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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 5, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PST

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continue the conversation on twitter @howard curt. we talk a lot. we cram as much as we could into the show. we're back at 11:00 a.m. eastern with the latest buzz. >> new warning to iran. body of come mander qassem soleimani returns to iran. welcome to "america's news headquarters," i'm arthel neville. >> i'm eric shawn.
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>> we think iran will make a mistake. or military forces in northeast syria. we have many troops in the region t would be a big mistake for iran to go after them. we are preparing. ed: team fox news coverage for you. first to trey yingst in the middle east in amman, jordan with the latest there. reporter: his body is being flown around the country as part of a large funeral procession. there were hundreds of thousand of people in the streets of iran today participating this as many iranians are calling for a strong response against the united states. iran's supreme leader ayatollah khamenei and president rouhani vowed to respond.
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both parliaments met today. iraqi prime minister mahdi, said he would like forces out of iraq. formally asking the united states to remove more than 5,000 american soldiers who are there helping in fight against the islamic state. overnight two rockets attacks occurred at u.s. bases as president trump said he picked out 52 iranian linked sites at that could be targeted if the iranians and islamic republic decide to respond. iranians said they have 35 american sites in the middle east this they would hit including a u.s. ally israel if the u.s. does decide to participate in any sort of larger proxy war waged by the iranians. listen to sound we have from iranian general who partaked in some of those threats. take a listen here. >> translator: on the criminal enemy imperialism and criminal
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america. reporter: that general there, partaking in a number of threats towards the americans there. this has been part of a larger campaign by the iranians since all of this began. and the targeting of soleimani outside of baghdad international airport. again the concern for american forces there will be a specific response to iraqi bases that house american troops. moving forward, the president ordered more than 3,000 u.s. forces to deploy to a nearby military base in kuwait, preparing for that potential possibility. eric. eric: trey, thank you so much from jerusalem. arthel. arthel: u.s. and allies are on high alert as iran threatens to retaliate against the drone strike that took out its top general. rick leventhal in your bureau for reaction.
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reporter: there is tightening of security across israel with the anticipation there could be retaliation pens american allies after the killing of that iranian general by u.s. forces. but the reaction in editorials here in israeli newspapers that has been overwhelmingly supportive with one calling soleimani the greatest threat to israel over the last few years. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu spoke before a cabinet meeting earlier today praising president trump saying soleimani was responsible for countless deaths of americans and many others for decades. >> kassem soleimani initiated plans and carried out many terrorist attacks across the middle east and beyond. president trump is deserveing all taking decisive strong and quick action. reporter: netanyahu said israel stands alongside the u.s. in the struggle for security peace, and
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self-defense. british defense secretary ordering two warships to return to the strait of hormuz as tensions are rising in the region. this morning the british foreign minister said the goal is to de-escalate the situation. >> u.s. will take operational judgment call but they got the right of self-defense. if you look what jell soleimani was doing he is not some victim in the scenario. he was a regional menace. reporter: in iraq, the u.s.-led coalition says the focus shifted from supporting iraqi forces in the fight against isis to protecting u.s. personnel and bases against possible attacks. we've also gotten confirmation today from nato that its training activities in iraq have been suspended. 29 ambassadors to nato will meet in brussels on monday to discuss the iraqi situation. arthel: very fluid situation.
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rick leventhal, thank you very much. eric: what comes next? international security expert for the mit security studies programs is with us. he met with officials about the iran nuclear program and testified about iran before the u.s. senate. expelling foreign forces meaning us, our troops, is this unintended consequence for the strike and do you think they will go through with this. >> definitely, eric, this is unintended consequence of the strike. iraq reacting to the fact that we carried out an assassination on their own territory and killed some of their people. that was politically unacceptable. there already caught between the u.s. and iran as it was. and this just pushed it over the edge. will they actually do it, eric? i don't know. this is more of a salvo. iraq has a lot of problems right now. most of it having to do with reform and protest movement and their own internal problems. they may be just sounding off
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now. i sort of doubt whether they fully pull the trigger on that. because that is more complications in a lot for them which is already deeply complicated. eric: they have a lot of problems with iran. how do you prevent from becoming a satellite of tehran? we saw protests on the streets in baghdad against the theocratic regime of tehran. how do officials push back against that. >> iran was the country that kill ad lot of isis when isis invaded iraq. they have a positive bilateral relationship. there will be tensions. iran will try to ininfluence iraq and sometimes it will overplay its hand. we saw the result of iran doing that earlier in the month when you had protesters in iraq protesting iranian influence. right now we yanked the rug on that, right? they were mad at us. they were mad at iranians. they were protesting them. that was all before, the focus
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is on us because we went to carry out this assassination. you're right, unintended consequence. i expect there will be more to follow. eric: here is secretary of state mike pompeo this morning on fox news sunday talking about the iraqi decision. >> we've been in the country. we've been supporting iraqi sovereignty. we're talking down the terrorist threat against the iraqi people. the prime minister is the resigned prime minister. he is acting prime minister. he is under enormous threats from very iranian leadership it is we're pushing back against. we're confident that the iraqi people want the united states to be there to fight the counterterror campaign. we'll do all the things we need to do to keep america safe. eric: do you think that will happen? >> i think that is really a bizarre thing to say. we're saying we don't care what iraq thinks. we'll stay in iraq whether they want us or not. i doubt that is true. i don't think iraq will go all the way through.
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they passed the resolution through the parliament but don't come to the ultimate conclusion. more open fight with iran, the worse it puts iraq in their position. they are literally physically caught between us. so this sort of continuing to make threats, we're going to hit 52 iranian targets. we're going to attack their cultural centers, that is not helping iraq. they want to push us away. they don't want any part of that. eric: the secretary of state made it very clear we'll go after the decisionmakers. jeh johnson, obama official said soleimani was a lawful military objective. here is what the secretary of state said this morning on "fox news sunday." >> in 2015 the obama-biden administration essentially handed power to the iranian leadership. acted as a quasi-ally of theirs, underwriting them, underwriting very militias kill americans, resources money they had to buildout the forces throughout
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the shia crescent was provided by the nuclear deal. we allowed europeans to go do business there. piled up the cash. all these things are the very challenge that the trump administration had to correct. eric: finally, how do you think this will play out, jim. >> wow. that took a lot of chutzpah. they broke the agreement. the trump administration went in and trashed the agreement. everything we sinced experienced, downing of drones, attack on air ramco in saudi arabia, attack on bases, now this back and forth. none of that happened when we had the nuclear agreement. none of that happened. when president trump got out of the nuclear agreement he promised that iran would behave peacefully. they could -- eric: jim. eric: iran has been attacking did. >> that is opposite. eric: iran has been attacking the west. israel, the bombing of the -- argentina. on and on. >> none that happened during the iran deal. talk about what iran deal
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between 2015 and time that mr. trump broke the iran deal. they did none of this. none of it. they broke it and said, we'll force them to do our will. we'll make them submit and all will be peaceful and exact opposite has happened. now the u.s. is in the business and to pick up on your point, eric, we're saying we will assassinate government officials of other countries, not since world war ii has the u.s. ever done that. welcome to a new world which other countries they may decide want to assassinate us for whatever reason. that is not a world we want to get into. we've crossed a line here. we're creating a more dangerous world. eric: jim wall of, mit center. jim as always, thank you. >> thanks, eric. arthel: a key military base used by american soldiers attacked in kenya. u.s. officials say militants from somalia-based al shabaab tried but failed to breach the base this morning. four attackers were killed. it is not yet clear if any u.s.
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or kenyan forces were killed but the attack destroyed u.s. aircraft and vehicles. al qaeda linked group says the attack had nothing to do with the u.s.-iran crisis. at least five people are dead and dozens more are hospitalized after a crash on a highway east of pittsburgh. a fedex truck and other tractor-trailers colliding with a tour business early this morning. mark meredith following the developments for us live. mark? >> good afternoon, arthel. investigators say this all began when the tour bus was traveling down hill and struck an embankment. trucks behind the truck crashed into it. officials in pennsylvania say five people were killed and 60 others her. the crash happened shortly before 4:00 a.m look at video from the scene of the crash. if you look closely you see the fedex tractor-trailer, two additional trucks and what appears to be a coach passenger bus on its side. we do not know which vehicle the
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five people were killed riding in that range from age 7 to 52 years old. it happened in westmoreland county. 80-mile stretch of the turnpike remains closed at least 25 survivors were taking to a hospital in mount pleasant pennsylvania. ntsb is joining the investigation. we've seen a tweet from pens gain governor tom wolfe, he wrote quote, saddened to learn about the fatal crash on the turnpike this morning. keeping the families and victims in my prayers. police and responders prevented further loss of life. pat toomey said my deepest condolences to those who died in a massive ask in westmoreland county early this morning. join me in keeping them and all the who were injured in the in your thoughts and prayers.
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fedex cooperating with authorities about the investigation. investigators plan to hold a news conference roughly 15 minutes from now in acme, pennsylvania. we'll look what investigators have learned since the crash. arthel. arthel: mark meredith, thank you. eric: 2020 presidential candidates are barnstorming iowa with the caucuses less than a month away. we're live on the campaign trail to report on what they're saying. we're live down under in australia where the country's prime minister is defending the handling of those horrible massive wildfires amid widespread criticism as they continue to decimate the land and the livestock. ♪. ut to become your problem. ahh no, come on. i saw you eating poop earlier. hey! my focus is on the road, and that's saving me cash with drivewise. who's the dummy now? whoof! whoof!
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♪. arthel: welcome break for crews desperately fighting the massive wildfires in australia. with cool every temperatures and light rain in the south. as authorities start to assess the damage, the country's prime minister is here with this warning. >> the fires are not over. the crisis is not over. there are months to go and sadly there will still be more cost that will be incurred as a result of the devastating impacts so the recover need is going to be great.
9:19 am
arthel: jeff paul in new south wales, australia, jeff. reporter: death toll rising to 24 in the devastating bush fires. this is one of the areas devastated by the flames. firefighters working around the clock to contain any fires they can, to try to save as many lives and homes as possible. so far more than 12 million-acres have burned since the bush fires started back in september. close to 2,000 hopes have been destroyed in the fires are greatly impacting the wildlife. experts estimate half a billion animals have been killed. thousands and thousands have been forced to evacuate. some are facing tough reality if they don't go, they might not be able to get out. >> it is pretty scary. like something out of a horror movie. i never seen anything like it i told my mom and dad. it is just really scary.
9:20 am
i have no idea what is going on. reporter: now a bit of relief in store today for australia as the weather finally takes a turn. temperatures cooled off significantly. it rain ad fair amount few hours ago. we're expecting more rain later today. here in new south wales the shift in weather helped firefighters gain upper hand on several fires but many are still burning and not contained. fire officials say the latest weather not enough to extinguish the massive threat from on going brush fires. facing criticism for not acting fast enough, the prime minister here in australia pledged 3,000 reservists to help out in relief efforts. we're hearing about help coming from the united states. firefighters as far as away from los angeles who are all too familiar with fighting wildfires will be becoming to australia to help out. weir hearing about celebrities
9:21 am
like pink and singer keith urban and actress kick coal -- nicole kidman pledging money to help australia get back on its feet. arthel: we're definitely with the people of australia. jeff paul, thank you. eric: iowa caucuses less than a month away. 2020 candidates are out and about across the hawkeye state trying to bolster support. ellison barber at a bernie sanders campaign event. brunch with bernie for those that want to attend. >> candidates are trying to get as much face time as possible with iowa voters. senator bernie sanders is in boon iowa, speaking with voters behind me. he is kicking off 2020 with best standing in iowa and
9:22 am
new hampshire. sanders is now in first place in iowa, tied with former vice president joe biden in south bend india and mayor pete buttigieg. all coming in with 23%. they would get a similar number of caucus if the iowa caucus took place today. iowa is february third. new hampshire is a week after that. focus on the killing of soleimani and some are being careful with the words they use to describe the ordered killing. avoiding questions whether whether or not it was an assassination. warren, sanders and buttigieg all referred to soleimani's death as assassination. senator elizabeth warren said there is no doubt that is what this was but mayor. pete: -- mayor pete buttigieg seems to back away bra that characterization. >> i would never hesitate to use
9:23 am
force if it was necessary to protect american lives. the question was it necessary? >> was it assassination? >> i'm not interested in the terminology. i'm interested in the consequences. reporter: senator warren suggested the timing of strike is suspect. she told nbc news with an impeachment trial on the docket and shifting justifications coming from the administration, people are reasonably asking why kill soleimani now? eric? eric: thank you,. arthel: bracing for potential retaliation from iran after their top military general was killed in an airstrike. what is iran's capability militarily speaking and how worried should we be about the regime's possible next move. lonnie's is better than good. we got oak, cherry, walnut, and more.
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iand i don't add up the years. but what i do count on is boost high protein. and now, introducing new boost mobility with collagen for joint health. when taken daily, its key nutrients help support joints, muscles, and strong bones. new, boost mobility. ♪. eric: the u.s. and iran both wrapping up the verbal threats in the wake of killing of
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iranian general qassem soleimani. as they describe the regime missile forces it is the largest in the middle east. barrett 10 any live in the western bureau with more on iran's capabilities. reporter: iran's military is more than half a million strong. the weapons and equipment are old and low quality. with ballistic missiles, they have the largest and diverse arsenal in the middle east with more than 2,000 missiles capable of reaching targets anywhere in the region according to the center for strategic and international studies that threat is somewhat limited though, iran has not developed technology for those missiles to be reliably accurate. the islamic republic navy has shown ability to wreck havoc on the world's oil supply by harassing ships passing through the crucial strait of hormuz and
9:29 am
taking on u.s. forces like did it four years ago when it captured four u.s. sailors who were later released. beyond those threats, iran has nearly a quarter of a million soldiers in the proxy forces in the middle east who could be called upon to carry out an attack. u.s. officials are bracing for potential cyberattack, given iranian hackers improved last decade, undertook 14 cyber operations the last year alone according to the strategic for international studies. iran has plenty of options how it will respond. its leaders vow it will take action. >> translator: iran in will prepare a response in a way to make the enemy regret what it did while keep the nation from a war if possible. reporter: on "fox news sunday," secretary of state mike pompeo said the u.s. is ready to respond to whatever kind of action iran ultimately likes to take. eric: copied our state panel
9:30 am
there, you see that behind that guy. garrett, thank you. arthel: right now we'll talk about what could happen if the u.s. is provoked into responding to potential military move by iran. joining my now, colonel david hunt. thanks for being here. today the military advisor to iran's supreme leader telling cnn his countries response will certainly be a military response and against military sites. so colonel hunt, what does it say to you and what is the u.s. defense strategy for such a threat? >> yeah. iranians disinformation, they are going to, they can attack a lot of different directions. it is a capable military. can expand to a million people. it is half a million. they have capable special operations force. they are great, have really expanded their cyber capability.
9:31 am
the issue for us is that we cannot protect all u.s. assets all over the world. we can't even -- there are sleeper cells in the u.s. from iran. sleeper cells all over the world. what we did, is a game-changer. soleimani should have died a long time ago. it is accurate to say he is second most powerful man and beloved creature in iran. they have to decide what they're going to do. mullahs may be more worried about the embargo which really hurt them. the military will want to attack us. we'll see who has real power in iran. but they get now, we, we punched them hard. now they get to punch back. arthel: the british foreign minister saying his country is working to de-escalate the situation. how much will the u.s. rely on allies in the region and how much are those allies willing to engage in this current,
9:32 am
uncertain scenario? >> the british had a frigate, a destroyer size boat taken by iran about five years ago and didn't do anything about it. love our british allies but this one, we're on our own. i see no way the brits will be able to influence this or anybody else. this is a game changing operation we did. we did it. it is righteous. very, very bad guy but there always will be consequences. we have escalated. that's okay but the, our allies, nato, et cetera, eu, i don't see putting anything in this at all. arthel: i want to play some sound from north lindsey graham on "sunday morning futures" and then some sound from secretary of state mike pompeo on "fox news sunday" today with chris wallace. >> maximum pressure campaign against iran is working. their economy is in the toilet. obama tried to give them to change by giving them a bunch of
9:33 am
money and a new nuclear deal. that didn't work. trump is trying to get them to change through a maximum pressure campaign. >> endless wars are the direct result of weakness and president trump will never let that happen. we're going to get it right. we'll get the force posture right. we'll get our facilities as hardened as we can possibly get them to defend against what iran may potentially do. don't make a mistake. america's position to have footprint in the middle east reduced while still making america safe. arthel: general hunt, because president trump ordered a strike on general soleimani will that give iran paws to further escalate beyond the additional response tehran feels necessary to save face? >> no. what it will give, what caused a lot of trouble, graham is right about this, we created with this embargo, iran's economy is the size of romania's. it is really been effective. militarily we did something that
9:34 am
there will be cause and effect, no question. we are in an endless war. i totally disagree with the the secretary of state. we're in 18 plus years in afghanistan and iraq right now. we have thousands of soldiers in the middle east. 5000 in iraq. we are the in middle of an end le war. if iraq voted to kick us out, let's go. we've done all we can do. arthel: they haven't voted. iraqi parliament, they vote, but the decision is up to the prime minister as you know. >> right. arthel: play some more sound from secretary of state mike pompeo. he was also on cbs this morning. >> make no mistake about it, iraqi people too are protesting but not against america. it is united states that is prepared to help the iraqi people get what it is they deserve and continue our mission there to take down terrorism from isis and others in the region, in defense of the iraqi people and good for america too. arthel: he was there on "face
9:35 am
the nation." here is my final question to you, colonel hunt, is u.s. military presence in the middle east necessary to maintain stability in the region? >> no. there is no stant in the middle east. we need to go pack to the war on terror with baghdadi and soleimani. that does not take us occupying all the countries in the middle east. we tried to donation building, create jeffersonian democracies in places that are tribal. we need to fight the war on terror, we have not been stablizing force. the problem with iran now was partially created by attack in iraq. we helped make iran a superpower we're now dealing with. so, no, for our benefit the war on terror, kill baghdadi's, kill soleimanis, stop the nation-building because it just hasn't worked. despite all the bloodshed, all the treasure we lost it didn't work. arthel: you feel confident the plan moving forward will be
9:36 am
effective? >> the u.s. plan or the iranian plan? arthel: the u.s. plan. >> i not sure i know what the u.s. plan is. this administration can come out of afghanistan. the president ran on it. we can still come out of iraq. my take is after 18 years, we obviously should have learned our lesson and we don't seem to. if we believe what the government found in the afghan papers, there have been all the last three administrations have been lying about it. more than enough time to get back, leave a force that kels things like soleimani and baghdadi. make that the war on terror. not what we've been doing for 18 years. arthel: come david hunt, have to leave it there. >> you're welcome. eric: they're chanting "death to america" with the iranian parliament in iran. nothing new with that. an iranian journalist joins us and activist who lives in the
9:37 am
u.s. in exile. good to see you. we saw hundreds of thousands on the streets of tehran with soleimani's body supporting him. does that actually reflect the view of the average iranian? >> let me tell you something, this is part of propaganda war in iran. we're used to it. for iranian government it is easy to guarranty such public service for ostensibly soleimani but let's not for get, less than two months, more than 100 cities people took to the streets to protest against the islamic republic. according to reuters 1500 people got killed, 7,000 people are arrested. this is the true face of islamic republic. they won't allow people to go to the streets but actually, employees of the government have to attend this rally. they were all tv channels, encouraged people to attend. i received a lot of videos from
9:38 am
parents saying that the school classes were canceled and student were forced to go to the streets. this is part of propaganda war inside of iran. eric: what does the average person think? you just said 1500 people got killed. let me be specific. 1500 protesters were murdered in cold blood by this regime, shot to death, innocent, helpless people trying to exercise democratic rights on the streets of this theocratic dictatorship. >> the family of those people who got killed, i have interviewed them. they were not even allowed to have a public gathering. now islamic republic call for a public service qassem soleimani. this is hypocrisy. let me you something journalist, as iranian opposition activist, i called soleimani a warmonger. i said the islamic republic is a
9:39 am
dictatorship. i have to make it clear as well president trump's threat to bomb, cultural sites is not acceptable. why? because it would be a exist to the islamic republic. the islamic republic itself has raised war against our ancient culture, against our identity, against our history and what we the people of iran want, we want to get rid of this hostage takers. that is why i strongly believe president trump must not threaten iranian people or iranian cultural sites because the islamic republic would welcome him. average iranians, they see revolutionary guard like a terrorist organization. why? because they have killed people in the street. they have actually tried to erase our historical and cultural sites and create and built fake historical religious
9:40 am
monuments for our clerics and ayatollahs. that is why it is very important to make it clear right now, the islamic republic welcoming any kind of threat against people to get these people united. eric: finally, what do you think will be a tipping point? can there be a tipping point against the regime? we've seen banners on the street? national council of resistance of iran, various supporters and others flying banners against soleimani, hailing this killing, criticizing the regime. can there be a step that the iranian people eventually will be able to live in freedom? >> good question. iranian people who live inside of iran, they are brave enough to risk their lives and go to the streets and chant against the sue ream leader of iran, against revolutionary guard, actually saying that in the street, not me saying here or some of the opposition outside of iran, people in the street were chanting and saying why you send our money to syria? why you send our money to
9:41 am
lebanon? why you send our money to iraq? the people of iran want this, american government asked own allies, european paulment, eu, the leaders of iran are criminals. we want open investigation about the killings of people that took to the street and parents are in prison. family of those people who got killed like hostages. they are not allowed to have media. we want the western media to understand that these criminals are not heroes. people of iran do not want war. military confrontation but this is the islamic republic seeking for war, courting military confrontation to divert the attention of the rest of the world from its own crisis and criminals inside of iran. eric: are they still in power? it has been power for decades. we'll see how it plays out. >> thanks so much for having me. eric: tune into fox news later tonight. we'll have a special hour, called the showdown with iran,
9:42 am
hosted by jon scott. 10 p.m. eastern here on the fox news channel. jon will have latest breaking developments from the middle easts . so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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that's service i can trust... no matter what i'm hauling. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ arthel: lawmakers return to capitol hill this week but still no word when speaker nancy pelosi will send articles of impeachment to the senate. senator lindsey graham reacted to the delay on "sunday morning futures." >> what she is doing is bad for the country, it is bad for the senate. it keeps us from getting on with the business of the american people. it denies the president his day in court. the founders never envisioned you would have a speaker do something like this. >> i don't think it will be indefinite, no. i don't think at all that is the desired motivation here. the desire is to get a commitment from the senate that they will have a fair trial, fair to the president, yes, but fair to the american people. arthel: joining me, michael
9:47 am
wilner. correspondent for mcclatchy. how long will the impasse on impeachment last? >> it is very much unclear. if you're wondering if anything moved since christmas, the answer is no. there is not any meaningful progress of any kind. we heard obviously from mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer, senate majority and minority leaders, on friday. they both essentially repeated their positions from before the holiday break. mitch mcconnell is saying he he sees this as political process and treat it as such. chuck schumer and nancy pelosi say they want to see a fair trial. republicans say it was not a fair process in the house so why should they treat it that way in the senate? there is the position for weeks and there does not seem to be, arthel, any movement. arthel: crucial lawmakers will get a briefing on the situation in iran and the strike on general soleimani.
9:48 am
any reporting what details have been provided and what questions might linger? >> it seems as if democrats are not entirely satisfied by what they have been hearing. you know, just to draw a small bridge between the two, arthel, you know you have democrats who are wondering, why now, why did the president act against qassem soleimani now given you have an impeachment trial on the docket in the senate? is there a connection between the two? obviously when you have senator elizabeth warren on the campaign trail drawing that linkage. we don't have reporting supporting that linkage at this time. this is something you are hearing from democrats at this moment and that is something you will see in the coming days. >> if that is the play, by democrat, how might republicans use increased tensions with iran? >> that is hard to say. i don't think anyone is
9:49 am
interested in using such a volatile situation, given the fact that we may be on the precipice of a major war. at the same time, you know, democrats certainly feel, and some republicans it should be made clear, that this needs to go through the proper investigation if you will. and of course, as an aside from that, beyond the circumstantial matters, you have got members of congress saying that there is a constitutional war powers debate to be had over the way in which this was conducted, and over any future actions that might transpire if iran responds in kind and if the u.s. is forced to retaliate and we get into a cycle of violence. arthel: white house correspondent for mcclatchy, michael willner. thank you, michael. >> my pleasure. eric: some people think it is like "jurassic park" coming
9:50 am
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eric: investigators in idaho searching home after man in connection with the suspicious
9:54 am
death of his first wife and disappearance of his new stepchildren. they are believed to be part of a doomsday cult, police say, they are reportedly on the run. two siblings you see here are 7 and 17 years old. they have not been seen since late september. arthel: small satellite launched to study planets has gone dark. nasa jet propulsion lab in california said it lost contact with hysteria satellite, satellite the size of a suitcase designed to search for planets outside the solar system. they will try to reestablish the satellite until march. eric: on planet earth, green iniguanas are. >> hundreds of thousands of unwanted visitors are invading florida home and public areas. while the green iguana are
9:55 am
enjoying the florida sun, comparing the take over like jury sass i can park. >> they go running, looks like little dinosaurs running away from him. reporter: a golf course owner spends hundred of iguanas invading her property. >> as you see hundreds a day driving around the golf course. that is not funny more. reporter: green iguanas are not nato south florida. they were first sold and shipped as pets in south america. >> look a at that. reporter: problem is a live on its own. a big business for professional trappers. >> we had instances we moved them off people's barrel tile roofs. they're in the attics. them falling into people's toilets. digging underneath home foundations. reporter: trappers use equipment like this snare to remove up to 100 iguanas per day. biologists say florida heat provides perfect conditions for
9:56 am
iguanas to thrive and breathe. >> we had not as cold events in 2010, on less frequent basis, we're seeing more and more iguanas pop up. they don't have pushback of cold weather kill off the population. reporter: fish and wildlife conservation commission to kill them on their properties whenever possible since it is illegal for homeowners to let them go. in cooper city, florida. fox news. eric: they are huge. arthel: that does it for us. we'll be back at 4:00 eastern, 3:00 central. eric: we'll see you later. thanks for joining us. keep it up. you'll get there. whoa-hoa-hoa! 30 grams of protein, and one gram of sugar. ensure max protein. introducing ore-ida potato pay.
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