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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 23, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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have a great christmas with the ones you love. good night from washington. for those of you busy with family tomorrow and wednesday we wish you again merry christmas.or dan bongino is sitting in for sean hannity. >> thank you very much, tucker. welcome to this special edition of "hannity," i am dan bongino in for sean. for the hour, we will highlight the failures for the democratic party. and we will start with the impeachment fiasco on capitol hill. as we speak, nancy pelosi is demanding a political ransom in exchange for turning over the articles of impeachment for the u.s. senate.e. and the majority leader calling it absurd. check it out. >> are you surprised to have been handed two impeachment articles from the speaker? >> yeah, believe it or not, the papers have to be physically brought over to the senate. we cannot go forward until the speaker does that. she is apparently trying to tell
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us how to run the trial. you know, i'm not actually wanting to have a trail so if she wants told the papers, go right ahead. it seems to me absurd position that after you impeach the president you will not send the papers over mandated by thel constitution. >> dan: pelosi is facing widespread criticism over the stand. senator johnson is calling itsp absurd. ted cruz said the delay is "a sign of weakness." and senator graham accused of constitutional extortion of the -- over the weekend. lindsey graham demanded pelosi stop playing nonsensical games. take a look. >> instead of allowing the president to go to court to exercise executive privilege they put an artificial time limit instead. if you do not allow the witnesses to come to the house
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at a time certain, we will impeach for exercising the legal rights. impeachment is a dead cat. stop playing with it. bearing it is going nowhere. quit dilating the constitution and give the president's day in court and so we can talk about things that people really care about. >> dan: a dead cat. [laughter] the strongest rebuke from pelosi came from president trump himself. a few hours ago tweeted nancy pelosi lost the house and speakership once is about to lose it again. she's doing everything she can to delay the republican vote of articles of impeachment. she's trying to take over the senate and trying to take over the trial. no way. what right does crazy nancy have to hold up the senate trial? none! she has a bad case of rather or not a negative decision. this witch hunt must end nowne with a trial, and this in or let her defaulting lose. no more time should be wasted on this impeachment scheme. the present is right. a former house
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speaker newt gingrich pointed out, this could be one giant stall tactic from the hapless democrats. check this out. >> i think that they don't think they have enough evidence to have any chance at all in the senate, and they are buying time to see if they can create more evidence. that would be my guess. but the whole thing is pretty stupid. first of all, they are admitting that the case they have is so weak that they don't want to send it to the senate. the more they behave politically, the more they devalue the entire impeachment process. and people have got to know, this is politics. which then further involves the president to keep gaining strength. which he has been doing for six weeks. >> dan: the speaker is onto something. the house democrats council just said they are open to impeaching president trump again. we are not kidding. make no mistake, the democrats in charge of the house, this charade is never, ever going to stop. joining us now with more is minority whip caucus chairman andy biggs.
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gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us. congressman scalise, the press conference how they want more evidence. aren't they kind of de facto to impeach the president without evidence? am i reading this right? they already took a vote, no d they have enough evidence to impeach. this seems backwards. >> we said this all along, there was no crime. the president committed no crime . it was an impeachment in search of a crime, and they never found one. all of their witnesses, star witnesses said there was no crime, no bribery, and now you've got pelosi carrying out her own quid pro quo. she is trying to say, i won't give you the papers unless you do this. and is that what they were accusing president trump of? joe biden did quid pro quo he bragged about. i will take the taxpayers money if you don't fire the prosecutor.
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president trump is feeling one who didn't do one. but they impeached him for it. this is bizarre. and look, there is no faith. it is time for her to give this up and finally work for the american people. we can do more on drug prices. we can have a secure border and so many other things, but they are the party of impeachment. this is all they have. >> dan: congressmen, before i go to congressman biggs, it is fascinating they alleged quidon pro quo with the president and the first witness said never happened gordon sondland and yet the chief executive of the country concerned about corruption in foreign aid. he said that many times and yet now we have nancy pelosi with unconstitutional usurpation of the senate powers, and where is the meeting on this? celebrating how wonderful nancy pelosi is. am i reading this wrong? >> you are spot on. look, the media when they were kept out of the room by adam schiff, where was the media then saying we will not let you impeach in secret behind closed doors. i this is nancy pelosi, literally
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saying she has no case. she's already lost one democrat over this fiasco last week. jeff van drew had enough already. i will not be a part of this anymore. who knows how many more she will get to switch or beat next year because the country is fed up with this theatrics, this drama by speaker pelosi, now trying to take over the senate. she has no case in the house. shouldn't moved impeachment in the first place but they did it the country says look, focus on lower drug prices and care about the working families. fortunately, president trump cares about those families and delivering a great economy with a lot of people and a lot more money in their paychecks this christmas. >> dan: congressman biggs, i have to believe the democrats as much as i disagree with their rancid political ideology, they are not stupid, they are not. they are usually tactically efficient. they have to know this has been a spectacular face plant, public polling is down, independents moving in the opposite direction, swing state pollsar
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devastating, minority support for president trump going up. i saw some number raising millions of dollars on the day of impeachment for president trump!s are you sensing on the hill that some of these 31 democrats andid trump district's are starting to say, we have a problem here and we may want to slow this down. is this where this is coming from? >> some are concerned by others are stuck in the middle with nancy pelosi. so i think you've got some that are more rational that are saying, hey, this is a real problem for us, but, you know m dan, what you are seeing is a reflection of authoritarian nature of the left in the democratic party. so nancy pelosi is going to go out there and basically compel the members go for an impeachment that does not have popular support and does not, as you pointed out, have evidence. if they get through this and if it gets over to the senate it needs to be acquitted which we all knows he will be. they will do it again. that is the authoritarian nature you see in the democratic party that actually beats down on the
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31 democrats within those swing districts. they are all in trouble. they are all in trouble. >> dan: congressman scalise is that aoc left leaning to the party? do they have this much power? i was talking about before congressman bigs and my question here is she has to know this has to lead to an electoral disaster. the republican taking of the house, the senate, landslide victory for donald trump, this is going to stay in her legacy forever.e i thought nancy pelosi would be smarter than this. you deal with her in a leadership position but again, what am i missing? she is usually tactically smarter than this. t >> well, you know, she used to u be in control of that caucus. now with this new socialist democratic party, aoc as you were indicating, aoc is driving the train now. it's her party. if you go back to the impeachment inquiry, she was not going to do an impeachment and
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one week aoc tweeted that the real crime is the democrat majority not impeaching president trump. literally, two days later nancy pelosi said she would impeach the president. aoc is driving this party. why so many moderates have no place left. there are no blue dogs left in the democratic party virtually here and she's run them off because they are tired of the socialist style.y that's all she's got and they are controlling things right now. >> i forgot about that. >> dan: congressman biggs nothing they told us about this impeachment was strewn no quid pro quo, first-hand witnesses told us the exact opposite. gordon sondland said they been crystal clear no quit pro quote and they don't do evidence from the left but everything they told us about extreme nature to be rushed, he has such a danger to national security is nonsense. so they ran a rationale they want to slow down. again, a little bit of disconnect with the message. >> absolutely right.
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and it shows the disarray. i think nancy pelosi is normally strategic, but she's getting pressure from the left. they are in disarray right now. and it actually is undermining the very nature of what they think they are going to do in the future in the 2020 election. so it really has consequences electorally, it has consequences constitutionally e and, of course, the institution itself. she has misread this thing terribly. i don't know who is advising her right now, but she ought to fire them and get somebody else. >> dan: good point. congressman scalise, congressman biggs, you are fighting a good fight. >> merry christmas, dan. >> dan: and americans turnedn out the circuit on capitol hill. the mainstream media has been totally consumed. in fact, at least one particularly deranged journalist believes the future of the planet earth is now at stake. watch this. >> here is what i hope we
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understand, that the stakes here are immense. it's not just about the political future of one man donald trump. it is about the future of democracy and democratic process and this is a trend throughout the world. it is about the future of the earth. >> dan: that is real. most americans do not agree. president trump is surging in the polls. pelosi has made an absolute mess of impeachment stunt. many in the main stream media are starting to panic. take a look. >> i cannot figure out what the strategy nancy pelosi has. the house has the power and sole power to bring an impeachment. the senate has the sole power to apply an impeachment. i don't get leverage. >> she has been master polling dealing with these but now she's got a double, what we would call a double-edged sword. the democrats' hustle up, hustle up we have to hurry and get this done and now that they've got
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the impeachment done, slow down slow down, we are not sure we will send the articles. i think you can maintain that for a short period of time. i do not think that is a sustainable position over a long period of time. >> i think it is very risky. you know, as mitch mcconnell said, why withholding something i don't want to do, why is that leverage? so there's always going to be ay reality points the house voted to impeach, they will control the process. and essentially they have lost control of the process. >> dan: my next guest alan dershowitz argues pelosi is with a ploy for an advantage. the senate can acquit president trump with or without pelosi's cooperation. joining us now with more author of "guilt by accusation" alan dershowitz and media reporter from the hill joe concha, thank you for joining us. professor dershowitz, i will go to you first. as you said with the senator mcconnell, he's kind of in a bit of a bind here t
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because if he moves forward pelosi will accuse him of taking an initiative without in fact an impeachment, but if he waits this is hanging over the president's head forever. my question is as constitutional law professors, how long can this don't go on? is there a legal binding precedent here? there is no legal binding precedent but impeach me as a process that starts with a house and must go to the senate. it would be utterly unconstitutional for speaker pelosi to accept my colleague larry tribe's idea impeach, but don't ever bring it to the senate. so the impeachment hangs over the president's head forever with no opportunity to vindicate himself. i want to comment about one thing. you showed david rennick that n before saying the world is come to an end. i have to comment about that because david rennick is the problem today. he is the poster child what is wrong with the media. he makes up facts. he wrote a story and i tell about it in my book, "guilt by
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accusation," he makes up a story about something that happened to my family. he got it from a neo-nazi holocaust website. never sent it to a fact-checker to check, and published it as fact. totally made up story. that is david rennick. the new yorker has the lowest ratio of credibility to apparent credibility of any media in the country. nobody should take anything that the new yorker says and under david's leadership seriously. he just makes up facts and uses neo-nazi sources to source his facts. >> dan: i like to say i'm surprised, but i'm not. nothing surprises me with media. joe, you studied media for a living. i mean, watching these clips you have to understand this hyperbole is getting old. the end of the world, this man a key moment and gabriel coming tomorrow.
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when is this going to stop? >> the news, it is the beginning of the end. the panic of the media over lack of impeachment, it basically is wrapped up in these five numbers that i will share quickly. trump's approval is 49% in a harris expo, the highest it's ever been. every poll is trending in a positive direction for the president. nancy pelosi's approval not mentioned at all very much. 39% despite almost being universally praised in the media on an hourly basis, right? 56%, the dow jones is up, 72% is how much the nasdaq is up. so for regular folks working folks 401(k)s are doing quite well. those are things they can feel. but finally the biggest number 77%, that is the number of democrats who support impeachment. this is a cnn poll. that same poll last month was at 90%.
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13% among democrats are bailing on nancy pelosi. that is why i think, we look back on the speaker's legacy 50 years in politics, this will go down as the worst decision she has ever made because it could end up with reelection not only of president trump but of her losing her power in congress as well. >> dan: i agree.on it's not a secret that i'm a conservative, but i think trying to look at this objectively this was clearly a disastrous political decision. there is a legal question out there that has become social media back and forth twitter, facebook, but in your legal expertise, some people suggesting president trump wasn't actually impeached at all, including some people on the left. if those articles are, in fact forwarded. your opinion on theft. >> there is nothing in the constitution about articles impeachment. there is nothing about forwarding. as far as the american public is concerned, the president is impeached.hiim that is why it was utterly unfair to suggest we don't have
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to allow the senate now to acquit him. so there are two alternatives. if he hasn't been impeached nancy pelosi has to go to the media and say please, the media please, he has not impeached. he is presumed innocent. he is absolutely innocent. his status has not changed. if he has been impeached, the senate has to start their trail as soon as they choose to. remember, the senate is the sole judge of guilty or innocence of impeachment. so the democrats can't have it both ways. they can't say on the one hand to the public we are saying he is impeached, but to this and that he has not impeached. you know what i say? this is obstruction of the senate, the exact same charge they made against the president this is abuse of power fromnt exactly same charge they made against the president. it is wrong constitutionally, it is wrong morally, and it is wrong politically. >> dan: joe, i remember the clinton impeachment where the media painted him as a martyr od
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this republican witch hunt every day. obviously, painting nancy pelosi and chuck schumer has angelic figures out there doing the good for the country despite a fake charge. h as you said before the trans matter. it is clear, you and i know pelosi is typically smarter than this. i will ask you what i asked thes congressman. do you think it is left-wing aoc causing her to lose political staple? she is usually smarter and more grounded. you may not agree with her ideology but she made some sound tactical moves. it seems like she's completely lost it and fallen in with the left leaning wing of the party. >> if you ask me to describe nancy pelosi in one word, i would say shrewd.>> she's been around for 50 years in politics. she usually is pretty measured in her decisions, but now ironically, the longer this impeachment process goes on and the longer she holds this, the better it is for the president. because he keeps getting things
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done, tangible things. the last few weeks were the best of his presidency. usmca, defense authorization you go down the line where people say, these are things making my life better. then they look at the democratic side. they look at the scoreboard m what have they got done since they took back the house in 2018? not much. >> dan: one quick point beforenc you run, they almost got the democrats and the trump administration because the democrats have to work with the trump administration on usmca which they previously sidelined because they are looking for not doing anything. it was really -- >> we are walking and chewing gum, right? >> dan: cliche. >> the real victim here, the real victims are the american people and the constitution. the constitution has been damaged by this ploy being used by nancy pelosi. who i've long admired, but this is a very bad time for the united states constitution. >> i agree. >> i want to see david and alan dershowitz sometime.
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>> dan: please, put them on the show together, and i will expose as the fraud he is and the careless fact-checker that he is.z alan, joe, thank you very much. coming up on this special "hannity," carter page and the fisa scandal. jason chaffetz will react. another 2020 democratic presidential candidate on full display. jeff lord and sara carter to break it down. her 2020 democratc presidential candidate on full disp ♪ what are you doing back there, junior?
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♪ >> dan: welcome back to a special edition of "hannity." despite the horowitz findings in detail, the fisa, a congenital liar, corrupt adam schiff with no remorse but a year's worth long vote and spreading fisa lies.s. take a look. carter page says that the fbi spying into his life on his good name. he also says that he will "never completely have his name restored." do you feel any sympathy for carter page? >> i have to say, you know carter page came before our committee, and for hours of testimony, denied things that we
10:25 pm
knew were true and later had to admit them during his testimony. h's also hard to be sympathetic when you have someone who admitted to being an advisor to the kremlin. >> but also he was informing the cia. >> yes, >> which we didn't know about. >> dan: incredible, really. carter page was smeared for years, accused of being a traitor, all based on lies innuendo and a phony dossier. and adam schiff doesn't have to the guts to show a little remorse and admit he's wrong? the same liar, the now defunct fisa memo in the green light to rent the witch hunt. he is corrupt to the core. it is undeniable. the good news is the boomerang of justice is in full swing. not only is john durham honing in on the actions of ex-cia john brennan but according to a new report in "the new york times," durham got into a "sharp dispute over draft note in the horowitz report and
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follow the ig's conclusion including political bias. now the footnote does not include the final report so durham is uncovering convincing evidence to the clapper to brennan. america's most popular beaurocrats abuse power to try to undo the result of the presidential election. and the time for accountability is now.titi joining me now with reaction author of the book power grab fox news contributor jason chaffetz with author of the great book "witch hunt" gregg jarrett and fox news contributor investigative reporter john solomon who i have come to rely on extensively.t i will go to you first. this thing that carter page gregg, an abomination and not hyperbole. you have a naval academy a graduate not charged with any crime who is actually doing work now we know for intelligence agency, cia to nail russians working in this country to hurt
10:27 pm
this country. the fbi then targets this guy and manipulates the email and suggest contacts with head russians were on behalf of nefarious treasonous acts. i mean, this is one of the most disgusting malfeasance i've ever seen. >> james comey knew it because the first story started to adhere late 2016 identifying carter page, page sends a letter to comey saying it's not true. i've been helping the cia. and i would be happy to sit down with you, but comey ignored the letter and sought a fisa warrant. but adam schiff was the first who publicly accused carter page of being a russian spy before the fisa warrant situation. and you just played a clip of schiff accusing carter page of lying in front of the intelligence committee completely untrue. the testimony was november 2, 2015.
10:28 pm
i've read it a dozen times and whole portions are repeated in my book. carter page told the truth. if it were otherwise, he would have been accused and prosecuted for perjury. no, adam schiff continues to lie. p and i invite people to actually read the transcript that is online. carter page not only tells the truth, but adam schiff makes an absolute fool of himself, trying on cross-examination to get carter page to admit that merely kremlin official and saying hello is somehow a hob gobble of a grand conspiracy to commit a treasonous act and sealed the 2016 election., adam schiff in his contorted and twisted mind may still believe it, and it is ludicrous. >> it is a stain on our country. i will go to you. your reporting has been spectacular. i have relied on it, and it is good to see the media who has tried to tarnish your
10:29 pm
representation are starting to come around and realize you were right the whole time. they are stubborn. i know you have your informatiou on comey, but it is obvious that comey lied. i shared a footnote this week 3/23, comey said in this 3/23 meeting, and verified, 3/23 not only investigating but sending fbi overseas to investigate. this guy, i mean, really his reputation has got to be finished. >> it is and the lies he told congress are really serious issues. for instance, he said at one point, i did not knowol carter page had been opened up the spring 2016. one of the revelations in the ig report. in fact, he was in a meeting with james comey and they talked about it. same thing with bruce ohr, hewi did not know bruce ohr in the back way, getting the information. and footnotes there saying he was in a meeting with bruce ohr.
10:30 pm
james comey has an issue now and i think durham advances this criminal investigation, there is a high way that they will look at him falsely. >>dan: that whole laundering scheme, and again, just another lie, a bevy of comey lies. congressman jason chaffetz, one thing that has bothered me, the malfeasance and for a living. but they suggest that the ig report says there is no political that is not what the report said. matter of fact, horowitz own words in front of the senate meeting, all the way didn't find a document, yes, we opened up on trump and we hate him and it's politically biased. he said one of two things, gross negligence, or political bias. it shows you how the media will take anything and spin it for the democrats narrative. >> and also what the inspectornd general said, he did not look at it and could not demonstratel definitively one way or the other if any bias was injected
10:31 pm
into itself in the actual fisa application. what he said, he could not find the precept that he had documented any sort of bias and he was the senior most person that started this operation, but that's like not even a page of a 450 page ig report. if anybody thinks they were ae exonerated or cleared, are you kidding me? comey takes it in the shorts for the fifth time in over 1,000 pages now documented from the inspector general. so good luck with that, mr. comey. >> dan: i want to get a quick answer, how much trouble do you think, go to you first, gregg john brennan is in. the reason i ask the sworn testimony of lisa page, she tells mark meadows under oath that she would be genuinelywo stunned if the cia was getting information from christopher steele. and i'm not giving the fbi a pass if comey lied throughout
10:32 pm
this whole thing but if there was a puppetmaster in this from the intel side it may have been john brennan. >> why? i call brennan the instigator in my book. he created before a steele dossier and inner agency task force that was the original foundation, you know this, john was the foundation for the trump russia collusion hoax. so i think brennan has a lot to answer for. and i think durham may be looking at false statements insofar as brennan is concerned. >> gregg has it exactly right. that is one place to be cracked open by durham. and also the issue of bias, the biggest bias injected into the investigation was the steele dossier. he admitted he was desperate to meet trump and the fbi used that to go to the fisa court. biases all over this, fisa. >> dan: congressman how much do trouble do you think john brennan is in him this?a
10:33 pm
>> he's in a lot of trouble, you agree with the other two, but i would also say, dan follow the money. there are millions of dollars that flow from the democrats overseas and durham is able toon go look at that. something that horowitz couldn't look at. that is going to tell a lot about the travesty that was done here. >> dan: jason, gregg, john thanks a lot. as the democratic field narrows 2020s beginning to heat up. at the last debate with elizabeth warren blasted pete for big dollar private fund-raisers. take a look. >> the mayor just recently had a fund-raiser held in a wind cave full of crystals and serve $900 a bottle wine. r think about who comes to that. he had promised that every fund-raiser he would do would be open door, but this one was closed the door. we made the decision many years ago that rich people and smoke-filled rooms would not
10:34 pm
pick the next president of the united states. billionaires in wine caves should not pick the next president of the united states. >> dan: hilarious. p the exchange, elizabeth warren herself held a $2700 a head fund-raiser -- can't make this up -- at a boston -- and president obama behind the scene to quietly court wealthy people to back her. deval patrick trying to urge the president to remain neutral and former vice president playing to smaller and smaller crowds at each campaign stop. joining me now with reaction conservative columnist jeffrey lord and fox news contributor sara carter. sarah, i will go to you, i know it is hysterical and john is laughing in the background. we have a peanut gallery.. and watching this is just embarrassing. i kind of framed it this way.
10:35 pm
there are three lanes all lead by authority. biden, he's not even safe enough for obama to endorse him and elizabeth warren is a millionaire, but then you have the outsider and an insider pete buttigieg. this is going to collapse. >> it is absolutely insane. first of all, it is hypocrisy and self-hate. that is where i'm going withol this. it is like elizabeth warren just can't like herself enough. with saw that when she actually touted as being native american. she paid the price for that. she has apologized for that. and now she is angry at billionaires and millionaires when we know the dnc, this is how you raise money. pete buttigieg is right. he said, look, you are a hypocrite because we have to raise money. if you think we need to defeat president trump, why are you turning your backs on people who actually want us to do thatfe right? but she turns her back on herself. she is actually a millionaire
10:36 pm
you are right, worth around $9 million. >> dan: which is great. but not when you are a socialist trying to tell people millionaires are awful people! >> exactly. and that is exactly what she is a socialist. it is like you grow up with money. she didn't. she actually made her money on her own, but she's angry that she has it. so she has this kind of syndrome. >> if she doesn't like it, i will take checks, make it out. s i will send you my home address. send it over. >> dan: you know, my analysis there, i think i'm spot on. any election, those three lanes they are all led by total frauds. you have bernie, i'm a millionaire. he's a millionaire too. nothing about this field is genuine, and elizabeth warren can't seem to get out of her own way lately. >> don't forget bernie's three houses. >> dan: yes.
10:37 pm
>> the sec says 61% of the trump donors are small donors, $200 or less. the democratic party and this has been the real change that is not talked about a lot. it used to be that wall street billionaires gave to the republican party. but for a variety of reasons over the decades, they are now all democrats. hollywood and wall street, the big tech, et cetera, et cetera. it is the little guy, the working american giving to donald trump. and i have to laugh because joe biden has 100 people show up for a rally. i was at the hershey rally the other week with president trump 12,000 people totally filled the arena with thousands outside in the rain. what does that tell you? >> dan: jeff, there were more people in the line of the bathroom at biden's rally. i'm only half kidding because it is probably true. but sara, this thing with bideny is becoming like really, a most painful to watch.
10:38 pm
the former secret service guy you get to know some of these people personally and i was on the president's mama but it is painful to watch, this guy is to be the safe pick, the mitt romney. and he can't even get an endorsement for a guy he served for eight years as vice president? this has got to be humiliatingrs for this guy. >> look, president obama knows him well. he spent enough time with him. it is embarrassing. it is gut wrenching to watch vice president joe biden and clips of him talking about corn pop, the hairy leg situation. and so you know president obama he has a realist. he is saying, this isn't goingng to happen. this isn't the guy for thehe party. but the problem is you have people like elizabeth warren for limousine liberals in hollywood and what jeffrey lord was talking about, basically telling the american people, this is how you need to operate. we believe in socialism for you just not for us and jeffrey is right.
10:39 pm
more people are supporting president trump, coming out in droves, spending two nights just to see him speak. these are regular folks because he connects with the regular americans, he connects with people and they were not connecting. they don't have a platform. >> dan: jeff, i might have 30 seconds left. president trump is going to eat these candidates alive on the debate stage right now. if this field stays as it is.. >> i'm investing in popcorn stock for one. but remember this about president obama, he is really insulted that donald trump is president of the united states. his legacy is vanishing and that he was rejected. so trust me whether elizabeth warren or alvin and the chipmunks, he will be out there regardless. >> dan: we will see what happens, thanks, sara, thanks up next violence continues to play major -- shootings in chicago. larry elder and tammy bruce will
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weigh in next. ♪
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♪ >> dan: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." the left's failed political agenda. one of the most striking and tragic examples of a failure of the democratic party's policies and seemingly never end ofag violence taking over the cities. this includes baltimore and chicago which suffered multiple major shootings over the weekend. joining us now with more is fox news reporter, anita vogel. >> good evening, dan, a violent weekend for two major cities and the police say they don't have good answers. in baltimore, seven people including three teenagers were shot early sunday morning outside of a hookah lounge in a downtown area. witnesses say two men carryinge firearms approach a crowd of
10:46 pm
people standing in line to get in. >> but criminals are brazen. this guy gets out of a car, not even a hand gun, walks up the street, and opens fire on people. >> when chicago house party on sunday meant to honor a 22-year-old victim of a carjacking ended up turning into a bloodied crime scene after two different gunmen opened fire atl the memorial, wounding 13 people. the victims were between the ages of 16 and 48 and some were left in critical conditions. just last week the justice department announced a crackdown in violent crime in seven cities across the u.s. that have highet crime rates than the national average, baltimore is among them. the crackdown involves adding more federal law enforcement officers and additional grant funds to help cities hire new officers and purchase new equipment and technology. now, it might be surprising to many to note chicago was not included as part of the crackdown.
10:47 pm
back to you. >> dan: and nita, thanks a lot. fox news contributor tammy bruce and syndicated host larry elder. tammy, i will go to you first. my time as a police officer in new york, and you would be sitting there and i worked in aa high crime area and people will come out and tap you on the shoulder, listen that guy on the corner is swinging drugs but don't tell him but can you please help us out. these are our citizens and people, our country, living in the second class america and cities being burned to the ground by these liberal policies.le it is a stain on our country and embarrassment for the richest country. >> genuinely unseen situation outside of the city weather baltimore, los angeles, chicago you think of the town, the entire encompassing city where this is a small group of people effectively a small percentage victimizing everyone else in the city.
10:48 pm
people of color, whether middle-class or lower income scale, and it is those american citizens who want protection who want leadership. this, for me, certainly we know it is gun-control policy. we see those of course victimize cities and like chicago and in baltimore. sanctuary city policies whether complete or partial, but it is signaling leadership that anything goes. that it is like in californiars decriminalizing certain crimes right? in new york, the quality of life elements were decriminalized where you can defecate on the sidewalk. you will not be arrested if drunk walking down the street. it sends the message to the rest of the community that nobody cares. that leadership doesn't care. if leadership doesn't care about the city, why should the average criminal? and that is what ends up victimizing everyone who relies on leadership, regardless of where you are, people want security.
10:49 pm
that is why trump is president is an example and it is why i would contend with them i think larry might agree, that it is liberal leadership and policies that condemned the cities. because it is an abandonment. they don't want to govern. their policies condemn even further. >> dan: larry, i know this is close to your heart. i was a city kid myself. these are real people with real lives who are living in places where, again, you know, john edwards ran for president as as democrat said there were two americas in that speech. he was right but for the wrong reason. there were two americas beingtw created by liberal policies that are ripping the hearts out of these hardworking people, forced to live in an area with these policies, garbage law enforcement policies lack of schools, and again, i noticed matters to you as well. you have spoken about it often. >> right. the elephant in the room is the
10:50 pm
large number of kids particularly black kids raised without fathers. according to the cdc, dan fromom 70% of black kids raised without fathers. tammy is right. this takes place in the hands of neighborhoods in chicago and baltimore and black neighborhoods where a lot of the kids are without fathers. forget about larry elder. obama said a kid raised without a father five times more likely to be poor, nine times more likely to drop out of school, 2. times more likely to end up in jail. the welfare state, incentivized women to marry the government. we allow men to abandon their moral responsibility. we need to reverse the welfare state, returned the stigma against having a kid outside of wedlock.on we are not doing that, we are blaming guns and all sorts of w things other than the problem incentivizing women to abandon their financial and moral responsibility. >> dan: i noticed, tammy, when i get into a debate with a liberal about this, it turns into some bigotry on their part. on their part where it ends up saying they lied.ra those people.
10:51 pm
there are those people. these are human beings. this is absurd. think about it. the media income in baltimore city five or 10% above the national average in 1950. liberals took over, 20% plus below. it is not the people. it is the darn policies and the liberals running at. >> you see, these are great american the greatest. baltimore, maryland; chicagogo illinois; new york city los angeles, san francisco, it is remarkable. milwaukee, kansas city albuquerque, memphis. we are looking at great american cities that became great because of the people in them. and one of the problems is people who are subjected to this leadership become isolated and began to feel there is no way out. and then republicans have got to step up. i would say republicans in the past have abandoned certain
10:52 pm
cities as belonging to the democrats. president trump is trying to reverse that, but the fact is these are american citizens who are from and their families are from, have built up the cities. they are the history of these cities. we have abandoned them here or there is a way to change it. america was headed into that direction under obama. we change that and we can help change the cities as well with different leadership. >> dan: larry, i have a minute left. one thing that bothers me is these kids need a shot. it's not just the terrible government and social welfare state, but school choice. if this was happening in a white middle class neighborhood with terrible schools in inner cities, they would burn the state house down, but it's acceptable because largely minority neighborhood. i have 30 seconds left. >> they sure do hate choice don't they except when it comes to their own children. you look at chicago, the l left-wing heavyweights, there should be a shining city on a c hill. you have barack obama, jesse jackson, bill ayers. you have all of these left-wing intellectual firepower's.
10:53 pm
why isn't chicago a shining city on a hill for crying out loud? rob emanuel, obama, why don't you guys have a meeting and solve this, you are so smart. >> dan: thanks, larry, thanks to me, really appreciate it. coming up on the special president, a summoner -- a message to young conservatives. stay with us. ♪ a message to young conservatives. message to young conservatives. stay with us. when we started our business
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10:59 pm
president trump gave a rousing speech to student conservatives over the weekend. take a look. >> the coming months will decide whether our country will be governed by a corrupt far leftur ruling class or whether we will govern our country. it will be governed of and by the american people. >> [cheers and applause]. >> that's what we are talking about. on every front the extreme leftist -- >> 4 more years, 4 more years! >> thank you. if you want to drive them crazy go 16 more years! >> [laughing]. >> 16 more years! >> dan: the left will have a hard time replicating that energy. you have seen the lines and the crowd. that's all of the time we have left this evening. thanks for tuning into the show. need a last-minute gift idea around christmas check out my new book.
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it's available anywhere books are sold. i want to wish our viewers a very merry christmas and happy hanukkah. raymond is in for laura ingraham. the air waves are yours. >> great job. thank you very much and merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> i am raymond arroyo in for laura ingraham on the "thehe ingraham angle" on christmas i eve, eve. nancy pelosi is doubling down and refusing to send articles of impeachment to the senate. how long can she do this? all-star legal panel is here. i hit the streets to find outis what americans really think about impeachment. aoc says the u.s. is a fascist country. a hot debate coming up and 200 evangelical leaders are hitting back at the editor and chief of