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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  December 18, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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>> sean: that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. we hope you will set your dvr, we will never be the media mob and we seek the truth. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is next. have a good night. ♪ ♪ >> laura: on laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. it was a foregone conclusion that president trump would be impeached on two separate articles, abuse of power and obstruction of justice. excuse me, congress. there is no justice there. but no republican voted for impeachment while two democrats voted against the first article, and three against the second, making the defense of president trump the only bipartisan note of the evening. we have this covered tonight from every angle. reaction from the white house, members of the senate, the house, legal experts and a lot more. and stay for the final segment
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for seen and unseen where raymond arroyo is going to bring up the revealing and hilarious moment from a pathetic day from the democrats. plus, the holiday greeting liberals can't get enough of. but first, liar, liar, liar. that is the focus of tonight's victory for red "angle." watching today's impeachment spectacle and listening to all the bluster and the blather, i came away with one overriding thought. as an effective and pathetic the democrats are as legislators, they are even worse actors. >> i solemnly and sadly open the debate on the impeachment. today is a solemn day in americ. a day that none of us hope for. >> it is with a solemn sense of duty that i rise today to support impeachment. >> a sad day for america. >> i am not gleeful for today.
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>> laura: no, they are not gleeful but they are not solemn or prayerful either. by the way, they were reportedly taking selfies on the house floor tonight. for a few months, though, they were ecstatic when they thought a whistleblower was going to deliver a victory next november. a victory they knew was going to be difficult amidst a growing economy. they needed something to help them but then the impeachment poles started to turn. not one or two but several showing americans aren't buying their evidence free hyperbole on ukraine. after countless hours, so tedious, these speeches, panels of liberal academics and hearsay witnesses and bitter foreign service officers, fewer americans, not more, believe that donald trump committed an impeachable offense. americans are pretty smart, aren't they? they can spot a sham when they see one. the same democrats who
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vehemently opposed impeaching clinton in the 1990s because the crimes weren't serious enough. they now want to trump removed from office for committing no crime at all. repeating a lie over and over again, schiff thought, would be enough to win over america. that is how little he thinks of your intelligence. there was a blizzard of lies flying around the house chamber today, so we are going to focus tonight and just the important ones. line number one, the facts are settled. >> the uncontested evidence shows donald trump violated his oath of office of office. >> the facts are not in dispute. >> the facts are black-and-white. >> the evidence is undisputed. >> not a single fact in this case is seriously in dispute. >> laura: this is ludicrous on its face. jim jordan told the story well earlier this evening. >> democrats forgot two key
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things. forgot about the facts and they forgot about fairness. no quid pro quo. two guys on the call who repeatedly said there was no pressure. most important, ukraine took no action, no announcement of investigation to get the aid released by democrats don't care. they don't care about the facts and they sure don't care about the process. >> laura: in other words, mark small well is on well if he thinks the evidence is undisput. lie number two, this has been an open, aboveboard, and totally fair process. >> members of both parties have been involved in every stage. >> over 100 members were able to participate. >> the president was given the opportunity to testify before the judiciary committee to send the council to test witnesses. he declined t to do so. >> laura: any lawyer who would've advised trump to appear
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before schiff should be disbarred. again, jordan nailed it. >> no republican witnesses during the depositions, republicans were prevented from getting all their questions answered. but democrats got every up there questions. and of course the anonymous whistleblower with no firsthand evidence, bias against the president, the guy who started it all. >> laura: i almost didn't recognize him because he got the jacket on. lie number three, trump used ukrainian aid for political leverage. >> he leveraged critically needed, congressionally approved military aid to ukraine. >> in order to coerce a fraudulent investigation into a potential political opponent. >> military aid used to fight as leverage, solely to benefit his own political campaign. george washington would be
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astonished. >> laura: george washington? democrats are now suddenly clairvoyance. here are the facts. ukrainian's military aide was delayed a mere 55 days in reasonable bounds. it was released within the time frame established by congress. ukraine didn't have to announce investigations into the bidens with the 2016 election or take any other action. it's ridiculous. lie number four, trump actively fought for an election meddling. >> the president actively sought for an election interference to benefit himself. >> the integrity of the 2020 election remains at risk. >> donald trump sacrificed our national security in an effort to cheat in the next election. >> laura: if you think our national security is intimately connected with ukraine, then we've got to go back to school, okay? it's ridiculous. we have the transcript of trump's call with zelensky.
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he never once mentions the 2020 election, then there is the small matter of that stumbling, bumbling joe biden. the fact that he hasn't won's party's nomination yet. he isn't trump's ultimate rival. the bidens, like the clintons, brought this problem on themselves by ignoring obvious conflicts of interest. the reason, hunter, and accepting large sums of money when they shouldn't have. so i'm glad the president wants answers about all of that. joe biden doesn't get a free pass from scrutiny because he is running for president, that is absurd. lie number five, no one is above the law. >> i know the president said that he could get away with anything he wants to. no, he cannot because no one is above the law. >> if you live on 1600 pennsylvania avenue, you are not above the law. >> laura: at least he knows the address of the white house. wait a second, democrats don't believe that for a second.
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by their own conduct and policy. from the way they shielded the clintons to the way they currently shield the bidens. they don't even want those questions asked. and of course, the way they crop up and coddle illegal immigrants who are so far out of the shadows at this point that they lined up a block by block by block to wait for drivers licenses in new york this week. line number six, trump is obstructing congress. >> he tried to cover up his scandalous behavior and he obstructed the investigation. >> he obstructed congress every step of the way in an effort to cover it all up. >> he has blocked numerous witnesses from testifying about his actions. >> president trump's actions are even worse than nixon's. >> laura: talk about a zero credibility. new york must be so proud. democrats want you to believe that the president challenging
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subpoenas in court, or asserting executive privilege is an impeachable offense. guess what, as alan dershowitz has said so many times on this show, that would eviscerate executive authority. if democrats wanted to show obstruction, they needed to file an emergency petition in court. so why didn't they? >> laura: and that's "the angle." house republicans made a lot of powerful arguments today but the most stirring remarks came from congressman doug collins. >> when i look out in that abyss i don't know what i see but i will tell you what i do see, i see coming up a president that will put his head down even through this sham impeachment and he will do his job. he will put the american people
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first. he will tell them that i care about you. he will still put the economy first and he will make sure this country stands strong! >> laura: joining me now, the man front and center for the g.o.p. throughout this very long day, congressman doug collins, ranking member on house judiciary. congressman, we knew this was going to happen. kind of a big deal moment historically. but it was a shock how many falsehoods were told throughout the day, repeatedly told, which i guess with their strategy all along. >> it was. if you don't have anything you just have to make it up. what amazes me and i was talking about some of my staff about this, adjectives and adverbs became the call and called today. high crimes and misdemeanors, the amazing things this president did. they couldn't lay it down because they had no case. we knocked their case down consistently and they still try to lie to the american people all day today. >> laura: congressman susan davis from california was one of
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the final speakers who spoke, and it was a long day. a lot of people said, watching, like i've never seen the person before. this is what she said. >> we are not impeaching this president. he is impeaching himself. if you were the president, and you obstruct justice, try to bribe a foreign leader, and threaten national security, you're going to get impeached! >> laura: she got a lot of applause for that. it was basically a daylong defamation. if you're bribing a foreign leader. of course, not an article of impeachment they decided to go with. >> i had to write that a lot today. she's out, she's lying, there's no obstruction. yes, there was. they didn't have an article for it and you know that. i had to bring this up to mr. schiff, he has a lot of trouble with the truth. he has a lot of trouble with
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anything past himself. we had to bring this up to him. if you saw he did this then why didn't you put it into the article? the reason is you don't have it. this is nothing but a vendetta against the president that they can't stand. one that they've looked at and they said, he will fail, he will fail. you know what he did? he came here and told the truth. he took the american economy and turned it around. he took the american military and made it stronger. what is so despicable about today, one thing really bothered me the most. they talk about president zelensky and when he wouldn't cooperate with their story, they didn't have to trash him. the majority democrats have trashed president zelensky as a liar, and we even have one who actually called him a battered wife. this is how ridiculous and dangerous this democratic majority is. the republican minority has witnessed it all year. >> laura: as nadler was closing out after the vote, he said he can't act like a dictator. a ranking member here of the judiciary, the head of the
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judiciary committee calling the president of the united states a dictator and they think they're going to win on that in a robust economy? that kind of just sounded out. pathetic. if you're so strong on your facts, why do you have to go there? >> you don't. if you are not strong on your facts you have to make it up, deflect, distract. but this is interesting, adam schiff for the first time actually showed up. i was impressed even came to a hearing. he never wanted to come to ours. but when we started pushing back on him, he just quietly sat do down. when we pushed back on his lies, he couldn't combat it. if you were the impeachment guru of your party you would've stood up and made that case. he had nothing. >> laura: by the way, throughout this proceeding, the members obstructed. it was just funny, i had to say that. this was kind of a moment. this was pelosi after the first vote was tallied for the first article of impeachment and the reaction.
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watch. >> the yays are 230. at the the names are 197. present is one. article one is adopted. >> laura: oh, mommy was mad. grandma was mad. they were starting to hoot and holler. >> a little bit. how can you be upset about something you've been warning -- they've been wanting it for three years peer this is like something going around and sing i really want this car, i really want this car and you say, here is your car. and you are really somber about it. as you said, the speaker got upset. somebody is in timeout because they knew that shouldn't happen. >> laura: can you believe we are here? they wanted to do it but i never thought they had the guts, i have to say. what was going through your
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mind. you're stepping up every minute and a half on your feet today? >> it was surreal. i was like, really, this is what you're basing everything on? more subpoenas issues than laws passed. lie after lie. he started with the mueller, and actually whitaker. remember that way back when? then we went to mueller, then we went to this. in a relationship, i've got to keep feeding this vase. if they don't like me, if i don't give them something, even if i have to lie to them and they've been lying to them and it finally caught up with them. of been saying this all along, the calendar and the clock drove this whole thing. >> laura: do you think they finally will send articles to the senate, yes or no? >> i would assume she has to. >> laura: she hinted that is not going to happen. congressman, you did a phenomenal job today and we really appreciate all your hard work. nancy pelosi, merry christmas to you. nancy pelosi is suggesting she may withhold the articles of impeachment from the senate
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unless they gave to her demands. >> we have legislation approved by the rules committee that will enable us to decide how we will send over the articles of impeachment. we are not sending it tonight because it's difficult to determine who the managers would be until we see the arena, which we will be participating. >> laura: could you follow any of that? she can't pick the manager until she sees the arena. nancy, it's called the u.s. senate. they get to determine their own roles. in other words, you could have been pumped today, america. in this whole thing was a sham from the beginning and if she doesn't send those articles of impeachment because she is having a temper tantrum about the rules, then you know you were punk. joining me on this solemn, somber occasion, senior fellow of constitutional scholar, robert, this was unbelievable.
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could it actually be that we did all this and then nancy withholds the articles because she's demanding a certain trial of her political nemesis? say what the facts kind of, in a way, accrues to make trump of. >> no, even as speaker of the how she doesn't get to tell the united states senate what to do, period. >> laura: but does she have to send articles of impeachment? does she have to send them to the senate? she's hinting tonight that she's not going going to do that. >> this whole thing has been such uncharted territory. there is no precedent for withholding articles of impeachment. when the house passes a resolution or a bill, it necessarily must go to the senate for consideration. this is not a single house resolution. this is something that requires the participation of both houses
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of congress. so again, completely uncharted territory if she doesn't do it. but if she doesn't send them over there just proves what you've been saying all along. this is a sham and i kept getting the sense all day today, everybody saying the same lies over and over again in the two minute speech is that they were all building their campaign commercials for the fall knowing full well this is not going anywhere in the senate. they have gotten as much mileage out of this as they are possibly going to get with their base, and maybe they stop it right there so they don't actually get an acquittal. >> laura: each of the words out of my mouth. robert, that is where i'm going with this. mueller's were the polls are. she knows they're not going in her direction. there's no sense they are going to somehow turn around because of these tedious, two minute speeches that were given today. most people didn't watch it and most of them were just filled with bromide after a lie, they are not going to persuade anybody. that way she can say, we've impeached the president and she doesn't let them say he was
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acquitted. that looks like what is happening when i watched her closely, that looks like the direction we are going in. >> laura, i predict this impeachment today will, in the eyes of history, live in infamy. if that's what she intends to do, that will only prove that case conclusively. i do think the articles will make their way one way or another to the senate and i do think, as you indicated earlier in the show, never underestimate the good sense of the american people. this it does not deserve a trial in the senate. i would hope that republican senators unanimously show some courage for the benefit of the country for an early termination of this. this has now become ridiculous and as you've said for many, many months, this has got to stop. >> laura: and its been
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adam schiff, stood next to nancy pelosi to do their big wind up at the end after the vote so they could again milk it until the last second. watch and listen closely to what he said. we will take your comment on the other side. speak of the president of the united states should be tried in the question is whether or not senator mcconnell will allow a fair trial in the senate. the american people want to hear from people like john bolton. the american people want to hear from people like mick mulvaney. the american people want to see what's in those documents that the president has been hiding at the state department in the office of management and budget, in the white house itself. >> laura: it sounds like this is like a rolling impeachment. in other words, let's say trump wins, as i think he will next year, they don't take back the house, keep it going. keep this thing going, and republicans have to make that point. you want more of this, you voted nancy pelosi back with that gavel next year because you're
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going to keep getting this beer that is what is hinting at. >> that is what is hinting at, and also witnesses that he chose not to force the subpoena against, he's now now hoping the republican-controlled senate will do his dirty work for him. i think if the senate is going to call any witnesses, it's much more likely they called john brennan in and asked why his minion, a spy in the cia, was working with people inside the white house to spy on the president. this is stunning. nancy pelosi and adam schiff both know this has zero chance of leading to a conviction in the senate so why did they do that? they're probably going to lose 30 seats in the next election as a result of this, so why did they play thelma and louise and drive off a cliff here? one of two things. either their base has gotten so nutty this is the only thing they could do, or at least equally likely that john durham investigation is getting close to indictment of some very top
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people in the obama justice department and obama fbi and may be the obama white house of what is the greatest political scandal in history. the obama administration spying on their political opponent in the 2016 election. i think all of this is designed to try to find an alternative narrative to try to pretend that didn't exist so we don't have to talk about it. >> laura: very convenient, is it not, because we have the testimony today of the inspector general in the senate. it was kind of overlooked. major concessions, in my view, made by him, he was a lot more specific about bias in the fisa process. but i don't think the democrats wanted that narrative anywhere near this election cycle. >> i agree with you. michael was great, he is a friend of mine, i thought he was great today, i thought it failed
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and much more. it is in fact a story and yes, it was overshadowed, but that is what should be the story and that is why the american people should be paying attention to, because that actually represented the greatest threat in terms of interference with our democracy. all the rest of this stuff, the democrats can try to make their case breezily as to the fact that the president today betrayed his country. if they really believe that they should have charged him in an impeachment article with treason. similarly, as doug collins mentions, they can talk bribery and extortion and obstruction of justice all they want. they didn't charge any of those things and the reason they didn't is because they couldn't prove it. these articles of impeachment are defective, they do not warrant a trial, and look in the senate for an early motion to dismiss by the president's lawyers, and that motion, i believe, will be granted and we will be done with this once and for all.
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>> laura: you guys are going to hold on because we have a lot more to get to because of this inspector general issue and other breaking developments tonight, see you guys are going to hang there but thank you. what is truly remarkable about this impeachment sham is that president trump's popularity keeps increasing in spite of it. the latest gallup poll issuing his approval rating is up six points since the impeachment inquiries began and is now 45%, the highest since may. i want to bring in the cofounder and president of real clear politics. undeniable that impeachment has been a political plot, let alone a legal plot. where do you see this going? >> we've got a ton of data. we've got 15 polls and our average net for his job approval and a dozen polls on the question of impeachment. president trump's is getting stronger. his approval rating is high in gallup, high in quinnipiac, holding steady. he lost about three points when
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pelosi announced to the initial impeachment inquiry. ever since the public piece of this has taken place, he's gained back about three points is now almost back to where he was when this started. and the economy numbers, he has gone to a point and have two plus 12 points on approval of the economy while impeachment is going on. >> laura: i say this and to my kids, someday you will look back at this time and kids will say, was there really a time where there was 3.5% unemployment and blue-collar wages were growing up? i mean, really? it doesn't moment, get much better than that ever. the omnibus bill, what do you think is behind pelosi's little gambit here? or hinting that the articles of impeachment will never go to the senate. it's obvious, she's going to say that mitch mcconnell is not an impartial arbiter, he cannot be
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trusted, he's conspiring. it's just all -- the senate can do what the senate wants to do. >> but i don't understand the strategy because, again, ever since this impeachment thing has started, we've seen the numbers on impeachment now appeared underwater by over a point. thousands and thousands of voters who have been surveyed now have moved against impeachment over the last couple of weeks so not sure prolonging this will do the democrats any favors. >> laura: she thinks it's going to stop the bleeding by now continuing into the senate so that they can move onto just saying, we impeached him, and they are so corrupt they wouldn't even have a fair process in place so we weren't going to play in their sandbox. speak of that might be her strategy but as we heard doug collins say, we are not sure she's going to get away with that. republicans will continue to make this an issue because it looks like they won the article with the public. >> laura: realistically, you are an expert. you've been surveying and analyzing these polls for a long
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time. a lot of complicated districts out there. it's impossible to say republicans will take all the seats back. that is a heavy lift. but people like abigail's hamburger in the seventh district of virginia, a story i know quite well, she started like giving ah on the floor today like this is the last speech while anyone pays attention to me. >> this may be the end of my political career and if that's the case, so be it. there were a lot of democrats that said that after obamacare past. >> laura: look at me, i'm principled. >> that's fine, but the political reality is, the numbers we were talking about are national in the swing states and swing districts, it's even worse in terms of how voters have responded to the impeachment process thus far. to appoint it's become background noise and we will see. the election is a long way off, we don't know exactly how this
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will play out but in the short term it is not doing them any favors. >> laura: when you look at the heat surrounding this issue, protesters, popout protesters across the country all had the same printed signs, it looked quite organized, who is paying for it. does that represent anything or is that the kind of thing you would imagine happening on a day like today? >> i have watched this whole thing play out and again, i'm from chicago. i'm not from inside the beltway. a classic case of folks on the left and right, extreme partisans are agitated by this issue but this is a disconnect to people and the rest of the country, they have it on their tv, may be on meat, but it's not resonating. >> laura: they are going like this. we've got to go. great to see you, merry christmas. kellyanne conway and congressman steve javid and brad burns, editor rick scott also. we are going to talk to him about what is happening next in the senate trial, if there ever
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>> laura: joining me now, kellyanne conway, i want you to respond to tonight's breaking news that speaker pelosi will not commit to sending the articles of impeachment that they were so set on sending. >> if this is been so fun, why did the business of the people
7:34 pm
when your day job is representative and you are not representing the will of the people. the poles have gone against a protracted impeachment proceeding in the house. i think that the meandering process actually hurt them. the substance is never on their side, but the way they tried to present it never really captured the public and made it sticky enough to stick around and follow the procedures so i think the senate trial would be a more familiar and more fair process but of course she wants to wait because she will never mollify all of the haters and detracto detractors. >> laura: doesn't she want to deny him an acquittal? speaker she wants to go on and on so she can gather more evidence. first they were rushing through it, the clock in the calendar, now they want to wait and you know who is probably hopping mad? the 2020 democratic presidential field. they have a debate scheduled tomorrow night. does anybody care customer they can't get a word in edge wise.
7:35 pm
>> laura: until you reminded me of that today, did you guys even remember there was a democratic debate? thank you for reminding me. >> it doesn't matter, this is the modern democratic party and their list has been a couple of people, russia, recounts, obstruction, impeachment, our latest is a trade deal, a trifecta trade deal, a booming economy, smashing records every day, deregulation. >> laura: how many more did we get today? >> we will just package them together now, we can't do one at a time, they will be close to 200 before we know it. trump judges, the ninth circuit. >> laura: when i was a clerk on the court i never thought it would have a ninth circuit court of appeals that was actually dominating. >> and today, got up pretty favorable rule on texas.
7:36 pm
obamacare. but it put a stake through the heart of obamacare. >> laura: congressman lujan today made this claim on the house floor, and i kid you not. watch. >> no one came to congress to impeach a president but this moment has found us. >> [laughs] i'm sorry, if i got one more lecture about tom kane and the founding fathers, you would think he would show up in mutton chops. they were so ridiculous so ridiculous. >> laura: [laughs] spark notes version of american history. >> these are people who can't even get to the second amendment, let alone follow it, and all of a sudden their constitutional experts. do you know why? they couldn't hold forth in the two, three, 4 minutes they had on the facts. if they had great facts and evidence on their side. if they truly had treason, bribery, extortion, quid pro quo, collusion, they couldn't
7:37 pm
even slide the mueller findings in there, so they spent their time talking about the founders and the constitution. i don't need to be lectured by the constitution. >> laura: lindsey graham said they didn't want to call witnesses to the senate, so, you know what i'm saying? what is nancy really thinking here? i'm still going back to this not sending the articles to the senate because she is going to use this to char mcconnell and say, it's all collusion between the senate republicans, and trump and they are trying to keep the truth from you and we want documents. >> they can't get a fair trial because you already have lindsey graham saying, we are already looking at this, we've already talked to the white house about the timing. but guess what? you know who is not impartial? all these democratic senators running for president who have already told you they want to impeach the president. kamala harris is no longer running for president but is still in the judiciary committee. cory booker, amy klobuchar. they are completely partial.
7:38 pm
but i think today also, it showed what happens when people push the envelope too far, and people will remember this in 2020. just look at drew, he's got a very bright future. >> laura: he's got a year to go. a big fat on the bus that conservatives aren't thrilled about. i'm not. we've got a lot of spending cutting to do. >> it's been a great couple weeks for progress. >> laura: and the economy, and i we have to cut spending. thank you, kellyanne conway appeared in president, as i sa said, held an unbelievable rally in michigan. people waiting outside, 13, 14 degrees. he made the case for his reelection, his economy, his foreign policy in the key battleground states and he's not letting impeachment get him down one bit. watch. >> it doesn't really feel like we are being impeached. [laughter] the country is doing better than ever before.
7:39 pm
we did nothing wrong. and we have tremendous support in the republican party, like we've never had before. >> laura: joining me now, bradley byrne, house armed services member, what is your take away? it's like a cheap, traveling carnival that never leaves town. it just stays there. a lame circus, not even a good one. >> the president never should have put the president or nation through this. there weren't crimes at all. think about obstruction of congress, one of the grounds. it's incredible. that is what the branches of government do. we battle it out. every school child in america knows that we have three branches of governments, we fight about things, the
7:40 pm
executive branch and the legislative branch, they're not getting along on something, go to the third branch, the judicial branch. rather than go to the court they decided to impeach the president because they wanted to impeach him from day one when he was inaugurated. even before the inauguration, they were bound and determined to impeach this president. now they've done it. i think they're going to be sorry they did this because i think the american people are going to hold them accountable. >> laura: congressman, repeatedly and i touched on this in my "angle" and i, repeatedly you heard democrats go on and on about how our national security, the united states of america has the biggest military in the world, our national security was hurt by this delay and aid to ukraine. why don't you expound on that a little bit because that was repeated acknowledging them today. >> our national security has been enhanced by president trump, not heard. what we were doing in ukraine is trying to help the country defend itself.
7:41 pm
we just wanted to get them some weapons. but the president's right to try to do something about that crutch in that country. what we did today was an outrage to the american people. and now they are going to compound the outrage by saying it is national security. and not even sending articles over to the senate. are you kidding me? are they really serious about this customer and the american people should be outraged. our national security is good. we made it even stronger with the national defense authorization act last week. we are going to continue to make it stronger. the president is doing exactly what he should do and making sure the american military aid is spent wisely and well in countries like ukraine, particularly countries that have corruption. in the fact that hunter biden had the special deals with one of the oligarchs over there, what are we supposed to do? >> secretary grisham: and say that is okay while we give you hundreds of millions of dollars, we are going to let you do that? the president did exactly what he should do.
7:42 pm
>> laura: the media do, was essentially all day long saying republican congressmen, for their two minute speeches were just lying and lying and lying. watch. >> one of the things we hear from house republicans so often are just misrepresentations, lies about what happened. and i wish, i don't know how many people watching remember the show "pop up video" on vh1 which would provide little facts and figures during music videos. i wish we could do pop up video for these facts because we are about to hear a torrent of lies about what the president actually did. >> laura: i would like to do pop up video, congressman shabbat, on their trashing of devin nunes' memo last february when they were basically saying that was it doa and filled with falsehoods. we found out that was right and the fisa process was corrupt. >> the mainstream press has been on the other side.
7:43 pm
it's not unexpected. they've been on their side forever, they always are. but when you go back and you look at things that weren't true, your member when nancy pelosi and jerry nadler both said we can't have an impeachment unless it's bipartisan. this is the furthest thing from bipartisan. there wasn't one republican vote. there wasn't a republican vote for the inquiry to begin with, and there wasn't obviously a republican vote of today for the impeachment itself. republicans, i think, have been very honest about this and it's been the democrats that have been pretty loose with the facts. >> laura: that's being charitable. 21 years ago, congressman, you voted and you were one of the house managers on of course the clinton impeachment, 21 years ago today. thank you so much. while impeachment dominated the airwaves, senators her testimony today from doj, ig michael horowitz, and boy, it was unreal. horwitz even shot down a favorite talking point over the last few days.
7:44 pm
>> i know we talked earlier, pretty confident there was no political bias in the opening of the investigation. >> we did not find evidence. we knew who made the decision, we could focus specifically on him. >> but both these investigations, you found political bias. >> we found through text messages evidence of people's political bias, correct. >> laura: okay, we were waiting for that. joining me now, senator rick scott of florida, and the homeland security senator, your democratic colleagues, how did they spend that one? because they want. anything they don't like, they just won't talk about it. clearly they live. they lied to get the warrant, look at carter page and they lied a bunch of times. they misrepresented what was in there and they don't want to be held accountable. you know what this is like? do you remember when the irs targeted all the conservative organizations? and what happened? >> laura: nothing, nothing. >> what is going to happen now
7:45 pm
is all those individuals that lied and had political bias and did everything they could to beat trump, they've got to be held accountable. >> laura: they better be held accountable after the country has been through this outrage over the last two years. >> they've got to be held accountable and we've got to make change. the fisa court, it's got to happen. we've got to make changes. we've got to hold people accountable and change people how they do when their call centers. i'm hopeful, and he is going to be held accountable too. >> laura: nancy pelosi tonight strongly hinting, anyone who has been in this town for a while and sadly, i have been, that they are not going to send the articles of impeachment of the senate until they are satisfied that the procedures are fair. what does that tell you? >> i think she won't send them. she doesn't want to send them because she knows it will be fair. we are not going to have hearsay evidence, we are going to let
7:46 pm
people participate, so i think -- here's what's going to happen in the senate. if she sends them, house members, they can make their case, the white house will make their case, but we already know there is no case. i mean, the democrats have proven that trump didn't do anything wrong. >> laura: how long is that supposed to be? >> i think we can get it done within two weeks. i think it will be over. >> laura: why do you have to receive the articles? can't you just dismiss them anyway because mike this is uncharted territory. senator, it's great to see you. it's friday. i don't even know what day it is. wednesday, thursday. great is he appeared coming up, democrats look like fools on the house floor in raymond arroyo has the tape. he explains it all. he seen unseen next. .
7:47 pm
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>> laura: it's time for seen and unseen segment, where we expose the big cultural stories of the day. the dems and their bizarre rationale for impeachment. joining us now, raymond arroyo. nancy pelosi, many of her colleagues looked like they were going to a funeral. maybe for their majority. it was by design? >> it appears that the case. if there a dems dress code toda, for good reason. >> i was just talking to democratic congresswoman who is wearing a dark dress. she and some of her colleagues, who are not men because they tend to wear dark clothes anyway, talked about wearing sort of dark dress today to show the somber nature of the day. >> they basically dressed this impeachment to make it look somber, to make it look serious. for the cameras. i'm following the dress code. >> laura: look at you, you have a black tie. >> it's a somber day.
7:52 pm
i happen to pick those out when i was running out, but off the cameras -- you can imagine. this is what they've been building up to for years. they finally got what they wanted and no amendments on the floor, which is why you heard the repetitive nature of these arguments all day. what was fascinating, and what you and i listen to for nearly ten hours of this debate, were the themes of the democrats used to justify impeachment. some say they did it for the children. >> i have two grandchildren. my granddaughter kaitlyn is eight, and my grandson is a four. appeared a long time from now they will ask me about this day. >> i will tell my grandson that i stood up for our democracy. >> we have an obligation to show our children and grandchildren that no one is above the law. >> it is my adult son who i will always credit for my decision to support an impeachment inquiry. i want to thank you, my son. >> this vote is also for my son.
7:53 pm
>> laura, the amazing thing here, if you want to be an example for kids, how about playing fair? i cover the clinton impeachment. john connors, a democrat at the time, they worked out an agreement to give the minority certain rights. they could have witnesses. none of that happened here. by the way, you also had cross over. five democrats voted for the clinton impeachment. you saw none of that today. >> laura: you see, i have these big bell sleeves. >> okay, bell sleeves. democrats claimed that god was on their side. even the deceased members of congress joined them. >> they warned us that so unlimited a power could belong only to god almighty. >> prayed to god for his guidance in uniting our great nation. >> let me again thank our chairman, all six of them, and our darling elijah. they did a remarkable job. a great day for the constitution of the united states.
7:54 pm
>> i object to the using of religion for political opportunism. that is what this is. >> laura: they want a separation of church and state. that used to be a party thing. >> lets face it, they try to take the religious liberties from businesses, strike god from the public but now we invoke it? there is apparently one holiday greeting they now liked. mary impeachment. that is burning up social media. let's put impeachmen impeachmene center of our holiday celebration. i doubt this is going to win. >> laura: can i say, they are not even good at puns anymore. they've lost their sense of humor completely. they are a killjoy's. they're not fun. it's because she was talking to elijah cummings and she said, we got two articles for you. come on. >> laura: that is what he's thinking about in heaven? >> is that what eternity is about? scoring political points against your enemy?
7:55 pm
merry christmas. >> laura: a lot of them were giving farewell addresses on the floor. farewell to the majority. >> i just don't like the using of religion. >> laura: victory read, that's what i'm wearing. my final thoughts when we come back. oss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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redhead men's sherpa-lined flannel shirts for under $20. and bass pro and cabela's gift cards are always a favorite gift. plus thousands more online. ♪ >> laura: all right, what an unbelievable day. if you caught any of it meant and i hope you take away a conclusion that is tough to swallow, but we have a lot of people on capitol hill who are supposed to be representing
8:00 pm
you, but they are really doing is representing their quest for power, no matter what, by any means necessary, take this president i would. that is all the time we have. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it from here, shannon? ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. we begin with a fox news alert. this is an extraordinary night by any measure. the democratically led health house of representatives making history by impeaching the president of the united states, who then rallies against the vote as it is happening, in real time. not a single republican voted to impeach the president, but a couple of democrats did cross over and vote no with a unified republican caucus. and we are breaking news right now, speaker pelosi hinting the newly passed articles may not head straight to the senate. senator mike lee standing by, he is a legal scholar and will soon be a juror. mollie hemingway, former advisor to richard goodstein and more. but we s


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