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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  December 27, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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through it. >> jessica: both on my parents protested vietnam, and they think it was one of the most formidable and educational experiences of their life. >> carley: we should leave it there, thank you, david. you are back monday at noon eastern, "outnumbered overtime" starts right now. ♪ >> fox news alert, millions of americans now in the path of a powerful and deadly winter storm that is moving east. travel amid the post-christmas rush. this is ou "outnumbered overtim" i am julie banderas and for harris, bringing snow in the mountain areas along with rain and ice shutting down some major freeways at times, police say a 60-year-old woman was killed after her car veered off the road in san diego county. meanwhile, a tornado also doing some damage in ventura county, now that storm system taking aim at other large sections of the
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country just in time for the weekend. we have meteorologist adam klotz watching from the fox extreme weather center with more. hi, adam. >> this is a system that continues to spin off the desert southwest running from the pacific coast, this will eventually work its way into the northern plains on the upper midwest, that's when it is more of a problem than we have seen so far. it really large area that we are talking about especially portions of arizona, all the way north into minnesota. to this lasting probably until sunday, at least for some of those northern regions as this is going to slowly move its way to the north. here's a future radar in the time-stamp in the corner that will help you time this out. it does intensify as it lifts to the north getting into nebraska, the dakotas and minnesota. those are the spots that see the most rain. you do notice that it pushes off towards the east, everything in front of it is just thunderstorms. the reason for that as it has been too warm in the eastern half of the country and it will stay too warm to support any snow. what are we ultimately talking
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about? well, again, through nebraska and the dakotas and getting up and minnesota, there will be spots on the high-end etsy as much as 18 inches. i think widespread probably 6 inches of rain. and then it runs into the warm air, talking about thunderstorms, perhaps downpours, but pretty much everybody on the eastern half of the country, when this gets to you it will be rain, because those temperatures have been really warm. here's what we are looking at for highs, and this does happen all along the frontal boundary, saturday, very warm out in front of the system, 50s in chicago. fairly similar forecast, 60s in chicago on sunday. that is when the worst is coming down. but it will be right around the frontal boundary. if you are in the area where it is cold on the map, that's where it is going to be snow for you, and yes, it could be a lot of snow. and a lot of people still traveling, so that could slow down some folks. >> julie: adam klotz, thank you very much. switching gears to politics and lawmakers on capitol hill remain at an impasse over the senate impeachment trial, how
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speaker pelosi still taking heat from republicans over her decision to hold off the two articles of impeachment and not send it down to the senate. she is not backing down today. nancy pelosi tweeted "the facts are clear and every witness told the same story. despite the president's attempts to cover it up, president trump abused his power for his own personal gain. #defendourdemocracy ." but one democrat says that pelosi is feeling the pressure. watch list. >> i think she has realized that she has created an act of malpractice. currently holding a live grenade, they have pulled the pin out of impeachment, and she does not know what to do with it. i think she will have to proceed and we will have a trial. >> julie: rich edson's live in west palm beach, florida, with the latest. hi, rich. >> good afternoon, julie. president trump is midway through his two weeks here in florida with a very uncertain impeachment trial in the senate going forward if there is one.
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house speaker nancy pelosi still is delaying a trial, withholding those articles of impeachment that the house passed last week. democrats want to try to force senate republicans to allow witnesses in any senate trial, they say the white house is stonewalling their investigation, and if the president and administration officials did nothing wrong, suspending aid to ukraine, than they should have no problem testifying about it. >> the most important information available, the direct evidence is being held from the judiciary committee and the congress. and the most important witnesses in this impeachment trial are being kept from the american people and not to be allowed to go forward and testify so that the people can hear the facts and what the jurors, the senators can make a fair verdict based on all of this statements. >> congressional republicans say that speaker pelosi rush the articles of impeachment through the house and now that she is delaying it, that is proof, they say, that this is nothing more
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than a political charade. >> we all know how the story ends. there are not two-thirds of the senators willing to convict and remove the president, and as a consequence, and in an election year, for crying out loud, so as a consequence, we all know how'w this ends. so taking up space and valuable time, i guess that must be a game plan, but it does not seem like a winning strategy. >> so this impeachment impasse continues, democrats and republicans are still trying to figure this all out. they are not due back in washington until january 7th. julie. >> julie: all right, rich edson, thank you very much paired for more on this, let's bring in john christy, white house correspondent from "usa today." thank you for talking to us. steve cohen says that the democrats need witnesses and apparently there is new evidence that needs to come to light. that's why they want to potentially talk about a potential third article of impeachment. what is this new evidence?
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why now? why so late? >> well, i think democrats are talking about some new emails that have come out, and senator schumer in particular has been talking about this email from omb that he emailed to the pentagon. i think that that is part of it. the longer this goes on, obviously, the longer that house democrats can collect evidence. there has been talk of them may be adding to an article, but i think what this really is about a sort of negotiating obviously the rules of this thing. you know, it is kind of a classic impasse with nancy pelosi saying that she is not going to send these articles over until she sees how the trial will be run, and leader mcconnell saying that he will not do the rules until he sees the articles. it is not entirely clear how they get out of this, but i do think that it is worth remembering that although we are all talking about this now for obvious reasons, these folks are out of town, there was not going to be a lot of work on the trial this week or next week anyway.
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and perhaps when they all got back from the break in a week and a half or so, there is a chance for them to come together and find some agreement. but right now it is hard to see how that gets done. >> julie: so pelosi and mcconnell, do they reach a deal? >> it was interesting, i was looking at what happened in '99 and the impeachment of clinton in '99 and the trial. and they did ultimately come to a deal. majority leader lot and daschle did write up an agreement, thern no witnesses and witnesses. there is different ways that you can do that, so there is a potential for agreement, the big difference, they are two big differences. one is that in '98 the republicans had a midterm. and they lost seats and a lot of people saw that as a repudiation of the impeachment effort. democrats have not had that warning shot fired across their ball. i don't think that they have to be as cautious or feel like they have to be as cautious as
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republicans stayed in '99. the other thing is that president trump, i think, has a much firmer grip on the party than bill clinton did in '98 in '99. so those two things combined means that these two sides are really more entrenched than they were back then. >> julie: "the wall street journal" editorial board member jason riley talks about how the backlash against g.o.p. senator lisa murkowski, she is facing -- a lot of people are saying that she is using democratic talking points and saying that she said she is disturbed that the senator leader mitch mcconnell is coordinating with the white house. let's just listen to this and then the employee will have you react. >> i do wish that she would stop using democratic talking points to make the point that she is making. the house job is done, and the idea that they should have any say in how the senate conducts this trial just is not supported by what is written in black and white in the constitution.
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>> julie: is murkowski in trouble, you think? come 2020? is she risking her seat after the controversial mark? >> certainly of the remark was notable and newsworthy. it was ambiguous. she is not really saying where she gives yet. and i thought it was interesting that she is the only one of these sort of senate republicans that were watching to come out so far along these lines. if house speaker pelosi's strategy is to see if there can be some division and senate republicans, we have one senator murkowski saying and nobody else right now, but i think that it does sort of speak to this a fine line that mcconnell has to walk here. he obviously is working with the white house and needs to make the president adhere to the things that the president in the white house are looking for, but he also has several members of his caucus who may have concerns. their entire elections coming and he does not have a lot of maneuvering. >> julie: john christy,
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thank you very much. "usa today." we appreciate you coming on. a desperate search for a 29-year-old alabama women missing over a week. a chilling text to a friend, and what police are looking at now. and is bernie sanders the candidate toughest to beat in the 2020 primary? i had why some democratic insiders reportedly believe the vermont socialist could actually clinch the nomination. ♪ >> what our campaign is about and what our administration will be about is bringing people together, not dividing them up. ♪ at chevy, we're all family. we're a festive family. we're a four-legged family. we're a get-up-and-go family. we're a ski family. we're all part of the chevy family. and as we kick off the new year, we'd like you to be a part of ours. because our chevy employee discount is still available to everyone. the chevy price you pay is what we pay. not a cent more.
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>> julie: a search is underway for a missing alabama woman peyton houston, last seen a week ago leaving a bar with two men. later texted a friend that she might be in trouble. steve harrigan following this story for us. >> police are now saying that they have exhausted all of their leads in the search for the 29-year-old alabama woman who disappeared from a bar in birmingham exactly one week ago. peyton houston, 29 years old was on the tin roof bar in
10:15 am
birmingham at 10:45:00 p.m. patron saying she left willingly would two unidentified men. what happened next was concerning. she'd sent a text to at least one friend saying she was not certain where she was or who she was with, but she was afraid that she could be in trouble. that text going to at least one friend. her family now is trying to keep the search for her alive and going by posting pictures online, the mother saying that she hopes the nightmare ends. the brother also saying that he will continue to search for her. the bank account has not been touched, and when they call her cell phone it goes to voice mail. police say they are in the same spot they were exactly one week ago when she disappeared. this despite having gone through the surveillance video from that bar, they say that they cannot be certain at this point that foul play was involved. julie, back to you. >> julie: steve harrigan, thank you very much. now switching topics. democratic insiders now believe
10:16 am
that bernie sanders could win their party's nomination. this is changing quite a bit. this is for some polls showing the vermont socialist among the leading candidates ahead of the iowa caucuses. political reporting "democratic insiders say that they are rethinking sanders bid for a few reasons. first, elizabeth warren has fallen in national and early state surveys, secondly, sanders has withstood the ups and downs of the primary including a heart attack. in another candidate with high expectations such as kamala harris, cory booker, and beto o'rourke have been relinquished in single digits in the polls." let's bring in the power panel, jason dniester, and hank shine cough, former democratic consultant for bill clinton's presidential campaign. let's start with you, i think a lot of people are surprised by the tenacity that bernie sanders has. this man has risen above it all, elizabeth warren looked like she was nipping at his heels and rising above him.
10:17 am
she is now back down, joe biden leading nationally, but bernie sanders could be the nominee? what do you think? >> there are a couple of things going on right now, julie. elizabeth warren has lost some support because of her lack of relatability, and you see that in the polls and you see that from support. the other thing is that joe biden's leadership in this pack of candidates has started to erode, because with every gasp and brain was functioning in his debate performances and other things, you are seeing that lead kind of a road. and i think that bernie sanders, if you remember in the 2016 election, bernie sanders was going to get the nomination, but the dnc, democrats rigged it against him in favor of hillary clinton. no one should be surprised that bernie sanders is doing well, especially when the radical left is really in control of the democratic party today. speak of the radical right is in control of the republican party, the radical left is in control
10:18 am
of the democratic party. both parties have gone to the extreme. is bernie sanders fitting in that center? the answer is, no. neither side, the president or the democratic candidates except for mike bloomberg who can get down the senator. >> he will never make it out of the primary alive, there is no moderate lane today. >> there is no moderate lane that has been regional party representing particular states and moved all the way to the right. that is why the political system is in deep trouble. speaking as a political scientist. both parties have lost it. >> i think the left has. >> you are entitled to your own opinion. >> julie: what has led to bernie's resilience? >> if you look at his supporters, they really do not move away from him. >> julie: he has young supporters, that's the other thing. >> he has millennials, a lot of millennials that have been supporting him, and you see it with aoc, et cetera. the question is do they turn
10:19 am
out? >> julie: joe biden's at 30%, in june he was at 32%, bernie sanders has climbed dramatically, 30 percent in june, now 20. a lot of people have said that the party is moving too far left, bernie sanders is called a socialist, and he is against the rich and he also formed a team with aoc that is considered the most liberal -- >> he is the antithesis to trauma, he is for medicare for all, for felons voting in this country. >> i would like to get a word and if i may? >> julie: you may. bernie sanders survives because he says things to people in the democratic electric that matter. health care is an economic issue, not a moral one. it is an economic argument. other things that matter, student debt will crush that generation of people. moving money in the exact wrong direction. to speak of the problem with all of the candidates, the democratic candidates, how do you vote for a democrat when you
10:20 am
have lifted 6 million people off of food stamps? when you create 7 million jobs? when you have a trade deal -- >> when you look at the income gap, candidates -- when you loo look at the incomep in the country. >> julie: another conversation i want to have with you guys, because meantime one columnist is warming the democratic party getting nasty and the new year. i think that that is assumed, the "washington examiner" philip klein writing this "if senator bernie sanders remains at the top in iowa in new hampshire, especially with warren in the mix, we are likely to see the simmering tension between the democratic establish mint blowup, and an increasingly ugly waves post quote. just six weeks out of iowa, the latest rcp pole still has a really clear politics, joe biden leading nationally, but it still has people to judge leading in iowa, you are shaking your head, is that because you're in
10:21 am
disbelief? because buttigieg is another one. >> as you said, the iowa caucus is around the corner, the gloves will come off. there is a war within the democratic party between the establishment democrats in the far left radicals. you will see that were more clearly right as we go into the shift in the country. >> the generation shift, the democrats reflect that shift. i know that you want to dominate the discussion, but there are other people in this world beside you. the democrats are going through a transition, the republicans have done that. they are a much more right wing operation, the democrats don't know who they are, that's why the republicans will win the election if that is the case. >> president trump as a pragmatist, a problem solver. i think it is ridiculous to say that it is far right. >> you are entitled to your opinion again. >> julie: is the democratic party in need of regulation? >> both parties. they never learn. >> julie: they needed a new fresh face, they had that in obama, who do they have now? >> the democratic party like the
10:22 am
republican party, which is aging at a very rapid pace going through extreme problems, will young people turn out for either party? >> i will tell you one thing, with democrat solely focused on impeachment and basically nullifying 63 million votes that happen in 2016 election and taking the election out of the hands of the voters in the 2020 election, they will cross -- they will walk over -- >> julie: who is going to benefit most from things being a nasty or primary? depends on who wins in new hampshire. that's who will benefit. >> julie: thank you very much, thank you for not fighting too badly. new details surrounding sex offender jeffrey epstein as the fbi is inviting his alleged madame, details on that coming up. and joe biden coming under fire about blue-collar workers that are being compared to what hillary clinton calls her biggest misstep in 2016. ♪ this is the epson ecotank color printer.
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>> as president, would you be willing to sacrifice some of that growth even knowing potentially that it could displace thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of blue-collar workers in the interest of transitioning to the greener economy? >> the answer is yes. because the opportunity, the opportunity for those workers it's transitioning to high-paying jobs, trump said israel. >> julie: joe biden pledging to killed blue-collar jobs for a green economy. it is a move that is drawing comparisons to what hillary clinton calls her biggest mistake in 2016. watch this. >> i am the only candidate who has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy as the key into the cold country. because we are going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. >> julie: let's bring in scott
10:28 am
bolden, d.c. primary chairman, and chairman of the national bar association act. killing blue-collar jobs, is that not like shooting yourself in the foot? especially if you're a democrat running for president? >> i don't think so, in either one of those cases, and i think biden is much more likable and has a lot more credibility with blue-collar workers. >> julie: he will not be likable if he kills blue-collar jobs. >> that's not what he said. he said would you be willing to sacrifice blue-collar jobs, i.e. coal miners in exchange for a green economy. giving them high-paying jobs and training them. it will always be yes, because a coal industry has not improved under donald trump, and because the green economy is coming, because global warming is real. regardless if the republicans think it is a hoax. in what you are getting from biden is straight talk with a lot of credibility and higher paying jobs with well-trained workers that could be coal miners, and their transition to the green economy. it happened under obama, and it
10:29 am
can happen again. it is happening by itself anyway. we have to do something about global warning. >> julie: does it hurt pennsylvania and michigan, just speaking in pennsylvania alone, and lived in the coal mining community. so if you tell all of the coal miners who are out of a job, but don't worry, we will find you something better, where's the guarantee? you don't put people out of jobs unless you absolutely can guarantee them better work and higher wages. there is no one who can do that. >> biden and the democrats certainly have a plan. that's what they are talking about. transitioning the coal miners and the blue-collar workers to higher-paying jobs. now, the key is this, is he believable? can he convince them that that is a way to make more money, get better trained, and build this economy? i think he has credibility. hillary clinton on the other hand, she did not have a whole lot of credibility, and you saw the results. whether the russians were involved or not. but i think that biden is telling the truth.
10:30 am
he can convince them. he has a lot of credibility, and it will sell. you cannot kill both blue-collar jobs and give them nothing. you have to have a plan to transition to the green economy. that is an important extinction as you know. >> julie: there has to be a smooth transition. my question to you is, do you think that biden realizes that he really has two appeased progressives if you actually really want to win the nomination. i mean, we just talked about the fact that some democratic insiders believe that now bernie sanders has a real shot of winning the nomination. i hope that biden is listening. >> i think he is. bernie sanders has been the most consistent democratic presidential candidate in this race. pretty consistent in the prior race too. so the other candidates have gone up and down in the polls, including biden and buttigieg, and so forth and so on. but i think biden is different in this case. i think he tries to do what he can with the left. you cannot ignore them.
10:31 am
but they will not be deposited in this race. i've said in the network that the democratic party is more moderate and more conservative than the g.o.p. and the media give them credit for. they cover the aocs of the world, but the majority of the voters are moderate and conservative, that's why joe is leaving because of the black vote. >> julie: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez has railed against billionaires during her time in washington. she has failed to mention that billionaire and 2020 dan tom stier donated to her 2018 campaign. here she is during a campaign rally for bernie sanders. >> for anyone who accuses us for instituting purity tests, it is called having values. it is called having standards for your conduct to not be funded by billionaires. but to be funded by the people, which is different!
10:32 am
>> julie: it is called having a bad memory, apparently. is this totally hypocritical? could this hurt bernie sanders? when he has aoc railing against billionaire money when she herself has benefited from billionaire donations? >> it is called winning, and you can't win without money. and when she took that donation, not from tom, but from his former fund manager family that he was a part of, she was a candidate to win. and she upset the incumbent. so i don't think $2700 from one billionaire is dispositive of winning, but you are not going to be turning down any money. listen, money is always going to be a part of politics. you have the supreme court that says you have a first amendment right, i am going to unite the decision. while the use tests are important, what they are really talking about is money that corrupts the election, the campaign, and the elected official. because money is not corruptib corruptible. individuals, or candidates are the ones that are corruptible. but what she is really thinking
10:33 am
about on a much broader basis is led to who give millions to the independent packet, if they dominate and overwhelm the vote, and skew the results, that is a problem. >> julie: poor people do not donate $2700 to a campaign, whether you are a millionaire or a billionaire. >> they donate $10 or $100, and they make far less, that is a very important voice for them and an important meant investment for them. >> julie: thank you very much. growing new concerns that russia, china, and iran could be forming an alliance. at odds with the u.s. and nato. the impact for america's strategy as a joint enabled drill today. we will talk about it. and new developments in the jeffrey epstein case as the fbi is finally reportedly starting to investigate the woman accused of being his madame, his accomplice, his
10:34 am
partner in crime. a former fbi investigator weighs in. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> julie: china, russia, and iran. holding joint military drills in the indian ocean and gulf of oman today. raising concerns about a growing alliance at odds with the united states and nato. lucas tomlinson live at the pentagon with more. hi, lucas pray to speak of the first time those three nations have come together for the joint naval drills. earlier in ronnie mander spoke in the peer ahead of the exercises. >> the fact that we are now posting the powers means that the relations have reached a significant point. and god willing they will have outcomes of peace and friendship and elective operation. >> kicking off from the iranian
10:39 am
port city of the gulf of oman, outside the persian gulf where over the summer they called a state of attack on commercial oil tankers and iranian forces also shot down that $100 million american drone. u.s. officials say that the iranians, russians, and chinese did not trust each other. they are also not alone in the gulf of oman. u.s. navy area carrier showed up with aircraft to destroy cruise missiles. the pentagon did not appear concerned about the exercises. "we are aware of the multi-exercise between iran, china, and russia in the arabian sea. we are monitoring it and will work with our partners and allies who assure the free flow of commerce in the international waterways." the top navy awarded the chinese threat. >> they put significant emphasis on missile technology. and so, the ranges of the missiles continue to grow.
10:40 am
increasingly high numbers of ships, and so, they run a very steep trajectory in terms of capabilities and numbers. >> u.s. ally japan announced today that it was sending a warship and aircraft to the region recalled back in june, julie. the japanese tanker was attacked in the persian gulf. >> julie: lucas tomlinson, thank you. the fbi has reportedly started investigating the woman at the center, accused of being jeffrey epstein's madame, according to reuters, the feds are actually now looking at the british socialite, julian maxwell, along with several other people alleging sexual abuse. but investigators have no plans to interview britain's prince andrew who has denied repeatedly allegations that he had with a teenager who claims she was traffic by epstein. let's bring in investigator bill daley who is on the set here.
10:41 am
i and many others are probably wondering the same thing. why did it take so long for the fbi to get involved? >> they have been involved for quite some time. >> julie: to investigate her. >> this is an evolving investigation, if you go back to august when they raided the persian islands home of epstein, there is a lot of details and organization that people need to investigate in this case, and also with heaping now dead, there is not that kind of immediacy that we have somebody on the run or somebody further carrying out these horrible crimes, so this is an evolving situation. they need to get to the crux, right now they are looking at those people who helped facilitate getting these young girls to epstein and other coconspirators involved in this as opposed to as i said, interviewing prince andrew. i think the fbi, even though they said no, never says never, that they will not interview someone, but right now, he would not be someone that i think he would be a facilitator, and
10:42 am
therefore, they are focusing on people who helped get the young girls to him. biden julian maxwell, her face is seen in all of the numerous photographs of him on the island with her in the background, and she is known to not only be an accomplice, but she was the catch and kill. she was the one that went out and lured girls as young as 13 years old knowing full and well according to multiple witnesses that she was bringing them to epstein when she knew full and while that they were going to be victims of sexual abuse. and that's why i believe, i am a little shocked that the fbi is just now talking to her. >> i also want to tell everyone here, take it with a grain of salt. >> julie: this is all according to witnesses. >> and also -- >> julie: but she is prime suspect number one. >> saying that they are just looking at her now, does not mean that they have not been looking at her. they know where she is. they know how to get a hold of her. this is not an issue either flights or people who will not be found, or currently involved in committing additional crimes.
10:43 am
so the bureau is taking thorough and thoughtful approach to this, because they want to make sure that when they go further, and i think attorney general barr said anybody who was a coconspirator will not rest easy. the case will go on and it could interview other people who were involved, maybe not soliciting or proliferating the young ladies to other people, but who want to talk. >> julie: you mentioned talking to other people, obviously a lot of interviews, why would they not interview prince andrew? >> i think they are saying that now, you have to read between the lines is that currently they don't have plans. it does not mean that they would not. >> julie: do you think that they will be? >> to do a thorough investigation you have to speak with all people who have connections to the crimes. any crime committed. >> julie: especially when you have been seen in a photograph with a woman who is accusing. >> we are only looking at the top, the things in public view.
10:44 am
there is a lot of information that they have about other people. >> julie: that is part of the investigation, keeping the evidence close. >> but they are moving along in a thorough thoughtful approach and they will get to the heart of the matter. >> julie: thank you very much for coming in on the holiday. good to see you. one teacher taking her lessons to new heights, quite literally, why drones are flying into her classroom and how she hopes that they can help break the cycle of poverty next. ♪ at chevy, we're all family. we're a festive family. we're a four-legged family. we're a get-up-and-go family. we're a ski family. we're all part of the chevy family. and as we kick off the new year, we'd like you to be a part of ours. because our chevy employee discount is still available to everyone. the chevy price you pay is what we pay. not a cent more. so happy new year, and welcome to the family. the chevy family! the chevy employee discount for everyone ends soon. ♪the beat goes onp for heart failure look like?
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>> hi, everyone, i am dana perino, one of the biggest school districts in the nation is giving students a free pass to protest. plus a hallmark christmas movies being fascist propaganda, and it is friday, that means tyra is coming up on the daily briefing. >> julie: the faa issuing more than 100,000 certificates for people using drones, but only 5 percent of those are women. now one fifth grade teacher in rural west virginia is trying to change that. molly line has more. >> up a little bit more. >> it does not look like your typical classroom. >> it is really cool because i can do flips and stuff. >> you guys need to be careful. >> but firm meghan salters fifth grade class in
10:49 am
west virginia, drones are a regular part of the curriculum. >> here's the challenge, little billy is in desperate need of a kidney transplant. they just found a living donor, no ambulances can transport the organ. >> pub for this class there is no textbook. creating all the lessons weaving in science, technology, and math. also written grants to buy equipment all to inspire the students and open our minds to different possibilities. >> when i was growing up, i mean, it was basically the expectations were do you want to be a teacher, a nurse, or a secretary. >> when girls think about robotics, they say, no, that is not something i would like to do. but honestly, that's what i thought. >> julie: mack >> kelly's mom hopes this encourages her to dream. >> it is okay to leave and pursue something that is a little foreign to kids in west virginia.
10:50 am
>> they are learning about aviation and unmanned flight, but also learning teamwork, problem-solving, patients, and that things do not always go as planned. >> oh! all right, we will try again. >> and her class is not the only one benefiting. >> the chromatogra program itsea impact on the school. there will be something going on, the kids are looking in the windows and they are amazed. >> it has helped me with math and stuff. sometimes in school we have to do measurements, and i already know part of them, because when we do the drones, i have to do some of it. >> julie: she says that she sometimes tells the kids she is tricking them into learning, bue thing she wants them to carry on is that they are capable of doing anything. >> i really want to just expose them and let them know that there are things out there that they can do. >> in barboursville, west virginia, molly line, fox news. to ♪ to
10:51 am
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>> julie: on one of the busiest travel days of the entire year, we have this, u.s. health officials are raising concerns travelers passing through five major u.s. airports may have been exposed to measles. matt finn live at chicago o'hare airport with the latest. high matt, matt. speak of the people who have to be concerned are those that were here at chicago's o'hare or any of the five airports nationwide as the person with the measles s
10:55 am
walking through. medical experts tell us that the disease lingers in the air for about two hours. so for the people that we talked to today, most of them say that they have been vaccinated and they are not too alarmed. >> i don't remember ever having not been vaccinated, no. >> i've never had the measles. >> are you vaccinated? >> yes, i am. >> that is an unfortunate thing. i hope that everybody is okay. >> here's the important information, the five airports that had a person with measles pass-through include chicago o'hare around december 12th and 17th, richman international around december 17th, and also the international december 17, distant mack denver around december 11th, lax around december 11th. if you were in the u.s. airports around these dates, you might've been exposed to the symptoms can take days or weeks to surface and or flu-like until that rash appears. people feel they have contracted
10:56 am
the disease are encouraged to see their doctor one on one, because the disease is so contagious. >> if one person walks into a room of ten people who are all on vaccinated, about nine of them will develop infections. so it is very contagious. >> medical experts tell us that the best prevention against the disease is to simply get vaccinated. but we have been talking to people, and there are parents who say that they are opting out of that vaccination, and medical experts warned that that does create pockets where this disease can surface. julie. >> julie: thank you. for more and thus i want to bring in professor of medicine at the medical center here in new york city and a fox news contributor. this is scary stuff. and to hear that it lingers in the air for two hours, how worried should travelers be. there's so many people in those five airports right now. >> first of all, they don't need to be worried now, they need to
10:57 am
be worried if they were in those airports during the period of time that matt was just saying. they only need to be worried if they were not vaccinated aura, and this is an important point that has not come up yet, or if they were born before 1989 when we only gave one vaccine, before 1957, we were born before a '57, you are immune, you had measles. i am testing people to see if they still have their immunity. if they are immune because you had a full vaccination series, you are not going to get measles from being in those airports, not at all. but it is easy to have your physician check. i don't just give a booster, a check to see if you are immune. that's what should happen to anyone born before 1989 who is in those airports during those time. >> julie: how do you know if you have been exposed, what is the incubation time? >> that was correctly stated by matt, it can be four days up
10:58 am
until about two weeks. so in that period of time. what you see, julie, you might get a little bit of snuffles or runny nose, and a cough, flu-like symptoms, and then four days into it you will get that bright red rash that is very characteristic. but you might imagine, you could be having measles already and be sick, but not know that you have it, because you don't have the rash, then you are busy spreading it to other unvaccinated people. we have to get the country fully vaccinated, because there are people out there that can't have the vaccine. it is a live virus vaccine, we cannot give it to the very young and women when they are pregnant, or immune immune comparablcompromised people. >> julie: i want to get to the fiance of the late espn reporter edward aschoff, sharing new details about his sudden death at age 34. she says he was diagnosed with pneumonia, we knew that, but he was diagnosed with h lh, which
10:59 am
is a rare immune system disease just days before he died. can you tell us what is h lh? how dangerous is it? is it rare? >> first of all, it explains what happened. i was wondering how a 34-year-old reporter suddenly dies of multi-lobe pneumonia. this explains it. this is a condition where your white blood cells, your immune cells are literally attacking each other. you have an enlarged spleen and lymph nodes, and get a rash, and tragically cannot fight off bacteria. why would this happen? i think it is most likely that he either had a recent virus or he has an autoimmune condition. it can be genetic, but it is very, very unlikely that it is genetic. it can be treated, but you have to know you have it. you can get a stem cell transplant and be treated, too late for him. we wish his family well. >> julie: we do, and his fiancee, thinking everyone with the support on social media. she is very touched and it has helped her get through this
11:00 am
tragic loss. dr. siegel, great to see you as always. thank you at home. i am julie banderas. "the daily briefing" starts right now. >> dana: hello, everyone, i am dana perino, we begin with a desperate search for a 29-year-old woman missing since last week. looking for help finding peyton houston, last time anybody saw her she was leaving a bar with two men. and the last to her friends heard from her was a text saying she might be in danger. steve harrigan is following this for us. to live in the southeast newsroom, how's the family reacting today? >> dana, this has been an incredibly difficult week for the family. doing everything they can to keep the search going, posting pictures of the 29-year-old online, trying to get the community behind it to continue the search. what worries them the most is that while patrons of the tin roof bar


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