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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  December 28, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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happy new year. be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember, i'm watters and this is my world. reporter: welcome to justice and happy early new years. i'm jason chaffetz in our nation's capitol in for judge jeanine pirro. i will be speaking with dan bongino and charlie kirk. we'll talk campaign 2020 with corey lewandowski, and trump reelection campaign press secretary kayleigh mcenany. you will get a dose of judge jeanine when she takes you into the white house kitchen to see how the finest meals for the president and other heads of state from repaired.
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the economy keeps roaring with the dow and s & p 500 rallying to all-time highs just yesterday. how can the president keep the spotlight on the positive amidst the drama in the beltway? joining me first out of the gate is fox news contributor, former arkansas governor and all-around good guy, governor mike huckabee. i want to ask you about the economy because it really is about the economy, stupid, isn't it? >> well, it really is. i'll tell you the people deny that this commission on fire are being pretty stupid. it's not just that the stock market is doing great. it means everybody with a pension plan and every retired teacher and truck driver in america is in better shape because of the trump economy and the stock market has reached
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record highs about 100 times. it has had a sustained growth. but there is something else about it. wages for the lowest level of income workers in america are up and up substantially. the latest reports this week, wages are up more for workers than they are or ceos. that's never happened before. this president has delivered on the promise to make the economy a real focal point. i hope he just sticks with it. just don't even talk about the impeachment and all the nonsense. focus on what an incredible record he has. i kind of feel sorry for the democrats because what are they going to run on? what can they say that is even close to the truth about the economy that makes it like yeah, let's get these guys in and put them in power. >> the last debate the democrats didn't even talk about the economy. it's all about taxing and
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spending. but the one area i think they will go to, they will try to disparage the president and go after him as a racist as it relates to immigration. where do you see the immigration debate going in 2020? >> he was the one who tried to fix daca. i hope he reminds the american people of that again and again. he wreck nices that immigration is not something americans or the president is against. he's for legal immigration. immigration makes this country great. if it hadn't been for immigration we wouldn't be the great country we are. but immigration has been a process that people got legally. they got processed. we knew who they were, where they were going, and if they had communicable disease. this idea that people just walked through ellis island and looked at the statue of liberty and they were hustled through.
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people were quarantined because they had smallpox. we were pretty picky about the immigration process. but these folks who came with hope and opportunity in their hearts, they did make america a better place. the president can focus on that. but there are a lot of americans who say why should we punish the people who did it right and allow people to get it wrong when that creates lower wages for people of color. if anyone wants to talk racism. it's racism to mean that people of color who are citizens of this country have their wages cut out from under them because of illegal immigrants. the president has a great message story to tell there. i have never seen a national
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party disparage i.c.e. and border patrol and law enforcement in general and be successful nationally. i think that's a good segue for another topic. donald trump talked about the homelessness problem. i want to show you this tweet that the president put out this morning. california and new york must do something about their tremendous homeless problem. they are setting records. if their governors can't handle the situation which they should be able to do very easily. they must call and politely ask for help. i have see gavin newsom, i see governor cuomo. it just happens to be that the states controlled by the democrats have the biggest problem. >> they have enormous problems. when you have apps on your phone to tell you where not to step in human excrement. that's a serious situation for people in this country to be in
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major cities. some of the once beautiful cities in the whole country, and now they are places where people are getting out as fast as they can because they don't want to step on used hypodermic needles. step across people sleechg on the streets. it's a horrible problem. nobody is saying we don't have a homeless issue. but the solution is not to create blight. it's to find out why are these people homeless? is it drug addiction? is it something that can be dealt with? you don't deal with it by ignoring it or celebrating it. it's not a good thing for people to be living in the doorways of people trying to conduct business. >> these policies of let's not
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do anything is leading to more and more homelessness. governor, thank you so much for joining us on this holiday weekend. i do appreciate it. >> thank you, and happy new year. reporter: 2020 is just a few days a way. the iowa caucus just a month after that in what's shaping you have on one of the most historic elections in a generation. joining me, a man who knows a thing or two about running a successful campaign. former trump campaign manager and senior advisor to the trump 2020 campaign. he's also the author of a book, "trump's enemies." i want to go to iowa first. so much is going to be told in the iowa story. bernie sanders has quite an operation there. but feeling the berks rn? >> we know that -- are you
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feeling the bern? >> the caucus is a very, very different type of election than a primary vote. bernie has had the last year to organize. and he hasn't stopped organizing the last four years. what we saw last time he ran against hillary, it was a rigged system. the superdelegates were in the bag for hillary. he probably should have been the democratic nominee four years ago. i think you will see the self-described socialist be the nominee against donald trump. reporter: he's not even a registered democrat. if you don't fall weren't first place, second place, third place. at what point do the rest of them get cut off? >> iowa is a state where if you are competing there and you are
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not in the top three. then you haven't won. look at the 2016 campaign. when donald trump came down that escalator. he was in first place and never looked back. we finished second place in iowa. first place in enough. we won 38 primaries and caucuses. he was a clear frontrunner right from the beginning. if bernie sanders wins in iowa. elizabeth warren's campaign is starting to implode. we know that joe biden is not going to make it successfully either in iowa or new hampshire. i don't think he will hold on to south carolina. this race could be bernie's to lose. >> the chance of a brokered convention continues to rise the way the democrats are doing it. on the second ballot the so-called superdelegates who get to make the decision, i'm sure
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that will go over well with the bernie sanders crowd. >> they stole it from them once four years ago. but what we call a wroakerred con -- a brokered convention on the republican side is operation chaos. there is no democrat in this field who will win against donald trump. he's a man playing with boys right now. you look at what he has done on trade, our military, the amount of african-american support, he's getting 35% of that. if that's the case. it doesn't matter who the democrats nominate. i don't see one state in the country that hillary clinton lost in 2016 that bernie sanders or pete buttigieg or elizabeth warren has a chance of picking up. reporter: you don't get a fair shake in the national mainstream
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media. hugh do you deal with that? the media bias is so prevalent and omnipresent. what do you do about that? >> i was watching "fox and friends" this morning. they ran a compilation. in august of 2018 they were saying all the mainstream media experts were saying 2019, we were coming into a recession. the stock market was going to crash. here we are. at the end of 2019, we created $17 trillion in stock market value in this year alone. you have to keep reiterating what you have achieved because the mainstream media won't do that for you. the president has to remind the people. we have the lowest unemployment numbers in a generation with the best economy in the world. we continue to grow by holding others accountable. that's what success is about and
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that's why donald trump deserves four more years as president. reporter: it's rumored that you will run for the united states senate in new hampshire. i appreciate you making that announcement tonight. are you running or note running? >> i have a couple days left. i told my family i would make the decision by the end of this month. my anniversary is the end of this year. elective life is hard on the family. it's a family decision. in a couple days we'll have that answer for the american family. reporter: happy anniversary. it's brutal in politic. and new hampshire is a wonderful state, and i think you will be well received there. we anxiously await to see what happens. thank you for joining us tonight. >> happy new year. reporter: the election might be 10 months away.
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but despite impeachment, and the mainstream media writing president trump's obituary with at least one prominent liberal says not so fast. >> if the vote were today i believe he would win the electoral states he need. living out there i will tell you, his level of support has not gone down one inch. i would say it's even more rabid than it was before. is michael moore right? here to break down that and more, fox news contributor and host dan bongino. i love the way you named your show. amazing now they found a guy named dan bongino for your show. going back to the election in 2020. i don't agree with michael moore on much. but he's credited with saying
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joe biden is this year's hillary clinton. >> i think he may be right. i use this analogy a lot. there are three lanes in every election. but you have generally the stab many pick, you have the kind of in this case the liberal pick or in our case the more conservative pick. then you have the outsider pick. the problem democrats are having, each one of those lanes is occupied by people who don't fit that label. biden was not the safe pick. they are both terrible candidate. the other lanes are occupied by people who are fraud. the liberal radical pick bernie sanders is a millionaire himself. but jason, i think the democrats will have the 2020. they made a series of strategic miscalculations that will come back and bite them in the butt.
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they buried themselves in identity politic thinking if they called 50% of america racist that the 50% would vote for them because of it. they buried themselves in the impeachment disaster which the polls have shown has been an abomination for them. they married themselves to the collusion hoax which turned out to be one of the biggest political hoaxes in american history. reporter: you combine that with the american economy. i think donald trump is stronger politically today than he has ever been. i want to get your take on elizabeth warren. she has gotten a lot of credit for being specific on plans. shy just hasn't been so specific on her personal life. it was her own brother who called her out for saying she called her dad a former janitor and her brother is saying he wasn't a janitor.
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where did that come from? >> that's quite an endorsement when your brother anti-endorses you when you are running for office. she gets credit for having a plan. what they don't tell you is the second part of that sentence. the plan always sucks. it's always awful. i have a plan, too. i want to knock down this brick wallaby bashing my head into it. that's a plan. there is a thing in politics. it's called the big mo. it means momentum. you probably heard it before. she just has lost the big mo. she doesn't have that momentum anymore. i haven't seen anybody on the democrat side pick up that baton. i was not a fan of barack obama's politics. but everybody knew the momentum was behind him. do you feel any of that momentum
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with these democrat candidates? the short answer is probably not. reporter: you saw the surge, it barack obama that he would be the person that broke out there. but i do believehey snift, they understand it. is a then isity. you may not like everything donald trump says. but he's a stream of consciousness. he doesn't pretend to be to be he isn't. >> yes, you just nailed it. that is absolutely right. they always tell you knees political consultants. they say the most damaging political narratives are ones that change some preexisting version of you had of who that person was. there was no guesswork as to who donald trump was. you may not liked him but he was
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honest about who he was. who is elizabeth warren? nobody knows. was she the daughter of a janitor or main members man? was she a native american indian. or was she fired because she was pregnant. nothing she tells you comports with the preexisting narrative she tells you she was. she is a completely 100% inauthentic. and that's the most damaging political narrative of all. you nailed it. >> i think that's a death nel kl for her. dan, thank you for joining us. happy new year. last week it was the pastry shop. tonight judge jeanine gives you an exclusive look inside the white house kitchen. she is the darling of the
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democrats. but are some in the party look at aoc as a possible presidential candidate? charlie kirk joins me next to discuss that and more. you are watching "justice."
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>> what we are living in right now is not an advanced society. a society that allows people different is fascism that we have we are evolving into as well. jason: welcome back. that's alexandria ocasio-cortez riling up the sanders supporters with cries of fascism at a
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recent bernie rally. some on the left are trumpeting the fairly newly minuted congress woman as not only a face of the democratic party, but a possible candidate for the white house. joining me, charlie kirk. thanks so much for joining me. when you see you aoc making those kind of comments. what comes to mind? >> she represents what i call the kolin kaepernick ring of the democratic party. always enraged about the beauty and blessing in america. she should be mocked for her constant stumbling over the facts. there is something quite serious here. she embodies why i do what i do
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on college university campuses. there are hundreds of thousands of young people being taught her philosophy and ideology. that america was a mistake. that free markets are not the answer. that socialism must come to america. whatever happens on college campuses will soon happen in the halls of congress. everybody watching this must understand that there is a growing threat of marxism and there will be more young socialists coming if we don't continue to push back. jason: bernie sanders is a self-he a vowed socialist. the policies she pushed forward are not compatible with a nation with a growing economy. you are talking to college students every day. are they as liberal as we think
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or are there conservatives. >> i visit college campuses everybody year. students are more times than not curious rather than combative about conservative ideas. they haven't been exposed to conservative ideas in the first place. alexandria ocasio-cortez is a proat to type of the radical university. she was instructed to believe this by the elitist professors that america is a horrible, racist country that should never have been founded in the first place. this so dangerous. if we do not understand that we should be thankful we live in america, not angry we live in america. i'm afraid our country will go in the right direction.
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young people will continue to reject these ideas if we reach out to them. >> are they repelled by the idea that they are going to be mocked by the mainstream media, that it's not cool to be conservative? how does that go down in a place like arizona state or florida or wherever you might be. >> we are make it cool to be conservative again. we had 5,000 students in florida a week ago today we had the president of the united states address the largest ever young conservative gathering in florida. it was unbelievable, something the traditional media did not cover at all. you had 5,000 students coming to florida on their christmas break. there are so many young people being indoctrinated to believe the same things aoc parrots every day. fighting for these ideas.
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she shouldn't mocked, she should be laughed at. but there is a serious undertone to ocasio-cortez before because she is a harbinger of things to come unless we do something about it. jason: i think she is pulling nancy pelosi even further to the left. charlie kirk. thank you. merry christmas, happy new year. thank you for joining us. a lot more ahead. we'll talk 2020 with kayleigh mcenany. next, judge jeanine goes one-on-one with colonel david hunt. the insurance-themed experience of a lifetime. it's "progressive on ice." everything you love about car insurance -- the discounts... the rate comparisons... and flo in a boat.
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but tensions remain high. in a fresh weekend of violence protesters hard through a mall demanding the chinese military return to china. violence still persists in the city. iran, russia and china are conduct their second day of drizzle in the sea of oman. it's a sign of comes between the -- a sign of cooperation between the three allies. now back to "justice with judge jeanine." for all of your headlines log on to have a great night. [♪] jason: welcome back to "justice," i'm jason chaffetz in for judge gentleme jeanine.
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judge jeanine sat down with the retired military analyst colonel david hunt. judge jeanine: good evening. good to have you back on justice. i want to talk about the president and how the military is seen to be treated differently since he has been president. since he has been in office he aided $700 billion to build up our hilt. which i believe is the strongest in the world. but we just had funding from the military and usmca. they got their raises. it's good on the financial front or so it appears. but i want to talk more specifically about some the cases the president has involved himself in. specifically there was one you
6:33 pm
wanted to talk about. >> you and i talked about this. thank you for the help, by the way. matt goldstein was a captain chasing a bomber who killed some marines. captured the bomb and returned him to afghanistan. afghanistan let him go, matt goldstein's team hunted him down and killed him. the army went after him and took his medals away and all of his qualifications. it's a classic case for a presidential pardon to gopher come a system that went wild. judge jeanine: why would the system go wild. i gather from what you said, a high value target. >> is on a list to kill. judge jeanine: is there a deep state in the military? >> yeah. it's a deep state means is there a bureaucracy? of course there is.
6:34 pm
it's huge. 3,000 people. but this is a senior officer, secretary of the army, four star generals who saw this as a bad thing. judge jeanine: why would they see that as a bad thing. we are all on the same side. >> no, we are not. many of theme people are on one side. it's about promotions. it's not about the country or matt goldstein. goldstein never lied about it. he talked about it on fox. this was 10 years ago. this is a really a bad justice thing a couple other ones are problematic, but goldstein is straight down the middle. judge jeanine: we have an enemy, we are at war, we are not there to make friend. it's not a kumbaya. if someone does what he's ordered to do and you come back
6:35 pm
and someone in the pentagon decide you should be tried for murder whether it's gallagher or goldstein or lawrence, and we are just talking about goldstein now. you say to yourself, what am i missing? >> the united states conducts its wars differently. we do it with a rules of engagement. we have the uniform code of military justice. it's difficult to fight in the u.s. military than it is for other countries. because we are the greatest country in the world. mistakes are made and the accountability will be had. what happens sometimes, the system breaks down. then somebody takes it personal. somebody is not doing their homework. they have got an axe to grind. but the butt is -- the but is, you cannot murder a civilian. judge jeanine: we are talkingw a
6:36 pm
high value target. it went astray because somebody decided that. >> a lot of. >> sough.judge jeanine: will the bible or do they go their merry way. >> this is where the president didn't go far enough. at a min up in they need to be called out. >> but they are still there. and that is part of this that doesn't work. this president was, he might enjoy doing some of that. it's accountability that has to happen at that senior rank. the report that came out of the "washington post" is classic. judge jeanine: i want to talk about that. the -- there is an article in the "washington post" from a couple weeks ago that talks about a confidential controversy
6:37 pm
of documents, a senior official failed to tell the truth about the war in afghanistan making rosie pronouncements they knew to be false and hiding unmistakable evidence. the war had become unwinnable. >> during vietnam there was a thing called the pentagon papers. it was a study of the war in vietnam. it was very critical it was done by the government. it was stole be. and give to the "new york times." it was a real court case that got released. the government lied about -- they knew we couldn't win the war. we just repeated history. the bush, obama and the trump administration, military insiders lied. and the department of defense have lied to the president and the congress and in turn we have been lied to. judge jeanine: you see this as
6:38 pm
legitimate and you are not surprised. >> this is 600 people. this is a government study. now we are coming out of iraq. this is devastating. there need to be a cleansing of the military. judge jeanine: how do you do that? >> it's a top heavy organization. they have to get fired or worse. what's happened here is now we are undercutting what we stand for. the 600 people who testified on this. we lost thousands of guys in this war. i would start with the generals on the joint chiefs of staff. people ought to know these names. who was the commander when we got bin laden? all of these guys are part of this, it's a large number and it would take a big axe, and the president can swing. jason: all eyes on iowa as the
6:39 pm
democrats kick it into high gear now that 2020 is upon us. we'll talk about the race and see how the trump campaign is gearing up for various scenarios.
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join us at >> you heard earlier that even michael moore things beating president trump will be an uphill battle. and democrats can't seem to get out of their own way with the iowa caucuses just a month away. i'm joined by the trump 2020 campaign press secretary,
6:43 pm
kayleigh mcenany. the impeachment is not going quite so well. every indicator i have seen says it's not helping the democrats when they are just 35 days or so away from the iowa caucuses. >> every poll shows impeachment has gone south. it's the voting bloc that will determine the election. our internal polling surveyed the congressional districts that had in all of these on average what we found is by 10% they are against impeachment. by 11% they want to remove their sitting democrat congressman who just won in 2018. but they want to remove them after their impeachment vote. this is going south. and they know it. that's why they don't want to send it to the senate for
6:44 pm
acquittal. jason: there doesn't seem to be an apparent person who will be there. pete buttigieg was quoted saying drug possession, he wouldn't have any -- doesn't matter you have any jail time. if you have anything like meth or coke or whatever it is, whatever your drug of choice, no jail time. how is that a winning formula in iowa? >> not a winning formula. much of what the democrats say is not a winning formula. none of this is a winning formula. but one thing that's interesting. you mention iowa and you see these different democrats percolate to the top of the polls whether it's buttigieg or warren or bernie, the flavor of the hour. in 2016, president trump was the forth gone nominee from the beginning. never did anyone go up against president trump. we loved our nominee.
6:45 pm
we close president trump. but democrats are not confident in their nominee. so they have a flavor of the hour. jason: you felt it with barack obama. you felt the surge happening. people were rallying behind him. the trump campaign put out an interesting website. it's called it's how to talk to your relatives or friends over the holidays. >> we came up with this idea. you always see whether it's news week, how to talk to your maga uncle or trump-loving awntd. we decided, let's put out something proactive to say to the trump supporters, don't be fearful to talking to your leftist neighbor friend or
6:46 pm
family member. we have the facts on our side, the hottest economy of in modern history. the usmca. the china phase one deal. be armed with the facts. you can win that dinner table conversation. we see voters saying this is great, this is just what we needed. people are winning thosing conversations day after days. jails * there is anybody in the d. jason: is there anybody in the mainstream media that gives you a fair shake? and other than coming on fox news, how do you deal with that. >> i am a former cnn contributor. none one segment covered hillary clinton using bleachbit. we have to overcome things by penetrating through social media, and fn *. and everyday conversations.
6:47 pm
it's tough because we don't have the media on our side. but here's what we do have. people coming off the sidelines. people see that in their every day lives and that wins. jason: we appreciate you joining us. so from the bench to the kitchen. judge jeanine takes you on an exclusive trip to the white house kitchen.
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[♪] jason: if you are a fan of "justice," you know judge jeanine recently gave a look at the white house pastry shop. now an exclusive peek into the
6:51 pm
white house kitchen where dinners for heads much state are prepared. the judge got to meet a chef who is a trailblazer. judge jeanine: i'm here with the chief chef. there are people working in the kitchen. it's spectacular. when you look at everything you have in here. you can tell you are cooking for a lot of people today. >> yes, we are. thank you for being on justice. you have been the chief chef for how long. >> since 2005. i was appointed by first lady laura bush back then and it was such a big thing, i'm the first woman executive chef of the white house. judge jeanine: we are proud to have a woman as the first executive chef of the white house. he been here since 2005. i imagine having served
6:52 pm
different presidents from bush to obama now to president trump, they have different menus, different tastes. >> definitely. we different different proposals to the first lady in the social office. we want to emulate their style of entertaining. so to kind of know what they like and what they want to offer to the american public. so the chefs we do a lot of effort and work when we make the meals. >> do you find there is a big difference between the presidents in terms of their dietary requests. >> there are differences but a lot of commonalities as well. we are celebrating all of what's good in america. so the administrations we want to represent the whole united states. we might be incorporating cheese from vermont, smoked fish from
6:53 pm
the north atlantic or the pacific west coast. it's putting all of this different bounties of the seas and the land and putting it together in one table for the american people. judge jeanine: there are people cook and chopping. and i am look at this. it looks like a fall menu. what are you cooking? >> when you get to our christmas season it gets pretty heck like. so we try to do things ahead of time. all of these herbs and sla shals and garlic will be chopped. and we'll make butter for the brussels sprouts. anything that we can do ahead that will really help the chef. even average cooks at home. plan your meal so you can spend
6:54 pm
more time with people rather than spending time in the kitchen. judge jeanine: let's talk about the ching you are cook. i make click. everybody makes chic. what do you do with this? >> one of the highlights for our dishes, it's a wonderful, wonderful dish. so what adam is doing is -- so this is going to be cleaned and we are going to pound it super thin and do the natural breading with flower and egg wash. and then kind of like drizzle it with a wonderful lemon sauce. it will be a wonderful dish. and corrine is going to do the reduction for the lemon sauce. she is chopping the shallots and
6:55 pm
it will be reduced with wine. and it will be finished with lemon. judge jeanine: you have a long day in the kitchen. >> oh, yeah. judge jeanine: have you ever had unusual people you might not expect. like the president coming in with a hunger pain? >> for the most part chefs are called to be ready for just about anything. anybody who would walk into the kitchen and need something, we'll be prepared to acome daughter those requests. judge jeanine: if i wanted a milkshake, you have ice cream on hand. >> we'll have everything anybody would ask for. judge jeanine: i have to tell you something. when we walked in, i could smell the kitchen right away. how do you cook all day and not eat six meals. >> as long as we make our guests
6:56 pm
happy and the first family happy, that's all we care about. judge jeanine: i'm proud that you are the first female executive chef for the white house. (male announcer) check out the after christmas sale
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fishing and marine gear; and toys. use your gift cards and take advantage of huge savings-- in-store and online. >> finally tonight, i took advantage of my trip to washington, d.c. earlier today, when i stopped by to visit arlington national cemetery. i took some pictures. it was truly a sobering and awe inspiring experience and one i recommend for anyone who visits our nation's capitol. i want to thank all the men and women who sacrifice their lives for this country and for all of us so we can celebrate this holiday season. that's all for us tonight. i hope you will follow me on twitter and instagram at jason in the house.
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judge jeanine will be back here next saturday night. "the greg gutfeld show" is next. have a wonderful and happy new year. >> there has never been and they will always correct me in the history of politics in the history of our country, there has never been anybody that drew crowds like we draw, and i don't have a guitar. i have no guitar. greg: imagine if he had a guitar. [cheers and applause] greg: stop it. stop it. all right. not a bad year. super low unemployment, super high stock market.


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