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tv   Fox News Reporting  FOX News  December 30, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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umbrellas on new year's eve, but today i guess they are allowing and taunted his kids. it, i see plenty of people with now he is doing. but does he have a case? umbrellas. >> just for today. we will talk with a trial lawyer >> julie: laura ingle, coming up next. thank you very much, and i am ♪ julie banderas in for dana perino, here is molly line, any fun plans for tomorrow, or are you going to come in to work and then come to my place? >> molly: that sounds fun, i really appreciate that. i will give that some thought. >> julie: we will be watching your show, happy new year if i don't see you. >> molly: happy new year to you, julie, thank you. we are seeing some deadly shooting video inside a church. [screaming] >> molly: also hearing from people that survived that attack and a stabbing at a hanukkah celebration. >> i ran into the other room to try to save my life. >> molly: plus a man's as a hacker used his ring doorbell to taunt his kids. now he is demanding payback for himself and other victims.
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i am molly line in new york. the new starts now. ♪ my psoriatic arthritis pain? i had enough! we are hearing from the hero who stopped a massacre when a gunman it's not getting in my way. opened fire at a church near joint pain, swelling, tenderness... fort worth, texas. ...much better. my psoriasis, clearer... cosentyx works on all of this. [gunshots] four years and counting. so watch out. [screaming] i got this! >> molly: the volunteer head of security at the church jack watch me. wilson said he was only feet real people with active psoriatic arthritis away when the gunman who was are feeling real relief with cosentyx. wearing a fake beard and wig cosentyx is a different kind of targeted biologic. stood up in the middle of sunday it treats the multiple symptoms of psoriatic morning service and pulled out a arthritis to help you look and feel better. it even helps stop further joint damage. shotgun. fatally shooting two church members. >> at that point i did not have don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. a clear shot, people were before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. standing up. an increased risk of infections finally got up out of the second and lowered ability... leader had a clear shot and took fight them may occur. the shot. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, the shooter went down. if your inflammatory >> molly: saying that he and bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen... other members of the church's ...or if you've had a vaccine, or plan to. volunteer security team have been training for a scenario serious allergic reactions may occur. i just look and feel better. just like this one.
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i got real relief with cosentyx. we have jeff paul reporting live watch me! feel real relief. outside the church. ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. jeff. >> yes, molly, the shooting that happened here by the church in texas only lasted six seconds from the moment the suspected shooter fired his first shot to the moment parishioners like jack wilson stepped up using their own guns ending what could have likely been a much deadlier incident. >> i don't see myself as a hero. i see myself as doing what needed to be done to take out the evil threat. >> there were more than 240 people inside the west freeway church of christ at the time of the shooting. they say that the suspect was wearing a fake beard, a way to get, and a knit cap. during communion he got up and pulled out a shotgun and began shooting. his shots left to dead. identifying the victims as richard white and tony wallace,
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speaking with wallace's family who shared this picture with fox news. law enforcement searches for a motive, people inside the church said it will be hard to fully grasp what happened and why. >> we have to understand that evil is everywhere, and that no matter preaching, teaching, if evil is going to do something horrible, evil is going to do something horrible. >> we have seen throughout the afternoon more members of the church showing up here to embrace each other and try to make sense of this horrific thing that happened yesterday during a church service on sunday. they will be getting together around 6:00 p.m. local time to try to finish those services i need all the breaks as athat i can get.or, that came to a violent and just at liberty butchemel... yesterday. cut. liberty mu... line? >> molly: and passing a law that gun advocates are believed cut. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance to save lives in this case, so you only pay for what you need. right? cut. liberty m... >> yes, the law in texas that was found in 2019 allows people am i allowed to riff? what if i come out of the water? who are registered gun holders liberty biberty... cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance who can legally have a gun to
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carry a gun inside a church like so you only pay for what you need. this, just as long as the church only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ and church leaders allow that to happen. the texas attorney general asked about that today without law on fox news. speak of the reality is, we arty have laws against murder, that did not stop this guy from >> molly: do tell a man coming in and killing people. claiming responsibility for an so people like this if they are attack that force members today willing to violate murder laws which in texas can get you the in northern afghanistan. the attack just hours after death penalty, creating gun laws is not going to change somebody taliban officials said that they like this. agreed to a temporary nationwide >> a different law was passed in cease fire. though it is unclear when it texas two years prior in 2017 goes into effect and for just how long. that allows churches to assemble the white house has not commented on the agreement. basically volunteer security teams. but u.s. officials have said a that's what happened here. cease-fire must be in place and attorney general ken paxton believing and saying to us today before a peace deal can be that he believes this church was signed. we have benjamin hall with us in compliance without law. reporting live with more on th >> molly: from white this. benjamin. >> good afternoon, and the last settlement, texas, jeff paul, few hours we have been hearing thank you. a man accused of stabbing five people celebrating hanukkah in a contradictory statements from the taliban and, yes, some rabbi's home is in federal court senior officials did tell the this afternoon. associated press that there was a cease-fire almost in place prosecutors searching the that had to be signed off by a
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suspects with a federal hate crime. he has already pleaded not senior counsel. guilty to attempted murder but the taliban spokesman has tweeted just a few hours ago charges. the attack happened saturday saying that it was categorically night in an orthodox jewish and not a cease-fire in place community north of and urging his fighters to new york city. police say they were able to continue their operation. attract on the suspect within two hours of the attack. that being said, cease-fire or a law enforcement officials say no cease-fire, the bloodshed that he had blood all over his continues day in and day out. clothing and said almost and the taliban had been nothing. intensifying their fighting over this comes after a recent string the last few days. both against afghan forces and of attacks targeting the jewish community including a shooting u.s. troops. the attack today that you at a kosher grocery store in reference like so many others before it targeted government new jersey earlier this month. militia and killed 14. jesse highland reporting live many others dead over the weekend as well. from muncie, new york. the is on-again, off-again peace talks have been going on for >> yes, federal authorities almost a year now back in charge the suspect with a september, both sides looking at federal hate crime just hours after his family held a press a close break through. conference saying he was but the taliban claiming responsibility for the death of a u.s. serviceman just days mentally disturbed and not anti-semitic. before the representative were they also addressed evidence that investigators found in his due to meet with president trump car. in camp david. the fbi described a journal with and then resuming in early december just a few weeks ago anti-semitic statements and after president trump surprise references to nazis and the u.s. forces in afghanistan
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over thanksgiving. adolf hitler. he also looked at other temples but they have kept over there pressure across the country. before the attack. in fact, the daily report of talking to a rabbi during a overnight military operations in hanukkah celebration, wounding five people including the rabbi's own son. afghanistan showed yesterday that the u.s. had killed 30 victims still in critical condition. taliban fighters across the when he began the spray, the country. suspect uttered "no one is and others were also imprisonede leaving." witnesses got his license plate attacks on u.s. soldiers, the and police tracked him down a manhattan. conflicting statements, what the prosecutor saying he did not would a potential peace deal go home after the alleged attack. look like? he pleaded not guilty to five >> ali, the key issue is that counts of attempted murder and the taliban would for a bid or burglary. >> and speaking with him, he was prevent any terror groups from using afghanistan to attack the able to explain his behavior u.s. or harbor any groups as al qaeda with references to various or isis. we have seen them grow stronger hallucinations and one might in the country. say, demons. to the other issue is prison relief, holding thousands of taliban prisoners and they are seeing the peace deal is an and his explanations were not opportunity to take the ticket out. they know that prison relief is terribly coherent. a key pillar, and also note that the cease-fire is a key pillar, >> the suspect was ordered held but is a tragic reminder of how on $5 million bail for those far away that has been for some
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state charges, but the federal time. last week another u.s. soldier was killed in northern conduce charges, he is being held in custody until his next hearing. and his defense did not progress, and michael vogel of challenge that. new jersey will return to the molly. >> molly: as mentioned, this u.s. last wednesday. is just one in a string of he had been assigned to the attacks, right? first battalion, seventh special >> yes, that is paid. forces group. the u.s. and taliban are the people in the community are approaching a deal, but the difficulty is that they are not so rattled, the community actually called an extra help a homogenous group. from a private security company whatever the greeting qatar does to help keep watch over this not take down some of the greed house of worship since december 23rd, there has been in afghanistan. one i and anti-semitic attack it will be hard to implement even if the deal is reached. each day including christmas day ly: thank you for some of your consistent reporting on when a man in traditional that region, we appreciate it. clothing was punched in the facn brooklyn. starting next month, youtube president trump tweeted about that incident and called for will limit the data it collects on videos aimed at kids, the unity against anti-semitism. corporate cousin, investigators have not confirmed "the wall street journal" reports the site will not allow reports about the suspect, but comments or other features that he may also be investigated in can increase the number of viewers. connection to another stabbing that includes pop up suggesting more videos to watch, for at a synagogue just last month where a man was stabbed. instance, youtube will stop the videos from carrying
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personalized ads. supporters say that changers >> molly: jacqui heinrich, thank you. we will bring in steep going, will protect kids privacy, but critics say they could hurt president of the jewish federation and foundation of sales and lead to fewer kid friendly videos on youtube. rocklin, county new york. steve, thank you so much for being here today. i really appreciate it. an alabama dad, suing amazon and i just want to talk to you about the security camera company what is happening in the ring, claiming somebody hacked the camera system on his garage community now, how are you doing and taunted his kids over the when you reflect on what has occurred? >> it has rattled the community. speaker while they played basketball. it is impossible to think that it comes just a few weeks after a family in mississippi reported is in rocklin county, they are a stranger hacked to the ring camera in their 8-year-old probably the highest amount of daughter's bedroom and told her jewish in any country in the he was santa claus. world outside of israel. we have every type of jewish amazon owns ring. he reached out to both companies, but have not heard movement whether it is orthodox, back from amazon. conservative, reformed, ring told us the company does represented in the county. not comment on legal matters. my parents moving to the county. let's bring in david dch row, he i grew up there, went to is a trial attorney and former high school there, great place to raise a family. it's shocking that something state prosecutor. kicking things off, what should like this would happen. >> molly: this is a ring be trawling consumers? particularly horrific attack, a machete at a hanukkah >> this is a consumer disaster for ring right now, but looking
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celebration. but a string of attacks in new york reaching to new jersey at it from a legal standpoint, that suppress the nation and around the world. the whole theory is whether ring your thoughts as you see this should have had what is called a unfolding so close to home? >> one of my first thoughts is two factor authorization, and your viewers might be aware of this when a bank sends a text what starts with anti-semitism never ends with anti-semitism. message to your cell phone to we are seeing a rise in the make sure if you are changing your email password or your hatred and violence over the last number of years. banking password, that you are a lot of it is social media. the actual person doing that. i don't believe and i've never seen any law and i don't believe i think that no one, no party that there is a legal standard your side in this country can that this is required for a claim innocence to it, and it is company like going to have for their software system. a storage that we must get rid i think that it's horrible what happened, but at the end of the of. it's impossible to think that it day, this is a case of no is happening in a house of worship, whether it is a jewish damages, just because somebody people in your life does not holiday in the rabbi's home, they should feel safe walking mean that you have something where you can go to a jury and said, i'm owed this money and into any temple, synagogue, this belief. church, mosque. at the theory of the cases on he >> molly: what can all of this two factor authorization. us do as a community? if that falls flat, then the as people are saying this entire case falls flat. unfolding unfolding close to it might be another example of new york and new jersey? how we -- can sue each other for >> the first thing we must do is support our neighbors. we also kind of temper down the
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rhetoric and tone we use and go just about anything.hey did for more of a civil discourse not expect an even laid out, you mention the two factor there is no reason why anyone authentication. we are talking about should feel unsafe in the vulnerability, you are allowing essentially people to look into rabbi's home on hanukkah. >> molly: do you feel that your home. is there a higher standard that you should be required to live people in the community would take action on their own? up to you if you essentially self-defense? providing that window that could >> i know that there are some people that say that we should potentially be abused? patrol more. >> i think this is similar to a i know a lot of religious case that if you slip and fall organizations in light of what and don't hurt yourself. i think, yes, there is something is happened have hired security. to me having a higher security wrong here. it is a consumer issue for ring, for a house of worship, that's but whether you can go to a jury where someone should feel safe. it does not make sense. and say, i slipped and i fell, but i don't have any injuries, that's where you need your arm so therefore i should have money to security. >> molly: there is a lot of damages, because at the end of blame going around between the day they are asking for a politicians, do you blame any of jury in california to report to the politicians out there? >> there is no one i can single money damage. what happened to the children out. and these people that these but again, i think on the perpetrators that broke into the flip side, is there anyone who is totally clean? system, they should be prosecuted criminally. i mean, you have to understand that is a criminal invasion. in the social media age, what they should be prosecuted under you put out there can be their state law, but ring did misconstrued and taken out of context. not do this. and i think that that can often i don't see how ring is happen a lot.
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negligible. >> molly: but it knows that it >> molly: steven cohen, thank you so much for stepping is possible and ways where consumers could be taken into out of your immunity and making this more difficult coming mention the two factor stepping into our studio. authentication, which in this >> molly, thank you for having lawsuit they argued that ring me. >> molly: running back militia had a responsibility to tell the with revenge against america consumer. where u.s. warplanes strike do they have a point? targets in iraq and syria, we there is a higher level? will talk with an expert whoaltt >> may be, but you put a video camera in her house and are how far will the group go? hooked up to a web-based video and changes coming to youtube in recording system, like anything the new year, details on what we do electronically, you can be hacked. content could be off limits to your email can be hacked, your banking can be hacked, and now younger users. for all of the journalists at you're ring video cameras are susceptible to being hacked. and i think that that's what we knox mack fox news, this is have to decide as consumers, we "fox news reporting." are opening ourselves to so much electronics in our lives, video feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost recording, audio recording, alexa, all of these different now that you know the truth... devices, but we are giving up are you in good hands? potentially our privacy, because perpetrators, not the companies themselves, but that people can use it to their advantage to harm children, to steal your finance, your money, and do all types of other things.
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i think as consumers we need to be aware and understand that there is risk when you put these devices in your home. just like if you drive a car, there is a risk. spiel and all sorts of modern devices that you can talk to, play music, but they are listening. they're all sorts of things, your phone, gps, potential tracking. is this part of modern life? what can people do to be aware of it? and showed all of these devices be required to stay safe from any potential hacker? >> there's not much that we can do, we are moving into a new world as our technology improves, our privacy is going down. that something we will have to live with and adjust to as a society. but it is not actionable, this particular case in a courtroom where there should be money damages. >> molly: i don't love that we have to live with this idea whatsoever, but thank you so much for joining us and offering some insight. we appreciate it. he knew today, bernie sanders
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>> molly: members of an iranian backed militia promising evil american ravens, a spokesperson says u.s. air strikes killed at least 25 of their fighters and hurt more than 50 others. this happened in iraq and syria yesterday. american defense officials blame the militia for a string of attacks on friday including one that killed an american contractor in iraq. the group denies responsibility for those strikes. i have trey yingst, reporting live from the mideast newsroom. the tray. >> molly, good afternoon. the u.s. air strikes targeted two locations in syria and three in iraq, as the group says that 25 fighters were killed, u.s. bases are on high alert during
12:16 pm
retaliation from the group. iraqi prime minister set overnight to that he was notified just 30 minutes prior to the u.s. assault and objected to the operation. he since called the american action a violation of iraqi sovereignty. many ties to the iraqi government including links to a top in baghdad. >> today we are facing a new stage of shameless aggression. a hyen heinous crime that was at the iraqi people. it must be the expulsion of american forces from iraq. >> there are still thousands of american troops inside of iraq helping iraqi forces in the fight against isis. it is unclear how these u.s. air strikes will affect future iraqi-american relations. >> molly: iran has responded in the airwaves, correct? >> that's right, the iranians are responding to the strikes on
12:17 pm
their proxy overnights, today the revolutionary guard issued a statement of support saying that the entire country of iraq does have the right to defend itself, but additionally, a spokesperson for the iranian government called the air strikes support for terrorism adding that america must accept the consequences for what the iranian government calls illegal acts. it is unclear what those ♪ consequences might be. but one x factor to remember in all of this the country of >> molly: democratic israel, we are getting reports presidential candidate bernie sanders in good health and fit for campaigning. that her's really prime minister that from three doctors after benjamin netanyahu and senator sanders had a heart mike pompeo spoke on the phone. we are working to get more attack in october. ellison barber reporting live from the campaign trail, in information about that call. >> molly: we will look forward to hearing when you have it. derry, new hampshire, with more on this. let's bring in michael hanlon, a >> hey, molly, yes, after senior fellow and director of research in foreign policy at senator sanders suffered a heart the brookings institute. attack, he and his campaign said thank you for joining us. that they would release more information about his health. he and all of the candidates in kicking things off, is this an his age group promised to escalation? has the united states made the release some health information right move in responding aggressively to the recent before the iowa caucus. attacks? just now senator sanders >> i'm sure that most of us will campaign has done that.
12:18 pm
they released three letters from agree that the united states has a right to defend the forces. but unfortunately we are in a three different doctors, cardiologists as well as sign little bit of a pickle, because max sanders primary physician this group, the kh militia group who was also attending seems to be luring us into a physician, giving him a clean cycle that is going to bill of health. the primary doctor rode "you are jeopardize the u.s.-iraq in good health currently and relationship. have been aging vigorously in the rigors of your campaign, and if that deteriorates, our ability to sustain the mission travel, and other scheduled could be put in jeopardy. activities without any and some people might say, well, limitations." so what? sanders personal cardiologist we have been iraq to long as it says that he has the mental and physical stamina to fully is, but it was the departure of undertake the rigors of the american forces eight years ago presidency. another cardiologist said during that helped create the conditions that isis then a test of that sanders was able exploited and made it difficult to perform at a level 50% above for us to fight our way back in. we don't want to repeat that people of his age who are also experience, so i'm not worried about what iran says or what these militias say, because they in cardiac rehabilitation. >> molly: another bernie fans are lying and denying the responsibility, but i am worried out there will be happy to hear that, joe biden is taking on about how this plays into comments about a congressional u.s.-iraq relations. subpoena in president trump's >> molly: i will read what the impeachment trial. iraqi government has had to say, listen. >> that is right, he is speaking telling the associated press that this attack is a flagrant with voters in new hampshire. we are in derry, new hampshire,
12:19 pm
violation is what they said which is why i am doing a bit of about u.s. actions. a whisper, but he talked about the prime minister also saying the subpoena and whether or not that this is on state if he had a hypothetical subpoena he would comply with television, that the unilateral it. he made a statement saying that action by coalition forces is a he would not. he then tried to backtrack and violation of iraq servant t and an escalation that threatens the clarify that statement before security of them in the region. reversing again. he has talked about this trying to clarify his initial comments are they concerned about a next four times in as many days. collation, a proxy war for what the most recent happening just a it could mean for their citizens couple of hours ago in who are in a very complicated new hampshire. >> i am not going to make situation politically on the ground as well. >> that is part of it, i think that also part of it is simple legitimate what this president iraqi pride, that they do feel is trying to do. like there are conditions for obviously if i am subpoenaed, i the 5,000 u.s. forces on their will respond. but there is no legitimacy soil and the idea that we would whatsoever to my being decide ourselves when to use subpoenaed to testify in his military force against targets located inside of iraq who would impeachment. be of course sensitive for any what did he do? country. and in this case, they have decided to object. >> molly: joe biden was speaking with an editorial board this is in the aftermath of some in new hampshire, went on to say that if he got a subpoena, he would deal with it at the time difficult interactions. that he got it. when he said that we use the forces they are in the on friday biden said he stood by facilities they are to listen
12:20 pm
statements that he made earlier in. he said that publicly. this month that he would not it may be true, but it did not comply if he was subpoenaed to go over very well inside of testify in the senate impeachment trial, because in iraq, and he said of course that his view it is designed to take we were in there largely for the the focus off of president trump and the crimes that he is oil. these kind of comments have accused of committing. but remember failure to comply created a context in which with congressional subpoenas is u.s.-iraq relations are fraught. the reason that the house voted us of the united states had a right to do what they did, but to impeach president trump. i'm concerned about if we that's what critics pointed to that led to this constant, continue down this path we take these kinds of asymmetric seemingly constant change, clarification of the initial measures, we maim wind up in a remarks on friday. >> molly: it has been crisis with the iraqi government fascinating to see the that pushes iraq and iran closer evolution, ellison barber, great together. job on the trail. >> molly: there could be great back of the room whisper. further action, mark esper said that they would take additional actress sharon stone back on the action if necessary to ensure dating app and bumble after the that we act in our own self other users thought that her defense, as you mention, but account was fake, reached out to the company on twitter riding "i swinging things back quickly to iran, what is their goal? went on the bumble dating site they have taken a variety of and they close my account. some users saying it cannot be actions to hear on the ground, we see in syria, and iraq, me. hey, bumble, is being the really stirring the pot. exclusionary? don't shut me out of the hive." they are very upset with the united states, distinctions, are and the editorial director they trying to get attention? apologize for the mixup and hopes that the actress finds her is this not the way they go
12:21 pm
about it? >> they are trying to get honey. don't lock her out of the hive. from weddings to lawsuits and attention and create enough 2019 was a very big year for crisis in the broader middle east whether it is higher celebrities. ashley to work and has a look oil prices or instability in key back at some of the biggest news countries that we can't keep squeezing them economically the of the past year. way that we have been doing ♪ >> about your daughter. successfully in recent months. >> celebrity scandals made they are looking for some level headlines including a college of force that does not invite an admission scandal involving obvious american escalation and felicity huffman and lori does not leave them vulnerable. loughlin. a legal battle between empire they are pretty good at this actor jussie smollett and the city of chicago starting with an proxy and covert warfare, so we should buckle up, because this facing 16 felony counts could get worse before it gets accused of lying to police better. about a racist and homophobic >> molly: i have a feeling we will be talking about this for attack. the charges were dropped and quite some time. thank you so much. jussie smollett forfeited his ten grand bond. congressman and longtime civil rights leader john lewis says he r. kelly behind bars awaiting is in the middle of another trial on multiple charges. fight. he pleaded not guilty, court this time against advanced pancreatic cancer. what are you saying about his dates are set for 2020. future plans next. ♪ alex trebek revealed he is peddling stage four pancreatic cancer. >> here is our host vanna white. >> taking over the wheel for the first time in the show's 35 year
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history while pat sajak recovered from emergency surge we're related to them? we're portuguese? surgery. i thought we were hungarian. several stars tied the knot in can you tell me that story again? behind every question 2019. dwayne johnson married longtime is a story waiting to be discovered. girlfriend lauren hession, chris pratt and this holiday, start the journey with a dna kit from ancestry. katherine schwarzenegger got hitched. jennifer lopez and alex rodriguez announced that they are engaged. complete with an instagram post of that ring. last year's biggest wedding was this year's big baby news. prince harry and meghan markle welcome their son archie to the royal family. >> never again with violence. the only win when you maintain your dignity. to speak to >> the oscars top honor at best picture went to "green book." olivia coleman each nabbed and oscar for best actress and act actor. when we all fall asleep, where do we go? from newcomer billie eilish with the top board of 2019.
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will not as ex-old-time road featuring billy ray cyrus was a song of the year. blockbuster took their place in cinematic history. disney is live action remake "the lion king "and "aladdin" top to the billion-dollar market globally. ♪ "joker" the first letter r-rated movie to surpass $1 billion worldwide. >> this is the best we can do. it is start over. >> avengers and game passed avatar to be the highest grossing movie of all time. >> the forces with you. >> always. >> and a huge film rounding out the gear "star wars, the rise of sky walker" ending the skywalker saga. big entertainment moments from 2019 as we look ahead to 2020. in hollywood, ashley dworkin, fox news. >> molly: final preparations underway for when the biggest parties of the year, the new crystals are in place, the ball
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>> molly: democratic congressman john lewis of georgia announcing he has stage four pancreatic cancer. but the civil rights icon says that this is just the latest fight he is facing. he was arrested at least 40 times during the civil rights era. he led the 1965 march across the bridge in selma, alabama. and was beaten so badly his skull was fractured. the congressman is the last survivor of the big six civil rights activist, a group that martin luther king jr. once led. live in atlanta with more on this. >> hi, while john lewis his cancer was detected during a routine medical visit. he said that it was later confirmed with some additional tests. the 17 term georgia democrat issued a statement saying, while i am clear right about the prognosis, doctors have told me that medical advances have made this cancer treatable in many cases. the treatment options are no longer as debilitating as they
12:27 pm
once were and that i have a fighting chance. he plans to return to washington in the coming days and begin a treatment plan that will take place over the next several weeks. he said he may have to miss a few house votes during that period, but with prayers and god's grace he hopes to be back on the front lines very soon. according to that statement. >> molly: getting support from both sides of the political aisle. >> it is one of those rare moments that you have republicans and democrats agreeing, talk to any member of congress and most of them are going to tell you that they will describe john lewis as a fighter. and they mean that as a compliment. we have former president barack obama tweeting if there is one thing i love about representative john lewis it is his incomparable will to fight. i know that he has a lot more of that in him. george's republican governor tweeted john lewis has always been a fighter and i know that he will approach this challenge the same way with passion, grit and determination.
12:28 pm
and north carolina republican congressman mark walker tweeting a photo of him and lewis during a commemoration of the 1965 it e greatest honors of my life to walk by his side across this bridge, and i will do the same as he crosses his next. prayers, my friend. whether they agree or disagree on is politics, members of >> new year's eve preparations congress have deep respect for underway in times square. for the big party tomorrow congressman lewis' character, night. which they say will serve him organizers putting the final touches up there on the iconic ball today. well in this latest battle. >> molly: we wish him peace the 130-foot pole. and healing. thousands of lights and crysta thank you. and former crystals. president jimmy carter returning to his church yesterday for the checks before the big first time since he had brain celebration. we have laura ingle as they are surgery. carter and his wife went to on the ground in times square with all of the latest on this. their baptist church where he laura. >> hey, molly. i'm not going to lie. has taught sunday school, and quite some time he had relief i'm going to give it to you straight. pressure it is a miserable mess right now. it is absolutely pouring, but the good news is that it is all past year, sometimes needing about to change. stitches even surgery, he is 95a
12:29 pm
tomorrow night is going to be nice and clear. it is going to be cold, and as you mention, the big chance for them to do the test is to make sure that everything will go off tomorrow as planned. >> three, two, one. happy new year. >> molly: okay. with that flip of the switch, the new year's eve ball made its way to the top of the 130 year's eve partiers all around the world keep their eyes on. the good news for those who made the trip to be in the mix here in times square is that things are going to be dry and cold and will not be wet at all. that's what they say. we are going to hold them to it. there is only one major weather system right now that we are currently seeing in the midwest to new england, which is expected to dissipate. security. it's always a topic.
12:30 pm
for the nypd and counterterrorism teams. there are no credible threats against new year's eve. still, if you are willing to wait with the crowd, the nypd will have each person go through a number of checkpoints and will use dogs, drones, and much more. listen. >> it is a layered system so that we have multiple chances to catch something coming through. it is why we have thousands of cops and we donate all of these resources and money. >> molly: organizers are also contributing a lot of confetti. 1 ton of confetti will be dropped here tomorrow night when that ball drops in the countdown goes off. it has been pouring rain, but it will be nice an's before they nt have to brave the weather that we had.
12:31 pm
"your world" is next. charles payne is in for neil cavuto. >> charles: phase one of the u.s.-china trade deal, heading to washington. the white house signaling that the signing could come as early as next week. welcome, everyone. i am charles payne in for neil cavuto. intense negotiations are coming to an end. he has got the very latest, kevin. >> good to be with you. neither side has officially confirmed that the signing will happen, although it is fair to say that it has been widely reported that it was very likely. let me share a quick quote. it is a
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