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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  December 24, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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merry christmas to everybody at home. here's julie. julie in for harr. >> julie: doubling down on impeachment, bringing additional charges against president trump, this as both sides are digging in on rules for the senate trial. welcome to "outnumbered overtime," i am julie banderas in for harris faulkner today. we begin with the judiciary committee, pushing up for don mcgahn's testimony revealing in a court filing that they could actually pursue new articles of impeachment. based on evidence that he may provide, may, i should emphasize. for democrat say that the house has investigative work that is not over. speak of the house of representatives continues to control the two articles, has not yet submitted then, speaker pelosi is trying to figure out what the rules of the game are going to be. but this does not stop at the house judiciary committee and
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other committees can do going forward. >> julie: senate judiciary chair lindsey graham tweeting this "best evidence yet that democrats don't believe they can beat president trump at the ballot box. meanwhile, the president saying democrats are pushing for fairness in the senate that they denied republicans in the house. listen. >> pf the majority, and now they want mcconnell to do wonderful things for them. i mean, he is going to do what he wants to do. he is a smart guy, very good guy. and a very fair guy. but they treated us very unfairly, and now they want fairness in the senate. they ought to look back at the last year to see how they have hurt this country. >> julie: live in west palm beach, florida, near where the president is spending his christmas holiday. hi. >> good morning, julie, the president beginning his day with a bit of a holiday tradition. the president on a holiday will call service members stationed around the world. the president also after you
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finished with the service member spoke with reporters. remember this is less than a week after the house of representatives wanted to impeach him. so the president on his past conduct. >> they had no evidence at all. they had no crime. we had 196 or so republicans voting 100%. we did not lose one republican vote in the house. we had three democrats come over to our side. >> democrats and republicans are debating the specifics of a potential impeachment trial in the senate. house democrats are withholding the articles of impeachment to try to compel republicans to allow witnesses to testify in any senate trial. senate republicans call impeachment a political charade. one senate democratic chris murphy of connecticut writes "i know how this goes. today republicans say we should observe the clinton impeachment rules and open the trial without an agreement on witnesses, then when the trial begins, they will tell us how different this is than the clinton impeachment, and that we can't have
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witnesses." democrats and republicans argue over the impeachment articles at the house already passed, house democrats suggest they could pursue more impeachment articles against president trump. in a court filing yesterday they say the u.s. court of appeals should enforce their subpoena for former white house counsel don mcgahn to testify, writing "mcgahn's testimony is relevant to the committee's ongoing investigations into presidential misconduct and consideration of whether to recommend additional articles of impeachment." the justice department urged the court instead to throw out the lawsuit. they say that the articles have been voted on, so that it should end there. >> julie: and it will not, thank you very much. let's bring in boyd matheson, former chief of staff mike lee, and jessica tarlov, fox news contributor. great to see you both. so jessica, should we see another impeachment in the house? >> i guess so. that was new to me yesterday. >> julie: will it happen? >> i don't think it will happen
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in this year, before the next election. i think that they are two issues at play. first of all, the house should continue to do their work. that's where the impotent for making the statement comes around, just because we have seen two articles of impeachment does not mean everybody goes home for the next calendar year and does not do anything before the next election. on the flip side of that, i think it was very smart of democrats, specifically nancy pelosi to say that this impeachment would be focused on the ukraine situation specifically, not wanting to go back to the potential obstruction of justice charges that could have come out of the mueller report to say that this is a clear identifiable infraction, abuse of power relating to ukraine and abusing national security guard and that that is what we should focus on. so that's how i see it right now, but i doubt it moves forward. but we should absolutely hear from don mcgahn prayed he played a pivotal role in the first two years of the administration. we have every right to hear from them as the court says. splunk question is why did the democrats not want to hear from don mcgann --
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>> we did feel bad. >> julie: but as it pertains to the mueller investigation, but that third article of impeachment that they wait about which was to investigate the sum of mueller investigation, so now they are finally coming forward and saying that they want to go forward with a third article, which would charge the president with abuse of power and obstruction of congress, not obstruction of justice, but obstruction of congress, does this bolster the g.o.p. claimed that the dems are not going to give up until they oust trump? do i think it lends to the republicans in terms of their argument, they are making the case that this is for the democrats are about. whether that is accurate or not, that is the perception. and i think that the challenge is whether the impeachment rolls on and this is a framing debate of the country, as long as nancy pelosi is the face and the voice and impeachment is the vision. that is hard for whoever becomes the nominee. it makes a really hard for joe biden or pete buttigieg to really get traction in any kind
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of meaningful agenda for the american people that as jessica knows really well and always plays out, you have to have an agenda. you have to be able to beat something. i also think that it is a challenge for the democrats that there is a lot of football coming off this week, and the rule is if you are complaining about the rules and the referee, you are probably losing. and i think the further they are going on the complaint an end grievance bandwagon of hay, this is not fair. this is not fair. this is not fair. they are losing. they are not on the right argument or message. >> julie: i want to play a clip from stephanie grisham on "tucker carlson tonight" last night, when it comes to getting to the senate. let's listen. >> we will see what happens. she has to get it over there to the senate, because then obviously the impeachment is not going to be valid. it will not be legitimate in the eyes of the american people. once it does go to the senate, it will be exactly what we have been saying all along, the president did absolutely nothing wrong. >> julie: could this be perceived as weakening the
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democrats case and exposing them for not having enough evidence before presenting this to the senate? >> mitch mcconnell and lindsey graham have been perfectly clear that there is no fair trial to be held. if they have not held back about that. they have been announcing it on every show they have set it on. stephanie grisham is absolutely incorrect or that the president did nothing wrong, any honest republican would at least admit that this is something that you should not have done and the call was far from perfect. over 70% of americans also agree with that. but to the point of the tide is turning against impeachment especially with independents who are critical voters that we need in swing states to win in 2020. so i believe nancy pelosi will turn over the articles of impeachment early on in the new year and it will turn to the senate. what should happen is a vote to see if we can get the republican senators to say that we should call witnesses from the get-go. different protocol with the clinton impeachment, and i wonder if mitch mcconnell is afraid that he does not have those votes that a susan collins where he met romney might stand
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up and say, maybe we should hear from witnesses like michael duffy who said that email 91 minutes after the zelensky call. >> julie: jessica tarlov, thank you very much, boyd matheson, merry christmas to both of you. we will have you back, you can't go away yet. >> nailed to my seat. >> julie: hold off on the cocktails were just a second. a store clerk fatally shooting a suspect during an attempted robbery, the deal cat on camera, now the clerk is sticking out. plus congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez going after president trump again. issuing a dire warning about the direction of our country. ♪ >> we need to fight to start this work. the establishment of an advanced society. usable musical five years ago, i had psoriasis everywhere. my skin hurt, i felt gross.
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>> we are here to say that what we are living in right now is not an advanced society. >> call it fascism, that's what it is? >> it is fascism. >> julie: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez raising eyebrows about those comments for the direction of the country as she campaigns for bernie sanders. later in an interview,
10:13 am
ocasio-cortez defended the left-wing position saying basic human economic rights are called socialism in the united states, and she took a swipe at president trump, of course, saying this. "if the president thinks i am crazy, i think it is a good thing. because it would be a problem if he said he agrees with my ideas, because he has many problems." power panel is packed, boyd matheson, jessica tarlov. what do you make of aoc's comments? >> i think while she was probably enjoying her under the mistletoe moment with bernie sanders, it is not where the american people are, to be sure. jessica rightly pointed out this important middle section of the country that will really divide and decide the election in 2020. and it is really the movable medal, not just independence. these are people who are center left or center right, they have been democrats and republicans. and they are not interested in a socialist movement. they believe in free markets. they believe the economy is doing well for them. and they are not motivated by impeachment. they are not motivated by
10:14 am
socialist shouts from aoc or what bernie sanders is trying to sell. but what they are interested in, interestingly is community and self responsibility. personal responsibility. compassion and opportunity. and it will be important for the president, it will be important for whoever the democratic nominee is to speak in those terms, because this 21%, this movable middle is disengaging from the process, but whoever engages on those positive topics of free markets and civil society, they will have the advantage going into 2020. >> julie: does this show just how far left the democratic party has moved? is it moving too far left? you look at the u.k. and so forth, you can see a trend perhaps that the united states should be paying attention to? >> luckily we do not have a jeremy corbyn, we just have a bernie sanders, jeremy corbyn was an endorsement that was regrettable considering the anti-semitism. the far left wing of the
10:15 am
democratic party has moved too far left, but it is in the title. that's what they are therefore, and they are preaching something that is designated with a specific part of our base, bernie sanders is maintaining a strong second-place and the democratic primary, joe biden has a significant lead they are, reflecting the fact that the majority of the democratic party is where i am, in the middle. and i think boyd makes a smart point about the movable middle and what they are looking to talk about. there is a more elegant way than what congressman oak osseo cortez was saying to talk about things that the government can s do better. no one should be crushed under student debt. everybody should have the right to have affordable, quality health care, good education system, so there is a way to do that without using the term socialism. we know that that is something that works for millennials, but the people that turn out to vote are 55 and over, and they prefer capitalism. >> julie: reporting that 2020 democrat michael bloomberg used prison labor to make campaign
10:16 am
calls, this is just coming to us now. they say his campaign apparently contracted a new jersey-based call center company, and two are the company call centers are apparently working out of state prisons in oklahoma. to the bloomberg campaign responding in a statement "we do not know about this, and we never would have allowed it if we had. we don't believe in this practice. and we have now ended our relationship with the subcontractor in question." when you have people making phone calls, you need to know who is making those phone calls. how is it even unimaginably possible, boyd, that they did not know that prisoners were stumping for bloomberg? >> that is news. i don't get that either, because most of those people would not be eligible to vote. so they're making the calls is a little bit suspect. so i'm not sure where they go with that, obviously in a campaign you have lots of subcontractors and sub-sun cracked win subcontractors. i won't throw them over on that
10:17 am
alone, they have over corrected quickly, which is smart. it does not do much about criminal justice reform, one of the things that has been a bipartisan effort over the last two years with some really interesting partners coming together and so, i guess there is a spirit of optimism of hey, if nothing else, we can have a better conversation about something that we actually all agree on in terms of criminal justice reform. >> julie: i will give you the final word, this is not the first time that there is been a hiccup, if you can call it that with the bloomberg campaign, there been comments by michael bloomberg himself that are offensive to women, this gets behind those, what happens to bloomberg's campaign after this? >> it will not affect his campaign at all, he is at the 5% level, he will be hanging out there until we see what happens in the first four primaries, it is forgettable, they had no idea. and they would not have done it if they did. but i am hopeful that we will continue to talk about how the prison population is exploited and taken advantage of in the
10:18 am
cruel practice. it should not be allowed to happen. and campaigns should do their due diligence, check everything. dodge all the is come across all the ts, do not use people in prison for these things. >> julie: that is some good campaign advice, thank you, jessica. >> my christmas gift. >> julie: and free. jessica, boyd, thank you very much. merry christmas. an air force veteran working as a clerk in a northern california market, fatally shoots a robbery suspect. the dramatic ordeal captured on surveillance video, you can see two armed men entering the store, one goes behind the counter and hits the clerk, right here. with a gun. anita vogel live in the los angeles borough with more on this dramatic story. hi. >> despite spending time in the military, the clerk says this was his closest man closest brush with death. happening in the east bay near
10:19 am
san francisco, the clerk, 56-year-old mark casper it's was taken by surprise and a robber approached him with a gun, started reading the cash register, then pistol whipped him while another assailant held another store clerk in the back. meanwhile despite being pummeled by a gun to the head and bleeding, he manages to pull open a drawer when the robber turns away for a split second, we have turned, we have slow down the video for you so that you can see, he grabs his own gun, takes a couple of shots and ends up killing the robber who attacked him first. listen to how it all went down. [crashing] >> after watching the surveillance tape, he said at the time it was happening he had no idea how serious the whole situation was. ironically the store had a sign above the counter that said no trespassing, violators will be shot, survivors will be shot again. the sign was originally meant as
10:20 am
a joke, but felons might think twice now that they know firsthand the store means business. he said he did what he had to do to protect himself and his coworker, and they both feel lucky to be alive. >> fear and adrenaline kicked in together, but i kind of, you know, i tried to check myself a little, the importance of being onto the ground, held me down. >> he says he is not afraid to go back to work, and hopes to return as soon as possible. i don't know, julie, may be a christmas bonus or a raise for this guy, what do you think? >> julie: or a helmet, that is painful to watch, but good for him, glad to know that he is okay. anita vogel, thank you very much. new fallout over an anti-trump editorial in the magazine sounded by the late reverend billy graham, what his son told fox news and how christianity today is doubling down. plus christmas eve celebrations underway in bethlehem as children around the world flock
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>> julie: christianity today doubling down on their critique of president trump with an op-ed from in the piece where timothy questions to the unconditional loyalty of evangelical christians to the administration and asked readers to reconsider their unwavering support. "we nevertheless believe the ambien gela: alliance has done damage to the witness here and abroad. the cost has been too high. american evangelicalism is not a republican impact." all of this as the son of the magazine founder franklin graham is taking issue with the
10:26 am
publication and invoking his father billy graham in its original editorial, and he had this to say to fox news. >> my father would be very disappointed. this is well off the target. they are a very liberal left wing organization now. >> julie: joined by the senior editor of "the federalist." so we're still talking about this. so i guess that is good for christianity today. they wanted our protection, they wanted to sell magazines, and they did. this is one simple editorial. it is not evangelical christians. but what do you make of the publication now doubling down after getting a wide criticism. >> it is the editor's last stand, retiring in a few weeks. you have to wonder what has changed, we knew who president donald trump was when he was running for office. we knew about his background. but we also knew how he has govern his health and the policies he has implemented which have been friendly towards evangelicals, so this is a last dance shot from christianity is
10:27 am
outgoing editor saying that he is taking a stand. evangelicals i do not think are going to be playing the president, because they are looking at someone who has stood by them more than any republican president on planned parenthood and abortion, on judges and judicial nominees, on moving the embassy in israel. these are things that republicans have promised to do for decades, and the evangelical vote really does appreciate someone who actually stands by their word. that is a meaningful thing in this. not only that, but you have to look at his family. it donald trump has an amazing family that clearly loves him and he loves them back. that is not lost on evangelical voters either. so there's not really an alternative for them. this is someone they can stand by generally looking even if he may have some personal flaws in his past. >> julie: timothy dern hall, about to retire as you mention, but i'm wondering before he goes, who would he recommend that evangelical should stand behind, because clearly i don't think he is saying why don't you just stand behind one of the
10:28 am
numerous democratic presidential candidates, so exactly what does he want evangelicals to do? to vote somebody into the office that is pro-abortion? what is his stance and his method? what is his goal, what is his mode method? there is a sad history of this with evangelical voters, the last time they were active was not for a republican, it was for jimmy carter because he fit in the mode, and they thought, this is a good man. jimmy carter was elected and turned around and did not put a single evangelical into his cabinet. they were cut off. they did not have his number. they were not able to speak to the president that weighed you can speak with president trump. there is not a single candidate out there that i've seen on the right or the left who is willing to stand up and greg acosta in his family, as much as president trump has for the things that matter to christians, christians are under attack for a lot of people in the country. >> julie: for the president to be worried at all? >> i would not expect that there will be an exodus of the
10:29 am
evangelical movement. it is called a liberal magazine. to keep in mind, it is liberal evangelical on the left of evangelical, but it is still a pretty republican magazine. and a lot of the evangelical voters will still come out, just like they did in 2016, i suspect. >> julie: graham has come out and said that christianity today does not represent most evangelicals, the fox news poll says he is tight, white evangelicals in the country do not only not support impeachment, they do not support removing the president from office. i just want to leave it there. thank you very much, chris bedford, we appreciate you coming on. merry christmas to you. it is about half past 8:00 p.m. in the holy city of bethlehem, where thousands of christians around the world are gathering. huge crowds filling manger square where christmas eve celebrations are in full swing. and we have trey yingst with more from bethlehem. >> julie, good afternoon. as you can imagine christmas eve and bethlehem is a mixture of
10:30 am
religious tradition. also celebration as people around the world have come here to mark the occasion. earlier today there was a procession in a parade with a latin patriarch making his way from jerusalem to bethlehem and meijer square outside the church and the nativity. earlier this week fox news was shown a relic that just arrived in bethlehem from vatican city. it is actually a piece of the crib that supposedly laid in. take a look. ♪ >> bethlehem is marking the christmas holiday with a new arrival from the vatican, a piece of the crib that supposedly laid in. >> the first time after 1,400 years that a piece of the original crib comes back to bethlehem. >> in the days leading up to christmas, thousands have gathered at the church of the nativity in bethlehem to celebrate the birth of, and offer prayers of peace for the region. speak with a small piece of what is symbolic to christians across
10:31 am
the globe. as they believe that it provides evidence that was born in bethlehem. as always, there was some political controversy this holiday season. this year it had to do with permits for palestinian christians in gaza that were not able to come to bethlehem. additionally, president trump's deal of the century remained stalled, so tensions are high the between the israelis and palestinians. >> julie: think is so much, and thank you so much. a ominous warning for the u.s., why the pentagon will be spending the christmas keeping a close eye on pyongyang. and the search for two messing idaho children continues. ♪ now the attorney for the parents of the missing children is coming forward. ♪ ( ♪ ) at chevy, we're all about bringing families together.
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>> julie: fox news alert, the search for two messing idaho kids intensifying as authorities are now naming the parents of 7-year-old joshua and 17-year-old kylie as persons of interest in their investigation. an attorney for the parents say that he is in contact with the couple, but has no information on the whereabouts of the children. william la jeunesse's life in los angeles with the very latest in this very sad case. >> you are right, they are not suspects at this time, they have no warrants further arrest, but the newly married couple he refused to announce the location of the children. police say chad and more relied about the children's whereabouts and then suddenly fled when officers tried to get a warrant a month ago. now in attorney saying "we look forward to addressing the allegations once they have moved beyond speculation and rumor.
10:37 am
so the couples and disappearance has them revisiting the death of his former wife tammy. her body was exhumed two weeks ago for an autopsy. 49-year-old librarian mysteriously died in october, weeks before he married lori, allegedly of natural causes. also looking into the death in july of lori's former husband charles in chandler, arizona, and the unexplained death of lori's brother earlier this month. they say that 46-year-old mother of two changed after she met dave bill, the prolific author and speaker who preps followers for the end of days. the apocalypse, the second coming of jesus christ. the company that airs the couples podcast has pulled them off they are saying it is inappropriate to promote the media content in light of criminal investigations and the missing children. >> we would even be hit with a
10:38 am
face time video of the children to make us feel better that they are safe. >> [indistinguishable] >> all we want is j.j. back. we just missed him so much. >> so right now this is basically a puzzle. where the kids? why are the parents being so evasive? and how did the previous spouse died? those are all questions that police are hoping to get answered, but right now they cannot even find a couple couple or the kids. back to you. >> julie: thank you so much, william la jeunesse. for more on this, we want to bring in chris swecker, former assistant director of the fbi. i understand the fbi has now joined the search, are you hearing anything? >> not directly from the fbi. i would not put them on the spot. but to say that there are numerous red flags here would be a gross understatement. obviously, there is a pretty significant hunt going on.
10:39 am
and i'm sure that there is a lot of forensic evidence being gathered as we speak. >> julie: so then, let's just talk about motive. there are a couple investigations going on. when you say red flags, yes, there are a lot of those too. former spouses that are now considered potentially responsible for their deaths, again, no charges there. but it seems that there are a lot of loose ends here. and then there is a motive factor, what is the motive? could this be some sort of religious cult thing? what else, what do you sense when you hear the details? >> yes, family members, caught my attention was family member saying that they have been involved in a cold, apparently the husband was kicked out of the mormon church. and if you look back in the past, i've been involved in some of these investigations, colts and kids do not go together. they often are victimized in many different ways. even to the point of human
10:40 am
trafficking, a lot of these colts are really just fronts for fraud, a way to separate their followers from their money. they turn over all of their assets. they essentially get very much brainwashed and brought into the whole scheme to the point where they are willing to expose her kids to great danger. it remains to be seen if that is the case, but it does not look good at this point. >> julie: let's talk about the attorney representing chad and laurie. he says he is in contact with the couple, but has no information with their whereabouts. this is a couple that is also connected to two active death investigations as i just mentioned involving both of their former spouses. the lawyer. i understand attorney/client privilege, but the lawyer is in contact with a couple that could be in charge, could be responsible for multiple deaths. is there nothing that the law enforcement can do? nothing the fbi can do to bring that lawyer in and get their whereabouts before they kill someone else? >> when it comes to missing
10:41 am
children, certainly, there are ways to breach or get passed to that attorney-client privilege. if they cannot hide behind their attorney when they have minor children that are missing. just to say that they are in touch with the parents, that is not good enough. so they can get subpoenas, they can get past this attorney-client privilege. they can track cell phones. they can go so far as to get orders and that sort of thing. i'm confident that the fbi will pull out all of the stops on this. they have a rapid deployment team. they will bring a lot of resources to bear. and they will get to the bottom of this fairly quickly. >> julie: how much of the evidence do you think has been concealed at this point? these children have been missing since september, and only now is the fbi getting involved. you have a lawyer in contact with the parents and is not cooperating with authorities. it just looks like, you know, the local investigations have botched the case so badly that i fear that the fbi is going to be
10:42 am
up against a wall to get real information to pin the two down. >> it does disadvantage them, but my understanding is that the report of the kids were missing, the welfare check that was requested by people relatives was not made until november, so they have been at this sense may be late november, november 26th, i think. there are not a lot of leads at this point, because they are asking from the help from the public, some tip line has been set up for the public, so they are definitely looking for leads, but there are plenty of other things that they can look at. >> julie: thank you very much. former assistant director of the fbi, now the fbi involved in this sad case, hopefully getting answers soon for the poor family. thank you. president trump now weighing in on north korea's christmas gift, they are calling it. has on military expert warns that they may need to respond. next, the potential impact on nuclear investigation, and what
10:43 am
kim jong un could have up his sleeve. >> in terms of denuclearization, which he has agreed to, providing no plans, no timetable, no weapon systems coming in the united states changes the negotiating policy. ♪ we present limu emu & doug with this key to the city. [ applause ] it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. and now we need to get back to work. [ applause and band playing ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ i felt gross. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. four years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur.
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and keep the public safe.
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>> hi, everyone.
10:47 am
i am ed henry, no break for christmas when it comes to politics. senate republicans will do him justice on impeachment. and why democrats are running into a roadblock when it comes to the strong economy. and the pentagon, warned our men and women in uniform with take-home dna kits, wait till you hear why. the top the hour on "the daily briefing." >> julie: new reaction from president trump after north korea threatened a so-called christmas gift. if they refuse to ease up on sanctions. this as leaders from china and south korea our meeting today. recommitting to ending pyongyang's nuclear pogrom. here's a president. >> may be it is a nice present. maybe it is a president where he sends me a beautiful vase, as opposed to a missile test. i may get a vase. i may get a nice present from him. you never know. >> julie: lucas tomlinson live
10:48 am
at the pentagon. mack, lucas played >> hi, julie. and president trump went on to say he is ready for anything north korea could send him the gift, naughty or nice. >> that is okay, we'll find out what the surprise is, and we will deal with it successfully. we will see what happens. everybody gets surprises for me. let's see what happens. i handle them as they come along. >> official say north korea's christmas gift may not be a long-range missile test as many are speculating. they could test any components used for long-range missiles even if a short one is fired. the intelligence is "murky." north korea testing over a dozen short-range missiles, after testing none last year. unlike the nuclear missiles, north korea has never before tested long-range missiles using solid fuel. bret baier asked mark esper about the increasing threat from north korea at the reagan national defense forum earlier this month. >> well, solid fuel boosters do
10:49 am
provide you a degree of efficiency and mobility, and it gives you less warning then do a liquid fuel rocket, but today have been moving this direction for years. it is another thing that we watch, because it reduces our warnings, if you will. but we have very good intelligence on north korea. >> president trump's former national security adviser john bolton offering his worst criticism yet of the overture to pyongyang. "we say it is unacceptable for north korea to obtain weapons, but it is more work toward a goal then a real policy at this point." saying that more than 20,000 troops "are imminent." and also watching ahead, kim jong un's new year's eve address for what 2020 has in store. julie. >> julie: lucas tomlinson, thank you for this. we will bring in attorney general denny davis, this is a conversation we have had so many times over and over. and now again, another threat
10:50 am
to. they just tingling a slap in the face to the president and the president has made a very clear that these sanctions are not going to be lifted. what can we expect next? >> i think what we have to understand right off the top is that our security is not going to be in such no matter what north korea does, because he remained the preeminent dominant military nuclear conventional power, and kim jong un knows that. anything he will be doing is going to try to gain attention and get notice to say, hey, we want to negotiate because we want to sanctions believed. he needs the deal, we don't need a deal. and we will continue to be safe no matter what. what we have to be careful of is that we do not overreact and actually spawn the very thing that we are trying to avoid, which is war, because i would be the worst outcome. splints to react to general jack keane, whatever north korea does, whatever they do may require the u.s. to respond. listen to this and then react. >> if he fires off an icbm, that is more threatening to the united states, because the last
10:51 am
one he fired off in 2017 in theory could have reached washington, d.c. so that is a real threat to. and we will have to respond to that. so i believe that he is going to do something. >> julie: do you agree that the u.s. may need to respond? >> i cannot more strongly disagree with that on a number of levels. number one, there is nothing new. we artie know that he has a capability. they have nuclear weapons, but we have lived under that for decades successfully, because of our nuclear deterrence with russia and china, and if that happens here, it is not turning back. what we need to do is prevent it from being used. i tell you that if we want to go in there and say, we want to negotiate and you have to denuclearize up front before we get anything, that is a guaranteed failure. we have to diplomatically engage. obviously where both sides come out with some wins, because there is a deal to be had. there is peace to be had. and later on we can work about
10:52 am
four -- denuclearization, but if you ask for it upfront, it is a failure. spun but look at who we are dealing with, they do not want to denuclearize, they do not want to agree to anyone else's rules except for his, it feels -- >> but he wants to live though. >> julie: yes, but -- okay, but if he is going to do it. if you believe that the united states should not respond if north korea goes forward with this, it just seems to me like it is a return to a status quo in the u.s.-north korea relations, where does this go forward? when it comes to nuclear negotiations? >> well, yes, the issue is we have to keep yourself safe, we have to avoid war. and it would take provocative negotiations militarily that could spawn a war, that is not in our interest. we have to deal with the harsh reality that we have kim jong un is a brutal dictator, he is a murderous person threat he has weapons of mass destruction, but we can trump all of that,
10:53 am
because we have more power. >> julie: lieutenant colonel danny davis, thank you for your expertise, merry christmas to you. you have a white beard, big belly, and a really good ho ho ho, i'm not talking about myself, but why you may want to look into being a mall santa. for some extra holiday joe, apparently it pays off. ♪ ♪ neon green and do this. blends right into the italian architecture! see everything you should never do with an alfa romeo... ...then experience everything you should on the road now. well-qualified lessees get a low mileage lease on the 2019 alfa romeo stelvio for $379 a month.
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>> julie: every year it seems like the christmas list is getting longer and longer and that's why many people look for holiday side hustle. it turns out there is only one santa by the way. he has helpers everywhere and being one of those helpers is a great way to bring in cash with some ball santas bringing in as much as $20,000 for just 40 days of work. not bad at. at grady trumbull is live at woodfield mall in schaumburg, illinois. i was hoping you'd be wearing a santa suit but i guess you are at is starting her side hustle on this story. >> not just yet, after this report i might but i have my red and green on. it's a busy day for shoppers and also a busy day for santa. look at all the people who have come to see them. i would say that in one of santa's helpers is not necessarily a job, it's more of a vocation but it sure can pay well if you look at the numbers.
10:58 am
at the averages seasonal retail worker makes about ten or 11 bucks an hour. santa claus can make as much as $30 an hour and a really good ones can make up to $75 an hour. so you are doing the math there, that's $20,000 for just about two months of work. some of the people i talk to here are looking for a new job. >> wow. i feel like i need to grow a jelly belly and -- >> get a beard and you could be santa. >> that's a nice amount. >> they earn every penny. >> are you surprised? >> for a month, having to sit with a bunch of kids and smiled. >> they earn it. but other people say it's not worth it because you have to do with crying kids in that kind of thing but this was kind of surprising to me. i think it would surprise a lot of people so i guess that explains why santa is so jolly.
10:59 am
he's actually bringing in a lot of extra christmas cash. >> julie: all right, thank you very much. for the first time in 200 years there will be no christmas mass held at the famed notre dame's cathedral in paris, france. the iconic landmark has been closed since a massive fire severely damage the building back in april. notre dame has held christmas masses every year since the fresh french revolution, keeping it going even during two world wars. restoration of the cathedral is expected to take years. and it looks like even the president of the united states cacan't avoid doing some last minute holiday. here's what he had to say when asked what he got the first lady for christmas. >> we i got her a beautiful watch. we have a great relationship, still working on the christmas
11:00 am
present. is that okay? there's a little time left. not too much but a little time left. >> something tells me he has a the card, but he got the same thing in april apparently. henry is on for the dail "the dy briefing." >> the president says he wants a fair shake in the present mike senate. hello everyone, i am ed henry in for a a dana perino end of is "the daily briefing." ♪ >> president trump: now we have the majority, and it's up to mitch mcconnell. we have the majority and now they want mcconnell to do wonderful things for them. he's going to do what he wants to do. smart guy, very good guy and a very fair guy. they treat


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