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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  January 8, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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all of the criticism in congress over the briefing on capitol hill, and friday night, how do you get bigger than pompeo? the pope? no, president trump will sit down with me for a wide-ranging interview on iran, impeachment, china, in immigration from a whole lot more. that's all we have tonight we want to watch the next two nights. tomorrow, "fox & friends" fights present mike pence. for now, shannon bream and the fantastic "fox news @ night" team take it from here. shannon? >> shannon: i will be watching the next two nights that we can count on that. >> laura: thank you. >> shannon: we begin with a fox news alert. president trump calling for peace, opting not for a military response. instead, imposing new sanctions against iran. attacks on coalition forces in iraq. the president taking aim at the obama administration and the iran nuclear deal, saying that help fund this latest attack. is there to reach that statement? house speaker nancy pelosi still refusing to order the articles of impeachment. no signs tonight of heading to
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the senate floor. it is her playback firing? democrats starting to stand publicly, enough already. we will discuss. and new worries for democrats with an emerging candidate, the iowa caucus no less than a month away. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in new york. white house correspondent kevin corke kicks off tonight as president trump de-escalate the situation with iran. good evening, kevin. >> good evening, shannon. strong message and a sigh of relief summing up the remarks today, that tamped down anxiety in some circles, but let's just say it seems to stir emotions in others. >> as long as i am president of the united states, iran will never be allowed to have a nuclear weapon. >> a definitive declaration on a day of de-escalation. >> iran appears to be standing down, which is a good thing for all parties concerned, and a very good thing for the world.
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>> president trump's address to the nation and to calm fears of any escalation of hostilities with iran, while asking the world to do its part to help to end the regimes will maligned behavior, which, said the president, seemed to only get worse after the passage of the iran nuclear deal. which was spearheaded by the obama administration, and later vacated by the trump administration. >> the missiles fired last night at us and our allies were paid for with the funds made available by the last administration. iran's hostilities substantially increased after the foolish iran nuclear deal was signed, and they were given $150 billion, not to mention $1.8 billion in cash. >> the obama administration did send cash to the regime to settle a decades-old dispute over military goods bought by iran before its government was overthrown in 1979. as for the $150 billion claim,
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well, the actual value of frozen iranian assets was closer to $55 billion. but blaming the obama administration for iran's missile attack? well, that drew a searing response from former national security advisor susan rice. >> this is another series of despicable lies that president trump. the fact that three and a half years after taking office, he remains -- the readers of the taking office -- he remains obsessed with president obama, shows president trump's extreme weakness and insecurity. >> susan rice speaking there. and interesting moment today, shannon, was on the president said he was asked nato to become more involved in the middle east progress, and in the case of iran, a country that is obviously in very deep turmoil right now. shannon? >> shannon: it is. kevin corke on the white house beat for us, thank you, kevin. the house moving forward with
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the war powers resolution aiming to limit president trump's military options with respect to iran. in the senate, a split emerging between hawks like republican lindsey graham and senator mike lee, who railed against the relatively short length of today's administrative briefing, and concerns that congress is being pushed out of the loop. >> i would add, probably the worst briefing i've seen, at least on the military issue, in the nine years i've served in the united states senate. what i found so distressing about that briefing was that one of the messages we received from the referrers was do not debate. >> shannon: a vote for the house is set for tomorrow. a big disagreement about what happened in today's briefing, and fact-checkers pushing back on a claim made by both the president and our next guest, who also happened to be in that briefing, senator ted cruz, republican from texas. senator, good to have you back on "fox news @ night." >> shannon, always good to be
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with you. >> shannon: these are folks, colleagues from both sides of the aisle, at their assessment of what they heard behind closed doors today. >> i came away from this briefing really angry, deeply dissatisfied that, after waiting this long, for the facts that justify the killing of the second in command of a foreign government, that the answers were unacceptably vague and unspecific. >> probably the worst briefing i've seen, at least on a military issue, in the nine years i've served in the united states senate. >> shannon: not surprising that you and mr. blumenthal may not agree on things, but you and mr. lee are pretty tight, and he wasn't impressed. >> well, sure, and i think you're looking at two very different things. when it comes to blumenthal and the senate democrats -- and the house democrats -- look, it's no surprise they are opposed to president trump. they are opposed to president trump on everything.
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when it comes to taking out soleimani, soleimani was the worst terrorist on the face of the planet. and taking him out was a major viory for keeping america safe. and yet, senate democrats, house democrats, they are not interested in the facts. not interested -- not even willing to admit he was a terrorist, because there trumped arrangement trumps everything else. when it comes to mike lee, he is a dear, dear friend, i think mike was frustrated because the administration, particularly when asked questions about what level of congressional authorization and congressional consultation was necessary, i think the administration was a little too quick to dismiss the role of congress. listen, i'm a believer in the constitution. under the constitution, it is congress that has the power to declare war, and i think anytime you are looking at long-term, sustained military engagement, you need congressional authorization. that is what mike was reacting to, the administration is pretty dismissive of that. but that being said, taking out
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soleimani, america is safer as a result of this, and i've got to say, blumenthal's take on it, i thought, was ridiculous, because i heard that same briefing we heard from the chairman of the joint chief of staff, the head of secretary of defense, cia, soleimani had for decades carried out a campaign of murdering americans, department of defense said soleimani was directly responsible for the murder of over 603 american servicemen and women, and just in recent days, he directed an attack that had killed an american contractor had a directed attack on our embassy, and that resulted in the action to take him out, the right thing to do. >> shannon: that led to last night, iran's response, but the ayatollah says there is more to come to settle the score. the fact that the iran nuclear deal under the obama administration, that cash over to iran, may have directly funded what we saw last night.
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the ap and fact-checked says this, the administration offered no evidence that the $150 billion of its assets that have been frozen abroad, iran steered a chunk of that money to the missile that hit the bases in iraq. iran had many sources of revenue, oil sales to china and other countries dominate it exports, and also chemicals, plastics, fruit, and more, broad. senator, is it taking a leap to link the two things? the iran nuclear deal and those missiles last night? >> i got to say the behavior of ap and mainstream media, to defend iran, to defend the ayatollah and to serve essentially as a an apologist for the enemy of americans, it's really sad. and i got it, they don't like donald trump. that is not lost on anybody. of the media has lost their minds. many congressional democrats have lost their minds. but here's a very simple principle.
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money is fungible. under barack obama and the catastrophic obama-iran nuclear deal, the united states allowed between 100,000,150 -- $100,000,000,150,000,000,000 to flow directly into iran. the obama administration sent $1.7 billion in cash in on not marked bills on pallets and the dead of night, a plane and flown into iran late at night. that money -- money is fungible, and when you flood the ayatollah, who is chanting "death to america with over $100 billion in a very real sense, that money that the obama administration allowed to flow into iran is what helped fund of those missiles that were attacking our servicemen and women last night. >> shannon: i want to ask about impeachment before i let you go. there is talk now that there could be a trial as soon as next week. speaker nancy pelosi come in a letter earlier this week, said the process has not only unfair, but designed to deprive senatorf
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crucial documents and testimony. sounds like senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is ready to move ahead despite the demands from the speaker. is there going to be a trial next week? what can you tell us? >> listen, i hope so. these articles and features are going to be thrown out is not coming remotely close to the constitutional standard. pelosi sends them over, the senate will conduct a fair trial, respect due process -- unlike the house. we let th let both the house managers and the president defend themselves, and i'm confident that these deficient articles of impeachment are going to be thrown out. >> shannon: well, you will be one of the jurors of this comes to fruition. senator ted cruz, thank you for joining us tonight, good to see you. >> always a pleasure. >> shannon: iraq appears quiet more than 24 hours after the rocket attacks that resulted in no u.s. casualties. part of that could be due to an order from tehran on the militias operating inside iraq.
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the u.s. as those militias killed an american civilian contractor, setting off a chain of events leading to the u.s. air strike on iran's top general, qassem soleimani. here's a vice president mike pence was saying tonight about those militias. >> frankly, we are receiving some encouraging intelligence that iran is sending messages to those very same militias, not to move against american targets or civilians. and we hope that that message continues to echo. >> shannon: so to the hill now, the squad of progressive lawmakers they are ripping into president trump tonight for issuing new sanctions against iran. accusing the president fanning the flames of war. correspondent leland vittert has more on the story. good evening, leland. >> good evening, shannon. no surprise that members of the squad have problems with president trump. ilhan omar now says the president is causing her serious personal problems. >> i feel ill, a little bit,
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because of everything that is taking place, and i think every time i hear about -- i hear of conversations around war, i find myself being stricken with ptsd. >> omar is the only one of the squad who used that, so unclear of rashida tlaib, who you see standing there, aoc, felt such stress, or were just there for moral support. either way, the talk of war sparked a twitter war. jim banks of indiana, a veteran himself, wrote this is a disgrace and an offense to our nation's veterans, who really do have ptsd after putting their life on alive to keep america safe. omar responded with i survived the war, deal with ptsd, much like many who have served and lived through war, and it's shameful that you would erase the ptsd of survivors. it appears the squad also has problems with another part of the president's policy that doesn't involved bullets or bombs. the president announced
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additional sanctions against the iranian regime. omar wrote, in part, "sanctions or economic warfare. you cannot claim to want to de-escalation and then announce new sanctions with no clear goal. this is not a measured response." you look at this, and might create some problems for the democrat on one of her other controversial positions. consider this from the g.o.p. rapid response department. 2019 anti-summit of the year ilhan omar this does beg the question, if sanctions or economic warfare, as representative omar suggest, does that mean she is advocating a form of warfare against israel? whether or not that is enough to create ptsd for others, perhaps, shannon, is a topic we don't have enough time to delve into. >> shannon: all right, leland vittert in d.c., thank you. former obama officials save president trump's decision to withdraw from the iran nuclear
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♪ >> in the years since the signing of the bill in 2015 come up until president trump's unilateral withdrawal, abandoning our allies against the advice of his advisors, there were no proxy attacks by iranian proxies on u.s. personnel in iraq. there will no efforts by iran to attack our drones in the persian gulf or attack. they stripped verification and inspections. >> shannon: former national security advisor and ambassador susan rice defending the iran nuclear deal. but fox news reporting from the
8:19 pm
end of the obama era casts some doubt on some of the claims that she is making today. here's what we found back then. the sane. >> it's been reported president obama suggested numerous times by doing this deal that iran would eventually moderate its nonnuclear behavior. do you think that has happened? >> just the opposite. every single action the iranians have taken have been bolder and starker than the ones they took before the agreement. >> has the support for hezbollah or hamas dropped off? >> not at all. >> modified? >> if anything, greater. >> support for bashar al-assad changed? >> none. >> military alliance moderated? >> stronger. >> leon panetta, secretary of defense from 2011 to 2015 largely supports the president's iran nuclear deal which is the president's policy lacks one crucial ingredient. >> what is missing is the larger strategy. of containing iran. and making very clear that even
8:20 pm
though we have negotiated this agreement, we are not going to allow iran to be able to exert their influence in that region. they have to deal with them from a position of strength. not from a position of weakness. >> shannon: all right. so did former president obama's legacy iran nuclear deal change the world regime behavior for the better or worse? let's bring in texas republican congressman dan crenshaw who sits on the homeland security committee, it also a former navy seal himself. congressman, always good to have you back. >> good to be with you, shannon. >> shannon: we've seen the last 24 hours and beyond that, a full rollout of former obama administration officials who were part of putting together this nuclear deal, and in many the cases, say we got to this point because this president pulled out of it. your response? >> well, they are obsessed with defending their strategy of appeasement. they thought the best way to deal with iran was to pay them off, send over pallets full of
8:21 pm
cash, unfreeze their assets, lift sanctions, and then hope for change, right? remember president obama's theme was hope and change, and that was their foreign policy, as well. it didn't work, and it's time to except that. what actually happened is the iranians were enriched and therefore able to fund their quds force more and destabilize the region, destabilizes syria, yemen, fund sleeper cells in bahrain, shia militias. issue for forgetting the 600 deaths of american soldiers that were the result of a rainy and made ieds? to say this all started after trump, this is another misconception the democrats like to peddle, which of that history began with donald trump. history began with the killing of soleimani. did not begin with the killing of soleimani. 's 1979, actually. they were importing u.s. navy
8:22 pm
vessels in the gulf. since then, they bombed oil tankers, saudi oil facilities, our bases, and then attack our embassy and killed an american citizen. to say that they weren't the ones escalating out of desperation is to deny the facts. >> shannon: okay, so just to be clear, she was talking with the years since the signing of the deal up until the president withdrew, she was saying that was a good time. >> also not true. >> shannon: her statement, okay, so ben rhodes also part of that said there were no rocket attacks. he gets a specific come against u.s. interests in iraq during the iran deal. those began after trump pulled out of the iran deal and escalated sanctions, which wasn'wasan entirely predictive f consequence. so what happened the last 24 hours, we should have known -- you heard many people say the maximum pressure campaign is backfiring on this president. how do you respond to them? >> well, it's just not true.
8:23 pm
i'm not going to listen to someone like ben rhodes, who effectively admitted to lying to the record people and creating an echo chamber in the media to get the iran deal through. the reality is the jcpoa, the iran deal, left us weaker, it left us with a situation where you intend to mark 15 years, have to find a way to renegotiate that deal against a much wealthier and more powerful iran, and we would havo leverage, as you played a clip of leon panetta, he said something important, we have to negotiate from a position of strength, not weakness. against the obama administration, the iranians knew there were no red lines. okay no actual deterrence against the obama administration. they knew that. the iranians were negotiating from a position of strength. for a couple of reasons. one, they are more patient, while the obama administration needed the foreign policy win and work going away too much to get it. once i got it, there was no containment strategy. there was no talking about the
8:24 pm
malign influence throughout the region, the missile program. you can't separate those things, it did they delay nuclear weapons, possibly, but recent intelligence, especially our israeli partners, the iranians were planning on cheating on that. in any case, we were going to be left in a position with 10 to 15 years where we had no more leverage, and that's a difficult position to be in, and at some point, we have to disrupt the escalation that the iranians were engaging income and gain back that that leverage, because they had -- they had no path toward normalizing and joining the global order, at all at all. >> shannon: well, we know the president has now called on nato to get involved, and our european allies and others that were party to the deal to walk away from it. iran has signaled they consider themselves to be out of it, as well. we will watch and wait as they promised more retribution, and having served there on the front lines, congressman, you know that means to our men and women. our thoughts and prayers for protection and wisdom over all of them tonight.
8:25 pm
and thank you for your service on multiple fronts. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: where we on the brink of world war iii, or was there some overhyping of what was going on between u.s. and iran? our power panel debates that next. ♪ well i didn't choose metastatic breast cancer. not the exact type. not this specific mutation. but i did pick hope... ...and also clarity... knowing i have a treatment that goes right at it. discover piqray, the first and only treatment that specifically targets pik3ca mutations in hr+, her2- mbc, which are common and linked to cancer growth. piqray is taken with fulvestrant after progression on hormone therapy and has been proven to help people with a pik3ca mutation live longer without disease progression. do not take piqray if you've had a severe allergic reaction to it or to any of its ingredients.
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it's superior grease-cleaning formula gets to work faster. making easy work of tough messes. dawn takes care of tough grease, wherever it shows up. scrub less, save more... with dawn. >> we are only here at this moment, this very dangerous moment, because of donald trump's impulses. >> these kind of world changing and historic calamities. >> we are at the early stages of a hot war. this is a monumental moment. >> this is exactly what many foreign policy and national security analyst feared in washington. >> this could have a very significant effect. we may be on a road to a very different middle east, come sunrise. >> this is a really very grave and serious moment. >> shannon: that was last night. today, the president opting for sanctions against iran, not military action. saying everyone is working to de-escalate the whole thing.
8:30 pm
joining us now, former special operations until analyst brett velicovich, fox news contributor charlie hurt. gentlemen, welcome to you both. >> hi, shannon. >> shannon: when you hear their multiple bases with u.s. personnel under attack in iraq, it does not sound good. so charlie, how do people take measured steps in covering these things, in the broad light, bright daylight of the next day, it does not appear to be overreaction? you are in the moment. >> it's kind of amazing to listen to that montage of quotes you just played. i think the biggest problem, the biggest sort of problem for those people trying to analyze this stuff is they still -- three years in, they still haven't figured out donald trump. it's really not that difficult. if you just listen -- if you want to note his motives are, listen to what he says, and that's pretty much kind of what he's looking for. he's not looking for war with iran, that's the last thing he wants. the only entity that wants war with iran less than donald trump is iran itself.
8:31 pm
but these people, they have this prejudice about donald trump. they think he is some warmonger. they think he is some unstable, crazy person, wants to -- i don't know what they think he wants to do -- and so they let those prejudices get in the way of every single development in the world that comes along, and they jump to the worst-case scenario. it really sounds like they are almost cheering for something bad to happen to president trump, but in actuality, just shut up and listen to the president, and listen to what it is he wants, and you have a pretty good idea what is going for. >> shannon: he did come out and speak today, and listen, this is the escalating on both sides, we are done here. talk about sanctions but not military action, at least at this point. tommy veeder, a spokesperson for president obama, tweeted this. "i'm glad trump has chosen to d escalate situation, but to be clear, this is trump drawing a red line with iran that he is now not enforcing. i want things to calm down, but
8:32 pm
reporters should realize how unequally they cover democrats and republicans when it comes to war." that question is for you, but clearly we can hear charlie having a good chuckle over that. your thoughts, brett? >> absolutely absurd. with some of the initial report that came out from you think some of the journalist were working for irani and state tv because they were spreading misinformation and spreading confusion and providing all this other information out there that was just completely inaccurate. and gluck, it to the importance of media, i spend a lot of timee community, a lot like being a journalist, and charge a reporting time sensitive, critical information to help drive the decision-making process at the highest levels. nowadays, the media has played -- it's playing a more important role than ever before to also drive the decision-making process for these policymakers. in a lot of ways, they are acting as if they are doing the work of the intelligence services because they sometimes have this direct line to the president and to his advisors.
8:33 pm
that's also very dangerous, because with intelligence information, it's all worthless unless you have truly trustworthy or credible sources of information. when i hear about these journalists that came out and reporting false information about 30 u.s. soldiers killed in these strikes, that's dangerous going forward, not the type of information that can cause a war and could potentially cause devastation to other lives. >> shannon: there were some interesting notes today about the fact that the markets were doing very well. they responded well to let the president had to say this morning. if they tend to be apolitical in most cases. saying this. here's the headline: "here is widely sought stock market is surging to the records after arranging missile strikes threaten war." war, you never know judging by the stock markets on wednesday. then sean conway, director of equity strategies, said this, i think the market is more rational about this subject than a lack of subject.
8:34 pm
the threat to the oil supply is not as dramatic because of increased u.s. oil production. quick final response for both of you on this point, how they are responding? >> i have far more faith in the markets to read president trump correctly than i do the media. going back to the statement from tommy vietor, he's a very funny young man, but somehow the media has been showering more scrutiny on president obama than they do on president trump, is maybe the funny know my funniest thing he's ever said. >> shannon: all right, brett, your thoughts on the market's response? >> i think they responded accordingly. the strike on soleimani come with one bold, swift decision, president trump basically put evil forces in all corners of the world on notice that they can no longer strike americans with impunity. on top of that, he change the calculus of the iranian regime. going forward, the iranians will never again conduct attacks
8:35 pm
against americans without having serious conversations about the strategic consequences of that action, and so i think come in the end, this was a good decision on behalf of the president at a major victory for his decisive action. >> shannon: we are several decades into the tension between the two nations, probably far from over, but we are quiet tonight pick up brett and charlie, good to have you both, thank you. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: cracks in the democratic? is a speaker pelosi's impeachment delay backfiring on what her own party members are saying publicly? that next. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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and the clock could be ticking towards bad breath, receding gums, and possibly... tooth loss. help turn back the clock on gingivitis with parodontax. leave bleeding gums behind. parodontax. sleep this amazing? that's a zzzquil pure zzzs sleep. our liquid has a unique botanical blend, while an optimal melatonin level means no next-day grogginess. zzzquil pure zzzs. naturally superior sleep. >> i said when we saw -- then we would send over the articles. we haven't seen that. i don't know how many more times i have to say that, how many times you want to ask it, but when we see no maxi an arena in which this will happen, then we will send articles. >> shannon: okay, house speaker nancy pelosi still
8:40 pm
withholding impeachment articles, as democrats are saying, it's time to get moving. let's discuss with senior legal advisor to the trump campaign jenna ellis and fox news contributor leslie marshall, qaddafi both with us. >> good to be here, shannon. >> shannon: jenna, she said i've got to pick the managers, the people who essentially argued the case comes hard to do with the rules are going to be in the senate and how this will work. why is that not a good reason to decide? >> it's unconstitutional. soul power to try impeachment is in the senate. we're not going to send prosecutors until we know essentially how the senate is going to manage this would be like a prosecutor telling a judge in a regular court, we are not going to actually bring any charges against the defendant until you can course a judge on holding the trial on our terms and managing the courtroom how we prefer. what is unconstitutional and ridiculous. the american public is seen through this because the
8:41 pm
democrats are trying to create a constitutional crisis in america because they are literally trying to overtly, just accumulate their own power outside the margins of their authority, because they hate president trump, they want to coerce and compel the senate, coerce and compel president trump in any way possible to do their bidding. is unconstitutional and absolutely ridiculous. >> shannon: well, okay, we heard what it might take to dislodge the articles from the speaker would be a number of sent democrats to say they are interested in seeing that happen. now we are hearing publicly, senators including blumenthal, jones, dianne feinstein, one of the most senior members, several of them saying it is time to get this done. is not happening. you heard a lot from senator lindsey graham on the g.o.p. side of the aisle. tonight, we look at a resolution he is planning to introduce that says this in action by the speaker of the house of representatives is a gross impeachment on the senate's right to try impeachment. he says if we don't get them by the end of the week, we're starting it one way or another.
8:42 pm
>> when they start, they have to set the rules before they start to request them as they set the rules, she's going to send them over. but you are right, there are a growing number of senators on the democratic side who say it let's move this along, and we arisgoing to hold it -- not thai have an inside channel to speaker pelosi -- she's going to hold it until she gets those rules. jana, i'm not going to argue with you unconstitutional law. you are an attorney, i'm not, but i've read the constitution, going back to read this, i don't see a timeline listed. >> the interesting thing, to push back on that, what happened if nancy pelosi doesn't like the rules of the senate, she just not going to send the articles are moving forward? >> she never said i want the rules in they have to be what i like -- >> but that is basically what she is saying. >> shannon: i want them to be fair, that's her word, but that's her judgment call because there would be a number of republicans who would say i don't think the way the house handled the first phase of this was fair. >> true. but at the same time, republicans also said, you know,
8:43 pm
we've got to get this done quickly, excuse me, they said the democrats were doing this too quickly, and now they are like, we've got to get this done quickly. i think it is fair to say, especially in politics, there is a degree of hypocrisy on both sides. >> shannon: okay, so this is what senator blumenthal had to say today. he is one of the democrats who has publicly said let's get a move on. >> i think we are reaching a point where the articles of impeachment should be sent and we should have votes on whether witnesses will be called, the cover up that senator mcconnell is engineering here has to be broken at some point. >> shannon: okay, so he is not just saying send them overcome he saying i want to vote on things like witnesses. john bolton is a major player that has that if you subpoena me, i will come in, but the democrats say they don't think they're going to get evidence, including witnesses that they think is important, and making the decision as a juror. >> that's where, again, the senate has sole power to try
8:44 pm
impeachment, so like any other judicial process, even though this is quasi-judicial process, the rules of the senate are that, constitutionally, 51 senators can set the rules. so yes, there is a decision that, hey, this doesn't even merit a full-blown trial because there is actually no legitimate basis for these articles to come. to have a motion to dismiss at any time would be constitutionally and legally proper, and so whether or not there is a full trial with witnesses or whether there is not, it takes 51 senators to decide that, and that is the constitutional process. >> shannon: interesting nugget we keep forgetting to talk about is vice president mike pence couldn't vote because of potential self-interest in impeaching someone. that will likely fall to the chief justice of the united states. an interesting role coming for john roberts, leslie. >> all eyes are going to be on him. another thing i want to point out is that -- jenna might agree with me, if you have a witness
8:45 pm
like john bolton that could potentially exonerate your client, this being the president of the united states in the senate and in that trial -- why wouldn't you have him? i'm confident this will happen stage i, stage ii, stage iii. >> we will see. leslie and jenna, thank you both. growing on wings of road those worrying about senator bernie sanders being the nominee. at first, western roundup. citing an australian study saying homework has no effect on elementary school students, the ban has resulted in a 50% drop in anxiety referrals to the, and they can use -- mysterious drone spotted in the skies over kansas, colorado, and arkansas. teaming up with the faa and the air force to create a task force trying to make sense of these 30 reports that have poured in since mid-december that they clusters of flashing lights have been lighting up the skies. military local companies in the area say it's not them.
8:46 pm
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♪ >> shannon: tonight, establishment democrats are reportedly worrying about senator and democratic socialist bernie sanders becoming the party's presidential nominee. chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher is here to explain more about why. good evening, trace. >> shannon, good evening. if you counted bernie sanders out in september of last year, it might be time for a recount. especially when you consider that in the last three months of 2019, bernie dominated his democratic rivals in fund-raising. sanders took in $34.5 million. pete buttigieg raised just under 25 million, joe biden just under 23 million, and elizabeth warren just over 21 million. then there is his poll numbers.
8:51 pm
overall, for the past year, sanders has run second, behind joe biden, but i in a head-to-hd matchup with president trump, sanders fares better than either buttigieg or elizabeth warren. in the real clear politics average has him leading in iowa and new hampshire. all good news for sanders, but apparently a bit horrifying for the democratic establishment, who believe the democratic socialist would struggle to beat the president and wind up hurting the chances of centrist democrats in house, senate, and governors races. as a result, bernie is getting pushback from people like california congressman ami barrow, working to preserve the democrats majority in the house by protecting vulnerable house members of the small. he says a sanders nomination would force more than 40 democratic candidates in competitive districts to run away from bernie sanders. wall street types have also noticed the bernie bounce, with billionaire jeffrey good back saying the biggest risk for the
8:52 pm
markets in 2020 is a bernie sanders win. that is because when it comes to energy and climate change, sanders isn't just planning to upset the apple cart, he's planning to blow it up. watch. >> what corporate america knows what many of us know, that the time is now to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel to energy efficiency and sustainable energy. >> one iowa democrat told the associated press he was curious about elizabeth warren, but hasn't been impressed by her on the campaign trail, so now he is back on board with bernie sanders, saying with bernie, you know exactly what you get. shannon? >> shannon: that's true. if you're paying attention. trace, thank you. okay, the royal family has been rocked tonight. prince harry and his wife, american actress meghan markle, say they are planning to step back as senior members of the royal family, and the queen doesn't sound very happy about it. aishah hasnie is following more about this as we learn about the
8:53 pm
couple's decision. speak of this is unprecedented. the queen apparently not happy, didn't have any idea this announcement was going to happen. 's of buckingham palace a statement tonight saying discussions with the duke and duchess of sussex are at an early stage, and that statement reads in part, "we understand their desire to take a different approach, but these are complicated issues that will take time to work through." prince harry and meghan markle stunned the world with their announcement today to step down as senior members of the royal family, and work on becoming financially independent. the new parents announced they plan to live in both the u.k. and north america as they raise their son, archie. they said their decision came after many, many months of reflection and internal discussion. the duke and duchess have been on a six week hiatus in canada for the holidays, and just returned to royal duties yesterday. this announcement comes just months after the couple first gave the world a candid glimpse
8:54 pm
into their struggle, coping with all the media attention the documentary "harry and megan, an african journey." the duchess also recently filed a lawsuit against several british tablets for making a full stories about her. but some are already criticizing the couple, including perhaps meghan markle's most vocal critic, piers morgan, who tweeted this today "people same too critical of meghan markle, but she ditched her family, ditched her dad, ditch most of her old friends, split harry from william, and has now split him from the royal family. i rest my case." and then listen to this. >> careful what you wish for. she wanted to be a princess, and now it annoys her, apparently. >> i had someone suggest she cannot play herself in "the crown." >> oh, burn. others are blaming morgan, and some in the media saying, their constant harsh criticism, just like what you heard there, is what drove the couple to make this move in the first place. prince harry, by the way, is the
8:55 pm
sixth in line to the throne, and shannon, no member of the royal family, et cetera i would say king edward when he abdicated, has made a move like this, so a big deal for the u.k. >> shannon: the family is so tight, and the firm, the royal family, they have had a rough go. it surprising he would catch his grandmother off like this. >> she is one steady chick. she is going to be fine. >> shannon: aishah, that happy with us. okay, tonight, we want to pay tribute to a very special person. 33-year-old iraqi american contractor who was killed in an attack in late december. some of this got lost in the headlines. this is the act that took the life of sacramento linguists specialist. he was reportedly -- it was directed by hezbollah, that is what we were told, excited one of the reasons that led to the u.s. decision to kill iran in general qassem soleimani. he became a naturalized citizen in the u.s. in 2017, worked as an interpreter for u.s. forces in iraq.
8:56 pm
hour thoughts are with his wife and all of his loved ones. thank you for watching tonight from new york, i'm shannon bream. ♪ yes. is a soaring tribute to heroism. my heart was pounding the entire time. [ explosion ] no! 1917... we need to keep moving. the whole things coming down. i can't see. i can't see! is the best picture of the year. you need to trust me. jump!
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get a 4-course meal starting at $15.99. treat yourself to the perfect gift today, because the aussie 4-course won't last long! outback steakhouse. that is the story on wednesday, january 8th ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. the war has been postponed, it poturns out. a day after the islamic republic of iran fired a salvo of ballistic and cruise missiles into a pair of military bases in iraq, we are back from a the brink. this morning and alive address to the nation, which are no doubt saw, the president announced that iran's missiles had landed harmlessly. no american troops were killed and no iraqis either. it turned out to be a purely symbolic bombing designed to stop rather than start anotherng war. as the president explained, at least for now, the hostilities over. >> are great american forces are prepared for anything.


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