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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 22, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

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♪. ed: fresh off what he likes to call impeachment light, president trump rallying young conservatives in a fiery address, putting democrats especially speaker nancy pelosi on notice ahead of the new year. he focuses in on the economy appears to be humming right along in time for the 2020 re-election battle. welcome to "america's news headquarters." i'm ed henry the president airing frustrations at turning point usa conference in west palm as nancy pelosi delays sending impeachment articles to the senate. the president demands quick
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impeachment trial, makes it clear ready to resume the tough bat well the democrats. >> our opponent have spent every waking minutes of the last three years trying to overflow the election of 2016, and at a minimum to sabotage the election of 2020. that's not going to happen let it happen. and if it did happen, if they were successful, they will destroy this country. ed: karl rove, capri cafaro standing by with their analysis from both sides. correspondent rich edson is live in west palm beach, florida, to start us off. good afternoon, ed. reporter: in the speech to thousands of young conservatives in west palm beach, florida, the president celebrated the past month. strong economy, more conservative justice. also phase one after trade agreement the united states agreed to with china. how the president says he will sign very shortly among other items. the president even celebrated impeachment in a way, taking a
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bit after victory lap. pointing out he had unanimous republican support against impeachment in the house. >> what kind of great support did we have from those incredible congressman and women this week. they got up and they spoke. [cheering] they were fantastic. i guess the vote was 196-0. we had three democrats coming to our side. we have to say it was a bipartisan vote. reporter: in washington house speaker nancy pelosi is still withholding the articles of impeachment from the senate, delaying a trial there. democrats described the tactic as leverage to compel senate republicans to allow witnesses in any impeachment trial. >> i think what the speaker is trying to do is to insure there will be a fair trial. i think they will continue tin to be discussions. i don't know i'm not part of those very tight discussions. senator schumer is trying to work with senator mcconnell to
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make sure there is a fair hearing. reporter: republicans say democrats over played their hand on this one. president is at trump international golf course today. unclear what we will hear from his next. from his campaign he is heading down to miami on january 3rd. he will launch a evangelicals for truth coalition. evangelicals widely supported the president. there was christianity today article that the said the president should not only be impeached but removed. ed: push back on that. president talking about the success of the economy since he took office. >> 135 times we broke a record. a stock market record. that to me is not a stock market record. it's a record of 401(k)s. a record of people owning stocks. a record of jobs, jobs be jobs, joining plea karl rove, former
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white house chief of staff under president george w. bush and fox news contributor. >> merry christmas. ed: what can you make as a political strategist? i know you don't support nancy pelosi, but as strategist what in the world is she trying to get done? >> as they said leverage. the problem she has no leverage. think about this the constitution says the house shall have the sole power to impeachment. the senate shall quote, have the sole power to try impeachment. so she has no constitutional role in the senate. she is trying to create one for herself. look, there is, as you know, from washington there, is always tension between the house and senate. nothing more than when each house tries to intrude on the prerogatives of the other. no more than when they try to intrude on constitutional prerogatives. i don't think she has leverage. the more this goes on, the more she plays fame, makes them look more partisan, petty and political. ed: she said it was not political. about the constitution,
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prayerful, all the rest. this seems to play into politics of all of it. cory booker in the senate saying mitch mcconnell will not be an impartial juror. >> well, the constitution assumes that the senate is going to try this case but it doesn't assume they're all going to come in with no feelings whatsoever. mr. booker himself a little hypocritical he said months and months ago impeach president trump. ed: before the ukraine call. >> every democrat member of the senate already called for the president's impeachment. when will we hear booker denounce himself, denounce warren, denounce sanders, denounce kamala harris and denounce amy klobuchar biased not capable on the jury? the jury will have senate members with partisan backgrounds, partisan views, some open and public. the constitution assumes not that impartial jury of one's piers but senate of the united states.
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ed: we teed up economic numbers. not just stock market. unemployment low. wages are coming up both parties want to see. think back to another strategists james carville on the other side from you, it's the economy stupid. how does the president pivot from impeachment? >> he has two big moments coming up. he has state of the union address. weeks leading up to it, the weeks leading out of it, while democrats are fighting it out during february and march for their nomination and the white house needs to understand, i think the president framed the message right last night the economy is doing well, run up to the state of the union, the state of the union, are opportunity to say i have a second act. yes the economy is good. that is not enough to get him reelected in most instepses. everybody wants a second act. the second act the prosperity we're enjoying we need to broaden it, deepen it, continue to grow it. here or two or three or four things. ed: talk about some of those democrats. elizabeth warren had a moment that expired in the debate by
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going after buttigieg watch. >> the mayor just recently had a fund-raiser that was held in a wine cave full of crystals and served 900-dollar a bottle wine. billionaires in wine caves should not pick the next president of the united states. >> i am literally the only person on this stage who is not a mill favor or billionaire. so if -- [applause] this is important. this is the problem with issuing purity tests you cannot yourself pass. ed: in fact, she can't pass a purity test, ap, hardly partisan organization, comes out, associated press, she had a fun raiser at the winery before the campaign launched. maybe the wine wasn't expensive, maybe not -- >> turned out they didn't serve 900-dollar bottle wine ticks was $48. >> his strongest line was final line in this long litany i gave, could have come at her, wait a
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minute, you transferred $10.4 million from your senate campaigns to help fund your presidential campaigns n two races for the united states senate you held plenty of fund-raisers at exclusive venues, private clubs, fancy hopes, god knows what, hosted by ceo, corporate ceos and titans on wall street and rich liberals and billionaires. don't be lecturing me about it. now you're also, pure, now that you're running for president. you had a much different attitude when you ran for senate. if you were honest, give back $10.4 million you transferred. ed: last thing, republican adam kinzinger had this on cnn about the president, state of politics. >> when you start to see people in the other party as the biggest enemy and not your actual enemies overseas, that is how democracies fail in the long term. so you have made this case for how the president has a strong economy, comes out of impeachment stronger. we shall see.
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in order to get independent voters for president bush in '04 bus the president run risk of turning them off with some of the rhetoric? >> yes. i think, look in the final, five or six weeks of the 2016 campaign he used to get up there, you were at rallies, he joked, stay on script donald. he did. that caused, remember, 46% of the vote, 37% of the people who voted for him say i like him. i think he is qualified. i think he is experienced. he represents change i'm voting for him. 9% i don't think he is qualified, i don't think he has temperament but he has change on his side. i don't like her. they voted for him. he has got to keep that 9% grow it a little bit. you know, being president gives him a chance to do that. there has to be fewer moments, fewer tweets, fewer moments punching down. we don't think it is food to -- ed: he has the opportunity in the state of the union. >> he has, in the months to follow. ed: merry christmas.
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get perspective from other side of the aisle, capri cafaro, democratic strategist, former ohio state senate. >> good to see you. ed: economy stupid, cnn poll, say 76% of americans in the cnn poll saying economy is good. how do democrats win this that environment? >> iting challenging anytime you're running sort of a against a strong economy, that usually does obviously help the person in the white house. we've seen that, for example, with bill clinton with the strongest, you know, peacetime economy in the 20th century. so what i would say is, that democrats, again they cannot just be against donald trump. they need to stand for something. and they need to bring those issues like they did in the midterm elections when it came to matters, for example, like health care. like education. like, immigration. so i think they need to make a forceful, compelling argument of
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why democrats are going to bring, build upon, frankly, what the strength of the economy, grow that opportunity for a larger group of people, grow that middle class, and then appeal to some of those other issues like health care, education, immigration, and build that coalition. ed: capri, in fact joe biden, the front-runner in many of the polls, still had that opportunity in the last debate. we have got a sound bite there where he was pressed by the moderator judy woodruff about the economy. listen to this. okay. i guess we don't have it. >> or not. ed: don't have it teed up. he was struggling to explain what he would do differently. how do democrats make that pivot? >> as far as how they would do things differently? ed: when the economy is strong. >> when the economy is strong. again focusing how you grow that for the middle class. need, to number one acknowledge the fact it is strong. talk about, wage growth, talk
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about, you know, retirement security issues, strengthening social security and social security trust fund. making sure again, if you are focusing on things like the stock market, yes, is that actually trickling down to the rest of the country. in communities like mine, north even ohio, we haven't necessarily seen that level of prosperity that many, places along the coast are seeing. so you need to talk about some of those forgotten areas that voted for donald trump because they expect ad change in the economy and they're not necessarily seeing that shared prosperity. ed: apparently we found the joe biden bite. listen to that and we'll talk. >> what is your argument to the voter watching this debate tonight who may not like everything president trump does but they really like this economy and they don't know why they should make a change. >> i don't think they don't like the economy. go back in middle class neighborhoods you grew up in. middle class is getting killed. middle class is getting crushed.
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working class has no way up as consequence to that. ed: i get some people say, stock market is doing great, rich are getting richer, you know that we're also seeing numbers that suggest that paychecks are getting fatter, that wages are going up. something that both parties said they wanted to do. it is happening under president trump. so are folks like joe biden denying reality. >> again i think i would have taken a different tact. it is important again you have to acknowledge the reality of a strong economy but i think you need to focus again on matters like health care that are impacting, even if you are, you do have more money in your pocket, when you still have rising health care costs for example, the affordable care act is on the chopping block because of a lot of these court cases across the country, what is that going to mean to individuals? this is why "medicare for all," frankly is such a challenge i think for, why people are taking a second look at democrats. we don't really know how we feel
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about "medicare for all." that would actually blow up medicare as we know it, that is working for people over 65. it hurts employer-based health care and hurts unions as well because their strength is actually negotiating stronger benefit packages. ed: you're right. >> they, we really need i think get back to reality and listen to the american people. acknowledge where there is strength but then again where there are weaknesses. ed: to the point on "medicare for all." here is bernie sanders in the last debate. what he had to say is pretty striking. >> i believe that everybody in america, including the undocumented, have a right to go to a doctor when they get sick. [cheering] and they have the right to leave a hospital without going bankrupt. [cheering] and that is why together, we will pass a "medicare for all" single-payer health care
9:15 am
program. ed: that was at campaign event before the debate. he said basically illegal immigrants will be covered under "medicare for all." how can you possibly sell that in a general election? >> it would be very difficult because undocumented immigrants right now are not covered for example under medicare or medicaid. we're not talking about green card folks. although the trump administration is talking about going after individuals that are legal immigrants with green cards i think is a bad idea but i think that, the american public does not want to see tax dollars spent on people that are not necessarily paying taxes into the system. undocumented immigrant, they are human beings, do get access to emergency room or free and chairable clinics. they are not without access to services. they can go. there is concern. a lot of times they do forego health care because they are concerned about revealing their immigration status. i think that bernie sanders is not going to be the nominee.
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this is one of the reasons why. ed: we'll see. still up there in some of the polls. a long way to go to decide it. it is getting closer to iowa. capri, wish you merry christmas. >> same to you, ed. ed: boeing star liner capsule back on land after failed mission. landing in white sands, new mexico. dramatic pictures after going into a wrong orbit. christina coleman, in the newsroom, maybe a soft landing after rough couple days. good to see you. reporter: boeing's and that said they had a bullseye's landing. the star liner ended up in the wrong orbit after internal clock problem which caused the capsule to burn off too much fuel so it didn't make it to the international space station as planned. the good news the capsule had a successful touchdown. it marks the first time in u.s. history a human rated capsule
9:17 am
returned from orbit to make a ground landing. boeing and nasa officials say it was a good test. they will get a lot of information going forward. they didn't meet the objective docking at the international space station the flight was a success. >> today we had a lot of successes. i would say one of the biggest successes watching the nasa team and the boeing team and the ul a-team work together in a off-nominal situation to make good decisions that would be right for the astronauts and right for the country. reporter: the smooth takeoff from cape canaveral on monday -- >> rise of star liner, a new era in the rise of spaceflight. reporter: smooth takeoff from cape canaveral on friday was supposed to be the beginning after space trip that should have lasted more than a week. instead it ended today. they are trying to figure out what cause the internal clock
9:18 am
issue half hour into the flight. due to connectivity from the ground they were unable to by the time they reset the clock. the capsule burned so much fuel it wasn't enough to make it to the international space station. nasa officials say the star liner that landed today will be refurbished for the operational flight mission following the test. unclear when all of that takes place. ed. ed: christina, thank you. a lot of other news to get to. new developments in the jeffrey epstein case. the surveillance video outside his jail cell but seemed to disappear but now magically reappeared, raising a whole bunch of new questions as that mystery deepenses. yeah, and he wanted someone to help out with chores. so, we got jean-pierre. but one thing we could both agree on was getting geico to help with renters insurance. ♪
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♪. ed: we're back with new developments in the jeffrey epstein case. the disgraced financeer of course died in jail awaiting trial for sex trafficking charges. on thursday officials said video outside of his jail cell during his first you side attempt went missing. a day later prosecutor said it had been found. lawmakers conducting their own probe requesting documents from the justice department. they're ising why he got a secret plea deal a decade ago after being accused of molesting young girls. we have former federal prosecutor during burns. >> thank you. ed: start with the video. people have questions about the second suicide attempt which was essentially successful because he died. was it suicide or conspiracy theory or speculation we don't want to get into speculation, however, when now the prosecutor going to court, well, for the first suicide attempt we lost the tape. oh, wait, a day later we found
9:24 am
out. doesn't it raise more questions? >> sounds like a cliche, there are more questions than there are answers. i saw a question with a former warden i think in the new york system, he said wow a lot of the chronology doesn't make sense. what you're seeing up, so right, the relationship between the first incident which was attempted sue said where he had a cellmate, that nicholas, former westchester police officer, seriously in on multiple homicide charges himself and then the point, why would they then move jeff epinto a cell alone after the first incident, may no sense. i've been in the special housing unit, the shu they call it, everything is monitored extremely closely. highest monitored prisoner in the bop, bureau prisons. it doesn't make sense. ed: somebody calls in sick. somebody is not there the video take is not working. do you buy all these things? >> it is not clear, ed, simply
9:25 am
not clear what went on and the reality is we're getting information which we take with a minor grain of salt. they reviewed the videotape of the night the incident happened which he died. nobody appears to have gone into the cell, if that is true, that is very significant information obviously. but then you do have the thing with the previous attempt. why would you take a guy who just attempted suicide and give him sheets for example. i'm not expert on bom? why wouldn't you give them the papier-mache type sheets that don't support weight? that is so many questions unbelievable. i'm not here espousing any kind of conspiracy theories, you had dr. bauden and cyril wecht who are major league. ed: they looked a autopsy. >> the bones that broke in the neck, the hyoid bone, they fueled it a little, making it look more likely homicide than suicide. people went crazy.
9:26 am
i don't jump into that but i have to respect their opinions. ed: i have to give credit to colleague bryan llenas, accuser described as olivia describing time with epstein. >> looking back at it, it adds to the disgust and kind of horror of the whole thing. and, just to be clear i said no. difference between that first day and the optimism is so different than two years later, clearly still dealing -- ed: so sickening he was preying on underage girls. >> right. ed: i think people have interest in it, not just about epstein but all the other prominent people he was cavorting with, they're wondering how did he just disappear and how do we not have answers? >> any type of case like this, prostitution case, this type of case, wait a minute, what about the book listing everybody, what about the information listing all the other people, but back to that tape, victims are human
9:27 am
beings, they are fragile psyches, they want to secrettry because. ed: accountability. >> accountability. so people are devastated that that place that he could kill himself as one of the most high-profile prisoners in the entire bop. how could that happen? those are the questions being asked. ed: you see it on capitol hill they're asking questions about the department of justice. doug, thanks for coming in, merry christmas. >> my pleasure. ed: giving the gift of life. how two friend helped one another. a touching story. there they are live. coming up after the break.
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she's so beautiful. janie, come here. check this out. let me see. she looks... kind of like me. yeah. that's because it's your grandma when she was your age. oh wow. that's...that's amazing. oh and she was on the debate team. yeah, that's probably why you're the debate queen. - mmhmm. - i'll take that. look at that smile. i have the same dimples as her. yeah. the same placements and everything. unbelievable.
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the same placements and everything. i am not for ignoring the first sign of a cold. i am for shortening my cold, with zicam! zicam is completely different. unlike most other cold medicines, zicam is clinically proven to shorten colds. i am a zifan for zicam! oral or nasal. ed: something we hear unfortunately all too often in the city of chicago. police investigating multiple shootings this very weekend including an incident at a house party early this morning where yes, 13 people were shot. four now in critical condition. our correspondent matt finn with
9:32 am
the latest from chicago. thanks for coming in. reporter: ed, police say this house party on chicago's south side where shooting happened was being held in memory of another person killed earlier this year. police say 12:30 this morning, shot spotter technology detected shots being fired, police were on scene in matter of minutes. one person was arrested with a weapon a second person of interest was being questioned a revolver was recovered. inside the house party there was a dispute. people started spilling out into the street. people were shot in and outside house. 13 people were shot. the scene was so frantic, some people did not realize they had been hit with a bullet. >> it's a chaotic scene. listening to the radio you could hear people who didn't even know they were shot were responding after they went home. so i imagine there are some people will have some graze wounds, and realize they were shot. reporter: police call it
9:33 am
isolated shooting from a dispute. weather in chicago is mild. next few days, that means there will be more shootings on the street. chicago police blaming shooting on too many bad actors with guns. >> too many weapons, too many disputes reconciled by weapons, as this was. reporter: citywide across the city this weekend, 34 people have been shot. year-to-date, chicago police have recovered more than 10,000 guns here in chicago. ed? ed: matt finn, stirring numbers right there thanks for coming in. three passenger buses catching fire at los angeles international airport overnight. the l.a. fire department, says mechanical, electrical issue on one bus sparked flames. quickly spread to two other buses. luckily there were no people on board the buses at the time, although the incident diddies interrupt traffic -- did disrupt
9:34 am
traffic. earlier this year i donated a part of my liver to my sister colleen. you see that there. she is on the road to recovery. i'm proud to report. our next guests more importantly have a special brand new story to tell, they're sharing their journey with organ donation. how it impacts their lives. how you might want to know more about it. angela jennings donated part of her liver to marlon garrison. dr. martin levy performed the procedure. welcome all. >> thank you. >> thank you. ed: let me start with the recipient. how are you feeling? >> i feel great. >> thank you. ed: go ahead. >> sorry. >> i feel really, i feel better than i have in years. i'm doing well. thank you, angela. ed: yeah. you're feeling a lot better now.
9:35 am
angela, talk a little bit about how you're feeling? >> i'm feeling great. it has been a great experience. ed: that's great. can you tell us, a little bit, angela, how you learned about this whole process. >> roger and i have been friends for over 20 years. he had actually moved to tennessee. so we weren't keeping in touch as much as we had before. and he had reached out to me, was just telling me how he had been feeling, and that he had recently found out that he was having some liver issues. and, it wasn't long after that, that he said, you know i'm going to need a liver transplant. i said, you know, what can i do to help you. you know, i'm going to need a donor. i said, well you let me know. i will do whatever i can.
9:36 am
ed: very sweet to step up like that. doctor, talk a little bit about the process through my sister, so many people didn't know i didn't know until i got solved, the liver regenerates. it doesn't do it over many months but four to six weeks. it is simply magical. >> it is magical. liver grows back very quickly within about four weeks at the most six weeks. back to its original size. so it is a wonderful thing. ed: roger, how has it impacted you in terms of said you're feeling better, how is the recovery going? how far out are you and talk a little bit your family and impact it had on you? >> well, for me, obviously the first week or two after the surgery, that was the hardest part but the recovery, i mean after that, it has been pretty smooth for me. i've been fortunate for that. and, as far as my family goes, i
9:37 am
was also lucky in that, this proper was done in virginia where i grew up and so i had, you know, i had to stay at the hospital. and after i left the hospital i still had to stay in that area for another month. ed: yeah. >> and that, my sister was there. and my sister put me up in her house, you know, for a month. that is saying a lot. because i'm a lot to deal with. ed: i can relate to that. as much as i wanted to help my sister, as much as she would help me, living together for a month might be a long time. you're looking terrific, roger. angela, one final word from you. one thing for me to do it for a sibling. here you are with a friend, put your own life at risk. go to the decision-making process, what about not thought about, not just livers, living donor for a kidney.
9:38 am
many thousands of people as we speak who need a new kidney. talk about the process, how you feel now? >> i think that, you know, i just started off doing a lot of research, talking to the medical team. and talking to my family. i think if it wouldn't have been okay with my family i couldn't do it. i have two boys and a husband that i have to worry about. but you know, when you're doing something for someone you care about, you do a lot of praying, just talking to everyone involved. but with roger he is just a great guy and it was just an easy decision for me honestly. ed: wow. you mentioned an important part which is prayer, which my sister and i felt from some in the fox audience around the country, around the world. we're thinking about you, praying for both of you. doctor, we appreciate you coming in as well. go to the living bank in houston. they have a lot of information. living own --
9:39 am
doctor, last word. >> i want to underscore you and angela to me are heroes. patients face liver transplants facing a gone any of knowing whether live -- ed: we might have lost your audio. we lost your audio making the final point. i didn't expect you to say that about me. i appreciate you saying that about angela. we wish you both well in the days ahead. what a beautiful story for both of you. in the meantime, major league baseball taking a major step towards the future. could be shouting matches against the ump a thing of past. is it good idea to turn balls and strikes over to the computers? my buddy jim gray knows all about this. we'll talk about baseball. that is coming up. so what are you working on?
9:40 am
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♪. ed: well, can you imagine a baseball manager screaming, eyeball to eyeball with a robot? could happen. major league baseball announcing a five-year labor contract with the umpire association last night. includes a agreement to develop, test an automated balls and strike system. the technology gets a trial run in the minor leagues next year. bring in jim gray, famed sportscaster, a fox news contributor. merry christmas, welcome, sir. >> happy holidays. good to see you, ed. ed: what in the world is going on? we like to look at box on tv fox and others have, we're all obsessed something an inch inside and inch outside. brooklyn dodgers, new york yankees, for decades, they went without the machines and everything was okay? >> but the machines are taking over. look at tennis, ed. it works very well. you don't see anybody screaming at umpire like they used to. mcenroe and connors carrying on, because it gets it right, and right away. if it is augmented and used. everybody at home sees it, see
9:45 am
it right away. umpire is inconsistent. sometimes he is right, sometimes he is wrong. moves at 100 mile-an-hour pitches. it's a step in the right direction. the umpires are part of the game, they do a great job. they have dedicated their lives to it. part of where we're at. it is 21st century. it i about time. ed: i take your view, review of balls and strikes are underway. over 1300 reviews. average time it took was minute 16 seconds. 44% we're overturned. 20% confirmed. 34% stood the same due to lack of evidence. so, yes, the machines can help you, sometimes make the right call. but that last number, about a lack of evidence, what happens when the ball sort of just is on the edge? >> well, you're asking me what happens. i guess they will figure it out,
9:46 am
upon further review. upon further review is not always clear and conclusive. let it stand with what the umpire said in that instance. he will be relayed into his ear much like i'm hearing you now as what the machine says. 44% of the time is a lot. people lose their jobs because the umpires and officials in these games can't get it right. this will help them get it right. i don't know why there would be pushback. only pushback will come from umpires. that's sad. those people are wonderful people. and they have dedicated like i said, their lives to the game. but they're not being eliminated. they're being helped. ed: you lose something of the game. you're right, if you can improve it. it will actually impact it, get it right more often, seems like a step forward as you suggest. last question, i will put my bias on the table. i'm a yankees fan. you know that. we lost a couple big championship series to the astros. now there is cheating scandal going on, alleged cheating scandal. you see some of the star players
9:47 am
on the screen. major league baseball commissioner rob manfred says this is the biggest investigation about whether they were stealing signs. whether some batters knew a fastball or curve was coming. they have gone through tens of thousands of emails. where does it all end? for example, could the astros lose their world series title from 2017 if there is proof they cheated? >> i think it has to be proven. that is the first thing. there seems to be a lot of evidence indicating something has gone wrong here. i think the commissioner is on trial here. once the credibility and integrity of the game is questioned, if the fans don't believe everybody is playing with the same rule book and that everything is fair and square, then really all you have is determined out come by those cheating, advancing it. do we want professional wrestling with the determined outcome? the commissioner is on trial. he better get this right. he has been lax on this he let this go for way too long. there has been a lot of teams
9:48 am
gotten away with a lot of stuff that baseball kept underneath the hood to quote ross perot. time for the hood to open up. time for rob man fed, done a brilliant job in lot of ways to stop it and stop it now. if not he will put himself in peril. ed: why we love his sharp analysis. sees all side. bringing us great information. jim gray, hope you have a wonderful holiday. >> same to you, ed. congratulations. you gave the exist of life. most important exist. ed: have a wonderful new year. >> we're all in admiration. ed: a non-profit on a mission to make sure no service member spends christmas alone. an organization helping so many people we want you to know about. how you can help. that is next. philadelphia cream cheese. made with fresh milk and real cream makes your recipes their holiday favourites. the holidays are made with philly.
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i would be dancing! get started with secure 35-megabit internet and one voice line for just $64.90 per month. call today. comcast business. beyond fast. ♪. ed: well, looks like there are more baby yesterdays today. this is not a "star wars" spoiler. check it out, florida hospital, dressed up newborn babies as characters from the films including baby yoda. the cost assumes coming out just in time for opening weekend of the "star wars" flick. how cute are they? >> no soldier to spend christmas
9:53 am
alone. luke's wings, provide flights for family to visit sick servicemembers. they're on a mission to make that happen. fletcher guild cofounder of luke's wings. >> thank you. ed: why did you start the charity. >> thanks for having me. sorry my voice is hoarse. i think i caught a swamp bug. i apologize. in 2018, sarah wingfield met a service member luke shirley recovering at walter reed. he was recovering from loss of arm and leg. the part resonating his mother was they're as non-medical attendant caring for him on day-to-day basis. that is crazy. let's go over to walter reed, let's offer some flight to get those moms home. you know, i think it is amazing they're there. ed: get them back and forth. the mom might live in ohio.
9:54 am
>> exactly. ed: son and daughter could be in walter reed in washington area it is a a lot of of money for flights. >> we named the charity after luke's wings. we provide 19 flights total. now we do 19 a day. ed: every day. >> do 1000 a year. ed: you can donate money or miles. if you have a lot of miles. give us idea. you have the big goal for christmas. between now and christmas, not have any administrative costs. all money goes straight to the charity. what is your pitch. >> that is great. between now and midnight, new year's eve, 100% of anything donated will be used for flights. so, not administrative. maybe a bag fee or some -- ed: people have luggage. we're showing some of what people do. and there is the website, luke's how important for families? >> just imagine if you're home next week on christmas morning
9:55 am
without anybody? a lot of our servicemembers, our heroes, that will happen for them. this is a dark time of year. you look outside. the days are shorter. nights are longer. it gets dark inside too. we want to make sure every hero and service member is home for the holidays. we provide flights for veterans in hospice care and special operators and even police officers. we provided three flights for detective seals. bernie care rec helped us do that we couldn't have done it without them. is a great guy. if you know a service member might be home alone, call the office. call the office today. help us coordinate. ed: we talked on the show about the scourge of veteran suicides in particular. you're also helping with that piece which is important. they can reach you where? luke's we have a specific website, download the christmas card. we'll send you a christmas ornament. ed: i take this with pride.
9:56 am
>> thank you very much. luke's wings. see you next weekend on "fox & friends." 6:00 a.m. eastern. news continues with molly line and eric shawn. that is next. ust not right. but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. including your interest rate right by locking in a fixed low rate today. and you can get your money right with sofi. ... ( ♪ )
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♪ >> 1% has been arrested after shooting in the chicago memorial party. that left 13 people wounded early this morning. those four injured ranging in age from 16-48 years old but welcome to america's news headquarters, i molly. eric: welcome. i'm erica sean. chicago continues to be a city under siege. four of those newest victims are in critical condition at this hour but authorities say the party was being held in honor of someone who was killed during a different shooting earlier this year. matt then is tracking it all


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