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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 23, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PST

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be, quote, not viable to fly home. cowboys only touchdown of the day. another adding why is he in such a rush? he is only in the off season. nfc east not decided yet. got to go. rob: bye. ♪ ♪ i won't ask for much this christmas ♪ underneath the mistletoe pete: i didn't do it. lisa: this is griff's new single not to be confused with justin bieber. griff griff i haven't been here for a while. glad to be back. christmas week, hanukkah. i didn't hit the camera. brian: huge thud. supposed to soldier on. lisa: everyone is safe. brian: it's amazing. i think in the trump era there was a time when you get close to major holidays things slow down and do you retro. not in the trump era.
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things are not slowing down. things are on hyper speed. especially when you look at our guest list today includes cardinal timothy dolan and mitch mcconnell. doug collinslike here and jeff van drew. the person who had the courage to switch parties in the middle of an impeachment trial of new jersey. jeff van drew live and of course mitch mcconnell to be here when everyone is wondering what's going on with impeachment. griff: newt gingrich will be on as well. he can reflect back on it. could mitch mcconnell hold a trial without pelosi passing on the snarls i don't know. we will ask our guest. brian: meanwhile, no one is really thinking more about soldiers and the troops than americans at this hour. especially when considering we have had a war raging for 18, 19 years in afghanistan. reminder of that this morning. and american service member we have just gotten word has been killed in afghanistan. lisa: and the taliban is claiming responsibility for the attack that happened overnight. griff: mark meredith joins you live in washington with
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what we know so far. mark, good morning. >> good morning to you, griff. the pentagon has not released any information yet about exactly what happened. the defense department only confirming a service member was killed today in afghanistan and that officials are working to notify his or her family. as you mentioned, the taliban has claimed responsibility for the fact. they say the soldier was killed in the northern province of country did you kun. the military has not confirmed. the number of americans killed in afghanistan this year to 20. unclear how today's attack will affect today's negotiations with the taliban over withdrawing american forces from the country. mark he is officer was asked about the pentagon's strategy at a news conference on pry day. >> we have a mission in afghanistan. that is to ensure that never again becomes a safe haven for terrorists. envelope we are confident that that mission is complete, we will retain our presence to do that. >> we could learn some more information later this
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morning. details are still coming in from overseas as the pentagon works to notify the service members' families. griff, brian, lisa, back to you. brian: 24 killed ishouldn't woue in the middle of talks first? why pull troops out and then start talking to the taliban. we lose some leverage. lisa: kind of hard to talk to the taliban when they conduct themselves in this manner. it's almost impossible to negotiate when they demonstrate themselves to be the savages that we know they're. brian: till waiting for election result. griff: at the opening of the show talking about christmas has taken on traditional like throw politics out impeachment is fronts and centers it. continues and yesterday on the sunday shows, senators of every stripe weighing in. take a listen to a little bit. brian: before we go to that, the real story is nancy pelosi's decision to delay handing it to the senate has both sides befuddled.
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>> this is a sign she understands just how weak these articles are. and these articles of impeachment that they actually voted on were really an admission of failure this was, at the end of the day, a political response because nancy pelosi and the democrats hate the president. >> what i really want to say though to fill in the gaps, there are gaps. >> for goodness sake that is not what the constitution envisioned. >> constitutional train wrecks orchestrated by nancy pelosi. impeachment is a dead cat. stop playing with it. bury it, it's going nowhere. quit violating the constitution. give the president his day in court and let's get this behind us so we can talk about things that people really care about. aceth. lisa: did he say dead cat? is that an actual saying? i mean, i understand. brian: he is saying this is done. america is dug in.
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if you are for impeachment. you are for it. if you are against it, you are against it. nothing is going to happen. my sense is nancy pelosi believes there is more evidence that's going to come out that might be able to persuade some republicans in tough races to vote for more of a trial. and pressure mitch mcconnell. our guest a little bit later on. my sense is there is nothing that is going to come out that's going to change people's minds. griff: let's not forget. we can was straight down party lines. speaker pelosi is trying to hold out to give democrats four witnesses they want a better chance of getting brought forth in this senate trial. doesn't look like mitch mcconnell is willing to move on that. we are are going to ask him on that. real take away will be what the american people feel about this. we have an election coming up in 11 months. lisa: we have seen them shifting against impeachment. we have seen a democrat defector going over to the republican party how are going to be interviewing later today so everyone stay tuned for that congressman van drew already shifting sides because of this. already had a major political impact.
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31, you know, democrats running in trump -- previously held trump districts 30 where have you defector running in these districts going to have to pay the political price of nancy pelosi walking her party off the cliff. if you talk to senator dick durbin who is a partisan in nature. a democratic partisan who is saying that the house has taken this too far it's kind of saying something. brian: at the very least no communication what nancy pelosi has in mind. why delay it? she is just delaying it, for example that "the washington post" story from a couple days ago that said the president after the conversation then 24 hours later withheld aid, if she think that is going to be the smoking gun to put pressure on recalling cory cory gardner and susan collins forget it she is not paying attention. griff: very red state there, he is a democrat. this is going to play out in the election coming up. already, i'm excited soon after this show i will be headed to iowa and new hampshire. this is going to be front
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and centers. also going to be how the candidates position themselves. we were talking last friday when i was out in california we were talking about wine caves and the like, now, there is something to bring to our viewer's attention today. that is bernie's plan, bernie sanders is not polling super strong with early folks of iowa and new hampshire. he has a plan. lisa: apparently wine caves is just a wine cellar, a wine cave sells much cooler. a wine cave with each people. scary. brian: essentially the story is with bernie sanders, third about every poll. stays consistent. the problem is for the 78-year-old, believe it or not, he cannot get older people. and they look at the quinnipiac studies show and polls reveal he can't convince oldered people his age to vote for him. so he is asking younger people to convince their grandparents to do it. lisa: this is what they are saying. we're not killed you.
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thi -- kidding's up to sd young people to make the moral appeal to our older relatives in joining us in voting for bernie. let's face it, they won't be as long as to deal with the consequences of this election but we will be. and what's interesting is bernie sanders crushed it with young voters in 2016. but in part bowers he was the only one giving out free stuff. now you have got someone like senator elizabeth warren e he is still doing well with young people not as well as he would with 2016. griff: family persuasion guy. just to be clear before thanksgiving. brian: these are marching orders. griff: younger people. here is how you get your grandparents on board. apparently note working. one has gone out for christmas as well. very difficult conversation, i think, to have with your grandparents. griff: i would tell them to take their persuasion guide and put it some place. brian: turns out those
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already made their money, paid off student loans and eligible for actual medicare are not up for voting for bernie sanders and affecting his ability to one in early states. trailing second place in iowa. he is leading in new hampshire. he's in third place in ned. according to the real clear average. in south carolina third place as well. have two suspend logic to think that a 78-year-old cannot win his peers over. lisa: so ironic too he has done traditionally well with young voters considering the fact he is not a young man not noe offense to him. caveat with iowa. iowa polling is typically wrongs. remember in 2016 everyone thought donald trump was, you know, gonna win and inned up being senator ted cruz. that's a little caveat there. griff: blow back too. family persuasion guide for young grand children. teenagers, millennials, to convince their grandparents who have lived lives of experience to tell them and
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lecture them. brian: also taking some ads out to get these seniors to watch. evidently they are spending -- watching repeats spending to buy commercial time in the big bang theory syndication. dr. phil and "family feud." if you can't win them with persuasion get them when they are watching at home. retired. lisa: do you know who is officewho ispersuasive? jillian mele. jillian: that was good. brian: caught me by surprise and i'm right hire. jillian: we have a serious story to get. to say a fox news alert now. five people sentenced to death in saudi arabia for the death of jamal khashoggi. killed last year in turkey. his remains never been found. three others were sentenced to 24 years in prison. the family of a murdered texas mother speaking out
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for the first time sings her body was found. heidi broussard's mother saying in part, quote: the family is overwhelmed with grief. we're getting through as a family. broussard was found strangled to death in the trunk of a car outside of a home in houston. a newborn baby, believed to be her missing daughter margo, was found alive inside the house. heidi's friend is charged with kidnapping. heidi will be remembered at a. jillian: tonight in austin. smoke shoots from a plane's wing after a rough emergency landing overnight. passengers on the united flight describing a terrifying scene as the plane touched down. >> as soon as we landed, the tire us blew, the landing gear snapped, there was sparks and smoke and we're pretty sure there was flames. jillian: the plane did fly safely from newark to denver. not sure what caused the issue. good news is no one was hurt. nfl, cheefings win sixth straight game by crushing the bears 26-3.
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saints wide receiver breaking the single season catch record with 145. new orleans beating the titans 38-28. the ravens clinch the nfc top seed in 31-15 win over the browns. the eagles are in first place in the nfc east after topping the cowboys 17. dallas could not catch a break on the field and off. the team was actually forced to wait on heir buses for several hours after their plane was said, to be, quote, not viable to fly home. they are now back in dallas. i mean, did you go to philly on the road. you lose to philly on the road and then stuck there. griff: the whole nfc east is a mess. brian: jerry jones was left speechless. did he not know what to say. they still have a chance to win the division. jillian: they do. griff: we shall see. the media has been melting down for months about a so-called recession. >> maybe a recession.
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>> fears of a coming recession. >> they say potential recession on the horizon. >> recession. >> recession. >> recession. >> recession. lisa: almost like they want one. griff: money managers say they are wrong and making big bets on 2020. charles payne is coming up ♪ i'm the man, i'm the man, i'm the man ♪ you can tell everybody ♪ you can tell everybody ♪ the epson ecotank. no more buying cartridges. look at all this ink it comes with.
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>> there are indicators that the u.s. could be headed for a recession. >> there are some rough waters ahead, maybe a recession. >> they say potential recession on the horizon. >> recession. >> recession. >> recession. >> recession. griff: media predicting economic collapse. big money managers disagree. 68% of them say a recession in 2020 is unlikely. brian: here to weigh in the host of making money the same host of making money is charles payne. hey, charles, america is making money. >> america is doing extraordinarily well. first clip indicators with an s. what are they? tell moo. because all year long it hasn't been wages. ail year long it hasn't been corporate profits. all year long it hasn't been job openings. what were the signs? oh the inverted yield curve. let me you something. don't let them off the hook. they have been a part of the problem. survey bank of america, merrill lynch surveyed money
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imaginers around the world $750 billion all the way through until november they were sitting on the largest amount of cash like in history. they didn't believe in the stock market rally. they were the ones afraid. working off old assumptions like remember when a trade war began and everyone talked about hawley. we don't do trade wars remember when smooth holly unemployment 9 to 25%. g.d.p. they don't do that working off old assumptions and models. they don't like to have the status quo upset. they are all guilty. think were all guilty listen, for the money managers it's fine when someone pays you money to underperform, fine. the media should have known better. a lot of that was wanting? to happen, not thinking it would happen. lisa: was it willful? >> i think it was willful. the status quo has made a lot of people very wealthy.
3:19 am
sending all the jobs to china has made a lot of americans very wealthy. not the americans watching watcg this show people don't like when the applecart is upset. particularly wall street. griff: numbers out 7% -- tax reform's impact on wages, 7% increase in nominal wages for the lowest 10% of american workers. 9% growth rate for those without a high school diploma. 6,000 increase in real disposable personal income per household. you have say that's the real story. >> i know president trump loves the market and should be proud of it. there is a chart that's better than that just look at the last 30 years of chart of wage growth year over year. overall wage growth and blue collar wage growth. line overall wages like this. blue collar wages like that. absolutely fen numberral. these are the folks that by the way voted for president trump. they took a bet on them that maybe their lives would be improved and they are. brian: has set and hart no
3:20 am
longer. this tax reform has worked. projected to have 2 million jobs. they have added 7 million jobs in three years. for those who say that this is just part of a continuation of the obama era economy, you are basically in denial. and more good news has come out and that is china is saying we are going to mirror what the u.s. is doing about a trade deal. and they are going to take off tariffs on 850 products maybe more. >> charles: they are taking tariffs off a lot of things. announcement overnight additional removal of tariffs have nothing to do with us. they are talking about medicines for diabetes, as marks pork. half of pig population wiped out by virus. people think we do trade like china is cooking us a favor. it's not you will temperature his stick. they need these products. fresh avocados they need it and lowering tariffs on it. lisa: how much has china's economy taken a hit the. >> enormous hit. you think we borrowed some money. you think we have leveraged
3:21 am
our economy. they borrowed so much money to come out of the great recession and great what some people you can almost call some of these towns ghost cities gigantic metropolitans with no one who lives there model tamp potamkin cities. they are in a precarious position. that's why they saw the imat the tus. griff: how confident should you be in next year's economy. >> i would say extraordinary confident. 3% g.d.p. growth. 4% wage growth. griff: charles payne. >> a little bit more than one word. brian: if you want more of charles payne making money. he will be wearing sneaker there's you won't see it because of his desk. >> thank you. brian: tunnel to towers foundation honoring our nation's heros this christmas by giving away 24 homes in 24 days. griff: ceo frank siller and
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at your local xfinity store today. brian: flat you are up. hope you are dressed. kentucky's democratic governor keep accepting refugees. andy beshear saying his state will not stop resettling them. the judge signed executive order allowing state governments to deny refugees. kentucky is the only one to reject the offer. and as illegal immigrants flock to get driver's licenses in new york, for example, one lawmaker now wants to help them get car insurance. assemblyman marcos crespo wants states to make sure companies don't unfairly discriminate against
3:26 am
illegals by mr. forcing them to pay higher premiums. green light law let's them apply for licenses. so proud to be a new yorker. that's sarcasm. griff? griff: thanks. tunnel 2 towers honoring our nation's hoes were our season of hope campaign giving away 24 homes in 24 days. lisa: in just a few hours from now, this mortgage free home, decked out with customized smart technology will be gifted to a hero has saved countless lives. griff: joining us is frank frank silver and corporal. thank you for joining us. very important week. we want to get to it. first so the audience understands you served charlie company. deployed twice to afghanistan. tell us your story. >> formal corporal in the united states marine corps.
3:27 am
two operations to operation enduring freedom. i came down with dysentery which led to stomach infection. upon my return home and multiple went septic am few station of both legs below the need. loss of will will will will will will 58 pirgs in left eye and total in right eye. lisa: what does smart home mean to you. >> it's going to mean the world to me. give me my independence back. i will be able to operate everything in the kitchennen from a wheelchair. won't have to worry about putting legs on to make breakfast. set the temperature instead of guessing on what temperature it's at right now. i will be able to do stuff without having to leave the bed in case i'm hurting when i have a whirlpool tub can i chill out in and relax. it's incredible honor. lisa: totally going to changes your life. >> yes, it is. >> pick up light along the base board. we have light going from room to room. he obviously is blind and he
3:28 am
will be able to get and get around the house where he will memorize it. griff: you are known to our viewers. this campaign you are doing, what was the impetus for it. why are you doing it. >> so many of our great heroes out there that have to be taken care of to pay the price for our freedom. when we are getting to be sitting around our table with christmas with our families and enjoy our freedoms. it's because of people like scott. that has given it to us. and those who don't come home also and all our law enforcement and first responders. i'm asking americans when you doing that this year, go to tunnel 2 donate $11 a month. so we can continue helping these great families. next year it isn't 24 days of hope. we can make it 44 days of hope and give 44 days. or whatever it may be. this year we are going to be able to deliver 54 mortgage free homes because of the goodness and greatness of america's kindness. thank home depot, general motors and the jets and woody johnson's foundation
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and steve shamrock because they help in every single house that we deliver these mortgage free homes as far as smart homes were concerned. lisa: corporal, we want to thank you for your service and thank you for everything have you done for this country. frank, amazing guy. you are doing the lord's work. thank you for doing this as well. griff: corporal, do you have a christmas message this year? >> my christmas message is the same as my every day message. be kind to one another. love one another. we are all here today. to everybody i served with, fire department and marine corps, thank you, guys, for the memories. and keep staying safe and doing god's work. griff: frank, keep doing your great work. check it out tunne tunnel 2 tows merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas. griff: media went to find out and didn't get the answers they expected. >> it's shameful. it's terrible. >> why is it shameful? >> because it's all made up.
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griff: shout of the morning eddie gallagher meeting with president trump to thank him for taking up his controversial case. lisa: gallagher and his wife andrea posted these photos online chatting with the president and first lady in mar-a-lago. the couple also gave president trump a gift from his deployment. brian: gallagher acquitted of murdering terrorists while in iraq.
3:34 am
pose wag corpse. he created controversy but doing it all the same. one of the heroes on the gallagher case is the gallagher family. his wife and brother would not be denied getting that case forward. griff: had a big impact on the military. now let's bring someone who has also served sean spicer and senior advisor america first action. sean, good morning to you. merry christmas. >> merry christmas, good morning, guys. lisa: sean, you are not wearing the same kind of jacket i saw you on outnumbered with last week. >> well, you got to switch it up. [laughter] griff: sean, let's talk about the media admitting impeachment isn't what voters think they are. play something for you and get your reaction. watch. >> it's shameful, it's terrible. >> why is it shameful? >> because it's all made up. they just want him out. they hate him. they have trump derangement syndrome. >> what do you think about the impeachment? >> i think he is getting railroaded. >> i think it's a terrible
3:35 am
idea. it's obviously it's biased and i think it's political. and 50 years from now i think people are really going to look down upon it. brian: martha raddatz went out on location i don't know if she expected to get those responses this week with george stephanopoulos. she hosted this week is that what you are getting on the ground when it comes to impeachment. >> two things going down. one is it is a recognition that impeachment was done purely to assuage the far left of the democratic base. you see it in these focus groups that people in the middle are saying number one, what are you doing? and number two, how is this helping my life? and the second piece of this in places that they went and this group michigan, pennsylvania, and ohio in if i can. you are seeing it's no longer this hypothetical binary choice. last cycle here are the policies of a potential donald trump versus a potential hillary clinton presidency. now these people who have been left behind in the past have been overlooked policy-wise, are seeing these trump policies are making their lives better.
3:36 am
their families' lives better, businesses either they own or employ them better. that's the real difference is that people aren't faced with a hypothetical choice. they recognize that if you put a trump presidency in, you are going to get results. and then, therefore, when you do something like impeachment, which is purely political and takes away from the agenda, that this is not what they voted for and that they want more of what is getting them to a better place. lisa: sean, you are saying this is a political loser for nancy pelosi. i mean, why is she holding on to these articles of impeachment? why isn't she pushing the process forward? >> i think that's an interesting question. i think but going back to what i said initially, she was pulled into this kicking and screaming. if you watched her over 18 months. she knew this was not going to be good for their overall election prospects. she has 31 democrats in districts that trump won. she has 18-seat majority. she did this because the pressure was mount guilty so great for her to do something because of this
3:37 am
far left oaks squa ocasio-cortet of the party. how what can i do? can i stop the bleeding by sending them to the senate. trying to figure out the next move you have seen that the bleeding has started and how much more do you want to endure? brian: a lot of the people speculating including on the left not really sure why she is delaying. whether she thinks more information coming out or why she is delaying on the handover. some have speculated maybe she is afraid of handing it to the senate. here is her response to politico. fear is never a word used with me. you should know right away i'm never afraid and i'm rarely surprise you had. you buy both those? never afraid? rarely surprised? no get the sense she is afraid. the problem is she doesn't know-she has kind of done what she had to do to cope the left happy. and now the question is, okay, i do send them
3:38 am
forward? do i figure out a way to claim victory here and not have to move on. but, you know, on the flip side of, this here is the person that i would be afraid of, in general. is mitch mcconnell. that guy knows the senate better than anyone in the world. and so when you are nancy pelosi and you are as i understanding it over and you go i just went through this entire exercise. i have made these 31 democrats walk the political plank and now i'm going to send it over to mcconnell make a mockery what i just did and point out the flaws in our process and give the president justice, this is going to be something that she now has to recognize i have made these guys walk the plank. that's why they voted on usmca. the u.s. canada free trade agreement the next day. she needed to give these 31 democrats cover. they just did something that was political suicide and then she had to say okay, say you voted for this. this will be okay now go back to your district. merry christmas. griff: it's worth noting she had to quiet some of the democrats cheering when they took that vote. very telling. sean spicer, thanks for
3:39 am
joining us today and feel free to send me one of those "dancing with the stars" costumes that would be the perfect christmas gift. >> look under the tree. lisa: it's down there. >> way down there near the water park. >> merry christmas, everybody. brian: 21 minutes after the top of the hour. jillian mele has the news. jillian: woman hurt in the volcano eruption dies overnight. having problem with treatment for burns on 70% of her body. her husband remains hospitalized in new zealand with burns covering 40% of his body. the atlanta couple was on vacation when the volcano erupted earlier this month killing 19 people dramatic rescue ought on camera moments after a shark attack. sinking its teeth into a
3:40 am
surfers leg in california. man applying a tourniquet before calling for help. airlifted to a hospital. is he expected to survive thanks to his friend's life-saving actions. a spokesman for bill cosby is slamming eddie murphy after this joke on "saturday night live." >> and you know what, but if you had told me 30 years ago that i would be this boring stay at home, you know, house dad and bill cosby would be in jail. [laughter] even i would have took that bet. >> who america's dad now? [laughter] >> cosby's spokesman blasting murphy's skit on instagram calling him a hollywood slave. cosby was found it's of sexual assault last year. and christmas came early for one young buck's fan. look at this. >> merry christmas.
3:41 am
>> how cute. the reaction on her face saying it all as she beyerss into tears. the greek freak handing her a pair of his game worn sneakers after baking win. he stopped to take a few pictures with the lucky girl wearing a shirt with his name on it. bucks have the best record in the nba right now. brian: is he getting better as a player which is scary. lisa: look how easily he lifted her up. griff: that's great. brian: adam klotz is on fox square to tell us about the weather as we get set for christmas eve. adam: we have a holly and jolly atmosphere on fox square. [cheers] adam: philly fans. happy birthday, don. family christmas sweaters are fantastic. i'm lowfing this crowd out here this morning. and you know what? they are loving the weather. are you? [cheaters] >> take a look at forecast maps. temperatures not too bad on
3:42 am
the east coast. some spots falling down around freezing but actually looking at a relatively warm forecast for the week ahead. there is a rainstorm moving on that west coast. larger storm moving across the southeast. that might slow down travel a little bit. by and large it's looking like a pretty good travel week. we will toss it back into you. can i get a really big merry christmas as we toss it back in? >> merry christmas, guys. [cheers] brian: meanwhile, of course this is a tourist destination, they all come to fox square, 18 minutes before the top of this hour. this story, elizabeth warren slamming mayor pete over a fundraiser. >> billionaires in wine caves should not pick the next president of the united states. griff: turns out she who a winery fundraiser of her own. that's just the beginning of the hypocrisy. lisa: i find that shocking ♪ ♪
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...fatal crises can occur. the most common side effect... is bone and muscle ache. ask your doctor... ...about neulasta onpro. pay no more than $5 per dose with copay card. brian: wine caves sweeping social media after this attack from senator elizabeth warren against mayor pete, watch. >> so the mayor just recently had a fundraiser that was held in a wine cave full of crystals and served $900 a bottle wine. think about who comes to that? billionaires in wine caves should not pick the next president of the united states. brian: his next line was pretty cold. according to ap report, warren's not too long wine.
3:47 am
he ran against warren in 2012. where does this whole bough of poverty come from senator warren? >> i think it's her way of trying to separate from the pact in terms of arguing about campaign finance. this is a thing that has bedelved elizabeth warren. it's do as i say not as i do mentality. not just campaign finance, by the way. it applies to her corporate clients and her hypocrisy on school choice and she frequently sets as mayor point pointed out a purity bar so high that she herself is unable to reach it. brian: some of warren's holiday donors are pretty high profile. amy schumer has given money. scarlet johannsen and ryan reynolds has given money. i don't know if famous hollywood celebrities wine caves who is going to be better supporters of presidential candidate. warren's spokesperson said this about the purity test she can't pass according to mayor pete. this event which occurred before the presidential campaign about her own wine event was held at large
3:48 am
public music venue with multiple locations throughout the country. not exclusive cave. most exclusive bottle was $45. get in $100. it did not require a maxout donation to attend. is that a difference? >> yeah. seem like they will continue to have this fight. old saying in politics. put down the shovel so you don't quit digging the hole for yourself. bigger issue is distracting from what senator warren needs to do reverse this trend that her campaign has been in sings late summer and figure out a way to pass mayor pete in iowa and bernie sanders in new hampshire. because those are the first two states that are going to vote. and she is looking both of those guys in the poll. senator warren has other things she is talk about. things that resonate with democratic primary voters. now engaged in back and forth over campaign finance. brian: mayor pete says i need to raise money, those are the rules. i'm going by the rules. you are the new at this millionaire i'm not.
3:49 am
she is trailingy the real clear polls in iowa significantly. in new hampshire. she is fourth in nevada third. thank you so much. >> thank you. brian: democrats have called president trump a threat to democracy from day one. >> the most dangerous president in modern american history. >> he is existential threat to our country. brian: marc thiessen says those critics are the real threat. is he on deck ♪ no, no, no ♪ i tell you once more ♪ before i get out the door flor ♪ don't brings me down hes) ♪music
3:50 am
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3:53 am
griff: critics have been worried about president trump's presidency since day one. real threat to democracy. brian: fox news contributor columnist marc thiessen weighs in. how have president trump's enemies become the enemy of democracy? >> perfect example of this is the fisa court. and the fact that the fbi lied to the fisa court about evidence in order to get a warrant to pursue carter page. last, we the head judge of the fisa court issued a blistering warning accusing them of withholding information detrimental to their case. one case intentionally misleading the court by altering an email that withheld information that carter page it h. been a cia source. this is incredibly damaging to the court. the court functions, by necessity, in secrecy.
3:54 am
we depend on the fisa court for our national security, to obtain warrants about imminent terrorist threats. if there is a terrorist that our intelligence community may be planning an attack and happening quickly, they go to the fisa court to get a warrant. what the judge said in her order because of the fbi's misconduct. they are now calling into question all of the intelligence that they have information that they have put in, all of their fisa applications. including terrorist case. what they have done essentially in trying to pursue president trump is they have damaged the bond of trust between the government and secret court that we need and that's going to harm our national security. griff: there is a deadline, judge collyer but a january deadline? >> she wants the fbi to explain how are you going to fix this? and why shouldn't we call into question every order that you have given us? and on top of that, there is another problem, which is that because of the secret court, there is a bond of trust not just between the government and the court, but between the court and the people. you know, we are depending
3:55 am
on the fact that these judges are going to take into consideration all evidence and the fbi is going to be honest in its interactions with the court. and because we now know that the fbi intentionally mislead the court, then, you know, that means people are going to call into question whether or not this court should continue to exist. there is a number of fisa prifingses of the u.s.a. patriot act that come up in march there is a lot of people like rand paul and others been very critical of even the existence of the court. they are going to use this to try to gut that court which is going to harm our national security. lisa: mark, should they though? you just laid out a case of obviously, you know, a lot of neglect and and misquucketsd that took place. >> you know, here's the problem. the reason this court was put into the terrorist context is because under president bush we had a terrorist surveillance program. where we were -- we would pursue people who after 9/11 who might be causing a threat to the country. and people thought that that was too much power in the government. so they had a fisa warrant
3:56 am
process. so it had to go through judicial review. we trust that court in order to make sure we have to this and our ability to move quickly. lisa: can we trust the court though? >> damage our ability to pursue terrorists. >> but can we trust the court? >> well, it's not the court that lied. it was the fbi that lied to the court. the court has asked the fbi to explain to the court by a certain deadline what it is doing to reform to make sure this never happens again. >> here's the problem. as congressman devin nunes said, they let it be known that that court was lied. to say the judge said nothing until this was in the horowitz report. lack of curiosity by the judges who may be duped. duped in this case, maybe others. i'm not sure how much of a victim these junction are of bad information. we will talk about that another time. griff: all right. mark, merry christmas to yo
3:57 am
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♪ simply having ♪ a wonderful christmas tim time. griff: happy hanukkah and almost merry christmas. good morning, guys. lisa: just two days away from christmas. i can't believe it's already almost here. do you have all your christmas shopping done? brian: depends on whew mean by all of it. lisa: say what you got because they say give it up? brian: tell you what's really cool happened over the last year. fox square become a place where people want to government. new tradition we have of having our own christmas tree red, white, and blue out on the square has been attraction, too, especially
4:01 am
for tourists. we really encourage you to come down and if you want to see your picture on the show and who doesn't. #fox all-american christmas take a picture in front of our red, white, and blue tree and have an international audience you and your family. griff: there was at least 100 people out there taking pictures. i got in town and it was unbelievable. lisa: went to adam earlier and already a huge crowd. brian: adam klotz our weather engineer for the day. the first time i saw the potential of what this could be was on election day 2016. when i walked outside and you saw the people who chose to bring in the election here outside these windows. that's when you realize people feel most at home at 48th and sixth. lisa: we may have a crowd outside for the holidays. guess who is heading home? congress. brian: they are gone. lisa: yeah, they are gone. but the standoff over impeachment is going to continue into the new year.
4:02 am
griff: this coming as republicans slam nancy pelosi to stall a senate trial. brian: no one can figure out what is going on. mark meredith joins us live in washington with reaction. mark, we are just speculating, right? >> right now, that's correct, brian. you are right. lawmakers are not here in washington this week. the debate over impeachment shows no signs of slowing down. that's for sure. last week the house approved two articles of impeachment against president trump. obstruction of congress and abuse of power. as you mentioned, so far democrats have delayed sending those articles from the house over to the senate. and that's left some republicans outraged. >> now that he has been charged with two articles of impeachment. nancy pelosi is denying the president his day in court in the senate. >> once the house has spoken, the speaker doesn't get the decision as to whether or not she transmits that decision to the senate in my view. >> democrats say the delay is all about ensuring fairness in a senate trial. democrats want four current
4:03 am
and former white house officials to testify about the decision to delay sending foreign aid money to ukraine. listen to what the senate minority leader chuck schumer had to say over the weekend. >> exonerate president trump or they might further incriminate him but the truth should come out on something as important as impeachment. >> a senior white house official told fox news over the weekend that the trump administration believes both senate leaders will eventually reach a deal to start a trial come january. but who knows what will happen between now and then. guys back to you. brian: exactly we are not sure. the house hasn't named their managessers yet. haven't got the rules from mitch mcconnell. it's not their business. it's apples and oranges. griff: pelosi has an obligation to do what she thinks is best. if it's going to be partisan on the republican side, just like she did do with the democrats and the vote to impeachment. then she is going to say more rhetorical people rather than actual managers with information. what exactly that means, we
4:04 am
don't know. lisa: i find the irony. brought forth articles of impeachment on abuse of power and obstruction of congress and how is she not abusing her power now and obstructing congress considering the fact that congress has a duty to conduct a trial. sort of looks like a hypocrite. brian: look at some of these polls, the in connection with poll over the weekend said 25% those polls said the president did nothing wrong. 22 percent said wrong but not impeachable. 8 percent said ukraine first unpeachable act 44 percent said is he unpeachable before ukraine. regardless of what he did the day he took office, they are looking to kick him out it. also looks as though kevin mccarthy made clear yesterday when it comes to naming his impeachment managessers jordan collins and ratcliffe. collins no surprise. he will be with us shortly. a little bit later on in the show. we are waiting to 150e9 rules from the senate from mitch mcconnell who is also going to be joining us. i was shocked, too to see this week with george specify nope plus.
4:05 am
martha rad dis. went on the street with a poll to find out what the people in michigan think impeachment means. >> what impact does it have. look at mitch began, president trump's victory ran through the rust belt in 2016 and it's going to run through the rust belt again in 2012. look at michigan, fewer than 11,000 votes. the president won the state. listen to what those voters had to say. >> oh, it's shameful. it's terrible. >> why is it shameful? >> because it's all made up. you know, they just want him out. they hate him. they have trump derangement syndrome. >> what do you think about the impeachment? >> i think is he getting railroaded. >> i think it's a terrible idea. it's obviously biased and i think it's political. 50 years from now people are really going to look down on it. lisa: not happy, griff. griff: it's going to be interesting criticism of people blindly supporting trump. they view the ukraine call as inappropriate. a violation or whether it
4:06 am
was inappropriate or whatever you want to call it. at the end of the day, sean spicer, who was on this show last hour was saying this is something the american people are weighing against the good president trump has done for the country and policy being successful. here's what he had to say. >> these people who have been left behind in the past have been overlooked policy-wise are sighing that these trump policies are making their lives better. their family's lives better. their businesses either they own or employ them better. therefore when you do something like impeachment which is purely political and takes away from the agenda that this is not what they voted for and that they want more of what is getting them to a better place. brian: approval ratings on gallup up 45 pirts not great but considering our polarized situation. that's basically what he had on election day. while after getting impeached by the house which is really bizarre. if you think trump people are running from government. most of their ads are impeachment in it. in fact rest leann media
4:07 am
project looked at the trump ads. 99% have the word impeachment in it. so they are embracing the attack. >> american people will see that that was, you know, you are going to talk to doug collins here shortly. constantly using the phrase clock and calendar. telltale signs that this was a politically calculated move rather than the constitutional duty that you have heard so much from speaker pelosi and democrats. brian: coming up later mitch mcconnell. doug collins, jeff van drew will all be on our show. lisa: i find this interesting. you did an interview earlier on this. i think a lot of people saw elizabeth warren during the last debate went after pete buttigieg over wine cave fundraiser that he had, making it sound really, you know, with all these rich people and crystals, et cetera, et cetera. watch this. >> so, the mayor just recently had a fundraiser that was held in a wine cave full of crystals and served
4:08 am
$900 a bottle wine. think about who comes to that billionaires in wine caves should not pick the next president of the united states. lisa: a little irony but surprising associated press reporting on warren having heir own fundraiser and this is what it says treated to some by grammy winner artist melissa etheridge and her remarks from from warren months away from announcing her campaign for the 2020 democratic presidential nomination. for the top donors who those who would contribute 5400 per couple and 2700 a person there was a v.i.p. photo reception and premium seating. then for them a others who gave at least $1,000 there was a gift. a souvenir wine bottle. brian: if you don't have money you need to raise it.
4:09 am
mike bloomberg said. what's the reason for me using my money and you buying for money. for mayor pete his problem is in the axios problem which says that he is selling -- he is offering to his top donors you can buy influence on his campaign in his administration if you act early that is a story that he is going to have to try kick down. certainly going to have to address because they say a perspective donors hey, come on board the train while you can. lisa: senator warren transferred money from her 2018 senate campaign to 2020 bid raises money again from all those same donors that she now denounces that she won't take money from and then attacking people like pete buttigieg. griff: we sought the advice from scott. he says warren has been a democrat. this is a thing has that has
4:10 am
bedelved senator warren since the beginning of her creesh do as i say and not as say mentality. applies to corporate clients and hypocrisy on school choice and she frequently sets as mayor pete pointed out a purity bar so high she herself is unable to reach it. brian: we will see how that goes. the debate that took place this week was probably the fifth biggest story and this is why the democrats are going out of their way to say get impeachment talk over with. because it's hurting them. they cannot get the media attention that they need. for those who are not frontrunners like joe biden. joe biden is loving. this he stays on top. you can't make news if no one is watching and everyone is watching president trump and impeachment no one is watching them. leading in the national polls but not necessarily in iowa or new hampshire i doesn't win iowa and new hampshire that could set him
4:11 am
up in a bad spot. one thing to keep an eye with joe biden. griff: right now lead with jillian mele who has headlines for us. jillian: we begin with a fox news alert. american soldier killed in afghanistan overnight. in an attack claimed by the taliban. group claims they blew up an american convoy, injuring another u.s. service member. the death marking the 20th u.s. soldier killed there this year. this comes weeks after the u.s. restarted peace talks with the taliban to end the 18-year long war. and right now crowds are intensifying in hong kong ahead of planned protest during christmas week. you see them waiving an american flag. this is actually a live look happening right now. demonstrators are expected to form as several malls and disrupt a major shopping district. comes amid six months of unrest protesting the chinese government. achooseing them of inteerg in hong kong's affairs. china has denied the claims. ice and fog are being blamed for this mask pileup involving nearly 70
4:12 am
vehicles. virginia interstate is back open. massive chunks of ice. look there falling from two high rises. closes several busy streets. police taking extra precautions after a woman was killed last week by a flying debris -- falling debris, excuse me. hundreds of people gathering outside the white house to light the national memorial on the first night of hanukkah ♪ ♪ jillian: celebration included music from the u.s. marine band marking the 40th anniversary of the national menorah. meantime up in space, a nasa astronaut celebrates by showing off her fessive socks from the international space station. she says happy hanukkah from all of those who celebrated on earth. brian: where we are.
4:13 am
jillian: i think brian was clarifying that. brian: number one on earth. space force we can now fight other plaplanets. lisa: it is real thing. griff: it is indeed. congressman doug collins joins us next. brian: i would say yes. no stranger to iowa. >> if you build it he will come. >> back in the hawkeye state making his pick in the 2020 field of dreams and it's not donald trump. lisa: i guess they built it for him? brian: yes. ♪ so we're making it easier than ever to become part of our family.
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4:17 am
(thud) (crash) (grunting) (whistle) play it cool and escape heartburn fast with tums chewy bites cooling sensation. ♪ tum tu-tu-tum tums >> president should have representation he will probably hire an attorney to represent him. i believe he should have help from the house. these individuals that have worked through this that could give advice. i would go to john ratcliffe former u.s. attorney. i would go to jim jordan. i would go to doug collins.
4:18 am
brian: doug collins just found out for certain he would be one of the house managers. that was house minority leader kevin mccarthy revealing who he thinks should represent the president in the senate impeachment trial in the house. one of those next picks is doug collins ranking member of the house judiciary committee. doug, i guess you knew but you didn't know it was going to be public. what's your reaction? >> well, i think there is always conversations. whatever the president and his team needs from, of course, the gentleman -- our leader mentioned are going to be great as far as working to do whatever we can. we have been working on this sham impeachment for the last impeachment for the last few months. whatevewhatever the president needs, we have shont ability to blow up the case that the democrats tried to make on this president. when the president is simply doing the american people's business. they are just trying to impeach him because as you said again clock and calendar. election they are trying to influence that's next year's election and they don't care how they are doing it. brian: the speaker says i will not really hand over
4:19 am
the articles of impeachment until mitch tells me the rules of the senate. does he have that type of power? >> >> not really. mitch mcconnell made that very clearly. can you imagine the hypocrisy of speaker pelosi as she just presided over the most partisan hack impeachment job we have ever seen in our country's history. rules and time didn't matter. all they wanted to do was impeach this president to get at him next election. her hypocrisy in this one is so overwhelming it should knock people down. when you look at it this way, now trying to have everything her way that's not the way it works madam speaker. if you want to do it right, go ahead and send the articles over to the senate. let them see the tragedy you put the american people through because have you no agenda no, policy and nothing to run on next year and terrible candidates to do it with, all have you got to do is try to impeach the president to get there. brian: tell mitch mcconnell is he going to lose the majority in the senate. susan collins, thom tillis
4:20 am
in rough races. what do you think is out there in this impeachment that might pressure them to pressure mitch mcconnell to make this a trial? >> well, i think the interesting thick is very much what we have seen from the senate. i think they actually got helped by what happened in the house. when you look at these folks who may be under pressure right now in different states. but when you look at the evidence that came out of the house, you look at the unfairness that copy out of the house. you look at the very fact that they could not make a crime or a case against the president because the president did nothing wrong, in this instance, i think it actually helped them because they can now go back to their states and they can say look, this is what happened in the house. there is nothing here. the house republicans made that very clear. and the house democrat actions made it very clear that this was nothing but a partisan sham impeachment. you may not like this president. this president has done good things for our country. we will look at our economy and mission overseas. we look at our military. he is doing what he said he would do, i think these senators can go back to their states and say look, you take this for what it is a partisan political hack job on this president.
4:21 am
brian: nancy pelosi is not dumb. what do you think she is up to. he is what the tactic? >> i think she is trying to build a case. try to strength a very poor hand she has in the house. also trying to give 31 moderates in trump districts, democrats in trump districts a little bit of cover. the problem is she has now made it very open to the world this partisan. partisan event. because she told her members this is a conscious, remember a very solemn occasion now all of a sudden taking those very articles and holding them out like a political tool? she has made it exactly what we have seen all along a political sham job. brian: doug collins, house manager. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. brian: "saturday night live" securing the 2020 field. highlights next. let's listen. >> mayor pete here held a billionaire fundraiser in a wine cave. i have never been to a wine
4:22 am
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>> people keep telling me their. >> 176 million, that's how much "star wars" the rise the recall skywalker brought. in falling short of the franchise's last two films. next 34 billion. that's how much americans spent over the weekend on last-minute gifts. millions more than what was spent on black friday. each american will spend more than a grand on gifts accord together national retail federation, brian and i are going to add to that later this afternoon.
4:26 am
finally 5555 that's how much families get their medical debt paid off. christian assembly church partnering with a nonprofit to wipe out $5 million for people living in 28 communities and throughout california. brian: all right. live from new york is the 2020 democrats. lisa: i see what you did there, "saturday night live" is delivering a blistering sketch of the sixth democratic debate taking on infamous wine cave and even some blunders along the way. >> i have to warn you, tonight i will be in attack mode, as long as that's okay with you guys. >> mayor pete here held a billionaire fund raisener a wine cave. i have never been to a wipe cave. i haven't even been to a filings basement. >> more candidates of diversity on this stage. >> oh, i couldn't agree more. >> i haven't even told a long wrap bling story yet. >> maybe we need to have debates. i think you are hurting your cause. >> speak of hurting our
4:27 am
cause. >> present. >> here to react fox news contributor and author of floma wants to be. rachel campos-duffy. >> hey, rachel. >> merry christmas, and by the way for those last-minute gifts pa loma wants to be lady freedom is a good choice. griff: good suggestion. let's talk snl. what do you think? >> well, listen, it was funny. the last two weeks have been great. in fact, this is actually paying off for snl. the ratings are the highest they have been over the last two weeks since may of 2017. so it turns out that if you poke fun at everybody, not just hate on republicans and trump, people will tune in, and they are not just tuning in on saturday night to watch. they are seeing that the clips which they track that, too. you know, already from last night, three of the clips sketch clips from last night have already crossed the 1 million views mark. this is good comedy. this is good business. this is good ratings. let's see if they keep it up and decide to put comedy
4:28 am
before politics. i should say before an agenda. brian: amy klobuchar was smart. she sent a tweet out rachel, said good job being me and she went out and said good job sense a humor. people are losenned up. if you are going to insult both sides to become funny again. if you are going to attack one side the other side tunes out. here is an example of nancy pelosi who took the spotlight most of last week delivering her articles of impeachment. watch. >> i brought you two gifts, mr. president. they are the articles of impeachment. >> oh. oh great. give it to mitch in the senate and everything is gravy baby. >> you know how sometimes you get a gift and you like it so much you want to just keep as it a get for yourself? >> you can't do that. >> watch me. good luck with the state of the union. [cheers] >> that's pretty funny, isn't it, rachel? >> no, it's hilarious. by the way, a lot of people watch the debate on snl and not last week because nancy
4:29 am
did take up so much of the attacks with the impeachment. yeah, the clap, all of it was great. this is the way they-to-do comedy. listen, it brings everybody together. there is enough on both sides. the other thing that was interesting is you you could tell who they liked and didn't like. they brought back tulsi gabbard, who voted present on impeachment. literally as the wicked witch of the west. kamala harris rocked it in this one. she was the best character of all. clearly they miss her in the race. and she really kind of stossel the show. griff: without a doubt. rudolph every time she speaks her hair blows. lisa: element of truth. character depictions are pretty spot on. >> absolutely. with pete buttigieg, you know, just sort of that really nice midwestern thing. listen, i will say, this as much as -- as a conservative, as much as i see them poke fun at them.
4:30 am
this is still soft punches compared to what they do with republicans, see if they up the ante a little bit. it's still paying off for them. last two weeks are the most balanced we have ever seen and not surprised that the ratings are the highest. brian: doesn't hurt that eddie murphy came back after 500 years. >> after 35 years. he is still a star. still a star. brian: rachel, thanks so much. great to see you. griff: merry christmas. brian: coming up ahead we talk football. not a good day to be a cowboys fan. not only did they lose to the eagles they got stuck on bus because their plane could not take off. here to react about buses that don't work. ♪ ♪ laundry truths. do i need to pre-treat? nope! what even is this?
4:31 am
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4:34 am
>> banana. >> you got a banana? >> yes. >> it's your shot of the morning. a couple trying to get a reaction out of their 2-year-old with the worst gift they could think of giving her but it backfired. >> she loved it. 2-year-old aria finding a gift wrapped banana quite appealing, shrieking with happiness. >> she loves bananas. asking her mom to peel it right there to eat it. what a cutie. also what a good kid. brian: good kid understanding anything wrapped is cool. same theory that kids have that the box is just as good as what's inside the box when you are at a young age. griff: it's the thought that counts. and she gets it. brian: who wants to bring in lawrence jones? lisa: i will do it. griff: he certainly didn't get a gift yesterday that's for sure. lisa: also, lawrence, just
4:35 am
to preface this -- fans. >> i know, i know. i'm a little upset i think we are talking politics of the day. i'm sure jillian mele picked this topic because she is an eagles fan. brian: put it this way. the cowboys and phillies frontrunners to be division champs. and dallas reversed their fortunes look to continue on a roll it didn't happen. had a chance to win and didn't. they left their owners speechless but didn't. how did it leave lawrence jones? >> well, i'm speechless. no, actually, i have a lot to say. they need to fire the entire coach's staff. a mess. no effort. everyone has given up. zac not looking too good. wide receivers can't catch the pass. zeke have running out on the game when we need him on a third down. i'm a little disappointed. i come home to celebrate dallas. get out of the swampy new york city high taxes and this is how they perform.
4:36 am
griff: zeke is on my fantasy team and didn't help me yesterday. i want to know because you are occasionally intrepid reporter out there for us. can you tell us why the plane couldn't even take off from philly. stuck on the bus? >> you know, i think the plane was upset as well with the performance. so they thought they should stay in the cold a little bit in philly. no, honestly, it's kind of sad though that they were after that loss. you know, this is pretty good for them though. they need to have a come-to-jesus meeting. if it meant them sitting on the tarmac talking it out after that terrible loss, i'm for it. hopefully they fix the plane though. lisa: lawrence, twitter always delivers. i have got to get some of these in. it's just hilarious. this one is from rich. it says the cowboys fall. pete, have you got to scroll down a little bit though. there we go. of the cowboys fall 0-2 vs. jets in 2000 189. another twitter user writes. this so sources tell me the plane is able to take off, but incapable of making a
4:37 am
touchdown. i mean, that's a pretty good one, right? brian: the functional plane wasn't sidelined it just wasn't in the cowboys' rotation. >> it's kind of sad. i don't think it's funny. you know. america's team has to win. lisa: no they don't. >> yeah, they do. lisa: a lot of nos on the couch here, lawrence. >> america's team. to be anti-cowboys is anti-american. lisa: oh, no. washington redskins. [sighs] steve: red scirns are going to beat the cowboys. >> going to win. there is going to be a come to jesus meeting and we are going to pull it out. honestly, i still think we can win the super bowl. lisa: i think they are going down. brian: give them jillian mele. >> lawrence: i hear jillian in the background. brian: lawrence, let me bring you over to it democratic side and talk
4:38 am
about what's happening. maybe holiday tables. looks like bernie sanders has gotten done the hardest part. won over the young voter. remarkably little appeal for the voters over 65. especially with iowa, new hampshire, a lot of senior voters voting. is he going to be in for a shellacking if he doesn't turn things around. so he has come up with a family persuasion guide, i hahowkids, young teens in your 20's can win over your parents. >> the kids still asking parents for mope. kids still in the parent's basement are going to lecture to the adults how they want them to spend more money to washington so they can distribute it to other young people. i think this is just silly. and it shows you how out-of-touch bernie sanders is. but it also shows you that he has a huge problem with older voters because, look, there is a lot of hard work. work their life off to get somewhere and the fact that
4:39 am
they want to make everything socialized. they are not buying it. especially not in texas. >> i'm going to take that as a no on you giving out the family persuasion guide. >> i will pass on that. lisa: i gathered as much. brian: among primary voters 52% among democrat primary voters. 2% with those over 65. so we will see what the persuasion guide will work this holiday. lawrence, thanks so much. but i believe the cowboys are doomed. >> thanks, guys. i tell you that as a giant fan who knows the giants are doomed. lisa: i like when he did it when he didn't have a chance to respond. brian: that's the best. 21 minutes before the top of the hour. jillian? jillian: you just did a whole segment about the eagles and cowboys and didn't give me a chance to respond. brian: how dare i? jillian: how dare you, brian kilmeade i know. a convicted felon is back behind bars in connection with to a mass shooting leaving 13 injured.
4:40 am
mars an know white facing a felony gun charge. unclear if he sat shooter. stems from a dispute memorial party of a man killed in another shooting. >> a terrible tragedy. and frankly -- >> 12 victims are still in the hospital. police identify a person of interest after the brother of 4ers' backup quarterback is stabbed to death outside of a bar. nashville police you wanting to question michael mostly. they say he was at the bar when clayton and former high school teammate were killed during a fight over a woman. no arrests have been made. do you remember when president trump appeared in the movie home alone ii. >> excuse me, where is the lobby? >> town the hall and to the left. >> thanks. >> well, how about this in the film's wikipedia page is now locked after someone he haedited the page to say trump
4:41 am
became the first cast member of home alone 2 lost in new york to be impeached by the u.s. house of representatives. people are now banned from making edits to the page. send it back to you. brian: that's a good point. thank you, jillian. which is true. adam fox is on fox square with a lot of people. >> a whole ton of people, brian. i love the holiday season because we have awesome crowds out here on fox square. happy birthday 85 years old. happy birthday to you. married 65 years. absolutely incredible. look at the rest of this crowd. we have folks from all across the country. i hear you guys are liking the weather? >> yeah! adam: folks from all over. i see you over there, also. can we get our weather maps? we are enjoying what seemed like wonderful temperatures, only 41 degrees currently in new york city. spots across the country falling down closer to freeze not guilty heartland. that's the case across the northern plains. only two big systems we are really paying attention.
4:42 am
to say a little bit of rain moving across the west coast. there is a big low pressure system bringing rain from north georgia over to the carolinas and florida right now. still back out here in new york city, we are loving this forecast. i got good news. no rain for you guys, are you happy about that? [cheers] adam: all right. throw it back in to you. we have a huge crowd. can i get a giants back into you guys? brian: they do not know our names. lisa: is that what it was? brian: i think that is it. thanks to everyone who got sam houston and the alamo avengers number four on the "new york times" lils for the sixth straight week. now i have an opportunity to do something on fox nation coming up on january 25th, america great from the start. a chance to talk about great stories from america's past. all americans, red, white, and blue not red and blue. i will be at the space in west bury. and streaming live on fox nation again and we never know what's going to happen on stage. go to brian and get tickets. meanwhile fox nation
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celebrates one year. therefore you get 35% off when you use the code celebrate until december 25th. reports say that is christmas day. go ahead and do it. get a discount. fox nation a run away hit this year. lisa: as you watch this, we are also watching. this another promise delivered by president trump inside his historic impact on our nation's courts. griff: one of the most iconic clip in christmas scenes. >> clark. >> honey, i think i know what's wrong. ♪ griff: if environmentalists had their way, those lights would be orange peels. no kidding. new green war on christmas coming up ♪ you really are a heel. ♪ you are cuddly as a cactus ♪ as charming as an eel ♪ mr. grinch ♪ you're a bad banana with a
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♪ lisa: president trump touting huge strides in remaking america's courts. >> this week we confirmed 13 more highly qualified, brilliant federal judges. bring ibringing the total to 187 from judges. >> we have a number that can never be surpassed. lisa: according to "the washington post," one in every four circuit judges is now a trump appointee. here with the impasse is policy director of the judicial crisis network former clerk for justice thomas and author of justice on trial kerry severino. ier, can you talk a little bit about how transformative has this been for the courts? >> yeah. liberals have been using the courts to try to force their liberal policy goals on the nation for generations.
4:48 am
and now, thanks to president trump, we are pushing bag on that. we have judges who respect the rule of law and restoring that to the nation. these are not just a lot of judges in terms of numbers, which is really impressive, but the quality is incredible. they are young, they are brill cents and they have experience like advocates and leaders. they are all fundamentally deeply commit to the constitution and rule of law. lisa: have we already seen an impasse in some of the rulings? talk about that what the impact has actually been. >> yeah. for an example, can you look at the ninth circuit. this is known as one of the most egregious circuits, so liberal almost always the top circuit to be overturned by the supreme court. now we have finally brought the number of judges to almost even. there were 11 more democrat nominees than republicans at the beginning of this administration. now the difference is only three. and we are seeing decisions coming from that court like upholding some of president trump's regulations having
4:49 am
to do with the funds of planned parenthood, for example, we would never have seen in a court that has been historically known for being just knee jerk liberal. but, of course, that's the kind of thing that makes the liberals incredibly angry because they are starting to lose their grip on the courts and their ability to push the nation to the left. lisa: real quick, 2016, president trump really made the supreme court a huge issue. do you see that playing out again in 2020? >> absolutely. this has been just top issue for the president for leader mcconnell. they deserve a lot of credit for pushing back on the extremist from the left. only anticipate getting worse for them. frustrated losing control. we hear from them packing the court. other issues to politicize the court. remember what they did to justice kavanaugh. unfortunately see the temperatures rise on judicial appointments. the left is so frustrated and the right knows it's huge success story. lisa: carrie, thank you for being with us. >> thank you.
4:50 am
lisa: congressman jeff van drew is speaking out about his decision to leave the democratic party. he joins us live next hour. you are not going to want to miss that. that's going to be a great interview. we also have this coca cola's christmas truck tour is cancelled all thanks to climate change protesters. what? ax at this vistas are trying to take down christmas. that is next. stay with us ♪ i don't know if there will be snow ♪ but have a cup of cheer ♪ have a holly jolly christmas ♪ and when you walk down the street ♪ say hello ♪ to friends you know ♪ and everyone you meet ♪
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
>> honey, i think i know
4:54 am
what's wrong ♪ ♪ [siren] griff: who can forget that. if environmentalists had their way clark griswold's iconic christmas display would ditch the light and adopt an orange peel instead. zero waste holidays push according to the "new york times" which says, quote, glitter, tinsel and shiny wrapping paper are now signs of the apocalypse. here to react is marc morano executive director of deep incorrect guide to climate change. mark, merry christmas to you. what do you make of this? before i get your reaction, let me show you what i'm talking about. examples of ecofriendly decor, things that they want you in this article to do. orange peeled garr lands, ornaments made from dried apples, citrus slices, hemp wrapping paper, bows from food wrappers and replace christmas tree with an evergleam aluminum tree,
4:55 am
whatever that is. mark? >> well, yeah. the clip you just showed from national lampoon, the chevy chase. that was before holiday was woke on this issue. they couldn't get away with it today climatologically correct in the language. the "new york times" is on on this. explaining this phenomenon. this is essentially a war on christmas. first you couldn't say merry christmas. that was considered offensive. now you can't even carry on christmas traditions because you are killing the planet. the idea that we are going to be spreading around, you know, dried apples or dehydrated citrus ornaments is absurd. believe me people are out there doing it. the key to this is what they are trying to intimidate us into doing is eventually they are trying to become law. they are trying to turn scrooge with the full regulatory state of the federal government behind it. griff: mark, sadly, they are succeeding in some areas. coca cola cans links the final stop of christmas
4:56 am
truck tour due to planned climate protest from the extinction rebellion which we saw back on black friday. coca cola by the way putting out a statement saying quote: we have been advised the protest would make it difficult to guarantee the safety and joint of people visiting the experience in the venue that day. what do you make of this. >> unfortunately, again, corporate america pit late to activists. the idea that this small narrow band of ideologically driven activists which are not just disrupting christmas now. you mentioned black friday. they are going after fireworks, fourth of july. they are giving in to these kind of buffaloy tactics. unfortunately, you know, this small group of people are winning. and what's funny about it is they are telling us kids that the north pole is melting as with. griff: thought going to win the whole thing. coca cola is sticking around. >> thank you. griff: senator michigan
4:57 am
mcconnell leader is here. cardinal timothy dolan and newt gingrich. that's just some of what is coming up in the next hour. stay tuned ♪ ♪ ♪ next. (man) we weave security into their business. (second man) virtualize their operations. (woman) and build ai customer experiences. ... ) when it comes to digital transformation... verizon keeps business ready. hey here, hold this. follow that spud! the big idaho potato truck has been touring america. go right! no, your other right! it's been telling folks about america's favorite potatoes. heart healthy idaho potatoes.
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and try febreze unstopables with twice the fresh-scent power. tackle tough odors with irresistible freshness. la la la la la >> ♪ jingle bell, jingle bell rock, jingle bells swing, and jingle bells ring, snowing and blowing up bushels of fun ♪ >> those are people who have done all their shopping and are just here for the next two days to enjoy themselves on fox square. >> that is a beautiful tree. did you put up any ornaments? >> most of it and that is red, white and blue and we want you to go take a picture in front of it. >> and use the hashtag, it is -- >> patriotic christmas. >> fox all-american christmas. >> it is a go-to spot when they
5:01 am
come to new york city, let's bring in somebody, and he is the author of the long game now out in paper, from him and a forward from president trump, and it is an excellent book, and i read it when it came out, and you have every reason to take today off but you're here to tell america and you're still working and first things first are you surprised you haven't been handed the two impeachment articles from the speaker? >> yeah. the papers have to physically be brought over to the senate and we can't go forward until the speaker does that and she's apparently trying to tell us how to run the trial. you know, i'm not anxious to have this trial, so she wants all of the papers go right ahead >> lisa: senator why do you think she hasn't? >> she apparently believes she can tell us how to run the trial look, what i've been advocating
5:02 am
for senator schumer is exactly the same way we handled the clinton impeachment 20 years ago which he voted for. you listen to the opening arguments and have a written question period and at that point in the clinton trial, we had a decision about which witnesses to call and as you can imagine that was a pretty partisan exercise but we didn't let the partisan part of it keep us from getting started so all i'm doing is saying what was good enough for president clinton is good enough for president trump. griff: leader do you believe that if she doesn't hand them over do you have the constitutional authority to hold a trial without her handing them over? >> i don't think so. i can't imagine what purpose is served by her holding on to the papers, so sooner or later i'm assuming she will send them over >> lisa: you mentioned witnesses. what witnesses would you like to call? >> what we need to do is to listen to the arguments, have a
5:03 am
written questioning period and then decide whether we need witnesses or not. the house went ahead without witnesses, and they didn't pursue the witnesses in court, when the president did what every president since george washington has donald exert executive privilege and what the congress could have done is the house could have done is to go to court to try to compel the attendants and they didn't do that. they just blew right through that and accused the president of doing something improper by simply invoking executive privilege whichever are president has done. >> so the delay is because it seems as though the speaker says i won't relay these articles until mitch tells me the rules of the senate. she goes on to say this. "fear is never a word used to me " and the question was, is she fearful of you. you should know right away i'm never afraid and i'm rarely surprised so she's not afraid of you and she's rarely surprised and we know she's politically
5:04 am
very astoot so my sense is perhaps she's waiting for more evidence or witnesses to become available. >> i have no idea. it seems to me a rather absurd position to say after you've impeached the president that you won't send the papers over to the senate for the impeachment trial, mandated by the constitution. griff: senator, her counterpart, senator schumer had harsh words for you this weekend. let me play this for you and get your reaction. >> so far, senator mcconnell and president trump have come up with no good reason why there shouldn't be witnesses, why there shouldn't be documents. we don't know what the witnesses will say. we don't know what the documents or how the documents will read. they might exonerate president trump, or they might further incriminate him. mitch mcconnell has said he's proud to be a partial juror. he won't, every senator has to uphold an oath to render
5:05 am
impartial justice and he said he's proud to be partial. that says it all. griff: senator both your reaction and what was the last conversation you had with senator schumer? >> well first on on the impartial, do you think chuck schumer is impartial? do you think -- griff: no. >> bernie sanders is impartial so let's quit the charade. this is a political exercise. a political exercise. all i'm asking of schumer is that we treat trump the same way we treated clinton. we had a procedure that was approved hundred hundred-0 schumer voted for it, to go through the opening arguments, to have a written question period, and then, based upon that, deciding what witnesses to call. we haven't ruled outwits. we've said let's handle this case just like we did with president clinton. fair is fair. griff: have you spoken recently with him?
5:06 am
>> yeah, before we left town. look we're at an impasse. we can't do anything until the speaker sends the papers over so everybody enjoy the holidays. griff: [laughter] >> lisa: and senator we've heard a lot about the democrats running in districts that president trump won but you have republicans you're looking to protect like thom tillis, martha mcsally, and i mean, are they -- >> susan collins. >> lisa: are they nervous what kind of conversations are you having with them? >> well look, we're ready to sit there and have the trial the constitution requires, different members may have different points of view, some of my members have said i am thinking of myself as a juror. others have been quite vocal, believing the case against president trump is very thin, but we're able to continue to do our business, and i just want to interject that we've now done 50 circuit court judges. barack obama did 55 in eight
5:07 am
years. we've done 50 in three years, and that's exactly what the president and my paperback is about. the judicial process that we've gone through over the last three years that have transformed the courts. one out of every four u.s. circuit court judges now is a young man or woman who believes in the quaint notion that maybe the job of a judge is to follow the law. >> yeah, they say one in four circuit court judges are now trump appointees and in your book, "the long game" you have the president write the forward to it and in it, i talked to you a little bit about this on radio center when you were in kentucky , wearing a similar shirt in a casual setting you made a comment that we didn't get as much done as we wanted to because we have a new president who had to get used to thing, i'm just paraphrasing and the president blasted back at you and a lot of people wondered is mitch mcconnell and the president going to get along? how would you characterize your relationship? >> well that episode was two years ago. i think that we've gotten along fine and we're working together
5:08 am
and the reason he and i both thought we should highlight the judicial appointment is we think that's the longest-lasting contribution this administration or this republican senate will make to the country. remember these are lifetime appointments. these young men and women will be on the courts for a very long time, giving both litigants a fair treatment when they come before the court and not making up their mind, not trying to legislate from the bench. griff: senator do you believe and you make a good point about this incredible judicial success that the administration and yourself have brought about. do you believe that's something that by the time we get to the election in november of 2020, that will get more intention and less about impeachment than we're seeing so much now? >> well i do think impeachment is going to fade away, if we'll all be complete at some time, i assume in the early part of the year. we all know how this is going to end. the american people if they think this is a very significant episode can take it into account we're voting this year. most people that i run into
5:09 am
whether they are fans of the president or not, say well, why don't you just let us decide this. we're in the middle of the election. >> and that's really what karen said yesterday, is that the only way it's going to be decided what the president comes into four years is november, for that election, so senator you're in a tough fight yourself, in kentucky where president trump has dominated. why is it so close? >> well i don't know how close it'll be we'll find out but i'm a big target. i'm the second most despised republican in america by the political left and i'll have a spirited race. i don't own this seat. i have to go out and earn it and i'm prepared to do that and i'm prepared to make the case to the people of kentucky that having one of the four congressional leaders i'm the only four congressional leaders not from new york or california. i'm in a very good position to look out for middle america and kentucky. i think that's a pretty strong
5:10 am
argument. griff: you're in a good position senator also to pass along a little bit of knowledge you put down in the long game, quickly, as people consider going out and buying that paperback for christmas what's the biggest lesson you bring to the american people in that book? >> look, politics and governing is hard and you're going to have setbacks and if you want to succeed, focus on the things that are important, and move the ball forward as rapidly as you can and the most important thing president trump and i felt that we could do that would last a long time with these lifetime judicial appointments of men and women who are very sharp and who believe the job of the judge is to follow the law. >> you also point out he had great parents and polio at a young age that shaped who you are and how much of a fighter you remain. senator thanks so much for sharing your story and getting up on a day which you could easily have taken off. we appreciate it. >> merry christmas. >> lisa: thank you, senator.
5:11 am
>> 10 minutes after the hour. good morning to you following a number of stories we begin with this fox news alert. an american soldier, killed in afghanistan overnight and in an attack claimed by the taliban the group claims they blew up an american convey injuring another u.s. service member and the death marking the 20th u.s. soldier, killed this year. this comes weeks after the u.s. restarted peace talks with the taliban to end the 18 year long war. also five people sentenced to death in saudi arabia for the murder of inside turkey and his remains have never been found. the saudi government has denied any involvement in the killing and three others were sentenced to 24 years in prison. and now, a measles alert issued at two major airports just before christmas. chicago's o'hare airport warning passengers may have been exposed on december 12 and 17th. another possible exposure, richmond international airport on the 17th.
5:12 am
if someone was infected symptoms would develop in the next couple of weeks. it's not clear if anyone has become ill from the exposures. 2020 hopeful pete buttigieg lands a home run endorsement from the star of field of dreams actor kevin costner announcing his support for the front runner in iowa. >> i can not tell you who i'm voting for, but i guess that's no real mystery now. >> [laughter] that cats kind of out of the bag >> costner just the latest hollywood star to jump on the pete buttigieg bandwagon and the mayor also hauling in campaign cash from john stamos, actress jennifer aniston and kevin bacon those are your headlines back to you. >> getting a lot of hollywood votes. i don't know if they are allowed in wine caves. >> i'm not sure that helped hillary clinton out too much. >> meanwhile 12 minutes after the hour, congressman jeff van drew says president trump's impeachment was a tipping point that caused him to leave the democratic party. >> and he's opening up about that decision when he joins us
5:13 am
live, next. griff: plus, new york's archbishop timothy cardinal dola n is here with a special christmas message you don't want to miss it. >> ♪ singing carols, right outside my door, all these things and more, that's what christmas means to me, my lord ♪ this is the epson ecotank color printer. no more buying cartridges. big ink tanks. lots of ink. print about... this many pages.
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5:17 am
>> its always in my office and i have a bipartisan wall that has a lot of different people on there, ronald regan and when he said that i didn't leave my party, my party left me. president trump: that's true. that's what he said. >> i'm saying the same thing. >> wow that and that impeachment push, not sitting well with all democrats like our next guest new jersey congressman jeff van drew you just saw him in the oval office talking to the president of the united states he's joining the gop. here with more on that decision is the now-republican congressman from new jersey jeff van drew. congressman, how do you feel about your decision, hours after making it? >> i feel good and i feel strong about it and i look forward to, you know, working with my new colleagues, and to continue to work with other colleagues as well. i do believe in bipartisanship,
5:18 am
but i do believe there are certain basic tenants of the united states of america that are so important. the belief in american exceptionalism, i talked about that with the president, how this is an exceptional nation, it is the best nation in the world, and you know, i was often criticized from some of my far left colleagues for saying that that it's not the best nation in the world it's no different than any other nation and i bring that up because in order for us to go forward, to do better to become even greater we have to have that mindset and i know that the president does that mindset. i think that that is something that we really have to obviously always believe. i think we have to believe in the fact that american people are people that just didn't always have things given to them but that they worked hard, that they always were given opportunity, but success is something that you have to reach out for and work your sex and i
5:19 am
think that's really important. griff: so congressman if there was no impeachment would you still be a democrat? >> i might have been. let me tell that story really quickly actually it's important. so i was speaking to one of the county, i have eight counties in my district, and i was speaking to one of the county chairs and as i spoke to that chair, he said that i just want to tell you something that you absolutely are going to vote for impeachment and i said no, i'm not i think that this is a very weak impeachment. i think that it's wasted million s of dollars, hours of time, has not been productive, has split the country apart, has caused a fractioning of the country and literally caused civil unrest in a sense and he said well i'm telling you if you want to run in this county, you're going to have to vote for it, you're going to have to obey and the bottom line was that was the final point. there were all of these other issues and i could tell you what some of the other issues were where i believed differently but i kind of went along, but that issue really, the fact that you almost talked quid pro quo so
5:20 am
because i'm going to vote in a way i don't want to vote you're going to force me and then allow me to run. that's not what america is about that's not what our election system is about. >> have you faced anger from democrats who said i put you there as a democrat how dare you >> a little bit. actually, a lot less than i thought i would. i've had such a good reaction and so much support and welcom ing by republicans and i didn't know what would happen with democrats but so many democrats that we meet say jeff, you know, we like you as from whatever, in any way that you run, because we know that you're independent and we know that you believe in what you say and you do what you believe, so i think that it hasn't been nearly as bad as they thought it might have been, but it's a big step. a lot of people come up to me and say boy, you know, it took a lot of i guess fortitude is a nice way to say it to go forward and do this, and i believe strongly in what i did.
5:21 am
i hope to really work well with my republican colleagues. i want to achieve greatness, i want to help the president. i think we can have a wonderful year in 2020. >> you also think that now your district and you have the president's ear and i know he certainly respects and appreciates the turnover, so congressman jeff van drew, saw impeachment and had enough is now a republican from new jersey and now i imagine the primary opponent will fade away if the president does indeed have your back like you seem to have his. congressman jeff van drew thanks so much. thank you, great to be with you. merry christmas. >> back at you trying to solve problems in washington, that's something very unique. meanwhile, our privilege next is to welcome timothy cardinal do lan, here live with a special christmas message and also his brand new book is out, with the great message in every page. >> ♪ sleigh ride together with you, outside the snow is falling
5:22 am
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>> it's my privilege to bring in our guest that we feature every christmas, that he answers our phone call, timothy cardinal dolan, new york's archbishop and author of a great book, who do you say i am so he's got his own christmas message that comes out in that book. >> it's my honor to be here i always appreciate the invitation thank you, a blessed christmas. tomorrow is christmas eve and hot diggity, right? >> now when did the schedule come out where you know what you're working? >> oh, no because i set the schedule. >> oh, good!
5:26 am
>> i'm the manager and the starting pitcher so but by tradition usually i'd go somewhere on christmas eve, a firehouse, a hospital, a jail where people can't get out, and then i always had midnight mass and become it's a biggie, and then 10:15 in the morning and then i take a nap. of course i can't blame you. when do you come up for christmas? there's obvious ones but i imagine with you in the st. patricks cathedral there's extra pressure to come up with a different message. >> you're on to something, so i try to use advent the season of the four sundays before christmas where you try to spiritually prepare so from the beginning, i start to think, what should i address in my christmas sermons, and you're right, because you get some cues from what's going on around you. i get some cues from you guys in the morning. you know, what's the news, where are people hurting, where are the challenges, where are the divisions, where do we need the light and life of the saviour in our lives today?
5:27 am
it was chester who said whenever you're preparing a sermon you do it with the bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other or the news and that's what you try to blend the two of them right? >> lisa: so what's your message this christmas? >> well this christmas at midnight mass i'll talk about why in the world are we here at midnight? i mean we're all tired we've had a busy day and a big one tomorrow, why are we up at midnight? because we need silence and because we need to remember that jesus came to bring light to the darkness. and there's a lot of darkness in the word isn't there? you all have to report on it every day. people seem to be craving light, direction, focus, healing, meaning, and that's what jesus came to bring. light to the darkness. that's why, i mean, we don't actually know the date where jesus was born, but it sure made sense for the early church to say why don't we do it at the darkest time of the year, when the sun begins to rise, and when
5:28 am
the son of god, the light of the world, jesus, is born. makes great sense. griff: cardinal talk about a moment in catholic history it's very difficult when we watched notre dame burn. >> oh, yeah. griff: for the first time this year, they won't have midnight mass. >> did you hear that somber news? a reminder that even as jesus said about the temple this is beautiful. this is magnificent and meaningful but one day it ain't going to be around and we know that happened when the romans leveled it. as beautiful as our churches are , they are symbols of god's presence with us. emmanuel to borrow the term from out jewish neighbors, god is with us. and our faith doesn't depend on those things so christmas will go on in paris, there will be a midnight mass somewhere, might not be as meaningful and en chanting as the ones that we remember at notre dame but the faith continues. god's presence, emmanuel goes on >> lisa: cardinal you have a book, "who do you say i am." >> thanks for bringing it up.
5:29 am
>> lisa: can you talk about it >> well here is what happened. i've been very moved by the and you all have reported it by the findings of researchers that although people crave spirituality they want prayer, they really don't cherish any more belongings to religion. thank god a lot of people do but more people are drifting into that. i want to believe but not belong , they want spirituality and prayer, so i thought maybe if i gave a little meditation, a little reflection for every day of the year, it'll help people both grow in their spirituality, enhance their prayer, but also bring them a little closer to the church, so i try to answer the question, remember when jesus asked who do people say that i am and peter said you're the christ, the son of the living god. that's the question i try to answer there. for each day of the year. thanks for drawing attention to it. >> brian: yeah the book came out and lastly, the first thing most priests say on christmas
5:30 am
day is "where have you been." >> [laughter] >> brian: so how do you do that without scaring people away >> i don't say anything at the beginning or the end and i say boy we'd love to have all of you hope you enjoyed it and feel a bit closer to god. by the way we do it every sunday >> [laughter] >> lisa: come back and see us. griff: thank you for being here. >> thank you. i don't want to bring it up, but the today show had eggnog. >> brian: oh, boy. >> i'm going to put that out there. >> we were concerned about overall cholesterol. we're keeping it down. >> a blessed christmas, brian. >> who do you say that i am. hot diggity. griff: i don't believe that's a biblical phrase. >> lisa: i think it's in there griff: americans have a lot of reasons to be thankful and dan bongino is one of them and he's on deck and we'll ask him if he's going to church, coming up. >> ♪ ♪
5:31 am
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>> i realized there had to be another way. a new holiday was born. a festivus for the rest of us. >> you gather your family around and tell them all the ways they have disappointed you over the past year. >> and is there a tree? >> no instead there's a pole. it requires no decoration. i find tinsel distracting. >> lisa: we've got seinfeld, the festivus for the rest of us but this won't happen at any of our family christmases right? >> brian: nothing to complain
5:35 am
about but dan bongino has something to complain about, he used to work for the nypd and he wrote "exonerated" dan bongino, welcome back. >> this is the greatest segment ever. you know, for those of you that don't know how this works you get an e-mail earlier in the morning that says dan, this is the topic, bush up on it a little bit. i woke up to this, this morning at 6:00 and smiled and i said this is the greatest thing festi vus, who would have thought of it? so can i get some of my grievances? >> yes. >> brian i'll be up in new york by the way so if you'd like to do the feats of strength too brian, maybe we can do like a dead lifting contest, but maybe grappling like you did with tito ortiz. >> brian: i don't need to lose again thanks dan but what is your grievance? >> well we have this 2020 election obviously coming up so we have these three candidates and practically speaking these three candidates on the democrat side that i think are in the lead occupy the only three lanes to victory so my grievance here is that the
5:36 am
three candidates represent the lanes to victory are all big phonies so we have number one like the safe lane. the old mitt romney lane for the republicans and on on the dem side that's occupied by joe biden but the problem is he's not the safe pick at all. he can't get out of his own way. he doesn't know what state he's in, he keeps making these tremendous gafs on the campaign trail he's not the safe pick at all so i have a big grievance with that. on the second lane, right, what do you have? you have the liberal lane, the radical lane, the socialistic lane. occupied by who, right? elizabeth warren. whose a millionaire and used to be a republican. like i don't have this, what kind of radical leftist is this? she's a millionaire herself and of course we have the infamous do you want to get a beer video which was hysterical, i thought. get me a beer. >> lisa: she also thanks her husband for being in her house. like where else is he supposed
5:37 am
to be? >> remember that yeah, thanks for being here. yeah, i live here, thank you too i said i was guest hosting one-time and i said i thought that was up there with the tank video, and everybody kind of laughed but i do think i it's that still it so my last grievance against the dems is their outsider lane is occupied by their front runner pete buttigieg who is not an outsider at all. this is a focus group tested insider. i've got to tell you and i mean this. i don't agree with any of this mans ideology obviously but this guy, you want to talk about a guy who looks like he was groom ed for this. he never says anything outside of focus group tested talking points. it's almost miraculous his ability to say things that a focus group told him to say. it's not indicative of an outsider at all. griff: dan that's your grievance s and what you may agree with is what people think before this christmas wall street journal thing that president trump's tax reform is what people should be thankful for.
5:38 am
it's delivered we'll show you quickly this graph where you have 7% increase in nominal wages for as low as 10% of american workers, 9% of those who have a high school diploma, that's something to be thankful for, ha? >> well griff what bothers me about this not about the tax cuts but about how the tax cuts were messaged a bit is nothing the democrats told you about the trump tax cuts is true. nothing. a big goose egg. what do they tell you? they said listen it didn't effect people. it only effected the rich but not people at the lower end of the income scale and now it's absolutely incorrect that the people who benefited most from the tax cuts were the lower 10% of income earners who have seen their incomes jump substantially another thing we were told. it's going to cause a massive decrease in tax revenue. well listen, there is a problem with federal spending no doubt but that is categorically not true. the tax revenue of the united states government has gone up.
5:39 am
it's just not true they made it up. >> brian: they said we're spending too much which is something we have to reign in whose ever the president's next term but nobody can say it doesn't work and can the trade war behind us who says we can't grow at 3% and 4%. dan bongino we like to hear you complain and see you give praise too. thanks so much and look forward to watching you tonight. >> happy festivus. >> merry christmas. >> to adam klotz on fox square with no complaints. >> adam: i was just telling them to get a little bit louder. i've got nothing to complain about it's an all-american christmas and we have people from all across america, this is a huge crowd and they've been giving me so much energy. i've loved it, let me do the weather real quick. here is our temperatures across the country 42 degrees outside what do you think for new york city in december guys? >> [applause] >> adam: it's beautiful and it's going to be a beautiful day i'm excited for this christmas, as we throw it back into you. come on guys make noise as we
5:40 am
throw it back in. >> [applause] >> brian: great job, adam we got the weather and the full screen for anybody who missed any of adam's verbal remarks. >> lisa: [laughter] >> brian: meanwhile senators on both sides of the aisle slam ming the decision to delay senate impeachment trial. >> that is not what the constitution envisioned. >> this is the latest in a series of constitutional train wrecks orchestrated by nancy pelosi. >> brian: former house speaker newt gingrich is here, live, next. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ country roads, take me home there's a booking for every resolution. book yours at any price, at
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5:44 am
's former wife. griff: william la jeunesse is following the story live. >> reporter: good morning, the children are missing parents are missing and you have three dead relatives who police believe may have died under a suspicious circumstances, and what friends say was a cult. so an author and podcaster he talks about the end of the world and this summer he married laurie vallow, weeks after both of their spouses died. chad's wife allegedly of natural causes and her husband of a gun shot wound and the 46-year-old laurie moved from arizona to idaho to be with her and their adopted john, joshua, age 7 who has autism and the daughter, age 17 and her relatives did not hear from the kids. police checked and the parents lied about the kids being with friends, and then police went back to the house, and the couple was gone. the fbi is now involved, and they exhumed chad's wife's body thinking she died of natural causes and now they believe
5:45 am
maybe not. laurie's brother shot her husband allegedly in self- defense and then he died bottom line is these kids disappeared and relatives say that the parents right now are kind of considered suspects, and we don't know where they are. back to you. griff: william, thank you. all right, as congress heads home for the holidays the impeachment standoff still wages in washington, over nancy pelosi 's delaying a senate trial >> this was at the end of the day, a political response because nancy pelosi and the democrats hate the president. >> what i really want to see though is to fill in the gaps. there are gaps. >> that is not what the constitution envisioned. >> this is the latest in a series of constitutional train wrecks orchestrated by nancy pelosi. impeachment is a dead cat. stop playing with it. griff: fox news contributor former house speaker newt gingrich joins us now to tell us if he will play with a dead cat. >> lisa: [laughter] i hope not.
5:46 am
>> brian: mr. speaker first off your reaction to the delay, you're as politically savvy as anyone and you know that nancy pelosi is not politically dumb. what's she doing? >> well look, i think that they don't think that they have enough evidence to have any chance at all in the senate and they're buying time to see if they can create more evidence. that would be my guess but the whole thing is pretty stupid. first of all, they are admitting that the case they have is so weak that they don't want to send it over to the senate. the more they behave politically , the more they de value the entire impeachment process and people look up and that's just politics, which then further allows the president to keep gaining strength, which he's been doing now for six weeks. i mean they talk impeachment, he talks jobs, and day by day, he's gaining ground and they're los ing ground so i think she's, i don't want to try to get into a dead cat rivalry with lindsey
5:47 am
graham, but i think that she finds herself in a position wherein a sense she has a live cat, that she can't get rid of, but she really didn't want in the first place and now, she literally has no good way out of this, because when they do lose, their base is going to be very angry. >> lisa: so i'm going to leave the cat alone, but let's operate off of that assumption though. if nancy pelosi doesn't have a case for impeachment there, if there's nothing there, why did she move forward on impeachment from the beginning? >> well because the left is in an alternative universe. if you go into a left wing activist meeting, they hate trump, they know trump has done something terrible, they know he should be impeached, and remember there were 99 democrats who would come out for impeachment before they ever heard of the ukraine phone call, so this whole idea that somehow there was this phone call and
5:48 am
that made us do it, no. almost 100 democrats were for impeachment of general principle the first article about impeachment ironically was apri. that's months before the election, months before the inauguration and they are already talking that you've got to impeach this guy who hasn't even won yet so nancy is faced with a very hard core left that is in a total rage and is fairly psychotic and they're saying to her, if you don't carry this out , we're going to destroy your speakership. griff: we shall see mr. speaker whether or not she is constitutionally compel compelled hawaii to hand those over. thanks for being with us and we hope you have a merry christmas. >> lisa: merry christmas to you. >> brian: meanwhile straight ahead from broad way to nashville to netflix, actress and singer is performing a special song for christmas, next >> ♪ ♪ us.
5:49 am
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>> lisa: welcome back our next guest made her debut on broad way before heading to nashville to work with some of the biggest names in the business, and star ring in a netflix christmas movie. griff: now, actress and singer charlene clossy is out with a new christmas album, christmastime is here. charlene joins us for a special performance, first quickly the album, tell us about it and why the songs on it are so important >> the songs are important to me because they are all from the heart. every song relates to this idea that christmas is magic. it's a time of magic joy, and renewal, and every song, somehow , relates to that. >> that's beautiful. i love that. well let's hear it. i want to hear it.
5:53 am
>> all right, all right, well thank you. >> lisa: awesome. >> ♪ i heard the bells on christmas day, the old familiar carols sang, and while you sleep , the words received, that peace on earth good will to men,
5:54 am
and i saw this day has come and the unbroken song, that peace on earth, good will to all, ♪ >> ♪ and in this i bowed my head, there is peace on earth i said, that peace on earth, goodwill to men ♪
5:55 am
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>> great show guys. a fox news alert as this christmas week impeachment is stalled on capitol hill. republicans are slamming speaker pelosi for not sending articles of impeachment to the senate, leaving a trail timeline quite literally up in the air until after the new year. good morning, merry christmas week as it all starts, i'm in for a bill hemmer. >> and i molly, and for sandra. speaker pelosi said she will appoints impeachment managers until she knows with the senate trial will look like. calling on mitch mcconnell to hold what she deems is a fair trial that includes witness testimony. the white house and republicans called the move unfair.


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