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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  January 21, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PST

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>> haven't they learned not to try that. don't try this at home. dancing with the stars. that is all-time we have tonight. shannon bream, take it from here. shannon: i'm not going to criticize anyone else's dancing. shannon: you are good dancer. breaking tonight, mitch mcconnell reveals the rules of the impeachment trial and democrats are crying foul. mcconnell says he is simply following the clinton model, democrats say that is a lie. we have an expert on hand with one of the clinton impeachment managers, former governor asa hutchinson. and we were warned it could be a violent day in richmond, virginia. the democratic governor says it
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wasn't because of his decision to declare an emergency, the anti-gun moves will fire up a cabal. welcome to fox news at night. we report on the eve of the senate impeachment trial of donald trump. two major events found together, presidential candidate serving as senate jurors. the trial begins in earnest with formal introduction of mitch mcconnell's proposal for the rules on how this will play out. democrats out the outraged, one calling the plan a national disgrace. republicans say they are following the rules for the clinton impeachment which past 100-0 back then, how does this play out in 2020? >> the impeachment ground rules are out, mitch mcconnell proposes the semiconductor trial four days of opening arguments, two days each side,
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16 hours of senators questions, four hours of debate and arguments would begin the day after tomorrow. chuck schumer calls will collapse rules a national disgrace. >> it is now certain that leader mcconnell is going along with donald trump's cover-up hook, line and sinker. mcconnell is hell-bent on making it much more difficult to get witnesses and documents and intent on rushing the trial through. >> the senate will vote on whether to accept mcconnell's trial format tomorrow. singer republican leadership argues mcconnell modeled this on the basics of the clinton impeachment trial privilege it allows for opening remarks, question and answer sessions and senators ultimately choose the next steps like what is call witnesses or consider new information. democrats a mcconnell's plan is a departure from the clinton impeachment, the condensed schedule is designed to bury
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the proceedings in refusal to admit into the record the house's evidence against the president. there is also the issue of witnesses, democrats want to call them, republicans oppose. >> the subplot to having witnesses before the senate has nothing to do with eliminating the case of bringing more information to the surface. it has everything to do with putting this pivotal senators between a rock and i place and nothing to do with impeachment. >> republican leadership is pushing for a quick resolution and acquittal for the president. of democrats can convince four republicans to vote for witnesses the trial could take much longer.
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>> it is possible this trial could last one to 2 weeks. on the other hand if the senate makes a decision to go down the road of additional witnesses that could extend it to 6 to 8 weeks or longer. >> the senators never removed a president. it requires approval of 2 thirds of the senate. >> thank you for the update, good to see you. breaking tonight the president's legal team announcing eight republicans from the house of representatives so today, looking at the defense in the house and senate. in a lengthy outline of the case describing the articles of impeachment as a dangerous perversion of the constitution the senate should swiftly and roundly condemned, his defense team makes the case that the articles of impeachment are invalid and on prosecutorable. the president's attorneys challenge the article on obstruction, quote, contrary to house democrats claims asserted legal rights and constitutional privileges of the executive branch is not obstruction but on the other charge the president's legal team rights democrats newly invented abuse of power collapses the threshold because it feels to let any violation of law whatsoever. alan dershowitz will make that argument on the president's behalf likely friday. >> abuse of power was alleged
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against john adams, thomas jefferson, andrew jackson, abraham lincoln, franklin delano roosevelt. it is a political argument made by opponents against all presidents. abuse of power can never be criteria for impeachable removing a president. >> what they are saying right now is essentially the president can totally abuse the public trust and commit what the founders believed were high crimes and misdemeanors. >> we know what the american people want, witnesses and documents, they understand that is what a fair trial looks like. >> reporter: under rules proposed by mitch mcconnell senators will not vote on the issue of witnesses until both sides have made their cases. what a difference 20 years can make for senators like chuck schumer and lindsey graham.
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>> seems to me no good cases been made for witnesses. >> in every trial there has ever been in the senate regarding impeachment, witnesses were called. >> reporter: joining us to discuss the schedule and tragedy and all things impeachment, former impeachment manager himself during the clinton impeachment, governor asa hutchinson. good to have you back with us. i want to set this up and let you give us some answers. this is what we know about the mcconnell resolution, 24 hours per side for opening arguments, no more than two trial days and 16 hours for senators questioning, then a 4 hour debate, then a vote on whether to consider witnesses or new information. senator mitt romney saying the organizing resolution released tonight aligns closely with the rules package approved 100-0 the clinton trial but chuck schumer says this, he calls
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this thing a national disgrace, so senate will collapse propose rules to part dramatically from the clinton president in ways that are designed to prevent the senate and the american people from learning the full truth about donald trump's actions that warranted is impeachment. you were and impeachment manager back then. what can you tell us about how closely this does or doesn't track? >> it tracks very closely to the clinton impeachment rules, yes there are some common sense changes but structurally the resolution is the same and that is said to me thinking about the bipartisan agreement reached 20 years ago in the clinton impeachment resolution and now you have senator schumer crying foul and really not participating in the process of coming up with a reasonable approach. the key difference is simply that the same amount of time is allotted to each side to present the case but the length of days is reduced somewhat and if you're on the democrat side and you want to get to witnesses the quickest way to
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get to witnesses is under the mcconnell proposal which says that we are going to compress a couple days on each side, allow full presentation of each side's case and then the decision will be made after questioning by the senators for 16 hours which is a key part of the proceedings, then you are going to get to the question of witnesses. so the best path to witnesses is by proceeding and getting over the simple presentation by the house managers and the president's defense team. some common sense changes but nothing of large magnitude. shannon: yes or no. the vote on witnesses comes at the same time in the timetable and procedure this trial did in the clinton trial. >> after each side presents the case, after questioning by the senators, closing arguments, the question comes for
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witnesses and that is laid out in the resolution of mitch mcconnell. >> congressman jerry nadler, chairman of the house judiciary committee says this about what the house put together. >> any jury would convict in 3 minutes flat, the president betrayed his country by breaking the law. >> what they put together any jury would convict in 3 minutes. senator cornyn says then why are they pushing so hard for witnesses? here's what he said yesterday. >> if the house isn't prepared to go forward with the evidence they produced in impeachment inquiry maybe they are to withdraw the articles of impeachment and start over again. this is in the senate's responsibility to make the case. >> what are we to make of this when there's an open and shut case but we've got to have more
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witnesses? >> the house is in a bind because they sent to the senate a case that was not fully investigated, all the witnesses were not interviewed. that they had the case fully developed and so now they are coming over to the senate and saying finish the job, we need witnesses over here because we didn't pursue those diligently on the house side and obviously chairman nadler is being an advocate but i think alan dershowitz is going to make a strong presentation that while abuse of power is a very serious issue that you address with any president, that is usually over the underlying facts of substantive crimes and in this case that is very strong defense whenever you do not have substantive crimes that are set in clear detail in the articles of impeachment and if you are going to rely on
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abuse of power alone, then that is empty without underlying crimes. it makes sense to the american public when the constitution refers to high crimes and misdemeanors, obviously high crime and misdemeanor by president would be an abuse of power but you start with a high crimes and misdemeanors. shannon: i want to get your gaming out of this, when they do get through the initial cases and decide to have the vote on witnesses how will that go down? we are watching closely collins, gardner and others but how does this work if there's back and forth ratcheting up, if you want bolton you will get biden. where do you see this going? will there be a vote on witnesses? >> i think there will be. that is logical. the american public probably expect that. they will be disappointed if senator schumer actually didn't file a motion for witnesses but
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it will be mutual on both sides and that is where it gets a little tricky. what you have to remember is in the clinton impeachment trial when they said we could have 3 witnesses that we depose those witnesses and after we depose the witnesses, then summaries of their depositions are then presented so the senate trial itself, the senate proceedings you did not have a live witnesses, the testimony, it was done by deposition and that is a lot easier round to get to, the challenge, it is, that it will delay the trial because you have to almost adjourn the trial in the sense of allowing both sides to take that position and then determine what to do with those. there's a lot to play out here that we don't know yet. it is undetermined whether there will be witnesses but it will depend upon how the next few days goes and the reaction of the american public but at
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this point i think you will have a difficult time to measure up to something that should proceed to hearing testimony. >> will take 51 votes to make anything happen in the senate majority leader has said tonight they will be deposed before anything happens. you've got to know what these folks are going to say before you have testimony. thank you for sharing your insights on then and now. good to be with you. former rudy giuliani associate parnas calling on william barr to recuse himself from the case. he claims william barr has a conflict of interest in the case. parnas is facing charges of violating the federal election act and a special prosecutor in the case outside the justice department. giuliani says he has never spoken with william barr about the investigation and denies the claim against him and the president. >> he didn't just lie, he lied
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stupidly. his motivation is not to go to prison, the same as michael cohen. >> giuliani denied there was surveillance of a former ambassador to ukraine, marie yavanovitch. we are hours from the third senate impeachment trial in our nation's history. special coverage on fox news gets underway tomorrow. we are told to expect and all day and all night affair so we will bring you a special extended edition of fox news at night, 2 hours from 11:00 pm to 1:00 am. we will see. new reaction to tonight's gun rights events at the virginia capital, thousands of gunowners showing up for their annual lobbying effort prompting warnings from gun-control advocates and an in-depth response from the government over violence that never materialized.
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details on what did or did not happen in richmond. >> ralph northron worried today's demonstration was going to be charlottesville 2 but turns out today was quite the opposite. >> thousands to to the streets of richmond, virginia on a cold martin luther king jr. day protesting against new gun-control measures making it through the state capital. >> freedom. it is all about freedom. >> i believe our society as a society. >> the democratically controlled legislators considering several new laws, limiting handgun purchases to only one every month and acting universal background checks for gun purchases and allow local governments to ban guns from public spaces. last week governor ralph northron issued a state of emergency. >> they are not coming to peacefully protest. they are coming to intimidate and cause harm. >> today after i was a far cry from what happened in charlottesville in 2017 were 3 died and dozens were injured in a right. fearing a repeat performance northron took action banning guns from state capital
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grounds. the event organized by virginia's defense league. >> the governor declared war on gunowners and that activated gunowners across the state in a way i have never seen before. >> the governor released a statement tonight following the rally, quote, today showed that when people disagree they can do so peacefully. the issues before us a vote strong emotions and progress is often difficult but i will continue to listen to the poisons of virginians and do everything in my power to keep our commonwealth safe. >> last summer governor northrum announced support for gun-control measures following the mass shooting in virginia beach. republicans blocked those measures. it is controlled by democrats in every chamber and governor vows to pass more gun-control legislation. shannon: what the media said about impeachment in 1999 versus what they are saying today.
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>> shannon: it's -- the whole issue is a sham. shouldn't have gone this far. the house acting improperly. >> why is your party dragging this out? >> why is this happening. >> why go through this business about witnesses? >> do we need more witnesses? >> it's going >> it has been a sham, shouldn't have gotten this far, the house acted improperly in passing it on to the senate. >> why is your party dragging this out? >> why is this happening? why go through this business? >> do we need more witnesses? >> it will lead months to this thing. >> the right-leaning media research center putting together a montage of commentary during the clinton impeachment process in the late 90s contrasting with the media and democrats saying about the need for witnesses then versus now. for some analysis on how the media is handling impeachment and the gun rights gathering in virginia. let's bring in political analyst brit hume, great to see you. washington post, a tweet by greg sargent saying this is a scam. the game is to lay the
12:22 am
groundwork, no witnesses is my the side getting its way. the right response is if trump is innocent why not hear from the witnesses with the most direct knowledge of his conduct. why has the media changed its tune on this issue? >> classic shoe on the other foot disease which affects politicians particularly but also seems to affect some members of the media. that montage from the media research center does reflect with the attitude and atmosphere was in the clinton impeachment. most journalists thought a terrible idea, unfair, unreasonable, was being -- trying to kick him out of office for sex, nevermind the fact that he was accused of perjury and it was a pretty open and shut case and in the end even though it was a republican-controlled senate he was found not guilty, was acquitted. that looks to be the way we are
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headed here but everyone changed side, lindsey graham among the republicans decided we don't need witnesses, he wanted them back then. on the democratic side it is the same story. lots and lots of democrats who thought the clinton impeachment was unfair and unreasonable think this one is compelling and important so here we are, she on the other foot disease. shannon: i expected from lawmakers because regardless which party they are, your president is the one in power you think he is being justly attacked, i would expect them to advocate, interesting to see the media, we are supposed to be neutral and we work hard to do that. in 1999 they did not have twitter. if they do the rest of the world didn't know about it. maybe that's infancy but that is what we have now, donald trump tweeting they didn't want john bolton and others in the house. in too much of a rush, now they want them all in the senate, not supposed to be that way. adam schiff the intelligence chairman says no, we did ask
12:24 am
john bolton to testify, you ordered them not to unblock others like mick mullaney. all-americans now a fair trial includes documents and witnesses, what are you hiding? we had our brain researchers look at who asks for which witnesses, who was subpoenaed, there's a lot more to that story. >> there certainly is any important point is one of the articles against the president's obstruction of congress, because he is asserting privilege not to have his most senior advisers, in this case bolton and mulvaney come and testify before congress and it is not entirely clear how it would be resolved but raising it should be seen as legitimate. it is not it seems to me to any fair-minded person actually obstruction of congress and it is worth remembering that the house did not go through with
12:25 am
the subpoena to get bolton to testify. they probably would have to litigate that because there would have been resistance to it and they would have to go to court to get the matter resolved which happened during the clinton impeachment investigative phase, linton asserted all kinds of privileges during the kenneth starr investigation and some had never been heard of before. he lost on a bunch of them and others. it would have taken a little time for the house to get that testimony but they were in too big a rush. they wanted this done and out of the way by christmas so they pulled back. the bolton subpoena was issued and withdrawn. that is where they are on that and there are two sides to that story. shannon: what we were told by democrats is if the president did not provide these witnesses that was the presumption of proof of something the fairies are bad for the president and should be viewed that way instead of letting it at like you said and who knows what
12:26 am
will happen versus which witnesses they call. i want to touch on the gun rights gathering in richmond and talk about how the media looked at that. this is craig nelson, one of the anchors on msnbc's assessment of the situation. >> our militia, white nationalist groups all over the country taking parts on mlk day, a dangerous confrontation. >> gabriel hoffman saying in response i was covering the event all morning and called bs on this, never felt unsafe by participants, felt safer than usual. the associated press and other organizations said it was largely uneventful but there were very different descriptions of what we were looking at. >> there were and part of the cultural divide that affects our media. there are people in our media perhaps because of where they
12:27 am
live, perhaps because of places they work who simply can't imagine that a large gathering of gun toting american citizens are peaceful and not threatening. simply exercising their constitutional rights and making sure people know it. so the next thing you know you are hearing accusations their white nationalist. there isn't any evidence of any of that in what happened today. ralph northron who call the state of emergency and engaged in a lot of hyperbole about how dangerous this all was interrupting the police presence kept it from being violent. there is no evidence that is true either but this is where we are in our politics, distrust of people with whom we disagree has reached a point it is not merely disagreement over policy, somebody has to be a white nationalist or something equally enough areas or else they wouldn't disagree with you. it is a bad situation. >> that has played out
12:28 am
uneventfully but now we move on with continuing coverage of the impeachment. thank you so much. when it comes to the president's impeachment file one presidential hopeful wants to have his cake and eat it too next. ♪ hey! you know, i do think it's weird you've started commuting when you work from home. i'll be in my office. download audible and start every day off right. yeah, i've had some pretty prestigious jobs over the years. news producer. executive transport manager. and a beverage distribution supervisor. now i'm a director at a security software firm. wow, you've been at it a long time.
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>> shannon: against the backdrop of the senate impeachment trial, the president heads to the world economic forum in switzerland to talk business with some of the world's julie: against the backdrop of the senate impeachment trial the president heads to the world economic forum meeting in switzerland to talk business with some of the world's most rich, powerful and influential like greta thunberg. >> reporter: remember the saying politics ends that water's age, when the president is a broad political opponents should withhold their partisan bickering until they return. those rules are out the window
12:33 am
with donald trump. tomorrow on the first day was impeachment trial he will be in davos, switzerland, the gathering of business leaders, activists and policy leaders to promise progress and peace. >> a place for leaders who otherwise wouldn't speak to each other engage in debate. >> when trump first came to davos in 2018 it was like walking into a den of fools, under the elected populists confronting the titans of the status quo and the liberal global leaves. after his opening remarks tomorrow greta thunberg is expected to attack the president for failing to address climate change so the two previously engaged in a twitter war before time magazine named her person of the year. created in the 1970s it appeals to left-leaning ideals and those who largely denigrate trump's america first approach but the president returns with
12:34 am
a strong economy in two trade deals in his pocket, a vindication of his approach and worldview. >> i'm going to europe to talk to world leaders and talk to businesspeople, everybody wants to come back to america, everybody wants to come back to the united states. >> the administration expects criticism on its withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal, the paris climate court and the president's crackdown on illegal immigration but as for impeachment some see the visitors way to change the subject, so foreign-policy expertise and offer a competing narrative. the white house is the president's remarks will celebrate the strong economy and increase in nato funding. is expected in washington on wednesday. >> a lot going on here, we expect that as well, thank you. sounds like michael bloomberg has yet to settle on how he feels about impeachment. >> we would be better off
12:35 am
letting voters decide who is present in this country. i would have to swallow two or three times but i would vote to convict because there is so much evidence he acted inappropriately. >> the populist versus globalist struggle with the host of the next revolution, good to have you with us. the president is headed to davos. there has been a sense in the past that he wasn't going to be accepted by global leaders, he railed against the idea of globalism. in the new york times they say the stock market record highs, two trade deals announced and the possibility may be in office another four years there is an increasing sense that he will be accepted if not embraced although some attendees may roll their eyes behind his back. when he arrives on tuesday even if he faces an impeachment trial. what do you make of donald trump in davos? >> i'm glad he's going because i'm sure he will check out the
12:36 am
success of the strategy which has been the opposite of what those elitists in davos have been preaching for the last few decades, has approaches delivering results. it is easy to mock davos, a bunch of rich white men flying on their private jets to lecture the rest of us on inequality and diversity and climate change but serious point is that their approach which is centralized power, to get rid of borders, to run things on this multinational basis that has really left a lot of working people behind and donald trump's approach in the economy and immigration and trade is now lifting the incomes for working-class americans in a way we haven't seen for decades. he should go there and tell them this is the right way to do it. >> with him pushing the populist message a lot of articles popping up, you have been working with the bloomberg team about how he would be
12:37 am
perceived out there, the daily beast saying you think trump is a danger to democracy get a load of bloomberg, is bloomberg manages to buy this election we would see a softer version of xi, dictatorial, intolerant of dissent, controlling and friendly to the oligarchy so long as it produces economic growth. how they made themselves hysterical about arthur syrian president, the rest of americans look forward to experiencing the real thing out of the unknowing guys of michael bloomberg. a chance to respond to that. >> michael bloomberg is a free-market capitalist who governed in a bipartisan way in new york city, had record levels of approval throughout his term and i would say when you take his comments about impeachment, he says i want to have an election and the mayor had the good judgment to say i want to run, i think i can win but if i don't i will do the
12:38 am
best i can to elect a democrat. i will point out one other thing, donald trump is the one in davos and mayor bloomberg is campaigning for president as we speak. shannon: the take on bloomberg is he wants to tell you what to eat, how to spend your money, what you will do, all those kinds of things. part of the operations is this, donald trump has tried to paint his democratic opponent as confident coastal eats in bed with china, exert undue influence over the mainstream media and wanted to working-class americans how to live. if democrats nominate blumberg trump's ideal for real would be made of money instead of straw. >> that is exactly right. i have a lot of respect for michael bloomberg as an entrepreneur, successful mayor of new york and philanthropist, all the things doug was saying but in pursuit of this
12:39 am
nomination he has destroyed his credibility, talking about putting billions of dollars behind bernie sanders if he got the nomination. everyone knows michael bloomberg totally disagrees with bernie sanders's economic strategy and now he's talking about the fact that quite rightly the wrong way to remove donald trump would be the impeachment process, the right way if you want to do that is the election and he says he will impeach many way. that characterization of him will be a drawback but the big one is china. if he were to get the nomination the big vulnerability would be on china because that is a big issue facing the next president and presidents on the whole of this century and he's on the wrong side of that. >> we want to hear more from you on the bloomberg possibility. he put together a strategy that involves the recovery so we will see that. please come back soon. virginia sheriff speaking out today says he's not going to
12:40 am
enforce gun-control measures if they become law. ♪ $12.99 all you can eat now with boneless wings. only at applebee's.
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>> allah quite enrichment following the uneventful gun rights rally in virginia's capital. the governor's declaration of a state of emergency being called into question as he said that is the reason there was no trouble. what is next in virginia? scott jenkins joining us tonight, good to have you. the governor says today in a statement the team successfully d escalated what could have been a volatile situation, resulting weeks of planning and extensive cooperation among state, local and federal partners. what is your take? >> my take is the governor was one escalating it, his use of language was unbelievable. they are coming, they they they. he is talking about his constituents in virginia. to put it in context, the day
12:45 am
the new york times chose, elizabeth warren, to be a socialist candidate for president of the united states and socialist have an attractive proposition, give me your freedom, given your guns, give me about, give me your life, giving me or government and i will give you utopia and it has never worked out anywhere. the gun rights and liberty on that piece fits in with national politics and i cannot believe virginia, the land of jefferson and the greats are falling for it, unbelievable. >> you spoke today, alexandria ocasio cortez said this about that rally and how people were treated. >> when we go out and march, the recognition of the lives of people like freddy gray and eric garner, the whole place is surrounded by police in riot
12:46 am
gear without a gun insight and here are all those people flying confederate flags with semi automatic weapons and almost no police officers at that protest. >> a couple things. did you see a lot of confederate flags, what signs you see? how would you describe the law enforcement presence? >> i saw confederate flag but many american flags and some police presence, hundreds of officers from state police and capital police. to say there wasn't a strong presence would be wrong. her parents don't deserve any response at all, not worthy of it. shannon: i want to play something from a fellow share from the ingram angle, sheriff richard von, here's what he said about what virginia is working on. >> they will not be enforced
12:47 am
because they are unconstitutional. we took an oath to uphold the constitution of the united states and the constitution of virginia and that is what will do. we will not arrest law-abiding citizens for having guns. >> what is your position? >> he is a friend and i understand where he is coming from. my position is somewhat different. my approach was not to claim i was a constitutional expert but my power of sheriff, thousands of my citizens to allow them to continue to own weapons they possess legally for years is my first approach. at the same time i swore to uphold the constitution and that is what i intend to do as well. shannon: i want to put up for people so you know what virginia is talking about, they are considering limiting purchases of one per month. a lot of local governments to ban guns from public spaces.
12:48 am
i don't know what options republicans have to put the brakes on these but how do you predict they could impact the election of these things are passed? >> i've never seen a turn out like that. it usually has a great audience but nothing like this. this has awakened the american spirit, if we are down the slippery slope this far it will have an effect and pretty big. if the conservatives don't do a good job fighting against this encroachment on freedom across the board, this is what it takes to wake the republican party up and get everybody on the same team and that includes traditional liberal democrats who believe in liberal democracy like alan dershowitz and these guys, we want them on our side. shannon: folks will say look what happened in your race and
12:49 am
many others, do the people of virginia wanted stricter gun control and they voted overwhelmingly in favor and that gave democrats complete control of the commonwealth. >> that might be true if it is what issue isolated but throw out bernie and buttigieg and warren and what they are trying to do, trillions of dollars in federal policy and take over the federal government and implications for the state i don't think the american people lined up for that and aoc's comments, they are getting along for free, too much. >> great to have you with us, thank you. the democratic party drifting so far left that not even barack obama could be nominated now. we have analysis. n. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with hassle-free claims, he got paid before
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>> shannon: the big 2020 question based on brand new data. has the democratic party moved so far left that barack obama would be unable to >> 2020 question based on brand-new data has the democratic party moved so far left that is less president barack obama would be unable tw win the nomination now? do doug mcelway takes a look. >> changes come to america. >> if you saw this live you are now 11 years older, time may be moving faster to you. today's democratic party, barack obama sometimes seems quaintly outdated. >> the world in 2007 was
12:54 am
different. we had barely invented the iphone, burlington facebook, twitter was just being invented. a lot of the tools that dominate the way weeks. the world today didn't exist. >> the strong polling of bernie sanders and elizabeth warren has full disaster moderates far the left than barack obama. joe biden and pete buttigieg support the green deal despite his multi-trillion dollar price tag and potential upheaval of the carbon-based economy. and moderates support expansion of the public option for healthcare, public funding for college tuition, expanded immigration, restricting border enforcement, broadened lgbt q rights, while farthest candidates like sanders and warren openly embrace socialist ideas america once rejected as a dangerous lurch toward collectivism. >> now this tweaking around at the edges we need bold ideas. >> two factors may be contributing to this left between. millennials of come of voting age, 41% have a favorable view
12:55 am
of socialism come much higher than generation x or baby boomers at 24%. secondly democrats may be tacking that to secure the primaries and made tax back to the center after the nomination is won. there is a third factor, donald trump. it has animated and energized the democratic field, they move farther love to draw the clearest possible distinction between them and the president they despise. >> thank you very much. time for tonight's midnight hero, the navy naming an aircraft carrier in honor of an african american, dora story miller was a navy cook and pearl harbor when the japanese attacked in 1931. he made the machine gun until
12:56 am
he ran out of ammunition and helps windage shipmates to safety. he was later killed in 1943 when a torpedo sank his ship, dori miller, for your credible service and sacrifice for nation a well-deserved tribute, you're also tonight's midnight hero. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, extended coverage at 1 am, good night for now, i am shannon bream. when we started our business
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our liquid has a unique botanical blend, while an optimal melatonin level means no next-day grogginess. zzzquil pure zzzs. naturally superior sleep. >> not have been impeached by the house. he has a team that is in a sense chomping at the bit, ready to go. this is our first chance to defend with actual due process. >> it is tuesday january 21st. happening at 4:00 on the east coast it all comes down to this. in just hours historic senate impeachment proceedings begin on capitol hill but lawmakers are now closer to reaching agreement on how it should work. we are live in washington with last-minute feuding. donald trump is all business arriving on


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