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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  December 21, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PST

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♪ please come home for christmas. ♪ please come home for christmas. ♪ if not for christmas. ♪ by new year's night. >> pull up about 3:30, 4:00 in the morning and see that hashtag, fox all american christmas. >> in our square right now, the music plays 24 hours a day, it's absolutely stunning outside. we hope if you're near the area, come, take photos of yourself and post it using the hashtag -- >> i heard you singing over the
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words. that was aaron neville. i like to think i can do a decent aaron neville impression. his album is amazing. ♪ please come home for christmas. >> that's what i live for, right there. ♪ if not for christmas, by new year's night. >> we can do this all hour. >> we know you all can't get her to manhattan, please send us your pictures, hashtag, fox all american christmas. what are you doing to decorate your christmas tree, we want to know about it. >> three, four, five days away -- four days away. >> we know your -- >> we'll stick with the budget stories and let pete do space -- >> there's a big budget story today. >> we want to send pete to space for a long time on this program. the president getting his way with space force. the first new military branch in
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over 70 years. >> you've got the army, navy, marine corps, air force, coast guard and now officially the space force. what will they be called? if you're in the marine corps, you're a marine. in the space force, what are you called? it's the first in 706 year 7 --s to be created. the president is talking about the creation. here it is, listen. >> we officially integrate the newest branch of our military, this is a very big and important moment. it's called the space force. think of that. we will create a brand-new american military service at such a momentous -- that's such a momentous statement. it's a big moment and we're all
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here for it. space, going to be a lot of things happening in space. of course, space is the world's newest war-fighting domain. amid grave threats to our national security, american superiority in space is absolutely vital. >> pete said it. it's been mocked for it but it's interesting because china is big in space and this is -- it's looking down the road at some of the threats. >> i keep thinking to myself, what an exciting time to be here right now. it's been over 70 years since the creation of a new element of a new force and i think we should call them space soldiers. >> space soldiers. >> i think so. >> how about super troopers? whatever you call them, they'll have a cool name. satellites, communications, global positioning systems, all the things we use on the modern battlefield are predicated on space. if you don't control that and someone else is weaponizing it, the minute the next conflict starts you're on your heels, you're in the dark. so being ahead of china and russia there is critically
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important. so space force is just one of many of the president's victories in the middle of this impeachment battle where maybe a lot of people in the mainstream media haven't noticed but on top of space forces gotten new funding for the wall and the economy is in a strong position, is now rock t eting might be the -- rocketing might be the word to take it back to space force. >> neil cavuto said i sound like a broken record but yet again here we are at the record close on the dow, on the s&p, and on the nasdaq. so as we head into christmas week, all three of those indices were up big-time yesterday yet again and when you listen to people who are looking forward into 2020 if this china deal lands the way it could, there's no reason why 30,000 isn't possible on the dow as well. >> what struck me really -- in a way, we've been he desensitized to the winning and hearing here's a you new record, that it took over 100 years to gain the first 10,000, that
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increment and we did it again. that's that level of as you said, the rocketing, that's the pace that we are seeing here and it's really a an incredible time. >> up 10,000 points since president trump was inaugurated. >> that's giving the democrats who are running for the president's job a tough time explaining what they would do differently to make the economy better when it's going so strong. even a cnn poll finding when asked how would you raise the economic conditions of the done you tri today, 76% of the public says good. that's the highest level since february of -- >> is that a fox poll or breitbart poll? >> cnn poll. >> cnn talked to the folks and 76% of americans saying they feel great or good about the economy and they had to admit that on the air? >> they did. there was a debate on cnn where former vice be president joe biden was asked about the economy and he stumbled around
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about what would you do differently and he talked about how the middle class is not feeling it and the middle class is in bad shape. a, the polls suggest that people don't believe that. b, you were there with barack obama for eight years. if the middle class is suffering, what did you do during those two terms? >> remember, the economy, it's 70% -- the economy is 70% driven by consumers. it doesn't surprise me that so many consumers feel positively about the economy because it's this continuous cycle. it is all related. the fact that we keep hearing from these candidates about what the issues are and where we need time prove, it doesn't sit well with the average american who is experiencing a positive environment right now in multiple ways. >> e-mail us, let us know how you feel, how does the economy feel in your household. you mentioned the economy, how the candidates were trying to debate about how do they improve the economy, elizabeth warren, one of the candidates on the stage lashed out about wealth and we've got someone who
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responded to that here's elizabeth warren on the debate stage, attacking the wealthy. watch. >> i'm tired of free-loading billionaires. i think it's time that we ask those at the very top to pay more. we could cover the cost of those plans with targeted taxes on the very wealthiest americans and large corporations. the really, really billionaires are making their money off their accumulated wealth and it just keeps growing. >> it's interesting because then she came up with this in the latest debate, goes after pete buttigieg for fund raising. all of the candidates are raising money from rich people. that's just what they do. she said you were at a wine cave and that was trending on social media, wine cave, because rich people were hosting buttigieg. buttigieg put it back to warren's face, i'm the only one on the stage that's not a millionaire. you're a millionaire. and bernie marcus was on with
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neil cavuto as pete teed up a moment ago and said give me a break. >> if the government didn't help me -- the government did everything they could to stop me from being successful and you know, to hear this nonsense, look at her. how much moneys is she worth today and what the hell did she do to get that money? did she work the way i worked? i doubt it very much. my parents were russian immigrants, poor as possibly could be. who would ever dream i could a achieve what i've achieved in my life today, only because this is america and only in america could you do that. >> yeah. and so look -- >> that might be one of the reasons she's been sinking. even some democrats are like come on, really. there was a time when elizabeth warren was surging. then she decided to go all-in on medicare for all, $52 trillion, trying look people in the face and seriously try to claim she wasn't going to have to raise taxes on the middle class. she's been all over the p map on
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these things. >> i liked mayor pete's response to that. he didn't deny it. there's a lot of denial that occurs. he said yes, but it doesn't affect me. by the way, virtue signaling, let's put it back on you. a billionaire has the same value of a vote as someone who isn't which jane lynch tweeted about. >> that's what bernie marcus is saying, state of michigan demonizing people -- stop demonizing people from being successful. >> if you go from something to nothing, that's something you have the opportunity to do in the united states of america. over the last kim weeks, impeachment -- couple weeks, impeachment has been everywhere. there's a question about whether or not he's actually impeach. a liberal professor said if you don't pass it onto the senate, is he really impeached. there's a back and forth between nancy pelosi, mitch mcconnell and the president. nancy pelosi tried to defend her decision to hold off on sending the impeachment articles over to
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the senate. here's what she said to polite co. she said -- politico. she said -- what is that? >> mcconnell suggested she is afraid. >> he fear is never a word used with me. you should know right away, i'm never afraid and rarely surprised. it was suggested maybe she's afraid to send the articles over. >> mcconnell says look, she thinks she has leverage over me. mcconnell said i don't care if there's a trial. i think the president is innocent. you've got no leverage over me. you've got a lot of republicans saying wait a second, nancy pelosi is saying unless you do what i want, i'm not sending the articles. is that a quid pro quo? i'm just wondering. it's an interesting question. the president jumped in. he tweeted nancy pelosi is looking for a quid pro quo with the senate. why aren't we impeaching her? you're not really going to impeach a member of congress. you get the idea, the president's saying he's fed up with all this. >> as a attorney, a basic
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citizen, i think what's difficult to stomach is that information and strategy hoarding going on by the democrats. one side of their mouth they're talking about we need a fair trial and fairness. where's the fairness and due process afforded the most important defendant you've ever cited. i recognize this is not a criminal proceeding in the way we're used to but we have criminal proceedings very specifically for a reason. because we believe in process and due process and fairness and so this hoarding, i see them as celebrating prematuring, like celebrating the touchdown before you cross the line. the baton hasn't been passed. we're confused as to the process. i don't think that's beneficial. final point -- sorry. just that all we see are the negatives to her hoarding this. we have yet to see a positive reason why. >> i was talking to one of the president's advisers, saying we have heard from the democrats saying nobody is above the law. he's also not below the law.
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he should be afforded the rights as emily was pointing out a moment ago. >> all the dc types are saying look at nancy pelosi playing the unafraid three dimensional chess. or she doesn't know what she's doing. you impeached him. it's not popular. you have no control in the senate. >> the president is like let's get to a quick trial. i want to be aquited. >> did you hear what schumer said? he said let's see how things evolve. i would never in the most critical proceeding want things to evolve. it's the lack of appreciation of evidence. >> turning to your headlines of we know th that the texas mother who went missing for a week with her toddler was strangled to death. she was found inside of a car. the owner of the home is under arrest. sh>> the wife of a u.s. diplomt
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accused of killing a british teen with her car is facing charges. she claimed diplomatic immunity and fled the u.k. in august after she hit harry dunn while driving on the wrong side of the road. it's unclear if she will be sent back to the u.k. now, nascar legend, the racing world is remembering this nascar legend, robert glen junior john i don't knojohnson. he won 50 races including the daytona 500 as a driver and 132 races as an owner. he perfected his driving skills while running moon shine. he was 88 years old. really a legend. >> what a life. a legend of nascar and selling moonshine. pardoned by reagan. all right. >> a heck of a life.
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ms-13, it's a menace, a ruthless gang that violated our borders and transformed once peaceful neighborhoods into blood-stained killing fields. we are making tremendous striesmedz we'lstrides. in the not too distant future this problem will be eradicated. >> that was president trump promising a takedown of ms-13 during this time in office. new york law enforcement announcing criminal charges against 96 ms-13 gang members and associates. >> the bust dealing a crushing blow to the leadership of the
3:18 am
group. joining us now for an exclusive interview is the district attorney from sufficien suffolkw york. tell us about this. >> we charged 96 ms-13 gang members and associates in suffolk county with significant crimes including murder, conspiracy, drug distribution and assault. as a result of intelligence generated throughout the investigation, law enforcement made over 230 arrests throughout the world including in new york, throughout the united states, and in el salvador. in suffolk county we had a defendant located in holland. this was a global operation. the suffolk county district attorney's office worked hand in hand with the dea, fbi, a atf, suffolk county police. >> how did you do it? it's not easy to get inside a violent gang like this in. >> one strategy was the use of wiretaps. ultimately, we obtained wiretaps
3:19 am
on over 215 phones which is an unprecedented size in terms of wiretaps and we obviously employed a number of innovative investigative strategies, some of which i can't speak of, but certainly the use of wiretaps, social media analysis was key and i have to say, law enforcement did such a tremendous job because as they were gathering intelligence, as they would use that intelligence in real-time to stop acts of violence and put their lives on the line to stop those acts of violence. >> it's our understanding that resources were increased through the president and testimonies and kind of bringing to public awareness about this. speak to what those resources specifically were utilized for or how that really helped to kind of take you across that final mile. >> in 2016, i actually testified in front of the united states senate and united states house of representatives. i talked about ms-1 ms-13 and te real problem is poses for our country. i made it r clear that local police departments and district attorneys offices and other law enforcement agencies needed the assistance of the federal
3:20 am
government, particularly in terms of dollars, and we were awarded a half a million dollar grant which were used to combat ms-13. >> how much of a blow is this? >> this is a huge blow. this is -- this december mates the leader -- decembe dessimatee leadership on long island. the fight continues. they will attempt to reconstitute. the leadership in el salvador will uncouldn'tedly try to send additional leaders to long island so they can reconstitute. we need to stay vigilant. >> murders were thwarted in this process. thank you so much for your service to the community, for being here. >> thank you. >> president trump brushing off the democrats' impeachment push. >> doesn't really feel like we're being impeached. >> do most americans agree? what you won't see anywhere else, next.
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>> back with some quick headlines out of washington. nancy pelosi sends a letter to the president inviting him to deliver the state of the union on february 4th. but the house speaker left out one key line from last year's invite. she said last year i look forward to welcoming you to the congress. maybe not so welcome this year. the president accepted the invite, though, just days after house democrats voted to impeach him. and that impeachment push appears to be backfiring out on the trail. the trump camp says they've raked in $10 million in the two days after the vote. the rnc also declaring november was its best fund raising month ever, hauling in $20.6 million. a lot of money, pete. >> maybe a few wine caves. thank you. to say it was a big week in politics would be an understatement. from president trump rallying voters in michigan to the top 2020 democrats taking to the debate stage in california. >> how did americans react? here with the details, partner and president at mclunski and partners, you a author of
3:26 am
persuasion, lee carter. welcome. >> big week and we're trying to get a sense of -- we know how the pundits talk about it. how do voters and people react. we'll start with the president and his speech, talking about impeachment or how it doesn't feel like it. watch. >> it doesn't really feel like we're being impeached. the country is doing better than ever before. we did nothing wrong. we did nothing wrong. and we have tremendous support in the republican party, like we've never had before. nobody's ever had this kind of support. >> remind the viewers, red republican, yellow independent, blue democrat. >> it's not surprising that democrats were on the
3:27 am
being impeached. it's interesting to see how -- >> he's saying they're coming after you as well. andrew yang had a strong debate. money was pouring in of after his performance. let's take a look at what he said. >> the media networks didn't do any favors by missing why donald trump became the president in the first place. the more we act like donald trump is the cause of all of our problems, the more americans lose trust that we can see what's going on in our communities and solve those problems. what we have to do, we have to stop being obsessed over impeachment. >> does that break you through? >> you didn't see like a huge shift there but democrats a b, independents a b, republicans a c. what people are saying now is enough on the impeachment. a lot of democrats said you know what, let's move on now. we've gotten as far as we need
3:28 am
to go. republicans felt like it was refreshing to hear a democrat admit that. >> to me, that's a heck of admission from democrats. the rest of the field all said he's the worst person on planet earth. for him to say let's get over it and they say i kind of agree -- >> it's really important. the one thing who seems to have an issue with the current economy was joe biden. let's listen to him now and what he had to say about it. >> i don't think they really do like the economy. go back and talk to the old neighbors, middle class neighborhoods you grew up in. middle class is getting killed. middle class is getting crush. working class has no way up as a consequence of that. the idea that we're growing, we're not growing. the wealthy, wealthy are are growing. ordinary people are not growing. they're not happy with where they are. that's why we must change this presidency now. >> over 70% of the public is saying we think the economy is very good. >> it's interesting when you have different people hearing things differently.
3:29 am
republicans gave it an f. independents in the middle there. you can see it. but the democrats actually agreed with him. they felt like the economy isn't working for them. a lot of people are down and out. democrats gave it a b. you can see the range. i think it's important joe biden is all about elect act. he doesn't have the -- electability. it's dangerous to say the economy isn't working. >> it feels like it's good and he's telling you it's bad. you can look for ways to make iter better but to pretend like it's not going well -- >> it didn't resonate. they've got to be careful. the president whoever it's going to be always resonates with independents. they're the key to who is elect able. >> good news for trump and yang maybe, not so much for biden. >> speaker nancy pelosi is delaying sending the articles to the senate. is she looking for her own quid pro quo, you might say? the president seems to think so. what does our panel think?
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morning. royal santa, prince harry, dressing up to deliver a message of perseverance and unity to the children of fallen british soldiers. >> i love british accents. almost 200 kids were at the christmas ( party, thrown by the royal family. >> he urged them, quote, cause as a much chaos as possible. that sounds like something pete would say. >> if it's chaos for your country, absolutely. if it's chaos in my living room, no. i've got enough of that. >> chill out for christmas. >> pretty cool because these are the kids of the fallen troops in the u.k. and, you know, christmas becomes a tough time for them. so the prince stepped up. >> just four days away. here in new york we're celebrating on fox square, countdown to christmas is on until santa comes along. you see the fox you all american christmas. share your photos back home, hashtag, fox all american christmas. what are you doing to have a
3:35 am
patriotic christmas? we want to see your friends and family. >> send it to >> if you get photos of the tree and us in the background because we're self-important and -- you know, that would be wonderful. >> here's linda and brandy posing in front of the tree outside on fox square. >> we appreciate that. >> that definitely counts. >> harriet sending us this photo outside of her home in florida. look at that, look at those lights. that is awesome. nice little tree. >> flag, lights. this one from dianne of her own all american christmas tree. maybe we copied her. >> please sending along your all american christmas tree photos, hashtag, fox all american christmas. >> turning to more headlines. in a rare move, police are asking for the public's help in finding a teenager wanted for questioning in the murder of a new york college student, tessa majors. the nypd isn't naming the 14-year-old boy. investigators believe majors was robbed by all three teens.
3:36 am
a 13-year-old is still in custody on murder charges. another teen was questioned and released. and two carnival cruise ships collide as horrified passengers look on and it was all caught on camera. >> oh, my god! holy [bleep] >> he's going to hit us next. >> he's going to hit us next. you don't see that every day. one ship attempted to dock in mexico when it hit the other and nearly a third boat. six people were injured. they're expected to be okay. passengers were reportedly told ocean current and high winds were factors in the crash. maybe bad steering as well. >> the pc police come for whitney cummings. she says for saying merry christmas. >> last year i was working on a tv show, got in trouble with you human resources for saying merry christmas to an intern. >> is that true? >> that's true. i was like bye guys, merry
3:37 am
christmas. i come back june 6th and hr said i needs to tal need to tal. one of the interns was pissed off because you said merry christmas. >> she said she used the christmas greeting as a fo formality to say good-bye to he coworkers. things have gotten pretty crazy. >> a police k-9 puts an end to a police chase after he blasts through a suspect's truck window. duke, the heroic hound, flying through the air to make the arrest. duke bit down on the suspect after he refused to get out of his car. he was also accused of stalking and trying to run over his estranged wife. emily, you have firsthand experience of how strong these dogs are. >> i do. that was one of the best experiences ever. it was incredible, meeting and learning about those military
3:38 am
working dogs. absolutely incredible. and the amount of speed that those dogs have, i mean, he was on me in an instant. i can't imagine what that perp felt in the truck. >> great experience, when you have that suit on. when you're the dude in the car, you're in trouble. >> and it hurt through the bite suit. it's so big. but i still felt it the next day. i can imagine that guy will feel this for life. >> rick, how are you feeling? >> a very different experience. i want to see an after picture of that guy. >> i agree. >> today, winter begins. the winter solstice, tonight, 11:19, get ready, three months of winter on the way. the cold air is trapped up across canada and the arctic. it's not going to make its way it looks like for the better part of the next 10 to 12 days. expect temps to be much warmer. if you wanted a white christmas, you probably won't get it. it will be a wet christmas across the southeast. big storms beginning to brew, a
3:39 am
lot of rain and wind, primarily in the southeast areas of georgia, alabama, florida and the carolinas. 8 inches of rain by the time we get to tuesday. >> the house voted to impeach president trump. speaker nancy pelosi, guess what, she's delaying sending the articles to the senate. the president is sort of taunting her in response to what seems to be an attempt at leverage to negotiate terms of the trial. the president tweeting, quote, nancy pelosi is looking for a quid pro quo with the senate. why aren't we impeaching her? here to discuss, our panel, aaron he'l.i thought nancy pelos against quid pro quos. >> she's supposed to be until it pertains to her. this is a christmas gift to conservatives. it's a kind of tweet they have come to love from our president. i would call ate savagery.
3:40 am
quid pro quo is the expression of 2019. all nancy is doing, she's getting new voters out there for trump. independents are starting to turn on the democrat party. the rnc raised $10 million in 48 hours. they raised $20 million in november. they have $63 million cash on-hand. >> that's not even the trump campaign which has far more money than the rnc in the bank. kevin, what's going on? >> i think nancy pelosi is a master sledge lay tore, -- ledge slay storelegislator. the president wants a trial. he wants to feel vindicated. this is the leverage. it's clearly working. >> what is she going to actually get? witnesses or what? >> i think that's the hope, that we get some kind of witness situation where chuck schumer asks for four witnesses to come forward and some kind of fairness in that senate component. >> get a mick mulvaney. >> a john bolton, mick
3:41 am
mulvaney, any number of those individuals. >> what's the long play here? >> i think the long play is to, again, exert pressure on the president to put his men up to testify. >> the senate's not going to -- it's not going to happen in the senate. this is an exercise in futility. >> the president wanted the witnesses to begin with. >> i'm enjoying this conversation. i want to bring joseph in as well. are you buying any of that? >> look, i think it's very clear that nancy pelosi is not the political genius that was promised. democrats want to say that no man is above the law but fine print, president trump is delow the law and democrats p don't have to abide bu aby -- abide b. we are looking at an extended impeachment process where most americans are saying i don't know what's going on. we're dealing with democrats that have failed to prove their case to the american public and ultimately right now democrats are having to deal with their comeup b uppance.
3:42 am
you can't have it both ways. >> a cnn poll is saying 76% of the public is saying the economy is are pretty good. that's a tough environment for democrats. >> it really is. they're resorting to terrible measures like impeachment. this trial really began in november of 2016 when president trump got elected. the couldn't handle that hillary clinton wasn't the first female president. >> kevin, last word. >> the economy's going strong. we've got to make the case to the american people that it's not strong enough to a lot of people. half of americans, if they get a $400 charge they have to sell something or take out a loan. >> last word from joan. >>john.>> if they can't come ua message on the economy, it's going to be a bad thing. >> gentlemen and lady, appreciate it. merry christmas. emily and pete.
3:43 am
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us lives here. where we can be surprised by others. and ourselves. for a better us, donate to your local y today. >> as we celebrate christmas, we remember the real reason for the season. the birth of h jesus christ. in recent years, some are questioning how he would be treated in modern times with some activists suggesting that jesus was actually palestinian. not some. many. our next guest counters if jesus were alive today he would be called a jewish set letter and banned from entering bet lee
3:47 am
them. bethlehem. when i was in bethlehem, many people, leaders and regular folks came, when we asked them, said we believe jesus was a palestinian. what do you say to that? >> i'd say what bible are you reading from? this is a frightening trend that's happening. and of course, we he see it with a lot of christian leaders who go to bethlehem, who go to the bible bethlehem college, they're fed this false narrative. this is unbiblical. it's actually hereti cal. there is no place in the bible where anybody can substa substae such an outrageous position. >> if you read the bible, you know jesus' parents were jewish, the whole story is a jewish story. what is the reason, why are people trying to rewrite the
3:48 am
narrative and say no, no, no -- including linda sasure, saying jesus was a palestinian, why? >> this is the anti-semetic movement we have seen rising around the globe. this is an opportunity for these false prophets, these heretics to teach a false gospel message to deny israel its right to that land. even the prophets were told that the messiah would come out of bethlehem, out of the je judean hills. there's way too many christian leaders that were espousing that. there is a leader in bet le bet, he's pleading with christians, help us. we're being overrun. >> i was filming a special,
3:49 am
battle in t bethlehem on fox nation, we spoke to the p baptist church in bethlehem, saying they were attacked dozens of times. we tried to talk to christians to talk on camera. they wouldn't talk on camera because they were in fear of their life. >> i commend you for doing the film. this is an important conversation to have. there are red signs posted outside of bethlehem or any of the areas, the palestinian controlled area, warning jews, you cannot enter here. if jesus were here today, he would not be able to go in there. they would try to crucify him again. no. this is outrageous that this is going on. we did a film similar to what you've done, communicating this and showing people, these christians will not go on camera to tell. but they'll hide their identity, hide their face and voice and plead with christians to come and help them. this is not true. this is not based on biblical
3:50 am
truth. we have to be careful. pastors who are replacement theologists, who are promoting or teaching this false narrative, it's outrageous that they get away with it. they wonder why people are leaving their churches. >> we don't have time to talk about replacement theology. look it up. that is the baseline for all of this. >> 80% have fled. >> thank you so much. on fox nation, you want something to watch over christmas, take a look at battle in bethlehem. we take you to the birth place of jesus and the reality of the fight ongoing over preserving christianity, that faith, where thamanger lay. >> grandparents across the u.s. are using tech to stay safe. kurt the cyber guy is here to break down tools to help your aging loved ones, coming up next. ♪ sitting around the fire with
3:51 am
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3:54 am
welcome back. we bet you've seen this heart warming ad from amazon, making the pitch to grandparents and their family members. >> alexa, play the song that goes "valerie.
3:55 am
>> >> they're one of many tech companies selling themselves to older generations as a way to stay in touch family members and also to stay safe. >> with 14 million seniors living alone in the u.s., what is the best tech gift for them. let's ask kurt the cyber guy. >> i have a loved one in my life that's like family, 86 years old. this is the best technology that's a game changer for anyone older in your life. holidays come around and grand a mgrandmaand grandpa come arounde holidays and go back home and many seniors live alone and five days aweek have no human contact. this is constant companion. it takes alexa and puts her in an amazing position. it comes in this box. grandma, grandpa plug it in. they need to do nothing else. and you pay a monthly service because it's connected to a call
3:56 am
center. you are constantly in command of knowing you have help at any moment and let's demonstrate this. alexa, call for help. alexa, call for help. what's going to happen, she's calling this call center. we'll see how long it takes. someone real on the other end knows exactly where grandma lives, knows the background and will know whether or not what room of the house she's in, be able to get -- >> hi, we're just testing the system. thank you. >> the other thing i want to show you is jitterbug, remember the commercial -- >> do you need help? >> no, we're just testing the system. thank you. >> jitterbug, this is great for when they go out of the house. >> i'm not getting a response. ism going to disconnect. -- i'm going to disconnect.
3:57 am
>> don't send the ambulance. the jitterbug, you take on the go. same thing, keeps them in touch, there's a single button for help. apple watch, fall detection. >> kurt knutsson, thank you. time of ye, that's really important. so we're making it easier than ever to become part of our family. man: that's why our chevy employee discount is now available to everyone. the chevy price you pay is what we pay. not a cent more. family is important to us. and we'd like you to be part of ours. so happy holidays. and welcome to the family. the chevy family! get the chevy employee discount for everyone today.
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♪ spread a little love today ♪ spread a little love my-y way ♪ ♪ spread a little something to remember ♪ philadelphia cream cheese. made with fresh milk and real cream makes your recipes their holiday favourites. the holidays are made with philly.
4:00 am
♪ their holiday favourites. ♪ santa's on his way. ♪ he's loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh. >> let me guess who picked this song. >> i love all christmas music. i do love christina aguilera. are you going to sing like pete? >> i will not. i know my limitation. >> because it's not frank p sinatra, i know it's not -- >> we want you to post your photos. we've been having fun with that, as well as teasing each other
4:01 am
about our musical tast. -- musical taste. post your all-american christmas. >> if you get a picture of us in the background and a the tree and your feet because they're up on the couch, that's the triple threat. >> one of our viewers posted a picture of her and i outside the tree. we did it during a commercial break last weekend. brian showed the photo, saying i stood out there six hours so someone would stand with me. six is a lie. >> we are really enjoying seeing the photographs. >> isn't it interesting, by the way, as we turn to the news that we were reporting this last hour that nancy pelosi invited the president to come give the state of the union on february 4th. doesn't that tell us she believes he will still be president, won't be removed from office at that time unless it's a formality. maybe that's why democrats are turning back to the russia narrative. they are realize the ukraine narrative didn't work glout
4:02 am
we're back to that again? >> they're talking about it. maxine waters and others are saying the president is a puppet of putin. they're at it begin, something that's an oldy but goody. we went in the way bac way backe to show you. >> we're seeing evidence there was a consistent spir a conspir. >> he is the first president who may face the prospect of jail time. >> if we follow the tracks of those that have been involved with the cream lip kremlin, we'o putin. >> this president has made attempts to obstruct the russia investigation. >> the russian interference. >> russia. >> russia, russia. they celebrate christmas in russia so he that's the connection with our show and russia this morning. that's from the way back machine. some of that was before the mueller report, some of that was before all of this.
4:03 am
so it's christmas season. maybe we can give him a little grace. maybe that was yesterday and we can turn a page? what do you sunshine. >> that'-- what doyou think? >> that's generous of you. there continues to be communication from certain democrats -- >> they're not going to forget about it. >> nobody's forgetting about anything any time soon, at least from a certain segment of the population. this is maxine waters, saying proves what we have known all the time, trump is hashtag, putin's -- >> mark my words, if the senate doesn't remove him, trump will invite putin to the white house next year. she's rescuing or trying to rescue, revive the russia, russia, russia narrative, because maybe ukraine's on life support. >> that was from yesterday? >> yeah. >> a after all we learned in and all that we've done. first of all, president trump probably will invite vladimir putin to the white house because they've had a relationship, they worked on things together.
4:04 am
he had a different view of how we should engage with russia which every commander in chief has the prerogative to do. in some sense i think he likes to control his haters. if that's really where they're going, emily, they really tried all of this, he's not a legitimate president, we're boycotting the impeachment, it's russia, it's mueller, then they go to ukraine and the phone call and they impeach him and by the way, the whole time he's a racist. nub of inone of it works. the economy's on gang busters. he has more support from his party than he's ever had. >> that i'll vat illustrates te disconnect. they continue to move the goal post and cite differing targets. here's what the problem is. all of it is transparent that it's simply political gamesmanship. they don't believe anything they're saying. there's no supporting evidence. everyone continues to be disappointed. we keep hearing about a
4:05 am
bombshell every week. there's nothing. we're seeing everything being deflated. >> maybe it shows that the democrats don't have a strategy on all this. maybe it shows the ukraine scenario didn't work out as they plan. even liberal legal scholars are saying he's not really impeached because nancy pelosi is refusing so far to send the articles of impeachment to the senate. john ratcliffe, a key republican ally to the president, says she knows once there's a senate trial she won't be able to rig it anymore. >> we heard house democrats saying the evidence is overwhelming, it's clear, it's undisputed. we have everything we could possibly need to impeach donald trump right now. and at the same time, you heard chuck schumer in the senate saying we need more evidence and more testimony for a trial over here in the senate. nancy pelosi knew that as well which is why she slammed the brakes on sending the articles of impeachment over. home court advantage goes away in the senate. it's not adam schiff as both
4:06 am
prosecutor and judge. it's john roberts ruling fairly. >> maybe they're hitting a wall there all of a sudden. you have an economy that's so strong that joe biden is struggling to explain in the last debate about what he would do differently to change the economy. it seems to be on track, with 70% of the public saying it's pretty good. the president is following through on another promise, which is to take down ms-13. we just saw in the last day or so the largest takedown of ms-13 gang members on long island here in new york. this is a big deal, something the president promised to do. >> we had on the district attorney of suffolk county. he said he testified in front of the senate and a was awarded half a million dollars for these resources. that goes to show, when you have concrete evidence and per sway suv testimony that -- persuading testimony, that you get results. they made arrests from here to
4:07 am
holland to el salvador. >> we're going to play some sound in a second. he talked about how critical it was that someone was willing to shine a spotlight on it and he thanked us for covering it because most of the outlets don't want to talk about it. why. because president trump has talked about it. here's president trump talking about the need to get rid of ms-13 last year. >> ms-13, it's a menace, a ruthless gang that violated our borders and transformed once peaceful neighborhoods into blood-stained killing fields. we are making tremendous strides. we will continue and in a not too distant future i feel totally confident that this product, this problem will be eradicated. >> it's interesting is that when he said it back then, it was negative, negative, negative. >> he called them animals. >> democrats said oh, he's so vicious, he's so mean and what they said was that essex an rating -- he's exaggerating the problem, that it's not a
4:08 am
crisis. tell it to the moms and dads that have had their kids stabbed to death. this has been an epidemic. the da from suffolk county came on a few moments ago. he told us the president followed through. watch. >>.>> we obtained wiretaps on r 215 phones which is an unprecedented size in terms of wiretaps and we object hav obviy employed a number of strategies some of which i can't speak of but certainly the use of wiretaps, social media analysis was key. law enforcement did such a tremendous job. as they were gathering intelligence, they would use that intelligence in real-time to stop acts of violence and put their lives on the line to stop those acts of violence. they will attempt to reconstitute. the leadership in el salvador will try to send additional leaders to long island so they can reconstitute. we need to stay vigilant. >> seven murders prevented in real-time. 93 gang members and associates
4:09 am
arrested. the model of ms-13 is rape, kill, control and they've done that and they're dessimated on long island. it's a great law enforcement story and a key win for the president. >> what's so disturbing is the politicalization of crime and threats. the team flag you fly and therefore, this is good, this is bad, this is not bad. to minimize threats that hurts us all. it's bipartisan. threats are bipartisan. >> it's the president's approach to say look, we've got to deal with this in terms of ms-13 gang members, not all immigrants are in those gangs, obviously and people try to conflate that. democrats say they want to give illegal immigrants health care benefits. pete buttigieg is promising rep reparations to illegal
4:10 am
immigrants. bernie sanders is doubling down on his plan to give health care to every single illegal immigrant. >> when i talk about medicare for all, i want you to understand that includes all, that includes undocumented people as well. [ cheering and applause ] >> when i talk about making public colleges and universities tuition-free, that includes as i said earlier, undocumented young people. >> are you committing as president to financial compensation for those spouses an children? >> yes, and they should have a fast track to citizenship. we have a moral obligation to make right what was broken. >> so the children of illegal immigrants are going to get basically reparations. >> just keep talking, please keep talking, as much as you can, all about how much you love illegality and how you want to pay re reparations.
4:11 am
if you want to talk about a pathway, you can have a legitimate public policy conversation about that. if you want to talk about people who break our laws, good luck selling that in michigan, iowa, wisconsin and pennsylvania. it's a losing message. they have to know it is. they're preaching to the far left wing anti-american base that is their electorate right now and it's going to hurt them in november. >> after reparations have been paid, that make it okay. we're going to pay and then this and then this. it makes no sense. the actual concept reparations is what restores to normal. it's ill logical in my head. >> what do you think about that, where are democrats headed when they continue to stand up for
4:12 am
benefits for illegal benefits. >> if we had five more minutes we could talk a lot about reparations. >> a fisa court judge demanding more answers over the carter page surveillance warrant. the same judge rebuked the fbi after the doj inspector general revealed several mistakes and omissions in the warrant used to surveil the trump campaign adviser. the judge wants more information on the fbi lawyer linked to the warrant. >> boeing star liner set to return home tomorrow after failing to reach its intended orbit. experts believe a timing issue in the system caused the unmanned spacecraft to burn more fuel than planned. that prevented it from reaching the space station. nasa says there was no damage to the capsule. it's unclear if boeing still plans to put astronauts on-board the star liner as they were planning to do by next summer. they say it was a test that otherwise went well. >> these designer shoes -- those are shoes -- just might be
4:13 am
stretching the limits of good taste. social media going wild over the botaga venetta sandals for looking like instant ra ramen noodles. someone joked are they msg-free, though. someone else wrote i preordered the pork flavor. you all know it's the best. it is. the shoes sell for over $1,000. >> all right. >> when i saw that, i saw that together online, i thought it was made out of ramen. only until you said that did i realize it's a real shoe. >> would you buy it? >> no. i would eat it. >> the shoe. >> interesting. let's go to a fox news alert. chilling details in the case of the missing texas mom found dead inside the trunk of her friend's car. up next, a former homicide detective on where that case goes from here. as a struggling actor,
4:14 am
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4:17 am
welcome back. a fox news alert. the body of missing texas mother heidi broussard discovered at a home near houston. her newborn daughter found alive and unharmed. a close friend is being charged with kidnapping in connection with the death. the suspect is insisting to officers the baby is hers. what is going to happen as the case goes forward. ted williams joins us now. thank you for being here. tell us your thoughts on this case. >> well, you know, it's a very sad turn of events as ours viewers should know on december 12th, heidi broussard, 33-year-old female, dropped her child off at a school, came home and was --
4:18 am
went missing. it was determined as a part of the investigation that a woman by the name of magen fieramusca who was supposedly heidi broussard's best friend, perhaps may very well be involved in her death. the authorities have been able to place fieramusca's car in the austin, texas area, the area in which heidi lived. i must tell you, emily, this is somewhat touching to me personally in an indirect manner because heidi broussard was from lake charles, louisiana, that's where i grew up. but fieramusca lived in the houston, texas area and what authorities were able to glean and find yesterday was the baby alive and well at fieramusca's
4:19 am
home and heidi broussard in the trunk of fieramusca's car. now, one other thing that's important that they found in the investigation is that fieramusca at the same time that heidi broussard became pregnant had told individuals and people that she also was pregnant. so i think where authorities are going with this is the motive is possibly that fieramusca wanted a child of her own and unfortunately decided to perhaps harm heidi broussard and my rush nairational for saying possiblys because she's been charged at this stage with two counts of kidnapping and one count of messing with a corps. >> ted, thank you so much and our consistent of doug condoleny
4:20 am
and the entire community. how crucial was it that the community was involved? from the beginning, investigators established a tip line and how did that lead to the a arrest? >> that was very crucial to the investigation at this stage. someone from what we understood made a phone call to authorities that led authorities to the texas rangers and the fbi to the home in houston where fieramusca was caring for baby margo. >> ted williams, thank you so much for your thoughts this morning. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> up next, the democrats' own witness says the president isn't technically impeached yet. thanks to nancy pelosi. is that true? jordan sucula, a member of the president's team, joins us next. ♪ there's nothing holding me back. ♪ you take me places that tear up my reputation.
4:21 am
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some things are too important to do yourself. ♪ get customized security with 24/7 monitoring from xfinity home. awarded the best professionally installed system by cnet. simple. easy. awesome. call, click or visit a store today. >> welcome back. time for your nurse by the numbers, 600,000, that's how many cars ford is recalling over brake issues. the automaker says the 2006 to 2010 models of the fusion, milan and mkz may have faulty valves, that makes the car harder to stop. 15 crashes and two injuries have
4:25 am
been blamed on the issue. next, 39.9 million, that's where california's population has stalled. the high cost of living thought to be the culprit. a recent estimate shows the state has lost nearly 40,000 people last year to neighboring states. go to texas, pay a lot less. we've got one right here. finally, 116 million, that's how many people are set to hit the roadsnd a rails for christmas, expected to be a record-breaking travel week, up nearly 4% from last year. good luck. >> it did say chris mass. >> house speaker nancy pelosi doubling down that impeachment is still on despite her delay on sending the actual articles to the senate. speaker saying, quote, he'll be impeached forever, no matter what the senate does, he's impeached forever because he violated our constitution, she says. >> this comes as one of the legal scholars who testified in
4:26 am
favor of impeachment says that might not be the case. so what does this mean for the president? >> here to discuss, member of the legal team and executive director for the american center for law and justice, jordan sekulow. thanks for being here. nancy pelosi says impeachment the senate did not consider president clinton impeached until the house actually voted on the procedure to name its house managers, that would then go to the senate to present the articles of impeachment. so that's why you could argue that opinion, that the president has not actually been impeached. but there is another theory we're looking at to move this a
4:27 am
along in a bit quicker process, regardless of what nancy pelosi would like. let's assume the president has been impeached. that's the only job the house has under the constitution. you won't find in the constitution an article one, anything about them having to name managers for the senate to have a trial. they have the sole -- they can impeach, but who gets the sole power to try? it's the senate. and does the senate have to wait for the house to present the articles? and there's a theory, they don't. because the articles were publicly voted on and we all have them, as well as the reports, the lengthy ones from the judiciary committee and intel committee. >> that's one theory, interesting, jordan, the idea that look, it's out of the house's hands. noah feldman, a liberal law professor says this. if the house doesn't communicate its impeachment to the senate it
4:28 am
hasn't impeached the president, if the articles are not transmitted trump could say he was not truly impeached at all. your thoughts? >> i think that under the current reading, you could make that argument very clearly, that if the senate decides to take no action and the house does not take action to go ahead and schedule the trial, even though we believe it could under article one of the constitution, because it has the sole power to try and the supreme court's been clear that the definition of try is very broad when it comes to the u.s. senate. but you could definitely make the case, if they don't move forward and nancy pelosi just sits on this, that impeachment has not been finalized. it hasn't actually occurred. the vote occurred but has not been finalized. the president could say as noah feldman wrote that he has not yet been impeached. >> what the i is the preferencf the president's legal team? what's most likely to happen?
4:29 am
>> i think we're going to wait right now between this break, obviously, to see if nancy pelosi is just kind of pulling a stunt here and we can get back on track and have a normal senate trial with house managers and go through the real motions, go through the real process that we didn't see in the house. but ultimately, because i don't think the democrats will ever buy that the president wasn't impeached in the house or the democratic senators, so ultimately i think we want to see a trial regardless if nancy pelosi ever names managerses and sends it over to the senate or not. because ultimately that will lead to the president's acquittal and the dismissal of these two articles of impeachment. >> all right. jordan sekulow, appreciate it. >> thank you, juror da. >> thank you, guys. >> is this one of your favorite christmas movies? >> emily says it's one of her envelope av e -- faves.
4:30 am
some say movies like the grinch are pushing negative messages and politics. >> how can you not like this? >> this comedian says bah, hum bug. >> he joins us next. ♪ when loved ones are near. ♪ yes, the most wonderful time of the year. -that's how a home and auto bundle is made. [ chuckles ] so, what are some key takeaways from this commercial? did any of you hear the "bundle your home and auto" part? -i like that, just not when it comes out of her mouth. -yeah, as a mother, i wouldn't want my kids to see that. -good mom. -to see -- wait. i'm sorry. what? -don't kids see enough violence as it is? -i've seen violence. -maybe we turn the word "bundle" into a character, like mr. bundles. -top o' the bundle to you. [ laughter ] bundle, bundle, bundle. -my kids would love that. -yeah.
4:31 am
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4:34 am
♪ hanging my stocking, i can hear him knocking. ♪ is that you, santa claus. >> he's coming to town in a real big way. >> a british man says he ordered this 25-foot tall inflatable saint nick from ebay by mistake. he thought it would only be eight feet tall but looked on in horror as he was blowing it up and it continued to grow and grow and grow. the height of his house. >> it took five people to bring santa down. it's since become a neighborhood favorite. >> i love it. all right. moving on. for years, the christmas classic, rudolph the red nosed reindeer has come under fire by the pc police for bullying. one usa column minut columnist a step further, saying your favorite christmas cartoons hold political messages. here to react, michael loftis.
4:35 am
now it's christmas movies, they're infiltrating our minds with political messages. >> it never stops. literally. if you want a green new deal, run this country's energy system off of liberal outrage. they can't stop looking into anything. this person teaches a three week course. >> at a college? >> at a real college, not the one where i went. on the political messages of christmas media. people are wondering why is college so expensive, why can't i get a job. >> i want to play this clip from rudolph. i think there's something you're missing. >> hermie doesn't like to make toys. >> hermie doesn't like to make toys. >> shame on you. >> do you mind telling me what you do want to do? >> some day, i'd like to be a dentist. >> a dentist?
4:36 am
>> isn't rudolph pushing a red new deal? [ laughter ] >> i just want to give a shout-out to jerry nadler, though. [ laughter ] >> not wrong. >> this professor is saying there is marxist undertones because the elves need health care. i'm not even kidding you. that obviously they have eye doctors because the one elf wears glasses and hermie wants to be a dentist and i'm saying that's how bad obamacare was. it was so bad r, even santa couldn't make it work. >> he also feels strongly about the grinch. take a look here. >> hating the whos, staring down from his cave with a sour, grinchy frown at the warm lighted windows below in their town. for he knew every who in
4:37 am
whoville beneath was busy now, hanging a holly who wreath. >> what am i learning there? >> i don't know. you conform to society or you get in trouble. in that one, i think the grinch is adam schiff. this dude who teaches this course looked at these cartoons in much more detail than the democrats looked at impeachment. i would rather have that jerry nadler elf in charge of the impeachment hearings. >> what about charlie brown. watch this clip and we'll have some fun. >> can't you even tell a good tree from a poor tree. i told you he'd goof it up. >> he's not the kind you can depend on to do anything right. >> you're hopely hopeless chare brown, completely hopeless. >> rats. >> you've been dumb before, charlie brown, but this time you really did it. [ laughter ] >> is that adam schiff after the democrats -- [ laughter ] >> you should run the --
4:38 am
>> charlie brown is wonderful. of all of them, there is zero political message. this is the most religious, let's keep the christ in christmas thing and as a television writer, charles schultz, this is not funny, when cbs ordered the special charles schultz said i'll do but i need complete control of the script. he dropped it off. they were expecting a crazy cartoon and there's a jazz theme song and bible quotes. there's nothing political, everything wonderful about charlie brown. >> we agree. thank you so much, michael. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you. >> let's turn to some other headlines. the head of the freedom coalition is slamming christianity after the magazine called for president trump's removal from office. >> they may want to change the name of the magazine to christianity yesterday. you can't imagine a publication
4:39 am
more out of step with the faith community that it once represented. >> ralph reed defending the president who was blasted by the publication. the editor in chief of christianity today wrote on thursday the president's behavior is quote, unquote, immoral to the level he is no longer fit to serve in office. the president fired back with a tweet of his own. superhero strength caught on camera. a connecticut school resource officer springing to action to stop a run-away suv. officer carlos carlo grabbed the driver's side door, bringing the vehicle to a stop. there were two passengers but no driver inside the parked suv when it started rolling downhill with students in its path. nobody was seriously hurt. >> a long-time mall santa replaced for wearing a maga hat is now speaking out. people complained to a georgia mall after someone saw the photo on frank skinner's personal facebook page. >> i want to make it clear, i did not do this around any children.
4:40 am
in fact, really there was nobody really around other than me and the camera girl. i understand as a santa of 48 years that you don't mix politics with santa with kids and i didn't do that. >> yeah, another case of someone being locked out of social media. he said his manager told him to lay low, hoping the controversy would blow over. skinner said he was not fired and he was told the schedule would be re-evaluated. is that a kind way of saying you're fired? >> you've been reevaluated, we think you better go to the next mall. >> 48 years. he did everything right. and he was still punished for it. >> except he wore a a maga hat and somebody got mad. >> he put it on his personal facebook page. >> we all know that santa supports president trump. >> oh, really? >> this is not a secret. why can't he just wear it? >> let's ask rick about that. have you heard anything about santa. >> i don't know that santa has a political favorite. >> i talked to him. >> you did? >> yes. >> really.
4:41 am
okay. >> he likes the tax cuts. he likes the less regulations, let him fly around in the sky with a little more freedom than he used to have. >> is that it? >> that's what i heard. >> you can put lead in the paint on the toys. >> oh, rick. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> she's wearing the sign, welcome to 50. >> thank you. >> it's not that bad. trust me. take a look at the map. everybody wanting a white christmas, this is where there's currently snow on the ground. by the time we get to christmas day, a lot less snow on the ground. it's going to really warm up. temps will be well above average across the eastern part of the country. we'll have a lot of rain over the next couple days across the west. we had up to 10 inches of rain across parts of washington. more rain and snow moving in. that storm moves across parts of california into the southwest over the next couple days. back to you. >> it turns out there was a
4:42 am
clause in santa's contract so he couldn't do that. >> oh,. [ laughter ] >> thanks, rick. >> the trump administration working towards securing our southern border. 2020 democrats on the other hand are making these types of promises to people who are in the country illegally. >> among many other things, we are going to make public colleges and universities tuition-free. and that includes the undocumented. >> well, you bet former i.c.e. director tom ho homan has sometg to say about that. >> does he agree with bernie? >> we're going to find out. ♪ just like the ones i used to know. ♪ where the treetops glisten and children listen.
4:43 am
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4:46 am
welcome back. we have quick headlines for you. more than 100 communities in virginia are standing up for gun rights. they're declaring themselves second amendment sanctuaries. the movement began after democrats won control of both chambers of the state legislature last month. baltimore will be the first city to be monitored by police surveillance planes. the city is struggling with its most violent year on record with over 300 murders. the flights will start in march and last up to six months. >> all right. meanwhile, while the trump administration is working to secure our border to the south, 2020 democrats are making these promises to people who are already here illegally. >> when i talk about medicare for all, that includes undocumented people as well. public colleges and
4:47 am
universities, tuition-free, that includes as i said earlier undocumented young people. >> you said last month that the u.s. owes compensation to children separated from their families at the southern border. are you committing as president to financial compensation for those spouses and children. >> yes,nd they should have a fast track to citizenship. >> here to react, retired i.c.e. director and fox news contributor, tom homan. take it where you want, talking free college, free health care and reparations for illegals. >> pete, i agree with you, i hope they keep talking like this. they're guaranteeing a trump win in 2020. you can't keep offering enticements. when you do that, more people will come to the country, more people will put themselves in the hands of criminal organizations, more women will be rape and more children will die and the cartel will get richer. i hope they keep talking. most americans don't want this. >> the use of the word free is
4:48 am
so ridiculous too, because there's still a cost. it's absorbed by the taxpayers, by the people who aide bide by the laws of -- abide by the laws. tell us your thoughts on the resource end of it. >> if you go to the hospital now, emergency rooms have to give treatment to those people who can't afford it including illegal aliens. they don't absorb those costs. they pass those costs onto you and me who have insurance, that's why insurance premiums are so high. look, trauma centers are closing across the country. classrooms are overcrowded. english as a second language is holding u.s. citizen children back. it's affecting our schools and hospitals. to offer even more enticements from the democratic nominees, it's going to make problems worse. the u.s. citizen is going to face a very difficult situation if this happens which i don't believe for a minute is going to happen. >> they say we've got money for free health care for illegal immigrants and the president says i want more money for the walls, i don't know where we're going to find the money. tom homan, appreciate you
4:49 am
coming. have a merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> thank you. >> now, question for you. do you really know, really know the lyrics to all of your favorite christmas tunes. >> frosty -- oh, sorry. >> i think ed does. >> up next, we're going to break down the most misheard ones and i'm going to hit the streets, test out the folks here on fox square right over there. we're hitting it. >> right here on fox square. don't miss it. >> i always mess up lyrics. ♪ frosty the snowman is a fairytale they say. ♪ he was made of snow but the children know how he -- hello mom.
4:50 am
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♪ caroling caroling now we go. ♪ christmas bells are ringing. >> do you know all the words to some of the most beloved christmas songs? >> new research actually showing that the lyrics of popular carols are commonly misheard. this morning we thought we would send pete on the street out to fox square to test people's knowledge of christmas tunes. pete, how's it going? >> it's fantastic. what a hardy group we have out here. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> have any of you done
4:54 am
caroling before? i used to do a bit of car carolg back in the day, we would go house to house and carol with folks in the neighborhood. when you're a kid, it's not clear you know the words. we count on the adults to know the words. we have adults here and also a new 21-year-old. we're going to sing a couple popular christmas carols, see if you can get the words right. the first one is 12 days of christmas. you know that one. so what is the correct word on this one? i might stick the microphone in front of anyone's face. ♪ on the fourth day of christmas my true love sent to me. ♪ four -- >> calling birds. >> calling birds. let's check the tape. are they right? ♪ on the fourth day of christmas my true lov scent true love senr calling birds. >> a lot of people call it kolley birds. that sounds like a rigged
4:55 am
question. same from adam schiff. next one, frosty the snowman. that's a big one. all right. ♪ frosty the snowman, knew the son was hot that day. ♪ so he -- >> waved good-bye. >> waved good-bye. is that correct? ♪ frosty the snowman knew the sun was hot that day. ♪ so he said let's run and we'll have some fun now before i melt away. [ laughter ] >> he did not wave good-bye. although if the sun is hot that was a logical answer. okay. last one. jingle bells. you guys should get this one. ♪ over the fields we go, laughing all the way,. ♪ bells on -- >> bob tails ring. >> bob tails ring is -- >> bob tails rang.
4:56 am
what's correct. .♪ laughing all the way. ♪ bells on bob tails ring, making spirits bright. >> bob tails ring. i think a lot of people think it's cocktail. it's bob tailoring. a lot of -- you can't do caroling without cocktails. you know that's true. that's it. we're about 50/50 here. we could polish up. we'll toss it back to you in the studio. do you know away in a manger. let's send it back in to emily and ed. ♪ away in a manger no -- [ laughter ] ♪ the little lord jesus -- >> sounds like they had cocktails out there. it's a little early. >> i want to appeal that bob tail ruling. big show still ahead. congressman michael walsh and former whitewater independent counsel ken starr talking impeachment all joining us live,
4:57 am
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5:00 am
♪ oh, jingle bells, jingle bells. ♪ jingle all the way. ♪ oh, what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh. ♪ hey. ♪ jingle bells, jingle bells. >> sounds like dolly parton. did i get that right? >> is it. >> now that i think about it, wouldn't it be fun to be in a one horse open today. >> no, it's cold. >> was out there with great folks on fox square trying to sing carols then i launched into away in a manger and i couldn't remember the second line, even though i know it. >> send us your photos of your patriotic christmas tree, hashtag, fox all american christmas. welcome in.
5:01 am
good to have you. >> thank you so much. happy saturday morning. we loved seeing your photographs all morning. >> four days away from christmas. in the meantime, we've got santa about to come on the sleigh, norad will keep a close watch. >> we learned santa's a big fan of president trump. >> he doesn't regulation. >> he likes the tax cuts and -- >> maybe he likes usmca. we'll get to that some of that in a moment. >> something the president won on, remember when he was laughed at this new idea, the space force. the president is making the case that china and russia are in space. this could be one of the new frontiers in terms of war fighting. >> it will be. >> the president has won, the new budget deal there is money for creating the space force, the first new military branch in over 70 years. >> that's right. the joint chiefs just got bigger, it's not just the army, marine corps, air force, navy, coast guard. now it's also the space force, at the same table with the same
5:02 am
amount of influence on the way we fight wars. the president touted this campaign promise that was his alone. listen. >> we officially inaugurate the newest branch of our military, this is a very big and important moment. it's called the space force. think of that. we will create a brand-new american military service at such a momentous statement. that's a big moment and we're all here for it. space, going to be a lot of things happening in space. of course, space is the world's newest war fighting domain. ad mid grave threats to our national security, american superiority in space is absolutely vital. >> the president averting a shutdown, signing a budget deal, part of it is the ndaa. 3% pay raise for the military,
5:03 am
big overhaul of the 401-k system, encouraging people to use it, we mentioned the space force. money for the border wall which democrats said they never wanted to give them. new sanctions on syria, north korea, upgrading our voting systems and then this one i don't like so much, increasing the smoking age to 21. i think it should stay at 18. >> there are a lot of things that happened that deserved our attention. the democrats were obsessed with impeachment. a lot of that was glossed over. we're covering it now. what an exciting time to be part of the creation of a space force. we have other global super powers that are goten there first. >> we want to be ahead of them. >> while impeachment is going on, the president's winning. he's been racking up wins, you mentioned usmca. we talked about this budget deal, keep the government open. there were people saying a few weeks ago the whole budget, government could be shut down, could be a big problem for the president with the election.
5:04 am
remember people were saying there would be a recession as well. look at the stock market, rallying to new records again ahead of the holiday week. we've seen retail sales over the moon. you might sa say. the dow, s&p have had weeks that have been up for four weeks in a row. this is where we were yesterday, seeing new record highs. the real important point, you talk about low unemployment, wages going up, people are feeling that in their paychecks, they're feeling that. this is something for a long time. you've heard unemployment being low, it's just a statistic, people don't feel it. cnn had a poll, how would you rate the economic conditions in the country today. 76% said good. going back to bill clinton, it's the economy, stupid. you talk about impeachment, all the other headaches democrats
5:05 am
try to create for the president. economy's doing well. he's winning right now. >> joe biden for example, he is saying no, no, don't believe that at all. this is why the presidency needs to change. it's not what you think. clearly, at least 76% of americans disagree and those are the kitchen table issues that matter to them when they're voting. >> if you're democrats and you're going home for christmas because they're all going home and you think you put a lump of coal in president trump's stocking but actually people view it as a bunch of voice and partisanship and they're angry and frustrated about the reality they dragged our country through this and underneath it all, not only is our economy going like gang busters and democrats can't figure out how to talk about it but a concerted legislative agenda quietly behind the scenes has been crafted with generational changes. the ability for -- when you look at the overhaul of 401-k system, when you look at the jobs that have been created in this country, when you look at the way we're rebuilding the military, when you look at what
5:06 am
the president has accomplished, it's almost as if they did the job for him. the judges the judges they nominated and pushed through while the left is screaming, it's amazing the contrast that exists here. if they step back and feel like they have one, one of those moments they might be thinking be careful what you wish for. ed: is that why nancy pelosi is not sending the articles? she is talking about leverage. maybe they want to talk about other issues. they realize go to a trial the president will be acquitted and get another victory, essentially and turn the page. we ask you how do you feel about the economy you? are writing in fast and furious. timothy on facebook my 401(k) is up 23%. i write the economy is a keeper. if it continues there is no way trump is not reelected. emily: dave on facebook says trump has helped put money in everyone's pocket. democrats' plans is to try to take as much money out of everyone's pockets. i' m voting for my pockets full with trump. pete: democrats complain and say all we got were crumbs
5:07 am
on trump's tax deal. i will keep my crumbs, thank you very much. you mentioned that poll. that was not an rnc poll. it was a cnn poll. then they had to go on the air and admit that three fourths, you don't see any polls in this country where three in every four americans agree something is good and for decades that's been the conventional wisdom, if the economy is good, have you an incumbent pathway to rye elections. promises kept and impeachment they are looking at a tough year. ed: somehow the country should change hands at economy is not being run well. that's going to be a difficult case. then maybe the hard case on impeachment. they may have some buyer's remorse on all of that in terms of ukraine narrative after russia narrative fell apart. nancy pelosi not sending the articles of impeachment over the senate. the senate republican leader there, mitch mcconnell, said she is afraid to send them over. guess what she said. i'm never afraid. she says never ever.
5:08 am
telling political co-pfff fear is never a word used with me. you should know right away i'm never afraid and rarely surprised. pete: mitch mcconnell has pointed out if nancy pelosi thinks she has leverage, she is withholding something we don't want. ed: he doesn't want to deal with a trial. if you don't want to do it don't do it. pete: hang over there with your half articles of impeachment that aren't really impeachment you do your thing and sell it to your caucus may be on saysed with it and take tough votes in your district that they're going to pay for. good luck with that. emily: emily, you are a lawyer, sounds to me. i don't know the legal definition. we have had this debate on ukraine. nancy pelosi is saying i'm not giving you the articles of impeachment unless i get a better deal in terms of you who the trial will be laid out. is that a quid pro quo. emily: sure sounds like it, right? as an attorney, what bothers me so much about this is that lack of artic coul articuln and specificity. i understand that usually that holds for criminal trials. that's not what this is. what else do we have to go on.
5:09 am
why is that such a fundamental part of you who we the constitution and how we feel as a society. are we lacking in the most important and crucial trial that affects all of us it. speaks to that so transparent. it's gamesmanship that none of them care about fairness. pete: no, you are right. the president might agree with your characterization a little bit there, ed. he says nancy pelosi is looking for a quid pro quo with the senate. why aren't we impeaching her? a rhetorical question there. ed: you can't really impeach a member of congress. ari fleischer is talking about how you hear from the left. in fact, i saw one publication saying this was the year, axios year of nancy pelosi that she dominated because of impeachment and other matters. ari fleischer, he has got some problems with that characterization, watch. >> this will go down as one of the greatest mistakes the speaker has ever made. when you have the momentum of impeachment your party earnestly believes in right thing to do and urgent they remove the president for power because of the peril
5:10 am
he represents, then you sit on it? all you are doing is showing this was a hallow exercise all along. we know now that impeachment began without a formal vote to authorize impeachment and it's ending now with a thud. they don't even want to move it over to the senate because they want to use it for some type of leverage. there is no leverage to be had on this because it was a waste of time when it began. now, it's even more of a waste of time. pete: well said. i was kind of listening to his question. i was also googling what does it take for an army major to transfer to the space force? i don't know that i have any skills that are useful in space. ed: is this breaking news? are you joining space force. pete: i don't know what's the process someone goes from the army to the space force. when they build that first for the on the moon it will be fort trump. who else life goals right there. i'm as qualified to be the secretary of space force as hunter biden was to be on
5:11 am
burisma. but i might still get it because he still got the spot. you never know. ed: big money. in the meantime turn to your headlines. mother who went missing with newborn baby marge was strangled to death. heidi's body found in a trunk of a car outside of a houston area home. baby margo found inside unharmed in a baby swing. the owner of that home now under arrest. meghan insisted to officers the baby was hers. former homicide detective ted williams weighed in earlier. >> at the same time that heidi broussard became pregnant, had told individuals and people that she also was pregnant. she wanted a child of her own and, unfortunately, decided to, perhaps, harm heidi broussard. ed: she has been charged with kidnapping and tampering with a corpse. you see her right there. we will see how this all
5:12 am
plays out. still a lot of unanswered questions about motive and the rest. major win in the fight against ms-13. more good news for the president. 96 gang members arrested in what new york prosecutors say is biggest crackdown ever. suffolk county district attorney timothy joined us earlier calling it a major step in the fight against a violent group. >> this decimates the leadership on long island. i cannot under estimate the blow that this is; however, the fight continues. ed: officials say the two year operation stopped at least seven ms-13 murder plots. think about that. seven murder plots foiled all because of that. the racing world robert glen jr. johnson in 1965 johnson was dubbed as the last american hero in an article fofor esquire magazine. johnson won 50 races clearly the daytona as a driver and 122 as an owner.
5:13 am
perfecteperfected driving skills running moon shine. johnson was 88 years old. that is amazing. what a life. pete: you might say he lived life in the fast lane. ed: a trooper pulls a car over. the trooper praying for the husband and wife. snapping this now viral photo. he let them go with a warning for a non-speeding violation. nice moment, precious moment right there and those are your headlines. pete: god bless them. as democrats double down on impeachment, the teleprompter scrolls on me. [laughter] we have got tropical vacation trends? emily: turns into a total nightmare as two cruise ships collide. how could this happen?
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
pete: trump announcing a $738 billion defense spending boost in front of troops at joint base andrews. the bill securing a pay raise for the military. funds for part of the border wall and now even officially creates the space force. here with the impact is green beret and florida g.o.p. congressman michael waltz. congressman, thanks for being here this morning. >> good morning. pete: sometimes big things can get lost in the news cycle that we have. give us a big view of you who significant this bill is. >> this was truly an historic night. largest defense bill ever. $738 billion repairing our military, promises made, promises kept. to all of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines around the world. the creation of a new branch of the military and the
5:18 am
space force. the first time in 70 years since the creation of the air force and we all -- you know, we can make our jokes, this is deadly serious. the chinese and the russians have developed the capability to take out our satellite constellations that our entire economy and our military are completely dependent on this. is incredibly important. pete, i have to say i'm going to nominate you for commandant of the space academy so you can be in charge of the space cadets. >> oh, boy, that is a serious life goal but i feel like you, my friend are more qualified. people have made jokes about the space force. that is the next frontier. it is the current frontier of the battlefield. why did president trump see that and the importance of that when others weren't even talking about it? >> just as we dominated air power with the creation of the air force in the 1940s, we now need to dominate the ultimate high ground which is space power. and we have seen, you know, the defense budget decline year over year under the
5:19 am
obama years. pete: yeah. >> meanwhile the chinese increase their budget over 80% and they have made huge investments. they can shoot down our satellites with lasers. with missiles and i don't think folks fully realize how depend dental agriculture, our banking, navigation, telecommunications and of course our military is on our systems up there. and everything the chinese do up there is backed by their military. they are going to put up their own space station, their own manned station on the moon. this is, again, deadly serious. pete: most wars are determined before the first shot is fired. >> that's right. pete: if they can put nut dark before anything happens, you are in serious trouble. the importance of a pay raise for our troops? >> it's the largest in 10 years and they deserve it. they also got in there benefits for our gold star families. repealed and child care that i was able to get. in and then importantly we also expanded parental leave
5:20 am
from the military to all federal workers and that was a huge priority for ivanka trump. so this was just some good news and a great night, historic night for the president and the country. pete: thank you for laying out for us. congressman waltz i will see you in the space force. >> first green beret in space. i have goals, too. pete: you can be that man. appreciate it, merry christmas. >> merry christmas. pete: president trump holding a christmas rally as democrats battle it out on debate stage. who scored higher with the voters? the dials you won't see anywhere else coming up next. >> it doesn't really feel like we are being impeached. [laughter] look, this isn't my first rodeo...
5:21 am
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pete: welcome back. quick headlines, more than 50,000 guns turned over to new zealand authorities after country bans some weapons. at least 33,000 gun owners took part in a nationwide buy back program before it ended last night. the ban was passed after 51 people were shot and killed at two mosques back in march. no word yet on how many criminals gave up their illegal guns. and jane fonda celebrates her 82nd birthday by getting arrested in washington in what looks like a santa
5:25 am
suit. i think she thinks that's fashion. smiling as officers bound her hands together while protesting climate change. this is fonda's fifth arrest as part of her fire drill inquire initiative. she was later released because there is no real consequence for her. ed: i could listen to pete talk about jane fonda all day. emily: 2020 democrats made their pitch to voters. this as president trump held a merry christmas rally in michigan. what did the voters think. ed: here with the woman who has the answers author of persuasion lee carter. good morning. >> good morning. we going to get to the democratic debate. get to the president. split screen. he was in michigan. battle ground obviously. >> the democrats are lousy politicians. they really are they have horrible policies, open borders, crime is fine. drugs pouring through.
5:26 am
i mean, think of what they do. sanctuary cities, they love sanction area cities, you know. [crowd boos] they are lousy politicians. but they have one thing -- two things. they are vicious. they are the most vicious people. the republicans aren't as vicious. ed: how did it go? >> you can see there. democrats gave it an f. that's not at all surprising. independents a c and republicans an a. a lot of people are out there talking about how he was unhinged or how this wasn't a good strategy for him. for his base, this definitely resonated it. definitely rallied people around him and did exactly what he wanted it to do. emily: lee, isn't the most important line the independents? no matter, what fundamentally for this next election what both sides need is that yellow line in the middle. >> there is no question about it. independents haven't totally walked away from the president. they are sort of neutral right now. not that they are totally on board. not turned off by what he is saying either. important to know and not something you are hearing out of places either. ed: see where the independents are with someone like joe biden the former vice president.
5:27 am
watch. >> i refuse to accept the notion as some on this stage do what we can never never get to a place where we have cooperation again. if that's the case, we are dead as a country. we need to be able to reach consensus. if anyone has reason to be angry at the republicans and not want to cooperate it's me. the way they have attacked me and my son and my family. i have have no, no, no love -- the fact is, we have to be able to get things done. ed: two ideas there talking about bipartisan but also defending his son. >> that's right. so democrats gave it an a, independents a c, republicans a d. we're really so divided on how we see things and independents were right in the middle basically saying stop fighting with each other, guys. i want to hear about your ideas. emily: we also have tom steyer on immigration. watch. >> this president is not against immigration. he is against immigration by nonwhite people. he has been vilifying nonwhite people. he has been trying to
5:28 am
inflame his base and scare them that if, in fact, white people lose control of this country, that they are going to lose control of their lives. ed: there he is stark difference, make it all about race. >> right? so fascinating. democrats a minus, independents c minus and republicans an f. they really do donald trump's immigration policy is racist. that's why it resonates. republicans say absolutely it has nothing to do with racism. keeping things legal and safe. not about racism. they reject it outright. and unless and until we understand each other's perspective, we are not going to be making progress that kind of name-calling divides us. ed: independents said c minus so they weren't happy. emily: real quick, anything that independents give an a onto the g.o.p. that you see is an important issue to them? >> the economy. it's like the thing that is so interesting. when it comes to how well the economy is the independents are really excited about it. middle class really excited about it.
5:29 am
when the democrats try to say it's not good it doesn't work with independents. that's not their truth or reality. the independents are resonating with this idea of the divide, about saying that it's unfair that some people are getting so much and other people are getting so little. the they are rejecting outright that the economy is not working for americans. ed: thank you. emily: thank you so much. fallout from the fisa court's rule in the russia probe. warrants the court granted to the fbi. ed: dan bongino fired up over fisa abuse. they will get them to sing some christmas carols too. ♪ ♪ ♪ ain't going down until the sun comes up ♪ it's time to sell or trade in your car. with truecar, just enter your license plate
5:30 am
and see your car's value in real time. sports package and low mileage? nice. within minutes, you'll have a true cash offer, and you can head to a dealership and get paid, today, right now.
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anytime. rewarded! getting more for getting away. rewarded! learn more at the explorer card dot com. and get... rewarded! ♪ you're unbelievable. ed: damage is unbelievable. former secret service agent. former nypd officer. host of the dan bongino podcast. bongino report. there is so many thes list goes on. good morning, dan. pete: good morning, dan. >> good morning emily and pete. ed: comey was on with chris wallace dismissing the report from the inspector general at the justice department. the fisa court is demanding
5:34 am
more information about the fbi lawyer linked to that carter page warrant. you have been all over. this what's next in this drama. >> you know, ed, i'm not sure people understand really how bad this saga about the fbi lawyer and manipulation of evidence really is having been a federal agent on the secret service side for nearly 12 years of my life. it's real,very, very serious. if you swear, raise your right hand that information is true you know is knowingly false is used to put someone in prison, take their life away. get a warrant to storm their house in the morning, that is a very serious thing. what happened in this case is unbelievable. the fbi noticed that carter page was having contact with some russians. they reach out to an intelligence agency, thought to be the cia via this lawyer. the cia comes back to them and says no, no. those contacts are on behalf of a u.s. government sanctioned operation. we're asking for help from carter page to nail these russians. the fbi then minute memberships this email to
5:35 am
pretend he wasn't a source for the cia and these contacts with somehow evidence of malfeasance. do you understand the genesee in involved in this how bad this is i'm glad the judge is looking for answers. i hope to get to the bottom. this is not just-though is maybe potential criminality. pete: dan, the inspector general claimed that he couldn't specifically say it was biased because no one admitted that he had biased. if time and time again the same people are making the same so-called mistakes in one direction, how can you -- how can you pull any other conclusion from it? >> well, pete, yeah. you are right. and the inspector general though was clear on this. and this is one of those cnn and msnbc keeps saying, you know, the ig said there was no political bias. that is not what he said. what he said there were only two explanations for all of the missteps. mall phoenimalfeasance and criml acts.
5:36 am
one was intentionality and malfeasance. having worked with fbi agents on the ground who were very good. there is no way that people doing this were that stupid so if it wasn't ignorance and just stupid, and the only plausible explanation is intentionality. they did this intentionally. listen, razor given all explanations for a scenario always accept the one that requires the least amount of assumptions. i cannot assume every agent who touched this was a moron. they will weren't. someone did this intentionally. come on, guys. everybody has got to wake up to this. emily: i think, dan, as well. the narrative that especially comey was pushing that this happened it was a high bar to cross for these applications is so false, right? we know over 99% of those applications were approved. and in foregovernment -- for government surveillance for private citizen surveillance, everyone should even one is overreached. adam schiff doesn't seem to think. so the intel committee
5:37 am
chairman saying it's hard to be sympathetic to carter page. take a listen. >> it's hard to be sympathetic to someone who isn't honest with you when he comes and testifies under oath. it's also hard to be sympathetic when you have someone who has admitted to being an advisor to the kremlin who was apparently both targeted by the kgb but also talking to the united states and its agencies. and that should have been included, made clear and it wasn't, according to inspector general. emily: dan, your thoughts? >> you know, i don't want to get fired from my job here so i'm really going to try to be reserve. i'm only half-kidding, too. this is a modern day neuro you know what hao carter page united states government great risk to himself he took on intelligence operation at the request of our intelligence agency to smoke out russians working in this
5:38 am
country to do damage to us. that information was then used to illegally spy on an innocent man who has never been charged with a single crime. and this loser, a modern day niro, one of the biggest and generous in the swamp, this liar, adam schiff, doesn't even have the spine to admit now that he was wrong and say, listen, we're sorry. we screwed up. do you understand what kind of lack of character you have to have to be adam schiff and to say what he just said to margaret hoover there? really, i'm not even kidding. in an effort to not get fired from the network, i'm being reserved in my comments because i'm so disgusted by what this human being said. i mean, it's really gross. do you understand how bad of a person you have to be to say what he just said? pete: and the way you characterized it, so well said a naval academy graduate in carter page. when you take the step to work for your own government to gain information on a government as nasty as russia with what they would
5:39 am
do to people if they found that out, it's enormous risk and our government for political reasons turns against him. that's a take away i think people are missing. >> pete, never charged with a single crime. nothing. this map deny nothing wrong. and adam schiff continues to double down and impugn this guy's character. this is such a stain on our country. it's hard to believe he doesn't try to salvage some remnants of his reputation and just say, listen. i screwed up. america is a forgiving place. i'm sorry i messed with this guy. my apologies. ed: maybe embarrassed as the chairman of the intel committee he hasn't done any oversight of surveillance. we appreciate you coming in. >> good to he so you guys. pete: turning to additional headlines 20 minutes till 9:00 on the east coast. rare move police are asking for the public's help in finding a teenager wanted for questioning in the murder of a new york college student tessa majors. not exactly clear what the
5:40 am
14-year-old's connection is to the crime and the nypd isn't naming him. investigators believe majors was stabbed while three bystanders -- by three teens during a robbery. a 13-year-old is in custody on murder charges and another teen was questioned and released. and two carnival cruise shipshipcollide as horrified passengers look on. it was all caught on camera. >> ho-ly [bleep] >> he is going to hit us next. >> he is going to hit us next. one ship attempting to dock in cozumel, mexico when it hit the other and nearly a third boat. six people were injured but expected to be okay. passengers were reportedly told that ocean current and high winds which have never happened before, were factors in the crash. and watch this one. a police canine puts an end to a chase after he blasts
5:41 am
through a suspect's truck window. duke, the heroic hound, flying through the air to help make an arrest, clamping down on the suspect who refused to get out of his car, is he accused of stalking and trying to run over his estranged wife. and emily has the firsthand experience with how strong and fearless and ferocious. getting a look last month at how they're trained. emily: i think i shattered some windows with that scream. dogs absolutely amazing. i had the honor of working with soldiers at joint base mdl, new jersey. incredible day and dogs incredible, too. pete: speaking of bones. ed: rick reichmuth. rick: turn that into a giff.
5:42 am
ed: you have a hearty crowd out. rick: we do where are you from? >> kentucky. rick: that's what i thought. talk a little weather out there. look at the weather maps. anywhere across the lower 48. all the cold air is bottled up across areas of northern canada and into alaska which is where we like to see it this time of year. big storm about to get brewing. bringing a lot of rain across the southeast. another storm moving in across parts of the specific northwest eventually by tomorrow night starts to move down across parts of southern california. take a look how this plays out across the southeast. tonight and into tomorrow and very heavy rain and windfall across the southeast. take a look how much. pretty significant rain. 4 to 8 inches. cause a little bit of localized flooding and wind conditions not what you want to see right before christmas. all right, guys, back to you inside. emily: thanks so much, rick. the democrats' own witness says the president isn't technically impeached yet. coming up next, is that
5:43 am
true? ed: ken starr is going to break it all down next. when deer fly. the incredible moment flying through the air across your parkway. you never know what you are going to see next on "fox & friends" most? ♪ fly most?
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5:45 am
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5:46 am
. ed: he testified in favor of impeachment. harvard legal scholar noah feldman asks if he was actually beached he writes: so is he right? let's ask former water water independent counsel judge ken starr. good morning, sir. >> hey, good morning, head. ed: what is your verdict? >> well, unfortunately, noah
5:47 am
feldman is a very creative guy as we saw in his testimony. but impeachment is an impeachment by any other name. and so there was a debate and there was a recorded vote. and that goes down in history. however, he is making a really good point. it's an impeachment with a footnote or with an asterisk. by the way it never went over to the senate, which i think it's a bit of a phoney impeachment. ed: is it nancy pelosi having buyer's remorse. i know you can't get inside her head. why in the world after going out here and actually voting on these articles and passing two of them, why not send it over to the senate? >> she appears to be into the power lines of the senate ironic and extreme. there was an abuse of house power in the way that this process unfolded in the house and riding roughshod
5:48 am
over minority rights and ultimately the rights over the president. and now she is essentially trying to tell the senate how to do its business. here's the deal, senator mcconnell, leader mcconnell and it's just wrong constitutionally. it's not going to work. but it is wrong constitutionally. ed: yeah, she says i'm not going to send it to the senate unless i get the better deal i want. so, judge, is that a quid pro quo? >> exactly. yeah, i said hey, it's attempted extortion. it certainly is asking for a quid pro quo. you are absolutely -- great point. and this now needs to be brought up in a motion of censure against the speaker. ed: very interesting. final point here. what do you think would be a smart way forward for senator mitch mcconnell in the senate? does he just say, look, there may be precedent we have to wait but nowhere in the constitution we are told does it say that the senate has to wait for impeachment managers to be named? should mitch mcconnell
5:49 am
just have the trial and get the president acquitted? >> i don't think so. because he has to appoint managers and prosecutors. is he doing it exactly the right way. i gather he is saying we are going to go forward with the business of the senate and not play games. ed: very interesting. judge starr we appreciate your insight as always. have a wonderful weekend. >> thank you very much. ed: it's not too late to get that special someone the perfect tech gift. kurt the cyberguy comes on back with his topics that you simply cannot miss ♪ a heart so sweet and true ♪ make me a promise ♪ that the best that you can do ♪ all i want for christmas ♪ is a new year with you ♪ - do you have a box of video tapes, film reels, or photos,
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beyond fast. ♪ hallelujah, it's christmas. emily: christmas is just days away. doesn't mean you can't still find the perfect last-minute gift for your loved one. ed: here with his perfect last-minute gifts is kurt the cyberguy. might say he is making his presence known. [laughter]
5:54 am
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5:57 am
>> merry christmas. pete: elizabeth warren has been attacking wealthy, successful americans ever since she started her presidential campaign. now one of the founders of home depot has a message for her. do not miss it straight ahead ♪ better not pout ♪ get free next business day shipping or ...1 hour in-store pick up. shopping season solved at office depot officemax ...or same time next week. yes! ...
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>> ♪ ♪ pete: a country twist on christmas at fox square. ed: fox all-american christmas. pete: i heard that it's trending i couldn't check it on my twitter feed. i can't. but you can check it, fox all-american christmas send us a hashtag and a photo and maybe it'll end up on the program. i won't see it, emily and ed will see it. >> and on instagram too, we've been loving your photos so thank you for sharing us from your own home and if you're here in new
6:01 am
york definitely stop by fox square and take photos of yourself in front of our tree. ed: and free pete. in the meantime another big win for the white house, president trump signing a $1.4 trillion spending bill. pete: among other things the measure officially creates the sixth branch of the military, the space force. >> emily: such an exciting time garrett tenney is live in washington with more on this historic moment. >> reporter: the space force is the first new branch of the military in more than 70 years going back to when the air force was spun off from the army. with $2 billion in funding over the next five years the space force will focus on protecting the hundreds of u.s. satellites in orbit including dozens used for communication, and gps. the new military branch's creation came as part of the $738 billion defense authorization bill president trump signed last night at joint base andrews before leaving town for the holidays at mar-a-lago. president trump: we will create
6:02 am
a brand new american military service at such a momentous statement and of course space is the world's newest war fighting domain, amid grave threats to our national security, american superiority in space is absolutely vital. >> reporter: on the plane the president also signed two massive spending bills to avoid a government shutdown, and the legislation includes wins for both parties, democrats gave the president another $1.4 billion for border security which includes his wall on the southern border and in exchange, they got a $27 billion increase for domestic programs including funding for gun violence research and hundreds of million s of dollars for states to upgrade their election system the price of these spending bills, not sitting well with fiscal conservatives though who are talking about the roughly $400 billion it adds to the deficit over the next 10 years. pete, ed and emily? ed: remember a couple years ago you were fired up about this and you said the president should
6:03 am
veto it. pete: he got border wall funding into this and found other ways to get those resources so there are times and places but what if you look over the democrats and the green new deal and medicare for all. i wonder whether they would bust the budget. >> i notice there was no pete out of the over the billion dollars allocated for the border wall and we've said impeachment for the last few weeks for the democrats and somehow issues they used to care about there was no discussion. ed: the president was mocked when he talked about space force , which democrats tend to do, when he brings up an issue he's been testing out one of these rallies people across the country seem to think it's a good idea we should be taking on china, russia, others out in space and remember democrats os saying we're supposed to be tougher on russia so the president is saying let's get out in space and the congressman knows a little something about this and says it's a smart move, watch. >> well this was truly a historic night. it was the largest defense bill
6:04 am
ever. $738 billion repairing our military promises made, promises kept, to all of our soldier,, sailors, air men and marina round-the-world, and the creation of a new branch of the military and the space force we can make our jokes but this is deadly serious. the chinese and the russians have developed a capability to take out our satellite constellations at our entire economy and our military are completely dependent on so this is incredibly important. pete: this announcement takes you back back to ronald regan when he announced a strategic defense initiative in 1983 and he was mocked and the soviet union took it seriously because they thought we could shoot down their ballistic and nuclear missiles, led to the end of the cold war and it's seen as a huge strategic move this and what it does for our advantages in the future. the weaponization of space is real. we could be a part of it or not. >> i thought it was a vital point the congressman made but it's not about offense too, the mocking is about defense and the fact that our economy, that
6:05 am
space is a crucial component to our economy and to our military. to our communications literally everything depends on the satellite so it is vital that we know how to protect it and we have the resources to protect it ed: if you take a step back what it's really about is the president framing an issue and winning on it and that's what he's been trying to do ahead of 2020 in the economy and this idea of socialism versus free enterprise, right? and so whose on the socialistic side? you got bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, even though she doesn't call herself a socialistic when you talk about spending $52 trillion, that sounds a little socialistic. pete: look at the graphic. war and on wealth. >> oh, yeah. ed: because what you're doing is beating up on the rich and people that have been successful >> the fact she maintains she's a capitalist she's literally in the debates makes it a point to assault it and go on the offensive for those who have benefited from the capitalist society and chosen to give back
6:06 am
what's this montage here. i'm tired of free loading billionaires and i think it's time we ask those at the very top to pay more. we could cover the cost of those plans with targeted taxes on the very wealthiest americans and large corporations. the really really billionaires are making their money off their accumulated wealth. ed: we're not talking about billionaires but really really billionaires those are the ones. pete: the free-loading really really billionaires so one came on our program, on with neil cavuto yesterday, i was on the elliptic first watching ed and then watching neil cavuto and he interviewed bernie marcus one of the co-founders of home depot, created hundreds of thousands of jobs in this country, he himself , his family of immigrant s, he talked about this idea of attacking the wealthy, and instead saying the government should solve your problems here is what he had to say. >> if the government didn't tell me, i must tell you they did everything they could to
6:07 am
stop me from being successful and you know, to hear this nonsense look at her. how much money is she worth today and what the hell did she do to get that money? did she work the way i worked? i doubt it very much. my parents were russian immigrants, poor as possibly can be. who would ever dream i could achieve what i've achieved in my life today only because this is america, and only in america could you do that. ed: very stern words, very interesting message. >> his story echoes so many similar americans obviously not with the wealth but my sister's small business, my dad's small business, absolutely crippled by regulations. state and federal, so he makes such a grain point that the government does all it can, all the time, to stop you from becoming successful. the hardest thing, the hardest job is being an entrepreneur at least before this administration so for her to rail against the benefits they cannot be over stated. pete: and think about the contrast ed you talked about marketing how we'll throw
6:08 am
something out there and then it defines an issue. remember when president trump said i'm going to call elizabeth warren pocohontas. he said oh, you can't say that and he said i'll market her in a way people understand. you misrepresent your background in order to qualify for a position, and then you enrich yourself? that doesn't seem fair to me. that's marketing someone who made a ton of money in academia with elites not the same way bernie marcus did building an amazing american life. ed: and look at how the president framed the issue of immigration. he said look it's about enforcing our laws and you've got democrats on the 2020 trail saying let's give him free benefits and reward people for being illegal immigrants. we're coming here, and i had a viewer send me a note during the show saying wait a second democrats spent the last few months on ukraine saying the president is not above the law but somehow they are saying illegal immigrants are above the law. you can come here illegally we'll give you healthcare, true tuition, bernie sanders and others out on the trail, doubling down, watch.
6:09 am
>> when i talk about medicare for all, i want you to understand that includes all, that includes undocumented people as well. >> [applause] >> and when i talk about making public colleges and universities , tuition-free, that includes, as i said, earlier, undocumented young people. >> are you committing, as president, to financial compensation for those thousands of children? >> yes, and they should have a fast-track to citizenship. >> we have a moral obligation to make right what was broken. pete: oh, boy, you know i was watching tucker last night who is a fox & friends co-host alumni, used to host this program. ed: you watched a lot of fox by the way. pete: i did watch a lot of fox. ed: did you do anything else yesterday? pete: i worked out. ed: that's like a four hour work out. pete: but what he pointed out is where is the electorate for this
6:10 am
what poll could you get this low enough that reflects people who truly care, who are vested in the idea that illegals should get the hard earned taxpayer dollars that the voters of this country, it's a tiny percentage of left wing primary voters they are appealing to which doesn't bode well for them later on in the process. >> especially in those swing states polls have shown the independents whose votes are crucial they poll so low with this particular issue and tucker and you brought up the point that it's not free. it's taxpayers who are footing that bill. there's no such thin as anything that is free, because costs are absorbed some somewhere along the chain. ed: and the former i.c.e. direct or was on saying look you start rewarding people for breaking the law it'll blow up in your face. watch. i hope they keep talking like this because they are guaranteeing a trump win in 2020 you canterbury keep offering enticements because more mem won't come to the country, the more people won't put themselves in the hands of criminal organizations, more women will be raped and more children will
6:11 am
die and the cartel keeps getting rich en and i hope they keep talking because most americans don't want this. pete: and the left is also not talking about the victims like angel moms and others who are victims of crimes of illegals who are then also shielded bye-bye sanctuary cities in the amount of ways this touches the lives of every day americans. president trump understands this and the left hasn't gotten the memo. maybe they will. >> turning to your headlines. pete: we now know that the texas mother who went missing for a week with her newborn baby was strangled to death. heidi broussard's body was found in the trunk of a car outside a houston area home. the baby was found inside unharmed in a baby swing. the owner of that home now under arrest. they insisted to officers the baby was hers. they met at church camp and more to come on that disturbing story and boeing starliner set to
6:12 am
return home tomorrow. experts believe a timing issue in the system caused the unman ned space draft to burn more fuel than planned. that prevented it from reaching the space station. nasa says there was no damage to the capsule. it's unclear if boeing still plans on putting astronauts on board the starliner by next summer and they in st. the rest of the test was positive. that's what they say. it's the last saturday before christmas and if you're feeling the shopping panic you're not alone. today is expected to be the busiest shopping day of the year , with nearly 148 million people planning to cash in on last minute deals. many stores are staying open late. >> and there was some good cyber deals earlier too. pete: yeah i want no part of those. but do you know what even if you're behind you're behind and you only got a few days left. ed: if you're working out for four or five hours you're not at the mall. pete: i got nothing to say. ed: democrats push impeachment
6:13 am
president trump trying to put a stop to the nations mental health crisis, a big issue and our next guest was at the white house for an important discussion this week, he's got a message for those liberal cities not doing enough. plus dating during the christmas season can always be a bit tricky. >> when i invited you to this party i didn't necessarily think that it meant -- >> oh, no! >> [laughter] >> oh, no! >> [laughter] >> i'm sorry you misunderstood. but now a brand new dating trend is taking over what you need to know. >> what? >> i've never heard of that. i have no idea. i'm excited to find out. >> ♪ ♪ i have major money saving news for my fellow veterans. va mortgage rates have dropped to near 50 year lows. call newday usa. one call can save you $2000 a year. with the newday va streamline refi there's no income verification, no appraisal and no out of pocket costs.
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6:16 am
president trump: we have to take care of our mentally ill. we have to help people that are having problems. at the same time, we need to
6:17 am
keep very dangerous people off our streets. >> president trump tackling the nations homeless crisis this week focusing on reforms like early detection of mental illnesses. our next guest was featured at the summit and says it's often the democrats policies getting in the way of solving the crisis ed: here to explain is executive direct or of the mental illness policy, and mental health industry fails the mentally ill, dj jaffey, welcome. >> thanks for covering the subject. ed: it's a very important topic and i don't want to make it political but you're telling me on the way in look, i'm a liberal but i think president trump is trying to do something positive, why? >> he identified the need to help the most seriously ill, and he called for more hospitals which is part of the solution, he's called for easier civil commitment which is part of the solution, it is not compassionate to let people wall ow in their psychosis, go homeless and eat out of dumpster s.
6:18 am
ed: so what's not being addressed on those points that you think he's at least trying to do and what does he need to kind of follow-up on all of this >> first of all he held this mental health summit and it was very gracious of him to invite me because i am a liberal but i've written that republicans are sometimes doing better things for the most seriously ill than my fellow liberals. my fellow liberals tend to divert mental health funds to social ills, like unemployment, divorce, angst about gender identity, poverty but that's not what's helping the most seriously mentally ill. the most seriously mentally ill need doctors, social workers, hospitals when needed and the president is really focused on the seriously ill. >> and what are your thoughts on sort of the law enforcement legislative component to that full piece of the pie? how is that being either hamstringed or encouraged? >> well one of the things we have to do is the federal government is running some programs that don't help the mentally ill, in fact they get
6:19 am
out of the way. the department of justice is encouraging states to discharge people from hospitals and they should stop doing that. the federal government is funding a protection and advocacy program and these are people who believe being psychotic and dilution all is a right to be protected, rather than an illness to be treated so the first thing we have to do is get rid of the federal programs that are harming the seriously mentally ill and then we have to have programs that help. the president funded assisted outpatient treatment, which allows courts to order homeless, seriously mentally ill people who have become hospitalized as a result of failing to stay in treatment, and it allows courts to order them to stay in treatment for up to a year while they continue to live in the community and the president did that. ed: wow we appreciate you bringing insights, the book is " insane consequences" pick it up right now and really important subject for us to tackle want to make sure everybody hears you loud and clear. thanks for coming in.
6:20 am
>> thanks for covering this. ed: democratic party leaders coming under fire from some of their own candidates for dictating whose allowed to be on that debate stagement we've got a panel debating the impact it's having on the democratic party ahead in 2020. also ben deer fly the incredible moment not one of santa's reindeer caught on camera, next. >> ♪ ♪
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ed: some quick animal headlines and there's something fishy about this one. a woman hits a catfish while driving home in north carolina. the falling fish was apparently the catch of the day for a bird. the woman says the bird dropped the fish, which smashed into her windshield, and nobody was hurt. from flying fish to flying deer. this one narrowly avoiding becoming road kill taking flight like maybe one of santas reindeer. this incredible dashcam video shows it's jumping over a car as the vehicle speeds at it and luckily the deer crossed the busy memphis highway and its leap of faith also does not appear to have caused any crashes. pete is that like a dashcam if it's like one of santas reindeer s? pete: i knew you'd have one more pun and i knew it, you know he
6:25 am
delivered. well done, ed. the dnc is facing backlash from the parties own candidates for president. that criticism coming after the dnc announced it is raising the bar for candidates to qualify for next months democratic debate but the 2020 democrat corey booker, he's not happy. >> it's the exposure that is incredibly valuable and it has always led to us to a spite in contribution. we missed out on that. it was frustrating. i'll point out a bad call if i see one and this is on the intended consequences. pete: here to discuss our panel democratic strategists, kevin walling and joseph pinion, thank you all for being here this morning. kevin i'll start with you. he says he's calling out a bad process. well maybe the voters don't think he's a great candidate. how much is sour grapes? >> i think that is a lot to do with it, pete. we have to win over our candidates we don't have 20
6:26 am
people on that stage and if you're not polling within 5-7% of some of those early states which is the new requirement for the dnc for that january 14 debate in des moines, you're not going to be the nominee of our party. pete: 5% in dnc national polls or 7% in two early states joseph if you're not polling at that point in these states, should you be up there? >> i mean this is ridiculous. democrats have gone from pandering to black people to now they are trying to inject affirmative action into the debate process so at the end of the day, it's up to the voters and up to the people but the reality is the democrats that ran it happens to be black and brown, ran a poor campaign, that's why they're not resonat ing with voters and using corey booker and pete buttigieg in south carolina, a majority of black voters. pete: and plenty of white candidates dropped out too because there's no support for them. erin what do you make of the current state of the field on the democrat side? >> well we know the last debate
6:27 am
was very poorly in terms of television. pete: oh, we'll get to that. >> i don't want to jump the gun here. pete: it's okay. >> there's too many candidates you lose track of whose who, all polling between 2% to 5% if not lower and they need to do something more difficult for these candidates because honestly no one is watching and no one cares. pete: erin is now leading the segment because she knows where we're going with it. it's her day. >> [laughter] pete: the debate to her point hit a ratings low for the 2020 cycle there were almost more people watching primetime and the fox news channel than watched it on cnn in realtime. is that concerning to you? >> sure it is. i mean, i think people are just exhausted. obviously it's the christmas season, and this past thursday was the debate. and folks have better things that do than watch these candidates get out. i thought it was a really good debate and you saw lines of distinction between our candidates and frontrunners mixed it up and i think a lot of people caught clips of it and i
6:28 am
actually as a democratic strategist didn't watch it live and i watched it the next day so i'm one of the americans that watched something else that night, should have went out to dinner but i think americans will tune in as we get closer we're about 44 days from iowa polls starting on february 3. i think that's when americans want you to tune in as we get closer to the process. pete: i know you're a republican but if this was your process and you were watching the ratings dip and candidates fight to be on the stage how would you feel? >> this is what happens when you cancel the price is right and put on live with jerry nadler and it won't resonate with the american voters and you want to talk about what's going on with democrats we heard in the last hour we got 330 murders in baltimore, right? people are dying in this country and democrats are more concerned about president trump's tweets so again if they want to continue to have us here in impeachment perking a tori until the end of time, the longer we stay there the faster they go towards hell in a hand basket. pete: erin you're talking about free stuff for illegals and the
6:29 am
economy is roaring, where are you? >> you're not with the average kitchen table issue voter now are you? these people in america are worrying about paying their bills and saving for retirement and children and schools. they're not worried about illegal immigration and how we're going to give them free healthcarement handing out free things to everybody isn't moving the needle now is it and that's the bernie method. wees like consistently he's not the nominee and these debate, they aren't moving either so really what is the impact? pete: just because it's christmas we want to have a little fun. if voters went to the polls today, whose the front runner? >> joe biden absolutely. >> still joe. >> joe. >> mcfly himself. pete: i just can't hold you guys back. i still think it's bernie. he's where the heart and soul is kevin, joseph, erin thank you all. >> thank you. pete: do you remember when hillary clinton launched her war on coal? well now joe biden taking a page out of her losing playbook,
6:30 am
promising to kill blue collar jobs. a coal worker reacts to that, straight ahead. plus he's one of the most iconic characters on tv. but now, a psychotherapist says saying the word "geek" or"nerd" should be a hate crime. i wonder if that person was a conservative or a leftist? we'll play that next. ♪ ♪
6:31 am
6:32 am
6:33 am
6:34 am
ed: well there is a clip from greece, do you call people nerd, geek, people teasing sometimes it becomes bullying so a psycho therapist now in great britain claiming that calling someone a nerd or geek could actually be called a hate crime or it should be and here she is and then we'll react. >> very high iq people are among a minority group in society that are very much ignored and they are not understood and are largely neglected, so it is the case that individuals with very high iq's very often are bullied, at
6:35 am
school for example, they are a target for being bullied often quite viciously. if you look at those legislation that relates to hate crime hate crime is simply about somebody being targeted in a negative way for who they are, and a person with very high iq who comes across in a different way often is targeted in that way. ed: look bullying is a serious issue, but the idea that if you are picking on someone else is a hate crime? you're a lawyer. >> well that's a problem that i see obviously sure iq is a characteristic but it dilutes what a hate crime is, and that is that something that it is such a big deal and especially to the point legislatively that we take it here with law enforcement, if we throw everything in the kitchen sink to it then there's no value to it. it's not going to be as crucial any more. pete: tell that to bill gates. i think i've always had an issue with hate crimes but if you kill someone or you assault someone you committed murder or assault, and you should be charged with
6:36 am
that, but what you're thinking, or why you're doing it goes down a dangerous trail. who are the protective classes what's your motivation what's the accepted politically correct group think of whose a victim and whose not. ed: the point is it was murder. pete: yes like hate crimes where does it end and where do the protective classes end and how do you determine motivation and it just, it's a bad precedent to set as you go further. we've already gone a long way and now you'll add a nerd? ed: to the point about bill gates he was probably picked on. pete: i'm sure he was. >> and we talk about someone got 15 years for burning an lgbt q flag, so as you're saying you know? pete: exactly but do you get 15 years if you burn an american flag? >> right, no. pete: because that's a protected class and hate crimes. listen do you know what the in other words always get? they gel their revenge. because you end up working for them. ed: this might be a topic we tackle
6:37 am
tomorrow and we want your thoughts. >> turning to your headlines, one of the key figures in the netflix true crime series making a murder has been denied a pardon. brendan dassi has been serving a life sentence since 2007 after he confessed to helping his uncle murder a wisconsin photographer. he and his lawyers claim he is innocent and was manipulated by police during their interrogation but wisconsin governor says he is not met the criteria needed for a pardon. now, a super hero strength caught on camera, a connecticut school resource officer springing into action to stop a runaway suv. the officer grabbing the passenger side door bringing the vehicle to a stop. there were two passengers but no driver inside the parked suv, when it started rolling downhill with students in its path. nobody, thankfully was seriously hurt. a long time santa replaced for wearing a hat is now speaking out. people complained to a georgia mall after someone saw this photo on frank skinner's
6:38 am
personal facebook page. >> i want to make it clear. i did not do this around any children, and in fact, really there was nobody really around other than me and the camera girl. i understand as a santa of 48 years that you don't mix politic s with santa with kids, and i didn't do that. >> 48 years. he says his manager told him to lay low hoping the controversy would blow over and skinner says he is not fired in that he was told the schedule would be re evaluated. now, for some dating around the holidays it might be tricky but here is now a new saying. >> oh, no! >> [laughter] >> oh, no! >> i'm sorry you misunderstood. >> [laughter] >> all right this is called a snow-globing apparently. it's now becoming a trend. when someone dates another, but only for the christmas season, and then dumps them avenue years
6:39 am
, a couples therapist telling cross month poly tan magazine that the trend is likely due to people not wanting to be alone over the holidays and those are your headlines. >> all right, well thank you. rick: we are ready to eat. get over here, christmas is just days away and if you're hosting a special dinner with friends and family it doesn't have to be stressful. pete: no but it will be. here with great home recipes is celebrity chef adrienne calvo, owner and executive chef of three miami restaurants including chef adrienne's vindicated yard restaurant and wine bar. thank you for being here. >> oh, my gosh i'm so excited to be here guys thanks for having me and i always say the holidays stress everybody out. and then we tend to even though traditional recipes are great but sometimes we want to spice it up, right? like make it exciting and they get boring so i think people's pallets have also advanced and i think sometimes you got to add that maximum flavor. pete: what do you got for us? >> we're doing a pork tender loin. pete: good start. >> you want a really nice,
6:40 am
clean product. i like to use heritage pig just because you know how it was raised, you know all of that. so we're going to make a very easy marinade which you guys are going to help me. you get in the kitchen in the holidays you look like guys that cook. >> that smells amazing. oh, my gosh. so beautiful. ed: what do you do? >> we have light soy sauce and we'll add garlic and crushed red pepper so we're adding flavor from the garlic, heat from the crushed red pepper and then sweeten it up with a little bit of honey. you'll mix that up for me. i'll take this plate from you. pete: what else? now we're going to add -- >> that looks incredible. >> thank you. we'll add the pork into that and that sits for about eight hours. ed: well the finished product looks good so we've got about a minute so give it to us. >> we've got possible egranite,
6:41 am
kale, acorn squash, salsa. so i have to take that from you. ed: this pork tender loin is good. >> we're going to add crunchy q uinoa for texture and that decorate it and that's how you do the holidays maximum flavor style. ed: i'm going to go to miami for new years now to your restaurant rick: get your reservation. pete: chef thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. thank you. ed: in the meantime, first hillary clinton said she wanted to put the coal business out of business. now, joe biden following her lead and so is michael bloomberg next the president of the marcellus shale coalition sounds off. >> ♪ i go again on my own, going down the only road i've ever known ♪
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ed: back with some quick
6:45 am
headlines more than 100 communities in virginia are standing up for gun rights and now declaring themselves second amendment sanctuaries. the movement began after democrats won control of both chambers in the state legislature last month and promised stricter gun measures. baltimore, meanwhile, will become the first city to be monitored by police surveillance planes. you might even call it a pilot program, planes? >> [laughter] ed: aimed at helping law enforcement investigate and solve violent crimes. the city now struggling for its most violent year on record, over 300 murders. the flights will start in march, and last up to six months. emily? >> you're on fire today, ed. i appreciate them, so remember when hillary clinton said this? >> we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. now, we've got to move away from coal, and all of the other fossil fuels. pete: well now former vice president joe biden is seemingly
6:46 am
taking a page straight from her failed playbook. >> as president, would you be willing to sacrifice some of that growth even knowing potentially it could despite thousands maybe hundreds of thousands of blue collar workers in the interest of transitioning to that greener economy? >> the answer is yes. ed: so much for their jobs. what would that mean to the people who lose the jobs in the industry here to tell us the president of marcellus shale coalition, david, good morning to you. >> good morning, pete, ed, thanks for having me this morning. ed: we appreciate you being here , we're here with emily as well and pete said a moment ago, look this is a playbook from hillary clinton and it's failed. she tried this and it didn't work. why would joe biden go back down this road? >> i think it's an enormous miss calculation. over the next five years, that elimination of the use of tightly regulated hydraulic fracturing and horizontal development of our natural gas resources would cost pennsylvania more than 600,000 jobs, would cost our nation more
6:47 am
than, you know, close to 15 million jobs, according to the u.s. chamber, and i think that it's an enormous miss calculation here in the western part of pennsylvania, our building traits today are at full employment, you know, we live in the rough belt here in western pennsylvania, eastern ohio, west virginia and for the last four decades we've written an obituary for manufacturing and now because of affordable energy we're seeing a resurgence in job growth, new manufacturing opportunity for our region that we haven't witnessed for years. pete: david it's all about your priorities. for president trump the priority is i want to restore american industry, unleash american energy and put people to work, but for the left, for defendants , it's global climate change, we have to say the earth ends in 12 years, and it leads them to these conclusions where let's get rid of all of those pe sky jobs because we need to fight the weather. how do they manage that? or do they just get stuck in that trap? >> i think folks need to be educated on the subject. we're the only advanced nation
6:48 am
on the planet today reducing carbon emissions, we're reducing sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, particulate emissions and natural gas is a solution not a problem. natural gas being used in power generation today is the reason why, you know the u.s. is reducing carbon emissions when other countries across the globe are increasing carbon emissions. we need to use more natural gas across our planet, not less. >> david with your boots on ground, what are the people who are there saying, what the are the voters saying in response to , for example, biden's comments? >> that's the point i started to make a misscalculation on his part. folks in our building traits just to the west of pittsburgh we're building a world class petro chemical facility today there are 6,000 of our building traits men and women working on that site today. we've built $13 billion of new power generation across pennsylvania, again, to supply the nation's appetite for energy and i think the comment made during that debate earlier this
6:49 am
week was that well you can do this with renewables, what a misscalculation on the part of the left here. here in pennsylvania and certainly in the former vice president's home country up in scranton, pennsylvania, nearly every one of our mountaintops are covered with windmills and wind turbines. we produce about 2.5% of our power in the state of pennsylvania with wind. we need reliable energy, where people's lives are at risk. this morning in pittsburgh it's 25 degrees, nearly half of our citizens use their natural gas supply to heat their homes. we need reliable, abundant and affordable energy to supply our planet and our country. ed: as you suggest, pennsylvania one of those key battleground states we appreciate you bringing us facts thank you for coming in. >> great to be with you guys merry christmas. ed: that leads us to the question of the day. do you really know the lyrics to all of your favorite christmas tunes? a new survey shows people don't, so we're going to do what we do best. we're going to send pete on the
6:50 am
street. pete: let's do it. ed: to test out folks, at fox square. >> ♪ all of the other reindeer, used to laugh and call him names , they never let poor rudolph, join in any reindeer games ♪ heprocess and refinance with no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. one call can save you $2000 every year. call my team at newday usa right now.
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ed: well we sing them every single year around this time but new research finds that iconic christmas carols like the 12 day of christmas, are often miss heard, maybe misssung. this morning we thought we would send pete on the street to see if they can get the lyrics to christmas favorites. pete, i think that it's pete on the square today. pete: it is pete in the square, on the square, however you want to say it so now we're doing this again. >> [applause] pete: good morning. merry christmas what an amazing crew we have this morning, coming out here on fox square. now we did this in the 7:00 hour , and a lot of people got it wrong. and then i tried to sing us out and i sang the wrong lyrics. that is the reason why we're doing this segment because we all know the songs, we turn it on on the radio or the record player wherever you are, and you get into the christmas spirit, but are we humming along to the tune and maybe singing words we think are correct but are not correct at all? so i'm going to test the whole group, it's a group exercise.
6:55 am
i might, you know, single a few people out we'll see, so the first song i'm going to sing, i'll sing the beginning of it and leave word empty and you have to tell me what it is. so this is joy to the world. >> he rules the world with truth and grace, and makes the nations? >> [inaudible] pete: oh, that was week. really wheel. what did you mean to say there, ma'am? >> i don't know! pete: anybody? >> [buzzer] pete: prove is incorrect. let's go to the tape. ♪ he rules the world with truth and grace, and makes the nation prove ♪ pete: yes, it is prove! now apparently a lot of people get it wrong and thinks that it makes the nations prudes. i don't think that's true. one more we got silent night, ride? >> ♪ silent night, holy night,
6:56 am
son of god -- >> loves pure light. >> ♪ loves pure light pete: correct, absolutely we don't even need to go to the tape. now we'll move down here for deck the halls. do you know what i was looking across the crowd and i noticed, i noticed here, okay. ready? follow along. ♪ deck the halls >> tis the season to be jolly, ♪ pete: that's not what's on my card but they got it right! while i tell of what kind of treasure? >> yule tide treasure. pete: she knew it, that's correct as it often goes on fox square, it goes off the rails, emily you nailed it, well done. give a merry christmas to everybody. 1, 2, 3. >> merry christmas! pete: more fox & friends on the other side!
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
pete: we are out on fox square. ed: it was a big crowd but we'll be back tomorrow. >> we are in christmas spirit and cheer. pete: join us tomorrow! ed: merry christmas. >> have a great morning. neil: all right, well, the rush is on. i'm not talking about the holiday rush but rush for simply more spending in washington and unfortunately, not for impeaching the democrats are stalling that, congress sending the president a flurry of bills before dashing out the door including dishing out a lot more money to keep those government doors open. now the one thing not being rushed for the time being is the impeachment articles, and sending it along to the u.s. senate as you probably heard, house speaker nancy pelosi had a standoff with her senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. some scholars are asking if those articles haven't been transferred, has the president really been


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