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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 13, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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national anthem. listen. i think we are out of time. we'll do that tomorrow. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is next. i'm not going to miss the post like tucker. i refuse.rt >> laura: thank you, hannity. i appreciate it. the president is loved in god'se country of louisiana. >> sean: isn't that incredible? >> laura: it's real america! come on. >> sean: if you are a democrat at home watching it, you say, no... >> laura: that's awful, louisiana. a bunch of crazies. >> sean: a big announcement coming up. i will tell about it privately. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is the "ingraham angle" from a busy washington tonight. it didn't even stop today. nancy pelosi responded to president trump. we'll show you what she said. before congressman lee zeldin and matt gaetz are here to react.
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as the speaker sends the articles of impeachment to the senate, alan dershowitz graduates and gregg jarrett going to give you everything you need to know about what happens next and i'm going to make a g suggestion that mitch mcconnell must listen to. and i mean must. i'm going to tell you what it is. this is shocking. investigative journalist lee smith is going to tell us that he has evidence that the obama administration sent notice to the now deceased terrorist qassem soleimani, and he is exclusively with those details. wow. and my can't miss angle on the state of the 2020 democrat that's going to come a little later on in the show. but first, last week was a big one for the "ingraham angle," not only to go big interviews with the president and secretary of state, but we also shattered the liberal media narrative that nancy pelosi was somehow the political mastermind of strategy. s this entire gambit has been an
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entire embarrassing failure from day one. she's lashing out at trump. this is how she reacted when abc's george stephanopoulos showed her our interview. >> i want to show you friday night on fox news. >> she's obsessed with impeachment. she's going to go down as one of the worst speakers in the history of our country. >> i don't want to spend toohm much time in his crazy tweets because everything he says is a projection. t when you call somebody crazy, he knows that he is. everything he says you can translate it back to who he is. >> laura: is this a schoolyard at this point? >> are you aware that i am rubber and you are glue and everything you say to me bounces off of me and sticks to you? >> laura: here is the speaker later on sounding totally aboveboard.
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>> everything he's done in syria vis-a-vis the turks, whether in ukraine in terms of withholding assistance as they try to fight the russians, his denial about their role in our elections then and now, all roads lead to -- sometimes i wonder about mitch mcconnell, to what he's, why is he an accomplice to all ofme that? >> laura: that in and of itself tells you everything you need to know about the weakness of pelosi's impeachment case. by the way, i don't recall pelosi heading all flabbergasted when obama would not give legal aid to ukraine. haven't heard her talk about that at all, suddenly it's her number one issue. the impeached employee didn't work so they go back to the old russian narrative that failed on mueller and failing now. joining me now, lee zeldin, house foreign affairs committee
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member, matt gaetz, house judiciary committee member. conressman zeldin, let's start with you. why do you think the speaker, she is usually smarter than that. i don't agree with her on a lot but she's usually smarter than that. that was actually surprising even to me and i've been in this town longer than both of you probably combined, which is scary. but what do you think? >> a lot of miscalculations. we saw it really since last fall when they started this impeachment push and there was a rush, tripping over herself so urgent that we couldn't provide fairness, due process to the president. and starting 2020, starting in an election year, she's comingrt out of the gate with a miscalculation with regards to these articles of impeachment and waiting extra long to send them over. a lot of missed calculations done playing at the polls in november. what you should be doing if she was smart, she has all these democrats in districts that donald trump won. she should be talking about delivering them wins to go to
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the district, but they all have to be fuming at these democrats and are presented is because they've been sending them to washington to impeach the president. >> laura: we have a lot of things that need to be done in this country. infrastructure that's crumbling, go to any major airport, compare it to a lot of airports in europe and asia, it's ridiculous and they are messing around these ridiculous investigations. matt gaetz, i want to show you what the media is saying, some in the media are not even buying what pelosi is saying which tells you how desperate it is. watch. >> clearly putting a lot a spin on what democrats have privately set as a failed strategy. she and chuck sumer have been minority leader in the senate to number one get a commitment on mcconnell to get witnesses.. she also said she wants to see a resolution. about how the whole proceedings were governed, she got both of those. >> laura: contrary to other reporting's, she's not getting either of those. that's a "washington post" reporter.
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>> this is a failed strategy and it's not all roads lead to putie for president trump, it's all roads lead to russia in the absence of an agenda that works for the american people. tomorrow morning, nancy pelosi and the democrats will huddle in their weekly caucus meeting and i expect it to be more tense than a family meeting at buckingham palace. because you've got these democrats in trump districts who feel like they've been walked off a cliff, they were told that this was imminent, urgent, a clear and present danger. even some of the more seasoned democrats like adam smith, the chairman of the armed services committee where i served telling nancy pelosi, let's get on with it. this is starting to look ridiculous. let's transmit the articles.s. the battle ultimately lead to the least suspenseful trial in all of trials because we all know the president will be exonerated because he's done nothing wrong. >> laura: this is hurting clearly if this goes any length of time.
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even the last few weeks, the 3-4 weeks this has been going on. this has to help biden and hurt those who have to stay in washington during the senate trial, so a lot of people think nancy in her own way is putting her finger on the scale against war and, again sanders, again biden. do you think there's anything on that? >> i think there is. the one thing that would harm him is a lot of narrative of what this ukraine calls about the investigations was they biden family scheme in ukraine with hunter biden not being qualified for this position. i think that's one thing that'll come back and bite him. who knows, maybe it ends up benefiting someone who isn't a senator or biden, someone like mayor pete anza benefiting it so we'll see how that ends up pointing out. the president has been focused on an agenda. he had tony sayer, pam bondi, pat cipollone, the president himself is focusing on an economy that's ripping right
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now, takes out qassem soleimani from the democrats are so invested in hating trump they cannot root for the millions of iranians who want to pursue a new direction and they want to make the president look bad in taking out soleimani. >> laura: speaking of biden, adam schiff says the bidens together are really irrelevant. >> do the bidens have any relevant testimony and i think the answer is they don't. no factual basis for these allegations against joe biden to ask the senate to do these investigations that the president fraudulently sought to get ukraine to conduct would merely turn this trial on its head for that something the president would love. but that's not a fair trial. that's a sham trial. >> laura: listen to joy behar. >> he's covering up stuff faster than a cat in a litter box.
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when you look at the biden behavior, it's exculpatory for the president. if the bidens are truly corrupt, it can never be an impeachable offense to investigate corruption or ask our friends to investigate corruption pursuantt to our treaties, so we'll put that evidence on if witnesses are allowed in this trial and i think we'll be able to proveve positively that this presidented as he's always done putting the interest of the american people and the american taxpayer first. these are legitimate questions. is there anyone who thinks of the bidens just stopped at the ukraine? they were running the same gamut in china and elsewhere because this is how corruption works. it's pervasive. >> laura: the president has an obligation to safeguard the american people's money, doing it in ukraine and that's one of the reasons why he was elected. great to see you both tonight.t. >> great to see you. >> laura: speaking of pelosi, she's huddling with house dems tomorrow to choose the impeachment manager is that she chooses to send the articles of impeachment to the told to expect the articles on wednesday, so it's what happens
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from here. joining me now is alan dershowitz, along with him is gregg jarrett, fox news legal analyst and author of "witch hunt." alan, what happens -- i'm going to say it this way. the articles of impeachment arrive in the senate. couldn't and shouldn't -- this goes back to my advice that i'm going to give and i'm going to throw it out to you, couldn't mitch mcconnell dispose of this travesty right off the bat? i think -- even setting a o precedent for these articles of impeachment, abuse of process and obstruction of congress isfo ridiculous. i would either dismiss it or decide it immediately. i wouldn't entertain this nonsense at all. thoughts? >> there is no question that these two articles of impeachment ares unconstitutional. they do not satisfy the constitutional required criteria
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for impeachment for president trump's lawyers could make a motion to dismiss or one of the senators could make a motion to dismiss and take a vote right away. whether they decide to do that or not will be up obviously to the members of the senate from a member of the chief justice initially, but i haven't absolutely no doubtth that the o articles of impeachment, abuse of power, with every president since adams has been accused of by their political opponents, and obstruction of congress, which is another way of saying that the president exercised separation of powers and checks and balances in an entirely proper way, should never come tg actual trial. this is a noncrime, and the lawyer making a motion to dismiss which would be granted. >> laura: the more i'm thing about this, gregg, and we'll get to from the in a second. thinking about this getting ready for the show, we have all this important stuff bearing down on us, let alone a presidential election in november. and mitch mcconnell is going to sit up there and entertain
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motions and have this travesty play out? this thing has been held in the house for obvious reasons.ra a failed strategy, whatever. but this is a flawed constitutionally infirm two articles of impeachment and even entertaining this in a trial to me sets a terrible and dangerous precedent. >> i agree with you. it lends legitimacy to illegitimate articles of impeachment, that second one is another joke, obstruction of congress for asserting a legal right to resist a subpoena if congress disagreed, remedies to go to federal court, it's always been that way.ed that one should immediately be dismissed. there was a motion to dismiss in the clinton impeachment trial. it failed because there were nearly a dozen felony offenses identified as abuse of power by the independent counsel ken starr.
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here, there are no felony offenses. there are no high crimes and misdemeanors. they talked at nausea about extortion and bribery and in the end, they realize there was no evidence for that, so they conjured this wonderfully amorphous term, abuse of power, and i agree, there ought to be and there probably will be a motion to dismiss, and it should be seriously thought upon. >> laura: 51 votes, you need joe manchin and a couple of the middle of the road -- >> doug jones. >> laura: i go to doug jones and joe manchin, you know this is ridiculous. i think there is too much messing around with this. i thought about this a lot tonight. alan, democrats lost their gambit to dictate the terms of impeachment clearly and now essentially just smearing the senate. >> looks, it hurts me as a liberal democrat, and allows -- the president to basically
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dictate how the senate is going to conduct its trial. if the senate becomes a whole subsidiary of the white house, absolutely the congress will no longer be an equal branch of government. >> laura: alan, that's what bernie sanders is saying too. saying we should ignore the senate in some cases.: this is what happens when you have a fraudulent impeachmentoo proceedings at the outset. this is where it's going. >> alexander hamilton in "federalist" 65, the dangerous votes that one party can have against the other party and that's exactly what happened, it would be ideal if we had impeachments that were neutral, objective, bipartisan. that's what the framers had in mind. but this case doesn't rise to that level in any sense. and so it was partisan in the house.
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they created the rules of engagement, making it partisan, rushing to judgment and delaying judgment and suddenly they expect the senate to ignore partisan affiliations? in an ideal world, that would happen peer but in the political world created by the house of representatives, it's unlikely it happens. >> laura: gregg, here's what romney said, senator romney of utah set of having the witnesses testify. >> there is a view of the clinton impeachment model which is to say that we have opening arguments and we have a vote on whether or not to have aywitnesses. that's the approach i favorite at that point. w i'll be voting in favor of considering witnesses.he john bolton, he someone i would like to hear from. >> laura: i have no words for mitt romney. i supported him in 2012. i like mitt romney. i have no words for him. >> romney belongs to the romney party. >> laura: what is this? what's in the water in utah? i love utah, don't send me emails.
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what about this, gregg? there are words that more republicans want more testimony? is that a cause for concern? >> it is a cause for concern because they are essentially asking for the senate, which is a jury, to do the job of prosecutors. prosecutors in the house have a chance to subpoena people like bolton or mick mulvaney or rudy giuliani. they didn't do it. the one subpoena they issued, o they withdrew and all of aia sudden nancy pelosi is trying to engage in a quid pro quo to extort the senate to do the job that the house was supposed to do at the same time, accusing the president of an impeachable quid pro quo. the proxy and irony is lost on no one. >> nobody should forget that john bolton doesn't get the last word as to whether he testifies. he may want to testify, but it's
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the president's decision whether to invoke executive privilege. >> laura: he told me he was going to invoke it. he told me on friday. the courts will decide. >> it's hard to imagine anything more privileged than conversations about the national security between the president and national security advisor in the oval office. >> laura: apparently mitt romney doesn't think so and i do not know about collins or lisa murkowski. if they put aside the dislike of what the president does for the constitution and what's good for the country? they get thumbs up for me and a lot of other people. gentlemen, thank you so much. coming up, did y'all notice that former obama officials last week rushing to defend iran? what might that be about? investigative reporter lee smith uncovered shocking connections. we are going to bring him here next. when we started our business
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>> laura: my friday interview with president trump didn't just drive impeachment cycle, also broke major news on the strike against qassem soleimani. >> did you have large-scale attacks planned for other embassies? >> i can reveal i believe it would've been four embassies. >> with the president said he believed it probably could've been attacked against additional embassies. i shared that view. >> intelligence shows they were looking at u.s. facilities throughout the region.d the threat was imminent. >> laura: we brought up the fact that former obama administration officials were out in force defending the iranians. yeah. and attacking the president. the question is why. joining me now is lee smith, author of the plot against the president and victor davis hanson, senior fellow at the hoover institution. is there a reason why obama officials seem very upset about the killing of soleimani? >> yeah.
11:23 pm
qassem soleimani was in many ways the cornerstone of the nuclear agreement they made in july 2015. the obama administration made that deal not with the imaginary moderates but with thead hard-liners and no one was a harder man in that regime than qassem soleimani. he really was the cornerstone of the deal in ways. >> laura: victor is it surprising to hear this man as somewhat of a revered military figure, like he's just a scholar, at iran's version of the hoover institution from a victory. but that you have it. by any means necessary, you must resist president trump. >> i think they are embarrassed, laura, it was not just appeasement but they have an actual tapestry of a new middle east in which iran would balance off our traditional ally israel in the moderate gulf regimes and we would give them cash and they would bank it cannot get more technological
11:24 pm
information in exchange for that. they would have peace in our time, john kerry and barack obama away the paper and say we got an agreement. nhat happened was the infusion men of cash in those sanctions, they rolled into libya, syria, lebanon, because the play was bankrupt. it was crazy. i think secretary pompeo realized that and they know with china there are existential threats, we aren't going to have revolvers out to restore deterrence. this is a policy by the obama administration, not accidentalal and lee is absolutely right. that's why they are embarrassed. >> laura: i spoke to this iranian activist, incredible woman, about the media reaction
11:25 pm
here. she says they are not telling the real story. check it out.. >> what i want the american people to know that a majority of the iranian people view qassem soleimani as a terrorist who has terrorized the entire region. they don't relate to the narrative that the left has been giving. >> laura: it was shocking to see. pelosi spoke out about the protests that erupted on sunday and iran after iran admitted it shot down the airliner, killing 176 and said, they are upset because of the airliner. t that's all it is, they were fine before the airliner. >> it's worthwhile keeping in mind that when you're looking at democratic officials like i speaker pelosi and looking at the press, including the most prestigious brands in the media
11:26 pm
that these were -- these constituted the iranian deal echo chamber that helped obama's deal with iran, so they have a lot at stake in protecting obama's foreign policy legacy. >> laura: you said the goalma was never to stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon, it's to stop them from building it during the obama term. that's quite an accusation. >> if you looked at what happened, if you look at the sunset clauses, the different privations built into the deal that were set to expire sometime after barack obama left the white house, very clear and tells you how to do it. passing it on to the next administration. the one aunt like a hot potato except you are with nuclear potential fallout. >> goodness they pass that on to donald trump instead of hillary clinton, as it turns out. >> laura: speak in the former obama folks, your favorite, victor, john kerry on television tonight. watch. >> on the iran front, could he
11:27 pm
bumble himself? >> he almost did. it's a sad day when the president of united states has to rely on a regime that we do not like nor trust, to have them be the ones who behave somehow that saves donald trump from his own decision. >> laura: so everybody understands what he just said,d, john kerry, former secretary of state, said that iran deserves credit for being restrained and reserved. after that attempted attack on our embassy come after everything they've done to kill american soldiers, build ieds, terrorism throughout the gulf region, our former secretary of state just siding with iran. >> yeah, that's not the first time, laura. the discussions getting out of the iran deal, he was in a shadow capacity with the iranian officials in a way that would weaken our ability to protectad our interests. it's part of a larger narrative.
11:28 pm
they are really mad about the soleimani death by donald trump is very deliberate them explained what happened. didn't go to the white house correspondence dinner like obama did and joke about predator fascinations. didn't go on the campaign trail like joe biden. gm is alive, bin laden is dead. didn't cackle like hillary clinton, we came, we saw, qaddafi died. i do not understand the l hysteria, targeted assassinations are fine we can joke about them, the logan act exists here and there. if there ever was a logan act,t, john kerry was violating it. >> laura: shuttle diplomacy when he's no longer secretary of state. lee and victor, fascinating. thank you so much, both of you. when we were told that the democrat 2020 candidates were a veritable field of dreams, how many times have we heard that old trope?da what happened? my angle explains that next and
11:29 pm
dinesh d'souza responds. it's going to be a doozy. stay right there. xplains that ne
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♪ >> laura: the field of shattered dreams. that's the focus of tonight's angle. it began with such promise right now. the democrat party produced more than 20 candidates from political rookies to season the runs.
11:34 pm
came from texas, new jersey, california, and places in between. all claiming whatever it took to dispatching the ultimate political nemesis, donald trump. well, in the democrats' case, if you built it with these goofballs, the people will run. it was not so much the candidates' talent and skill set that explain the resistance media covering all of this, it's what the field collectivelyat represented. >> the democratic field is obviously big. it's more diverse than in many other years. >> people are excited about this field. >> this is the most diverse field for a nomination ever. >> a field i think democrats can be proud of. >> laura: the d word, diversity. a. this is the most ethically diverse field that the world is ever seen.
11:35 pm
its what the left was waiting for after four years of donald trump. surely the fact that diversity would bring back disaffected democrats and independents, and trumps trump's booming the company. after a lackluster debate performances, it became pretty clear that most of the candy, candidates were duds. and starting in december, the diverse field started to vanish faster than a jamie lee curtis film. first kamala, as in harris bowed out. >> right? >> laura: then julian castro. >> keep reaching for your dream and fighting for what you believe in. >> laura: i love that stage shot. today, we learned that spartacus
11:36 pm
himself, it cannot be, cory booker also calling it quits. frankly, i was shocked with his high polling numbers of, i don't know, 6%? but let's not forget the dems' latecomer candidate rejecting the field with much-needed diversity in that common man's touch. >> i think the point they are making a lot of people are making is you are a billionaire who is buying this election. what is your response to this? >> i'm not buying anymore, doing exactly the same thing they are doing except that i'm using my i own money. >> laura: trump called him mini michael bloomberg, i think a better name is major, in terms of major waste of money. what now, a lot of fretting and awkward admissions? that's what. >> a lot of folks pointing out,
11:37 pm
#demssowhite. kamala harris is gone, cory booker is gone. >> going to be a white debate. >> one of the diverse fields came down to white candidates at the top of it. >> you live by the racial litmus test, you die by the racial litmus test. despite going for the best candidate, their color background, should never be the basis of promotions, jobs, political losses. ever heard of merit or experience or political talent? it should also be noted that this stage of the 2016 election of the same stage, the g.o.p. actually itself had a more diverse field than the democrats have now. it had an african american candidate, ben carson. joining two latino candidates,
11:38 pm
cruz and rubio. but remember, they are conservative. so they don't count in the democrats' been counting. diversity is the least of the democrats' worries. the top three candidates, those old white folks, they are struggling to find a coherent message and at this point are just at each other's throats. the sanders campaign reportedly telling volunteers manning the phone banks knocking on doors to frame warren as a candidate of the elite. when she heard this, warren went on the warpath. >> i was disappointed to hear that bernie is sending his volunteers out to thrash me. he knows who i am, where i come from. we all saw the impact of the factionalism in 2016 and we can't have a repeat of that. >> laura: but she's trying, because warren has begun picking
11:39 pm
her on back channel stories to the media in an effort to hobble bernie. here is today's headline from cnn. bernie sanders told elizabeth warren in private 2018 meeting that a woman can't win, sources say.wa just hours ago, warren went on record saying it's true. and that sanders "disagreed" during their meeting that a woman could win the nomination. and there is the front runner, joe "what state am i in" biden. what exactly is he doing to excite the democrat base? he is a human gaffe-omatic, pull his string and something crazy pops out. >> make sure the television -- excuse me, make sure you have the record player on at night. >> this is the united states of america. there is nothing we are uncapable of doing. chooses to reach on the pole and
11:40 pm
rub my leg down and watch the hair come back up again. >> laura: i just can't...r sometimes voters forget which biden is actually running. >> he's the only one who can beat donald trump in the november election. the only one. i know we have great democrats. great democrats! great. let them be secretary of the whatever. >> laura: whatever. meanwhile, president trump is enjoying the show from the white house. sure look like he was having fun friday in our interview. >> bernie sanders seeming to make some headway against elizabeth warren in some polls. what do you make of this? is bernie sanders really -- >> could be. joe can't string together a sentence. he's having a hard time. the other day a number of timess he couldn't at the thing which
11:41 pm
between iran and iraq. >> laura: the other uphill battle they face is not because they are diverse enough, it's because they are not pragmatic enough. free health care, precollege, free preschool, frozen fossiler fuel industries, open borders, higher taxes -- it is that going to grow the economy? that's not going to grow your 401(k) or bank account or whatever joe biden would say. empowering governments means taking away power from you, more power for the government means less freedom for you. by the way, the same government that things wasting millionshe n debt and investigations and impeachment is more important than infrastructure. the 2020 democrat field ofn dreams has turned intonf a mud pit, one that most voters just want to avoid, and that's the angle. joining me, dinseh d'sousa, conservative author and filmmaker. did i miss anything about the
11:42 pm
democrats field of shattered dreams.t' i think you are quite right, they began with the diversityy parade. you have two groups of people, claiming to be diverse, buttigieg, "i'm gay." the others, beto aspiring to be diverse, pretending to be diverse in ways they were not. it was a diversity parade and the diversity charade. it all kind of imploded and all these levers candidates shows that they had the lack of gravitas, and downright silly,da they fell away, and now you've got this kind of old white guys parade that's left over. the strongest candidate against trump is going to be somebody who can assure the country that they can keep the country safe, that they can protect a strong economy, even while protecting the welfare state, a kind of
11:43 pm
chromatic centrist, like you say. they have given his people out of the field and they did it right at the beginning. >> laura: bernie sanders, he gisays he's the guy. check it out. >> i am the strongest candidate to defeat trump. to beat trump, you are going to need a massive voter turnout anf the only way you do that is through a campaign of energy, of excitement. you've got to bring working people, young people into the political process. >> laura: he's on the rise right now, dinesh, bernie's trying to capitalize on that. >> one of the reasons warren has limited is there is a fakery to her, the insincerity, even her dance moves are just so nausea inducing. bernie and for all of his craziness is nevertheless authentic. this is one characteristic he shares with trump. people who encounter trump, he's real, the real deal, he is what he is.
11:44 pm
bernie is what he is but i don't like what he is. i just read an article on how bernie was thrown out of a commune because he didn't want to do any work. wanted to talk about politics all day for the commune was allt about self-sufficiency, growing your own food. so bernie is making the case for being a bum, and there's a little bit of us who wants to do that. we don't want to get off the couch, don't want to go to work. there is a little bit of us that is burning and that's the secret of his appeal. >> laura: all right, dinesh. speak for yourself. not a lot of time it's on thend couch -- if you get kicked out of the commune because you are too lazy, that is actually just not a good thing. dinesh, appreciate it. thanks so much. coming up, this is not california or new there is an all out gun grab going on in the home state of the nra. this is a can't-miss debate. running the guns under governor blackface -- i'm sorry,
11:45 pm
northam. stay right there.
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>> we are not going to go door-to-door and confiscate individuals' weapons. we are going to pass common sense legislation that willfi kp guns out of dangerous hands and keep virginia safer. >> laura: governor ralph "blackface" northam downplaying democrats' plans to strip people of their secondment rights. we've already seen this play out in california, new york, and places like massachusetts, maryland. terrible on gun rights! now you can add the commonwealth of virginia, a list of states looking to, yes, take guns from the hands of law-abiding c americans.
11:50 pm
here debate is jason robarge he's a veteran running for congress in virginia as a republican. along with me is mark levine, democrat state virginia rep, i want to add michael bloomberg's group, 2020 tie in, has given 175k to the democrat caucus in the virginia state house to pusi these, vehemently anti-second amendment. >> the democrats just started their session in virginia. >> they run both houses. >> they run both houses. they have the state delegates there and governor northam, he has the governorship. they are introducing as many bills they can to limit our rights. trying to take away our firearms anyway they can. they want to up the age restriction, the age minimum to get the guns. >> laura: the most important thing about this and we are going to get to market a minute. the most boring thing, an
11:51 pm
assault style weapons -- people here that and they think, my god, and machine gun. what is an assault-style weapon under the statute? as i'm reading the statute, ifd any semiautomatic weapon that holds 10, correct?po ten in the clip? sig sauer 9-millimeter, glock 9 millimeters, ars, the most popular hunting rifle in the united states is the ar-15. >> no! >> laura: depending on the size of the clip them would be banned. >> any of these guns that hold a resealable clip or magazine. the way you can read the statute, it's very vague. they are purposely doing it because they want to take away millions and millions of these guns. >> laura: mark, is it true, however you want to define this, if this thing gets passed, there's no grandfather provision
11:52 pm
in the provision -- >> no! >> laura: meaning that you become a felon in the commonwealth of virginia if you have one of these weapons as a>> law-abiding citizen, yes or no? >> no. you are wrong. you need to read the bill. there is a grandfather clause. >> laura: no. it did not pass. >> we aren't taking people's guns away and the list you gave is not an accurate list anyway. >> laura: i challenge you to define what an assault-style weapon is under the statute's language. >> it's very similar to what's under the federal assault weapons ban of 1994-2004. it is having an extended magazine -- >> laura: 10. 10. >> more than ten bullets. >> why? >> to say it's against the second amendment, this is been consistently ruled by all the courts to be constitutional. first circuit, second circuit, third circuit, fourth circuit, d.c. -- if you don't like it, you might not like it but it is
11:53 pm
with the second amendment, if you don't like it go to the u.s. supreme court. >> how is it by limiting the number of bullets a gun can receive them how does that protect the public safety? >> that's a great question! let me answer that question. if you look at mass shooters, particularly look at what tucson, gabby giffords is alive today because the killer had to change theas magazine. in nashville, the brave men and the waffle house -- >> laura: let's talk about -- this is a game we can play all years long. mark, stop grandstanding on my show. you can do it all day long. do it in a church where we have let him talk a person licensed to carry weapons as we had in texas or florida where people are allowed to carry a weapon that has an extended clip whether 10 or 12, and you can defend a lot of people getting killed with a clip that's ten or more period.
11:54 pm
the idea that government is going to tell you that you cannot defend with any type of clip of magazine is obscene. >> if you are coming with more than ten, you are probably the bad guy. you do not need a 30 bullet magazine to hunt. >> laura: we've got to go, but the government has no right to determine or do this. >> they do it in ten states. take it up with the u.s. supreme court.nm >> laura: we will take it to the courts.s. jason and mark, a hot topic. we've got to do an hour on this topic, so hot. coming up, we gave a view toja someone who gives us great joy. stay there. it's my livelihood. ♪ rock music >> man: so i'm not taking any chances when something happens to it. so when my windshield cracked... my friend recommended safelite autoglass. >> tech: hi, i'm adrian. >> man: thanks for coming. >> tech: oh, no problem. >> tech: check it out. >> man: yeah. they came right to me, with expert service where i needed it. that's service i can trust... no matter what i'm hauling. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> today we remember our dear friend spartacus. >> i will be a president for all people in america. >> i will have a woman running mate. i see every single they this economy is not working for average americans. trump hurts you. my testosterone sometimes makes me want to feel like punching him. i support medicare for all. i support the green new deal. you don't even know the flavor. i do not have the radical vision agenda. >> what are the odds we will see
12:00 am
that in the white house? >> four.oh, 1600. that might be the deadline coming out of this. >> you have a spectacular failure, have a documentary team there to capture it. >> thanks to samantha and whitney for putting on that cheerful goodbye. shannon bream and the fox news at night team take it all from here. i'm trying to play serious and can to do it. >> i feel like i am watching as the world turns or something here. we begin with a fox news alert. as the senate prepares to kick of the impeachment trial there are growing worries for democrats with businesses. be careful what you ask for you might get hunter biden.


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