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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 27, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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thank you for inviting us into your home, i mike emanuel, can i from washington and th "the sto" starts right now. >> thank you, mike, merry christmas. good evening, everybody, i'm ed henry, this is speak routine "the story." they rigged the 2016 elections. at tonight, those attacks are bk and no aimed squarely at the senate majority leader over impeachment. >> he's coordinating with the majority leader mitch mcconnell in the senate and trying to break the outcome of the trial. >> mitch mcconnell said he's working hand-in-hand with the white house and not impartial jury. that again, breaking the rules that exists. >> it doesn't break the rules, he intended to coordinate with the white house counsel on the
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senate impeachment trial. he's taken from one republican senator, and practicing the entire democratic party. the democrats are quick to forget that the party, the same thing, during the impeachment trial of president bill clinton. if >> "the new york times" chief white house corresponded, like in the late 90s, the court needed, yes, quite native the scenes. even using quote unquote secret signals on the floor to score points. it's a reasonable question about senate leaders and whether there's too much coziness in the white house, but legitimate arguments get lost when outrageous statements like this are unleashed. >> mitch mcconnell, saying he's working with the white house correlating the defense in this trial before the trial has even begun is atrocious. he's peddling the all-white jury for the class trial. that's not the -- >> i'm sorry.
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>> a klansman trial, you say, you can hear republican rich trying to jump into point out just how absurd this may be. the outrageousness of making the belief from the legitimate question to a outlandish claim. they just called out called out msnbc rachel maddow for doing something similar on the russian collusion fiasco. the new opinion piece, he gives credit for being unmatched in the knowledge of the top russia story but slams the host for a quote unquote rooting for the now discredited dossier to be true. inciting statement like this. >> even if this is yet to, uncorroborated and undocumented, all the supporting details or checking out. even the outrageous months and the republicans claimed to be increasingly discredited. that's not true in terms of the public record about the dossier, in fact quite the opposite. >> ed: i was depressed about the coverage of the debug dossier and she
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claimed it was not a grievous and either way, my next guest says all of us is doing damage and progressive cost and on. senior fellow, joining me live, victor, getting to the mitch mcconnell situation and coming to rachel maddow, she pushed the anti-trump dossier and it turned out to be here. >> well, the playwright once posed the question what is wisdom and came on the side of pragmatism and ordinary people superior intellect to the intellect classes and the all cycle of drama is pitted the elite against common people in the case of the scholar rachel maddow when she was reassuring america that it was correct, you can go on and listen to them with sean hannity without sophisticated agreements that were practical, pragmatic, and pointed out the chapter reviews how it cannot be true.
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isame thing, he was a farmer, turned out that horror west was basically substantiated everything in th the harvard law graduate. it was disingenuous. we got to them smaller investigation, we were told it's a dream team, all stars in the ivy league and there pitted against the swor lee sort of pee we just melt before the ivy league firepower. i think it's a reminder about the symbolic lessons from the 2016 election that this country has to take a deep look and who's honest and whose virtuous and it's not synonymous with all these people. the star-studded resume. again and again, in the case of rachel maddow. > ed: she's not the only one
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in the media, a whole bunch of people made sure they were pushing the dossier again and again and it somehow corroborated at least pieces of it. you're learning lessons from 2016, has anybody in the media learned any? >> i don't think so, i think they feel and we see that with the survey that 90% of the mainstream media coverage has been biased and they feel that donald trump poses a existential threat to the entire progressive agenda and therefore any means necessary and justified with that noble and of removing him. of i think they thought they were going to bleed him with a thousand cuts but after the clause, the logan act, the 25th amendments, robert mueller's embarrassing testimony, ukraine frame, and especially the people turned off and there turned off. it's not dramatic, it's not -- you know, climactic, but were seeing, he could to mentally and trumps bulls are going up and
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support for impeachment is going down. that's grinning a lot of frustration and democrats now it's a sort of damocles hanging over trumps impeachment and every once in a while, throwing something in and scoring a little bit lower. they don't know what to do right now for the american people and they're not with them. if they did not have the special counsel report, they did not have bipartisan support, they dd not have's public support and they did not have specific crimes outlining the constitution. it was not like the nixon impeachment inquiry. people caught onto that. >> ed: take that point to mitch mcconnell, the senate impeachment trial now. we are seeing it, as i said at the top, there could be legitimate questions, where are the lies for the senate majority leader the white house. to them suggesting them leading a klansman trial, are democrats
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making this a mistake your? >> i think what's happening is the entire impeachment process is starting to mirror image of the candidates on the democratic stage and calling for the new green deal with the wealth tax or the open borders. if they are out of sync with the american people and they are not aware of how ridiculous it soun. this whole cycle, the latest cycle of impeachment starting in the whistle-blower did not go first for the instructor general, they went to adam schit and they cooked up with the stae we are. remember, they're going to talk about conflict of interest, global chart, elizabeth warren, bernie sanders were going to be sitting in judgment on donald trump who is going to be probably the republican nominee and one of them thinks there could be running against them. this is what politics is all about and there on the losing end and the losing end of public
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support and i can understand. >> ed: victor, then play this out with nancy pelosi then. if somebody we haven't mentioned yet. why in the world is she holding onto the articles? why is she not cutting bait as you say, democrats are losing the battle. >> because she was reassured of every stretch, every step of the process by the left-wing base of the democratic party and that's those misnomer because the entire party is left-wing now. if something were to come up, we would have the recession. or they are praying thing would break it wide open or adam schiff's rhetorical brilliance would change the whole temple of the country. it never happened and now she's at the impasse and looking insane, you you know what, when am i going to do i'm already impeaching him. and so she's going to let it sit out there and hope that somebody can come to the rescue and there's a new whistle-blower. there's a new document, there's something new and we can just keep it up. what she doesn't understand, she
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lost the support of the american people. they are tired of it, the longer the thinks it's out there and it's so contrary to the past protocol and tradition, what's even more angry, people are going to get. these polls, it's pretty clear that it's not dramatic but drip by drip by drip, the democrats are losing the public support that they thought they had. >> i appreciate you coming in, really happy new year's. >> thank you. >> ed: also tonight, chief republican number of the republican house judiciary committee. thanks for coming in. hearing victor laid out out, they suggested you can't beat donald trump at the battle of the box and 2020 and you have to impeach him. when you look at how the economy slowing out this week and how the impeachment drama was playing out, your thoughts. >> very strange and also you see the impeachment did not really serve as the substitute for the agenda for the american people.
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democrats have not been for mailing their commitments on trade, health care, the economy and soap impeachment has really been the alternative to that and it's all been consuming as the obsession. if it's a little bit bizarre to hearken back to a few weeks to that when eric swalwell called the presidents conduct a crime spree in process. if nothing was more urgent then nancy pelosi is just sitting on the impeachment articles in the egg that she's waiting to hatch at any moment. >> ed: if there's a crime spree, why have the articles not been sent to the senate so the president can be brought to a trial? >> that's all beasley the contradiction that we can see from the democrats, and it's hard to take fiercely as he pointed out and you had democrats with rachel maddow trying to read the into a dossier that we've been telling the american people was false. the democrats and the allies and immediate were wrong on two fronts. if one, the underlying veracity or truth of the dossier and that
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steals some sort of sources and that's not what we tell them, wide did not end up in a document? the dossier was used, you have rachel maddow, adam schiff, saying the fbi did nothing wrong to leave followed the pfizer process and we see that dossier was central part. >> ed: one thing for the media to be called out and held accountable and we all make them. this was a big one. if you go beyond that, and i'm sure if you invoked a moment ago, he went much further he's in the congress and been elected by people in the district as you know and he's the chairman of the very powerful committee. it begins at 2017 with rachel maddow interviewing adam schiff and he sort of sidesteps the question of the veracity of the dossier as you know and we know now, the adam schiff memo was false. the very powerful committee to a higher standard. >> absolutely, you remember when
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devin nunes put out the memo and adam schiff put up the response, the mainstream media say, oh, the memo has been debunked and this is obviously the truth. if we now have something we rarely get an washington politics and actually it in fore results from the obama point of the inspector general saying that devin nunes was right all the time, adam schiff was wrong. there's intelligence as the armed service committee member that i cannot see but i have to rely on with adam schiff and the gang to correctly assess that intelligence and give up the accurate perceptions. that adam schiff should be removed as the chairman so we can at least get clear eyes on the most important intelligence analysis in the country. at >> ed: 's clustering, "wall street journal" had a piece suggesting that nancy pelosi wants to roll the impeachment that she's holding the articles waiting for somebody else to draw.
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just hanging it over the presidents head for the election grade of your thoughts? >> they're becoming the one-hit wonder where it's only impeachment and got postpartum depression because they burst the impeachment out and the of the task they won't be able to continue to litigate its, what strange but politically more that they talk about the impeachment and opening hearings, the worse things get for them. the clear politics pulling averaging our inverted it when democrats started holding public hearing because the american people get to see how thin their case was. they should be through with this and we should all have a new year's resolution to be done with impeachment and the investigations and let's actually put the american people first. let's make it their agenda our agenda and not just feeling political optimism. >> ed: let's see how that plays out. bernie sanders, the secret weapon sending some shock waves through the democratic establishment and may be raking some more chaos in the primari
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>> we are 37 days out from the iowa caucus in the 2020 election. bernie sanders may be on the verge of driving the democratic establishment a bit batty yet again. now a close second in iowa running strong into the new hampshire primary that comes a week later. "the new york times" points out he has a secret weapon other candidates do not enjoy writing with less than six weeks until loading begins, has turned into a formidable contender.
4:19 pm
senior director of research at and both fox news contributor's. i want to start with you as a democrat here. bernie sanders, last time was sort of a fly i didn't taken that seriously and he almost snuck up and beat hillary clinton. >> 4 million votes is an almost speaking up but he did better than people thought. we will do the whole thing it was rigged another night. but bernie sanders has actually been largely ignored by the mainstream media and all of this, always been running strong in what he does have is "the new york times" pointed out, he has voters who are not moving to another candidate. so you always have to look at not necessarily what is everyone's first preference but how strong their conviction is about their candidate and they were only two candidates were people have been sold on that. joe biden with african-american voters and a myth about bernie's supporters as he was sharing them with elizabeth warren but she had a female white
4:20 pm
college-educated base, same that should be taken incredibly seriously. >> look at this graphic on the iowa results, look at how close it was in the delegate count, you see the percentage point there, less than one percentage point. my point being he barely lost iowa, won new hampshire behind buddha judge. >> that is iowa, and then we go to south carolina where he's not going to do very well and don't forget that nationally, still trailing joe biden by ten percentage points, people forget the first four estates, those three we mention and nevada, 100 delegates.
4:21 pm
means nothing except momentum and i don't think bernie sanders is going to come out of this even if he wins iowa which he doesn't look like he's going to because pete buttigieg is pushing him very hard there. i don't think you'll have that kind of momentum that is the real prize of winning iowa. >> and advisor of bernie sanders and was on the 2016 campaign. here's what she said that's a little bit different. >> what i predict is he will either win or come very close. what i will tell you is regardless of the math works in bernie sanders favor, i can predict he's going to go all the way to the convention. can go ahead and crown joe biden but bernie sanders is not going anywhere and his followers are not going anywhere. >> he said that in 2016 and they are saying it again and that's true, 10% of bernie sanders supporters ended up supporting joel stein or not voting at all prayer that percentage could be higher this time around. it is extremely dangerous considering he might be the
4:22 pm
clear front runner in this throughout and there will be no concessions made and they are the only good democrats whatever their affiliation might be that don't feel like we necessarily need to coalesce around whoever the nominee is and to liz's point about iowa, i completely agree with you. the secret is these are white people that are voting and the democratic base is not white, we are a diverse coalition and that's why south carolina is joe biden's firewall there. >> then you flip to super tuesday. there's something jessica just said, disaffected bernie voters last night who stayed, is that good news for donald trump? >> a number of them voted for donald trump. they were so angry at what they thought was a very unfair process that some of them actually supported donald trump. >> solid 20% and that's about what he has, that is bernie's
4:23 pm
army. they were angry about what happened in 2016, a lot of them are the same people supported in the 2016. i think what his followers should remember, he is a very solid steadfast contender. i think what happens is they are all going to go to the convention, everyone is going to have some delegates and it will be a contested election. in and i think bloomberg looks pretty good. >> it's important in understanding his successes that he is the authentic, elizabeth warren has a bona fides but his supporters can say he is the guy who wrote the bill. >> my point with that sound bite as he is planning to be a pain in the neck for as long as he
4:24 pm
can be. appreciate you both coming in. another 2020 democrat which is a radical plan to decriminalize possession of all drugs. >> so meth or coke, every drug, incarceration isn't. >> that's right. >> governor mike huckabee on why he thinks that won't make america great. plus, a personal emotional message on the passing of broadcasting legend don imus. you can't miss it. exium 24hr to treat his frequent heartburn, steven could only imagine enjoying a spicy taco. now, his world explodes with flavor. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day all-night protection. can you imagine 24-hours without heartburn?
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use your gift cards and take advantage of huge savings-- in-store and online. >> mayor pete buttigieg facing
4:29 pm
some pushback today after saying there should be no longer any jail time for illegal drug possession in america. even for meth and cocaine. he was the 2020 democratic presidential hopeful speaking to "the des moines register"'s editorial board this week. >> incarceration should not even be a response to drug possession. and while there to be all kinds of harms associated with drug possession and use, it's also the case that we have created in an effort to what announced to a bigger problem. >> incarceration is in. >> former g.o.p. presidential candidate and a fox news contributor, thanks for coming in. >> merry christmas and congrats on the new gig coming up soon. >> starts in january, thank you. the hawkeye state, your home state of arkansas or anywhere in the middle of the country.
4:30 pm
>> i can't imagine it is a real smart play for the average american has ever been burglarized or robbed because somebody was either drunk or high or maybe robbing or burglarizing to get drunk or high. i will give you a stat, when i was governor, my prison director gave me an alarming figure. he said 87% of the inmates that we had in the arkansas department of corrections were there for drug or alcohol related crimes. they were either drunk or high when they committed the crime or committed the crime to get drunk or high. we don't have a crime problem in america, we have a drug and alcohol problem so decriminalizing it may not be the smartest idea if you want to start with the other things that most of us would consider truly a dangerous crime and i'll be the first to admit, we do over incarcerated in this country especially with nonviolent first-time offenders but the idea that we just decriminalize every aspect of drug possession and drug selling for, i think
4:31 pm
that's a tough sell for mayor pete. >> libertarians who believe you take out the black market here, the hill newspaper ran an op-ed this summer when some of the started out from pete buttigieg saying portuguese legislators and comprehensive decriminalization in 2001, the result the number of people arrested and sent to criminal courts annually decreased by 60%, drug overdose fatalities dropped by 85% between 99 and 2015. they say what works in portugal is going to work here. what works in sweden is going to work here but what about the libertarian argument here? >> first of all, when you say fewer arrests, of course because you decriminalized it. it's like saying you can drive whatever speed you want. speeding arrests went down. of course it did. that doesn't prove much. there's an argument you could make that we shouldn't outlaw, that we shouldn't outlaw child
4:32 pm
sex, where does it stop? if you're going to have a libertarian view, there are no limits but most americans believe that while we shouldn't just immediately and incarcerate every person for a first-time nonviolent offense, by the same token, people who are habitually committing crimes in order to get drunk or high we do for habit or create a habit for someone else, sometimes those folks, we need to take them off our streets because they are creating an enormous cause for all of us. >> this week that he sent out over christmas, "today i joined millions around the world and celebrating the arrival of divinity on earth who came into this world not in riches but in poverty, not as a citizen but as a refugee. no matter where or how we celebrated, merry christmas. >> wasn't a refugee, his parents took him to bethlehem not only to fulfill prophecy but because
4:33 pm
they were being good citizens going back to the sentences. the good news, mayor pete is just affirmed he believes in a census count. i am happy to see the democrats coming on board with that idea. >> i sense a little bit of sarcasm there but i would expect nothing less at the end of 2019. we'll see a lot of that in the days ahead as well. happy new year and merry christmas. >> you too, thanks. >> how economic growth, low unemployment, and higher wages could be the secret sauce that propels donald trump to a second term in office. former governor scott walker breaks down the winning recipe that now has he been michael moore sounding the alarm, that is next. in >> i believe he wouldn't win the electoral states that he would need because living out there, i will tell you, his level of support has not gone down 1 inch.
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>> of the vote were today, i believe he wouldn't win the electoral states that he would need because living out there, i will tell you, his level of support has not gone down 1 inch. i would say it's even more rapid than it was before because they were afraid he could lose, so they are voracious in their appetite for donald trump. >> that is michael moore of course who predicted donald trump would win the presidency in 2,016 and i was
4:39 pm
looking into the crystal ball once again forecasting the president is well on his way to another victory next year. points of the president's diehard supporters and other say a strong economy is also the president's number one selling point. a former wisconsin governor rights if unemployment stays low when wages rise, trump will be unstoppable in 2020. here now, republican scott walker, merry christmas. >> merry christmas, great to be with you. >> i expect he would adjust his assessment to say that the fear of the president losing but outrage over this impeachment frenzy, this really fired up the base heading into 2020. >> it really has a new look at a state like mine which is within a battleground state along with michigan and pennsylvania, but wisconsin had every must win state out there, the base here is pumped up and motivated, put off by the impeachment and in a
4:40 pm
way very much like the recall election i faced where the left got all worked up and protested, the right woke up and said we can handle this and independence thought the left had overreached, seeing exactly the same thing here in the state of wisconsin, that they think the impeachment has gone too far. >> we are seeing independent voters, the economy has basically been on fire this week particularly the stock markets that i know a lot of critics have tried to say that doesn't really impact main street, it's about wall street but based on what you wrote, it sounds like you believe that these are not just statistics, this is wages going up, this could be a big factor in 2020. >> we see more take-home pay, everyday american workers in wisconsin and midwestern battleground states where factoring barack obama's time, wages were going down, jobs and
4:41 pm
unemployment, jobs either going away or in many cases, people took fewer hours just to keep their jobs and now you've got a point where the economy is humming not just in wall street for a nasdaq and the dow jones but in every day unemployment and everyday wagers and people see more money to spend on their families, that something that really has an impact. >> you mentioned barack obama, hurt so much about income inequality and that that was the biggest issue we should pay attention to and you are pushing back and talking about cutting taxes as president trump has now done and i wonder when you had so many democrats saying income inequality was so important, now you see people at the lower and middle classes taking more home in their paychecks, what happened to that argument? sounds like the president's formula is actually helping the poor and middle-class. >> that's exactly right. there is more take-home pay, higher wages and then i think
4:42 pm
you start to combine it with the fact that as people hear about what the contrast is, they hear about elizabeth warren into a certain extent bernie sanders talking about government run health care, not just the government running it but as many as 180 million of us would lose her private health insurance, people look at that and say that's crazy, we don't want that. we like our health care by and large, would love to pay less from a president is working on that as well but this is a president who has delivered on his promises and in washington it is filled with people who say all the right things but don't get a lot done for the american people. a president who occasionally might we don't talk differently actually gets the job done. >> when you raise the tweet, democrats would push back on you and say hang on, his style is grading particularly on women and there's going to be a gender gap and other battlegrounds where women may be turning against president trump.
4:43 pm
some evidence and polling data and asked the democratic case, do you buy that? >> there is no doubt that there is an issue there but i think this is where much as they did years ago when they try to recall me and that backfired, got mos more votes than we did n the original election, the same thing is happening with impeachment. those suburban college-educated women, people i've talked to all the time, they may not appreciate every tweet out there but what they really don't like is people not getting things done and when you contrast this president getting things done, doing things better for their families and better for their kids versus this do-nothing democrat congress and more of the same, that's where they throw their hands up and say i don't care so much about the tweets, i just want something done for my family. >> i remember you mentioned the recall effort and all of that, part of what got you through that as you promised in the original campaign to take on the
4:44 pm
unions and you follow through, you did that. this president made a lot of promises as well whether trade deals, taking on china, cutting taxes and regulations, he has fallen through and a lot of that as well. >> securing our border, putting money back into the hands of the american people, you look at that trade deal with canada and mexico that they finally started moving on, he held out a year and a half just to make sure that wisconsin dairy farmers that the balanced and fair trade they needed out of that. this is a president on issue after issue that has delivered on his promises and i think that matters. >> is there a democrat in this race that you fear could beat the president? >> the one that concerns me the most is bernie sanders which his ideas are crazy off the deep end and the more we talk about him, the better off the president is going to be but what i do find us concerning is that this candidate is authentic. his ideas are way out there but unlike elizabeth warren who makes things up and unlike
4:45 pm
joe biden who will say anything to get elected, bernie sanders actually believes in the things he talks about but i remember a month after the 2016 election, they said they had voted for bernie sanders and the primary and donald trump of the general election chris i wanted to take a picture of them because i thought this is unusual but this was a guy who thought he liked people that stood up for the everyday man and woman and he didn't care so much about the issues as he did his gut told him these were fighters and donald trump is the ultimate fighter. >> we appreciate you coming in. >> up next and what she is calling the craziest story she's heard all year long and she has heard a lot of crazy. ♪ there's a booking for every resolution . book yours at
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>> hallmark movies are about love and bringing people together, not about division or anything of that nature, just about people falling in love and your family can sit and watch the movies and enjoy them, it is the farthest thing from fascism that exists out there. to me, it is completely shocking. >> a regular rent hallmark movies defending the popular feel-good films watched by millions of viewers this time of year in particular after a
4:50 pm
politics writer penned a controversial article declaring hallmark movies are fascist propaganda. here now, fox news 24/7 headlines, good to see you. we both know him, he's a friend. i had idea that he is a propagandist, this is crazy. >> i have a question for you, a multiple choice, which of these things doesn't fit? mussolini, hitler, the hallmark channel. it doesn't involve dictatorial powers, oppression, and murder for the most controversial thing the home or christmas movies do is they have their main characters wearing open peacoat's in the snow and none of them ever get pneumonia. but aside from that from a perfectly wonderful and love stories that i watch every single christmas as do millions of people. >> so this is the defense.
4:51 pm
the majority approved by the minister of propaganda were escapist and featherlight. with an emphasis, the fact they are presented as harmless makes it all the more insidious the way they work to enforce very narrow white heteronormative as provincial ideas of what constitutes normal. i can't even get through that, doesn't even make sense. >> i find when an article has a lot of $10 words and that, it is covering for the fact that the point is really weak and i don't know if this woman has ever seen a hallmark christmas movie but the plot is always the same. i woman with a high-power job which is the opposite of sexist, falls in love with a guy in his christmas town but there is nothing controversial about it, they crank these things out in canada, clearly not written by some totalitarian mastermind, meant for fun and holiday joy they do a really good job.
4:52 pm
>> if they are spun up that this maybe the economy is doing good, if this is what their controversy. >> that's exactly, not kidding, i was thinking that when i was reading the story, almost like you can spin this as positive, we are in a period of time of economic highs, very few controversies going on outside of each minute, so they have nothing to complain about the medic and complain about hallmark. >> was take a serious turn, don imus, the famed broadcaster, met when you were a young production assistant on his program when he was on fox business. a man with a controversial legacy but very fascinating. >> i'm a little distracted because i did just find out that he passed away and i owe so much to him.
4:53 pm
he was my first boss. he gave me my career, he took a chance on me and i have so many fond memories of him, just so funny and so generous and so loyal. he made a really big deal, this is not the best example but i do remember he made a big deal when i got engaged. i just feel like he treated me like a daughter in a way and i'm sorry that i'm breaking up, but my heart goes out to his wife, who he was a great father to and fox has been such a family ever since i started with the radio, with fox and friends, with all the shows that i'm so lucky to be a part of in the first family that i had he made some very controversial comments about race, about the rutgers women's
4:54 pm
basketball team, paid a heavy price for that. on the other side of the ledger, raised so much money for kids with cancer, survivors of sids, family members who lost children so it's complicated, how do you balance it all out? >> i think you did a good job of owning up to his mistake and it is not something that he hid from. i worked with him much after the fact that that happened and he constantly brought it up because he genuinely felt bad about those comments that he made and we all grow and when you live your life on the air like he did not obviously the thing that he said it was really bad, he did pay a heavy price for it, you do make mistakes. >> and he did all kinds of charitable work, i grew up on long island and he was on the radio long before he was on tv. my sister just texted me and said she remembered i pretended to be don imus and interviewed
4:55 pm
her and her friends for practice for journalism so he helped me with my career. i got to know him later in life and i remember he knew donald trump long before he was president of the united states and don imus felt he was a little sick and he was off the air and it was really painting him the way he described it to me that he was not in the game anymore, he is to interview donald trump as a businessman on his radio program on before anyone else did. >> the radio was his wife has was his family and i just feel so blessed to have the privilege to have started my career working for such a legend and i will miss him greatly. >> we certainly appreciate you bringing your heartfelt remembrances. don imus passed away at the age of 79. the story continues next. alka-seltzer plus. now with 25% more concentrated power. nothing works faster for powerful cold relief.
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friday, december 27th, 2019. i will see you on "fox & friends" bright and early then back at noon eastern for america's news had quarters. until then, have a wonderful weekend. >> good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." i am mark steyn and for tucker while he enjoys the christmas vacation with his family. for a 90% of the year, the democrat elites forever indifferent to christianity were actively hostile to it but during the christmas season, there are two changes, little ostentatious religiosity is useful to them. mayor pete buttigieg use the birth of christ to make a political point of tweeting "today, i joined millions around the world and celebrating the arrival of divinity


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