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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 6, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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now that dream is a reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? tucker is up ♪ >> tucker: good evening and to "tucker carlson tonight." as washington obsesses over the internal politics of the natio nation's -- nations thousands of miles a year, all the nonvarsity speakers are experts all of a sudden. our own country phrase and degrades and in some places falls apart completely. one place where this is especially true, a place that you would barely recognize these days if you haven't been there recently is the city of san francisco. tonight the first installment in our five-part series on the distraction -- destruction of that great city. you may have seen american cities on the move from leaving their families on their way to the middle east. just a month ago not one and a
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hundred americans was thinking about iran. now suddenly we're on the brink of war. in washington, that is considered an upgrade. indeed, a massive improvement. it's harder to get rich and powerful in washington during peace times so our leaders have a built-in bias for war. so they descended on television studios over the weekend to describe in detail the kind of violence they're prepared to wreak on a country, don't make very in the know anything about. here for example a senator lindsey graham of south carolina. >> if the iranians had american targets in american interests in american allies, we will respond militarily. if they hit us again, then i would not want to be working at any ryan oilfield because i think the president is determined to bring this regime tode its knees if they continueo be provocative. >> tucker: meanwhile, the secretary of state mike pompeo -- the u.s. sees "de-escalation with iran was quote and then moments later suggested the u.s. might bomb dozens of sites inside iran
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itself. >> president trump is saying that there are 52 sites that the u.s. would target if iran retaliates. how is that consistent with what you say is your message of de-escalation? >> entirely consistent. >> threatening to bomb mainland iran? >> the iranian leadership meets to understand that attacking americans is not cost free. to take a terrorist off the battlefield does not increase the risk of terror. the risk of terror is increased by appeasement. >> tucker: the risk of terror is increased by appeasement. it's a good line, and it may be true, probably is true, of course the risk of terror is also increased for bombing other people's countries. it is also indisputablyof true. it's hard to remember now but as recently as last week most people didn't consider iran an imminent threat. iranian -- d were not committing acts in our cities but our leaders tell us that we were about to any second, that's why we struck first. what's so striking is how many people appear to accept this uncritically. just the other day, you are a
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member, collude to my considered political he painted and suspect. certainly on the show they are, work, and will be for quite some time. keep in mind, these are the people who invented excuses to spy on the trump campaign purely because they didn't like donald trump's foreign policy views and they are the ones who pretend that he was a russian agent in order to keep him from governing. remember that? russia? are friends of the intel community did and by the way, these are the same people who lied about iraq's weapons of mass destruction way back in 2002 and by doing that got us into an utterly pointless war that dramatically weakened our country. the people pushing conflict with iran are the same people who did that. it seems like about 20 minutes ago we were denouncing these very people as the deep state and pledging never to trust them again without verification. but now for some reason we do seem to trust them implicitly and completely. in fact, we believe whatever they tell us, no matter how outlandish. iran did 9/11, they're telling
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us. oh, okay. didn't know that. 15 of the 19 hijackers were from suny saudi arabia. none were from shiite iran but if you say so, mr. unnamed cia official, i'm a happy to send my kid to the middle east a week after christmas on the basis of your ottoman's unverified leak to "the new york times." you've earned my trust through years of lying to me. that appears to be rfid position now. maybe all this will turn out fine in the end. we are certainly praying for you. we love this but in the meantime, pardon the skepticism. interbase if it knows a lot about war, an officer in the vietnam war in 1970, president of the quincy institute for responsible statecraft. he is author of the book "the age of illusions:how america squandered its victory" and you may know he has a personal understanding of the toll of war, his son was killed during the iraq war in 2007. andrew joins us tonight, thanks so much for coming on. >> glad to be with you. >> tucker: so we for a moment today learned that the united states was at the request
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of the iraqi parliament pulling out of iraq, it seems that way, a letter hit the newswire saying that and then that was swiftly corrected by the pentagon and the update was no, actually we are not leaving. what do you make of that? do you think there's a chance that we will leave iraq in the midst of all this? >> sadly, no. it seems to me that what's appropriate here is to widen the aperture. say, let's not just talk about what happened with iran over the last week or so. let's reflect on the course of u.s. military policy in this part of the world for the last 20or years, 30 years. we tried to fix the place, whether fixed means to spread, eliminate terrorism, create order, we've broken the placeav and it seems to me that the key issue is whether or not to persist in this misguided effort. i didn't vote for
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president trump, can't imagine voting for president trump, but he did promise in running for the presidency to get us out of this mess. and it seems to me that the assassination of general soleimani is not a step in that direction. pulling u.s. troops out pursuant to the stated preference of the iraqi parliament might be a step in the rightnt direction. >> tucker: i'm concerned that there's manipulation going on here and i wonder as someone who's been in and around government for your entire life if you think it's okay for the rest of us to take at face value assessments was providence we don't know, canro never know, tt come from people who we have just caught lying toe us. just the other day. we were just announcing them as the deep state. in my case it was heartfelt. those same people are telling us things we can't verify and why do we believe them uncritically all of a sudden? >> i think arc skepticism is entirely appropriate.
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the afghanistan papers that were leaked, released by "the washington post" a couple of weeks agole chronicle and log period of dishonesty, deception, incompetence, and there's no reason to think that the present administration with trump's advisors are going to do any better. but it seems to me here but the larger problem may not be conscious dishonesty, trying to pull the wool over our eyes. i think the larger problem is a mind-set. widespread in washington. among civilians and among the military that somehow or other the use of american military power is going to solve our problems. and again, we've been at that for two, three decades now with no evidence that we are achieving any significant progress. so it seems to me it might be
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the moment to try something different. try a foreign policyy based on restraint, prudence, diplomacy. rather than simply more force, more bombs, morere killing. >> tucker: it yet. it doesn't seem to have made america stronger, which is my concern, it seems to have make us weaker,ee and i'm against it. thanks so much for coming on, congrats on your book. >> thank you. >> tucker: there's not much chance of that war with iran will make this country safer or richer or happier. does anyone think 19 years in afghanistan has improved america? look around, obviously it hasn't buried problem is carpets like afghanistan and iraq and now iran distract our leaders from the business they were hired to conduct, which of course is improving our lives, that's why we hire them, that's why we vote them. making cleveland better isma a t harder, a lot less fun than lobbying cruisen missiles into syria and get it's incalculably more important. if you need to make cleveland better but that doesn't even occur to them. for the next week would like to
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remind washington what their basic duty is, their basic duty is to improve our lives. and that's why tonight we are beginning our series, american dystopia. it's a close look at what is happening and what has happened under the a leadership of washington to america's greatest cities. maybe it's greatest city of all, san francisco. it's hard to rack up place is beautiful us and for cisco but they have effectively done it. the reality of that city we discovered when f we spent time there is even worse than you may have heard. civilization itself is coming apart in san francisco right there in broad daylight on the city sidewalks, which are b littered with junkies and feces and dirty needles. the jewel of our pacific coast is now healthier and more itaotic in downtown bye-bye in india, literally. how does that happen? we need to know. here's the first installment in our five-part series, but a warning, some of the footage we shot is graphic and disturbing and as you watch it, remember this, this is what they would like to do to your neighborhood.
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at this intersection just four blocks from city hall drug addicts were frantically looking to reverse an opioid overdose. if down the street, paramedics were rushing to help a man who had just overdosed on the sidewalk. >> this city is messed up, it's very messed up. >> tucker: such scenes are becoming common in separatist kokomo where the city's left-wing officialsom no longer enforce so-called quality of life crimes like public and. even open air drug use. tracy mcgrady is a lieutenant in the same for cisco police department. >> if i went into a store -- >> under $950 you get a citation. >> if i smoke crack on the street, what would happen? >> citation. >> if i express myself in a public park what would happen? speak a citation. >> if i camped on the sidewalk, what would happen? >> warning, may be a citation. >> if i broke some buddies car window, what would happen?
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>> again, under $950, citation. >> if i stole some buddies or purse what would happen? >> no force or fear used it would be citation. >> if i was carrying an illegal firearm what would happen? >> discharged, further review, you be back out on the street. >> tucker: police say those citations are handed off the prosecutors who do nothing. >> right then and there would they will make the decision whether it will get charged or not. and theha most times it's like nope, not charged. nope, not charged. >> tucker: many criminals never even set foot in the courtroom. >> san francisco now has the highest rate of property crime. violent crime on its mass transit system doubled from 2014 to 2018. >> just ask anybody, you know what, we feel it. crime is really out of control and whether it's property crime or even violent crimes, it's scary. >> tucker: addicts do drugs on
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the sidewalk, almost people defecate in the street, smash and grab happen more than 60 times a day. many go unreported because victims know the laws will be enforced. >> our car windows got busted, i didn't bother making a report. >> there in the police department police department. >> we are not immune to that. >> criminals act with impunity n because they know there are consequences. we filmed drug dealers selling drugs in broad daylight. >> to the police officers know with the drug dealers are? >> wehe do. we make these arrests, file a report, we handed off, i can come back on my days off and they're back out on the street. >> san francisco has definitely become more dirty, more dangerous. >> fill me [bleep]. >> tucker: rather than confront the druggie was like a normal city, san francisco enables drug use by distribute in roughly 400,000 free syringes every month. city leaders say giving out syringes reduces the risk of's disease. >> of course we don't want some to get hiv or hep c but the
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unintended consequences is insanity. >> tucker: even though city leaders build a syringe program as an exchange, only 60% are ever returned, meaning they're giving needles to drug addicts. >> it's like a mine field because you never know what's coming around the corner. >> so we give as many needles as we possibly can. they end up here. they end up here. it is dangerous, disgusting, and it's got to stop. >> tucker: our producer and camera crew spent a lot of time in san francisco and we have a lot more footage to show you from that city. if you've been there or know it, it's heartbreaking, but you need to see it. this is happening to your country. our american dystopia series continues every night this week. tomorrow introduce you to a businessman, a small business men struggling to run a grocery store in a city where the law isn't enforced. it's hard to believe it's our country, but again, you need to see this. after half a year there's still plenty of questions about how
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jeffrey epstein died. 60 minutes over on cbs just released a new report that casts even more doubt on the"6 officil narrative. it's unbelievable, actually. we've got details on that next. ♪ - do you have a box of video tapes, film reels, or photos,
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♪ >> tucker: after five months of investigating the story, 60 minutes last night released a deep dive into jeffrey epstein's death. like most stories about jeffrey epstein andst how he died and hw he made his money, the report didn't answer as many questions as it created, as it raised. for example, 60 minutes
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discovered a note left by jeffrey epstein was not, contrary to what you may have heard, a suicide note. no. instead it was a list of complaints about how he was being treated while behind bars. one of the most disturbing parts was an interview with forensic pathologist was one of the most experience pathologist in america. he says that the news that epstein supposedly hanged himself with was false. here are some of the images, and they are disturbing, we want to tell you that now. >> what do you see when you see these two things together? >> what i see here is that this news doesn't match the ligature for homework. it's wider than this. >> it looks like there's some blood here and it doesn't look like there's any blood on this noose. >> that's right. n this looks like a queen noose that was never used it to anybody's neck. ec>> the doctor says a wound straight across the neck is more common one a victim is strangled by a wire or cord. >> tucker: dr. michael joins
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us now. doctor, thanks so much for coming on. you've i think i'm a pretty good job, at least in the view of nonexperts like us, in raising questions about the official account. what is your guess as to what actually happened? how did heue die? >> i think from the autopsy findings, and i was there at the autopsy, the particular role hemorrhages in the eye and the crushing injuries of the neck, the three fractures in the highwood bone in the adam's apple are often found in manual or ligature strangulation, homicidal, and not found in hanging suicides. in a hanging suicide most of the time there are no interest in the neck, may be 10% of the time there might be a fracture of one of the bones in the neck. but to have three fractures present means that one has to be very suspicious of a homicide even though the circumstances may not suggest it.
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and that the basic information, what was the body position in when it was cut down? nobody knows. if the body was removed before any photographs were taken. it's improper to remove a dead body. it's a crime scene. and there's no evidence as to what happened to the videos, did they work because they weren't cared for or did somebody cut the wires? there's a whole lot of circumstances that need investigation and need more information. >> tucker: so i just want to clarify, you are at the autopsy because you are hired by jeffrey epstein's -- >> that's right, by the family. >> tucker: you've been at some numberd of thousands of autopsies. >> yes. >> tucker: have you ever seen someone who died from hanging by suicide what all three of those
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bones broken?? >> no. 25 years. i was a medical examiner in new york city and in all of the suicidal hangings that have occurred since attica new york state, over a thousand suicides in the various jails, none have had three fractures. >> tucker: not one? >> no. >> tucker: so that -- i mean, without impugning the integrity of the medical examiner who pronounced this a suicide, it sounds like you think it's pretty strange that a pathologist looking at this evidence could reach a conclusion that it's a suicide? >> i think what's strange is to cut it off. to make the opinion before all the evidence is in. that's the concern i have. strange things happen. they can happen. but the investigation was really closed off one about five days after the autopsy it was closed as a suicide, and i kind of interferes with the
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investigation from a forensic pathologist point of view. >> tucker: amazing. it's an amazing conclusion. a particularly coming from you. it doctor, thanks so much better perspective, i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> tucker: geraldo rivera is the fox news channel's correspondent at large, meaning everywhere. and tonight he's on this show. thanks so much for comingth on. you've been following this really carefully and you just heard dr. baden. what is your best guess as to what happened to jeffrey epstein? >> well i have a guess and if i can give you an overview first. >> tucker: please. to go are we so suspicious? everybody from presidents to princes putting this self in this pervert's orbit. some of the book bill clinton flew epstein's paint 27 times. where did they go from, where they go to, what did they do when they got there?
9:24 pm
presumably prints and trip visiting the mansion in new york. presumably there are a lot of very powerful people who had reason to be relieved that jeffrey epstein is dead and can't give testimony, can't give graphic accounts, presumably, of what happened on the lolita express or on the orgy island. if you have the suspicion that something happen. let me just say parenthetically that i worked with dr. baden ever since the warrenh commission, or the house select selection committee over the assassination of jfk. his highly skilled. although in this case he is working for epstein's brother. what i think happened. i mean, in my opinion when you have people like the attorney general of the ouunited states, william barr, when a he says that he has reviewed the video and he is convinced that nothing untoward happened, that it was a classic
9:25 pm
suicide with, you know, a cascade of errors, including the negligence and the fraudulent hater of the guards who were on duty and were supposed to check in every half hour and didn't check him for anywhere between eight and 11 hours. i think what could have happened to guess is that maybe somebody got paid off to be asleep on duty. maybe someone in the prison itself was given some money to ignore that well. i can't imagine, although it is entirely possible, that someone took advantage of a corrupted camera system and went in there and killed the sky. >> tucker: here's the question -- i don't understand the answer to this. according to the 60 minutes report last night, the guy who found epstein's body has never been interviewed by anybody. five months later, how can that be true? how can that be the case? >> well, the guards are charged with conspiracy to commit fraud
9:26 pm
and lying to federal investigators, so i imagine their lawyers have told them to clam up. those of the people, one of them who found epstein in his cell hanging from that news. you know, the noose, why didn't it have dna on it? i think that's a very powerful a piece of evidence to rebut the official account. but i think the doctor's overall point is really important one. why was this investigation closed? why not reopen it? why not have a grand jury? why not have a full-blown, full-fledged investigation that includes -- you know, if you want to give these guards immunity, i wouldn't do that right now, but there's a lot of ways to gather data. what exactly was the status of those cameras? which camera was corrupted? >> tucker: and where did all the money come from? >> removed themo day of. they get rich. >> tucker: i think there's a lot going on here actually.
9:27 pm
>> i think there's more than meets the eye. right. >> tucker: that's for sure. be sure to check off geraldo's fox nation program "i am geraldo." first episode january 21st, don't miss it. america's open border with mexico is allowing drug cartels and human traffickers to find their way with impunity. lara logan went to work in document what's going on there. she joins us to report what she saw, which was amazing. stay tuned for that. ♪
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♪ >> tucker: it took two years but harvey weinstein is finally going on trial. he was in court today hobbling on a walker for a final conference party jury selection. the trial itself is expected to begin las next week. arrested in may of 2018. he was accused by two different women. he could face life if convicted. meanwhile out of los angeles prosecutors filed no sexual assault charges against weinstein. those involved two additional women. also remains under investigation by authorities in ireland and the u.k. and who knows where else. sounds like is finished, even if he avoids prison, he will be permanently disgraced. but keep in mind, don't forget, and don't let anybody tell you otherwise, people knew what harvey weinstein was about for a long time. he was a very close friend of bill and hillary and chelsea clinton. the very people who lecture you about your moral shortcomings protected harvey weinstein for
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decades. write that down and put it on your fridge. don't forget it. well, under current american l law, every person born on our soil automatically becomes a citizen. it doesn't matter if the parents are tourists in this country are here illegally or even spies seeking to undermine our country. congress could change that law, obviously, but they don't actually care, so they won't. what effect does it have? according to the center for immigration studies, last year about 372,000 anchor babies were born in united states. the parents had no legal right to be here. those children allow the parents though to qualify for a whole suite of welfare benefits and of course their parents will never be forced to leave the country. that's just one of the many ways that america's open borders have turned into a disaster for this country. lara logan is a fox investigative journalist, and a host of fox nation program "lara logan has no agenda" and the first episode, which is coming out tonight, she journeyed to the mexican border.
9:34 pm
there she was harassed by mexican police. watch this. >> been asked to depart the area. about a week ago they did flinch a couple of people. they were just asking around about the time. >> the policeman told you they were lynched some people here? >> asked me to calmly leave the area. >> for safety. >> for the safety of the town. >> tucker: at lara logan made it back to the u.s. and joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on. what was your assessment? i mean, we spend a lot of time talking about mexico, you are just there. does it feel like there's a war in progress connect as this country feel stable, unstable, what did you think? >> you know, i think the simplest way to explain it is in the words of a dea agent, what he said to me. if you take the illicit economy. if you take the illicit money in the drug money out of the mexican economy, this country's economy would collapse immediately. so there is no ability to separate those things anymore in
9:35 pm
mexico and you know, the u.s. state department -- mexico is the only country in the world which they give a state-by-state rating, safety rating. every other country just gets a country rating because, you know, they want to argue that certain parts of mexico are safe and other parts aren't, but what i would -- have said too many u.s. officials who have used that line on me is what i learned from mexican investigators and u.s. law enforcement, that more than 90% of crimes in mexico are never investigated and for murder, that's 98% of murders. 98% of murders. never investigated. never mind brought to trial or convict -- there's no justice for most people in mexico and that's for the mexican people. >> tucker: so i mean, this -- first of all, it's a great story on its own terms. it mexico a big important country and it seems to be kind of falling apart. that's not really covered except by you and a few others.
9:36 pm
but it has huge applications for us as a border country. i mean, if there is -- it sounds like it's flat out dangerous place. >> it is an extremely dangerous place in one of the things as a journalist i really wanted to understand, why this extreme level of violence. why are so many women murdered? why are they in such a brutal way? and what it really came to understand, because i pretty much spent most of the past year working on the border and on this issue and i learned it's about control. it's about the most extreme form of control. so, you know, they will film themselves doing the most terrible -- they kill people in the most terrible ways. they figured out how to take the bottom of the feet off and the legs and disembowel them, then take the arms. and i asked it's just a head and torso that's left in the film it and a centage of their family or the people that they're threatening. you don't pay, you know, your tax or your extortion money, this is what will happen to you and i asked the mexican
9:37 pm
investigator how long can you stay alive at that when you're just a torso and a head and he said the longest i've seen is a week. >> tucker: so we are just dealing with a very different culture. so that just doesn't happen in cincinnati. i'm sorry, it just doesn't and for all of our problems. it's a very different place. >> well, it's different in some respects but i tell you, to me, the most significant thing that i learned working there was that the cartel, the mexican cartels are no longer the drug organizations that most americans think they still are. they started moving marijuana across the border in the 'senate is, it was mostly grown in mexico. those are not the same organizations that your dealing with today. the cartel which dominates the drug trade in america, they operate in more than countries across the world. cartel cj and jay, they're in more more than 40 countries. these cartels have diversified, they don't just do drugs. they control most of the global
9:38 pm
trade of narcotics. you don't hear about rural meth labs exploding anymore, right? in this country. because meth is produced in super labs in mexico. almost 100% of the math worldwide comes from mexico. you buy cocaine on the streets of moscow or brazil, you're buying it from a mexican cartel. and on top of that, they control the street gangs in every city in america because of what to those gangs do? they make their money out of drug spirit wear to the drugs come from? they come from the mexicans. in u.s. law enforcement doesn't properly and accurately catalog the impact of these cartels. we know about car theft, but they don't document the car thefts that our cars stolen two of narcotics. cars stolen to move people. if the cartels and our trade and they take money out of the avocado industry. they take it -- there's industrial scale theft of oil, pipelines across mexico. they got the human trafficking that's worth more than $150 billion a year globally. they have the narcotics.
9:39 pm
there's extortion, this kidnapping. this of the wealthiest criminal organizations in the world, the wealthiest organizations. >> tucker: it's an unbelievable story and i don't think i've ever heard it is well summarized as you just laid it out. lara logan, thank you so much. appreciate it and our viewers who want to hear more, and i'm among them, check out lara logan has no agenda. it's on fox nation and it's out now. up next, democrats have stalled the impeachment process for close to a month. it was going to move to the senate but it never did. some republican senators are pushing to end the charade whether democrats want to or not. trey gowdy joins us after the break. ♪ robinhood believes now is the time to do money.
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take your business beyond. ♪ >> tucker: for months and months democrats screeched that it was a national imperative to impeach and remove the
9:44 pm
president. if they didn't want to do it, they said. they were praying very hard, almost constantly, fasting and prayer, ashes in sackcloth but it simply had to be done. people of faith one of the president impeached, so they did, impeach him. and then suddenly, in a day, democrats lost interest in impeachment. they refused to forward the articles of impeachment as they are required to do constitutionally. now senator josh hawley of missouri is proposing that the centage of more h to summarily dismissed the articles passed by house because they are not prosecuting them. the whole thing is bizarre. what does it mean? trey gowdy is the man to answer that question, formerfo congressman, thanks so much for coming on. where would you assess where we are now? >> i understand the senate's frustration. if the house's constitutional prerogative is over but these impeachment articles are sitting somewhere in legislative purgatory. if i were a senator, and i won't be, but if i were, i would file
9:45 pm
a motion to assume jurisdiction and set a trial date. i would do both things. assume jurisdiction so it doesn't remain in this constitutional penumbra, which is where it is now. set a trial date for a week from today and say mr. schiff, if you're proud of your work product, show up and present the case to the jury. if you don't show up monday, were going to assume that you weren't serious about it to begin with and then we will file the motion to dismiss. it wouldn't make the cory gardner's of the world and the martha mcsallys vote to dismiss before i give them a chance to acquire jurisdiction and set a date certain for the trial to begin a week from tod today. >> tucker: what's the thinking, do you think in pelosi's office right now? is it just that they didn't want to impeach, aoc forced her to essentially and then she decided it was hurting them so they stopped, is that what happened? >> i think there's a couple things -- i never thought this was about removing donald trump from office, i think it was a
9:46 pm
was about neutering his second term by taking the senate. and there's a couple of weights to provide oversight in our culture. one is with the voters, but that happens regularly. it will happen again in november, but in the meantime, it's the media's job to provide that oversight. i'll give you a dollar for every negative story you have read about nancy pelosi sitting on articles of impeachment and a constitutionally unprecedentednd way. i haven't seen a word of criticism. i've seen her lauded as a tactician, but no criticism about this legislative purgatory she has the country in. >> tucker: no, to the shoals of "the washington post," it's whatever it takes. thank you. congressman, that was a great and clear explanation, we appreciate it. >> yes, sir, thank you. >> tucker: a month ago, as we said, democrats were telling you that impeachment was an urgent necessity. it wasn't simply that the president was a bad man. they told her that america's very national security was at
9:47 pm
stake. >> president trump is a clear and present danger to our free and fair elections and our national security. >> the president is an ongoing threat to our national security. >> the president betrayed our national security and undermined the security of our elections. >> donald trump has been and remains a threat to our national security. >> he undermines america's national security. >> numerous crimes, threatening the national security. >> severe threats to our national security and democracy that we cannot defend or dismiss. >> he undermined our national security. >> and compromised our national security so that he could keep power c. >> he harmed america's national security. we must act without delay. >> tucker: without delay! of course, in the end, the delays were of the democrats' making and moreover in the end, impeachment seemed to hurt the democratic party. for one thing, it drove reasonable people out of the party.t one example of this is congressman jeff van drew from
9:48 pm
south jersey, represent the state of new jersey in the house of representatives and joins us tonight. congressman, you've been a democrat for awful lot time. >> i have. >> to mexico in this impeachment debacle, and i think it has been a debacle for the democratic party convinced her to leave her party. >> it certainly was part of it. even the most bizarre behavior now.s occurring right i mean, it was so important that it be timely, that it be done. we had to do it for the safety and good of thehe country. >> tucker: that's what they told you. >> i voted no. i didn't vote for it because it was a week impeachment. it wasn't, in my opinion, and accurate impeachment and i don't think it should have been done and it harmed the country, it split us apart. it really hurt the very essence of this nation i think in many ways, but they did it. so we finally d did it and now e necessary paperwork, the articles of impeachment have not been transferred. >> tucker: so you didn't go along with it. what did they say to you? >> they knew i wasn't! because i was very upfront with folks like you and everybody else that i could talk to and really spoke to even some of the individuals
9:49 pm
in the house of representatives that were more moderate on the democrat side or more conservative. the blue dogs and everybody in the end decided that they were going to go along. i was very surprised, because we in essence could have stopped it. and that and along with other things that i believe over the years about america and the direction that america t should take what we were talking or just have a settlement on about strong borders, how we need to have strong borders because what is going on in mexico. et cetera. i just think we're going the wrong direction. i think the democrats were going in the wrong direction. they are not the old blue dogs that i remember of years ago. and so i really came to the point -- it all just came together. it was like an amazing situation where you know, i heard from the white house and at the same time -- by the way, this was after i already voted my way. i didn't vote for the impeachment. there was no -- there was never any question that if you help us
9:50 pm
in voting a certain way with impeachment and we will help you if you want to change parties, never. all that was it all came together. and sometimes that happens in life. and i feel more comfortable as a republican. i've always been more conservative and frankly i feel like i've been liberated. >> tucker: how democrats in your state of washington here in treated you? >> most of them -- there are some that haven't been nice or don't talk to you. there are some people that will speak with you at all. i've also had some amazing reactions because some people who even our independents or undeclared or democrats, it wasn't only the principal of going, andrats are that'sd important, because it's something i disagree with. it was the idea that i was told and i was speaking to you about this before. i have eight counties and one of the counties, one of the chairman said to me you're voting for impeachment and i've never had that before, somebody who spoke to me that way. and i said what do you mean? and he said you're voting for impeachment or you're not going to get the line, which is a big thing in new jersey, and you're
9:51 pm
probably not going to get to even run in this county. and i said thank you very much and i just walked away and i thought about it and it came together in my mind. talk about quid pro quo. >> tucker: i'm glad the threats didn't work. >> they didn't work. and it was such a wrong thing to do and that's whyt some people were not even a political have been so amazing and supportive because he said it took guts what you did under the right thing. >> tucker: don't came to the thugs. congressman, thanks a lot for coming on tonight. >> great to be on, i enjoyed it, thank you. >> tucker: golden globes host ricky gervais' went after hollywood last night by calling them ignorant and hypocrisy. kind of an amazing moment. mark steyn was watching. he joins us next to assess. also american cities are on the decline so don't miss part two of our series, american dystopia, the decline of the city of sanford cisco. our investigation continues tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m. eastern. ♪ - do you have a box of video tapes, film reels, or photos,
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>> tucker: the last few years hollywood awards shows have been skippable. that's putting it mildly unless you want to get distressed about your shortcomings from ths ruling class buffoons. but last night at the golden globes the host ricky gervaiss gave a lecture to the actors themselves. >> the companies you work for. unbelievable. apple, amazon, disney. if isis started a streaming
9:57 pm
service you would call your agent. if you win an award tonight. don't use it as a platform to make a political speech. you are in no position to lecture the public about anything. you know nothing about the real world. if you come up, accept the award and thank your agent and your god and [bleep]. >> tucker: that was profanity bleeped out. mark stein, what did you think of that? >> i love it because it's the contrary spirit which is absent otherwise in so much of our popular culture. he could have done a monologue about trump and climate change and all of the rest of it. isn't it so much more satisfying sitting in front of that audience to take greta thurnberg
9:58 pm
and harvey weinstein and shove it all down their gullet? 98% of stand up comedy is you can see it on the late night networks every night. the host is congratulating the audience on holding the correct attitudes. the comedians i like are those who say something they want to say and they don't care of if you find it funny. god bless him. tom hanks and meryl streep were sitting there with stone faces. i wondered if it was one ever these things they rehearsed it. but 3 minutes in, i thought no, no, he will win one for the decaying contrarying spirit. >> sean: maybe it was the moment where the rest of us realized we
9:59 pm
could be free if we gave the finger to our tormentors who terrify us. >> absolutely. i think it has to be someone onw the inside. it's like the fool at a medieval court. you have to be inside the court as ricky is. i think that's one of the things that was best about it. this is not a political speech. he was talking to hollywood about the nature of hollywood are the enablers of harvey weinstein and getting into bed with companies that do deal with the chinese. yet they are superiors. he is not giving a politicalch speech. he was addressing the national institute of dentistry and discoursing on the character of dentists. a he discoursed on the characters
10:00 pm
of the people who dominate our popular culture. >> tucker: the worst people in the world pretending to the best. thank you very much. we will be back tomorrow night. sean hannity is right now. >> sean: thanks. happy new year. buckle up. we have a lot to cover tonight downding an absolute beat of hollywood by i just heard tucker. we have a lot more to get into. colin kaepernick back in the news and a lot of trouble for joe 330. first just 302 days away from the presidential election where you get the final say. you will decide the future of this great country of ours. we promise the best election coverage on television. we will have breaking reports on the social democrats and then liberal instanity and the complicit media mob.l


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