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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 31, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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hundreds of iraqis storming the us embassy in baghdad shouting down down usa. >> is believed to be us airstrikes on iran backed militants. >> i don't feel like killed an individual, i kill evil. that is how i am processing. jillian: a good guy with a gun breaks his silence. kim jong un law that saved countless lives, democrats teeing up on gun-control. jillian: the final countdown to a brand-new decade. rob: we are ringing in the new year in the new decade. "fox and friends first" continues right now.
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♪ i got a new attitude ♪ jillian: i'm surprised todd is not dancing to this time. rob: it is a message that doesn't want to be disrupted by dancing, a new year, new decade and a new attitude. jillian: i hope you're dancing continues through the new year. happy new year's eve. todd: thank you for starting the day with us. jillian: we want to know what your new year's resolutions are. todd: we will try to get your comments throughout the show. a lot of breaking news, fox news alert breaking now. iraqi militia supporters inside
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the us embassy compound after breaking down the front gates. rob: teargas is being sprayed. garrett tenney has more on what sparked the protests. >> reporter: the american ambassador and staff have been evacuated from the embassy in baghdad according to reuters. you see this video we have of these protesters making their way to the embassy. according to the associated press this crowd made their way to the embassy after attending funerals for the 25 militant fighters killed in the us airstrikes sunday. the crowd reportedly trying to make their way inside the embassy grounds throwing water bottles and smashing security cameras outside as they shouted down down usa and death to america. local reporters with al jazeera say it is not escalated to armed conflict, security guards were reportedly seen retreating to the inside of the embassy.
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these protests are in response to a series of us airstrikes, and iraqi militia groups backed by iran. this is in response to a rocket attack by a military base last week. the has bullet brigades, that rocket attack killed one american contractor, the militant group has vowed revenge. it is the ongoing struggle in the middle east between iranian banks militia groups in the us and this is breakdown of the nuclear deal iran's efforts to get more international support as its economy is crumbling. jillian: pointing fingers in the wake of tragedy, the left blames donald trump for the hanukkah
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attack in new york is several democrats demand stricter gun control amid the deadly church shooting. todd: the parishioner who took, gunman breaks his silence. >> reporter: several texas lawmakers and parishioners, hailing the armed -- volunteer security guard at the church shot and killed the gunman in sunday service. >> i don't see myself as a hero, what needed to be done to take out the evil threat. todd: wilson became the beacon of church maturity after a measure that allowed parishes to have armed guards. texas lieutenant governor dan patrick and state attorney general ken paxton praising a law on fox news. >> churches around the country will adopt policies like this and we can stop losing people when these incidents occur.
quote quote
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>> if jack wilson had not taken down that killer there could have been 10 or 15 people killed before the police - jillian: several texas democrats including joe moody and beverly powell are calling for stricter gun control including background checks on sales at gun shows. the left calling for more action from donald trump after the hanukkah terror attack in new york earlier this week as the accused stabber is hit with several federal hate crime charges. eric's wallwell says anti-semitism is on the rise and stoked by donald trump won't condemn it. steve cohen tweeting his conduct is made unacceptable conduct acceptable. donald trump condemning the hanukkah attack hours after it happened. earlier he signed an executive order to curb anti-semitism on college campuses. todd: thank you. a police officer is killed by a car chasing after a suspect in
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tennessee. spencer bristol was running after a man near nashville when he was struck by an oncoming car. colleagues in the hendersonville police department heartbroken. >> september 12, 2015, i never saw anyone who wanted to be a police officer is much as he did. todd: he was the u.s. navy veteran, leaves behind a wife and 3-year-old daughter. and urgent manhunt underway for three inmates in the south. police in georgia, out of a transitional center 50 miles west of savannah. alabama deputies on the hunt for bert williams and dustin jenkins who ran into the woods monday during a work detail. they were in jail on drug related charges.
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jillian: peter stzrok thinks the fed violated his first amendment rights, he was fired after sending anti-trump text messages to his ex-lover, lisa a page. and those text messages should be considered private speech. page is suing over publication of the messages. the phrase hold the people is lighting up socially. andrew yang supporter speaking out after the dnc denied the 2020 hope let's request to add more qualifying polls ahead of the next democratic debate. they are needed to help diverse fields but the dnc says they have done enough polling. joe biden says he isn't willing out a republican running mate. >> i wonder if joe biden will choose a republican is running mate. >> the issue is i would. i am serious.
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jillian: biden says republicans would have to step up first. todd: danielle outlaw the first african american woman to lead the city police force, vowing to clean up the streets in the city were 350 people have been murdered this year. >> modern policing is data-driven but the paramount factor is not so easily quantified. the trust residents have their police force will keep them safe and treat them with dignity and respect. todd: outlaw has 20 years in law enforcement. jillian: hours from now times square, an estimated 1 billion people ready to count down to 2020. >> adam klotz has his full name live with your new year's eve forecast ready for the ball
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drop. >> so far i am so excited to be out here. that encapsulates how i feel. that is how excited i am to be out here this morning. 12,000 pounds, 6:00 pm this evening goes all the way up this poll and just before midnight and we have seen time and again, it starts its dissent. there are million people, performances all day long, the forecast not too bad compared to previous years. temperatures are 40 ° on new york city, there is a little bit of wind 10 or 15 miles an hour taking the windshield to 25 miles an hour, 35 ° but it will feel fantastic. this is the story across the entire country.
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let's look at the new year's graphic for the entire country, you're looking at temperatures in the plane states, the midwest getting on the cool side but the big story is you we are not tracking any big rain systems or storm system so any fireworks, any celebrations looks like for the most part those will go off without a hitch which is wonderful news. i don't know if you could tell i was having a hard time, it is difficult to see but i have these glasses and i have 2020 vision. todd: you had to wear 2020 shades. jillian: i have nothing clever. >> reporter: 2020 vision. jillian: a red sky sending people running for their lives. >> i never locked it. jillian: thousands racing to escape out-of-control wildfires.
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>> the democratic party, do they think that will help. if they win the election, this will cause the country to collapse. rob: do the 2020 hopefuls have what it takes to handle the border crisis? joining us live with a warning when "fox and friends first" start the final day of 2019. ♪ 1 in 5 people you meet wear dentures. yeah. that many! but right now, is not the time to talk about it. so when you're ready, search 'my denture care'.
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poligrip and polident. fixed. fresh. and just between us.
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does scrubbing grease feel like a workout? scrub less with dawn ultra. it's superior grease-cleaning formula gets to work faster. making easy work of tough messes. dawn is a go-to grease-cleaner throughout the kitchen, too. keep a bottle in the laundry room to pre-treat greasy stains. and keep dawn in the garage to lift grease off car rims. it's even gentle enough to clean wildlife affected by oil. dawn's grease cleaning power takes care of tough grease wherever it shows up. scrub less and save more... with dawn. >> first thing i will do send a bill to the united states congress providing a pathway to citizens for undocumented people. >> we fight had a meaningful fix the immigration system in decades.
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we need to expand legal immigration in this country. todd: taking aim at immigration announcing border policies. rob: to deal with the border crisis, joining us live come retired acting ice director tom homan. right before the break we heard a soundbite where you said, quote, if certain dems when this could cause the country to collapse. a pretty bold statement. how can our country collapse if certain democrats win in 2020? >> in two ways. the border would certainly collapse. the immigration system would collapse. they want open borders, abolish ice, end ice detention, offer
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free healthcare, free education, two borders here, the president's unprecedented success on this border, 65% to 70% decline because of actions this president which they once to one do so the border will collapse, the immigration system will collapse. we are $22 trillion in deficit, they want free medicare, $30 trillion, free college tuition and so forth, they want to more than double the current deficits. the economy this president bills, they cannot take care of the rest of the world or sustain that. todd: let's look at the numbers down 70%. you can see the number, 144,000 in may and taking a look at 42,000 in november. talk about the significance of those numbers and for those who aren't getting the message how important this is. >> the significance is donald trump has done this on his own. congress hasn't offered one 601
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idea. they haven't close the loopholes in 53 years. this president stood on his own and this is upsetting to democrats running for president, they want this president to fail his number one campaign promise which is secure the border and he hasn't failed, he has succeeded despite the efforts of all these democrats throwing out more enticements. coming into the country, we support sanctuary cities. when they threw the sentiments out it is common sense, bring more ileal immigration will bring more but despite promises and enticements this president is successful. that is huge. no other president has gotten agreements with mexico or guatemala, a great effect on the border.
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half of them we are no longer doing. todd: looking at 2020, anything somebody was tapped into what was going on at the border, something we should be looking at thousand 20 in the lead up to the election or much of the same it is jillian explain and you explain the number going down? >> congress isn't going to do anything. they talked about family separation how many people are detained. none of that would have happened of congress had done their job and close the loopholes that caused this to begin with. if you want to know why the borders out-of-control, they consider the premier. >> happy new year. rob: don't know your limit for new year's eve? there is your budget.
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>> how does that work? >> you are impressed by this. we will teach you and we will teach jillian how to teach your blood alcohol level with your phone. >> if you go a bit overboard don't worry, we've got you covered, the hangover helper you might need tomorrow morning when you come back. man #1: i am a veteran.
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rob: youtube complies with new federal regulations. youtube will essential to and are watching specific videos,
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the change will cut into me from ads youtube shares with creators and it can no longer be targeted to the present watching. jillian: a new apps to keep you safe on new year's eve. this is aimed at stopping drunk driving. the free apps can check your blood alcohol content. you log your drinks on your phone tallying your total number of drinks, estimates your be a see and let's you know when you should not drive. 10,000 people are killed every year by drunk driving. todd: if it saves one life it is worth it. the drinking part of the holiday. if you're ready to party like it is 2020 you might not feel so great. jillian: the hangover game plan to help, good to see you. happy new year. what do we do in the morning. >> overin by but light before.
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starting with beverages, coffee can wake you up. it is all personal preference. to settle the stomach, not as nonalcoholic. peppermint and ginger tea. and water. todd: how can we get jillian to drink? >> they drink a lot of vodka. you said hair of the dog. blood he marrieds are known to make a blood he mary. i am wearing white, you should do that. you can't have a blood he mary without tabasco.
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a perfect amount of heat, a little celery seed, that is the classic one. this is typically which is bold and smoky and delicious. it is so good to gather and stayingy. a little worcestershire and then - back in your glass but that is okay and you can garnish it. while you are doing that. >> you can use - a lot of food here, those -- what you want to do is get potassium and sodium rich food, soup and pretzels, potassium and sweet potatoes and avocados and protein replenishment because amino acids are busy on your liver.
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carb load is right here, mac & cheese and tortellini salad, has about going on, sweet potatoes, spinach, eggs. todd: you want electrolytes. >> potassium, sodium, protein rich foods to get amino acids back that are working on your liver. if you have an upset stomach your left over candy canes very good for your stomach and crystallized ginger spoofs the stomach. a lot of people can't eat, this moveys always good. so many things you can do. magnesium, there is no -- thank you very much, happy new year.
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we continue to follow fox news alert. iraqi militia supporters inside the us embassy compound in baghdad after breaking down the front gate. we are live with breaking developments. todd: healthcare, driver's licenses for illegals and that is not all. the outrageous new law taking effect when the clock strikes midnight tonight.
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i love rakuten, it's basically free money.
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it's an easy way to earn cashback on the stuff i'm already buying. when you have a child and they're constantly growing out of clothing, earning cashback from rakuten just makes everything easier. sometimes it's 3% sometimes it's 8% but you're always getting cashback. the way cashback works on rakuten is so they get a commission from the store and then they share that commission with me. and you have money, more money to spend because you got free money. go to and sign up today for a $10 bonus. >> fox news alert, supporters of the iraqi militia are inside the us embassy compound after breaking down the gates. jillian: they set fire to a reception area. the iraqi militia vowed to retaliate for us military
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airstrikes. >> that is right. what we understand is hundred of demonstrators storm the us embassy in baghdad. all of this in response to us airstrikes in iraq and syria that killed 25 members of the iraqi shia militia group, what we know about the embassy storming today, there's a glass barrier between us embassy guards and those supporters of the iraqi militia group. they are still separated but images so fires set outside the mc compound, smashed glass and hundreds storming the embassy. there are reports of evacuations. we have not been able to confirm those reports but there is limited police presence on the ground in baghdad. all of this after the iraqi prime minister protested the us decision to launch this
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operation in the first place calling it a violation of iraqi sovereignty. there are 5000 us service members on the ground helping iraqi security forces fight the islamic state. this is been an ongoing operation but something that could hang in the crosshairs as a result of the decision by donald trump to strike this iranian back militia group. there's been a lot of outcry by senior officials in baghdad for americans to strike within iraqi sovereign territory. the question is whether this will affect future american iraqi relations with the latest information, hundreds of iraqi demonstrators inside the us embassy compound in baghdad as a result of those strike that left 25 iranian backed militia members dead. jillian: mark -- mike pompeo elaborated on this saying it was a defensive action and they took a strike at an american facility, donald trump has been
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patient and made clear when american lives were at risk we would respond and that is what the department of defense did yesterday. rob: we will follow this all day long. jillian: extreme weather a major winter storm dumping snow and coding the midwest in ice. the state patrol responding to 200 crashes since monday morning. in north dakota a police truck needed to be pulled out after getting caught in the snow, winter weather stretching to the east coast. in new york city a wind turbine collapsed and fell onto a car. rob: raging wildfires down under. it looks like mars. thousands of people in australia told to evacuate their homes. some people jumping into the
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ocean. the sky turning bright red as strong windss make the flames tough to control. 12 deaths linked to the wildfire crisis. 900 homes have been destroyed. 1 million people in times square. >> live with a preview of the new year's eve forecast before the ball drops. >> good morning. happy new year to all of you, so exciting to be out here, the ball over my shoulder and the new year's forecast which turns out really nice, a lot of drizzle early this morning, that will not be the case beginning with new york city, temperatures around 40 °, wind will be 10 to 15 miles an hour, that will be enough to make it on the cooler side but in the middle of the country that is where temperatures are falling down cooler. the big story from sea to
2:35 am
shining sea we are looking at dry conditions. anybody who wants to get outside to enjoy the festivities will do so. back here in new york city 1 million people will be behind me in times square. among them will be the uso show troop joining me right now. you were telling me this wasn't your first time doing this. what is it like to be in front of 1 million people and what time is your performance? >> 8:01. >> reporter: what is it white? >> overwhelming to see the crowd cheering for you in times square. can't think of a better way to ring in the new year. >> reporter: what are your new year's resolutions? >> be kind. >> reporter: that is the only thing going? >> be kind, continue to spread music which we love doing, the
2:36 am
uso has been entertaining for eight years in the basis is entertainment and music around the holidays. >> reporter: some people joining you this is their first time. >> lots of tight under armor and have fun. >> reporter: anything to say? preview of what we are going to see tonight, thank you. ♪ god bless america ♪ land that i love ♪ stand beside her ♪ and guide her ♪ through the night with the light from above ♪ from the mountains ♪ to the prairies ♪ to the oceans ♪ like before ♪ god bless america
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♪ my home sweet home ♪ god bless america ♪ land that i love ♪ standing by her ♪ and guide her ♪ through the night with the light from above ♪ from the mountains
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>> at the stroke of midnight hundreds of new laws will take effect. jillian: legalization of marijuana to banning plastic straws. we have the breakdown of the biggest changes. >> reporter: with the start of the new year there's always a new set of laws. chemicals must be provided with names and contact information,
2:41 am
and 15 days from the time of arraignment ahead overall evidence pertaining to the case including names and witness information. cases can be dismissed of prosecutors failed to miss a deadline or file an extension. to the west coast, california will be the first state to offer medicaid coverage from low-income adults. 19-25 years old regardless of immigration status, children under 18 with taxpayer back to health care, and the plan will cover 90,000 people. the trump administration continues to crackdown on illegal immigration. in illinois the state is preparing for legalization of recreational marijuana thing includes the tsa, airport security won't be confiscated but may not be legal at your destination. in oregon undocumented immigrants can legally obtain driver's license.
2:42 am
the law will not add, two state voter polls in oregon. restaurants will be prohibited from giving customers a plastic straw unless they ask for one to reduce plastic waste. every state has new laws going into estate. let's talk about this. for 12 years, many unforgettable performances. ♪ jillian: carrie underwood is ending her epic run, the superstars a gun is to graham, quote, hard to imagine what we accomplished together, time to pass the hosting towards. this year underwood cohosted the award with dolly partner and
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reba mcintyre, there are things ahead in 2020. this year's top google searches are out, you like controversy. after 2019 police drop charges against him, and are kelly is the most searched musician amid several sexual assault charges. oakland raider, pittsburgh steeler and new york states. let go from the patriots amid sexual assault allegation this. jillian: we asked for your new year's resolutions. todd: donna says taking time for myself, time to be nicer. jillian: jeanette says be more available to family and friends. rob: franklin says i make changes as needed throughout the
2:44 am
year unless something happens on the first that requires a change, their won't be any. jillian: you do any resolutions? sondland 12:00 tomorrow time to meet again. jillian: i don't do it. 43 minutes after the hour. donald trump launching bigger and better things for 2020. rob: the director of strategic medications, breakdown the political wish list. jillian: let's check in with griff jenkins. >> reporter: new decade, following breaking news of the protesters. we have the latest on top of the hour. andy mccarthy, tommy laren, tom schlueter will give us a quiz. dean cain, superman talked to ground for the new year's eve show. you will find out, dean says he is a big dude.
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superman, supermom. coming up.
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todd: with the senate impeachment trial on democrats my donald trump is looking at what he can accomplish in 2020. jillian: here's the director of strategic coordination. thanks for being on this. >> fighting for fair trade deals. >> the 20s will come in as the roaring 20s. the president will be working hard the next year to make it stronger. we've got to finalize phase i of
2:49 am
the china trade deal, the president is looking at phase 2 and beyond. there is the uk trade deal the needs to be finalized and a lot of things could happen for american workers in the coming year. >> like we mentioned, the focus in 2020, to see how the usmc a shapes up, china and britain like you said that the impact of these deals especially the last ones really hit main street in time for 2020? >> in some cases yes as relates to farmers. they will see an immediate impact with china and other trade partners. the long-term goals in terms of the usmc a, and that will take longer with the manufacturing sectors. they are excited to get this in place because they will be able
2:50 am
to compete with folks on the world stage unfair and level playing field. jillian: judges with respect for written law, that includes two to the supreme court, 184 in total. >> senator mcconnell, they will leave no vacancy unfilled. every time there's an opportunity will continue pushing forward and nancy pelosi refuses to work with senator mcconnell want everything else, and continue to confirm people who believe in the rule of law, one of the longest lasting and best legacies of donald trump, having a lot of these judges and justices who are fairly young sitting on the federal bench for
2:51 am
a lifetime appointment for decades to come. rob: keep america first in foreign policy, foreign-policy top of mind right now because of events going on as we speak. what do you mean by peeping in america first foreign-policy? >> it is time we hold our allies and opponents of the world stage accountable. you see donald trump doing that whether it is demanding nato pay its fair share for its own defense, whether it is the iran deal confronting north korea and other malign actors on the world stage. we need them to step up and bear their fair share, countering these actions as it relates to iraq. all of their attention is there. we hope embassy staff and marine attachments and troops that are there are safe. jillian: in case you are joining us, iraqis entered the compound at the us embassy after the airstrikes that happened over the weekend, thanks for joining us. more following the breaking news.
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todd: did you know it is national champagne day. >> the best bubbly for every budget next. . .
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♪ ♪ jump on it ♪ jump on it ♪ keep it pops
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♪ jump on it. rob: good song, guys, that made me so happy. jillian: caught on camera dancing. the world is happy. welcome back, you can't ring in the new year without todd dancing and a champagne toast. rob: hopefully you just have the toast. in preparation for tonight's events we are going over the best bubbly beverages to perfect your new year's celebrations. here to walk us through is brand education manager at moet hennessey. what better way to toast to a new decade than with w. real champagne from champagne france. >> where do we begin? we want to talk about every budget here. >> we have the most iconic champagne brands in front of us today. don't worry we have a champagne for every price, every taste. whatever your budget, your party size, we have got it all for you. let's start here with the global icon of champagne,
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that is moet and chandon you actually pronounce the t. the family name is dutch and not french so moet. jillian: that's what you told us in the commercial break. i like that. >> we have different budgets. start with amazing little sippers. aren't they adorable. only $12 each. they come with amazing flute. jillian: this is cute. >> you don't need glassware. find them at your local store. rob: socially accept to be drink out of a bottle? >> yes. jillian: next one move. >> this is vove, america's favorite champagne. you can't go wrong. if you like pinault noier
2:58 am
amazing. look at this magnum. if you are having a party of 10 or more you need to get a magnum it. serves 12 glasses. jillian: also expensive. todd: have you rose as well so i took it. rose all day. >> veuve means widow and rhymes with love. >> widow who invented the blended row say 1818. most modern business woman. we love her. jillian: wow. what's next? >> if you are feeling very fancy and he will gantz for new year's eve, then you need to go for renart. delicious and delightful with a high concentration of chardonnay. ruinart row say. light fish, caviar. lighter fare salads if you are being healthy. let's go over to our
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prestige. we have recalling the champagne lover and connoisseur's dream champagne. never forget your first case. why? because it takes 20 years to create this bottle. 20 years. rob: jillian ♪ even 20 years old. jillian: yeah, right. and finally? >> finally everyone knows the champagne. this is the icon of champagne. if you are going to go out 2019 into 2020 and n. style, then you need to be sipping on some dom perignon. this is the status symbol of champagne and luxury. jillian: it's very expensive. >> it's 175 a bottle. worth every sip. rob: we do want to thank you for being here. if the producers, mostly desiree. are willing to violate the rules and play that again i will take us into the show "fox & friends" dancing with one of these in my hands jump on it?
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no? jillian: breaking news. "fox & friends" is going to continue to follow. we have a lot going over in baghdad right now. the u.s. embassy has been stormed by iraqi michelle. this is in response to airstrikes that happened on sunday. rob: bye-bye. ♪ griff: breaking right now angry protesters are inside the compound in iraq. >> standing guard as chaos erupts. >> trey yingst is live in jerusalem with what sparked the protests. trey? >> dean, rachel, griff, good morning. hundreds of iraqi demonstrators have stormed the u.s. embassy in baghdad. all of this in response to u.s. airstrikes on sunday that killed at least 25 militants of the iranian backed iraqi she a militia group hezbollah. this is very concerning to american forces in the region. there is more than 5,000 right now who are working along iraqi security forces to push back


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