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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 31, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> or you can stay home and organize your closet. have a wonderful new year's eve, have a great night everybody. >> good evening and welcome to washington, i mike emanuel for bret baier. president trump is blaming iran for a stunning assault on the embassy in baghdad, we will speak live with secretary of state mike pompeo in a few minutes. u.s. marines are on their way to reinforce the embassy and up to 4,000 troops could deploy to the region. today in iraq, no one was hurt but dozens of protesters smashed the main door and set fire to the reception area amid cries of "death to america" and "death to israel." the attack comes after u.s. air strikes killed a 25 backed terrorists. kevin corke has more of the
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administration's reaction, but we begin in our middle east newsroom. >> good evening, a tense final day of 2019 and the middle east as president trump tweeted tonight iran will be held responsible for any death or damage that could occur as a result of the u.s. embassy attack. here's a look at what occurred earlier today. american security forces deployed flash grenades and rubber bullets. feet away, iraqi demonstrators smashed windows at the american embassy in baghdad. the u.s. ambassador was not at the compound officials confirmed to fox news though u.s. security forces worked for hours to defend the structure. as a rockies storm to the embassy, un-american apache helicopter circled the compound or firing flares. if the assault on the u.s. embassy began tuesday morning as supporters of the iranian backed militia group attended a mass funeral for 25 f their members killed in u.s.
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air strikes on sunday. emotions were high as funerals got underway. a mixture of militants and civilians bowing to respond. >> it is flagrant aggression, it is aggression on iraq's sovereignty, it is a violation of norms and values. this aggression wil won't pass unpunished. >> americans targeted after a rocket attack on an iraqi base killed one american contractor stationed there last week. for u.s. service members were also injured. concerned about the situation deteriorating, the department of defense sent an additional 100 marines to bothell security for american diplomats in iraq. new images show u.s. troops at a base in kuwait preparing for deployment later while loading magazines and moving gear. officials told fox news the final decision on if america will respond will be left to president trump who is blaming iran for an assault on the
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embassy. iran has denied involvement blaming america for support of terrorists. >> we witnessed that all the iraqi people who have gathered here have condemned the actions of america. in the crimes the u.s. has committed. >> striking images from baghdad, reminders of past attacks on u.s. diplomats in places like saigon and tehran, the world watches to see how things will result this time around. >> michael: how are the israelis reacting? >> dose strikes by the united states that left 25 of the members of hezbollah dead art scene in israel as a positive thing -- every i is rea minister benjamin netanyahu congratulated the trump administration on those strikes. if israel has been striking iranian backed groups across the middle east many times, it's seen as a major threat to the
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israeli nation in places like the gaza strip, lebanon, and proxies in syria. >> michael: many thanks. president trump says he will hold iran responsible for today's incident, correspondent kevin corke has that story tonight. >> it is arguable the american air strikes have set off the most serious political crisis in years for the u.s. in iraq. but what is less clear is if an apparent wave of anti-americanism and protest are a result of the strikes or merely a plot by the iranians to foment distrust and discord in already fractured a rocket. for u.s. officials, there is little doubt with the blame lies and that is with tehran. president trump on twitter accused iran of killing an american contractor and wounding many -- he wrote "we strongly responded and always will." secretary of state mike pompeo called the demonstrations iranian backed adding they should not be confused with the
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iraqi protesters who have been in the street since october to decry the corruption exported to iraq by the iranian regime. if defense secretary mark esper added to the pentagon took appropriate actions to ensure the safety of american citizens, military personnel, and diplomats and country. and to ensure our right of self-defense. the u.s. has spent approximately $1.1 trillion on the war in iraq since its inception including 750 million to construct the largest u.s. embassy in the world, and embassy ravaged by protesters deep inside what was supposed to be a fortified green zone, a topic that didn't escape president trump's attention and his call with the prime minister of iraq. the american leader reminding his counterpart of iraq's responsibility to protect the embassy and its personnel or the u.s. will use any means necessary to do so. the challenge for the president is getting demonstrative buy-in
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by the iraqis who are stunned at that the american air strikes took place on their soil. it's a challenge but not unlike others in this complicated relationship that can be managed, u.s. officials believe, with time and effort. >> michael: kevin corke in west palm beach, thanks a lot. let's get the latest from america's top diplomat, secretary of state mike pompeo joins us tonight. the images are striking, what is your assessment of what we saw in baghdad today? >> what we saw was a rainy and backed terrorists, many of theme been designated terrorist terrorists, we saw president trump drop a quick, decisive, prudent response by making sure we have all the resources necessary to keep our people safe and secure the compound as well. as we go into the evening tonight we will continue to watch and monitor -- as you know it's a difficult place, we
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continue to take the situation seriously. >> michael: any plans to evacuate the embassy in baghdad? >> nun. >> michael: any plans to pull some of the 5,000 troops in iraq out? >> none. >> michael: okay. if we are reporting up to 4,000 more troops, the 82nd airborne could be going into the region to bolster american forces in the region, is that accurate? >> you have to put this in a larger context. this is 40 years of the islamic republic of iran engaged. we came in when the previous administration provided lots of money that was used for that nuclear program, lots of money that had been used for terror all around the world to develop their missile program. we put real pressure on the
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islamic republic of iran. we will continue to hold the islamic republic of iran accountable wherever we find their malign activity and we will make sure we have the resources to do so. >> michael: is that likely to be more ships in the region? >> i'll leave to the department of defense to talk about the specifics. it's to make sure we have all that we need to perform the missions that he set before us. >> michael: what's your assessment of the iraqi government's response to what we saw the embassy today. >> we worked alongside them, earlier this morning i spoke with the prime minister, later in the day some of my officials spoke as your piece reported, we were urging them to continue to fulfill their responsibility. we were happy to see them deploy forces there to do that, we continue to ask them to do
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everything it takes to ensure that facility is protected. >> michael: is the administration confident the iraqis can protect u.s. personnel and facilities going forward? >> we are going to make sure that gets done. we're going to make sure we can do everything we can and have the resources to push back against anything. >> michael: president trump tweeted this afternoon "iran will be held fully responsible for lives loss or damage incurred at any of our facilities. they will pay a very big price, this is not a warning. it is a threat -- happy new year." >> we have been working on convincing the islamic republic of iran to behave like a normal nation, we inherited a terrible nuclear deal, we inherited a terrible situation where the regime had a lot of money to foment bad things around the world. we have imposed an incredible economic burden, we have watched the iranian people demand their
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leaders behave differently. the iranians responded by killing hundreds of their own citizens -- we watched even in beirut, we saw protesters, they weren't covered in your footage but we saw protesters, real protesters, not iranian backed militia men who had been directed to go -- real protesters demanding to say those folks at the embassy, those aren't iraqi. therthose aren't people who care about iraq and we want and a rock that is free, independent, and sobran. >> michael: we reported at the top, 100 u.s. marines going to the embassy. >> their role is security and deterrence to ensure that we have the resources available to combat anything that should come at the embassy but also to signal very clearly to those who might think about bringing harm to our facilities that they ought to think twice.
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these are very capable young men prepared to deliver real force. >> michael: are other assets likely to go into iraq? >> absolutely, if required i'm confident president trump will authorize whatever it takes to keep young american men and women safe. >> michael: now that isis is largely defeated, is it your sense that the iranians want the u.s. out of the region? >> i think they probably do but more than that the islamic republic of iran has had a singular mission. it's klepto kratz, theo kratz, they want to steal stuff, loot, and destroy the lives of their own people. they protect themselves by fomenting terror around the world. you've seen president trump make very clear we will continue
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support the iranian people. >> michael: what do you think would happen if the united states were to leave ir iraq? >> i don't want to engage in hypothetical. you talked about isis, there's still a threat of terrorism in parts of iraq and anbar province and other places. president trump is committed to completing the mission. the caliphate is gone, president trump put together a strategy that deliberate destruction defeat 100% lock, stock, and barrel of the caliphate. we have to ensure the remnants of isis can't harm us here. >> michael: are more air strikes likely? >> i don't comment on future activity, only to say we are committed to the project that we began when we made the policy decision at president trump's
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direction, we will push back against the islamic republic of iran and create stability throughout the middle east, we are still fully committed to that mission. >> michael: you have a busy schedule at the start of 2020 including going to ukraine. it is a situation likely to disrupt your planning? >> i'm hopeful i can still fulfill those commitments. i will make sure i'm in the right place to ensure our people and the people of the state department and the americans are safe and secure in the middle east. if that means i have to change or delay my trip a little bit that's what i'll do. >> michael: north korean leaders saying the world will see a new strategic weapon in the near future, your assessment? >> i've seen that reporting publicly. if president trump came into office with a threat to war anda true concern for the american people. we can deliver a better outcome
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for the people of north korea and we are hopeful the president and chairman kim will make the right decision. i saw that reporting and i hope he doesn't go in that direction. >> michael: happy new year, thanks for your time. stocks were up on the final trading day of the year, their best since 2013 -- the dow gained 76, the s&p 500 finished nine and a half, the nasdaq rose 27. president trump says he will sign the first phase of a trade agreement with china in mid-january and plans to go to beijing to open the next round of talks. rich edson has details tonight. >> beijing welcomes the new year and perhaps a better economic relationship in 2020 with the united states. president trump announced this morning he will sign phase one of a trade deal with china at a white house ceremony januar january 15th. high-level representatives of china will be present.
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>> there's never been a negotiation like this. >> it yielded a limited economic deal with the u.s. suspended a threatened tariff increase on chinese imports and cut tariffs from 15 to seven and half percent on $120 billion in chinese goods. in exchange, china agreed to buy $40 billion a year in american agriculture. general structural reforms as a head start of negotiation with chinese officials. >> there's good language on currency manipulation, financial market access in china for banks and insurance companies. >> democrats criticize the deal at shortsighted, senate minority leader chuck schumer says the president sold out for a temporary and unreliable promise from china to purchase soybeans. there are concerns for
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republicans, senator marco rubio warned the white house "should consider the risk that a near term deal with china would give away the tariff leverage needed for a broader agreement on issues that mattered the most." for years, the u.s. has tried to pressure china to cut subsidies to its companies, to allow u.s. companies that are access to its markets, and to stop stealing trade secrets. for now the administration says it is maintaining 25% tariffs on about a quarter billion dollars in chinese imports. >> michael: up next to a live report from times square with less than six hours left in 2019. here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. the state attorney general says more than 2400 sets of fetal remains found in the property of a deceased indiana abortion doctor cannot be identified. a report blame a shoddy
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record-keeping and the degraded conditions of the remains. if fox 11 in charleston, west virginia, as republican governor jim justice fires 34 correction officer trainees that were photographed giving a salute. their instructor was also terminated and for other instructors are being suspended without pay. this is a live look at seattle, the big story there tonight a 16-year-old climber is alive after plunging 500 feet off mount hood. authorities say the teen was with a group of other climbers just below the summit monday morning when he fell. it took four hours for crews to hike up and rescue the boy. he escaped serious injury, sounds miraculous. that's a live look outside the beltway from special report, we'll be right back. he damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it -
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♪ >> michael: president trump us thanking the church member who fatally shot and armed gunmen sunday in texas after an attack that left two parishioners dead. without armed churchgoers intervening, the situation could've been catastrophic. the suspect visited the community and was given food but became angry when officials
3:22 pm
refused to give him money. authorities say a man charged with the federal hate crime in a bawdy attack on a hanukkah celebration had handwritten journals containing anti-semitic references, 37-year-old also used his phone to look up information on adolf hitler. five people were stabbed and slashed north of new york city. the new york city police department says security in times square will be enormous for the annual new year's celebration. jacqui heinrich is in times square right now. >> organizers suspect one or 2 million people to pack into times square tonight but despite that crowd to the nypd says this is the safest place in the world to bring in the new decade because of all the security here. since four in the morning police have been clearing the streets but people will move through for a multilayered screening process, everyone will be
3:23 pm
checked multiple times and also go through a paper sniffing and heavy weapons screens. a uniformed and undercover cops are watching from the ground and overhead and for the first time at this event, using drones. nypd is deploying thermal imaging, 3d mapping, and magnifying cameras high overhead all in addition to more than a thousand eyes in the sky with a network of security cameras. this process is not new, the ball drop has been going on since 1907 -- after a spate of isis propaganda posters targeted new york this summer, no stone was left unturned. millions will be watching and police say we are in the clear. >> look at the events that have happened around the world, we want to be able to respond beforehand. it's stuff that we are working, we are one of the only states that have utilized with our federal partners. >> there are huge celebrations
3:24 pm
happening in other cities. in las vegas, national guard soldiers and airmen are deploying on the strip, more than 330,000 people are suspected on las vegas boulevard to watch 80,000 fireworks go off. if here in new york, the theme of tonight's event is the gift of goodwill, something we can hope for more of in 2020. >> michael: stay warm, have a great time, happy new year. the u.s. army is joining its counterparts in the navy inventing the use of the hugely popular short video a at the tick-tock -- army leaders call the appa security threat. lawmakers want regulators to determine whether the chinese owned app could be used by beijing to collect personal data. if the company says it stores its data on u.s. users in the united states and has robust cybersecurity policies. enter knights democracy 2020
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report, elizabeth warren tries to end the year on a positive note, the democratic presidential candidate was making some tweaks to her message as she attempts to regain lost momentum. correspondent ellison barber reports tonight from boston. >> when i am president we will attack corruption in washington head on. >> that has been the focus of the campaign since she announced her exploratory committee exactly one year ago. >> we are going to give washington back to the people. >> the message she has taken to voters and countless town halls. the core of her message remains. >> imagine a country where the decisions made in washington aren't simply bought and paid for by lobbyists and big donors. >> her campaign tactics have evolved, a candidate who is criticized by name. >> i want to give a reality check here to elizabeth. >> we are going to succeed when we dream big and fight hard, not when we dream a small and quick
3:26 pm
before we get started. >> now it gets a lot more specific trying to make distinctions on the debate stage. >> the mayor just had a fund-raiser that was held in a wine cave full of crystals. >> the billionaires, the corporate executives and their favorite presidential candidates have one clear goal. to convince you that everything you imagine is impossible. >> some say her speech in boston is a bit of a revamp. her polling is expected to be about 20% less. she says they had 1 million people donate $5 or less. >> they are giving money, making phone calls and i really appreciate it, that's the way we should run a democratic primary. >> as she talks grassroots, former vice president joe biden
3:27 pm
is talking about a republican running mate. >> our 21-year-old son said the other night i wonder if joe biden would consider choosing a republican as a running mate. >> i would but i can't think of one now. >> biden says there are some decent republicans but right now they need to step up. one of his 2020 opponents senator cory booker is praising the answer saying people should not be reflexively partisan. >> michael: thanks a lot. president trump is assigning a new law aimed at reducing the torrent of unwanted automated calls you receive, sing lower interest rates or pretended to be the irs -- it gives authorities more enforcement powers and could speed up measures the industry is already taking to identify local calls. one phone companies block those calls they must do so without charging consumers. up next, the attack on at the
3:28 pm
united states embassy in baghdad. wildfires burning across australia's two most popular states have killed at least two people, property along the country's east coast continues to fall victim to a devastating fire season, more than 12 million acres of land have burned nationwide over the past few months with 12 people confirmed dead and more than 1,000 homes destroyed. israel's supreme court begins deliberations on whether unindicted parliament member can form a new government, the petition could potentially end prime minister benjamin netanyahu's political career after march elections. israeli law requires cabinet ministers and mayors to resign if indicted but does not specify so for a sitting prime minister. the prime minister says charges are an attempted coup. taiwan's legislature passes a law aimed at blocking political interference from china, it comes less than two weeks before presidential and legislative elections. the law follows accusations that
3:29 pm
china's strongly backing candidates from the main opposition nationalist party including providing campaign funds and mobilizing support on social media -- china is condemning the law's passage. some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight, we'll be right back. how did you make som? that must be why you're always so late. i do not speed. and that's saving me cash with drivewise. my son, he did say that you were the safe option. and that's the nicest thing you ever said to me. so get allstate. stop bossing. where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me. this is my son's favorite color, you should try it. [mayhem] you always drive like an old lady? [tina] you're an old lady.
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3:33 pm
for "the washington post." a lot of news today regarding the attack on the embassy in iraq. we heard secretary pompeo earlier in the show. >> this is a reminder that iraq is still highly unstable and being tugged between two outside forces -- the united states and iran who in different ways help prop up the government in baghdad but her obviously enemies themselves. an inherently unstable situation arises an incident where i think there is broad agreement where the united states have some basis for attacking this militia and this militia which is basically an offshoot of the iranian revolutionary guard decided to send a message to the u.s. by attacking this embassy. i think we are going to learn whether this is intended to be a shove back by this group or the prelude to something more sustained. >> michael: let's play some sound and reaction of today.
3:34 pm
[chanting] >> what you saw was on a rainy backed terrorist group, many individuals who have been designated as terrorists -- we will continue to watch and monitor. it's a difficult place, tough terrain, we continue to take the situation seriously. >> there's no doubt in my mind that iran is behind this, iran has been the biggest foe in my opinion of the united states for a number of years now. any kind of trouble they can make they will do. >> it is flagrant aggression, it is aggression on iraq's sovereignty. it is a violation of norms and values -- this aggression won't pass unpunished. >> michael: your thoughts? >> it's interesting looking at some of these images and remembering what happened in the attack. it's nice to know that the response we are hearing from the
3:35 pm
u.s. officials seems to be based in truth -- they did not seem to be telling us this attack was caused by some video or something else saying something that was not true as happened in that horrible attack on the embassy in benghazi. it is true we need to defend our interest and mind our business, we need to respond to attacks but it's also true we don't want to get involved in a hot war with iran which as secretary pompeo mentioned in his interview, nuclear power and nuclear aspirations in terms of warheads -- is a legitimate threat. we have these amazing images of this protest today, we haven't seen a lot of images of other amazing protests happening in iran. that regime is not in a great situation, they are dealing with severe domestic protests in iran and it's important just because we don't have those images that we don't forget that it's and it reality in the context that we should keep in mind right now.
3:36 pm
>> michael: your thoughts on what secretary pompeo said this evening. >> it's important to distinguish between the kinds of protests in iraq that we have seen play out on our television screens in the last three months and what we saw today. if you look at the protest we saw, they were cross sectarian, antigovernment protests and at the government in baghdad, that was supported by the iranian regime -- those protests featured protests at the consulate, protests that included chance against the regime, those were anti-iraqi government protests -- this was different today. this was a secretary of pompeo said backed by iran and its proxies in iraq. you saw protesters protesting the name, you also saw iran
3:37 pm
backed proxies. leading these protests including an iranian backed terror leader, once in u.s. custody, released in the early years of the obama administration now causing trouble that i think a lot of military intelligence officials worried he would caused back when he was released in 2010. secretary pompeo said a lot of interesting things -- the question that struck me most is when you asked him about what would happen if u.s. troops left iraq and he clearly didn't want to answer the question. he said i don't want to answer a hypothetical and he doesn't want to answer hypothetical because mike pompeo in all likelihood if you look at his comments going back several years believes it would not be a good outcome. i suspect is giving president trump advice to that effect. i think president trump has made clear he is eager to get out of
3:38 pm
some of these places, they are complicated and difficult and this is what president trump campaigned on as candidate trump back in the day. >> michael: 100 u.s. marines bolstering the security there and 4,000 troops from the 82nd airborne going to kuwait, is that a strong enough signal? >> it's one way to send a sign signal. the way secretary of state pompeo answered the question, one word about unwavering commitment, it's another way to send that signal. we are looking at some rough days potentially ahead. it will be interesting to see what happens after friday prayers and see what leading clerics in iraq, leading shieh clerics say about these protests. >> it is true that now would not be a good time to remove troops given the situation it is happening there. i don't know if we think enough about the downsides of indefinite occupation by u.s. troops of foreign land.
3:39 pm
it's a tool that can be used and we have tried very hard to make work and after many decades of seeing this, we say this is not a tool that solves all problems. we need to be laser focused on u.s. interests if we want to be doing something in that region we need a new determination from congress on th what our goals a. indefinite occupation is not the answer. >> it's true that they have been there -- not exactly many decades but a long time, we kind of lost the focus of the mission. let's not forget when we tried to pull out of syria there was a huge uproar and for good reason because the kurds were being abandoned. right now the kurds are not completely without a mission, they are helping support them over there and maybe the only thing worse than having them there would be not having them there, it would be a power vacuum as well. >> michael: when we come back,
3:40 pm
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♪ >> michael: about five hours and 16 minutes, the ball is going to drop in times square -- 2020 will be here. great time to look at winners and losers of 2019, we are back with our panel. lead us off. >> so many winners in so many losers to choose from, i don't mean to disparage anybody by not including them but the one winter i settled on was boris johnson who did what many thought would be impossible two or three times, by taking over the conservative party, by purging the remainders, and by winning them prime minister ship in sweeping fashion at the end of the year. he is the man in britain, if anyone is going to take them out of the european union it will be him. my loser of the year could have been a lot of people, i picked
3:45 pm
the virginia republican party. these guys used to run that state for decades and control the general assembly. they have been really blown out of power largely due to their own political mistakes, picking a lot of very poor candidates, adopting some extreme positions and there's a lot of people who think it could be a long time before they ever get full control of that state government again. >> my winner of the year is kevin mccarthy, the leader of the house republicans -- a lot of people like to talk about how nancy pelosi is a master tactician but she did not do particularly well this year. she was bullied into doing impeachment against her better instincts and kevin mccarthy took advantage of those missteps and had some good strategies of his own to keep his entire republican caucus together. chris christie was saying there are three democratic seats that are poised to go republican in new jersey because of impeachment. if that if the kind of trend nationwide, it could be big problems for pelosi, and
3:46 pm
mccarthy has emphasized fund-raising and candidate selection. my loser of the year are russia collusion hoaxers. at the beginning of this year, democrats, the media were still getting high on their russia hoax supply and everything came crashing down when robert mueller came out with his report showing not a single american had colluded with russia to steal the 2016 election and you had his testimony where it was apparent that he didn't have much knowledge of what that investigation he was purporting to lead was. by the time the ig report came out showing the pfizer process was abused as devin nunes had said, it was a bad year for people who fell for that. >> my winner of the year sadly is china, specifically xi jinping. he consolidated power and broaden his power at home and extended china's reach and the strength and their influence abroad. my loser of the year is rudy
3:47 pm
giuliani, once respected leader become a leading presidential candidate has become an inspector clouseau traipsing around the globe parroting conspiracy theories. >> michael: winners and losers of the decade. >> this is hard, i'm not happy to say, we have to acknowledge it has been a good decade for vladimir putin who has succeeded in reconquering crimea and ukraine, he has intervened in syria and he's gotten away with it. my loser of the decade mark zuckerberg, wasn't it yesterday everyone thought he might be presidential timber and now he's practically public enemy number one because people are so unhappy with social media. >> my winter of the decade's wall street, at the beginning they had a broken u.s. and global economy -- they got these incredible taxpayer bailouts and now we are having heights never before imagined. my loser of the decade, corporate mainstream media, they lost their credibility and continue to lose it every year. >> my winner of the decade's mitch mcconnell.
3:48 pm
agree or disagree with his tactic, nobody has been more effective at getting what he wants then mcconnell. stacking the courts with conservative judges. my loser of the decade sadly is cowardly myopic washington politicians who took the country from roughly $14 trillion in debt in january of 2010 to $23 trillion today and you have leaders of either party addressing the entitlements and no efforts to fix the problem. >> michael: losers of the decade, not a title you want to carry around with you. next up, the year in protest. ♪ hand. granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> michael: today's attack on the embassy in baghdad that has been the latest incident in what has been a very busy year for protesters. >> unprecedented anchor swept across the globe in 2019 as people held their governments to account. in lebanon, it was small attacks
3:53 pm
on what's app that led to fast and violent demonstrations. that brought down the prime minister. in iran, a small hike in fuel prices was the catalyst that exposed anticorruption and brutality -- over a thousand people were killed. while iranian militias besiege the u.s. embassy, earlier in the year, people took to the streets to protest against iranian influence successfully forcing their president out of office as well. in south america, venezuelans demanded an end to the socialist tyranny of nicolas maduro, people unable to feed their families rising up -- but despite this and intense international pressure, he clings to power. in neighboring bolivia, leader evan morales had to flee while in chile, people to manage their own political revolution. in tiny hong kong millions demanded the government withdraw
3:54 pm
controversial extradition bill, they were met with violence but the government backed down. a new citizenship law in india divided the country, critics claims it excludes muslims from citizenship. even europe saw mass protests -- the french yellow best movement, ballooning into anger at economic injustice and out of touch government. what ties so many of these protests together is the simple notion that political establishment has seized too much power, all those marked by small issues, they lead to ultimatums to governments to embrace sweeping changes or move aside. many have not and the unrest looks to continue into 2020. in london, benjamin hall, fox news. >> michael: when we come back, ringing in the new year around the world.
3:55 pm
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usaa >> mike: that is a live look at the white house. the new year's eve celebration has not gotten underway here in washington just yet. the ball drops in about five hours or so. it has been an action-packed year in 2019 in politics, both at the white house and on capitol hill. 2020 promises to be a big, big year in terms of american politics. of course, foreign policy. we want to wish all of you a very happy and safe new year's eve tonight. thank you for watching "special report." i'm mike emanuel in washington. we leave you with sights and the sounds of the new year's celebrations around the world. happy new year. [cheers]
4:00 pm
[cheers & applause] ♪ it's really important in that it is the first meeting of the big three. >> the three days in tehran was truly the clash of the titans. these were the most powerful men the world had ever known.


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