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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 17, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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tough spot with the procedural vote. >> neil: you remain wicked smart. always good having you. no one knows capitol hill better. that's going to be the dramatic scene tomorrow. here comes "the five" now. >> jesse: hello. i'm jessie along with katie, juan williams, dana perino, and greg. it's 5:00 here in new york city and this is "the five." >> jesse: the democrat impeachment spectacle returning to capitol hill. you're looking live as the rules committee continues to set guidelines for debate and full house vote expected tomorrow. but the real fireworks are going down in the senate. the majority leader mitch mcconnell and minority leader chuck schumer are waging war over potential witnesses. the house chose this road. it's their duty to investigate. it's their duty to meet the high bar for undoing a national
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election. >> the house has built a very strong case against the president. maybe that's why leader mcconnell doesn't seem to want witnesses. at least not agreed to them now. >> jesse: president trump hammering nancy pelosi in impeachment over a letter saying democrats are declaring open war on american democracy. here is the president earlier? >> i have not seen it, the whole impeachment thing is a hoax. we look forward to getting on the the senate. we're not entitled to lawyers. we're not entitled to witnesses. we're not entitled to anything in the house. it's a total sham. i've never seen the republican party so united. we've got -- our last vote we got 100% of the vote. i believe the senate is equally as well united. i watched mitch mcconnell this morning. i watched numerous people last night. senators, and i think we're equally well united.
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>> jesse: all right, so, dana, we assume they're going to impeach tomorrow in the house and now we're looking forward to what's going to happen in the new york senate. we're jockeying for the senate. who's going to win the prefight fight? >> dana: a couple of things. if you look at the polls, the national ones are in the battleground states. i think if you as the prosecution or the democrats have the burden of proof, right? and you have not moved the needle at all, then i think the republicans have actually done very well so far. one big complaint is the senate is looking at the house saying you didn't call the witnesses before, why should we call them now? >> jesse: they didn't try. they didn't go to court over it. >> dana: in 199, chuck schumer had a different position. he explained that his own way. you can also find republicans changing their position from 1999 to today. the thing is that the house made a house of straw, not a house of bricks. >> jesse: what?
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that was not the analogy. that was a metaphor. my analogy is coming later in the d block. we'll go back to this. >> dana: it's such a good one. i'm going to save it for them. i do think that the rebe uns have the upper hand here. but once you turn the page on the whole year, it's a good thing. >> jesse: chuck schumer changing his position. then you can respond. >> the president is it the defendant. the due process would guarantee him certain rights. it seems to me that no good case is made for witnesses. we a uth to be doing instead of this is doing what the american people want us to do which is make the schools better and preserve social security and rein in the hmos.
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>> dana: rein in the hmos. >> greg: is he more of a hypocrite? he's saying we built a strong case but we need more witnesses. if you have a strong case, you don't need anymore witnesses. but also, the whole idea of expecting the senate to call witnesses is hilarious. you won the case. trump has. we've seen this movie. why call more witnesses to expand to be looked at. if you're about to win a discrimination case, do you call more witnesses on your behalf? no, you don't. you don't have to do that. no chance of being impeached in the senate. you don't want to give them free swings. the idea of schumer talking about fairness, nothing is fair in politics. it's a pointless argument because you will always see your side right or left as being the
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disadvantage. nobody comes to you and says, dana, you know, i'm getting the better end of this deal. no one has said that in the history of anything. >> dana: no. >> greg: to everybody always sees their side as being a disadvantage. say it's not fair, waste your argument and your time. just assume you're going to disagree with them and they're going to disagree with you. >> jesse: juan, would you like to respond? in the house, the democrats denied all republican witnesses. and now chuck schumer says, no, you should treat us fairly after the republicans get railroaded in the house. >> juan: i listen and i get dizzy. we don't need to hear from hunter biden, joe biden, because they're not the ones that are on trial here in terms of impeachment. and president trump said -- >> jesse: chalupa. >> juan: any efforts to distract are legitimized by the what about it? it's ridiculous.
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here's what happened today. the president sends a letter to nancy pelosi which is essentially a scream from a guilty man. he says i can't argue with you, but i'm going call you name. i'm going to say it's a hoax, i'm going say it's a perfect call. you know what, jesse, 70% of americans including republicans say, you did something wrong, mr. president. that's not right to try to use your power as a representative of the united states to get information on your political opponent. don't do it. shouldn't have done it. but it's only because -- and this comes back to greg's point, it's only because republicans insist, oh, you know what, i'm going to just be totally loyal. i'm a republican. so i won't look at the facts and that goes on -- >> jesse: that's not what i said. why do you have to say something -- you don't have to make up new stuff? >> juan: because if the facts are so -- >> jesse: like adam schiff. you take a story and regurgitate it by completely nonsensical facts. i said nothing like that. >> juan: if the democrats
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were -- trump wouldn't have sent that letter. >> jesse: trump has been doing that for three years. you're acting like his own words when they're loud, aggressive, or funny proof of guilt? >> juan: laughable to all of america, perfect call. >> greg: he's going to lose in the senate. >> dana: speaking of the republicans who were on the house judiciary committee who said publicly, do i think it was the perfect call? no, do i like what the president said? no, is it an impeachable offense? absolutely not. that's where the majority of the country is which has proven by the way the polls have been going down on behalf of the narrative for the democrats and up for president trump in terms of approval and what republicans are doing in handling this. back to the process here, democrats set a low standard of impeachment in the house. for chuck shooumer to ask for some kind of fairness is just a big joke. and the white house now has an
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opportunity. and they can say quit while we're ahead. the numbers are good. we don't benefit by bringing hunter biden or anyone else before the senate to testify because democrats do get other witnesses to come and talk under oath. the democrats are severely underestimating the blowback in trump districts that have democrat representatives in congress who are basically saying, we know better than you. we don't believe that your vote counts and now we're going make a decision to impeach the president. and in that letter today to nancy pelosi, president trump wasn't just talking to pelosi, he was putting himself on historical record, defending himself. and he mentions the voters and he's talking about how the democrats are attacking millions of people around the country with this charade they've done. so, if the democrats have a clear-cut case, the numbers would be higher. and chuck schumer wouldn't be asking for more. >> juan: i don't know how they could be higher. they're almost -- half of the country thinks -- he should be impeached. >> jesse: juan, juan. >> juan: when it was clinton, it
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never got above 29%. this is outrageous. >> jesse: we know you're upset. that's because you're losing. that's okay. >> juan: i think america is a great country. we should protect the constitution and not let this authoritarian drive us over the cliff. >> greg: changing the constitution. >> jesse: the first time i heard you talking about protecting the constitution. >> greg: we have more on impeachment. >> jesse: we do. but next, homeland security blasting a law allowing illegal aliens to get driver's licenses. plus more liberal insanity. stay with us. with sofi, get your credit cards right by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. and get your interest rate right so you can save big. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k.
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>> katie: we continue to talk about impeachment. liberal policies are running amock everywhere you go. is first up, homeland security is talking about a law that lets illegal immigrants to get driver's license. it rewards people who broke the law and is serious because the state is refusing to share information about who is signing up. dana? >> dana: this is an issue that back in 2007 or 2008 when hillary clinton had a -- was in a debate, she was running for the primary back then, she got all messed up about this. she said she defended the idea to give driver's licenses to illegal immigrants but in the same answer said she was against it and when pressed by the late tim russert, she attacked the moderator. it's partly the issue, you go to
2:15 pm
the state governor, like in california and new york, they'll say they need this, important for safety. there are people here on the roads that need to be accountable for that. but it gives a legitimacy that i don't think is deserved if you're not a citizen. >> dana: you're breaking the law. >> greg: cars are basically two-ton machines that kill thousands of people every year. so i would say, okay, let's do guns now. >> dana: for registration? >> greg: then let illegals register for guns then, because, why not? you kill more people -- you kill more people with cars. so why not do guns? i mean, logically, doesn't that make sense? >> juan: everyone doesn't need a gun. >> jesse: everybody doesn't need a car. >> juan: for people to have jobs, they oftentimes have to get to work or a truck -- >> greg: there are people in the midwest who believe a gun is necessary if they're on a farm. >> juan: i come back to the idea
2:16 pm
that i don't want to be on the road with people who haven't taken a driver's test, people who don't know how to drive. >> greg: you don't want to be with me, then. >> juan: you took the driver's test. >> jesse: i got one thing wrong. >> juan: give him credit. >> dana: one of the biggest problems is they believe it enables criminal behavior and the localities are not sharing information of criminal backgrounds with them so they can take these people out of neighborhoods. >> greg: you want me to say set up an i.c.e. sting at the dmv and line them up and ship them back south. >> here's what i will say. if i'm a liberal. if i'm a liberal and i'm thinking this is what's happening in new york city, i'm thinking what do you need a car for in new york? ride the subway, take the bus, take the train. why are we polluting the environment more? why are we giving illegal
2:17 pm
immigrants cars so they can idle and drive around and congest midtown? and just cause all kinds of pollution in this city. >> juan: are you mayor demraz you? are you deblasio or bloomberg? >> juan: already, new york city gives out ids to people. this is not legalizing anybody. you can be busted. this is about being on the road. >> greg: can they vote with this? >> juan: of course not. >> greg: just kidding. >> juan: are you scared. >> dana: get back to law and order. scenes like this, places like los angeles and san francisco, the supreme court is declining to hear a case that would have banned homeless people from sleeping in public spaces like sidewalks. the issue is enforcement. but it's enforcing -- >> dana: i was surprised the supreme court ruled this way. they upheld the ninth circuit.
2:18 pm
i really think they're tying the hands of cities and states that are trying to figure out a way to have a consequence for vagrancy. and now, i -- perhaps it's a responsibility, a city and a state to fig yoo you are out -- figure out a way to have shelter for these people. but basically if you're tying the hands of community leaders, that want to do something about homelessness. i was surprised. >> katie: enables the public health crisis in places like l.a. and san francisco. >> jesse: policies can grow because the nonleft doesn't pay attention. they're too busy working real jobs and they become the victims of the policy. because activism is a fulltime job for activists. this is an example that you have to focus on, right? we talked about the illegal driver's license. this is way, way worse. it's preventing you from preventing a safe, healthy life. you're basically saying, government is abdicating its responsibility. you're saying, you know what,
2:19 pm
people can live on your property, in front of your property, be sick, be diseased, be drug addicted and you can't do anything about it. that is a direct -- a direct -- it creates a direct problem for the people living in their cities who are paying their property taxes, who are paying their taxes in general, so this is something that is -- this is something that is about the health of the people on the street and the health of the people trying to get to class, trying to get to work. this is really the government letting you down. >> juan: so, can we have a conversation. >> greg: we are, on "the five." >> juan: you can still be arrested for trespassing. if i come on your property, the government says, yes, i'm illegal. >> greg: i'm going to set you up on that. >> juan: okay, all right. the second thing is god bless america, we do not criminalize poverty. >> greg: you just demonized my point of view. >> juan: i'm just making another -- offering the audience
2:20 pm
another perspective. i invite you to respond. but i think what we're saying here and what the court is saying is that it's the punishment. you cannot the eighth amendment issue, about punishment. and you cannot say we're going to punish you because you're sleeping in public. that's not a crime. >> greg: we had this discussion, juan, trying to help people is not a punishment. and when the left portrays people who want to get people off of the street to get treatment, to find out who needs treatment and who doesn't, when you describe that as punishment, that keeps help from actually reaching these people. there are mentally ill people, you see them every day in manhattan. they don't get help. >> juan: you can help them. you can't go to the guy sleeping on the street and say you ear in jail. >> dana: you can wear a banner that says i have the constitutional right that i can sleep wherever i want. >> katie: enabling and helping.
2:21 pm
>> greg: juan is looking at this theoretically. let me give you an example. you have a place up here in manhattan, if you have a tent city right outside of your door and your family is coming in and out and it's dark outside and there's drug addicts and >> juan: terrible. i don't like it. >> greg: you would call deblasio that day. but you don't see it. you talk about it in theory. you get away with it. that's not us. the other thing. it's a public sidewalk. there's no rules to a public sidewalk. there's rules to a public street. you can't go to a -- you know, a -- a highway and camp on the highway. the you can't go to the toll booth and start dancing and selling beer. there's rules. things are work out here. drop that bridge on there. >> katie: coming up, actor robert de niro launching an attack on trump's children. don't miss greg's monologue, next.
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>> jesse: robert de niro tries to link random thoughts to a sentence. joy was there to wind him up. he's played some of the most unredeemable characters. >> you have played some of the really unredeemable characters. was a psychopathic taxi driver. jake that used to beat his wife in "the raging bull," is trump worse than they are. >> to me, he is. he has no understanding that i can see of the outside world other than anything around him. he has no idea of what his purpose in life is -- as the president should be. and that is to pull the country together, to be for the people, to heal wounds, not to open them up and pour salt on them.
2:27 pm
>> jesse: de niro clearly has thoughts about this, more son than his career. his choice of rolls is now down to cinnamon and lobster. he was asked about the trump kids. at least he doesn't want my kids to take this the wrong way. >> i don't want my kids to take this the wrong way, but if my kids did what these kids did, i wouldn't want to be related to them. i would disown them. >>. >> jesse: this is sad. you have somebody pretending to be a tough guy turn out to be a second banana for joy behar, the poster child for trump derangement. bob is now just a jibbering, enfeebled anyoneny surrounded by inept relatives as he frets about how trump is in power, he's not. trump's rise coincides with de niro's decline. the person who knows it the most is de niro. there are plenty of prime who don't like trump, but don't let it warp their minds or ability to speak aloud among grown-ups or the view. but the schiffs and the de niros
2:28 pm
in the world are so emotionally damaged by politics they can't assess their own motions. being an actor is tough, for how does one handle real life without a script. your own predictions about life turn out wrong. it's not supposed to be this way, deknee thinks, only the cool guys get to win. sorry, bob. that's only in the movies. but at least you'll always have joy. when dislike is so emotional, katie, i think it means something else. he thought about it. it's in his head. >> katie: it's very personal. robert mueller had a personal spat with trump. to let it eat you alive and let it control your entire being is pathetic and sad. it's lazy. when he attacks the trump kids
2:29 pm
saying he would disown them but not say why. ivanka, went into the administration, got rid of the business after being successful and started this global women's project to allow women to get to the workforce, she's been able to change the laws in countries allowing women to own property making an impact on people's lives and now he's saying if they were his children, he would disown them. he's doing real work for america and around the world. that's the only argument they can come up with. >> jesse, he went from raging bull to joy's assistant. >> jesse: he's so boring. he's always been bad at a lazy guest. but now the media has found something that makes him interesting.
2:30 pm
they're destroying it for ratings and scoring political points. it's sad. you can see it's all he has. he seems a little obsessed. he's a great actor, but kind of destroying his brand a little bit here. i'm not saying conservatives aren't going to watch his movie, they have. this is one of the reasons why conservatives don't watch these shows. you don't want to see the angry guy try to take the president's head off and have joy help him out doing that and sell tv ads off of that. it's cheap and people tune out. now, to say that donald trump is out of touch with the country? that's crazy. i mean, he's -- he's sometimes too in touch with what's going on. what we want. he's the man -- he's got the finger on the pulse. and i don't think he's divided the country. i this i the media has divided the country. >> greg: look at juan. >> juan: oh, my god, help me, lord, help me. i'm coming home.
2:31 pm
>> greg: turning into fred sanford before our eyes. >> dana: be careful. i don't know cpr. >> greg: i do, juan, i'm looking forward to trying it. >> juan: you want dana to go first? >> greg: go for it. >> juan: i thought "the irishmen" was good. >> greg: i didn't like it. >> juan: he was terrific. >> greg: no, joe pesci, great, jonathan moore, incredible. he was crazy. cgi screwed up his face. >> juan: okay, i happen to -- i agree -- the body of work, excellent. >> greg: yeah, i mean. >> juan: excellent actor. but i'm listening to you about this angry old man. i'm thinking, this week i heard this angry old man go after this 16-year-old girl and talking about nancy pelosi. >> greg: that's a funny tweet. >> juan: when he does it, it's funny. >> greg: it's funny. >> juan: de niro does it, you
2:32 pm
don't like it. i'm saying de niro, you're right to talk about trump. not okay to talk about trump, but it's okay to talk about de niro. it seems to me nobody goes hollywood and says, oh, let's leave this alone. it's just an actor. only conservatives pay attention to these actors as role models. >> dana: right, just an actor. don't get too worked up about it, everybody. i think there's a little progress on the civility front. this is the first clip we've shown of de niro talking about trump where he hasn't used the f word. >> jesse: i apologize. i totally missed that progress being made. i think joy and robert make a great couple and could see them hosting a show together. >> dana: a little far. >> jesse: next up, a war on democracy. the latest is coming up. (man and woman) [burst of talking to animals]
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>> jesse: another big day on capitol hill. you're looking live as the house rules committee continues to set guidelines for a debate and full vote on impeachment. it should be held tomorrow. the president saying they're waging a, quote, war on democracy, end quote. more from president trump. >> they took a perfect phone call i had with the president of ukraine and absolutely perfect call, you know it, they all know it. nothing was said wrong in that call, to impeach the president of the united states for that is a disgrace and it's a mark of our country. and i tell you why, other presidents in the future, unless they do something about this, other presidents are going to have to live with this. and every time they do something that's a little bit unpopular, a little bit strong, even if they're 100% right.
2:38 pm
>> jesse: oh, boy. while the house has impeachment, a new "usa today" poll shows trump topping 2020 rivals. in those polls, 15% say they're undecided. but what do you make of the president's argument, oh, now impeachment is going to be like standard fare. if the republicans are in charge, they'll impeach the democrats. if the democrat is in charge, they try to impeach the republican. >> greg: the republicans have honor, integrity, and principles. they would never try to impeach a president over a perfect call like this call was, juan, it doesn't matter what was in the call. i know a little bit about politics. i think you'd admit that, juan. i'm pretty smart when it comes to that kind of stuff. i'm going to tell you right now, greg's analogy yesterday was dead on. the dye pack, you steal money, you take it home, it blows up all over the cash. this thing is over, juan. the polls went downhill for you
2:39 pm
guys, the country doesn't want this. every poll you take, i know you're a big poll guy, so i only cite it when i talk to you. >> juan: thank you. >> greg: the polls say the american people want them to get to work. chuck should see what we played in the 90s, we have to do that, this, that, for american people, not for partisan politics. you know what's going to happen? trump is going to win in 2020. he might win bigger than he won last time. and i think they're going to lose the house over this. remember, i think it was 2009, the first time obama had just got in there. they went way, way over the line on obama care, way over the line on cap in trade. and it was just is a landslide, big overreaction. big course correction with the democrats going far left like this, they're going far left again. and they're going to pay a price.
2:40 pm
>> speaking about something you're saying, one position when they're in power, another out of power. from my perspective, people should look at the facts, the argument going on between schumer and mcconnell is are you willing to hear the actual facts of the case, or are you -- >> dana: yeah, we had -- i think that the house laid out its case. they did it over -- we were sitting next to each other. we watched the whole thing. there's nothing new that anyone is going to bring to the table. that is going to change people's minds. and it's a lot to me like groupwork, which was the worst in school when you don't get to pick your own group and you get assigned and all of a sudden they have to deal with the house's groupwork. and -- >> jesse: do all the work. >> dana: thanks, jesse, for handing me this piece of crap and know i have to impeach a president with this crap. then i'd be mad at you and i get an f.
2:41 pm
>> jesse: you said crap twice. >> katie: dana would never get an f, first of all. >> juan: greg, i want you to listen to the media reaction to what's going on. >> you know what worries me the most, actually, is i think since -- since about a week ago, when we saw the legal experts testifying in congress, i think we've been in new territory, which is the sense that reasonable people can disagree about whether he's a -- he should be impeached. >> right. >> i think this was testimony in -- in the judiciary committee. but i find it absolutely terrifying, right? i see trump is sort of positioning himself to the fringes. greg? >> greg: that's like the anti-five. four incredibly boring people in one room. by the way, i loved the headline, writer horrified that other people hold different opinions. that's the headline.
2:42 pm
he's horrified that somebody else disagrees with him. it's like a babylon bee headline. you know, when you find out who that person is, it's never an economist, it's never an industrial engineer. it's never a mathematician, it's always a writer because they're tuned into their own singular frequency, right? that is why they can't logically argue with anybody else because they don't have outside experience with other professions. it's not their fault, de niro, joy behar, it's like him. they're all stuck in that weird world where they never had to use the other part of the brain. i can't believe somebody doesn't agree with me. >> dana: the person who's usually doing this is supposed to be an unbiassed reporter. they're presented as somebody who's just reporting on politics. but real quickly, you're asking about the precedent here that's being set. don't forget when harry reid did the filibuster thing, all of the republicans warned, okay, new rules, mcconnell said don't do it. mcconnell is using that now to
2:43 pm
push through hundreds of president trump's judicial nominees. so be careful what you ask for. >> katie: added 15 more judicial court judges today. >> dana: there you go. your rules. >> juan: you think it's right for him to coordinate with the white house. >> dana: the clintons did, why wouldn't the president do it? the whole impartial juror thing, the president is like lindsey graham was? do you think kamala harris is or someone like amy klobechar who's still in the presidential race is impartial? come on. >> juan: ditch your tech addiction with a digital detox. you can drop that device. coming up on "the five." (woman speaking french) are you crazy/nuts? cyclist: pip! pip! (woman speaking french) i'm here, look at me. it's completely your fault. (man speaking french) ok? it's me. it's my fault?
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itreat them all as if, they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. >> dana: a way to break your tech addiction and spend more time with the family if you want to, try out digital detox where you forego all devices, more familiarries are doing it saying they want to give it a try this holiday season. if you get your kids electronics for christmas, how are you going to tell them not to use it? >> greg: i argue the opposite. don't spend more time with your family. they're meant to reduce family
2:48 pm
squabbles and drunken violence. if teens are on their phones, they're less likely to anger gramps by calling him a war criminal. keep everybody apart. let everybody watch where you want to watch. be together in the same room, while being apart. >> jesse: you're saying merry christmas and you're writing, thank you for the gift. >> dana: not talking to him. talking to somebody else. >> greg: thank, dad, and pose with your father? >> jesse: yeah. >> dana: you're good at putting the phone down. combroip i do. and i come to the father and i say, what happened, what's all this? >> juan: you come to the five. and i'm here, buzz, buzz, buzz, jesse's phone is buzzing. >> katie: his mom, his mom is texting him. >> juan: but the thing is, you talk about the sense of isolation, disclosed in american society today. it contributes to it. and i think it's a good idea.
2:49 pm
i don't know how they do the digital detox, but the spirit of this is contributing to this. >> dana: she has on the weekends a box, everybody has to have the devices in the box and they're not allowed to have it for the weekend. >> juan: like going to the cia. >> dana: a skift. >> katie: i have a friend who bought that for the dieting, and a timer on it and he puts it in there and locks for eight hours. it's a clear tupperware box with a lock on it. >> dana: why for dieting. >> katie: people have to time themselves and not have access for certain portions. >> dana: so they use it for the phone. >> katie: a lot of jewish people do it, they put the phone in friday night and not out until saturday night. it's a healthy thing. >> jesse: people are doing the digital detox now. they're three weeks in. it drives everybody crazy. you can't get in touch with the
2:50 pm
guy. he doesn't use the cell phone. >> dana: that's the problem. >> katie: did it for an entire month. not a lap top, not a computer, anything. >> greg: he annoys the hell out of you telling you about it. all he does -- hey, i'm going away for a month. okay, we know what you're doing. >> juan: everybody in my family says you don't read my e-mail. >> dana: yeah, you're not really responsive. >> juan: i just do it a couple of times a day. i'll take a look. but i'm not going to be constantly -- >> jesse: you don't get my hate e-mails. >> greg: i send them from anonymous addresses, though. >> dana: you can't detox because everyone else expects you to respond. everyone else's fault, not yours. >> juan: the way people walk down the street, they're addicted. it's not healthy. >> dana: you heard it here. "one more thing" is up next. do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended
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>> time for one more thing. congratulations to drew brees. broke manning's touchdown record last night. >> there it is. >> actually, saturday. >> three or four touchdowns last night. and tom brady is only three behind him. he could catch him. we'll see. [ laughter ] >> laughing here in the background. again, congratulations to drew brees. all-time career touchdown record. >> i'm over here. >> i was just -- [ laughter ] >> so i have something. the first time in the united states a group of inmates is performing a play outside of prison walls is taking place at the university of denver. it's a group of 40 inmates from the denver women's correctional facility. they perform "a christmas
2:56 pm
carol". >> wait, wait, wait. >> what? >> i'm just saying this could get out of hand. you're taking prisoners, bringing them to a public area, letting them try on costumes, makeup and disguises? >> this is a program that helps with rehabilitation and teaches them to be kinder and positive. my mom went to the show. said it was outstanding. the inmates put on -- they do everything from the stage management to the acting. >> quite a show. >> you guys -- [ laughter ] >> that was a great joke. >> you talk about sensitivity. >> i commend the university of denver prison arts initiative. they work with the department of corrections there. i'm going to come to one of these plays that they do at some point. you have to pay like $10. i don't know. that's james patterson. we did a book club on fox nation. you can check it out there.
2:57 pm
>> all right. greg? >> time for this. [ whistle blowing ] >> you know how much i hate soccer. more than life itself. if that's indeed possible. unless a deer is playing soccer. check out this sucker. that is a deer, right? i don't know my animals. check this out. watch the celebration. watch the celebration. he didn't fake an injury. he went in there and -- by the way, he didn't use any of his hands. used his feet and his head. >> yeah, it's a deer. >> thank you, katy. [ laughter ] >> there was like some fiery thing coming this guy's way, kicked it, got it out of the way. >> that's a great story, dana. [ laughter ] >> i got to check that out. >> i'm so hungry i can't even think straight. >> i didn't know rudolph played soccer. if you are a "star wars" fan,
2:58 pm
you know there is a new "star wars" movie coming, "rise of skywalker. the newborns at a pittsburgh hospital just can't wait. babies dressed up as baby yoda. it's a holiday tradition at the hospital to dress the babies in the nursery in some kind of festive attire. this year, they dressed them up in special santa hats with big green ears and they all look like baby yoda. >> so they released the new "star wars" movie on the same night as the democratic presidential debate. that's really not a smart idea. >> why not? >> no one's going to watch the debate. everyone's going to watch the movie. >> those little babies are cute. for the parents, the force be with you. okay. so we love service dogs. this service dog named henry is a golden retriever and could not
2:59 pm
contain his excitement. the golden retriever was doug from the disney movie "up." he met with a cast member from the movie. henry is jessica paulson's service dog from nashville, tennessee. she posted the -- >> i don't like this katy. >> -- to his instagram where he had -- >> you're deceiving a dog. >> why! he thinks it's his friend. it's really cute. >> you're deceiving a dog. that person should be under arrest. >> how is the fox news christmas party last night? >> i did not go. >> you missed it? ? >> we missed you there. >> it was pretty fun. >> what did you do? >> i didn't need them. i went right down the middle. >> only threw one ball? >> one ball and then i left. >> i got to do those devices where you put the clamps in the
3:00 pm
machine and pull stuff out. >> that's usually rigged. >> it was rigged! >> i guess they unrigged it. like the senate. >> oh! >> hey, bret. >> bret: right down the middle, huh? breaking tonight, the fisa court is fighting back not against the critical inspector general's report, but against the fbi. the chief judge issued a rare public order, a statement that the court expects the government to provide complete and accurate information in every filing. of course one of doug mcelway following this story. >> reporter: in the order of this afternoon, the court chastised the fbi for the fisa abuses brought to light in the recent inspector general's report.


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