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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 10, 2020 3:00am-6:00am PST

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the museum tweeting, quote: we have got to respect their wishes. #megxit. >> see them in the shadows? >> that is the talk every of the day, isn't it. jillian: yes it is. have a good day. ♪ ♪ ♪ dance the night away ♪ ainsley: we are going to be dancing the night away. it's friday y'all. you can dance on the tables don't, brian. brian: again? i did it thursday? the thing about va van halen that was challenging. the ear wrath disco they roll out this song as a rock band you wonder is this dance music or rosenbacher music. ainsley: what are you supposed to do with this song? brian: i still don't know. if you see a member of the vavan halen family even if it's eddie, ask him do we dance or disco?
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steve: we will never see them. to answer your question, disco is always easier to dance. ainsley: why do you say even if it's eddie? ask any of them even if it's eddie. brian: i read the book about as you know the new lead singer sammy hagar and his book and to him it looks like eddie was not as coherent as many other rock and roll stars at that time. ainsley: got it. steve: who knew we were going to start our show like that. thank you very much for joining us. we have some breaking news and a fox news alert. the country of iraq is now demanding that the united states come up with a plan to get our troops out of their country after that iranian missile attack. ainsley: i know. we now know that one of the rockets accidentally shot down that ukrainian passenger plane. brian: but who is speaking for iraq? the place holder whose prime minister, the she a, the sunnies, or the sunnies and kurds that didn't even show up for saturday's vote?
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rick leventhal is live from jerusalem as the u.s. considers its next step. hey, rick. >> good morning, brian, steve, and ainsley. you probably remember on sunday, the iraqi parliament voted to expel u.s. troops from iraq after that targeted killing of iran's top general by the u.s. in iraq. and today the iraqi prime minister, we learned, spoke with the secretary of state mike pompeo and asked him for details on how that u.s. troop withdrawal would happen. we are still waiting for a response from the u.s. in the meantime, we have now learned that the french authorities are now joining the investigation of the crash of that ukrainian jetliner in iran earlier this week with iran denying reports that it shot down the jet by mistake. the "new york times" has obtained video apparently showing the moment the boeing 737 was hit by iranian surface-to-air missile shortly after takeoff from tehran's international airport. all 176 passengers and crew on board were killed in the crash. u.s., british, and canadian
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officials all say it's highly likely the plane was hit by a russian-made sa-15 missiles. pieces of one were reportedly found near the crash site. iranians reportedly fired two of these missiles at the jet possibly mistaking it for a u.s. military plane since iran was on high alert for retaliation just hours after law firming a dozen ballistic missiles in u.s. positions in iraq. despite apparent evidence, iran continued denying shooting down the plane at a news conference this morning. >> what we can say with absolute certainty no missile had hit the plane. as i said last night the train had traveled while on fire for more than one and a half minutes and the crash site shows that the pilot had decided to return to the airport. >> the iranians say if the u.s. and intelligence officials have evidence showing that iranian missiles took down that jet, they should share that evidence with the world. steve, ainsley, brian?
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steve: exactly. rick, do we have any information why the country of iran would be letting jet liners taking off on revenge rocket day? >> it seems to be a poor decision. steve: yeah. >> as far as we know normal air traffic at tehran international. again they were on alert for possible incoming and u.s. officials say it looks like this was a tragic mistake. they thought it might have been a u.s. military plane and not a passenger plane and somebody hit the wrong button. steve: they thought they were killing americans rather than a bunch of canadians and ukrainians and iranians? >> according to u.s. officials and other intelligence agencies, yeah. steve: what a story. rick, thank you. ainsley: justin trudeau was speaking yesterday from canada about the 63 people that died in the plane crash that were his citizens. he said his allies, his own intelligence proves that this plane was shot down by a surface-to-air missile at the coast.
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steve: or maybe two missiles. ainsley: maybe two from iran. if you read the "new york post" there are so many stories in here about victims on the plane. one girl called her husband and he list in canada and she said i really don't feel good about this. is it safe to get on the plane when we are back and forth -- when americans are back and forth with iran. her husband said everything is going to be fine. brian: remember that ukrainian jet liner shot down over that war zone by russia, which we still never got to the bottom of, which they still deny. ainsley: another couple had just gotten married they were on the plane. brian: meanwhile mayor pete didn't was any time making this political and turning blame on the president. innocent civilians are now dead because they were caught in the middle of an unnecessary and unwanted military tit-for-tat. really? my shouts are with the families and loved ones with all 176 souls lost aboard this flight. jackie in california plane crash in tehran reveal likely caused by iran
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missile strike is collateral damage from president trump's strike taken out the iran general soleimani. really looking at the president and our action from a guy that has been killing our guys for 25 years? that, to me, i thought was a bridge too far. i guess not. ainsley: the president yesterday in the rally he reminded all of us if you see a service member that has a limb missing, it's a good chance that it happened under this guy's watch. i took him out. it's not tit-for-tat. this was a terrorist that wanted to kill americans. steve: right. they are blaming the president of the united states for 176 dead people. it's not the president. iran turned the surface-to-air missile battery on and it killed all those people. meanwhile, the president talked extensively yesterday about taking out soleimani. we also heard that apparently soleimani had his eye on a bunch of embassies of the united states throughout the region. here is some of what he said last night in toledo at the
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huntington center. here's the president. >> soleimani was actively planning new attacks. and was looking very seriously at our embassies. the radical left democrats have expressed outrage over the termination. all trying to say how dare you take him out that way. you should get permission from congress. schiff is a big leaker. so he will say, you know, off-the-record, i have got hurry up because everyone is watching me in the hallway on my cell phone. off the record they have got the number one terrorist in the world, soleimani. and they are going to get him. they are going to take him out. in the next 10 minutes. please don't tell anybody i told you. steve: then he went on to say that in that story that he said that oh, darn it, we just missed him. soleimani disappeared. so he was making a case that they had to act right then. he didn't have time to contact nancy pelosi. he also said that he hoped
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that joe biden is the nominee so that during the debates he can mention where's hunter nine times per debate? brian: yesterday, i was lucky enough to speak to major bartlett whose bodies forever thanks and his friends have been killed in iraq thanks to the efps which he helped engineer and which he missioned factories to make that killed so many of our guys. and every day he thought about this guy. after his beth, he said this is a moment to celebrate for what he has done. not only what he was about to do which everyone is focused on. what he has done in the past and he came back to do more. does anyone believe that ridiculous story that he had a note from the saudis about reconciliation with the grand ayatollah. please don't tell me you bought that. steve: mr. soleimani. ainsley: yesterday they voted along party lines. a few defectors to approve the war powers resolution that limits the president's power to go against iran again. brian mast. he is a republican from
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florida. he had an amazing speech on the house floor yesterday. steve: right. ainsley: we want to play a portion of that. steve: just keep in mind he is standing there in the well of the house on two prosthetic legs. he lost his legs in afghanistan. he made it clear how he was going to vote. ainsley: actually i think our viewers should hear of the whole thing. play the whole thing. steve: excellent idea. >> make no mistake madam speaker. this resolution is about the killing of soleimani he was a terrorist no different than baghdadi. is a carry, bin laden and head of a terrorist organization no. different than isis or i'll died. al qaeda. he is responsible. i know most of us haven't seen or heard or smelled that kind of death. let me tell you about it. burned inside of their humvees. lungs scorched by the flames of the explosions. the vehicle fragments were blown into their skulls. some of them were paralyzed. some of them had their arms
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and legs blown off. some of them will never see again. some of them will never be recognized again by those who knew them previously. each and every one of them, they are the credible explanation for deleting this terrorist target from our world. and no doubt, it is dangerous to take out a terrorist target. but a coward is somebody who lacks the courage to endure danger. and this is the fundamental difference in voting yes or no here. if you vote no, you understand that we would be justified to kill 100 soleimanis for just one of our heroes that have been killed by him. and the danger would be worth it. for those who vote yes, they see that he has killed hundreds of our service members but can still not find the justification to kill him because, unlike our fallen heroes, they lack the courage to endure danger. brian: that's brian mast, talking about what he saw, what he lived. and how much more dangerous
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the insurgency in iraq was because of the man we took out, the president decided to take out when he landed in a baghdad airport with two other terror leaders. brian mast knows it. for the people there and thought about it, they tactically planned against him. general mcchrystal wrote about it. general petraeus talked about it. now you have somebody who lived it talking about how much better the world is without him. yet, you have a guy like chris matthews comparing his death in iran to somebody like elvis or princess diana. are you kidding me? steve: well, that's just the state of cable news these days. we do have that man who made that amazing speech. brian mast will be joining us less than an hour from right now. keep in mind, you know, the fact that they passed the resolution out of the house, it's not going anywhere in the senate. just simply trying to do something to the president, damage him politically. nancy pelosi we got a flashback for you. keep in mind, barack obama ordered strikes on half a different countries.
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no congressional authorization. he ordered over 500 drone strikes that killed thousands of people, including hundreds of citizens. and, yet, nancy pelosi said regarding then president obama did he need authorization to use force in libya? watch this. >> madam leader, you are saying that the president did not need authorization initially and still does not need any authorization from congress on libya? >> yes. >> thank you. >> thank you all very much. brian: fully support what president obama did. ainsley: it's all politics. ainsley: he relied on intelligence services to take out terrorists. this isn't japan and germany against allied forces. if that was to happen, every president from here to the future would ask for congressional votes. the last time we had a war was against a country and president bush did this. asked the senate for approval and he got 70 votes. he asked the u.n. for the go ahead and the security council said go ahead. there is nothing illegal
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about it. ainsley: the president said we know this guy is going to blow up embassies and kill more americans and we're saving hundreds of lives? what should i have done? called up nancy pelosi and says do i have permission? he said then she would have gone to the fake news and he pointed to all the cameras back there at his rally last night in ohio. all you have you fake news because there is a lot of corruption back there. he said she would call you and you would leak it and then our plan would blow up. steve: if you are watching the fox news channel yesterday and by the way we like to hear your comments if you were watching the neil cavuto show yesterday they had jeh johnson on former department of homeland security secretary and he said. ainsley: under obama. steve: under president obama. very important point. under the office of legal counsel, the president had the constitutional authority to engage without congress' say and yet nancy pelosi and democrats took the vote yesterday. now they hand it to mitch. it's not going anywhere. ainsley: nancy says we deserve the respect from this administration. brian: it was a nonbinding
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vote that no one should care about. jillian mele how are you? jillian: i'm great. how are you. it is friday. happy friday everyone. we have stories to get. to say let's begin here. quote, he killed my leader and i have to kill him. a florida man charged with threatening president trump heads to court today. chancey lump made the comments on a facebook livestream. lump claiming he wanted to avenge the death of iran's military leaderboard qassem soleimani. lump is a security guard. he says it was all a joke. will suspects are detained in the u.s. months after a mormon family was murdered in mexico. the victim's relatives did not specify where they were caught or what role they played in the november ambush. nine women and children with dual american and mexican citizenship were attacked by a drug cartel while driving in a caravan through northern mexico. more than 40 suspects have been identified so far. the army will consider reinstating special forces status to a soldier charged with murder and pardon by president trump.
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army major matthew golsteyn was denied his request in december. "the washington post" now reporting an administrative panel will reconsider. golsteyn was pardoned by trump for the 2010 killing of a suspected taliban bomb maker in afghanistan. and president trump slams the democrats' impeachment push at his packed ohio rally. >> by the way, did you see i did nothing wrong. they don't even know what the hell is going on. in fact, it's so weak, she doesn't want to put in the articles it's so weak. they are so pathetic. jillian: it comes as senate majority leader mitch mcconnell tells republicans to expect the trial to begin next week. speaker nancy pelosi still hasn't sent the articles to the senate. and take a look at this. congressman chip roy is concerned she can't find her way. so he tweeted this video showing the walk from the house to the senate floor, which takes a minute and a half. and a lot of people have a lot to say about that video on social media. steve: that is great. thank you very much, jillian. there is also a story out
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there yesterday that apparently nancy pelosi got the idea to hold the impeachment articles from watching john dean, the disbarred watergate lawyer over on cnn. so she is getting her cues from cable news. brian: he was so brilliant when the house went to democratic hands and first to testify. that really moved the needle. congratulations. we will see how this goes. she is even losing democrats by the hour. meanwhile straight ahead, brian terry's killer sentenced to life. killer expose the obama administration's botched gun running fast and furious operation. so, should someone in the government be held accountable. terry's uncle says absolutely. he joins us live next. ainsley: democrats love to rich. diamond and silk going to weigh in on steyer's sudden surge. ♪ all right now ♪ baby it's all right now now fast.
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brian: over nine years since the murder of border patrol agent brian terry. now his family is finally seeing justice. owbeing sentenced to life in prison for pulling the trigger in the case that exposed the obama administration's fast and furious gun running operation. brian terry's uncle ralph is the spokesperson for the brian terry organization. joins us now. ralph, do you feel any better today. >> we feel better every time one of the criminals gets convicted and sentenced. there is one more to go. there are six down and the last one remains in mexico. is he in custody awaiting extradition to the united states to stand trial for brian's murder. brian: so this guy was part
3:22 am
of a rip crew and he was able to get a crew through the fast and furious program, which is ill conceived, to be kind. and ends up shooting brian in the back. >> yes. that's true. it took brian about three or four minutes to die after being shot and it's taken the government over 9 years to bring this justice on the criminal side. and we're still waiting for the seventh person. brian: you are. and we are still waiting on answers on the fast and furious program which eric holder originally said he knew nothing about. what did we find out about this fast and furious program where thousands of guns were flooded into an area in order to track and find out what drug lord is using them? >> we wouldn't have found out anything if it had not been for a whistleblower and sharyl attkisson bringing that story to the public's attention. we learned that there was a cover-up. we couldn't learn much at
3:23 am
all about the cover-up from the obama administration. after trump became president, he gave us more information in the first few months of his presidency than we had from the obama administration in years. in fact, one of the memos that was circulated that we got a copy of called the terry family pests. and they wished we would just go away. brian: who wrote that? >> i don't know to tell you the truth. it was one of the memos that was heavily redacted. that we received from president trump. brian: they under estimated your family's dedication to brian, his reputation, his name, and his legacy did nothing but service his entire life. and you guys nine years later are getting a degree of justice and you are almost home. but the true justice would be unmasking this program and finding out who the person or the people were that put it together. and when the inspector general studied this to try to find out to get to the
3:24 am
bottom of this, does it track back to eric holder. >> everything that i read says yes, it tracks back to eric holder. brian: was he candid in saying i knew nothing about it? >> that's what i understood that he told the family. in fact, brian's brother kent met with eric holder and eric told him he would try and get answers to him because he didn't know anything. brian: and he didn't. >> and he did not. brian: we did not learn anything from him? >> no, we did not. brian: i know your family is supporting the president, and the president has gotten you some answers but you still want more. thanks so much. >> you are very welcome. thank you. brian: ralph terry, a degree of justice for the death of brian terry. meanwhile, the video is awesome. americans cheered, arriving in australia to help battle those brush fires. anna kooiman is live at the command center in sydney australia, that's next. democrats love to hate the rich. why is democrat tom steyer actually climbing in two
3:25 am
polls? diamond and silk weigh in on the sudden surge. it will all make sense shortly. ♪ i can't get no satisfaction ♪ and a lot of people start to see their teeth turn yellow. i like to recommend pronamel to my patients to help them protect their teeth and keep the enamel strong.
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each lasting 4 hours or more. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness can be signs of a life-threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions, neck and injection site pain, fatigue, and headache. don't receive botox® if there's a skin infection. tell your doctor your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications, including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. go on with your bad self. talk to your doctor. and text track to 50334 to see how headaches and migraines are affecting you. you got this. steve this is a fox news alert. fire emergencies growing by the hour in australia. we have been telling you about. this it's terrible. new fires popping up overnight fueled by high winds and scorching heat. brian: thousands have already evacuated their homes, others are being told to get out before it's too late. ainsley: this as an
3:29 am
inspiring scene unfolds at the airport. [applause] ainsley: isn't that great in american griforts cheered as they arrived in sydney. and that's where we find anna kooiman live at the command center where they are tracking the flames. anna, what a great reception that those firefighters got. how long is that flight from america? anna: well, from the east coast it's about 24 hours door-to-door. yeah, ainsley, did i speak with the fire commissioner earlier. he said that, you know, that ovation that they received was impromptu and it just went on and on and on. i want to tell you about some news that we're just now learning. we just got confirmation that three of these fires here, they were already at emergency level, have just merged into one big mega blaze. if you take a look at these screens behind me, it 24 hours ago. mostly what we saw was a lot of blue. a bits of relief. see a whole lot more yellow and a bit of red.
3:30 am
expecting potentially even more red later this evenings. the fire commissioner telling me it's going to be another very long night here at the emergency operation center. also telling me that one of his volunteer firefighters has just been air lifted this evening to the hospital with severe burns. not sure exactly how bad this could be. the state of new south wales wildfire season just unprecedented since it started, they have lost three of their volunteer firefighters. they have died. take a look at this video that i can show you of the heart of sydney. this is a climate protest that was going on earlier this evening. thousands of people gathered there. saying the government has had a lax response to climate change. also saying the prime minister has been too slow to act this fire season. meanwhile, fire evacuees are incredible thankful for donations coming in like baby formula. particle face masks and asthma pufers. even baked cookies or cards from kids make his force which is comprised of 90%
3:31 am
volunteers in australia feel appreciated. >> we have been overwhelmed with kindness and generosity from the community. they are sending cards of gratitude and praise and appreciation. kids are sitting in class writing little notes and stories to say thank you for the firefighters and heroes and saving my home. that's sort of reach from the community that really lifts the spirits of the fire fighting effort. anna: i want to layer is a few of them with you it will tug on your heart strings, too. you see the fire truck there number one firefighters. and then on the inside you are strong, loving, courageous, nice, kind and good. let me just show you a couple more real quick. koalas in a tree there that are getting saved. you are our heroes. and then finally, another fire truck on the front of this one saying thank you. and then on the back saying thank you for helping our animals survive. we have learned ainsley, brian, and steve, 500 million animals have perished in this wildfire season so far. that's the estimate. brian: unbelievable. how do all those animals. that's incredible that that
3:32 am
number. you can't get your head around it. steve: they are trying to estimate. anna: it's astounding. i have to tell you we will hear from volunteers coming up in the 8:00 hour who have been going down to the fire zones regularly. they say as they're just driving along the highway, you know, there is dead animals everywhere that have been trying to get out. ainsley: how about the little dog that had the koala on his back. steve: a terrible situation. anna, thank you for the very latest from sydney. now they have got to worry about that mega fire. all right. meanwhile, 2020 presidential democrats making their stance on billionaires in the wealthy very clear on the campaign trail. don't like the rich people. >> i'm tired of free loading billionaires. >> and we cannot afford a billionaire class whose greed and corruption have been at war with the working families of this country. >> if billionaires can refinance their yachts, you students should be able to refinance your student loans. >> we will no longer tolerate the greed of
3:33 am
corporate america and the billionaire class. ainsley: but billionaire tom steyer is surging. and brand new fox news poll. does this show the battle against the billionaire by democrats is back firing? brian: i think. so here to react are fox nation personalities diamond and silk. diamond and silk, first off, for clarity, you are not billionaires, right? >> oh, absolutely not. >> no, we're not. brian: do you resent them? >> no, i don't resent billionaires. but what i do resent is them trying to buy an election. >> right. >> now, tom steyer may surge to the top and he may spend all the money he wanna spend, he will never be able to beat president donald j. trump. >> that's right. >> so let's make that clear. >> yes. >> another thing, let's not get this twisted. how can he lead if he can't even follow? >> that's right. >> and the reason why i say that is because when president trump became president, tom steyer was the first one started putting out ads to impeach the president and the
3:34 am
president hadn't even done nothing. >> that's right. >> so how can tom steyer lead? not only that i don't even understand how he is going to get the black vote because he have to remember how he made those billions by investing in private prisons. >> that's right. >> that's going to be a no for us when it comes to tom steyer. we are going to stick with donald j. trump. ainsley: why does he resonate. you live in north carolina i live in south carolina similar constituents. why does he resonate in south carolina? he is number two now in south carolina according to the recent polls. biden and then he is two. steve: two in south carolina. we will put the poll up. and three in the state of nevada. >> it could be because is he puffing all of this money in all of these ads. >> that's right. >> don't be fooled by tom steyer. listen, he does not resonate with people like us. >> that's right. >> he don't. he don't. >> that's called the establishment poll. tom steyer, he may have bought his way onto the stage, but he would not buy his way into the white house.
3:35 am
american people will not buy his lies. so you don't have to worry about him being president of the united states. steve: ladies, you both support billionaire donald trump. >> do i support billionaire donald trump because his message resonated with the american people. >> that's right. >> he looks out for the american people. >> um-huh. steve: it's about the message and not the money? >> but, remember that president donald j. trump, he went through a whole full campaign. >> that's right. >> tom steyer just bought his way on the stage. >> absolutely, that's right. >> there's a difference. steve: there you go. all right. now we know. tom steyer surging and you ladies are raging live from the carolinas. good to have you. ainsley: have a good weekend, ladies. >> thank you. brian: coming up straight ahead. one lawmaker wants to ban cell phones for everyone under 21. the punishment, prison. seriously? seriously in bold? steve: the president firing up the crowd making this promise to his supporters in toledo. >> america is thriving like
3:36 am
never before. and ladies and gentlemen of ohio, the best is yet to come. steve: what did the folks at the rally think? dean cain flew into toledo. we will talk to some of those folks coming up. hey there, dean. ♪
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3:41 am
john's diner here in toledo, ohio. i had a chance last night to be at the rally. i was outside the rally. i spoke to a lot of people who are going inside. there were thousands and thousands. i guess the crowd over 8,000. and thousands left outside. it was a raucous bunch. they were pretty excited to hear the president speak. we will take a listen. >> i love my country. i love my president. >> this is amazing. >> how do you think the economy is running under the current president? >> well, let's see, last year i made a ton of money. the year before i made a ton of money. >> i love the economy. we used to be on welfare for two years, almost three. we have been off of welfare. >> i'm actually in the sales industry. we are just back-to-back. two of our best years that we have had at the dealership. >> how is the situation with iran taking out soleimani and strike back from iran. how do you feel about that situation? >> that was fabulous. what a thing to do. it should have been done years ago. >> what do you think has happened thus far with iran? >> i think trump is the guy
3:42 am
to get the job done. >> we think trump is working from strength and that's what he did. >> do you think the democrats, i mean, the democrats are doing what the whole impeachment situation? >> oh, that's such a farce. that's so crazy. grasping at straws. >> i think the democrats are only trying to get him impeached because they are just tired of him and they know he is right. >> you think trump goes to trump in a landslide? >> i do. you don't see support like this for any of the other people. >> the evidence is there i'm very happy. i'm looking forward to voting for him again. >> all right. so that was the people last night. i'm sitting here with lamar right now who used to be a republican, and i switched. >> more of an independent now. >> a couple decades. a few decades past. i was a republican for over 50 years for sure. and i ran as a republican when i was both a township
3:43 am
supervisor and as a county commissioner. i ran as a republican and was elected as a republican. for the longest time believed fully in the republican party and its platforms and its ideals. it's kind of left me behind because i'm more of a moderate than i am a conservative. so, i'm sitting in the middle between the liberals and the conservatives. and watching what's going on. it gives you a little heart burn once in a while. at least it does me. >> we were talking about the economy a moment ago and you were saying that you didn't feel like it worked for irving. >> it doesn't work for everyone. it's -- the new jobs coming and going service jobs 18 to 20. $20,000 a year. that's hard to raise a family on that. >> okay. >> the economy has raised the boats of the wealthy. the economy has raised the boats of many corporations. take the tax funds and bought their stock back. makes it valuable for those who are still stockholders. i have to say i am one.
3:44 am
>> fair enough, sir. a former republican, now turned democrat, lamar, thank you. thank you for speakerring to us this morning. i'm going to slide over here to rob, i'm sorry what is your name and what do you do. >> rob. i owned my own business for 46 years and passed it onto the third generation my son. >> we were talking to lamar there. he didn't feel like the economy is working for everybody. how is it working for you? >> it's booming. we can't find enough people who hire. we are always searching. we use job services, start people at, you know, 12, $13 an hour. still very hard to find people to get in to stay. i think the economy is great. take a look at the stock market. take a look at my iras, it's great. everything is about the economy. that's what america deals with. and to provide the jobs that's there and the opportunities for business and all the things that go along with pro-business. that's why i really have got to hand it to president trump. he has been a business person. he ran a successful thing. i think all politicians should have been in the
3:45 am
business world. the swamp creatures that they have like, you know, in congress, whatever for 20, 30, 30 years is ridiculous. they don't know what they are doing, they're on the take. drain the swamp. dean: vietnam vet i should say as well and the president doing well by veterans as well. >> absolutely. just got my new hearing aids from the vets, from the va. dean: here we are from john's diner, differing points of view so far. get back to you maybe in the next hour. brian: great job. quick turn around from you, too. from a rally to breakfast. steve: he can do it he is superman. hello. ainsley: dean, i love your stories. this is great. of the woman that was on welfare no longer. the man who said i made so much money last year and on par to make a lot this year. this man who is running a family business is going to give it to his son. he has more money in his bank account. these are great stories. thank you. >> yeah. it was really interesting to hear from everybody last night. it was great for me to be out on the street and talk to everybody. it was pretty enlightening.
3:46 am
steve: get up early and free breakfast. ainsley: and they know you are superman. lots of pictures with the people. >> indeed. brian: done about 5,000 movies after that. steve: it is 14 minutes now before the top of the hour. jillian joins us jillian talking about vaping. jillian: that's right the nation's vaping crisis claimed youngest victim. 15-year-old texas boy vaping one month. teen who nasa not been identified did have an underlying medical condition. according to the cdc there have been 57 deaths from vaping related lung injuries in 27 states. more than 2600 people have been hospitalized. dramatic new video shows the moments police stopped and took down a man with a machete. officers confronting nathaniel outside of a los angeles chick if i pray november. he was wanted for robbery and carjacking. he drove off but crashed. that's when he tried running away before turning around
3:47 am
and chasing an officer with the machete. [gunshots] wow, look at that he was shot and killed by another officer. no one else is seriously hurt. >> you may soon have to be old enough to drink in order to own a cell phone. a state senator in vermont propose ago new bill to ban cell phones for anyone under 21. people found violating the law could face up to a year in prison or a $1,000 fine. the lawmaker behind the bill says young people aren't ha temperature enough for cell phones claiming they distribute to distracting driving deaths. bullies and radicalization. but i don't know. i got my first cell phone when i was 16 after i got my license. i didn't want it. my parents wanted me to have it in the car for safety. steve: exactly. you would be able to volunteer for the service but not be able to own a cell phone. jillian: right.
3:48 am
steve: he knows it's not going to pass. brian: we have to address this issue. it is the plague of society. cell phones have changed everything. ainsley: what if you 234-r a restaurant and watching a 5-year-old watching a video on the cell phone. do you arrest the 5-year-old? brian: you have to. for more on this go tout janice dean on fox square. janice: i'm sorry i missed the conversation before. brian: unusual. unbelievable. what do we call it? >> passive aggressive toss us. i want to talk about severe weather. because we have the potential for tornadoes. you have good nights are from texas, flight we have the threat for tornadoes today. take a look at the maps real quick and show you the areas we are concerned about. so across portions of texas. louisiana, louisiana, mississippi. this is a wide reaching storm. not only tornadoes, but we are going to see ice and snow behind it. so this is your threat today. it's not every day you see a moderate risk but all of the areas you see in the yellow, orange, and red we are concerned for damaging winds and tornadoes. we will have tornado warnings and watches today. just be aware of that behind it it's going to be cold
3:49 am
enough for very snowy conditions and ice. ice across the great lakes. so, again, this is going to be -- travel is going to be very difficult if not impossible in some of these areas we'll continue to watch it. real quick, names. >> haley, lisa. >> glen. >> alison. >> from east texas. >> yes, ma'am. janice: thanks for watching back inside. >> thank you j.d. good to have you out there on this friday morning. >> thanks. brian: first it was creepy hackers. >> who is that? >> i'm your best friend. i'm santa claus. brian: now word employees of ring are spying on you, too. ainsley: and have you seen the headlines. a drastic drop in cancer deaths nationwide. but why? that's next. ♪
3:50 am
3:51 am
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3:53 am
ainsley: positive news in the fight against cancer. researchers reporting the largest ever one year decline in the cancer death rate in the united states in our history, dropping 2.2% from 2016 to 2017.
3:54 am
here with more is fox news medical contributor dr. nicole saphier and board certified neurosurgeon dr. paul saphier. thanks so much for being with us this is amazing news. why? >> first of all, this is huge. we have been making steady declines in cancer for the past three decades. this particular year we saw a big jump. most of it attributed to both strides against lung cancer and mel gnomema. yes awareness. decreased smoking. detection and so forth. a lot of it is enhanced targeted therapy for these type of malignancies and cancers that single out these cells and eradicate them. seeing them in other arenas like brain cancers what i specialize in. more effective and improving patient's lives. >> speaking of the targeted therapies talking about immunotherapy and all the research we have been doing. we understand cancer by logics a lot more. the reason the united states leads the world in cancer care is because of all of these innovative treatments in other places across the world that especially have
3:55 am
healthcare systems on budgets. they don't have as wide as access to a lot of these treatments assay we do here in the united states. this is great news. i'm very excited about this. however, there are some mixed results with this. i don't want to burst everyone's bubble. but we saw great advances as paul mentioned in melanoma, lung cancer. but we starting to see some halting in breast, coal electric tall, liver and prostate. the concerning trend there is those are all increased risk whether you have obesity. with the rising obesity epidemic in the united states that is starting to concern me especially as a breast imaging specialist. we can only screen so much. we have to actually decrease the amount of people getting it, which i have a book coming out in a couple months that i talk about all about personal responsibility and how you can be in control of your life. ainsley: i'm glad you brought that up. paul, we know smoking is bad for you. so we stopped smoking. we know the sun is bad for you. more people are using sun screens. we know too much food, obesity is bad for you. our country is getting
3:56 am
bigger. >> absolutely true. there is a lot of that we need to do both as researchers, scientists to improve these therapies. but, as a society, as individuals, we also need to take some onus and responsibility and make sure that we are taking care of ourselves. >> the government is going to take over and we don't want that. ainsley: 2020, everyone go to the gym. >> new year's resolution. >> that's right. ainsley: congressman brian mast, mike rowe and geraldo rivera are all ahead for you on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ , with advil liqui-gels, you have fast-acting power over pain, so the whole world looks different. the unbeatable strength and speed of advil liqui-gels. what pain? get a 4-course meal starting at $15.99. treat yourself to the perfect gift today,
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because the aussie 4-course won't last long! and try our everyday lunch combo starting at $7.99! ♪ ♪ ♪ everything your trip needs for everyone you love. expedia.
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credit score, see your cash flow and find out how you can cut your monthly bills. download it now to see how much you can save. ♪ ♪ thinking about what you are trying to do to me ♪ let yourself be free. steve: live from new york, this is the 10th day of 2020. welcome aboard, folks, we are in hour two of our three hour telecast. good to have you on this friday morning. ainsley: friday. weekend. brian: debates coming up soon. another qualifier to talk b iowa is just around the corner. new hampshire. we will be there. ainsley: don't forget about the super bowl. brian: miami super bowl forced to go down in hot weather and deal with shorts. ainsley: i know and go to a football game. steve: why don't we live in florida? brian: i don't know. we are talking to our best people on it right now. straight up at 7:00 eastern time, we begin with a fox news alert. overnight, get this.
4:01 am
iraq what's left of their government demanding the u.s. come up with a plan to withdraw american troops. really? days after the iranian missile attacks. steve: well, that's one way to do it. meanwhile, we now know that one of those missiles accidentally apparently shot down a ukrainian passenger plane with 176 people on board. ainsley: rick leventhal joins us from jerusalem as the united states considers its next step. hey, rick. >> good morning, ainsley, steve and brian. the iraqi prime minister spoke with secretary of state mike pompeo last night and asked him to send a delegation to iraq to decide how to withdrawal u.s. troops from there. this after the iraqi parliament voted to kick out u.s. troops in response to the killing of that top general, the top iranian general in iraq by u.s. forces one week ago. of course, the other big headline here is that ukrainian plane crash, the black boxes, have now been recovered. according to iranian stated tv. and multiple agencies are now investigating the crash, including the french boeing.
4:02 am
and possibly the ntsb. with apparent evidence iran shot down the ukrainian jetliner, likely by mistake. shortly after it took off from tehran international airport. the "new york times" obtained video said to show the moment the boeing 737 was hit by iranian surface-to-air missile, about two minutes after takeoff. all 176 passengers and crew on board were killed. u.s., british, and canadian officials all say it's highly likely the plane was hit by a russian i made sa 15 missile. pieces of one were reportedly found near the crash site. reports say iran fired two missiles at the jet, possibly mistaking it for a u.s. military plane since iran was on high alert for retaliation. this was just hours after iran launched more than a dozen ballistic missiles at u.s. positions in iraq. despite the mounting evidence, iranian continued its denials at a news conference this morning. >> what we can say with absolute certainty is that no missile had hit the
4:03 am
plane. as i said last night, the plane had traveled while on fire for more than 1.5 minutes and the crash site shows that the pilot had decided to return to the airport. >> the iranians are calling the claims psychological warfare and a big lie. steve, ainsley, brian. steve: that's right. all right. brian: going to find out because boeing is going to be down there and we are going to have other people investigate it and canadians are demanding access and they're not going to be in the middle of it. ainsley: justin trudeau says if you look at his country's intelligence and his ally's intelligence, it is clear that this plane was shot down by the iranians. iranians are denying that though. steve: a lot of intel to that effect. let's bring in brian mast, retired army ranger double amputee and member of the foreign affairs committee. congressman, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: it was after your impassioned speech on the floor of the house yesterday, somebody called me from d.c. and said are you watching this? and we looked at it and it
4:04 am
was amazing. and we played it in its entirety in the last hour. but, you were talking about the war powers resolution that the house did pass ultimately in response to what happened when iran shot those rockets toward iraq and tried to, you know, damage our stuff over there. regarding the shootdown of this jetliner by iran, pete buttigieg who is now running for president on the democratic side, he tweeted this out: innocent civilians are now dead because they were caught in the middle of an unnecessary and unwanted military tit-for-tat. my thoughts are with the families and loved ones of all 176 souls lost aboard this flight. is that what that was? was that a military tit-for-tat? >> it was wasn't unnecessary. that's for sure. you know, we spoke about it, many of us, on the house floor yesterday about each service member that was killed at the hands of soleimani and how they justified his removal from
4:05 am
this earth. it was not unjustified. this is a common theme from the left. these american apologists that like to go out there and say because america did something this resulted in some other country going out there and taking some unnecessary action, some ill fated action. and it's not the americans' fault. it's the fault of those that went out there and took those actions them selves. brian: what do you think about that? for someone who serves and is still serving now just in a suit instead of camouflage, are you astounded that we are debating? we seem to have one party taking iran's side for after ththe death of a terrorist and the head of a terror organization that the previous administration labeled a terror organization? >> i couldn't be more amazed by it. i know y'all have seen it. y'all have been to the funerals, the services. you've heard and seen those cold startling cracks of the 21 gun salute. have you seen the slow and purposeful way that we fold
4:06 am
that draped flag over a casket and hand it -- kneel and hand it to the family members. we take very seriously our fallen. what this is a response to all of those that have been killed. and part of the way that we remember those that have been killed is we don't forget who killed them and we make sure that there is a reckoning and it's unfortunate that there are so many that forget about that. ainsley: congressman, i was listening to the rally of the president last night in ohio. he said oftentimes when you see one of our service members without a limb, it happened under soleimani's watch. i know that you lost both of your legs fighting four our country and you stood up on the house floor yesterday and you gave a very passionate speech about why the president does deserve to have the power to attack terrorists and kill terrorists. listen to this. we will play a little bit of what you said yesterday. >> this resolution is about the killing of soleimani. he was a terrorist and he was responsible for the deaths of our men and women. some of them were paralyzed. some of them had their arms blown off.
4:07 am
some of them had their legs blown off. if you vote no, you understand that we would be justified to kill 100 soleimanis for just one of our heroes that have been killed by him. and the danger would be worth it. ainsley: why did you want to get up and deliver that message yesterday to our lawmakers? >> because we need to be comfortable with the fact that we're justified to remove that terrorist from the battlefield. and that is exactly, literally what he was. soleimani was a terrorist, the head of a terrorist organization. he should be looked at no differently than all baghdadi or is a cary or bin laden or any other terrorist that we have removed from this world. his life's work was to kill and maim our u.s. service members. we are better for not having him in this place. steve: congressman, once upon a time, the expression was politics ends at the water's edge when it comes to america's security and things like that. everything in the town that you are working in is so unbelievably political, you know, nancy pelosi continues
4:08 am
to dangle those articles of impeachment in front of the president and in front of the senate. sounds like she is going to send them over very shortly. she did pass the war powers resolution yesterday because she wants -- she wants to make sure that this president doesn't do anything with iran again. but, back in 2011, when president obama attacked libya. she had no problem with that she had no problem with the drone strikes or anything else. little hypocritical some would say. >> but you see that is no longer true it. ends at the water's edge. whatever the president does, is he going to be wrong in doing. if he exercises diplomacy to speak to kim jong un or speak to vladimir putin, that's wrong. if he withdraws our troops out of harm's way on the border of turkey and alongside of the kurds, then he is wrong. if he goes out there and has a reckoning for this murderer of our u.s. service members he is wrong. whatever he does, the other side is going to say he was incorrect for doing that for whatever the made-up reason
4:09 am
is they will come up with. ainsley: just to prove to our viewers what steve is saying is accurate. we have a flashback of nancy pelosi saying that. this is june of 2011. listen. >> madam leader, the president did not need authorization initially and still does not need any authorization from congress on libya? >> yes. >> thank you. >> thank you all very much. ainsley: so if our president were a democrat, would they be okay with it? >> absolutely. not just with libya as nancy pelosi spoke about but also going into pakistan and any of these other strikes, these thousands of strikes that were conducted under the obama administration, not a word was said then. the president goes out and takes this murderer out who was killed our service members, maimed them in all of those ways that i spoke about on the house floor, and they are going out there and they are making excuses. they are covering for this man and somehow saying the president was wrong for doing so. that's wrong. brian: i know you are talking about how the media is handling this as well as democrats.
4:10 am
if you want to hear something really outrageous that may get you on the floor again speaking listen to chris matthews almost the way soleimani was around and the way is he being saluted in death. listen. >> when some people die, you know, you don't know what the impact is going to be. when princess diana died, for example, there was a huge emotional outpouring. these kinds -- elvis presley in our culture. it turns out that this general he killed was a beloved hero of the iranian people to the point where look at the people we have got pictures of them now, these enormous crowds coming out there. is no american emotion in this case but a hell of a lot of emotion on the other side. should our leaders know what they are doing when they kill somebody? brian: i don't know what to say. what do you think? >> what do you say to somebody that is out there celebrating this killer, this murderer, this person that as we spoke about he was the hand that went out there and put the parts of
4:11 am
these vehicles through the internals of our service members. blew off their legs. blew off their arms. went out there and did everything that he could to paralyze them, to make sure that they never return home, that their families never saw them again. what do you sty somebody that celebrates that? brian: brian, you and unless my information is wrong, you are explosive order nansz disposal technician you got hit in 2010 in afghanistan. >> you are exactly right. brian: describe what it is like when your fellow technicians get hit by a ied is bad enough obviously. what about an ef 3-6r789. >> explosively formed projectile that's a very expolice sithly made weapon copper disk surrounded by explosives travel at high rate of speed can penetrate many inches of armor because of the way that that projectile is formed with the copper disk that's been placed into it. it tears through our uparmoured vehicles in it. if there is fuel in it ignites the fuel. causes massive fires inside those vehicles. after that the fire
4:12 am
suppression systems will go off. suffocating these people so they cannot breathe. it tears off their limbs. it's a very horrific type of violent explosion that occurs beyond just a large bulk of mass explosives that may lift up a vehicle, throw it, tear some of the pieces off of it. this is going directly inside of the vehicle killing the men and women inside. brian: the guy that came up with that finally met his match. and people here are saying the president is a cowboy by doing it. it makes no sense. >> the guy who developed that ended up in a number of pieces on the side of a road next to the baghdad airport and that's exactly the way it should have ended for him. steve: all right, brian mast, serving the great state of florida and the united states. sir, thank you very much for joining us on this friday. ainsley: thanks for your service, brian. >> thank you. steve: all right. it is now 12 minutes after the top of the hour. jillian joins us right now with big story out of chicago. jillian: that's right. good morning. wild scene in the windy city
4:13 am
overnight. catching a cota after two coyoto people attacked including a six-year-old boy bit in the head. not clear if the coyote is the same one that attacked the boy outside a nature museum. in a separate incident, a man took himself to the hospital after getting bit in the back by a coyote. both will be okay. the mayor of los angeles is seeking president trump's help to address the city's homeless crisis. in a letter obtained by the "los angeles times," eric garcetti asked for federal assistance from the president and housing and yohousing andurban development y ben carson. earlier this week president trump suggested that he would seriously consider getting involved if the city asked for help. aviation giant boeing is under fire over employee emails insulting the faa. the internal messages also had joked about safety issues with the 737 max jet. the model involved in two deadly crashes. the "new york times" reports staff discussed hiding design flaws from
4:14 am
regulators. one person writing, quote: this airplane is designed by clowns who are in turn supervised by monkeys. boeing is apologizing. vowing to take action against the employees. well, all work and no play. house speaker nancy pelosi says she is just too busy to return home to california to cheer on the san francisco 4ers this weekend. one when a reporter asked if she was aextending the game. pelosi said she intended to but then said. this. >> i have, unfortunately, responsibilities to save our country from peril. [laughter] this weekend. >> the 49ers play a divisional round game against the minnesota vikings tomorrow at levi stadium. brian: also too busy to take the vice president's call to talk about how our base was being bombed. she must be really busy. i believe she was at dinner by herself. steve: she is saving the country. brian: we owe her a favor because she is really doing a great job.
4:15 am
ainsley: first it was creepy hackers. >> who is that? >> i'm your best friend. i'm santa claus. ainsley: that is so disturbing every time i see it. now there is word that the employees of ring are spying on you, too. steve: meanwhile, another story. flotus dulos charged with the his wife's death even though they can't find her body. dr. baden joins us next. voya. be confident to and through retirement. i am not for ignoring the first sign of a cold. i am for shortening my cold, with zicam! zicam is completely different. unlike most other cold medicines, zicam is clinically proven to shorten colds. i am a zifan for zicam! oral or nasal.
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oh no, here comes gthe neighbor probably to brag about how amazing his xfinity customer service is. i'm mike, i'm so busy.
4:19 am
good thing xfinity has two-hour appointment windows. they have night and weekend appointments too. he's here. bill? karolyn? nope! no, just a couple of rocks. download the my account app to manage your appointments making today's xfinity customer service simple, easy, awesome. i'll pass. steve: we have been telling you about this story for months. the man charged with murdering his estranged wife is now on house arrest. flotus dulos released on $6 million bond in the state of connecticut just days after he was charged with her murder. dulos' ex-girlfriend and his
4:20 am
former attorney have also both been charged with conspiracy to commit murder. but the body of jennifer dulos has yet to be found. where is she? and if she is dead, can prosecutors secure a conviction without the body? joining us right now with insight, forensic pathologist and fox news contributor dr. michael baden. >> how do you do? good to see you. steve: okay. they presumed she is dead. they have a whole bunch of evidence, d.n.a. evidence of her blood. >> that's right. her blood and his blood both found in her house and in her car and on the clothing and all that was dumped in various garbage cans. so apparently the medical examiner in connecticut has already said that there was enough evidence that she was bleeding sufficiently to be a cause of death. and that he was the only person with her while she was bleeding. she was with him. not the only person but his
4:21 am
d.n.a. is there i think in this kind of situation they have enough evidence, even if they don't find the body and even if there isn't blood on that, they have an ax with some blood on it they are testing. we don't note results of it. even if that blood doesn't turn out to be hers, they have got enough evidence as shown in the indictment. steve: right. a lot of people are shocked it has taken this long because they have had that evidence for a while. now we hear that his former attorney has been charged as well. apparently his cell phone ping add tower on may 31st near the windsor rod and gun club where hunters found a hole dug into the ground. what's that about? >> that's bizarre that apparently his friend, the lawyer, dug a grave. and then they covered it up. but when the police went into that area, they found that there had been a hole dug but there was no body there. steve: okay. so we will keep people
4:22 am
posted on the dulos case. in the meantime, we also saw you on "60 minutes" talking about the jeffrey epstein case. now, the news overnight is apparently remember there was no video apparently of the cell the night in question, the first suicide attempt and then they said oh, we found it, never mind. and then yesterday we discovered that apparently the video that they say is from the wrong camera. >> there was a hold put on the video at the time that there was the questionable suicide attempt. the cell mate says he tried to commit suicide but he told lawyers, epstein, that no, he was assaulted. steve: by his roommate. >> presumably by the cell mate, yes. and then the lawyer, his lawyer, the roommate's lawyer put a hold on the videotape. they wanted to see what the video was.
4:23 am
they were supposed to have saved that video from the first incident. did anybody else come into the room? and they told the judge they didn't have it and then they said they did have it. and now it's like a terrible way to run a prison. steve: no kidding. because it was like the perfect storm. all these things, you know, the emts come in. they see the dead body. they pick him up. they don't take any pictures. they take him to the hospital. as is depicted in the "60 minutes" article. the item, why did he hang himself with a sheet when there are a bunch of sleep apnea machines with cords around. could have done it with that much quicker. >> ant the sheet, the the noose from the orange sheet that he had doesn't match the ligature mark on the neck. steve: right. you showed that usually with this kind of thing the mark is not in the centers of the neck as it is on the autopsy picture but, instead it's much higher. >> in a hanging the ligature
4:24 am
goes up under the jawbone. the mandible. here it was down lower. more like a garot the kind of thing they do on the mafia cars. tight crushing of the neck that crushes three different bones in the neck, which is extremely unusual in hanging. steve: a couple months ago you were on this show and you told us and you electrified the world by saying what you saw. and you were hired by the epstein family to supervise and review the autopsy. >> right. steve: that it looked like it was a homicide. not a suicide. and people are going, yeah. if dr. baden says that because it's so rare for this to happen there are all these other things that went wrong that night. to so many people it looks like he got whacked in jail. >> that is certainly a possibility. and the -- there should be some transparency. what did the two guards see when they went in the cell and found him dead?
4:25 am
what did the emt people see? what did they put on their record? the hospital that he was brought to. rereleased and all of that will help determine whether he died of suicide or homicide. steve: we know what you think. >> i think just right now from the medical stuff autopsy pointing more to homicide. but they have got to get all the information before making a final decision. steve: no kidding. all right. dr. baden, thank you very much. >> good to see you, steve. steve: we did reach out to the federal bureau of prisons for comment. they have not called us back. all right. meanwhile, 25 minutes after the top of the hour. amp the president ordered that strike that killed iran's top general, the mainstream media was predicting, you know, all out war. >> war no other way to look at it. >> brand new war run by this corrupt and curious president that is the ultimate fear. steve: well, that didn't happen yet. why haven't they backed down? could oprah still be behind
4:26 am
the royal split? what she is saying this morning about harry and meghan calling it quits coming up on "fox & friends" on this friday. ♪ ♪ far away sound ♪ that war is declared ♪ and battle broke out ♪ some are calling to the underworld ♪ come out of the -meg! there you are. did you take a picture of the cake to put on our website? i mean i would have but i'm a commercial vehicle so i don't have hands... or a camera...or a website. should we franchise? is the market ready for that? can we franchise? how do you do that? meg! oh meg! we should do that thing where you put the business cards
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4:30 am
♪ ainsley: mayhem in the monarchy. buckingham palace. brian: you love this. ainsley: i do. is doing damage control this morning after prince harry and meghan's surprise announcement to step back from the family. steve: there is speculation the couple could be punished for defying the queen. punished by the queen according to some reports. brian: no dessert. steve: cut them off. brian: here to explain as meghan leaves the country. remember, we raised her. she is american. ainsley: we raised her. all of us together. check tialy. >> good morning, yeah. let's start with this. duchess meghan has left the u.k. she is back in canada this morning. now, we don't know if this is permanent but she has left quite a mess. now the queen wants a workable solution within days, not weeks, days. the queen apparently had no idea this public announcement was coming. the duke and duchess saying
4:31 am
they will take a step back as senior members of the royal family and work to become financially independent while splitting their time between the u.k. and north america. now, the couple had talks with the royal family about this but those talks were at an early stage and not meant to be made public yet. on thursday, the queen reached out to prince charles and prince william and all three have now directed their staff to work with the duke and duchess and figure out something fairly quickly here. now, some london papers, as you said, are reporting that the couple will be punished for this by the queen. now, the question on everybody's minds is how did this happen? and there are reports out there swirling that oprah winfrey first advised the couple on megxit, oprah who is a friend of dory, meghan's mother. the talk show queen denies she had a part in this she told ep this harry and meghan do not need my help in figuring out what's best
4:32 am
for them. i care about them both and support whatever decisions they make for their family. harry and meghan though seem to have a plan. they have already trademarked the sussex royal brand. launched a brand new website and even created new rules for who the media and who gets to cover their events. guys? steve: a lot going on. aishah, thank you very much. some suggestion with that copyright they could make half a billion dollars a year. so maybe that's how they would be living on their own. ainsley: financially independent. brian: don't have to cut back. ainsley: 7:32 on the east coast. fears of a full scale conflict with iran beginning this summer contrast predicted by many in the media this week. >> right now this is on the path of escalation. it's going up the ladder. it is leading to a war. >> the set of policies that are very clearly leading up up in escalation led us to a war. >> it's an act of war. really no other way to look at it? >> brand new war run why this corrupt and curious president. that is the ultimate fear. a fear that looks very close
4:33 am
right now to being a reality. brian: ada adda space steve: joining us for reaction media reporter for the hill and roar host joe con challenge. a couple nights ago, it was pretty scary, sounded like world war iii. that didn't happen. >> yeah. my old high school football coach said that fear is the greatest motivator. and now in today's media, fear sells. if we went to war, ratings, click fers, all those things would go through the roof. seems like you saw some folks in media routing for this to happen. if they studied the 2016 campaign and studied this president during his presidency, they would see that he is the very opposite of a warmonger. he pulled troops out of syria. which got him a lot of criticism. steve: he has been running
4:34 am
on that forever. >> anti-any intervention or nation building in the middle east. if you are paying attention you know what you heard on tuesday night was hyperbole to the 11th degree. brian: here are some headlines in the atlantic. just discovering the price of killing soleimani. no american paid a price for president donald trump's decision to kill iran's soleimani but it look us like 176 others did. iran retaliated from the killing by firing a barrage of weapons inside iraq the barrage did little harm. the iranians may have not known two hours later they received a large moving object in their skies it fired large brought down a jetliner. are they insinuating the president is responsible for this? >> yes. we have seen that with democratic lawmakers. jackie speier yesterday just on cnn alone the associated press just last night and this got a ton of criticism online from the right and from the left. this shut headline, an iranian general dies in u.s.
4:35 am
attack and innocent suffer. get it? trump orders the attack on soleimani therefore 176 souls die on that airliner. that is disgusting. ainsley: iran shot down that airliner. they deny they did it. evidence proves that taking out soleimani and what he has done in the past. >> if he doesn't take out soleimani and if the intelligence is correct that he had planned to take out u.s. diplomats, more u.s. servicemen, more u.s. then we would have heard why didn't trump do anything. maybe it's because is he being impeached. i love that excuse he took out soleimani because is he trying to distract from impeachment. believe it or not as crazy as it sounds, impeachment has actually been very good for him from a polling perspective it. looks so political. is he a results guy getting things done while democrats are concentrating on political games. steve: that's one of the reasons nancy pelosi has not yet given mitch that big binder full of impeachment article. >> you can't distract from an impeachment that is not
4:36 am
happening. >> you cannot indeed. steve: thank you, joe concha. brian: mike bloomberg says he will beat trump on jobs. mike rowe knows a thing or two about that. what does he think? he is live without a tie or blazer next. ainsley: but he has his coffee. steve: he does. the president is telling americans the best is yet to come during his campaign rally in ohio. ainsley: dean cain is live from stlold with the folks. brian: no tie or jacket either. ♪ ♪ when you have pain...
4:37 am
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steve: we have got a fox news alert out of florida. a military base in that state is on lockdown right now. happening at macdill air force base four miles from downtown tampa. no reason has been given so far. we are working to get more information. we will bring you the very latest as we get it. of course, that is the home of centcom and special operations command. about four miles from downtown on lockdown. lucas tomlinson from our pentagon unit was called, asked what was going on. all they confirmed at this point is that they are on lockdown. ainsley: that's all we know at this point. say prayers for the folks that are there right now. our president was in toledo, ohio last night. it was the first campaign rally in 2020. brian: dean cain is live at uncle john's pancake house in toledo, ohio, having too good a time getting reaction from the president's rally
4:42 am
last night. ainsley: although i think it's uncle john's diner, right? have we been saying it wrong? dean: i think i said it wrong the first time. it is actually uncle john's pancake house. john's potatoes are the greatest thing in the world. i'm sitting here with my friends. jamie and doyle here. we will talk to them in a minute. last night i had a chance to be out at the rally outside before and after the rally. i spoke to a lot of people out there. it was really interesting to hear what they had to say. take a listen. >> this is a huge deal for america. this is historical. like this is huge. so he will be elected. hands down. >> this is the first rally that president trump has had since the iran strike. >> i think he did the right thing. we need to back our president. >> he let the world know we are carrying a big stick. we are not afraid of anyone. >> how was his support inside the arena? >> astronomical because he truly loves the american people. is he brutally honest guy. that's why i love him. >> he tells it like it is
4:43 am
and tells the democrats like it is. he does what he says and says what he does. >> he has been voted by the house to be impeached. >> i think it's going to backfire. >> they were so quick to impeach him and said it had to be done. he had to be removed. >> urgent. >> now they won't hand over the articles. >> it's about time people in congress actually do their jobs. garbage about the impeachment stuff. need to start working for the american people. >> yo our most wonderful president we have ever had ever, ever, ever. i'm so proud of my country and of my president. dean: clearly a lot of support for the president last night. really interesting talking to people. i'm having a great time talking to people this morning here in the diner. we are going to talk to you first, doyle. now, so, do you think that the president should be able to take out a terrorist like qassem soleimani? >> i personally believe that if they are striking first, i mean, it's, i guess, it's retaliation, but you don't pick on somebody who you don't want to get your butt kicked. dean: you are saying the iranians did that.
4:44 am
>> they did that, yes. dean: absolutely. as far as trump and impeachment. how is that working out for the dems at this moment. >> i don't think it's working. it's just another dig. i watched the election in '16. as soon as they announced that president trump was president, our representatives were going right away and saying now it's my job and my duty to make sure that this man is impeached. and so it's just, to me, it's a loaded bomb. dean: there you go. you call yourself an independent. >> yes. dean: you voted for bill clinton back in the day. >> yes, i did. dean: speaking of bill clinton, jamie, you actually worked for that campaign, did you not? >> yes. i made about 3,000 phone calls. please forgive me. [laughter] yeah, i called a lot of people. and he got elected. i never heard anything from him. and then a couple years later i actually was with bush and did some there. at least i got letters from him at the house and all kinds of stuff. i never heard from the
4:45 am
clintons. dean: so more thank yous from thbushes. dean: you are a republican. >> i became pro-choice and pro-life. it changed my whole life. dean: real quickly and a very short answer. how is the economy working for you? >> it's working great. i made a copy today, ohio is less unemployment than in 2012. i mean, it's ridiculous. if you look at the stats, people keep saying oh, no, not the economy. but look at it. it's doing very well. dean: well as bill clinton would say it's the economy, stupid. >> right, exactly. dean: good times and good folks down here at the diner. we are having a good time. ainsley, brian, steve, back to you. steve: all right. enjoy john's potatoes there dean cain and company, thank you very much. ainsley: thanks, dean. brian: pancake house that has more than pancakes. follow that story.
4:46 am
ainsley: from one dean to another janice dean. janice: dean squared i love dean cain. life threatening situation across portions of the gulf coast and the south. this is developing storm that is going to bring not only the threat for tornadoes but we are going to see heavy snow and ice behind the storm system. dangerous travel, if not impossible as we get through the next couple of days. look at this thing kind of come to fruition over the next 24 to 48 hours and we are still going to be dealing with it unfortunately across the northeast. this is the area where we could see severe weather today in through saturday. there will be tornado watches and warnings, so, please be on alert. heavy rainfall as well. all right, real quick. where are you from and what are you're names? >> texas, aissue will shanchts wade. >> be careful in texas. >> i'm qm from wink. >> from chicago. >> thank you for coming to "fox & friends" my friends. send it back to steve, ainsley and brian. steve: janice dean, thank you very much. meanwhile mayor bloomberg promising to raise the
4:47 am
minimum wage and steer more kids to college in his new jobs plan. is that what the economy needs? mike rowe, who some have suggested could be the next governor of california. >> hold on now. steve: is going to join us next. ♪ i'm burning my candle at both ends ♪ that's the only way to keep the fire going ♪ is to outrun the wind ♪th liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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4:51 am
♪ brian: all right. 2020 hopeful michael bloomberg says he will use the economy to take on president trump as the billionaire pitches a new jobs plan. >> all across america there are people in places that are getting short-changed by an economy that is failing to spread opportunity and by a president who doesn't keep his word. the president says this is the greatest economy in the history of america. if the economy were actually healthy, americans would be seeing in their pockets but they are not. ainsley: bloomberg's plan dubbed the all in economy measures to raise the minimum wage. grant all workers the rights to unionize and expand apprenticeship degrees for students. brian: here to react in detail in a way we can't relate to the way i heard it guy, the host of returning
4:52 am
the favor on facebook watch mike rowe. steve: hi, mike. >> what happened to you. brian: i'm not sure. >> couple best selling books and out of control. brian: more than a couple. just kidding. you are very relatable. >> thank you. people like me. ask around. brian: what do you think michael bloomberg thinks we are missing the boat when we say that the economy is good. >> look, i read his plan. it's kind of like a fruit cake. there is some stuff in it i like. i like the idea of pushing technical trades. i like the idea of focusing on parts of the country that haven't participated in the economy that we have. steve: right. >> the minimum wage, the whole unintended consequence thing make me a little nervous. mostly, he just lost me with that whole california is a model thing. living in california. brian: china is not a competitor. >> look, it's probably beyond my pay grade, but my understanding what's going on in california is seemingly different than his
4:53 am
so i don't get it. steve: speaking of causal, there wacalifornia there was an article that suggested maybe you should be the governor in 2022. allow me to read part of this quote from forbes. it says mike, please jump in the california governor's race in 2022. you are the only candidate who can restore sanity and balance to california's governance and you can win. you are this season's schwarzenegger, ventura and trump all wrapped up into one. wow, that's a lot. >> i don't know if i'm ventura material. [laughter] look, it's very flattering. that guy rich carlguard his name a publisher for forbe. my facebook page blew up with this and i read the article. the truth is he makes some terrific points. i mean, california has had a surplus since 2011. so i understand why people look at it and say all right. but, their capital gains is disproportionate part of
4:54 am
their state 13.3% all of that. steve: look at how many people are leaving the state. >> all cap gains are tied to is real estate and the stock market. those things are going to come down. when they come down that money is going to dry up. manufacturing is gone aerospace is gone. banking is gone. energy is gone. ainsley: homeless problem. >> homeless thing is another thing, too. again, i'm just looking at what is going to happen in a couple of years when things come back to earth, all that money dries up. nobody is talking about this. california's population is aging 50% faster than the rest of the country. partly due to the exodus. but for a lot of other reasons. so now the pension plans are in play. and they are running $140 billion deficit. brian: sounds like you are almost ready to run. oh my goodness. steve: declaration. he is in. >> getting a new seasonal of returning the favor. ainsley: tell us about it season four. >> season four. steve: kicks off monday. >> kicks off monday. it's on facebook. it's got 350 million views
4:55 am
or some crazy number. steve: wow. >> bigger audience than dirty jobs did. all we do is go to little towns you can't find on maps. we introduce to you people who live in communities who are slightly better than you and me, especially you, and shine a light on them and reward them in a way that makes them cry. steve: we would like to show folk as little taste of it. here it is. >> it's your turn. >> if you change lives. >> one of the cancer treatments is the social isolation. >> if you watch others. >> i knew there was some good people locked up. >> then one man. >> you are using your power and spotlight to put a spotlight on these people. >> wants to return the favor. >> very fortunate to know good people that want to make a difference. >> you never know where they are going to come from. look at all the people. [cheers] brian: how do you not get inspired watching that. >> i'm looking at myself and got a little tear and i'm thinking doggone it, people like me. brian: where do you find the
4:56 am
stories? >> all the stories from the show come from fans of the show. i'm not even kidding. returning the favor effect page couple hundred thousand people there. every day they send me hundreds of ideas. production company vets them and we go out. steve: give us the official tv plug for this. >> returning the favor is not on tv. it's on facebook. you can watch it any time you want. if you have got the facebook or the mobile app. you do the thing google it and there i am and you will be crying. steve: that's the plug. brian: watch that. >> what he said so much better. steve: mike, thank you very much. ainsley: thank you, mike. you are a good man. brian: congratulations. try to relax when you come on the set. ainsley: we have more on "fox & friends," geraldo, mark steyn and stuart varney. brian: mike has to go. help turn back the clock on gingivitis with parodontax. leave bleeding gums behind. parodontax. get a 4-course meal starting at $15.99.
4:57 am
treat yourself to the perfect gift today, because the aussie 4-course won't last long! and try our everyday lunch combo starting at $7.99!
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5:00 am
steve: live of new new york city, third and final hour of our friday show for the first full week of 2020. ainsley: one more how, guys and the weekend start. let's start with this fox news alert, this broke overnight, iraq demanding that the united states come up with a plan to withdraw american troops dais after iranian missile attack. >> good luck with that, iranian rocket seemed to have shot down the ukrainian passenger plane.
5:01 am
steve: reports that it could have been two missiles, rick levanthal from jerusalem as the united states consider next step, are we going to be allowed to or boeing allowed to look at the wreckage? >> looks that way. first to iraqi parliament that voted to kick u.s. troops out of u.s.-targeted killing of top iranian general near airport, the iraqi prime minister asking secretary mike pompeo to send delegation to iraq to figure out how to get troops out of the country, no word if and when that will happen, iran is denying multiple reports that it intentionally shot down that ukrainian passenger plane, the black box from the jet have been recovered according to iranian state tv and multiple agencies have been invite today investigate including boeing, canadians, sweeds and ntsb.
5:02 am
all 176 passengers and crew on board were killed. u.s. british and canadian officials all say it's highly likely iran shot down ukrainian jetliner by mistake using russian made fa18, iran was on high alert of retaliation hours after launching more than a dozen ballistic missiles in iran. iran continued denial at news conference this morning. >> what we can say with absolute certainty that no missile had hit the plane, as i said last night, the plane had traveled while on fire for more than a
5:03 am
half a minute and the pilot decide today -- decided to return to the airport. >> rick, thank you very much, geraldo rivera joins us now. >> good morning, everybody. steve: can you imagine that the united states shot down a jetliner? >> it did in 1988. brian: paid a lot of money. guided missile in the gulf there, shut down iranian passenger line of 290 died including over 60 children, something that took years to look down and we did as brian suggested, tremendous compensation, you know, terrible things happen to good people, i have very little doubt that it was an iranian missile or two that took down that airliner they, i think will now be back on their heels, iranians if they thought they had the moral high ground in the current conflict,
5:04 am
i think that this is a blow to them. >> what do you say to people that are blaming our president for this? >> you know who i blame for this , ainsley, the airplane, allow the plane to take off 3 hours after a huge ballistic missiles is fired next door, the height of recklessness and irresponsibility and they should be ashamed of themselves; it's right there, ukraine air and iranian air traffic controllers, they must answer why they let the plane go into harm's way. steve: absolutely, if you're in iran, okay, we shot 22 missiles over there, let's just wait the americans will blow us up soon, they didn't turn the air missile machine off. >> they were obviously, steve on high alert. going back to civilian airport, over your shoulder ballistic missiles being fired, you're waiting for united states to strike with shock and all again
5:05 am
and what do you do, you take a vulnerable aircraft and you take off with all those innocent souls on board. ainsley: faa or leadership would say no planes. >> never happened, faa already has, ainsley, prohibition against our civilian airliners going anywhere near. ainsley: would it be someone in command that says we are not flying planes at all? >> i go back to the pilot, i flown a million funky airplanes and going to funky places, you see stuff going off, you have to make a judgment call, it's not just you and macho fighters, women, children, students and everybody with their aspirations and their hopes and families waiting for them. why don't you wait a day? iran was on super high alert, i understand what happened, i understand their denials,
5:06 am
denials fan on deaf ear, two russian-made missiles fired and just imagine and i always think and it gets me every time, there's an interval between hit and crash. you're there, you're sitting there and you know you're going down and my god, feel so bad. brian: human element, you can't turn the page, meanwhile the house yesterday decided to have a vote thanks to speaker pelosi on war power's act to condemn the president essentially for taking out one to have world's worst terrorist that outrage when he was trying to honor ied's, he joined us earlier. >> you've heard and seen the startling cracks of 21 gun salute, you see the purposesful
5:07 am
way that we fold drape flag to the casket and hand it over to family members. and what this is response to all of those who have been killed and part that we remember those who have been killed we don't forget who kill them and make sure there's a reckoning an it's unfortunate that there are so many that forget about that. we need to be comfortable with the fact that we are justified to remove that terrorist from the battlefield and that's exactly literally what he was, soleimani was a terrorist and shouldn't be looked more differently than any other terrorist. >> and, you know, jay johnson told neil cavuto, geraldo, under the office of legal counsel the president had absolutely constitutional authority to engage iran without congress' okay. >> he's absolutely right. >> right. why nancy pelosi pulled this stunt? >> because she's a politician.
5:08 am
i fervently, passionately oppose this action in iraq. brien: i had no idea. give me a second. [laughter] >> seriously, i totally believe the president was legally justified under several different doctrines to do this act, i have never in any way, shape or form maintained that he did something illegal, he was totally within his right either as an act of self-defense for the united states or even as an act of retribution and revenge against someone who does have american blood on his hands, he was clearly within legal rights, whether it was an act that makes sense, that's a different question, we can debate that and we did last week, let me say, let me go through libya, syria and president obama, remember, i was in libya almost got killed there. they took out gadhafi without
5:09 am
congressional authorization, it turned libya which was almost the client state of the united states. >> now the russians are there. >> the turks are there and they are still fighting there. steve: mess. >> it's not even a country. ainsley: hypocrisy is that nancy pelosi said the president didn't need authority. supported obama. >> that was very, very similar to what they did with soleimani. in 2013 president obama became gun shy and wanted to go after assad in syria, the whole red lines, assad used gas on his own people and chickened out at the last minute, no, i need congressional authorization, congress did not grant it to him, so president obama used that as cover not to attack assad in syria. i think that the bottom line on all of this is the president has enormous authority to wage war up until a full-blown conflict
5:10 am
without congressional authority. >> we had the whole day of nonbinding legislation that if it got through the house which it did and the senate, who is going to veto it, boom, what are we wasting our time for? >> good question, impeachment is an absolute charade, let's get this thing over with, she's holding it just because she knows that as soon as she submits it the senate will dispatch it in an expeditious manner, she's, you know, she's a wonderful politician, i have tremendous regard for the speaker of the house, she had a bad hand and impeachment without crime, she knows it's going to be acquittal, let her get it over with, it's appalling that the commander in chief in time of conflict and stress is distracted by this nothing, i conceive anything, tacky phone call, everything they say about it is truth, so what, no crime, get it behind us, let the president, the 45th out there be
5:11 am
commander in chief and do what's vital for the country. i woke up late today. [laughter] ainsley: you and brian, tell everybody that you do get along. >> you have to apologize to brian. so as soon as we got up there, we got on radio show, that's the first thing i said, i never mean anything personally, you're a dear friend. >> you punched me two or three times. >> i had to apologize to sean hannity and told him i loved him last night. >> maybe it's you. [laughter] >> maybe i should -- >> let's get dan bangino. >> i have a beef. steve: geraldo, thank you very much. time now for fox news alert with jillian. jillian: good morning to you at home, let's give you update on story you guys brought to us
5:12 am
half an hour ago, lockdown has been lifted at air force base in florida, there's no active shooter on base, police tell fox news that shots were fired nearby and the bases helping with the investigation. this is a quote, you killed my leader and i have to kill him, a florida man charged with threatening president trump heads to court today, made comments on facebook live stream and claimed he we wanted to avenge the death of iran's military leader soleimani. he was a security guard and says it was all a joke. look at that, police catching a coyote after two people being attacked including 6-year-old boy, it's not clear if the coyote is the same one that attacked the boy outside of nature museum. in a separate incident a man took himself in the hospital after being bit in the back by a coyote, both will be okay.
5:13 am
man hacks a disney movie to create his own real-life fairy tale, take a look at this. ♪ [laughter] [applause] >> will you live happily ever after with me? >> yes. >> okay, so get this, the guy worked for with animater for 6 months to put himself and his girlfriend now fiancee into sleeping beauty's iconic scene and packed audience with family and friends, the massachusetts couple are high school sweethearts and he set the barrel high. ainsley: that's so cool. >> when the ring went up and he presented it. ainsley: did she know her family was in the room. jillian: i don't know. i wasn't there. brian: aj hall had the best engagement ever in time square
5:14 am
when he put it on the big thing. >> he's already married. i don't think he's going to ask anybody else to marry any time soon. brian: he likes challenges, i apologize. ainsley: a live report from the command center in sidney coming up. brian: police officer on track as the train speeds through, incredible survival story next.
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
5:18 am
ainsley: fox news alert, dangerous night ahead in australia, massive fires now merging together amid the stifling heat. steve: a lot of people, thousands have fled their homes but others may be trapped as a
5:19 am
mega fire combines and conditions get worse. brian: ana in the command center tracking the fires, ana. >> good morning, ainsley, brian, steve, good morning to all of you at home, it's after midnight in sidney on saturday morning, the fire commissioner tells me it's going to be long night or a long early morning, if you take a look at this map of new south whales there are currently about 150 fires still burning and close to 70 are out of control, if you take a look behind me with emergency operations in south whales, 24 hours ago a lot more blue, the threat had subsided, we are seeing more yellow and red from 24 hours ago, the fire commissioner also telling me that one of his volunteered firefighters has been airlifted out of the snowy mountains this evening and gotten to the hospital with severe burns, too early to tell what the conditions will be for him, everyone is hoping for the best but new south whales has
5:20 am
lost some 3 firefighters in this 5 and a half month long unprecedented wild fire season, just terrible. i want to take you now to the heart of downtown sidney where thousands gathered to protest for climate change, the prime minister, they say, has been too slow to act in fire season, fire evacuees are incredible by thankful for donations, food, water, baby formula, face masks, asthma puffers. >> there's hope -- help that's coming. [inaudible] >> she gets up every morning and we had such success and people were so generous down here at
5:21 am
the beach. >> really heart warming and warm welcome for american firefighters here in sidney australia, the social media. we are told 159 american firefighters are here in australia and are requesting for 140 more has been put in. the fire commissioner says that all sorts of cards make him warm and fuzzy, entire force 90% made up of volunteers. >> standing ovation and round of applause that went on and on, the poor fellows from the united states, i don't think they know what hit him, such is the gratitude and appreciation of everyone coming together to make a massive difference. >> that partnership has been incredible between the u.s. and a few cards that have been coming in, hundreds have actually been coming in, just to show you quickly, thank you for making the animals survive,
5:22 am
number 1 firefighters, you are strong, you are brave, you are good, you're loving and courageous, just really sweet words coming from the kids, ainsley, brian and steve, back to you. steve: they really mean it, ana, thank you very much. >> thank you, ana. steve: 8:22 in new york city, in 8 minutes we will bring you the brand-new job's numbers, how many jobs were added in the last month, 160,000 expected, will we hit it, stay tune. ainsley: family split heard around the world could prince harry and megan be ready to set a new house in canada? brian: he's from canada, he knows all the answers to everything and he's holding ainsley a little tight. ♪ ♪
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
ainsley: my favorite story, mayhem in monarchy, buckingham palace doing damage control after surprised announcement to step back from royal family. steve: duchess meghan markle returning to canada, returned amid discussions of where they will call home, it could be la, canada and the uk. brian: couple's correspondent
5:27 am
mark stein. you qualify because you have accent. >> we complain that the royal family don't take enough notice of it, i think meghan -- brian you have a rule? >> when you're celebrity it's about yourself and royalty is the opposite. what she's done, for example, the queen is queen of canada and queen of australia, right now australians as we just saw are burning up, 63 canadian citizens were shout-out of the sky by the iranians the other night and heghan and harry are so toned deaf, they think it's the perfect time enough of you burning australians and canadians, let's talk about our
5:28 am
self-absorption. steve: what do the people of canada, obviously a big story in london, but they might actually live there for half a year. >> well, the wacky thing was, they are very popular, over 60% of canadians would like prince harry to become governor general which is like the queen's representative. >> while you're there, you might as well have had a job. prince harry served in afghanistan, you to remember he was a high-profile target to the taliban when he was over there. he has a terrific connection with soldiers of the queen, he represented new zealand in casino in anniversary in italy a couple of years, terrific connection there and it's all been destroyed, i think, in the last couple of years with whatever is going on in their marriage, it's a tragedy. brian: i think he's like the coolest royal ever.
5:29 am
he's extremely popular. >> he's boring when he's woke, nobody needs a woke duchess. brian thank you. steve: you will be hearing tonight at 8:00 o'clock eastern. >> that's my best. don't say that, enough rumors about that. about 9 months before he was born, i happened to be in the same ceremony, rumors on that on the internet, not true. brian: if you are royal or celebrity, don't marry, coming up straight ahead, good luck on tucker, the job's numbers to be released, we will bring you the numbers and stuart varney and there's a coincidence there. hi, stuart, we will be right back. stuart: good morning
5:30 am
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>> as promised we are back with fox news alert, the december job's numbers had just been released. ainsley: 145,000 jobs added last month, less than the 164,000 that the economists were predicting. brian: what does this mean for unemployment rate, 3.5%, unchanged from last month, so wasn't the boon of last month, what do you take of that number? stuart: solid, modest growth in new jobs, 145,000, pretty good, unemployment 3.5%, that's historically extremely low. the real unemployment rate, that came down. >> what does that mean? >> technical expression, it's what people refer to as the real unemployment rate when you include a lot of other people who are temporarily out of work or looking or not looking that kind of thing, that rate came down, overall, this is a modest
5:35 am
yet solid unemployment report, no problem, it's continuing the growth in jobs and the surprising thing is that this is a fully employed economy. we've got 7 million jobs available for the taking, we don't have people qualified for them, we've got people coming back into the labor force but not enough, that's why you've got 145,000 new jobs, it would have been much higher if it wasn't such a tight labor market. steve: i call that modest, when grow to corner in new york city, the stock market is on fire and we are perhaps today going to hit another milestone, 29,000, you know, 10 years ago if somebody would have said in 10 years we would have hit 29,000, they said check the guy for a fever. stuart: when donald j. trump was elected president the dow jones was at 18,000, today it may hit
5:36 am
29,000, so you have gained 11,000 points in 3 years, that's explosive. steve: never been done before. stuart: no, in that time frame, it has not. the 11,000 point runup for the stock market in the dow industrials that has added $13.8 trillion to the value of american business, that is because of the trump stock market rally which is because of the trump economic boom. brian: the world generating big news from what happened with iran and retribution with iran, next week, no one is talking about next week, we will sign phase 1 of the china deal. stuart: it has been an extraordinary week, one week last last friday we were reacting to the news that soleimani had been taken out, so to speak, at first the dow went down, within hours, it had recovered completely and start today set record after record after record, nobody was expecting this but we got
5:37 am
explosive rally despite all that was happening with iran. ainsley: you said a lot of jobs were opened but we don't have individuals to fill them, what are the jobs? >> mix match from those who we need, the skills that they have that we need and the employers who can't get people with those skills, it's a mismatch. brian: we have to find about a way to revamp immigration, not just the wall, keeping first-round draft picks coming out of stanford here. stuart: you've never seen this before, you've never seen such a fully employed economy, i've been doing this for 40 years, i've never seen anything like this in america, this is absolutely full employment, that's why it's kind of difficult to expand the number of new jobs, overall solid, decent job's report today. brian: solid and decent, that's how i describe your show.
5:38 am
stuart: really? i will take it. ainsley: no indecency. jillian: is your home security camera spying on you? >> who is that? >> i'm your best friend. i'm santa claus. jillian: well, now new security concerns over ring doorbell cameras, amazon fired employees for watching videos. the company also taking steps to limit access to user data to a smaller number of people. incredible body camera video showing the moment a police officer is hit by a train and lived, if you're not already watching this, take a look at
5:39 am
this. wow, you can see the officer rolling on the ground after he's clipped by the train in polk county, georgia, he was chasing a burglary suspect and didn't realize how close he was to the tracks, the officer was hurt but will recover. a teacher caught drunk behind the wheel with student in the backseat. corey malone hitting back, he blew a breathalyzer more than 3 times a limit. officials say the sign violated a city ordinance and he plans to fight. >> i just believe in ticking for what's right and i try to follow through with that and we want to be able to continue on with what
5:40 am
we are doing. >> he says he won't pay the 118-dollar fine unless the court says he has to. a look at your headlines, back to you. >> that will get people fired. >> yeah. steve: 20 minutes now before the top of the hour, janice dean at times square where it's a nice day today. >> let's talk about this first, though, we could have tornadoes across the south, severe weather including large hail damaging winds and we will see tornado watches and warnings throughout the day today, on top of that the threat for ice over parts of the midwest and the great lakes so travel is going to be difficult if not impossible for a lot of the areas, there's your severe threat today, if you live in the regions, know what to do if there's a watch or warning, the more potential for explosive storms, so this is going to be a challenging day, unfortunately i want everyone to be prepared and know what to do, go to the bottom level of your home,
5:41 am
interior room in your closet or a bathroom if there's a watch or warning, you will see snow and ice on top of that, it'll be a challenging day across the eastern half of the country, we will keep you posted, tenth anniversary, what's your name. where are you from? >> florida. >> what's your name? >> bonnie. >> tracee. janice: i like your hats, say, hi to steve, ainsley, brian. we love you. ainsley: enjoy new york. so glad that you're here. steve: chilly in ohio, toledo where the president was and this morning dean. >> two of the people were at the rally last night and two were not, we will start with you, don, so you got in there, it was a lot of people, how do you feel like the dem's impeachment thing
5:42 am
is going? >> not very good, it's bogus, they started this 4 years ago, i call nancy 054. she's missing cards in her deck, at least one. >> the new nickname. >> 051, she's missing that card probably a lot more than one card. trump said she's not dealing with the full deck, i totally i agree with them, it's bogus, started 4 years ago, running in '16, and anything they can do to stop trump is what they are doing and not rooting for america, they need to be working on bridges, health care, opioid addiction and they're not doing it. >> certainly a lot of business we would like for them to be taking care of. you're a police officer, you were at the event last night,
5:43 am
how did you enjoy the event? >> i thought it was amazing, the turnout was incredible and his support for law enforcement is just phenomenal. >> now that's different, you think it's a different support than from the previous administration? >> it's a shift in attitude t previous administration didn't seem to have our backs and it's a total 180 with president trump. >> you feel like he's there 100%? >> i do, he's totally my president. >> you support a lot of his policies if not all of them? >> i do, indeed. >> you don't agree what he says 100%, the way he puts things if you will? >> i don't think he's the most eloquent speaker at times, that shows he's human and i think he talks like most of america it's what resinates with most of america. >> outstanding. kathy and david, you guys are, you guys are business owners and still married to each other, how has the economy been in the last
5:44 am
3 years? >> in the last 3 years investments have almost doubled, our businesses had the best year we ever had, so we are real pleased with trump and his actions and his deregulation of small business items, you know. >> you think the deregulation has the best effect and not so much the tax cuts or a combination of both? >> a combination of both and tax cuts are great and i can't believe that the democrats want to take away the tax cuts that he did. >> all right, well there you have it, we have a range of views here at -- at uncle john's pancake house, we also got a lot of food here, if you guys are hungry, you're welcome to join us, we need your help. steve: could be little chilly by the time it gets to new york city but you're right. ainsley: we will get on brian's
5:45 am
private show. mash the tv show. brian: section 8, never worked out. steve: dean, thank you very much, great having you going out there, our friend has easy tips to winterize your home and make it warmer in just an hour he will show you how coming up. hey, saved you a seat.
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no kidding. we're doing all we can to make moving simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. >> breaking news in the economy, we will analyze moments away, more from the airplane apparently shot down by iran, also first trump rally of the new year, what he's saying about impeachment and iran and competition, on the new topic,
5:50 am
new fox polling and the state of democratic race, tulsi gabbard, candidate, she reacts live, big good morning, see you in ten minutes, it's friday, folks, see you then. ainsley: got that right, happy friday to you, slams alexandria ocasio-cortez for buying a dog instead of dog rescue. posted photo of french bulldog. peta said she should have picked the thousands of dogs in a shelter. well, now researchers are looking into fish watching 3d movies, scientists tat university of minnesota put the red and blue glasses on the fish and showed videos of shrimp, the fish try to catch the fish
5:51 am
proving they can perceive depth. ainsley: there are some easy ways to help you stay warm this winter and save on your heating expenses. >> all right, friend contractor got out his hair dryer and you're doing -- what people have been doing for a long time, this is a cheap way to warm up your house, it's with insulated -- >> it really is, yes. >> this is actually from 3m, they make the best one on the market, the clearest to them available, it comes in different sizes for windows, even patio door, the principal is you take a double sided tape, scotch, you stick it on and you put sheet around it, when it goes on it goes like this, it's loose, trim off excess with your knife and basically heat it up with a blow dryer and becomes completely clear. ainsley: how do you take it off?
5:52 am
>> you peel it off. only a couple of dollars and you completely seal the window. >> in the living room we have a double-door after the patio and i did this last year and -- >> unbelievable. i have an old house and some of the windows are original and makes a big difference, only a couple of hours, you take it off when you're done with it. >> you brought other windows? >> i did, yeah. leading name for storm windows. they mount over economisting window in the exterior of your home, they are energy store, great way to adjust layer, you put it over existing window, easy to do because replacing windows are expensive, best way to get a second layer.
5:53 am
steve: on the outside. >> that's on the outside. this is inside, the only ones doing this, this is a comfort seal, you measure the interior of your window, they send you this tracking window made to the size of your window, watch how easy this is. ainsley: nice. >> you put it in place and you are sealed now, you sealed sizes, you hear the noise, watch the noise reduction. up to 50% noise reduction as well. steve: wow. >> if you live in noisy street or busy neighborhood, an easy way to seal up the sound. steve: two layers of glass. >> two layers of glass, energy storing on it, best way to get layer of protection and when you are done with it you can remove them or put them in the garage for the summer time if you want. who doesn't want to hear that? they are known for making the best storm dorms on the market,
5:54 am
incredible selection of colors, styles, like the screen has roll-up screen, i have them on in the spring for curb-appeal segment, best way to address the house but adds second layer which is one of the biggest openings, a lot of times it's letting out all the air, you are throwing your money out the door when you seal them up, great way to do it. brian: what do you do when you have a great pyranese that opens the door -- >> i think you need to have double-sided lock. ainsley: put a spare key under your mat. >> the rocks with the key hiding up in the garden. brian: you told everybody. [laughter] ainsley: what's your address? brian: very good. >> there it is, guys.
5:55 am
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♪ ["friday i'm in love"] >> yep, it's friday.
5:59 am
january 5th is coming up quick. i will be at west. new york. it's going to be called the space, it's televised on fox stations. more red, white, and blue than red and blue. natalie talking about that, but all the history books. secret stories that steve doesn't want out to. [laughter] >> can we go? on there! >> go to close lead. number seven on the list! [applause] it wasn't for the folks he was he was -- you >> you can't go through an airport without seeing his book. >> absolutely. >> congratulations. >> give us one other tip to save energy and keep her house -- >> programmable thermostats. i love this don't like the smart thermostats. i changed over to invest, it was easy. it took 5 minutes to do.
6:00 am
very easy to do and it'll save you big money. >> for more information go to his website. have a good weekend! >> have a great weekend. go to fox nation or run to the radio. >> bill: think you guys. here we go, the labor department reports we added 145,000 jobs. capping a tenth straight year of payroll gains. slightly less than expected number, but the employment rate holding steady, 3.5%. second month in a row for that. more of this throughout the show, we will get a sense of where the economy is today and where wall street opens in 30 minutes from now. meanwhile, president trump defending his decision to take out iran's top general at his first rally of 2020 last night, saying that he notified congress first democrats would have leaked to the information. that's not all he said. he said a lot. good morning, everybody. it's friday, you've made it. i'm bill hemmer live here in


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