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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 21, 2019 1:00pm-3:00pm PST

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that is it for this week show. they key to my panel and all of you for watching. i hope to see you right here next week. >> impeachment filed carrying over into the holiday. nancy pelosi opting to hold off on sending the two articles of impeachment to the senate as congress goes on a break for the next two weeks. meanwhile president trump and the family at merrill all go for christmas and the president has to speak to a group of young republicans in our for now and we will cover that for you. hello this is "america's news hq", nice to have you on with the. >> it's wonderful to be here. i am in for arthel neville and
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the lawmaker on break in the impeachment focus moving to 2020 and speaker pelosi said she wants assurance that the trial will be fair but a member of president trump's legal team says it's time for her to stop playing games. >> we will wait between the break obviously to see if nancy pelosi is pulling a stunt and we can get back on track and have a normal trial with house managers and go through the real motions in the real process that we did not see in the house. that will lead to the president's acquittal and dismissal of the two articles of impeachment. >> we have rich live inside the convention center where the president will be speaking. >> good afternoon. 2000 young conservatives and truck supporters for the turning point annual summit in the president is supposed to be here in an hour in white house
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officials say he is expected to talk about the accomplishment over the past year and a very energetic crowd and we don't know what the president is going to say or how long when he starts to speak in hour from now. the president left for washington last evening for democrats and republicans are still arguing over what the impeachment process is going to look like and democrats want to call witnesses and acting chief of staff and mick mulvaney the former national security advisor john bolton and the president has wanted to broaden any impeachment trial so he included biden and their conduct in ukraine so there are republicans who want the process to be short, quick vote to acquit him because based on the president's phone call with ukrainian president in july there is not a standard to remove the president from office. >> i think this is hard to argue that it was perfect that it was hard to argue impeachable and
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the world apart we should keep them that way. it's not really president trump, we should focus on the fact pattern and it being impeachable. that is our responsibility, not from a partisan perspective but as leaders in america. >> nancy pelosi has yet to send the article of impeachment over to the senate she says she's withholding because she wants to make sure there's a fair trial process and one that includes the witnesses. >> we can hear the ruckus crowd in the music so hopefully you can hear me but it's worth noting there's interesting stuff i got done, the president xi legislation before leaving for florida. >> he did. like avoiding a government shutdown, he signed spending bills with a trillion and a half
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dollars and included that for partial government funding and insurers the president got money for border wall and democrats got funding for gun research. also he signed a 738 billion-dollar defense policy bill. >> today the signing of the 2020 in daa is a watershed event in the truest sense of the word before i came into office the military endured deep and devastating budget cuts in the military was very depleted. >> that bill authorizes the creation of a six branch of the military, one that involves space force and a provision for paid parental leave for federal employees. >> a lot of big stuff. you covered in forests despite the noise behind you. thank you so much.
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>> the fisa court judge demanding more from more information from the justice department on the unidentified fbi attorney who has been linked to the 2016 war on carter page. that the former trump campaign advisor that says he was surveilled illegally. meanwhile the new york times reports john durham is scrutinizing the 2016 russian pro. he is expanding his investigation to include john brennan. durum reportedly looking at the director and he contradicted his investigation and a lot of questions about the fisa court. judy joined us at the manhattan institute. a lot of concern in trouble over the alleged wrongdoing in the fisa court. you have all those cases and errors and omissions and critics
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would say there more than errors of omission their license cues, what concerns you the most about the way fisa court process was handled. >> that is a large question and i have to say i had problems with the fisa court for almost as long as the state in existence since the late 70s. we have a real problem because the lack of transparency. no one oversees the court and no one being accused of something has the right to be present or have a counsel present. there is no effect in oversight over the court so why should
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>> i am delighted because it takes more than judges on the court to corrupt the system. it takes an fbi that does not care about presenting information that might contradict for surveillance warrant.
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that the fbi never told this fisa court that they in fact new that the cia was having conversation with carter page about meetings with the fbi described as suspicious. carter page was not lying to the fbi about his meetings with russia agents, he was reporting to the cia about those meetings. the fbi did not put the information in the request to surreal him that went to the fisa court. the cia has said so far that they in fact told the fbi about these meetings, i want to see a report, i am waiting for mr. durum to see what the cia told the fbi about carter page and remember carter page is not
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the only subject of the complaint. we have three other fisa warrants complaints. this is the court which is long needed more transparency and more oversight, it is long overdue and i hope it finally comes now. >> to think carter page owes one big hell of an apology and maybe more and you think there will be criminal charges from the durham case? >> i really do not know about the criminal charges. i think we have to wait and see what mr. durham comes up with. i was shocked by adam schiff assertion in an interview with margaret hoover that carter page was in no position to request an apology because he lied to the committee. carter page was surveilled on a basis of a warrant that never should've been issued and never
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should've been requested. i think the adam schiff is the first person who should actually apologize to carter page and i do hope that carter page get some kind of an apology. i say that as somebody who has been critical president trump and critical of other aspects of carter page behavior. but on this issue surveilling an advisor to a presidential candidate is a very serious business and to do that you need all the facts in the fisa court did not have those facts and i think there's a lot of apologies that should be issued at this point. even though i want to wait to see what they come up with. >> you say somebody who i served 85 days in jail protecting a source and being persecuted for doing her job as a journalist and author, best-selling author judy miller. thank you for joining us in good
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to see you. >> new controversy among some and president trump after the evangelical magazine christianity today published an editorial with the headline reading trump should be removed from office. the president firing back on the evangelical magazine saying, radical left nonbeliever in the office than him. chief religion correspondent has more. >> christianity today founded by evangelist billy graham says it saystays above the political and let readers make their own choices but editor-in-chief calls trump impeachment a moral issue that transcends politics and says he should be outs. an editorial posted thursday he says his attempt to use his political power to coerce is immoral in the impeachment signals it's time for him to go. he writes, his evangelical
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supporters have pointed to his supreme court nominee in the defense of liberty and stewardship of the economy among other things in his achievement justify the support of the president and we believe the impeachment hearing has made it clear in a way the molding investigation did not and president trump has abused his authority for personal gain and betrayed his oath. none of the presidents positives can balance the political danger we face of a leader of grossly immoral character. they show white evangelical still supporting trump and 67% say he should not be impeached. president trump tweeting about the editorial calling christianity today at far left magazine or very progressive as some would call it doing poorly and has not been involved with the billy graham family for many years. christianity today knows nothing about reading a perfect transcript of her routine phone call. in the phone interview franklin graham the sun of christianity
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today confirmed his family and his father have had nothing to do with them for a while. he added that his father who died in 2018 was a trump supporter. >> my father knew donald trump and believed in him and in the last election he voted for donald trump. and if he were here today i'm sure he would tell you that himself. >> some evangelicals say trump supporters do not read christianity today and the editorial will change few if any opinions. back to you. >> it turns out the range for folks in the corners of her nation to wind and thunderstorms moving to the gulf of the east in a similar story in the tippy top corner on the left, adam tracking both of those from the
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fox extreme weather center. >> we are talking about running up on christmas and instead of snowstorms rainstorms into big areas. the temperatures are too warm and mild stretching of cost most of the country and a lot of spots in the 40s and were talking about december with big rain showers moving to this pacific northwest and that might turn into snowfall in the higher elevation in the larger rain system moving off the gulf of mexico running to the southeast. this will be slow and bring a lot of rain over the next couple of days, this is the future radar and you can pay attention to the timestamp. not a lot of movement this will be slowing down trouble as we rented the week and get into monday and tuesday they will head out for the christmas holiday. when it's all said and done along the florida gulf coast you see rain getting to - your interest for the next few days and works its way over. were talking about 4 - 8 inches in the south georgia and the
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carolinas. it will also slow down trouble and heavy thunderstorms currently neither of these systems are stopping anybody who is getting out the earlier and seeing green but iran to the next days and a star to change new orleans moderate delays and moderate delays in the land of the intensifies as you get into monday and you see major delays and atlanta stretching to the florida and jackson slowing down other areas. so we will pay attention as it makes the move before drifting further to the north. this will be what we pay attention to is the big system that could be slowing down trouble in the next couple of days as people take off. >> thank you so much. >> 2020 democrats barnstorming across iowa with the caucuses approaching. the cdc zero nine on vaping relatedve illnesses. that is coming up.
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>> is being called the largest takedown ever of the violent gang ms 13 in new york state. authorities are with arresting 100 gang members and associates. after a two-year investigation that involved law enforcement from all levels of government. >> this is a huge blow, this defamation leadership on long island. i cannot underestimate the blow that this is. however, the fight continues, they will attempt in the leadership in el salvador will send additional leaders to long island so they can reconstitute and we need to stay vigilant. >> the gang members have been accused and convicted of murder
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of young teenagers and others. authorities say they recover drugs, guns and more than $200,000 in cash during the race. >> were six weeks away from the iowa caucuses the first presidential contest and several 2020 hopefuls are now crisscrossing the hawkeye state and this includes elizabeth warren who is going to hold an event in cedar rapids. allison barber is there and spent a lot of time on the tra trail. >> this is senator warren's second event in iowa of the day as you said were in cedar rapids and this is a community event in the room is small but packed full of people at least 200 people have come to hear her speak and there's nowhere to sit or stand so we came outside because there was not enough room and i'm a loud talker so i will matters to every candidate it's the first state to vote in a big deal in terms of momentum in recent state polls have pete
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buttigieg and iowa. were in and sanders coming close behind him and joe biden is on their tail. warren has slipped a little bit in the state, she was doing better back in september and hoping to pick things back up and she has 45 days to do that. the iowa caucus is february 3. >> you have to get outside so you can whisper in the back of the room. >> let's talk about andrew yang who is taking heat from democrats was stopping so incensed with impeachment is he backtracking that? >> no he is not, he continues to say he does not believe this is something that is a high priority for americans and it's not something that people are stopping him to ask when he's on the campaign trail. >> we have to face facts that impeachment is unlikely to succeed without 20 republican
1:24 pm
senators having a change of heart or change of mind and the most likely outcome is donald trump same total vindication exoneration in two months or so. those are two months that we could have used it to make a positive case to the american people about solving the problem in our communities that in my view helps get donald trump elected in the first place. >> other 2020 democrats tend to say they can walk into government the same time and impeachment is not about political calculation but about the constitution. >> it will be fascinating to see what happens in which candidates are kept busy and everyone is hoping for the final search. thank you for all your work. >> new details as we can on the ongoing vaping epidemic. the disease control saying lab tests confirm a vaping product that have contained thc are linked to most cases of lung illness and they play a major
1:25 pm
role in the outbreak. currently 200500 people have fallen ill from teaching vaping products and 54 users have died. this comes as a drug enforcement agency is telling fox news that black market products have increased hermetically and brian explains. >> the drug enforcement agency is sounding the alarm about a nationwide crisis. criminal organizations asians making and selling illegal vaping cartridges and fuses thc, the chemical most responsible for marijuana psychological effect. >> wave product so powerful and so dangerous and you have a technology that can push it right into your lungs, that combination is deadly. people are not aware. >> ray donovan says the illegal products are marketed. >> this is a black market thc cartridge. >> yes it is. you don't know exactly how
1:26 pm
potent it is. >> the dea says the number of illegal thc cartridges seized in new york has grown from 38 in 2017 to more than 200,000 in 2019. >> is being manufactured in the united states and the west coa coast, asia or mexico and smuggled it. >> my air, land, c. you name it. thc oil cartridges may be driving a nationwide outbreak of e-cigarette or vaping product use associated lung injury or even ali. 54 people have died and more than 2400 have been hospitalized. they say 80% of patients reported using thc in product. >> how long have the patients been vaping. >> a short period of time maybe a few times. >> these are the lungs of one of his patients. >> these are abnormalities.
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>> there, there, there. the thing that alarms me the most unlike cigarette this is one off, your first time could be the time you get sick. >> in new york fox news. >> north korea may be added again and why the u.s. is keeping close tabs on the regime, amid warnings of a possible christmas surprise. >> let me speak directly to her counterparts in north korea. it is time for us to do our jobs, let's get this done. and most of that debt is actually from credit cards. it's just not right. but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. including your interest rate right by locking in a fixed low rate today. and you can get your money right with sofi. check your rate in two minutes or less. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k.
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1:32 pm
monitor development out of north korea amid the concerns that they could conduct a weapons test over the christmas holiday. those concerns come as north korea issued a new warning to the u.s. today and the foreign ministry put out a statement saying after u.s. diplomat raise concerns about the human rights record. north korean officials right such malicious words which came at a time where u.s. relations are reaching a point where further aggravating the tense situation on the korean peninsula. like pouring oil over burning fire. north korea warned the u.s. the time is running out to salvage talk in the north has demanded the u.s. dropped economic sanctions and president trump has refused to do so and senior military officials talked about what the stalemate is between the two countries at a news conference on friday. >> clearly we think the political solution is to denuclearize the peninsula and
1:33 pm
to address north korea programs and i remain hopeful we can get the process started again and remain on the diplomatic path. >> on wednesday the state department redesignated north korea and other countries as a violator of religious freedom. they said no country should be able to persecute people of faith without accountability. u.s. officials insist it's still possible they could reach a deal with north korea, listen to the new deputy had to say earlier this week. >> we are fully aware of the strong potential of north korea. to conduct a major propagation in the days ahead to say the least, such an action would be most unhelpful in achieving a lasting peace. >> president trump has worn north korea on twitter not to provoke the u.s., he said earlier this month that kim jong-un could lose everything if he asked in a hostile way.
1:34 pm
>> that christmas surprise we know he has a thing for holidays. the u.s. military is watching. >> i am still traumatized by what north korea did to our family and certainly what they did to her son, today i am overjoyed that the commitment that these senators have put in their efforts to make a difference in north korea. >> that is fred whose son auto was a 22-year-old university of virginia student from ohio. he was tortured in north korea and sent home to our country to die. he was a really brain-damaged at the hands of kim john noons goons, his sickening brazen order by that regime has punted new legislation in north korea nuclear sanctions reinforcement act that slaps new sanctions on those in china and the companies
1:35 pm
that provide the financial support that kim jong-un's regime needs. here is his motto under mother . people matter, otto matters, we will never let you forget our son. >> they attended a news conference that you see announcing the bill and retired lieutenant joins us at the heritage foundation. their dedication and love is astounding. i think we always need to remember the case of otto when talking about kim jong-un. this bill do you think you can finally recap him so we can go after his financial foundation that supports him, the elite and the military. >> the only person that can start north korea out a path to become a normal nation is kim. this sanctions alone will not do that. you see north korea is a heavily
1:36 pm
sanctioned country on the planet which is true, we have not fully enforced all the possible sanctions and even what if we did. this regime is very adapt and finding just enough money and resources to get going and this only ends when kim says when he says i have to change my country. what are the chances of that, his structure is based on terror regime, this is the elites in the nuclear military product. >> this is the challenge that kim realizes because kim unlike his father and his grandfather seems to have had recognized that north korea does not have a future unless it has access and he is struggling with how to secure the regime in the traditional place in north korea and the challenges he just prefer to keep the nuclear
1:37 pm
weapon and how the normalization and the deal has put on the table and they have not changed, you have to commit to a full plan that at the end there are no more nuclear weapons and that is predicated on any sanctions and is constantly tested trump over the past year to see if the president is serious about the commitment. >> what if the chinese that are supportive and the biggest lives cut off by them because of this new bill in this new law and the support that secretly does business, if that flow is cut off because their choices is to do business with the united states of america or kim, that is not a choice for everyone around the globe called in the u.s. and the west, it is unrealistic that sanctions are going to do this this regime has one of the most sophisticated nuclear weapons program with you back okay and not the worst economy in the entire universe
1:38 pm
and the thing is the regimes, all you have to do is set aside and squander enough money to do things that you think are important and they will get these films, you can do that. so we cannot squeeze him out, he has to make this decision. what is been great about the strategy of maximum pressure, the sanctioning does limit the capacity for him to build out and gain access to the west conventional deterrence and missile-defense, these things really prevent him from being a threat to our national interests. our national interests are secure, the diplomatic track and the only person that can benefit is kim if he chooses to abandon that with a provocative test in his regime is back with a started. >> and cindy and fred had wise words of how to deal with the regime. take a listen. >> as far as a message to the
1:39 pm
president about how to deal with north korea. obviously we did not do well, i've always said the same thing, don't make a bad deal and do not believe a word they say. and nothing has changed. >> we believe if we enforce the rule of law against north korea it will not happen inside north korea it will happen outside. we force them to engage in the criminal enterprise in which they have all over the world, that can lead to engagement with them and it can force dialogue with them. >> do not believe a word they say. >> do not make a bad deal and do not trust them. >> i could not have said it better than myself. to wrap it up where does this go and what is his christmas surprise. >> is anybody else -- how we can have a christmas surprise from a country that thinks christmas puts them in jail. i don't know if we know where it
1:40 pm
goes. the open stuff that we have does not show the preparations for a test so we may or may not see something. i don't think we know it this point. if north korea test, we send a strong message and we will double down on the sanctions. it'll be worse off than we started. >> lieutenant colonel, we thank you for trying to go after the assets of north koreans because one thing that kim jong-un understands is what supports the regime and that is foreign money. good to see you. >> a major change could become an across the pond with the uk taken a step closer to brexit. next sprin so we're making it easier than ever to become part of our family. that's why our chevy employee discount is now available to everyone. the chevy price you pay is what we pay. not a cent more. family is important to us. and we want you to be part of ours.
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1:45 pm
way for great britain to leave the european union. next month, here is more from london. >> this is a crucial step one of which force johnson failed to achieve but now he has a significant majority in parliament so this bill passed easily. there visiting british troops today and the prime minister is very lax about wending the vote yesterday and essentially vowing to keep the election from the brexit bill through the full christmas. some of the new members of parliament have added weight to the vote and an overwhelming vote to the second meeting of the agreement. the fourth major in the process of britain activity leaving the eeo. part of britain will be in recess until january and then the process continues and there is no reason to expect any further hinges in the
1:46 pm
ratification of the brexit bill. the election earlier this month is a game changer for boris johnson and the brexit plan. he has a majority 18 seats in parliament and that gives him the power and deliver to get brexit done. what we are expecting is that they will leave the eu at the deadline of january 2020 and that begins a phase trade talk with the eu and that is expected to continue by the end of the year. >> no further hitches. we shall see. thank you for the update. >> now to the investigation of jimmy hoffa, that is on fox nation. they are reporting the new claims that he was shot to death in detroit by build a mobster. the focus of the current film by that name. phyllis cotto junior told us
1:47 pm
that they told him where hoffa is buried in the garden state. the son of a new jersey businessman and partner frank told us it was his father who buried hoffa. the new head of the office, the agent in charge says the bureau continues to investigate the case. >> finally the case of jimmy hoffa the head of the teamsters disappeared july 30, 1975, outside of a restaurant. his death even with hundreds of tips remains a mystery. >> we still have this open and we look at tips and get tips and not too often but when we do we look at it. with hoffa it's one thing where there is still a victim family out there possible. there are still people that want to know the answers. >> what can you tell us that was interesting or compelling even if you have to qualify in a way without giving away too much. >> there might be interesting
1:48 pm
characters but a lot of the people have passed away. we are trying -- we'd love to have more tips come in because people know this stuff. like credible tips not somebody trying to get a name out there. >> that interview for my station in detroit. obviously he has hope and intentions as the fbi continues the investigation. i have been calling for the fbi to release the whole hoffa files. unredacted. so the hoffa family and the teamsters and our nation can know the truth what happened to jimmy hoffa and the truth is in those files. of course on fox news on fox nation we continue to report on the ongoing investigation in the latest code or streaming service fox nation the two episodes are on their and more coming, the show is riddled, the search for james r hoffa on fox nation right now.
1:49 pm
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>> an alarming new study shedding light on obesity epidemic. according to harvard public health this report almost half
1:53 pm
of americans will be obese by 2030, half of americans obese in about ten years. what can be done to stop this. and stem the problem. let's talk with nina radcliffe, an anesthesiologist in private practice physician. thank you for joining us. here we go into the holidays where they enjoy the treat of the season and cut back in january, it's a great topic. how did we get here. >> there's a number of different factors, when you think about an excessive regulation of fat becomes calories in versus calories out. so food doctors and activity level factor into it. you walk into a stadium with food as shopping center and also sizes are ballooning, bagels, sodas,. >> that's how they sell it. usually were full and there's food in front of us we tend to finish what is in front of us.
1:54 pm
a lot of food have become high-calorie and tasty yummy, those are easily available. >> the average male 59, 205 pounds, severely a piece would be 236 pounds and average female 5-foot 4 inches and 203 pounds or be obese. is this cultural, were talking the half the population. are we in this together? >> we are in this together. this is a crisis and i want to put this into perspective, $190 billion every single year on obesity and that will continue to grow. we have better things to put our money too. >> what can be done for the individual fighting the battle because it can be a battle for so many people. >> a lot of power of what we put in her mouth, how much and how much activity. it's how we use our stress. drink a glass or two of water before you eat a meal. that will fill you up. make half of your plate veggies.
1:55 pm
eat fish, snack smartly, don't reach for cookies, reach for fruit. >> it's hard to do in a busy life. it tends to be the first domino and linked to so many other problems. a long list of public health tight obesity. this affects the entire healthcare system. >> obesity is more than just being a weight problem. it takes a serious toll physically, emotionally. the increase in hars heart disee and stroke. that's 800,000 lives every year. ten football stadiums of people dying every single year. every day i'm dealing with type two diabetes, locations whether blindness, amputation or kidney failures. we need to look at this, it's not a chronic disease, it's an epidemic. it's a title wave and everything needs to kick in. personal individual
1:56 pm
responsibility and medical help, congress, let's focus on what matters let's make changes to legislation. >> an important topic and folks are struggling. >> thank you. the president will address republican activists and south florida, two days after his impeachment, what comes next? l customizes home insurance, so they'll only pay for what they need. your turn to keep watch, limu. wake me up if you see anything. [ snoring ] [ loud squawking and siren blaring ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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the mercedes-benz winter event. whoa. he was pretty good this year. molly: any moment now, president trump will deliver remarks at turning point usa's annual student action summit in florida. this comes as congressional leaders on capitol hill are clashing over how the senate should handle the up coming impeachment trial. lawmakers from both sides weighed in on fox news earlier today. >> -- say to the president, please come and testify, send all your people over here and let them testify and be under oath. that's what we offered. that's what he refused. so how do you say we're rigging it? >> we have to focus on is not really president trump. we should focus on a fact
2:01 pm
pattern that leads us to a conclusion as it relates to being -- it being impeachable. molly: a little tease, fascinating. welcome to a brand new hour of america's news headquarters. i'm molly line in for arthel neville. eric: good to see you. hello everyone. thanks for being with us today. details of a possible senate trial, if there is one, remains uncertain at this hour. a time line may not take shape till after the new year. house speaker pelosi refuses to send the articles of impeachment to the upper chamber until she says senate majority leader mitch mcconnell agrees to hold a fair trial that includes witness testimony. as for the president, he has some of his top aides including mulvaney and former national security advisor john bolton -- he has blocked them from appearing to testify before
2:02 pm
congress. rich edson has more. rich: good evening, eric and molly. president trump is about to take the stage here. a much friendlier environment for the president than the one he left in washington where democrats and republicans are arguing over the details of a potentially impeach trial in the senate. about that, the president tweeting, quote, never did anything wrong. read the transcripts. a democrat hoax. democrats disagree. they say the president withhold security assistance from ukraine to get ukraine's president to investigate the bidens. house speaker pelosi is withholding the impeachment articles in the house because democrats want a senate trial to include witnesses. >> many of us would also like to hear from some of the witnesses, i would, witnesses that did not come forward. the president didn't allow certain witnesses to come forward. i think it is very important for us to get the full picture before we make that decision.
2:03 pm
>> the president's attorneys were on the hill yesterday. senate republicans are coordinating with the white house on a potential impeachment trial there, in a week where he became the third president impeached, also signed bipartisan agreement into law, including a defense policy bill and trillion and a half dollars spending bill to avoid a partial government shutdown. this week the house also approved the u.s. mexico canada free trade agreement, and the president has accepted speaker pelosi's invitation to give the annual state of the union address on february 4th. senior administration officials says when the president takes the stage a few minutes from now is hoping to talk about some of the accomplishments over this year, but there is a very friendly crowd here. we don't know how long the president will go, what he's going to talk about, if it takes on a rally like atmosphere here in west palm beach. back to you. molly: rich edson, a raucous crowd there, thanks for that
2:04 pm
report. on the other side of the aisle, in places not quite as warm for many of the democrats, the democratic white house hopefuls cramming in some final campaigning before the holidays hit. the candidates hitting the trail across the nation, some addressing attacks from thursday's heated debate. andrew yang taking a swipe at elizabeth warren over her wealth tax proposal on fox news earlier today. >> germany, france, denmark, sweden, all tried a wealth tax and then repealed it because it didn't work. if you are the democratic party, we should be putting forward ideas that we have confidence in that will work because they worked in other places, not ideas that we've already seen problems with in other countries. molly: our own ellison barber live in cedar rapids, iowa, where of course that first caucus, about 44 days away. ellison? >> senator warren is in the middle of her second event in iowa today. she is taking questions from a crowd of about 200 people. andrew yang might be criticizing
2:05 pm
senator warren, but her criticisms have been focused on another 2020 hopeful, south bend, indiana, mayor pete buttigieg. the pair have been going after each other on transparency for weeks. thursday, they did it face-to-face at the california debate. >> the mayor just recently had a fundraiser that was held in a wine cave full of crystals and served $900 a bottle wine. billionaires in wine caves should not pick the next president of the united states. >> i'm literally the only person on this stage who is not a millionaire or a billionaire. this is the problem with issuing purity tests you cannot yourself pass. if i pledge, if i pledge never to be in the company of a progressive democratic donor, i couldn't be up here. senator, your net worth is 100
2:06 pm
times mine. >> there are now reports that warren had her on big dollar at a winery. those who gave at least a thousand dollars went home with a souvenir wine bottle. we asked about the campaign, but -- we asked the campaign about that, but haven't heard back. the debate here in iowa is the next democratic debate. then caucus goers will head to the poll on february 3rd. molly? molly: ellison barber always excellent reporting, even if the campaigns don't get back to you with the tough questions. thank you, ellison. eric: here in new york, the search intensifies for that teenage suspect who police say was involved in the murder of a new york city college student from virginia. police looking for the 14-year-old who they are not naming because of his age. they believe he is the one who
2:07 pm
stabbed, fatally, 18-year-old tessa majors who you just saw there during a robbery that went wrong in a manhattan park last week. we are following this horrible story from our new york city newsroom. >> a memorial service is happening for tessa majors in her virginia hometown today, as detectives in new york work a manhunt for those allegedly involved in her killing. police have so far been unable to contact this 14-year-old on your screen. they have not said what role they think he played. another teen was questioned and released, and a 13-year-old is in custody, charged with murder. police believe three middle schoolers stabbed the college freshman to death in what began as a robbery inside morningside park. former d.c. detective williams says the case of the central park five is looming over this investigation. back in 89, five black male teens were wrongfully convicted for the murder of a white female jogger in central park after making false confessions.
2:08 pm
williams says because this case involves information from a 13-year-old suspect, there's additional pressure on police to get it right. >> i can tell you there's an intense investigation going on, and they are trying to do it right. if you remember the central park five, those young men were exonerated. now they are trying to get it right up there in new york. >> nypd has reportedly been careful in their questioning, taping interrogations, but lawyers for the 13-year-old said our client is a 13-year-old child who is presumed innocent with no juvenile record. history is full of examples of high-profile cases tried in the media rushing law enforcement to a wrongful arrest and conviction. we're absolutely troubled by the fact our client was questioned and interrogated by police without an attorney present. the teen who was questioned and released had a parent and attorney present and invoked his
2:09 pm
rights to remain silent. and police are still searching for the third suspect. eric: thank you very much. molly: police say a long time friend of a texas mother is now being charged in her kidnapping and death. the body of the 33-year-old woman was found in the trunk of a car in a home outside of houston a week after she and her newborn went missing. the baby believed to be her infant daughter was found alive and unharmed. christina coleman has been covering this difficult case. she has the latest from our west bureau. christina? >> molly, the newborn baby margo is safe and in the care of child protective services. she was found safe inside the house where the car was parked that had the woman's body in it, located 130 miles outside of houston. officials believe the woman was strangled to death. a suspect is in custody right now charged with two counts of kidnapping and one count of tampering with a corpse. police haven't confirmed the identity, but arrest records show that a 33-year-old woman was arrested yesterday on those
2:10 pm
charges. she appeared in court friday on unrelated traffic violations. cbs affiliate khou is reporting that woman was childhood friends with this woman, went to prenatal appointments with her and was even present when she gave birth to margo. investigators allege she pretended to be pregnant at the same time as the victim and may have been plotting to take the victim's baby. the woman and her newborn were reported missing on thursday, december 12th in their hometown of austin, texas. it prompted the search of national databases and assistance from the fbi and texas rangers, leading to the woman's body being found just days before christmas. >> i just want to express the heart felt condolences of everyone you see standing here with me, our community, our department, that we did not have two rescues, but only one it appears. and our hearts and our minds are with heidi and her family.
2:11 pm
>> the suspect could face additional charges. authorities are waiting on dna testing to confirm that the baby who was found in the house is in fact the victim's newborn daughter. molly? molly: christina coleman, thank you. eric: a horrible tragedy in las vegas. six people were killed in an apartment fire there. happened at an apartment complex, the alpine motel apartments in downtown las vegas. 13 other people were injured in the fire, including some who had to jump out the windows to escape. firefighters say the flames broke out early this morning in the building's first floor. they say they were able to put out the fire quickly, but the loss of life is understandably devastating. >> this is the worst fire fatality that we have had in the city of las vegas since the inception of the fire department. we've got christmas trees, candles, heating devices. we've always told people never use a stove as a heating device. eric: investigators sadly believe that's exactly what may have sparked the fire.
2:12 pm
someone using a stove as a heating device for heat, but the official cause is still under investigation. in washington, the pentagon keeping a close eye on north korea for a possible missile launch or another nuclear test in the coming few days, after kim jong-un's regime teased a quote christmas surprise as they called it earlier this month. mark meredith has more from washington. mark? >> good afternoon, eric. north korea does have some tough words for the u.s. after a state department official discussed the north's human rights records, a spokesperson from north korea's ministry of foreign affairs says, quote, if the u.s. dares to impair our system by taking issue over human rights issues, it will be made to pay dearly for such an act. on wednesday, the u.n. general asystem bly adopted a resolution -- assembly adopted a resolution. the u.s. helped sponsor the resolution. the latest threat comes after the north says the u.s. can
2:13 pm
choose which christmas gift it gets this year, likely referring to how north korea will handle its weapons program. the north has demanded the u.s. drop economic sanctions. president trump has refused to do so. the president also recently spoke about north korea. >> we're watching it. we will see. would we be disapointed if something would be in the works, and if it is, we'll take care of it. we're watching it very closely. >> the pentagon says it's ready for whatever action north korea may take. senior military officials were asked about the possibility of another weapons test by the north just yesterday. >> we don't discuss any intelligence or indicators or that sort of thing. we don't do that. in the public sphere, though, north korea has indicated a variety of things. i think you are aware of all of those. we're prepared for whatever. >> secretary of defense esper says he believes a political solution over military involvement is the best way to end the conflict. this past week, senior diplomats
2:14 pm
publicly encouraged north korea to resume denuclearization talks. eric? eric: another week before we see what kim john -- kim jong-un is up to. molly? molly: how america's space force could take shape in the next decade. ophie opened up a wormhole through time? (speaking japanese) where am i? (woman speaking french) are you crazy/nuts? cyclist: pip! pip! (woman speaking french) i'm here, look at me. it's completely your fault. (man speaking french) ok? it's me. it's my fault? no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. (pterodactyl screech) believe it. geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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2:18 pm
>> for the first time since president harry truman created the air force, over 70 years ago, think of that, we will create a brand-new american military service with my signature today, you will witness the birth of the space force, and that will be now
2:19 pm
officially the sixth branch of the united states armed forces. molly: with that announcement, the u.s. military heads for space. president trump yesterday signing a 738 billion dollars defense bill effectively establishing his long-touted space force, protecting u.s. assets in space from threats of course posed by china and russia. joining me now is retired four star u.s. army general jack keane, also the chairman of the institute for the study of war and a fox news senior strategic analyst. general, thank you very much for joining me on this holiday weekend before christmas. we appreciate it. kicking things off, you know, i was a kid in the 80s, so space was everything. it was star wars. it was this imagination of the future science. it was everything. now this new military branch, you know, what does it mean not just for the military but for the imagination of this nation, of the next generation of potentially military heroes to
2:20 pm
come? >> well, i think nasa really opened up everybody's imagination when we launched our efforts to go to the moon, and now we have another effort to go to mars, and i think as a result of that, hollywood got ahold of it, and it enlightened everybody. in terms of what's the possibility in space. and what the united states is concerned about here is the competition in space, and eventually the weaponization in space. initially weapons will be used to take down our capability, in other words, our global positioning system is in space, our telecommunication systems, how we use our weapons. our weapons are completely dependent on space technology. all of that is vulnerable to an adversary, so one of the things that will take place here, with the space force is to protect the assets that we have in space, just as we protect naval assets, army ground assets, and air force assets.
2:21 pm
it is a recognition that there's going to be increased competition for space and eventually let's face it, we'll be on a path to the weaponization of space eventually as well. molly: the president said yesterday american's superiority in space is absolutely vital. you mentioned the weaponization of space, clearly that sounds like it's top of matter, top of mind when we're talking about creating a military force that specifically addresses this. how do we take those steps? what are the next steps, the first steps we will see as things begin to get set up? >> they have done a very smart thing. while developing the space force as we just indicated why it is necessary, they didn't form another department. in other words, the department of the army, the department of the air force, department of the navy, that would have created a huge bureaucracy that's unnecessary, so the space force sits in the department of the air force, where the service secretary of the air force will oversee it, much as the marine
2:22 pm
corps sits in the department of the navy and is overseen by that service secretary. so initially, the space force is going to be dependent somewhat on the air force, in terms of personnel, manning, training, etc. and that's a good thing because that will keep the costs down, and i think as we go grow the space force, we'll see the numbers of people in it, it will not be manpower intensive like the army and the marine corps. it will be very equipment and technology intensive, as it is currently is now. but i think people are going to be excited to be a part of this. it is going to capture their imagination to be a member of the united states space force. i think they will be proud to be associated with it, just as members are proud to be associated with the other services, but the fact that it's new and kind of a new shiny object i think is going to draw quite a bit of attention from young people in america -- molly: that's what i imagine as well, just thinking back to my childhood. you know, space has always been
2:23 pm
a peace-building frontier, over the course of many years. we will see if there's some element in there where we're still cooperating with some of these nations. i do want to switch topics. there's been so much news lately, so i wanted to get your thoughts on the afghanistan papers, the recent reports that characterized the pentagon as well as the officials over the course of a long amount of time with not communicating honestly with the american people about the war in afghanistan. your thoughts on that? >> yeah, well, that's the headline story. i mean i've been to afghanistan many many many times. initially as a four star right after we toppled the taliban and in an advisory role to the generals who were there. i mean, i didn't see any misrepresentation of what was going on. i got detailed briefings, but i was out in the field seeing what was going on, and i think we had a pretty good grasp of what the challenges were, what the successes were, and also what
2:24 pm
the failures were. listen, the problem with afghanistan, so our audience understands it, after we toppled the taliban, within weeks of that, the president of the united states made a decision to go to war in iraq. that decision was made in december of 2001. our resources began to move towards that priority and that invasion began in 2003. as a result of that, afghanistan never had the appropriate level of resources, molly. the bush administration was not able to put additional resources into afghanistan until 2008. by then the taliban had reemerged. they reemerged. why? because they saw an opportunity. even when obama came in, he realized he had a problem on his hand, he had to do something about it, so he increased the forces, but he didn't give general mcchrystal and petraeus the forces they requested. he cut that request by 25%. they said this is the minimum we
2:25 pm
need to win. so afghanistan has never been right in terms of the resources necessary, and at times it wasn't right in terms of the strategy, and that really i believe is the big story. and i don't -- i can't speak to the so-called conspiracy -- i find that really hard to believe based on my knowledge of the people involved and the situation. molly: so not a believer of the grand scale conspiracy that someone tried to lay out there in the press. general jack keane, it is so wonderful to talk to you this holiday. really appreciate you coming on. thank you very much. >> yeah, great talking to you. merry christmas. molly: merry christmas to you. eric: some high school students and college students seeing president trump. as you can see speaking to the young conservative activists, the turning point usa's annual summit. let's listen. >> we've got a lot of things that they are doing that they weren't doing. we've got to keep what we're doing.
2:26 pm
please, sit down. we have plenty of time. [cheers and applause] >> if i was sleepy joe, it's a saturday night in ohio. he wouldn't say it that way. he's only done that about four times. it's saturday night. it is great to be in delaware. no, we're in iowa. you know, if you're speaking and you do that, it's over. it would be winston churchill. and the speech is no good. once you do that, it's over. he does that a lot. there's something going on up there. and there's something going on with the rest of them. they want to take away everything. they want to destroy what we've built. but i'm proud to be here tonight, with thousand of crowds, patriotic young americans. [cheers and applause]
2:27 pm
>> young leaders and warriors to stare down the hatred of the radical left and bravely fight for our liberty, our values, and our god-given freedom. [cheers and applause] >> each of you are a fighter of the front lines, defending our way of life, and i'm profoundly grateful to all of you. the whole country is, and by the way, the crowds are getting -- [inaudible]. eric: the president speaking to young conservatives at the turning point rally. you can see the whole thing live on he hit joe biden pretty hard as he is expected to continue and tout some of the administration's accomplishments. the president also likely to touch on the senate impeachment trial, if there is one. party leaders now fighting over leverage for a potential trial. will we see it? or not? the showdown could last through
2:28 pm
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eric: the senate impeachment trial, talks have hit a wall. the majority lead mcconnell says he's reached an impasse with house democrats on how upper chamber would proceed. house speaker refuses to name a date, when the lower chamber of the house will send the articles of impeachment to the senate as required by the constitution. with congress home for the holidays, that uncertainty is certainly going to last through and into the new year. >> if this was seriously an emergency for the american people to see, come to conclusion, you would expect that a trial would have to be imminent. according to her actions, all that the democrats have been talking in the house about how important this is, how we must reveal what has happened with the president, none of that
2:33 pm
seems to be true. >> what nancy pelosi is doing is demonstrating once again that we are a country of laws, not of men or women, and in this instance, one man. eric: what can we expect? washington correspondent for usa today is joining us. it really is, man, it is a standoff right now. both sides don't seem to be moving. what is behind all this political jockeying? >> well, house speaker pelosi has said she does want to send the articles of impeachment to the senate, but that she wants to be assured of a fair trial first. she is concerned that senate majority leader mitch mcconnell of kentucky has said he doesn't view himself as an impartial juror. he views himself as working closely with the white house, coordinating with the white house about how the eventual senate trial will work. there's an impasse about how to set the rules for that trial. eric: how do you think this will
2:34 pm
play out? the republicans say shouldn't have had this impeachment in the fist place -- first place, and the democrats are accusing the senate of having it in the favor of the president before they start a trial. >> yes, they are, majority leader mcconnell has met with democratic senate leader chuck schumer of new york. they met on thursday to at least begin mapping out how they might approve rules for the trial. senator schumer asked for witnesses and additional evidence. they asked for four witnesses including acting chief of staff mick mulvaney and former national security advisor john bolton, two people who did not testify on the house side, but senator mcconnell has said that, you know, they aren't the ones to gather facts. they are the ones to hold the trial. he doesn't see a need for calling witnesses. senate judiciary chairman lindsay graham has also said they don't need to do the house's work for them. they can just hold the trial, which could be as little as
2:35 pm
opening statements from the house managers, serving as prosecutors, and the white house lawyers. eric: meanwhile, the washington post reporting that the president, you know, he's been supposedly of course angry over this, and he wants witness or so they say. do you think it is likely there could be any witnesses if the president would prevail or it is more in his interest to have something short and in the republicans view get it out of the way? >> well, i think senate republicans led by mitch mcconnell are trying to tell the president that it is in his interest to have as brisk a trial as possible, deal with opening statements and essentially have a summary judgment without going through additional evidence, but if democrats were to win approval, a simple majority of the senate, 51 senators would be able to call witnesses, if they choose, or set rules to call witnesses. for that to happen, democrats would need at least four republicans to join them in
2:36 pm
urging that. it is not sure the lay of the land about where the vote count is on calling witnesses. but if the democrats won on trying to call their four witnesses, president trump has tweeted repeatedly that he would like to call witnesses, such as, intelligence chairman adam schiff in the house and the anonymous whistle-blower who filed the initial complaint about the ukraine call that started the latest impeachment inquiry, and so you'd get to a negotiation about which witnesses would be called, if they agreed to call any witnesses. eric: how about the number one witness, potentially, that would be the president himself. can you imagine what a show? i mean if the president were to raise his right hand and took his own defense? what do you think the chances of that are? >> i suspect the chances in a trial if he's listening to his lawyers would be small. but in concurrent action, from the house, they invited him to
2:37 pm
give a state of the union address on february 4th. he has accepted. so you will see him speaking to both chambers on february 4th, although, not in the guise of a trial. eric: yeah -- can you imagine that? what is that going to be like? remember when bill clinton right after monica lewinsky's story broke, all eyes were on president clinton giving the state of the union, like within a week of that? i mean, do you think the president will address the issue of impeachment when he gives the state of the union or he's giving the state of the union which he is going to say is extremely strong? >> i would think he tends to address criticism or complaints against him, so i suspect if the trial is either still pending at that point or happening at this point, if it's not yet been resolved, that he would be eager to make his case. if it's already been resolved and he remains president, i'm sure that he would like to celebrate his vindication, his exoneration. he has said that that's what he
2:38 pm
looks forward to in a senate trial where it would take two thirds majority to remove him, and so that is considered unlikely. so i would expect him to promote his vindication if the trial is over by that point. eric: maybe he will promote that vindication that you predict at the state of the union. all eyes, the nation will be watching. all right, thank you very much for joining us and have a good holiday. >> thanks for having me. eric: of course. molly? molly: we have stunning video that shows a k-9 officer taking down a suspect in california. look at this. this is 5-year-old k-9. his name is duke. he flies right through a shattered window, latches on to the suspect, who had allegedly refused to get out of the vehicle, after leading police on a car chase there. the man was treated for minor injuries. duke i'm sure you are concerned, he served in the marine corps in iraq by the way. he was not hurt. eric: wow. molly: a growing health crisis across the country. up next, the troubling reports
2:39 pm
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molly: teenage vaping is on the rise. take a look at this new study. the university of michigan researchers say e-cigarette use among middle and high school aged teens has more than doubled over the past two years. this as a number of teens who say they vape because they are hooked doubled in the past year. joining me now, a family and emergency medicine physician and medical director at city md. i find this remarkable and startling and the numbers are just -- i feel like we should all be shocked. you know, how big of a problem do we have on our hands? >> this is a massive problem. yes, you are right. the numbers are alarming. the data that just came out of the national institute of drug abuse shows that the number of teens who are vaping has doubled even more since last year. so this is a very significant
2:44 pm
problem. and we have to tackle it because we have hundreds of hospitalizations with massive lung injuries and people who are requiring lung transplants, and more than 50 people have died. this is definitely why our president, the surgeon general, fda has declared this a teen vaping epidemic. we have to get to the bottom of why are the teens doing it, why are kids vaping and smoking. we know it is easily accessible, discrete, easy to hide from your parents, teachers and coaches, that sort of thing. we need to educate. that's the most important thing, education that will lead to the prevention of this epidemic that we're dealing with. molly: yeah, i think epidemic might be the right word. we saw some startling numbers. the american journal of public health study on kids shows these numbers, in 2014, 8.8% age 14 were using these e-cigarettes. now 28.6%. i mean, that is mind blowing, more than a quarter of
2:45 pm
14-year-olds. that's the tracking number. >> absolutely. molly: i mean what is it? how do they get ahold of it? how can we essentially stop them from getting ahold of it? >> first of all, more than 60% of the young children, the teens who vape, they do it out of curiosity, to explore. they just want to see what it is like. you know, a lot of them were targeted on social media because of the flavors, the cotton candy and the fruit punch and the manageo flavors. -- mango flavors. luckily those are banned. a lot of them it was curiosity. a lot of them are vaping, thc, nicotine flavors because they are addicted, they can't quit. some want to get high. some want to relax. we need to tackle the reasoning why with educational information in schools, teachers, parents, coaches, healthcare providers, all of us, we need to start at an early age so we can show this is harmful not only to your lungs but it affects the development of your brain. it affects how you think. it affects your decision making,
2:46 pm
your moods. it can have an impact. you know, another thing, molly, a lot of these young eded a -- young adolescents, young kids that vape, many of them will become regular cigarette smokers, which can cause heart disease, lung disease, cancers, cause more deaths in this country than drugs, alcohol and car accidents combined. molly: we have seen the number of e vaping deaths and still trying to get to the bottom of how this happened and make it stop. now we know this can be dangerous because there was a period of time where e vaping was really sold as not being dangerous, it is fun, better than smoking, but now we have seen dozens of people die and not easy deaths and others have faced long-term health consequences. so will this shift the tide? >> i hope so. what's defining is they believe the thc vaping and thc with
2:47 pm
vitamin e is one of the culprits. we need to tackle that issue. another thing is the tobacco-free use act was just signed into law recently that is going to definitely help reduce the amount of vapors and smokers by about 10%. but in turn, will reduce the amount of deaths about a quarter of a million deaths. a quarter of a million deaths each year less because of this act. it's also going to reduce the financial economic burden on this nation and reduce the burden on our healthcare system as well. molly: yes, a reminder that we are all in this together. doctor, thank you very much for joining us. >> my pleasure. happy holidays. molly: happy holidays to you as well. eric: absolutely. thanks molly and doctor. fans of a white christmas this holiday may be out of luck. but that could be good news for all the folks hitting the road. we will have your full holiday forecast straight ahead. and the fbi detroit, well they say they are open to new information about what happened to jimmy hoffa. our new fox news investigation reveals new claims they can act on. just go to fox nation to see,
2:48 pm
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eric: it is officially the first day of winter, and that means much of the country bundling up this weekend. adam klotz has the latest forecast. adam? adam: hey there, eric. winter is underway, and there are going to be some spots covering snow. other spots will be warm and big rainy messes that might slow down some holiday travel. current temperatures across the country, even though it is 33 degrees in new york city, a lot of spots are hovering in the middle 40s at this point, with that, this is the snow already on the ground, if you are hoping for a white christmas. spots here across the midwest, this might actually recede a little bit thanks to warmer temperatures. off in the west, largely a white christmas because of higher
2:53 pm
elevation and allowing that snow to stick a little bit longer. the big storms the next couple of days, one in the pacific northwest, seeing rain running off the coast in northern california all the way up to oregon and then into washington. and the other larger system that's now coming off the gulf of mexico continuing to spin, lifting its way up across the florida gulf coast, running its way up through alabama and georgia. this is one we will need to pay attention to over the next few days. it is going to bring a lot of rain with it, eventually probably slow down some travel because it is a slow mover. future satellite and radar. you see the motion and time stamp there. this is taking you through sunday into monday and tuesday. and you don't see a whole lot of movement within that. if you are in some of these locations where you are seeing rain right now, you may be stuck with it for the next few days. as a result, no surprise here, widespread in some of these areas getting a couple inches of rain. the real heavy spots, 4 to 8 inches of rain getting closer to the carolinas. with that, really windy conditions, and as this system is on the move, that's going to be the one possibly that will slow down travel the next few
2:54 pm
days. if you are already traveling today or tomorrow, maybe not too bad of shape. these are the current airport delays. you can see the entire country, everything is green up to this point. it does begin to change a little bit as we get into tomorrow. some of these systems take a little bit more effect. you see orange, that's moderate delay in new orleans. likely the same in atlanta for tomorrow. this whole system slowly makes its move, and you are going to see maybe more areas with a little bit more severe of a delay. getting into atlanta, you are getting into major delays, as that may be the case in orlando, stretching down to miami, that's enough to really slow this down. now the good news is, if you're not leaving on sunday or monday, this system then eventually works its way offshore, and we're talking about mostly clear conditions again. so it will be clearing back up. i will kick it the way you sent it to me, eric. the first day of winter is happening right now. the solstice tonight at 11:19, which does mean it is the shortest day of the year. if you are a glass half full, it is going to get better from here on out. eric: a great way to look at it. and santa can get through
2:55 pm
anything. adam: of course he can. eric: adam, thank you. we will be right back. and which car i want and truecar shows the range of prices people in my area actually paid for the same car so i know if i'm getting a great price. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar. thlook at all this ink no more bit comes big ink tanks. lots of ink. no more cartridges. incredible amount of ink. the epson ecotank. just fill and chill.
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two trains plunge after duet on a bridge in west virginia. officials say a freight train had seven cars off the tracks this morning. it destroyed a walking path, thankfully no one was injured but it closed a nearby road. the cause of the realm it is under investigation. >> the spacecraft is coming back home. the unmanned spacecraft amongst yesterday for long-awaited test flight for the technical glitch prevented it from docking at the space station which was the original plan. set to make an early return to earth in new mexico tomorrow morning. we will cover that landing live
3:00 pm
right here on fox news channel. >> that's pretty cool. >> not any test flight, i like solid, ready to fly. >> thank you for joining us. see you tomorrow. >> the standoff over impingement truck carrying over to the holidays. leaving washington no sign of compromise on bringing articles of impeachment to the upper chamber. good evening, this is the fox report. president trump is in south florida for the holidays. the president's arrival comes after the signing of a new defense act bringing some historic changes to the military. >> we officially inaugurate the newest branch of our military, this is a very big and important moment. it's called the space force. >> reporting


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