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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  December 29, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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kat: i'm out of thoughts.edededd in times square? eric: i absently have and it is remarkable. laura: i'll be there during the day see you tomorrow. >> five people on board are dead. there's a teenage boy and daughter-in-law of an lsu football coat. good evening i am jon scott and this is the fox report. jon: the crash happened shortly after take off this morning in louisiana. the devastation could've been far worse as a plane crashed into a post office parking lot near a walmart. among the victims, 30-year-old carly mccord, sports reporter for new york orland's' television station and daughter-in-law of lsu's offense of a coordinator. the group is on its way to atlanta to watch lsu take on atlanta and the peach bowl.
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christina coleman is live in los angeles with the latest. >> john the pilot and four passengers were killed about 3 miles away from the rocket regional airport. here's one of the victims who died. this is forged during his journalist carly mccord and this is a picture of her with her father-in-law the offensive coordinator for the louisiana state university football team. mccord has been confirmed to the associated press that his wife was on the flight. he said she was riding in a private plane from lafayette to atlanta to go to the lsu oklahoma game. that game is happening right now and her father-in-law is still coaching. the lafayette fire department identify the other victims and who died as ian biggs, who is the pilot. robert von crisp of the second, gretchen d vincent and michael walker vincent. >> it is a tragic event, it hurts because you feel for the family. it's something that we know
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working to get through but we just have to make sure we keep going first. >> eyewitnesses clearly shook up by this tragedy the plane crash in the parking lot of a post office after clipping the building and some powerlines. the plane hit a car engulfing that car inflames, eyewitnesses say they saw the plane flying low before higher hearing a massive explosion and hearing a big ball of flame. >> so yeah, i was walking out in this plane just comes down, and it was shaking, and i was scared. and it just crashed and it just skidded across the post office. and then it just burst into flames over there. and the fire just went like all the way down. and then whenever it kind of went out, it was just a black mark all the way across. the whole house shook, the ground shook. >> the lone passenger that survived the crash was taken to the hospital in critical conditions. others taken to the hospital were three people on the
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ground at the time of the crashed including two postal employees. some of the injured are being treated for smoke inhalation. the explosion apparently blew out several windows at the post office. now mccord's new station says they are devastated by the loss in office offer their deepest condolences to their family. and the ncs b should be unseen by 930 local time tonight jim investigate. again it's unclear what happened this devastating crash. jon: very devastating crash. they are now identifying some of the victims the tour helicopter crash in hawaii. the pilot was a 69-year-old man, two of the passenger were a 47-year-old woman a 13 euro girl from wisconsin. officials say the air helicopter crash of the top of amount on co- white. six people are dead in the search is on for seventh person on board the helicopter. authorities say there's no indication that person survived the crash. president trump, going on the
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attack against democrats as the standoff over senate impeachment trial extend into the new year. this is joe biden clarified his comments that he did would not compete comply with any subpoena appearing for him to be a witness. biden said yesterday's testifying would draw attention away from president trump's wrongdoing. the former vice president expand on that today, saying republicans have no legal basis to go after him. >> do you stand by your statement that you would not comply if you are subpoenaed to testify in the impeachment trial before the senate? >> correct. i would honor whatever congress legitimately asked me to it do. jon: we are west palm beach where he is spending the holidays. rich. >> good afternoon john, and president trump has said that he's wanted to involve the former president vice president joe biden and his
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son hunter and they impeachment trial for ukraine pergola former vice president told the des moines yesterday register yesterday that he would defy any subpoena to testify during president trump's impeachment trial. he now says he would comply with any legitimate order from congress, and he has tweeted quote, i'm just not going to pretend there's any legal basis for my am testimony and impeachment trial. at the.i was making yesterday and i reiterate, this impeachment is about trump's conduct, not mine. senior republicans say they want a quick trial in any sip of the bidens could read lead to democrats getting their witnesses. they have requested the budget director, nick mulvaney, and former national security adviser. specifics of an impeachment trial are still uncertain as house speaker nancy pelosi is holding the articles of impeachment articles twos pressure senator for any potential trial. they say up pull impeachment is no more than a political
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charade. >> she's not guarding the constitution to carefully. they ran over it for tuna half years trying to find something to impeach the president on. she has a duty to transmit the articles of impeachment that we voted on and get that to the senate. being i'm the president has returned from an afternoon trumpeter national golf course saying the speaker nancy pelosi should not focus on impeachment, and said she should focus on homelessness in her district, it theme for the president on twitter for the last couple of days. jon: rich and florida with the president, thank you. so yes president trump is slamming california and new york on homelessness crisis in both states. we are joined by jackie in the studio for more that jackie. >> thanks john that's a big problem getting a lot more on twitter. oakland once to put homeless on cruise ship in the bay. it's one of the few
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unconventional ideas californians are testing as housing and urban development shows that homeless crisis is worsening. california had an additional 21000 people on the streets compared to last year, an increase of over 16%. and more than the total national increase of every other state combined. those numbers taints positive data from 29 states and washington d.c. bring in the national homeless rate up to .7%. homelessness among veterans is down about 2%, and homeless month over month family is down nearly 5%. president trump wasted no time using those numbers against his critics. like speaker of the house nancy pelosi. the president retweeted up parity showing the homeless problem in san francisco writing crazy nancy plus you should spend more time in her decaying city and less time on the impeachment hoax. the state is doing more than ever to tackle the crisis including a billion-dollar investment on programs to fight homelessness. he said the trump administration is put up
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roadblocks for that funding. >> they are not serious about this issue. they are playing politics with it, but it's the vision. [inaudible] with the trump administration if they want to surprise me, they would celebrate that and they would be applauded and embraced. and i would love to be surprised. >> new york is also the crosshairs of the president the city and state are falling apart and all they want to do investigate him making for a bad situation for the homeless. right now there are at least 13 investigations intron and trunk businesses and new york. meanwhile the city's highest levels of homelessness since the great depression in the 1930s are happening. new york mayor de blasio shot back saying donald trump is serious about joining us to confront the homeless crisis, he can start by fully funding section eight vouchers. twitter exchanges today are just some of the latest since the president calls for federal intervention in this problem. john. jon: thank you jackie.
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the u.s. economy finishing out the year on the upswing with the stock market hitting record highs and consumer spending up. but not all news is good news as the fed is out with a study that said president trump's tariffs have backfired in the u.s. manufacturing sector. relating to job losses, and higher prices. live with more on that mark. >> good morning john with employment rate well below 4% that the economy is stronger than ever. but the optimism comes as a new report from the federal reserve shows how this trade war impacted america's manufacturing community. the report which came out of monday said that for many manufacturers the results indicate that tariffs have been a drag on employment and it failed to increase output. the question now, with the trade deal reached between the u.s. and china, will all that change? the text of the deal is not yet been released. but president trump says he is discussing a holding ceremony with china's president soon. no date has been announced for that possible meeting. meantime a white house trade
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advisor insists relief is coming for industry, impacted by the trade war. >> china's pledge to buy $200 billion more above the 2017 baseline, see you're looking at roughly doubling the amount of egg purchases from 2017. >> consumers appeared comfortable spending money this season's car plus had a 3.4% increase in sales online sales were even stronger. and experts suggest that could be good news for president trump as he campaigns for reelection in 2020. >> the fact that unemployment is at a 50 year low right now, is going to be the strongest driver of what voters have to say about the economy. and that's reflected in the fact that they are showing a lot of confidence in polls right now. jon: we are gonna be watching to see how the senate handles a new trade deal between u.s., mexico, canada. the house approve the deal deal right before christmas but the senate is not going to
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address this until after it handles impeachment which could be several weeks to months from now. jon: mark from -- the truck exploded at a busy security checkpoint at the securities capital of mogadishu killing 79 people and injuring more than a hundred others. brian has the latest merb bureau in london. >> john the bomb went off in the morning rush-hour just as a some mollies were making their way to work. saturday is actually it's up their work week in an -- it's like our money. it was we understand that a large number about the majority were killed were university students on a bus, on their way to school. this was the deadliest attack in somalia since one just over two years ago in which close to 600 people were killed in a very similarly styled truck bombing in the capital, and a lot of people are already comparing the two.
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somalia's president has just blamed extremist group with al qaeda the shabbat. al-shibaab was blamed for the 2017 attack and while they have not claimed e looksibility for either this like their work. the u.s. military is of air and drone strikes on the group. the u.s. has about 600 troops in somalia. they targeted a base housing two months ago. while some mullions began turning a quarter after nearly 20 years of instability, today's strike renews fears that the government is unable to deal with shabbat on its own. the african union has a presence in simile and they are set to reduce their numbers. meanwhile john, you may have heard the united states is talking about reducing the number of troops in africa. that plan, as it's widely
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understood, would not affect somalia. even before today's attack, u.s. military commanders were concerned that the security situation there, is simply too precarious. jon: ryan and thank you. new developments in southern border. yuma is ending its state of emergency with migrants crossing the border. last may the number of migrants arrested at the border was a hundred and 44000. but it's dropped to about 42000 last month. it comes as tens of thousands of migrants asking for asylum, are living in mexico as they wait to have their asylum cases heard in court. but only a very small percentage are finding success. >> the only place i want to be as the united states. i never thought i would be
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returned here to war is. >> thousands of migrants wait in my mexico to hear their asylum claim in u.s. courts. >> i came here with hope, for an opportunity in the united states. but the reality is to very difficult. >> that ye reality was a year ago when the top administration unveiled its remaining mexico program. since then it's expanded across the board of a some 56000 migrants forced to wait months in mexico for u.s. judge to hear their claim. >> we have massively reduced asylum fraud. >> the program according to a news study is doing exactly what the president intended. reducing the caseload and deterring others from making the trip. of 24000 cases, judges denied some 15000 claims or 63%. just a hundred and 17 migrants actually received asylum. a rate of less than 1%. others were dismissed, on procedural grounds. >> we will have the remaining mexican program is not for just seeking asylum. it's also people who cross the border illegally and they are
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essentially on a detained docket, it means they are not going to be released until their cases heard. >> my dream was to be there in the united states with my husband, but i wasn't allowed to cross. i was returned here to mexico. >> this asylum from guatemala has a court date in may. she like others waiting in mexico lack shelter and money, vulnerable advocates say to crime and extortion. >> they have to live in huddled camps on the other side of the border, and the first time in american history we don't even allow asylums to command. >> they claim the policy is illegal but it had an injunction it intent appeal. meanwhile. jon: the filming of a music video turns deadly near houston. authorities are calling it an ambush after got a gun and open fire last night killing two and wounding seven others. there's currently no word on a motive, or whether there is a relationship between the
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gunman and the victims. new york city says it's stepping up its police presence in several brooklyn neighborhoods. after a state of anti-semitic attacks since the jewish holiday of hanukkah began last week. mayor build a blog geo said the nypd will be relentless when investigating hate crimes. >> no one should be little what's happening. but we belittle acts of hate, will he try to explain them away, that's the real danger. so it is important to see them for what they are. to see why they are the seeds of something absolutely unacceptable and dangerous. and i want you to know, that the nypd will be relentless, the city of new york be relentless. anyone who commits a hate crime, anyone who commits a hate crime we will find them and prosecute them. jon: but congressman lee selden who represents a district just outside new york city says de blasio's administration is not fight enough about to fight back against hate room.
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>> there's a massive leadership failure new york city and build de blasio's answers ben have another press conference. it happens again they have another press conference ramping up the police presence is important, that's good and needs to happen. and there needs to be some normal burden sharing here, we need to see on all levels of government, elected officials and community leaders going all in to confront this and crush it. jon: police say they have received at least six reports of potential hate crimes this past week. most recently on friday morning. as we inch ever closer to the 2020 election, the fight against potential hacking remains a difficult battle. how law-enforcement is trying to protect the countries voting machines. any comments doug? yeah. only pay for what you need with liberty mutual. only pay for what you need with liberty mutual. con liberty mutual solo pagas lo que necesitas. only pay for what you need... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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jon: scathing testimony revealed against special operations chief edward gallagher, and it's coming from his fellow navy seals. video obtained by the new york times, other seals deployed with gallagher in iraq, described him as toxic and say he deliberately attacked a teenage isis fighter in 2017. >> one time, multiple times, it's probably two or three times. just like a stab about right
2:22 am
here, just a few times. >> there is no way this is anything other than to attack and kill this person. jon: gallagher's attorney tells that the videos are unfairly edited. gallagher was charged with murder and the death of the wounded captive fighter, but found not guilty. after his court-martial, gallagher was demoted from chief petty officer to first-class petty officer. president trump restored his rank. it is the second day of joint military drills between russia, china, and iran. the exercises partially taking place in the gulf of amman were taira and is accused of attacking a pair of oil tankers this past summer. meanwhile, the russian defense ministry said his new hypersonic missile sit system has now entered combat duty. moscow calls it a landmark event. brushing president vladimir putin says that travels at more than 20 times the speed of sound. the pentagon declined to comment on those claims.
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we are just a few days away from 2020 now, which is set to see one of the biggest presidential elections in u.s. history. and outside of candidates, many have their focus on the possibility of election hacking. dan springer has a story on what's being done to prevent that from happening come november. >> these ballots were counted earlier this month in local races, election officials had one eye on 2020. hackers have already started trying to influence next year's presidential election. >> we have seen activity from ip addresses that we suspected were foreign actors, and we now are partnering with federal agencies much more actively than we were in 2016. >> washington secretary of state said there've been tens of thousands of attempts to get into the states election system prayed with new ones daily. a nearby redmond washington, microsoft digital crimes unit is monitoring corrupted botanists around the world. in september, the country did
2:24 am
term and a month-long attack by iran. among the hacked victims members the trump campaign. >> if undetected they would have successfully infiltrated these e-mail accounts of these key individuals. and from there they could either extract information, just espionage, or they could use their control of those accounts to launch attacks on others. >> election security has been a political football ever since the 2016 race. when russia tried everything to influence the outcome. hacking campaign e-mails, spreading disinformation, and trying to change actual votes. states are gearing up for another cyber onslaught. harding defenses, adding a paper trail, and vote audits. but experts say systems are still too vulnerable. >> there are thousands of small jurisdictions across the country that know for fact they need to improve their security and improve their accountability. >> a democratic bill that would give state $600 million to help them modernize, past the house, but stalled and the republican-led senate. >> we appropriated i think
2:25 am
about $380 million to the states to shore up their election systems. they haven't even spent all the money at. >> 's secretary of state mike pompeo just said america should learn no stone unturned to protect the next election. but no system is hac government, tech companies, and the public together to stop those intense son undermining our democracy. in seattle, debt springer fox news. jon: meanwhile two major rulings tied to voting rights and a pair south either in states. a federal judge has blocked a motion to restore 98000 georgia voters to the rolls. they had been taken up early this month after the secretary of state they're crolina's conty over voter id law. the measure would have required people to show a photo id before casting ballots. but actavis argued that amounts to voter suppression. that unfairly targets the minority communities. there are now calls for appeals in both cases.
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you look at some states, they have over 100,000, one in particular. homeless individuals with serious mental illness, and we must give major consideration to building new institutions. jon: that is president trump emphasizing the need to address homelessness among new data that shows a homeless public population rising for the third year in row. i am jon scott and this is the fox report. the president singlin californid new york claiming the crisis could be easily solved with quotes competence. the president also tweeting the governors newsom and cuomo should call him" politely ask for help.
2:31 am
the flurry of tweet attacks, raising speculation, the president could make this a campaign issue in 2020. here to talk about it, philip with national politics correspondent for real clear politics. phil thank you for being with us tonight, how big of an issue is homelessness when it comes to campaigning? do most people give it much of a thought? >> will this is an obvious issue for president trump because what it does is it creates an immediate contrast between an economy that is booming nationally and blue states like california and new york who are having trouble quite literally keeping people off the streets. so for instance when 20% of the homeless population is in los angeles alone, a byproduct of what the president sees as bad liberal policies. and i think that contrast with something we can see on the campaign trail very soon. jon: so he kinda wants to stick it to nancy pelosi for instance because of the
2:32 am
homeless problem in her own district? >> right, just an hour ago we saw president trump in a tweet on twitter basically mocking san francisco for how bad their homeless crisis is gone. basically what he's doing here is calling out nancy pelosi, at a moment when house democrats are consumed by impeachment. what he is essentially saying to those voters is look at how democrats have placed their priorities, this is not what we should be focusing on. and i think that's a powerful argument for a lot of people who want to see a problem addressed rather than increase political rhetoric. jon: and it is a huge problem in california if you take a look at the numbers. los angeles, the homeless problem is up 16% year-over-year. in san francisco it is up 17%, san jose 42%, oakland 47% and sacramento county, it's up 52%. takeaway california, and the nations homeless problem is
2:33 am
actually declining. >> yes in those numbers are staggering which makes trump sort of floating the idea of federal involvement in the homeless crisis so interesting. because what governor newsom wants, is federal involvement. he said as much an interview with my colleague susan crabtree just last week. and of course he pointed the finger president trump. but while the white house seems like it's willing to get involved, they have made it clear, as early as last september that they are not going to just give money to newsom so he can spend his way out of this problem hud secretary ben carson said any money that's good to be released, he wants california police officers to direct homelessness to social media. he wants california to increase states funding on hospitals. and he wants them to do away with the sanctuary cities which the administration sees as a magnet for some of this homelessness. jon: secretary carson was on fox news the other night, and
2:34 am
he essentially kind of through the problem in california's lap. listen. >> if you take the other 49 states, if you subtract california, the rate of homelessness is actually going down. but california 16.4% increase. you have to ask yourself the question, why is that happening? i have not found the same urgency and the leadership in the states that i had hoped to find. jon: so he is saying, that governor newsom and other state leaders don't seem all that perturbed by the homelessness. >> right, while this is a political showdown, there is also a significant policy difference here. i think in the coming days we are going to hear a lot more about a gentleman named robert who president trump recently head to his interagency council on homelessness. and what's so interesting about him, is he met with some success and red states with an approach that he describes as a sort of velvet hammer.
2:35 am
for instance in san antonio, were marble headed a havens for hope shelter, he didn't guarantee shelter, and said he is shelter as an incentive to address underlying problems and issues. and i think this approach is one that the administration is probably going to being purging newsom to take up if they get involved. jon: we have some sound from newsom with collected over the last month and autoplay that for now. >> and i can imagine if your president of the united states, any leader like myself feels a deep sense of responsibility to address some of the most vexing issues in the country. but they could do a hell of a lot more. waiting to provide that final allotment, 25% when hud finally does a good job in the administration recognizes that that's the issue about human beings, humanity. housing and urban development provide vouchers, it's a fair market rent for those vouchers, it's about two times higher than the value of the
2:36 am
voucher. so you have about you can't use it. jon: is talking about section eight housing vouchers there. you don't have the same kind of homeless problem in places like texas, and arizona that you have in california and their climates are arguably may be better than what people have on the west coast. why is that? >> right and that's inescapable fact here that they are running up against. in that first clip that you showed were my colleague crabtree was asking newsom what should be done, she asked him.blank are you deflecting this problem to the white house? and he said no, this is an issue that should matter to all leaders. but if you are governor, this is your priority number one because it's your state. so what i think we've seen hear from secretary carson and others as they are willing to get involved, but they are not going to go along with the same policies that they believe have failed in california. they want submitted change of
2:37 am
more of the federal government to get involved. it think this is a message that trump is going to likely bring on stage with him as he campaigns across the country in 2020. jon: we will be watching, elections less than a year away now. thank you philip. we'll hospitals throughout the country are now investing in housing. and that includes hospitals in chicago and baltimore. the rising reason for this is rising healthcare costs. leaving patients with no safe place to go after they've been discharged. >> we like to say housing is health. we could have a very big impact on unsheltered homeless notice if all hospitals banded together on this. >> it's very difficult to take care of yourself if you don't have a roof over your head. it's almost an impossibility to control your chronic disease. jon: until now many hospitals have been eating the cost of keeping people in their care well past when they are expected to be discharged.
2:38 am
a check of the forecast on another busy travel day, plus the countdown is on in times square as new york city gets ready to host the country's biggest new year's eve party. some of us are saying good riddance to the year we are about to leave behind. ♪ ♪
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it looks like cheese but it smells like barf. with tide pods, you don't need to worry. the pre-treaters are built in. nice! if it's got to be clean, it's got to be tide. we're portuguese? i thought we were hungarian. can you tell me that story again? behind every question is a story waiting to be discovered. this holiday, start the journey with a dna kit from ancestry. jon: love you are in it, you know it. a powerful one. makes its way across the northern plains this weekend as millions of americans travel home to wrap up their holiday trips. so will the weather because any headaches for you? our meteorologist joins us now
2:43 am
with the latest. >> john, talk about a dynamic system. you have blizzard conditions in the north, severe storms in the mid to deep south, make sure you heed all warnings put out by your local national weather service. we've already had a few tornado warnings earlier that have been popping in-and-out. tornadoes can quickly develop along this line, severe some thunderstorm warming are continuing just east of the kansas city metro. storms continued to press to the east and are putting out damaging wind gusts of around 60 miles per hour. and conditions are main favorable for out the next several hours. tornado watch remains in effect for the areas highlighted in pink. what this means is conditions are favorable for those cold quakes, and not turner's. please pay extra attention say whether where common heat all those warnings. also have to switch on the cold sector you have snow wrapping around on the backside of this low pressure. your accuweather storm accesses form looking at up to
2:44 am
4 inches of snowfall. eastern dakotas back into minnesota is the hotspot for the highest totals. it's not just these impressive snowfall amounts are worried about. it's blizzard conditions are underway from here on out this weekend. visibility is dropping to a quarter to a mile unless, when czar blasting 35 miles per hour all for a period of at least three hours. we will continue to track this powerful system for you, right here on fox news. jon. jon: all right lauren thank you. while new york city is getting ready to ring in a new year in time square. at least a million people are . . . . it's an enormous undertaking to both plan and protect. but you areevents better than t. our men and women in blue will be out in full force
2:45 am
protecting the ball drop in times square and the numerous other celebrations throughout the city. jon: meanwhile those eager to put 2019 behind them came out to times square to take part in the blake: i'm lisa.
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. . and the outrage that fueled the media machine. jonathan morrison is moving to give you the best of shift with tom schlup. plus our favorite fashion tips it's the best show on tv.
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all newly discovered fault line in california nea it's called the garlock fault and it runs from the san andreas fault into death valley. scientists warned that garlock could be capable of producing an eight-point oh earthquake. which would be big enough to impact los angeles, san francisco, and destabilize the san andreas fault. claudia cowan has the story. >> if san andreas wasn't enough to worry about, now california has the garlock fault which has been pretty quiet for the past 500 years but is slowly be getting to move. and it has been linked to a swarm of quakes that hammered summary california mojave desert last july. the so-called ridgecrest sequence included a 6.4 followed the next day by a 7.1 earthquake and more 100,000 aftershocks since them.
2:51 am
according to a study out of caltech, that seismic activity involved ruptures on a web of interconnected faults through southern california and death valley. more than two dozen faults, many previously unknown. >> in total it's probably about 200 miles long. so this whole if this whole fault was to go, it could have a majors bike. >> and scientist say that's big enough to cause damage in the bay area and los angeles with longer and more intense shaking could destabilize other faults long-overdue for a catastrophic earthquake. >> it could be as much as 20 seconds of early warning, 20 seconds, that's not an insignificant amount of time. >> while governor released a free applicant send out words on the ground shakes, but there's no way to learning opportunity. >> to this helps us because as we try to understand the likelihood of bigger quakes in the future, we have to understand the geometry of how these earthquakes ruptures so
2:52 am
we can try to account for the total tectonic pressure that is building up over time. >> the take away from this recent round of shaking? the process of an earthquake is more complicated and happens more frequently than scientists previously thought. and of course, they add, the big one is still coming. jon,. jon: thank you claudia. sweet moment is going viral as a heat wave hits a soya. a cyclist stops to help a third sequel wallace searching for water. she said her new furry friend climbed up her bike for a drink. sadly, the excessive heat wave and current bushfires across large parts of australia have taken a heavy toll on the koala population there. another viral moment, this time a heartwarming one and nba rookie brought to tears during practice. [applause] >> merry
2:53 am
[applause] [applause] 's. jon: the miami heat's surprised to fly on his mother appears silva left africa to make it in the nba when he was just 16 years old and had not seen his mother for three years. so the league help flyer to miami for a reunion. and to catch a couple of games while she is in town. she saw her son and the heat when a thriller friday night, they beat the indiana pacers, 113 to 112. and how is this for a holiday surprise? as stack correction granted new york giants linebacker marcus golden credit for this sack during saturday -- sundays win against the redskins. that made it an even ten sacks for golden on the season which automatically triggers a 1 million-dollar bonus in his contract. he is also the first giant to
2:54 am
hitch the double digits sack mark in the last five seasons. saying so long to a broadcasting legend. longtime radio talkshow host don passed away yesterday. take a look back at his career, that spanned nearly 50 years. ♪ ♪ (sensei) when i started cobra kai, the lack of control over my business made me a little intense.
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jon: an icon of american radio is gone. donna's past with the age of 79 with the battle of lung disease. he rose to prominence as one of radio's pioneering shock jocks, eventually named one of time magazines one of 25 most influential people. he also spent six years in the foxbusiness network which gave them a simulcast of his show.
2:57 am
>> he was controversial, outspoken, and at times offensive. but all those things paying a role in don ibis becoming a radio let legend. he was 28 when it is first shown within three years his style catapulted him to nation's top market in new york city. he revolutionized shock jock radio and was inducted into the national broadcaster hall of fame. by the '90s, imus in the morning was airing on more than 100 radio stations across the country. it became a destination for a one slab response big name politicians from both parties. in 1997, "time" magazine named him one of the 25 most influential people in america. but just ten years later, his career took a major hit after he used a rasul slur to describe the best about team during his show. something he regretted for the rest of his life. foxbusiness is ms. shane works with imus for years and acknowledge the mixed bag of his legacy. >> he was difficult at times, if you heard that he could be a jerk to some people, yeah, did he say a lot of things
2:58 am
over the years he shouldn't say, absently. did he hurt some people along the way, yeah he did, but could he also or was he one of the smartest people i never knew? absolutely he was one of the most talented. and i think most importantly he was one of the most generous, both publicly and the work he and his wife did they ran a cattle ranch for kids with cancer next scope. jon: and that's how fox reports on this final saturday of 2019, i am jon scott, thanks for joining us. see you again tomorrow.
2:59 am
3:00 am
pete: straight to a fox news alert. a man arrested overnight in an attack at jewish rabbi's home. lisa: five people stabbed at a hanukkah party outside of new york city. ed: jabky -- jackie ibanez. the unidentified nan started stabbing people with a machete as he barged the front door near a synagogue. he was wearing a scarf partially covering his face. the nypd arrested him two hours later from


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