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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 25, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> it's also worth noting that he was a father of a little girl as well so we are thinking of him and his family today and all of the soldiers around the world. >> we are indeed. i hope you had a great morning and we are glad to have spent it with you. the ladies of "outnumbered" have a christmas special. >> merry christmas. ♪ >> merry christmas. thank you for joining us on this very special day. this is "outnumbered," i'm melissa francis in here today, my very festive partner, harris faulkner. fox business network anchored dagen mcdowell. fox news contributor jessica tarlov. and in the center seat today, fox news analyst and fox nation host, lawrence jones. he is "outnumbered" and his smoking in that red jacket. i love it.
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>> want to start a tradition, why would you have a break that up? where was the sale in the turtleneck? you and i hit it, baby. mine was at target. i love it. merry christmas everyone, let's get to it. now that president trump has been impeached by the house on another happy note, the senate is preparing to hold a possible impeachment trial in the new year, but with congress now out of session for the holidays, impeachment is on the likely collision course with the first nominating contest of the 2020 democratic presidential race. that's also going to be a major issue on the campaign trail in the new year come a theme that could overshadow some of the candidates and their policy driven issues. so, lawrence, what do you think of this? what is a benefit? the thinking early on was that the president, if impeached, would be hobbled or weaker.
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do democratic candidates on the trail make the most of that? >> i think the candidates will, they don't have to worry about reelection. many of the people that are running our senators. beauty will be affected that much because she voted preside president. president. i think there's an ungratefulness in the house or no because a lot of these democratic candidates, they didn't run a strong progressive's. they ran on getting things done. the progressive wing of the carcass kind of took that thunder away from them and weren't grateful for those members. a lot of them are going to be under fire. peterson the minnesota, cunningham and south carolina, macbeth in utah, those are going to be problematic seats for them. i think nancy pelosi, who i would think is a veteran come a person that is very wise, i think the carcass is stressful
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so she had t to do impeachment. >> you know it is interesting, because you're talking about some of the members of those 31 democrats were in trump carry districts, some of them flipped the district to make them democrats and how vulnerable they are. they've honestly been targeted by pac money throughout the impeachment process. i do a different calculation of why they are in trouble, they promised health care, the premise of things they haven't given yet. that is a bigger issue going into the 2020 then impeachment will be. basically the president has been impeached by the house. what happens next happens next, but that has already happened. >> that's why i opened up to sing they were ungrateful to those members because they did want to get those things done. >> bringing it back to candidates on the trail, how does this work for them? how do they spend it? >> it's going to be a lot like the town halls have been all over the nation where you're going to get some questions about impeachment but are largely going to be issue focused. we are 11 months out from the election and i think it's
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possible the senate trial is speedy and we are not talking what impeachment much coming to election. elizabeth warren was the first sender who is running for president who's come up in support of impeachment, she will talk about it as a constitutional scholar. i don't disagree with you come i'm saying this is something she wants to talk about because it's part of her whole think that you have to hold people accountable whether it's a big bank emma private equity firm, united states of america. bernie will keep doing them bernie thinks. amy klobuchar could be tricky. she had a little surge in iowa, she got up to ten points in one of the polls there. that feels like a state she could get into a better positi position. >> didn't elizabeth warren back impeachment for the alleged obstruction of justice items in
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the mueller report, which nancy pelosi didn't charts because there were no crimes alleged in the two articles of impeachment. she was backing impeachment even before the democrats in the house, nancy pelosi come adam schiff come and jerry nadler got their hooks into the ukraine phone call. that goes to what they are going to have to answer. how did this make our lives better? have you overreached? have you stepped on the united states constitution? this is what the going to have to answer. >> it's also a case that has taken them off the front page. right harris? they don't get as much oxygen. >> except for tulsi gabbard. to get yourself back into everybody talking about her because she votes present, which is a kin to sing i'm here, i don't know what to do. it's the criticism from the le
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left. >> she's not really here. she said even before she was going to qualify for the last debate that she wouldn't -- tulsi gabbard is not liked by democrats. she is liked by independents and republicans. she's trying to win our nomination and i can tell you that her approach, voting present after she openly back the impeachment inquiry, this goes back to the argument about why she is a fan favorite of right-wing media and that's a place she feels most secure. voting present -- >> because she gives interviews on fox, is that the dig? i've heard that on the debate stage. >> you heard it from me too. i do not think someone who's running for the democratic nomination for president should be giving more interviews to right wing media going to the night that she had a fight with hillary clinton and she ran to the tucker carlson's show.
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>> maybe she wanted the most viewers. >> this isn't about bashing fox, i work here and i'm very happy to work here. i'm saying if you are trying to speak to democratic voters you go to places that democrats are. >> you need to look at our democratics because everybody's watching fox. >> i know how many liberals watch fox and i know how many independents do. i'm saying it's not smart politics if you're trying to win our nomination. >> we are talking about her. the producer just reminded me it's christmas. jessica you know i love going back and forth, but merry christmas. >> we can do it on new year's. >> if they're only talking to the democratic voters is going to come to smack those candidates in the face later on in the year. if you can't explain the people, if you talk to everybody because everybody is listening.
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everybody watches fox. you better have a reason why he backed impeachment, particularly if it was not even involved in the ukraine and something wasn't in the articles. >> merry christmas. meanwhile president trump and his allies are looking to seize on impeachment the head of the 2020 election. look at the big board, politico is reporting the trump campaign and the rnc has set up spent more than $11 million on impeachment related ads since house democrats begin their inquiry in late september. the president's campaign manager says "this lit up our base. let up the people that are supporters of the president. they are frustrated and upset and that motivates the voters. there are reports that the president could we even impeachment into the state of the union address next year. >> they raise $20 million in november and that's the most they've ever raised. i was text messaging, i have a group of friends that are democrats and fronts that are republicans. the republicans are really upset
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and these are people that are typically not that politically involved. they stay at home and they go to work, i know people hate this talking point, but people really do feel like their votes are getting taken away. of course is going to die in the senate, that's what happens. we know what's going to happen at the end of the day. the fact that democrats attempted, these people feel like they are not being heard. they are getting tired of people calling them racist. they disagree with the president's tone sometimes. they disagree with the tweets sometimes. but they feel like the president has been what's best for their pocketbooks and their kids. for democrats to put all of the outside and so you're just a hateful person and everybody that agrees with the president are part of that category. people are having that conversation at home. >> you for the president's critics say, the president probably wanted some of this to happen so they could campaign off of it. look, bill clinton set a very
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plainly but for five weeks ago. he was talking about something else and then impeachment came up and he said to the president of the united states, ignore it. do what you were elected to do it. he hearkens back to his days. he had already won reelection but still, his whole point was you can still get some great things done while there is this headwind against you. >> there is the problem of the fits perfectly into his narrative and that's a problem for democrats. his narrative is that i came to upset the swamp coming to the establishment. it looks like those entranced it who are so used to controlling all of the money and all the power in washington are so threatened that they want to get rid of him for doing whatever president is done before him. that would be his narrative on it. i'm not saying that's my opinion of what happened, but it fits perfectly into what they say. >> there were dozens of articles written days after he was
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elected about how can we impeach trump. based on trump university, that was one university of utah professor came up with that. people were talking about impeaching president trump before the republican convention in 2016. karl rove wrote an interesting piece today after the impeachment vote saying that you can't get reelected alone on the economy is great and i got impeached. you need to send a message about what i have done, look what we have done together and look what we can do together in the next four years. >> you've got usmca, you've got a lot of things that have come onto the landscape which hopefully will be a bipartisan look. people will try to own it from both sides of the aisle but that's okay as long as they get there. >> the positive for both sides. both sides played it well. we talked about this when nancy first announced that she was supporting it. >> i love how you call her nancy. >> qui nancy is better?
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with support from the unions and democrats need union voters in the president trump won because he flipped a lot of union voters. i happen to think impeachment is only an issue come election time for independence. democrats are happy with what happened, they believe strongly this was an impeachable offense. i agree with them. republicans like in your text message group feel like this is another witch hunt, the president is been wronged. speak of those independents will be encroaching upon another enrollment. health care, flashing lights. >> that independence that democrats never reached, even 50% support among independents. >> we will move on. we know how politics and other dicey topics can creep into family mealtime the holidays, now a study put the number on just how long we can take it at family gatherings before we can't take it anymore.
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>> nearly a quarter of the schools surveyed earned a red light rating for the foundation of individual rights and nation.
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that number nearly doubled for private universities, although the overall percentage of red light ratings has dropped in recent years. nearly two-thirds of universities surveyed our level just below that, earning a yellow light raining. the nonprofit foundation for individual rights in the education interviewed five universities including the most prestigious and private universities. lawrence, before you came to fox full-time, which we love having you here, this is a topic you spend a lot of time reporting on and visiting college campuses. does this report surprise you? >> no. when i was at campus reform i used to go to campus as every other day and speak to students and a lot of the people that feel like their freight speech is under attack at eric convert conservative students, which is different because when i was in school the majority of my friends were liberal.
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we had debates and we screamed at each other a little bit and then we had drinks and had food and everything was okay. but when you start seeing students like at the university of texas, incoming freshmen who were conservative students who were doxxed, their information was put out online. it was used to intimidate. when you have comedians who are saying you know what, we don't want to go to college campuses anymore because it's no longer a place of free thought and different opinions. >> that's interesting. that's the second gathering you've had with political mix that turned out great. sounds like such a wonderful place. because when you are a campus reform, i was wondering how many conversations did you have with people about safe spaces. i see a lot has gone awry since that came into and canceled
9:19 am
culture. this idea that if it's not just fuzzy and warm and perfect and aligned with what you believe, cancel it, run away with it, create a place where everybody feels liked and loved but we never get down to the nitty-gritty. >> the real world is, there is a safe space. sometimes you have to duke it out to get to the root of the issues. people talk about this political environment going on in congress today, what do you think happened back in the day? they are fights. you know what? i'm not saying it's the most pleasant, but it gets to the nitty-gritty. >> what we are talking about his schools. it's different when you're talking about your friends and choosing to be there together. when you're talking about schools i am saying three different and children in three different schools i always save be very careful about what you said it. because they will be discriminated against.
9:20 am
be very careful, the teacher will decide they do not like you. don't talk about what your mom does. it's real. as one thing for me to go out there and say my opinion and go and be brave, they did not ask for that. they did not ask for that. when i feel them, i said your mom's fake news and your mom is a liar, on that front they are prepared to face the world and i have a conversation with them. here's what's going on. when you're talking about schools i wish there could be more free speech so that kids could learn and engage, but it's not that why. >> are going to move on but i want to say quickly i think foundation really this is an education problem in terms of understanding what free-speech rights are and what is actually hate speech, what upsets you versus what is illegal. >> when you tell me, when
9:21 am
someone says an individual is wearing a red maga hat and you get called a nazi. your mirror hat triggers me and that's offensive. the conversation never starts. the teachers are the are the problem quite frankly because it's rooted in them. i experienced in the 80s in college. i want students to stand up and the parents because we talk about students going into debt for these degrees, there are a quarter of a million dollars. is that what you are paying for? push back on that. in the meantime, president trump ending 2019 with a rush of major policy achievements despite house democrats impeachment push. we break it down in size up what to expect in the president's fourth year in office. as americans celebrate christmas a study finds many millennials are turning away from religion. what's behind the shift and what does it mean for our country?
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>> house democrats push to impeach, president trump is touting policy victories during his first term in office. among them, striking a deal with democrats. the confirmation of his 50th federal appellate court judge, and stocks hitting new record highs throughout the year. you know i'm coming over to you first. the economy. >> one of the things we don't talk about is the rising prosperity among factory workers and blue-collar workers, where you've actually had incoming equality shrinking in this country because your rank-and-file workers, there wages are growing faster than their supervisors. the overall wage growth we have
9:26 am
seen, we are strong in the national stage because of our energy independence. that's not only created jobs but its feet given us great national security and leverage overt patience that hate us into president trump's point, we are using our greatest strengths, our financial power, rather than his putting his lives of men and women of service in the line. it's really incredible and a terrific message. >> according to data from the federal reserve come in the wages at the bottom are growing faster than anywhere else. the divide between rich and poor is shrinking during the last administration also according to the federal reserve come that was coming apart. we are seeing growth we have been told in the last administration that 1% is the best we could ever do. there's a lot more money in people's pockets. do they feel it do you think? >> i think people feel it. it's going to be hard to run against as well. i tell people we did it for the politics of everything.
9:27 am
president trump, when it comes to getting turn out, he appointed 25% of the circuit justices were in on that are currently there and the economy. those two witches, and i know health care and all of that, we haven't solved that. immigration, we really haven't sold that. if you're concerned about the future of the country, those are going to be too convincing arguments for him. >> that's my big question about how impeachment plays in all of this. if you were hoping to get to a point, jessica, where you can get things done, we can't go back to a year and a half the president has chuck schumer a nancy pelosi in the white house and there's an empty chair for one of them. i wonder, if it felt broken then come of the reach out and the return hand in the shaco will get stuff done on the infrastructure and some of the other line items, what is it going to feel like now? if it was chilly before is it just froze and then no one lets it go? >> i hope if it's frozen nancy
9:28 am
will put on that orange coat and sunglasses when she walked out of the white house. it was a great meme. we live in the world of memes. melissa you say this all the time. donald trump is a businessman first and foremost and he wants to get things done that benefit him. he knows usmca benefits him. he notes criminal justice reform benefits him. >> that benefits the american people. go ahead. >> i think that actually i've been quite fair about usmca. i'm saying that he wants to make deals -- >> i've been reminded again it's christmas. >> and happy hanukkah to my fellow watching. >> like my hubby. >> the president has -- there were a lot of numbers to make democrats happy about impeachment and favorability but
9:29 am
there were also economic numbers that made even the biggest liberal partisans tweet oh, my god, this is not great for us. it was 70% of the economy is doing well, 72% think it's going to be even better next year. it's very hard to run against economic headwinds like that and that's why democrats have to make smart choices and to not belittle the economy but to say we can do these things even better and this is how. >> that's why you will hear this more and more coming democrats bringing up the national debt and the deficit. >> i agree with you but i think it's terrible. it never resonates. it will matter if longer-term interest rates shoot up and that's one wild card you've got to watch in 2,021st. to your point, the president is a real estate investor so he likes borrowed money, which i said before he was even elected.
9:30 am
people like to borrow money at low rates. >> coming up next on "outnumbered" a new study finds more and more young people are turning their facts on religion. what is causing this on this of all days, christmas? one of the products i helped develop at 3m was a more secure diaper closure. there were babies involved... and they weren't saying much. that's what we do at 3m, we listen to people, even those who don't have a voice. we are people helping people. even those what do we wburger...inner? i want a sugar cookie... wait... i want a bucket of chicken... i want... ♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft. for the win win.
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>> it with christmas day upon us a new survey finds americans are becoming less religious and millennials a big part of the trend. 4 out of 10 young americans now say they are not religious. i spoke with theologian jonathan morris about why he thinks this is. >> the millennials don't join anything. it's just part of the nature. as a generation one of the characteristics that sociologists see is that they don't join. they don't sign up. we see this in just ten years a huge drop of people in the united states to say i am not affiliated with any religion. >> melissa you don't agree with that. >> it's an interesting theory but here's the thing, i think it takes moments in your life for you to come to your faith. the older you get the more opportunity you have. i have taken my kids to church
9:35 am
to introduce it to them, one of them turns to me and says i think i might be an atheist. i say that's fine. think about it, process it, i'm putting this out here for you but over time my faith deepened when i had my children and i thought how could i be so blessed, look at these beautiful people. why do i deserve this happy life? that humility and gratitude really deep into my face but it takes experience and i think that when you are young you just haven't had as many experiences. >> although i know quite a few young people who have had dire circumstances, not everybody has that epiphany. with we have been such a pop tart culture when we want everything right now and right here and faith requires that you lean on something you cannot touch or feel and that you wait on the lord and his timing. that sometimes a hard concept for people when they want their own timing. >> i am a millennial and i am a
9:36 am
preacher's kid so i grew up with my faith bowed when i was in college, when things really hit rock bottom, my faith was questioned. it still questions now but the difference is that i had that foundation when i grew up to kind of helped sustain me. also my generation, we want things now and also we have been taught that happiness over everything. we've also been taught that it's yourself, yourself, yourself. if it's just yourself, you've got it. faith is something larger than self. we've been taught so far to just depend on yourself you really don't find it. >> that's what my mom told me growing up. she said were going to take you to church every sunday if not more often than not because i want you to know there is a higher power in their something greater than you because i do not want to raise selfish children. in times of prosperity you come to your faith and in times of
9:37 am
suffering you are thankful it's there. my mother looked at me the weekend after she was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer five and half years ago and said i want you to know i am not a afraid to die. i am deep of faith and i know i'm going to a better place. let that for you on this earth so that we can enjoy our time together. it was the most liberating thing she could have ever said to me. >> were all going to cry on christmas now. >> this is a culture at this place. at fox news of support. the flowers that you all send come of the cards, the texts, the emails, it not only lifted me up and it lifted my whole family up. to know i was loved and supported here and that i was going back to that place. i am grateful. jessica. >> i'm looking the same thing about religion, i'm going to say
9:38 am
that we all love you and that i think what is most important especially during the holidays, is that people have folks in their lives, whether that is a pastor, a rabbi, somebody on a community center, a teacher, somebody who loves them and can talk to them about morality and what is right and wrong and up to make tough decisions. i'm so sorry for your family. >> i will never be able to thank all of you ever enough. i'm here for you to lean on me, let's lean on. is there too much stress on success? a new op-ed in the atlantic is warning parents not to emphasize individual accomplishments when raising children saying that could lead to the next generation to lack a certain virtue, kindness. the piece entitled stop trying to raise successful kids and start raising kind ones promotes carrying over competition saying
9:39 am
this, of course we should encourage children to do their best and take pride and joy in their accomplishments, but kindness doesn't require sacrificing those things. the real test of parenting is not what your children achieve, but do they become and how they treat others. >> one of my favorite conversations with melissa, and we tend to have this a lot, but out people treat each other at a competitive industry and who we want to be and how we remind each other that we might need to work on some things. we do. we have open conversations because the pressure is great and we are, you and i are overachievers in the sense that we work hard and we want to make it all right for us and our kids and everybody else. my husband is like stop putting pressure on me, i am good being mediocre. it is one of my favorite conversations to have with you. >> another thing we've always said is that, i think a lot of parents are aware to have this. and not trying to raise her kids to be successful, you want them
9:40 am
to be happy. the way to be happy is often through kindness. when you are sharing and doing through a list is a great book about filling each of these buckets in the tree to about when you go out and to kind things for other people your bucket feels full and you feel happy. i think when you want to incorporate the idea of driving to success and with that because of course, you care about that as well. you have been blessed with a lot of gifts, so it is your responsibility to work hard and then shared that success with other people and share and reach out at the make the world a better place. that's one thing to combine those two things rather than saying kindness is number one, this is number one. now, you have been blessed, work hard, feel grateful, and then share. >> i tell my kids that you want to be in a world where everybody is allowed to live their blessings. you don't want to just all be about you or me or whatever. i told my kids you want to be in
9:41 am
a place where everybody has got the room blessings because that means the path is lit with life no matter where you stand. >> i think my generation is very kind. a lot of us lack empathy. as will >> how do you define the difference question mike >> i am going to be a kind person, but my parents taught me to go out there and get it. i expect everybody else to go out and get it as well. that's happened to me camille at your job, get back on the horse. >> that's upbringing, not generational. >> exactly. i can be kind and say thoughts and prayers, but also be ruthless as well. there is a certain empathy as well. >> i think we actually need a clearer definition of what success means there because, there's so much hypercompetiti
9:42 am
hypercompetitive's about being in the right school on the right job. i went to a competitive private school in manhattan, i was kind and i also had to study eight hours after i got home to make sure that i could stay in the 90th percentile so that i didn't end up at harvard but things weren't so bad for me. when i read this topic i was reminded about what president obama said when he was speaking at elijah cummings funeral just a few months ago and he was talking about men and kindness and how he talks to his daughters about what a wonderful quality it is in a man and a good man, somebody was kind. i would say the number one quality that you admitted from elijah cummings to his friends and who was universally respected for the gestures that he always made. i know that president obama didn't use the word successful but you could hear it and what he was saying. you're measured by how you treat
9:43 am
others. that can come across in all sorts of ways. >> you get it back. during my mom's illness actually on a day-to-day basis will stop people in the streets who are perfect strangers in the middle of new york city mfis see a woman who really clearly looks great and might be the only person that tells her she looks amazing that they, i try to stop and just help people if i think that they need help. you get it back or even a hundredfold in terms of how that makes you feel on the inside. be competitive with yourself. that way you still have strong relationships. >> you and i were joking before but it is this idea that you can compete with integrity with kindness, you can also have the dissipation of being a victor. >> growing up i can count on one hands how many times they say
9:44 am
good job. they expected me, there is not a lot of celebrating, no matter if we were poor or not. they always said be kind to others. he speak to everyone and treat everyone the same way, but you can still be. my dad's measure of success is always been please don't move back into the house with me. he loves me, but is like don't come back now. >> it's almost 2020. thinking of those new year's revolutions? next, while you may want to start practicing them now. ♪ billions of mouths.
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>> it takes less than four hours before someone needs a break from their family during the holidays. according to new research, a survey of 2,000 americans who are traveling to visit family for the holidays found they can spend an average of three hours and 54 minutes with their family before needing a moment to themselves. one in four of those surveyed have hidden in a relative's house to find some time alone. everyone in the studio was laughing because they've all done it. 37% take things a step further and make an excuse and leave the house altogether. can you believe that? >> which part? >> if you ever done anything
9:49 am
like that? >> of course i have never, ever done anything like that. >> if she doesn't blank i know she's lying. >> i need a little time on every once in a while. >> i feel like people get on their home phones more than they hide somewhere. if you just take a few minutes in the corner and send some text messages. or look through photos of your old vacations. i love being with my family. i am obsessively with them. when i don't see my parents on a weekly basis i get depressed about it. when i see fights on thanksgiving it doesn't make sense to me in the my mom reminds me we are all just some denomination of super liberal. there aren't these conflict zones that show up. >> it's not your immediate family commits the large extended family. i have a relative who would even as a child take my thumb and squeeze it until i screamed. i just think everyone needs to ask themselves are you that
9:50 am
person people are trying to avoid? are you starting stuff that you shouldn't? >> it don't think it's this policy. all of my family to death because family matters but i have to take them in doses. we are a passionate bunch. thanksgiving the debate was kanye. on opposite sides of a different reason we talked about colin kaepernick. it's always something in every side gets heated about it. they feel like they are right and before you know what everyone is leaving in their cars and will meet up the next day. i've got to take them in doses. everyone always thinks they are right and i am always right. >> we did have a climate change debate actually had one of the last family gatherings i went to. we kept a calm. i can debate anybody. >> one of the problems it gets heated around how you're going to do the celebration. people disagree about how many presents the kids should have.
9:51 am
when are we going to eat. some people feel like they're being forced to do things they don't want to do. other people are like you are being about sport. the styles clash. alcohol can always help with that. >> at the end of the day you still love each other. you just get annoyed with the presents. them being there. i am really blessed to come from just basic people. we talk football and food at all times. >> they are in dallas so it does the cowboys. there's a lot of contention about the coach and who owns that and blah, blah, blah but they can go deep on that. >> you betrayed us all. >> even sports, we debate that. it will get ugly. my dad wants to get rid of the coach and i want to keep him.
9:52 am
it gets heated. >> i don't know, that peach cobbler and that all of mode. it takes it. >> many people are unhappy with their situation? you can get stressed about something but i feel like people leave the family gathering feeling cannot go out about it. >> alcohol can make you leave the family gatherings. maybe it takes practice. a recent op-ed in "the new york times" encouraging people to commit to a dry run of their new year's resolutions well before january 1st to avoid becoming part of the 80% of those of us who give up on the gold by february. the piece says the scum of the first few weeks of doing something they were almost always the worst. you are unfit, unpracticed. i think they mean out of shape, not unfit. and just unable to cope. combine that with the often miserable january weather and most places post holiday blues and work stress and almost nobody is having any fun until
9:53 am
at least st. patrick's day. i want to go around the couch and we are going to share resolutions for 2020. these are things you can start to do now to get practiced up. do you have one? >> i do make them. last year i was going to, i don't know if i should admit this. >> come on, you have to know. >> last year i was going to be more patient with my husband, sometimes at the person that you love the most. he's the sweetest man in the whole planet and i didn't achieve it until we went on a particularly rigorous vacation in the middle of the air and everyone was sniping at each other in real life. this is my best friend and we laughed a lot and i think since none for this year i felt like that when i got even though it was halfway through. maybe that's a practice thing. i want to eat healthier.
9:54 am
>> them up the faucet the i'm not big on new year's resolutions. a month ago my eye wanted to get healthy so i lost 50 pounds. eyes just like do it whenever you do it. the new one this year is to get better with communication on the phone talking with people. >> you lost all that weight because you like wearing clothes. you know what? you look good in them. >> in 2020, i will probably have more, but i want to make sure that i prioritize good people in my life and don't make too much time for people who are not worthy of your time and attention. there are so many people, and will like you to work in such a big industry, there are so many
9:55 am
people around. sometimes i feel like the good people get short shift and people get too much time and attention. >> you cut the takers away is what you mean. just because you want to spend less time with the people who waste your time. there you go. >> that is a better way to put it. >> go to church more often. get religion to make it a healthy habit. >> up and dropping the ball not to. >> not preaching anybody but myself but to be part of the ceremony, i love it on this christmas day. so you can practice some of that communication. >> may be the lord can help me. >> lets he come at 2020. i will started early so i'm good at it by this time of the year. i'm going to try to be smart enough to hold on and the times that i need to and brave enough to let go in those times where i need to.
9:56 am
>> that was deep. you're going to make me cry. >> merry christmas. joy and happiness. merry christmas, happy new year. merry christmas to everyone. if we can't be real with each other. >> i'm not cutting one person on this couch. >> amen. i love our viewers and thanks so much everybody for watching us on this day. happy hanukkah, merry christmas. we will see you soon. back here at noon tomorrow. hevyt bringing families together. this time of year, that's really important. so we're making it easier than ever to become part of our family. man: that's why our chevy employee discount is now available to everyone. the chevy price you pay is what we pay. not a cent more. family is important to us.
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and we'd like you to be part of ours. so happy holidays. and welcome to the family. the chevy family! get the chevy employee discount for everyone today.
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serious allergic reactions may occur. i just look and feel better. i got real relief with cosentyx. watch me! feel real relief. ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. >> merry christmas everyone and welcome to america's news headquarters. there may be wrapping paper all of your house that it wouldn't. impeaching president trump will be the week if keeps on going. we feel a sense of holiday together. >> we haven't done this in a while. >> it's usually before daybreak and this is nice to see you in the daylight. >> good morning i'm rob schmitt. or good afternoon. the goodwill is running low in washington with both sides digging in an impeachment. attorneys for the house


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