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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 17, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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a lot to go, and we will be -- 298 days on monday away from you having the final say. let not your heart be troubled. laura is next. buckle up is your weeks next week. ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. the senate may not be starting the trial today, but the president does wasting no time. ari fleischer, tom fitton, and matt whitaker breakdown the new members of his legal team, the strategy they are going to be employing, why democrats may come to regret demanding witnesses. got a lot to unpack. also tonight, top 2020 democrats, they are struggling. hillary clinton's new documentary? and another biden looks to cash in on sleepy uncle joe. well, eric trump is here to react to that. and how long can democrats deny
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the advancement for black america under trump? and just how much of the vote of african-americans could trump capture? herman cain and leo terrel, my goodness, i cannot wait for this, they will debate. this new "wall street journal" piece making a lot of waves. and it's friday, so you know raymond arroyo is here. the oscars come apparently they arare two white and two too mal. and hypocrisy, completely out of control. prince harry's embarrassing groveling to the did new boss, all caught on tape. we will get to all of that. but first, as of the senate jockeys over the rules for next week's impeachment trial, the president today announced his defense team, and is stacked with some serious legal minds where there is white house counsel pat cipollone, trump's personal attorney jay sekulow, and just today, frequent guest on this show, on one of our legal panels, ken starr, alan dershowitz, and robert ray.
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all added in various capacities. also jamie raskin and pam bondi, both formidable female attorneys, just great attorneys, forget whether they're female or not. you compare that all-star lineup, serious legal people, astute legal minds, to the partisan hacks that nancy pelosi tapped for the prosecution. 6 out of 7 impeachment managers handpicked by nancy supported impeachment even before the whistle-blower complaint. how is that for a partial? further, schiff and nadler and company could improve trump committed a single crime, that is despite reading the entire house inquiry and having the media in their corner. do we really think schiff is going to be somehow more convincing in the senate chamb chamber? than alan dershowitz, a constitutional scholar, who just so happens to be a liberal who didn't vote for trump? well, it's going to be a blow out for the republicans, and we will be covering it every step of the way. but here's the thing. the trial shouldn't even get
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this far. mitch mcconnell needs to put a motion to dismiss in the resolution that is going to govern trial rules. now, this impeachment is a complete farce, letting the trial play out when only validas unconstitutional abuse of power. i've been saying this all week, and i'm going to keep saying it. joining me and i was ari fleischer, former white house press secretary. fox news contributor. also with me as tom fitton, president of judicial watch. ari, looking at trump's legal team, what is your take away? >> they are superstars. but are they superstars who will work well together and divide the labor appropriately? that is the real question. there certainly have been great names, legal names. each have storied histories. you know, a lot of this work is the leg work, getting information on witnesses, to poke holes and witness testimonies in case the witnesses are called. that is a lot of hard work that is going to have to be done in a short amount of time. >> laura: i think they have divided it up witnessed by
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witness an argument by argument from the constitutional to the fact based arguments, so i think that is already in the process. tom fitton, what we have heard from the media are sip alone he is not media person, not a lot of sexy trial work. i guess trying to raise expectations, lower expectations for him, but i love the fact, full disclosure, he is a close friend of mine, so i know he is going to be fantastic. i love the fact, he is kind of an enigma to them because he is not someone who seeks the limelight. >> any basic researche researchs background, he can handle the senate in the process. you can see why nancy pelosi didn't want the senate trial to happen, and it is why she obstructed it, because now you are going to have all of these politicians appointed as impeachment managers come over and have to deal real lawyers but i fear we are going to have a kavanaugh type situation. in the ordinary course, the
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president will be vindicated in short order, so they are going to think of ways to -- they should knock a schiff outcome he is a witness, and they should consider preliminary hearings outside of a full senate trial to litigate these issues about prosecutorial misconduct and what schiff did. >> laura: the senate should be doing these types of things. if they really want this in a separate hearing, not going to do it until after impeachment, but these are questions we have been asking. and ari, by the way, democrat senator jeff merkley thinks anyone too biased to be a juror should step aside. >> going to have to search their heart and ask if they are able to set aside their preconceptions -- all of us, all 100 of us -- and if we are unable to do that, if we are unable to come in good faith, say we will set aside our preconceptions and look at the exact language of the house articles of impeachment, the exact evidence and how it fits,
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then we should recuse ourselves. >> laura: so ari, that is his iinput on the jury selection pir 2020 democrat candidate in the senate should also recuse themselves? the former candidates, senator mcsally suggested. >> it is such a joke on its face, because they're trying to pretend they are a real court of law, they are not. if the founders wanted to put this in a real court of law with a real trial, they would have come in impeachment have gone to a jury. it's not, 22 political body. what's gone to the house, not to the senate. the framers didn't intend it to be political because they want politicians accountable to the people to make the final decision about overthrowing the people's determination of an election. so stop attending this is a court of law. if it is a court of law, why are they reading newspaper articles about it? why are they appearing on the tv? jurors are not supposed to read articles about the cases in which they are hearing. 's aren't all those democrats who read newspaper stories biasing themselves?
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no, because it is not a real trial, none of us should look at it the way we do, and the democrats should stop this silly game. no one is buying it. >> laura: tom, we also have a situation where they are floating ms. lev parnas, who is an associate of giuliani's, we will interview mayor giuliani on monday, exclusive interview here on "the ingraham angle," ask more about that. but parnas himself, a bombshell, change the whole trajectory of impeachment. really? >> i've been calling it the "gossip girl" impeachment. parnas has more gossip to add about things we already know. rudy giuliani was concerned about corruption in ukraine. i don't understand what the news is here. parnas is not providing any evidence of impeachable acts by the president of the united states. it's interesting in a gossip-oriented way, but the idea that he has any evidence to provide the senate -- and that is one of the big issues here.
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you talk about a senator saying we have to consider the evidence. they don't have any evidence. >> laura: right, no, that's why they have to throw these late hits from someone who claims, ari, to read the president's mind. oh, trump knew all about this. how do we know he knew all about it? well, it's his guest. how do we know when these notes were written? there's no chain of command of the notes you have to do in a typical legal setting to authenticate that they were written at a certain time and meant a certain thing. there is an entire process to go through regarding such types of evidence. and by the way, the foreign minister of ukraine had this to say, ari, about parnas. >> strangely enough, my name was not mentioned. frankly, i never spoke with him. again, i don't trust any word he is now saying. >> laura: he doesn't trust any word he is saying. >> you know, what gave me so much doubt about watching him in these interviews, when people
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start to say everyone is in on it, it had to be aware of it, everyone is aware of it and they offer no specifics. the vice president was in on it, the attorney general knew everything about it, without ever saying, in a meeting on such and so date, such and so place, the vice president was informed by such and so. total lack of specificity. these sweeping generalization statements that candidates made, witnesses don't, because he didn't witness the specifics. he has nothing specific to provide, and that made me just shrug my shoulders and say this is a guy who carries up to everybody and anybody, tells anybody and everybody want they want to hear. he did it with rudy giuliani, and now he is doing at the democrats, and with their favorite tv shows. so i don't think he advanced the ball one bit. >> laura: all right, gentlemen. thanks so much. great to see you both tonight. so what's next? what is going to happen next week? first, senators will vote on tuesday on the resolution we have been discussing this week almost every night, and that resolution will govern the rules
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of the senate trial, so set out length of questioning, rebuttal, and so forth. at that point, senators will be able to vote on whether individual witnesses will be called. there will be a debate that happens. and that is and things get very dicey. democrats get their way, they will do everything in their power to exploit these witness votes. >> the president in impeachment trials in the senate is to have witnesses. to have no witnesses would be a dramatic break with precedent. it would mean the first impeachment trial of a president in history with no witnesses. the first impeachment trial of anybody that went to completion and the senate's 200-some-odd year history. >> laura: joining me now is matt whitaker, former acting attorney general. all right, how easily could calling witnesses devolve into a
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political circus next week? >> that's exactly what mitch mcconnell is trying to avoid, but as you mentioned, it takes 51 votes to do anything, and we know the outcome of the trial, we just don't know how we're going to get there right now. as i look at what the senate is trying to accomplish, it is trying to keep a solid group of republican senators together that keeps the strain on the tracks. if they can't, then we could have hunter biden. we could have a whole host of folks be witnesses, and that is when i think the credibility of the senate could take a serious hit. >> laura: there is no understanding at this moment how that debate about witnesses will ensue and unfold. we don't know if it will be, you get two, we got two. one and one? witnesses, period, yes, thumbs up? there's no sense. there is concern that just the debate, mapped, on that fact,
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could just throw the whole thing -- more like the house the senate. in other words, a lot of chaos. are we inflating? >> the media that's owing to cover this, they want fireworks, they want folks arguing, they want a lot of controversy. mitch mcconnell doesn't want that, and a lot of senators on both sides, quite rightly, don't want that. they have a constituency back home they need to be impressive to and to get reelected. but fundamentally, the democrats in the house have the burden of persuasion, and if they can't prove their case in the initial 24-so hours that they get, i don't expect there will be an appetite for most senators to go further with documents or witnesses. >> laura: the clinton impeachment resolution included a provision for a motion to dismiss before the witness vote took place. now, it ultimately failed, but it was an important point. it's a really weird thing. if they think it is absolutely going to be defeated, so what?
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just put it in any way. >> the clinton impeachment precedent is probably what we should follow, because it was during a saner time, where the senate didn't have these partisan inflammations like we have currently in our country. >> laura: i like that phrase, "partisan information." "new york times" michael scheer had this to say about the president's defense thus far. >> we have still never seen what the president's legal defense of all of this is. we have seen his political defense, right? we have seen letters from pat cipollone, white house counsel, which are largely political arguments, and we've seen the house members, the gym jordans of the world, making largely political responses. would never seen an actual legal defense. >> laura: i don't know if michael has been watching, but it has been repeatedly noted that there is no underlying crime, so what do you really have to argue here? there's an exculpatory transcript that is no way rises
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to the arrival of impeachable conduct, so i don't know when he's talking about. >> the first time a president has been impeached where there is no underlying crime at a purely partisan vote. we have no comparison with the fact that were developed in the house. and this is why it is a very troubling time in american history, if you take a step back and understand, we have entered a new era of partisan -- and i hope the senators can understand that a not turn this into a partisan circus, which is what we saw in the house. >> laura: were you surprised pelosi started saying things like "you are impeached forever." this is like "mean girls." you are acquitted, it doesn't matter if you are charged. >> her rhetoric, she called the attorney general rogue again, suggested he is a puppet of the president. >> laura: moscow mitch. >> that has no place from the speaker of the house, and it is a shame she does that. >> laura: it plays well in the
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cafeteria, the coastal elites. coming up, new evidence another member of joe biden's family was trying to make dough off the bite and last name. eric trump joins us on that. plus, a new piece asking, what if donald trump won significantly larger portions of the black vote? herman cain, leo terrel, with a can't-miss debate. incendiary? event. next. ♪
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simple. easy. awesome. call, click or visit a store today. ♪ >> laura: have you actually taken time to examine the top four democrat 2020 contenders? it's an absolute train wreck. now last night we reminded you that even barack obama is wondering what is going on here, warning about the party's lurch to the left. so why did he feel the need to speak out?
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well, because the s so-called moderates in the top tier, buttigieg and biden, sounding like this. >> anyone who is in a situation -- regardless of whether they are documented or undocumented, we have an obligation. >> immigration reform isn't enough unless we also decriminalize border crossings. >> laura: but what about the progressives? as we reported this week, and all-out war has broken out between radical hopefuls elizabeth warren and socialist bernie sanders. and there spat is likely to get nastier. vermont's former governor peter smolen telling "politico," bernie and his team feel they are holier than the rest. in the end, they will play dirty, even if he considers you a friend, like elizabeth warren, bernie will come first. journey me now, eric trump, executive vp of the trump organization. eric, great to see you tonight. no wonder the democrats are pulling out all of the stops to remove your father from office, given what is happening in this
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top tier of candidates. i got to say, it is wild watching this. >> it's tough to watch. you get paid to watch it. i have to because of who i am. it is tough to get through. here you have a group saying we want to take 160 million people off of their private health care plans. it's nuts, right? you solid buttigieg set about decriminalizing border crossings, let's let everybody come, pay for everybody's health insurance, all of the problems of the rest of the world. it's crazy. you have biden as your front-runner, who can't get through a sentence without stumbling. the rest of them are totally insane. this is not jfk's democratic party. this is a totally radical democratic party. quite frankly, i think they're handing my father the win. >> laura: is not even jfk, is not obama's party. that's our whole point. he said publicly, you know, you can't -- basically drum everyone else out of the party because they don't sign onto the aoc plus three agenda. so moving forward to next
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weekend impeachment, eric, your dad is going to be out of the country at davos. a big economic forum, world leaders, financial leaders, business types. will he be watching this? be honest, now. i know you always are, but is he going to be watching the greatest eclipse, the greatest hits at the end of the day? >> my father watches everything. his ability to retain information is incredible, the best i've ever seen. i'm sure he's going to be watching parts of it. but these people are crazy. you look at pelosi, i keep on saying, is handing him the win. i was in iowa yesterday. the amount of people coming forth saying these people do not represent us anymore, we can't relate to these people, you know, people see it for what it is. my father signing trade deals with china, the usmca, all of these great deals, the greatest economy in the history of the world, the lowest unemployment we've ever had, 401(k)s or through the roof. i could go on and on and on, and she is sitting behind a desk,
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trying to impeach him, because she knows none of the candidates we were talking about before can defeat him. they know they are probably going to fumble it at the end of the day, no they are not going to win because no one on the stage has a sparkle, twinkle in their eyes, charisma. they can't win, so what are they trying to do? they are trying to get very, very lucky, throw a hail mary, and hopefully something will stick. and it's not going to happen. he is going to totally get acquitted in the senate, and they're walking him into victory in 2020. >> laura: eric, the real clear politics average right now, joe biden, despite their attempts, i think, to knock him down a peg or two, he is still way up there, 27%. this is a national poll, so people focus of state by state, i understand, but still an interesting snapshot. sanders that 19. warren 16. buttigieg, we relentlessly seem pushed by the media and hollywood, way down below
7:24 pm
everybody, 7.2%. is a joe biden's to lose, and my view. "politico" had a headline today, all their efforts have come to not, biden still at the top of the heap. doesn't he have appeal to african-americans and mor more middle of the road democrats? >> i think that is what they believe. as i said before, he can't get through a sentence without stumbling. mn has been in thi in the senatr than i've been alive. he gave iran $150 billion, they end up building missiles that they shot at our airbases. a guy who has a son who profited off of the presidency of the united states. the vice presidency of the united states took $1.5 billion from china just a couple of days ago, abc reported that his brother was doing the same thing as he came to charter schools in florida. this guy has a lot of problems, aside from the fact that he lacks charisma.
7:25 pm
again, he hasn't exactly been a good mouthpiece for them because he keeps on stumbling and going off on these terrible rants. he has a real problem. >> laura: speaking of biden's brother, you referenced it, the $1.5 billion from china, he got from his fund, not clear it went to him personally, but that is what we want to find out. we want to find out exactly how much he personally profited, hunter biden, which i don't think anyone really knows, but it's obviously a lot of money. joe biden's brother has been caught, now, you referenced in passing, trying to profit off of his family name, just like old hunter. "abc news" reporting frank biden, touting his famous last name to lend context open charter schools, earning hundreds of thousand dollars over a five year period. they brought him in for his name, one critic said. eric, you made all of the money, and then your family went into politics, not you.
7:26 pm
of these folks are doing it the other way around, no money, went into politics, and their family members cashed in. >> interesting how that works. they all get into business when their father becomes vice president for their brother becomes vice president. we get out of business when our father becomes -- it's kind of interesting. for the bidens, this is a business. there's no question to became a business. you see his brother doing it. and by the way, if you tracked on the schools, they ended up all failing. it was another democratic policy that ended up going into total ruins because all of the schools ended up failing. not only did he profit off of it, but the system didn't ultimately work. they didn't get the end result, which reminds me of most of joe biden's policies. >> laura: the nea and national federation of teachers, they don't love american federation of teachers, they don't love charter schools. he goes to charter schools, and those particularly schools didn't do all that well. eric, we will be watching next week and check back with you.
7:27 pm
>> thank you, laura. >> laura: thanks for being with us. so should democrats be worried about the african-american vote? interesting. a new "wall street journal" piece asks biden, sanders, and warren would say the new minority jobs fel felt like mana from heaven. they may credit the president, though. here to debate is herman cain, former g.o.p. presidential candidate, and leo turbo, civil rights attorney. leo. >> hi, laura. >> laura: good to see you tonight. >> how are you? >> laura: good. is the economy good enough across all demographics, considerations, to swing black voters -- at least some -- to president trump? no, and here's the reason why, laura, and this is why herman will talk about abbreviated history. we have had economic growth for 121 months. eight years of the obama administration. plus -- and you can check it out, herman -- on employment was 10% when obama became president. it was 4.6%.
7:28 pm
the only thing president trump has given us is a million-dollar deficit for this year. to my knowledge, only seven african-americans i know who will vote for trump. herman train, ben carson, kanye west, ford cooper, candace l1. blocks are not going to support donald trump this year. he won't get more than 8%. >> laura: those are in fact, that's a guess, or a projection. i don't want to quibble with words on a friday night, it's a long week, but i'm teasing herman. leo says it's not going to move any voters come at all, this economy, because it was always growing. >> leo is dead wrong, and allow me to give you some statistical facts. first of all, two independent polls that i trust, and most people trust, rasmussen and emerson, show that 34% of black people support president trump.
7:29 pm
secondly, i travel all the time, and i have people whispering in my ear, i love the trump results, i love the trump results. i go to a very large black church. thirdly, look at what this president and his administration have done to directly impact black people. criminal justice reform. opportunity zones, which impact more directly black communities. and this is the only president, including the last administration, to basically authorize $400 million for historically black colleges and universities -- >> laura -- >> because they are struggling. >> can i just make one point? he did not address that she did not address the 121 months of economic growth, but let me get to another point. donald trump has made it known that she will get fewer black female support -- he has made it known he has a problem with minorities.
7:30 pm
charlottesville -- >> laura: are you parroting this, leo? i'm not going to waste time on this. on three different occasions, he clarified what the media had said he said in charlottesville. if you guys think you are going to win a presidential election by going back to charlottesville, it's just not going to happen. it's not going to happen. and as far as the economic recovery, this has been a recovery, including wage increases, that have been significant for blue-collar workers. all of the liberal economists, leo, had said -- >> it happened under the obama administration -- >> laura: hold on. no, not for blue-collar workers. liberal economists have said consistently that trump is doing okay, but it will really matter when blue-collar workers get wage increases. sure enough, lower and middle class workers have seen significant wage increases under this administration, and if you are going to tell me that that doesn't help some minority
7:31 pm
voters, then i don't understan understand -- >> it does. let me ask you this. if blacks are coming out in droves to vote for trump, why do they have to whisper it? shout it. be proud. >> laura: first of all, i don't think he said they were coming out in droves. go ahead, herman. >> allow me to answer the question, leo, without you interrupting me. the answer is, they don't want to put up with the ostracism -- being ostracized by people who think that all blacks should vote democrat. and i'm here to tell you, that is not how many of them feel. it is true. i hear it every day. i hear it at the church that i attend. that is why -- >> then yell it out. less than 10% -- >> they ar know mike didn't i ak you not to interrupt me? let me give you one other point. people also -- black or white -- don't wear the maga hats because of the same sort of violence and
7:32 pm
destruction that some voices from the democrat, liberal narrative have basically embolden people to do. that's why -- >> can you tell me california -- can you tell me california come and show me the blacks you are talking about? i don't see the blacks were whispering "i'm voting for trump?" can you come to california -- >> laura: we have to walk across the hypodermic needles and the homeless crisis to actually find people to interview, leo, and you know that is the case. all right, so i wouldn't hold out california as a shining beacon of what is insane these days. i love california, it is a beautiful state, but they are ruining -- >> will you stop talking while i'm trying to talk. >> go ahead. >> here is leo's problem. california, new york city, and parts of new jersey, washington, d.c., do not represent the rest of america. those are the people that i talk to every day. and those of the people i'm listening to. >> where are the african-americans in the battleground states -- just name
7:33 pm
the states, in the purple states -- >> laura: if donald trump, let's say doubles -- or does better, you say only 8%, i think he's going to get at least 15% to 20% -- >> i will do whatever you want. if he gets 15%, i will do whatever you want. i will be at the trump parade. >> laura: if he gets double digits, leo is going to come on, we will come up with something really interesting -- >> yes, i will do it. i will do whatever you want. >> laura: leo and herman, great to see you on a friday night. thank you both for joining us. >> thank you, laura. >> laura: up next, it's friday, and you know that means. are the oscars to white and too mail? and the royals make a play for hollywood. we have evidence. raymond arroyo breaks it all down next. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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♪ >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm aishah hasnie. former new york, new york, congressman chris collins has been sentenced to 26 months in prison for insider trading. collins 'attorney were looking to avoid prison time and push for probation, but earlier today, a federal judge rejected their pleas, and he must surrender to the federal bureau of prisons on march 17th. the republican was the first sitting member of congress to endorse president trump. he and resign from office in september. a mysterious and deadly virus has led to screening of airline passengers arriving at three
7:39 pm
airports from china, the epicenter of the outbreak. two people have died and many as are ill. screening start in new york, and san francisco. i'm aishah hasnie, now back to "the ingraham angle." >> laura: it's friday, that means it's time for "friday follies." so male, so white becomes the oscar slogan. a pair of royals' albums to hollywood, and the hill this week. joining us with the details, raymond arroyo. oscar sol white for lack of diverse nominees, but now a new label. >> this week when the best director nominees were named, they were all white and male, which garnered this reaction, laura. >> congratulations to those men. >> wow, you know you are in
7:40 pm
trouble and someone can throw shade by congratulating you. those are just all male directors, they are all very male movies. 19 of the 2 20 acting nominees e white people. >> no women nominated for best director, fewer than in donald trump's cabinet. >> being held at pottery barn. >> not only is this not funny, it's misplaced criticism. stephen can come of all people, laura -- >> laura: liberal. >> listen. there is a reasonable thought. i would never consider diversity in matters of art, he wrote come on the quality. it seems to me to do otherwise would be wrong. he has been taken to the woodshed for those comments by everybody in hollywood, but it makes sense. if you have an element, laura, and you need a surgeon, you don't look at the most diverse group of people, you go for the best surgeon. >> laura: that cheapens the entire award. stephen king ought to be careful, though, because what he says could a apply across the
7:41 pm
board in business, in schools -- >> good. >> laura: military. we want all people to get an equal shot, regardless of skin color, ethnicity, because the best is always going to rise to the top. the new generation of americans don't think about race. like, it's the most diverse country we've ever had. >> but laura, these categories are chosen by people in respective fields. >> laura: the most liberal people ever, voting in the academy. >> the democrats have too white a stage, they chose to knock out these candidates, not because they were hispanic or black, but because they weren't good enough to beat donald trump. and laura, to prove there is no conspiracy among oscar voters, two of your favorite people got a best documentary nod. barack obama tweeted out "glad to see america oscar nod, the kind of story we don't see often enough, and exactly why michelle and i hope to achieve with higher ground post what. barack and michelle obama
7:42 pm
nominated for the netflix documentary. >> laura: i've never even heard of their documentary. >> the bias in hollywood is not this. the bias in hollywood is ideological, and it's why "passion of the christ" and eddie murphy were not nominated. if you had to nominate someone for an oscar, i would choose prince harry, over the last few weeks, that bombshell announcement that harry and meghan markle are planning to withdraw from their royal duties, now video has emerged from july, at a movie premiere, where harry is seen pitching his wife to disney ceo bob iger for best support performance your wife so she cat you, here is prince harry. >> she would love to try her
7:43 pm
hand at voice-overs. i guess the second career could always be agent to meghan markle, if he runs out of things to do. >> laura: i will repeat that the best headline of all time, i think, was the headline in "the new york times," "the husband formally known as prince." if you like women running the show, and she runs the show. i did nominates him in front oscar performance, perhaps under kamala harris, for an emotional transformation in a solemn impeachment proceeding. >> thanks so much, we are here with senator kamala harris, a former 2020 presidential candidate and one of the jurors in this trial. >> remember 36 expressions? kamala has two. you saw both of them. don't let the fine acting fool you, though. we found footage of kamala's actual reaction when the impeachment articles hit the
7:44 pm
senate floor. look at this. ♪ >> we don't want any -- >> laura: that is just a joke, but kind of like clinton at the brown funeral, when he elicited a tear, i believe, after just joking, nano seconds earlier, so clinton will still be in the oscars hall of fame. lifetime achievement award. all right, raymond, thanks so much. coming up, her message of thanks to president trump amassed nearly 6 million views on youtube, and termite, and arrange an activist is here to tell the media and the dems what iranian citizens really think of president trump. that is next.n because energizer ultimate lithium is the longest lasting aa battery in the world. [confetti cannon popping] energizer. backed by science. matched by no one.
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>> laura: and ram's supreme leader -- i don't like saying that. but i said it. today, made a rare appearance in public to call trump a clown who can't be trusted, and phrased the missile strikes against u.s. forces. the comments came two weeks after president trump ordered the killing of qassem soleimani, via air strike, and in the days since, of course, democrats and the media have sworn up and down that this was ill-advised and had only united iran. is that really the case? we regionally spoke to irani and american activist erica koss ray, whose viral video explaining how actual iranian citizens feel has amassed nearly 5.6 million vie views. we started by asking her to respond to this from some in the media. >> soleimani's death seems to have united people -- something like a million people turn out on the streets they are. >> the crowds are massive and
7:50 pm
emotional. many tears here. >> the funeral, the sea of people, not just two more this man who was beloved by so many, but really, really rallying around a regime. >> laura: erica, what is your message for the american media today west mike nancy pelosi says when you kill the number two in any country, people are going to get upset. >> thank you so much for having me. what i want the american people to know is that the majority of the iranian people view qassem soleimani as a terrorist who has terrorized the entire region, and they don't relate to the narrative that the left has been giving. >> laura: look at the pictures, the size of the crowd. to people who might not know a lot about the region, that looks like a revered philanthropist, humanitarian, oprah-like figure.
7:51 pm
chris matthews compared the death of saul the money to how people felt when princess diana and elvis died. >> for most don't know that the regime intimidates people to go into these types of rallies. >> laura: how so? >> the government of iran has about 4 million employees. they gave the employees the day off, and a lot of people you see there are from rural villages. they bus people in, give incentives like food, and as you know, right now, the economy in iran is hungry, they are jobless, the value of the dollar has decreased dramatically. the people you see at the rally are not only paid to be there, but they are intimidated to come. >> laura: when you watch the coverage, as it was, whether the downing of the passenger jet, and you have members of the media, political figures running for president, others speculating that it was trump and his taking out soleimani that cause the domino effect
7:52 pm
taking on the plane -- in other words, blaming trump. is that fair, in her mind? >> well, with all due respect to my friends on the left, i feel like, since president trump has been elected, he can do no rig right. they have blamed him for everything. and frankly, i think it is time for us to have genuine discussions and debates, and i felt like, for me, the reason i even made that video was because a lot of my friends were calling me, hey, what you think about what is going on? what is your opinion? i just made a little video because i wanted my friends did on my network, the irani and people are happy. and i wasn't genuinely nauseat nauseated, why do we have sympathy for a terrorist, when i'm getting videos and pictures from people inside iran that are happy? >> laura: we have video, some pictures -- of the first but i want to put up is photos of a few girls. it looks like they are morning
7:53 pm
the death of soleimani. what is the real story behind that image? >> so, in iran, i remember a time when i.t. came to this country that we would say the pledge of allegiance. >> laura: i miss that. >> in iran, children, their pledge of allegiance is saying "death to america" and "death to israel." in iran, children are forced to chant "death to america" and "death to israel." that indoctrination starts very young, and so what you see in this picture is children who are being forced to mourn. this is a regime's propaganda they circulate on social media. >> laura: women who seem to be, as you said, seem to be really happy that soleimani was taken out, we have a picture of that, as well. >> this is two women who are celebrating. they put this video out on social media. these are the videos that, unfortunately, our friends on the left haven't had access to and refuse to show --
7:54 pm
>> laura: they are available. you can find them if you want to find them. we appreciate you joining us. >> thank you so much. i want to give out a quick shout out to president trump. there is a picture circulating on social media, a wall in iran, as soon as the news broke, it's a hashtag, in english, translates to "trump, you are the man." so thank you, president trump, or having moral courage to make such a tough decision. >> laura: when we come back, president trump and lsu's coach oh, a dynamic duo at the white house. do you think they got along? find out next.
7:55 pm
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♪ >> laura: it's time for "the last bite." president trump welcomed the college football national championship lsu tigers to the white house today. things got a tad colorful. >> we will take pictures behind the resolute desk. it's been there a long time. a lot of presidents, good, some not so good. but you've got a good one now, even though they are trying to impeach of the son of a leap. can you believe that? the greatest economy we've ever had, joe. we've got the greatest military, we rebuilt it, took out the terrorist. like your football team would've taken out those terrorists, right?
8:00 pm
>> laura: it's supposed to be about them, mr. president. did you notice, by the way, coach o gave the nicest fist pump there. that's what i like to see. that's all the time we have tonight. shannon bream in the "fox news @ night" team take it from here. go have a ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. we began with a fox news alert. another document dump from house democrats late this friday night. they say it is more evidence the senate should consider next week's impeachment trial. this week's star witness, former giuliani associate lev parnas under indictment and at the center of it all. we are digging through documents tonight. plus, this u.s. supreme court takes on two more blockbuster cases. could one of them put in end to the electoral college as we know it right before the


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