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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  December 25, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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i just look and feel better. i got real relief with cosentyx. watch me! feel real relief. ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. >> merry christmas everyone and welcome to america's news headquarters. there may be wrapping paper all of your house that it wouldn't. impeaching president trump will be the week if keeps on going. we feel a sense of holiday together. >> we haven't done this in a while. >> it's usually before daybreak and this is nice to see you in the daylight. >> good morning i'm rob schmitt. or good afternoon. the goodwill is running low in washington with both sides digging in an impeachment. attorneys for the house
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judiciary committee suggest potential testimony by don mcgann could bring new articles of impeachment into this. the senate and a stalemate as minority leader chuck schumer tries to shape the upcoming trial. >> rich westman's life with the very latest not far from facts or president trump is spending his holidays. high there rich. >> good afternoon julie and robin. the president is spending christmas here with his family in florida and it's the week after the house voted to impeach him. that's very fresh and with the president's been saying over the past week. democrats and republicans are still arguing over impeachment process and the senate. today we have heard from republican senator lisa makowski. she's from alaska and she said she was disturbed when she heard majority leader mitch mcconnell wasn't total coordination with the white house on a senate impeachment trial. mcconnell has called impeachment a political charade and here in florida the president is focused on the speaker who led the effort to impeach him.
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>> all i know is my poll numbers are the highest they've ever been. our fund-raising get in the republican party is the ever been. she hates the republican party. she hates all of the people that voted for me and the republican party. >> speaker pelosi are withholding the articles of impeachment to compel republicans to allow weakness in the impeachment trial. so we cannot go forward with impeachment matters until we know what kind of trial of the will conduct. what's his excuse now? congress is out for the holidays so this impasse continues. billy and rob? >> i saw this pop up on twitter yesterday, this advice for dealing with if you are a trump supporter dealing with ever other people and your family. >> that's right as americans gather around the christmas
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table today and liberals and conservatives have those uncomfortable conversations at least the republicans reelection campaign is giving you advice if you are a trump supporter. it launched snowflake, how trump supporter's can win an argument with their liberal snowflake relatives today including "there was no quid pro quo. democrats were always obsessed with impeachment. there's plenty of build the wall in there. and also some talk about trade deals here the president and republicans and democrats have reached an agreement on an updated trade agreement with canada and mexico and there's that little phrase one limited trade deal the u.s. reached with china the president hopes to sign very shortly. >> somehow i don't think that's going to help the situation or on the family dinner tonight for those types of families. thank you so much. we do appreciate it. let's bring in a political panel to talk about some of the issues going on right now. jenna ellis is a trump 2020 advisory board member and kevin
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shay misses managing partner with the chivas group in a d.c. democratic committeemen. we are christmas to you. let's start with you, were going to talk about the pending senate trial here. chuck schumer, according to mitch mcconnell, is having a change of heart about witnesses and the trial coming up here. he says schumer wasn't interested in hearing from witnesses back in '98 and now he is. speak of is a big difference between the trial in 1998 in the trial now. in that case, the witnesses that the republicans want to call had testified before. where is the witnesses here that the democrats would like to ca call. mick mulvaney among others, haven't testified yet. that is a big difference and we are saying yes, chuck schumer was against it then and only thing he wants witnesses but mitch mcconnell and lindsey graham and others, who were clamoring for witnesses back then, now they don't want witnesses. some of this is just the nature
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of the beast. the obstruction that we have seen from this president in restricting people from testifying ghost far beyond bill clinton and for bill clinton to be charged and convicted of perjury he had to testify and cooperate in order to do that. this president hasn't even do not. >> jenny your response to that. mitch mcconnell says he doesn't want to see witnesses come he wanted to see them back in 1999. >> i agree with kevin that there is a big difference between this impeachment in the clinton impeachment. primarily it's that there is no legal or constitutional bases here for president trump's impeachment. this is a complete sham and there is no crime even alleged here. unlike the bipartisan support that we saw for the clinton impeachment in 1999, we don't have that same bipartisan support here. the key difference is that democrats are pushing this forward. they are not allowing the process to play out in the judicial branch to see what witnesses really should come and
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testify, if any. if they had left it in the house and waited to vote on articles of impeachment until that process could be flushed out in the judicial branch, and of course president trump would comply with the due judicial branch orders. he absolutely has the right and privilege to exert executive privilege and that's what's going on here. it's not obstruction commits the process being played out. i don't think we can reasonably say that the republicans are being hypocritical here, this is all the fault of the democrats because they are just wanting to push this through a sham process. they are not playing fair and having bipartisan support here. as president trump tweeted, this is something why are the senators just playing like the house where they should just be able to completely dismiss this. it's a complete sham and is nothing like the 1999 -- >> both sides have pretty fair article argument starts the other in that. let's talk for a second about this pete buttigieg surrogate that set on television that the
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only people who care about impeachment or in washington, d.c. what did you make of that comment? >> if we look at the poll numbers around impeachment, they've been pretty steady since the start of the inquiry. some polls have support as low as 45 or 44% and as high as 50% it's well higher than it ever got in the clinton impeachment phase, the point is really that people's minds aren't changing. donald trump has been under investigation for different things his entire presidency. his approval ratings numbers have not really changed that much here they've stayed in the low 40s, sometimes in the high 40s. people's opinions appeared to be baked and when it comes to president trump. i think that's what the booted judge surrogate was talking about. we heard about our spending too much time on it or it's not going to witness the white house or keep us in control of the
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house and it won't. i do believe that if the president has committed crimes are done wrong doing or obstructed congress or abused his power we do need to look into that end he should be impeached but it won't win as the election, that's for sure. poll numbers have formed that out. >> john, are you surprised? we talked about this for a few days now but nancy pelosi is not submitted these articles of impeachment appeared to still onto them. >> nancy pelosi is doing one of two things here. either president trump has not been impeached and there is another step that the house has to take in order to transfer jurisdiction over to the senate. and then the constitution provides that sole power to try all impeachment is to the senate. either president trump hasn't been impeached, or nancy pelosi is overstepping and she's actually obstructing the sun and should be impeached herself for obstruction. she is trying to step into the shoes of the sun and controlled the senate trial.
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which is it, nancy? i would love an answer to that and i think it's a ridiculous sham that she has trying to withhold those articles. she is saying first that there some kind of controversy and there's an immediate necessity for impeachment, now she's withholding at. >> kevin your response to that. >> this is not unlike what happened with the clinton trial. it took three weeks or so before the articles were actually come up before the proceedings began in the senate. >> they did try to transmit them right away. >> they didn't withhold them. >> they didn't withhold them but there was also a more working spirit among the house and senate with regards to what the rules would look like. the democrats in the minority then in the senators, where is here we are case where you've got the majority leader mitch mcconnell is essentially going to be leaving the proceedings, or at least setting the rules come who's saying he's going to work in lockstep with the
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administration. that's problematic. trent lot didn't say he was going to go against anything bill clinton want to back when bill clinton was impeached. this is unusual. >> that's an unfair characterization, kevin. mitch mcconnell didn't say that at all. all he said was he would be coordinating with the white house first for procedure which happens in every criminal trial. the difference between clinton and the trump was it was bipartisan support and legitimate in 1999. totally different now. >> me to get the one last topic before let you guys go. that is the email that was sent above the trump campaign talking about and almost confronting your more liberal family members of the dinner table to try and tell them why you support the president. everybody complains the country is so divisive right now, i think this might make it worse. what's your response to that? >> not at all. the political article that said the trump campaign is saying attack error liberal relatives, that's ridiculous. snowflake victory is amazing.
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all it says that is to win an argument with your liberal relatives. everyone has differences of opinion and for the trump campaign is said here are the top ten or 12 issues and were giving you the really good arguments to combat your liberal relatives argument. that's actually something that we in this country have always held close. freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of religion. to talk together about really important things. for the trump campaign, snowflake victory is a wonderful way to say let's have a reasonable dialogue and let's actually respond. >> your response to that? >> it's totally divisive. snowflake victory. is going to insult the other side, which is typical. to say it's not divisive it is pretty stunning. just the name of the website and the net way it is laid out he talks about how nancy pelosi hates republicans in his words but the language he uses and to the way he frames this message certainly that the only thinking
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about his base, which is not even 40% of the country. the strong trump supporter's. this does more things to fan the flames and make it more difficult for people to come together on real issues. it was pretty funny looking at some of the things he talked about socialism, which he spending 20% more than obama, the biggest governments better we've ever had a railing against socialism and the other side. >> that's not socialism. >> we just need to get away from the name calling and the sort of pettiness. with this president is probably a long shot. >> guys we are going to leave it there. i understand both of your poin points. >> thanks and merry christmas. >> christmas celebrations now underway around the world. one of them a the church of the nativity in bethlehem is thousands of pilgrims flocked to the birthplace of. we have troy young's live in
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jerusalem with the very latest. love the outfit, try, merry christmas and happy hanukkah. >> think so much, julie. merry christmas. today still people in the town of bethlehem in the west bank celebrating last night hundreds they are at the midnight mass at the birthplace of. they were joined by senior palestinian officials in more than a thousand miles away, pope francis posting a mass of his own come his own christmas eve mass. today pope francis addressed the crowd with the message of unity. they come up listen to what he had to say. >> yet the light of christ for ages still. there is darkness and personal, family, and social relationship. the light of christ is the greatest. may christ bring his light to the many children suffering from war and conflict in the middle east and various countries around the world. >> in his remarks, the pope
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specifically mentions the countries of venezuela, iraq, and syria. he had a clear message, wherever you are celebrating this holiday season around the world, you are human and you are loved. >> trey, what about the notre dame cathedral in france? were people able to worship there? >> normally people would worship at the notre dame cathedral, but for the first time in more than 200 years churchgoers had to go to a nearby church. all of this after a fire earlier this year devastated and destroyed the structure and left it in ruins. >> the recent heart ache because we are used to notre dame and the mess there is extraordinary. at the same time it is christmas. a celebration of hope. >> a common thread among humans around the world this christmas day, there is always hope. >> trey yingst, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> authorities ramping up the search for two missing children among.
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[ tires screech ] the big idaho potato truck is touring america telling folks about idaho potatoes. and i want it back. what is it with you and that truck?
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>> welcome back. lots of questions unanswered is the desperate search continues for two missing idaho children. seven-year-old joshua and 17-year-old kylie, last seen in september amid disturbing claims about their mom and dad, the parents are now releasing a statement through their attorney. christina coleman is live in los angeles with details. >> rob commits a big mystery on this christmas day. the kids are missing, the parents are missing. three of their relatives have all died within about six months. the kids parents are also in a religious cult. the parents are newlyweds.
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the stepdad is a popular author and podcast or whose material is a radical offshoot of the latter-day church. he married lori ballard shortly after his former wife died in her sleep in late october. her body was recently exhumed because police now believe her death could be related to the missing kids. as for the kid's mother, her estranged husband was killed by her brother during a confrontation in july in arizona and her brother died less than two weeks ago on december 12th but police won't say how. these dots are all under investigation. relatives think the cult of the parents aren't they have something to do with the moms missing kids. >> she got involved with that cult and she just turned off. the people that we knew just went away. the last two years she has completely changed to a monster. >> the missing boy is 7-year-old
10:20 am
joshua. he was adopted and has autism. the daughter is 17-year-old kylie ryan who police believe they are now in danger because last time they were seen was in september. relatives reported the missing last month and police that a well varied check on their home near the kids weren't there. attorney representing the couple said he has been in contact with their parents. he released a statement calling the couple loving and devoted parents, but he also says he does not know where the kids or the parents are right now. and john there both persons of interest in the disappearance of their children but they have not been declared suspects in the death of their ex-spouses. >> at such a scary story. police say the parents are not cooperating, right? >> that's right. they say the parents initially lied to police and told them that their kids were with friends and then the parents disappeared after officers checked at their home and they haven't spoken a police sense even though investigators want to ask them about their missing
10:21 am
children. >> we will follow. thank you so much. we've got more off the field drum of course from nfl wide receiver, antonio brown this time. he is reportedly suing his ex-wife. according to tmz, brown says she is ignoring it an eviction notice and refusing to leave his estate. joining us now, nicole, defense attorney and former prosecutor. what kind of case does he have? to kick his ex-wife out of the house. they are no longer married so i don't know what business she has being there. however when you get a divorce usually split up your assets. how is it this handled in the divorce? >> that's a great question. maybe it was in the reality is that he's doing the right thing by hand handling this in a courtroom setting as opposed to having a confrontation or physical violent way of removing her. the best way to do it is to go through the legal process of having someone removed. >> let's talk about the eviction notice because you don't often
10:22 am
hear eviction notices being handed down by an ex-wife or by an ex-ten ex-wife. as a child is then make it mandatory for her to leave? is it sort of like getting a warrant out for somebody to stay further away from somebody? how does this work as far as mandatory eviction notices? does she break a lot by staying in the house? >> if the court order telling her that she has to leave. if he's able to get a mandatory eviction notice it is a court order telling her that a judge is saying she must leave the house. the police don't want to get involved in this kind of matter so the best way to do this is exactly what he is doing. have a piece of paper that says we have a court telling you that you need to get out. hopefully she'll just go ahead and follow the court's instructions. >> how is this different than a restraining order? >> a restraining order would be something that would keep people a certain distance from each other. it would prevent them from being within the same general vicinity
10:23 am
so that there would not be a confrontation. in this instance what he is trying to do is have her removed from the house using a court process. it's not necessarily saying that she can't be within a certain amount of feet of feet come at saying that she cannot be in that location any longer. >> she is clearly not going to go away quickly or easily. earlier this month i understand tmz reported the police were called because in these are tmc words, didn't think was a good idea to pick the kids close up by herself. i don't know who called the police there. it seems like she did and then when the police arrived he videotaped the whole thing. it kind of begs the question why what she would want to live there in the first place. what grounds does she have legally? >> that's a good question the police don't want to get involved in family disputes. this could become a dangerous and confrontational circumstance
10:24 am
because people have their emotions running high and do things that they might not ordinarily do. the very smartest thing they couldn't do is handle this in a courtroom in a very civilized way. the losers here are the kids. >> that it's unfortunate. what happens with the kids in a case like this? you've got to parents who share our children so they're going to be in each other's lives forever. that is what happens when you have children and decide to get a divorce. what happens to the children and all of this? does he have a leg up to keep the kids or does she have to leave with the kids? how does this involve custody? >> that's a separate question. the court has already said we are going to issue this mandatory eviction notice which means a judge has ordered her to leave the home. it doesn't say anything about what they're supposed to do with the children and not something that would be dealt with in a family court setting. a family court setting. a family court judge would have to decide who has custody and went to the codes be with which parent and where should the kids be. that's not something that an eviction notice will deal with.
10:25 am
>> that's sad to put kids in the middle of any divorce like this. nicole, thank you so much. >> a colorado man is accused of spreading christmas cheer with stolen cash. police arresting 55-year-old david wayne oliveira for allegedly robbing a bank in colorado springs and witnesses say when oliver came out of the bank he tossed the money to the air and yelled merry christmas. bystanders picked up the cash and they returned it to the bank. please most of the bad send out a starbucks where they say he was sitting and just waiting for them to show up. >> the u.s. is keeping close our eyes on north korea and for good reason after its ominous talk of a so-called christmas gift which some people believe could be a missile launch. can the u.s. get nuclear negotiations back on track with the regime? we'll be talking to a former navy intelligence officer next. ♪
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10:30 am
troops deployed and stationed in africa. no decisions were made i am told. the defense secretaries made no secret that he wants to move forces not just from africa but around the world to counter what he sees as the biggest threat to the u.s. >> and looking at centcom, i'm looking at afrah khan, i'm looking its outcome. all of these places where i can free up troops, where i can bring them home to allow them to rest and refit and retrain, and then reallocate them to the specific to compete the chinese. >> french forces have done most of the missions in west africa and their former colonies. the united states however has conducted the most drone strikes in its history and somalia. >> other topics here. we've had a frustrated north korea teasing about a potential christmas gift. >> that's right, has just passed 3:30 in the morning and north korea, plenty of time by curing the united states were north korea could deliver that christmas gift. so far all is calm. north korea has said and
10:31 am
end-of-the-year deadline with talks with the trump administration earlier this month. >> let me speak directly to our counterparts in north korea. it is time for us to do our jobs. that's get this done. we are here, and you know how to reach us. >> north korea ignored the visit to the korean peninsula and no talks were held in north korea. as a result u.s. air force reconnaissance aircraft have been flying around the clock over south korea monitoring for any signs of military activity or chatter from the hermit kingdom. pentagon officials are keeping none of what kim jong un said in his annual new year's address for any clues about what 2020 has in store. >> finally to afghanistan a sad story for christmas. special service soldier killed in his body returned home on christmas today.
10:32 am
>> that's right, rob. sergeant first class matthew goldberg returned to dover air force base earlier today on christmas morning. the president's national security advisor robert o'brien was in attendance there to honor him as well is the chairman joint chiefs of staff, general mark milley. the 33-year-old green beret from bergen county new jersey, the 20 the american killed in combat in afghanistan this year wasn't a member of the special services group and received four bronze stars in his career and deployed to afghanistan three times. when taliban claimed responsibility for killing the green beret one is the goal was found in northern afghanistan this week. there also and pete's talks and jennifer griffin asked the president's defense chief if u.s. forces should pull out. >> secretary esper come as a time to leave afghanistan? >> we have a mission in afghanistan that is to ensure that it never against becomes a safe haven for terrorists. until we are confident that that mission is complete we will
10:33 am
retain a presence to do that. >> i gofundme page has been established for sergeant first class goble for his family. >> our thoughts are with his family. thank you so much and merry christmas. >> for more and all this let's bring in don dreamer, former navy intelligence officer. thank you very much for talking to us. first i want to get your reaction to officials of the pentagon considering pulling west troops from west africa. apparently it's part of a strategy to shift focus to potential threats from russia and china. interesting development to talk about. >> merry christmas to you and to all of our troops around the world. refocusing and redistributing troops to something the pentagon does on a continuous basis. we hear a lot about when we are bringing troops home when we are pulling out but it's hard to believe that almost every day we
10:34 am
are deploying troops from the united states. threats change. the battlefield is ever evolving and we must constantly look where is the best use of these assets. as luke mentioned a few moments earlier. most of the strikes in west africa have been drone strikes. most of those drone strikes could actually be enacted from the united states so we have to look at those threats and look at it is true. china, russia, north korea, countries that we put on the back burner for so many years as we were looking at terrorist camps and extremists have now risen to another challenge and we must be ready for that. >> we are also keeping close eye on north korea. right before christmas like they have done in the past on national holidays here in the united states, this time they are warning of a so-called christmas gift. it's christmas day and so far nothing but it is important to note that we remained the dominant military diplomatic and
10:35 am
economic position north korea is comparatively very weak and our military continues to keep us safe. when you hear about north korea, warning us of a christmas gift. he is clearly trying to send a message. the question is if it is old talk. >> kim certainly has the largest massive resources in his arsenal. since 2017 he is not launched an icbm but there is always that capability that he has that he could do. he has his own stockpile. could this be propaganda? we hope. that gift could've been a vase. we have to remain calm. so far all is well and hopefully we can resume talks and find a clear path to resolve the situation or at least figure out the steps that are going to take us to get to there. >> you made mention of the fact that he is not testified missiles and some time. this is something we didn't talk
10:36 am
much about in years past. it seemed like a regular occurrence. how would you attribute that to the trump administration? >> i think it should all be attributed to the administration. for many years up to several administrations we were never able to get to the point where we are now. some say the president's being played or this is a long process, i've always said that much like our peace talks with china in the 70s, russia in the 80s, these things take time and they take steps. look at the small wins. at least we are still at a point were no missiles are being fired and we are in a dialogue. it's going to take time before we sit down and figure out what is the path for both sides think they have achieved success. >> when we look at these pictures it is almost hard to believe that these two are shaking hands after president trump called him rocket man and he was the first president in u.s. history do actually cross that border into
10:37 am
pyongyang. what at this point would be the right direction in order for these denuclearization talks to move forward but not only to move forward, to succeed. do we ever get weapons inspectors and to north korea? if we had weapons inspectors they are, not that they would be into that, but if somehow that word to be, that would certainly i believe seal the deal for some kind of negotiation to pull off those things knowing that north korea has doubled to its word. >> weapons inspector would be a great idea and that would be an amazing sign of success. however i think first let's have a plan. what is our timetable? what steps are we going to take? where both sides bring something to the table and both pyongyang and washington feel like they are getting something from this process. >> don bremmer thank you very much and merry christmas to you. >> turning to the race for the white house were booming u.s. economy could be a huge hurdle
10:38 am
to overcome for the 2020 challenger is trying to defeat president trump. marco soriano is the managing partner of the soriano group when he joins us here in christmas day. how hard is it to beta presidents as an incumbent in this hot economy? >> i think is having a good time with the way the economy has been expanding in the jobs that have been created over 10 million. it's going to help him. >> i imagine so. the question would be what do you need to do if you are a democrat right now? and you're trying to win this nomination. what can you say in the economy front to try and get people's ear and for temporary place president trump with you? >> back in the day president carter that was his main line. were you better before when i was president or not? i think a strategy of similar magnitude rules help them out. we see a lot more new business is being up. as a matter fact were taking it
10:39 am
to the market come up brand-new company ourselves. >> here's a quote from bloomberg. i want to read this out. the percentage of americans who say it is a good time to find a quality job or is another person pushed it at a higher than 50% for all of trump's time in office. it was below 50% for almost all of the george w. bush and barack obama years. during the past two years the majority of americans have also rated economic conditions as excellent or good. i didn't do that during the past two presidencies. both of them got reelected. this economy is way hotter than an economy we've seen in quite some time. is this president trump selection to lose in 2020? >> if we get, if the economy expands up until july we actually would be the best decade ever a comparison of what
10:40 am
we had back in '91. there is the fact that the interest rates are lower and were going back into a loose economic policy will extend the economy further. i think those are good signs to understand that we have some pretty good chance of winning the election if that's his strategy. americans want to hear that. >> the democrats are grasping for something to complain about. a lot of the things they talk about are that it's not fair for everybody. they also talk about stagnant wages but when you look at the numbers, the wages are actually going up at an impressive tick. are the democrats being fair in their criticisms of the current economy? >> that's a great question because when you're looking at the middle class of america, which is over 50% in comparison to ten years ago, the wages have gone up. the upper class wages have also gone up. now we have a gap of 100,000 that comes to be like this is the gap that we have between
10:41 am
middle-class and upper-class and what's going on in between here. this is what should be addressed by the banks. the federal reserve bank, monetary and fiscal policy. >> thank you for coming on, we appreciate it. >> it is a christmas tree that more people may see than any other in the world. i don't need to tell you what we are looking outcome of the rockefeller christmas tree here in new york city. sandra smith with a fascinating look at its humble beginnings. ♪ nyquil severe gives you powerful relief for your worst cold and flu symptoms, on sunday night and every night. nyquil severe. the nightime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, best sleep with a cold, medicine. yeah. only pay for what you need with liberty mutual. only pay for what you need with liberty mutual. con liberty mutual solo pagas lo que necesitas. only pay for what you need... only pay for what you need.
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10:45 am
tree. speak of the big city bustle of the holiday season ushered in every year with a very special tradition. the lighting of the rockefeller center christmas tree in the heart of new york city. it's a place where people for him all over the world can come together to find beauty, joy, and hope in the shadow of a magnificent spruce. >> this is 77 feet tall and 46 feet wide and that's 14 tons. >> where did you find it? >> found it in florida and new york. i was driving around and saw a trio in the distance and found my way back to the house. when i got there and knocked on the door and found out they had submitted a picture back in 2010. i said that just got a go to
10:46 am
rockefeller center now. >> he said gardner and rockefeller center for two decades. he is taken in labor of love finding the perfect tree. >> it's a long process. not back in late may i started feeding and watering it and fertilizing it. climbed it up, checked the wood and made sure was nice and strong. then we come to cut time and we tied up and takes about a week and a half and we cut the tree and put it on the trail and bring it into the city. >> you were loaded onto the trailer and a truck president of the city and everybody knows that that's the rockefeller christmas tree. >> we got the banner on the side that says 2019 rockefeller center christmas tree. >> the christmas tree hasn't always brought the same fanfare we saw today. it grew from humble beginnings. the stock market crash of 1929
10:47 am
forcing people out of jobs and into bread lines. so many unable to put food on the table for their families. by 1931, america was in the grip of the great depression with no end in sight. the whole world struggling. when a group of men lucky enough to have jobs building rockets of keller center decided to pool a little money from their earnings and put up the very first tree. >> the origins of the tree and the fact that the tree began because the construction workers right in the middle of the depression were lining up for their paychecks, which were so very important to them then, they together decided they wanted but their money together to create the street. it's a testament to the spirit of the season and the idea that this is the right thing to do. to celebrate this christmas together even though at the time
10:48 am
it was an impossible thing to even imagine building these buildings let alone putting their money together to put together a christmas tree. >> a special time to think about not just the spirit of the new yorkers but the spirit of the american worker to want to come together and be a part of this tradition and continue the tradition. >> the glimmer of hope those men provided in the spirit of the holiday season still just 20 feet tall. it was decorated with homemade garland just two years later became the first tree lighting ceremony. >> the first official tree lighting was a couple years later in 1933 and it's a tradition that has lived and grown and changed since then but it began just as you say, very humbly on the hardworking folks who were here building the center. >> december 7th 1941, u.s. hunters world war ii with the bombing of our naval base at pearl harbor. the tree took on a more patriotic look, giving americans in a booth during uncertain
10:49 am
times. >> the tree we see today has changed and has recognize different changes in what's been happening in the nation and in the world. we had red, white, and blue trees during world war ii. >> just over three months after the devastating terror attacks of 9/11. the tree is now adorned with red, white, and blue. sending a message to the world that americans will stand together and not falter in our solidarity. >> this symbol of american pride has been a beacon of hope through some of our country's darkest days. from the depression era through world war ii and following the september 11th terror attacks come of this beautifully decorated tree in the heart of manhattan spread christmas tree or to millions around the world and good times and bad. now more than 85 years after the first tree lighting, people from near and far come together in this wonderful place to celebrate the holiday season. >> i think there's something
10:50 am
magic about this place. there is something that rockefeller center really being in the heart of new york and being here when you stand at this tree you really feel like you're at the center of it all. you feel like you're at the center of one of the most, we like to say the most exciting city in the whole world. after the tree, it is a gift that keeps on giving. >> it's got a great second life. we take the wood and we mail it into two by fours or two by sixes, whatever habitat for humanity needs and we try and stamp it with a stamp that says it's the 2019 rockefeller christmas tree and it goes for humanity build. >> from a group of workers trying to make some christmas spirit to the magnificent sight we see today, the evolution of the rockefeller christmas tree reminds us what makes our country great.
10:51 am
>> it's better decorated. ours looks better. >> hours is better than yours. >> it's getting more popular by the day. >> airports can feel like a zoo this time of the year. that seems to literally be the case at one major airport, we are going to explain coming up. ♪ ( ♪ ) at chevy, we're all about bringing families together. this time of year, that's really important. so we're making it easier than ever
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itreat them all as if, they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
10:55 am
>> hollows are stressful. so get at pick. >> good girl >> decked for the holidays from head to toe, the therapy pig puts it to work at san francisco international airport. hogging the spotlight wherever she goes. >> i thought it was wild. so cool to see a pig at the airport. >> i seen monkey and some other weird things. but never a pig. >> the 5-year-old mini-pig doesn't need to do much to charm busy holiday travelers. some of whom go to extremes for that swine selfie. >> my work text me. you need to take a picture. this is a perfect opportunity. >> others dusted off their pigs. complete with her own trading
10:56 am
card and instagram account. at 110 pounds she's good for about 90 minutes bringing smiles and stress relief to passengers and staff alike. >> many times people would say it made my day. it made my whole travel better. my layover is not bad. it made my week or my trip to 46. 46 san francisco. >> she's the only certified therapy pig at any airport in the world. with this kind of response, others are sure to wait for it, piggy back on a way to let travelers enjoy a stop in hog heaven. in san francisco, fox news. headquarters continues after this. ♪ ♪
10:57 am
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serious allergic reactions may occur. i just look and feel better. i got real relief with cosentyx. watch me! feel real relief. ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. >> merry christmas welcome to another hour of news headquarters. >> thanks for being with us. millions of american holiday travelers are on the move. the show down in your nation's capital is at stand still. president trump senate trial is in limbo. nancy pelosi is waiting on the details. >> among the senators are several 2020 democratic candidates and with the trial still expected next month, it could take them off the campaign trail with the iowa caucuses just weeks away.


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