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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 16, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PST

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jillian: raiders get a smelly sendoff. trash on the field after blew lead to jaguars. move to las vegas next season. have a good day. ♪ ♪ small town ♪ throw down. brian: #fox all-american christmas is the red, white, and blue christmas. no one has ever tried to do this to a tree. ainsley: someone hasn't had a tree red, white and blue i got it we are first. steve: first time we have had a giant christmas tree right here on fox square. you saw us light it about a week ago. welcome aboard, folks. it is the week before christmas. and all through the studio. brian: james comey disagrees it's red, white, and blue. we begin with a fox news alert. this just happened while you were sleeping overnight.
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the house judiciary committee decided to go king co-s and release full report of articles of impeachment and big report. ainsley: 658 pages. the that impeachment push not sitting well with all the democrats. jeff andrew might soon leave the party. steve: not surprising given the statistics in that particular district. ellison barber joins us live from washington to explain. this is going to be a very big week. >> yes, it is. the house judiciary committee plurentd that full impeachment report. 658 pages by the way around midnight. the report is broken down into four key parts explaining the committee's process for recommending two articles of impeachment against president trump, discussing the standard for impeachment and the justification for charging the president with abuse of power and obstruction of congress. it also included a dissent. committee republicans call democrats' actions unjustifiable in their dissent adding this: quote the facts residence coasted
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it. some of these arguments are holdovers from an earlier disingenuous attempt by the majority to weaponize the russia collusion for investigation for political gain. likely impeach president trump for christmas. in the senate all eyes would turn to the trial. democrats will have one less member in the house. jeff van drew. multiple senior democratic sources expect van drew to switch parties. fox is told van drew notified the new jersey congressional delegation of a pending switch and on friday, acowarding to a white house official. the new jersey congressman met with president trump to talk about becoming a republican. van drew was planning to split with democrats and vote against impeaching president trump. democrats are down playing the party switch. >> well whea is reacting to is public polling that shows he can't get renominated his electorate in his district. the point, this is not political. do we stay a democratic
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republic or do we turn into a tyranny? >> according to the latest fox news poll support for impeachment is holding steady with 50% say they favor impeaching and removing president trump from office. ainsley, brian, steve. steve: all right, ellison, thank you very much. jeff van drew in his district. he said 60% of his district wants to nominate somebody else. the big question is do they want a different person or do they want a republican in a particular district that went for donald trump by 5 votes or rather 5% in 2016 and jeff van drew flipped it two years later. ainsley: in the beginning he said i don't support impeachment he voted against it. steve: he told constituents i'm not switching parties. clearly, it's gotten to the point where i can't take it anymore. he says i am no longer aligned with the democrats because he does not feel like that's mr. van drew of new jersey right there. he is one of those people
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who is behind senel suring the president. not for impeaching him. brian: right. i thought they were told to go look inside their conscience and souls to decide how they were going to vote. democrats not going to whip any votes. vote your conscience. he is going to vote his conscience and whip the party. can you vote your con venezuela and check your soul vongs you come out with the answer i agree with. number two. steve: speaking of nancy pelosi. brian: right. i should have. steve: because it seemed like you. brian: ainsley, why did you let me get away with that how dare you just sit there another things to keep in mind. they lost two votes, of the congressman from michigan and now the congressman who might be flipping parties as well as voting. and then you have a lot of so-called moderates in republican states that might switch. the bigger picture is in every other impeachment, other parties have swimpsd. there were 31 democrats who voted for republicans against bill clinton. now you have zero
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republicans and you are looking at how many democrats. everyone is choosing to bury that part of this story that's how weak this case is. ainsley: completely partisan. not one republican in favor of it. steve: at the same time, a lot of democrats are getting weak-kneed right now because they they look at 30 of them are in districts where republicans and the republican groups are now runs ads hey look what your congressman is doing. you voted for trump and your congressman is about to vote for. wimpeachment. that's why nancy pelosi is offering sweetener. i know you don't want to vote for impeachment. if you do i will give you a win usmca when you go back and somebody says at the barbershop what the heck were you thinking? look, i brought jobs back. ainsley: i impeached the president but i did give you usmca. steve: i was going to stay say down in texas john ratcliffe hey, democrats, watch this. >> the real question is how
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big will the jail break be by the democrats? we have already seen one democrat apparently switching parties over it. another saying he is going to vote against it. and so, really the question is how many more before wednesday's vote in the democrats have made the presidents stake of takes the credibility of all of this on adam schiff, the person they put in charge of this investigation turns out is the one that helped start it by meeting with the person who walked out of adam schiff's office and became the whistleblower. brian: keep in mind, too. the fox news poll came out. i was stunned by. this 50% in the country say they want the president impeached. i was stunned to see that number. i thought it was trending away. the president's approval number did tick up in the same pole. almost like a split personality. james comey, chris wallace. ainsley: on "fox news sunday," yesterday. one of the sunday shows. steve: it was. ainsley: chris gave him a really tough interview. i was proud of him for that james comey actually
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admitted, y'all, he was wrong. >> the ig says you should feel no vindication. >> well, maybe it turns upon how we understand the word. i'm responsible -- that's why i'm telling you i was wrong. i was overconfident as director in our procedures. chris: it seemed as you were minimizing the role of the steele dossier. >> if i was, i'm sorry did i that as the director you are not kept informed on the details of an investigation. an inspector general did not find misconduct by any fbi people. he found mistakes and negligence. chris criminals he was asked specifically how do you explain it? >> gross negligence and intentionality. >> i'm sorry he doesn't find intentionality. that doesn't make it any less important. aas director, you are responsible for this. i was responsible for this. steve: what he admitted that he was wrong about was trusting the fbi's process for getting a fisa application and a warrant. he said essentially i was wrong. horowitz was right. he did. ainsley: a little too late.
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steve: a little overconfident. chris stated the obvious. that was that in the horowitz report the ig said that there were 17 significant times when the fbi seemed to have their thumb on the scale against the president. brian: here is trey gowdy. he is now a fox news contributor so we are paying him for. this comey admitted he was wrong. sometimes it's better late than never and sometimes it's just too damn late. and in this case comey wases about two years too late. we could have used his objectivity. we could have used him as head of the fbi helping republicans figure out what was happening with fisa instead of thwarting us and obstructing us. he said it was a policy and procedure issue. it's not. they have always been policies against manufacturing evidence and withholding expull pa tore evidence. that's not new. those are not new policies. this is a personnel issue. it's the wrong people in the wrong positions of power. that's not going to be fixed with a new policy or procedure. it's going to be fixed by replacing the people with
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what they did in 2016. brian: chris was brilliant in asking questions. he was never forced to take on the issues. an fbi lawyer flipped the answer, does carter page cricket to the cia? they say yes, he said no. that is a huge problem. you are the director. he also does not agree that the steele dossier is, in chris' words bunk. he says i think there is a lot of good parts of it. he does not agree that maybe he should have briefed the president. he does not agree he should have been hands on on an investigation of the presidential candidate. he says as a director you don't get involved in that. as a director you ran to your limo and types up exactly what he said. that is flat out not telling the truth. ainsley: chris said i understand if it's a small investigation. this is a investigation of man who became the president. you didn't know all the details. criminals says you sound like you were a by stander you were the director of the fbi. brian: is he the queen of
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england or are you in charge you? steve: inspector general said they could find no political bias at the time at the fbi. time after time and it's in the ig report, mr. horowitz and his team they would ask the fbi officials who were there at the time hey, why did you do this? i don't remember. when did you do that? i don't remember. it does not pass the smell test it. looks like something fishy. that's why mr. durham continues to this day to continue what the heck went wrong. brian: it's going to get worse for him. ainsley: once the durham report came out. president says yeah is he admitting he was wrong. he got caught red handed. he was caught a long time ago. could it be years in jail were there apologies to me and others? brian: i don't understand why the president didn't want to see that interview. i thought the interview did everything to move this story forward. i'm a little confused by that. steve: is that your voice or nancy pelosi. brian: brian kilmeade. steve: you used your last name on yourself like a
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brand name. jillian meally is here and back from canada. brian: you didn't did i defect u just left? will. jillian: i was on vacation. ainsley: where did you go? jillian: i will tell you in a commercial break. a wake for today joseph seals murdered nut joseph city shootout. his hometown of north arlington, new jersey, holding a candlelight can i have jill honoring him overnight. one of four people shot and killed by the attackers. he will be released tomorrow. the fbi found weapons and ammo in his home after finding his phone number on a note in one of the shooter's pockets. their relationship is unclear. the fbi a man overnight in connection with mercury spills in houston. recently found around a walmart. sonic restaurant and shell gas station. first responders
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decontaminated 60 people including a pregnant woman who may have come in contact with the substance. the man is not being identified because he has not been charged. it's unclear if the spill was intentional. winter storm warnings are in effect for 25 million americans as a cold front and snow pushes across the u.s. towards the northeast. the storm causing hundreds of accidents in the heartland as drivers battle slick roads and near zero visibility. take a look at this tractor-trailer jackknifed on a kansas highway. at least six people have been killed in weather-related accidents. janice dean is tracking that storm as it pushes across the country. week 15 in the nfl and bills clinch a playoff spot after beating the steelers 17-10. two seconds left in the game. the eagles stay alive in the nfc east rallying past the redskins 37 20eu 7. the jaguars win 20-16.
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spoiling raiders home game before they move to vegas. eli manning gets cheered on after what's likely his final home star before he is set to retire. [chanting] >> manning leading the giant to a 26-20 win over the dolphins. brian: he should not retire. no way. if philip rivers should still be in. if roethlisberger is coming back. he can still play. steve: i say go out on top. ainsley: is he definitely leaving the giants. brian: giants can't afford him. hard to believe people can watch those last two games and think he is washed up. steve: thank you very much and welcome back. jillian: thank you. brian: i'm going to do an investigation. i'm going to put james comey on there and get to the bottom of it. steve: meanwhile, the president promised it would happen. >> we are going to win so
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much you may even get tired of winning. and you will say please, please, it's too much winning. steve: well, you know what? stuart varney is not tired you have winning, and he is coming up next ♪ i just want to feel this moment ♪ do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere.
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street set to reopen after friday's record close. stocks surging on news president trump's phase one trade deal with china. ainsley: here with what this means for your money is host of varney and company stuart varney from fox business. >> you want the news of the day? when the wall street opens today it will go up again. astounding performance by the stock market. this really have a december to remember. we have gone straight up. and with it your 401(k). you ask what does that mean for everyday measures? americans? record high stock prices have been more than 100 highs since this president has been elected president. a lot more money in your pension fund and a lot more going up today. steve: i love the way you quoted the lexus ad a december to remember. brian: horrible people with money. how dare you. steve: stuart, we saw the bank of america melt up.
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>> melt up a rapid rise move up in stock prices. bank of america says that is prime happen right now. other wall street firms are saying the same thing. this is all on the back of a couple of things here. first of all, we have the best performing economy on the planet. we do. that is a fact. it's a terrific performance. secondly, we now have a china phase one trade deal. and this morning we have secretary mnuchin saying we are going to move on to phase 2 early next year and top trade negotiator mr. lighthizer saying phase one is totally done. we have wrapped up the china trade deal. moving on from there. steve: this is great. >> it's terrific. have you wrapped up a usmca and boris johnson over in england, he is now talking about a deal with america, a trade deal with america. brian: first. >> very early support of next year. president obama said back of the queue. >> have you real positive
3:20 am
ideas coming out on all factors of trade. a booming economy. very profitable corporations and wall street companies saying melt up. check your 401(k). brian: no one knows exact details what's in phase one of the deal. remarkable over the weekend to read the "new york times" news column on the front page talk about everything that wasn't in it phase one. phase two didn't bring up banking we will have access to their banks for the first time ever. other thing to keep in mind, too. the tariffs that everyone said the president should not use because they don't work. 160 will billion dollars in favors off. as soon as they drop the ball and don't follow through. 30 billion in buys for agriculture. back go the tariffs. if they were so ridiculous and dumb. why are they so upset the president is taking them off? >> can i point out a contrast here before i answer you directly on china trade. you have excellent news on
3:21 am
china and the economy and the market. what have you got in d.c.? impeachment week. steve: gridlock. >> it is may i use the word pathetic? here you have a robust economy, a president who is in charge, going places, taking us forward, prosperity. and at the same time, a divided democrat party is trying to remove him from office on spurious grounds what a contrast. steve: republicans say the democrats know the only way to beat him next november, given the economy, chief justice talking abouwhichhave yt is through impeachment. head guy at jet whether you jete president's son going to be joining stuart at 9:00 a.m. eastern. >> why ride down the golden escalator together on tape. steve: stuart, thank you very much. the story grabbed national headlines, a college student stabbed to death here in new york city in a park. a 13-year-old is now in custody in connection with it. it the leftist push to
3:22 am
remove tough on crime policies to blame? we're live digging into that coming up. ainsley: plus a group of navy pilots demanding to be armed after two deadly shootings on military bases. their message to lawmakers next. let's be honest, quitting smoking is freaking hard. like quitting every monday hard. quitting feels so big. so, try making it smaller. and you'll be surprised at how easily starting small... ...can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette most people think as a reliable phone company. but to businesses, we're a reliable partner. we keep companies ready for what's next. (man) we weave security into their business. (second man) virtualize their operations. (woman) and build ai customer experiences.
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ainsley: here are quick headlines for you. pete buttigieg says he will grant citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants if he is elected president. 2020 hopeful making the bold pledge and latino focus plan released overnight. other promises include investing up to $10 billion in latina owned businesses and building 200 units of affordable housing. illegals could soon get drivers licenses in new jersey. democrat governor phil murphy says he will sign the law if it is passed by state lawmakers today. new york passed a similar
3:26 am
green light law last week. steve? steve: all right, ainsley, thank you very much. dozen of navy pilots pleading with lawmakers in washington and top military brass to allow them to carry guns on bases. the letter obtained exclusively by fox news come after two deadly shootings in naval bases at the last month alone. pilots wrote, quote: on base security is often provided by contracted civilians whose physical fitness requirements are specialized training fall far short of the standard service members. here with the reaction is retired army brigadier general and crossfire anthony. you are on the side like to be armed. >> i am. there is a stands dod directive that allows commanders at local installations to give them the authority to carry weapons, particularly, you know, watson who was standing watch. he did not have a weapon.
3:27 am
he was a hero he went and notified after being shot, the first responders. and directed them where to go. but, like most restrictive gun laws, this allowed the bad guy to have a weapon and prevented the good guys from having a weapon. i think it needs to be looked at and, of course, we need to have the training that goes with having firearms on bases. but if someone is standing watch, steve, they ought to be armed and be able to do something if they find something that is going on. steve: joshua kaleb watson who was standing guy, he was the captain of the rifle team at the naval academy. so he knew what he was doing. general, where did this rule come from where our service members should thought have essentially bull bullets in ther guns on bases? >> back in the clinton administration they passed comprehensive gun legislation and stemming from that you also had
3:28 am
things like the laudenburg amendment that applied to, rightfully, people who have been convicted of certain crimes and so you want to keep the hands out of those that should not be having them. steve, we have all over the world, men and women tens of thousands men and women all over the world carrying weapons and ammunition every day, day in and day out. they sleep with their weapon and ammunition wherever think are deployed around the world in combat zones. we have continue to still that trust and confidence in our military men and women here in the united states. and i understand that you are balancing communities and training and so forth, but, at the end of the day, these are people who have raised their right hand and swore to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. frankly, what we have here is, you know, we need to monitor this exchange program that we have with so many different countries. i can guarantee you when i was in a foreign country. people were monitoring me.
3:29 am
and we need continue to crease surveillance here as well. steve: let's see what they do. defense secretary said over the weekend that they're looking into it. maybe they will make a change. brigadier general anthony tata. thank you for your service. >> thank you, steve. steve: and getting up early on this monday morning. meanwhile, he is the one who was fired. but former fbi director james comey is calling out attorney general bill barr. watch this. >> does not have a factual basis as the attorney general of the united states to be speculating that agents acted in bad faith. that's irresponsible statement. steve: well, is he really in a plate to be calling anybody irresponsible? dan bongino doesn't think so. he's coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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news alert college stuart murder gherd new york city. brian: teenager charged with murder. steve: todd piro joins us live from the park where she was killed. >> steve, ainsley and brian a horrible story. right now the search is on for that killer as the nypd looks for the person they believe stabbed tessa majors. meantime, take a look at this. last night a candlelight vigil right here in morningside park where the freshman was killed. an area according to local media has seen burglaries and robberies rise this year with bands of young teens often the perpetrators. >> there's a for your soul who is thinking of killing someone. how someone reach those age. we have failed. we carry responsibility. todd: as for who did this a 13-year-old suspect charged
3:34 am
with felony murder admitted to being at the scene with two other boys allegedly telling investigators he picked up a knife and handed it to the teen who delivered the fatal strikes. apparently locals around the park say that 13-year-old had attacked another young girl and chased her into a deli just days before tessa's murder. a 14-year-old was also arrested but released for lack of evidence. investigators still looking for that third suspect. as calls for more security grow from cameras to police patrols 24/7. the question on so many minds what leads a 13 or 14-year-old to even contemplate killing somebody. steve, ainsley, brian back to you. steve: todd quickly before did you go. i have read in papers uptick in the number of crimes in that area and that park, right? todd: from 2018 to 2019, there has been a rise and, again, we still have a few more weeks to go no 202019 that is the general concern on so many people's minds this morning.
3:35 am
brian: thanks, todd. ainsley: too young. 13 years old let's bring in dan bongino. good morning to you, dan. >> good to see you all on monday. steve: dan, a week ago, i was talking to you off camera over the weekend and i said what are you going to do later today, it was a saturday you said you were going to go with your mixed mark arts training and have a workout. and it looks like today you are wearing part of that. >> i have two tons of concealer on my right eye. nothing more manly than about two tons of spray paint. i got caught pretty good there that's when you get when you are 45 for rolling around on the mats with guys 18 years old and compete for a living. yeah, it was a rough weekend. thanks for noticing. brian: you know new york city. used to work there. isn't that an area in which the cops have pulled back and now is this the result
3:36 am
of that? >> well, yeah. it is. but we have seen it citywide. this park was one of the more dangerous places in the city. just a couple of decades ago. and you know, guys, i sought transition. i was a young police officer back in the 1990s when the transition from the david continue constituency as mayor era with the more loose police policies rudy giuliani era happened. what was the difference? the key difference was giuliani fully embraced this policy called broken windows policing in conjunction with commissioner bill bratton and jack maple. and what they did was, prior to that very simply, if you jumped the turnstile. if you were drinking in public, they would consider nuisance crimes and the idea was don't waste police resources on these guys let them go. that all changed. broken windows said no. the guy who is drinking in public or the woman drinking in public who jumps the turnstile is the guy who goes on the train and robs or god forbid murders someone. that's the same guy. so if we get them for the
3:37 am
nuisance stuff they won't commit the crime later and it worked. now what's happening in de blasio. de blasio era? they are going back to this old let everything go. it's no big deal it. is a big deal. as we can see, by this unbelievably tragic case that has everyone on the couch saying how did this happen? i know you are thinking the same thing i am. a 13-year-old? come on. ainsley: all right. let's change topics because james comey was interviewed yesterday by chris wallace. and he was commenting on bill barr. bill barr weighed in on the ig report. let's play what bill barr said and then we are going to get comey's reaction. >> these irregularities, these misstatements, these omissions were not satisfactorily explained. and i think that leaves open the possibility to infer bad faith. >> he does not have a factual base as attorney general of the united states to be speculating that agencies acted in bad faith.
3:38 am
the facts are just not there full stop that doesn't make it any less consequential or less important but that's an irresponsible statement. ainsley: the facts aren't there? >> you know, i don't know what jim comey was thinking in that interview. this is really a deeply troubled guy. i don't know if it's narcissism or something worse. but, the fact that jim comey, he clearly didn't read the same report i did. guys, one of the things i wish would go away is this constant media myth. it's not true. people keep saying on other networks and i have heard it, the report says there was no political bias which of course jim comey just ran with. that is not what the report says. that is not true. if you read the report horowitz said he couldn't find documented evidence of political bias to initiate. that is not the same thing. steve: nobody will admit it. >> yes. exactly. nobody admitted. but what he said at multiple points was he couldn't eliminate political bias as a potential motive.
3:39 am
i don't know why this myth keeps getting perpetrated and for comey yesterday during that interview and i thought wallace did a good job pinning him down on this. for comey to not come out with a full ma may a cull part of do you realize what happened here. chris nailed him down there were seven lies or omissions on a spay warrant to spy an on innocent american citizen. he had no explanation. not only were there seven in the three renewals to continue to spy on carter page they added 10 more as if seven lies weren't enough. then they interviewed steele's source in january. january. they renew the warrant three times despite knowing, guys, knowing conclusively steele's source said this is all garbage. comey needs to just come clean. brian: carter page was working for the cia that was just flipped to say he wasn't. >> unbelievable. brian: he thought he was walking in to say i told you. so he seemed stunned by the fact that chris wallace had facts and video. i have never seen anything
3:40 am
like it in my life. just totally detached from relation. dan, we are just scratching the surface so we will talk to you again. >> we are right. steve: good luck with that eye. thank you, sir. ainsley: and your makeup. steve: it looks good. ainsley: jillian has more headlines for us. jillian: good morning to you. a tearful father denies being involved in the disappearance of his 2 week old daughter and her mother. >> i don't know where she is at. if she is suffering. i don't know anything. and i can't help. i'm helpless. >> a surveillance photo shows shayne carey's fiancee at their son's school in texas on thursday. last time she was senile. police believe heidi and baby marge made it back to their apartment. kerry says they weren't there when he got home. a trump supporter explodes during a bernie sanders rally in iowa. watch this. >> we now have a president
3:41 am
who is kind of unabashedly authoritarian government. >> oh, come on. >> hold it. hold it. hold it. excuse me. >> he is not a bad guy. >> man was quickly escorted out of the venue. it's the third time a person has disrupted a sanders' rally in three days. it's a christmas miracle for an air force veteran wanting to see his son graduate from air university. steven elkins couldn't afford to travel from idaho to maxwell air force base in alabama. but an anonymous person stepped up and gave him an all-expense paid trip. >> i know it's been a long road for my son to get to this trip. bupoint. >> i don't know how to describe it. appreciative of him being here and everything he has shown me. >> elkins son kevin just commissioned as an officers officer of the united states air force.
3:42 am
steve: that is such a feel good story. oh my goodness. that's great. brian: fox square. steve: a lot of people heard about it look at the crowd. janice: this is amazing. it's 6:40. are you guys all here for "fox & friends"? >> yes. janice: hello from louise georgia, south dakota. my uncle kevin loves janice dean. that's awesome. hi, uncle kevin. we have make america great again and all these wonderful great people. thank you so much. hi, sweety, what's your name? >> rick. janice: thank you for coming. big old winter storm coming your way. along the cold front we have the potential for showers, thunderstorms and unfortunately some ice. that's going to make its way towards the mid-atlantic and northeast tomorrow. so a lot of problems on the roadways my friends. listen to your loyal forecast. we will see the potential for ice and severe storms including tornadoes across portions of the northern gulf coast. all of that we have to watch for.
3:43 am
i'm grateful for all of you today for coming to "fox & friends." say hi to steve and ainsley and brian. [cheers] steve: good morning, folks. brian: fox square is catching on. 17 manipulates before the top of the hour. students in one state will now have to pass a civics test before they can graduate. what's that state? talk about preserving our history. we will talk about that. it might be florida. it might not. steve: it could be that's a good teaser. ♪ ♪
3:44 am
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3:47 am
they are talking about? [laughter] i'm telling you it's totally unconstitutional. >> i totally agree. brian: well, now, thanks to new rules from governor desantis, florida high school seniors will have to pass a civics test first before they are allowed to graduate. here to react is former florida congressman and adjunct professor at florida university. you got a job outside of washington because you can always check your facts. but, are you happy about this? >> i think this is a good idea. i think, you know, it really is up to parents and, i think our schools to teach sinks i hear you sort of had that teaser on with the friends episode. those are real conversations that are had where people just sort of nod their head and maybe not really understand and i think it's
3:48 am
important that we teach our kids their responsibility. their civic responsibility respy that they get more engaged in our process. it is what makes our democracy strong, frankly. brian: this is what you are talking about to back up your point. a recent survey right here in 2019. only two in five americans can name all three branches of government. in terms of recent grads going back to 2015. 10% thought judge judy was on the supreme court. a third could not identify the bill of rights. 46% didn't know the election cycle. two years for representatives, four years for presidents. that's kind of scary. i don't blame the kids. i blame the criti curriculum. >> that's right. i think it's important as governor desantis moves forward with his one program in florida one thing he this do have to get right is the curriculum. we need to make sure it's not a camel nose under the tent type thing for some
3:49 am
people night to use to their own benefit curriculum is strong and children are taught the basics in civics. brian: can we say one thing? florida, learn your civics, also learn elections. we don't want to be focused on elections again and hanging chad's and some of the problems something the other 49 states should pick up before they left off. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. steve: good move governor desantis. patriots new cheating scandal the tape does not look good or sound good. >> i can delete this right after. >> the damage is done my friend. brian: carley shimkus has the fans crying foul about the patriots maybe going over the line for a third time ♪ ♪ the eye of the tiger
3:50 am
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>> this peace sign advance scout. >> yeah. >> come on, guys, i don't see the advance scout in this footage. >> it's not. trying to get field perspective. >> i don't know why you could think you could tape that. >> i didn't know. >> how could you not know. >> i didn't know. i can delete this right here for you. >> the damage has been done my friend. steve: were they cheating? their videographer was caught filming their opponents. they acknowledged they broke the rules. ainsley: here with reaction
3:54 am
lighting up fox news media carley shimkus. this is a big talk ir. so fox sports exclusively obtained this footage jay glacial aired it yesterday. what you are just looking at there it shows a bengals security guard, security team looking at this questionable footage that the patriots videographer took. he was there the patriots videographer was there because he was filming one of the advanced scouts for a web series they do. you can hear them talking about it saying we don't see the advance scout at all. this is footage of the sidelines and the field. so, brian, what do you think happened here? >> they are looking at substitution patterns and possible signals. and it definitely benefits the team they are caught again. they are going to lose a draft pick. they are going to get swift. there is going to be a swift response. they don't want a long controversy and they could get huge fines. but the question is who do you fine? the videographer making $50,000 a year who told him to do that? steve: he has been
3:55 am
suspended. ainsley: he has been suspended. the question is was it done purposefully. you believe it was. if it was, who ordered this to take place? so many people, of course, are talking about this on social media. everybody has their theories. rich tweets like imagine if the patriots were actually spying by setting up cameras in the prim pressroom this couldn't have been their first rodeo. no way the patriots said yeah threat's start spying again and start doing it against the bengals. brian: worse team in the league. carley: other people are saying this could have been an accident because they don't really need this sort of intel to beat the bengals. brian: push back is first year coach they don't know the substitution patterns. they acknowledge our video crew which included independent contractors who shot the video unknowingly violated a league policy by filming the field and sideline from the press box. we accept full responsibility for the actions of our production
3:56 am
crew at the browns-bengals game. they say that videographer did it unknowingly but they do take responsibility for it. steve: they have turned all videos over to the nfl. >> it looks really bad not allowed to shoot sidelines? brian: absolutely not. substitution patterns. they have already lost draft picks. carley: they don't need to they are such a good team. ainsley: they say that's why. steve: two teams will play against this tuesday. brian: think about what happened with the houston astros and spying going on there cheating is everywhere. you can't walk around without seeing cheating scandals right in your face. carley: that's right. you said it. steve: thank you very much, carley. dropped a 700 page report about impeachment. what's in it? we are live at the white house in four minutes. you are watching "fox & friends" live from new york.
3:57 am
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♪ just another manic monday. steve: oh man the bang geles got it right -- bangles got it right. this could be the busiest week in congress history. they have got so many things to do. of course -- brian: fund the government that could help. usmca. ainsley: there is that too. steve: let are the start with that. ainsley: the fox news alert. the judiciary committee releases full report on articles of impeachment ahead of of a busy week on
4:01 am
capitol hill. steve: president is calling out democrats saying they are being disseminated in their districts. their folks don't like what they where to vote on. brian: kevin corke is live at the white house with more on the back and forth. let's go with the back and end with the forth. >> sounds good with me. the sprint to impeach the president before the end of the year continues. last night the judiciary committee very busy issuing a new report. you heard ainsley just mention it. let me tell you a bit about it. it's a very lengthy report. over 658 pages. part one laying out its investigation of the president. part two crafting its position on the standards for impeachment. part three accusing the president of abusing his power for political gain in order to affect the 2020 race and then part 4 lays out the case for obstruction of congress. now, that is the majority opinion on the committee. but the g.o.p. response was, well, quite the sharp retort. here is part of that it says some of these arguments are just holdovers from an
4:02 am
earlier disingenuous attempt by the majority to weaponize the russia collusion investigation for political gain. it also adds this: the majority's abcs were unprecedented. unjustifiable. and will only dilute the significance of the dire recourse that is impeachment. in other words, a harbinger of things to come. president very active on twitter throughout the day. i suspect that will also be the case today. he said. this. congressional do-nothing democrats are being absolutely disseminated in their districts on the impeachment hoax. people that voted for them are literally screaming in their faces. crazy nancy, a reference to the house speaker, is finding, defending shift j schiff, that would be intel committee chair adam schiff, harder than she thought. #2020 election. there is a round table set for this afternoon, guys. president we imagine will be talking about that and other things impeachment. we will see if he decides to break from the forum itself
4:03 am
and if he does he promise to have you for you. for now back to you. steve: kevin corke on the north lawn sounds like it's pouring. >> freezing rain. ainsley: the white house looks lavender. >> it is indeed. beautiful time of year. steve: the reason why the democrats put out this 658 page report is essentially a bill which the house is going to be voting on the articles of impeachment on wednesday. it looks as if they will impeach the president for obstruction of congress and abuse of power. and then the senate will hold a trial. mitch mcconnell got a letter yesterday from chuck schumer. he says you have got to make it a fair trial. he would like to see it start on january 6th, which is hard because the senators actually aren't sworn in until a day later. probably start on january the 6th. and then the -- mr. schumer also would like to call a bunch of witnesses like mic mulvaney, john bolton, people like that. however, as mr. schumer is
4:04 am
about to find out, what we saw in the house is the minority really doesn't get to pick what happens. ainsley: there is a congressman in new jersey, one of the two that did not vote for impeachment. did not vote for the impeachment inquiry. and now there is talk that he is discussing -- he did discuss with the president whether or not he is going to switch parties now. his name is jeff van drew, represents a portion of new jersey. and he is disgustin discussing becoming a republican. brian: lost five staffers because of it. the democrats are open to it. understand he is checking his conscience just like they told him. to say check their conscience and do what's best for them. the party is not going to be whipped into a vote. congressman steve cohen was very understanding. let's listen. >> i think jeff van drew is making a serious mistake. i understand he feels if he votes against impeachment he will lose in the democratic primary and turn and to go
4:05 am
and be a republican is kind of strange. i have heard of rats jumping off a sinking ship. very few jump on to a sinking ship. the lowest thing in the congress is somebody on the minority side who is a traitor to the majority. brian: maybe is he not going to be in the minority after 2020. steve: big question is and we have heard the president and his allies say there are 30 democrats in districts that voted for donald trump in 2016. millions of dollars are going to be pumped into those tv markets offer the next couple of days to remind the voters what their democratic congressman are about to do you have to wonder how many will feel the heat. ultimately we saw what he said but, you know, to your earlier point, he was one of the first two who were against even the inquiry of the impeachment inquiry and the big question remaining is will he vote against impeachment as a democrat
4:06 am
against republican. more powerful if he were still a democrat. brian: major thing is i'm watching what democrats have done over the last year and a half and i want to switch parties that is titanic. here is what the president said. thank you for your honesty, jeff. all of the democrats know you are right. unlike you, they don't have the guts to say. so i'm very curious to see if nancy pelosi is going to give the green light to some democrats to do it or just claim she did. and just keep in mind in the big picture, and this can't be stated enough. every other impeachment party flips with nixon with clinton they lost 30 democrats who voted to impeach, to bill clinton. here, no republicans are voting to impeach the president. and the bigger question is how many democrats will defect? that's how polarized we have become or how weak the case is. ainsley: apparently jeff van drew when they polled his district. the majority of the folks when they lived there said they wanted somebody else in office. whether it's republican. i'm not sure. that's why the governor of new jersey is saying this is
4:07 am
a desperate move. he is doing this salvage his own re-election. steve: he thinks five or six top democrats will vote with republicans against impeachment. and in other words, impeachment would be bipartisan nut opposition. brian: smart guy on capitol hill. how many are there there? people are going to know how are talking about. steve: i know just one. meanwhile jeff van drew is from the great garden state of new jersey where i live. and as it turns out later on today a vote in new jersey after gone through legislature. people in the country illegally to get driver's license. the transportation committee approved the bill on thursday and governor phil murphy, a democrat down in dresden ton, a governor of new jersey said he will sign it promptly. keep in mind, new jersey will be taking that up later
4:08 am
today. here in new york, starting today, people who are in the country illegally will be able to apply for driver's license. ainsley: those aren't the only two states. put up a map and show you how many states there are that do allow illegal immigrants to get their drivers licenses. look at that it's california, colorado, connecticut, delaware, maryland, new mexico, new york, nevada, utah, vermont, vawghwashington and washington, d.c. brian: do you think it's better registered and address and involved in an accident, the person that hit you is illegal is not documented you are never going to be able to file an insurance claim or you might have some trouble. now you know where to go and where to find them. maybe some illegal immigrants say i'm not sure if i want to go to motor vehicle and give my address maybe this could come back to haunt me because did i come here illegally or overstayed my visa breaking the law. steve: let's see what happens. you know, apparently in new jersey there are going to be two different classifications. one would let -- interest is
4:09 am
now the federally complaints real i.d. that allows you to get on an airplane. that's one kind of i.d. would go ahead and issue. the other kind would be strictly for people who are in the country illegally who apply for a driver's license so that they can use it in the state of new jersey to not only operate a motor vehicle but also to get insurance. what do you think? do you think this is a good idea? it clearly is a trend. have you got new jersey today. you have new york passed it last week where illegals are able to drive their cars with the license is a good idea? bad idea? tell us about that on facebook. ainsley: i recently had to renew my driver's license. normally in new york apply online. brian: so hard. ainsley: because we need the real i.d. i will get it. y'all have to have it. everyone across the country will have to have it in order to get on an airplane. i waited two hours.
4:10 am
steve: complicated. ainsley: passport. steve: you need the light bill and something with your address on it. it's complicated. brian: jillian, do you pay your light bill so you would have no problem. jillian: i have a pass poured card and passport card. why still need the real i.d. passport card is still allowed for travel in the united states. i have so many questions. i will will find out these answers. steve: i believe the passport are worth three points of your seven points of i.d. jillian: interesting. let's talk about this story awesome snowboarder killed in an avalanche that he triggered himself. the utah avalanche center says the man was headed down the slope in park city when he was buried under the snow. people nearby tried to save him. >> they immediately began digging for what we have been told from those people that did their best to help this individual. they dug down about three feet.
4:11 am
jillian: despite those efforts the man later died. the area is prone to avalanches. a saudi college student at the university of new mexico is arrested with illegal handgun. someone tipped off the fbi claiming the man was creating a hit list of people he wanted to kill before leaving the u.s. the student was due to graduate on saturday but instead he was behind bars. he is due back in court for a detention hearing today. overnight, defense secretary mark esper attends a ceremony honoring the 75th anniversary of the battle of the buttigieg. american soldiers fought in the six week battle which stopped the german offense in worl world war ii. later today esper will visit a memorial honoring fallen american soldiers. singer carrie underwood pays tribute to one of other i'd doll linda ron stat at the kennedy center honors ♪ when will i be loved ♪
4:12 am
>> underwood performing ron stat's hit song when will i be loved and blue by yaw. blue bayou. given lifetime contributions to the performance art. sally field and sesame street big bird were honored last night. brian: diminishes the picture. big bird is in it. steve: american icon. brian: a man in a costume? ainsley: you grew up with him. brian: doesn't belong. come on. ainsley: 12 minutes after the top of the hour. college students stabbed to death in new york city in a park here. a 13-year-old is now charged in her murder. is the left tough to remove policies stuff on the line next.
4:13 am
4:14 am
4:15 am
4:16 am
ainsley: straight to a fox news alert. hundreds gather to remember a college student murdered are in a mark in new york city. brian: right now 13-year-old in custody charged with murder. steve: todd piro joins us from the park on the west side of manhattan where tessa majors was murdered as police search for more suspects. todd, tell us what we know right now.
4:17 am
todd. todd: yeah, steve, ainsley and brian right now and around the clock search for that individual that the nypd says did the actual stabbing of tessa majors. check out this scene right here. divers looking for evidence, scouring that water right there to find any evidence in the killing of the barnard college freshman. in the meantime take a look at this as well. last night candlelight vigil where the college freshman was killed. an area that has seen burglaries and robberies rise this year compared to last with bands of young teens often the perpetrators. as for who did this, a 13-year-old suspect now charged with felony murder admitted to being at the scene with two other boys allegedly telling investigators he picked up a knife and handed it to the teen who ultimately delivered the fatal strikes. a 14-year-old also arrested but released for lack of evidence. investigators still looking for that third suspect. all as a community mourns. >> look for some healing and to send a message to the
4:18 am
family that we are deeply deeply deeply saddened we wish you peace, love and life. todd: as for the victim tessa majors was like we said a college freshman. virginia native. had only been in new york city for about three months. guys, back to you. >> todd, i was reading some news reports that there has been a spate of crime in that particular area and it sounds like crime is up for the most part all across new york city, right? >> i mean, just living in the city and working in the city, you know, you hear the stats. you read the papers. definitely feels like a different citywide and the numbers apparently bear that out. but specifically in this morning's hide park area, just from 2018 to 2019. like i said, there has been a rise just in that year alone and being in this area it doesn't strike you just looking around as an area that would be rife with
4:19 am
crime. but, again, the members show what the numbers show and obviously what happened in-to-tessa majors seems to bear that out so. >> sad for her family at christmas time. brian: got to find the others involved. it's the stoffer the security guard who found a pipe bomb in the olympics. then he became a suspect. the md ran with it. his story is the a clint eastwood movie. >> frustrated white man a police wannabe who seeks to become a hero. >> we're running it. >> up next, fox news exclusive. richard jewel's widow speaking out after seeing the movie for the very first time ♪ ♪
4:20 am
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4:24 am
before eating it. it is still 141 years later still part of the family. all right. ainsley? ainsley: the fruit cake. nice. hurt. it's the real life story of richard jewel, the security guard falsely accused of being involved in the 1996 olympic park bombing. and smeared for months by the media. >> always look at the guy who finds the bomb like a man who finds the body. >> we are running it. >> that film title richard jewel hit the theaters over the weekend and his family made sure to watch. joining us now for exclusive video richard jewel's widow. thank you for telling us your story. your impression of the story do they do richard justice. >> i think so. overall i enjoy you had the movie. we -- my family and friends and i we laughed and we cried.
4:25 am
we cried a lot. if shows he was the his or her and shows very well what the media and the fbi did to him this bombing happened in 1996. you got married in 2001. >> correct. ainsley: how long after the bombing did you meet him? >> we met about 18 months after the bombing in '98. ainsley: i'm sure this scarred him. >> it did. it did scar him. he was very paranoid. i didn't know him before the bombing. after he was paranoid. watching all the windows when we were thought public looking in the rear view mirror in restaurants he would be looking around everywhere. it scarred him. he would have nightmares wake up in cold sweats. until he died he still had those. brian: he passed away in 2007? >> it did. brian: i'm sure this played
4:26 am
a role. you mentioned he had diabetes. this changes the way people perceive you, it hits at your core. the atlantic journal constitution are the ones who mentioned him as a suspect. for 88 days he thought everyone was looking at him as a bomber, a killer. >> right. brian: how did he describe that? >> 88 days of hell is how he described it. he didn't talk a lot about it because he was emotional. when he did talk about it he would say words i can't repeat. he was very upset. he was very heart broken. he was really. it was hard because he was in law enforcement. and to think that fellow law enforcement officers could think that he could do this was really hurtful for him. ainsley: we have another clip of the attorney where his attorney is calling out the media and the fbi for accusing him. >> you are a national hero now. >> thank you, sir.
4:27 am
but i was just doing my job. >> his accusers two of the most powerful forces in the world the united states government and the media. ainsley: what was accurate and what wasn't accurate about the movie? >> >> richard was the suspect. and i think the one thing that bothers me the most is the movie portrays cathy strution the reporter. richard did not like her. but his feelings weren't so strong about her. it was more about the whole ajac atlantic journal and constitution. cathy struggs was correct he was the. other newspapers picked up and started calling him the una dufus. he fit the profile of a lone bomber. those kind of things.
4:28 am
those kind of things are not true. so, i think that the movie portrays it real did he find the bomb and moved it out of the way. i'm real happy about that part. brian: you were not consulted for the movie? >> that's correct. >> so, when you watched it, you felt as though for the most part it was accurate they were doing a movie on him. clintons eastwood would be directing it. >> richard would love that eastwood directed the movie because he loved his old westerns. we have some of those videos and things i wish richard was here to see this. ainsley: was it emotional. >> oh my goodness. very hard. paul who plays richard in the movie. he looked like richard and
4:29 am
talked bike richard. my mom, i think, described it best. it was almost like, you know, going to his funeral and feeling those same emotions and, i mean, it's kind of like me and my family are grieving again. we are happy for him but difficult. brian: wrongly accused. he is an example of it. you are richard jewell. and gan mentality. instead of checking the story. >> it wasn't the media from atlanta or the united states. you are talking about the world was in atlanta. it was the olympics. the whole world was watchin watching. ainsley: the fbi named him as a suspect. name calling and personality.
4:30 am
what do you want america to know about your late husband? >> richard was a wonderful man. he was sweet. he was tender-hearted. he was very giving. he wanted to help everybody. you know, he would do anything for anybody. he was respectful of other people. he was just awesome. i mean, you know, people ask me that all the time how you describe him. and it's very, there are so many words to describe him and they're all positive. you know. he had his weaknesses just like everybody else. but, overall, he was genuine. he was honest. and he was a good man. ainsley: thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you so much. brian: i know it's not been easy but i think it's great that you came down. >> thank you very much. ainsley: democrats impeachment push likely falling flat in the senate. delegitimizing the 2020 election? is that the winning strategy? newt gingrich coming up next.
4:31 am
brian: tiger woods lead team u.s.a. to victory at the president's cup. not just by captive but by playing. win the trophy in comeback fashion. ♪ ♪ we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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>> more importantly, this is a continuing threat to our -- to the integrity of the elections now. we cannot take the risk that the next elections will be corrupted through foreign interference elicited by the president which he is clearly trying to do. >> as president of the united states, he withheld hundreds of millions of dollars to cors an ally, betray our national security and try to cheat in the next election. steve: is a little bit of the strategy of the democrats going forward? this president is going to corrupt the next election? let's talk to newt gingrich, former speaker of the house. fox news contributor and writes a free newsletter
4:35 am
available at gingrich he joins us live. what do you think about that? do you think that is the democrats' new strategy, new talking point, unless this president is impeached and removed from office, is he going to screw up the next election, too? >> well, look. i think if you are a democrat. what you figure is that trump is going to win. and from their standpoint, that screws up the election. so, what do they do so that trump can't win? well, if he is in the election, he is going to win. how do they get him out of the election? this is the most bizarrely anti-constitutional gimmick i think i have ever seen. there is zero basis for what they are doing. just listen to them talk about it. the fact is that there is nothing constitutional about trying to impeach a president because you don't like him. and that's the bottom line here. the democrats don't like him. left wing democrats hate
4:36 am
him. they wake up every morning hating him. then he tweets that reminds him he is still president. they hate him even more. but that, i think what's happening is and look at the british election. what is happening is left wing democrats are very happy attacking donald trump. independents and republicans think it's a total waste of time and losing ground. just switching parties because they are losing ground not gaining ground. brian: following the candidates around vying for the presidency. they don't want to talk about impeachment. even nancy pelosi at her events why town hall why is everyone talking about impeachment. let's move on and talk about other things? republicans are trying to spend money in these districts to make people focus on impeachment and democrats bringing it don't want to talk about it. make sense of that.
4:37 am
>> it's pretty obvious. they had a very weak case and give it to schiff who is a liar and frankly looks sort of like a soviet era prosecutor. he is not a very believable person. he then went and did it secret and in america nothing cuts off the public faster than telling them it's going to be in secret. then they give it to nadler who is just terrible on television. every day this goes on they get weaker and nancy pelosi, who is not stupid, has figured out she couldn't stop it because her left would have cannibalized her. she had to go through with it. this is a worse nightmare than she expected. go to the senate. senate will get rid of it. trump is more popular now than when it started. his approval in a couple polls is above 50. notice that mcconnell continues to deliver on judges. one in every four judges in america has been picked by donald trump.
4:38 am
trump is winning on issues bike the mexico, canadian trade agreement. his ally boris johnson won in a landslide in britain. and he is like why don't we have a new trade agreement with britain. is he doing things to make sense to people. almost exactly the clinton playbook. clinton had this that nike kel belief if he said every day i'm doing the people's business that gradually people get sick of the impeachment process and they want to get on with stuff. trump, i think, is succeeding. ainsley: just imagine if the senate were democrat majority. 50% of america who doesn't think there is anything wrong that phone call wouldn't have a vice. >> that's right. you have seen this all over the place. had a decision in howard county to force busing because soros helped elect a bunch of whacko tots school board. howard county poor lay is 46-1 against doing it
4:39 am
communist district attorney in san francisco left wing money. popular vote see in new york you were talking about crime in new york. de blasio, i think, won with like 19% of the vote. the fact is the unions currently own the city government. the people don't. and this -- so i think there is a very deep -- this is one of trump want's great strengths. serve mad that somehow their voice isn't heard have figured out donald trump is their candidate. and that gives him a base that's amazing. brian: newt gingrich, speaker, thank you so much. >> good to be with you. steve: you bet. 20 minutes before the top of the hour and jillian joins us more news. jillian: alleged victim slammed harvey weinstein after the disgraced movie mogul brags about helping women in the industry. weinstein telling the "new york post" in part saying quote i made more movies directed by women and about women than any filmmaker.
4:40 am
it all got eviscerated because of what happened. my work has been forgotten. a lawyer, who represents several of weinstein's accusers tells abc news quote he is not forgotten. he is the defendant in a high profile criminal case in which he is charged with serious crimes against women. weinstein goes on trial for sexual assault next month. a hate crime investigation is underway after synagogue is vandalized in beverly hills. the suspect overturning furniture, scattering brochures and damaging relics at the synagogue. >> this was definitely planned definitely targeted being a mom, being jewish. >> not just an attack on the jewish community of beverly hills. it's an attack on all of us. how dare they in our city. >> police releasing this picture of the suspect taken by surveillance cameras. they say significant efforts are underway to find them. golf star tiger woods gets
4:41 am
emotional celebrating team u.s.a.'s victory at the president's cup. those tears turned to cheers on the bus back to the hotel in australia. check it out. ♪ we are the champions ♪ of the world. ♪ >> fun bus ride. back from a 20 pointed deficit to beat the international team 16-14. >> i'm like who are they married to? who is tiger's girlfriend? >> from jiewnts ter jupiter? >> manages his restaurant. ainsley: that's a cool video. steve: great weekend for golf. all right. thank you, jillian. meanwhile president trump taking historic steps to combat anti-semitism. game changing move for college campuses. an explanation coming up next. she wanted to move someplace warm.
4:42 am
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♪ ♪ >> this is our message to universities: if you want to accept the tremendous amount of federal dollars that you get every year, you must reject anti-semitism. steve: there have you got the president last week taking historic action with executive order aimed at combating the rise of anti-semitism. our next guest calls this a game changer on american campuses. just last year alone more than 200 incidents of anti-semitism were reported on campuses in the united states. joining us right now is the state department special envoy to monitor and combat anti-semitism, elan carr. elan, good morning to you. >> steve, good to be with you. good morning. steve: explain what the president did last week. >> you called it a game changer. it is a game changer. what the president said is
4:46 am
that no longer will u.s. tax money subsidize anti-semitism and racism on college campuses. most americans don't know how bad things are gotten on many campuses where jewish students face harassment, intimidation, discrimination. and the president said enough is enough. so he signed this executive order that does two things. first of all, it applies title 6 civil rights protection to jewish students and adopts very important standard definition of what anti-semitism is. significantly also includes anti-zionism and anti-israel activity defined as anti-semitism. steve: what you say we are seeing this more now, elan, because of the internet? we have had guests on in the past who say this festers on the internet and then we see it bubble up on campus. >> there's no question the internet is one of the chief vectors of this disease. it comes from three sources. there's the radical left israel haters.
4:47 am
there is the far right ethnic supremacist and militant islam. what we are seeing on campuses is a come bussive combination of all three. yesterday i was with a muslim interfaith leader. you can't make thumb. who was invited to a campus by a jewish student group to talk about interfaith activity and because he wasn't anti-israel he was physically assaulted. what's going on is at times physical attacks on jewish students on pro-israel students. the president said enough is enough. steve: let's take a look at some of the major headlines and mainstream outlets on how they depicted what the president did. in the "the washington post" why president trump's executive order to fight anti-semitism is dangerous for jews. "new york times" says trump's order to combat anti-semitism divides its audience, american jews. and npr over on the radio dial trump signs order against anti-semitism at colleges, worrying free
4:48 am
speech advocates. what do you think of that? >> i mean, that's crazy. what's dangerous for jews is this drum beat of anti-semitic i can. that's what it is focused. the president when he signed this he said enough is enough. if universities are going to tolerate anti-semitic bigotry they will lose a lot of money it. will be very costly. this is really a sea change in the culture of anti-semitic hate that is sadly alive and well on too many college campuses in our country. steve: let's see what happens. elan carr, a real pleasure. thank you very much. >> good to be with you, thanks. steve: all week long we are highlighting inspiring young americans serving their communities. our next guest is an league gel scoueaglescout and one of te
4:49 am
youngest. he is live next. with this key to the city. [ applause ] it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. and now we need to get back to work. [ applause and band playing ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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ainsley: this week we are celebrating young searches who are now growing up to serve their communities. steve: to kick off this series today we are honoring that young man, high school senior jamie serruto, an eagle scout who just added school board member to his list of accomplishments. ainsley: jamie was elected to the mill born board of education in new jersey at just 18 years old. still a senior in high school. one of the youngest elected officials in the state and he joins us now. good morning, jamie. >> good morning. thank you for having me.
4:53 am
ainsley: you are welcome. what made you want to be on the school board when you are still in school? >> you know what? this was an extraordinary opportunity. i wanted to continue my district to my district, to my community. i felt i knew what i was doing and i could be a force of positive energy. i'm so excited to get in and there work with my fellow board members to improve the district. bring us back to number one. upgrade the infrastructure. continue to work on start times and as i said, be a force of positive energy. steve: for the other board members it would be helpful to have you there because any issue kind of like okay, we don't have to ask anybody. jamie, what happens? at the same time, have you got it think they are thinking this is just a kid. what does he know about running the school board? >> well, listen, i may just be a youth i'm 18 years old. full voting board member. i deserve the same respect and opportunities as my fellow board members. and do you know what? i know what's going on as you stated. and i think i can be an important piece in the
4:54 am
puzzle. you know, as you stated, i go through it day-to-day. i see what's going on in the schools. i have been a community leader. i understand what the community wants. i understand how to work together. how to make progress i want to thank all my supporters. i look forward to working hard for the district. ainsley: have you worked hard. you are an eagle scout. you are your class president. you just got into fordham you found out on friday. >> go rams. ainsley: what do you want to do with your life? do you want to continue politics? >> i do. ist just at the new jersey league municipalities a couple weeks ago and exposed to so many gratz elected officials, appointed officials in the state. i want to pursue a career in local government. hopefully study public administration. county township and city administrator. help assist our elected officials or run myself to make our communities better. i think we need to come in here with important
4:55 am
perspectives and attitude to get stuff done not get stuck in. so action going on. steve: let's talk about what you would like to do get done now that you are part of the school board as somebody who actually gets up and goes to school every day. what would you like to see change? >> we need to upgrade our infrastructure. over of the years it's always difficult you want to invest money in different areas. thank good fz for our mill born ed foundation helped us support technology in the district. continue to upgrade our buildings and facilities especially atlantic facilities. steve: does that mean raising taxes? we live in new jersey and highest taxes in the world. that is a leaders. >> we do have a referendum out on january 28th. hopefully our community will support it. infrastructure as well as our start times. whether we start later or start earlier. we wants to better, you know, better formulate the day so that students can get the most out of their day and fawckets can get the most out of their days and students can be the most
4:56 am
rested and productive. we can start later at 8:30 earlier at 7:20. get work done to or sleep more in the morning. ainsley: what would you like as a student? steve: later. >> yes, later. but i'm certainly open to work. ainsley: right now what time do you start. >> we start at 7:45 now. i am there as my principal and everybody knows i'm there quarter till 7:00. get migrate briefings from migrate guidance counselor and try to get stuff. ainsley: daily briefing. steve: jamie, i have a feeling you have a great career. >> thank you so much. go u.s.a. ainsley: that's right. steve: very nicely done. coming up, talk about that guy. he used to be the fbi director for the usaa. he defended his use of the steel dossier yesterday with chris wallace. >> the report will speak for
4:57 am
itself. i don't believe it reported that steel's dossier was bunk. ainsley: what does bret baier think? he joins us live at the top of the hour. steve: he is our subsource? ♪ ... [sneezing]
4:58 am
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>> ♪ ♪ >> steve: i've got a feeling we'll be switching to christmas music very shortly. we've got the christmas tree. ainsley: are you bringing on our audio people? >> steve: no, no, we're doing the hashtag foxallamericanchristmas, post your picture and we will get around to putting some of them on tv. ainsley: would you like to participate? >> i like to sit as little as possible. >> steve: welcome aboard, hour three now of fox & friends and we start with a fox news alert. releasing its full report on the
5:01 am
articles of impeachment, and ahead of what could be a historically busy week on capitol hill. >> brian: the president is calling out democrats saying they will be decimated. ainsley: kevin corke is more with the back and forth. reporter: we will have to see how things will work out, but now the white house is going for a senate trial at the beginning of next year but completely the house has made its intentions clear. let me share part of what they released overnight a 658 page report part one lays out its investigation into the president drawing from multiple congressional investigations, and part two crafts the position on the standards for impeachment , providing what democrats say is sufficient historical precedent. parts three and four basically lay out the accusations for impeachment, three, accusing the president of abusing his power, for political gain, in order to effect a 2020 race, citing the now infamous call with the leader of ukraine which the
5:02 am
president as you know is called perfect. part iv lays out the case for obstruction of congress accusing the executive branch at the behalf of the president, while preventing congress from doing its duty. that is the majority opinion over on the committee but the gop response, or the minority response on the committee quite sharp, this is part of it. some of these arguments are just holdovers from an earlier attempt by the majority to weaponize the russian collusion investigation for political gain they also add this. the majority's actions were " unprecedented, unjust it friday able and will only dilute the significance of the dire recourse" that is impeachment and in other words this will happen again and again and again , if the house is in opposition of the white house, or at least that's the suggestion. the president, meanwhile warning democrats, so the trump leaning distributions, congressional do nothing democrats, people that
5:03 am
voted for people are literally screaming in their faces, crazy nancy is finding defending shift it schiff, harder than they shut , hashtag, 2020 election and you may have seen this on twitter over the weekend there was a tweet or two out there with adam schiff sort of being confronted by folks in his community that could be part of the reference that the president is making there. now, we do expect to see him at a business roundtable talking about reedlings and that should happen some time this afternoon and maybe he will talk about impeachment and if he does of course i'll be here for you but for now guys back to you. >> brian: one of the things that stands out is why was devon nunes able to find out about the problems with fisa two years ago because of it and adam schiff said yesterday, this is the first time i'm finding out there were any problems but still the republicans were making stuff up there is much more to play on that side but let's bring in bret baier, fox news' chief
5:04 am
political anchor, and author. i should say three days at the b rink, to win world war ii, available in bookstores right now, to make your christmas great again. >> [laughter] >> steve: you're so good at that brian. >> thank you. >> brian: brett, tuesday we'll get the rules and wednesday we get the vote. is this going to be, do you believe a moment where we stop, we stare through windows at stores with televisions on, sports switches to this, and we all look and we remember where we are like the birds in the oj trial? >> i don't think so. i think we've gone through a number of these hearings where we've seen people glaze over a bit. it is a historic moment though, and it is a moment where people in washington clearly will count heads and see whose voting where you know, if it slips and it likely will because of how capitol hill operates, to thursday, that will be 21 years to the day, when the house
5:05 am
impeached president clinton, and so it's a big moment but at the same time it's a foregone conclusion that we know sort of how this script is going to go. ainsley: speaking of moments why isn't america talking about the moments that happened last week all the presidents accomplishments so it was a week of wins they say. this is some of the things that happened last week, brett. government shutdown set to be averted, spending package to include money for the border wall, passage of the national defense bill, anti-semitism executive order phase i of the china deal, usmca moving forward and senate confirming 50th federal appeals court judge. no one is talking about that though are they? >> no it was one of his best legislative weeks and it's hard to believe. it's the week that the house judiciary committee moves impeachment. usmca probably scheduled after a senate trial in the senate, but it looks like a final vote this week. the ndaa, the national defense authorization act pretty much everything that they wanted including the ability to transfer money to the border wall, that's a big deal.
5:06 am
family leave is in this. the space force is in this. the spending bills, it looks like they are going to get a deal to avert a government shutdown and actually fund government through september of 2020. that's a huge deal. some things have to still happen there's hurdles they have to go through but it looks like this week is lining up to do that. >> steve: sure and what about the democrats in the trump district, that trump won back in 2016. jeff van drew, a democrat from the great state of new jersey sounds like he's going to become a republican. don't know if it's before or after the vote but how much pressure is on these democrats? from outside groups i know they start running tv commercials and there's going to be a lot of phone calls, what do they do? >> there's a lot of pressure on them. 31 democrats from districts that donald trump won in 2016. remember, they won in 2018, and so some of the thought was that
5:07 am
they could keep these districts going the other way, away from the president. if you look at the polls in some of these swing states it's really upside down when it comes to impeachment, and so you have people like representative slot kin who made the decision over the weekend to vote for impeachment. she's holding a town hall to explain that. i think you're going to have a lot of that explanation of how the votes going to go down. anywhere from between 5-10 democrats likely to say no to impeachment, i think that it's more than that. it gets pretty hairy for nancy pelosi. >> brian: it's already unprecedented with no republican support and buy-in from the other side but brett, let's talk about chris wallace's devastating interview with james comey and the reason why it was is because he was smart enough to tape your interview from 201h horowitz's facts. let's watch. >> my recollection was it was part of a broader mosaic of facts that were laid before the fisa judge to obtain a fisa
5:08 am
warrant. >> we concluded that the steele reporting put an essential role in the decision to seek a phase a order. >> brian: he says the steele dossier was not bunked and did not play a major role. horowitz said without it basically they don't get it and he did not seem to see the difference in their statements. >> i was surprised by some of those answers actually after all that we've seen that all that has come out and the report. it's out saying that they were mistakes, and that there was no reason to look for anything else saying that the dossier, he wasn't sure it wasn't true, after all that we know and everything the ig has said, and i think that chris did a great job pressing him on various issues that really pinned him to the wall. he has answers that he says he doesn't remember, but he was in charge at that time. >> steve: he was and here is a little snip-it where he's talking about the importance of the steele dossier and how the fbi relied on it, or did they?
5:09 am
>> did you know that in fact the steele report was the key for probable cause? did you know that the fbi had talked to the russian contact? >> first again the report will speak for itself. i don't believe the fbi concluded that steele's reporting was bunk after talking to a sub-source but no as the director you're not kept informed on the details of an investigation, so no, in general i didn't know what they'd learned from the sub-source. i didn't know the particulars. >> steve: what he kept trying to go back to it was just sloppiness. forget about negotiationly benjamin netanyahu, it was just a little sloppy. he signed three or four, of the fisa applications to investigate carter page. this was the biggest investigation you could conceive of because it's the president-elect. it's soon to be president. and by the time that they continue to investigate him, he's now in office. if you can't get a bigger investigation than that, i don't
5:10 am
know what it is, so the fact that the director doesn't know, doesn't really seem to wash. ainsley: chris wallace, you sound like your a bystander. this is a major investigation. you were the director of the fbi >> yeah, and i think just by the interview itself has laid out a number of different points and then the interview with adam schiff i think was telling too brian what you referenced before his report countering the memo was very definitive picked up by all of the media like this is the answer and devon nunes is a conspiracy theorist and basically, schiff was wrong and devon nunes was right according to the ig. >> brian: but he went out of his way two years ago to say i didn't know and now he knows so i think devon nunes should be relentless in demanding the clarification on that. brett i can not wait a couple weeks we'll have a chance. you'll allow me to join your panel, for a very special event. january 18, coming up next year,
5:11 am
at the ritz carlton resort in naples, florida. it's the all-star panel event and the pickets are still available for a great cause. could you talk about it? >> yeah, children's national is obviously where my son had his open heart surgeries but they do amazing stuff around the world for pediatric research and we're lucky to have it. we do something every year. this is what has become a panel event down in naples, florida, january 18, all-star panel event is where you can get tickets and it's the panel. it's a lot of fun talking about what we cover every day, taking questions, and a lot of items that you can bid on that you can't get any place else. >> steve: like? >> to come see you including meeting all of you on the curvy couch. ainsley: that's going to be awesome. >> steve: and then we go off to lunch. how hard was this to book people , guests for the panel? it's in the middle of january, where it's going to be snowing up here and you're inviting people to go to naples, florida? hello? >> tough sell.
5:12 am
no, fortunately, brian gave us just a snip-it of his time because there's not much of it. and i'm actually leaving my daughter's tournament at disney and going to you and then coming back. ainsley: that's nice. well you won't be doing your radio show or outnumbered or filling in for tucker carlson? >> not that day. i think it was on special report the other night too. ainsley: that's right. they love you down in naples i know you spend a lot of time down there and we go down there for book signings. >> steve: it's the home away from home. >> come down if you can. >> we'll be watching you tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern time in the meantime, we're watching the news. >> that's right good morning to you, let's get you caught up and we begin with this story, questioning a man overnight in connection with mercury spilled in houston. small amounts of the chemical were recently found at a walmart , a sonic restaurant and a shell gas station. first responders decontaminated around 60 people including a
5:13 am
pregnant woman who may have come in contact with the substance. the man is now being identified because he has not been charged. it's unclear if the spill was intentional. and talk about weather, right now winter storm warnings are infect for 25 million americans, as a cold front and snow pushes across the u.s. , towards the northeast. the storm causing hundreds of accidents in the heartland as drivers battle with roads and near zero visibility. and then take a look at this. tractor trailer jackknifed on a kansas highway. at least six people have been killed in weather-related accidents. it's time to buzz the tower, a new trailer for the upcoming top gun sequal will fly into vision today. >> the end is inevitable. >> i'm so sorry. but not today. >> so we showed you the first trailer that was released this past summer. actor tom cruz teasing the new
5:14 am
preview with this poster caption "feel the need" top gun maverick hits theaters next summer. >> brian: maybe it will be this new space force. >> steve: you just never know. ainsley: is she going to be in it? >> brian: i don't think meg ryan was in it. ainsley: yes she was goose's wife. remember that? playing the music, right? >> he passed away in the movie but maybe this would be who she married next? >> brian: he never answers me so stay tuned tom cruz has a new movie meanwhile, remember hundreds of people, remember a college freshman, stabbed to death in the past week in a new york city park is a 13-year-old whose hahn charged with her murder. is the left pushed to remove tough on crime policies to blame we are live at the park with the latest. - [announcer] the following is an urgent holiday appeal
5:15 am
from the international fellowship of christians and jews.
5:16 am
- right now in the former soviet union, there are thousands of jewish holocaust survivors trapped in relentless poverty. there's no heat, no electricity, no running water. they're cold, hungry and sick and they're suffering and dying needlessly. christians and jews together stand obedient to god to listen to his word. god gives us a special calling to help the orphan, the widow, the weakest, the survivors. and he makes a promise that if we stand with them, so too will god stand with us. - [announcer] please, open your heart and ask now. you can save lives and honor god by helping elderly jews in dire need during this holiday season of hanukkah. your gift today of just $25 will rush an emergency survival package to a person
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5:18 am
(danny)'s voice) of course you don'te because you didn't!? your job isn't doing hard work...'s making them do hard work... ...and getting paid for it. (vo) snap and sort your expenses to save over $4,600 at tax time. quickbooks. backing you. ainsley: this is a fox news alert hundreds gather to remember a college student murdered in a public park in new york city. >> right now a 13-year-old is in custody with the murder, more expected to be involved and caught. >> steve: todd piro joins us
5:19 am
from the park where she was murdered as police are searching for more suspects. todd, i understand that they were able to figure out that this young man was involved with surveillance video. todd: exactly right, steve and right now, like you said, it's not just that individual. the search is on for the ultimate killer the one who did the stabbing just last wednesday meantime last night a candlelight vigil was held right here in morningside park where the college freshman was killed. an area that according to local media has the burglaries and robberies rise this year with bands of young teens. >> if you are thinking about killing someone, how does someone reach that in having those thoughts? we have a responsibility.
5:20 am
todd: now, as for who did this, a 13-year-old suspect like steve mentioned now charged with felony murder admitted to being at the scene with two other boys , allegedly telling investigators he picked up a knife and handed it to the teen who delivered the fatal strike. apparently, locals around the park say that 13-year-old that attacked another young girl and chased her into a deli just days before tess's murder. a 14-year-old was arrested but was released for lack of evidence investigators still looking for that third suspect and as calls for more security grow, from 24/7 police patrols to even more cameras in this region, the question so many are asking this morning, what leads a 13 or a 14-year-old to even contemplate killing another human? that's a question so many are trying to answer and quite frankly, doesn't seem to be a good answer guys back to you. >> steve: no kidding all right todd piro with the very latest. new york post is reporting that crime in that park has spiked 82
5:21 am
% year-over-year this year as opposed to last year. >> brian: meanwhile, 10 minutes before the bottom of the hour. >> steve: spygate 2.0 the patriots caught filming the bengals sideline, against the rules. >> you're showing me you're an advanced scout? >> yeah, yeah, come on guys. i don't see that in this footage >> brian: so do the patriots know they were breaking nfl rules? we'll ask our football panel if they did and what should be done , next. >> ♪ ♪
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
>> brian: spygate 2.0 the news on the patriots caught filming the cincinnati bengals side line during their game last week
5:25 am
violating nfl rules and the video crew said they were making a document documentary about a scout, fox nfl sunday got a video, as a security guard confronted them. watch the interaction, listen to the interaction. >> and this is a piece you're filming on your advance scout? >> yeah, yeah, come on, guys. i don't see the advance scout in this footage. >> no, it's not. we were trying to get a different perspective. that's my bad. why were you thinking to take that? >> i didn't know. i didn't know, but i can delete this. >> the damage is done my friend >> steve: the boston globe reports the patriots suspended the pro us doer involved but the big question is do the patriots know they were involved, i think former new york giant super star , and they need him as he just said today, it's true, we wouldn't have gotten suspended and he played the whole season, former nfl player is here and former new york jets player,
5:26 am
michael start with you. when you looked at that video, did you say to yourself, i could see how this video helps my team >> well, no, because honestly, i don't do that kind of research and that kind of deep dive into data but i know it's possible to do that, and honestly, the patriots culture is by any means necessary, and that's what gives me, you know, it kind of taints the game a bit, as you look into this, i don't think it was just an accident oops. >> brian: you're shaking your head? >> well i think a lot of people in the nfl, as players we did this. a foul is only a foul if the ref blows the whistle. there's outright cheating right? filming another team in advance of a game is considered cheating now what were they getting? what information were they looking for? we really have no idea but what we do know is that the patriots got hit with this in 2,007, bell
5:27 am
achick got a $5,500 fine, and patriots were issued with a $250,000 fine and fast forward and think of all of the things surrounding the nfl with domestic violence, and player confidence issues and gambling. the nfl is in a tough spot now. they have to drop the hammer. >> brian: but you have spygate and you're just fresh off-the-field. what is the reputation? how do the players feel when they see this? >> there was a couple things i know the league will protect 100 %, player safety and integrity of the game and this distracts from both so i think it leads into something else and i believe that we always have this comparison to war over going to football is like playing in a war. it's not. so by any means necessary that does not count in the situation. you got to play by the rules and keep the integrity and make sure that you play fair. >> brian: here is what the producer said. we stopped shooting immediately when asked to do so and cooperated fully. i know had no intention to provide footage and i was never
5:28 am
asked to do so. he was doing a web series, michael. >> right, it makes sense to us, but every play, every practice play, every player is filmed 100 % of the time now, from the time they step on the field. it's all analyzed. we don't know what analysis was being done. i think the full force of whatever penalty should be exacted on because i think he's exactly right. the integrity of the game is important. >> brian: but right now we know the camera is on you. if i just turn around and start taping here, you say what are you doing and they are trying to say you're doing a web series and shooting on the field substitution patterns. >> but we don't know what they are looking for and a part of that statement missing was he said he was in the bathroom, and any time you start an explanation with "i was in the bathroom", i think -- >> [laughter] >> what happened was -- >> no, no, no. >> look, he's one of the
5:29 am
smartest coaches in nfl history if not the smartest. the man watches hundreds and hundreds of hours of film every week with all of his players. if he can get an edge he's going to find it, believe me. >> brian: guys we'll see what's going to happen. if the nfl acts it'll be quick. meanwhile next on the rundown, now battlesing for the democrats , bernie sanders and you've heard president trump making this about christmas. president trump: under the trump adminitration, you'll be saying "merry christmas" again. we are going to say merry christmas again. >> brian: our next guest says it's important to america, we keep saying merry christmas. the star of free speech film joins us, next. >> ♪ ♪
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rewarded! learn more at the explorer card dot com. >> ♪ jingle bell rock, jingle bells chime ♪ >> steve: told you we would get into the christmas music. you'll want to take a bite out of this office cubical. >> brian: a communication employee at the san diego police department decorating her entire cubical like a life size gingerbread house. ainsley: that's so no one will bother her. unfortunately, the walls, are not edible. >> brian: don't lick them, meanwhile 27 minutes within the top of the hour we've been telling you about this movie for a long time, dennis prager, radio talk show host and founder joins us now, to talk about not only the success to your movie " no safe spaces" but also talk about the need to say merry christmas. you're a religious scholar. why should something like that
5:34 am
matter? >> because this country, and i'm saying this as a religious jew. i want to make this clear this country is founded on judao- christian principles. god is the source of our rights, it's in the declaration of independence. in god we trust is one of the mottos of this country. i know that specular intellectuals think that god is irrelevant to morality and meaning and human rights, god is irrelevant to freedom but the founders and americans about the 1970s all thought that, nearly all let's put it that way. i am deeply worried about the radical specular america and the obvious arena, most obvious perhaps, is changing christmas into holiday. kids no longer have christmas vacation. holiday vacation. companies no longer have christmas parties, holiday parties, and of course, it's happy holidays not merry christmas. i would like to know why it's
5:35 am
not inclusive. i'm a jew. christmas is not my religious holiday. it's my nations holiday, a national holiday. why am i excluded if you invite me to a christmas party? what is not inclusive about that ainsley: the president, he agrees with you. listen to this. >> and by the way, under the trump adminitration, you'll be saying merry christmas again. we are going to say merry christmas again. i said we'll be saying christmas again. they don't use the word christmas because it's not politically correct. you go department stores and they'll say happy new year, or they will say other things. well guess what? we're saying merry christmas again! >> [applause] >> steve: that's kind of changed over the last year or two. i'm seeing more people say merry christmas in the stores and what not. >> yeah, i think that's true, and i think people had, i always say, if somebody says to me happy holidays i say back to
5:36 am
them merry christmas, and then, they feel free to say merry christmas. that's what most americans would like to say. it is a national holiday after all. >> brian: let's talk about what the president did last week , the executive order on fighting anti-semitism. you say it's a game changer on college campuses and he hopes so do you think so? >> well, what it does, at the very least, is brings attention to a fact that jews and non-jews need to be aware of. the left taking over of college campuses has increased anti-semitism to unprecedented, to an unprecedented degree in american history. colleges have been a place for jews to feel free, and everybody else to feel free. the left were not liberals, the left, wherever they go, they introduce hate. this is the the great of our time. they always yell hate, hate, hate, but there are no haters
5:37 am
like the left and it includes israel, not criticism of israel. no one objects to criticism of israel. the french parliament last week, france passed a law that anti- zionism is anti-semitism. austria just passed the same law because they all know that there is no difference. you can't say oh, i love jews but the jewish state deserves to die. please. well it's like saying i love italians but i think italy should be destroyed. >> brian: in the last year according to the anti-defamation league, 201 anti-semetic reported incidents on american colleges campuses, and universities, and with the executive order, dennis, its made very clear the president says essentially to universities if you allow this to happen we'll cut your funding. >> right. well, the president just to use
5:38 am
a macro point right now, make a macro point the president is the greatest friend jews have had since harry truman, and the left calls him an anti-semitism. the most hysterical writer in the united states published anywhere called the president that. it is like stallin calling trofs ky a fascist. >> brian: it's one thing that you're safe to glaze over so let's talk about states. >> you don't have to read him. all you need is to, okay, go ahead. >> brian: let's talk about no safe spaces. it reached the 1 million mark at the box offices over the weekend and the number one political documentary of the year. you've done many projects and you have many things that have moved the needle. this one has really got people talking. >> well, as i say with absolute sincerity, it is a great film and it is not great because i'm
5:39 am
in it. i'm not being humble and i'm not boasting. i'm telling you the truth. it is a great film. what these people have done is what i dreampt they would do and that is give america a wakeup call as to what is happening to free speech on america's campuses. that is why the film has so many liberals in it who are just as worried as conservatives, but this is a wakeup call and people must take their college and high school kids to see it. you must, this is the best 90 minute anticdote to what they will endure at college. >> steve: well it has expanded to 200 screens nationwide. coming soon to a screen near you dennis, thank you very much for joining us live. >> no safe and that's how they will know where it's playing, thank you, guys. ainsley: thank you. gillum yankees has headlines for us. reporter: that's right good morning we begin with this a tearful father denying involvement in the disappearance of his two week old daughter and her mother. >> i don't know where she's at.
5:40 am
i don't know if she's suffering, i don't know anything and i can't help, i'm helpless and that's the worst feeling in the world. reporter: a surveillance photo shows her fiancee heidi at their son's school in texas on thursday. the last time she was seen. police believe heidi and baby ma rgot made it back to their apartment and they weren't there when he got home. >> a mother is charged with leaving her kids alone so she could smoke pot on a boat. andrea karen left her three children all under the age of 9 on this mini bus. the family appears to be living inside the bus in deplorable conditions with a bucket to hold food, a makeshift toilet and no phone. the kids are in the states custody and she's charged with child neglect. >> stepping up to the plate, senator bernie sanders. the 2020 hopeful going to bat ting practice after meeting with minor league baseball players in iowa. not everyone in the press brought their a game.
5:41 am
>> i want to see a success. >> [laughter] >> i'm going i'm going. >> sanders has been speaking out against the plan to cut 42 minor league teams and he met with the leagues commissioner earlier this month and makes you wonder though what do you think would be his walkup song? >> steve: good question. ainsley: think about that. >> steve: do you have a suggestion? ainsley: i don't. >> brian: let's go out to janice dean. she doesn't need a walkup song. she's got people behind her. >> janice: it's amazing we have so many people we'll talk about the weather and while i talk about the weather ed shows these wonderful things as they came to fox square for fox all-american christmas so there are your temperatures and it's cold enough we could get a mixture of freezing rain and sleet and snow in the new york city area overnight tonight and into tomorrow so the big deal is the potential for ice along the ohio river valley and parts of the mid atlantic so you want to keep your local forecast because
5:42 am
it's going to have school delays tomorrow and we could have cancellations as well. winter weather advisories are posted there is your forecast temperatures as we go through time again this could be a potentially dangerous situation so people need to be on the alert we could see measurable snow as well and severe weather, including tornadoes my friends across the gulf coast and portions of the southeast. all right, i think that we got everyone in, we did the weather, we talked about delays and cancellations and we love you, thank you so much for coming down it's my favorite part of the day! it's seeing all of you and these wonderful faces on fox square, i love it, guys look at that. woohoo! we love you we love you we love you! ainsley: they are beautiful. >> brian: hopefully they post those pictures meanwhile i'd like to thank everybody who i had a chance to see and i saw a lot of people over the weekend in woodland, outside houston, and i had a which ins to sign books there at barns and barnes & noble in this beautiful
5:43 am
weather, great store and we signed for hours, and that is the store as in lawrenceville, georgia which i had a chance to go yesterday. there was no place to really speak and the microphone didn't work but i want to address the people and thank them for coming and dan, a houston oiler came out and was able to come up. by the way i'm going to do america great from the start on july 25, you want to get tickets provide them it's on fox nation screaming in january, but if you want to get tickets for it and give it as a gift that might be a great idea. special thanks to allison mans field been with me every step of the way while pregnant with twins. and thanks to everybody who came out. >> steve: more information, brian ainsley: the new york times editorial board joining the growing list of newspapers endorsing impeachment. >> steve: our next guest says despite the president's push our next president will win michael goodwin, next. >> ♪ ♪
5:44 am
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>> steve: the new york times editorial board has joined more than a dozen newspapers calling for president trump's impeachment. our next guest says the president will prevail over the journalists. he's a journalist and also a new york post columnist and fox news contributor, he is of course michael goodwin. michael, it looks like the house is going to vote to impeach the president wednesday or thursday, and it moves on to the senate, he's going to be acquitted and yet mainstream media it seems is all-in on how bad donald trump is. >> right and steve, this is to me, just a continuation of the russia russia russia. the same attitude, the same people, the same news
5:48 am
organizations, and in my column, i say that, you know, bill barr talked about possible prosecutions for the fbi. now i don't think the media should be prosecuted but they made a lot of mistakes in getting the russia story wrong. they've overstated a lot of things about the ukraine phone calls. >> steve: why is that? >> well because their sources are the same people, the fbi and the cia, who are sending out these false charges through the media. they're using the media as their errand boys for these attacks on the president, and what i call on is for the media to basically acknowledge that it has made these mistakes, that its stories were wrong, and that it too needs to examine its behavior. >> steve: right and michael over the last three years, we've seen a number of blockbuster stories, regarding donald trump and how he's broken all the rules, and then you find out, you know, in the pages of really big newspapers and a couple of weeks later it's like that was
5:49 am
just essentially creative spin that was put out ahead of a story coming out to make the subject of the story look more positive, but you never see a correction. >> right because and most of these are based on anonymous sources. >> steve: people would have an axe to grind. >> that's right and one thing i think the media should do is when an anonymous source gives you bad information, and you publish it, and then you should run a correction but you should also out this source. you should name the source, because to me the confidentiality is based on them telling you a truth they couldn't tell you publicly or you couldn't get anywhere else. when they have mislead you, when they've given you bad information i think that contract is broken, and you should name them. i think that would cut down on a lot of this anonymous sourcing just using the media, to air their grievances and to push a private agenda. >> steve: there you go. you said it all. read all about it in the pages
5:50 am
of the new york post, michael thank you very much. >> thank you, steve. >> steve: straight ahead an army veteran who suffered a serious brain injury serving our country overseas is now getting a brand new mortgage-free home thanks to building homes for heros. the ceo of that group coming up next. >> ♪ ♪ what are you doing back there, junior?
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ainsley: brand new developments overnight the house judiciary committee releasing full report on articles of impeachment, lawmakers duking it out in a historic week in washington, a full house vote on impeaching the president coming as soon as wednesday this week. so where do things stand as we kickoff a brand new week, byron york, andrew mccarthy, maria bartiromo, and more, joining us in a bit and a bit later on, larry kudlow live from the white
5:54 am
house. do not miss a minute, join bill and me top of the hour. ainsley: it is the season of giving and that is exactly what building homes for heros is doing for our veterans. >> this is why america is what it is, what you see today. on behalf of the city, i'd like to welcome you to newburn. >> [applause] >> steve: that's awesome in a brand new christmas special on fox nation, we're profiling one of their home giveaways to u.s. army specialist andrew jones, and his family, right there. >> brian: the founder of building homes for heros joins us right now, andy, it's a great thing you're doing, what is the next advent of this? what are you announcing today? >> oh, well at the end of the year we will complete our 225th home. we completed 36 homes this year, and we hope to set another new
5:55 am
record next year by completing 40 homes. ainsley: that's wonderful. that's amazing i love your organization. what were you doing in north carolina? you were presenting a home to andrew jones? >> yes, yes, ma'am. ainsley: how did you coos andrew >> oh, well andrew, you know, we build homes from the ground up for those who are physically injured and these are beautiful homes but we also modify homes gifted to us by banks and these are beautiful homes too for the veterans who were struggling with severe ptsd and tbi, and he took a rpg to his vehicle and got kind of catapulted from the vehicle, spent nearly a year in the hospital. >> steve: and here he is, reacting just a few days ago to when he got the home from you. watch. >> to have a home, and a home base, it's very important to me, and to my family. i was driving down the street looking out the window and i saw just tons and tons of people,
5:56 am
standing there, smiling, clap ping, and it was just overwhelming. >> steve: you changed that family's life forever. >> yes, sir. you know, you guys would all love him. if you look into his eyes you can almost see into his heart and his soul. you could see his struggles and him suffering but when he smiles he lights up the room and we're watching him heal, so we're bringing him to team building and other events, and we're seeing recovering now, and it's a beautiful thing, and you know, the suicides today, 21 a day. >> brian: can't believe that. ainsley: thank you for everything you do. >> brian: you could watch building homes for heros christmas on fox nation do it today. give the gift of fox nation for christmas use code celebrate for 35% off your yearly subscription now through christmas and get great stories. >> steve: we're stepping away, back in two minutes. >> ♪ have a holly jolly
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>> thanks for dropping by. >> see you tomorrow. >> i have to run. >> bill: thanks, everybody. good morning. breaking from overnight. house democrats releasing their report on the articles of impeachment. so then lawmakers getting ready to battle out before what is set to be a week of history on capitol hill. good morning, everybody. that's where we begin. hope you had a great christmas weekend. right around the corner. i'm bill hemmer. good morning. >> sandra: beautiful weekend. i hope yours was as well. jerry nadler calling for the president's removal from office saying he is a threat to the constitution and the committee's 658-page report. the articles heading to the rules committee tomorrow. a full house vote is expected as soon as wednesday on whether to impeach an american president for only the third time in history.


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