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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 13, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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jerry on facebook said he was the most productive of all the democrats on the committee today. duane on facebook said he said to himself, quote, golf or dog and pony show. can't say i blame him much. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thanks for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues right now. >> the committee is in recess. this is the kangaroo course we are talking about. rob: a fox news alert on this friday the 13th. capitol hill under an impeachment curse. while you were sleeping jerry never delaying a critical vote after 13 hours of heated debate. carley: setting up and impeachment showdown. let's hope democrats aren't superstitious. heather: rob: they are taking the fight back to the southern border. carley: targeting an american
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company to stop border wall construction. >> no christmas eve party? >> running away from christmas. rob: is christmas cheer becoming a chore kick you carley: "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ carley: of all the days the impeachment vote is literally happening on friday the 13th. you are watching "fox and friends first" on this friday morning.
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rob: waking up to this. a weird number. thanks for getting up early with us. a fox news alert, frustration among republicans how the impeachment vote is postponed just before midnight. carley: winemakers slamming jerry nadler calling in a bush league stunned after 14 hours of debate. mark meredith live in washington as the senate gears up for a trial. >> reporter: the house judiciary committee will gavel back into session at 10 am today. we expect a vote on two articles of impeachment against donald trump. this vote was expected to happen last night but was postponed after 14 hours of heated debate between democrats and republicans. lawmakers vigorously argued whether the president abuses
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power and obstructed congress's oversight authority. the decision to delay appeared to surprise many lawmakers last night. >> i want members on both sides to think about what has happened the last few days and search their consciences before we cast final vote. >> you chose not to consult the ranking member on a schedule issue of this magnitude, so typical. this is the kangaroo course we are talking about. not even consult. >> reporter: the vote on impeachment is expected to follow-on party lines and it is possible depending what happens today the full house could vote on impeachment next week. this as the senate prepares for possible trial in january. here is what mitch mcconnell said last night. >> the case is so weak coming over from the house we know how it will end. there is no chance the president will be removed from office. my hope is there won't be a
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single republican who votes for either of these articles of impeachment. >> donald trump is accusing democrats trying to impeach him from the start of his term. several times on thursday echoing republicans who have been defense his actions. nancy pelosi said members will not be into voting for impeachment, it each member will get to make their own decision. we expect the judiciary committee to be back at work 5 hours from now. another busy day in washington. carley: you can't say politics is boring. the horrific attack in jersey city being investigated for domestic terrorism. >> the evidence points towards acts of hate, fueled by anti-semitism and anti-law enforcement police. carley: investigators linking social media accounts to the shooters with signs of
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anti-semitism along with evidence they had interest in the black hebrew israelites movement. congresswoman rashida tlaib is being criticized for falsely blaming the attack on white supremacy. she originally condemned the attack on twitter with the caption white supremacy kills. she later deleted the tweet. today the tunnel to power foundation will announce they are paying off the mortgage of detective joseph fields who was killed in the attack. he leaves behind a wife and 5 children. rob: all hands on deck after a college freshman is murdered in new york city. 18-year-old stefan majors was robbed and stabbed near her school, barnard college in upper manhattan near columbia university. she somehow crawled up the stairway to get help at a guard post and died in the hospital. new york daily news reports two teenagers were questioned by police but later released.
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carley: the man accused of running over a texas police sergeant is behind bars, henderson is held on $150,000 bond, charged with capital murder in the death of sergeant caleb sullivan in texas. he thought off sullivan during a traffic stop and then hit her with his car as he drove away. henderson was found after a day and a half on the run. officers used sergeant sullivan's handcuffs when they let him into court. rob: dive crews return to the island with 15 people were killed in a volcanic eruption in new zealand, two victims still missing and authorities say they could be in the water, 6 bodies recovered from the ash covered island on a dangerous mission. the volcano shows signs it could erupt again. it is unclear of crews found the parents of two us foreign brothers who died from their injuries after the blast.
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carley: as donald trump wishes to complete his border wall, new questions put construction in jeopardy. the pentagon launching a probe into the $400 million contract just awarded to a north dakota company. rob: the decision may have been political. >> reporter: it started with a request by democrats any thompson to look at, quote, inappropriate influence on the army court decision to issue contract citing the president's endorsement of that company. in signaling an upcoming audit the pentagon watchdog said yesterday it will look at the contract to ensure, quote, solicitation standards. the head of the north dakota company was on our show in april, said there will be nothing to find. >> i wanted to give him as an expert the exact cost to build these and the time it will take, these agent needed and need it now. as an american i want to do what we can do to protect every
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single american on both sides. >> reporter: a district court ruling in favor of the aclu, the judge saying the executive branch was trying to build the wall without congress. another court ruling in favor of el paso county which argued the wall would cause irreparable harm. the white house responding to both of these, the supreme court already stayed one injunction blocking the use of a different statutory authority to build the border wall and the administration plans to immediately appeal. in total, $3.6 billion of military construction funds were blocked by those decisions. rob: former nba commissioner david stern hospitalized overnight for emergency brain surgery. collapsing in a new york city restaurant. no word on his current condition. the 77-year-old the longest-serving commissioner in
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league history, spent 30 years on the job before he stepped down in 2014, widely credited for overseeing the league's boom in popularity, economic growth and global expansion. carley: clinton fordyce accused of healthcare fraud, portis is doing court today. federal prosecutors claim players were reimbursed for medical equip and saying they never actually purchased. they needed things like hyperbaric chambers, cryotherapy machines, ultrasound equipment and therapy devices designed for horses. about that last one? rob: friday the 13th is known for most people, the mega millions jackpot climbing to $340 million. carley: the winner would bring home a cash option of $230 million. that will change your life. rob: the odds of winning are one in 302 million. if somebody hits it big they will be the lucky seventh person
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to win on friday the 13th. jillian: those are my lucky numbers, 7, and 13. i need to play. let's head over to washington dc, fireworks exploding on capitol hill, democrats delay the impeachment vote. >> late at night the committee is in recess. >> their hatred of donald trump. carley: could democrats be in danger of losing their seats derailing the whole thing? rob: federal prosecutor doug burns says there is no chance for a conviction in the senate on this, we break down why. >> you got to wake up. rob: a fun fact as you drag yourself out of bed. the majority of americans wake up on the wrong side of the bed
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>> it is now very late at night. the committee is in recess. >> this is the kangaroo court we were talking about. >> they don't care about rules. they care about their hatred of donald trump. >> i have never seen something like this, using the congressional system to destroy people. carley: after a day of heated debates jerry nadler planned the flames dealing a critical vote on impeachment without warning. rob: republicans sounding off before going back to the hill later this morning but any truth to gop claims democrats are afraid to let americans pick the president in 2020? carley: joining us is doug burns. why do you think jerry never delay the vote until today?
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>> he was thinking the other side was delaying it so we would be put into a slot late at night. he turned around and said we are going into tomorrow and saw how angry he got. the reality is this is so political it is unbelievable. i watched people argue with a straight face this is not political, to take a bathroom break, right down party lines. i am not kidding. carley: john versus day. >> 44 democrats voted against taking a break and republicans voted for it more than once. rob: that is really funny. it is in the committee, they will pass it most likely along party lines and it will go to the full house. how many democrats? >> that is the million-dollar question right on the money.
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you have 31 democratic members in trump districts where he won. how many will peel off? some are going to but at the same time, nancy pelosi -- don't be surprised, she's not going to go forward unless she has the votes. rob: it will look bad. >> that is right. the other thing is if republicans stay unified it cements the joke that it is completely political, straight party lines. carley: they spent 14 hours debating yesterday. how do you feel about that? republicans say they are weak because they didn't go -- >> as a trial lawyer it was revealing to me when the articles were announced. there has to be some accountability. you have people pontificating
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about bribery and extortion and the mueller end points and then it doesn't come out so you read the tea leaves and that is an interesting pivot. the articles are weak. jillian: what about bribery and abuse of power? >> great question because bribery has two ways to look at it. bribery is listed in the constitution as grounds for impeachment, scholars said bribery is listed in the constitution doesn't have to meet elements of bribery but to answer in simple english, much stronger bribery. rob: assumed this gets through the house, here is mitch mcconnell. >> the case is so darn week coming over from the house we know how it will end. there is no chance the president is going to be removed from office. it wouldn't surprise me if we got one or 2 democrats. rob: a couple democrats in the senate, names like joe manchin, doug jones, if a couple pilaf from the senate that looks
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really bad. >> to merge the two issues, the senate and the house, the house people could use the excuse for lack of a better term we know it is not going to happen anyway so i can't in good conscience vote for this, a pivot move by them. in simple english the reality is it will get through the house and in the senate if you get two or even more peel offs it will look bad but in the end i hate to get political but this is helping. carley: do you think there will be a long drawn out trial in the senate or a quick vote? >> the president once that long trial but mitch mcconnell and lindsey graham will go the other route and it will be short in my opinion. rob: warren and sanders -- >> get out on the trail. rob: the president congratulating the uk prime
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minister boris johnson overnight, huge story. his election makes brexit a near certainty. jillian: joe biden is turning the victory in the uk into a warning to the far left here at home. ♪ what i love most about being a scientist at 3m is that i'm part of a community of problem solvers. we make ideas grow. from an everyday solution... to one that can take on a bigger challenge. we are solving problems that improve lives. at chevy, we're all about bringing families together. this time of year, that's really important. so we're making it easier than ever to become part of our family. that's why our chevy employee discount is now available to everyone. the chevy price you pay is what we pay.
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rob: boris johnson returns to his residence a winner, the conservative party leader all smiles as he and the party celebrate a major victory setting up brexit once and for all after so many delays. benjamin all has reaction to the uk election. >> reporter: the uk woke up to a landslide victory for boris johnson. many people see this as a second
2:23 am
referendum on whether to leave the eu, brexit and the uk voted overwhelmingly to leave, to give doris johnson what he wanted. one seat left to be declared, conservatives are way ahead on 364 seats, a gain of 47. labor's biggest defeat in 100 years down to 203, loss of 59. a majority of 79 or 80 seats for the conservatives. force johnson thanks his supporters. >> we will get brexit done on time by 31 january. now maybes. leaving the european union as one united kingdom, control of our borders, money, trade, immigration system. >> reporter: the biggest majority since 1987 since
2:24 am
margaret thatcher. it was a rejection of the socialist hard left agenda of jeremy corbin and the labour party, rejection of the deadlock in parliament and it will allow boris johnson to end three years of political paralysis and take britain out of the european union. donald trump responding tweeting his congratulations saying congratulations to boris johnson on his great win. britain and the united states will be free to strike a massive new trade deal after brexit. this deal has the potential to be far bigger and more negative than any deal that could be made with the eu. celebrate boris. that is what boris will be doing, celebrating but also getting new trade deals outside the eu. this redefined the landscape for a generation. rob: we will send it over to you. carley: ever wake up on the wrong side of the better hit the
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snooze button? >> good dream, no. carley: a new study shows the average adult wakes up grumpy 300 days a year. here with healthy habits to improve your sleep life, adult and nutrition consultant ingrid brewer. you are called the sleep whisperer. 300 grumpy nights a year. why is that happening? >> most people don't put sleep as a priority on their list. they think of everything else they have to do including socially, social events. that is why they wake up grumpy, they -- the study -- carley: people spend 90 minutes tossing and turning at night,
2:26 am
they wake up 300 days grumpy, six bad mornings a week, 31% blame stress and anxiety. people go to bed with her mind still going from what happened during the day. >> if they don't take moments, 60 minutes prior to bedtime to wind down, everything from organizing their house to just maybe doing some meditation or journal writing to get it out of your mind. carley: are those tips the secret to a good night sleep? >> going around, organizing everything, making sure everything is in place, wash the dishes. when you wake up in the morning it is a fresh start. carley: how many hours of sleep do people really need it is there too much sleep? >> absolutely. for me i need 7-71/2 hours. when i have more than that --
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the best way to find out how many hours of sleep you need is be logging how each night goes depending on the amount of sleep you have and then see when you feel optimal. carley: what is happening to your body when you don't get enough sleep? >> so much, everything from health risks, you increase health risks for a variety of conditions when you don't sleep well. even if you try to make up for sleep over time sleep is compromised. carley: what about a partner who snores? they can't get enough sleep because their partner is waking them up. >> put them in a different room. now. there are a lot of technological equipments you can purchase for them in order to improve their sleep, things that will nudge them to prevent them from snoring, different gadgets. the take away is organize your
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life so you can feel comfortable when you go to bed. >> absolutely. carley: thank you so much. rob: 27 after the are, still not ready to let it go, hillary clinton taking her failed presidential run to hollywood, a series offering never before seen footage and interviews from 2016 but much interest will there be kick you >> now christmas eve party? >> running away from christmas. >> a lot of people are very upset. rob: why a growing number of americans say showing christmas cheer is becoming a chore. ♪
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>> the committee is in recess. >> this is the kangaroo court we are talking about.
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stalin-esque. >> this was the most bush league thing i have seen forever. this committee is more concerned about getting on tv in the morning than finish its job tonight. rob: republicans erupting in anger after the house vote on articles of impeachment was postponed overnight. the judiciary committee debated for 14 hours before jerry never ended it. the committee will meet again at 10 am eastern to resume their vote. congressman adam schiff calls the senate evil while discussing the impeachment process on the late show. >> senators have to decide to they want to hear from bolton and mcilvain he or are they simply going to say we don't want to know anymore because the truth is damning enough. it is hard enough to justify to the country why a president who would do such things should remain in office.
2:33 am
we don't want to see or know anymore, see no evil, hear no evil, seems to be the philosophy. rob: california democrat says the president feels he is above the law and it is the only way to hold him accountable. carley: the boston marathon bomber looking to overturn his death sentence, lawyers for dzokhar tsarnaev argue he didn't have a fair trial because it was held in boston. they claim two jurors showed clear bias on social media. three people were killed and 300 hurt in the 2013 bombing. dzokhar tsarnaev's brother was killed by police. the pentagon is responding after pilots requested to be armed on base in the wake of a deadly shooting at a naval air base in pensacola. >> it -- i'm not familiar with those requests.
2:34 am
>> pilots tell fox news they asked permission to carry guns on base after 3 servicemembers were killed on base last week. it is against the rules for military personnel to carry government issued guns. rob: let's talk a little bit of weather, we have janice in studio. merry christmas. >> i'm trying to bring the christmas spirit. rob: the weather will not be christmasy. >> on the east coast things go downhill starting now and saturday things improve, sunday, on the west coast another storm system moving in. a lot of travel problems. look at the moisture towards the mid-atlantic and an icy mix as well. that will be ongoing throughout the day today and tomorrow is an area of low pressure moves northward. you can see what a complete mess. could be worse, could be snow. temperatures will be too warm. on the backside of it we could
2:35 am
get snow as the cold air is pulled out word tomorrow but mainly a rain event on the east coast and our next storm system to the west will cause problems the next couple days for the central us through the next 24-48 hours. there is your forecast, not too bad across the plane states, a mess on the east coast and another storm system moving into the west. next week, you will have a wet christmas. we don't want to do it like too far in advance. carley: thank you. >> happy friday. rob: happy friday, christmas cheer, more of a chore than a celebration. carley: could this change some long-held yuletide tradition? we have some new trends.
2:36 am
>> christmas tree or holiday card or trying to find the perfect gift this season all these traditions, some find a bit of a nuisance and a bother than anything else. >> it is not my cup of tea. >> reporter: gone are the days of holly jolly. you might as well say bar humbug. christmas traditions seem to be more of a burden and that includes just writing a card to grandma. >> i hate writing out the cards. i feel like i have to keep doing it. i actually hate doing it. >> reporter: not everyone is against being merry and bright. we found more festive shoppers. >> a good time to think about this. >> traditions are the best. being with family and friends all the time.
2:37 am
>> reporter: research from 2017 shows millennials enjoy putting up christmas trees and buying gifts more than gen x or baby boomers but when it comes to caroling or sending out holiday cards they will pass. doctor mark smith says it is part of a whole new world of trends. >> fewer people commemorating christmas in a religious way. that is consistent with what we know is happening in american society as a whole. >> reporter: the christmas tradition said soon may be no more less you try to keep it alive. take some sound advice from a boomer. >> they are meaningful as you get older in life. >> reporter: next time you say okay boomer remember some of their traditions are alive and well. rob: our christmas traditions cheer or chore? shone on facebook says what has destroyed it for me is walking into a store and halloween -- they are setting up the displays. carley: a viewer on twitter says hassle and more things to buy. christmas should be how one feels the warmth of god, around
2:38 am
family, not how many christmas he presents you have to purchase. rob: steve says anything worthwhile takes effort. carley: i agree with that one too. the time is 37 minutes after the hour. democrats race to remove the president from office, republicans are warning is could backfire like it did during the clinton impeachment. is history repeating itself? ron meyer joins us with his predictions for the 2020 fallout. rob: praise for standing up to donald trump and allowing 1 million refugees into her nation of germany. angela merkel is named the world's most powerful woman. is she really a good leader though? ♪
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rob: democrats will speed ahead with impeachment but last time congress tried to impeach a president and did it backfired big time. as the polls turn in the president's favor in the midst of this push to remove him from office, is history repeating itself? joining me to weigh in his ron meyer. good morning to you. comparing bill clinton and donald trump. look at the president in key states, 46% donald trump, beating all the candidates, 49, 45, 50, 43, states that obama won twice. >> they match a poll that came out of wisconsin too, swing states are turning against democrats and it is analogous to the impeachment frustration that built up in the late 90s that backfired on republicans and matches brexit which we saw backfire on the labour party in britain.
2:43 am
it shows when an electorate gets tired of something that isn't being argued will by the opposition party it can backfire and also shows the weakness of the democratic field. it frustrates my democratic friends but i keep telling them your candidate field isn't it in these polls show it, this impeachment strategy shows it and the numbers are the numbers, democrats keep thinking trump is going to lose because he is donald trump and people don't like him but show me the data that backs that up against your candidate and right now in iowa which president obama won twice, trump is up against all their front runners. this impeachment process isn't going well for them. they need to rethink how they will handle 2020. rob: last time impeachment happen 1998, bill clinton's second term, bill clinton's approval rating was 59% in
2:44 am
january 1998 and post impeachment, 66%, 2 thirds of the country approved of a president that was impeached, that is astonishing. is the same happening to donald trump? >> on a lesser scale yes. the country is divided, you will see a smaller bump because it is a different era. rob: let's put up the current president's approval rating, 42.8, just a point, not as dramatic. >> we haven't seen the vote yet so it might be a couple points, you are seeing swing voters in key states donald from was able to flip, wisconsin, michigan, iowa, florida, those folks in the middle are saying this is enough of it and a lot of folks in the middle might look at another choice besides donald trump because they don't like the tweets and stylistic things
2:45 am
but ultimately if democrats only focus on the end, impeach, impeach, impeach and not present candidates that have a contract with donald trump that is inspiring rather than a vision of socialism and negativity they will have a hard time. >> go back a few months and the president was losing to all democrats by a good margin and look at this, and in blue states it is amazing. >> i don't know, democrats can get mad at me all they want, trump is so ridiculous and all these other things, you can say that all you want and bank on that but you will bank that to a loss in 2020. change your strategy, it's not going to work. >> speaking of the clintons, hillary clinton taking her failed presidential run to hollywood. >> i provoke strong opinions.
2:46 am
what you see is what you get. rob: the series offering never before seen footage and interviews, but who wants to watch? carley: let's check in with steve doocy for what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> i'm backstage in the regular studio. today, one of our live studio audience days. we have a problem getting notes to the table to start the show because there is a big cheer and i decided to put them out ahead of time in the studio. good morning to you. >> i'm just putting my nose
2:47 am
right there. let me tell you what is coming up in the next 3 hours. he says he was caught in the crosshairs of a plot to bring down the president, you heard of george papadopoulos. he is on the show today. regarding impeachment, they thought they would have a vote last night and jerry never pulled the rug out from underneath republicans. what was that about? former acting attorney general matt whitaker, tammy bruce, david webb and greg jarrett and at the end of the show it will be fantastic, who is ready for christmas? this is a song dean martin made famous 60 years ago. ♪ cold outside ♪ got to go away ♪ it's cold outside ♪ >> dean martin's daughter comes back to sing that song and
2:48 am
comedian joe piscopo who does not only a frank sinatra impersonation but a dean martin impersonation will sing, we have a busy 3 hours, all these people, stands up, "fox and friends" live. [ electrical buzzing ]
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[ dramatic music ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott.
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carley: hillary clinton is headed to the big screen. >> i provoke strong opinions. what you see is what you get. rob: failed presidential candidate starring in a series about her life. >> it seems she is still on the 2016 election. >> reporter: a lot of democrats are talking about this movie. hillary clinton stepping into
2:52 am
the spotlight for a tell all series on the trials and tribulations of her life. the four part series called hillary will delve into her time as first lady, secretary of state and feature exclusive interviews with former president bill clinton and her daughter chelsea clinton. she certainly does not steer clear of the 2016 election. >> if i said back off, you creep, what i sound angry? on my gravestone i want she is neither as good or as bad as people say. >> reporter: the director of the series calls in a fantastic opportunity adding her story is utterly compelling. a recent harvard harris poll has clinton on top of all current 2020 candidates. check out the screen. she's not even running and look at these numbers. jillian: we asked your thoughts on the documentary, most agree
2:53 am
on facebook, sure hope she purchases a semi to transport all the baggage she has accumulated. these are all jokes. gary on instagram says i don't need to see it, i know how it ends. j on facebook comments should be plenty of empty seats. the series debuts next month before moving to who streaming service, is expected to attend. will she jump in the race? that is adding speculation. >> she has the publicity machine cranking. carley: forbes naming angela merkel the most powerful woman of the year. the ninth year in a row she took the top spot. rob: the publication crazing her steely reserve and standing up to donald trump and her role in allowing more than 1 million syrian refugees into germany.
2:54 am
carley: the highest-ranking american on the list is nancy pelosi who came in third place. rob: the newest name in fashion is mcdonald's. carley: the fast food chain has a new line of accessories called golden arches unleaded inspired by things on the menu like the classic burger and fries. rob: we have our hands on some of it. >> i originally thought it was just socks thomas some clever golden arches, they also have an ugly christmas sweater. everyone is getting in on the ugly christmas sweater bandwagon. would you wear that? rob: now. carley: i think you would look great in it. .
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♪ baby it's cold outside. >> today is national cocoa day it. is cold outside. celebrating with the ultimate cocoa bar you can celebrate at home. carley: here is lifestyle expert. teach us how to make the perfect cup of hot chocolate. >> i have the variety of swiss miss hot chocolates, marshmallows and unicorn marshmallow. carley: cute for little girls. >> other little boys. variety of hot chocolate mix. take a packet and put it into a cup. i will let you guys do that.
2:59 am
at home what can you do is do a variety of milk. this is just whole milk right here. 2%, almond. oatmeal. carley: milk way better than water. >> put it into a milk frother, pour it in and have a variety of toppings that we are going to pour in. carley: cutest idea explain. >> snowman toppers, ready whip whipped cream. circle on to a parchment lined baking sheet. flatten it out like i have here. two big chocolate chips. make eyes then. rob: little mouth. >> i will put the nose. can you do i had only red mini m and ms, you can use orange to look like a nose. newt a freezer for an hour or two and you just are able to pop it up. putt it right on top. >> rob: put all this other
3:00 am
stuff on here. >> never thought of that. >> all different toppings and syrups. >> lynn moore, thank you so much. cocoa ideas have. a good weekend. enjoy some hot chocolate. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ and we're coming to your city ♪ going to bring our guitars and play you a country song. [cheers and applause] ♪ we will all be flying louder than a carolina ♪ [cheers and applause] steve: live from new york city it's "fox & friends" live show. [cheers and applause] ainsley: good to see you. hi, nice to meet you. hi,


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