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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 17, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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san antonio spurs player makes a major party foul. >> the fans in the second row. heather: spelling a woman's beer while chasing the ball, all over her. thank you for joining us. "fox and friends first" continues right now. rob: it is tuesday, december 17th. the fbi joined the search for a missing texas mother and her 2 week mac baby. jillian: a family is heartbroken close to the holidays. rob: many moderate democrats, impeachment decision time ahead of tomorrow's historic vote. shannon: what do their voters think? >> such a great turnout today.
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>> please let her speak. >> live in washington with what to expect from today's marathon session. rob: center's help return chauffeur. jillian: "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ last christmas ♪ i gave you my heart ♪ the very next day ♪ you gave it away ♪ this year ♪ to save me from tears ♪ i give it to someone special ♪ jillian: a shocking turn of events was one of my favorite songs. rob: a huge george michael fan. jillian: we don't like george michael but this is not what i would have imagined.
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rob: anytime of the year. jillian: sometimes you surprise me. good morning. you are watching "fox and friends first". rob: we are drowsy from the holiday party last night. thanks for getting up early with us today and we start with a fox news alert. the fbi joining in the search for missing mother and her 2 week old daughter in texas. heidi broussard vanished with her baby after dropping her son off at school. jillian: police try to piece together the clues. >> reporter: the police department putting out a call to the public for help trying to find her and her daughter mark roe carry. they vanished after broussard dropped her son off at school. investigators believe they returned home with broussard's vehicle and belongings at the house and both side of the struggle.
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broussard's fiancé and the father of the missing child, he has been going through dumpsters looking for any clues. he called police after none of broussard's friends had seen her, quote, the weird sign of her car door was unlocked. >> i don't know where she is at. i don't know if she is suffering. i don't know anything. i can't help her and that is the worst feeling in the world. >> should not - she didn't do anything mean. rob: austin police releasing the surveillance video broussard at her son at school, last time she was seen. authorities having coming through surveillance footage from nearby homes and businesses and engaging family, friends and neighbors. they analyzed the apartment for any forensic evidence.
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we hope to learn new information but at last check they had no leads or suspects. the fbi and texas rangers are joining the search. kim jong un scary one. thanks so much. jillian: a massive manhunt underway for a 14-year-old suspected of murdering tessa majors. he jumped out of the car as an adult drove him to meet with police. he is accused of stabbing majors during a robbery in new york city. a 13-year-old is charged in the murder and heads to court today. robbing majors with the 2 other boys. a third suspect was released from back of evidence. rob: the police detective killed in that jersey city gunfight will be laid to rest. hundreds of officers on a detective joseph steele, the father of five was one of four victims in that domestic terror attack. both gunmen died. police linking into a pond shop
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owner. a man's phone number was found in one of their pockets. he was denied bail on a weapons charge. jillian: fireworks expected on capitol hill as lawmakers meet for the impeachment debate. rob: a full vote expected tomorrow, the time has come for democrats sitting on the fence to pick a side. griff jenkins joins us with the latest. >> reporter: possibly the big vote tomorrow. the gateway from this legislation headed to the floor where they determine the rule of the debate, it can get feisty at times but once the timing is set we have vulnerable democrats in swing districts making their votes for impeachment known. >> i made this decision out of
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principle and out of a duty to protect and defend the constitution. i feel that in my bones and i will stick to that regardless of what it does to me politically. >> the senate will likely acquit the president in a display of partisan theater that republicans and democrats in washington performed disturbingly well. >> reporter: is impeachment appears inevitable the focus shifts to a trial in the senate where chuck schumer is calling for witnesses. >> in the coming weeks, senators, particularly republican senators will have a choice. do they want a fair, honest trial that examines all the facts? or do they want a trial that doesn't what the facts come out? trials have witnesses. >> reporter: this includes mcilvain he, john bolton, robert blair and michael duffy but even if mcconnell agreed the white house says it is unlikely they will play ball.
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>> senator schumer asks us to do them, no reason to testify in senate trials as far as we can see. >> reporter: mcconnell does not envision a long and drawn out trial in january. we could hear more from him today but the fireworks will continue after that historic vote when we get it this week. rob: there are 14 on the fence. last-minute negotiations are scheduled at loyola university days after the next democratic debate. food workers at the school are on strike demanding higher hourly wages. twee 7 candidates who qualify for the debate are threatening to boycott in solidarity. the debate was moved in november because of a separate labor dispute at ucla which was the original debate site. jillian: foxbusiness alert boeing suspending production of
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at 737 max jet as it struggles to get approval from the faa. the plane maker insisting this is the least disruptive option possible with no date on when production would restart on its most popular model. the jets have been grounded after two crashes overseas killed 346 people. boeing stock has dropped over the same period. rob: extreme weather, three people killed as dozens of tornadoes tear through the south. jillian: this huge funnel cloud in columbia, mississippi. rob: intense lightning spotted in the sky in mississippi. the national weather service will tour part of the state today. jillian: janice dean is tracking the twisters and the winter storm in the northeast. a busy time right now. >> reports of tornadoes across the coast, you see storm reports here, not only tornadoes but
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hail and damaging winds. this is a powerful cold front moving through the area, not only the potential for severe storms, a couple tornadoes, in the florida panhandle and severe thunderstorm warning towards alabama. this is going to be the situation the next couple hours, things will start to weaken later this afternoon but for now still in that area of severe storms, past 24 hours you see the wintery weather including freezing rain and ice in pennsylvania, upstate new york towards connecticut. winter weather advisories are posted for all the states but my concern is the pink you see on the screen, where you have freezing rain and that could accumulate. you need to look at your local forecast if they cancel schools and stay on the roadways, it could be a dangerous situation. you see the forecast brief invitation as we go through time. the pink on your screen is accumulating ice. people will slip and slide on
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the roadways, very dangerous. jillian: a dangerous rush-hour it looks like. >> that will carry into the afternoon rush hour as well. rob: thanks so much. jillian: drew breeze's legacy setting the all-time record for career passes. >> will he get it? yes! touchdown pass in the 5-0-four. rob: breeze completing his 540th touchdown pass, breaking peyton manning's record, setting the record for highest single grain percentage completing wayne the completion but he says he should have been perfect. >> i need to complete the ball.
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i should have completed that one. jillian: the saints beat the colts 34-7. rob: that is a big night. he is a big quarterback. democrats about to dive headfirst into a historic impeachment vote but what do voters want? our next guest says risky political moves are being taken in uncharted territory. >> tweet or hashtag about how you didn't do something right, see how woke that was? i called you out, activism. jillian: president obama called out the broke youth and is targeting older men. did he reveal why he hasn't endorsed joe biden? ♪ you must not know about me ♪ you must not know about me ♪ ( ♪ )
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>> i made this decision out of principle, i will stick with that regardless of what it does to me politically. >> the answer for me is clear. the president abuse the power of his office. >> provide - jillian: swing state democrats signaling a partyline vote on impeachment tomorrow despite pushback from their voters. rob: could they be sealing the deal for a big republican win in 2020? here with more on that political science professor from my own college, a lot of moderate democrats have a big decision to make. >> this wasn't going to be particularly perilous, they won big on healthcare in the suburbs and justice nancy pelosi predicted in march because they brought impeachment on the table they are in an incredibly perilous position, a risky move for democrats. shannon: the american public
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doesn't know what to think. a lot of people haven't made up their mind. there has been a lot going on. we had a fox news poll that had 50% wanting the president impeached and removed from office, then look at this cnn poll and it is a completely different number, 45% of people want him impeach and removed. what do you make of the differences we are seeing in these numbers? >> half of the public suggested that want to impeach the president at half that don't and that has been wavering but what democrats haven't gotten is to impeach and remove somebody it has to be bipartisan. 50% of the top, 40% at the bottom, not going to do it and that is why this was not a good idea from the start. you need to bring the other side over to impeach and remove. they haven't been able to do that and this cnn poll, the numbers are going down in support, democrats needed the other way.
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rob: only two democrats have said they would go with impeachment to you. when you see a number like that, people don't want to impeach what democrats are holding together does that show nancy pelosi's power in the party? >> it shows her power, they are not going to book, they may be worried about primary challenges. you cannot be a democrat in a primary in support impeachment and go against impeachment of the president. they are in a bind and as we see they are willing to put their jobs on the line to go for this a vote but - jillian: let's look at this map with vulnerable democrats who said they will vote for impeachment. look at this map, i am curious what that tells you and before the segment, this is a vote their constituents will remember. every vote is important to be remembered, this one is crucial. >> we don't remember everything these numbers do but if they vote to impeach the president
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somebody who won and election 11 months, 10 months before are up for reelection again, voters will remember that and they will remember in those states you mentioned, 31 democrats holding seats that trump won big in 2016, those are vulnerable democrats. the more they support impeaching the president the more vulnerable they become and republicans who may not have been as energized in 2020 will be out in full force because they feel their vote was taken away. it becomes personal for voters who feel we put you in, we put trump in and you want to take away our right to vote. rob: a lot of major victories lately with this added on to that, what will 2020 look like? >> we will see house republicans say you won the house, promised to do healthcare and other things, you haven't delivered, squandered your time attacking somebody who was duly elected, that is the message from republicans. rob: they are trying to hurry up
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and do something now. >> never would see usmc a get pastor have a chance for passage if it hadn't been for impeachment because they know they are vulnerable to and i can and they haven't done what they promised to do in the election. >> we can walk and chew gum. thanks so much. 19 minutes after the hour, they allow the homeless to use the restroom that even shut down for sensitivity training. why do starbucks employees mistreat police? >> something is happening with starbucks. it is not other outlets repeatedly in the news like this. rob: our next guest says it is time for starbucks to wake up and smell the coffee as culture is taking over. jillian: we are one week from christmas. are your gifts wrapped? rob and i go head to head in a holiday wrapping battle. may the best rapper win the we are coming right back.
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>> johnson & johnson is not paying enough after the judge roth $465 million to the opioid crisis. johnson & johnson helped to fuel addiction with misleading marketing campaigns. officials argue the money will a cover one year of the abatement plan. jillian: kentucky avenue governor rolling back work requirements for medicaid. andy bashir signing an executive order to recent the plan proposed by former governor matt bevan. he wanted people to be required to work, study or volunteer to keep their medicaid benefits. the move is supported by the white house.
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rob: are you stressed out about giftwrapping? we have to to help you this holiday season. jillian: mckenzie royal of fifth avenue, good to see you, thank you for being here. what do you have this year? >> what you want to do is lineup the box, precut your paper to make it easy so you are not using anything extra, line the paper up to the edge of the box. jillian: tape to the box? you are. >> whatever makes you most comfortable. being able to fold the paper back to get that clean crisp line because you are going to be doing this. i am going to grab some of my tape on top.
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you can use double-sided on top and what is important is a nice crisp line. rob: you're going to get that on the bottom. then another one on top. >> i think it is easiest to turn it upside down when i'm doing this on each side like that. and then turn it over again, fold down, clean, crisp line again. rob: so easy. what makes it is the accessories. >> it is a 1-stop shop for all things gifting, stationery and parties. >> what is really great is this paper is almost stone paper, made from stone. it is 100% recyclable. rob: we will wrap it ourselves. we will wrap that one too.
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i see janice dean over there. got that. >> your tape. rob: i might have a shot at winning this competition. where is my tape? >> 30 seconds on the top. we started. crease. ♪ better not pout ♪ i'm telling you why ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ >> tell me i am cheating. i'm not going to cheat. what is supernice about this paper is it is tough but it is recyclable, it is reusable. like butter. ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ >> a great morning like this.
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jillian: the fbi joined the search for missing mother and her 2 week old daughter in texas. heidi broussard vanished with her baby margo after dropping her son off at school. broussard's fiancé of the father of her children denies involvement in their disappearance. >> i don't know where she is, don't know if she is suffering. i can't help her and that is the worst feeling in the world. jillian: authorities releasing this surveillance video broussard, the last time she was seen. austin police have an update on the investigation. hundreds of friends, family and servicemembers say their final goodbyes to a family killed in the pensacola navy base attack. airman apprentice cameron scott walters was 21 years old. >> pensacola was his first assignment as in the navy. he was so proud, so proud to serve his country.
2:32 am
jillian: an american flag was draped over walter's casket. he in two others servicemembers were killed when a saudi gunman opened fire on the naval base earlier this month. fireworks expected on capitol hill today as lawmakers lay groundwork for the house impeachment debate. the rules committee will meet in just hours to set parameters for amendments during the debate and breakdown timing. a vote could come as early as tomorrow. jersey democrat jeff andrew has a new challenger amid reports of a party switch. harrison is a political science professor, van drew only has one staffer left after 7 people resigned following a report that he would become a republican, donald trump showing support for the representative overnight tweeting it was a tribute to him that he was able to win his heavily republican district as a democrat. people like that are not easily replaceable.
2:33 am
rob: starbucks apologizing to two california sheriff's deputies who say they were refused service for wearing a badge and that is the latest controversy. what is going on at starbucks? joining me to weigh in on this senior policy analyst at the independent women's forum, thanks for coming on this morning. they keep getting into trouble. >> this is the third such incident with polly specifically just this year. it speaks to the corporate culture there. they are not going to shut down 8000 stores the way they did after they were accused of racism in philadelphia. it generally speaks or problem conservatives have to confront, the problem of woke capitalism. when you have fortune 500 companies, large companies that have a very left-wing culture and tends to bow to social justice warriors, causes on the
2:34 am
left and not be afraid of offending conservative customers even though a large corporation like starbucks serves republicans and democrats, they are not too worried about offending the right. rob: the riverside county sheriff from southern california on "fox and friends". >> in our culture turning anti-police, and things like this, something is happening with starbucks, other outlets that are repeatedly in the news like this. i don't know if it is a younger culture, don't know what it is. rob: they try to respond to this as best they can. whether you are in uniform or not, no one should have expense with what these deputies went through and take steps necessary to address. the cup was labeled pig and starbucks fired that girl so seems starbucks, a huge company is trying to be forceful with
2:35 am
this and keep employees from acting like this. >> they are conducting an investigation, to figure out what is going on. this is the problem corporations face. they have young millennial employees, which the right has largely ignored. and connected that solution to the fact that 90% of kids in public school are learning america is a bad place. not to be trusted or mistreated and a lot of these corporations are hiring out of this pool and finding their corporate culture is changing, the more young employees there adding and the higher up those young employees move in the company the more that take over, that is something the right will have to
2:36 am
compare. rob: it is not that tough. they are trying to handle it. jillian: in new york city, buddy the elf with an entire suite inspired by the wildly popular christmas movie. rob: she is here to give us your own inside look. jillian: let's go take a look. >> and go ice skating and as fast as we can. ♪
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jillian: oh my goodness. >> look at all the presents. >> all over the bedroom. >> can i jump on the bed? >> spectacular. >> my favorite. ♪ >> wow, that is awesome, theodore, perfect, right up there. exact same. >> the original. >> we try to stick to the floor, the candycane. candy. >> can i have one? >> are you ready for spaghetti?
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you like sugar? >> who else? >> i do. >> wishes to come through. ♪ >> listen. >> you sits on the throne. >> that is your dinner. >> guess what, mom is made of snow. are you having fun? want to stay here for christmas? >> yes. >> so much fun. we watched the movie beforehand so it was even more special. they did it well. that was the first time my family has been on camera. rob: what was the food? >> you haven't seen the movie. they make spaghetti and put
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syrup and candy and pop tarts and we 8 it. rob: the kids wanted to stay. >> thanks to "fox and friends first" for suggesting it. rob: 38 minutes after the are. megan mccain shuts down during a fiery crash on the view. >> please stop talking right now because -- >> i won't talk. rob: the growing backlash against will be this morning. jillian: santa's helper gone chauffeur, social media eating it up. ♪
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>> my job is to analyze the politics of it. >> please stop talking right now because you know what? >> thank you. i won't talk. >> i am okay with that. rob: apparently it is not okay to have a different view. whoopi goldberg silenced megan mccain for her conservative perspective. jillian: carly shimkus with the reaction to that he did moment. there's a lot of reaction on both sides of this. >> it is common for the view cohost for clash but things got heated during yesterday's discussion of impeachment, whoopi goldberg telling megan mccain to stop talking during the debate and when the show came back from commercial megan mccain did not speak during the entire segment.
2:44 am
the top trending topic on twitter nationwide and some people on social media feel megan mccain, and one twitter user, only conservative voice on the panel, and technically her voice is more important. another twitter user pointing out sunny interrupted, megan was talking over her, she should have been reprimanded and anthony on twitter, and they never let her forget it is her progressive base show and she is the token conservative. megan mccain weighed in saying she won't be quiet because she, quote, has responsibility to speak for the 50% who say the media doesn't represent them. rob: former president obama had another comment. >> the former president championed female leaders saying
2:45 am
women, i want you to know you are not perfect but what i can say pretty indisputably is you are better than us men if you look the world and the problems it is usually old people, usually old men not getting out of the way. that comment leading to speculation on social media, a way of introducing michelle into the 2020 race. another twitter user says that is a hard now on biden? the former president hasn't made comments like this in the past. usually championing female leaders. >> a breakthrough in the fight against breast cancer, promising 5 days a treatment instead of 6 weeks. how realistic is it? doctor nicole safire here live to answer all the questions. rob: peter doocy with what is
2:46 am
coming up on "fox and friends". >> reporter: we have been doing the show over 20 years and i think today will be a first because for the first time ever live on our show "fox and friends" we are going to have a sitting justice of the us supreme court. neil gorsuch will join us at 8:30. we will get the latest on the president and the impeachment procedures in the house and moving on to the senate. we will talk to stuart varney about the 120th record high for the dow and judge andrew napolitano on what chuck schumer is up to. the human highlight film, dominic wilkins has a new team, the yang gang, he think mister yang, that 2020 candidate is a slamdunk. a busy three hours kicks off 13 minutes from now right here on the channel you trust for your morning news. back in two minutes.
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>> drivers licenses in new jersey. and there you have it, supported celebrating in the stays only after the bill passed both chambers and governor murphy promise decided into law. new york for hundreds of illegal immigrants lineup to apply for licenses after its own law went into effect. the supreme court refusing to hear arguments on whether cities can ban the homeless from sleeping on the street, the case brought forward by boise, idaho sought to challenge a ninth circuit court ruling that
2:51 am
protect homeless people's right to sleep in public spaces. the appeal rejected, the ruling stand and up in court justice neil gorsuch will join the 8:00 hour and rare live interview to talk about this case. >> research is predicting a new radiotherapy to be the disease within 5 to 10 days. and the study has normal implications for women and to break down this, couple studies going on right now. >> everyone present their latest research. a lot of hope for treating breast cancer and the when you are referring to discussing
2:52 am
radiation, and they had radiation to decrease the risk every current in the future. which it is proven to do. and they had to go multiple times a lead, and prolonging treatment. higher doses in that in a shorter-term, and accelerated partial radiation. it is not the whole breast being radiated but focusing where the cancer is. it is less invasive, it was significantly more convenient for a woman. a lot of people will fork over the radiation because it is difficult to get into the center for 6 weeks afterwards and they are showing list can side effect, burning and improved cosmetics. jillian: some of the pros.
2:53 am
and reduce responsibility, >> what is right behind it. and they are lending the risk of that. >> there is so much we know and so much we don't know about these. there is a new study linking them to lung disease. >> it is not a new study but the first long-term study which in the scientific community makes us very happy. this followed 32,000 people over three years. i won't say there is any breaking news. we knew he cigarettes were related to lung disease. a 30% chance of having chronic lung disease.
2:54 am
this is something that is probably going to have people yelling at me on social media, less than 1% of people who use e-cigarette are transitioning from regular tobacco. what it did show, a lot of adults started using e-cigarette and written using tobacco products as well, not the reverse so people like to say he cigarettes get off of tobacco cigarettes. it may be true but one study showed it is less than 1% of people. my concern as a physician and a mother we have a lot of middle schoolers at high schoolers, 5 million in 2019 using e-cigarette, the flavored ones which is why we are talking about banning it. jillian: thank you for joining us. two important topics we will follow. it is 6 minutes until the top of the our.
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nerf guns have been a childhood favorite for decades but the pc police are taking aim. the demand for hasbro to remove the toy the week before christmas. ♪ jillian: the ugly christmas sweater we can't get enough of. we are coming right back. ♪ jingle bell rock ♪ . . ( ♪ )
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not a cent more. family is important to us. and we'd like you to be part of ours. so happy holidays. and welcome to the family. the chevy family! get the chevy employee discount for everyone today. ♪ rob: time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. we start with the good. an excited dad picking up his daughter from the airport dressed like an elf. the graduate student says he always welcomes her home to
2:59 am
kansas from signs and fun costumes. biggest one yet. going viral. jillian: i love it. next the bad. the consumer group is taking aim at popular christmas gift for kids. ththe nerf gun. happy holidays. >> whoa. jillian: love those things. assault weapon toys. in a letter to toy company hasbro the group writes in part how is this promoting play with huge automatic weapons create joy? rob: all right. and finally the ugly. as in ugly christmas sweater. one mom pulling out all the stops for ugly sweater competition at daughter's dance company. you can say 8-year-old layla modeling. climbing down the chimney drops and they goes. jillian: i wore one last
3:00 am
year or the year before he made this college. this is before they came made pre-lit up. had electronic devices attached turn lights on. rob: too funny. jillian: she did a good job. >> neil gorsuch on "fox & friends." see you later. ♪ you i don't want a lot for christmas ♪ there is just one thing i need ♪ and i don't care about the presents underneath the christmas tree. brian: is that mariah carey? ainsley: never gets old. brian: neither does she she is ageless. ainsley: that's jlo. steve: number one on the billboard shot since the time it debuted. ainsley: this song? steve: yes. all i want for christmas --


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