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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  December 13, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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difficult to be. the democrats have to recognize there was a lot of states that he is doing well and it's going to be an uphill battle but we can do in 2020. >> we are going to mexico and new hampshire, we are on the offense. >> here is dana. >> dana: president trump firing back a short time ago after the house judiciary committee made history earlier today approving two articles of impeachment. i am dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." >> it's a witch hunt, it's a sham, it's a hoax, nothing was done wrong, zero was done wrong. is a scam, it is something that shouldn't be allowed and it's a very bad thing for our country and you are trivializing impeachment, and i tell you what, someday they will be a democrat president and there will be a republican house and i suspect they're going to remember it. >> dana: the full house of
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representatives is expected to vote on whether to impeach the president for only the third time in american history sometime next week. all of this setting up a potential showdown in the senate where the president says he is open to either a short or long trial. we have discovered through all angles beginning with reaction from a republican congressman of pennsylvania, really great to have you on the show, i wonder if you could start by telling us what it was like in the room, what was the atmosphere? >> thanks for having me on. in the atmosphere night was incredibly intense. the attitude today was borderline bitter. we have to remember what happened. house republicans were fighting tooth and nail against these bogus impeachment articles and then we were told by chairman nadler and the democrats that we would get closing arguments and voting on it last night. we were into pretty late. we then found out last minute
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that they decided to change their mind and bring us back in today at 10:00 so people were not happy about the article, not happy about how this was handled and i can tell you that it was a somber moment today but this has been a political hit job, the president is getting railroaded and house republicans are getting railroaded. >> dana: i want you to listen to congressman adam schiff, chairman of the intel committee, he was on stephen colbert last night, listen to what he had to say. >> for some of our members who are defending the constitution, it is their finest hour but for others who are willfully blinding themselves to this president misconduct, it is the most shameful hour. >> dana: do you take offense to that? >> you know who should be ashamed? adam schiff. we have to remember that adam schiff is the one that abused his power. he is the one that subpoenaed phone records of other members of this body. he is the one that subpoenaed
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devin nunes as call logs and have gone so far as to have blocked my motion to subpoena the whistle-blower, an actual fact witness, not one of the ivy league law school professors they drag in before us. i went here from a fact witness and they blocked my attempts to subpoena the whistle-blower. they are the ones that should be ashamed. >> dana: you think this has been an attempt by the democrats to distract from the real agenda, what do you mean by that? democrats real agenda is drastically lapsed, this is not the party of jfk, this is no longer your grandfather's democrat party. who they are talking about such crazy ideas as banning airplanes, defunding or abolishing ice, as long as they are talking about impeachment, they are distracting from these radical far left freshmen that have taken over the democrat party and if you don't believe me, the fact that we came in this morning for a 10:00 vote when we could have done it last night was because they wanted to
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keep this in the news cycle one more day. this is a politically orchestrated and politically motivated from day one. >> dana: so that's true, but is it working? it looks like the only bipartisan agreement when this vote is held next week is going to be against impeachment. >> the only bipartisan positions have been venturing to say that bipartisan vote would be not to impeach the president and when this hits the senate, i'd be willing to wager that a bipartisan vote would be not to ruin the president for they are locked stepping and moving forward, the bipartisan effort is trying to get to real work but this is backfiring and in swing states and battleground districts, they are plummeting. their numbers are plummeting. >> dana: let me ask you a last question, you served your country, you served in iraq, you are a lawyer. i presume that you did not come to congress because he wanted to
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spend time on impeachment. what do you hope can get done after this is over? >> hopefully we get usmca passed. i think nancy pelosi needs that because she needs that from modern democrats who might not vote to impeach so there is the quid pro quo, but i also think that we can do criminal justice reform work in the judiciary committee. we should also be doing a transportation and infrastructure package to fix our roads. >> dana: we can never get to infrastructure as much as it seems we would like to come i'll give you the last word. >> there is so much bipartisan work we could be working on. i like to get back to the work for the american people lowering prescription drug costs, criminal justice reform, trade deals around the world, i am just so glad this impeachment sham is coming to an end in the house and i'm looking forward to watching it get dismissed or the president being staying in office in the senate.
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>> dana: i bet you are saying tgif today after this week. thank you so much. let's bring in conservative talk radio host and host of the aggressive progressive podcast pay let me give you a chance to talk about how you think the democrats have ended up this week. >> i think we are all set it's come to this, but i listen to this congressman that you just had on, sounds like a fine person but he is ignoring the fact the president abused his power. all you have to do is read the transcript, the bottom of page three, top of page four where the president clearly asked the president of ukraine to investigate joe biden. this president has never cared about corruption, he doesn't care about it in saudi arabia or north korea or china where he is doing business, he doesn't care about his own corruption within his own family foundation banned from actually running a foundation ever again. so why republicans think this is a talking point they can run on and try to keep this president
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in office is beyond me. it's a sad day for our republic, it's a sad day for america, and i wish us all well has we move forward through this. >> dana: let me read to you for the comments "the new york times," it's not a matter of justice and politics, need to be rebuked to demonstrate to the country that the rich and powerful not completely immune must be impeach not only for the history books but also for the here and now, the honor of justice for the balancing of scales. and yet, it looks like it has just been a partisan exercise but as i mentioned, at least a couple of democrats are going to vote against impeachment next week. >> i'd wait to see who those democrats are and which article they decide to vote against, but this is about the presidency, abuse of power and obstruction of congress, not even obstruction of justice, no one believes that it democrats feel
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bad about this. i would argue that no one believes you feel bad about this. it's been three years and i think the president is right, bring it on. let us get it done, let us see how the people feel about it, let's watch you lose michigan and wisconsin and pennsylvania as the representative was discussing, let's listen to the people who say they don't want this, like usmca and a whole host of other subjects. but that's not interesting to adam schiff. that is an interesting to jerrold nadler. this is one that isn't going to work out well as we go down the road so no one believes that you feel bad about it because for three years, you have wanted it. >> dana: let me give you a chance to respond to that. nancy pelosi says that she does this prayerfully, it is a humbling and sad day for america. tell me a little bit more about why you feel that way. >> because it's horrible. you know when the president got elected, i came on this network and many other places and said i
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wish him well. in he's the president for this entire country. we should not be in a situation where we are fighting over this. we should be working on an infrastructure package that the congressman just suggested before that but we can't because we have a president who is intent on abusing his office, of using his power for his own personal and political gain and that cannot be allowed. our forefathers did not want this. this is one of the things they were most concerned about when they wrote the constitution. so i don't think we can look the other way about it and of course, i am horrified by this. i met the president many times before he was president. i don't dislike him, i don't hate anyone and i don't think most democrats hate him, they hate what he's doing to the office and as for the election, that will take care of itself. the only elected official who has abused his power is joe biden when he got hunter biden a job at burisma. these are the facts as present
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presented. i'm sorry, if name-calling is the best you've got. >> dana: let me jump in. >> i'll explain why you are. >> dana: we should clarify. you think that joe biden himself helped hunter get the job? i understand the influence, i understand that they wanted him on there, but are you saying that joe biden actually helped his son get the job? >> i think an investigation would be pretty wonderful. i think they say your son getting a job here is the problem, he can't deal with that right now. that's also a problem and a worthy conversation to be had. but joe biden has his issues. you cannot like the president and decide the president did something wrong, it is just not impeachable. that's what america said. you don't want to vote for him, don't vote for him. this discussion is about impeachment. >> dana: chris, let me give you the last word.
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>> that's a fine column that you could right that nobody would read but let's be very clear, there are a lot of unqualified people who get jobs because of who they know. >> that is not a crime and i think it's a bad look that hunter biden took that but if we going to look at the presidential kids and what they are doing, let's look at eric and don jr. are doing while their father is president of the united states. you want because you're a hack. >> dana: i'm glad that you two are in separate states. i'm going to keep you in separate states. chris hahn and tony katz, thank you. all signs are pointing to an impeachment trial in the middle of an election year. >> we all know how it's going to end, there is no chance the president is going to be removed from office. >> dana: 2020 hopeful senator michael bennet responds next. we call it the mother standard of care.
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one that the democrat led house judiciary committee approving two articles of impeachment against president from setting up a potential trial in the senate for a handful of democrats are also running for president including my next guest, michael bennet of colorado as a member of the intelligence committee on the senate side. you are the other senators on the democratic side, cory book cory booker, amy klobuchar, bernie sanders, and elizabeth warren. he was on sean hannity and want to get your take on what he sa said. >> we will be working through this process hopefully in a fairly short period of time and total coordination with the white house counsel's office and the people representing the president and in the senate. i'm going to take my cue from the president's lawyer. >> dana: what do you make of that? >> i think it's incredible that the majority leader of the
11:17 am
united states says he's going to take his cues from the president's lawyers, going to do the president's bidding, that is not the point of this. the point of this is for congress to provide oversight to the white house. is not for them decide the bidding. >> dana: given that it looks like there was going to be a bipartisan vote against impeachment in the house, it comes to the senate by all accounts, no one thinks the president is going to be removed from office, would you advocate for getting this done quickly or dragging it out? >> we need to do whatever it is we can do to elucidate the truth of the matter, that's what we should do and if that takes ten days or takes two weeks or three weeks, whatever it takes, i am more than happy to sit in my chair in the senate and do it but what i don't think is that even the majority leader should be taking his cues from the president's lawyer.
11:18 am
that is a mistake. >> dana: you can understand coordination amongst the party, i take your point. you are out there and about, still campaigning, not pulling in the top five, we have the top five here from the quinnipiac poll. has been pretty static with biden at 29 and sanders at 17 but you are out there and i know that you probably care to make sure that democrats could at least try to take back the senate, are you concerned at all as you listen to folks out there that impeachment is hurting your chances? >> i think the polls will go up and down on impeachment, it doesn't surprise me at all. >> dana: they haven't so far though, the foals have been pretty static. except for in the swing states where it looks like the president is doing better. >> i think it's going to go up and go down and i think we are going to have to win this election on the merits and i hope with the american people see through all of this, not just the impeachment but everything else is the
11:19 am
unbelievably colossal waste of time having president trump as our president has caused. look at the stuff with china. these guys hold out on all of the hard stuff, but they cough up something on the trade deal. this is after donald trump has spent $28 billion in payments to farmers in america, self-inflicted wound, more than the cost, more than twice the cost of the auto bailout that everybody on this network hated. and he is being treated like some stable genius. >> dana: it's an interesting point, phase one, we will see what goes from there, can i ask you one other thing? you have been very vocal about your concerns about the democratic party moving too far to the left. yesterday there was an election in which the conservatives won in a landslide. do you think that result has any
11:20 am
warning sign of the democratic party in 2020? >> i absolutely do. i think president trump is way outside the mainstream of conventional political thought in america. i know i'm not going to convince everyone on this network of that but i do not think he reflects mainstream republican or conservative aspects, i just don't. that gives democrats an incredible opportunity to win in purple states across this country. we run on an agenda that is actually responsive to where the american people are, if we run on an agenda that is cooked up in test tubes in the commonwealth of massachusetts are in california, it is going to make it a lot harder and swing states. or vermont for that matter where they couldn't even pass bernie's medicare for all bill because taxes would go up 10%. >> dana: senator michael bennet, thank you. a freshman at one of new york city's most prestigious colleges was brutally killed in what police say was a robbery
11:21 am
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one that we can now confirm that one juvenile has been arrested and charged in connection with the brutal killing of a freshman, miller with the details. >> the latest information according to believes the teenager has been charged in connection with the stabbing death of college freshmen this afternoon, the team is due to be arraigned in family court. at this stage, it appears the accused teenager is being treated as a juvenile but that could change. authorities say they are questioning a second teenager and looking for a third. we are told they are all either 13 or 14 years old.
11:26 am
a fox affiliate in new york says one of the teens has confessed to taking part in the crime. this is a tragedy that has shocked and angered new yorkers. part of columbia university, one of the country's most prestigious schools. while walking just off campus in nearby morningside park, a park that was once considered to be the most dangerous and all of new york city but in recent years, its reputation has improved. investigators say attempted robbery turned violent. majors was stabbed multiple times but despite massive injuries, she managed to climb a flight of stairs where she then collapsed, a security guard called 911, she died a short time later at a local hospital. in the week of the deadly attack, the nypd beefed up security of the school described as "an unthinkable tragedy."
11:27 am
saying again she was an extraordinary one woman. >> dana: now investigating the deadly shooting spree in new jersey as potential domestic terrorism. live in jersey city across the river from manhattan, you are there a few days ago when this all broke. >> that's right, now the mayor of jersey city said that surveillance video shows that the intended target of tuesday's attack was not the jewish kosher grocery store but it was the jewish school and synagogue you see to my right. is right next door and there were 50 kids and side at the time of the attack. >> drove to a location that is unknown school and the center of that jewish community there. that's not something that's a secret in the jewish community. they were 50 children there that everybody knows. people should know this could have been far worse, this could have been the equivalent of a sandy hook tech tragedy, that's
11:28 am
number one. >> the mayor believes they pivoted to the attached grocery store instead because police quickly engage them. heavily armed with five weapons including ar-15 style rifle and shotgun, also a pipe bomb inside the u-haul van which was retrofitted with ballistic panels. investigators say the suspects were motivated by anti-semitism and antipolice sentiment. this is being investigated as an act of domestic terrorism. all week, there have been individuals for the three civilians killed inside the store. this morning, the tunnel to towers foundation paid off the mortgage for the family of detective joseph seals who was killed by the shooters in a nearby cemetery before the attack. he was a married father of five, the fbi is now looking for a white ford van and connection to those shooters. >> dana: thank you. 10 former nfl players are facing charges in a multimillion dollar scam. prosecutors say they looted the league's health care program by
11:29 am
submitting false claims including devices that are meant for horses. live in chicago, the story really caught my attention. >> it showed, retired nfl players starting to show up in courthouses across the nation charged with defrauding a health care plan intended to help retired football players. the most prominent name among those charges played nine seasons with the washington redskins and the denver broncos. he turned himself in and make his first court appearance they are. the fraud according to federal prosecutors directed by three ringleaders was submit claims for phony purchases and then keep the money. the claims were accompanied by bogus subscriptions and they would get kickbacks. they said they submitted some $3.9 million versus phony claims of which 3.4 million were paid out. some of the reimbursements were for equipment that is not even used to treat people. >> on more than one occasion, there were claims filed for very
11:30 am
expensive equipment used to treat horses. so when you see something like that is a claims administrator, it tends to draw your attention. >> according to prosecutors, it was the insurance company that spotted irregularities with the claims and they notified federal prosecutors. was the nfl reimbursement plan intended to take care of players with lingering health problems. >> dana: thank you. i live the live look out of london where it's going on 7:30 at night, big wins for conservatives across the ponds, demonstrators are rallying it against prime minister boris johnson but today, congratulating him after his victory. why the u.k. vote could worry democrats here in the united states, host of the next revolution will be here to explain. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere.
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in connemara. right! connemara it is! there's one gift the whole family can share this holiday season, their story. give the gift of discovery, with an ancestrydna kit. >> dana: the house judiciary committee approved two articles of impeachment. democrats charging the president with abuse of power and obstruction of congress. that sets the stage for a full house vote next week. following all of this from the get-go. are you surviving at the end of this week? >> we are hanging in there but next week is going to be worse, that would probably be the week that broke congress as they also have to fund the government and also pass the usmca in addition to articles of impeachment. we think they will probably fund the government earlier in the week and then wednesday and thursday is when the articles of
11:36 am
impeachment will be on the house floor. they have to go to the rules committee on tuesday to set up the debate and here's the other thing people are going to start to look at. how many democratic defections will there be on articles of impeachment. some of these democrats from vulnerable districts, will they vote no on one or both? there are 17, one person to watch as michigan democrat alyssa. >> there has been a lot of talk about this and as soon as i came out in support of an inquiry, they were people saying that the end of your political career. i just have to say maybe it's because i'm a former cia officer, i did three tours in iraq, sometimes you have to make calls that aren't based on a pole or on some political consultant and if this is the end of my political career, at least i'm doing what i think it's right and i'm basing my decisions on integrity. that is the most i can do. >> some folks are looking at what a senate trial would look
11:37 am
like, president trump indicated today he would be for a long or short senate trial but some congressional democrats accused the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell of essentially colluding with the administration, basically saying the head jury foreman here is colluding with the defendant. listen. >> to come out and say he is especially coordinating with the chief defendant and that he has already decided that is not going to happen. and that is an outrage in the american people will think it's an outrage as well. >> and they get a deal? that would be up t up to the see majority leader mitch mcconnell to actually work out the parameters and something that might come out next week in the house of representatives is we find out who the impeachment managers are, the house prosecutors who walk across the capital in this hallway right behind me here over to the senate and present the case to the united states senate.
11:38 am
fox news alert, a live look from london where in just the last couple of minutes, we have watched these demonstrations turned rowdy. the issue is, they are mad the conservative prime minister boris johnson won a big victory last night ahead of brexit. now police are fighting back against protesters using batons to smack down some of them. in a couple of protesters on the ground mother faces bloodied but here in the united states, president trump is praising the prime minister for his win and saying it might be a sign of things to come in the states. >> i want to congratulate boris johnson on a terrific victory. i think that might be a harbinger of what's to come in our country. i'm sure people will be thrilled to hear that but a lot of people will be actually. >> dana: post of the next revolution, this protest turning quite rowdy and possibly violent just in the last few minutes, what you make of all this? >> amazing the scene to look at
11:39 am
straight after what you'd expect to be a moment of joy and happiness and all the divisions that have been there in the u.k., a bitterly divided country since that requisite vote in 2016, a decisive victory for boris johnson. you'd think that would settle the argument. would certainly settle the political argument. he clearly has a mandate now to get exit done in the words of his slogan but it obviously isn't going to settle the argument, feels like that's going to go on and this is a sign of it. when not tell me more about the cultural argument, what do you think the fault lines are? >> it is actually very much resembling what we are seeing here where you've got places like london for example, you think of london is the equivalent of the coastal elite as the phrase goes in new york and silicon valley and los angeles where you've got a group of people who have done really well from the knowledge economy from globalization over
11:40 am
the last few decades, their incomes have reason, their lives are comfortable and they think that they should be part of the travel to europe, work in other countries come up that you've got people in the equivalent of the heartland of the u.k. who really resent that and feel that the policies that have been implemented by both labour and conservative governments of the last few years have really hurt them. they've been left behind and neglected, that's turned into this real sense of not just political disagreement, but cultural disagreement. you hate us, you don't understand us, and on the other side that just lost an election feel like their interest is going to be hurt by this new incoming government. >> dana: do you think the left wing of the british liberals, what lessons are they going to take away from this? will they start to moderate or do you think this is just impossible for them to do that?
11:41 am
>> there were two lessons, first of all they definitely will be reflecting on this and the representatives in parliament who never really supported jeremy corbyn, the far left leader is actually to the left of even bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. >> dana: who resigned today. >> they know they need to go moderate, but the interesting thing is the membership of the parties who elected jeremy corbyn are still as hard left as ever. it's going to be an interesting tussle between the base and the central representatives in parliament to see who comes out on top. and the other point is they've really lost in the selection their working class heartland. you've got districts that are going conservative who have never had conservative member of parliament before it is the equivalent of the democrats losing michigan and pennsylvania and wisconsin and more, and they need to really reflect on that. is also a challenge for boris johnson to show that he can deliver for the working
11:42 am
class voters who put him in office mainly because of brexit. he now has to deliver on economic and social issues. >> dana: perfect guest to have an especially as this is unfolding right now, these protests getting very rowdy over there, thank you very much. we will be back in touch with you know doubt, thank you. the producer of the hit movie the hangover is now taking on a very important issue, he will explain it next. plus, robocalls have a new way to get to you. fox news radio's brett larson is here to explain. tamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy.
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>> dana: the producer behind blockbuster movies like the hangover and the war dogs quit hollywood at the height of his success to fight for criminal justice reform. now he's back with a new film
11:47 am
called just mercy. i asked him about making that switch. >> i was just about to give up when i got a call from a harvard lawyer looking to start a legal center for inmates on death row. you're a lawyer >> yes, ma'am. >> thank you so much for driving all the way out here. most lawyers barely make the time to call. >> i talked all my people and you said you were going to fight for me. >> dana: i sat down with the producer of the movie and he has launched of prisoner advocacy nonprofit called the anti-recidivism coalition and is the founder of one community film which is activist content. >> i started out making silly films like the hangover. successful, entertaining films, todd phillips said we did all that but in 2012, i ended up
11:48 am
leaving that to start an organization around criminal justice reform and the net pivoted into raising funds for the company. >> dana: what was the prompt to get you to start the organization. a friend of mine brought me to a juvenile hall and i met a bunch of kids. when i heard that this kid was stilling his life away and saying that he had no ability to change himself, it just felt wrong to me. >> dana: now you have a movie coming out called just mercy, what i wanted to know is why you decided to make a film rather than a documentary. i know you got to that decision. >> i always felt like we have the ability to change culture through storytelling and i was meeting someone part of the marriage equality movement and i asked what was the game changer
11:49 am
and he literally looked at me and said will and grace and ellen to generous and modern family frankly, it was storytelling. >> dana: you also met kim kardashian and she has a real passion for this. >> i was blown away with him. i got a random text, she had just been involved with president trump and freeing alice johnson and she felt so great doing that for alice and then she was in a women's prison with me for three hours, went in, sat with the women and said i want to learn from you and learn about this and it was so wonderful. >> dana: what you hope people take away just mercy? >> it lifts up brian stevenson who has been fighting for the poor and the condemned, children. i think lifting up brian as a hero that he is always been to
11:50 am
me but the hero other people need to know is huge and showing people throughout the country that people have the ability to change and redeem themselves. >> dana: do you think they've made progress in this area? >> it is one thing i can find folk from both sides of the aisle, progressives and republicans support newt gingrich have come aboard to support bills we've done with the great uniting force to bring people together. >> dana: just mercy is coming out around christmas and for limited release on january 20th the full release right around the state of the union, do you expect he will possibly cut the mention of criminal justice reform, without the important thing going for the head until his next election year? >> i hope so, this is a movie so inspiring from telling the story of walter mcmillan who has been on death row for a crime he
11:51 am
didn't commit for three decades and i think that's something that touches all of our souls and this time of the year was the right time of the year to be telling that story and reaching out. >> dana: just mercy will open in select theaters on christmas. robo callers are added again this time pretending to be company as you know like apple support, fox news radios brett larson is following this. a lot of people could fall for this. >> i received a call where they said something is wrong with your apple account. we have a recording of what they left as a voice message from someone claiming to be apple support, take a listen to that. >> press one to connect with apple support advisor. press two to listen to this message again. or if you wish to contact us, please call us on our toll-free number 208-262-[bleep]. thank you. >> this sounds like the same voice of the social security uses when they called to tell me my social security card doesn't
11:52 am
work anymore. these are all scam calls. it's really bad. i have the ability to spoof numbers to make it look like they're calling from anywhere in the world. they want to make it look like their calling from right around the corner so you pick up the phone and right now they are spoofing the numbers of apple stores or tech support so you think apple's tech support is calling me, i'm going to answer this call. we should be stripped off my little robotic voice that doesn't sound anything like siri and sounds pretty bad for a call from the world's largest company probably shouldn't do going forward, hang up on it. it is going to leave a message and if they left a message like the one they just played for you, it is obviously a scam. don't interact with it. >> dana: never delete brett larson, love having you, thanks for being here.
11:53 am
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>> dana: the league along with the player's removing marijuana from its and list of substances as it begins testing players for opioids and cocaine instead. here now is fox news contributor and fox nation host. this is the way the world's going? >> i love this. marijuana or we depending on who you are is being legalized in a lot of different states, so it seems unfair to the guy who lives in a state where it's legalized he could find for it ran for the healing and medicinal purposes of it is proven and it does help with pain. one can assume, i'm just saying
11:58 am
if i ever had in a key factor in california it's legal. >> dana: that i will be commissioners that if you do find somebody has a drug problem, they want to help them. rather than just suspend them. >> it is progress, it's a good thing. there are guys i can have a casual drink and those that struggle, it is in the same family. >> dana: what does toque mean? >> i read in the newspaper. >> dana: had them change will be to marijuana. let me ask you about this, the nfl commissioner roger goodell said this about colin kaeperni colin kaepernick, this is about creating an opportunity, it was a unique opportunity and he chose not to take it. i understand that. we moved on. is trying to turn the page on
11:59 am
colin kaepernick. >> that is closing the door, double locked. i was hoping for a good redemption story from both sides. i was hoping that he would have to try out and good things would come but in my opinion, i felt he was looking more for a publicity stunt and at this point, the nfl has to move on. >> dana: do you think i gave him a fair shot? >> made amends, may be. and they were willing to give an opportunity. fair, depends on where your point of view is. >> dana: what do you think of colin kaepernick? >> probably phone working hard, perseverance, a cause or something like that. he has a future. maybe he can turn this into a political career, who knows? can do a lot of good things. >> dana: so can billionaires.
12:00 pm
great to see you. thank you for joining us. i'm dana perino, we will see you on "the five" and a couple of hours. in the meantime, here's chris wallace. >> this has been a wild week and if you have any questions, please go ahead. >> chris: might have one or two pair of the present today had something to say after a house committee two articles of impeachment. we will hear his reaction and explain what happens next rate of across the pond, ruling but britannia buried him what messae does the big win send the democrats here at home? and a 13-year-old boy arrested in the killing of a college student here in new york, what we've learned about how it all unfolded. i am chris wallace in new york, the news starts


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