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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  January 12, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PST

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gutfeld was the ring bearer. just kidding. there she is, very beautiful, very happy. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. i'm waters and this my world. judge jeanine: hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. we are number one all last weekend. thank you. and there is no stopping the train tonight. rudy giuliani is here live in just a moment. senate judiciary chair, kayleigh mcenany, they are all here tonight. but first my opening. the public humiliation of nancy pelosi and her democrat caucus sycophants who dare not oppose
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his an embarrassment to watch. her impeachment of the 45th president of the united states is born not of truth, facts or evidence, but rather of an historic vitriolic hatred usually reserved for an enemy of the state. in the end it is her animosity, and baseless actions against this president that will ultimately hoist her on her own petard. and might i add, no one deserves it more. you will recall the urgency of her claim as she wrapped herself in the american flag. >> i said this is something we are very -- we do with a heavy heart. it's very prayerful. because impeaching is a divisive thing our country. judge jeanine: don't forget this one.
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>> our democracy is what is at stake. the president leaves us no choice but to act because it's trying to represent once again the election for his own benefit. the president has engaged in abuse of power, undermining our national security and jeopardizing the integrity of our election. his actions are in defiance of the division of our founders and the oath of office he takes to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the united states. judge jeanine: we want the vote because of the urgency involved. we cannot wait. we have to stop him. and the sky is falling, too. and yet there was no case to send to the senate. so like a child caught in a lie, she dithered for weeks hoping something, anything might happen to make the president look bad. but every day he kept on working
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and wing. so finally she d and winning. finally she explained her reason for procrastinating. she wanted to insure a fair trial in the senate. ain't that thoughtful? she was so caught up in her own image as the i am peer was queen nancy, that she of the lower house imagined herself the upper house senate chamber of which she has never been nor will she ever be a member. the woman whose historic hate played out for all to see wants to insure a fair senate trial for the president in the mistress of the historic chamber intent on taking down our leader in the sub basement of the capitol away from the eyes and ears of the public and most of the congress. and her leaker minion adam
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schiff. and her libelous reading of the president's crane * call. crane -- ukraine call. nancy, you said the president was welcome to come and ask exonerate himself. the transcript itself exonerates him. but in your quhai d but in youru shift the burden of proof to the accused without advising him of the charges. it's never been about truth or justice for these radicals. house democrats want to take out the most successful president americans have put in the oval. who speaks our language and wants to us succeed. who took out two of the world's
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most dangerous savages. abu bakr al-baghdadi and qassem soleimani with no american forces boots on the ground. that's why he's so successful and why americans love him. but nancy, you don't care. his success offends you. you are a radical like aoc and maxine waters and ilhan omar, aoc and rashida tlaib. but i guess you hate him because donald trump changed the establishment order. you scratch each other's backs like the bushes and the clintons. your turn, you are up next. when you commandeer the
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meaningless war powers resolution after the soleimani drone strike was over, trying to limit the president's ability to fight our enemies, you again shows our hypocrisy. when your pal obama in 2011 decided to bomb libya you said he didn't need congressional authority. what did you earn bypassing that war powers resolution and sending that loved letter to the ayatollah other than to seemingly say do what you must, we'll hold him back. have you no shame? in the end, nancy, your investigation was a part southern political joke on how to manipulate the truth and then have everybody swear to it. after all the rushing, what did your dithering gain and unprecedented refusal to forward
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the articles of impeachment to the senate. admit. you caused add mitch mcconnell gave you a deadline to either send over the articles much impeachment or simply watch the senate move forward without them. that's right, nancy. you simply caved. that's what happens when there is no case. who said you were smart anyway? and that's my open. let me know what you think on my fab * and twitter #judgejeanine. joining me is president trump's attorney, routedie. you wrote an article saying the supreme court can blocking the impeachment and senate trial by declaring the impeachment unconstitutional. >> the general theory is the
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impeachment is in the hands of the house with unlimited power. wrong. no such thing as urn limited power -- such thing as unlimited power in the constitution. abuse of power and other ridiculous, obstruction of congress you can't find anywhere in 18usc. you can't find it under common law. it doesn't exist as crimes. they rendered the constitution of the united states and its words meaningless. it's as if they took the constitution and struck out the words. judge jeanine: what is the remedy? >> go before the supreme court of the united states and have it declared unconstitutional. you say there is nothing in the constitution that allows the supreme court to do it. there is also nothing in the
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constitution that allows the supreme court to declare a law of congress unconscious tuitional. marshal made it up. he saw it as a necessary almost obvious discussion from the clash between two branches of government. it was necessary to keep the government working. we have a clash between two branches of government impeaching i am more a no crime plifd. no crime, small crime. they can impeach anything, instead of having 230 years of history with two impeachments, they will have an impeachment every month. there is no limit on their impeachment power. judge jeanine: as long as you have the votes you can impeach the guy because you don't like the color of his tie.
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but what is the mechanism? how do you do it? and how do you say that maybe obstruction isn't a misdemeanor or a high crime? >> there are no rules for a trial in the supreme court. all it says in the senate is there shall be a trial. the chief justice preside. what happens at the beginning of the trial? the defense lawyer says i love for miss missal. it's not a crime. what if somebody says i look nice tonight. i move to have the case dismissed. judge jeanine: can they do that with mitch mcconnell? >> mitch sets the rules. this should be done as if it were a trial in the united states district court under the rules of the united states district court. the rules are set by the senate.
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then the chief justice interprets the rules. the chief justice will be given the to dismiss. it will be dealt like a trial. judge jeanine: at what point does the cleave justice come in and respond to a motion to dismiss. >> at the beginning of the trial. if you had a case with an indictment for a non crime. scene indictment for eating ice cream. you would say, you are honor, this an indictment by a grand jury. they must have been insane when they did it because it's not a crime. judge looks at it and says, counsel you are correct, case dismissed. what then happens. >> that's important because you don't wants to it happen again. if we do go to trial he will get acquitted. i can make an argument politically it would be better
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to go to trial. they will find out bind didn't make money in return, but he made money in china and iraq. everywhere point man bind, money biden. >> then the whistleblower. >> make him point man. millions of dollars for the biden crime family. judge jeanine: limits assume that your request is granted and it is dismissed. what is the effect of the impeachment in the house? can that ever be erased or is that always there? >> then it becomes the only impeachment being dismissed as nons constitutionality. i would say if it's non-constitutional, it's null and void. it shouldn't have happened. it's totally illegal. but if they let it happen, the next group of maybe crazy
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republicans will go after some democrat. you know they like to get even. judge jeanine: i have got to move along. there is fury in iran tonight as the iranian people are hitting the streets. >> isn't that wonderful to see. >> khomeini the ayatollah lied about the fact they said it was an incoming missile. the ukraine jet with 176 civilians on it. the iranians are in the streets. and irg killed 1,500. >> the desire for freedom in iran is palpable. it's strong. i have known this for four years. maria and i were in albania. i brought pictures back of the people that work with the iranian dissident groups who brought a lot of this about. these protests have been going on for 2 1/2 to 3 years.
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people have been killed and more people come back and protest. nurses have protested. sanitation workers have protested. iran is on the brink of being overthrown in our state department would wake up. judge jeanine: and do what. >> a statement should be made about those people in the streets. it should be made by the president and go down to the state department that we support them. rather than the state department being worried about talking to iranian dissident groups. judge jeanine: if it does go down -- >> we have one or two ways of going. we can go with obama when they had the protests in iran they turned their back on it. or go with ronald reagan when he saw poland. he said i stand with you. judge jeanine: thank you for being with us on "justice."
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i love having you. earlier i spoke with senate nor lindsey graham. thanks so much for being with us. it's been a momentous week. we have the house passing a war powers resolution. they think preventing the president from going to war with iran. but it is basically a meaningless resolution, is it not? >> it's a concurrent resolution. it has no effect of law. all they are doing is embowled s emboldening the enemy. congress has the power to declare war. that doesn't mean the commander-in-chief can't use military force to protect the country without congress. we have had military engagements
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hundreds of times. the president took out soleimani who was planning another attack against american forces in iraq. he has all the authority he need to protect troops in the field. the war powers act is blatantly unconstitutional. you can't have 535 commander in chiefs. can you imagine what our nation would look like if elizabeth warren and aoc and you con defend the nation. judge jeanine: as opposed to congratulating the president for essentially bringing iran to it's ins, and identifying a real threat to americans, and doing it without a loss of life or civilian casualties. and not putting boots on the ground. but instead they want to limit him. do you want to talk to me about
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rand paul and mike lee announcing they support that? first of all, why? and secondly, what about a united party? this party has been united behind everything the president has done. what's with those two? >> i like them both and if i had an eye problem i would call rand paul who is a great eye doctor but i won't ask him for commander-in-chief advice. and mike lee is a great guy. but they are so wrong. their foreign policy is more like bernie sanders. do you really believe that the constitutional -- the founders of our great constitution envisioned 535 commander-in-chiefs? one person can't take us in a state of war. it takes a congressional enactment. but a commander-in-chief can use
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force to protect the nation. i am a ronald reagan, george bush and donald trump president. i said this when obama was president and clinton was president. if you don't like what the commander-in-chief is doing, cuts off funding. we have the of the purse but we can't make military decisions. judge jeanine: let's talk about iran. the president's speech saying as long as i'm president, iran will not be allowed to have a nuclear weapon. i like the word not be aloud. we were monitoring it. but it appears that our nato brothers and sisters, the u.k., france, germany, china i guess is in there. they are still doing business with iran. is that the case for aluminum and steel? >> that's what the new sanctions are designed to stop.
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here is the question for your audience and the world at large. why do you not want iran to have a nuclear weapon? i think they will use it. there is no better friend of israel than you. if the ayatollah had a nuclear weapon would he use it against israel? what do you think? i think it's absolutely certain he has a religious agenda. he's trying to purify the faith web's going after sunni muslims. he's trying to radicalize every element in the middle east. when he says death to israel he means it. he's not trying to get his poll numbers up. if you are the prime minister of israel wouldn't you take that threat seriously? judge jeanine: the day they signed the deal they were chanting death to israel and death to america.
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>> it put them on a pathway to the bomb and give them $150 million and the missiles shot at us were probably paid for by the american taxpayer. the ayes have it. iran, impeachment. ♪
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judge jeanine: welcome back to "justice." as if impeachment weren't enough, the left is in a tizzy over iran. joining us is dan bongino and corey lewandowski. i was talking with mayor giuliani about the fact that iranians are hitting the street now. in november 1,500 of them were killed by the iranian revolutionary guard. but now they are protesting in the streets because of the iranian civilian liner that was down. it was ukrainian. i want to ask you about the left in the united states and their reaction to this and who they
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are blaming for the downing of this civilian aircraft. i am going to first read what pete buttigieg, the mayor candidate for president on the democrat side. he said innocent civilians are now dead because they were caught in the middle of an unnecessary and unwanted military tit for tat. my thoughts where with the families and loved ones of the 176 souls on board this flight. corey, what's your response to pete buttigieg. >> i know this president well. the last thing he wants is a war or to put the men and women of our armed services in harm's way. to the politicization of what pete buttigieg is saying, he blaming the president for what
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the iranians have admitted was their responsibility. take out a known terrorist was the right decision. that's the nobody of all presidents. the left hates this president for doing that. it's sameful the way they attacked him for it. judge jeanine: he says my thoughts are with the families and loved ones with 176 souls lost on board this flight. if they are going to blame someone, how about thanking the american military for that strike on general soleimani where there were no other civilian casualty. thank god for the american military? >> why would they do that? there is no political swrang to be gained. these are cosmic level losers. the democrat party is on the
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wrong side of america in just about every issue. all these garbage outlets who watch this channel every day. let me reiterate. i absolutely mean every word of that. the only people who think the killing of the one of the world's number one terrorists. i saw a these by congressman mass. he lost his legs by an i.e.d. soleimani designed. you are pissed off we killed soleimani? you get the double middle finger from me. remember when president trump said ms-13 whose motto was relationship, murder, whatever, these guys are animals. they jumped to the side of
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ms-13, too. nice work. judge jeanine: corey, as we go forward and our economy continues to improve with more jobs added. everything, you know, the stock market keeps topping itself. they can't give this president credit for anything. do the democrats as they go forward. do they think this impeachment will benefit them and does nancy pelosi ultimately pay a price for this whole charade? >> nancy pelosi is clearly overplayed her hand. first saying to everybody in the world. the president had to be impeached immediately before christmas. this was an issue of national security. she puts the impeachment card in her back market and holds it to dictate to the senate in the terms and conditions. she has no authority. and ultimately in less than 300
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days when the voters of our country go to the ballot box, they are going to realize what we already knew. nancy pelosi delivered nothing for this country. not a transportation infrastructure spending bill. this president is the one who has got the tax cuts done. the democrats will be thrown out of power in november of this year and donald trump is going to get re-elected by a larger margin. judge jeanine: dan, we have got 15 seconds. >> nancy pelosi exposed herself this week. she said we need witnesses in the senate trial because we need to get the facts and the truth. so you impeached the president in the house when you didn't have the facts and the truth? well done. judge jeanine: dan bongino, corey lewandowski, thanks so much. it's the royal rejection that
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has the world gossiping. governor mike huckabee
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jeanine." [♪] judge jeanine: the family drama that has millions on the edge of their reclearance. prince harry is going to meet
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with the queen and his brother and father to discuss his and meghan's desire to step back from the royal family. i have been watching your twitter feed and you have been tweet being this. i think it's terrible. now they are saying we don't want to be royals. we want to be financial independent and meghan is in canada hiding. and harry is back in the u.k. waiting to face the music with the queen and his brother and father. tell me what you think. >> no reality show could get close to how good this one is. i have already set up a gofundme site for harry and meghan. feeling a little sorry for them. my wife and i started out in an apartment that cost $40 a month and that was overpriced. i'm look for one for them that's
12:36 am
in the $40 to $50 a month range so they can get the feel of being commoners like they want. we can fix this and make it happen. judge jeanine: everyone knows the queen has a soft spot for harry. over the years as he group and gone it to the crazy actions that teens get into, the queen was always there for him. the fact that he didn't notify her before he released the statement and all of the rules were not worked out. i think it's distressing to a lot of people because she is a woman that deserves the respect she didn't get. piers morgan had this to say. people say i'm too critical of meghan markle. but she ditched her family, ditched her dad, ditched most of her old friends, split harry
12:37 am
from william and now split him from the rest of the royal family. i rest my case. who do you blame for this? >> this is a young couple trying to find their way. but i don't think she fully understood to join the royal family is not like' joining the schwartz on main street. i feel sorry for her in that sense. but good heavens, it's not like this is a hard life to live. you go around and wave at people and give hem a hello, and you live literally like kings. that they feel better. judge, i know you are a new yorker. but down south when a couple is setting up their house hold we do a pounding. everybody brings in things like salt and corn meal and flour and sugar. you bring pounds of stuff so they can set up their kitchen.
12:38 am
in the tradition of the south we'll have a good old-fashioned pounding when they get set up. they will need a couple pounds of hard ano d pounds of lard. jenna: the iranians are in the streets right now. and saying things like they wanted to take the ayatollah should be removed. saying things that we never could have imagined would be heard. because they lied about the civilian airliner that was taken down. and it looks like the ayatollah and that regime is on the brink of something where it might collapse. your thoughts? >> you know back in 2009, the green movement in iran almost pulled it off. they were just look for a little bit of encouragement from the u.s. they weren't look for troops or
12:39 am
funds. just a little rah-rah, and thee were 22-year-old women bleeding to death in the streets of iran. the persian culture is a wonderful culture. they are beautiful people. what i hope is that this time they will get some encouragement from around the world and this crumbling regime of iran will give way to freedom. let's pray it happens. judge jeanine: governor huckabee, thanks so much. part two of
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judge jeanine: part two of my interview with senator lindsey graham this week. does anyone take that woman seriously? how long have you went in senate? i've been there since 2002 and i
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have done my share of dumb things. but nobody has done anything dumber than this. impeach the president because you have to. he's a menace to the world. time is of the essence. we can't wait to allow him to exercise executive privilege it's imperative that we get donald trump out of office and sit on it for weeks. it makes no sense. she is trying to tell mitch mcconnell how to run the senate. mitch mcconnell, this is his finest hour. he stood up to nancy pelosi. i think this hurt her. it undercut the argument that impeachment was about necessity. impeachment is will revenge. i took mueller seriously. the president has done nothing wrong. these articles much impeachment, they can destroy the president over time.
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impeaching the president because he wanted to go to congress. abuse of power is so poorly defined. there is no bribery and no quid pro quo. how are future presidents able to conduct themselves. judge jeanine: especially when something is as partisan as this is. when it goes to the senate, this imperialistic approach to congress. you were in the sub basement of the congress and wouldn't let anybody in and you wouldn't give anybody the ability to cross-examine. how do you think it will play out in the senate. >> it will play out along the clinton model. if they thought john bolton was an important witness they should have called him. they didn't think they needed john bolton.
12:46 am
the president said he would invoke executive privilege. i hope no republican will destroy executive privilege. the impeachment articles are a danger to the presidency. the way they impeached the president was un-american. this trial will end in days not weeks. i hope every republican votes to acquit and i hope some democrats will, too. this is a political sham and not constitutional abuse by the president. judge jeanine: essentially the two articles of impeachment are coming to you as an indictment. you will not add any additional testimony or additional counts. you will take it as an indictment and decide based upon the evidence within those articles, am i zplect. >> the reason i don't want to add to the record is you are rewarding the behavior of the house. they did it quickly.
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they ignored executive privilege and impeached him because he was willing to go to court to defend the presidency. since you want to go to court, you are obstructing congress. no president should have to choose between being impeached and after he biewtion executive privilege. the senate should end this trial as quickly as possible. that's way intend to do. he will be acquitted. i hope and pray every republican will reject what nancy pelosi did and we'll pick up a few democrats. >> i think give what has played out, i think you will get a few democrats. but senator lindsey graham, thank you for what you do and thank you for being on justice.
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judge jeanine: the democrat candidates set to debate in iowa. a new poll shows bernie sanders leading the pack. kayleigh mcenany joins me. what do you have to say. sanders leading the pack. then you have warn and
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buttigieg. and some guy by the name not sure. what do you think of sanders. >> the socialist bernie sanders has the momentum. he's ahead in the polls. but this is very important. the democrat establishment will never let bernie win. the dnc rigged it against him in 2016. is nancy pelosi rigging this against bernie sanders? why did she wait to turn over the articles of impeachment? maybe she is trying to keep bernie sanders and elizabeth warren off the campaign trail. judge jeanine: klobuchar, too. >> leading biden. judge jeanine: i want to talk about bloomberg. mike bloomberg indicated if he doesn't win the nomination, his
12:53 am
money, that he will use his money beyond the convention through november regardless of who wins the nomination. so he will put the money behind the democrat candidate to make sure they win. >> he could spend almost $1 billion trying to be the king maker in this race. it's big money dictating democrat politics. it's the establishment. our side of the aisle you have donald trump outspent by hillary 2-1. he won because of his ideas and successful policies that are now leading the hottest economy in modern history. judge jeanine: what's interesting is ebb though we haven't mentioned it, are you concerned that he might make a third party run? >> he might, but he's not taking
12:54 am
from president trump. this president has 95% approval among republicans. er rally i go to, i meet democrats who are there for the first time. president trump pulls together a unique coalition. if mike bloomberg runs he will take from crazy socialist bernie or biden, he's not taking from president trump.
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