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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  January 6, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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the winter cheer to quinn walker and that she was born with half a heart and her family wanted to take her to the snow and they could not and they brought the snow to her. at 5 tons of it, though the police did and she had a fun time at her house. if thank you for inviting us into your home, fair, balanced, unafraid and here is martha. >> martha: so, tonight, iranian president who openly wept at soleimani's funeral is now pushing back at the president trump's warning about 52 iranian sites that could be targets. tweeting this breed of "those referred to the number 52 should also remember the number 290. never threatened the iranian nation." he's referring to to the 290 iranian civilians who were killed when their plane was accidentally shot down by the u.s. missile back in 1988. 2020 democratic presidential
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candidates says that all of this is jeopardizing our national security interests. she said no war with iran. she joins me exclusively in moments. senator tom firmly planted on the other side of the debate. if he is also here, and respond to chelsey gabbert tonight. also this evening's battle over the impeachment trial is heating up. john bolton now says that he is willing to talk and testify if he was subpoenaed. thoughts on that and also here tonight for the president's actions and iran. before we began, fox correspondent benjamin hall live tonight in amman, jordan. good evening. >> good evening, martha, ever since we have learned the death of qassem soleimani we have heard it from that threats and retaliation that threats and revenge that threatens to shed american blood and we heard from the military leaders and we hurried in again today during
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the fo funeral and qassem soleimani. over 1 million people turned out to them or him and they say they are going to attack in the u.s. homeland they said they're going to attack the white house, saudi arabia shifts from the persian gulf, u.s. embassies, ay also said they're going to attack president trump himself and they put in the $18 million bounty on his head and they have to ask the crown if they would donate a dollar each to finance that. we also heard from the successor's nam, he was in charf their afghanistan operation. critically, he said he was going to continue the wreck so mike soleimani is a legacy of harnessing properties around the region and use them to wield around power and he spoke to the need and so they plan something together. out of around, they would no longer abide by limit set by the
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2015 nuclear agreement that he would start enriching uranium and start breaking and start collecting materials to build the atomic weapon and they wanted the bomb and they now seem to be on the path to try to get it. they might take about 7-8 months and to boost the defensive measures, they also dispatched another 3,000 troops on top of the 750 who have got to kuwait as a precaution. if from the u.s. perspective the officials have said that there will be no more u.s. strikes unless iran does something that warrants them. on sunday nights, the vote by the iraqi parliament said all u.s. troops must leave iran and it's a nonbinding vote and there are a few more for it to pass through and it's a worrying sign of how conflicted or rock's and certainly how tense the whole region is. martha. >> martha: thank you. here now exclusively,
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congresswoman chelsea gabbert of hawaii an end the 2020 democratic presidential veteran my candidates, and veteran in the army national guard and here thank you very much good to have you here tonight. >> thank you, martha, appreciate the opportunity. >> martha: you think it's heading in the very bad direction and what you think happens next? >> we have to be clear eyed about the situation that we are in and we are inching closer -- actually, more than inching, speeding towards an all-out war with iran that would make the work that we have seen in iraq and afghanistan look like a picnic. it will be far more costly, lives, american lives, american taxpayer dollars, and all towards accomplishing what goal? what objective? that's the crux of the decision that president trump made to take out soleimani, we have the make sure the commander in chief is making decisions that are
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based on the best interest of the safety and security of the american people and their own national security and that's not what's happened here. >> martha: okay, put yourself in a moment in the white house and the oval office any of the situation where tankers are being hit any of the situation where the american contractor is killed and then you have the embassy that we built in the sovereign united states territory under attack. what would you do? >> actually, work to de-escalate the situation and we've got to recognize that these things did not just happen overnight. these things began with trump's withdrawal from the agreement and choosing to move away from diplomacy and further escalating tensions between the u.s. and iran and escalating crippling sanctions of modern day sieges against iran and sending more and more troops to the region and further escalating tensions. of and designating iran's military as a terrorist organization and further escalating this conflict with iran and something that has never been done by any country anywhere in the world before.
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it's where he has not put the national security interest of our country first and i just want to finish this because there's two main points here of how he has undermined the national security and number one, every day that goes on iran is not in the nuclear agreement and just yesterday, he announced there are no longer abiding by any restrictions that were part of the agreement, that means they are closer to developing a nuclear weapon capability at putting us in the world at risk and, never to come up because the forces in iraq for example o longer going to be focusing on defeating and end ag that al qaeda and isis are not allowed the resurgence of the commander, our commander yesterday said we are not doing that anymore because our troops have to focus on iran and allowing isis and al qaeda to create and mount a resurgence -- >> martha: i think there are plenty of people who agree with you and on the other side of equation, when you're presented with the intelligence, and
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members of congress here with the intelligence was, i mentioned on wednesday or at least a little bit more information on the imminent threats. if you don't take the target of opportunity to take this person who is behind that threats to american citizens and american per military. you take a risk of having people turned back to you and say, how could you have allowed our people, our military to be made vulnerable by this attack when you knew you had the opportunity to take this guy out? i want you to listen for a second to sergeant bartlett who has been a frequent blast to gu. an iranian blue him up and took his friends. watch this. >> retribution for this, in the hands of iranians, sergeant williams, sergeant james, corporal bishop, robert, all
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these guys and died at the hands of the iranians in the current regime and under the kurds for a spate of. so for us it is retribution. >> martha: take him out and prevent further attack against men and women like that how do not take a questio? >> i'm the only candidate running for president who actually served in iraq during the height of the war and i understand very clearly what happened and the situation and the challenges that we are dealing with there now. here is the key that as commander-in-chief, the commander in chief should not be making the decision based on who is a bad guy or even who has blood on their hands and the commander in chief needs to make the decision about what is in the best of the national security interest of our country. i just gave you the two biggest examples of how trump's decision undermined them national
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security and made the american people less safe. that's the crux of what is wrong with the decision with donald trump and what he made and white so critical that we have the commander in chief who has experience and so understanding about foreign policy in the national security and with a foresight to see what the consequences will be. that's why i'm running for president to bring the experience that i have to feel of responsibility and to serve as commander in chief. >> martha: everybody respects your service and to bring your perspective from your experience there as well. i just want to play this, this is a sound bite from the leader threatening americans and warning u.s. forces. >> when the american soldiers and officers start moving to the united states as they came vertically, they will go back horizontally. then trump and his in the administration will recognize they really lost of the region and they will lose the election. spew and interpret the threat
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for us, in practical terms, what you expect to happen now? >> look, it's hard to say but the statement is further information of how step that trump took it is, serious escalation of the war that further puts the american people and our terms in the region at risk. if this is why i am calling for our troops to get out of iraq and syria now. because the longer that they stay here they are, the more likely it is you will find ourselves entrenched into another endless quagmire of a war with no one able to define what does winning look like? what is victory look like? what are we trying to accomplish? and how does it serve the best interest of our people? of the safety in the security. a sprung, thank you very much and good to see you tonight. coming up, senator tom cotton
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who served also in the military and baghdad and iraq and afghanistan also the formal advisor to president on the run and he says america is safer because of the actions taken by president trump and that's up next. ♪ av fast. only thermacare ultra pain relieving cream has 4 active ingredients to fight pain 4 different ways. get powerful relief today, with thermacare. i need all the breaks, that i can get. at liberty butchumal- cut. liberty biberty- cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ >> it's an all-out war with iran it would make the war that we have seen and iraq and in afghanistan look like a picnic and it will be more costly in lives, american lives, american taxpayer dollars and all towards accomplishing what goal? >> martha: 2020 congress 2020 sc president candidate and serving as an informal advisor and iran and
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against soleimani before he happen but pulled against president trump's decision after long pushing for a more forceful approach in dealing with the iranian regime. the republican senator tim cotton, member of the house arms committee in iraq and afghanistan and war veteran, senator, thank you for being here this evening. i guess the question is one that's on the minds of americans and what is the end goal here? how do you describe the success with the current tension escalation with the wrong? speak of the president put it well on friday, we did not have to start a war, he acted to stop the war and for a month iran has been escalating its aggressions for the united states and the ps bombing ships that are in the persian gulf and on tagging unmanned aircraft back in june and in oil fields and increasing the pace and the scale against our troops in iraq. a couple of fridays ago, the
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president made it clear from the very beginning that a round killer of american, they would take the consequences and that's exactly what happened last week when he ordered the death of qassem soleimani. let us remember who he was as well, the mastermind of around for decades and he has the blood of thousands of americans on his hands. he did not just get injustice for all the americans for all the who died on his hands and the families, but also made america safer in the future as well. a spewing we talked about that quite a bit, but i think it's a question that's on people's minds because president trump wd the endless wars and he has been in the middle of pulling our troops out of the areas. if they do retaliate, what comes next? then what happens, what do we do after that? >> i would suggest we think very carefully before they take more action against americans in the middle east or anywhere else.
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president trump it showed that last week with happens when you care, kill a single american, remember, qassem soleimani was earning his terrorist proxy into all ranks and killed in the baghdad international airport. they were plotting to kill more americans and throughout the middle east. if that is the lesson that we need to take away from this and the president nor i, nor any other americans want to start another war. but we are not going to let iran wage a proxy war against us without fighting back. >> bret: i want to play a sound bite from michael bennet who is running for president and let's hear what he has to say against the president's action. >> i hate to say this, but president trump raising the middle finger at the congress. to be sending 3500 troops to the middle east without taking account of what we've been doing for the last 20 years on the
4:19 pm
basis of the president's impetuous and uninformed and weak decisions, i think it creates a lot of payroll. >> martha: what you think? >> i think it's important to remember that it's part of the global response forms and the two hour recall and we prepared for the two hour recall to deployed anywhere within 24-hour where it's still a hot spot around the world and they are not going to the middle east to be in advance for us or to invade around or occupy iran as we have sound in afghanistan or iraq in the last 40 years and they are going simply to augment the defenses to be prepared for any strike and hopefully to deter such strikes. it would not surprise me for the president to take those decisions and that's why we have a single seat to make the decision that has to be made quickly and decisively. >> martha: in terms of him saying he gave the middle finger to congress, what do you think? >> well, he's running for
4:20 pm
president and that i understand the democratic party activists kind of like the rhetoric and the president has been consulting with congress and he's spoken with the secretary secretary of defense, secretary of state, the brief everyone and once they're finally back in washington i was in the office that day and reviewed all the classified briefings that they had sent over and all my questions answered and the president acted decisively for the target opportunity last week in the administration with breaking congress fully this week. >> martha: we were hearing some of that and senator, thank you very much, good to see you tonight. >> you, martha. >> martha: john bolton did not see eye to eye with the president on ukraine and the former's national security advisor is there to testify if subpoenaed in the senate of the impeachment trial. what that could mean for president trump when they come back. ♪ ur growing business. from finding out what's selling best... to managing your fleet...
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♪ >> martha: on forma security advisor john bolton dropping a bit of a bombshell today and he said he would testify on the impeachment trial and democrats who long held it would be key prove wrongdoing by the president are and courage and the republican colleagues to get on board. they are participating in a cover up that would take full republicans to lose and joining me now, fox news senior judicial analyst. so you know, it's interesting, were in the middle of all of this, around, and all of a sudden john bolton comes out and he raises his head and hands as, well, if i'm subpoenaed by the senate i would actually talk and i would testify and tell my story and to remind everybody, this is the national security advisor who said that he believes that rudy was a hand grenade that would blow them all up and he did not want have anything to do with the drug deal as he called it.
4:26 pm
>> very harsh words, and full disclosure we know that john used to work here. if he's a straight shooter. he is honest to a fault so to speak. he will say exactly when he thinks and i think this is a game changer. because of the heart to believe that the democrats subpoena him, and going to the articles of impeachment -- >> martha: some say that, that's a big "if." >> and the great team of prosecutors, and if it was lindsey graham and this time one of the jurors, they see the prosecutors and say that chief justice roberts, subpoenaed john bolton and it will be hard to believe that republicans would overrule the chief justice on somebody if they could. >> martha: they could -- let's get the articles of impeachment and we will talk later. >> here's the thing, if he does testify, he opens up the floodgates to a real trial
4:27 pm
meaning as senator schumer has been saying a few hours ago, life testimony and documents and not summaries of what the people told the house judiciary or house intelligence committee as they did in the clinton investigation. if that is what good news for the democrats and bad news for the president on the other side of it, we don't know what john bolton and he might not gie an interview. of it would be crazy for the prosecutor to call a witness to testify without knowing ahead of time with the witness is going to say and in the real world, and impeachment is not quite the real world, that would be malpractice. whatever the outcome. >> martha: here's what we know about the situation, john bolton left the white house and the president basically, we know he was fired, and that's a bad feelings there. he's also a very staunch conservative. you know, i would imagine picking up the principles of the president's and he could also
4:28 pm
say, yep, i said i it was the ukrainian drug deal and i did not want anything to do with it and also i said that rudy essentially should not be involved in ukraine. whether it being true, i don't think with the president did was impeachable. >> you could very well say that. he could very well, he could blame some of the elves and not the president where he could sas there when the president said and fill in the blank and i'm not giving the guy his money and something like that comes out of his mouth that would be very hard. it might force the president to take the stance in his own defense. >> and you've got susan collins, mitt romney, and they are all reacting to this and obviously they need more so mike forked republicans and that's probability. >> that's a probability. they will want to hear from john bolton because they don't want to face the backlash of the silence --
4:29 pm
>> behind the closed doors, he would have to be open. >> floor of the senate and the chief justice and hundreds of millions of people watching. >> martha: i think it would fascinating. it will. but very interesting because he clearly without witness in the situation and in the white hous, but i think it's very open in terms of what he's done. but we don't know. thank you. if that is a you how , good to see you, happy new year's. the obama in this duration could take a tough action against iran but did not, and they helped implement the iran deal take on the debate next. >> what was the purpose of american policy prior to the presidency? >> i don't think they had a preface, i don't think they knew what was happening. ♪ pretty prestigious jobs
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>> he was designated a terrorist by president obama and obama did nothing about it but give them $150 billion and even more incredibly, 1.8 billion in cash and you hear me talking about that all the time. >> martha: president trump blasting the presidents are today and reports that the president is fixated on the previous administration and "the washington post" saying that trump has burned with the desire to raise obama's foreign policy legacy and proved himself a superior commander in chief. former officials are firing back that the president has done done the work and former deputy advisor ben rhodes writing this up because he promised to kill and achieve this of obama and he's been willing to break his promise to get us out of wars in the middle eas." now, what the hell was going on and fox news contributor and
4:35 pm
former obama state department double lance who helped implement the iran deal. let me start with you, mark, do you think that's the president's goal? >> adult tickets that goal to undermine obama's legacy he's trying to fix the mess that he inherited from a bomb in the middle east and look, for ben rhodes to say that the president fixated on erasing obama's legacy that is rich coming from the administration aware, i just interviewed secretary of state mike pompeo on the podcast and he told me that obama such and administration talking to the officials and just hang on, wait out the drop administration until donald trump loses freedom talk about undermining someone's foreign policy and this is a former administration that's dot commander in chief while he's dealing with the terrorist regime. >> martha: report a while back, suggesting that to them and, is that you are members of the obama administration sort of signaling to around two waited out and that they can return to
4:36 pm
the iran deal and everything that went with it if the democrat wins? >> martha, absolutely not, when president trump came into office, he inherited the obama legacy which is a successful campaign against counter isis which was a contained iran program and it was not an additional war in the middle east. now, all three are war and president trump would do well to take his own advice and on the campaign trail, he said it multiple times that we should avoid further entanglement in the region. if he fired it john bolton over it and here we are careening towards another war of choice. >> martha: we will see about that. johnson was homeland security, here is what he said about the move to take out soleimani. >> if you believe everything that the government is saying about general solomonic, he was a lawful military objective and the president under his
4:37 pm
constitutional authority as commander in chief had ample domestic authority to take them out. the additional congressional authorization. >> martha: do you agree with it? >> a bit i think we should ask whether the move what actually makes american saver and president trump has taken his eye off the real prize which is the real terrorist threats, i think johnson is right but also we should be asking -- 's be on taking out this guy, so, do you think that america is safe because of this mov move? >> a little bit rich for the obama administration to be questioning the wisdom of taking out soleimani and is the obama's administration that directly funded solo monies terror campaign across the middle east by giving him $115 billion in cash when
4:38 pm
donald trump came into the oval office when he inherited from the obama administration was that iran was on the march across the middle east and that's syria, lebanon, iraq, yemen, and what he has done, he fought back the economic benefit and huge crippling sanctions on the regime and "the washington post" reported earlier, late last year that the result of the sanction and this is a quote "iran's ability to finance has been curtailed." they were literally being fueled by the cash by the obama administration. >> martha: you look at it on administration, you wonder what their next move could possibly be, the economy isn't a state and they have protesters in the streets of tehran. the crackdown killed 1500 of them according to some of the reports in iran. this is a religious leadership dictatorship that is really on the brink and away they have not been for a long time and in fact, long time to to mike last time they were on it was in 2009
4:39 pm
and the ability for the obama administration to have pushed ad nudged to give these people a chance of freedom. people take advantage of a period of here we again. >> i think it's an open question about what happens in iran next but i want to tune out for a second and i say that the lessons from the tribe administration seems to be at that a america does not take its word and you're better off with nuclear weapons. last time i checked, the word is if you hurt an american you're going to have held the p. if that's exactly what he did. >> he is the difference between what the donald trump and barack obama, barack obama read 80 redline in, and president trump drew a redline to the iranians and the barack obama diminished isis is a jv team, and president trump took away their weapons. barack obama gave a hundred $50 million disk spread terror across middle east and donald trump squeeze them and took away their ability and the
4:40 pm
world is safer today because he rolled back the disaster. >> martha: go ahead, we got to go. >> countries are good to look at the attack on soleimani and they are going to think that it never would have happened if iran had nuclear weapons and the contrast between how the cow towed to the north koreans and how is behaving in regard to iran sends a clear signal to countries around the world that they are better off if they have nuclear weapons and i think it's something we should be very concerned about. >> martha: obama did say, north korea is the thing i'm most worried about on the way out the door so we will see where all this goes. thank you very much. thanks you guys. former deputy national security advisor says the president was right to take out the king of terabyte read between the lines, went iran is now saying and there's something big in there. that's up next. ♪ as a struggling actor, i need all the breaks that i can get. at liberty butchumal- cut. liberty biberty- cut. we'll dub it.
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>> martha: the top iranian military advisor vowing to hit the united states military in response to killing of general soleimani, that gangster and accusing him of not knowing international law after president trump warns iranian cultural sites could be targeted. >> the only thing that can end the period of work is for the
4:45 pm
americans to receive a blow that is equal to the blow they have inflicted. >> martha: former deputy national security he's mcfarlane choices now, author of the upcoming both the mike book. good to see you this evening. you sort of listened into a little bit more of what you had to say there. you found something interesting and sort of what the military commander from around the sink and what you see in there? >> he said that we are acquainted conflict might inflict an equal blow on you. we are so angry, were going to do that, and they are very carefully chosen words and he spoke in a very sober manner. he said we are going to do an equivalent a blow to what you did to us and then it's over a period of to me, i read into that, well, are they trying to send a missile here and maybe there's the opportunity and see what the reciprocal blow air that there's an opportunity that
4:46 pm
may be that chance is closed and what's the next chapter. >> martha: as you say, most important thing there is whether or not is the blow and if they respond is whether something we can let live. we don't want this to turn into a war and the american people don't want to work as well. if you wrote an op-ed about this and you said in its, the tension subside either in the new relationship or with the current iranian regime or the government, interesting idea, it's a room for a shake-up there which a lot of protesters have been seeing, it's time to turn the resources from the middle east to asia. what do you mean? >> from the very beginning, he was the only person who understood we have spent way too long in the middle east, we spent way too much blood and treasure in the part of the world that fought for thousands of years and we are not going to change that sort of snow tribal psychodrama of warring tribes.
4:47 pm
they've been killing each other for centuries, decades, millennia. if the bigot chain game changer is because our energy. two or three years ago. we had the conversation and we have to stay on to our beliefs, we don't need them anymore and if they responds with a reciprocal blow is to try to shut down the move which ten years ago would put shutters into the world. it may not be that big a deal and it hurt them more. >> martha: is for europe and china and other places? where would you like us to turn our recent services wa specifically? >> china, we have to focus on why china is doing and their building up a blue water navy and they want to international string of cords and now their commercial ports could be turned into military and naval bases and they have decided to
4:48 pm
build this made in china 2,035, they want to steal this, borrow and acquire the technology. >> martha: greater military presence over there? yes. >> i would really ramp up the spending in the technology spending and the military as well as the civilian sector because the war is in the future aren't necessarily going to be aircraft carriers and land armies. they will be cyber wars, economic wars, wars. >> martha: you've been saying that for you has come i let you go, warm her question about templeton because a lot of folks out there seem to think that the news is seismic. bolton threatens to upend the impeachment trial here's their reaction. watch. >> john bolton, up potential start with the process, he's prepared to testify if he subpoenaed by the senate. >> it could be damaging. >> major change of heart from the key witness. if it's because they have been
4:49 pm
demanding to hear from bolton and tonight they feel that this offer strengthens the case for witnesses. >> martha: you know all the players, john bolton is going to throw president trump under the bus? >> a problem that president trump has, he fires people instead of letting them leave with grace and honor and dignity, he wanted to be noted to kick them out on the door one more time and we know that john bolton we worked with him, he's not going to win miss congeniality. i worried that when he might say could embarrass the president and i don't think the president did anything illegal and i think the president talks a lot but i don't like it if you look at when he does, i don't think he has done anything illegal. it may be a little bit inappropriate. when i listen to these people, you know, judgment casey says, they are sitting around inhaling their own exhaust fumes and getting high on them. >> martha: never a good idea. thank you so much. happy new year, and the op-ed is
4:50 pm
up now at fox news. i urge you to check it out and coming up next, tom's 2020 rivals and being politically motivated. if they take that on coming up next. >> look, the president and the administration have no credibility. why right now? donald trump faces a potential impeachment trial and in the united states senate. ♪ i don't keep track of regrets. and i don't add up the years. but what i do count on is boost high protein. and now, introducing new boost mobility with collagen for joint health. when taken daily, its key nutrients help support joints, muscles, and strong bones. new, boost mobility.
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you have fast-acting power over pain, so the whole world looks different. the unbeatable strength and speed of advil liqui-gels. what pain? >> martha: some of president trump 2020 rivals same political gain may have motivated the strike that killed beat 19
4:55 pm
qassem soleimani the distract from impeachment. >> why does he pick now to take this highly inflammatory, highly dangerous action that moves us closer to war? >> are you suggesting that president trump all the trigger and had qassem soleimani killed as a distraction from impeachment? >> i think people are reasonably asking about the timing. >> martha: here now, guy benson from a host of the guy benson shell, and juan williams, cohost of "the five." gaia, let me start with you. is that a good place for the candidates to go? >> no, it's reckless. no evidence of this was done for clinical reasons. elizabeth warren put a tweet out calling soleimani a murderer and that became a problem for her. had to backtrack and walk it back and direct all of her
4:56 pm
political fire at president trump which i think is not what estates person would do. i think it's actually pretty gross to see this entire line of argument. if warren wants an answer to the questions you posited, why now, the answer is iranian behavior and events appear they provoked, they escalated, we drew a red light and unlike other presidents this president actually enforce this one and it's not a mystery. this conspiracy theory with no evidence is irresponsible. >> what do you think about this connection? >> i think she doesn't have any evidence. on that level, she's right guy is right. in terms of going to war during the impeachment process back in '99, even in that regard, the serious question to my mind is, mr. president, speaking of president trump, do you understand the consequences? where are we going? how do we say to the american people that this is in our best
4:57 pm
interest at the time and this in fact is going to somehow de-escalate tensions. it's escalated tensions, we are sending troops to the middle east. >> martha: they killed americans -- >> yeah, but -- >> martha: but in the context of all of this, the president against the wishes of some other members of congress in the senate decide not to take kinetic action after the saudi oil tankers were hit. it's about american lives. it could have >> i think this is of your previous presidents across political lines have faced, martha, and they've decided that unless you are ready to come to terms with the consequence is a potential war, that which is u.s. and iran, but saudi arabia, pence, all the demonstrations
4:58 pm
we've seen, you don't do this thing on an impetuous basis. you have to think about it. >> i think there is definitely a thought through them reporting how this was an option on the table for weeks some of the president had declined to act on previously and with yet another provocation following the death of an american, wounding four others, the president got to the end of his rope and i think that's what's important here. we talk about risking war and that was part of elizabeth warren's answer there. the iranian regime has been waging war on americans now for years. soleimani himself was responsible for the deaths at least 600 americans over the course of years. i think there is a sense within the regime that they can continue to act with impunity and president trump disabuse them of that notion in a very shocking and bracing way and i hope they are paying attention because the president made it
4:59 pm
clear at some point he's not going to mess around anymore. >> martha: juan? >> when we are sending additional troops, when you have the iranians pulling out of the deal to not produce nuclear weapons, a grail threat to israel, you have to stop and think. what are the consequences? given the administration's willingness to play with facts and lies, people are questioning the credibility of the evidence because soleimani has been a danger to americans all along, but is he worth a war? i think president trump said earlier no. >> we don't have a war. do you think americans in the iraq and elsewhere with qassem soleimani still alive plotting against americans as he has for years? >> i think we've now have a lot of the asymmetrical warfare against these troops ginned up because of the murder. >> that's what soleimani did.
5:00 pm
>> martha: great to have you both with us tonight for that is "the story." the story goes on, so we'll see you here tomorrow night at 7:00. have a good night, everybody. tucker is up next. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" as washington obsesses over the internal politics of nathan's thousands of miles from here, all the nonfarsi speakers are experts all of a sudden. our nation degrades in the in some cases fall apart completely. one place this is especially true, i place you would barely recognize is the city of san francisco. the first installment of our five part series on the destruction of that great american city coming up in just a minute. if you are in an airport over the weekend, you may have seen american troops on the move le t


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