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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 27, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PST

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unflattering picture of her sleeping on the plane. the british man wanted to get back at her for giving him a bad hair cut. he is also punishing himself there. >> kenny rogers said it best. knowing when to walk away and we are. carley: there you go. ♪ ♪ good morning ♪ na na that ♪ good morning ed: good morning from new york city. maybe the first time that long time we haven't shown the christmas tree at fox square stuarting to pivot. katie: last friday before the new year. griff: not playing christmas music. [jingle bells] katie: you know what? there is a time for everything. ed: we love having you here. ed: christmas goes on and on and on and so does impeachment. nancy pelosi still hasn't sent the articles over to
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the senate. griff: she still hasn't moved on them. ed: democrats are pushing with their attacks on mitch mcconnell. minority leader still steamed about what he said working with the white house. democratic attacks are sounding a lot like the attacks that some in the media are launching. almost one in the same. take a listen to the democrats first. >> my hope is that some of my republican colleagues will have the same misgivings that senator murkowski expressed. mitch mcconnell is sabotaging this proceeding by saying he won't be imimpartial. he will do the president's bidding. >> he has a responsibility to conduct the trial in a way that allows the facts to be heard and let others make up their own minds even if his is closed. >> she has concern. serious concern when you hear your majority leader say that he is going to work hand in hand with the white house. you know, facts doesn't matter.
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griff: there is the democrats. if you listen to what the folks in the media were saying, it's pretty similar. listen. >> represent as real crack publicfully mcconnell's efforts to forego a real trial. >> a potential crack in the president's wall of republican support. >> mur can you so i can signaled a possible crack in the party's unified front. >> pelosi and the democrats may, may have found unexpected ally in the president's own party. >> president trump dealing with a potential republican defection on impeachment. ed: a crack in the armor. using the same talking points, essentially. it's hard, katie, sometimes to tell the difference between what the democrats and the media are saying. katie: not surprising. we heard this about the bomb sell revelations. ed: on ukraine or russia? katie: the media and democrats have been very similar in what they are saying. i think a lot of these people went to journalism school. it's time to find new ways to explain when there is a disagreement within the
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republican party and not use the same term is there is a crack. ed: when there is one. katie: leaving out the quote in the sense that she is also concerned about the house not doing all of the work they should have done and moved too quickly. they d.o. didn't do due diligence. you get the point, right? griff: as we were pointing out, while the christmas week happened, impeachment never left the forefront and certainly was part of what americans were talking about over their holidays, no doubt. and we had steve scalise, the house minority whip, talking about he believes pelosi is just ignoring what people really feel about this. take a listen. >> she loves controlling power, holding on to power. she has probably approaching record right now for the most people who switched from democrat to republican since she has been speaker. she did it the last time. obviously she did it again this time. i think people have gotten fed up with this impeachment
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fixation where everything is about a witch-hunt to go after donald trump instead of working for the hard working families of this country who would like us to be working together to lower drug prices and tackle problems like infrastructure. ed: some people may be talking about impeachment. do they really care about it? front of mind. what people around the kitchen table and around the christmas tree care about. katie: americans believe they should be impeached for what he did. republicans in the house said i don't think the phone call was perfect. but i do believe the democrats have gone way too far in trying to impeach the president. the media has glommed on to senator mur cow is i having some concern as if democrats wouldn't be doing the exact same thing if republicans were impeaching a democratic president. they are not covering joe manchin democrat from west virginia and doug jones saying look if all the dots are not connected i'm not sure can i vote for impeachment. democrat are having a hard time holding their coalition
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together as well. griff: start fast and fewer use. speaker pelosi has to do something. the administration can't do something judges and other initiatives while this hangs in the balance. we will talk here shortly with an insider inside the trump administration, the cabinet secretary bill mostly cloudy beginfully this hour. he may have some insights to share. ed: people may be talking about jobs, historically low unemployment rate. stock market hitting gains after gains. kitchen table issues front and center in 2020. other big problems around the country. the president saying he wants to get involved and do something about it including the homelessness crisis all around the country but particularly california. the president tweeting about that in the last day or so. last night ben carson the housing secretary gave exclusive here on fox. he fired back at gavin newsom. we will get to that in a moment. gavin newsom the democratic governor of california a couple weeks ago blaming all of this on the trump administration. watch. >> and i imagine if you are president of the united states, any leader, like
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myself, feels a deep sense of responsibility to address some of the most vexing issues in the country. the president could do a hell of a lot more. >> needing to provide that final allotment, 25% when hud finally does their damn job and the administration recognizes that's the issues human beings, humanity. housing and urban development provide vouchers. fair market rent for those vouchers is about two times higher than the value of the voucher. so you have a voucher, you can't use it. ed: he keeps talking and talking and talking. and meanwhile the homelessness crisis is getting worse. about 20,000 or so more homeless people in california this year alone on top of the tens of thousands already homeless in this state. that's why the president tweeted a couple days ago. california leads the nation by far in the numbers of homeless people and percentage of increase in the homeless po homeless popula.
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crazy nancy should focused on that in her very own district and helping her incompetent governor with the big crisis. griff: we get right to the actual people trying to do things. you spoke with secretary carson and pressed him on not only what he plans to do but why it is it is so difficult to get things done. take a listen to some of your interview. >> the better thing to do is to go and look at the root cause why are things there so expensive? what could be done about them? and then how can we deal with the mentally ill individuals. let's put the people first. let's not worry about the other peripheral issues. and it's christmas time. think about what the bible says. he that oppresses the poor reproaches his maker. but he that honoreth him has mercy on the poor. let's think about mercy on the poor and think about real compassion. not think about ways we can
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keep people depend denting and in these horriblizations but how can we liberate them. ed: that's interesting. he was trying to bridge that and say look we are tired of the governor not willing to do anything. you have to work with the governor on something like this. katie: keeping people dependent is the key word. different policies implemented. a lot of money thrown at this problem and, yet, it has gotten worse. the question is it a good idea keep policies that allow people to continue living on the streets or do they need a major shift and pivot away from that that enables law enforcement to enforce some laws and rules but also is compassionate towards people who have drug addictions and mental illnesses and get them into rehab centers and get some help. the administration has offered a number of things. policies like bad zoning laws that make housing very expensive. the bottom line is in these cities like san francisco and los angeles. these have become public health crises for everybody involved. whether it's business
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owners, citizens who are living there, and, of course, tens of thousands of people living on the streets. griff: i would add to that when you press secretary carson playing his own words three months ago saying it would only take a few weeks to fix this? what about now? he said listen, we are ready to work. we saw the president tweeting he wants to get involved. even the san francisco chronicle pressuring newsom undoubtedly the ball is in their court now. ed: it's not everyday that nancy pelosi's hometown newspaper san francisco chronicle as you noted yesterday is saying give ben carson a chance here. maybe they have some new ideas. it's time to actually act. what do you think? should the federal government get involved if the democratic governor of california doesn't do anything about homelessness crisis katie: with that over to carley with morning headlines. carley: good morning. we have update on big story we have been following. the teen defansd in connection with deadly stabbing of tessa majors is released without charges. the nypd questioning the 14-year-old before releasing him into custody with his
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lawyers hours later. police were looking for the boy for two weeks after majors was attacked and robbed in a mantz park. police say charges could events actually be filed. 13-year-old is in custody facing murder charges. a fox news alert, the coast guard searching for a missing helicopter off hawaii. the search is focusing off the coast of coul kauai: the helicopter has electronic locater but so far authorities haven't detected any signals. the stock markets are set to open in a few hours on the heals of historic post christmas gains. the nasdaq setting a new record closing above the 9,000 for the first time. and one of the biggest winners amazon. the company's stock jumped more than 4% after reporting its best holiday sales ever.
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the new year's ball getting a face lift before the big drop. more than 2600 new waterford crystals will be installed today in times square as it prepares for new year's eve. waterford has been making crystals for the 12,000-pound sphere since the year 2,000. the new numbers arrived earlier this month. more than a million people are expected to ring in the new year in times square. and, griff, i hope it's a little drier this year than it was last year. griff: we got wet last year but it was fun. carley: it was. ed: people already showing up. you can see them out on the streets. katie: more power to them. thanks, carley. griff: as democrats make a move on impeachment we get inside look what the president could be planning. cabinet secretary joining us next. ed: man suing a casino after loses hundreds of thousands of dollars. why he argues they never
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should have let him place his bets in the first place. wait, it's their fault and not his? ♪ ♪ ♪music
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griff: congress may be out of session but the battle over impeachment on democrats defending calls for impeachment as impeachment moves towards the senate. how is the white house gearing up for their defense? let's ask former white house under president trump william mcginly. this is the first time you have spoken out on television since leaving the white house. what are your thoughts as pelosi holds the articles and criticism of mcconnell escalates. >> thank you griff for having me. at the end of the day the white house is going to continue to work for the american people. democrats are quite concerned about what they have done in this rigged, flawed process that denied the president fundamental fairness to put on the case he wanted to and due process to call the witnesses he wanted to make his case. when this actually reaches the senate, fairness and due process will be restored and the president will have an opportunity to lay out his case to the american people
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and be exonerated in a fair process. griff: we saw in the last week that leader mcconnell is possibly open to calling witnesses where do you weigh in on this? >> i think senator mcconnell is taking the exactly the right approach. in order for a process to be fair it should be able to be interchange jingle bell between democratic presidents and republican presidents using the clinton impeachment process is a fair way to start. the president's lawyers are going to have an opportunity to respond to the articles of impeachment that have no evidentiary record or foundation and never should have been passed. there is going to be arguments on both sides and the senators will have an opportunity to submit written questions to both sides. aat the end of that process then they can decide whether there is a need for any witnesses or not. and so speaker pelosi, and
3:18 am
minority leader chuck schumer, their drive to try to rig the trial against the president i think is misplaced. this needs to play out in a fair and objective manner. when that happens, this president will be exonerated. griff: that's really the question, bill. when will it happen? do you believe that pelosi has a constitutional duty to ultimately be forced to hand them over or not? >> she realize thrs is not enough of article to turn them over to the house. he understands a fair process in the senate, which is something that will happen, the house democrats in their process and the lack of evidence is going to be on trial just as much. and so what she needs to do is build the defenses to try and figure out how to get them out of this. we saw during the impeachment process in the house of representatives, support for the president rose. and support for the
3:19 am
impeachment process went down. she realizes she has a political and legal problem by handing down these articles of impeachment that have no factual basis. this president should be reelected, not impeached. griff: so, bill, we have seen, obviously, democrats and some in the media. we played it in the last segment, have a problem with the murkowski criticism saying that you know, leader mcconnell and the white house should not be working so closely together. is that a fair criticism? >> i don't believe so. i think that, you know, the senate is the upper chamber. it has its own traditions. i think senator murkowski was just making a comment that she intends to be an impartial juror. if the process is actually impartial, this president will be exonerated. there is no factual basis for the articles of impeachment that passed the house. and i think that the senate, with its traditions and especially the precedent established during the clinton impeachment trial will lead to the exoneration of this president. there are going to be many
3:20 am
arguments on both sides. but the house managers, the people sent by nancy pelosi other to the senate to defend the articles of impeachment and to lay them out before the senate are going to be on trial just as much. griff: last question and that is minority leader schumer is demanding documents related to mcgahn, even talking about additional articles of impeachment on obstruction of justice. what say you? >> it's outside the scope of these articles of impeachment. it just shows that the democrats are more interested in investigating rather than governing. they are more interested in scoring political points than governing this nation. this president has produced record economic growth, record unemployment. rising wages. improved our standing in the world. he deserves to be reelected, not impeached. and i think the way they are trying to rig this process shows that they just have no basis for moving forward with this. the senate should take it up and dispose of it quickly. griff: we will see what happens. bill mcginnly thank you for
3:21 am
your time. merry christmas. >> merry christmas and thank you for having me. griff: some voters say the democratic party abandoned them now they are turning to trump. diamond and silk says trump has liberated the black party: canine who passed away. the gift who moved him to tears. you don't want to miss it ♪ thank you for being a friend ♪ thank you for being a friend ♪ ♪ can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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3:25 am
described as serious. and police arrest a suspected carjacker after he crashes into their cruiser. watch this. the white car swerving on to an l.a. sidewalk before slamming into the cop car head on. that driver tries -- driver tries to he is scab by climbing out a window. he didn't get far before officers cuffed him. luckily, nobody hurt. katie: thank goodness for that. ed: don't try that at home. katie: president trump touting his accomplishments to black voters. >> our opponents have abandoned african-americans. before the election they start courting the african-americans. the election is over and then they leave them. we did just the opposite. what we have done for hispanic, for african-american, for minorities, what we have done is unprecedented. griff: are his efforts enough to turn voters in
3:26 am
2020? ed: here to react fox nation personalities diamond and silk. good morning, merry christmas. >> good morning. merry christmas to you. ed: how is the president doing with african-americans. we know about unemployment which he touts all the time is that going to work in 2020. >> president trump has been a champion for americans. especially black americans. i'm just so excited about that. he didn't just speak words or gave words. but he gave us some action. >> that's right. >> he has become not just the beacon of hope but the hope for black america. and i know you don't want to talk about that low unemployment. but low unemployment among black americans. the first step act giving people a second chance. opportunity zones. >> yes. >> giving more money to hvcus than any other president in history. he has done more for us in the past three years than the previous president did in 8 years. >> that's right. >> and when you look at black america, black america
3:27 am
don't want to take their tax dollars and take care of illegal aliens. you have these democrat candidates talking about how they want us to take care of these illegal aliens, sanctuary them. pay for their medical. black america don't want to do that. >> that's right. >> it's time for us. we were born on this soil. black america deserves the american dream. and by golly president trump is delivering on that. >> that's right. >> there are people who are paying attention in the headlines. this one from the "washington times" saying awakening black voters abandoned but democrats warm up to trump. so, when you talk to your friends, you are down in georgia, i believe. what are you hearing about people who previously supported democrats who believe they have been left behind? >> well, first of all, we are in north carolina. >> north carolina. i apologize for that north carolina. >> when we talk to florida and when we talk to friends and when we hear people are tired of democrats. >> that's right. >> they are liars. they tell lies and fan flies
3:28 am
and people are tired of it. >> and there is an uprising going on in the underground. a lot of people don't want to recognize that. when people come up to us and be like is he a little rough around the edges. our response to them is that we need those rough edges to cut through all of the b.s. that's going on up there on the hill. all of those smooth edges go along with the b.s. we need the rough edges to cut through it. it's president donald j. trump. he don't care what color you are. he want wants everyone to drive in this country and prosperity and he is giving it to all of us including black america. griff: i will give you one last thing to push back. joe biden has a lot of african-american support. isn't that a probable. >> no, it's not a problem. >> no. >> because i don't see joe biden becoming the president. listen, people have ditched and switched, walk away and ran like hell from the democratic party. >> that's right. >> let me tell you something, black america is not going to be fooled by cricket joe. cricket joe has been in government for 25 years and not delivered. what is he going to do in
3:29 am
four years if he hasn't done it in 50 years? you won't fool anyone anymore. >> he is the one that pushed that crime bill. ed: that is something he have to deal with. live from the tarheel state diamond and silk. we appreciate you being here. happy new year to you. >> thank you. happy new year. ed: monster winter storm pounding california. cars trapped in snow. very slick roads. a lot of dangerous conditions. the system now threatening the midwest as well. millions heading home after the holidays. a live report on the delays and potential concerns around new year's. that is next. ♪ ♪
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griff: back with extreme weather alitter. major traffic delays expected across the country as a winter storm tracks across the midwest. katie: the system causing post travel headaches in southern california. ed: aishah hasnie has been covering all of this from the newsroom. >> good morning, katie,
3:33 am
griff and ed. this is the nightmare after christmas. we are expecting double, even triple the traffic delays in some cities. part of it has to do with the shear volume of travelers this year. the other part is the weather. nobody was prepared for this in southern california. take a look. cars submerged in snow on the freeway over "the grapevine" there people trying to push their cars out of snow banks. officials in have to close that highway in both directions last night. leaving a lot of people stuck inside their cars. and a few hours south in san diego, county. take a look at this. traffic came to a stand still because of several fallen trees. big trees, i might add. that became -- came down with heavy snow there. and then check out the backups in the cajon pass area. this highway as well also closed temporarily. if you live in the heartland, you should head home today. this same storm in california is headed straight for the plains and
3:34 am
the upper midwest. possible blizzard conditions that will create travel headaches this weekend. if you are traveling by plane, get ready for long lines. we are seeing long lines out of ohio and phoenix. people are traveling by plane, that's actually up 5% this year. so the best piece of advice this morning if you haven't left already, you should get going now. back to you. ed: all right, aishah, thank you. get over to adam klotz to stay on this story. is he tracking where the storm is heading next. good morning. >> it's that big system that we saw spinning across portions of southern california that he would continuing to pay attention to if we get my map up here. this is the system that brought the snow to southern california. on the move. lifting to the plains and you were midwest. as it moves that direction they are already preparing for it. we have winter storm watches and warnings in place from southern california all the way up into the upper midwest. that's minnesota a large area here that's where the frontal boundary sits and
3:35 am
that's the area where we will be seeing the worst of this. this is our forecast precipitation. interesting all where the cold air and warm air is. if you live in the eastern united states have you noticed it's been really warmth last couple days. heavy snow in some of these locations 18 inches, running all the way up to minnesota. everything off to that is going to be big thunderstorms as it eventually moves into this direction, weekend and early into next week. winter in the west and feels a little bit more like spring in the east. forecasted highs for friday. temperatures sitting into the 60's. 67 degrees in louisville for saturday. 51 degrees in chicago. all that cold air just hovers back in the west. and that's going to be the case running probably all the way into the new year. warm in the east. unfortunately all that winter weather for hec folks traveling is something people are going to be dealing with in the western states. griff: now we will toss it over to carley. what have you got for the headlines? carley: the nypd investigating six anti-semitic attacks since the start of hanukkah.
3:36 am
one caught on camera showing a jewish man being hit from behind and beaten on the street. the antidefamation league is offering a $10,000 reward. the nypd says the number of anti-semitic attacks in the city is up from last year. a day care provider accused of hiding two dozen kids behind a fake wall. carlos has been arrested on suspicion of child abuse. police spent six weeks investigating complaints that her colorado day care was caring for more children than its license allow you had. when they checked it out. they found a walls wall leading to a basement. that's where they found 26 young children and two adults. three other employees are also facing charges. listen to this a compulsive gambler suing a casino for letting him play. the man's lawyer says caesar's casino in windsor, ontario, canada should have known about his gambling
3:37 am
addiction, alcoholism, fraud conviction and past banishment from other casinos and stopped him from drinking and gambling. the man claims he lost $260,000 after casino. he is now demanding that back. plus $3,801,000 in damages. caesars has denied any wrongdoing. a christmas gift leaving a police officer in tears. take a look. >> you can't cry because i'm going to cry if you do. thank you. >> you are welcome. >> officer josh madsen getting a stuffed animal version of his late k9 partner lennon who died this month. police in the community getting him the stuffed animal after reading about his passing on facebook. they even used a photo of the police pooch to design the publish, so it was the perfect representlyca. how sweet is that.
3:38 am
ed: that's terrific. i'm still trying to get past the casino story. griff: let us know if that works out for him. katie: should have known about my long record of bad fate. thanks, carley. ed: all eyes on wall street after markets close new record highs again and again. the holiday surge wrapping up a year of milestones. charles payne, the man, the myth, the legend breaks down what our stock market means. what it means for our wallet. coming up. ♪ big time ♪ big time ♪ (male announcer) check out the after christmas sale
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3:42 am
quick headlines. the son of police corporal ron l. singh getting incredible gift. giving singh's son own police car. stickers changed to honor his dad who was killed one year ago during a traffic stop. and firefighters bringing gifts to a charlotte family after their home goes up in flames. everyone made it out safely but they feared their christmas was ruined. that's when the firefighters stepped up and brought them some christmas cheer. the red cross also helping that family. how great is that? ed: very sweet. thanks, carley. all eyes today, once again, on global stock markets as they continue to surge. adding $17 trillion. that's trillion with a t in total value this year alone. griff: this comes amid a record-breaking 2019 for stocks in the u.s. how does this impact our standing on the world stage? katie: here to discuss the best is the host of making money on fox business charles payne. charles, good morning. >> good morning.
3:43 am
ed: people are making a lot of money. >> they are if they are in the stock market. and if they listened to me they would be. there were many times this year when people probably bailed out because we had a few dipsz this year. last december there was talk of recess. so, you know, i love doing these stories but it is a bittersweet thing because i have championed this market particularly now under this president. honestly, if there was someone else in the white house, we would be talking not just about the stock market but americanna. how do you get the world market to sore when the world's economies were soft. it had to be the central figure of a strong u.s. economy. right? also, i think this idea of nations being more self-relines, you know, some people are worried about nationalistic trends. but i think the idea of individual nations taking on more responsibility, doing more things for themselves and large organization whether it's the world trade organization or nato, all of this, i think, helped to sort of propel animal spirit that we got here a couple of years ago. but i think it's spreading
3:44 am
around the world. our markets are obviously leading the parade. griff: focus in on a few of them. we of course saw the nasdaq record yesterday. there is one specific thing that was interesting to me. that is the s&p has returned 50% since president trump took over, which is more than double what the average 23% of past presidents. >> it is over a three year period. president trump's average is far above those. the s&p 500 is what wall street uses. often people talk about the dow. it's not nearly representative of the entire economy. the s&p 500 is more. hence the name 500 stocks. and it's been absolutely remarkable. this year well over 400 of those stocks are up. well over 300 up 20%. the nasdaq is great story, too. because if you would have bottom the nasdaq november of 2008, right now you would be up almost 500 percent. 3 to 18 trillion. that's where all the exciting names, netflix,
3:45 am
apples, amazons. things changing our lives. not just our lives but everyone on this planet. that's an american story. katie: what about the argument for democrat wall street might be doing great but main street is. >> wall street can't do great if main street isn't doing great. that's the chart i keep saying put it up. show me blue collar wages over the last two decades. over the last three decades. again, this is an awakening. this is a renaissance in this country and it's been absolutely phenomenal. the market would not be -- it was great that the federal reserve changed course. this couldn't happen if the fed kept raising rates. you still need the underlying economy. you need that american consumer who is confident. has a lot of money because of those wages. and, by the way. still not getting over their skis. savings rate is near 8% which is about more than double where it was at the onset of the great recession. katie: what you are saying wall street and main street are both doing well. >> absolutely. wall street couldn't do this well if main street wasn't doing great.
3:46 am
ed: the energy of charles payne that we just saw on the opposite side. paul krugman wrote this actually in november of 2016 it. really does look like president donald j. trump and marks are plunging. when might we expect them to recover? our first pass answer is never. >> the election results come in. the market before it opened, the preopening trading was -- we were down like 200 points. 300 points, 400 points. paul krugmans in the world were saying doom and gloom. president trump gave his acceptance speech. it was great. he wasn't hostile. guess what? we were off 500, 400, 302, hundred, 100. we are up. we are up again. we are up again. what's going on? golly, may be lower taxes, fewer regulations and unleashing. anna: mall spirit. the first area we saw was small businesses. second i can't remember home builder confidence. stock market is now catching
3:47 am
up to animal spirits. griff: manufacturing took a little bit of a hit. >> no. manufacturing haas had a major renaissance. here is the real problem of manufacturing. let me help you out it. wept like this for years it. went like this and then it dipped here. you see this dip here? that's the recession now they are talking about. but when it was going like this just like farm income. farmer income went like this all right. then guess what? we had the war with china and complicately targeted our farmers. now mainstream media is farmers. so disingenuous. griff: charles payne. >> be careful though. i hate to say this. the financial media has been really talking about the market and up vesting through a tainted lens of trump hatred. i hate to say it. but investors must be aware and do their own homework. katie: if they want the real scoop watch you. >> every day at 2:00. griff: i will be watching. [laughter] >> thanks a lot, man. griff: happy new year.
3:48 am
ed: speaking of money. deputies in one community are handing out cold hard cash in one community instead of tickets. >> i'm not going to give you a ticket today. >> thank you. >> what we are going to do is give you $100. we are out here stopping cars and donating. >> oh my god. thank you so much. griff: that is a shock. you will meet the sheriff spreading the christmas cheer. he is here with us ♪ run, run rudolph ♪ santa got to make it to town ♪ santa make him hurry ♪ tell him he can take the freeway down ♪ run, run ♪ ♪ ♪ country roads, take me home there's a booking for every resolution. book yours at any price, at
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3:51 am
>> i'm not going to give you a ticket today. >> thank you. >> what we are going to do though is give you $100. we are out here stopping cars and donating. >> oh my god. thank you so much.
3:52 am
katie: drivers brought to tears after deputies from the madera county sheriff's office in california handed out cash instead of tickets to drivers for minor violations. ed: sheriff jay varney joins us now. good morning. how did you come up with this idea? >> well, it wasn't original with me but about five years ago myself and the ceo of agri land and their employees got together and they wanted to do some charitable giving in the community. and if you recall at that time, kind of the public perception of law enforcement wasn't really what it should be. so, we got together. we put this idea together and i think it's been super beneficial for the community, for the deputies that work in the sheriff's office and also for the agri land employees that pattern pate. katie: yeah, so we have seen the reaction of people pulled over thinking they are going to get a ticket. what is your reaction from the deputies who get to do this every year? >> i think it's a great thing for them. it helps them to get out and do something where they are not dealing with someone who
3:53 am
is in crisis and they're actually able to kind of connect a member of the community, someone from agri land with someone who was expecting maybe a citation and ends up getting a very nice gift that's put together both by the deputies and by our sponsor. ed: sheriff, i don't want to be the grinch here who stole christmas. why are you rewarding bad behavior. if somebody was speeding they should get a ticket. >> so generally these are stops that involve more minor things. things that might be a fix-it ticket here in california like no front license plate. equipment violations. things like that. hazardous violations we tend to steer away from. katie: okay. good. can you talk a little bit about the money? this is not taxpayer money that's being given out. donated money to the tune of $5,000, correct? >> yes. this year it was $5,000. all money that comes from a private business. the vast majority of the deputies that are working, that you have seen in some of the videos, they have
3:54 am
come in on their own time to work. or they have actually cancelled vacation time to come in and participate in this action. ed: talk about the reaction. we have seen it in some of the videos. people sort of shrieking with joy. >> well, every year we seem to find someone who is either coming out of a crisis. whether it's monetary or personal thing or something in the family that's just not going right. so, you know, frankly, it's a cliche thing but we never get tired of seeing the reaction of the elation that the folk have that this money is going to do something very positive for them during the christmas season. katie: certainly a nice surprise, that's for sure. also a surprise, your wife of 38 years, you wanted to say something to her? >> well, it's 34 years but thank you for that opportunity celebrating the 40th anniversary of her 20th birthday tomorrow. amy, love you. thanks for the support. ed: that's very sweet. in addition to being nice around christmas.
3:55 am
you are very diplomatic about your wife's age. in all seriousness, thank you for what you and everyone else does in law enforcement. you mentioned that at the top and it's very important for us to recognize that sir. >> we really appreciate the opportunity to showcase some of the positive things that are a little different that law enforcement is doing in california. katie: love to see it. thanks for coming on this morning. >> you bet. katie: impeachment push may be back firing on democrats. the media is going all in on the left's strategy and even praising nancy pelosi's leadership. >> she has been masterful legislatively. >> donald plays whack-a-mole and plays chess. ed: masterful. why aren't they calling her out on the impeachment process? next. ♪ my point of view ♪ i got a new attitude ♪
3:56 am
3:57 am
3:58 am
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3:59 am
donate to your local y today. because where there's a y, there's an us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ed: kiss the sky. griff: good morning. ed: i have never heard that one. katie: last friday before the knew new year. griff: very exciting. i'm not sure who is kissing the sky in washington. great shot of the capital there. you can see the fog hanging over it and perhaps that fog is an -- katie: an omen. griff: an omen for impeachment. ed: kisses for nancy pelosi you might say from some in the media. holding back articles of impeachment. not sending them to the senate. we noted yesterday "new york
4:00 am
times" columnists not usually friendly to the president did this little conversation online where they were basically saying they are worried that this is going to backfire on nancy pelosi and democrats. so they don't know how it's going to play out politically. and it's coming at a time when the stock market is setting record highs. the economy is roaring right now. the kind of set-up for the president that if all of this backfires at a time when terms of impeachment on the democrats at a time when the economy is doing so well. that sets them up pretty well in 2020 a lot of question about the way nancy pelosi is handling. this she said impeachment was divisive. bipartisan process. didn't get any republican votes. yet, griff, the media saying she is the one now by holding the articles who is really glanch the process. leverage somehow over the president and the senate. griff: that's right. kiss the sky. roll the tape. >> over and over she has proven herself to be the president's most skilled adversary landing the most
4:01 am
damaging political blows to the president. >> he is now the third president of the united states impeached in part of because how masterfully she has landed this one of the most masterful parliamentarians of our time. >> she has been masterful controlling her conference. >> she is his kryptonite. >> donald trump plays whack amole she plays chess. >> crypto night, masterful. >> nancy pelosi has been run over and controlled by the left wings of the party. pushing impeachment since the day president trump got elected. tried to impeach him for criticizing nfl players for kneeling for the flag. russia. now the phone call to the president to ukraine. this is something that she has tried to avoid she has been unable the look on her face when she struck the gavel both times when the articles passed before christmas time and tell her caucus to stop cheering shhh and waving her hand telling them to stop celebrating.
4:02 am
>> knock it off. cut it out. katie: shows she is not in control. griff: masterful can mean any number of things. give her due credit. speaker of the house twice. first woman and done it twice. the fact that, you know, she is now sitting on these articles of impeachment is putting her in a position and remember she warned against for the very reason that the lesson of impeachment in bill clinton which gained seats in both the house and senate. first time it's ever happened in history and only time as well as increased bill clinton's approval ratings. she is now in this stuck position where the constitution looks like it says she is going to have to hand it over. we spoke with bill mcginley speaking out for the first time. the cabinet secretary at the white house since the beginning of the trump administration, he thinks that ultimately the president will be exonerated. listen. >> speaker pelosi. chuck schumer, i think this needs to play out in fair
4:03 am
and objective manner. when that happens. this president will be exonerated. if the process is actually impartial. this president will be exonerated no. factual basis for the articles of impeachment that pass the house. i think the senate with its traditions and especially the precedent established during the clinton impeachment trial will lead to the exoneration of this president. katie: so on the senate side there are a number of democrat senators who are skeptical of this process but back to nancy pelosi. you know, she was unable to slow this process down to get the house to do the work that it needed to make this a successful trial for democrats in the senate. she was unable to convince jerry nadler and adam schiff that if they wanted to call white house witnesses that they should go through the court system. slow this down and do it the proper way. the job of the house is to get all of the evidence that they want. all of the witnesses before they then head over to the senate. the senate can question the same people. they can look at the same documents. but that all of the people who are going to be involved here are supposed to be
4:04 am
interviewed by the house and the inquiry process. and she was unable to do it. unable to slow it down to get it passed in the senate. ed: articles never mention bribery things they have been pushing for weeks and weeks maybe because of what you just said. griff: you spoke on martha with a republican congressman who thought this not only benefiting president but even perhaps in the house. ed: pennsylvania house judiciary committee he says republicans are going to end up winning the house of representatives in 2020 not just the president being reelected. we will see. a big part of that case for republicans, at least will be the roaring economy we mentioned at the top. look at this headline from fox business. stocks rally to records. nasdaq blows past 9,000 for the first time ever. look at these record closes. dow over 28,000. that's up 105 points just yesterday. s&p 500 up. smaller margin. nasdaq up as i mentioned about 69 points. clearing the 9,000 mark for the first time. you think about the perspective of when this
4:05 am
president first got elected. and we mentioned it -- this a moment ago. paul krugman from the "new york times" right after the elections. markets are going to tank. we have seen political articles around that time that were saying economists predict. market free fall if donald trump is elected. and just the opposite has happened. katie: this comes at a time when brexit is happening. this comes when the united states is engaged in a trade war with china. yet, you are still seeing incredible numbers. griff: cnbc headline i want to show you, too. trump stock market rally is far outpacing past u.s. precedence. i talked a little bit with charles before he schooled me rightfully so. ed: raised a fair point about manufacturing had a little bit of a slow down and came back in the last jobs report. he jumped all over it. griff: he did. what i asked him about that before the s&p 500 which is the indicator for the market, it has returned 50% since president trump took office. doubling the 23% average.
4:06 am
past presidents. and that's certainly in that cnbc seeing that. charleston had a whole lot to say when we talked to him. >> that's the wage growth thing that's the chart i keep saying put it up. put it up. show blue collar wages. show me blue collar wages over the last two decades. over the last three decades. again, this is an awakening. this is a renaissance in this country. it's been absolutely phenomenal. the market would not be the same. it's great that the federal reserve changed course. this couldn't have happened if the fed kept raising rates. still need to underlying economy. you need that american consumer who is confidentiality. has a lot of money because of those wages. ed: immediately after that we got charles a cup of decaf. no, no, seriously. he is right. it's on fire right now. is he right to be excited about saying look. this is good for american workers. because, yeah, you hear the criticism oh the stock market doesn't really matter to average people. tell that to the workers been saving money in their
4:07 am
401(k). katie: exactly. ed: it's up 20, 25%. tell that to the folks whose wages are going up. we keep hearing as well. well, the low unemployment rate. that's a statistic. yes, when you also couple that with wages coming up for lower and middle class workers. that is a big deal. griff: it's long been a theme in getting elected in politics if you grab them by their pocketbook their hearts and minds will follow. what is exciting as we head to iowa and new hampshire and nevada, south carolina, you are going to find out what the true answer is on how people's lives have been impacted whether or not their wages have gone up. whether they're seeing increase in 401(k). ed: important point about brexit and china trade war. all of these head winds that could be bringing the stock market down. impeachment as well obviously. katie: even with factors that you think would be destabilizing to the economy. things are still going well. democrats, since the beginning, have been saying we are going to go into another recession, possibly a depression. they have had one argument
4:08 am
to hold on to and that was the wage growth they no longer are able to do it. president trump has been able to take away a lot of economic arguments democrats used to be able to make. pennsylvania, wisconsin on manufacturing. oil and gas and really put them in a tough place to talk about the economy. ed: a lot of those issues he ran on. strong economy. take on china. have a new trade deals. a lot of those things the boxes are being checked. what do you think as the president heads into 2020. is the impeachment deal going to backfire? katie: meantime carley is here. carley: unfortunately sad news to get to. tragedy at los angeles international airport. a young girl is dead after having a heart attack on a plane bound for seattle. the flight turning around shortly after takeoff. landing back at lax. first responders were unable to revive the girl. her name and exact age have not been released. right now an urgent manhunt is underway for an escaped texas inmate. an east texas sheriff's office says this guy, jace
4:09 am
martin laws beirut broke out of a county jail by somehow carving through the brick wall of his cell he was behind bars on several charges including assault on a police officer. two of the men who helped subdue the london bridge attacker will receive the highest medal for beretry. they held off guzman with a fire extinguisher and tusk taken off the wall at nearby hall. khan was eventually tackled to the ground. a spokesman for the prime minister boris johnson called them the very best of the british people. khan eventually shot dead after stabbing and killing two people. a smooth operator popping the question during a home additioedition of "family feud." >> name a date a woman always dreams of. >> her wedding day. >> will you marry me?
4:10 am
>> yes, i will. >> make it official, right? [laughter] >> oh my gosh. survey says i do. these high school sweet hearts who have been together 8 years getting engaged on christmas day. the north carolina couple's heart-warming moment is going viral. how amazing is that? katie: great idea. ed: it's not official yet she didn't propose to him too. ed: i follow your headlines every day. lindsey vaughn is now proposing to her fiance. >> she still has two years to propose back to him to make it official. ed: there is a window. carley: there is a window. ed: yale professor going after mitch mcconnell the senate leader claiming he has zero constitutional authority in impeachment trial. really? our next guest says he has got it all wrong. byron york is on deck.
4:11 am
griff: plus, talk about commitment. a husband gets this picture of his wife snoring tattooed on his arm as pay back. uh-oh. that story is coming up. ed: commitment or a mess ♪ ♪ you brush, you may have gingivitis. and the clock could be ticking towards bad breath, receding gums, and possibly... tooth loss. help turn back the clock on gingivitis with parodontax. leave bleeding gums behind. parodontax.
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ed: welcome back. one yale professor attacking senator mcconnell's position on the impeachment trial claiming the senator has quote unquote zero constitutional authority. writing back a distinguished professor at yale tells the senate majority they have it all wrong. did you see the impeachment trial? here with more is byron york. good to see you byron. >> good morning, ed. >> where does he have it wrong? >> he has it wrong in a lot of places. first of all, the thing to remember is the constitution gives the senate the sole power to trial all impeachments. and the senate runs on majority rule. that is the founding principle of the senate. and the majority elects a leader. so the idea that the senate, which has the sole power to
4:16 am
try impeachment. the idea that the majority leader has no role seems to be completely nonsensical. ed: yeah. in looking at the impeachment of president william jefferson clinton. the constitution dictates that the act as presiding officer. the content of his role is subject to determination by, yes, the senate. the constitution assigns the senate the sole power to try all impeachments. it seems like, byron, the precedent is clear. >> yes. and the tweet storm said that mitch mcconnell is not in charge of the trial that john roberts, the chief justice, will be, quote: in charge of the trial. whicwhich is simply not the case. the senate can overrule anything that the chief justice said the senate has the sole power of impeachment. if you look back at the clinton impeachment. the chief justice at the time was william rehnquist. after the trial he said of what he did he said my job was to do nothing.
4:17 am
andy it very well. ed: exactly. let's shift to the politics of all of this. it's very interesting. you being in washington a long time know that the political report is seen as a bible in terms of a nonpartisan look at all of these key house and senate races. just the last few days, two races have sort of shifted. you have justin amash's seat in michigan where he obviously left the republican party and voted for impeachment. now babies republican. that'babies-basicallyrepublican. leaning republican. a toss-up who voted for impeachment. limited evidence but two battle ground states michigan and pennsylvania, two key house races shifting republican after the impeachment votes. >> well, clearly what has happened since the whole trump-ukraine thing blew up in september is at that time
4:18 am
there was a spike in approval for an impeachment inquiry. an approval forever impeachment and removal of the president. and some republicans, there was increase in support by republicans and independents. and what happened in the next two months as democrats made their case for impeachment support among those groups republicans and independents went down it. stayed high among democrats. there is no doubt that there is like 85% support for impeachment and removal among democrats. but it has gone down among everybody else. so it's not a surprise to see a change in some of those polls. also, this is a different dynamic of impeachment and politics than what we have seen before because they are impeaching, democrats are impeaching the president in an election year. haven't seen that happen before. ed: yeah. last question. what you are referring to, also, obviously is these independent voters in these polls we're seeing who help decide elections. shifting against impeachment. >> you know, even if they
4:19 am
are not trump supporters, just the idea that why are they doing it now when we are going to have an elections in 11 months is a pretty strong argument many. i think it would appeal to practical minded people around the country. ed: byron york, we appreciate you coming in. >> thank you, ed. ed: he was ridiculed in this peloton ad. the ton husband gifts his fiancee a peloton bike anyway. rachel campos-duffy got one as an anniversary gift. she loves it. she is here to react and talk about a whole bunch of other stuff next ♪ every day american ♪ a little town ♪ in a great big land ♪ (music) if you have moderate to severe psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream.
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4:23 am
griff: time now for news by the numbers. first, 1.9 million. that's the record number of christmas packages u.p.s. expects to return next week. 26% spike from last year. 77% of people are expected to return at least one gift this year despite our warnings that's a bad thing to do. next, 81 pounds. that's the size of bill gates secret santa gift for a complete stranger microsoft co-founder has been taking part in the annual gift exchange since 2013. the woman's huge box of goodies included legos. many of gates favorite books and sweets. finally 55% how much concert tickets have increased by over the past decade according to poll star. top concert is just under 100 bucks. >> pricey. 2020 democrats zeroing in on key primary states while making their pitches to voters. ed: as hispanic veterans are set to make up the largest voting block in 2020.
4:24 am
some in the community say they feel ignored by democratic candidates. griff: here to react fox news contributor and host of moms on fox nation rachel campos-duffy. rachel, belated christmas and happy new year to you. >> merry christmas to awful you. griff: talk about voters 2020 by racial and ethnic group 66.7% white. 13% hispanic. 4.7% asian. what say you? >> look, you can't ignore the hispanic vote. it's very important. it's very large. and it's growing. i mean, it's fastest growing demographic with voters, you know, turning 18 at record numbers. every month. so, it's a young population and it's growing rapidly. and what we know about hispanics is they are highly entrepreneurial. respond to policies that make the american dream happen for them policies that help their family no.
4:25 am
question that the trump economy has been excellent for all minorities and in particular for hispanics. so, any presidential candidate on the left or the right who ignore them do it at their own peril. katie: rachel it, seems like argument about illegal immigration saying that they are okay with that "the washington post," some people in that demographic are saying that leaders and activists in the democratic party, they say they feel ignored and misunderstood by candidates who have spent much of them time focusing on iowa and new hampshire and law teen know officials feel far removed from hispanic communities could be blunt excitement for november election. ignoring the issues they care about. >> immigration ranks like number 4 in terms of things when they poll hispanics and ask them what they care about. number one is economy, jobs, healthcare, education, and on all those issues,
4:26 am
democrats aren't just not speaking to them, you negotiation agree graphically going into southwest and into the areas where hispanics are at. those issues just don't -- they don't care about those issues they are against school choice which hispanics really want. they are not making it easier for people to start businesses and keep more of their own money or pass their business and their wealth once they get that on to their kids. these are something hispanics care deeply about. yes, i think there is a problem. one of the things i think was not noticed very much by the mainstream media how many hispanics have shown up at rallies for donald trump in the southwest? in new mexico, in arizona, in texas? there were huge number of latinos inside. i was getting texts from friends of mine who were there and all three of these rallies who were hispanic saying i can't believe how many hit-and-runs are here. and i saw none of that covered in any of the mainstream media press on
4:27 am
those rallies. ed: rachel, another big controversy around the world christians being targeted and killed simply for their faith. boris johnson had this to say in his christmas message. watch. >> i want us to remember those christians around the world who are facing persecution. we stand with christians everywhere in solidarity. and we will defend your right to practice your faith. ed: how do you react to that important message? >> good for him. there are not enough leaders and certainly not enough people in the media covering what is happening. christians are absolutely and there are organizations that track all of this. they are the most persecuted religion justice group in the world. just this past week on new year's eve boca group killed seven people and kidnapped a teenage girl. they kidnap these girls and force them into converse or marriage. there are still 112 girls
4:28 am
from the raid that happened under the obama administration that are still under captivity and have not been found. these kinds of things are happening all over the world. >> chris practicing faith in secret. being imprisoned and killed in ways beheaded, crucified in ways that we haven't seen since the first century. important that people like boris johnson do that also important what donald trump has done which is to appoint a religious liberal czar. the persian isn't just happening abroad, it's also the kind of persians that christians of faith have here in the united states where i think they are being pushed out of the public square and in many ways attempted to be silenced. ed: those people killed on christmas eve a horrible tragedy. griff: got to turn to a little lighter subject. the peloton ad. the husband getting the wife the peloton that got all of this attention. well, that's the ad, of course. people upset taking selfies
4:29 am
and made a video. already attractive and skinny. well, there is development, and that is the peloton russ actually got his real girlfriend a bike on instagram. here is how it goes over the second time. merry christmas to my girlfriend. please don't leave me. your thoughts? >> you negotiation of my husband bought me a peloton last year for mifer anniversary. one of the people really kept me interested when this whole stupid thing blew up on the first time with the peloton ad. i say good for him. this was such a stupid outrage. no need for it. most women who get a bike like this would being greatsful. most probably hinted to their husband like i did that they wanted a peloton. only way to handle this fake outrage, this woke cancel culture is to do exactly what he did, which is double down, mock it, laugh at it, and pay very little attention to all the trolls
4:30 am
on twitter. ed: seems like a fake controversy. maybe even a controversy created by peloton in some way because they have gotten so much publicity. katie: the stock price though when it came out was bad. it will come back. heather: catch rachel and her show moms. plus get 35% off using the code celebrate. maybe use peloton. katie: that's not a real code. griff: merry christmas, rachel, thanks. >> happy new year. griff: amazon hefing to help after a delivery driver is apologizing. sheriff grady judd he joins us live to sound off. ed: the teen suspected of killing a college student is released without charges hours after taken into custody. what happens next? we have a live report after the break. with advil, you have power over pain,
4:31 am
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♪ griff: welcome back. a teen detained in connection with to the brutal murder of a new york college student is freed without charges. >> after two week search, police questioned and then released a 14-year-old boy. >> kaelyn from our fox report in new york city at the park where tessa majors was killed. kayla? >> yeah. just because that 14-year-old boy is waking up at home this morning does not mean police believe he is innocent. sources say that they are just looking for more evidence. more than two weeks into an all-out manhunt. police have finally located that 14-year-old boy they have been looking for. sources tell us he was found in family's apartment in the bronx. morning side park where tessa majors was murdered. now that boy was taken to the police precinct where a search warrant was executed with his attorney by his side, the teen was
4:35 am
fingerprinted and swabbed for d.n.a. investigators are trying to match the teen's d.n.a. to blood found at the scene of the crime or to genetic material recovered from majors' teeft from biting one of the a sal lents. fatally stabbed her. the barnard college freshman was just a short distance from campus. a 13-year-old boy is already in custody. he was charged with felony murder. telling detectives he was at the park with other teenagers but wasn't the one who stabbed majors. officers have questioned and released a second teen after he refused to answer any questions. this is the third subject in the murder investigation officials have previously said they believe plunged the knife into majors, that 14-year-old has been released to his family and attorneys no charges have been filed at this point. the results of those d.n.a. test also be yet critical
4:36 am
part of this investigation. i mentioned that bite mark according to the "new york times" this morning. authorities belief that the boy's family was actually hiding him until a mark on his hand had healed. the time says that mark was incredibly similar to a bite mark. so, guys, this investigation is far from over. charges could still be coming towards that 14-year-old boy. griff: all right, kayla. thank you. mystery continues on the details. toss it over to carley shimkus who has more headlines. good morning. carley: start with this. new clues for the search for a missing hiker. police aren't saying what they found in connection with to her disappearance. alisyn watterson reported missing on monday while hiking in the wood about 18 miles from portland, owing. her parents now pleading for any information. >> thank you, this community, for all your help. she is a very special person. and i will do anything to get her home.
4:37 am
anything. the 20-year-old's boyfriend claimed they wer separated during their hike. he has since been arrested on unrelated charges. one of the nation's biggest school system giving students a break to protest. fairfax county schools? virginia giving students one excused day off per year what is called civic engagement activities. supporters claim it's the only way to handle a new wave of student activism in the country a couple calls 911 ready to confront what they thought was a christmas eve grinch. well, that's right. it was all because of a roomba. the couple got the gift just a few days earlier and wasn't used to their new friend roaming around their house. get this a rude awakening for this woman. her husband getting a tattoo of this unflattering picture
4:38 am
of her sleeping on a plane. the british man says he wanted to get back at her for giving him a bad hair cut. she apparently telling her prankster husband he went too far. guess what? you snooze, you lose. that guy is going to be in the dog house for the rest of his life. enjoy the couch. griff: i'm in the dog house. actually gave the roomba to my wife for christmas. i haven't heard. she has been back 24 hours in d.c. i don't think she liked it. >> that's worse than the peloton although she doesn't have to do the work. ed: you get your wife stuff to complete up around the house. >> don't use around the dog. griff: i think the dog would like it. katie: there are horror stories about dogs and roombas. i think you know what i'm implying we were
4:39 am
victims. griff: yesterday he had a dog but today he has a giant crowd out there on fox square. adam: no dog but fantastic crowd. [cheers] adam: crazy loud all morning. a ton of fun on fox square. some folks brought signs. this one i keep looking at this one. it says you were married 50 years today. >> 50 years ago. adam: i understand that. were you married when you were 10? >> 18 and 20. >> i don't know if if i buy that. you were 5 years old when you were first married. that's what i'm thinking. 55 years old. roanoke rapids. where is that? >> north carolina. adam: north carolina. do you want to give a shoutout to anybody. >> shout out to my friends in north carolina and go trump 2020. adam: can you help me with the forecast? you hit that button when i tell you to. don't hit it yet. take those graphics full and do this forecast. what do you think about the weather out here today? [cheers] adam: feeling fantastic. close to 50 degrees in new york city. that's not the case in the western half of the country.
4:40 am
temperatures down closer to freezing. why we are tracking winter weather. hit that button for me. there is the system we are tracking. that is going to turn into now i'm going to have to hit a different pu button. it's a team effort. winter storm watches arched warnings from southern california all the way up to minnesota. that's going to be the system we pay attention to. if you are here in new york city. as a lot of people behind me are. [. [cheers and applause] adam: we are going to have great weather throughout the rest of the day and the weekend. have a fantastic day. have a big back to you. do it on 3. 1, 2, 3. >> back to you. katie: we appreciate it. katie: amazon refused to turn in a driver caught stealing a package until one florida sheriff laid down the law. now retailer is reversing course and apologizing. is it enough? ed: we will scut sheriff himself. he joins us next ♪ i fourth the law
4:41 am
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carley: good morning, quick headlines to get to. a garbage truck driver leaves a gift for biggest fan. aden loves the sanitation crew and runs outside to waive at the truck every time it drives by. so the driver gave him a couple of toy cars including, of course, a garbage truck. aden's family hopes to reach out to the worker and give him a gift in return scottish man. he actually left notes telling her how to feed the wild fox to hangs out around
4:45 am
his yard. they included feeding times and menu options including chicken and dog treats. that is one spoiled fox, katie. katie: don't they say don't feed the animals? anyway, 2020 contender pete buttigieg releasing alarming criminal justice reform calling to decriminalize the possession of all drugs. >> incarceration should not even be a response to drug possession. >> is this the across the board meth or coke or ecstasy any drugs if it's possession incarceration isn't. >> that's right. griff: this as his immigration plan promises to update the quote overly harsh list of offenses that led to deportation. joining us now to react is president of the major county sheriff's association. grady, good morning to you. thank you. >> good morning, griff, it's good to be with you all today. griff: let me ask you, here, mayor pete rising and leading in iowa going out there to the good folks.
4:46 am
he has laid out this immigration plan that decriminalizes the drug offenses and easier to deport people. >> let me translate what he said. what he is telling people of iowa and the united states hey i'm going to guarantee that crime is going to go up. i'm going to guarantee people are going to steal more of your stuff. i'm going to tarre guarantee you more people will become addicted to crime. when there is no discipline, when there is no line, when there is no law prohibits an act, people do what they want to do. and that's exactly what he said. he is guaranteeing more drug addicts. he is guaranteeing more crime. and is he guaranteeing less help we don't have enough services for those addicted to crime now. is he going to create nor addiction. i have done this my entire adult life. i doubt if he has investigated or dealt with
4:47 am
those who sell, those are use, and those who use crime drive the market. and they buy this stuff, creating the traffickers. so when they are buying it, guess how they are getting the money to buy it? they are stealing your stuff. so, the at the end of the day, this is not good policy. and he should know that. but, who is he playing to, anyway? i think people across the united states and iowa are smarter than to believe not holding people accountable for possessing cocaine, ecstasy, methamphetamine is bad. and think about this. how are we going to get people to go into diversion programs and agree to mental health and drug abuse rehabilitation programs without the strength of the criminal justice system? the criminal justice system is the only system that can force people to get help.
4:48 am
katie: sheriff, you have talked about people stealing stuff and recently you had running in with amazon and they have apologized to you after refusing to help you with a case of a driver stealing packages. they released a statement from amazon they said we work regularly and close with law enforcement across the country and working to understand what occurred here to make it right and to reach out to polk county sheriff's office to apologize. so what exactly happened here? >> well, first off, i'm a fan of amazon but we didn't get two day delivery. here's what occurred. we had a guy that stole, actively stealing an amazon driver, we thought this would be a slow pitch. you call amazon up, we have the date, we have the time. we have the security footage. hey, give us his name and address we will go out and arrest him after all he is steal your stuff and is he stealing your customer's stuff off of front porches. not one, not two, but three
4:49 am
separate supervisors absolutely totally refused to cooperate. they sai said send a subpoena to delaware. first off, that's not a requirement of law. there was nothing that prohibited them to turn to the computer system, type in that data. that information, and immediately tell us who their driver was. instead, he got to go on stealing or doing whatever he wanted to do while we had to slug it out in the trenches and finally figure out who he was and arrested him without amazon's help. i was furious. i do appreciate their apology. they understand the misstep. but i ask them this. what if that same amazon driver had kidnapped the lady instead of stole the package? would they have told us send us a subpoena to delaware? katie: did they think it was a liability for them and that's when they didn't want to admit this guy was doing that?
4:50 am
did you send them the video showing him stealing the packages? >> katie, they weren't thinking at all. none of them were thinking. griff: yeah. >> it was obvious to us and it was obvious when we got a call back from people high up in management several days later and after it was on television. we work with carriers every day. we worked with amazon before it's never happened. griff: sheriff, you work with criminals, too. i know your message to them in 2020 is just don't do it. sheriff grady jihadi is just don't do it. thank you for joining us, sir. >> have a great day. katie: bernie sanders may be climbing in the polls. is it enough for him to win over the democrat establishment? a former sanders' campaign staffer weighs in next hour. griff: the left's latest target hallmark movies. we're not kidding. one outlet is calling their movies fascist propaganda. dean kaine is sounding off ♪ fresh start. >> i think that's a beautiful thing as are many
4:51 am
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ed: from the to the personal computer to "star wars." >> do i remember seeing stars? i don't know. do you remember the day that changed your life. >> the son of sam in '77 had all new yorkers on edge. >> randomly shoot people. >> we were genuinely impressed. something that was huge could store the equivalent of maybe three emails. >> who can forget just one of the shows you can watch on fox nation. >> here with topics of year fox nation host kacie mcdonnell. casey, welcome. this is fantastic. i remember the day "star
4:55 am
wars" came out. i was 7. i remember the apple ii. all of that stuff. >> i was shut chatting. i haven't seen any of the "star wars." the six were enough for me. we are talking about who can forget? so cool. i'm a 90's baby. so maybe i could forget because i wasn't around then. we have these rolled out on fox nation right now. see 1977, '87, '94 and 2008. and we have 2019 rolling out on new year's eve right here on fox news channel and on fox nation little like i saw "star wars" for example premiering. and crazy stories. they might be sad stories. they might be fabulous stories just stories you will remember from each of these years. rolling them back to 1969. >> big story this year killing of all baghdadi. the killing of usama bin laden, such a seminole moment in american history and you have a documentary on that. >> yes. that's available on fox nation as well. peter doocy did an absolutely incredible job sat down with rob o'neill to
4:56 am
has the navy seal who actually did kill usama bin laden back in that neptune sphere may of 2011. everyone remembers where they were at that exact moment. here is a look at that documentary. >> there was another seal i knew well sitting next to him sinking in what had just happened. this seal was from new york city. and he yelled at me over the whine of the engines taking off who shot him? who got him? i said i think i did. >> so incredible. right? he talked about how he chose to become a navy seal. he wanted to be a marine. their uniforms are way cooler. but we have got a promo coming on. you can watch it right this second. head to fox nation. download the app. and get 35% off now through december 31st. use the promo code celebrate. >> all right. kacie mcdonnell. >> thank you, guys. happy new year. >> you too. >> still ahead dean cain, dr. bill bennett joining us
4:57 am
live next hour ♪ ♪ on my way ♪ (lamp crashes) ♪music ... at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment.
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5:00 am
>> ♪ good to be alive, good, good, to be alive, right about now ♪ >> it's good to be alive, i know sometimes your reaction off camera, to like different news items out there like the one last hour, about giving kids at school time off, so they can get civic engagement going on. >> yeah, civic engagement meaning go be part of a leftist organization, or protest. you know, when conservatives ask for time off they never get the same treatment. ed: i think we should get more of your thought bubbles because i saw them. >> [laughter] katie's thought bubble coming soon. griff: good to be alive right about now. we just had a fantastic
5:01 am
christmas week, although one thing that never left, the public eye was impeachment. ed: impeachment goes on and on and nancy pelosi still holding on to those articles of impeachment maybe with dear life she doesn't know what's going to happen next, maybe some will boomerang on democrats but the talking points have already been laid out for democrats, about who the villain is now. they have the target on mitch mcconnell all because they are looking with the white house on the contours of the senate impeachment trial, something a lot of people expect would happen, they are now trying to claim well you know, he's no longer an impartial juror, even though half of the senate democrats are running for president. >> so democrats have been saying a lot about mitch mcconnell and they are praising some of the maybe things going on. take a listen. >> i hope that some of my republican colleagues will have the same miss givings that senator lisa murkowski expressed mitch mcconnell is sabotaging this proceeding by saying that he won't be impartial, he will
5:02 am
do the president's bidding. >> he has a responsibility to conduct the trial in a way that allows the facts to be heard and let others make up their own minds even if his is closed. >> she has concern, seriously concern when you hear your majority leader say that he's going to work hand in hand with the white house. that doesn't matter. ed: boy they seem shocked that the senate leader is going to lead the senate. >> save the congressman that didn't do the work to get the trial they wanted in the senate. griff: a lot of criticism from democrats taking a look at the media to see how much they differed. >> sounds kind of familiar. griff: watch this. >> represents a crack, a real crack, publicly in mcconnell's efforts to forego a real trial. a potential crack in the president's wall of republican support. >> lisa murkowski signaled a possible crack in the party's unified front. pelosi and the democrats may
5:03 am
have found an unexpected allie in the presidents own party. president trump viewing with a potential republican deflection on impeachment. ed: so what do you think is there a crack? >> the unexpected allie of lisa murkowski who voted against kavanaugh? this is not an unexpected statement from her and they are leaving out the other half of the story which is she is also concerned about the house not doing enough to give the senate a proper reason to move forward with the trial. ed: there was a crack in the democratic party when jeff van drew switched parties. griff: did they call it a crack then? it is testing the record though about a "crack" because we now have this movie, where you have to have 67 votes to remove the president of the united states, byron york, a pretty smart guy, weighing in on saying you know the democrats are just attacking mcconnell really makes no sense. >> the constitution gives the senate the quote sole power to trial impeachments, and the senate runs on majority rule. that is the founding principle
5:04 am
of the senate, and the majority elects a leader, so the idea that the senate which has the sole power to try impeachment, the idea that the majority leader has no role just seems to be completely non sense it call. ed: in that clip back from byron york who as you said is very smart on these matters been following politics for a long time the more we talk about senate process and procedures the more the president is going to win, right? and be acquitted because of the process is such that the majority leader is going to have a big say in this, and it's likely to be an acquittal and they are sort of just delaying the inevitable. >> it's not just the majority leader mitch mcconnell. it's concerns about the process, democrat senator joe manchin, of west virginia also expressed concerns about the way the house conducted impeachment inquiry. ed: was that a crack in the democratic party. there's another crack, democrat doug jones from alabama senator saying look this is a serious process look at all of the facts he deserves to be impeached, so if the dots aren't connected
5:05 am
which doesn't seem like they happen in the house then i can't vote for it. ed: you but about the amount of time we've spent on impeachment, how much time both parties dealt with impeachment all of the other issues that may not be confronted one big one out in california. the homelessness crisis. gavin newsom out on the west coast the democratic governor has been pointing the blame, guess what at president trump and his advisors like ben carson or, housing secretary, watch. >> i imagine if you're president of the united states, any leader like myself feels a deep sense of responsibility to address some of the most issues in the country, and they could do a hell of a lot more. >> waiting to provide that final allotment, 25%, when hud finally does their damn job and the administration reye's that's their issues by the human being. >> the housing and urban development provide vouchers. >> it's a fair market rent for those vouchers is about two times higher than the value of the voucher.
5:06 am
ed: setting aside who he's pointing the finger at if you look at the annual report on homelessness, they say homeless ness increased in california by 21, 360 people or 16.4% accounting for more than the entire national increase. >> that's this year. another 21,000 more homeless people in this state so when you got a democratic governor saying do your damn job i'm not letting the federal government off the hook and the president is tweet ing he thinks the feds may have to step in but do your damn job if you're there and you're the governor of the state , whether you're democrats or republicans in all 50 states they have vast power to do things, you know this. >> look in the mirror and ask the questions about why california's policies on this issue are leading to a 16% increase with thousands of more people coming in, and having this increase, rather than a decrease of any kind. griff: last night, you had a really powerful interview with h ud secretary ben carson and
5:07 am
pressed him for tangible things and you put the ball in his court. let's watch some of that. >> the better thing to do is to go and look at the root cause, why are things so expensive, what can be done about them, and then how can we deal with the mentally ill individuals? let's put the people first. let's not worry about other peripheral issues and it's christmastime, think about what the bible says. he that oppresses the poor approaches his maker, but he who honors him has mercy on the poor let's think about some mercy on the poor. let's think about real compassion. let's not think about ways that we can keep people dependent and then these horrible situations, about how can we lib rat them. ed: when you talked about, griff , pressing ben carson, we've go to hold everybody in power accountable. in september, he said that this was going tubeworks not months that the trump adminitration is
5:08 am
going to deal with this so here we are three or so months later still waiting for what the plan is so to his credit he stepped up last night saying some of the things they want to do on mental health and housing and we'll see how they follow through but i thought it was a very powerful plea to the democratic governor. okay we've had our differences let's put it aside. think about the bible, let's fix this problem. >> because there are real big human consequences and this doesn't have to be a partisan issue, there are a lot of back and forth about what the word compassion actually means when it comes to the homeless, people argue that california's policies have allowed people to live on the streets when they need to be put into shelters or given mental healthcare, there's a lot of different options on the table but the governor seems to be focused on one thing and that is housing vouchers more money from the federal government rather than working with ben carson and changing the policies and blaming the president for the problem that keeps getting worse in their state. griff: and if indeed gavin newsom administration can work with the trump adminitration and actually resolve this problem which is clearly unsustainable, it needs to be addressed quickly maybe that's the sort of unity
5:09 am
the nation wants to see in 2,020 ed: speaking of unity in 2,020, we have headlines. >> i love you guys we'll start things off with a fox news alert , and missing helicopter in hawaii, the search is folk us off the coast of coo why. the chopper was carrying seven people, two of them children. it hasn't been seen since yesterday. the helicopter has an electronic locate or but so far authorities haven't detected any signals. >> today friends and family will honor heidi broussard at her lake and will be laid to rest tomorrow in her louisiana hometown. the mother was found strangled to death outside a houston home, and her infant daughter was re united with her father this week, after being found unharmed at the very same house. her close friend is charged with kidnapping and tampering with a corpse and her lawyers releasing a first statement saying there are still "many questions to be
5:10 am
answered e>> russia raising a legal battle to get back in the olympic games and its anti- doping agency is appealing a four-year ban. the sanctions were handed down earlier this month by the world doping agency and russia is accused of running a sophisticated scheme and manipulating lab data and the case heads to an arbitration court ahead of the 2020 summer games in tokyo. >> listen to this a gambler suing a casino for letting him play. the mans lawyer says caesar's in windsor, ontario, canada should have known about his gambling addiction, alcoholism and fraud conviction and past banishment from other casinos and stopped him from drinking and gambling. the man claims he lost $260,000 at the casino and he's now demanding that money back, plus about $381,000 in damages. they made him do it! >> i don't know. >> they strapped him down to a
5:11 am
chair and shoved alcohol down his throat. it forced him to gamble. griff: bernie sanders may be climbing in the polls but is it enough for him to win over the democrat establishment? a former campaign staffer weighs in. >> plus one media outlet claims hallmark christmas movies are fascist propaganda. what! if you find him guilty, you had condemning the very best, of the human spirit. ed: guess what? dean cain has starred in 10, count them 10 hallmark movies he joins us live to respond. he's fired up, coming up. ♪ ♪ if your gums bleed when you brush, you may have gingivitis. and the clock could be ticking towards bad breath, receding gums, and possibly... tooth loss. help turn back the clock on gingivitis with parodontax. leave bleeding gums behind. parodontax.
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ed: and they're off 2020 candidate senator bernie sanders climbing to second place in nationwide polls as more and more democratic insiders say that they believe sanders could actually win the nomination. griff: so is the democrat establishment finally feeling the burn? here with her take is former director of social justice on the 2016 bernie sanders campaign , and good morning to you. >> good morning. griff: so as all the candidates head to iowa you have sanders in a close second behind mayor pete
5:16 am
buttigieg, but if we look back to what happened in 2016, it was so close, hillary clinton barely beating him by .2%. what do you think about this? is the burn going to be felt in iowa? >> well you know i've seen a lot of takes on this this morning and hi think that it's hilarious that the establishment is all of a sudden pretending as if they don't know who bernie sanders is. who is this bernie? like my aunt would say they go good and hell well who bernie sanders is, he taught them a great lesson in 2016, and this is their response to the media, blackout. the bernie blackout is what they call because they completely ignored him just like they did in 2016 and they see his followers aren't going anywhere and he's a powerhouse fundraiser and he has the most loyal support and he has the most consistent record. i have criticized bernie sanders myself as you know but when it comes down to who he is and what he stood for its been consistent they know people like senator ni na turner have organized all over this country literally in every state for the last four years where they were thinking
5:17 am
about running they were actually running, so this is just a game that the establishment is playing, to pretend as if they're cozying up to bernie sanders when in fact they haven't challenged him at all on his record and i would say they are scared to challenge him because of that. ed: what about the fact he seems to be copying them? in 2016 as you know from being there he was pushing medicare for all before it was cool. now there's large portions of the country are very skeptical of it but in a democratic primary it seems to me that a lot of the other candidates are trying to copy bernie sanders. >> yeah, that's exactly what they are doing let's just call it what it is and be straight shot with no chaser. they stole the entire platform, and have tweaked it and bernie sanders has really been the only one honest to say that your taxes will be raised under medicare for all. again, i'm not a socialistic. i work for him. i have criticized many of his policies in other things that he's done particularly with all of the candidates with the african american vote, but i will say that he has had the same message literally for the last 30 years plus and it's hard to compete when you have flynn-
5:18 am
floppers on stage. griff: give us a prediction here because as ed points out medicare for all was an outlier in 2016 and now every candidate in every debate is emulating them and he wrote the damn book. do you predict bernie sanders wins? >> what i predict is he will either win or come very close. we won iowa almost by a point or two like you said before, but what i will tell you is regardless if the math works in bernie sanders favor i can predict he's going to go all the way to the convention period. they can crown joe biden if they want to, but bernie sanders is not going anywhere and his followers aren't going anywhere. it's going to be a long season. ed: he's going to straight shot no chaser. appreciate you coming on. >> thank you. griff: all right, some of the media triggered by hallmark christmas movies again. this time, calling them fascist propaganda. ed: dean cain starred in several hallmark movies he says they got it all wrong and he joins us
5:19 am
live, next. >> it's a fresh start. >> well i think it's a beautiful thing as are many things around this town. [jingle bells ringing] liberty biberty- cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> back with quick headlines boeing's ousted ceo may be getting a golden parachute. he could reportedly get $39 million in cash and stock options as part of his severance in contrast, families of those killed in crashes involving boeing's troubled 737 max jets will only be getting about $144,000. >> and government keeping a watchful eye on drones, the faa proposing a surveillance network within the next three years, to remotely track all commercial drones, which the agency says could potentially be used to
5:23 am
track threats. ed: the hallmark channel steal ing the crown, you may say, when it comes to christmas movie s, and if you seen one you know they are packed with christmas scenes like decorating the tree with family and ice skating with friends. >> instead of spreading christmas cheer, one website believes the film should serve as a warning to viewers, and declaring those hallmark movies are fascist propaganda. ed: oh, no. griff: joining us now to respond is a man whose been in at least 10 hallmark films dean cain. dean, my favorite, charlie fish er from broadcasting christmas, happy belated merry christmas. >> well it's really terrifying to wake up the day after christmas to find out that santa is a nazi, shocker. it's the most ridiculous thing. at first i thought it was so ridiculous i thought it was a terrible adam schiff pairity but then i went and read it and it's insane because the hallmark
5:24 am
movies are about love and bringing people together, they are just about people falling in love and your family can sit and watch the movies and enjoy them. it's the farthest thing from fascism that exists out there, to me it's completely shocking. if you don't like the hallmark channel which had huge ratings over christmastime like 70 million viewers you don't like it don't watch it but it's certainly not fascist propaganda that's insane. it's literally you want to know who the fascist is look who wrote the article. they are the fascist telling you what you should leave or what you have to do or you have to conform to their view of what society should be, which is completely insane. >> as popular as it is it's beating cnn, the hallmark channel. so this is what it actually said running down this years schedule of christmas movie offerings is like a trip into an uncanny valley of shiny-piece blow-dried normative whiteness. it's like watching the stepford
5:25 am
wives but scarier and the nazi minister of propaganda were escape and feather-light with a hallmark movie style emphasis of the importance of normal it. you definitely look like that, dean. but you may disagree. >> well, yeah, that is just a whole bit of word salad there. madness and craziness and literally everybody who doesn't agree with me is a nazi and a fascist and a racist. i mean, that's it and the hallmark channel is the farthest thing from that. you know i've done 10 movies yeah, i haven't done any the last couple years so there's no reason for me to be out here defending them other than the fact that it's just completely wrong, to say that it's fascist propaganda. it's insane. and do you know what? they rip on small town american values and things like that and the market actually in new york and chicago and los angeles, a higher percentage of people watch there than even in rural
5:26 am
america. ed: that is fascinating the author of the article facing this backlash, actually had to tweet out on christmas, you know , and try to pushback. she writes laughing at the right wingers calling it a joke because i think hallmark movies are dumb i think someone's life is if their only source of entertainment is so empty what a depressing life, free of real, satisfying, entertainment, and hobbies. >> she seems really nice. ed: she seems really nice but i want to go straight to the source. you've been a friend of mine for a long time, i like to call you, dan, the hallmark heartthrob. >> i'll take it ed. especially from you. no question it's just so crazy. her response she wasn't laughing maybe she was just excited because people are paying attention to her absolutely ridiculous article, but i'm sure she wasn't laughing, and the movies, you know, fine, people falling in love, it's terrible. griff: dean, here is what some said, "it's important to
5:27 am
understand the way this operates and how it can be used as a weapon to marginalize people as different from being lgbtq, non- white or being women with career ambitions. enjoy your holiday fare, but do so with a critical eye." what do you make of that? >> i make nothing of that. that being just check out our website, because they're not really saying anything that means anything. it literally is just a bald- faced attack on christmas, and on love, and it's a bunch of hate being, you know, they are the haters if you will. they are hating on hallmark. if something is popular they hate on it like that. i'm sure they hate fox news, you have been number one for what, 25 years now, 35 i don't even know how long ed you can correct me. ed: like 50 years. but hallmark is number one and they go after it how long? ed: i'm joking it was 50 years might as well be 100. >> an attack on american values
5:28 am
as a cultural institution. >> exactly what it is. griff: you're going to be hosting a lot next week, so we look forward to having you here, right here in these chairs and on the couch and it'll be interesting to see, dean if anyone joins your calls that it's okay in holiday time to tune into the hallmark channel and enjoy the movies you made. >> or any time. ed: all right, dean. >> i think people will tune in. ed: merry christmas, the hallmark heartthrob will be visiting us. dean cain, thank you very much. >> ed is very famous. ed: 2020 democrat pete buttigieg 's criminal justice plan is out. a key point, decriminalizing the possession of all drugs, not just marijuana, even meth and cocaine. former drug czar dr. bill ben it , he weighs in, next. >> ♪ ♪ (male announcer) check out the after christmas sale at bass pro shops and cabela's. with savings of up to 50%
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>> ♪ ♪ ed: well, pete buttigieg may be looking for a little forgiving with this new policy plan he's put out there so let's bring in bill bennett fox news contributor host of the wise guys on fox nation former education secretary of course under president reagan, former drug czar in the george h. w. bush administration, good morning and merry christmas, sir >> thank you, same to you i've never been called a hallmark heartthrob though or superman. >> [laughter] >> dean has all of the labels. ed: he's got all of the good nicknames but there may be some choice words that you may have for pete buttigieg after these comments of the des moines register. watch. >> incarceration should not even be a response to drug possession. while there continue to be all kinds of harms associated with
5:33 am
drug possession and use, it's also the case that we have created in an effort to deal with what amounts to a public health problem. we have created an even bigger problem. >> is that across-the-board? so it's a mess, or code for any drugs, if its possession, incarceration? >> that's right. ed: oh, boy, mr. secretary it seems to me you and others have been warning about this for some time. you legalize marijuana you can debate that but this is opening the door saying meth, cocaine, let's just decriminalize it all. >> yeah, well we should debate that and maybe we can get to that but this is crazy. this is a bright guy. i don't agree with them but obviously he's a guy of some subtlety and intellect. he acknowledges the harm that these drugs do, goodness gracious it's incredible the harm these drugs do. cocaine? i was the drug czar during the crack epidemic. this was a terrible horrible thing, particularly devastating in the inner city communities.
5:34 am
he said its created a larger problem to enforce the laws against this. i don't know what that larger problem is. let's remember 62000 people a year, now die, from these illegal opiates and that's more, every year, than we lost in vietnam. we have a terrible problem going on in this country, we do not need to encourage more of it and c. s. lewis says a wonderful thing in his book, he says when the boats are half filled with water, don't reach for the fire hoses. griff: yeah, let me ask you though as you look at that decriminalization do you see also a danger when it comes to the cartels in mexico are becoming more violent, obviously , this involves more than just the personal use by drug-addicted folks here in america. >> yeah it's a great question and it's an interesting one in a lot of ways. i've urged the president and i understand he's considering it to declare those cartels foreign terrorist organizations. they are killing americans and
5:35 am
killing americans every day by sending this stuff into the united states, and the havoc they are reeking is unimaginable the legalization movement, one of the hypothesis there was that it would end the black market and drugs that would legal marijuana the black market would disappear. the black market has grown because it undercuts the legal market by selling cheaper and of course it's easier to hide the black market when you've got legalization going on, but again , why would one want to encourage more of this? 95% of the people who get into trouble with heroin, with cocaine, with meth, started with marijuana. the marijuana that's out there now is four or five times stronger than the marijuana of the 60s or 70s and we know, centers for disease control just issued a great report pointing out that it leads to mental problems, serious mental impairment, lack of focus, not good for students, obviously,
5:36 am
anxiety, and then later in life, it could lead to psychosis and often does. more young people are in treatment for marijuana than all other drugs combined. sorry to be worked up on this but this is just nuts what we're doing here. >> dr. bennett all good advice based on your expertise. we want to switch gears a little bit. next week we will mark a brand new decade and we wanted to get your advice to lawmakers as they prepare for the next 10 years. >> stay home. no. >> [laughter] >> other than that. >> yeah, well, as i said to doctors first do no harm. let me connect the two, katie, because when you're focused or indeed obsessed with something like impeachment, which the democrats are for i think no good reason, then you lose attention to things that are really important, and which congress could do something about like the issue we are talking about. arthur miller said in his play, death of a salesman, attention,
5:37 am
attention must be paid, and when you're paying a lot of attention to one thing, you lose attention on other things. bill buckley used to say the question is what you talk about, but what you emphasize and by being overwhelmed with this ridiculous impeachment business, they're losing sight of the important things so focus on what matters to the americans. ed: good advice, catch wise guys on fox nation plus get 35% off by using the promo code " celebrate" until december 31, those are the wise words of fox nation heartthrob bill bennett. >> [laughter] >> ironman ed henry, listen take a break, ed would you? ed: i'll try! >> merry christmas, happy new year. thank you same to you guys. carlie is here with headlines. >> we have an update on the tragic story we've been following dozens of family and friends gathering for a candlelight vigil overnight to honor two young men killed in a bar stabbing. one of the victims is clayton be ther, the younger brother of 49 years quarterback, the other
5:38 am
a high school classmate paul tripenny. >> they were the loyal and humble and they had a heart for others, empathetic, almost to a fault. >> michael mosley has been charged with homicide. police say he stabbed the men after they confronted him for making unwanted advances towards their friend. >> the into y nypd investigating six attacks since the start of hanukkah. one caught on camera showing a jewish man being hit from behind and beaten on the street. the nypd says the number of attacks in the city is up from last year, and mayor bill deblasio tweeting this morning, "in addition to heightened visibility, there will be increased visits to houses of worship, and other critical areas in the community. ♪ >> amazon is apologizing after a florida sheriff calls them out , because they didn't have a subpoena, amazon initially refused to help track down a delivery driver accused of steal
5:39 am
ing a package he delivered. amazon now saying they are " working to understand what occurred here to make it right ♪ the sheriff at the center of it all, grady judd weighed in earlier. not one, not two, but three separate supervisors absolutely totally refused to cooperate. they said send the subpoena. there was nothing that prohibit ed them to turn to the computer system, type in that data, that information, and immediately tell us who their driver was. instead, he got to go on steal ing. >> surveillance video appeared to catch jose campos in the act. >> lions quarterback, matt staff ord pulling off an awesome christmas surprise for two young mans mourning the death of their father. watch this. >> hi, how are you? >> oh, my god! oh, my god! >> are you skylar?
5:40 am
>> yes. >> that is amazing he and his wife leaving the boys speechless as they arrived at their home, with gifts. he even played video games with them. their relatives planned the surprise but the boys had no clue, it was happening. and i loved seeing those happy faces i'm sure. ed: the amazon story got us thinking. griff: if amazon can apologize carlie would you like to apologize to santa claus? >> no because i am a victim in this situation. this is such revisiting history. santa was wrong. and i love what katie said yesterday. >> oh, no. >> not everybody gets trophies. >> that's true you've got to earn it. ed: let's check out with adam klotz on fox square. big crowd. >> adam: big crowd out here it's an all-american christmas. >> [cheers and applause] >> adam: i'm loving it because we have great crowds do you guys like fox news? >> yes. adam: are you enjoying this forecast? >> yes.
5:41 am
>> adam: beautiful weather in new york city. let's take a quick look at the graphics as we're dealing with temperatures close to 50 degrees in new york city if you live on the western half " of the country it is cooler feeling like winter and that's the system we're tracking there are winter storm watches and warnings for portions of southern california stretching across the high plains getting into the upper midwest that's the big weather story but i do have good news for everybody in new york city and that is the weather is great for the rest of your trip and you all feel good about that, right? >> [applause] >> adam: as i toss it back into you guys i'll give you an opportunity, whose your favorite anchor, here this morning or on the couch? >> ed! >> adam: me? me? we didn't even practice this that, why would they say that? ed: rigged. setup. griff: the klotz crowd. ed: they even sang in the same tone. >> adam: amazing they did that >> thank you, adam. well, coming up jail time for gun owners that could possibly
5:42 am
be what's going to happen in virginia as the state prepares to crack down with its gun control laws going into effect but was it legal? we'll break it down, next. >> ♪ ♪ let's be honest, quitting smoking is freaking hard. like quitting every monday hard. quitting feels so big. so, try making it smaller. and you'll be surprised at how easily starting small... ...can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette
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whether it's a year old or a few years old, we want to buy your car. so go to carvana and enter your license plate, answer a few questions, and our techno-wizardry calculates your car's value and gives you a real offer in seconds. when you're ready, we'll come to you, pay you on the spot, and pick up your car. that's it. so ditch the old way of selling your car, and say hello to the new way-- at carvana. ed: christmas may be over but there's plenty of shopping to do analysts say today is your best chance to save big on electronics as stores push to clear the shelves before the new year. jeff flock from our sister fox business in illinois getting a first-hand look at all of the bargains. >> it is a good day if you saved your money at christmas this is the largest single store electronics retailer in the nation just outside chicago, and why is this a great day to buy?
5:46 am
well, sometimes, guys like apt bought too many of something carl prowdy is with me a sales specialist what is that? >> the apple air pods and this is with the wireless charging case we have them for $166 normally 200 so it's the best deal in the country. >> somebody screwed up at apple and was that you? >> not me but i'm happy to sell them. >> that helps i want to show you the best deals that you can get on televisions because a lot of people want to buy after christmas on televisions. what is this i'm looking at here it doesn't have fox news on but there you go. this is an lg oled tv on sale for $1,800 and normally $2,400. >> sometimes people return their televisions after christmas it's not what they wanted so you put that on an even bigger sale like these are floor models right? >> that's right so as people are saving a tremendous amount just because a product has been opened and returned. reporter: what is this normally? >> it's a 75-inch led tv normal
5:47 am
ly $1,100 marked down to 650 clause because it's opened. >> it's almost half price so that makes today a great time to buy. of course it's always a great time to buy as carl would say at apt electronics they've got everything washing machines to headphones to you name it. abt, but, it's a family name. abt. i think you can get them online too. ed: sounds good jeff flock good time to buy a television maybe for the super bowl which by the way, will be on fox. perfect tie-in. thanks, jeff. katie down to you. >> thanks, ed. before virginia's new gun control laws officially go into effect, democratic governor ralph north am is already increasing his state's constructions budget in anticipation of jailing gun owners. here to react attorney and gun rights calling in, so tell us what's going on in virginia? >> so from what i gathered, you have northam, who honestly, if
5:48 am
you ask me, isn't the governor, michael bloomberg is the governor of virginia now considering that he bought the general assembly, but what he's done is he's anticipated that there's going to be a lot of non -compliance with respect to the gun control laws that you pass in january and as a result, he wants to bump up some of the funding for the corrections facility so that from an operating standpoint, they understand they are going to have more people going to jail as a result of not obeying these laws which to me is ridiculous. >> katie: originally the governor who were backed by bloomberg wanted to pass legislation that banned semi- automatic rifles commonly owned firearms and put magazine limits on and without grand fathering in those firearms they've now changed their mind on that, but they are going to require that people who have these firearms register them and that's where the non-compliance comes incorrect? >> absolutely. and if i can point out one thing , the fact that they kind of backtracked a little bit and said now okay, well we'll give you the grandfather clause, i
5:49 am
don't think that's enough. i think however you slice it, it's alan infringement on the second amendment as far as i'm concerned. >> katie: so you're an attorney. are they capable of throwing you in prison for failing to register a constitutionally legally-purchased firearm? >> i would like to think they can't, however, there has always been this saying like sometimes you may not beat the ride but you'll beat the case and unfortunately, with the way things are in this country and the way things have gone some people may find themselves in a position where they are actually thrown in jail. now whether or not the case will actually stick is a whole different story but as far as i'm concerned i don't think anybody should have to undergo any aspect of this whatsoever because i think the laws in general are an infringement on the second amendment right and i just don't understand how we even got to this point, but one of the beautiful aspects is you do have i want to say over 90 counties in virginia now, and as far as i'm concerned i think not only virginia but the rest of the country should start following in suit. >> katie: there's a lot of
5:50 am
pushback 100-plus cities and counties deemed themselves voted to be second amendment sanctuar ies there and we'll see what the legislation looks like but thank you, we'll check it out on youtube and instagram. >> absolutely, thanks for having me. >> katie: thanks. tis the season to get engaged, to pop the question on christmas but now what? we've got the tips, of newly- engaged couples we get to know. >> ♪ i swear that i will mean, will you marry me ♪ at chevy, we're all family. we're a festive family. we're a four-legged family. we're a get-up-and-go family. we're a ski family. we're all part of the chevy family. and as we kick off the new year, we'd like you to be a part of ours. because our chevy employee discount is still available to everyone. the chevy price you pay is what we pay. not a cent more. so happy new year, and welcome to the family. the chevy family!
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>> will you marry me? >> yes! yes!
5:54 am
yes! griff: that's exciting, and has your social media been flooded with new engagement posts? there's a reason for that. >> it turns out december is the most popular month to get engaged with one-fifth of all proposals happening during the christmas season. ed: here with tips for newly- engaged couples relationship expert, good to see you good morning. >> good to see you too thank you so much for having me. ed: give us a couple of the big tips. >> first of all it's important to take time to celebrate with your loved ones, you're engaged have fun and enjoy it and my next biggest tip is tell your family and friends do not post on social media until you tell your close ones, because there's nothing worse than your aunt finding out that her favorite niece or nephew is engaged via social media. right? like that's the worst. >> did they find out on social media? griff: well i've refrained from putting it on social media i'm just telling it on national television. >> tell friends and family not to share it either until you've
5:55 am
told everybody. ed: communication is important. >> definitely. communication is super important you definitely need to talk a lot to your husband or soon-to be-husband or bride about what you want to do. do you want to have a big wedding or a small wedding or do you want to elope or how many groomsmen, do you want, interest s there's so many things to discuss, you want to avoid those pre-marital flights. >> what about budget? >> it's extremely important. it can start piling up so you want to definitely create a budget right away because you want to know what truly is a necessity on your wedding day. griff: i want you to grade my advice i was telling you and that is having been married for 21 years, sometimes have trouble understanding these complex things you're talking about my rules are simple. shut up, show up, pay up, and smile. >> that's perfect and "yes, dear" of course. ed: in terms of the wedding and planning? >> next you'll want to set a date and start planning, there's so much to look forward to and of course, have fun!
5:56 am
start booking your photographer, hair and makeup, all that you need to do right away, because the best and most popular wedding vendors do book up very quickly. >> do you have any advice on when you should set a date? >> as soon as possible. >> time of year? >> i think it's great to do, time of year think about like your friends and family who are coming into town, are they going to be flying in, maybe you want a long weekend, but definitely talk to your partner about that because that's something you want to get on as soon as possible. ed: communication pre-marital important as a pre-game to marital. >> that is correct. >> communicating. >> it's very important. >> we appreciate your advice. >> thank you very much. happy new year. ed: more fox & friends momentarily. >> ♪ hey baby, i think i want to marry you ♪ ♪music
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it's the final days of the wish list sales event. hurry in to your lincoln dealer today to get this exceptional offer. >> i think griff is in trouble. he revealed his wife's christmas gift on error. merry christmas. this weekend, join us.
6:00 am
were going to have a lot of fun. >> great to be here, see you next year. head over to fox nation after the show. >> fox news alert, the opening bell on wall street 30 minutes from now dow futures are up to me yesterday all three major indices hit new record highs. the nasdaq topping the 9,000 mark. the dow up more than 100 in the s&p 500 picked up its 34th record close this year. will it be another record setter? were going to take you downtown when the market opens. first, president trump weighing in on the impeachment impasse. again attacking house speaker nancy pelosi and her decision to delay turning over those articles of impeachment of the senate. were beginning to see where these battl les


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