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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 14, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PST

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he barely touched it, that will be there shot of the year. the ugly, the hashtag champagnegate going viral on twitter after this contestant on the bachelor got her bubbly stolen, to make a toast with bachelor peter, then see what happens. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. >> qasem soleimani and those around him, we took the leader of that plan off the battlefield. jillian: this is a fox news alert, america's chief diplomat has a message for democrats downplaying the imminent threat the president says cost soleimani. rob: a live report from the middle east where days of protests led to an arrest. jillian: nancy pelosi will finally lay the groundwork for a
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senate impeachment trial. rob: the move that put the ball in the republicans court. >> imagine if we didn't bring the wine. we would be shunned by society, outcasts. where is your wine? rob: breaking beverage news for you. jillian: why wine consumption is down the drain for the first time in decades. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ rocking in the usa ♪ jillian: to get one from either side. rob: there has got to be a cause.
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jillian: stay tuned. rob: you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. jillian: thanks for starting the day with us. let's begin with a fox news alert, breaking overnight iran, requests over the regime shooting down a ukrainian passenger plane. rob: this coming shortly after iran's president vowed to punish everyone responsible for the tragedy. jillian: protests against the regime enter the fourth day. >> reporter: good morning. iran's justice chief announced his country has made arrests, it killed all hundred 76 people on board. the announcement coming on iranian state television. the chief adding an extensive investigation took place, no specific number was given regarding the people arrested. it was hit by iran's missile defense system the same night iran launched ballistic missiles into iraq.
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president rouhani called it an unforgivable error although the iranian government denied involvement in the accident. meanwhile in tehran demonstrations continued for a fourth day. protesters are upset with how they handle the incident. and upset with ongoing corruption in tehran, striking images showed people tearing up videos of general soleimani who was killed in a drone strike outside baghdad international airport. many fireworks were set off as police fired tear gas and guns, police deny they operate -- opened fire and demonstrated, the iranian justice chief waiting on these clashes. >> translator: agents of america want to use a problem to disturb public opinion authorities won't allow anyone to compromise security. >> reporter: we have seen some tweets by donald trump regarding the situation on the ground in iran. many tweets put out in person
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speaking directly to demonstrators issuing warnings to the iranian regime about killing the protesters. it is unclear whether there will be consequences of the government violates these norms put out by donald trump. rob: we appreciate it. jillian: william barr and mike pompeo blasting democrats for casting doubt on iran's top military leader qasem soleimani being an imminent threat. >> i believe there was intelligence of imminent attack but i believe the concept of imminence is a red herring. >> donald trump would never have put diplomats in a position of substantial risk and never would have undertaken action like that. jillian: held donald trump's response strikes the ballot. >> every reason to know this was a valid strike.
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they attack their embassy at soleimani's orders and what donald trump says he's going to do something he follows through. jillian: mike pompeo will not testify, protests against the regime enter a fourth day. rob: the impeachment process is moving forward. nancy pelosi is expected to unveil the next steps as the house prepares to send the articles over to the senate. mitch mcconnell blasting nancy pelosi describing the delay as showing weakness in the case. griff jenkins in washington is republicans without enough votes for dismissal prepare for trial. >> reporter: mcconnell doesn't have the votes to do that but he does have the votes to start this trial similar to the clinton impeachment and is accusing the speaker of wasting everyone's time. >> pelosi signaled she may wind down her blockade. it has been revealing to see house democrats claim
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impeachment was so urgent they could not wait to fill out the factual record and then subsequently delay it for weeks. >> reporter: the question is will any witnesses be called? chuck schumer is questioning vulnerable gop senators to get the necessary votes. >> leader mcconnell and the republican leadership labeled the request for witnesses and documents as, quote, political. if seeking the truth is political, if doing our constitutional duties political in the minds of our republican colleagues then the republican party is in trouble. >> reporter: schumer wants to hear from current and former white house officials including john bolton and chief of staff mc mulvaney. a simple majority of 51 is all he needs to get there. but if it happens it should be under the clinton model, after the trial is underway, senator susan collins says she's working
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to forge an agreement on witnesses, romney and murkowski appear to support. >> i will vote in favor of considering witnesses one by one. time will tell. >> reporter: about timing policy starts this at 9:00. over the next few days we expect for the managers. at the center this week we could be on track for a trial a week from today. >> we will have it all covered. an investigation is underway after an 11-year-old boy is found dead hours after going missing. roman anthony lopez disappeared from his home 45 miles from sacramento, california. police say that is suspicious but offered no other details. it is not clear how he died aware his body was found. a suicidal boyfriend to kill himself over text messages, released from prison next week.
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michelle carter's conviction will stand after the supreme court refused to hear her appeal. she is serving a sentence for involuntary manslaughter in the death of her boyfriend. she told him to get back into a truck filled with carbon monoxide. carter is getting out early for good behavior. >> joe biden leads the pack ahead of the democrat debate in iowa. the latest quinnipiac poll shows biden at 25% support, bernie sanders trailing behind with 19% national support and elizabeth warren in the top three but i know i want him on the full shows biden leading by 24%. sanders, warren and buttigieg tied in second, third and fourth place. rival michael bloomberg slamming the democrats nomination process. the billion or claiming the early nomination process takes attention from other important primary states in the primary, the 2020 hopeful writing a cnn op-ed, crazy candidates reach
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out to voters in these states at pancake breakfasts and townhall, what about african american, latino and other voters in places like detroit, montgomery, phoenix and tucson? jillian: louisiana state university tigers our national champions for the fourth time, tapping off a perfect season in new orleans. >> from the pocket, launches to the end zone, touchdown chase. >> clemson s 29 game win streak crushing 42-25 and special fan watching from the crowd. jillian: donald trump and the first lady greeted with chants of usa and four more years before the national anthem.
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rob: a conversation with the president, nine minutes after the hour, democrats quick to pounce on the news donald trump authorize the killing of qasem soleimani seven months ago. what about the raging protests as the people of iran tried to crack down on this road regime? congressman banks, afghanistan war veteran sounds off on why the president's loudest critics are very silent. jillian: a diehard football fan making his wedding day priorities very clear, the support he is getting on social media. we are coming right back. ♪
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rob: house democrats will hammer out the next steps toward the impeachment trial. jillian: nancy pelosi letting go of the articles but why did she hold on in the first place? a lot of speculation about her notice and jim banks joins us with his thoughts. what do you think is the speculation here? >> hard to imagine where we go from here. this has been a make it up as you go process. the democrats want to get this out of their hands because it is a big loser for democrats in the next november election so they are going to have what i am sure will be an entertaining, wish you could be a fly on the wall conference meeting later today and in that conference meeting they are going to do their best
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to get this move on quickly so they never have to do it again. rob: do you bind to the conspiracy theory that she has been trying to help joe biden's chances of getting the nomination by pushing this before iowa and making sure sanders and warner in washington? >> there is not a lot here that makes sense so that does make sense. the locker nancy pelosi can draw this out benefits joe biden. it is an opportunity for nancy pelosi to get payback to the left-wing that pushed her down this path. nancy pelosi didn't want to go down the impeachment route. she was the adult in the room who said this is bad for our party, bad for our country and all along she went along with it, pushed in this direction by aoc and the left wing of her party. this is the opportunity for her to pay back bernie sanders and elizabeth warren to help her friend joe biden by keeping the senators in the senate stuck to
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their chairs during the impeachment process and help her friend joe all the while. jillian: let's see what other people think. in this abc news for 37% of people believe partisan politics and 39% during their constitutional duty by the lengthy article, monmouth university poll shows joe biden leading in the latest iowa poll with 24% followed by bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, i have to wonder if this might be the reason she was delaying to help joe biden, do you think people can read through that? >> no question about it. i spent several days and what everyone says to me what is loud and clear is we are sick and tired of this, get this over with as fast as you can. rob: there is a quinnipiac poll
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that says two thirds of the public wants to hear from john bolton. a lot of people agree this is a week case by the democrats but they also say -- people also say they are hiding john bolton. >> they want to hear from john bolton and hunter biden. the polls show the american people want to get to the bottom, make sure this never happens again. call people to testify to get to the bottom of why the country was dragged through the mud. this is like a really bad movie, no sequel necessary but nancy pelosi last week on sunday said she is still reserving the opportunity to bring more impeachment articles so she will force us to go back to the theater and watch the sequel of a bad movie over and over and the american people are sick of it, they never want to go through this again and are willing to draw this out to get to the bottom of it to make sure that never happens to any other president moving forward.
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jillian: your response to the protests in iran. the president sent a tweet a couple days ago saying do not kill your protesters. here's what others are saying about this. >> the state of war we are in, the responsibility of the present commander in chief, another example of collateral damage from the actions taken in a provocative way by the president. >> this is a crisis of donald trump's making. >> democrats have been saying for a while this has been trump's fault, some blaming the president for all of this. the iranian people are risking their lives to protest in the streets, to blame the regime for what is happening right now. >> unbelievable situation, democrats have a lot of egg on their face, the president has shown incredible wisdom and restraint toward the regime and iran.
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the iranian people, we are sick and tired of the leaders, the current state of leadership, it looks more like what we have in america, protests are occurring, the volume, the significance they are as american leaders as members of congress, senators, presidential candidates we should be applauding the iranian protesters in their crusade for freedom and peace. it took democrats a few days to figure out what the rest of us have known all along, that the president handled the situation so well in the american people see that as well and we stand side-by-side with the iranian people. jillian: appreciate you joining us this morning, we will be right back. ♪ country roads, take me home there's a booking for every resolution. book yours at any price, at
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jillian: prince harry and megan get the queen's consent to live part-time in canada. rob: harry arrived two hours before the summit to miss the queen in private. her majesty releasing a statement my family and i are supportive of their desire to create a new life as a young family. there will be a period of transition in which the sussexs will spend time in canada and the uk. jillian: canada has not decided if they will pay for their security. rob: what should happen to megan and the part-time prince? jillian: hundreds of people responding to the polls. they should stop receiving taxpayer money.
2:24 am
rob: facebook agrees 79% of people think the royals should fund themselves, they need to be worked to be financially independent. since the new year means a new chance to take a vacation you always wanted, you have to hear important tips for travelers looking to save money. rob: when should you just stay home and save some cash? laura begley, thanks for coming on. winter, the season we are in right now. >> released a travel cheat sheet and they analyze trillions to come up with the best times to book, now is the best time, january is experiencing historic lows, coming under $200.
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rob: where? $200. >> let's bring in spring and summer, people looking ahead to get some time off. what should people do? >> looking at spring break travel there are number of spring break scattered across february, march and april, looking for presidents' day your too late. looking for march travel around st. patrick's day you want to book by february 11th. if you are looking for april trips around easter, that is your magic day, june, july, august, quite expensive, that is the high season when it comes to that. you want to wait until the end of august, during shoulder season you will get the best deals, the quintessential summer destination, the weather will be great or look for different destinations like the caribbean where prices are really low. rob: you could get hit by a
2:26 am
hurricane. >> you according to hopper you get the best deals at this time of year. rob: the best places to go, something interesting, tokyo, the dominican republic, there has been a lot in the news. >> there has been a lot in the news and the hotels are pretty empty and there are lots of deals to be had. rob: they've had a lot of bad press. we appreciate it. 26 after the hour, the doj ramping up pressure on apple in the wake of the pensacola airbase terror attack. >> this was an act of terrorism. we call on apple and other technology companies to find a solution so that we can better
2:27 am
protect the lives of the american people. >> how the tech join just responded overnight. jillian: the president's program agenda, women for trump cochair joins us to explain how the trend could translate into votes come november. could switching to geico really save
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you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? do woodchucks chuck wood?
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hey you dang woodchucks, quit chucking my wood! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> this was an act of terrorism. this was motivated by ideology. >> the triple murder from pensacola naval base. >> mounting pressure, cracking the killer's iphones. here is how the tech giant is
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responding this morning. >> the department of justice is the alleged shooter planned the attack for months. attorney general william barr says he was motivated by hatred for america. >> during the course of the investigation wheeler the shooter posted a message september 11th of this year stating the countdown has begun. heather: lieutenant mohammed had also posted anti-israeli and grd statements hours before allegedly killing three us sailors and wounding eight others. mister barr calling out a way to crack into the shooters encrypted iphones to aid the current investigation. the suspect damage to both devices both their they were claimed by crime lab experts who repaired both devices but were unable to access the content. they have not been helpful in the investigation but in a statement on monday apple says it is helping and started
2:32 am
assisting within hours of the fbi request on december 6th, the day of the shooting. the statement reads we reject the characterization apple has not provided assistance in the investigation. a response to the many requests and the responses been timely, thorough and ongoing. as a result of the investigation 20 saudi nationals training at nas pensacola were expelled accused by investigators after contact with child pornography and social media interaction with anti-american content. the attorney general says it was unbecoming of an officer at the royal saudi air force. it would not result in federal execution. >> donald trump getting victory over the family separation policy. the administration acted lovely
2:33 am
by separating children from parents which were deemed unfit or dangerous. the aclu challenged the policy saying it did not justify child separation. billions of additional dollars from the pentagon could - $7 billion, for 800 and miles. it would finish the project by 2022. the 880 miles would be more than the 509 miles the administration had planned originally for the wall. heavy snow blasting the pacific northwest was a terrifying crash, on camera in wyoming with the driver losing control on an icy road and coming within inches of hitting a state trooper. a dangerous time of year to be driving. >> reporter: if you live in that area we are talking several
2:34 am
rounds of heavy winter weather eventually running into a higher elevation, talking about big snowfall totals including ice and all the wind. here's everything we are looking at for winter storm watches and warnings, advisory stretching to central california and back to the east. and a couple big systems. and it is getting two feet of snow. this is something we are tracking with big snowfall a couple days lingering until the middle or end of the week. >> for the first time in more than a decade women outnumbering men in the workforce. economic opportunities skyrocketed under the president, women for trump cochair joins me
2:35 am
to talk about this. >> and progress economic policies, women are benefit again this is to do with rollback in taxes and regulation. you are seeing more women starting small businesses, they are on the rise, more women, normally dominated by men. and raising their families for many years. there are so many opportunities taking advantage of. >> women who have raised their kids and get back in the workforce. you have a certain level of confidence to do that.
2:36 am
>> women were concerned they would have gaps on their resumes that they weren't on the workforce but there's such a competitive workforce market that their employers changing their policies. and also raising more competitive in benefit. heather: let's look at the numbers and break it down. 50.4% of women on payroll, the highest in a decade. since 2017, $1.3 million in education and health services, 272 in manufacturing. and 9000 from mining and logging. you mentioned women are enrolled in jobs predominately dominated
2:37 am
by men for years. >> it is about empowerment. the opportunities are there, taking advantage of these opportunities, especially women, why not empower yourself, your family by being financially secure and take advantage of the great opportunities we are seeing in this progress economic environment. >> unemployment 3.5%, 65 year low, 3.3% earnings increase. what do these numbers mean in 2020? >> these are great because they are right in people's faces, they see it every day and they know this environment under this president they are benefiting from it as well as their families. jillian: thanks for joining us, have a good day. i think they call that girl power.
2:38 am
rob: i think they do. anything boys can do girls can do better. apparently bernie sanders doesn't think so. elizabeth warren says he told her that a woman can't win in 2020. jillian: carly shimkus with reaction pouring in.
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jillian: the 2020 race getting heated as elizabeth warren accuses bernie sanders of sexism after he surged in recent polls. rob: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with bernie's response and how the rift between the far left candidate is playing out on social media. >> long-standing friendship turning into a major feud on the campaign trail. bernie sanders doesn't think a
2:42 am
woman can win the presidential election was warren saying he made the comment in 2018 when they were discussing the prospect of her running for president. she says among the topics that came up was what would happen if democrats nominated a female candidate, bernie sanders denying the story in a statement think it is ludicrous to believe that the same meeting where elizabeth foreign told me she was going to run for president i would tell her a woman couldn't win. do i believe a woman can win in 2020? of course. hillary clinton beat donald trump by 3 million votes in 2016. social media taking sides, this twitter user says bernie has many aspects that make me cautious of them but sexism has never been on my radar as far as he is concerned, day thing elizabeth invited bernie to tell him she was running and both agreed to not attack each other. this comes out, really? this person looking forward to
2:43 am
the debate tonight. and this is on the debate stage. >> another crazy story, the houston astros -- >> the owner of the houston astros came out and fired the manager and general manager for the sign stealing scandal that took place in 2017-18. the astros won in 2017, the former manager saying the evidence showed i didn't endorse or participate in sign stealing practices. i am deeply sorry, jetblue released a statement, the initiative was not planned or directed by baseball management. the trashcan banking was executed by players.
2:44 am
stealing signs and alerting batters by banging trash cans. a lot of fans responding to this, this person says born and raised and astros fan, players should have consequences for participation in it. jillian: have you ever been to a -- kind of like this. ♪ tony: guy getting hammered for watching a football game. and mothers sundance, everybody has an opinion on this, people slamming it, others say it is no
2:45 am
big deal. i have personal experience with it. my husband has done this at some weddings. and posing for a picture at a wedding, you can see him watching the michigan basketball game. some salt shakers. this is a compromise, he could be asked the bar watching the game. and after the >> are made. >> michigan won the game. >> happy that he wins? frankly we don't want to go. jillian: i see no problem doing it. rob: thank you so much. high-stakes royal summit has come and gone. is a done deal? here is why the queen may be giving harry and megan more than they deserve. jillian: let's see what is
2:46 am
coming up on "fox and friends". touchdown! >> got to watch football. watching a replay of the big game last night. we will talk about that and the president went to the game. vince von is in the news. hogan gidley, deputy press secretary is joining us live for the latest in tehran and the democrats impeachment push, nancy pelosi assessed to unveil the next step. congressman jim jordan will argue the push is nothing but a distraction from the president's winning track record. texas attorney general ken paxton on his state become the first to close the door refugees. david webb closer to the screen on the new fallout from blue states like new jersey where he
2:47 am
and i both live, trying to hike taxes on people who are successful and doctor oz, host of his show on why we should cancel breakfast in 2020. a brilliant theory and you will find out. rob: the most important meal of the day. >> you will find out why and remember him from extreme makeover home edition, move that bust and that is taking his skills to small businesses across america. he is here live with a town he tried to remake and you will be able to nominate a town -- on his show. rob: thanks so much, we will be right back.
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>> a historic decision coming out of buckingham palace, the queen has agreed to let prince harry and megan markel step back from their roles a senior royalty live part time in canada. jillian: miranda devine, thanks for being here. everyone is curious about this. they are technically royal. >> the queen has been generous and conciliatory in her statement, they are trying to keep harry in the movement of family. rob: the queen's announcement, my family and i are entirely supportive of their desire to create a new life, and prefer them to have full-time working member the royal family, these are complex matter for the family to resolve and there's more work to be done.
2:52 am
what do you think the queen is thinking? that harry is under megan's spelled? >> who knows what she is thinking but you can tell from her careful words she gives away quite a bit. what she said, she moved away from being full-time royals. she respect their decision. the biggest clue as the sussexs, the statement that a progressive knew who, which is code for being work. that is what megan has imported into the royal family, this kind of hollywood vacuous virtue signaling celebrity work and you could tell when donald trump went to buckingham palace last year.
2:53 am
and they were conspicuously no shows because of her maternity leave. jillian: a lot of people freaking out the queen referred to them as harry and megan and not the duke and duchess. >> people are over reading that, not because she is stripping them of their titles which she hasn't done but because they were talking about them as her grandchildren, part of the family and making it familiar. she spent two hours speaking to harry before being turned up. this is a young man in love, bewitched by a beautiful woman. and also megan tapped into his deepest fear that the woman he loves more than anything in the world would be hounded to death by the paparazzi like his
2:54 am
beloved mother princess diana. who could forget that 10-year-old boy trailing behind her coffin at the funeral and the card on top of her casket toumani, from that little bereft boy. jillian: we will be following it. six minutes until the top of the hour. the campaign pop corked heard around the nation. >> are you ready for this? rob: we are going to show you. ♪ cold medicines, zicam is clinically proven to shorten colds. i am a zifan for zicam! oral or nasal. . .
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jillian: good morning and welcome back. americans are turning sour on wine. >> oh my god. >> that's disgusting. >> you are lucky you didn't keep it in because i'm in the process of getting an ulcer. >> new study shows america drinking less wine for the first time in 25 years. why? well, because of millennials, nearly 1% decline last year thanks to them choosing spiked sellsers and cocktails over delicious vino. rob: every feel like this when you wake up on your birthday? >> we had a deal. let the others go, not me. >> the midnight crisis very real. most unhappy age is the age of 47 years old.
2:59 am
researchers measuring feelings associated with unhappiness like despair, anxiety loneliness. blame it on the rise of globalization and also money troubles. okay. jillian: time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first up the good. this might make you feel better. an army soldier giving his daughter the surprise of a lifetime. >> give a big hug. [laughter] staff sergeant greg huffman reuniting with 5-year-old natasha ever serving seven months in iraq. lighting the halls of the ohio school thanking huffman for his service. rob: that's good. next the bad as if glem son's defeat wasn't enough lay fan go fund me page. fundraiser was launched during the game out of pity for the clemson tiger mascot costume. jillian: ugly.
3:00 am
champagne gate going will viral on twitter after she got stolen. >> are you ready for this. [cheers] jillian: she will take anyone's sham page. come on. we have got to go. have a good day. ♪ ♪ >> we're coming ♪ to your city ♪ going to play our guitars ♪ and sing you a country song ♪ we'll all be. steve: president of the united states and first lady are going to be in milwaukee tonight. they are going to be in iowa next week. and last night a they were at the national championship in new orleans. the lsu vs. clemson matchup. they got big cheer. jillian: clemson, they had a 29-game winning streak gone. lost last night. i'm sorry for them because i am for


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