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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  December 20, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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but most of all tonight, i want to thank the men and women who are serving in the united states military. god bless you. you are away from your families. we want to thank those families and thank those men and women. the united states of america is the greatest country on the face of the planet. ♪ >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this especially edition of "the ingraham angle." nancy's impeachment and the subsequent flameout that occurred the same week. a fisa court judge demanded info about fbi lawyer linked to carter page's warrant. congressman andy biggs and former whitewater independent counsel robert ray are here tonight to respond. also tonight, the failure of the 2020 democrats to push back successfully against the presidents roaring economy will be the story of next year's election. we are ready here at
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"the ingraham angle" and frank luntz to explain it all. the publication "christianity today" most of you have never heard of them up but it comes out for impeaching the president. and an obvious attempt to boost its lagging sales and subscriptions. ralph reed is here tonight to deliver a fiery response, also come it wouldn't be friday night without raymond arroyo and chris desk christmas themed "friday follies" in which holiday song is number one? it just hit number one. and this cannot be true. am i reading this? we speak exclusively to santa. wait a second. a small santa replaced forget this, wearing a trump 2020 hat in a private photo. but first, it is time to put
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house democrats on trial for perpetrating a massive fraud on the american people. i started this conversation last night and tonight, we will continue it. house democrats not only wasted taxpayer dollars on incredibly, lengthy, tedious, boring costly bogus inquiry, but now nancy pelosi is withholding the articles of impeachment for political gain. and to prevent the presidents trial and likely acquittal in the senate, mastered at all. senator richard blumenthal a liberal member of the judiciary committee, seems to have no idea mitch mcconnell has all the leverage. >> this decision is, indeed, nancy pelosi is to make. her position is fully understandable that she wants some assurance that there will be a full, fair, honest trial with witnesses and documents. there is a court of appeals here. it is the electric, the court of
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public opinion. >> laura: wait a second, wait a second. he was basically the chief while you're in my home state of connecticut for year after year after year, okay? state attorney there. he doesn't know that the constitution says the senate has full power of impeachment, really? nancy gets to call all the shots in the senate. does that apply the other way? does mitch get to call the shots in the house? because this would have come down a lot different. harvard law repressor alan dershowitz read the constitution and he said, i can imagine nothing more unconstitua house impeachment without sending it to the senate. it would be as if the prosecutor decided he had insufficient evidence to get a conviction so we went after an ordinary citizen and said look, i will indict him but i have no intention to bring him to trial. obviously, no judge would tolerate that. i said something similar last night if you remember on the "angle." abuse of entire process.
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and seemed to side with the professor, interesting over her own democratic colleague. >> i think we are all i in and e public is anxious to see how the process will unfold. they want to see a process that they believe is fair. and i think this kind of maneuvering just further raises questions in the public about what is happening in congress. >> laura: well, joining me now robert ray, former whitewater independent counsel and congressman andy biggs, house judiciary committee member. robert them i will start with you. there's been a lot of debate over withholding the argument -- articles mean legally, constitutionally but does this expose the entire process as a fraud to? >> it does because it reaffirms the fact that this is an entirely partisan effort my house democrats. and it is absolutely clear from the constitution that it
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requires instead a bipartisan effort in order for there to be any chance at removal of the president from office. and i think finally, it is ultimately just to be practicable about this for one second commit is about counting votes. the boats are not there. not only insufficient boats with a two-thirds majority as requirn to remove the president from office but the democrats will not even be able to get a simple majority in the senate. so what are we wasting our time for? this is over. once the house acted, they are out of it. they have been and the process entirely to the united states senate. nancy pelosi cannot dictate to the senate what kind of procedure that she would like. >> laura: they say this is his to work, congressman, this is a historic impeachment. i said last night and i will repeat it tonight for anyone who missed it, it is historic because it was kind of an
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impeachment in name only. because she didn't have the courage or the cage to take it where it is supposed to go. you have your manager's name, you might be one of them. the articles go that night. i know robert would agree with me. that night they go to the senate. do you think she comes back from her christmas hanukkah kwanzaa holiday break and folds and blames the senate, or does she say hold out for some type of concession? >> you know, it is so weird commit is almost impossible to predict. i don't think the framers of this constitution ever contemplated somebody who would abuse their power so blatantly asked to say, you know, we will impeach, but we will not transmit it so that person gets a shot at a trial, or a presentation even in the united states senate. it is impossible to predict what she is going to do. it is quite frankly, as she's
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having a hissy fit here, she has decided that she doesn't like the way it is going. she's grabbing her ball and trying to go home, but she just can't do it after you've had the impeachment vote. it is absolutely outrageous. and i think people in her conference are going to start putting pressure on her to go forward. although some seem to be absolutely okay with it never transmitting. >> laura: know commit is funny how robert, they throw around terms obstruction of congress. okay, you could make a case she is obstructing congress. >> i think you are right. i think you are right. >> laura: obstructing congress and abuse of congress. meet the power and obstruction of congress, nancy, you are guilty of what you are accusing the president of doing. >> that is exactly right, that she was on the other foot. you know, ultimately, i do think she will fold. she will not get witnesses, and i think senator mcconnell likely will set a date when this trial is to begin.
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they either show up with articles or not. that is the bottom line. i think that is what's going to happen in january. >> laura: put up or shut up. >> absolutely. >> laura: former senator jeff flake who i don't miss at all is home is home for the home state of arizona and had this to say about colleagues. the willingness of house republicans to bend to the postman's will is it an appalling spectacle. long-term ramifications for the party to say nothing of individual reputation. this is a guy that had 18% approval rating in your home state, your response. >> you know, i just can't understand jeff. the reality is, he's really irrelevant on the political scene in arizona and nationally. and as an individual, he has a good guy but he has messed up politically. i would just say it that way. the fact of the matter is, he didn't read the transcripts that i read. he didn't see the closed
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hearings. he doesn't know firsthand what went on there. all he knows is he has dis- affirmation for this president and doesn't like him at all. hates him and thus will come down on that conclusion every time. >> laura: roberts, for the second time this week, fisa court judge is demanding the fbi answer for its malfeasance. judge rosemary collier retiring from this post is asking for previous surveillance requests i lawyer kevin kleinsmith. the anti-trump fbi guy who altered evidence in order to spy on carter page. now kleinsmith reportedly resigned, but roberts, this happened today. so how significant could this be? >> laura, it is serious stuff. i think the court is acting because it knows that if it doesn't start to show that it is prepared to take matters into its own hands and rain and the fbi, congress may well eliminate
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the court. and there may be bipartisan support for that. so the court does have this power. it has the power of contempt. it also has the power to make a determined tay -- determination to come for the lawyer both to the bar and also for criminal proceedings back to the department of justice. i expect that is what you will likely see happen. >> laura: well, i have to say congressman bigs, i thought i could call, see them telegraph every move here, but i didn't think that as outrageous as maxine waters has been in her commentary, i didn't quite think that after the impeachment vote, i thought she would go home for the holidays and she took it up a notch today. watch. >> i was right. that something is wrong with him. that he did not deserve to be president. but i came to those conclusions early, and i started a discussion.
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i wanted to sound the alarm. if he is exonerated by the senate when they do the trial, he's going to get even worse. i tell you, and i will predict he will bring vladimir putin into the white house for a meeting. >> laura: that is what is going to do. congressman bigs mack, they will be spooning in the oval office. this is how a lunatic it has all become. >> you know, maxine waters, don't forget she's been calling for impeachment come almost 100 of them voted for impeachment before we had the zelensky phone call. >> laura: impeach 45, impeach 45. >> exactly, yeah, and she is also the one who advocated people to harass, physically, verbally, people who supported president trump, people in his cabinet. i offer a motion to signature for that. the reality is, she is unhinged on this. that is really unfortunate, but that is where we are.
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and she's not alone. >> laura: well, if you base come if you think this is one of trump, president trump, you are a russian asset, basically. that is their argument. robert, we raised an issue last night and so itching to get your opinion on this. and andrew jackson's case, when they took back the house and the senate, his censure was ultimately expunged by the senate. could you see something happening here akin to that? is it possible under the constitution that if the republicans took back the house, they could expunged the impeachment of nancy pelosi and the gang next year, 2021? is that possible under our constitution? >> just to be clear we are talking about andrew jackson and not andrew johnson. >> laura: did i say andrew jackson? >> it gets to be confusing. yes andrew jackson was actually
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censored and i would assume it would take the action of both bodies, but yes, if the house turns republican, there could be a resolution to expunge the impeachment. it would go over to the senate like any other resolution, and if it passes with a simple majority, yes, i believe that would be the power of the legislative branch to remove and expunge any cake that arises as a result of this entirely partisan house effort to impeach president trump. >> laura: okay, that is interesting. and you can see people making that case, candidates, house members and some of these swing districts. they will continue this impeachment odyssey in 2021 if you reelect him. if you allow them to retain the majority in the house. we can't let that happen. it is fascinating. i want to talk for a moment about what we think they are starting to do to john durham, congressman biggs. he is a well respected of
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course, u.s. attorney, and now he's handling the investigation into fisa and beyond. and i want to read this to you. this is from "the new york times" yesterday. "durham is screws -- scrutinizing and russian interference findings. durham's pursuit of brennan's records to add to accusations that mr. trump is using the justice department to go after his perceived enemies" congressman biggs, jeff lord pointed out in a column today, they are starting to do to durham but they've tried to do unsuccessfully to bill barr. >> yeah, no, that is the democrat way. you know, if you can't beat them on the facts, if you can't be anybody on the facts, they will attack you personally. and the fact of the matter is, durham has basically an independent hand here. he's not having meetings with president trump. he's not having meetings,
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regular meetings subordination is going on. this is where the facts lead, the facts lead to mr. brennan who is changing his tune and starting to say, yeah, i kind of light on this other stuff. and i didn't really handle that very well. but look further to try to lay the lumber to mr. durham as he gets closer and closer. >> laura: unbelievable. >> it's going to be brutal. >> laura: you hear matt schlapp smash and grab, smear and run, this is what the democrats have been doing. gentlemen, both have the the thy have been phenomenal and explaining what has been complicated for the american people the last three months and really the whole year. thank you very much. merry christmas to both of you. >> merry christmas, laura. >> laura: you take care. now to stop for a moment and to reflect on what president trump was able to accomplish for the american people this week. even though he was facing the bogus impeachment, think about
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this. among the results, he chalked up for you can locate the house passed the u.n. ca, the big trade deal despite pelosi basically just squatting on it . remember when renegotiating nafta was a pipe dream and obama promised to do it than ever dated. trump actually did it. bob lighthizer and in that credible team. and also signed legislation to permanently fund black historic colleges and universities, something barack obama could not get done. in today's big news, federal and local law enforcement arresting nearly 100 top brutal ms-13 gang members and long island. the place where two years ago, trump promised to eradicate that vital, criminal cartel. now officials are saying that these arrests, sweeping arrest rendered ms-13 as inoperable in new york, that part of the county. those are real results. i haven't even talked about the stock market, record numbers,
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the best economy in the last 20 years. and this just over five days. now, trump can run on this in 2020. what on gods green earth do the democrats have to offer? now, try as they might the 2020 dems do not have an answer for this booming economy. this is painfully obvious during last night's democratic debate. >> what is your argument for the vote or the debate tonight? you may not like everything that president trump does, but they like the economy and they don't know why they should make a change. >> welcome i don't think they really do like the economy. >> we need a economy that works for working families. >> america's middle class is being hollowed out. speak with this economy is not working for most of us. >> laura: now, they claimed the economy is not working for everyone. what economy are they looking at? the folks that have been left behind? america, what is really going on
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here? according to a new cnn poll, 76% see the economy as somewhat were very good. the highest rating in 20 years. i saw that at the airport today. it was awesome. joining me now posterior frank luntz, good to see you. running against an incumbent, that is never easy. but how easy is it for democrats who deny what voters clearly recognize as a hot economy. i think it is the best in my lifetime and i worked in the reagan administration. i don't think that we will have a better economy, i cannot imagine a better economy than we have right now, ever. >> it is the best economy for african-americans. it is the best economy for latino americans. it is the best economy for 18-20-year-olds. all groups tend to vote on the democratic side of the fence benefit from this economy more than anyone else. it is interesting. i did a session last night from a town hall to the "l.a. times"
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and if you want to see it download the "los angeles times" app and watch the entire focus group. democrats think that it's not so good because it of wages, costs, that it's more expensive or seemingly more expensive to live today. that is the strategy that they were going to use against donald trump. it's not enough to have a good job. it's not enough to have a career, they will say. the democrats, we will raise your wages. we will have more take-home pay, but what they forget to acknowledge is that taxes will go up. so people will actually have less money in their pockets. >> laura: frank, hold on a second. frank, okay, frank, i want to hear this in my head will explode, okay? if that is what the democrats do, they have this magic potion where they will raise wages and all the costs will go down and there will be lollipops on the trees and chocolate, you know, raining chocolate, why didn't obama do it in eight years?
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he wasn't the master politician, right? every time they say they will do this, why didn't obama do it? >> so here's my challenge to you. you give a listing of all the things donald trump has done this week, you gave a listing the things he's done all year. the american people don't know some of this. the impeachment trial has actually gotten away with donald trump's communication. the challenge for the trump campaign is to shift it back to the quality of life from of the standard of living, to the jobs because that is where the public cares about and if trump can gee message out, he gets reelected. if he doesn't get the message out, then he has a challenge. >> laura: yeah might just think it is the way people are living. i mean, you can tell them the economy is great, but it is the way they are living. you are right commit a new year all sunshine and roses. frank you asked democratic voters to describe trump supporters with one word. here is what they said. >> stupid.
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cruel. >> ignorant. >> i will stick with ignorance. >> ignorance. racist. >> their own interest. >> misguided. >> ignorant. uneducated. >> uninformed. >> laura: frank, the deplorables. that's not going to go over well middle america to hear that. >> this is why there is such a difference between the republicans and the democrats. they have a different worldview. and that was about as negative as they caught. i can tell you my felt really bad because the divisions are real. the polarization is real. the success of this economy is real. the things that the president has done is real, but it is his job to communicate those successes. >> laura: well come i think those successes can be obvious, but i think there are a lot of people out there, they just don't like what america
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represented in the past and they don't like what america represents now. they want to remake america into a new order. frank, fascinating. we really appreciated. thank you so much. coming up evangelical magazine call for trump's removal and we expose it next. ♪
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♪ >> windows his behavior which is described as immoral accurately rise to the level where no longer fit to serve office? to me we cross that line with the impeachment hearings. >> laura: that was a liberal editor and chief of "christianity today" explaining why he decided to make his publication irrelevant. but calling for trump's removal from office. it was founded by billy graham in the 1950s. "christianity today" actually has been left court for many years, 20 years.
7:27 pm
now they are using democratic talking points on impeachment. the media is, of course the meeting this out. to some it's almost boring. but an evangelical revolt from trump? ralph reed, chairman of faith and freedom coalition, ralph, can you be an evangelical and support president trump, given as mark wally contested, the president is such questionable moral character blah, blah, blah? >> i think they may want to change the name of the magazine to "christian yesterday" because not more out of step with the faith community it once representative. president trump received 81% of the votes of the intangible's four years ago. the highest ever recorded. his job approval according to a recent poll by my organization for faith and freedom coalition among u.s. evangelical stands at
7:28 pm
83%. that is historic high and 99% of conservative evangelicals according to the public religion research institute oppose impeachment. and i don't know this editor. he's got 1 foot out the door. he's leaving january 3rd, so this is sort of a shot by him. i don't know what impeachment hearings he's been watching. i mean, the one fact witness, the only fact witness, pastor gordon sondland admitted that no one told him that the aide was being withheld in exchange for investigations. they went but i want to get back to the investigation. i mean, this is supposed to be a publication about saving souls, i would imagine, right? he decided to make it all about politics, which, okay, if you're going to do it, you ought to get it right and he got it wrong. the media are laughing this up for obvious reasons. check out what chuck todd said
7:29 pm
today with historian jon meacham. >> president trump essentially said, look what i've done for you. hey, this is transactional. >> that is exactly right. it is a sense they rejected psalmist advice. what you have to ask if you are an evangelical activists in america today, our judges worth it? >> laura: are judges worth it? in other words coming you have to be pure and perfect in order for evangelical voter to support that person. i don't think mark galli said that about any number of liberal politicians. >> my reading of scripture is that we are supposed to render honor, custom to custom and when you have a leader like donald trump who is the most pro-life president in our lifetime, who is the mo
7:30 pm
pro-religious freedom president in our lifetime suspending enforcement of the johnson amendments of the churches are no longer persecuted and harassed, ending the conscious mandates under which the obama administration dragged the little sisters of the poor hobby lobby into courts, the most pro israel president in the history. that is not even close. and then for them to say it is transactional for us to support that moral good is insulting to our faith and our good judgment. >> laura: ralph, thank you so much for being on tonight. merry christmas, have a wonderful time with your family, happy new year. it is friday and you know whatlo that means "friday follies" with b6. a special edition tonight salonpas lidocaine. patch, roll-on or cream. hisamitsu. - do that are degrading?ideo tapes, film reels, or photos, legacybox professionally converts them to dvds, thumb drive, or the cloud. legacybox is simple and safe,
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with over half a million satisfied customers. visit today, and get 40% off.
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♪ >> laura: it is friday and that means it is time for "friday follies." is that supreme court justice to marry? 25-year-old holiday tune hits number 1 and ramin has a christmas special. joining us with all the details, raymond arroyo fox news contributor. all right, raymond, neil gorsuch, fantastic guy and amazing justice, great pick. he showed up on fox & friends this week to promote his book. and then all hell broke loose, what happened? >> he uttered the holiday greeting but dare not speak its name. watch. >> supreme court justice, merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas. i left that you say that.
7:36 pm
>> his head exploded when amy vanderpool a playboy writer tweeted supreme court justice neil gorsuch appeared on fox & friends this morning making a point to parent a merry christmas talking point of the g.o.p. now, how is merry christmas a g.o.p. talking point? >> laura: i will take it. >> i have friends and i didn't know that reagan were sitting around crafting merry christmas. i thought that predated bed all of them but i guess not. >> laura: nancy said whatever holiday you celebrate, i celebrate kwanzaa. >> >> laura: i am a practicing catholic. she got them all. speak with the journalist outrage which appeared on fox & friends. cnn, how is it appropriate for supreme court justice to try to goose sales of 3-month-old book by treading on one of the most
7:37 pm
partisan shows on tv? >> laura: okay, let me just say this, okay, first of all, is it stetler? >> witness stetler? >> laura: i'm not doing it on purpose. there are certain things, it is may be dyslexic thing. i don't know. then susan hennessey, national security analyst tweeted "i don't object to core search promoting his book but fox news and other networks, a better look. >> apparently they don't watch their own network. this is neil gorsuch from september appearance on cnn. there he is. so he was on their network. he went there first. i guess if bipartisan does not apply to other supremes either. remember when sora mayor showed up to put her book on stephen colbert show. no complaint there. just so you understand the rules, can you talk to your
7:38 pm
friends at the supreme court? neil gorsuch most avoid partisan shows and no merry christmas, only mary impeachments i guess. >> laura: notorious, didn't she go after trump? >> you bring her up but remember they ran the whole rgb documentary on cnn. wall-to-wall with special report, there she is, look, doing her lips, no problem. if she partisan? is she appearing on a partisan network? the good news is she did not say merry christmas at any point. >> laura: oh, my goodness, what else? >> speaking of christmas and only took 25 years but this song finally hit number 1 on the billboard charts this week. ♪ >> i chose this just for you, laura. i know how attached you are to
7:39 pm
mariah carey "all i want for christmas is you." it was number 1 thanks to the annual spike and streaming purchases during the holidays. she also relentlessly promoted it. she has promoted related films, animated concerts, and look she never retires of telling tires up how she came to this class. >> i was living in this house upstate new york. actually i put on it's a wonderful life downstairs and you can hear it throughout the house. and i went to the small room and there was a little keyboard in their and i started playing. i am a terrible piano player and sometimes a happy accident. >> happy accident. what she didn't tell you, she was also at the keyboard with walter. that is her songwriting partner who he told "the wall street journal" come i don't know what she's talking about. i cowrote the song and get 50% of the proceeds. >> laura: this is a lot a lot
7:40 pm
of famous performers do. >> they attach their name. >> laura: they are cowriting. >> johnny carson writing his theme music. he cowrote -- >> laura: you know what i like about mariah carey, her first big hit 20 years ago, she does that thing with performers that i admire their singing ability, but they apparently enhance their singing ability by doing that rain. >> that's when you can't get the notes. do you know what the last holidays song to hit number one billboard chart, the last holiday song? >> laura: bruce springsteen. >> no commit was the chipmunk song. ♪ [laughter] 1958, laura. [laughter] i thought you were surely going to say bing crosby, white christmas the perennial best-selling christmas. >> laura: the one i used to like and i don't understand how they did it with the jingle bells dog barking.
7:41 pm
that, it is amazing how dogs can actually hit the note, oh, wait, they are telling me they were not real dogs. >> they were not real dogs. >> laura: so when you were little -- >> we have to go into the most important thing. >> laura: with christmas coming fast in a special on fox nation come i understand that we mentioned briefly several times. why are we promoting this again? >> well, because fox nation want people to know about it. >> laura: you are worse than neil gorsuch. >> i'm worse than mariah carey, christmas in new orleans is my love letter to the city. >> it explores the rituals, music, food and what is frying up. >> laura: what does drew brees eat at christmas? that is the mardi gras special. sizzling jazz tape a classic by the players come a super band and some of the best musicians including members of the
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marcella's family. here is a look. ♪ >> i talk about new orleans being serving cuisine and a lot of it has to do with coming out of religion. brought a lot of intermarriages so people would share the recipes and shared traditions. it culminates the basis of this culture takes place around the family table. >> no other city in the history of this world has seven distinct nations coming together to create what we call the mixtures of crayola's, a new arts, forget about it. there's nothing like it.
7:43 pm
>> there is a communal spirit of inclusion all over new orleans. >> laura: christmas time in new orleans. >> christmas time in new orleans. everybody can see it it is available oh, and the soundtrack is available. >> laura: wait a second, look at you in that picture. all right, raymond, thanks. [laughter] >> goodbye, everyone. we will soon next week. i'm filling in for laura monday because his stomach she is incapable for filling in for herself. >> laura: okay, bye-bye. long time all santa claus gets displaced for taking a private photo in a trump 2020 had. you cannot make this up. we will hear directly from chris crane go we return. ♪
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♪ >> laura: how many of you
7:48 pm
remember taking your kids to the mall or being a kid being taken to the mall to meet santa? it is kind of rite of passage for all of us at christmas time. that is why i was a little bit more than shocked to hear a mall santa in georgia was replaced for a sin of wearing a maggot hat? joining me is frank skinner, the former mall santa and at the shopping center in georgia, he was replaced after this photo of him, which i think is adorable wearing a hat and a santa suit on his personal facebook page, frank i'm looking at this, and by the way, you are incredibly cute and that santa outfit. i've got to say. you can't help but smile when you look at frank, so i'm looking at you. i'm looking at you in this photo. and i'm thinking, really? okay, yeah mike issue should not
7:49 pm
have posted it on your personal facebook page, but why do people get so upset? >> it is about politics is what it boils down to. this was taken on a whim because i have a lot of trump supporter's that come on my page. and i thought for a little bit of humor to go ahead and have my trump hat on and address it while i'm in a santa suit. and i want to make it clear, i did not do this around any children. in fact, there was really nobody around at the then me and the camera girl. and then, we got the picture less than 2 minutes. and then after that, i went home, i looked at my phone and i said, yeah, i think this would be cute to b put on my page. >> laura: you know what i want to take my think liberals used to be funny, i mean, real liberals are funny. they have a great sense of
7:50 pm
humor, best comic over past day, liberal. they have lost all sense of humor. i mean, honestly they don't care that you are in the maga hat, they hate trump. so they want to make your life miserable. this is what the mall manager james white said. we were not aware it happened. it was done completely without arm knowledge. you might have thought you robbed a bank there come a santa. it is safe to say he will not wear this hat around here. our kids are our focus and we put a lot of hard work into this. again, i know you apologized on the facebook page, santa, but why? why apologize? you didn't do anything wrong. it was your personal page. i mean come i would have told them, a lump of coal i in their stocking. >> when the story got out, there were so many distortions about it. and i just felt really uncomfortable. now, the manager, he said just lay low for a few days and let this blow over and maybe we can get you back in your suit.
7:51 pm
but then when the story came out that i was replaced, that gave the perception to the audience that i was fired. so it was hard for me to dodge yes. the only way this will get corrected come i have to go on and try to straighten this story out and tell exactly what happened. >> laura: they are treating it like it is some kind of murder mystery here. you put on some maga hat, santa. you had a maga hat on for a minute or two and put on a personal facebook page. it's not like all the children in the world are looking at santa with a maga hat. big deal. it's been a pretty good year. trump did help with the economy. you could make the argument -- no, i'm just kidding. it has been pretty good, but i wouldn't apologize. i think these people are humorless, cancel culture, you weren't canceled, but are you
7:52 pm
afraid of going back, you know, to the mall? >> you know in a way i am even though i have such, such great support from wake forest. i really do. but there is always those out there that want to cause havoc. >> laura: what are they going to do? take your, you know, bash up your slate? what are they going to do to you? >> well, i think -- >> laura: in my parents basement, sending out tweets in their underwear. there's nothing you have to worry about, santa. i have your back. >> it is the safety reasons i'm more concerned about. the manager has indeed, ask me and he wants me to come back, no doubt about that. but i would have felt more comfortable when that statement came out that said i was replaced if that had been right quick straightened out right quick that the matter is being taken care of and we apologize for -- >> laura: as a lawyer, santa,
7:53 pm
i have a question for you. i don't want to believe. is there a policy that you signed and you had your independent contract work to talk to the kids? >> no, no there wasn't. >> laura: was there anything that said you couldn't wear a hat or anything that other than your santa cap? >> no. but when i'm sorry. they are infringing on your first amendment. >> but let me just say this. i understand as a santa of 48 years comic you don't mix politics with santa and kids. >> laura: but you didn't do that. >> and i didn't do that, but yet that is the perception. it was almost like they were saying i was wearing my hat all the time. and that is just not true. >> laura: these people are humorless. frank, you are awesome. and in 48 years, is that right? >> 48 years. matter of fact, 1971.
7:54 pm
>> laura: frank skinner, a.k.a. santa claus, merry christmas. and you take care and have a happy new year's. and sick daughter on them if they give you a hard time. you take care, santa. >> laura, thank you so much. >> laura: final year end note when we return boom! get free next business day shipping or ...1 hour in-store pick up shopping season solved at office depot officemax or
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♪ >> shannon>> laura: i know you'e devastated to hear this, but i'm going to be off for christmas and new year's but, come on, be sure to tune in every night in
7:59 pm
my stead and we have at raymond arroyo and jason chaffetz they're going to guest host for a few nights each. if they will have an amazing show and they will love it. if we present the best of laura and raymond on the road and i think that's disturbing we do this on christmas eve, but we are. if great highlights from the 2019 troubles you will love it, i promise. new year's eve, the best of my angle, devastating and providing a unique look at how 2019 progressed through the lens of yours truly. at the monologue. i want to thank all of you, all the "the ingraham angle" fans out there from the bottom on my heart, it's been an incredible year one for the record books with the culture and the politics and fox news in the show and we have an incredible team and everybody has to contribute and they do. if that's what we get on the air every night. it could not have been more exciting. thank you, everyone, have an incredible christmas and hug your family and have a wonderful time and happy hanukkah.
8:00 pm
if a wonderful happy and blessed healthy new year. be sure to soak up as much of the healthy time as possible. i will see you and 2020. if shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it all from here. ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night" i'm shannon bream in washington and we begin with a fox news alert. breaking tonight on the other grave public order from the court and the judge demanding information about the fbi lawyer linked to the 2016 surveillance warrant on the trump campaign associated with carter page and the follow-up from the district reported part. investigating mayor pete buttigieg is wine cave fund-raisers and the biggest moment from last night's democratic debate and that wine cave has connections to the clintons and the notorious quid pro quo


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