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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  January 3, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>> kennedy: thanks to senators mcconnell and schumer you got to rest a little bit. we will back here on monday. ""outnumbered overtime"" starts in right now with melissa francis in for harris. melissa? >> melissa: around bowing harsh retaliation after president trump orders an air strike on baghdad international airport, killing top iranian general qassem soleimani. this is "outnumbered overtime" and i melissa francis, in today for harris faulkner. the iranian regime quick to name a successor as tens of thousands of people take to the streets intchanting "death to america" n protest. "general qassem soleimani has killed or badly wounded thousands of americans over an extended period of time and was plotting to kill many more but got caught. he was directly and indirectly responsible for the deaths of millions of people including their recent large number of protesters killed in iran
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itself. he should have been taken out many years ago." top lawmakers on capitol hill we reacting just a short while ago. >> soleimani's schemes and his agents killed hundreds of american service members in iraq and afghanistan. he personally oversaw the state-sponsored terrorism iran used to kill our sons and our daughters. >> how does the administration plan to manage an escalation of possibilities? and how does the administration plan to avoid a larger and potentially endless conflagration in the middle ea middle east? >> melissa: in the meantime, secretary of state mike pompeo says the strike was necessary to stop a future attack. >> there was an imminent attack, the primary motivator for that attack was qassem soleimani. what was sitting before us was
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his travels throughout the region and his efforts to make a significant strike against americans, there would have been many muslims killed as well, iraqis, people in other countries as well. it was a strike aimed at disrupting that plot and we hope setting the conditions for de-escalatiode-escalation as we. >> melissa: lucas tomlinson is live at the pentagon with more about who this general was but let's start with trait live in jordan. trey? speak the iranians today are reacting to the assassination overnight by the americans of top iranian general qassem soleimani. this is a major escalation because soleimani was known as the man who was responsible for iran's proxies across the region. what we know about what occurred last night outside of baghdad international airport, there were reportedly two drone strikes targeting two separate vehicles. a total of eight people killed, one of them qassem soleimani, a top leader in iran's
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revolutionary guard. another personnel leader in an iranian backed militia. all of this getting response from the iranian regime. the supreme leader saying today there would be a three day morning period leading up to the funeral on sunday a and additionally the president of iran saying today, his country will seek revenge for what he is calling "a heinous crime." thousands gather, calling top leadership to respond to what they are calling american aggression and american terrorism. i want you to take a listen to what iran's foreign minister had to say earlier today. >> americans action without any doubt is an act of state terrorism in violation of iraq's sovereignty which is murdering persons who dedicated their entire lives to fighting oppression, terror, and extremism. >> earlier today, u.s. secretary
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of state mike pompeo said the united states and the trump administration are committed to de-escalation. the reality on the ground is quite different. overnight targeting the senior most member iran's military is leading the region in the opposite direction. melissa? >> melissa: thank you. in the meantime, the u.s. military planning to send an additional 3,000 troops to the middle east as fox news learns the iranian government is considering launching cyber attacks against the u.s. in reaction to the baghdad air strike. secretary of state mike pompeo says the administration is prepared for any retaliatory moves from iran. lucas tomlinson is live at the pentagon with more on this. lucas? >> melissa, there's 3,000 army troops from the 82nd airborne division's first brigade combat team. earlier this week, some 750 paratroopers deployed to kuwait. now the rest of that brigade will be deploying in the next few days. total you will have 4,000 additional u.s. troops, these paratroopers on the ground in kuwait ready if needed.
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secretary of state mike pompeo said the u.s. had no choice but to kill soleimani. >> the risk of doing nothing was enormous. enormous and the short term in terms of the imminent attack qassem soleimani was plotting but also highly risky, doing nothing in this region shows ems iran for what happened in the previous administration. >> soleimani letter iranian backed forces against isis but this time u.s. forces were waiting. a drone was waiting overhead. pentagon says soleimani and his fighters were responsible for killing 608 americans from 2003 until 2011. 17% of all u.s. troops killed in action. soleimani perfected the use of explosive penetrato that slice through american armor with devastating effect. ten days after the nuclear deal was announced in vienna,
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soleimani traveled to meet vladimir putin and other top u.srussian officials in breach f u.s. sanctions. soleimani and his iranian backed militia men fought against isis in the past five years, making a de facto alliance with the u.s. military. iranian backed fighters have launched attacks against the united states including 11 rocket attacks on u.s. forces since late october trying to push them out of the country once again. iraq's prime minister has condemned to the strikes, calling and assassination. 5,000 u.s. troops deployed to iraq, parliament calling for them to leave. >> melissa: let's bring in retired four-star general, fox news analyst and chairman. thank you so much for joining us. let me ask you first to react to the news we have now sent 3,000 more troops to the middle east. what do you think that will mean? >> first of all i think it's
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sending two messages. one, we want to be prepared for anything that takes place and make certain we've got troops in the right area for that. and obviously we knew about this attack being planned by soleimani and the others in iraq and i think we have very exquisite intelligence on what was taking place. so that's one thing, to be able to react. the second thing, it shows the iranians that this president is dead serious. he's already added 14,000 troops to the area of the middle east as a result of the iranians provocations that began 18 months ago. i will tell you sunday, melissa. this president has restrained himself from reacting to all of the iranian provocations, to include shooting down a u.s. drone, attacking one of the largest oil fields in the world. but he drew a redline. he didn't call it a redline but that's what it is. he said "don't kill any
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americans or i will respond" and he responded. >> melissa: do you think it's important for the president to make good on that statement from secretary pompeo saying we had evidence of an imminent attack, that is why he has landed in iraq and that's why we took them out now? do you think it's important to share that information or that evidence with the american public and at least with other politicians in washington? >> first of all i think eventually that will be done. that's not going to take place now, i don't think so. that source is how we got that information and they believe they had very detailed information and a work up on this operation that the iranian backed militia was planning. they are not going to come forward and give us all that information. we had to trust our government officials, that they are telling us the truth.
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secretary pompeo tells us that, the chairman and joint chiefs and i think the american people should take it at face value. >> melissa: the argument that's being made from the other side, the former vice president and presidential candidate joe biden saying we have put dynamite into a tinderbox. they said that's the president's fault, he's the one that pulled back on the iranian nuclear deal, how do you respond to that? >> it's such nonsense. for eight years, president obama's seminal objective of foreign policy was to create a deal with the iranians so they would join the community of responsible nations. by making a deal that is largely appeasement. he wanted to have his nixon moment with china, so to speak.
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iranians were on the war in syria, soleimani is in and out of there all the time. they are directing a war in yemen, encroaching on israel, hundreds of thousands of rockets into lebanon. this is what we've got as a result of this policy. this administrative came in and said no, we are no longer going to continue a policy of appeasement, we are going to in front of iran's maligned behavior and attempt to change it through diplomatic and economic means. >> melissa: before we rented a time, do you think we've seen more violence as a result of this attack last night or less violence? >> the iranians have a choice to make. are they going to walk up the ladder of escalation and therefore there will be a reaction? or at some point or are they going to take the deal president trump has been offering them and come back to the negotiating table? they are escalating, the
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united states is not escalating in my judgment. >> melissa: always a pleasure to have you, thank you. reactions to swift on capitol hill to the president's order to take out iran's top general in baghdad. the hard party lines being drawn, that's next. ♪ son ecotank. no more buying cartridges. look at all this ink it comes with. big ink tanks. lots of ink. no more cartridges. incredible amount of ink. the epson ecotank. just fill and chill.
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>> melissa: president trump's decision to order the strike that took out iran's top general drawing swift reaction on capitol hill. republicans praising the move, saying qassem soleimani killed hundreds of americans and the u.s. is safer with him gone but democrats are saying the president needed congressional authorization and may have just set off a massive war. mitch mcconnell and
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chuck schumer speaking on the senate floor minutes ago. speak of the operation that led to soleimani's death may prove controversial or divisive. i recommend all senators wait to review the facts and hear from the administration before passing much public judgment. speak of this action may well have brought our nation closer to another endless war. exactly the kind of endless war the president promised he would not drag us into. >> melissa: white house correspondent kevin corke has more from west palm beach, florida, near the president's residence at mar-a-lago. having? >> melissa, good to be with you. the president also cap democrats in the dark when they had the operation to eliminate -- there was an expectation to be candid, that there will be this fierce pushback by democrats but obviously this operation in particular has a great number of
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them, frankly, up in arms. and has them asking questions and demanding answers. >> his direction of the iranian revolutionary guard has worked to test destabilize the region including our efforts in iraq. were not going to lament his death but the question is, that has to be answered by the administration next week when congress comes back into session is what brought us to this moment? >> republicans think the way the president and his military cadre handled this was with the precisely perfect amount of operational security. >> the last group of people you want to talk to about this is democrats in congress, republicans in congress, okay? this is not a distraction. what president trump did is save thousands or hundreds of american lives and our allies. >> you heard lindsey graham mention omar, the reference to ilhan omar, congressman from the
10:18 am
state of minnesota. nancy pelosi says level congress must immediately be briefed on this consideration, including the significant escalation of the deployment of additional troops to the region. as you just heard in lucas' report, talking about thousands. we expect to hear from the president at some point this afternoon, he has an event in miami coming up. >> melissa: kevin corke, thank you. congressman jim banks of indiana sits on that house armed services and veteran affairs committee, he served in afghanistan. thank you so much for joining us. let me ask you to react to this news that there are 3,000 more troops do to be deployed now to the middle east as a result of this. do you think we are saving lives as lindsey graham says or are we risking them? are you comfortable with this? >> there is no question about it, today america is safer than
10:19 am
we were yesterday. this president deserves a great deal of credit. >> melissa: can you hear me, sir? goodness. we had a problem with his feed. if we can get them back, we certainly will. in the meantime, the trump administration responding to a to iranian aggression with a swift and deadly military strike. a sharp contrast to predecessor barack obama. which president has a more effective approach? the power panel weighs in. that's next. ♪ in my line of work, i come face to face with a lot of behinds. so i know there's a big need for gas-x maximum strength. it works fast. relieving pressure, bloating, and discomfort before you know it. so no one needs to know you've got gas. gas-x
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>> melissa: the u.s. air strike that took out tehran's top military general highlighting the stark contrast between president trump and his predecessor. mike pompeo criticizing the obama administration's approach. >> we took a very different
10:24 am
approach. we didn't say cash to the iranians, we didn't pay for hostages. we didn't create a deal which would have given them a clear pathway to a nuclear weapon. we taken a different approach, when we ultimately will lead to success and stability in the middle east. >> melissa: and opinion editor of "the washington times" writing "this in the white house of barack obama's days. under this administration at the american interests that come first." about former obama advisor ben rose calls the decision dangerous. "there are real world consequences for having trump as president. they are becoming increasingly clear and he is the one who was going to have to navigate incredibly complicated and dangerous messes of his own creation. this is not reality tv." let's bring in our power panel, johnny joey jones, christian
10:25 am
whitening, former state department senior advisor and senior fellow at the center of national interest and fox nes correspondent gillian turner. sergeant jones, i want to start with you. you had a response on twitter to ban road saying you started a war over at imaginary redline. we have the iran we have today because of your policy. to this one out. explain. >> problem is we have the iran we have today because the obama administration objectively through policy never found a balance between restraint and deterrence. iran doesn't see simple messages like what ben rose is tweeting or perhaps the policy president obama brought forth as a deterrent and because of that they become emboldened. >> melissa: president trump tweeting "iran never won all war but never lost a negotiation." christian, that's throwing a lot
10:26 am
of shade at the obama administration, basically saying they were taken advantage of. >> they were. they are not alone. republican administrations have made big mistakes, it's too. they've basically been pushing on an open door since the regime came to power, taking american diplomats hostage, killing marines in beirut, attacking our embassy in beirut, kidnapping and killing u.s. officials and hundreds of americans and this is the first time they have felt a strong and severe consequence for what they are doing. this will be, frankly, a learning moment for the iranian regime. the days of suckering the united states are over. >> melissa: the obama administration would say they were on a path to a more peaceful place with iran, they had the nuclear agreement in place and that the world was a better place. the president ripped the rug out from under the iranians and that's why we are where we are, do you agree with that? >> so, i mean, there could not be a starker contrast between
10:27 am
u.s. foreign policy towards iran under president obama and now under president trump. president obama spent 3-4 years orchestrating, putting a lot of time and energy into getting this nuclear deal on the table. president trump spent an inordinate amount of time and energy from his earliest days on the campaign trail making it a priority to undo that nuclear deal. the proof is in the pudding there. a quick comment, melissa. it was interesting to hear your take and christians take right now on president trump street. i read it very differently, i didn't read that as a dig on president obama and the nuclear deal, i read it as president trump encouraging restraint now, encouraging the iranian regime to consider coming back to the negotiating table. i don't know which one of us is right but that was my first take on that tweet. >> melissa: that's really interesting because that's a lot more nuanced. i don't know how nuanced the tweeting normally is.
10:28 am
in other words, i will send that over to you, sergeant jones, he saying "you can't win at war but you do great at the negotiating table, went you join us? that is how gillian is reading that, that's fascinating. >> i think it can be both and there is a certain amount of truth in both. i think president trump is letting them know that this is a different president and a different administration and military force is not off the table. it's probably what he leans towards at this point and it's up to iran to convince him to go to the negotiating table instead and i think that's an important message to send and one that is a stark contrast to the previous two administrations. if iraq is a proxy war than what is around? a proxy war with russia and china? one of the first times are around broke the nuclear deal was meeting with russia. those are things president trump has his finger on the pulse that ben rose doesn't know anything about today and i think there are important aspects to this we have to look at. i don't know we are in war but
10:29 am
this was an act of war. we killed a government what's next for our men and women in uniform. >> melissa: i've heard a lot of people make the point today, we can buy them off or we can stand up and say no. and i think that is a comparison to how the two copresidents have handled iran so far. do you think that when the obama administration, essentially bought them off, people say it was their money but however you want to say it, gave them cash, where we in a safer place then? >> right, we have great evidence and a track record to know whether this is true and it wasn't just obama, ronald reagan traded arms for hostages that lead to an increase in iranian terrorism. ben rose was involved in that deal and really it was freeing up tens of billions of dollars for the iranian regime, putting more than a billion dollars in cash on a plane in the middle of the night and it resulted in a
10:30 am
very large increase in iranian military activity throughout the middle east. this is a different way, a new way but it's one, frankly, i think that will work very well for the iranians to finally face trouble abroad. also, they faced some political trouble at home. >> melissa: panel, standby, you are coming back soon. iran vowing harsh retaliation, putting major u.s. cities on edge. how law enforcement across the country is ramping up security. plus, senate leaders butting heads on the floor minutes ago as the debate over the rules for an impeachment trial is at a standstill. where the political battle goes from here. ♪
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10:35 am
kills its top military commander. "i've spoken with commissioner shea and deputy commissioner miller about immediate steps nypd will take to protect key new york city locations against attempts of retaliation. on the west coast, the l.a.p.d. staying vigilant. while there is no credible threat to los angeles. we will continue to communicate to state local, federal, and international law enforcement partners regarding any significant intel that might develop. david lee miller is following all of this developing story. >> here in new york people can expect to see more of more random bag searches on the subway as well as deployments of more police with long guns. new york city mayor bill de blasio joined by the police
10:36 am
commissioner and deputy commissioner for counterterrorism how the news conference saying the nypd is ready to respond if iran targets new york city. the mayor emphasized that unlike instances of terrorism, the potential threat the city now faces is unique." he called it the great unknown. >> as a last night we are dealing with a different reality. when i said it last night, at this point, the de facto state of war between the united states of america and iran. none of us knows how this will play out. >> authorities repeated multiple times that there is no credible threat to new york city at this time, adding that the police are prepared to keep new yorkers safe. the deputy commissioner for counterterrorism said in the short term iran or its proxies would most likely try to take action overseas but acknowledge that new york is a potential target. he said "new york is well prepared with manpower, equipment, and intelligence."
10:37 am
>> 14 foreign posts including places such as the united arab emirates, israel, qatar, jordan, and we received reporting overnight from all of those posts that add context and intelligence value to this. that's really what those posts are for. >> beyond new york city, mike pompeo warned that iraqi retaliation could involve a cyber attack. he said tehran has what he termed "deep cyber capability." underscoring that, he says the iraqi general told him that baghdad's air strike orchestrated cyber warfare in washington, d.c. he said the u.s.'s actions yesterday were consistent with deterrence. melissa? >> melissa: david lee miller, thank you. let's head over to capitol hill now, senate leaders addressing the chamber this afternoon, facing off over the rules for an impeachment trial.
10:38 am
listen. >> as soon as the partisan impeachment votes had finished, the prosecutors began to develop cold feet. instead of sending the articles to the senate, they flinched. >> we'll be conduct a fair trial that examines all the facts or not? the country just saw senator mcconnell's answer to that question. his answer is no. >> melissa: joining me now is fox news digital politics editor chris stirewalt. we are still working on impeachment. are they making any progress? >> no, because nancy pelosi is sitting on the ball. we don't know what she's going to do, we don't know what her play here is but the most important thing, arguably, that mitch mcconnell said today was that they cannot proceed at the senate until the house transmits the articles of impeachment. there's been an ongoing debate here in washington about whether the senate could just proceed to the trial.
10:39 am
the constitution doesn't say you must transmit but mitch mcconnell is holding here and made clear today that he cannot proceed until nancy pelosi moves. mcconnell, as he has made clear, would be happy if this ended up as sort of off in limbo for all time but he's made it clear that he can't go i had until pelosi moves and that illustrates the leverage she has and that's what she's trying to take advantage of. >> melissa: what do you think happens from here? you been watching these goings-on for a long time, what do you bet? >> they will make a deal. nancy pelosi want a lot of things. the main thing she wants us to put distance between mcconnell and donald trump. to find a way to pry apart those two. trump has learned to be deferential and respectful to mcconnell who is this master of the senate. he is good at what he does and he's delivered for trump in relief up ways. we don't have to think back that
10:40 am
far to remember a time when trump was on mcconnell's case all a lot that's what pelosi is really looking here is to increase the friction between the halves of the republican party. >> melissa: you have congresswoman ilhan omar, other democrats accusing president trump of using around to distract from impeachment. ilhan omar said "so what if trump wants war, knows this leads to war and needs a distraction? real question is, will those with congressional authority step in and stop him? i know i will." and let me also play for you what congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz said. >> this action was taken more in president trump's self-interest than our national interest paid we had developments in just the last day where emails came out that made it very clear that they covered up the real reason
10:41 am
behind the withholding of hundreds of millions of dollars to ukraine. >> melissa: what you think? >> these are accusations that have plagued president obama, president bush, president clinton, a thing that crops up from time to time when you have foreign policy activity. it was trump himself back in 2012 who said obama would go to war with iran to try to win reelection. these are accusations that are not new to trump about the whole point when you get to all of this stuff, this ain't a pony ride. foreign policy is the hard part and usually there are not that many good options. when it comes down to politically for trump is whether or not this works. whatever the democrats say, whatever anybody says, whoever is happy or sad today, what matters and if we think back to the iraq invasion which was hugely popular, 80% of americans supported the iraq invasion.
10:42 am
doesn't matter what people think now, it matters whether it works because the public is famously fickle on stuff like this. >> melissa: chris stirewalt, always brilliant. thank you. new reaction from 2020 democrats on the assassination of the iranian general. top contenders all weighing in. whether the strike bolsters their case against president trump or maybe does just the opposite. ♪
10:43 am
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>> hi, everyone, i'm dana perino, packed hour ahead. republican congressman and marine mike gallagher yesterday told me the u.s. should strike soleimani. now that it's happened, he's back to react. plus brian kilmeade on how this plays up into 2020 and much more coming up on "the daily briefing." we will see you there. >> trump promised to end endless wars. tragically, his actions now put us on the path to another war. potentially one that could be even worse than before. >> melissa: senator bernie sanders reacting a short while a go to the u.s. air strike in baghdad. he is one of several presidential candidates
10:47 am
criticizing president trump's decision to kill iranian general soleimani. joe biden and pete buttigieg both on the campaign trail today raising concerns about where we are headed with iran. >> this is and was an enormous escalation and it follows a string of dubious actions president trump has taken and drastically increase to the prospects and the risk of war with iran and danger to americans. >> if we've learned nothing else from the middle east in the last 20 years, it's that taking out a bad guy is not a good idea unless you are ready for what comes next. this must not be the beginning of another endless war. >> melissa: and elizabeth warren tweeting "this reckless move escalates the situation with iran and increases the likelihood of more deaths and a new middle east conflict." let's bring our panel back, retired staff sergeant johnny joey jones, christian and
10:48 am
gillian turner pay democrats across the board making the point that this makes us less safe, brings us closer to war, we are sending 3,000 more troops over there, are they right? >> no, they are not and it's sad that there's no john f. kennedy-type democrat in the entire democrat field. all of these people are blame america first who fail to see the upside of taking out someone who is already at war with us. this is not some peaceful person minding his own business and not bothering the united states. someone who was at war with the united states, killing americans and working to export terror from a regime that's seen itself with at war with the united states since it came to power and not one of these people is willing to give our president and our military the benefit of the doubt in a crisis. it's really sad and it's bad politics. the american people know that iran has been pushing us around for way too long and they are going to rally for this president, the democrats are
10:49 am
going to regret what they've done. >> melissa: although, gillian, i would ask you this idea, we don't want to be involved in endless wars is something the president said that resonated with voters and this is the opposite of that. >> anyone on either side of the aisle today, democrat, republican, who tells you they know how this is going to play out over the medium to the long-term is lying because they don't know, i don't know, you don't know and the president of the united states doesn't know. what he's doing now is making the best possible decisions he can based on the information at hand. it's very obvious to anybody with two eyes that in the immediate circumstance, americans on the ground inside a rock waking up today are less safe than they were yesterday. that is why the state department has evacuated them. however that doesn't negate any potential medium or long-term gains that may come out of this. the middle east may very well be a safer region ten years from
10:50 am
now based on this action. nobody knows right now. >> melissa: sergeant jones, it does seem like it placed all of the democrats favor who are running, every one of them will get out there and say he's mad man provoking a wrong, especially joe biden who laid out this perfect peace plan and the president ripped it up and w people are going to die. >> that's called armchair quarterbacking, it's easy to call strikes and balls when you are not the one in the box swinging the bat. i mixed a couple of sports there but that's okay. i believe it was pete buttigieg, i couldn't see the tv. i agree with one thing he said they are, "it's not always a good idea to take out a leader unless you are prepared for what happens next" but that's assuming president trump's and prepared for what happens next. as a voter and an american citizen, i am incredibly hopeful they are prepared and have looked at the strategy, not the
10:51 am
tactical side by the strategy long-term of what happens next and what iran will do and what we will do after that and where this will lead. that's what i hope our administration is focused on and why they went ahead with this attack. >> melissa: christian, do you think they are? >> we can hold them at risk, we can attack without really putting any americans at risk. we can use weapons to attack their highly vulnerable refinery capability. we can attack their nuclear program. iran is very vulnerable. they are just used to getting away with anything. so the president is really control of the situation. >> melissa: gillian, when will we ever know the evidence that secretary pompeo was talking about if there was another imminent attack about to happen? >> i don't at all believe it's incumbent upon the administration to share that information with the american people until such a time as it
10:52 am
is assured to not impact national security in a negative way. unfortunately that is entirely up to the administration so i think the criticism you are hearing today that pompeo is making this statement without any proof is a serious claim. it would be irresponsible for them to share that kind of information today. >> melissa: thanks to all three of you, we appreciate your insight. oil prices jumping on stocks down amid tensions between the u.s. and iran. how much will this impact your money? we will break it down. ♪ like rich, butter-poached maine lobster and crispy crab-stuffed shrimp rangoon. how will you pick just 4 of 10? it won't be easy. better hurry in.
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>> stocks sicking after the u.s. killed that top iranian general. let's take a look at the big board. the dow trading down 213 points on the tensions between the u.s. and terrain. they pushed up the price of oil. joining me now, jackie deangelis from fox business. a couple caveats in there a huge
10:57 am
day yesterday. up 300 points. we haven't given that back today. you'd think with a monumental event overnight, we could have been done over 212. i don't want to jinx it. we have hours to go before the closing bell. >> you're right. we hit all of the records going into the new year. a market on fire. 200 pounds down is a measured response to what happened. i believe jillian said earlier, the bottom line, we don't know what will happen here and the market doesn't know either. the spike in oil is a knee jerk reaction. it could get worse or come down. it depends what the next strike is from the iranians back to us. they said they would retaliate. what do they do? >> it's also interesting, when you look at the oil question, we saw a draw down in oil inventory. you'd see the price go up beyond this. iran is not supposed to be putting oil out on the larger market. so it shouldn't impact it. when they attacked the saudi oil
10:58 am
fields, it helped american frackers. so there's always -- you made the great point about the knee jerk reaction and the reality. >> you're right. so in terms of the exports out of iran, not really a lot. you have to think about iraq, the southern oil fields. yes, the straight of hormuz, 25% of the world's oil comes from there. the u.s. just hit 12.6 million barrels a day. you covered oil. i know how phenomenal that is. when i look at the trump administration rolling back regulation with the oil strategy, it's a national security strategy. because it haas an impact here. don't think they're not thinking about that with decisions like this. the average for gas, the 2.59. that's higher than last year. well under the $3 mark. so it all depends what happens from here. yes, gas prices could go up.
10:59 am
how bad does this get? that's the question. >> no, i remember being in the middle east when we had the huge oil spike that was timed with the credit revolt here in the u.s. and the last recession that we saw. at the time some thought we hit peak oil, that we wouldn't find more oil and that we were enslaved to the middle east for this oil. it's amazing that because of the fracking taking place, as you mentioned, we're producing more oil than ever before. for national security reasons, that makes a big difference. >> it does. you have to look at that in the global scheme of things. i think awhile ago when we were so dependent on foreign oil, decisions were made based on that because of the fear. so you know, this administration is looking at things differently. the american people care about how it impacts their pocketbook. we're watching the markets right now. the dow close to 29,000 is remarkable no matter what. >> i'll see you at 4:00 p.m. eastern on fox business. you'll be co-hosting "after the
11:00 am
bell" with me while collin is out. we'll study when this is over. thanks for watching. harris will be back with us next week. i'm melissa francis. "the daily briefing" starts right now. >> dana: our nation's top diplomats as american lives were on the line when president trump ordered the air strike when the president ordered the strike on iran. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." "" officials calling general qassim suleimani the driving force behind iran's deadliest attacks targeting our military. mike pompeo said the u.s. had to take him out before he could strike again. >> president trump made the decision, serious decision, which was necessary. there was an imminent threat that orchestrated the primary motivator was qassim suleimani. he has


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