i do not know if anybody has done anything as bad as that.
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he knew this wasn't true and try to split a country apart. people implode over trump's words because he's so mean. but these deeds are pretty dangerous. >> dana: i remembered somebody, i will tell you after the break we did just that. coming up, after the terror based navy attack and a big update on the new jersey shooting. phones down. we need a solution. introducing... smartdogs. the first dogs trained to train humans. stopping drivers from: liking. selfie-ing. and whatever this is. available to the public... never. smartdogs are not the answer. but geico has a simple tip. turn on "do not disturb while driving" mode. brought to you by geico. i'm finding it hard to stay on a faster laptop could help. plus, tech support to stay worry free.
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express extremist thoughts on social media. according to reports the night before he and his pals allegedly watched mass shooting videos and two of the other saudis this should raise key contentions in the media appeared why are we training so many saudis? how we resolved that a majority of the 9/11 attackers were saudi nationals? where was armed security in this attack? this would matter in a parallel universe but not this one because we are too busy filling space with a sham impeachment. a double whammy of destruction. not only is there a false impeachment to exhaust your brain but replaces information you need to know. you know less about your reality while caring more about media generated garbage in your brain. we know how fake the impeachment circus was predicated on a comically fake dossier but all stories need to be based on how evil trump is. if we blame them shooting on trump -- you see the word pay?
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attention as currency. when you pay it's one thing, you don't pay it to another and you only have so much for the media every day to rob you blind. so, katie, this happened in a gun free zone. that's always the second fact you learn. >> the gun free zone is clearly not a gun free zone. gun don't make bad guys bring guns and gun free zones and they terrorize people who kill people unarmed. the fort hood shooting is another example of soldiers saying we are trained people. out of all the people in america who should be able to carry firearms, we are them. they continually refused that ability and the right. the other thing about this that i find extremely interesting and also enraging -- if we have a travel ban on people coming to america from countries that support terrorism and we can vet them properly, we should certainly not allow them to be purchasing firearms in america. the second amendment, as a
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florida governor said, is reserved for american citizens. it's an american right. if you want to be able to purchase a firearm legally, you shouldn't have done like you should have to become an american and be part of our society and embracee believe in. the idea they have this loophole is pretty ridiculous and something congress to change. speed to that loophole as i understand it, he got a hunting license and then he gets the gun. but it's not a hunting gun. >> katie: that's irrelevant, the idea that we have for national specifically from countries where there is a long history of terrorism coming from america to purchase firearms for whatever purpose. >> juan: i agree with you. i'm surprised you can be a foreign national and just go get a gun. >> katie: can i say one more thing about the gun free zone issue? they always disarm people on gun free zone issues whether military 95% of the time they don't provide security. they tell you you can't protect
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yourself but they don't provide you the accurate resources to protect you and i wonder what will be the legal liability of that. taking away somebody's ability to protect themselves, put them in a vulnerable situation. something happens and everyone walks away to come up with all the solutions in the aftermath. i think that's a very serious question that people should be thinking about. >> greg: juan, do you think trump is too soft on the saudis on this? >> juan: i do. he had a conversation with the prince, the prince told him not to worry. i was, like, what? are you kidding me? i don't understand. i was surprised. katie and i agree pit i don't think you can have some buddy come into the country as a foreign national and suddenly be allowed to purchase a firearm without some -- i imagine some very good reason the military would provide but not in general. secondly, given the murder of "the washington post" columnist
2:19 pm
which the president did not respond aggressively, and now this, i don't understand -- i just don't understand why the president doesn't say, which is what greg said in his monologue, i can draw a line from 9/11 to this event and say, boy, lots going on here with the saudis and anti-american sentiment, why would i be training saudis with american military equipment? >> jesse: the reason you do that because we cleared an 8 billion military aid package. we give them the c-130s, f-15s, boeing, lockheed, we need trained pilots to fly these very expensive toys. we can't send it it's there to fly these planes. we need guys trained up, will we are the best people to train them, we need to fight a reigning aggression there, that's the reason we do it. but they destroyed our trust. you are going to come in here, because in our home, and just shoot people? no. like you said, these hijackers on 9/11 were saudi.
2:20 pm
sunnis are predominantly isis people. there is a real problem there. i didn't know why the president didn't say something a lot stronger on this. he should. there is obviously a problem we are dealing with. we have to shut this down. they shouldn't be buying guns. i think saudi arabia this week, i think it was the biggest ipo of all time. the oil company now $2 trillion evaluation, bigger than apple. we aren't rocking the boat, everybody's getting rich. but there is no excuse. >> dana: some are without their families, loved ones this holiday. >> greg: with a ran iran, leadershipbad, people goo. we get along with the leadership of the people are more extreme. >> dana: it's impossible to eliminate all risks. what's wrong with this sentence, saudi aviation student in florida? where have i heard this before? besides, the president is
2:21 pm
sending a bunch of trips to saudi arabia. train them they are expected to bring them here. do all the training there. >> greg: up next. trump's blistering attack on the democrats during his rally.
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>> juan: president from going after democrats at his rally after they announced two articles of impeachment. the house will be holding up a markup on those charters. first, abuse of power, second, obstruction of justice. could be up for a full house vote by next week. here's the president. >> the facts on shifty schiff. this honest guy. mix up my statements dishonest guy, makes up my statements. we said, say it, you crooked say it. >> remember, bribery, this come of that. where are they? they said these two things, not even a crime! this is the lightest, weakest impeachment! this is impeachment lite. >> juan: another democrat says the president could be impeached again if the current effort fails. >> even though we are impeaching him now, there is still a number
2:27 pm
of court cases, a ton of information that could come forward. for example, we can get his bank records and find out that he is owned 100% by the russians. >> juan: dana, the house impeachment committee will begin tonight, taking a look at the articles of impeachment. they could resume again tomorrow morning. what is it, what happens there? >> dana: it's going to be pretty boring. a markup of the hearing is a pretty boring -- like we keep saying, we know the outcome. we skip ahead, we know how this is going to end. we know the twist and turns and how long the senate trial will be, but we know what it'll look like. but it feels like that we are the road runner and we are watching wile e. coyote just walk right off the cliff. sorry, wow. splat. what you are seeing in terms of the polls. the republicans haven't changed
2:28 pm
minds either, right? is completely static in the last few months. in fact, the last three years instead of some of the battleground states where the president starts to do a little better. maybe democrats think they can get this done and make up for lost time. but i don't know what they are doing. >> juan: jesse, you're a a master of rhetoric. >> dana: [laughs] >> juan: why did you say that? >> dana: i think it's funny when you give them a little bit of a boost. speak to his mom text, i just try to give encouragement like a mother. >> greg: you are a mother! [laughter] >> juan: anyway, impeachment lite. sleepy joe, pocahontas -- >> dana: mini mike. >> jesse: you guys don't have anyone playing a tune at all. it's like a record scratch. impeachment lite is a great way
2:29 pm
to describe it. you notice this doesn't seem like a real impeachment? i mean, it's like a preseason game. you are watching -- but it doesn't really count. doesn't go anywhere, it's just on the record. none of the good players are in. >> greg: it's like when you go to universal studios and they do the movie, like they do "ghostbusters" but it's all the bad summer stock actors. >> jesse: these aren't serious articles, it's being led by schiff. a year ago, schiff said the dossier had nothing to do with the fisa warrants. it had everything to do with it and we are supposed to go along with this guy and believe everything he said about the whistle-blower, ukraine and all over again? it's enough, one. i don't have anything else to say about it. >> greg: i don't believe that. >> jesse: i'm the master of rhetoric! >> juan: from my perspective,
2:30 pm
he engaged in this rhetoric and it made every and they just say, you know what, let's move on. there is a conspiracy about fisa. it seems to me, wow, how do people close their eyes? >> greg: i don't know what you're talking about. it's right. it's all falling apart. impeachment is helping them in battleground states. there is always an overcorrection when there is overreach. i think that's why they've got to keep trying to impeach him, just try to come up with another crime and fill in the blanks like it's a coloring book because it helps them because people are going like, this is a bunch of b.s. what a waste of time. >> jesse: they have a new poll, juan. quinnipiac poll. do you want to show the audience? i'll take it from here. national poll, no impeachment given the removal. >> greg: we thought you were done talking about it! >> juan: totally a master of
2:31 pm
rhetoric, a master of hosting. largely static. before, you are right. >> greg: he's going to win in a landside if you keep saying this, juan. >> dana: changing the minds of democrats and congressional districts that trump won. democrats are not worried about hurting for impeachment. i also saw today that there may be democrat senators who are thinking about voting against impeachment. >> katie: there will be. >> dana: this is a lose-lose for democrats. >> katie: schumer's job is try to win back the majority. house impeachment going to go over there? >> juan: i heard from charles schumer today on it. mr. schumer said that this is a strong case for conviction and, i note, that democrats, the democratic base, as we've heard just now and you saw the poll that the master host put up,
2:32 pm
that in fact the democrats 'support has not waned. it is still there. >> greg: you do sense a feeling of the charlie brown trying to kick the ball because you can see it on twitter. the hopes aren't as high as they used to be. they are just, like, maybe this will come. but they know they've been screwed. kate : delma >> katie: the fisa stufd saying that president trump is saying about all this stuff but adam schiff has far less credit ability when it comes to this with than president trump. >> juan: if the ig report has been good news for trump, imagine. "time" magazine named their person of the year -- no, it's not me. it's not jesse. although dana got it right. we will tell you who it is next on "the five." with sofi, get your credit cards right by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment.
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♪ >> jesse: "time" magazine going all in on climate insanity, embracing the left by naming greta sundberg as their person of the year. even spoke to the u.n. and a certain somebody at this table called it. >> i'm calling it right now. >> good prediction. jesse colin also >> jesse: all right, dana. how did you know? >> probably because the media is very breakable. greta thunberg, everything she wants to achieve in life, the media has been giving her so
2:38 pm
much attention. she's basically not going to school so she can do quite a protest the time. >> jesse: truant! >> dana: i'm fine if it's your biggest issue. but what's your biggest soluti solution? is there nobody on earth working on climate change that is innovating something that has accomplished something, achieving something? she's achieving telling kids, it's cool to get famous by not going to school and protesting. >> greg: that's why she's a genius! they are letting her out of school because she's educating us on science. here is the reason why this choice was made. it makes white liberal editors in media hacks feeling good by s wasteful energy because she is saving the lives. it also serves as bait to entice critics to go after a child. if you criticize and say, she's doing nothing but getting attention for herself in the long term this is going to hurt the cause, it's actually alienating people, you will be
2:39 pm
like, my god, don't attack this child, this precious child! that child can falsely call people a murderer with a mob egging her on, but if you go, no, she's being exploited, they come after you. there are people on this planet they are doing real work in saving realized that we are watching it right now will, golden rice, bill pulping raising a lot of money, bill gates is doing amazing stuff. we are watching -- there is a revolution in aids drugs, we are seeing the cured in our lifetime. what we are doing is we are taking the apocalyptic fervor of a young child that actually alleviates the guilt of white liberals. it's not going to end well because sooner or later she's going to be an adult and where are her fans going to be? >> katie: how dare you! >> jesse: i know! >> juan: he was restrained for that's his restraint. or delma >> greg: i said she's
2:40 pm
a genius! she's getting out of school on it. >> juan: you should know that -- >> greg: i criticized all the people behind her. i said she's brilliant for getting out of school. i wish i had done this when i was her age. >> dana: it will not solve climate change. >> juan: this is why who i think is nancy of the year, nancy pelosi, would not have please deal. but alternative, the whistle-blower. you would've blown up. jesse called and he's in there as a guardian or something like that? >> juan: the state department people who stood up for american pens balls and said what the president it is wrong >> katie: how about the hong kong protesters? those who are standing with the chinese military on the border knowing that they could be mowed down and killed as a result of simply asking for freedom and having china hold up their end of the deal and their own treaty and holding them accountable for
2:41 pm
that and voting in more democracy when they had the chance, putting their lives at risk. spewing what about the >> dana: what about the uighurs who are basically being held in prison and tortured by the chinese. >> greg: be careful, don't take the bait. >> katie: the hard truth is the media only curves about her because she serves a climate change agenda. if this is doing down like a child doing the reverse of what the left believes, she wouldn't be a saint as she is. >> jesse: entertainer of the year is will ks liberal media calling for a boycott of clint eastwood latest movie. we will tell you why next. with this key to the city.
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>> katie: the liberal media calling the boycott over a depiction of a federal reporter in clint eastwood's new movie for getting the film to share the real-life story of richard jewell, the security card wrongfully and viciously maligned by the media and fbi when he was accused of being involved in the 1996 atlanta olympics bombing. >> you always look at the guy who found the bombs like the guy who found the body. >> the frustrated white man who was a police want to be who seeks to become a hero. >> katie: "the atlanta journal-constitution," the newspaper at the center of the controversy, threatening a lawsuit, but warner bros. isn't backing down calling the claims "baseless." greg, is the media worried about
2:47 pm
hollywood betrays a female reporter, or do they not like this because clint eastwood made the movie? >> greg: it's probably that. the media must demand that all times they are heroes in every movie, okay. it all started with woodward and bernstein, everybody is a woodward and bernstein. flawless crusaders for they aren't flawed. in this movie, they are flawed so much so that including myself -- i was 100% sure that jewell was guilty and i remember having conversations, i wasn't in mainstream media. i was in health journalism. i remember going, of course he's guilty. look at him! the security guard looking to be something more than he is. i have completely rolled him off. i admit i'm one of the villains. i'm one of the guys who smeared the guy. i think clint eastwood does a service by reminding people that this guy got screwed. i think that's really, really important. >> katie: especially in the current media environment.
2:48 pm
>> jesse: especially in this current media environment. an example, this happens all the time. ali watkin's was a reporter for many, many years at many distinguished publications. she slept with one of her sources allegedly for four years and broke a lot of scoops according to this politico report here. it happens a lot, and it happens a lot in movies and tv shows. just a list right here. "flash." "thank you for smoking." "how to lose a guy in ten guys." a problem with a clint eastwood movie? come on. how has someone not made a movie in hollywood about all this deep state garbage going on in the trump campaign? you have villains like comey and mccabe, a celebrity like trump, you have the russians. it's such a juicy angle but they don't touch it. >> greg: trump will be the villain in every movie.
2:49 pm
>> katie: unless clint eastwood makes the movie. >> juan: do you think you are upset? you are going to make a movie about deep state and trump with the media as the villain, is that right? >> jesse: it's a made-for-tv movie. spewing the media is the villain because they rob this guy in the media. had his whole life turned upside down. >> katie: the movie doesn't poetry delma portrayed the media well >> juan: the media wrong, should be called out. i don't have a problem with that but i don't think there's a problem with what you said. i don't think most fema reporters -- >> jesse: i don't think female reporters. i think male reporters too. just saying it happened many times in the past! >> dana: i think it's interesting that warner bros. is vehemently sticking by the mov movie. there is no delay between the
2:50 pm
movie companies and the director. all movies will take some artistic and factual license. we should all keep that in mind. >> greg: they do it with everybody! remember the fox news movie? did anybody watch "the loudest room" -- what was it, "the loudest voice?" >> dana: i think calling for a boycott -- media company should not be calling for a boycott. because you are print journalism, you do not need the less people reading. >> greg: what your favorite clint eastwood movie? >> juan: dirt "dirty harry." >> greg: that's mine. "high plains drifter." >> juan: early spaghetti movies. greg called and you should go home right now, start with "high plains drifter," then "dirty harry." >> katie: what's the one where
2:51 pm
he was the driver? >> juan: what i think is interesting olivia wilde who plays the reporter, it's a basic misunderstanding of feminism -- >> katie: months not go into that. one more thing. it took over 100 years to perfect this masterpiece of italian design and performance... and about 15 minutes for us to do this. blends right into the italian architecture. no, no, no, no, no. i am all about livi♪g joyfully. hello. the united explorer card hooks me up. getting more for getting away. rewarded! going new places and tasting new flavors. rewarded! traveling lighter.
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sini wasn't sure...clot was another around the corner? or could things go a different way? i wanted to help protect myself. my doctor recommended eliquis. eliquis is proven to treat and help prevent another dvt or pe blood clot. almost 98 percent of patients on eliquis didn't experience another, and eliquis has significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. eliquis is fda-approved and has both. don't stop eliquis unless your doctor tells you to. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. if you had a spinal injection while on eliquis call your doctor right away if you have tingling, numbness, or muscle weakness. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily and it may take longer than usual for bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising.
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eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. what's around the corner could be worth waiting for. ask your doctor about eliquis. here hold this. follow that spud. [ tires screech ] the big idaho potato truck is touring america telling folks about idaho potatoes. and i want it back. what is it with you and that truck? >> dana: all right, it's time for one more thing. juan? >> juan: it's time for holiday christmas parties and here is my favorite, the holiday company bonus. wait until you hear what santa brought four employees of st. john's properties at their annual holiday party. take a listen to the company's president lawrence mae kranz.
2:56 pm
>> you are all participating in a bonus based on the number of years of $10 million. >> juan: the maryland company gave up on us is averaging $50,000 and they only have 198 employees per the smallest bonus, $100 who went to an employee just hired, hasn't even started. the biggest bonus, $270,000. employees says they are paying off tuitions, credit cards, mortgages, student loans paid the company's elevating after reaching a goal of developing 20 million square feet of real estate. can't wait until next week, we are going to have "the five" holiday party for the word around the building, jesse has a big surprise for everyone. >> jesse: surprise! >> dana: trump should put your one more thing as an ad. they will be crying when they
2:57 pm
see how much the irs takes out. >> katie: 40%. >> dana: this is one of my favorite little beach as i follow on instagram. what is this like, this is millie. she's in brooklyn. i'm thinking, what is this like? it's like bill belichick trying to explain "spygate to train." >> jesse: somebody gave you that. >> greg: let's do this. greg the latest in cat news, we have our animals are great christmas party. none of you are invited. it's just me and ian mick fritter down at the club. but capt mick wester's got a little hammered after we were doing some shots. he wasn't driving.
2:58 pm
but i'm sure he had a hell of a hangover. this is me during my 20s. he's fine. >> dana: they are easier ways to get down the stairs. jesse? >> jesse: we are debuting a new segment for jesse's juan more thing. and it's about juan williams. sent me a picture of juan from 1990. there he is! he was speaking at the university of scranton as a young journalist and it was black history month. and we got a picture. juan, look how handsome he used to be! look how handsome he is. we need pictures of juan from back in the day. that's not what juan more thing
2:59 pm
is about. we want the afro picture. but other things about juan for me to bring your attention. >> greg: mug shots? >> juan: no, but that cat thing... >> jesse: martha maccallum 7:00 p.m. eastern time for that's eastern, everybody. >> dana: katy? katy: a couple of weeks away from christmas and these santas have skills and they are trying them off on the mountains. as you can see it, they took place in an annual event that was in newberry maine, helping local youth achieve success and growth through recreationa recr. the 20th year, and all the kids stands on the sidelines and watch these guys go skiing. looks really warm too. >> dana: do you have a santa outfit? are you going to put it on?
3:00 pm
>> greg: i am the santa at the new colony nude colony. >> dana: never miss an episode of "the five." special report is up next. i am blushing and turning it over to you. >> bret: who's at the nud the c? the inspector general calling what's an entire chain down the failure of the chain of command in the to mark up the articles of impeachment. we'll have a preview. a gunman takes over a business in a small florida town and the republicans and conservatives there have no problem with it. we will explain. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. we are an hour away from another crucial congressional session on impeachment for it we'll


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