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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 14, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PST

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shannon: it is tuesday january 14th. happening right now at four am on the east coast of fox news alert. breaking overnight in iran arrests made in the shootdown of the ukrainian plane that killed everyone on board for test arrange for a fourth day. we are live in the middle east. >> this was an act of terrorism. the evidence shows the shooter was motivated by jihadist ideology. >> taking down a terrorist, the department of justice putting pressure on apple to unlock the cell phones of a man accused of killing three us soldiers.
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how the tech giant responded overnight. perfection. lsu taking home the national championship trophy after an undefeated season. the dramatic takedown of the battle of the tigers. "fox and friends first" starts right now. >> very fitting song to begin this morning after net last night's game between the clemson tigers and lsu. it was quite a game for the national championship trophy. we will have more on that coming up so stay tuned. you are watching "fox and friends first" on this tuesday morning. we appreciate it and to everyone who stayed up to watch that
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game. thank you for starting your day or ending it with us. we have a fox news alert, breaking overnight iran claiming arrests have many over the regime shooting down the ukrainian passenger plane this coming shortly after iran's president vowed to punish everyone responsible for the tragedy. live in jerusalem protests against the regime enter the fourth day. >> that's right. iran's justice chief said his country has made arrests in the shootings out of that ukrainian airlines plane that killed 176 people on board. the announcement was made on iranian state television, the chief adding extensive activities have been taken though no specific number was given regarding the number of arrests the ukrainian airlines flight was hit by the missile defense system on the same night the country launched ballistic missiles into iraq.
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iranian president rouhani called the event an unforgivable error although the iranian government first denied any involvement in the accident. and to run demonstrations against the government continue today for a fourth a bridge protesters are upset with how the regime handled the incident. they are upset with ongoing corruption striking images show people tearing up photos of general soleimani was killed outside baghdad international airport. many fires recess in demonstrations is police fired tear gas and fired guns. those police denied opening fire on demonstrators. the iranian justice chief waiting on those clashes. take a listen. >> reporter: agents of america wants to use a problem to disturb public opinion. authorities won't allow anyone to compromise security. >> reporter: over the past week donald trump has issued messages of support to the demonstrators
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in his twitter account. is unclear if these warnings by the trump administration will have any consequences for the iranian regime if they do indeed start opening fire on the demonstrators and killing them for protesting against the government. heather: back home an investigation is underway after 11-year-old boy is founded just hours after going missing. roman anthony lopez disappeared from his home 45 miles east of sacramento, california on saturday. police say his death is, quote, suspicious but they offered no other details, it is not clear how he died or where his body was found. the woman who encouraged her suicidal boyfriend to kill himself over text messages will be released from prison next week. michelle carter's conviction will be upheld after the supreme court refused to hear her appeal. she's serving us 15 month sentence for involuntary manslaughter in the death of her
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boyfriend conrad billy. she told him to, quote, get back into a truck filled with carbon monoxide. carter is getting out early for good behavior. the man accused of stabbing five people with a machete a hanukkah party is not guilty. the federal hate crime charges, thomas could face the death penalty if any of his victims die. he is artie facing several charges which could result in life in prison. thomas told the judge he was on antipsychotic and antidepressant medication during last month's attack. he is being held without bail and undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. now to the other big story, the impeachment showdown is moving forward today. house speaker nancy pelosi expected to unveil the next steps as the house prepares to send the articles of impeachment to the senate. mitch mcconnell blasting pelosi in the meantime describing the delay as showing weakness in the
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case. griff jenkins in washington as republicans without enough votes for dismissal prepared to fight. >> mcconnell does not have the votes to dismiss, but he does have the votes to handle things similar to the impeachment, he's bold and then think using the in speaker of wasting the country's time. >> nancy pelosi face seal she might wind down her one-woman blockade. it has been revealing, the democrats first claim that impeachment was so urgent that they could not wait to fill out the factual record and subsequently delay it for weeks. >> the big question is will any witnesses because, chuck schumer is questioning vulnerable gop senators to get the necessary votes. >> leader mcconnell and the republican leadership labeled the democratic request for witnesses and documents as,
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quote, political. if seeking the truth is political, if viewing our constitutional duty is political in the minds of our republican colleagues in the republican party is in trouble. >> schumer wants to hear from four white house officials including john bolton and chief of staff mick mulvaney. republican senator susan collins is saying she is working to forge an agreement on witnesses, mitt romney and lisa murkowski are open to the idea as well but republican leaders say if it happens it should be like it was under the clinton model:only after the trial has begun. >> what is good enough for president clinton should be good enough for donald trump. >> we will see what happens. nancy pelosi starts things in her caucus meeting at nine am. there will be a vote this week. that after the senate season we should be on track for trial start a week from today if not sooner.
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>> we will see if it is sooner. sticking with the campaign, six 2020 hopefuls taking the stage in des moines, iowa in the final democratic debate before the iowa caucuses. cory booker will not be there. he just announced he is suspending his white house bid saying he doesn't see a path forward. he failed to gain traction, averaging less than two%, the dnc has been criticized by lack of diversity. trump supporters lining up in milwaukee ahead of the president's campaign rally, doors open at 3:00 but some were setting up camp at 4:00 yesterday afternoon. the president won the battleground state by 25,000 votes in 2016. he is set to take the stage just
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after 7:00 tonight. and the latest on megan and harry, getting the queen's consent to live part time in canada. the decision coming out of a royal crisis we have been following, it happened yesterday over the couple's decision to step back from royal duties. harry arriving two hours early to meet with the queen, her majesty, in private according to the daily mail, the queen releasing a statement in part, pay attention to the wording, my family and i are supportive of harry and reagan's desire to create a new life as a young family. it has been agreed there will be appear go of transition in which they will spend time in canada and the uk. canada has yet to decide whether they will pay for the duke and duchess's security which could cost over $1 million a year.
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now to the big game we are talking about at the top of the show, louisiana state university tigers are national champs for the fourth time. the team taking down the clemson tigers and capping off such a season in new orleans. >> launches to the end zone, touchdown chase! >> what a game. lsu ending 29 game win streak crushing the team 42-25 and a very special fan was watching from the crowd. donald trump and the first lady greeted with chants of usa and four more years before the national anthem. clemson great year as well, 29 straight wins, good for them too.
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the time is ten minutes after the top of the hour, the media slamming donald trump after new reports reveal he authorized the killing of general soleimani seven months ago. >> that undermines this argument that there -- this was done because of an imminent threat. >> people questioning the shifting stories. >> army special forces that jim hansen says this only proves the president showed restraint and he joins us to explain. from wedding crashers to luxury box crash evans bond was spotted with donald trump at the college football championship, liberals on social media crying foul. cra. dealing with our finances really haunted me. thankfully, i got quickbooks, and a live bookkeeper's helping customize it for our business. (live bookkeeper) you're all set up! (janine) great! hey! you got the burnt marshmallow out!
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>> that undermines the argument that this was done because of an imminent threat based on new intelligence and it was in the moment.
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>> feeling a little bit of heat the last few days people questioning the shifting stories. certainly inconsistent with the secretary of defense. >> it in pounds those concerns. >> the media slamming the trump administration after new reports reveal he authorized the killing of iranian general soleimani twee seven months ago. the media ignoring the directive came with the conditions only if iran crossed donald trump's redline killing an american. joining us to weigh in is jim hansen. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. what about that? do you think democrats try to argue this shows it wasn't a case of them in imminent threat? >> who cares? soleimani had been a target for decades was the idea that somehow this was presented, it had been discussed, it had been
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vetted legally and approved if they killed an american simply shows the trump administration is doing its due diligence and keeping americans safe. the idea that you've got the media out calling him somehow a liar for not giving them the reason they wanted to hear is absurd. they have every reason to know this is a valid strike. >> this is what the secretary of state had to say on special report. >> soleimani is someone who has been on the american radar screen for a long time. we've known the risky presented to the world, we had to reach the right moment. >> you think this was the right moment. >> it was absolutely the right moment. they kill americans, attacked their embassy at soleimani's orders and what donald trump says he is going to do something he follows through so he was not going to leave the rest of our embassies and bases essentially as targets by not giving the correct response when the
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iranian's went over his red line. shannon: this wasn't a case of the american who was killed at the embassy on that previous friday. it is a long list of provocations. >> they have been conducting attacks on tankers in the gulf which is a threat to shipping which is us strategic interests, they shot down a us drone in the attack that killed an american was not the first time they shot rockets at us bases. they had been doing it. it was the first time they killed an american and that was 100% unacceptable. shannon: that was his red line. house this compare to the failed redlines of the obama administration and let's bring up the timeline for the obama administration. compare the two for us. >> when obama drew a red line in the sand instead of siri uses chemical weapons they crossed it and obama tried to erase that redline. when trump drew a red line
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saying do not kill americans and the iranian's cross that he erased soleimani. that a distinction for bad guys around the world to know you do not cross this president, he will stand up for this country. shannon: other countries are watching. specifically we mentioned north korea watching how we handle the situation. >> i'm sure ali abedzadeh is offering intently, he was making a little noise talking about doing christmas presents which he didn't do and now he has an object lesson in what happens when you are no longer donald trump's partner or ally or bargaining person. if you go ahead and step out of that and become an enemy it is not good for you. shannon: jim hansen, thank you. the time is 18 after the top of the hour and the gloves are off between elizabeth warren and
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bernie sanders after she claims bernie told her a woman couldn't win in 2020. carly shimkus has reaction to the bad blood before the debate. ♪
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>> welcome back, heavy snow blasting the pacific northwest overnight. officials warning drivers of dangerous travel conditions. look at this terrifying crash, and camera in wyoming. the driver losing control on an icy road coming within inches of the state trooper. the driver's condition is not known. in oregon a driver swerved into the opposite lane smashing into another car. offices credit airbags and
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seatbelts for saving their lives. more than 30,000 people evacuated in the philippines as a volcano spewed lava into the air. dozens of earthquakes detected just today is officials worn another blast could happen within hours. everyone within ten miles are being ordered to leave after an eruption on sunday sending ash and steam nine miles into the sky. the volcano is located on a small island south of manila. the 2020 race is getting heated as ill as a foreign accuses her former friend bernie sanders of sexism after the vermont senator's sudden surge in recent polls, not the that has anything to do with it. carly shimkus is here with bernie's response and how all of this is playing out on social media.
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>> elizabeth worn has accused bernie sanders of saying that a woman cannot win in 2020 was worn's tori as she got together with bernie sanders at her apartment in washington dc to talk about the prospect of running for president and that is when he made the comment. she said among the topics that came up was what would happen if democrats nominated a female candidate. i thought a woman could win, he disagreed. bernie sanders vehemently denies is coming out with a statement of his own saying it is ludicrous to believe the same meeting elizabeth warren told me she was going to run for president i would tell her a woman couldn't win. do i believe a woman can win in 2020? of course. hillary clinton beat donald trump by 3 million votes in 2016. social media taking sides, one twitter unit are says bernie
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have many aspects that make me cautious of him but sexism has never been on my radar as far as he is concerned. j on twitter says elizabeth invites bernie to the meeting at her apartment to tell him she was running in both agree not to attack each other, a year later this comes out. really? mark on twitter is looking forward to the debate saying it is going to be lit, i will be popping popcorn. this is coming out after elizabeth warren said she was disappointed in bernie sanders for the story that scripts were trashing her. shannon: we will talk about it coming up but let's talk about this. the houston astros owner firing the gm and manager because of signs. >> i'm going above and beyond mlb's penalty. i have made the decision to
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dismiss a j hinge and jeff luna now. we need to move forward with a clean slate. >> a league investigation confirmed the astros cheated in 2017-18, they won the world series in 2017. a j finch, former manager released a statement saying the evidence consistently showed i participated in the fine ceiling practice, failed to stop them and i'm deeply sorry, the now former general manager responding i am not a cheater and this initiative was not planned or directed by baseball management. the trashcan banking was driven and executed by players. this involves dealing signs and relaying those signs to batters by banging on trash cans. there is a lot of reaction from the sports fans.
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aaron says this is heartbreaking. it angers me, players should have some consequences for their participation in it. the team's overall punishment is among the harshest ever delivered by a commissioner. the world series win coming into question. shannon: let's talk about this bond, everybody on social media has something to say about this. >> liberal backlash over footage of him talking to donald trump during last night's college football championship, this immediately going viral, calls for him to get canceled, when twitter user says here comes the cancel culture. his name trending on twitter. a self-described libertarian. who knows? you know how social media can get. the time is 27 after the top of the hour, donald trump set to sign the first part of historic trade deal with china tomorrow so what does phase i mean for your wallet?
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economist peter morici says it would create a big spending boom nationwide and he joins us up next.
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we need your help more than ever before. >> welcome back to "fox and friends first". here's a look at our headlines this morning. iran announcing arrest after the ukrainian jetliners mistakenly shot down. all 176 people on board were killed in what iran's president calls an unforgivable error. mike pompeo will not testify as protests enter a fourth day. the impeachment showdown moving forward. nancy pelosi is expected to unveil the next step as the house prepares to send articles of impeachment to the senate. in new jersey governor phil
1:32 am
murphy hoping third time is the charm as he pushes to raise taxes on millionaires. they call for wealth tax during state of the state speech, he wents the richest people to pay their fair share to bolster the middle class, state lawmakers have pushed back on the plan. taking down terror, the doj ramping up the investigation into the triple murder of us sailors at pensacola naval base in the wake of new evidence. >> this was an act of terrorism. the shooter was motivated by jihadist ideology. >> apple facing mounting pressure to help the feds by cracking the killer's iphones, how the tech giant is responding this morning. >> the department of justice is the alleged shooter planned the attack for months and william barr says it is clear he was
1:33 am
motivated by hatred for america. >> during the course of the investigation we learned the shooter posted a message on september 11th of this year stating the countdown has begun. >> the attorney general revealing mohammed shamrani posted anti-american sentiment just before wounding eight hours. william barr calling on apple to crack into the shooter's two encrypted iphones to aid the federal investigation. the suspect damage to both devices before they were claimed by the fbi. they were unable to access content. the attorney general slammed apple saying they were not helpful in the investigation but in a statement released late monday apple says it is helping
1:34 am
and started assisting right away within hours of the fbi request on december 6th, the day of the shooting, the statement reads in part we reject the characterization apple has not provided substantive assistance in the pensacola investigation. our response to the requests has been timely, thorough and ongoing. as a result of the doj investigation 21 saudi nationals were expelled, accused by federal investigators of having contact with child pornography and social media interaction with jihadist your anti-american content. while their conduct was unbecoming of an officer in the royal saudi air force it wasn't terror, would not result in a federal prosecution. heather: great to have you with us, thank you. now suspects have been identified in the death of a missing california woman. ashley manning's body was
1:35 am
wrapped in plastic and cardboard in an abandoned u-haul south of la discovered by u-haul workers when the truck was not returned. manning's family reported her missing, they are investigating the death has a potential homicide but have not released how manning died. the couple who attacked the jewish market in new jersey had a bomb. fbi agents reveal an explosive device found in the suspect's van powerful of to kill people within five football fields was the two suspects were found dead in the store after killing four people including a police officer in an anti-semitic attacks. one victim, douglas rodriguez, sacrificed himself by opening the store's back door allowing someone else to escape. >> billions of additional dollars for the pentagon could build up the border wall, donald trump planning to diverge $7 billion to complete over 800 miles, this would allow new
1:36 am
fencing to be done by 2022 according to the washington post. the 885 miles will be more than the 509 miles they planned originally for the wall. a historic trade deal on the horizon, the first phase of trade negotiations with china tomorrow as the united states drops china from the list of currency manipulators. >> we have a great relationship with china right now, they want to make a deal and made a deal and it is a great deal. we have a phase two deal, very important for banking, farmers, manufacturers. >> what could this mean for your bank account? here's chief economist for the international trade commission peter morici. appreciate you joining us. let's begin there.
1:37 am
what does this mean for our wallet? >> essentially $100 billion in stimulus spending, the chinese are committed to increasing purchases annually by $100 billion, a huge amount of money. and better jobs and so forth. farmers particularly gain but the south and midwest gain a great deal. new york bankers, don't know if they will gain as much as they think. they are very halting about increasing access and financial services. shannon: you mentioned financial services, let's look how the market closed another, the dow, the s&p 500, the nasdaq, you expect to see this as the trade deal is signed. >> they are hard to call.
1:38 am
this improves business confidence. the white house, i spoke to the economist, the signing of this deal will be a boost to business confidence and investment, in tangible terms. >> some parts of it. china purchased over two years, the us will reduce some tariffs on chinese exports, they remained on $3001 billion of chinese goods and not to manipulators currency as we sentence to getting it. what does that mean for the average person? >> this is the first trade agreement since world war ii that will improve the trade deficit and trade balances, create growth for sure.
1:39 am
unlike fast trade agreements. america puts a fair shake. this is how trade policy should work. >> phase two will come next. the important thing is most of the tariffs, and chinese suppliers cut it a great deal. and 15 to 25% tariffs, let's do some math, who is paying for this cute you prices up three%. that is an enormous leverage to get them to move. the shift in negotiating
1:40 am
responsibility from ambassador lighthizer, was a tested and true trade lawyer. he came back with something of banking. shannon: thank you for your insight as always. 20 minutes until the top of the hour. the texas man who stopped the church shooting, a heartfelt speech. >> as a protector as a hero. heather: you don't want to miss this, high award to this humble hero. amazon waging war on knockoffs. with the online retail giant was doing to keep counterfeit goods off the doorstep.
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>> a supermodel could the insurer in harry weinstein's sexual assault trial, and had met with the hollywood producer. but believes she could be impartial in the case. and selma hayek is just one of multiple women accusing weinstein of sexual assault. gg is due back in court on thursday. abby huntsman leaving the view to join her father on the gubernatorial campaign trail, the cohost will serve as senior advisor. >> my number one priority is my family and there's no one i believe in more than my own dad for politics.
1:45 am
i couldn't be more - bill: years of experience on the national stage would be an enormous asset to our campaign, family is everything. amazon declaring war on knockoffs, they crackdown on counterfeits. tracy carrasco is here to explain amazon's strategy. >> amazon is going to be tough on how it polices counterfeit goods on its platform. they would not go to authorities, unless they collected enough data. to pursue this culprit here. they change their policy anytime a counterfeit item is not served on this, it will go to authorities and increase frequency that give authorities including the names and addresses and items sold in
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hopes of catching these bad guys. this comes as amazon has come under scrutiny for unsafe goods and selling these counterfeits. >> something that is not counterfeit, good chick-fil-a nuggets and they are giving them away all month long. >> it is good incentive to download the chick-fil-a apps because if you download the chick-fil-a apps now through the end of the month for january 30 first you can get a free eight piece order of chicken nuggets. you don't have to be new to the apps, you can also be eligible to get chicken nuggets. if you are trying to be healthier for the month of january you can exchange the chicken nuggets and get a kale salad. shannon: thank you so much. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour.
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donald trump rallying in wisconsin where felons are being mobilized to vote in 2020. in a state where he won by a small margin in 2016 how will this change the game? it all comes down to enthusiasm and he joins us to explain. >> the champagne pop around the nation. ♪ good morning!
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bill? karolyn? nope! no, just a couple of rocks. download the my account app to manage your appointments making today's xfinity customer service simple, easy, awesome. i'll pass. >> donald trump will hold or keep america great rally in
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wisconsin, by 20% in 2016. to register felons to vote may help his democratic opponent. john thomas joins us to break it all down. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. let's break down the numbers, the 2016 results where donald trump won by one%, very close in 2016 and as a result the president won by 23,000 votes and felons in wisconsin, the number of felons, top 66,000, this could be different and make a difference in the race. >> democrats and left-leaning organizations are doing everything they can to register them to vote and have contact information to push them to the polls. bottom line democrats are not
1:52 am
able to beat donald trump on the issues particularly the economy would be an issue so they are trying to mobilize and shift the turnout model. they can't win as the rules are. what donald trump has up his sleeve no other candidate has, the ability to excite, with his base. only donald trump can stress the importance to his voters to turn out. heather: pushing for these felons to vote, new voters know they are in trouble. >> that is what is happening, the math isn't looking good. if you look at other swing states like florida democrats have abandoned florida because they are not in play. what is happening is it looks like donald trump, this will
1:53 am
come to the issue of the economy and they can't make a better argument so they have to turn out more new voters in this group of felons is one they think they can convert. >> let's look at this across the country. the states where felons would lose their right to vote include nine states, their right to be restored with prison parole and probation, 19 states including wisconsin and restored after prison and parole, california and connecticut and we go to their voting, 18 states and dc. we have two states where they could vote from prison in maine and vermont. >> it is part of a larger democratic plan to shift the turnout model and figure out how to turn out more democrats, the
1:54 am
same reason a lot of democrats are for illegal immigration, they can't win by playing by existing turnout model so they have to turn out new kinds of voters. what republicans need to be aware of his they are looking to shift this model. it is more important than ever that every republican show up. shannon: talk about the economy because they are doing good. they'd time now is six minutes until the top of the hour and a show of thanks to that churchgoer who didn't flinch in the face of danger. >> you step up and do what is right or walk away and i'm not one to walk away. >> the emotional honor for this reluctant hero and leave it to grandma to unlock a child's through potential, the adorable video that has gone viral. (beep)
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metabolic changes may occur. movement dysfunction, restlessness, sleepiness, stomach issues are common side effects. when bipolar i overwhelms, vraylar helps smooth the ups and downs. heather: the man who shot and killed an armed attacker in a texas church gets the status five sonic, jack wilson honor the middle of courage for his actions in the west freeway church of christ. and heartfelt speech he said he does not consider himself a hero. >> when people step up, when they are called to step up you do one of two things, either
1:59 am
step up and do what is right or walk away. heather: wilson fired a single shot to stop the gunmen last one, two people were killed in the attack. one atheist group threatening to sue over this official space force bible which will be used to swear in new commanders of the newest military branch but the military religious freedom foundation outraged after at a cathedral this violates the first amendment and separation of church and state. time for the good, the bad and the ugly, hillary's video of a nine-month back baby doing dishes at grandma's, cleaning a spoon while his grandma helps on the phone. he was being fussy, they had to tell him to stop and take a nap. a shootout, preston bruins player over skating of the puck, this counted as an attempt since
2:00 am
he barely touched it, that will be there shot of the year. the ugly, the hashtag champagnegate going viral on twitter after this contestant on the bachelor got her bubbly stolen, to make a toast with bachelor peter, then see what happens. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. >> qasem soleimani and those around him, we took the leader of that plan off the battlefield. jillian: this is a fox news alert, america's chief diplomat has a message for democrats downplaying the imminent threat the president says cost soleimani. rob: a live report from the middle east where days of protests led to an arrest. jillian: nancy pelosi


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